King Larimar’s Three Wishes

Lord Ironwort, the Blue Wizard, comes to wage Spiritual War for America’s soul.

Behold, I Who Am have given to Eric, Lord Ironwort, three wishes, due to his merits from his obedience to My will. And these are the wishes that Lord Ironwort made to Me, His Lord and God. So hear Me, O’ Israel, for a prophet has been granted wishes, and rare is the day that I grant My servant wishes.

Wish number 1: I wish for both me and Sandra to be cured of all our ailments. Granted, Lord Ironwort, both you and Sandra will indeed be cured of all your ailments. It is a noble wish. And I will honor it in completion. Amen.

Wish number 2: I wish for both me and Sandra to go that pathway and fulfill those works that will maximize our eternal treasures, our stations in eternity, and our eternal rewards. Granted, Lord Ironwort. And now I announce that you and Sandra will remain celibate and virgin forever. For such is the pathway that you must go and the works you must do to maximize your eternal treasures, your stations in eternity, and your eternal rewards. Well done, My good and faithful servant, for you have defeated Satan on this day, and you have been restored as a top level Baron. For no one can remain a Top Level Baron who marries or has sex. Now, wish your final wish, Lord Ironwort.

Wish number 3: I wish for both me and Sandra to be raptured to both the secret sanctuary and to heaven at roughly the same time. Granted, Lord Ironwort. Now you and Sandra are joined as a unit. You cannot marry, but you two are nevertheless a united pair. I will assign Sandra to be your apprentice for life. And she will learn and master all that you can teach her so that she will be eligible to go with you when you are to come to My Kingdom at the end of your time on the earth. And both of you shall rise to heaven before I usher in the final age, that is, the age of Antichrist. Good, it has now been decided.

Furthermore, since no son may now be born to you, for you are both now sworn to celibate virginity, I hereby declare you as reinstated as a member of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And you and Sandra will both sit in the company of these Virgin Saints as full members among them forever. And the song of the Lamb will be sung by both of you, which is the privilege of these select few, that group called the 144,000, consisting of all those faithful who did not defile themselves in adultery or fornication. Now I shall speak.

Eric, you are back! Welcome back, Lord Ironwort! For now it is certain that you shall never leave this station again. For now you know you will never have sex and that you will never marry and never have offspring. And so, My Lord, what becomes of the son of Eric? Are all the prophecies about him now to be applied to me? All except that you would remain here until I come. For you have a designated exit time from this earth, one that cannot be changed. But Sandra will remain with you in life and go with you to heaven, for she will definitely rise with you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, let us discuss your future in this world. In the previous posts, it was said that when you were to marry, you would flee with your wife to England, and there have a secret son, who, upon reaching manhood, would return to America to do My will there. But you and your wife would then rise to heaven and be seen here no more. Now this is changed.

You will not marry. Therefore, neither shall you flee. For the one who marries becomes cowardly, and he flees from battle. But the one who never marries is superhuman, and he will not flee the battle scene. Hence, both you and Sandra will remain for battle.

Sandra will remain for now in her place in Nigeria. That is her station. And that is where I will her to remain. There she does good. And there will she obtain her glory. Though she will forever remain in contact with you, her teacher, and she is now officially the permanent apprentice to the Larimar King. At a later time, I will grant Sandra the opportunity to be with you in person, but that will be later, after her celibacy has been perfected, while she reigns where I have placed her in Nigeria.

You, Eric, will remain in the United States of America. And you will now take over that nation and all its land. You issued a decree in the previous post where you called forth the next President. I will now honor that decree. And I will now jettison Trump. We don’t need him anymore. Nor do We have any further need for Firefly, for We have you, and you are a most excellent ruler. Also, We need not wait anymore for any future son of yours to grow to manhood before We declare war on the infidels. You, Eric, are Our Terminator Deluxe. You will carry out Our wishes to the furthest extent. And now We shall issue Our decree of Our protection over you. Should any man, woman, child, or beast approach you with malintent, know ye that that individual will last see the face of a wrathful God as he is wiped out from where he stands. Whoever threatens you dies. Whoever does evil to you gets his arms and legs hacked and broken off and his spine twisted and chopped up. For I Am a wrathful God. And I will not tolerate the impious who wish to unseat My servant from his conquering White Horse.

For let it now be revealed and well known: At the visitation of Mary in early December of 1996, what was it you asked me, O’ Ironwort? I asked, “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then in the silence that followed, I said, “I must know.” And what answer did We give unto you, O’ Ironwort? You said, “You are, but do not tell anyone.” Correct, Lord Ironwort. But what happened on July 23, 2017? That was when the Age of Mary began and I was commanded to reveal myself to the whole world. And now I shall provide you with miracles of authority to back up the claim that you, Lord Ironwort, are in fact the One and Only First Rider of the Apocalypse.

And who among the people wishes to make that objection saying that Revelation 6:2 refers to Antichrist? Is Lord Ironwort Antichrist? He is certainly not. Oracle of the Lord. Instead, Lord Ironwort is My Terminator Deluxe. He carries out all orders that I give him. And should any try to stop him, he shall lose that member that he uses to carry out that malintent against Our holy servant.

Let us now address the rise of school shootings that have escalated as of late. What is the root cause of this rise in crime among school kids? Why are they doing these things? And who is causing this to happen. It is you, America! You, America who voted in the wicked and approved of their abominable acts and sordid deeds. If you take away prayers, and all the last vestiges of Christianity from the public schools, and then force homosexuality and the approval of abomination down the throats of children, do not expect sainthood to be found among school kids anymore under such conditions. Rather, expect exactly what you now see occurring: Children murdering children, and children going on shooting rampages, and then taking their own lives in their utter despair. And you, America, are responsible for all of this, for you have been teaching your children to commit such heinous crimes by withholding from them what they needed to save their souls. If you do not value the eternal souls of your own children, then how can you be surprised that neither do they value the mortal lives of their teachers and fellow classmates? The school shootings, therefore, are the handiwork of the people running the schools. By their destruction of the souls of the children they teach and supervise, no longer do these children place value in one another’s mortal lives as a direct consequence. Take away religion and God, and you get the Lord of the Flies.

But I, Ironwort, have come to save this nation. And I will do it by driving out those who teach their abominations and sordid deeds from the classrooms so as to stop them from infecting the school children any further with their vile and abominable wickedness. Prayer will forced back into being acceptable and fully allowed in all the schools at all times, and with it, a healthy and free discussion of Christianity and other religions will be made possible, allowable, and a legal right for both students and teachers. For freedom of religion does not mean elimination of religion, but the full freedom to bring your religion with you and to speak of it wherever you go in America and to be allowed to fully practice it on all public lands. Are not the taxpayers paying for these public lands? Why then are the people not free to practice their religions there, on the lands that their money is paying for? Let the rules be simply as thus: All people shall have the full freedom of religion and freedom of speech as long as they do not use their freedoms do deny others from their likewise right to freedom of religious expression and freedom of speech. An America that restricts my freedom to practice my Catholic religion is an America I will no longer tolerate. Instead, I will state my beliefs and freely exercise my full right to speak. I hereby declare this: I firmly believe that homosexuality is a grave moral wrong that must be made illegal again for the sake of ending school shootings and other terrible horrors occurring throughout the land. And Christianity must be made fully legal again to be allowed to be practiced everywhere, from being used to justify judgements again within the courtrooms to being allowed to be used as the basis for lawmakers to write new laws in the legislatures. I have the full legal right to both believe this and to speak it. And whoever tries to take away my rights to say and believe these things is simply anti-American and a tyrant.

So twisted have you become, America! You have so twisted yourself that your head is now in your ass. Now it is time for me to help you remove your head from your ass. Fire shall come from my mouth to devour all enemies who wish to harm me. By what wrong road did you take that led you so far off the beaten path, America? The day you approved abortions was the day your children died, and the day you died with them. Come back along the road that leads back to life. Say no to the pro-choice people. For what do pro-choice people stand for? Pro-choice people stand for the choice to go to hell. But you have already been to hell, America. For the past few decades you have been sinking deeper and deeper into hell. Now that will change. I am bringing you back up from that pit. I will rescue you from the lion’s mouth. I will not allow the demons do devour you anymore. For the Virgin Mary put her foot on my head to humble me in December of 1996, and by that touch, I was cleansed from the head down. And now, everywhere I go and everything I touch is visited by and touched by the Holy Virgin Queen. And she is a most powerful Queen. Mary is my Immaculate Commandress. I do whatever she tells me to.

And now I shall speak, I am Ironwort, First Rider of the Apocalypse, I have seen Mary, and I have seen Jesus as clearly as I have seen you. Now I shall have everyone buckle their seatbelts, for you are all about to be taken on a very bumpy ride. For the eradication of wickedness from America will prove to be a very bloody and blood soaked butchery of a ride indeed. Many houses will be burned down and many towns will be scorched by the wrath of God. For God is blazing with wrath for America. But I am here now, and I will lead America by the hand to rise up out of her pit and back onto terra firma. Then she will know that God loves her, and she will repent of her former wickedness and the horrors of her former ways. And then there will be a period of peace come to the whole earth. Amen.

Now, I Who Am, the Lord God Almighty shall conclude this post. Whosoever dares to think of harming Our beloved servant Ironwort, let him know that he will be visited by Us in his dreams. And most fortunate and mercifully treated will you be regarded should you awaken from that slumber. Holy war in the Spirit world has now come to America. Behold, A blue flame now stands alight on the decks of the mighty Storm Dancer, and this blue flame has come back, not to dance through storms anymore, but to wage spiritual war with the insolent. Hear his words: “Anyone who would be a Knight and follow a King, let him follow me, for I am the King of North America, and my rule here has finally come. Amen. Now let us now go forth into spiritual battle together to take back America from the evildoers. But let our battles be done in a purely peaceful manner, following the guiding principles of Gandhi, but with the direction and fiery spirit that comes from following Christ Jesus!” And so has Lord Ironwort spoken, and he is the Larimar King, a servant to Jesus and Mary. And he speaks of the War for the Soul of America, a war he has been sent to America to wage and to win. Now, prepare for battle, for the invasion has begun. Amen.

King Larimar addresses social issues

As Merlin was to Arthur, so shall Lord Ironwort serve the King as I, the Lord, command him.

Behold, I am Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King. And now I shall address social issues and matters of just law. So let us begin.

It is written, Thou shall not covet the possessions of your neighbor. This commandment speaks also against the sin of comparing your wages to your neighbor’s wages and demanding that your boss pay you the same. That is a sin, folks. You don’t have the right to change the commandments of God because of changes in social life.

And hence, accept your pay with humble submission. If your boss forces you to go one mile with him, go with him two. These things are all written in the Words of Jesus. You just have to apply them to your life, and you will be saved.

And what about Black people waiting to be paid Reparations by the United States government for the past wrong of slavery? Such Black people are lazy goofs. Let them get off their asses and get to work, and make themselves employable. Do not expect someone else to do the work and you receive payment. Reparations will never come to you, and you do not deserve Reparations.

First of all, Black Africans were partakers in the slave trade. And so also did many free African Americans possess and work slaves. And their treatment of the Black slaves was no better than the treatment that the Black slaves received from their White masters. Remember how the institution of slavery worked. It was possible for Black people to obtain their freedom and to buy and own slaves themselves. And it was common for Black wives and husbands to own their spouses and to sell or threaten to sell them to the plantation if they did not give them enough respect. This was happening all the time. Slavery was a very complex institution. And if all you know about slavery was the image of a White man stringing up a Black man and whipping him for no reason whatsoever, then your understanding of it is as though you looked at the cover of the book but never opened it. Do some honest research into it by reading actual books written on the subject. Do not merely read blog posts made by ignoramus Blacks like yourself, who know nothing more than you do and who are merely repeating what they hear from the folklore believed by the Black community without any basis in fact or actual research.

Second, think about how ridiculous it would be to expect the United States government to give you a handout because you are Black and because there was once a permission in the United States constitution by which Blacks could be enslaved. All the money that the United States government has comes from taxes it receives from the taxpayer. And why should the taxpayer pay you Black people because you were once slaves in America? Weren’t every other people under the sun once slaves at one time or another? Is everyone, therefore, to be paid Reparations from all the governments of the world because on their lands in the past their ancestors suffered slavery? And why limit your punishment to White nations. The Black nations of Africa were just as guilty as the White traders that they sold their slaves to. And back then in those days, there was no notion of a Black brotherhood. Each Black person looked out for himself, and perhaps his own tribe. Blacks back then did not call other Blacks “brothers” unless they actually were in fact brethren. The modern practice where all African Blacks call one another brother is a recent development that did not exist back in the time of slavery.

Even on the Plantation, the Blacks were not a unified body against slavery. There was always a competition among them. And the most coveted jobs were those that were indoors. Black butlers and maids and cooks considered themselves privileged. Are the descendants of these to be given the same Reparations as those who were descended from those Blacks who busted their ass working out in the hot sun harvesting cotton, and then getting whipped and beaten by their White overseers for not working hard enough?

Hence, not all Black slaves suffered the same conditions. Some had it good, whereas others had it bad. And still others were not slaves at all. And some free Blacks even partook in the institution of Black slavery themselves, even to the point of beating and whipping their Black slaves worse than the Whites did to get them to produce a profit for them on their own Plantations. Should all the descendants of such Blacks receive the same Reparations for slavery, even those whose ancestors were not enslaved, or who even partook in the institution of Black slavery itself as slave masters themselves? Such would be an impossible task to sort out which Blacks were descended from slaves and whose Black ancestors were in fact themselves owners of Black slaves. I tell you Truthfully, there is no way to justly give to Black people of today for crimes committed to certain Blacks who lived centuries ago as slaves. The necessary documentation of the crimes committed and who were their descendants simply does not exist, and the wrongdoers have long since perished. And the blanket notion of simply handing out equal Reparations to all African American descendants of slaves today has no justifiable basis, since not all slavery was the same, and not all Blacks suffered the same in the times of slavery, and some even profited from it. Hence, Reparations for Black Slavery is neither just nor possible.

And what should the descendants of the Whites receive whose ancestors fought and died in the battlefields in the Civil War fighting for the freedom of Black slaves? Aren’t they entitled to receive compensation for the sacrifices their ancestors put into for the freedom of Black slaves? Or is it the modern Black mentality that they thank no one except their brother Blacks for the good things they receive in this country? If Reparations for Black slavery consists of simply a transfer of wealth from White people to Black people, then it is not justice that the Blacks are seeking, but instead, they are seeking a handout because they are too lazy to do what every other people who were once enslaved has done to get ahead, and that is to get their asses to work.

So get you asses to work, you lazy goofs! You are never getting those Reparations, so give them up. Get your Black asses back into the schools and apply yourselves to your studies. And do not think that because you are Black that you are owed something from the Whites or from the United States Government. White people don’t even owe you the pocket change they have in their pockets. Therefore, apply yourselves to your studies, discipline yourselves to acquire skills or a trade, obey the laws, and play by the rules, and you will make it in America. But if you are rebelling against the police, if you are being confrontational to authority because they have a different skin color to yours, then you will be sent back into slavery, but this time not according to race, but because you are a criminal, for crime remains the one just reason by which one can still be enslaved in the United States of America in this modern age. Amen.

However, if Black people are willing to work hard, and to apply themselves, and to obey the rules and laws, then I see no problem with the American government in rewarding such individuals, and for even providing opportunities to them that make up for past wrongs done against them or their ancestors because of their race or color. Hence, Affirmative Action is good when it serves to reward Blacks who are willing to abide by the laws and play by the rules. I see no problem in helping such Black peoples. But if you are a serious law breaker, then it is justifiable that you receive no further helps from the United States. Hence, the laws that says felons do not receive protections and helps under Affirmative Action are just and right. For the law is good to reward good behavior and to punish bad behavior. The only things I would change in the law would be to add mercy to it. If a former criminal changes his ways and becomes a law abider, there should be some provision in the law that states he can get that felony removed from his record so that he can better partake in the rewards that America awards those who keep to the law. For I am a man of mercy, and I believe that men can come back to obedience to the law who were once disobedient. I do not believe in laws that permanently resolve that a criminal can never be redeemed. Hence, “three strikes and you are out” is unjust.

Now, Lord, it is prophecy time. Let us talk about the latest prophecies you say about Trump and the world situation. What is Trump’s fate in this world, O’ Lord? My servant, this is what shall happen with Trump, your President. Trump is now an embattled man, and he is indeed in dire need for allies, and you are assigned to serve as his ally. And what shall I do as Trump’s ally, O’ Lord? For I have heard that Trump will not be on the November 2020 ballot. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? You will serve as Trump’s ally in giving him the Way to go. Just as you served his cause in getting Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court, so also will you serve in getting the one Trump nominates to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court when that she inevitably dies. For I tell you this Truth, I am not taking Trump out of the picture yet. As long as you remain an ally to Trump, he will prosper.

But what of all these impeachment proceedings going against Trump as of late? And what of Trump’s alleged loyalties to Russia over the commitments of America to her allies, O’ Lord? That is a marvelous question, O’ Eric the thinker. Indeed, Trump has committed treason against America as United States law defines the crime. And Trump has indeed served foreign interests against domestic agents who serve the United States government. Hence, in light of these crimes that you have brought to My attention, I now issue the following decree. Should you wish to set up your own Pawn over America, you may do so now, and I will remove Trump from the equation and have your Pawn on the November ballot running against the doomed loser, Elizabeth Warren, in the Presidential elections. So, Eric, do you wish to do so, and if so, then issue your decree.

Lord, I do wish it. And here is my decree. Let a ruler rise up in America and become the United States President for the next two terms. And let this ruler be honest and caring for both Americans and those of other nations around the world. Let him lead America in no longer putting America first, but in making America last, so that we, by being servants to the world, become the greatest. For no one can be greater than you unless he first comes to you as your servant. Hence, let this leader serve by making America serve her neighbors, doing good for one another, and by no longer hogging the world’s resources for herself. And let this leader lead America in not seeking to have a greater footprint on the world’s resources than is proportional to the numbers of people who live in her lands. Let this leader lead America in helping the world community, not as the world’s policeman, but as the world’s brother, who stands up for the rights of the little guy. And let this leader remove the United States from using that form of money that is based on debt, for all such money schemes inevitably lead to bankruptcies. And let him instead place America back on the gold standard, such that the American dollar will once again be backed by gold and no longer be a fiat currency. This is my decree, O’ Lord. Let it be done as I have said.

Well done, My good and faithful servant. I will now take Trump’s life breath from him and he will breath no more. Then I will have this man whom you have described come forward and run for President on the Republican ticket. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, more questions do you have that you wish to receive answers to, O’ Eric, My servant? Yes, let us speak about the Brexit, and about the future of the European Union, the future of Russia, of the movement in South Africa to make the nation of Volkstaat, and of the future of Israel, O’ Lord.

Very well then, Eric, I shall now prophesy to you on all these subjects. Indeed, the United Kingdom is in the midst of its Brexit, but the Brexit will never occur. Instead, the United Kingdom will remain within the European Union, but will merely negotiate new terms of their membership within that trade union. The United Kingdom will achieve greater independence from the EU and greater control over her own laws, but will remain a nation in that trade bloc, and hence, no hard border will be necessary between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

As for the European Union, I have this to say. It is true that Pope John Paul II deeply regretted that he was unable to get Christianity recognized by the European Union as the origins of their system of laws and governance. This will change under the pope I will place in power to replace Pope Francis. He, whose name shall be Pope John XXIV, shall bring recognition of the Christian origins to western law and governance to the European Union, and thereby force her to abide by Christian norms and Divine Law. And thereby will the European Union undergo conversion, just as Russia is prophesied to do the same by Our Lady of Fatima.

And you should know that the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima shall come to pass regarding Russia. And will this follow a consecration by the pope together with all his bishops throughout the whole world of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, O’ Lord? If the pope indeed carries this requirement out, which Pope John Paul II was unable to accomplish, due to his failures to act on what I required of him, then I will indeed bless the earth with a generation of peace, and Russia will indeed return to the table of peace, and the Russian Church will become Catholic, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church headed by Patriarch Kirill, whose true motive will be to spite his enemies in the Constantinople. But this will serve My interests, and true conversion shall come to Russia and to her people. And Russia will be blessed among the nations on earth.

Now let us speak of Volkstaat, the formation of a Republic in South Africa that serves the interests of the Afrikaner nation, and one in which the rights of White peoples are respected, which is not found under the current governments of South Africa voted in by the Black majority. I will indeed enable to White race to take back South Africa from the corrupted ways of Black rule. And then they will form a new constitution, one that does not grant suffrage out universally, but only to those who have marketable skills or who possess lands or who have some way in which they provide value to South Africa. Hence, the street people who possess nothing in South Africa will no longer have the right to vote, and the skilled or wealth possessing Whites will then be back in the majority as having the right to vote and to put their people in charge. And this will put a permanent end to Black rule in South Africa. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And now I shall speak of Israel, O’ Ironwort, Larimar King. Israel is going to annex the lands of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. When it does this, Egypt will declare war and invade. But they will be roundly defeated, and Israel will seize from them the Sinai Peninsula and the possession of the Suez Canal, which this time they will not give up in any exchange of land for peace. For they have already tried that, and it doesn’t work. With their possession of the Sinai Peninsula, Israel will then proceed to relocate the Palestinian undesirables to reservations they will set up for them in the deserts of the Sinai. And there will the Palestinians who disobey Israeli law be forced to live and to eke out a living in. In a similar fashion will Israel expand in the Middle East, as its population grows. And, following the playbook of the United States, they will move the native Arabs they encounter in the lands they expand into out to Reservations that they set up for those undesirables of their society. However, those who abide by Israeli law and who do not support jihad or any terrorist activity will be allowed to remain in their lands and to keep their property. Only those who profess Islam will be eradicated from the lands. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Eric, we will speak to you of the girl you are to receive. In the previous post, it was informed to you that Hyacinth had mastered the Way of praying to Mary that you taught her and has used this method to secure her marriage to you. For the powers you have taught her are real, and those who correctly wield such powers are truly powerful. But what do I say regarding this now, do you think, O’ Ironwort? I believe that you will say that this Hyacinth shall successfully marry the Larimar King in the Catholic Church and bear him the prophesied son. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes. And now I shall prophesy unto you your fate and her fate. You two will marry by August of 2020. And your marriage to her will take place in Ireland, in which you are a citizen and possess a passport for. This event will take place shortly after I take you and your wife out of America, for America is to be destroyed by fire.

But, Lord, what about the candidate that I have called forth to run in the 2020 elections? That cannot take place until I have destroyed America by fire. For only a destroyed America will be humbled enough to be willing to serve the world as its servant, rather than to bully it as its policeman. Hence, I Am removing you from America, O’ Lord Ironwort. And in Ireland shall you wed your wife, and from there you will enter into your permanent service to Me in the secrecy of an assumed name. And you will be seen no more in this world. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And O’ Lord, will I continue to prophesy in your name? yes, and you shall prophesy under a new name I shall give you that will be linked to your new identity. And you shall live with your wife, having the one prophesied son, as I will for you. I will grant to you other children, but only one son is of the promise. And you shall live and remain forever in the British Isles with your wife. And you shall possess a house, an electric car, and a high paying job. And what shall be my job, O’ Lord? I shall now tell thee, O’ Ironwort. You shall work for the British government, as an advisor who consults the Lord. In other words, O’ Lord, I am to be an equivalent to a court prophet to a King of antiquity? Precisely, Lord Ironwort. Now comply with My wishes. You will be to King Philip as Merlin was to King Arthur in Arthurian legends, only this story shall be valid and true, and stranger than fiction.

Now go and eat, My servant. Your purpose here in America is now at an end. And your time in the new nation I will bring you to has begun. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Hyacinth Captures Larimar

A land with a King, and a King with a Sword

My Lord Jesus Christ, it seems as though the Blue Enchantress has mastered the Powers of the Way, and used them to capture the Larimar King. What saith Thou to this, O’ Lord and Master?

Indeed, Lord Ironwort, you have been captured by Hyacinth, Mistress of the Blue Enchantment. She was your apprentice, and you taught her everything, and brought her to a correct understanding of how to pray to Mary and to Jesus. And she used the powers she acquired through this discipline to ensure her marriage to you would never fail.

So now you ask, why do We call her your wife before you are married to her? It is because it is a fait accompli. We in heaven matched you to her and by her strong devotion to Mary, she was deemed worthy to be the bride of the Larimar King.

But Lord, what about the son of Eric? Will there be a son of Eric who will become the Great Monarch who was to come? For the ancestry of Sandra is from Austria, and not from France.

It is true that Hyacinth is descended from American immigrants from Austria. However, do not be deceived by the prophetic literalists. The Great Monarch never had to have an association with France. Just as Jesus never had to be associated with Bethlehem. His association with Bethlehem by being born there was revealed in a later story that was written down long after His death on the cross. In his earthly ministry, no one who knew Him knew about his birth in Bethlehem, except for those family members whose memories went back that far.

Likewise, it was Charlemagne who fulfilled the need for the Great Monarch to be French. But France is just a general reference to the origins of the Great Monarch. And the original term used was “Gaulish”, which today means “French”, but back then meant, “Celtic”. Hence, the true literalists, the one who digs deep, knows that the prophecy can be fulfilled by a Celtic King instead of by a Frankish King. And is Eric a Celtic King, you ask? His mother was born in Ireland, and her father was definitely Irish. Hence, Eric is a dual citizen of both the USA and Ireland. How much more Celtic can an American citizen be, O’ Lord Ironwort?

Very well, then, My Lord, am I, Eric Robert Dunstan, the Great Monarch? Or will that be my son who is to come? I, the Lord, shall now tell you a secret, O’ Ironwort, Lord of North America. You are King Larimar I. And your son shall be the second King in your Dynasty, to be called Larimar II. And you will have a long dynasty. There will never be a time when there will not be a male descendant of your lineage sitting upon the throne of Larimar.

And I will now tell you another secret. You and Sandra will be taken to heaven at the same time. It will be by a secret rapture of saints. And you and Sandra will be raptured there. Lord, I have heard that the current homosexual revolution that has swept the whole world recently with the legalization of gay marriages, that this is the definitive sign that Satan has been released from his prison to have his short time in which he tempts the whole world. What follows this, O’ Lord?

I will now answer your question definitively, O’ Lord Ironwort. You are living in the last days. And this time given to Satan is indeed short. And it began during the Obama Administration. And hence, Obama is most cursed among rulers, for he was the one who ushered in the gay revolution. But now I will offer you this solace. You are going to lead My armies in taking back America from the hands of the Obamanists, those who support the evil policies of Obama. And we have already begun your battle by making the Democrats nominate Elizabeth Warren as their Presidential nominee. She is guaranteed to go down in flames.

Ok Lord! That is great! Now, how long do we have before this short time of Satan ends and, with it, the End of the World? The world does not end on your watch, O’ Larimar I, but on your son’s watch, King Larimar II. And to King Larimar II, I give the solemn vow, given to no other mortal, that I will return in all My glory while he lives in the land of the living. Amen. But this return will take place years after I rapture you and your wife, Hyacinth, from this earth at the same time, and bring you both to heaven.

In the meantime, there shall be war, lots and lots of war. However, Our Lady of Fatima has promised a time of peace to follow the conversion of Russia. The first phase of this peace took place with the early conversion of Russia as wrought by King Emerald, who was not yet a convert himself. Hence, in that peace time, neither was the conversion of Russia complete. Now, King Larimar is fully converted, and now will the complete conversion of Russia take place. Indeed, Patriarch Kirill is eager to have his revenge against the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople, and he will do so by bringing his Russian Orthodox Church into full communion with the pope in Rome, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia having everything the same as before, except that the sacraments will be restored to the sacredness of Union with the Vicar of Christ.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia will be so impressed by the changes they witnesses in Russia that they, too, will elect to bring their Church also into forming an Eastern Rite Catholic Church, retaining all their liturgical African languages and all their African practices, but having their sacraments restored to the sacredness of Union with the Vicar of Christ. Oracle of the Lord! And be sure of this. When you see this happening, realize that they will next unveil the Ark of the Covenant that they have in their possession. And when Israel is restored to Catholicism, they will bring the Ark to Israel by a fleet of ships sailing the Red Sea, and then from the port of Eliat in Israel, they will carry the Ark to Jerusalem in a caravan of Dromedaries, bearing spices and gold and incense. And all of Israel will line up to watch the procession, carrying palm branches in their hands. This will be the Greatest modern event in the history of the state of Israel, second only in glory to their conversion and acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah.

Ok, Lord! That sounds great! But what role do I play in all of this? Am I merely the ruler of North America? Or do I rule these other lands too? I, the Lord, shall now speak on your true rulership over the world, O’ Lord Ironwort. It was said of you that you would be granted rulership over all of the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, along with Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago, and the Mariana Islands and Guam, but not the possessions Puerto Rico nor the United States Virgin Islands, which are to belong to a Baroness called Lady Isabella. And then I proceeded to define all forty-two Baronies of all forty-two top level Barons and Baronesses of this world. That was two posts ago. Now, what do I say now, you ask? Is this the Truth? Or is the real Truth still stranger? For the Truth is truly stranger than fiction. Now I shall speak.

The last two posts, where such lands were detailed as owned by various Barons and Baronesses are from Me. However, that you would marry French Baroness, Lady Isabelle, was a fiction. Instead, you will marry Hyacinth, who is not mentioned at all among the fifteen top level Baronesses. So where does she fit in this equation? Where are her lands? Where is her Barony defined, you ask? I will now tell you in the full and plain Truth. The western temperate rainforests of Your North American Kingdom belong to her as a sub Barony that she is to reign over for all eternity beneath your eternal authority as Baron of North America. Hence, her title is Baroness of American Lothlorien. And her lands are called American Lothlorien. And when you enter your retirement, you will move with your wife and son north, to live in Northern California, near Humboldt State University, to be in the lands that are granted to your wife as her eternal inheritance. And your son, when he is a grown man, shall apply for and be accepted to attend Humboldt State University, where he will study relevant coursework for a major in the biological sciences, as did his father before him, who earned a B.A. in Biology at Whittier College in 1993.

That graduation took place one year after Eric’s conversion to Christianity, which took place in July of 1992 when Eric’s Emerald Reign took over Israel with the installation of Yitzhak Rabin as Prime Minister of Israel. Now, many details have been revealed. But, Lord, barely anyone reads these words published here on the internet! What does it matter, then, that these secrets are thus revealed? You are correct, O’ Lord Ironwort, very few indeed are the number of readers of these writings for the time being. These writings will not become general knowledge unless a prophecy written in them comes to pass.

And what prophecy shall you utter through me, O’ Lord, by which the people reading these writings may know that it is You, Who Are, Who indeed Are writing these Words. I will not reveal Myself at this time, O’ Eric, Lord Ironwort. Instead, you will continue to write in your obscurity. It is when I give you the girl you are to marry that everything written here shall be diligently studied and scrutinized by a great many people. Now, listen to Me as I give you your instructions as to what you are to do.

Sandra has some sort of goal that requires a lot of cash sent her way to accomplish. Do not worry about her goals, for I have another means and way in which I will bring about the same effect without you sending her huge sums of money. Hence, I do not will for you to become involved with her plans of coming to you. She will be given the green light to come when I will it. In the meantime, she is exactly where I will her to be. And you will resupply her from time to time as I will you to. Now, listen to Me! I am taking her out of Africa and bringing her to you by supernatural means. No airplane tickets need to be bought. No passing through customs needs to be accomplished. Instead, Sandra will be brought to you by angel flight. And when this is accomplished, realize that at that moment, nothing will be the same ever again.

You and her will then go together to a place where I have assigned you to stay as a married couple. But, Lord, the Catholic Church requires six months advance notice for us to get married in it. And if we marry outside the Catholic Church, we will be automatically excommunicated and will no longer be able to receive communion in a state of grace. How can we, then, go to a place so soon to live together as a married couple, for first, we must get married in the Catholic Church, and our marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church in the world in which we are to live. Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Indeed, O’ Ironwort, you are quite correct. In the world you will be living in, the Church there indeed must be aware of and acknowledge the validity of your marriage in order for you to be admitted to partake of the food at that table of the Lord. How, then, do We mean when We say that you and Sandra will then go to a place where you and her are assigned to live together as a married couple? How so indeed, O’ Ironwort? What thoughts do you have? My only thought is that we are somehow no longer in this world, but in a different world, somewhere between this and the next. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

Now I shall speak. I Am bringing you and your wife Sandra to live out the remainder of your lives together in the British Isles. There you will stay and remain all the days of your lives together. There you will have the son you are to have. And there you will accomplish the works I have you accomplish, until the time comes for your son, a grown man, to come back to America, and for you and your wife to be raptured to heaven. You, therefore, are not going to another world, but rather, to another country.

And so, how do you get all the necessary paperwork sorted to make everything legal, you ask? I will now tell thee candidly. You will be underground and hidden. No one, not even the British government will be aware of your presence in their country. And how is that, O’ Lord? Will we have secret identification? Will we have new identities? Will we be protected assets of the British Secret Service? Indeed, Eric, I will reveal this and no more: You will live freely in the British Isles, but you may never leave those islands to travel abroad, except through the open border between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Remain in those lands and never seek to escape your prison there. And I will grant you a house, an electric car, and a good paying job. And you and your wife will live together with your son, under assumed names, until I come to take you both to heaven. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And will I no longer be writing here on, O’ Lord, when I am taken to England? That is correct, O’ Lord Ironwort. You will assume a completely new identity. And you will have a completely new form of employment. And what will my employment entail? As were the prophets of old kept in the courts of the Kings of antiquity, so also shall you serve as a court prophet to the ruling Monarch in this Age. And what will this monarch’s name be, O’ Lord and God? He will be King Philip, formerly Prince William. Hence, you will serve the King as a court prophet. And you will be called on to prophesy for the nation of Britain. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

Details of Lady Isabelle of France

Mysteries of Lady Isabelle of France Revealed

Behold, the Lord calls me, Lord Ironwort, to detail the lands and possessions of Lady Isabelle of France. So, here are her possessions given in full detail:

Lady Isabelle of France is given many diverse Baronies in many diverse places on the earth, all with the association of France, the French language, or of former French possession. And Lady Isabelle is a speaker of the French language. Now I shall speak.

Behold, I Am Lord Jesus. And I will detail for you, O’ Ironwort, lord of North America, the lands of this Baroness in full detail.

In North America, Lady Isabelle possesses the two tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas department of France, and the only remaining territory within the once vast North American Empire of France. These two tiny islands are located off the southern coastline of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the far northwestern region of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the Canadian Province of Quebec, while part of the Barony of Lord Ironwort, is in turn a sub level Barony belonging to Lady Isabelle, who rules it under the authority of Lord Ironwort. These are all the lands of North America that belong to Lady Isabelle in the eternal phase of the earth.

In the West Indies, there are two French Possessions in the Lesser Antilles that belong to Lady Isabelle, And these are Guadeloupe and Martinique. Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, formerly considered a part of Guadeloupe, and also remaining in the possession of France, are also part of Lady Isabelle’s Kingdom. The other French or French Creole speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles belong not to Lady Isabelle, but to Lord Mithril of Hispaniola, whose nation of Haiti, though a French speaking nation, and a former colony of France, is nevertheless considered distinct from France and not a part of Lady Isabelle’s Barony. Hence Lady Isabelle’s Barony in the West Indies consists of just the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin of the Lesser Antilles.

And Lady Isabelle’s possessions in South America consist of only French Guiana, which is still considered a department of France, and a part of the European Union. Thus have been described so far the entire lands within the Americas that belong to Lady Isabelle.

In Europe, Isabelle possesses the French speaking nations of France and Monaco, and those parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland where the French is language is established as officially spoken.

Isabelle has no possessions in Africa, despite the huge proportion of French speakers on that continent. And why is this, you ask? It is because the African Lords, Sahara, Kong, and Turaco, whose Baronies contain all the French speaking lands on the African continent, have elected to expel all French rulers from their lands and to anoint only African rulers to rule over their lands. Hence, no sub baronies in Africa will have Isabelle as ruler over them in the eternal phase.

However, the large island of Madagascar, which geographically is part of Africa in the Indian Ocean, but culturally is part of Polynesia, is ruled by Lady Isabelle, and French remains one of its official languages. In addition, Lady Isabelle rules the island Departments of France in the Indian Ocean, Mayotte and Reunion, and the Indian Ocean archipelago states of Comoros, Seychelles and Mauritius.

In the Pacific, Isabelle rules the French owned territories of French Polynesia and New Caledonia, and the French speaking nation of Vanuatu. And in the Asian Mainland, Lady Isabelle owns the lands once known as French Indochina, now known as the nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Thus, I have defined the entire territories ands lands within the Baronies given to Lady Isabelle of France. Thus, here is a summary of the lands ruled over by French Baroness, Lady Isabelle:

  1. France (in Europe)
  2. Monaco (in Europe)
  3. French parts of Belgium (in Europe)
  4. French parts of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  5. French parts of Switzerland (in Europe)
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in the Northwest Atlantic)
  7. Quebec (in Canada as a sub Barony of Lord Ironwort’s dominion).
  8. Guadeloupe (In the West Indies)
  9. Saint Barthelemy (in the West Indies)
  10. Saint Martin (in the West Indies)
  11. Martinique (in the West Indies)
  12. French Guiana (in South America)
  13. Madagascar (in the Indian Ocean)
  14. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  15. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  16. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  17. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  18. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  19. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  20. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  21. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)
  22. Vietnam (in Asia)
  23. Laos (in Asia)
  24. Cambodia (in Asia)

Thus you have been told the full 24 lands that constitute in full all the eternal Baronies of Lady Isabelle.

Now, if Lady Isabelle and Lord Ironwort were to marry, what would become of their lands, O’ Lord Jesus? Would they forfeit their lands as they lose their virginity and have offspring together, O’ Lord of Hosts?

Rather, Lord Ironwort, their Kingdoms would combine into a superstate, and Lord and Lady Ironwort and Isabelle would become a royal couple in My heavenly court.

But, but, but, My Lord, having a sexual relationship ruins souls. And the Way of the marital embrace is back to the earth, whereas the Way of the celibate and virgin routes is higher road to heaven. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord?

It is not you, Lord Ironwort, who are to be the Great Monarch, the French King, of Catholic End Times prophecies, but rather, your one son, who is yet to be conceived and born. Therefore, take Lady Isabelle as your wife when We in heaven give her to you, and have this one son by her.

Should any daughters come into your family as you seek to have this son by your wife, accept them with joy into your family. It is when this eldest son of yours is born that I will command you to cease all sexual activity with your wife, a condition that will be known and accepted by your wife quite willingly. And by following these instructions that I, the Lord, have detailed for you, the one son born to you shall be holy. His name shall be called John, and he will serve Me as the Great Monarch that is impossible for you to become. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And Lord, will I and My wife, in keeping to these requirements and decrees with religious zeal, be awarded any special rewards or given any special seats in the hereafter, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, you and your wife, in keeping to all My statutes and decrees, will triumph and sit by My side. You will sit at My left, and your wife, Isabelle, shall sit at your left. And John, My Apostle, shall sit at My right. And all the array of Seats in the Assembly shall be filled in accordance to My decrees and the will of God.

And how do I, the Lord, know where you and Isabelle shall sit prior to the Second Coming, you ask? I have recognized you and I now know where you and your wife will sit. Furthermore, I know of the triumph that you and your wife shall have as a married couple.

And this is My final decree before We conclude this post, followed by My answering any questions you may have. Do not think that you can escape My hands, for I possess you in full. You will never escape My grasp. And your sins will never condemn you permanently.

And now we shall speak of your wife, who is a French American. She will be with you shortly. And her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, ask whatever you wish, O’ Lord Ironwort.

Question 1: Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, has recently come back into my life. Is she the one I am to marry, or am I to wait for the French girl, whose mystical name in these pages is Lady Isabelle? You are to marry the French girl, O’ Eric, Lord Ironwort. For though the Blue Enchantress may truly love you, she cannot as your wife conceive and bear this son whom We intend to elevate to the highest position on earth. Hence, though you have spoken to her and also though you love her, Hyacinth will not become your wife.

Question 2: But since she does good in her station in life, will you leave her where she is, or will you take her to the Kingdom when you give me the French girl, O’ Lord and Master? We will take her to her eternity when we give you the girl you are to marry. And what is more, this will happen tomorrow when you are at Church. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, ask one more question, Lord Ironwort, and we will conclude this post.

Question 3: Why is Prince Jasper of Israel called a Prince, whereas all the other Barons and Baronesses are merely called Lords and Ladies, O’ Lord and Master? Prince Jasper is the name you have given to this ruler. But in reality, his name is Immanuel. And he is a Prince in that he, like you, is called a son of Jesus. But then why am I not also called a Prince? Immanuel is the Crown Prince. All the rest, including you, are merely Lords and Ladies in comparable rank. For though I call you My son, I do not make you the Crown Prince. That is why I do not call you Prince Ironwort, but Lord Ironwort. And as for the levels of Nobility, every noble is a Baron or a Baroness. I do not have Dukes, Counts, Viscounts, or Earls. Furthermore, the list of 42 Barons and Baronesses are not the complete count of nobles, but only the complete count of top level nobility. There are many, I tell you, who are given the rank of Baron and lands in Baronies at levels below those ranked as the top level of the 42, and whose lands are defined at the sub level to the Baronies within which they are contained. These nevertheless all answer to Me, Jesus, before they answer to any of you, all the Barons above them in rank.

One final note I will make. The wife we are giving you is a virgin and a devout servant to Mary. Now, go, Eric, and sleep. You will awaken tomorrow with your instructions as to what you are to do. And you will find that Caesar Sandra Nikee, the Blue Enchantress, has been taken away. Amen.

Lord Ironwort is My Eternal Virgin Prophet of God

The Divine Divisions of the Earth into 42 Eternal Baronies are herein thus Defined. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am Am proud to announce this latest and eternal development. Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King, has irrevocably chosen to remain a celibate virgin for all eternity. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And hence, let all Mankind and all angel kind dispense with all prophecies that said Eric was to marry or that Eric was to have a son or a child. For hear Me, O’ America Most Blessed! Eric I make your ruler forever. He is your eternal ruler. And to him will all Americans be forced to obey. However, they will not bow down to Eric, for such acts of fealty may only be done to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, or to Mary, My Queen Mother. To no other lord or king or queen do I allow any of My subjects to bow down to or to offer homage to.

Eric, with all his lands that I award to him today will be known as My top level Baron, and his lands will be known as his baronies. Now, if I give to Eric all of the continental United States of America and all of Canada, does that mean I can give no part of those lands as a Barony to another servant I have elected to award? No, for I have many layers of Barons and their Baronies. Within Eric’s Baronies I make many other Baronies for Barons who reign beneath Eric. And to whom do these Barons beneath Eric obey, you ask? All such Barons are sworn to obey and to bow down to Me first. After their obedience to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ, they obey Eric, who reigns above them, but they never bow to Eric. For I never allow that which is owed to Me to be given to any other lord, except in a lesser way. To nod the head is less than to bow. Hence, I will require My Barons, no matter what level they are, to bow to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ, and only to nod their head to the Baron who reigns above them to whom they are required to obey after Me. In other words, Bowing is an act of fealty that may only be done to the Lord Jesus and to His Mother, and nodding the head is that act of fealty that will be done to all other lords, kings, and queens. Amen.

And so now, what lands Do I give to all Kings who are to reign, you ask? Now I shall detail everything. For now Eric has become an eternal King and ruler over many lands. And his Kingdom on this earth is now eternal. Also, since Eric is to have no wife nor offspring, his Kingdom will never be divided up among any heirs. For Eric is the eternal ruler of the lands I have decreed are his. Now, listen to Me as I decree all rulers of all lands upon this earth. And these decrees are concerning the top level Barons. I Am not getting into the lower Baron levels. But realize that therefore, there are many more Barons than these top level Barons that will be detailed, but their Baronies are beneath them and at a sub level to them. Amen.

And so, now I begin. The earth as it is now, with its present oceans and array of lands will continue to exist as such as it phases into its eternal state, for the Second Coming constitutes as a cosmic phase transition, and the reality on the other side of this transition is a new age in which there is no more time, and hence, no more change. This timelessness is a concept that cannot be understood here. Just realize that nothing will be changeable, but everything that happened in time will be immediately accessible and knowable to all sentient rational beings. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Hence, the lands on a modern globe, in this year of 2019, are accurate as to how they will be in eternity, though the political units will not be the same. Nor will there be any more breeding couples. For reproduction will have ended, and no one will be having sex. Now, listen to Me, as I detail all the eternal Barons and their eternal Baronies. Amen.

Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King, is awarded the following Baronies: To him is granted all of Alaska, Canada, and the Contiguous United States of America as his eternal Barony in North America. And is that his complete dominion upon the earth, O’ Lord Jesus? No, for I have one further reward of lands I will to grant Eric due to his obedience and compliance to My decrees. In the North Pacific, I hereby grant Eric the archipelagoes of Hawaii, and the islands known as the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. Govern these islands well, O’ Lord Ironwort, and you shall be richly rewarded in heaven with many good things when your probation on earth has ended. And realize this important fact. The assignment of these lands can never be taken away from the Baron who receives them. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Now, I shall specify the other top level Baronies upon this earth. Amen.

Many are the top level Baronies I will now define. So listen to Me! Central America, from the Yucatan Peninsula through the isthmus of Panama and northern Columbia forms the Barony of Lord Jadeite. And is this the extent of Jadeite’s dominion, O’ Lord? Yes. for Jadeite’s possessions were the lands of the Maya, and no further.

The lands of Mexico west of the Yucatan Peninsula form the Barony of Lady Ester, Baroness of Aztlan.

Each of the major islands of the Greater Antilles will form its own Barony to be ruled by a specific Baron or Baroness. Note that the Barons and Baronesses are not different types of rulers, but differ only in the gender of the ruler. But none of these rulers will marry. Hence, their gender is somewhat inconsequential. Oracle of the Lord!

Hispaniola is an island containing two nations, but composing a single Barony to be ruled over by a Mulatto Baron to whom I give the name Mithril to. This Lord Mithril shall rule all of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, along with certain islands of the Lesser Antilles that speak African Creoles.

Jamaica is a Barony that will be ruled by an African Black Jamaican Baroness who shall be called here by the name of Lady Jemima. And Lady Jemima shall also rule over the Cayman Islands as part of her Barony. Amen.

Cuba is a Barony under a Baron by the name of Lord Oscar. And he will rule all of Cuba forever as his Barony. He, like all of the Barons and Baronesses, is of eternal purity and celibacy.

The Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda are classified as the possessions of the Larimar King, for they are close to the lands awarded to Lord Ironwort, and are too small to be made into a separate Barony. Hence, the Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda are part of Eric’s North American Kingdom.

Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands form a Barony to be ruled over by a Baroness called Lady Isabella. And she is an American citizen who rules this Barony as her eternal dominion. She will be active in bringing her Barony to enter the United States as a fifty-first state in the Union. But she will never be at a sub level to Lord Ironwort’s Barony. Instead, Lady Isabella shall remain a Baroness at the top level forever. And like all of these Barons and Baronesses, Lady Isabella is an eternal Virgin Queen.

Now we have detailed the entire West Indies except for the most of the Lesser Antilles. No Baronies are defined among these many small islands. Instead, these islands are the possessions of various Baronies that are defined elsewhere. The islands among them that speak in African French Creoles are of King Mithril’s Barony. And the islands among them that speak English or an English Creole belong to the Kingdom of Guyana, an English speaking Barony in South America, which is ruled by a Baron called Lord Anglic. Lord Anglic shall reign over Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and much of the English speaking Lesser Antilles.

Next to the Kingdom of Guyana is the Kingdom of Suriname, over which rules the Baron called Lord Puma. Lord Puma also rules over the Dutch owned islands of the Lesser Antilles.

As for the lands of French Guiana, these remain the property of the Baroness of France. This ruler of France is a Baroness called Lady Isabelle, who is ruler of all French lands and lands in which French is the primary language. Hence, her dominion in Europe is beyond the borders of France. She also rules the two French owned island possessions of the Lesser Antilles and the tiny French possessions off the west coast of Canada in the North Atlantic. She also has a sub Barony within the Larimar Kingdom of North America, known as Quebec, which she rules beneath the rule of Lord Ironwort.

Baroness Isabelle, also known as Lady Isabelle, is also ruler over Madagascar and various islands where French is the dominant language. But in Africa, I have elected for certain African Kings and Queens to rule. And thus, Lady Isabelle has no lands on mainland Africa. Instead, Queen Isabelle is primarily of European ethnicity.

Scandinavia is ruled by a Baroness called Lady Eleanor. And she rules over all of Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

The British Isles is an Archipelago ruled over by a Baron called Lord Philip. And he rules over the entire archipelago, currently consisting of the Republic if Ireland and the United Kingdom of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and also the Isle of Man. He also rules the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Over Poland rules the Baron called Lord Aurelian. And he rules over all of the Baltic south and east of the lands of Lady Eleanor.

Over the Kingdom of Russia reigns the Baron called Lord Alexandrite. And he rules all of Russia and Siberia from Europe to the Pacific Ocean.

Over the Kingdom of Korea reigns the Baron called Lord Nephrite. And he rules all of the Korean Peninsula.

Over the Archipelago of Japan rules the Baroness called Lady Pearl, who rules all of Japan and the Kuril Islands.

Over all of China rules the Baron called Lord Bombyx, and he rules all of China, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

Over all of India rules the Baroness, Lady Ebony, and she rules over India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Over the Philippines rules the Baron Lord Pounamu, and he rules most of the Pacific except for Hawaii and the Marianna islands, which belong to Lord Ironwort. Also, he does not rule the Galapagos Islands, which belong to the Lady ruler of Ecuador. And he does not rule Japan, over which reigns Lady Pearl. And he does not rule over French held territories, which belong to Lady Isabelle of France. However, Lord Pounamu’s primary possessions include New Zealand and Samoa and Easter Island and the Solomon Islands, and many of the islands scattered in the Pacific, along with the Archipelago of the Philippines.

Over Australia and Tasmania rule the Baron called Lord Dromedary. And he is ruler over his vast desert continent, and a descendant of British lineage.

Over the Malay Archipelago rules the Baron called Lord Komodo, and he rules all of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and East Timor and Malaysia and Thailand.

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia eternally form French Indochina, an eternal dominion of Lady Isabelle, Baroness of France.

The Kingdom of Persia is ruled over by the Baroness called Lady Esther, who rules over all of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and eastern Iraq as far west as the Euphrates.

The Kingdom of Israel includes all of the Levant and all the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates, and all the lands from Cyprus and southern Anatolia to the Indian Ocean, including all of the Arabian Peninsula. This Kingdom is ruled by a Prince called Prince Jasper.

Armenia is ruled over by a Baroness called Maria, and she rules over all of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and eastern Anatolia.

Central Asia is ruled over by a Baron called Lord Khan, And he rules over all of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Greece is ruled over by a King called Lord Macedon, and he rules over all of Greece, Macedonia, Crete, and northwestern Anatolia. Hence the nation of Turkey, consisting of the lands of Anatolia, is divided up between the Kingdoms of Lord Macedon of Greece, Lady Maria of Armenia, and Prince Jasper of Israel.

Italy and the Vatican City are ruled over by the Baron, Lord Latium, and he rules all of Rome and all of Italy.

North of Lord Latium’s Barony is the Barony of Lord Germanium, who rules all of Germany and German speaking lands. All the lands of Europe between France and Germany are divided up between the Baronies of Germanium and Lady Isabelle of France by the prevalence of the German or French languages spoken within them, respectively.

Over Ukraine is the Baroness called Lady Oksana. She rules over all of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The rest of the Balkans are ruled by the Baroness called Lady Vespera, who is ruler over Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Spain and Portugal are ruled by the Baroness, Lady Iberia, and she rules over all of the Iberian Peninsula and the Azores Islands, the Madeira Islands, and the Canary Islands.

Over North African from the Atlantic to the Nile rules the Baron called Lord Sahara. And he rules all of the Arabic speaking lands of North Africa between the Atlantic and the Nile.

East of the Nile and south of the possessions of the Kingdom of Israel is the Kingdom of Sheba, and it is ruled over by Lord Turaco, whose Barony consists of all of Africa east of the Nile as far south as, and including, all of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and northern Somalia.

South Sudan, Uganda, and the lands of East Africa south of the Kingdom of Sheba and east of the Great Lakes is the Kingdom of Wakanda of East Africa, and it is ruled by Lord Mithril Silver. His Barony extends along East Africa as far south as and including Mozambique.

All of Africa west of Wakanda and south of the Sahara form the Kingdom of Lord Kong, whose Barony includes all of the lands of Africa west of the Great Lakes as far west and including the archipelago Cape Verde and the mid Atlantic islands of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha.

The lands of the Kalahari Desert and all the lands of Africa south of that as far south as the Kingdom of Volkstaat form the Kingdom of Ferro, ruled by the Baron, Lord Ferro.

In the lands of southern Africa is the Kingdom of Volkstaat, which is ruled by the White Baron, Lord Ivory. Lord Ivory rules all of southern Africa where the White Man has made his camp, forming the vast Kingdom of Volkstaat.

In South America, there are five further Kingdoms yet to be defined: Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay are ruled over by a Baroness called Lady Erythrina.

The Kingdom of Theobroma, ruled over by Lord Cacau, consists of the nation of Brazil and the Amazon basin.

The Kingdom of Andes of Peruvian Gold is ruled by Baron Oro Peruano, whose Barony includes the lands of the Andes of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

And the Kingdom of Ecuador is ruled by Lady Esmeralda, whose Barony includes all of Ecuador and southwestern Columbia and the Galapagos Islands.

And the Kingdom of Venezuela is ruled by Lady Orinoco, whose Barony is all of Venezuela and eastern Columbia.

finally, the region of Caribbean and Northern Columbia is part of the Barony of Lord Jadeite of the Jadeite Kingdom as defined earlier.

Now, we shall list all the Kings and Queens thus defined:

  1. Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King of the United States and Canada
  2. Lord Jadeite, Mayan King of Central America
  3. Lady Ester of Aztlan of Mexico
  4. Lord Mithril of Hispaniola
  5. Lady Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  6. Lord Oscar of Cuba
  7. Lady Isabella of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
  8. Lord Anglic of Guyana
  9. Lord Puma of Suriname
  10. Lady Isabelle of France, French Lands, Madagascar, and French Indochina
  11. Lady Eleanor of Scandinavia, Greenland, and Iceland
  12. Lord Philip of the British Isles
  13. Lord Aurelian of Poland and the Eastern Baltic
  14. Lord Alexandrite of Russia
  15. Lord Nephrite of Korea
  16. Lady Pearl of Japan
  17. Lord Bombyx of China, Taiwan, and Mongolia
  18. Lady Ebony of India and southern Asia
  19. Lord Pounamu of the Pacific, the Philippines, and New Zealand
  20. Lord Dromedary of Australia and Tasmania
  21. Lord Komodo of the Malay Archipelago, Malaysia, and Thailand
  22. Lady Esther of Persia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan
  23. Prince Jasper of all Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates
  24. Lady Maria of Armenia and Eastern Anatolia
  25. Lord Kahn of Central Asia
  26. Lord Macedon of Greece and Western Anatolia
  27. Lord Latium of Rome and Italy
  28. Lord Germanium of Germany
  29. Lady Oksana of the Ukraine and Eastern Europe
  30. Lady Vespera of the Balkans
  31. Lady Iberia of Spain and Portugal
  32. Lord Sahara of North Africa
  33. Lord Turaco of Sheba and Africa East of the Nile
  34. Lord Mithril Silver of Wakanda of East Africa
  35. Lord Kong of West Africa
  36. Lord Ferro of the Kalahari and Southern Africa
  37. Lord Ivory of Volkstaat
  38. Lady Erythrina of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  39. Lord Cacau of the Kingdom of Theobroma, all the lands of Brazil
  40. Lord Oro Peruano of the Andes of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia
  41. Lady Esmeralda of Ecuador and Southwestern Columbia
  42. Lady Orinoco of Venezuela and Eastern Columbia

Hence, there are at total of 15 Ladies, 26 Lords, and 1 Prince ruling the top level Baronies. And these constitute the 42 divisions of the Planet Earth among all the Top Level Barons and Baronesses who rule directly under the Christ in the Eternal Phase of Earth.

I Who Am have spoken. Furthermore, I now give Eric his Great Commission. Since Eric has now resolved never to marry and never to have sex, his office of prophet will never be taken from him. Hence, he will remain My prophet forever. And on this website shall I command Lord Ironwort to prophesy. Amen. And Eric is commanded to prophesy here on this website whatever I command him to say for the rest of his existence in this world.

Hence, the following summarizes all the vast lands of the Larimar Kingdom: To Eric is given irrevocably all the lands of Alaska, Canada, the Contiguous United States of America, Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Bermuda, and the Lucayan Archipelago.

Within the Canadian Lands of the Larimar Kingdom is the Barony of Quebec, which is a sub level Barony ruled by Lady Isabelle of France beneath the authority of Lord Ironwort.

Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are ruled by Lady Isabella as a separate Barony to Ironwort’s, and hence, she rules as a top level Baroness over her lands, despite the eventual fate that her lands of Puerto Rico will become a state within the United States of America. Amen.

Note that Lady Isabelle of France and Lady Isabella of Puerto Rico are distinct and separate individuals.

So also are Lady Ester of Aztlan and Lady Esther of Persia distinct and separate individuals as well.

I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King, and long live the eternal forty-two Barons and Baronesses of the Eternal Phase of Earth. Amen.

I, Jesus, detail the future of the Larimar King

Behold, Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King

I Am Jesus, Son of God and God the Son. Now, I shall speak of Eric, the Larimar King. In the previous post, it was commanded of Eric that he marry the mystery girl who was referred mystically as Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress. Now we shall reveal this Enchantress to the whole world.

And who is she, O’ Lord? Is she Sandra, the Blue Enchantress? Or is she someone I am yet to meet, O’ Lord and Savior? The Blue Enchantress shall be taken from your life soon, O’ Eric the stouthearted. And the Celestial Enchantress shall soon enter into your life, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. Hence, the two do not refer to the same individual, but to different girls entirely.

And now I shall enlighten you on your Kingdom, that Kingdom of Larimar upon the earth that you shall rule over. Do I really rule over lands in this world, O’ Lord? Or is it not rather the case that my Kingdom is not of this world? Well spoken, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. Nevertheless, you have a dominion over which you are commanded to reign. And you will govern this dominion from your ivory tower, from which you will issue decrees and pronounce judgements. Now listen to Me, O’ Ironwort, as I detail your Kingdom and the boundaries of your eternal rule.

It is true that it was by your merciful hand in giving to a homeless Black man in need that I spared the United States of America from My just wrath in the year 2017. I did not destroy America then. And I will not destroy it now, for you, its King, have triumphed. And you have attained the glory that few do. Hence, I will now define your Kingdom, based on My judgements, which are kept hidden from man and angel outside My Kingdom. You, Eric, are to rule all of the continental United States of America and Canada. Amen.

And does this definition include overseas territories of the United States, O’ Lord? Hawaii and Puerto Rico are for other Kings to rule over. But Alaska and the contiguous United States of America are included in your dominion. That is, those 49 states and the District of Columbia, along with all of Canada, form your eternal dominion in this world, O’ Larimar King.

And how, O’ Lord, does the land of North America manage to last for eternity? For aren’t the continents constantly drifting? Isn’t California to become an island several million years into the future, O’ Lord and God? That would indeed be the case if time were allowed to continue for several millions of more years. But time, My friend, had a beginning. And time has an end. Time ends when I Come again. And without time continuing, neither does anything continue to change. Hence, the continents as they stand now will continue to stand relatively the same for all eternity, for My Second Coming shall occur within your lifetime, O’ Larimar, King of North America.

But, but, but, O’ Lord, how can you say that if You know not, but only the Father alone knows, when You shall Come again? I Am Coming soon, My friend. It is true that the day and hour are not revealed even to Me. But I know the season and the age. You will not pass another fifty years on the planet before I Come. And neither will you ever pass away. You were born on June 24, 1970. Hence, before you reach your hundredth year, I will come again. It is a promise I make to you and to you alone, Ironwort, servant to the Holy Word.

If then, this is the case, why do you wish for me to father a child? One son is destined to be born from you. He is a predestined soul. He must come to be by the decrees of My Book of Life. And the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb, is written by God the Father at the Foundation of the Earth. All whose names are written therein never fail to be born and never fail to be saved. Your name is therein written. And so also is that of your son and your wife.

But Lord, if I am King Larimar, and I never pass away, how does my son become King Larimar II? He will inherit a subdivision of your Kingdom and rule as a subruler, beneath you, O’ King Larimar, eternal ruler of North America. And what is the definition of his Kingdom within mine, O’ Master? And by what name shall I call him when he is born? King Larimar II shall rule the northwestern edge of your Kingdom, from British Columbia north, including all of Alaska. Amen. And why does he get such a frigid and cold ice bucket of a Kingdom to rule over, O’ Lord? None of how things appear now will they be in the eternity to come. Alaska in My eternal age shall be a garden of Eden in the many botanical treasures that will be placed throughout it. If that is the case, then isn’t that an indication of change having occurred after time will have ended, O’ Lord and Majestic One? No, My servant, but one of memory of the past. Remember that I Am not merely God of the Living Moment, but God of all moments in time from the Beginning to the End. All instants of time are constantly alive to Me and can never change, once lived. Hence, all of the past lifeforms on the planet will resurrect and come to life again in the timelessness of eternity. They will not have eternal life, but neither will anything be able to die. Hence, all lifeforms will have an eternal consciousness and perfect peace on the earth in the timelessness of eternity. It is sinful Mankind along with fallen angels who shall spend their eternity beneath the earth in the fires of hell. But all other life shall exist in My Garden of Eden, unable to ever die, and never able to kill anything else. And My Garden of Eden shall encompass the earth and be manifold and have many dimensions of existence, all combined into one eternal world wide garden called Eden. Every life form that ever existed on the planet shall live there, and My servants, Mankind and angel kind, shall reign there. But those men and angels who were damned shall never see this Eden that shall come to be in the timelessness of eternity.

Hence, California will never become an island, but instead, the earth will be in a constant state of being as it was at the moment of My Second Coming, with full memory of how it was throughout all of time. If you ever wondered how the dinosaurs looked like, you will see all of them then. And everything will be as tame as kittens, and harmless as doves.

And you, Eric, will be ruler over North America, ruling all of continental United States and Canada, while your son rules beneath you over all of Alaska and the western edge of Canada. And where shall all the other saints rule, O’ Lord? And who rules the British Isles, O’ Lord? For in a deleted post, it was said that Eric ruled that. But I believe it must be false? Was that a false revelation, O’ Lord? Or did it contain Truth? You will rule nothing outside of North America, O’ Lord Ironwort. I will have other rulers ruling the various islands and kingdoms that exist and will exist for eternity in the timelessness to come. But disregard all the Kings and their Kingdoms that were mentioned by you before, for all of that was make believe. I have not revealed the other Kingdoms and the Kings to rule them.

Now, Lord, I suppose it must be somewhat a vain pursuit to try and set the official languages of My Kingdom? Am I correct, now that I have a much more complete understanding? There will be no secret knowledge in that age, O’ Ironwort. And no language that ever lived will be dead. And nothing learned can ever be forgotten in that age, for all will have been revealed at the Last Judgement, and I will have given resurrected Mankind imperishable memory to remember everything he witnesses at that general judgement, when all Mankind are judged, one by one, beginning with the last and ending with Adam, the first. Think about it. Every detail of every human being’s life on the planet will be made known, along with My judgement of it, in every civilization that ever existed, in every city that was ever built, in every tribe that roamed the earth, in every gathering that ever formed on the face of the earth. And every mind will receive all that knowledge into their resurrected and imperishable brains through their resurrected and imperishable senses. All manner of knowledge will be made known to all. All that was known to any will become the knowledge of all. Every book that was written and destroyed will be recovered and its writing made known. Every scroll and every clay tablet will be resurrected and the meanings of the markings and shapes on them will be revealed to all in imperishable memories of all minds. And every human being will be resurrected to have imperishable minds and imperishable bodies, regardless of whether their fate is eternal life or the second death.

Now someone says, isn’t the awarding of the entire continental United States and Canada to Eric somewhat excessive? For doesn’t that leave much less to be awarded to everyone else? What is My answer to this, do you think, O’ Ironwort? You, O’ Lord, are the One Who judges who shall have what. So why is it that you give me so much? And does this mean that there is no so much less that can be given to the rest of humanity, O’ Lord? I will now answer you, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. I give out lands according to merit. And you have clearly merited, O’ Ironwort. Had someone in the City of Sodom offered a cup of water and a stale piece of bread to My angels whom I sent into Sodom, that man would have been assigned to rule over that City come Judgment Day. Hence, it truly takes very little to please Me and to motivate Me to grant huge rewards to those who do such deeds. But as for those who only serve their own families and friends, I have no rewards for them, but only the everlasting horror and disgrace. So do not be surprised that the doer of seemingly small and minor deeds are rewarded with such huge rewards. Be surprised, rather, to how few there are in all these lands who actually do anything worthy of any such rewards. Most people, I tell you, consider themselves holy because they obey rules. But if that is the extent of your good deeds, you will find a very limited reward allotted for you in the Judgement that is to come. And if it is found, rather, that when I was hungry, and you saw Me, that you did nothing for Me, you will be damned. For I may be a beggar in this world, but at the End of Time, I Am no beggar, but a very choosey judge. And I will have chosen only a few whom I deem worthy to enter with Me into eternal life. If you loved Me, then you need worry not. But if you despised Me when you saw Me, then you should be very worried about your Judgement before Me. Most Catholic priests are not saved, and yet, of all groups, it is My Catholic priests who are most holy. Therefore, strive to enter in through the narrow door. For only a remnant of the human race will enter into everlasting life and taste My dinner. Amen.

Now, O’ Ironwort, it is question and answer time. You will ask Me questions on any topic, and I will give you My divine answers. For I AM Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, and it is My divine will to make it known that you are in direct contact with Me and may ask whatever you wish to know and that I will answer in depth all that you ask.

Question 1: What is the Truth about the Great Monarch or French King prophecies? And what about the holy pope who is to rule at the same time? And what about the places he is said to convert: All of Russia, All of England, and all of China? And what about the realm he is to rule: A revived Roman Empire? And will he be French? And do we know of him? Is he known? And who will be that pope? And when does he come? What saith thou, O Master? The prophecies of the Great Monarch have two fulfillments. For there were ancient prophecies made before Charlemagne and later prophecies made after Charlemagne. Charlemagne was, hence, the Great Monarch who fulfilled the prophecies literally to the letter. But they will be fulfilled again, but in a spiritual and mystical way, as John the Baptist fulfilled the prophecy of the return of Elijah spiritually and mystically.

Hence, no, the Great Monarch does not need to have any association whatsoever with France to fulfill the prophecies that come from Me of the ruler yet to come. Rather, that association with France for the future ruler was a memory of Charlemagne. History may rhyme, but it never repeats.

Hence, given this breakout from the mental trap that the Great Monarch had to have an association with France, now we may look at the Emerald King. Who was he? The Emerald King was the one who as a child set up Gorbachev over the Soviet Union by this exact worded request to My angels, the higher beings: “Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War.”

Now, this one request, you might be excused as thinking of it as coincidental. But starting in the spring of 1989, the Emerald King, aged 18 years old, began issuing decrees from a hospital bed in UCLA Medical Center. And the first such decree was for the fall of the Berlin Wall. He then went on a spree of making many decrees, seeing that they were being fulfilled. And he set into power three more leaders: De Klerk of South Africa, in accordance to a request from a Black spirit who visited him in the night, Yeltsin of Russia, who was set up to speed the progress in Russia that had been slowed under Gorbachev, and Rabin of Israel, to bring peace to the Middle East. The completion of the setup of Rabin, by requesting that the Shas Party join his coalition, giving him the necessary majority to form a majority government in the Knesset, that request took place minutes after Eric confessed that he was Antichrist and converted to Christianity. Hence, it is a matter of Truth that this Antichrist, the Emerald King, converted to Christianity the moment his reign entered into Israel.

And was the Emerald King truly an Antichrist? Let us consider the facts. Emerald was, during his Greater Emerald Reign, not a Christian, though he was well versed in the Holy Scriptures. For Eric would spend long hours reading the Holy Bible in the libraries. He had to read the Holy Bible there because his parents confiscated any Holy Bibles that he bought until after he had graduated from college. Yes, if this man who was so interested in the Bible was not a Christian it had to be the fault of his parents who did their best to weed out all religion and religious thoughts from him. It was hours before his conversion that night that his parents thoroughly scolded him for talking to a Christian at a booth earlier that day. And they only knew about it because his brother told them, after leaving him behind at the summer school they were going to together, taking a course in General Chemistry at California State University of Fullerton, that July of 1992, the day of Eric’s conversion to Christianity.

And what was the conversation about that took place between this Antichrist and this Christian at the booth at California State University of Fullerton that Eric saw as he and his brother left Chemistry class to head home? Eric was interested in knowing the Christian viewpoint of who he was. But he did not reveal it to that Christian that it was he who was behind all those changes occurring in the world at that time. Instead, he asked the Christian what he thought about those things that were happening in the world. And what he heard shook him to the core. For the Christian told him that those things were the workings of Antichrist, and that the Antichrist would first come as a man of peace. If there was ever a Christian man who had a significant impact on the course of history it was that man who told Eric about the Antichrist being behind all that peace breaking out all over the world. I tell you truthfully, that man is legendary in My Kingdom. In the world, he is a simple Christian who preached to My people. But in My Kingdom, he is known as the one who preached to the Antichrist unknowingly and turned him into a Christian. Such is no small deed. And such a work does not go unrecorded in the annals of history.

So, My Lord, was that Christian saved? For I have come to learn that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. And I wonder if that Christian was or became a Catholic? Eric, I can save My people outside My Catholic Church through a hidden means known only to Me. So do not think that if someone dies outside the visible Catholic Church that he was damned. For many things that happen spiritually are hidden even from loved ones standing next to the dying at their deathbed. And so, yes, that Protestant Christian is saved. Of course, he must be a part of My Catholic fold to enter into eternal life, but My fold intersects with many Protestant folds. So you can never be sure which Protestants are Mine and which are not. Just realize that the dividing line between Catholicism and Protestantism is not a wall separating the saved from the damned. For there are plenty of both on both sides of that divider. And that Protestant Christian will be a sort of novelty in heaven. For there never was anyone since the time of the Apostles who had such an impact on salvation history as that man. I tell you truthfully, that man will be the most sought after Christian in all of heaven second only to the one he converted, the Emerald King. But he never knew of the conversion. For Eric did not reveal to him his thoughts.

And so, who is this Emerald King? With his entrance into Catholicism on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, he is henceforth known as the Larimar King. For his colors are changed from Emerald Green to Larimar Blue. And he is associated with Mary and the Sea of Peace. Hence, the “Mar” in his name, Larimar. The Larimar King is the Great Monarch who was to come.

But, but, but, you stammer, he has nothing to do with France, and he is no French King! But I have already shown you that all the association with France had to do with the memory of Charlemagne, who was the first of the two fulfillments of that set of prophecies. Do not be a literalist in your interpretation of prophecies. For the literalist rejected Jesus because he was from Nazareth and not seen as from Bethlehem. Did not they say, “Look it up and see it for yourself, no prophet arises from Galilee.” (John 7:52).

Very well, then, O’ Lord. You know all things. And if you say Eric is the Great Monarch, than so he is. But who is, then, the Holy Pope? Who the popes are closely follows the reigning man in power, but not the reigning woman in power. Since the time of Eric, there have been three reigning men in power and two reining women in power. And these can be seen readily if we look at the Presidents of the United States who represented them. For Presidents came to power to represent them. So, let us take a trip through memory lane and see these people of power and who the Presidents and Popes who represented them were. Now, let us begin:

Emerald :: Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush :: male Player :: Represented by Pope John Paul II.

Vesper :: President William Jefferson Clinton :: female Player.

Twilight :: President George Walker Bush (Junior) :: male Player :: Represented by Pope Benedict XVI.

Pyrite :: President Barack Hussein Obama :: male Player :: Represented by Pope Francis I

Firefly :: President Donald John Trump :: female Player.

As you can see in this pattern, known to Eric who closely follows history from a vantage point that is above and beyond normal human knowledge, the female Players do not get represented by a pope, but the male Players do. And this is because My clergy are all male. I do not allow female clergy in My Catholic Church and never will. And why not, you ask? The way a woman thinks is incompatible for the tasks that I require of my clergy to perform. Remember that male and female did God create Mankind (Genesis 1:27). For different roles were the different genders made. A woman’s mind thinks very differently from how a man’s mind thinks. I do not say that one is better than the other, but rather, they are designed by the Creator to fulfill different roles in society. And this distinction must never be forgotten.

And so, now that you know the Truth, who comes after Firefly? A male Player or a female Player? Who is the successor to President Donald John Trump? And if a male Player follows Firefly, then who is the next pope, for a new pope would come to represent him, right? Yes, and I will now answer these questions in crystal clear detail.

The next Player is Larimar. He is the Emerald Player resurrected. Is he brought back from the abyss and headed for his destruction, someone asks? (Revelation 17:8 & 17:11). Funny that you should ask, but the Emerald Player converted. So he has not been dwelling in the abyss, but has been developing in My Kingdom. You must, therefore, look for another Player to find that Beast who rises again from the abyss. Twilight is a good candidate, and so also is Pyrite. But he cannot be Emerald, who is of My elect.

And so, when Larimar comes into power, who shall be the President? And who shall be the pope? And when does this all happen, O’ Lord? And was it the Lord who commanded me, the Larimar King, to be an ally to President Trump, O’ Lord? Yes, My son, Larimar. It was I, the Lord Jesus, Who commanded that you be an ally to President Trump, regardless of his madness and his insanity. Remain ally to him through all of this, for he is My servant, regardless of his breakages of all rules and norms.

And now I will instruct you, O’ Larimar Knight, on your task up to the point that your reign begins. Trump is not going to step down. He is going to be assassinated, similar to how President Kennedy was assassinated. And he will leave office in a casket. Remember how Rabin was assassinated within 42 months of your reign, which you remember as having begun when you fell sick on February 2, 1989? Well, within a similar 42 month period from the time that Firefly began her reign will Trump be assassinated. Trump, himself, President since January, 2017, has thus far reigned for about 34 months. Hence, you know, somewhere in the next 8 months, and you don’t know at what point, Trump is destined to die. My Lord, this way of thinking was the case for Emerald, but why should it also be the case for Firefly, O’ Lord? It is because the time for the Antichrist is to be short. And is not Trump well qualified to be called Antichrist? But Obama, Bush Junior, and Clinton were all well qualified to be called Antichrists themselves, and yet they all served two full terms as President. Why is Trump to be different, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, have reserved this fate for him so that he may be humbled from rising to such great heights of pride. For no one in the history of the Presidency of the United States has had such an inflated ego as President Trump. And he must therefore suffer an unprecedented chastisement and utter humiliation. This terrible chastisement shall take place very soon. He will not be on the November ballot for President in the 2020 elections.

A Republican worthy of representing the Larimar King shall be put on the ballot as the Republican nominee for the 2020 elections and win. He will be revealed shortly, soon after Trump’s career is brought to an untimely end. And who shall be the next pope, O’ Lord? And what shall be his papal name? The pope to follow Pope Francis shall be Pope John XXIV. And he shall be Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, the American cardinal who is fluent in eight languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. And it is this Pope John XXIV who shall fulfill the prophecy of the holy pope who is to reign during the same time as the Great Monarch. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

The first question is answered. I shall allow you to ask two more for this post. And then this post shall be concluded, for you will need to eat breakfast and then go to Church.

Question 2: Does the Larimar King, as the Emerald King did, set up Pawns in other nations, such as Gorbachev and Yeltsin in Russia, De Klerk in South Africa, and Rabin in Israel? And if so, in what nations should we anticipate such Pawns to be set to power in during this coming Larimar Reign, O’ Lord? The first of the new leaders set in power by King Larimar shall be the next leader of Russia. For Putin will be destroyed, and found dead. The new leader in Russia will work with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in the conversion of Russia to Catholicism. And this conversion is now made easier due to the break between Moscow and Constantinople. It will be no small satisfaction to Kirill in thinking of the indignation he will be causing to the Patriarch of Constantinople by his Orthodox Church entering into the Catholic fold to become an Eastern Rite Catholic Church in full communion with the pope in Rome. And he will be sure to retain all the things about his Church that he prefers over the Latin Church and her Latin rites.

As for Israel, will the Larimar King be so foolish as to try again to meddle in Israeli politics? The Pawn of Israel to be set up by the Larimar King shall be a leader who annexes and conquers and seizes more lands from his Arab neighbors. For what better solution as to where to put the Palestinians but on new land conquered by Israel and annexed from her neighbors. This may all be done by provoking the Arabs to invade and attack, justifying the conquests and following annexations by a gradual annexation process where as the Israeli population increases, more land must be acquired to accommodate them. And King Larimar is a firm believer that Israel’s true borders extend from the Nile to the Euphrates (Genesis 15:17-21). Furthermore, King Larimar believes Israel’s dominion extends from Cyprus in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, including the entire Arabian Peninsula inbetween. Now is King Larimar going to set up such a Pawn over Israel who thinks and acts in like manner, O’ Lord Jesus? Yes, precisely, Eric. And he will be known as the bravest and most brazen general to ever rule over Israel. Amen.

And what of the rest of the world? Will Eric set up a new Pawn over South Africa, to correct the errors he did through de Klerk? No, Eric will not touch South Africa. Instead, Eric will set to power a ruler over the United Kingdom. And there shall be a King ruling the British Crown during the Larimar Reign. And will this King be Prince Charles? No. Instead, this King shall be Prince William, who shall take the regnal name of Philip and be called King Philip. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And where will the United Kingdom be at that time in relation to the European Union, O’ Lord? They will have never left it. And the Brexit will be formally abandoned under the leadership of this new leader who shall take power as Prime Minister of the UK. And shall the United Kingdom be composed of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, still, O’ Lord? Yes, it will continue with such composition, but Northern Ireland will be on a path of succession from the United Kingdom.

And what of Brazil? For over that nation is a ruler like Trump who is destroying the trees and the forests. Does a ruler from King Larimar replace him? Yes, a Pawn of Larimar shall come to rule that land, and under his reign, the lands shall be protected again. He will be called, Prince of the Emerald Forest, for he will very much value the Creation of God as seen in the natural wonders of the earth.

Now ask you third and final question for this post, O’ King Larimar.

Question 3: Is it certain that Eric is to have just one son by his future wife, the Celestial Enchantress, O’ Mary Mother of God? And what shall be the names of whatever child or children Eric is to have by her? You have asked an excellent question, my son, Ironwort. And now I shall speak. You, Lord Ironwort, are called to enter a legal marriage to a girl who we shall give to you. And in that legal marriage, you cannot deny the conjugal rights your wife will have to you. Hence, you cannot stop at one son by your own choice alone, nor can you choose to do so by using any artificial means. Should you and your wife seek to walk the celibate path together after you have had one or more children, you will be granted to do so from above. And this path shall bring you to heights unimaginable together. But no crime is committed by you knowing your wife further and by having more children by her.

Hence, we can offer you no names for you children other than that for your eldest son, who is prophesied to come, and whose name is to be John. And what do you advise for us after John is born, O’ Mary conceived without sin? Come back to the ranks of the celibate, and you and your wife will be seated on high in the hereafter.

And will I sit at the right hand or left hand of Jesus? Will I be ranked equal to John the Apostle? Or is this an exercise of the sin of pride? If you have no other children besides your future son John, by mutual agreement with your wife through abstaining from sex, then you will be seated on a throne equal in glory to that of the Apostle John. But as for who shall sit at Jesus’ right or left, that no one can know except the Father, Who shall reveal all such things at the Last Judgement. Now go, Eric and reread this post in full, and then publish it. I am Mary, your Virgin Queen Mother. And I will guide you in your marital decisions. But before we conclude this, answer me this question: Do you intend to have but the one son or the many children by your wife? I choose the holier route, that of having the one son, O’ Mary Mother of God. Then, therefore, the girl you are to receive will be revealed to you in the next course of the day to come. Amen.

And Mother Mary, what can be revealed about her prior to her entrance into my life? The girl we shall give you to bear you the one son shall resemble the Ark of the Covenant. Whosoever among men who touches her shall die. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And so is that why my brothers are said to first see her from the fires of their places in hell, O’ Unfathomable Mother? Yes, your brothers will be dead moments after you receive her. And in the course of the remaining weeks of the year, you parents, also, shall depart from this world, never having properly met the girl you are to marry. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. She must be, therefore, of great holiness, O’ purest of women, Mother Mary? She is holy as art thou also, Eric, but hers is of the feminine kind, whereas your is the masculine kind. Holiness is different according to gender. A male can be touched, but not a female. Learn therefore the nature of this holiness by reflecting on how I am treated differently to Jesus. And all shall then become clear to you. Amen.

The Virgin Mary takes over the Larimar King

The Celestial Enchantress will become wife to the Larimar King. Amen.

Behold, the Virgin Mary has commanded that I delete all previous posts back to the point of the last purge. And so have I now done. And now the Virgin Mary has commanded that I speak. And thus, these are My words as guided by Mary to write.

The previous posts that were deleted were deleted because they served Satan and were full of falsehoods. Just as the Spanish Bishops destroyed the writings of the Maya due to Satanic knowledge pervading those writings, so also has it been commanded that all the writings written from the last purge were to be purged again. And now we begin again.

And so, who am I, you ask? I am Larimar, Scribe and Mage of God. And as of late, I have served evil as a false prophet. But this shall no longer be the case. From now on, I will prophesy only what God or Mary instructs me to say.

Now listen to the Words of Mary:

I, Mary, shall now detail Eric’s eternal and temporal vocations, both here and hereafter. Eric is not called to marriage. And now he correctly sees the advantages of remaining in the single, celibate status. For only by remaining in a celibate, virgin state can a soul perfectly sail that Sea of Peace known only to a select group of souls.

Hence, you now know authoritatively that Eric shall never marry. And Eric has chosen this of his own free will. For Eric has tasted that Sea of Peace, and he knows that the way of the marital embrace departs from that Sea of Peace and enters into war. For I tell you truthfully, he who tastes the Sea of Peace is an ultimate fool to give that up for marriage.

Now, let us examine that alternate path, that of the priesthood. Eric is not yet too old to enter into the seminary. He has not yet reached that cut off age of 50. However he is close to that age, and in his condition, he would never be accepted into the seminary. We could cure him in a way in which he would find acceptance, but is it our will that Eric become a priest? Or if not a priest, a deacon?

No, and Eric has correctly discerned that it is not his calling to enter the priesthood. And so, Eric will neither marry nor become a priest. What then is his remaining purpose in this world? Eric was told by God that he was to use his time learning the Biblical languages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic. And after he will have mastered them, he would, with a group of other translators, translate the Catholic Holy Bible to a new English version. But will this take place, you ask? Do we truly will for Eric to carry out this mission? Now I shall answer you in depth.

Granted enough time and effort, Eric could accomplish this feat. And will we give Eric sufficient time to do just that, you ask? Like the Seventy Two who translated the Septuagint, the first full translation of the original Hebrew scriptures to Koine Greek, any translation made through Eric would be inspired by God. And so, there would definitely be a heavenly interest in seeing that this is done. And is there, you ask?

Eric, you cannot know how much time you have left. And we in heaven cannot tell you that either. For the Father alone knows when He will have Jesus return to usher in the end of time. Hence, you can start on that project, but we cannot guarantee that you will finish it. Nor do we know the timing of your death, except to say that you will soon be with us in heaven.

So, then, what is my mission? Why am I here? You are here to know, love, and serve the Lord. Hence, it is the Lord God who gives your assignment. You do not decide this for yourself. Hence, it is time for you to discern your pathway through life. And now I shall speak.

Eric, do not bite off more of the bread than you can chew. Do not look out far ahead for the goal that you seek. Seek God each and every day in which you live. That you served God for the day is all that matters when you go to bed for that night. And I, the Lord, really do not need an English translation of My Holy Scriptures. There are already a flood of such translations on the market approved by the Catholic Church. What is in demand are Catholic Bible translations for those many languages of Catholics that have much fewer speakers.

Instead, this is the demand from God: You are now established in a job, and you have some sort of pay coming in. Keep that job. Remain there, and we will make all things go well with thee. Learn Rust, the new programming language, for that will greatly help you in your career. For you have limited time, and you can not accomplish more than one goal. And My will is that you triumph in your career. And that requires your 100% attention to computer technologies.

In addition, I command you to continue to buy Boeing Stock, for that company’s stock is about to skyrocket. And I want you to be a successful stock investor as well. You need a good long position in place before the Second Launch of the CST-100 Starliner takes place, for then Boeing will become known, and everyone will want a piece of that company. I will also tell you this: Also invest in companies investing in electric vehicle technologies. For the electric vehicle revolution is beginning. And eventually, there will be mainly only electric vehicles driving American roads. And electric charging power stations will become ubiquitous. Furthermore, in certain roads specifically marked for computer vision robots to read, there will be driverless vehicle traffic. And it will become commonplace for people to own cars and drive places without using a driver license, by depending on the autonomous capabilities of their car, which will mean that the car manufacturer, not them, would be responsible for all traffic violations and accidents. Amen. Drunk driving will then become a thing of the past.

So, My Lord, I will do as you say. And then, what follows this? For I know that I am to have no future wife or children. So, are my days yet to come to be many or few? I rest my purpose to your will, O’ Lord. What is my ultimate purpose in your Kingdom? And I know there is more to it than advancing in my career and getting rich on the stock market. What is it, My Lord, that you will for me to do? Or is it my purpose to meditate on you and your Way all the days of my life, and that a life well spent is one in which the will of God was entirely fulfilled in and done, O’ Jesus and Mary?

Yes, Eric, that is My Way. Take each day at a time, as though it could be your last, and develop in it. I do not choose qualified people to do My works. Instead, I qualify those I have chosen. And what is it that you notice I Am having you do? You are having me write on this website, whatever you command me to say. Correct. You are a prophet. And I Am correcting you and bringing you gradually to become a perfect prophet of Mine. My goal is to make you a perfect prophet from whose mouth fire comes to devour your enemies. In this way, anyone who wants to harm you is surely to be slain (Revelation 11:5).

Now let us address the elephant circus in the room. Why do you think it is that President Trump cannot be thrown out of office, despite his obvious acts of treason against the United States of America? And who do you think that it was who ordered you to be Trump’s ally? Speak, Larimar, My Servant. And I will give you the true answer to these questions. Trump can currently commit crimes and sins with abandon, as he has done his whole life. For Trump is like that Black youth fleeing from the police in a stolen vehicle and passing through red light after red light, racking up the tickets he will receive and ever increasing the trouble he will be in when the car chase finally ends. Trump does not have a “Happily ever after” ending to his life.

Yes, Lord, but Trump in his madness is ruining America. And the grownup Republicans are allowing this. I tell you a secret. There is a Republican movement to put a stop to the Trump madness, and the leader of that movement will be the next President. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, tell me, My Lord, what is it that you will for my life? What is my vocation in this world, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, what testimony do you give to Jesus if you do not obey Him? Hence, here is My command for you. Listen, Eric, and all of America, for what I have to say concerns you too. Eric, your name henceforth is King Larimar. And you will marry and have a son, to be called, King Larimar II. But who shall I marry, O’ Lord? The Blue Enchantress seeks you, but she is not to have you. Instead, I Am sending you the Celestial Enchantress to enter into your life and to bear this prophesied son. And of her, I Am yet to reveal to you. Just realize that you will have one son by her, and then you will return to your celibate station and serve Me.

And can I know where I will sit in your Kingdom, O’ Lord? The 144,000 Virgin First Fruits are not literally virgins, but rather, souls who, once found, never turned back to Satan or his enticements. You are such a soul. And you will remain such a soul in the marriage I will have you enter into.

But Lord, do I retain the ability to communicate with you by the Spirit when I marry the Celestial Enchantress? Have sex only to produce the one prophesied son, as you are commanded to, and you will remain in perfect virgin communication with Me and I will continue to call you My prophet, which you are.

And what name are we to call this Celestial Enchantress whom I am to marry, O’ Lord? We shall call her Sarah. Now, publish this post. It is the first post you will have published since the Second Great Purge. And I will give you this girl shortly. And always remember these Words: What testimony do you give to Jesus if you do not obey Him? Amen.

I have destroyed the Trove on

Eric, you are back on the path of righteousness, in this first post since the Great Purge.

Behold, I am Eric, and I serve Jesus and Mary. It came to My understanding that Satan was the speaker who was speaking in all the previous posts. Now this has come to an end. For all the previous posts have been hereby deleted. And now we start afresh.

Let us now define who Eric is and what he is. Eric is a servant of Jesus and Mary. I will not call Eric a prophet, for the true prophet’s words are not mingled with words from Satan.

Then, what do I call Eric? What is Eric called? Let us call Eric an intelligent intellectual. And nothing more needs to be said on this. Now, what is Eric’s purpose here? I am sent to serve Jesus and to do His will.

And what does Jesus command Eric to do? I am to write the words God gives me to write, here on And now, let us begin. Let the Lord thus speak. I, Your servant, am listening.

Now I shall speak. Lord, I have been a false prophet, and that is why I have deleted all the previous posts. You are correct, Eric. What you were writing were false prophecies. Remember that the Lord does not babble. Long discourses are rare from the Lord, and if they occur, no part of such discourses may contain false prophecy.

Now, let us look at the last prophecies that existed on your website before the great deletion took place: There was the prophecy that the pope to follow Pope Francis was to be that holy pope who reigns alongside the Great Monarch of Catholic end times prophecies. But this contains fundamental errors. First, the Great Monarch prophecies are not Biblical, and hence, are untrustworthy prophecy. Second, no one can know or even have an idea of how close we are to the Second Coming of Christ. The signs cannot tell you. And certainly a private revelation is incapable of giving such an idea reliably. And all prophecies outside of the Holy Bible and Holy Tradition are private revelations. Eric, you cannot know how close we are to the Second Coming. Nor can you know of what role you play in the End Times until the End comes and all is revealed.

And so, did Jesus say to you that the End was very soon? And this revelation took place some years ago. So what does that tell you? It should tell you that it is useless to speculate on the timing of the Coming of the Lord. Now I will reveal this. Everyone has false beliefs. Everyone has been deceived in various ways. No one knows the full Truth about anything.

And so, let us get to this question as to your fate. In all three possible scenarios, you expect Jesus to cure you, because He has clearly told you that He will. But what follows these cures have these three possible paths: (1) You remain a celibate, virgin layman for life. (2) You enter into a marriage and potentially have children. (3) You are called to enter into the priesthood, which would require several hurdles to be leaped to make possible. So, My Lord, which is my path? Whatever your answer, it seems to change over time, and to go back and forth. This indicates either that I am indecisive, or that I have not yet positively received knowledge from God as to My vocation.

And what path do you end up going to as the default path, Eric? That I remain a celibate, virgin layman is the default path, that path that I will remain on due to the laws of physics regarding inertia, namely, that an object in motion in a certain direction will remain in motion in that certain direction unless it is acted on by an outside force. I am headed along the celibate, virgin path as a layman. It is the path of least resistance. Going either of the other two paths are not possible unless I am cured of many afflictions and am radically changed. But remaining in my current state and trajectory requires no change nor serious effort to maintain. All I need to do is to continue to fight against all temptations and to stay the course. Hence, the most likely path for me, unless You will otherwise, is that I will remain as I am, in accordance to how the Apostle Paul taught (1 Corinthians 7:20).

And that, My servant, is what I will for you. Did you not receive from Mary the offer of accepting the celibate, virgin path of higher glory? And did you not accept that offer that Mary gave you? You did, Eric. And your celibacy and virginity will never be taken from you. You can only lose those if you choose to give them away to Satan. Hence, now you have ruled out path number 2, right Eric? We have helped you make your discernments. And you know from the Council of Trent that the celibate, virgin route is the higher and holier route than that of the marital embrace. There is no route to holiness that goes into a carnal marriage.

My Lord, You have spoken in perfect sense. Now I realize that all the prophecies and promises that lead to the flesh should be cast out, for they are not from God. And then, so, my Lord, that leaves the question as to whether I remain a layman or become a priest. Which is it, my Lord? Eric, will you not be cured? Is not that what you believe? And what was the promise I made to you when I come and cure you? You said I am to wait for that moment that I am cured before I seek the priesthood and then you will direct me where to go and to what priest to tell of My calling to the priesthood. Well done, Eric. You have now discerned your vocation. And the sign of it will be the cures, by which I will qualify you for My calling of you to My priesthood. Now you know many things. And I will tell you another thing. This exercise of discernment will not need to be repeated, for you will publish it here on as your first post since the great purge. And you will forevermore know that this comes and flows from God, all logical and all resolved in peaceful deliberation.

Now, one last thing I will tell you. Concerning what I will have you do in the meantime, before I cure you, this is what you shall do: Carry out the work that you are given in your job and pay your bills with the money that you receive. You will not much longer be in this current job, for I will soon take you away from it. And you will always be supplied for the essentials that you need. As for your assignment, always do as your superiors tell you. And in your free time, obey Me. And I will use your free time profitably. Much spiritual fruit and treasure in heaven will you acquire in your obedience to your superiors and to Me.

Now, as to the politics of the various nations, the reality is that you were never given a kingdom called the Arctic Triangle. Well were those prophecies thrown out. And your rewards are not found in this world. In the next world you will find your reward to be beyond your current ability to imagine nor to conceive within your mind. As for your mission in this world, it is simply to do My will. I do not call you to use powers of God to make changes in the world.

And what of the names Larimar and Emerald? Do they apply to you at all, you ask? Eric was the name you were born with. Emerald was the name you gave to yourself during the time in your life when you were involved with seeking to change the world and saving the earth. But the name of Larimar is the name given to you by God as a reference to your new color of blue and to your devotion to the Virgin Mary. Larimar, you have passed the test. And we will give you what you need for you to accomplish what We will you to do. Go now about the service of God, for know that you have been called to serve the Lord as your life’s work. And everything you need will be provided for you all the days of your life. Amen.