I hereby detail the Larimar Kingdom, among others

Hyacinth, Queen Consort to the Larimar King, shall possess the temperate rainforest Kingdom of Lothlorien, consisting of northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall now, through Lord Ironwort Charity, detail to you the Larimar Kingdom, and all the lands that it contains, as well as all surrounding and nearby Kingdoms. So, let us begin.

Eric is the Larimar King, a ruler and owner of many lands in a spiritual dimension parallel to the political units upon the earth in this generation. And this generation marks the sealing of all such Kingdoms to their eternal Kings. All such eternal Kings shall be defined in this generation of Eric and the Age of Mary. Amen.

Now we shall speak. To Eric, the Larimar King, belongs the following lands in the spiritual dimension in which the eternal Kingdoms of Mankind are defined: King Larimar owns the North American lands of the United States of America, Canada, and Greenland. In the Atlantic, King Larimar owns Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies, and the Kingdom of England on the island of Great Britain. The ownerships of the other Kingdoms and states on the British Isles will be a matter for later definitions and revelations. And in the Pacific, King Larimar possesses the state of Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam.

And is that the full definition of the lands belonging to King Larimar of the Larimar Kingdom, O’ Lord? What of Hispaniola, as it was said to have been moved from another Kingdom into Larimar’s Kingdom in a previous post? And what of the many other Kingdoms and lands throughout the earth?

Eric, the Larimar Kingdom does not need to possess the lands in which the gemstone larimar is actually found to be called the Larimar Kingdom. Do not box yourself into such constraints. You are King Larimar, and your name as Larimar has nothing to do with actual physical larimar gemstones or where they can be found. Larimar is simply used as a metaphor to refer to your new color of blue, associating you with the Holy Virgin Mary. Also the ending of “mar” in Larimar is in fact etymologically related to the name of Mary. The one who coined the word combined his daughter’s name with the Spanish word for sea. And the name of Mary means “sea of bitterness.”

However, there are other lands that have been added to your Larimar Kingdom via a means known exclusively to Me. And I shall now reveal these additional lands and the means by which they were added. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, both those belonging to the United States and those belonging to the United Kingdom, are included into your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. They have elected to join due to the coming reality of the entrance of Puerto Rico into the United States as a 52nd state with the anticipated entrance of Greenland into the Union as the 51st state during President Trump’s second term. This 52nd state will contain just Puerto Rico. It cannot also contain the Virgin Islands due to the constraints of what is possible to achieve in the limited amount of time given.

That makes sense, O’ Lord, and by that addition, Eric the Larimar King will obtain complete control over the Bermuda Triangle. And tell me more, O’ Lord. What else do you say shall belong to the Larimar King? I will now tell thee, O’ Eric My servant. The South American nations of Guyana and Suriname shall be yours. This is because they do not belong to Latin America, which is the definition of another Kingdom of the Americas, the Kingdom of Latin America. By such reasoning, much of the Caribbean is not of Latin America, O’ Lord. What states in the Caribbean, therefore, shall belong to the Larimar King? All the states where the dominant language is either English or Dutch shall be yours. And what of French speaking Caribbean. Here is where there is discernment called for. Those nations and islands that speak French as an official language or that have French or a French Creole as their dominant language will belong to the French Monarch if they are currently owned by France, but if France no longer possesses them, they will belong to the Larimar King.

Hence, the Americas are divided into four camps: The Larimar Kingdom, the Latin American Kingdom, the French Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Theobroma. The Larimar Kingdom contains all the lands where English, Dutch, or French is the main or official language, but where France does not rule or own. The French Monarch owns all current territories and departments of France still in the Americas. And the Latin American Kingdom owns all those lands where Spanish is spoken as the primary or official tongue. And the Kingdom of Theobroma is the general area of the Amazon rainforest, and covers all of the Portuguese speaking regions.

Therefore, does Belize, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Haiti, along with most of the Lesser Antilles, now belong to the Larimar King in this arrangement, O’ Lord? Exactly, My servant. In that case, then King Larimar owns land in Central America by owning Belize. And he owns Haiti, the closest nation in the Kingdom of Larimar to the only known natural deposits of larimar gemstones. Due to that fact that larimar is mined only in the Dominican Republic, next to Haiti, the ruler of Latin America wishes to do a trade with you. The Latin American ruler offers you the possession of the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic in return for English speaking Belize, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Do you accept the trade, O’ Eric. I do, O’ Lord God Jesus Christ. Then this trade is accomplished. Now the entire island of Hispaniola is in the Kingdom of Larimar. And Larimar owns no part of Central America anymore. Amen. King Larimar is primarily an English speaker and writer, though he knows many computer languages, and the foreign language he is currently best in is Spanish.

And who is this ruler of Latin America, O’ Lord? Queen Ester is the ruler of the Latin American Kingdom. And her home nation is called Aztlan. Her rule is all of Spanish America from Mexico to the tip of South America. And her lands in the Caribbean consist of Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the Spanish Main. Amen. Queen Ester is primarily a Spanish speaker, but she has some knowledge of the native languages in her lands.

And the ruler of Theobroma is King Cacau. His name and the name of his Kingdom come from a treasure found long ago in the Amazon rainforest. This treasure is the cocoa tree, from whose cocoa beans are made chocolate, one of the exotic treasures Columbus brought with him back to Spain. Many other treasures continue to exist in the rainforests of the world waiting to be discovered. King Cacau, therefore, is a protector of the Amazon rainforest, and the destroyer of it he will topple. King Cacau is primarily a speaker of Portuguese.

And the French Monarch, who is that, O’ Lord? She is Empress Isabelle. And she, as you may rightly have guessed, speaks primarily French. Hence the primary languages of the eternal Monarchs of the Americas are English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Now I shall speak of the many things to come.

The Trump Administration of the United States of America shall win the November elections to enter into a second term. At some point late into this second term, an irate blonde woman will pull out a gun while in close proximity to the President and shoot him from behind fatally. And why do you allow this to happen, O’ Lord? It is the Way of things. All sins must be paid for. And no one can escape the payment of those sins. Amen. But before Trump exits this world, he will have accomplished many things, including making the Supreme Court conservative leaning, and he will have achieved the statehood of Greenland and Puerto Rice together. Trump will agree to this, and thus he will go down in history as the first President since Dwight D. Eisenhower to get two states added to the United States of America during his term in office. And he will see the need to compromise with the Democrats to further his agenda and to get things done. But he will die in office, nevertheless. And with his passing, so will America pass from the hands of the Player Firefly into the hands of the Larimar King. Hence, the ruler to come from Larimar comes onto the scene for the elections of 2024, not for 2020. And this future ruler from Larimar will be a Republican servant of God and fully compliant to the will of the Larimar King.

As you know, Vladimir Putin is about to die. It will be by assassination by a senior level aide who shall do Putin in. The assassination will take place either in the palace gardens or in the streets outside the Kremlin. The bullet will kill him instantly. He will have no time to repent, or to prepare himself to meet his Maker. And how shall I judge this man, you ask? Vladimir is not My servant. Instead, he will be assigned a place with the hypocrites, those who do abominable deeds and tell lies. With the passing of Putin, the Grand Kremlin Palace will be seen as blazing, consumed by fire. I Who Am have spoken. Oracle of the Lord!

The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico will reform into a new trade bloc. And Trump readily recognizes the important role of cheap Mexican labor, for he hired such at all of his golf courses during his many years of running them before becoming President. Hence, Trump will include Mexico into the trade bloc, very similar to NAFTA. And one European addition shall be added to that bloc: England, which will hard exit from the European Union. This hard exit will in fact break up the United Kingdom, and her other parts, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, will form a bridge bloc between England and the European Union, taking the best of both worlds, as full members of the EU. And to this bridge bloc will the Republic of Ireland join. Hence, the entire British Isles will have highly favorable access to both the American markets through England and also to the European Union under new membership arrangements for these new states.

Let it therefore be made known that outside the Americas, the British Isles, the entire archipelago, shall belong to the Larimar King. And these islands and Gibraltar will constitute the entire European possessions of King Larimar. And what of any other places throughout the lands, O’ Lord? Nowhere in Africa do you rule, O’ Eric. As for Madagascar, that vast African island is given to French Empress Isabelle, as her sole possession in Africa. And what about Asia and Oceania, O’ Lord? You know that Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam are yours. All of Alaska is yours. The Galapagos belongs to Queen Ester. The rest of the Pacific islands scattered throughout the Pacific that do not belong to the Asian Kings or France will be the possessions of King Pounamu, King of Oceanic Christendom. It is he who owns all of New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Easter Island, and many other archipelagos and islands of the Pacific. And none of the lands of Asia are to belong to you, O’ Larimar King.

But let me get back to events happening in this world. The events of the Larimar Kingdom are of a different dimension in the Spiritual world. Good. Now we shall discuss the fate of the papacy. As you know, Pope Benedict XVII succeeds Pope Francis, and this event happens very soon, Pope Benedict XVII will be Cardinal Burke from America. He will be elected after a great thinning of the populations has taken place throughout the whole world to prepare the world for the advent of the Larimar Reign. Cardinal Burke is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Latin, making him an excellent choice for pope.

Now, one last thing I shall say before I conclude this post. It is now time to fully define all the lands of the Kingdom of Larimar:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Alaska
  4. Greenland
  5. Hawaii
  6. The Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Guam
  8. Hispaniola
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. The United States Virgin Islands
  11. The rest of the Lesser Antilles minus the possessions of France
  12. Guyana
  13. Suriname
  14. The Lucayan Archipelago
  15. Bermuda
  16. The British Isles, the entire archipelago.
  17. Gibraltar

Such are the Seventeen eternal possessions of the Larimar Kingdom. Amen, And what, O’ Lord, of the Kingdoms of Europe? For these lands, too, border the Larimar Kingdom.

The Kingdom of European Scandinavia is ruled by Queen Eleanor. And her lands include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The lands of mainland Europe are under the rule of various Monarchs, whose Kingdoms shall be further defined in a later post. Amen.

And what is the nature of the Larimar Kingdom, O’ Lord? In what way is it of eternal definition? The Larimar King is the eternal ruler of this Kingdom. It shall never be taken away from him. And what of his descendants, O’ Lord? Will they come to reign over any of these lands? One generation is to issue from Eric before we take him to his eternal reward. The eldest son of Larimar will be the second Larimar King to rule on his throne, forming a two king dynasty. To this second Larimar King, I will make a most unique promise. He will witness on earth in his mortal life My Second Coming. Oracle of the Lord! God has now definitively spoken to His people, Amen.

And what will be his name, and what lands of the Larimar Kingdom shall he eternally possess under Eric? He shall be called John. And John, son of Eric, shall possess Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon territories as his eternal possessions of land.

And what of the other subkingdoms and the sub rulers of the Larimar Kingdom? These will be defined in later posts. Suffice it to say that Queen Ester of Aztlan and Latin American Christendom, Queen Choeblack of Haiti, King Philip of Great Britain, Queen Elsa of the British Isles, and Empress Isabelle of France all have parts of their lands or all of their lands as subkingdoms or sub dominions of the Kingdom of Larimar. For Aztlan extends into the Western United States, under King Larimar. And Empress Isabelle rules Quebec under Larimar’s possession of Canada. Queen Elsa is subordinate to Larimar regarding the British Isles, though not for the rest of her European Kingdom of Christendom. And Queen Choeblack of Haiti and King Philip of Great Britain have their entire Kingdoms within the dominion of the Larimar Kingdom.

And O’ Lord, what if some other nation or Kingdom wishes to join the Kingdom of Larimar? There will be no future additions to your Kingdom, O’ Larimar, for the borders have been settled and sealed. Some Kingdoms yet to be defined may overlap yours as your subordinate rulerships. But no new lands will ever be added to nor taken away from this current definition of the Kingdom of Larimar. And that you are to be its eternal ruler is now verified. As for your Queen, she shall be the mystical Blue Enchantress, to whom you are pledged to marry. She will be Queen Consort to you. And to her shall be given the temperate rainforest regions of the Pacific northwest, the lands of northern California, Oregon, and Washington. And this subkingdom shall be called the Forest Kingdom of Lothlorien, eternal possession of Queen Consort Hyacinth, wife of the Larimar King. Amen.

Eric shall marry Hyacinth, which is what his heart commands

Hyacinth shall be Eric’s Bride and bear him many children. Amen.

I am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I have decided to return to Hyacinth and to serve her needs, and if that means I marry her, so be it. For this is what my heart commands. But Eric, what about the command from God that you forsake Hyacinth and await the girl He has chosen for you, O’ foolish one who follows his heart? Mary, Mother of God, my heart commands me to return to Hyacinth. And so I shall. But what if this return is to the ruin of your soul, O’ Eric the fool? My soul will not be ruined if I put God first. But how can you be said to be putting God first if you disobey the Lord? Love supercedes obedience to the Lord. Love outweighs obedience to the Lord. It is better to break the letter of rules and laws to show mercy to your neighbor than it is to keep to the letter of the rules and laws and allow great harm to come to your neighbor that way.

Eric here is disobedient to God because he loves God more. Eric loves this child of God so much that he will break a direct order from God to see to her needs. Very well done, Lord Ironwort. You have earned to be called a new name, one that is based on your love for neighbor. You were given the name of Ironwort before because you stood for Me like iron. But this is no longer who you are. Instead, you love Me and you love My children such that you will bend the iron rule to save them and to preserve them and to bring them to Me. Therefore, I hereby give you this new name to be in added to your name of Ironwort. I hereby call you, Lord Charity. Lord, that is so general a name. Surely there are many others who would have the same name? But none of them have exercised the act of Charity quite to the lengths that you go to to serve My people. Therefore your name is now Lord Charity.

Lord, am I the only Lord Charity, or are there others by the same name. You, Eric, are the one I mean when I put the words together to say, “Lord Charity”. Now perhaps we should also give a name to your Blue Enchantress, the one you gave the name Hyacinth to, and to whom We shortened her name to Cassandra. Now we shall speak. Caesar Sandra Nikee shall now be called in My Kingdom by the name, “Heaven’s Diviner”, for she has divined many things from heaven, even the fact that she is to marry you. And let us now reveal the name that Our servant, Heaven’s Diviner, has given to her future husband: Heaven Sent, for it was from Us in Heaven who sent Lord Charity to her in marriage.

Hence, Eric and Sandra shall marry, and their marriage will take place in the first half of next year, 2020. Very well, O’ Lord, I agree to this plan. I will marry Sandra next year in June of 2020, exactly as you have prophesied. And it will require six months advance notice to the Catholic Church to get this marriage date. Go for it, O’ Lord Charity. All of heaven is with you.

And now we shall proceed to talk of your situation in your home. Do not mind the abuse you receive from your mother and your brothers. I will take care of their eternally resolved fates I have for them in the next world very soon. Your purpose is to follow Me and to do exactly as I command you to. And remember My Words to you in the Holy Scriptures: Vengeance belongs to God, not to any man on the earth. Therefore, you forgive, and let Me, the Lord, avenge. But let it be now known for all to have understanding. Eric’s family are all outside My Kingdom. Eric alone among them belongs to Me. But what have I said about the wicked and the good? The good shall endure forever like a tree planted near running water, but the wicked are like chaff that the wind drives away. Eric is spiritually the sole survivor of his family, and this reality will soon be manifested on this earth as well. Amen.

Eric, you are doing a good deed here. Do not reconsider your decision to help Sandra. Go for it. And show her the charity of your heart of gold. Now, Lord, if we marry, and I think we shall, what happens to our virginity, O’ Lord? And what happens to the edicts You said in the previous post? Oracle of the Lord: I, the Lord Jesus Christ God Almighty, declare this: By the crushed bones of your brother that he will receive in his auto accident, which I, the Lord, will cause to happen, I hereby swear unto you, O’ Lord Ironwort Charity, if you are not with your future wife by week’s end, all this that you see now in your neighborhood and throughout the whole lands of your Kingdom will be flattened, like forests of trees flattened by a powerful blast of a meteorite exploding in space over the earth. Amen.

Furthermore, if My edict is to be the law, I will have you and Sandra remain in your current states of virginity. The marriage you are to enter into with her is the celibate marriage mentioned in the previous post. But Lord, Sandra is White. Whatever her race, you shall contract marriage to her, but never touch her. So her race, therefore, is irrelevant. Neither of you shall have physical offspring, but only spiritual ones. And it will be truly said of you, that the spiritual offspring of Sandra and Eric will outnumber those called descendants of Abraham according to the flesh.

Now go, Eric, physical descendants and race matter not to Me. I look at each individual’s soul. Your soul is good. And so is Sandra’s. And thus you will be joined, but never shall you touch, except the touch of hands and the peck on the cheek.

And if Sandra cannot accept this situation, and you wish to keep to My edict, I will give you to someone else who will. Now ask about Trump, the USA, Putin, Russia, the Brexit, Pope Francis, and the pope to come, Eric. Yes, O’ Lord, do tell me about such things. I will now speak.

I promise that Trump will nominate and appoint one more Supreme Court Justice before the November elections of next year. The wicked Ginsburg will die and face Me, her Lord in My blazing wrath. And I AM going to have her pounded, whipped, and beaten for all eternity in the lake of fire forever. And then Trump will be made free to elect a new Supreme Court Justice, and you, Eric, will pray again on earth to ensure that he is confirmed.

Will Trump go all the way to the November elections, O’ Lord? Yes, and there shall be riots in the street as he is reelected for another four years. This will be made possible by having Elizabeth Warren as the one on the Democratic ticket who runs against Trump.

In the next term, Trump will acquire Greenland for the United States in similar means to Putin’s takeover of Crimea, but without any wars involved or military invasions. And the people of Greenland will choose to become a state. For Greenland is already semi independent from Denmark, and Trump does not need to pay anything to Denmark, but merely needs to appeal to the people of Greenland for them to vote by referendum to join the USA. The Democrats will agree to approve of this statehood, so long as Puerto Rico also is admitted to the Union. And Trump will agree to this, and hence, become the first President since Dwight D. Eisenhower to add two states to the United States of America during his term.

England, on the other hand, will exit the European Union and enter a trade bloc with the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. In the process of this exit, the United Kingdom shall be broken up into its constituent parts. England shall leave, but Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will seek to enter a bridge trade relationship with Europe that bridges between England joined to America and the future European Union bloc. Hence, much hassle and negotiations will need to be done, and many will be the negotiations and battles as each state seeks to have the best deal for themselves.

And the final outcome will be a land resembling what was described in earlier posts as the Larimar Kingdom, which is in reality a spiritual dimension to the political realities on the land. Eric’s status as Larimar King is purely spiritual. Eric’s possession of the land is similar to that of the possession of the Levant promised to Abraham and his descendants through Israel.

Now, as for Russia and Putin, one day you will wake up and find all over the news the death of Vladimir Putin. This is coming soon. And at the same time, the pope with all his bishops will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the sacred heart of Jesus. Pope Francis won’t do this. But his successor will. And he will be Cardinal Burke. And he will be elected after the great thinning of the peoples that I will carry out as commanded by the Larimar King. Cardinal Burke will take the papal name of Benedict in honor of the pope who made him a Cardinal. Hence, he will be called Pope Benedict XVII.

Now, send this post to Sandra. You will indeed give to her as she needs, but marriage to her will only be allowed if Sandra agrees to a celibate marriage with you. Otherwise, I will give you to someone else. And what do you say, O’ Lord? She will choose to be with you forever, Eric. But her desire for you may be her undoing. For only one who has mastered her body and bodily desires shall be wed to My son Eric.

But one thing I will say of Sandra. She has never given up in her quest to marry the Larimar King. And her determination to marry him no matter the price, will lead her to choose the celibate route with him.

But what of her dream of being pregnant with my son, O’ Lord? I will allow you and her to have a sexual marriage together providing that you look at no other girl, as you have now mastered your eyes. From now on, as you have now triumphed, look at no other girl and you shall have Sandra in the flesh of the marital embrace. And many will be the children you bring into this world. And unlike your brethren and mother, these children will have living souls and they will be saved like you. For through you I do now break the generational curses of your family. Amen.

And one thing I shall add to this statement. Eric, I will take away from your life everyone who has objected or will object to your marriage to this girl. And she will indeed fulfill her dream that I have given her and have the sons by you that I have told her she shall have. Amen.

Mary, Protectress and Commandress of Eric, the Larimar King

Mary is hereby made Commandress, Protectress, and Owner of the Larimar King.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do now give My eternal edicts regarding Eric and what I have allowed for him to do. For Eric has made himself My servant. And he has decided ultimately to do My will as My servant, rather than as servant to himself. Oracle of the Lord!

  1. Edict Number 1: Eric may never cross the boundary between the celibate, virgin path to My Kingdom and the path of the marital embrace.
  2. Edict Number 2: Eric, in obeying My mother or in following any command from Me, may not enter into any relationship that leads to carnal sin.
  3. Edict Number 3: Eric is made a servant to My Immaculate Mother, Mary, the Mother of God. Eric is to obey Mary in all things, but no command may be made to Eric where any of these edicts from Me are violated. I Am Who Am.

Now, I give time to Mary to speak. And she will give to Eric his first commands he is to receive as her eternal servant.

Congratulations, Eric, for entering the service of Her Majesty, the Queen of Heaven. No one may ever touch the Queen. But the Queen has the right to touch those whom her Divine Son has given her. And that is how she touched your head with her foot, humbling you before all of heaven, in early December, 1996. And by that touch two things were accomplished: Satan was driven out of you due to his indomitable pride, and you, Eric, were cleansed from the head down of all sin and transgression. Mary, you were not permitted to see, except as through a glass darkly. But because of your faithfulness and devotion, the following month you were awarded a dream of Jesus that you remembered in full vivid detail. And so now you know what Jesus looks like. You could paint a picture of His likeness, if you wished to, Eric. And do you allow me to, O’ Mary? In your service to me, the Holy Queen, I will have you in the business of saving a very specific soul.

And what soul is this? Is it Sandra’s soul? Or is it truly the command from Jesus that I forsake her? Forsake Sandra, for I will lead you on a different path away from her. Her path leads to marriage and carnal passions. And that path is forbidden to you. I, your Holy Mother, am forbidden by Jesus from even guiding you to be near such a woman. But a woman I am guided to give to you.

Eric, tell me the answer to this question: Can an old woman be a good woman for a man of similar age? An old woman with a good heart is a good woman. And such a woman would be good for the man she is wedded to, even if this couple are too old for having children. Eric, you have answered perfectly. In a celibate marriage will you be joined to a woman I have elected to be trained by you in the things you have been trained in by God. Though marriage will be your relationship to this woman, touch her you shall never. As is regarded the Ark of the Covenant, so also shall be regarded this woman in your presence. Train her you shall so that she may know how she is to follow me and my Divine Son, Jesus. All that was given by God to you, you shall give to this girl in a way she can understand. And this girl, in turn, shall found a school for witches and prophetesses to be taught the teachings of the Witch King child.

And only woman and girls will be admitted to this school. I accept your orders, O’ Mary Mother of God. And so, this girl is to be my one disciple, and I am to have no other? For it is she, not I, who am to teach the Way I have mastered to the multitudes, O Mary, Mother of God? You I do not permit to teach the women, for you would be tempted to sin. Furthermore, you are my servant and my possession, and My gender alone will possess your knowledge among Mankind on the earth. You, hence, are the only male that shall ever have been or that shall ever again be permitted to speak directly to God while clothed in mortality on this earth.

I know I am granted to speak to God similar to that of Saint Catherine of Siena. No, Eric. You are granted greater access, much greater access to God than any woman could ever be granted. And this access to God was granted to you by My claim of ownership of you. No other man will ever walk through the doors you have while in this life on earth. But what of Moses and Elijah? Did not they speak with God, as it is written of them? Indeed, Eric, the closest access to God as you have been granted that was recorded in the Holy Scriptures was when Peter, James, and John witnessed Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus on the mountain in that event known as the Transfiguration. But nowhere in their life on earth did either of them approach my Divine Son to speak with Him as you have. You know the movie actor and his smile that is the image of my Divine Son and His smile. I will have you reveal this knowledge now, in this post, so that everyone knows who my Son looks like. Do so now. For you are a prophet not permitted to keep secrets from the people anymore.

The one actor who was the image of Jesus in his smile was Brendan Fraser when he played the comedy Tarzan like character of George in the movie, George of the Jungle. It was his smile in that movie that was the image of the smile I saw and which I still see in my vivid memory of Jesus in the dream He came to me in early January, 1997. Note that Jesus did not tell me Who He was in my dream. My own mouth testified in that dream that it was He by my calling Him that three times, reinstating my faith in Him that had been damaged by my blasphemies against both Him and Mary for one week in late December, 1996. The root of those blasphemies was the deception by Satan that the Biblical Mary and Jesus were imposters to the real and true Mary and Jesus. But this deception lasted for only one week, and constituted the fourth and final nervous breakdown of my life, which I at first called the Falsifier Breakdown, but which an angel of God commanded me to rename as the FaithFinder Breakdown.

Good, Eric. And now reveal that other actor and past TV series you used to watch long ago that had a character in it who resembled my Son, Jesus, as you saw Him in your dream. For God has made a fourth edict:

4. Edict Number 4: Eric, My prophet, shall keep nothing secret from the people.

That only other actor who reminded me of the image of Jesus in my vivid dream was Kevin Sorbo as he played the character of Hercules in the TV series, Hercules, the Legendary Journeys. I know that these two movie characters are not holy, nor were their movies of the height of dignity that is demanded by an image of Jesus, but they were nevertheless the only images I saw in cinema or television that ever reminded me of the image of Jesus I saw in My dream. Furthermore, I will reveal that Jesus in My dream was a man of golden blonde hair. And he had no beard or mustache. It may also be of significance to know that at the time of the dream, I too had no beard or mustache. I had shaven it off some time earlier. But We know from the Shroud of Turin that indeed when Jesus died, he had a beard and mustache. Let it also be known that the Shroud of Turin is that third image, however vague, that I have seen that resembles Jesus as I saw Him in my dream. Jesus resembled the man whose image is in that shroud, but I observed no wounds on Him, because I was not looking for them, and he was clean shaven of any beard and mustache, on his head was long blonde hair going down his back.

Is there anything else regarding that image of Jesus in my dream in early January, 1997, that you will me to reveal, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Only this, O’ Eric, my servant. You have revealed our conversation of the month before, and all the words spoken. Now do the same regarding this dream of Jesus. After you have done so, I will give to you my commands of what you are to do going forward from here.

OK, my Holy Mother Mary, I shall now recount the full dream. As I remember, I found myself in a party situation in my bedroom. And many people were there conversing. And my eyes fell upon a Black girl, an African Negress in race, who was sitting next to me, rejoicing in the Lord. And I was looking at her intently, seeing that this was indeed a Black African who was indeed saved and blessed by God. And as I was studying her facial features, I felt that I was being watched, and I looked, and there on the bed across from mine was a man sitting there, with long blonde hair, but no indication that He was Jesus. And yet, my eyes locked onto Him, for deep in my soul something in me knew I was looking at Jesus.

And then Jesus began to give me advice. And only two things do I remember of that advice: He said, “Seek to make contact with the one who is appointed to you to find out what you are to do.” And after that He said, “And turn this on,” referring to my radio there. And he turned it on, but only static was heard. In all this advice, I said nothing, but only listened to Him speak. And then Jesus got up and ushered everyone out of the room. And then I saw him standing outside my door looking up to heaven in deep sadness, as he was about to leave me. But then I sprang up from my bed and called out to Him, shouting, “Jesus!”. And He looked back at me. And then I said, “Come pray with me.” And then the miracle happened. Jesus came back, and he looked down as he walked back to me, but he had that smile that was vividly and eternally etched into my memory.

And so, we both sat down on opposite beds and I said, “Hold hands,” following the custom of the young Christians I associated with back then of holding hands while praying together. And we held hands as I led in speaking the prayers. And I noticed that His hands were bigger than mine. And I am a man with big hands. And rambled about in prayer, not quite knowing what to say, but I did mention Mary Magdalene in the prayers, for she had been the one person in heaven that I did not blaspheme in my week of blasphemy the previous month, during my FaithFinder Breakdown. And Mary Magdalene was not blasphemed because I knew she was true because it was her voice that I heard speak to me while I was crying at dawn at the end of the June 1-2 Martyrdom breakdown in a deserted parking lot. I had stayed there the whole night in obedience to God. And the vivid voice of Mary Magdalene saying to me, “Eric, come to me,” put an end to all doubt in God and heaven for the rest of my life. The only questions that had to be resolved from that point onward were those of the identities of Jesus and Mary. And it was the visitation of Mary to me, followed by the FaithFinder Breakdown, followed by the dream of Jesus, that put an end to all such questions and doubts. Before this dream, I was with Jesus again, but was fearful that I could be left behind in the Rapture and might not be saved, due to my time of blasphemy. For I was a believer in Protestant theology, not yet a Catholic.

Anyways, after rambling about Mary Magdalene in my prayers with Jesus, I saw a door some ways away in the room open and a man resembling my father enter in. And I shouted out, “No!”. And with that, Jesus flew into the air, but His hands remained in mine. And then I said in a loud voice in my dream, “This is Jesus. This is Jesus.” And so I had called him Jesus three times in my dream, just like Peter had reaffirmed his love for Jesus three times to be restored to grace with Him. And then I saw myself floating back to my body, and I was back on my bed, waking up flat on my back with my body aligned straight with my head to the north and my hands folded across my chest. And I could still feel Jesus’ hands in my hands and I saw a vision of Jesus floating above me, his hands still in mine and He was smiling a smile I will never forget. Amen.

Well done, my son, Eric. Now I will tell you your commands, what you are to do. Eric, the part I enjoyed the most in your recount of your dream with Jesus was your eyes falling upon the Black girl, and you there realizing that this was a Black person who was saved by Jesus. Therefore, it should not be alien to you to know that to a Black girl you are to reveal all these secrets to. You have talked with Black women before, even happily married Black women. So you know that you can get along with such a one. Well, the woman who we will assign to be your celibate wife shall be such a Black woman. Oracle of the Lord!

Mary, you know I will accept and abide by you every order. And I have nothing against mixed marriages, providing that both parties remain faithful. And I know mixed marriages can and do work. The mixed marriage that stands out most to me in recent movies was that between the Genie and the servant girl of Princess Jasmine in the new real live actor Disney remake of the animated classic, Aladdin. Some people objected to a Black actor being chosen for the Genie character, but with such people I must disagree entirely. The Black actor chosen for playing that Genie character was perfect for the Genie character he played. And the chemistry between him and the actress chosen for the White servant girl he married was also perfect in my opinion. Aladdin could not have been made a better movie by having an all White cast. It would have been different, but not better. And the way in which that actor played his character, I did not see him as first Black, but rather, as first the Genie. That movie was a movie in which the mixed marriage that the supporting actress and supporting actor played in made it a golden movie to watch, and one of those rare classics that you want to go to and see over and over again. Another thing that delighted me about the live actor movie remake of Aladdin was the decision to not have the women showing the flesh of their midsections, keeping the movie clean and ensuring it of becoming the classic that it shall forevermore be. It is better than the animated classic by far.

Very well, Eric. Then you will not object to marriage to this Black woman who shall be made your apprentice. But, Mary, what of the many objections Black women have against being seen with a White man if it produces the image of White Master with Black slave woman? For if she is my Apprentice and I am her teacher in this celibate marriage, how does she deal with the issue of being seen as Black slave woman to a White Master? You, Eric, have made an excellent point. No woman wishes to be seen as a slave to her husband, least of all, a Black woman to her White husband. So, what shall we do to rectify this situation and prevent it from happening, O’ Eric?

You can have in it the image of me serving her, just as Jesus is the servant to His flock. Excellent idea, O’ Eric. And so shall it be. I shall have it so that you are seen as serving the one I assign to be your Apprentice. And Mary, you know that I can never cross that boundary between the path of celibate virginity and that of the marital embrace. Hence, no child can ever come from this marriage. Is this as you, my Mother Mary, see the edicts coming from the Lord? Your flesh is sacred, O’ Lord Ironwort. And so also is the flesh of this woman I am giving to you. Now, answer me this question, O’ Ironwort. What do you know via Catholicism about my marriage relationship with Joseph? Did we ever have children together? Or was my Divine Son Jesus our only child, One who had me as His only human parent. It is as Catholicism has authoritatively defined it, O’ Most Excellent of all Mothers. Joseph and Mary never entered the marital embrace, and never had children together, for Mary’s body was the Ark of the Divine Word.

Eric, and so also shall it be the case for your wife. To you has been given by Christ the Divine Word. And you shall teach this Divine Word to your future wife, your Apprentice, who shall then become the Ark of the Divine Word. And when she has mastered everything I will for you to teach her, you shall be removed from the earth, very similar to how Elijah was removed. And then your Apprentice shall be declared a Master, and she will teach the many and pass on the Divine Word alive in her to women only. And to women shall belong these secrets all the Way to the End of Time. Amen.

And what does this make you, O’ Eric? I am an inspired scribe of the Divine Word, O’ Mary? Indeed, you are a possessor of the deep secrets of God. And you are commanded to reveal them to all, but the secret power of your reign, and its secrets by which you prevailed in that path, you will reveal to your wife and to her alone. That secret knowledge I allow to be only taught to women. I, the Virgin Mary, have this decreed. Amen.

Very well then, O’ Blessed Mother Mary, I accept all these things. Now, what do you command me to do? When do all these things take place? And will you reveal the future of things to be, such as with President Trump, the USA, President Putin, Russia, and about the Brexit, and about Pope Francis, and of a future pope to come? And will you reveal anything about the Larimar Kingdom and the Truth about that narrative and that of any other rulers who may be ruling similar or overlapping dominions, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Tolerate for now the intrusions of your brother David. He will face the Wrath of his Lord very soon. Do not be a part of that Divine Judgement and its horrors. Trump’s Presidency is to end soon. And you will see him carried out of the White House in a golden coffin. He will refuse to leave as Nixon did, and thus shall end his Presidency as Kennedy did. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Russia shall be converted to the religion of my Divine Son. They were unworthy to convert during the Reign of Emerald, but now, one generation later, they will be converted during the Reign of Larimar. Amen.

Vladimir Putin, strongman of Russia, will burn like a blazing torch, a tree on fire, as he dies and is crumpled back to the dust from which he was formed. This death takes place at your rising to power, O’ Eric. And in what manner is your power to be? As you converted to Christianity the moment your reign took over Israel as you set to power Yitzhak Rabin, so also shall Putin die the moment the pope, together with all his bishops, consecrates Russia to my Immaculate heart. I, the Holy Virgin, this decree. And this will be the sign of your ascendancy to power. And you shall reign as Lord Ironwort forever. And as Larimar King you shall be made known.

But the pope to do this will not be the current one, but his successor. The next pope shall consecrate Russia to my Immaculate heart. And he will be a Cardinal not made a Cardinal by Pope Francis, but by his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. And the Cardinal I have selected to serve next as Pope is American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of Benedict in honor of the pope who made him Cardinal. Hence, he shall be Pope Benedict XVII, the holy pope who is to reign at the same time as my holy Monarch, in fulfillment of the many Catholic prophecies of a future holy pope and gaulish King. And gaulish here is meant to be taken as a word meaning Celtic, as it originally meant in the original prophecies in the pure form from the Mouth of God. Eric is this Celtic King. And he reigns spiritually over all these many lands.

But understand that Eric is not the eternal owner of the many lands over which he shall rule, but only over those lands of the North American continent, which form the eternal dominion of Larimar, in essentially the same way that God revealed to Abraham that the lands from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates are the eternal dominion of his countless descendants through Israel.

Now, Eric has no descendants. And he never shall have any. Instead, he will leave spiritual descendants through the passage of the Divine Word he acquired to his wife and from her down to many through all generations to come. Eric is the head of this Larimar Dynasty. And all his successors shall be female and of his descent by spiritual means only. Now you know many things, O’ Eric my servant. And now you know the true nature of the Larimar Reign and the Larimar Kingdom. And it will be said of Eric that his spiritual descendants shall outnumber those regarded as Abraham’s descendants by the flesh.

And now I shall prophesy concerning Brexit. England, like North America, is a possession of Eric’s. And it shall come to pass that England will leave the camp of Europe to be joined to that of North America. Will England become a state in the United States of America, as Trump has proposed for Greenland, O’ Mary? No, but she will be joined to the trade bloc association that is to be reformed from the restructured NAFTA bloc to be as close to the USA as a trade partner as Canada is now. And this is to signify Eric’s eternal dominion over England as well as North America and Greenland. Amen. In a later post, I will detail the entire eternal dominion of the Larimar King, and then mention other Kings and their eternal dominions. For we are in that age where eternal dominions of eternal kings are defined. Amen.

And what of Eric’s curse that he issued today, that all those who destroy the House of God, all who ruin it as a place for prayer, that these be culled, killed off, wiped out, and put to the sword without mercy and without sparing them, throughout all his dominion of North America and throughout the whole world, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Eric has issued an edict. My Father in heaven shall carry it out in His wrath. For it was by Eric and Eric alone that He withheld his wrathful hand of justice from striking America in holy fury in 2017. Now that Eric is having difficulty in finding a place of quiet to pray in, My Father in heaven will indeed strike the peoples of this earth to remedy the situation. And many, I tell you, shall be put to the sword to satisfy God’s wrath.

And let these words of Eric be the final thing to be noted in these prophecies: It is better for there to be the stench of human flesh rotting in the streets than it is for the silence of my Father’s House of prayer to be disturbed. Amen.

Celibacy or Marriage, Lord Ironwort Chooses

That Eric will marry Hyacinth is the final resolved decision of this post.

Behold, I shall ask God a few questions, and then I will decide on whether I will choose to remain a virgin and walk the celibate path, or to marry and lose my virginity in that path. So, let us begin.

Lord, if it were from You the path to marriage, what would be the character of the path to that vocation, for that particular individual whom You willed to marry. Lord Ironwort, if I were to will one to marry, I would provide a suitable maiden whose presence led to good things, not bad things.

Lord, such is not in my experiences in that path. Am I led then to believe that it is not and never was your will that I enter that path? Some may argue that one should play another round of poker and see if you get dealt a better hand. Others will argue that the odds are against you coming out ahead, and that you should quit while you are not destroyed. Have I accurately characterized the situation, O’ Lord? Or do I mischaracterize the situation?

Or to put it another way, my experiences on this path seem to be lost in nettles and thorns. I never see any good thing come from following this path, that is, the path towards romance and marriage. Since the Lord teaches life lessons through experience, what life lessons are You teaching me, O’ Lord? It seems that you are teaching me that of the two paths, the path towards marriage and sex leads to destruction, while the path away from marriage and sex leads to peace and freedom from such bonds of slavery. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The let us consider the Council of Trent, which authoritatively answers this question in God’s name by stating, Whoever does not accept the celibate and virgin path to be better and holier than the path of the marital embrace, then let him be anathema, which means cut off from God and His people. Lord, the Council of Trent speaks with higher authority than any private revelation can. Hence, I do not need You to answer this question. Instead, I will let the Council of Trent answer for You, O’ Mighty and Powerful God.

So hear me, O’ People of Israel and America and the whole world, I hereby renounce marriage and all possibility of it for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And I turn now, following the God Who speaks through the Council of Trent, on that holier and better path of perpetual virginity and celibacy.

Lord, You have not yet spoken in this post, but You know what? Any voice that contradicts the Council of Trent I will regard as Satan’s and only the voices that agree with the Council of Trent will I allow the possibility of being from God. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord and Master?

As a consequence, You know I cannot marry Hyacinth or any other girl. Now, what saith Thou? Therefore, O’ Lord, all those Dukedoms and Duchies, Baronies, Barons, and Baronesses, that must all now be rewritten to correct all the past insertions from Satan. I await Your Word, O’ Lord. But if You shall not speak, I will now utter My decrees.

Nothing that was spoken previously in this website are you to regard as coming from God unless God now speaks and reaffirms it. I, Eric, have spoken. Now, You may speak, O’ Lord. Affirm what was from You written here previously. Do not affirm what You never said. I am waiting, O’ Lord. For You did tell me to say it here and get my answers from You here. And so I have now come. And should you affirm nothing, then nothing written previously here is from God.

Eric, I shall now speak through you, My dear prophet. You have traveled the path of a lone wolf, and you have never known the warmth of other human contact. How, then, could you come to understand the ways of romance? Nor will I push such things upon you. Instead, your path is to be My lone prophet, one who shall neither marry nor ever have sex. It is a path both chosen by you and chosen for you from above. For you, Eric, are to become as a star in the firmament. And you will lead the many to walk that path that you have now found. You are quite correct. What you are hearing from Me right now is what the Catholic Church defines as private revelation. And the dogmatic definitions coming from the Catholic Councils have higher authority. But now I shall speak.

As you have wished it, I am taking away Sandra from your life. She is to be brought to a different path. For you are now too holy for her. And her affect in your life is to lead to unholiness. That is why We must remove her at once. So, you know that she will be departing from your life very soon.

And now We, the living Lord and all His hosts of angels shall confirm or deny everything currently written in So, let us begin. First, let us consider who you are. And let us consider how you relate to the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

First, let us confirm the validity of the visitation you received from Mary along with the angel at her side in early December, 1996. This was followed by the FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996. And this in turn was followed by the Dream of Jesus in early January, 1997. You don’t have the exact dates, as you never recorded them down. That FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996, was in fact the fourth and final nervous breakdown of your life. Let it also be stated for the record, for anyone reading and wondering, that Eric is diagnosed as manic depressive, which is another name for having bi-polar disorder. This condition is now well treated, and, given that the treatment does not come to an end, there will never be any further relapses.

From the above paragraph, it should be plainly seen why it is not advisable that Eric seek the priesthood, and also it is not advisable that Eric pursue any path of romance. It is not that romance is bad, but that the stresses of the romantic life could push Eric back into a mental unstable state. That is why it is best that you remain as you are, Eric, celibate and virgin. And there is a reward for that. But that reward becomes diminished if you place yourself above your married neighbors by the fact that you are celibate and virgin. For I tell you truthfully, there are married couples who rank ahead of you in the scales of glory. But if you humble yourself and do right, I will reward you excellently when you come before me to be judged at the end of your life. I also am made happy that you have never taken advantage of any girl in your life. But let this be a warning to anyone, whether a girl or a homosexual man, do not make an advance on My servant Eric. Eric will reject you, and if you do not accept that rejection, I will destroy you. Amen.

Now, let us go through this one more time. Since the visitation of Mary was true, so also was the angel’s response to your question to him also true. You asked, “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then in the silence that followed, you said, “I must know.” To this, the angel replied, “You are, but do not tell anyone.” Now, starting with the many revelations you began receiving on July 22, 2017, followed by the next day that you called the Age of Mary begun, you have been revealing everything about yourself. Did We in heaven command this, or did you receive this command from Satan? Lord, I know that definitely some of the things I have received were from Satan, and others from God. Please distinguish these things for me, O’ Lord.

I will now distinguish them. But first, let us address the meaning of the angel’s reply to you: “You are [the First Rider of the Apocalypse], but do not tell anyone.” Eric, you know you are not the only one. You now know full well that you are one of many. Many preceded you, and there are those who have followed you. It was, therefore, presumption, to state that you were the only one, or that you were the “par excellence” one or the “quintessential” one. But it is true that you fulfill that prophecy. But it is also true that many others have as well. You were told not to tell anyone for your own protection. So, was it from us or from Satan that you are now ordered to reveal all? If it was not from us, we would not be speaking through you here. So, relax, Eric. You have obeyed us.

Also, come to understand this dark phenomenon. There are in fact two Virgin Marys. One is the true one, who speaks seldom. The other is a false multitude of ones that speak voraciously. Our Lady of Lourdes was the true one, and she only said a few key things. Our Lady of Medjugorje, is a false one, and she keeps on speaking utter nonsense and worthless words. Well, in your own spiritual life, there were a few key Lourdes true Mary appearances, and many Medjugorje anti-Marys. Many of the deleted posts of were written by these anti-Marys speaking through you.

And so, let us examine the mandate from Mary. It was said that you received on Sunday, July 23, 2017, the mandate from Mary that you were to receive a girl you were to take as your apprentice and teach everything to her. And later revelations said you were to marry her and have children by her. I tell you Truthfully, the mandate from Mary is from Us in heaven. But the later revelations of marriage, sex, and future children were from the evil one.

Now, if this mandate is from heaven, who then is this girl you are to teach? Is she someone yet to come, or is she someone who has already come, back then, near the time that the mandate was first given? Look, you recorded down the date of the first time you met Sandra, whom you call Hyacinth. And that date is Saturday, October 7, 2017, which is the seventy-seventh (77th) day in the Age of Mary, which is what you called that period that began when Mary gave you the mandate, and you became a recipient of a deluge of prophecies. Therefore, if there is a girl to fulfill this prophecy, could Sandra be it?

Since Sandra has stated that she wills to remain celibate and virgin if you will to remain that, then you must take it as her testimony that she is this holy apprentice that you were to receive. Therefore, remain with Hyacinth, and accept her. Even if you wish to remain celibate, keep her as your Apprentice, for that is how you shall please God the most. And nothing you do for her is a waste. Note also how only this girl and no other have you ever directly helped online. So stay with her, for she is your apprentice. But you are also right about the celibate route being higher than the married route. Therefore, remain in the celibate route with this girl. She will follow you everywhere, whether it is in celibacy or in marriage.

And should we marry, what would happen then, O’ Lord? If you and her went the married route, you would marry very soon after being brought together. For you will be given the means to do this and accomplish it. Very well, then, O’ Lord, I accept Hyacinth as the one I shall marry.

Good, Eric. It is then sealed. You and Hyacinth shall indeed marry. And I will now tell you when and where. In first half of next year, 2020, you shall enter into formal marriage in the Catholic Church with Caesar Sandra Nikee, the girl you call Hyacinth. And this is now made possible by the path you led her to enter My Catholic Church into full communion with the pope in Rome. And now she goes to Church every day, in addition to working her job. Indeed, she chose the place she lives in to be situated between the Catholic Church and her place of work so as to remove any need to travel by expensive taxi.

And the place you shall marry shall be in your own parish Catholic Church. For I do not recommend spending unnecessary effort into exotic or extravagant weddings. Now, will we honeymoon anywhere, O’ Lord? You will do many things together. The important thing is to plan these things together, not on your own. For these things need to be decided by like thinking minds. But I offer these suggestions: You could visit New Zealand for your honeymoon. You will have the necessary funds for it. And that is a place you have not yet been to. You have been to Australia, Hawaii, Baja California of Mexico, Canada, Ireland, England, and all around the United States. Why not go to somewhere where you have not been to? I will make the vacation successful.

Now, as for the Kingdoms, Dukedoms, Archdukedoms, and Baronies, I will say this. Whenever you seek Truth in spiritual matters, seek those things that remain and persist, for there is Truth to them. And those things that constantly change are imaginary. That you are some sort of spiritual authority over North America, particularly the USA and Canada, is persistent. The exact borders of those lands are constantly changing, indicating imagination. Hence, let us fill in the details. You, Eric, are a sort of demigod type of authority over the general region of North America. That is your dominion on this earth. But all the politics and shuffling of borders and lands is pure fiction. There is no, you owning this land or you receiving that land. That is all myth. The essence of the reality is that you rule North America in the spiritual sense. And another reality is that there are also other rulers ruling both other realms, some outside yours, others overlapping, and still others within yours. And the nature of these rulers regards the spiritual realm, not the political realm. Hence, it was pure fantasy that you determine the official languages of your kingdoms.

Also, there is a form of prophecy playing out in your narratives. You keep on having it so that you acquire England, somehow, someway. And what is the prophecy in this, you ask? It has to do with your future emigration there. But do not be concerned about it right now. Consider it like the emigration Tobias made with his wife Sarah from Nineveh to Media in the Book of Tobit. You need either a Catholic Bible or a Bible with the Apocrypha to read this special book. You and Sandra will make this journey together to flee the wrath of God before it descends upon North America to destroy it. You will escape that destruction and be safe in England until We take you to heaven. Amen. But this flight is some years away. Nevertheless, when it comes, it will come rapidly. Amen.

Now, ask one question, O’ Eric. and I will answer it for this post. Am I depicted anywhere in the new Star Wars movies coming out? Or am I no longer a visible figure depicted in such works? Star Wars of today is not the Star Wars you grew up knowing. All the characters are different. And it is no longer a classic. Not only that, but all the main characters are now killed off, as of the ninth movie. Amen. It has become a failed branch, like Star Trek. Nor were you ever really in any of these movies you saw and watched. You are simply not as significant as you once thought of yourself to be. You are but a little man. Accept your littleness and your nothingness and then you will be raised by My will to be made into something. For only the humble rise to spiritual heights. The proud and haughty remain in their spiritual dungeons. Now I have concluded this talk. We have confirmed three things:

  1. You will marry Caesar Sandar Nikee, whom you call, Hyacinth.
  2. You have correctly obeyed Mary in taking Hyacinth as your Apprentice.
  3. You are a spiritual ruler of North America, but will flee to England later.

And as for your relationship with Mary, yes, she is your commandress and protectress. Both of those are the Truth. Now go, Eric, you must get ready for the Black Friday sales online. Amen.

The Lord speaks on Brexit and other issues

Lady Elizabeth is Ruler over England, Scotland, and Wales.

I Who Am Am pleased with My servant Lord Ironwort, to whom I have given the name, Belteshazzar. For he to Me is as the Prophet Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. Now, listen to Me! For I have important developments to discuss.

In the last post, you saw how many lands were consolidated under the dominions of five of the Rank of Archduke or Archduchess. These were:

  1. Archduke Larimar of North American Christendom
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. Archduke Mithril Silver of Wakanda African Christendom.

And you also saw how Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola chose to withdraw from Ester’s Latin American Archduchy and enter Larimar’s North American Archdukedom due partly due to French being an official language of Larimar’s realm, but not of Ester’s realm. Now, another land has elected to join Larimar’s Kingdom from another Archduchy.

And what land is that, O’ Lord? It is Lord Philip, Baron of the United Kingdom of England and Wales, who has seceded from Queen Elsa’s British Isles, leaving behind the Baronies of Scotland and Northern Ireland to become independent nations under Queen Elsa. Instead, Lord Philip has petitioned and been accepted to join King Larimar’s Archdukedom as the Duke of England and Wales. Hence, England and Wales now form a Dukedom under King Philip, Duke of England and Wales, and this Dukedom is a European possession of the Archdukedom of the Larimar Kingdom of North American Christendom. Hence, a new name is now given to this Kingdom. It shall now be called the Larimar Kingdom of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain.

Furthermore, Queen Elsa of the British Isles is now called Queen Elsa of Ireland and Scotland. But she nevertheless remains the Archduchess of European Christendom. Now, let us go through that list of Archdukes again:

  1. Archduke Larimar of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. Archduke Mithril Silver of Wakanda African Christendom.

And now let us now go through all the lands contained within the ArchDukedom of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Alaska
  4. Greenland
  5. Hawaii
  6. Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Guam
  8. Burmuda
  9. The Bahamas
  10. Turks and Caicos
  11. United Kingdom of Southern Great Britain
  12. Haiti
  13. The Dominican Republic
  14. Antigua and Barbuda
  15. St. Kitts and Nevis
  16. Dominica
  17. St Lucia
  18. St Vincent & Grenadines
  19. Grenada

And now someone asks, What about Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands? These are in the possession of Queen Isabella, who has elected to remain within the ArchDuchy of Queen Ester of Aztlan, ArchDuchess of Latin American Christendom. And as for the South Pacific possessions of the United States, these are in the eternal possession of Archduke Pounamu, Archduke of Pacific Oceanic Christendom. And so, is this it? Are the lands now settled into their eternal status, O’ Lord? Yes, as far as regards the Larimar Kingdom, these lands are now eternally yours, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall instruct you on how you shall rule them.

First, you must understand who has control over the Ring of Power. Is this Ring still in the hands of the Player Firefly, O’ Lord? Yes, and it is not leaving her hands anytime soon. But what about the impeachment proceedings in the United States against her primary Pawn, President Trump? For now a majority of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached. Do not be concerned about the polls. Concern yourself for how the Senate reacts to their own polls. Senators are very sensitive to polling in their districts. And if a certain number of swing states in the Senate say they want Trump out, then the votes in the Senate shall be there to impeach the President. And I tell you truthfully, Trump is a falling tree. And whoever he falls on is going to get crushed. And he will be falling on those who stood by him. Do not think, Republican senators, that you shall receive favors from Trump in return for your undying support of him. Trump considers you to be lesser servants. You are only doing what he expects of you. Therefore, no gratitude or thanks will be coming back your way. Gratitude and thanks, in Trump’s mind, belong to the big movers and shakers, such as Vladimir Putin, and the billionaires who can lend Trump some money. But you in the Senate, you are just little guys. It would be an act of lowering himself for Trump to throw a tidbit of a morsel from his plate to you dogs.

But I thought that now we are going to see the return to power of Eric, who in his previous incarnation reigned as Emerald King, and who now shall reign as Larimar King. When does this take place, O’ Lord? And when does Firefly give up the Ring to her successor, King Larimar? I will now tell you the exact date, O’ Belteshazzar. So hear Me and hear Me well! On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Monday, December 9, 2019, Firefly shall meet her Waterloo and be given her mortal blow. And from that date forward, Lord Ironwort shall be reigning in the United States of America and throughout the whole world. Amen.

That is great, O’ Lord! I can’t wait! And how shall this event be manifested in America? Will it result in the resignation or assassination of President Trump, O’ Lord? This is the sequence of events that shall unfold. Trump’s supporter, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, shall be found shot dead, either in the palace gardens or outside in the front streets of the Kremlin. And new elections shall then be called in Russia. This will begin the unraveling of Trump’s base, which was built on support from Russia. You see, Trump is a Russian agent. And without Putin, Trump serves no further purpose. The “Make America Great Again” slogan was all a lie and a deception. Instead, the goal was to gut America of its wealth, destroy her alliances, and to render her unfit to deal with Russian aggression in eastern Europe, where Russia wishes to consolidate her holdings of Crimea by completing a land bridge to it through more seizures of land from Ukraine. But Putin’s death puts a red mark on Trump. For Russian intelligence will decide it doesn’t want their mole in America blabbering. So they will elect to stage an assassination of Trump through an anonymous blonde woman, someone who was said to have been wronged by him in the past, and that will be the stated motive for the assassination. But the real reason will be for the Kremlin to clean up its mole operation. No use keeping a mole around beyond its window of usability. And this mole must be kept from blabbing.

And what of the Larimar King, O’ Lord? Will the Russians decide to do him in as well? No, because they believe that the Larimar King is either a foreign plant or a genuine prophet. Whatever the case, they wish to see his prophecies come to fruition or failure before they decide to do something about him. And what of the United States intelligence, O’ Lord? Will they decide to do something regarding the Larimar King? No, for they believe that the Larimar King is a harmless windbag, whose prophecies are of a religious nature and have no power over their arena. This is similar to how Pilate and King Herod of the times of Jesus had little regard for Jesus, but nevertheless considered him a harmless fool and were therefore willing to let him go.

And what about the Muslims, O’ Lord? For surely the Muslims may seek to take out the Larimar King? For hasn’t he insulted their Prophet? Search the words of the Larimar King for the word, “Muhammed”, and you will see that the Larimar King does not insult the prophets or leaders of other religions. For although Larimar declares Islam’s Prophet Muhammed as someone deceived by malevolent spirits, he does not speak of him in judgement, but rather in recognition of how easily every adult on the planet has at one time or another been deceived by such malevolent spirits. And the great variety of religious beliefs is the handiwork of an imaginative dark spiritual enemy, whose goal is not so much to damn all Mankind, but to mock them in the process. For Satan gets great satisfaction in his mockery of Mankind, getting them to make apes out of theirselves in all the religious practices he gets them to do that do nothing for their salvation.

So, will the Muslims seek to kill the Larimar King, O’ Lord? They are afraid of a power behind the Larimar King that is hidden and unseen. Therefore, no order shall come from them to kill the Larimar King. And what is this power behind the Larimar King that so terrifies Muslims. It is the sight of the Virgin Mary, whom the Muslims honor. For the Larimar King is her masterpiece, over whom she is protectress and commandress. And he is pledged to do whatever she commands of him.

That leaves it to the bishops and the priests. Will they move against the Larimar King, perhaps to seek to excommunicate him for some religious offense, O’ Lord? No, they have no grounds to do so, and no motive. For Eric has no disciples. He has no organization. He has no religious movement. If he is a prophet, he is a lone wolf of a prophet, and therefore, someone better left to himself, in their mind. Only if he were to gather a momentum in the Catholic Church would any bishop or priest take notice. But the Truth is, very few people actually know about the Larimar King. And hence, neither is the Church concerned about him. Instead, they get concerned with those who have significant numbers of followers. Amen.

So, at some point, O’ Lord, the Larimar King is to become known. Am I correct? Yes, but that is a distant future. Right now, you are in developmental phase. You are being trained for your role in the future. And what is my future, O’ Lord? Am I to marry? Or am I to remain celibate? Which is my fate, O’ Lord? Which do you prefer, O’ Larimar? Celibacy, O’ Lord Jesus, just like You. You, Prince Larimar, have brought music to My ears. Henceforth, let all the land now know, I declare Eric Robert Dunstan My Prince, the one to sit at My left hand. And who is it that is to sit at Your right, O’ Lord? The one to sit at My right is none other than John, My beloved Apostle. Hence, you, Eric, and My Apostle John, are declared as My two unkillable prophets. And neither of you may die by martyrdom. John is now with Me in heaven. His death marked the end of the Prophetic Age. And you, Prince Eric, shall remain on the earth until I come. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Therefore, what now becomes of Lady Hyacinth, who I have been helping due to my love for neighbor, O’ Lord? I shall now take her from the planet. She can no longer live here, for her purpose is complete. And what was that purpose, O’ Master? Lady Hyacinth’s purpose was to wean you away from any need for women. And she has now done that quite nicely. And now her usefulness is up. I will not have you give any further sustenance to her. And I will show her to you in a vision when we take her away to her reward in the next world. Note that you have done us a world of good. For her soul has been saved by your selfless love. And now We shall take her away from you. Hence, you are like Conan using the sword to cut the chains that bound him from his ankles. But what of the riddle of steel? The answer is not flesh, boy. It is Spirit. He who makes himself one with My Spirit is of super human strength. For what is the hand that wields the sword compared to the Spirit Who knows where to strike? Now this is what I shall command thee, O’ Servant of the Word! You are no longer under the power of any woman except for your eternal Commandress, the Virgin Mary, to whom you shall always obey. Now, listen to Me!

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, the Virgin Mary commanded you to take a certain woman as your Apprentice and to teach her everything. Do you remember anything by which she described this woman, O’ Eric? Her name was Elizabeth, and she was a resident of England. Correct, O’ King Larimar. But you are not in England. You are in America. Lord Jesus, if you wish to make a woman my Apprentice, should you not simply send her to me? Eric, it is Our orders from Jesus that you are to marry this Elizabeth and sire a son by her. I can do that, My Lord. I accept such a fate. Then We shall bring her to you. And you may not reject her when We do so. She will be a blonde girl of fair complexion, the very same one you saw in your vision that you mentioned in a recent post. You will take her and marry her on Saturday, August 15, 2020, the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I will comply with all that you command. And Lord, I have a question. Do I cease all sexual activity with this woman once this son is born, or do we continue our relations to have other children? For I have heard orders going in both directions. So, since you say I am to marry Elizabeth, what is your answer to this question, O’ Lord? Well is it indeed for you to seek clarification on this matter. For it is a serious matter indeed. We do not require your abstinence from sex after this son is born. But if you wish to abstain, you may not decide this on your own, but in consultation with your wife. Now, there are benefits from abstinence, and they are simply the spiritual heights that are closed to those involved with carnal passions. But for our married souls, We do not recommend a complete break from sexuality, but only periodic breaks, followed by a return to sexual relations, so that neither of you are tempted into any immorality while on your sojourn of abstinence from sex.

Lord, if I am to marry this Elizabeth, what happens to my sitting at your left hand? He who obeys Me never loses anything that he is promised. Remember that, O’ Larimar King. And now We must bring this post to a close. Are there any questions you wish to ask before this post is ended, O’ Lord Ironwort? Yes, is this Elizabeth a figure of nobility among these Baronies and Dukedoms and Duchies in Your Global Kingdom of the New Earth that you have been describing through me, and if so, tell me about her position and lands within these vast Kingdoms that you have described? Is she a vast land holder? Or is she a minor Lady or Baroness?

I, the Lord, shall now answer your question definitively. Lady Elizabeth of England is the Baroness of England, Scotland, and Wales. She hold baronies in both ArchDuchess Elsa’s Kingdom and in Duke Philip’s Dukedom, which is now a part of Larimar’s ArchDukedom. Hence, she is a ruler that possesses lands in two separate Kingdoms. But, Lord, this is only due to the Brexit, that mad rush of Duke Philip to leave Europe. Tell me, O’ Lord, her rank in comparison to that of Duke Philip. Is she above him or below him in rank? She ranks below both Duke Philip and Queen Elsa. But she is more powerful than both on the island of Great Britain, for she owns the whole island, whereas Duke Philip and Queen Elsa own just a part of it. Nevertheless, she is subject to both of them and under the rule of both. But this assignment of land is an eternal assignment. It cannot be taken away from her or them. Amen.

And what of Ireland? Or the Isle of Man? Or the Outer Hebrides? Or the Orkney Islands? Or the Shetland Islands? Or the Scilly Islands? Or the Channel Islands? Does this Elizabeth have possession of any of these as well, O’ Lord and Master? Only over the Isle of Man, and the islands within the control of Scotland and England and Wales does she possess. She does not possess Ireland or any Irish lands. Now I shall speak of where you shall meet your future bride, this Elizabeth. When you see the yellow tree of which I spoke to you earlier, then, at that hour, you shall encounter the one you are to marry. And you will recognize her from the vision We have given you. Now, go, Eric, and eat your breakfast. And the time has come to publish this post. Amen.

Eric will marry Hyacinth, I, the Lord decree

Behold, Hyacinth is your destiny, O’ Eric, servant of Mary and Jesus.

I Am the Living Lord, and what I decree shall take place. I do not will for My son, Eric, to become ordained a priest. Instead, he shall marry Hyacinth, the girl he first met on the Seventy-Seventh (77th) Day of the Age of Mary. He met her on Saturday, October 7, 2017. And the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, as the date Mary gave Eric her mandate that he take the girl he was to be given as his apprentice and teach her everything. Oracle of the Lord. And the title given to this man by My Blessed Holy Mother was that of the Witch King child, for she elected to save him when she observed him do an act of love as a child in Ireland in 1980 where he was during a summer vacation. It was because of that act of love, and by the many prior prayers of Eric, that God elected to spare his eye when he had Eric fall into a ditch on a farm in Ireland belonging to one of his mother’s relatives. Instead, Eric received the prominent scare in his right eyebrow, a sign signifying to all Spirits who see him that this one is marked as belonging to God and to the Virgin Holy Queen, Mary.

Now, I shall proceed to prophecy of the things to come. You have heard of the forty-two (42) Top Level Baronies defined earlier. Now, due to consolidation of many into Archdukedoms, that number has been reduced to there being just seventeen (17) Top Level units of Land under Top Level Commanders or Commandresses, called Barons, Baronesses, Dukes, Duchesses, ArchDukes, and ArchDuchesses. Now I shall speak.

You know how the Americas have been divided up among three Kingdoms: The Continental United States of America, Canada, Greenland, Burmuda, and the Lucayan Archipelago have gone to the Larimar King. Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean West Indies, and South America have gone to Queen Ester, with the exception of French Guiana of South America, and the French possessions of Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles. These French possessions are of the dominion of French Empress Isabelle. Also, the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the southern coast of Canada in the Northwestern Atlantic also remain in the hands of French Empress Isabelle, who in turn is subject to Queen Elsa, ArchDuchess of European Christendom. Hence, the lands in the Americas owned by Empress Isabelle are also under the dominion of the ArchDuchess Elsa of the European Christendom.

There is one other exception. Queen Choeblack, Baroness of Hispaniola and certain islands of the Lesser Antilles, has elected to belong to the Kingdom of Larimar, where both French and Spanish are official languages, along with English, rather than to remain in the Kingdom of ArchDuchess Ester, whose three main official languages are Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Hence, Hispaniola, and with it, the one area in the world where the semi-precious gemstone of larimar is naturally found, is now within the Archdukedom of King Larimar. Amen. Now, let us further define the islands of the Lesser Antilles that go with Queen Choeblack as part of her Barony into the Larimar Archdukedom. Let us now define to whom all the islands there belong.

The United States Virgin Islands are the possession of Queen Isabella of Puerto Rico. She has opted to remain in the ArchDuchy of Queen Ester, ArchDuchess of Latin American Christendom. The British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago are of the dominion of King Anglic, Baron of Guyana of South America, a part of the ArchDuchy of Queen Ester. King Puma, Baron of Suriname, possesses the Papiamento speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles, namely Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire, along with the Dutch owned or speaking islands Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, and he, too, belongs to the ArchDuchy of Ester. And as you know earlier, French Empress Isabelle owns Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, and Martinique, all of which are in the Lesser Antilles.

All the rest of the Lesser Antilles are the property of Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola, who gets all the these islands that were not claimed by the other Kings and Queens: Queen Isabella, King Anglic, King Puma, and Empress Isabelle. And which islands are these, you ask? Let us look. Hence, Queen Choeblack owns the island nations of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent & Grenadines, and Grenada. Hence, these six independent island nations of the Lesser Antilles are under the dominion of Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola. And the languages spoken in them include various English, French Patios, Spanish, and various creoles. Hence, linguistically, they intermesh with the rest of Queen Choeblack’s Kingdom of Hispaniola, now all a subkingdom of Larimar’s Kingdom of North American Christendom. Note of Queen Choeblack’s name, choeblack is a word from the Haitian Creole language that is another name for the Hibiscus flower, the state flower of Haiti. Its roots come from a past practice in Haiti of using Hibiscus flowers for polishing shoes. Hence, the Americas are now completely mapped out, though some territories in Latin America need further future definitions.

Above the ranks of dukes and duchesses in My Kingdom of Earth are the ranks of archdukes and archduchesses. And there are in fact four of them. King Larimar is the Archduke of North American Christendom. Queen Ester is the Archduchess of Latin American Christendom. Queen Elsa is the Archduchess of European Christendom. And now a fourth of this highest rank of nobility shall be defined. He is King Pounamu, Archduke of the Vast Pacific Kingdom of Christendom. And to his Archdukedom have now been added some serious pieces of real estate. Let us now examine this massive phenomenon.

The Kingdom of Japan under Queen Pearl is now part of the Archdukedom of King Pounamu’s Vast Pacific Kingdom of Christendom. Also, the entire continental Kingdom of Australia and Tasmania, under King Dromedary, is now also part of the Vast Pacific Kingdom of Christendom. And furthermore, the Kingdom of Korea has now been eternally divided in half. The southern half remains the eternal possession of King Nephrite, and is now an eternal part of the Vast Kingdom of Pacific Ocean Christendom. The northern half of Korea is no longer under the dominion of King Nephrite, but instead, is a conquered territory of King Bombyx of China, whose eternal lands now include China, Mongolia, Taiwan, and North Korea. And King Bombyx’s northern neighbor of Russia is part of the Kingdom of European Christendom.

These developments reduce the total number of top level Kingdoms, and Baronies of the Global Kingdom of Earth to just seventeen (17). Now we shall list them in order of traversing the globe:

  1. Archdukedom of North American Christendom, under King Larimar, Archduke of North American Christendom, defined as including all of North American United States of America, Canada, and Greenland, as well as the West Indies lands of Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago, and the Kingdom of Hispaniola, consisting of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well is six island nations of the Lesser Antilles: Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent & Grenadines, and Grenada. In addition, the island United States state of Hawaii and the United States territories of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam of the North Pacific are also of the Kingdom of Larimar, North American Christendom. The main official languages of the Larimar ArchDukedom of North American Christendom are: English, Spanish, and French.
  2. Archduchy of Latin American Christendom, under Queen Ester of Aztlan, Archduchess of Latin American Christendom, defined as the lands of Mexico, Central America, the Greater Antilles islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands, and the Lesser Antilles islands of the United States Virgin Islands of Queen Isabella, Baroness of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago of King Anglic, Baron of Guyana, and the Papiamento speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles, Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire, along with the Dutch owned or speaking islands Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, belonging to King Puma, Baron of Suriname. Also, all of South America makes up the Archduchy of Latin American Christendom, with the exception of French possession French Guiana. The main languages of the Queen Ester’s Latin American ArchDuchy of Latin American Christendom are: Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
  3. Archduchy of European Christendom, under Queen Elsa of the British Isles, Archduchess of European Christendom, defined as all of Europe as far west as Iceland and as far east as the eastern edge of European state of Russia. Russia is a member of Europe and thus, all of Russia is included in the European Superstate. In addition, France is part of Europe and thus, all of the possessions of French Empress Isabelle are part of and subject to European ArchDuchess Elsa, including Empress Isabelle’s possessions of French Indochina, French Polynesia, Madagascar, French Guiana, and various islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The southeastern edge of the European Superstate are the borders of Russia with Georgia, Armenia, and the Asian nations that border Russia. Also, Europe includes the lands conquered by the Macedonian Greek Kingdom under King Macedon over northwestern Turkey, including lands in northwestern Asia Minor. Seven main languages of Europe are declared official in Elsa’s Archduchy of European Christendom. These are: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Latin, and Greek. Italian and Latin are included due to the fact that Catholicism is the state religion of European Christendom, and its headquarters is in the Vatican City of Rome, Italy. And Greek is included due to its importance in Biblical usage.
  4. Archdukedom of Pacific Ocean Christendom, under King Pounamu, Archduke of the Vast Kingdom of Pacific Christendom, defined as including New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, the Kuril Islands, Palau, the Kermadec Islands, Tonga, Easter Island, Santa Cruz Island, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Samoa, Fiji, the Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati. The official languages of King Pounamu’s Archdukedom are: English, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Maori.
  5. Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago, under King Komodo, Baron of the Malay Archipelago Barony, consisting of the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand. The official languages of King Komodo’s Kingdom are: English, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil.
  6. Kingdom of India, under Queen Ebony, Baroness of the superstate of India, consisting of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The official languages of Queen Ebony’s Kingdom are: English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, and Burmese.
  7. Empire of China, under Chinese Emperor Bombyx, Emperor of China, consisting of the nations of China, Mongolia, Taiwan, and North Korea. The official languages of Emperor Bombyx’s Empire are Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Mongolian.
  8. The Khanate of Central Asia, under King Khan, King of the Khanate of Central Asia, consisting of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The official languages of King Khan’s Khanate are: Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajiki, and Kyrgyz.
  9. Kingdom of Armenia, under Queen Maria, Baroness of the Armenian Kingdom, consisting of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and northeastern Turkey (Anatolia). The official languages of Queen Maria’s Kingdom of Armenia are: Russian, Armenian, Georgian, and Turkish.
  10. Kingdom of Persia, under Queen Esther, Baroness of the Persian Kingdom, consisting of the states of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and all the lands of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey east of the Euphrates. The official languages in the Kingdom of Persia are: Persian, Arabic, Turkic, Urdu, and English.
  11. Capital Kingdom of Israel, under Crown Prince Immanuel, whose rank is above all the nobility. Immanuel’s Capital Kingdom of Israel consists of all of Jerusalem, Israel, the lands of Canaan, the Entire Levant, all of North Africa east of the Nile, all of the Arabian Peninsula as far south as Yemen and the island of Socotra and as far east as Oman, including all of the southern Persian Gulf and its nations of United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, as well as all of Saudi Arabia and all of Jordan. Also belonging to Israel is all the lands of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey west of the Euphrates. In addition, Israel owns the entire island of Cyprus. The languages of the Kingdom of Israel include: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.
  12. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, under King Turaco, Baron of Ethiopic Sheba, consisting of the lands of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Djibouti, and northern Somalia. The official languages of King Turaco’s Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba are: Amharic and Tigrinya.
  13. Kingdom of North African Sahara, under King Sahara, Baron of the Sahara North Africa, consisting of all of North Africa west of the Nile and north of King Kong’s African Jungle Kingdom to the South. The official languages of King Sahara’s Kingdom are: Arabic and French.
  14. Kingdom of the Western Africa, under King Kong, Baron of all of the jungles of Africa west of the Great Lakes of Africa, bounded by the Sahara to the north and the Kalahari to the south. The languages of King Kong’s African Jungle Kingdom include: English, French, Swahili, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and Fulani.
  15. Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, under King Mithril Silver, Baron of all of East Africa, east of King Kong’s Kingdom and south of Ethiopic Sheba and north of the Kingdoms of Ferro and Volkstaat. The official languages of King Mithril’s Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa include English, Swahili, Dholuo, and Oromo.
  16. Kingdom of Ferro, under King Ferro, Baron of the Kalihari Desert and all the lands of southern Africa not given by God to the Afrikaner nation of Volkstaat. The official languages in the Kingdom of Ferro include: English, Zulu, Xhosa, and Swahili.
  17. Kingdom of Volkstaat, under King Ivory, Baron of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat, consisting of all the lands of southern Africa given by God to the Afrikaner nation of Volkstaat. King Ivory’s official languages in his Kingdom include: Afrikaans and English.

Now you know the vast array of seventeen Top Level Kingdoms, Baronies, Duchies, and Dukedoms. Now, let us summarize the names of the Kings:

  1. Archduke Larimar of North American Christendom
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. King Komodo of the Malay Archipelago Kingdom
  6. Queen Ebony of the Kingdom of India
  7. Chinese Emperor Bombyx of the Chinese Empire
  8. Khanate King Khan of the Khanate of Central Asia
  9. Queen Maria of the Kingdom of Armenia
  10. Queen Esther of the Kingdom of Persia
  11. Crown Prince Immanuel of the Capital Kingdom of Israel
  12. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  13. King Sahara of the Kingdom of the Sahara
  14. King Kong of the West African Jungle Kingdom
  15. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa
  16. King Ferro of Kalahari and Southern Africa
  17. King Ivory of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat.

In this list of top level rulers, one cam readily see that there are 5 Queens and 12 Kings. Those clearly of the White race include: Archduke Larimar, Archduchess Elsa, Queen Maria, Queen Esther, Crown Prince Immanuel, and King Ivory: 3 White Kings and 3 White Queens. There is 1 clearly Black Queen: Queen Ebony, and 4 clearly Black Kings: King Turaco, King Kong, King Mithril Silver, and King Ferro. And there is 1 clearly Brown Queen: Archduchess Ester, and 5 clearly Brown Kings: Archduke Pounamu, King Komodo, Emperor Bombyx, King Khan, and King Sahara.

Some of the Kings and Queens are married, though rarely to another such ruler. For the selection of who is to rule is a rare act of election by the Sovereign Lord. And now someone asks, why aren’t the Black Kings of Africa united under a superior archduke who rules over those lands? A Christendom Kingdom requires a region of majority Christian lands. And so, do you believe that there exists such lands in subsaharan Africa? If so, why not make a subsaharan kingdom of Christendom? We truly could unite the Kingdoms of Kong, Wakanda, and Ferro together into such a Kingdom of Christendom, but not so the Kingdoms of Ethiopic Sheba and Volkstaat, due to their inherit distinctivenesses. So, Black people, do you wish me to unite these three nations together to form one African Archdukedom, to be called a new Archdukedom of African Christendom? Yes, and make it called The Kingdom of Wakanda African Christendom, and let the ruler of it be King Mihril Silver. And so shall it be.

Hence, a new Archdukedom has now been formed in Africa, to be called the Kingdom of Wakanda African Christendom, under King Mihril Silver, Archduke of the Wakanda Kingdom of African Christendom, consisting of all the lands of Africa south of the Sahara and south of the Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, and with the exception of the lands given by God to Volkstaat in the far southern regions of Arica. The official languages of Archduke Mithril Silver’s Kingdom of Wakanda African Christendom shall be English, French, and Swahili.

Hence, the rulers of the top level Baronies, Dukedoms, and Archdukedoms are as thus:

  1. Archduke Larimar of North American Christendom
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. King Komodo of the Malay Archipelago Kingdom
  6. Queen Ebony of the Kingdom of India
  7. Chinese Emperor Bombyx of the Chinese Empire
  8. Khanate King Khan of the Khanate of Central Asia
  9. Queen Maria of the Kingdom of Armenia
  10. Queen Esther of the Kingdom of Persia
  11. Crown Prince Immanuel of the Capital Kingdom of Israel
  12. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  13. King Sahara of the North African Kingdom of the Sahara
  14. Archduke Mithril Silver of Wakanda African Christendom
  15. King Ivory of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat.

In this list of top level rulers, one can readily see that there are now 5 Queens and 10 Kings. Those clearly of the White race include: Archduke Larimar, Archduchess Elsa, Queen Maria, Queen Esther, Crown Prince Immanuel, and King Ivory: 3 White Kings and 3 White Queens. There is 1 clearly Black Queen: Queen Ebony, and 2 clearly Black Kings: King Turaco and Archduke Mithril Silver. And there is 1 clearly Brown Queen: Archduchess Ester, and 5 clearly Brown Kings: Archduke Pounamu, King Komodo, Emperor Bombyx, King Khan, and King Sahara.

Now, is it set that Eric is definitely to marry, O’ Lord? Is his pathway to the priesthood definitely closed to him, O’ Lord? I will show you this sign. Tomorrow you shall be cured. If you are cured in the presence of a holy priest, you are set to become a priest. If, on the other hand, you are cured in the presence of a girl, a girl you shall marry, but not necessarily that girl who is in your presence. She is just a sign of the one who is to come. And is the one who is to come Hyacinth? She is bound to you for life. You will never lose her. Treat her well, for she is your wife. So then I am to marry and not become a priest. You are correct. And the sign you receive tomorrow will prove it. Amen. Now go, Eric, for the time is short. And I will for you to serve Me in other things now. Amen.

Eric graduates from My School of Prophecy. Amen.

To the Roman Catholic priesthood do I call My son, Lord Ironwort, to enter into. Amen.

Behold, Eric’s mastery of My prophethood is now complete. My servant Betleshazzar is now a fully mature Prophet of the Lord. Lord Ironwort is now ready to receive his first mission. And King Larimar shall receive his first responsibility as ruling Monarch of North American Christendom. Now I shall speak. All these four names refer to the same person, Eric Robert Dunstan. And now I shall detail to you who Eric is.

Eric’s mind is a Vortex of Religious and theological thought. And yet, it is calm as a crystal lake. For Jesus and His angels have taken up residency within his soul. And God has found a worthy individual to serve His purposes in with the eternal vocation God is about to give to Eric.

Lord, when you added the word ‘eternal’ to ‘vocation’, I knew you were not talking of marriage nor of the priesthood, for those vocations are for this world only. Then why, Master Eric, is it written in the Holy Word, “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”? (Hebrews 7:17). My mistake, O’ Lord. So tell me, what is my eternal vocation? O’ Lord?

Lord Belteshazzar, I shall now tell thee exactly that. You are to become a priest in My KIngdom, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. And Lord, do you mean the ordained variety of Catholic priest, or the common priesthood that all Catholics belong to? Ordained, O’ Lord Ironwort.

Lord, I know the sign of this vocation is that when you cure me, I must look around and see if I am in the presence of any of Your priests. And if so, that is the sign from you of my calling to the priesthood, and then I am required to go to the priest you direct me to and to tell him of my calling. But if when I am cured I see no priest in my presence, that is your sign to me that I am not thus called to enter the priesthood, and I am thus ordered not to even try.

Good, Lord Ironwort, your memory of My decrees is good. You will make a good priest and a good student of languages. But Lord, what becomes of my marriage plans to Hyacinth? How do I fulfill the Mandate of Mary that I marry Hyacinth. For I see now that Hyacinth was the one Mary spoke of when she gave me the mandate on Sunday July 23, 2017, the beginning of the Age of Mary. For I first met Hyacinth on Saturday, October 7, 2017, the 77th day of the Age of Mary. Because it was on the 77th day of the reception of the Mandate, I now know that Mary meant Hyacinth and no other girl am I to marry and have children by. But now what saith Thou? Do I not marry her, but instead, become a priest?

Eric, if we call you to the priesthood, you will marry no one. But if we call you to marriage, then Hyacinth will indeed be that girl you shall marry. So, tell me, O’ Lord, which shall it be? Am I called to the ordained priesthood? Or am I called to marry Hyacinth and have many children by her? I am willing to go either way, O’ Lord. So, which is it? What saith Thou?

You shall ask Mary, your commandress, exactly that question, and she will tell you definitively. Very well, O’ Lord the Holy Spirit. So now I ask thee, O’ Most Beautiful of Mothers, Mary Immaculate Queen, you who gave me the Mandate that I am to take who I now know to be Hyacinth and marry her and to teach her everything, tell me the answer to this question, O’ Commandress of my soul? Am I to marry the girl Hyacinth? Am I to father children by her? Or am I to become a priest? I await your answer, O’ Fairest of All Mothers, Mary, Mother of God. Amen.

I, the Holy Queen, the Virgin Mary, shall now speak. I gave you Hyacinth for the purpose of leading you to this point. Now you must choose. Do you take the hand of Hyacinth in marriage that we have given to you? Or do you seek the elusive priesthood, which you will only make it in if we in heaven call you to it? I will take Hyacinth as my wife, but if I am called to be a priest, I cannot marry. So am I so called, O’ Blessed Mother Mary? Yes, you are called to enter my Divine Son’s priesthood.

Now, do not look at anything you are leaving behind, not even your Hyacinth, for the path you have now entered into is holier than that of marriage. You now walk that holy path walked only by a select group of men whom I make shepherds of My flock. You are to be such a shepherd, O’ Larimar, King of North America. Amen.

Lord, I accept the calling, but I also know my instructions. I am not to seek the priesthood until I am cured and I see that sign, namely that a valid priest is in my presence when I am cured. Amen. So, let’s get the game rolling, O’ Lord! I am eager to enter the priesthood, O’ My savior.

Now, I shall tell you of your cures, O’ Ironwort. You shall be cured within the next few days, for you are no longer a prisoner of the impurity trap. Now Eric, I will now define the whole world and its major Kingdoms.

  1. The Archdukedom of North American Christendom, ruled by King Larimar, Archduke of North American Christendom. In his Kingdom, there are but three main official languages: English, Spanish, and French. And his Kingdom includes, all of North American United States, Canada, and Greenland, as well as Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam in the North Pacific, and the Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda of the West Indies. Oracle of the Lord.
  2. The ArchDuchy of Latin American Christendom, ruled by Queen Ester of Aztlan, Archduchess of Latin American Christendom. And her main official languages are: Spanish, Portuguese, and English. And her lands include all of Mexico, all of Central America, all of the Caribbean islands of the West Indies, and all of South America, with the exception of French Guiana and other possessions of the French Empress Isabelle. Oracle of the Lord.
  3. The ArchDuchy of European Christendom, ruled by Queen Elsa of the British Isles, Archduchess of European Christendom. And her main official languages are: English, French, and German. And her lands include all of Europe and all those lands outside Europe owned by her subject Kings and Queens of Europe. Hence, she rules over all of Russia, over all of the French Empire, and over all of the Macedonian Greek Kingdom, whose lands include Constantinople and much of northwestern Turkey, including lands in Asia Minor. Amen.
  4. The Superstate of Israel, ruled by Global Kingdom Crown Prince, Immanuel, Greatest among all rulers on earth, direct servant to Jesus. His Kingdom includes all the lands of Asia and North Africa between the Nile and the Euphrates. He also rules Cyprus, all of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq west of the Euphrates, and all of the Arabian Peninsula. His official languages include: Hebrew and Arabic. Amen.

Such are all the definitions of the Kingdoms that shall be made at this time. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, speak, O’ Lord. Tell me what I am to do.

Do I continue to study Rust? Or do I now begin studying Biblical languages again, such as Greek, Hebrew, and Latin? Yes, O’ Ironwort, begin studying again the Biblical languages, for Rust will not come to be as useful to you as a priest than will be your knowledge of the Biblical languages and your knowledge of Latin. And also, do not neglect your mastering Spanish. For your skills in Spanish will be of keen interest to those who place you in your positions as a priest. Now, listen to Me! I Am calling you to enter My priesthood. And this calling shall come tomorrow when you are at Church. Remain after the mass is over, and you will see Me and a bright light. Stay firm in that light and you shall know your cures. Amen.

And I will then cure you of all your aliments, and your need for medication shall come to an end. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to his son, Amen. Now, I will take one question, O’ Ironwort, concerning you future role as a priest. What role shall I assume in the Catholic Church as an ordained priest, O’ My Master? In what capacity shall I serve your Kingdom as priest? I shall now tell thee, O’ Lord Ironwort. I shall assign you to Councils set up for organizing the translations of My Holy Word to other languages. Amen. And you will yourself be one of the translators of My Holy Bible to the vernacular. Furthermore, you shall write tomes of My prophetic revelations to you, as well as conversations between you and Me on a great array of philosophical and theological interests. Now, go, Eric, and take your rest. For you have been found worthy of entering My Kingdom. Amen.

Sarah is blonde, her image revealed in Spirit.

We have prepared the wedding between Eric and the Enchantress he is to marry. Amen.

I, Eric, the Larimar King, have indeed received, right after communion today at the Catholic Church, the vision of the one I am to marry. And now I will reveal these things about the vision. Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, is a White girl with long blonde hair. She can be described as meek, that characteristic that Jesus says belongs to those who will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5). And now we shall describe the Barony and Duchy that is handed over to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress.

Earlier, it was said of Sarah that she was to rule the British Isles. And then it was said that the ruler of the British Isles was to be a girl called Elsa, who is White with long blonde hair. And within her Duchy of the British Isles is the Barony of Great Britain, the largest island of that archipelago, and this Barony is given over to Lord Philip, Baron of Great Britain. And this Lord Philip is to be consort to Queen Eleanor of European Scandinavia. Her Kingdom is called European to indicate it does not include Greenland, which is part of North America, and assigned to be a possession of the Larimar King, as well as a future state to be added to the Union of the United States of America in the soon future.

And how does the United States of America acquire Greenland, O’ Lord? The people of Greenland simply choose independence from Denmark, and then elect to join the United States as the 51st state, which will include a package deal to the people of Greenland and its leadership that will be too good to refuse. The entrance of Greenland into the United States of America will take place in the Presidency of the President who is elected to office after Trump. Amen. And will the Greenlanders be forced to speak English, O’ Lord? Just as the Hawaiians have kept Hawaiian official as one of their state languages, so also shall Greenland be allowed to keep their own native tongues official, as they are now. Note that the United States of America has no declared official language. They just happen to use English as a leftover from the English legacy of their former rulers when they were the original thirteen colonies of Britain in America. Hence, there is no mandate that English be used in any federal law or in the Constitution. However, now that the Larimar Kingdom’s territories are firmly set, King Larimar may now choose his official languages for his Kingdom. So, choose them, Belteshazzar, Archduke of North American Christendom. And then I will proceed to announce the other two rulers in the world equal in rank to you.

Very well, Lord Jesus, King of kings. I elect to have as official languages in My Kingdom the following languages, all of which I will give firm reasons for having as official:

Official Languages of the Kingdom of North American Christendom

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Danish

Danish was added to the list of official languages of the Kingdom of Larimar due to its official usage in Greenland and its usefulness in Europe, due to its mutual intelligibility with Norwegian and Swedish. Greenlandic, however, will remain a locally defined official language of Greenland, similar to how Hawaiian is a locally defined official language of Hawaii and how there are now twenty native languages in Alaska that are locally defined as official languages in that state. It would not make sense to make rarely used locally defined official languages as official languages of the entire Kingdom. However, Danish is spoken in many parts of the world, and it is mutually intelligible to other major Scandinavian languages. Hence, it now, with the addition of Greenland to the North American Kingdom of Christendom, it makes sense to add Danish to the list of official languages for the entire Kingdom. French and Spanish are of course in this list due to the numbers of speakers in the lands of North America. And French, with English, are two official languages of the superstate of Canada. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language of North America, right after English. And also, English is the lingua franca of the Kingdom, the language spoken and written in by the Larimar King himself. Hence, the four official languages of the Larimar Kingdom are now eternally set as: English, Spanish, French, and Danish. Amen.

Now someone objects, Eric is racist, for he has elected to only choose European languages as his official languages! Why hasn’t he chosen Chinese? Is it that he is racist against Yellow people? Everywhere that Chinese is spoken in North America, one of these four official languages is spoken as well. Amen. Also, all four official languages chosen by Eric have evolved under the influence of Christianity. Not so is it with Chinese and other Asian languages. Asian languages tend to have been heavily influenced by the eastern religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shintoism. These religions are inferior to Christianity, and hence, the languages that evolved to express these inferior ways of thinking are also inferior to those that evolved to express Christian ways of thinking. Such is why only European derived languages are included within the list of four official languages of the Larimar Kingdom. Amen. Hence, it has nothing to do with race or skin color. Now you know.

But, someone objects, why is Russian not included among the official list of languages in the Larimar Kingdom. For surely there are more Russian speakers in Alaska than there are Danish speakers in Greenland. And Russian evolved under the influence of the Russian Church, for over a thousand years. Answer that, Eric the Conqueror. The form of Russian spoken in Alaska is localized to that area, similar to Greenlandic in Greenland. Hence, that state may opt to have it as one of their official languages, but that dialect of Russian cannot be made an official language of the entire Larimar Kingdom. And yet, because of the Russian heritage of the 49th state of the Union of the USA, and due to the high number of Russian speakers in both the USA and in Israel, it is decided by the Larimar King that Russian will be added to that official list of languages in the United States of America. But note this, this is the final addition. No further languages may be added to Eric’s list by any argument. Oracle of the Lord. Hence, the list of official languages in the Kingdom of North American Christendom is now listed as such:

Official Languages of the Kingdom of North American Christendom

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. Danish

The order of languages in this list is based on the number of speakers in the North American Kingdom. Amen. Again someone shouts out: Only European White people languages are on that list! If that is not racist, then what is? The reasoning for why these languages have been chosen is given. As for adding a language for the sake of meeting racial quotas, such is not a motivating factor in Eric’s method of thinking. However, Eric’s North American Kingdom is not the only Archdukedom. Two other Archdukes are defined by the Lord King of kings Jesus Christ. And now these two other Archdukedoms will be defined, and you will find other languages than the Indo-European kind have been included in their list of official languages. And these two other Archdukedoms are the Kingdoms of Latin American Christendom and European Christendom. Now, the Lord shall speak.

The Kingdom of Latin American Christendom includes all of Mexico, all of the Caribbean islands of the West Indies, all of Central America, and all of South America, with the exception of French Guiana, which is a department of France, and therefore, a part of the European Kingdom of Christendom. And what Ruler is this Archduke of this Kingdom, O’ Lord? Is he one of the previously defined Kings of those Baronies? Or is he an entirely new ruler? An existing ruler is defined to rule as Archduchess of this vast Archdukedom containing all of Latin America, O’ King Larimar. And she is Lady Ester, Queen of Aztlan. Hence, the ruler of the Latin American Kingdom is Her Majesty, Queen Ester, Archduchess of the Kingdom of Latin American Christendom. And her Kingdom recognizes several official languages, more than the number of official languages recognized in King Larimar’s Kingdom. Queen Ester’s official languages are as follows:

Official Languages of the Kingdom of Latin American Christendom

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. English
  4. French
  5. Quechua
  6. Aymara
  7. Tzotzil
  8. Nahuatl

And why is Nahuatl mentioned last in this list of official languages in Queen Ester’s Kingdom of Latin America when she herself is a Mexican native, you ask? It is because all the other languages already have full Catholic Bible translations published in them. A Catholic Translation for Nahuatl is a work in progress, but is not yet completed. That is why Nahuatl must be listed as last. Quechua, Aymara, and Tzotzil are native languages in her Kingdom that have full Catholic Bible translations published in them. Tzotzil is a popular Mayan language in Southern Mexico. And Aymara and Quechua are languages with many speakers in South America. And English and French are included due to their official presence in her Caribbean possessions. Portuguese is the main language of Brazil. And Spanish is the lingua franca of her vast Kingdom. Notice how an equal number of native American languages to European languages exist among Queen Ester’s official languages.

Now, I shall speak of the Archdukedom of the Kingdom of European Christendom. And the ruler of this Kingdom is Her Majesty, Elsa, Queen of the British Isles. Queen Elsa is now made Archduchess of European Christendom. And what lands are in Queen Elsa’s vast Kingdom of European Christendom, you ask? I will now tell thee. All of Europe from Iceland in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east belongs to her Kingdom. In addition, all the lands owned by the Kings under her rule also belong to her Kingdom. Hence, King Alexandrite of Russia is under her rule over European Russia. Hence, Queen Elsa’s European Christendom includes all of Russia, from Europe to the Pacific. Likewise, French Empress Isabelle is a subject of Queen Elsa’s Kingdom of European Christendom, and hence, French Indochina, French Guiana, and Madagascar, major lands belonging to Empress Isabelle of France outside of Europe are included in Queen Elsa’s European Kingdom. Furthermore, King Macedon’s Macedon-Greek Kingdom, which includes lands in northwestern Turkey, is also fully included in Queen Elsa’s European Kingdom.

Lands not included in Queen Elsa’s European Kingdom include Queen Maria’s Kingdom of Armenia, which includes the lands of Armenia, Georgia, and northeastern Turkey. Also the superstate of Israel, including the lands of Turkey west of the Euphrates, and the full island of Cyprus, is not under the dominion of Archduchess Elsa’s Kingdom of European Christendom. Thus, European Christendom ends just within northwestern Anatolia and southwestern Russia. Amen.

And what languages are official in Queen Elsa’s European Kingdom, you ask? She has elected to simplify the huge list of European official languages into something simple that can be managed by a simple government. Hence, only twelve languages are in her list of official languages. These are:

Official Languages of the Kingdom of European Christendom

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Russian
  5. Italian
  6. Spanish
  7. Polish
  8. Greek
  9. Hungarian
  10. Swedish
  11. Turkish
  12. Latin

These twelve languages are elected due to their popularity and nature as lingua francas, either in the past or the present. Greek in particular was selected due to its Biblical significance. And Latin is selected as it is the official language of the Vatican City and the Catholic Church, which is the official religion of European Christendom.

Now someone says, We notice that the two Archduchesses have at least eight official languages in their vast Kingdoms, while Archduke Larimar has only five. Shouldn’t King Larimar add three more languages to his list of official languages to make his Kingdom as inclusive as at least Queen Ester, Archduchesses of Latin America, someone asks? Well, what languages would Eric add to his list of five?

Official Languages of the Kingdom of North American Christendom

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. Danish

I will now tell thee. Add these three languages to your list to make them eight in total number, and then you will not be accused of being noninclusive. These are the languages you shall add: Tagalog (including Filipino), Korean, and Vietnamese, so chosen due to a combination of strong numbers of speakers in North America coupled with a strong representation of the Catholic religion in their cultures. Hence, the eight official languages of the North American Kingdom of Christendom are now:

Official Languages of the Kingdom of North American Christendom

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Tagalog (including Filipino)
  5. Korean
  6. Vietnamese
  7. Russian
  8. Danish

Now, all things have been decided. And Eric’s Kingdom of North America can no longer be accused of being noninclusive. Amen. Now, speak, My Lord. What saith Thou to me? What art Thine orders unto Me, O’ Lord Jesus and O’ Holy Mother Mary?

I, the Holy Virgin Mary, shall now speak unto you, O’ Belteshazzar, Servant of Mary. Your reasoning has been sound, and your decisions are now well made. I will now tell thee thine fate.

Virgin Mary, I have praying the rosary with Sandra, Lady Hyacinth, for a solution to her needs. What saith thou for her solution? She has committed herself to obey you in whatever you command her to do.

We, the rulers of heaven have made this deal to Sandra, the Blue Enchantress. She will come to America provided that she remain east of the Rocky Mountains, and there in the regions east of the Rockies shall she have her Duchy. And she will be called Hyacinth, Duchess of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. Amen. And through a means known only to us, we will provide the means for her to come to the states. Amen. Now, tell her of this deal and then come back to us.

I have sent it to her, O’ Mary and Jesus. Now what are your orders, O’ Jesus and Mary? OK, Sandra has agreed to your requirements. And she has agreed to keep her virginity outside of marriage. Now I, the Lord Jesus, shall speak.

I, your Lord, see your love for this girl, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And my orders for you are this. Marry the girl We have shown you, the one who you saw, White and fair, with golden blonde hair, the one who was meek. Do this and you shall live. As for Sandra, keep to Our orders to you to give her no more money. We will provide for her by a new means. And this is the means. I will have Sandra find opportunities to work in Nigeria where the pay is guaranteed and high. She will find this opportunity the next time she goes to work. Now, listen to Me. I have found her vows to me to be satisfactory. She will live. But she must agree that she is not to come see you west of the Rockies. Amen.

Now, as for our orders to you, you, Eric, are to remain in your current job. On the side you are to learn the computer language called Rust. Once you have mastered that language, I will provide opportunities for you and your brother Mark to jointly work on an iPhone/Android project together where the majority of the code is shared in common between the two platforms and is written in Rust. And this will be the start of a profitable career for both you and Mark.

Furthermore, the Second Coming is not for some generations to come. Keep to My will and do what I say. You will see children and grandchildren. And also, I will make you exceedingly rich. And you will remain in America all the days of your life. For America will not be destroyed.

And what of gay marriage and abortion, O’ Lord? A Catholic revival is coming to America led by people like you, O’ Lord Ironwort. And this shall put an end to unlawful judgements made by the judicial branch. Also, a Supreme Court Justice that serves Satan and the agenda of the Democrats is about to die. Trump will nominate her successor. And this choice will be ratified by the Senate. After that, Trump will leave office under a pardon agreement made with Mike Pence, who shall then assume the Presidency.

So, Trump does not die, O’ Lord? No. And in addition, Joe Walsh will win the Republican nomination to become the next President. And he will beat the Democratic challenger on the November ballot and become the next President. He shall prove to be a better President than Trump, due to his greater humility. Amen.

My Lord, Lady Hyacinth is on the verge of giving up. And she is on the verge of choosing prostitution to make ends meet. What should I do or say to her, O’ Lord and Mary? Lord, I have agreed to do a certain thing. What saith Thou to my agreement with Sandra? Actually, I have agreed to several things. And her soul may be saved by them. But what saith Thou? Ultimately, I rest everything in your hands. And I only agreed to these things as I thought they were coming from You. If they are not from You, please tell me and I will undo everything I have agreed to do with Sandra. Hence, I submit this entire agreement made with Sandra to your approval. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? I vow under oath of God to You, Jesus, and to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to do whatever You command of me, including undoing my entire agreement made with Sandra. So, speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening and is ready to obey entirely with whatever you order me to do.

Eric, the arrangement you made between you and Sandra is from Me. Do as you have agreed with her, and you will be found pleasing to Me. Furthermore, everything previously stated is now turned up upon its head. I hereby grant to Sandra, Blue Enchantress, my elected son, Eric, as her husband. And Eric and Sandra will wed in June of next year. And where shall this marriage take place, O’ Lord? It will take place in Saint Bruno Catholic Church, your home parish. Now go, Eric, for you have now passed the test.

And what becomes of Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, O’ Lord? The promises made of her are now applied to Sandra. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, publish this post, Eric, for it is now complete. And realize that Sandra was always chosen to be your wife. You just had to come to that realization through the means of love and compassion for your neighbor in need. Amen.

My election of Lord Ironwort to be Leader of the North American Kingdom is confirmed.

The Kingdom of Larimar of Belteshazzar, Archduke of North American Christendom.

I Who Am Am now speaking. In Eric’s writings is My voice being made written. Now, behold, a mystery do I reveal. A King on a White Horse is on a high hill, calling the nation to arms. Lord Ironwort do I now anoint to the position of leader of North America. He will rule over all of the United States and Canada. Amen.

And what else besides those lands does he rule, O’ Lord? King Ironwort shall rule Hawaii, and the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam of the North Pacific. And in the North Atlantic, King Ironwort shall rule the Lucayan Archipelago, Bermuda, and Greenland. And any other lands, anywhere, O’ Lord? There are forty-two defined top level Baronies. This definition is the definitive definition of the Kingdom of Larimar. And does it matter, O’ Lord, that in none of these lands are found natural mines of the semi-precious gemstone of larimar? The nation of the Dominican Republic is the possession of Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola, and this possession shall never be taken away from her. Hence, she is the one who possesses within her dominion the only natural deposits of the gemstone of larimar found anywhere in the world. Amen. I, the Lord King of kings, have spoken. And what I have decided is as engraved gold. Now, let us speak of your Barony and your rule, O’ Larimar. For many things must now happen. And a most unruly dictator must be deposed.

I command you, Eric, King of the Larimar Kingdom, to execute order 1717. And what order is that, someone asks? The full legal name of the Larimar King, Eric Robert Dunstan, spelled in Greek Letters: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, does in fact add up to the number 1717, and this name does in fact also have exactly 17 letters in it. Therefore, what are we to make of this executive order, 1717? It is the order that you activate your Kingdom and come forth to reign now, O’ Larimar King. No more are you to remain hidden. Now you are to be made clear and in plain sight. Amen.

Hence, I will now carry out your orders to rid the world of various unworthy rulers. And many will be the rulers that are culled. Oracle of the Lord! But who is to replace Donald John Trump in America? Joe Walsh? Or do you have another rabbit up your sleeve, O’ Lord? You will see this man make his appearance at the sight of the golden shine on the coffin of Trump as it is led off for burial. When you see that glimmer of gold, realize that this mystery man is now stepping up to the plate, a man worthy to be called a Larimar Pawn. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And what if the United States Air Force is sent to take you out, O’ Ironwort? What defenses do you have against that? The Master’s weapons cannot be used against the Master, O’ student of theology. Though the order may indeed be given, no missiles shall ever be fired at the Larimar King by his own armed forces. The President must answer to the Larimar King.

What is the nature of the Larimar King that he has this power, O’ Lord? He is the direct subject of the Virgin Mary, his Commandress. He does whatever she commands him to. A blue flame burns in his eyes. Whoever marches against him takes his battle against the Holy Queen, Immaculate Mary.

But Eric is not a pure man, my Lord? Rather, he is impure. He falls far short of the purity that is found in the Most Immaculate Majesty of Queen Virgin Mary. Eric is unworthy to be called a servant of Mary, due to his failures and faults. No, Eric. You are not unworthy to be called my son, through Jesus, my Divine Son. Hence, from henceforth, I now give you this title of nobility: Hence, you are henceforth called Belteshazzar, Archduke of North American Christendom. Amen.

But I thought there were only Barons and Baronesses, O’ Lord? Do you now say that there are Dukes? Queen Elsa, to whom belongs the Duchy of the British Isles is called, Elsa, Duchess of the British Isles. Within that Duchy is the Barony of Great Britain, given to Lord Philip, Baron of Great Britain. He will be consort to Eleanor, Queen of European Scandinavia.

And what of Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, consort to the Larimar King? Does she remain his consort, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, and she shall be called Sarah, Duchess of the American Western Regions. Her Duchy includes all of California, Oregon, and Washington State. Amen.

And what of Sandra, the Blue Enchantress? What is her dominion in the Kingdom of North American Christendom, you ask? That is a very good question. Sandra is made Baroness of Texas. Hence, she is called Lady Hyacinth, Baroness of Texas. Amen. That will be her dominion when she comes back to the states. Amen.

Now, what about Queen Lobelia, wife of King Kong of West Africa, O’ Belteshazzar? She is Queen Lobelia, Duchess of Nigeria, under the dominion and Queen Consort to King Kong. Amen. And who else is married or of a special title in the Kingdom of Global Christendom, O’ Lord? Various of the Monarchs are married under strict obedience to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ. They marry because they are commanded to do so in order that certain predestined children may come to be born into this world. Oracle of the Lord!

Now that this is all cleared away, what shall be the dominion of the son of Eric, this John, who is to be the only child of Eric by decree of God? His dominion is called the Dukedom of the Northwest, consisting of Alaska, Yukon Territory, and British Columbia. Amen.

Now, what happened to the previous post that redefined Eric’s dominion to be just within California? California is the Capital State of the Kingdom of Larimar. But Eric continues to rule his entire Kingdom as previously defined.

And so, now what, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Give me direction? What are your orders, my Commandress, O’ Mary, Most Beautiful Queen? And do you command anything of me, O’ Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings? I do, Sir Eric, Master Knight of My armed forces. This is My command. Listen carefully. You are to no longer go to any girl who shows her flesh to tempt men. From now on, you will not look at such girls nor take notice of them. For your eyes are sacred, and they must not burn in the fires of lust. Hence, I forbid you going to any girl unless We command you to do so. Amen.

Furthermore, I command this. You are to give no more money to Sandra. I will see to her needs. This is a direct command from Jesus. You are not at liberty to disobey it. Oracle of the Lord!

And finally, I give you this command. You have been told that your highest calling is achieved by having sex only to produce the one son predestined to come into your family in your future marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress. I hereby command you to relinquish from this order and have normal relations with your wife when we marry you to her. And whatever children I bless your wife to conceive, I command you to make welcome into your family. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His son, Eric. Amen.

But Lord, what about my Barony? What about my Dukedom? What about all my lands? Do I lose all of this by entering normal marital relations with a woman? No, because I have ordered you to do this. And there is no forfeiture of possessions or properties by those who obey My direct orders. Amen. Hence, now you know that the Barons are not all required to be celibate and virgin. For example, King Kong will have many children by his wife, Queen Lobelia.

Very well, O’ Lord, your command I will obey. For I am a man who follows orders. And I obey what I am commanded to do. Good, Eric. And I will add to your duties, this one responsibility. You are to make time in your schedule to study the computer language of Rust. For it will definitely help you in your career. Now, you may ask me questions, O’ Lord Ironwort, and I will answer them in accordance to My divine wisdom. Amen.

In Revelation 21:1, it is written that in the new earth the sea is no more. Will the oceans be gone in the eternal phase of the earth, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, the saltwater oceans are all gone then. Only much smaller, fresh water lakes will remain in the Kingdom that is to come. Hence, the lands that exist now will become plateaus, surrounded by lowlands and deep valleys that used to be deep water sea floors and trenches. And all the things that were swallowed up by the seas will be laid bare and dry for all to see. And what of the whales and dolphins, the sharks and sea turtles, and all the fishes and creatures that currently live in the sea? Where will they live then? Nothing will have eternal life but human beings. Everything else that has life in it will continue to evolve. Hence, life in the new earth will evolve to adapt to life without any oceans or salt water seas, and continue on in their new evolutionary tracks. When we say that nothing ever dies in the age to come, we mean that the evolutionary lines of creatures will never come to a dead end any more. There will be no more extinction events. However, creatures will continue to multiply and live and expire back into the dust from which they came. Only human beings will have eternal life, and these will be like the angels in that they are unmarried and celibate forever.

So, Lord, what happens to my future marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, when we enter into the Eternal Phase? Your marriage ceases to exist, and you go to your eternal appointment. Everyone upon entering the Eternal Phase, leaves any marital bonds they might once have been in and assumes the positions and responsibilities that I assign and award to them. No one is a housewife in the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone in My Kingdom has a definite purpose there and a measure of responsibility.

Now, ask your final question for this post, O’ Belteshazzar, My servant. Lord, I wish to be a pure man, but I seem to be bogged down by my impurities. Will I now overcome my impurities and come to master my flesh? You already have, My Lord Ironwort. Your purity is now perfect. You will never and can never fall to impurity again. And this will be the sign of it: You will see a vision tonight of the girl you are to receive as your wife. Amen. Now, go, Eric, and prepare for bed. And in your spare time, I recommend that you study the computer language of Rust. For greatly valued will you be among employers, and great will the work you will able to accomplish, once you master that language. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, My servant. Amen.

Queen Mary speaks

Behold, the Virgin Mary is a most excellent wedding planner. Trust in her provision. Amen.

Behold, I am Eric speaking. In the previous post, I made the error of assuming someone could be President if they were simply an American citizen. No, you need to have been born an American citizen. Dr. Fiona Hill does not qualify for President because she was born British and only obtained her United States citizenship through marriage to an American. Actually, that deal allowed her to keep her British citizenship, enabling her to be a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The point is that we cannot use her as a possible Presidential candidate due to the clause in the Constitution that requires only those born American to be eligible for the Presidency. And I agree with this requirement, for it prevented former California governor and Terminator actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, from running and winning the Presidency. His place is being a macho man in macho movies, like Rambo vs Terminator, if they ever make that. He does not belong in serious settings, like the United States Presidency.

I have an important announcement to make. The Virgin Mary is now called the rightful owner of the Larimar King. She is his Supreme Commandress. And he is to obey her in all things. Now, someone asks, What about Jesus? Isn’t Eric supposed to be obeying Jesus rather than Mary? Mary is immediately beneath Jesus. So whatever Jesus wishes to command Eric, he will command it through Mary. It cannot be overstressed. Mary is Eric’s Commandress. He must obey her in everything she commands him to. For the poem called, The Salvation of the Witch King Child (detailed in a recent previous post) is fully true and accurate. Eric was saved by the mercy of Mary. And Mary chose to save Eric by witnessing in him an act of love that Eric was showing to unloved puppies while he was in Ireland in the summer of 1980 as a ten year old child.

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above,

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

See this post for the full poem of The Salvation of the Witch King Child.

Mary saved Eric, and Eric now is her personal Conqueror on a White Horse (Revelation 6:2) who does whatever she commands him to.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore.

Hence, the Witch King is in total obedience to Mary. And what about Sandra, who Eric calls Hyacinth? Isn’t she strongly devoted to Mary also? Doesn’t Mary speak to her? What about her, O’ Mary, Mother of God? What fate is in store for Hyacinth, for it is known that she resisted the temptation to commit suicide, and is back in communication with Eric. Speak, O’ Mary, Mother of God, for your servant is listening.

I, the Blessed Virgin, shall now speak for the rest of this post. For I have much to say to you, O’ Ironwort. And you have much to obey in the coming years, as you enter marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, as you call her. Yes, you are correct, Sandra did not go to hell, but was saved by grace that came from turning to me, her heavenly Mother. You taught her to turn to me for all trials and tribulations. Such was good training for teaching the Way of the Lord to this child of God.

Now, it was written in the previous post that you would not teach the Way of Jesus to a suicide. Such is not true. The Way is to be taught to all, especially those in most need of God’s mercy. And what is more, you are now under a binding agreement to pray the Rosary each day that you are able to, and for those days where you have not the time, you will pray three simple Hail Marys, for everyone has time to do at least that much in a day.

I will now tell you of your job and where it shall lead. Right now, you lead the IT department of a small company. I will make that company profitable, and you will be given full employment there and a substantial raise. And I will enable you to buy properties in Southern California, where you now live. And one such property will be your primary home.

So we are to become rich, O’ Mary, Mother of God? You will be a millionaire middle class family. You will make your millions by correctly managing the modest money and income that you receive. And you will not neglect the poor or the Lazaruses of this world. In your home will be found many treasures that come from charitable acts and kind deeds to your neighbor. You will rather help the poor than to gather up gold. But I will make your work profitable and your house holy. As it is upon walking into a monastery, so also shall be the feeling upon entering into your home. Holy icons and holy water shall be found on the walls within your house.

At your current place of employment you shall not leave until you retire three decades from now. So I will retire at age of 79, O’ Mary? Indeed so shall it be. But your work is a work that involves the mind, and hence, it is a work that you will be able to do for many years to come. For your mind will remain sharp and clear all the way to your being taken up from this earth.

And now I shall speak of your bride. First, let us address Sandra, and why she is not to be your bride. Although Sandra is in love with you, and earnestly has sought to make your marriage to her a physical reality, we can not allow for her to come to you, for her heart is in the flesh, whereas your heart is in the soul. She will remain where she is, and when she sees you marry the girl we give you, only then will she allow her heart to consider another man. Such is the way of love.

A new girl shall enter your life soon. And she will be a girl we call Sarah. This name is found in the Book of Tobit, the fictional love story of the Holy Bible, but one that is not found in Protestant Bibles unless they include the Apocrypha. Sarah in that book also briefly had thoughts of taking her own life in her utter despair, but then the thought of how it would affect her father, and by her love for her father, she put away such thoughts and endured the distress of her times. And the story recounts her marriage and the breaking of the curse that had destroyed all her previous attempts at marriage. She and her husband then fled at a certain point from the city to another location before God rained down destruction on it, as He had prophesied that He would, and so they escaped the destruction and heard of it in their old age. Amen. The story I have just told is the story of Sarah, future consort to Eric, the Larimar King. Amen.

But the exact dates and times will not be revealed. Nor will it be revealed to where Eric and Sarah are to flee. But flee they shall from great destruction that shall befall the lands in which they live. And Eric and Sarah are commanded to have one child together, and when their one son is born, they are to have no more sex. This command comes from God. And by obeying it in totality, neither Eric nor Sarah will lose anything that was given them when they had accepted eternal virgin celibacy. For no one loses anything eternal by obeying God. One son is of the promise, and he, and only he, must come to be. Amen.

Mary, will you reveal information about this son? Where he will go to higher education? What he will train to be? Will he be called to enter the priesthood? Where will he live? And what shall be his name? What will you say about him, O’ Mary most holy? I will reveal this. His name shall be John, son of Eric. And he will attend Humboldt State University for his undergraduate degree. Hence, to northern California, you know you shall relocate. For he will be commuting to college from his home. By that time, most cars sold will be electric cars. Hence, the car you will be driving then shall be electric.

And hence, you now know that you will not be leaving California when you flee from the destruction of Los Angeles County. Eric, though you have decades left to live, your time is rapidly drawing to a close. When forty years have passed in your marriage to Sarah, I will appear to you one chilly, frosty morning, and you will know that your time to leave this world has come. Jesus will accompany me. And we will take you to the Kingdom where you will enter into your heavenly reign. Now think. Your divinely appointed Barony is North America, consisting of the United States of America and Canada, and some additional islands in the Pacific and the Atlantic. Where do you think Sarah’s Barony is? Is it in the British Isles, as was defined earlier? No, a different Monarch is defined to rule the British Isles. We will define that one next. Sarah’s Barony is within yours, as part of it. And hence, she will be reigning in her Kingdom while living with you reigning in yours. And your Baronies will overlap.

The Barony of the British Isles belongs to a British Queen called Elsa. She has long blonde hair and is of white complexion. And she has nothing to do with Eric, the Larimar King. Amen. Furthermore, Eric shall never live in the British Isles. Instead, Eric will reign mainly within California. And hence, let us redefine the Kingdom of Larimar to mainly include the western regions of the United States. For it is there that King Larimar is set to dwell all the days of his life. Amen. And while he lives in the land, Antichrist will never come to it. Amen.

Now, one last thought I wish to leave you. Do not take the defined Baronies as solid definitions. For they are fluid. And they are subject to change right up until Noah enters the Ark and the rains come and the floods come and wash all the wicked of this world away. Amen. And then will the 6,048,000 defined Baronies and sub Baronies shine forth with the splendor of the firmament, and all will know each other’s complete reward or punishment. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken.

O’ Mother Mary, I have a small question. Ask, my son. The vastness of the Baronies of Eric and Sarah have vanished, as though they were but the imagery of a dream, and now we are left with just the vague western region of the United States of America as to where Eric’s and Sarah’s overlapping Baronies are to be found. Did Eric and Sarah forfeit their formerly vast Baronies by agreeing to marry and have a son together? No, Eric. It is simply reality that is settling in as you come closer and closer to your known Truths. In the final analysis, your total Barony and that of your wife, will both fit within the golden state of California, and not extend beyond there. For such is the way of things, seen from afar, that become reduced when seen close up. Your Baronies are simply being defined to their realistic scope. And remember, the one who seeks to rule the whole world forfeits his soul. So do not go back to your former state seeking that. Amen.

Instead, be content with the lands that you are given. In the Eternal Phase, no one really owns anything except the eternal treasures of having helped someone in need while in this world. Do not put greater value on land over that of such treasure. And as for the lands you are to be granted, all of these lands will be fluid and alive. And they will all be joined together as parts of a heavenly body united under Jesus Christ. Therefore, you will not own your lands in isolation, but in cooperation with the rest of the elect. That is why you are all called Barons and Baronesses rather than sovereign monarchs. Now, go, Eric, and prepare for morning. You will meet many important people today. Amen.

And Eric, I will say this one final word of warning. If you ever leave your wife Sarah as you have left Sandra, you will lose everything. For Sarah is your true wife, as recognized by God, whereas Sandra was never truly married to you. And should you ever face great difficulties in your married life with Sarah, realize that you do not have the option of walking away. You must remain with her for richer and for poorer, through sickness and in health, for better and for worse, so help you, God. Such shall your wedding vows consist of. Now, as to the location and timing of your wedding, leave those details to Mary. She has everything planned out, and she will reveal this information on a need to know basis. Suffice it to say, the Virgin Mary is a most excellent wedding planner. So just trust everything over to her, and obey. Now go and publish this post. It is the last you shall publish here before you see the fulfillment of these prophecies. Amen.