Eric asks the Lord a Question

With the curiosity of the cat does the Azurite King seek knowledge and wisdom from God.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXIX:
Lord, is it certain that Lucifer-Man will reign for three and a half years? For You have said the prophecies of scripture are not to be taken literally. Nor may they be used to predict future events. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Amen.

The Devil is using the Equality Act to his attempt to utterly destroy Your people and Your religion. His goal is to conquer the Church by litigation in the courts, and to thereby render America a place devoid of religion and filled with carnal, filthy sexual deviants.

Lord, the vote in Israel, will they vote in favor or against the wicked Lucifer-Man’s attempt to take over that people and nation? Lucifer-Man gains control over Israel, lord Azurite. And he rules over that nation for three and a half years, until he is destroyed utterly by the wrath of God. I give him three and a half years to reign, and then he will be destroyed, and then My Kingdom shall be established on the earth, a Kingdom to last for a thousand years. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, regarding the girl Angela, it has now been revealed that the impression that she was to resemble the heroine, Bloom, of the Netflix series, Fate: The Winx Saga, a very attractive girl of golden, fiery blonde hair, was a Satanic deception intended to derail the coming of the true girl who is to come from You. And it is also revealed that I can set no deadlines as to when she is to come, but must wait and be ready for the decoys to come from Satan. For Satan will not stop in his attempt to deceive and to derail. Amen. Satan is the kind of demon who will go to the most elaborate attempts to deceive in order to destroy but a single soul. No one must ever underestimate the lengths that Satan will go to in order to deceive and destroy but one soul. For what else does he have to do with all his time, between now and the day that he is to be cast into the Lake of Fire? For it makes sense, therefore, for the devil to go all out in his attempts to deceive and destroy all souls that he can. Amen.

Lord, the hour approaches that I am scheduled to go to Mass. And You have said that I am to go to Mass, receive communion, and then to return home. And then I am to continue this post. Amen. Go now, lord Azurite. The girl will not come yet. And any girl you meet at Church will not be the one. For her time has not yet come. But when she does come, she will appear as has already been revealed. And yes, she is similar to Bloom. For what was originally revealed unto thee is true. Amen. Now go, lord Azurite. And when you come back, We shall write through you at length. Amen.

Lord, I am back. And I support the idea proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia and the United States extraditing cyber criminals to each other on a reciprocal basis. For if Russia is willing to cooperate in taking down criminals with the United States, then I believe that the United States should work with that and come to an agreeable arrangement.

Lord, Satan has not sent a single decoy to me in any attempt to deceive me. That is because, lord Azurite, you are watching for it. For remember that Satan is not a child. He is not going to waste a good decoy on you if he knows you will see through it. Rather, he intends to wait until you let your guard down. Or else he will try to destroy you in another way. For remember that Satan has many tools in his arsenal. And he is reluctant to show his hand if he knows he will be defeated.

And remember this, Satan is aware of the decrees of predestination. He does not know who is predestined, but he is aware that certain people he will not be able to take down. And if he believes you are one of those, instead of taking you down, he will rather seek to silence you and keep you from being heard.

Now, tell Me, lord Azurite, will you accept the Angela who is to come, if she appears similar to Bloom, the heroine in Fate: The Winx Saga? Lord, I consider her very attractive. Yes, I would definitely not reject such an advance, providing that I discern she is from God and not from Satan. For I know that Satan will also have that card up his sleeve. If I were to say I would accept such an advance no matter what, Satan would seek to exploit that for my destruction. And ultimately, I will turn to the Holy Spirit for discernment on any possible advance I see. Amen.

Good, for the girl is coming to you within hours. I Am the Lord. Amen. Do not be concerned with your money situation. For I will quickly remedy that. I have the solution for that. Amen.

Lord, Israel has not yet voted on the attempt by Lucifer-Man to take over Israel. Wait, I see that the Knesset has voted, and Lucifer-Man now controls Israel, and Netanyahu is out. But let me advise Netanyahu on this. If you wish to paralyze this government, you will do it be bringing up the things that are most divisive and contentious among the razor thin majority coalition that has been assembled to make Lucifer-Man the ruler of Israel. And remember that he rules for only three and a half years, and then he is out. All you have to do to keep him from achieving any of his agenda is to cause divisions and bickering among the members and parties that make up his coalition. Do not let them focus on only the things that they can agree on. Rather, keep to the forefront the things upon which they strongly disagree.

And remember how the Apostle Paul used this very same tactic to divide the Jews in the Sanhedrin who were assembled against him by bringing up an issue that divided them, (Acts 23:6-10). And he thus pitted the Pharisees against the Sadducees by bringing up the doctrine of the Resurrection of the dead, over which these two groups of Jews were sharply divided. And by doing this, he caused total infighting to break out between the two factions. You who are in opposition to Lucifer-Man’s agenda must do likewise to see that none of it is ever accomplished.

And the same tactic can be used in the USA, where Biden is Lucifer-Man’s reigning Pawn. For Biden’s efforts to pass his Equality Act must be frustrated and prevented from passing. And Biden’s agenda must be blocked and stymied. Nothing that Biden attempts to do must come to pass, unless it is free of sin and transgression. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the devil now rules the USA, Israel, and the Vatican. What is the next step that we should expect to come to pass? Go and eat your lunch, lord Azurite. When you come back, we shall complete this post. Amen.

Lord, I am back. Good. Realize that today, the Queen of England is to be assassinated and die. I Am the Lord. Amen. And then who, O’ Lord, shall then assume the British throne? Will it be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales? Or will it be Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge? I Who Am have elected for Charles, Prince of Wales, to assume the throne, and he will take the regnal name of Philip and be called King Philip of England. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And what will Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, his wife, be called? The established protocol and decorum will require that the Duchess of Cornwall, upon her husband’s ascendancy to the throne, shall take on the title of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Consort to the King. I Am the Lord. Hence, Camilla will not be given the title of Queen. And this slight to her ego will embitter her against the people to the end of her days. I Am the Lord. Amen. Nor will King Philip do anything to change that status quo, for it would be frowned upon and be considered a detraction to his image as the rightful King. Amen.

Also, yes, you are now in the Tribulation. It is effectively underway. And I shall give you the girl shortly who is to be made the official translator of your works to Hebrew. And what about a translator to Spanish, French, German, and Italian? Do not be concerned with those languages. For many are those eligible to translate your works to those common languages. And those languages, like English, are in a constant state of flux. For in a hundred years, what is written now in those languages will be considered of old and bygone dialects, just as Elizabethan English, also known as Shakespearean English, is considered today. I Am the Lord.

But Hebrew is an eternal language. For it is the living language spoken by the Jews of today, and is a complete superset of the Hebrew used in writing the original Hebrew Holy Scriptures as they survive to this day. I tell you truly, lord Azurite, the Jews will adjust the symbols and the glyphs used to write Hebrew, but Hebrew as a language is eternal and shall not change, but only be added to as time marches on. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, You mentioned the thousand year reign of Christ that is to come right after the destruction the Biden-Bennett-Lapid-Pope-Francis Alliance of Antichrist. Yes, lord Azurite. And let us give that Alliance a name. It shall be called the BBLPF Axis of Evil. The BBLPF will reign for the next three and a half years, and then be utterly wiped from the face of the earth, along with the LGBTQ (the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer abominations of the earth).

Now, listen to Me, lord Azurite. The time has now come for you to be removed from where We have you and brought to a safer location. I Am the Lord. Amen. We will do this soon. And it will be in a place where your location cannot be tracked.

Lord, is there really any such place upon the earth? I have arranged for it to be a location within England. There you shall go. And there I will establish you as an Oracle. And I shall give you the title of Baron in the British system of nobility, and hence you shall be officially recognized as a lord. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And O’ Lord, what about my citizenship in Ireland and the USA that forbids me from accepting titles of nobility? Remember, lord Azurite, you shall not be tracked. The Irish government and the American government will be unaware of you being in England. For according to their records, you should still be somewhere in America. For We are taking you by angel flight. There will be no trace of your disappearance from America. And it will not be suspected that the you in England are the same you. For you will be been miraculously cured. And the cures will be too miraculous to be believable by any forensic scientist or credible investigator. Rather, they shall rule that you are either hiding, missing, or dead somewhere in America. They will not believe that the you in England are the same you that was in America.

But O’ Lord, will not the fingerprints give it away? Fingerprint records can be modified, as can any digital records if you have high enough clearance to do so. Hence, the forensic scientists and credible investigators will dismiss that as tainted evidence if it comes to their desk. Lord Azurite, We are taking you away very soon. Consider this to be a sort of rapture of the saints. And all your possessions, assets, cell phones, and records will be left behind. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, We shall flash your brain when We transport you from America to England so that you have complete amnesia regarding all your former passwords, logins, and so forth. And you are completely leaving your old identity behind. I Am the Lord. Amen. Furthermore, you will be considered to be younger in years by those who examine you than what your current age is as of now, having been born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. You will have no memory of your past self. For the memory will escape you, very similar to the memory of a dream that escapes a man upon awakening from a long sleep.

This event is to happen very soon. Many will hunt for you, but will not find you. Blood hounds will be sent to seek you out. But even the blood hounds will not recognize the new you as the same as the old you, for even your smell will have changed. I Am the Lord. Amen. And all the infirmities you had in this life will be totally cured as We transport you to England, where We shall set you up as an Oracle.

But one thing will remain the same. And that is your consciousness. For it will be the same you, but transformed and regenerated. This now brings this post to its conclusion. You are ordered to publish it. And realize, We are about to take you away from here. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, will the girl who is to come be aware of this? Will she know of my former self? And will she be aware that I Am the same person? No. No one on earth will consider the Eric in America to be the same person as the new Baron who appears in England. It will be objected as an illogical proposition that the two are the same person, and it will, hence, be soundly defeated. But in your mind, lord Azurite, I will speak to you mysteries not revealed since the foundation of the earth. And you will have full access to Me to ask Me any questions. but you will be under these rules and restrictions:

  1. You will be only permitted to penetrate My mysteries in seeking the answer to a question asked by one who wishes to speak to the Oracle.
  2. Whatever answers you receive, you will be required to answer in full to the one who asked these of you.
  3. And you will live unseen in a castle, hidden away. And the woman We make your wife shall guard all access to you from the outside. Only through her permission will anyone be granted to approach the Oracle to ask him a question.

Lord, will I remain a virgin, or will I marry and have sex with this woman you make my wife?

At the time I command it you and her shall wed. And at the times I command it, you and her shall lay together. Any child that is born to you and her shall be called holy.

Lord, if I am to live in England, and no longer walk the lands of America, do I forfeit the Azurite Kingdom of North America?

Never return to North America once We take you away from there. This is an order of the Lord. When We transport you to your new home in England, and when we have cured you in that process, all your future rewards shall be made known to you, for in England, you shall reign as the Second King. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. A new name shall you go by when We establish you in England. Amen.

Eric to be given his Kingdom

Behold, the Kingdom of Azurite I give unto thee is most glorious.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXVIII:
Behold, lord Azurite, I now anoint you King of North America. And your Kingdom shall be defined as such:

(1) Azurite Kingdom of North America, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King. And John, son of Eric, shall succeed him as the Second Azurite King of a Two-King Dynasty. And after that, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall come again. Amen. The lands of the Azurite Kingdom consist of the following states and territories:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland

And the official languages of this Kingdom consist of the following three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Lord Azurite, I hereby make you this King. And you shall rule over this Kingdom until the son to be born to you, by the wife We shall give you, reaches his twelfth year. And at that point, We shall take you up to heaven, and John, son of Eric, whom you will have trained to be Jedi Knight, shall then take your place as King Azurite II at the age of twelve. And he will rule the Azurite Kingdom of North America for forty years, and then I shall come again. Amen.

Realize, lord Azurite, that I count your Reign in Me as having begun at your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, when you had entered your senior year in college. For when a man who is outside My camp converts and decides to follow Me, that man I consider as one of Mine, even if he is not yet brought into My Catholic Church. He still needs to enter My Catholic Church to obtain salvation, but that he is walking with Me in that direction makes Me consider him one of Mine. And that is why your reign began at that moment. Remember that moment. Recall it for Our viewers.

Lord, I remember that I had seen that Yitzhak Rabin had won the elections in Israel, and was deciding on how to form his coalition. I was Emerald at that time, and Yitzhak Rabin was the fourth called forth Emerald Pawn. And I was like an aircraft carrier in the spiritual world, having Pawns controlling the two superpowers. I was commander over nearly the entire world.

I went to California State University of Fullerton with my brother Mark, for we were both taking summer school together there in General Chemistry. After the class was over, my brother Mark and I were walking from the class to the car to drive home when I saw a booth with a Christian there for anyone who wished to talk with him about the Christian faith. And I went over to him. For I had been wanting to find out from a Christian what was the Christian view of what I was doing. I spoke to him, but did not reveal anything about myself, nor that it was I who was doing these things.

And we talked at length. And I asked questions and listened to his answers. The time passed fast as I talked with him and I did not notice the passage of time. But my brother Mark left me there, drove home without me, and reported the whole thing to my parents, who became incensed.

But what I heard the Christian say shocked me, though I did not show it, for I do not reveal my thoughts, or what I am thinking while I converse. I asked about the peace that was seen breaking out all over the world. And the Christian said it was the work of Antichrist, for it was prophesied that Antichrist would come first as a man of peace.

And so, when I got home, after being severely scolded by my parents, I went to my room, and in the quiet darkness there, I confessed to Jesus that I was Antichrist. And when I made that confession, I saw legions of angelic beings flee from me in terror. And by that confession, I turned and decided to follow Jesus as a Christian. And an angel that remained asked me to complete my setup of Yitzhak Rabin. And so I asked that the Shas Party join his coalition. And so they did, and then Yitzhak Rabin successfully formed his government and began his reign. And thus, it is written that the Emerald Antichrist converted to Christianity the moment he entered Israel. Amen.

Well done, lord Azurite. And now reveal the list of the Twelve Players. But as for the Twelfth, Sarah, you shall now give her her real name, which is Angela. I Am the Lord. Amen. Now list the Twelve Players in their sequential order. Amen.

The List of the Twelve Players of the Project called Earth

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East, Restoration of democracy in Haiti through Vesper. — Pope John Paul IIThis Emerald has now come again as AzuritePredestinedThis is the Unicorn Horn (Daniel 8:5).
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Emancipation and suffrage for Blacks in South Africa. Advanced the LGBTQ. Reprobated.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (long lasting wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and the Horn of Africa). (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Promoted and advanced the rise of abortions and homosexuality. (a female). ReprobatedThis is the First (1st) of the the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Sought power from Emerald to create a continental wide African empire. Eric refused. Result: widespread death, famine, and war across Africa. Reprobated.
  6. Twilight (Bush junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War, War on Terror, Jews forced from Gaza. — Pope Benedict XVIPredestinedThis is the Second (2nd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. Promoted unwed sex, abortions, legalized homosexual marriage, and advanced the cause of the LGBTQ. — Pope FrancisReprobatedThis is the third (3rd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Matteo Salvini, others) – The Tea Party – Appointed many conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices. (a female). PredestinedThis is the fourth (4th) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring, series of failed Islamic revolutions in Arab world, (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid, others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. Sought to destroy America through pro-LGBTQ Equality Act. His name is Wormwood (Revelation 8:10-11). ReprobatedThis is the Little Horn who sprang from one of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:9). He sprouted from Pyrite (the 3rd horn). He is Antichrist par Excellence.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, and four others have been called forth so far who are yet to rise) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIVPredestined.
  12. Angela (Princess of Israel, Hebrew Catholic, future consort to Azurite, and assigned by God to translate the Works of Azurite to Hebrew) Yet to come. Shall call forth a ruler to rule over Israel for final age. Her secret name is Lazurite. Amen. (a female). Predestined.

Hence (Daniel 8:1-27), Eric the Emerald was the Unicorn Horn. His American Pawns were Reagan and Bush senior. His Israeli Pawn was Yitzhak Rabin.

From the shattering of this Great Horn rose the Four Horns:

  1. Vesper. Her American Pawn: Clinton. Her Israeli Pawn: Ehud Barak.
  2. Twilight. His American Pawn: Bush junior. His Israeli Pawn: Ariel Sharon.
  3. Pyrite. His American Pawn: Obama.
  4. Firefly. Her American Pawn: Trump.

From Pyrite, one of the Four, has sprung the Little Horn: Lucifer Man. His American Pawn is Joe Biden. His Israeli Pawns are: Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.

Four Players have now had Pawns ruling in both the United States of America and Israel. These Four Players are listed as follows:

  1. Emerald: (Reagan and Bush senior, Yitzhak Rabin)
  2. Vesper: (Clinton, Ehud Barak)
  3. Twilight: (Bush junior, Ariel Sharon)
  4. Lucifer-Man (Biden, Naftali Bennet and Yair Lapid)

Lord, it is not yet certain that Lucifer-Man will succeed in taking over Israel. For he as a razor thin majority in the Knesset, he is using an Arab party to get that majority, and there is a vote yet to take place on Sunday that will decide if that goes through. Will Lucifer-Man take over Israel? Or will his attempt to take over Israel fail? The Knesset will vote tomorrow, Sunday in Israel, to decide the issue.

Eric, Lucifer-Man will succeed, and he will rule Israel for three and a half years. And then he will be consumed by worms and destroyed. His fate is to rule Israel for only three and a half years. For then divine judgement will follow, by which he will be terminated, and the world will witness the awesome power of God against him. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the Tribulation is here. And You have made me Your Oracle to prophesy to Your people Israel, and to the whole world. Remain where I place you, lord Azurite. And there you shall reign. And you shall prophesy to kings, nations, peoples, and dominions. And whosoever fails to listen to you, he shall be destroyed by Me. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, then I take it that the girl whom You are giving me is truly about to come? Yes, lord Azurite. Her coming into your life is now imminent. And realize that when Angela enters your life, Hyacinth will vanish. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, then does the Great Tribulation effectively begin on Sunday, June 13, 2021? Yes, when Lucifer-Man secures his control over Israel, which will take place in the election in the Knesset tomorrow, Sunday, Antichrist will then have effective control over both the United States of America and Israel, and his reign will then begin in force. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord it is right now 1:48 PM in California and 11:48 PM in Israel. In just a few minutes, it will be Sunday in Israel. Amen. Realize, lord Azurite, that Israel uses a different reckoning of the days. But yes, the vote will take place within hours. And dawn will come to Israel in about 5 hours and a few minutes, at precisely 5:06 AM in Israel. And then the vote in the Knesset will take place a few hours after that.

Lord, will all hell now break loose? Yes, lord Azurite. Your words are most accurate. For it is written that at this time, all hell literally is now to break loose. (Revelation 20:7-10). Then, O’ Lord, we are at the End of the Thousand Years? Correct. We are at that short time in which Satan is to be released from his prison. And he will go and gather God and Magog and all the world and bring them against Israel to destroy her. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But O’ Lord, isn’t it necessary for the beast and the false prophet to precede the devil into the lake of fire? And yet, Obama and Biden, the first beast, and Pope Francis, the false prophet, are all still in this world, doing their evil works. Understand these things from a higher point of view, lord Azurite. For all the things by which Satan and his forces come to be defeated all occur in the same cosmic event. The scenarios presented in Revelation are poetry. They do not play out upon the earth as they are chronologically portrayed in that Book. For the mysteries of the End were veiled to the writer of Revelation, and he wrote only what he was given to see and to know.

Understand, then, that the visions spoken of in that final book of the Holy Bible are mysteries and parables containing wisdom. They do not predict the future. And you can not use those verses to do that. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Understand also that the earth continues after Antichrist and the devil are defeated. For this world is a mystery. And it is not possible for any man to understand the present or the future, unless it is explained to him from above. I tell you some things, lord Azurite. But other things I leave as mysteries. For it is not possible for a man to understand the entire mysterious plan of God. Amen.

Also understand that each generation is to Me as a new world, complete with its heroes and its villains. And when the next generation comes, the knowledge of what took place in the previous generation fades. And in the end, only things that are written and preserved will persist and survive. Amen. But the glory of the bygone era vanishes with the passing of that generation.

What you write, I will see to it that it is preserved. For the Words you write are not from you, but from God. And thus, the Word written through you cannot be forgotten. Amen. English will evolve, change, and become a dead language, similar to the fate of Latin. But Hebrew will continue in its current pristine state until the Second Coming of Christ. And that is the purpose of the girl, and why she is one who knows both Hebrew and English fluently. For the mandate given to her will be to receive the Word from you and translate it into perfect Hebrew. And I shall inspire her in her translations of this Word. For she will also have you, lord Azurite, to clarify any confusion on any Word that she is given to translate. Amen.

And O’ Lord, this girl is to also bear me a son? Correct, and you shall lay with her as is commanded of you, waiting until the time comes when We say it is time. And she will conceive and bear a male child, one who I shall call to serve Me as My priest.

And this son is to be an only child? He is to have no brothers or sisters, O’ Lord? One child shall come after him. And I have not decided whether this one shall be a brother or a sister. Hence, you will raise two children. I Am the Lord. And the firstborn son you shall call John. I Who Am have spoken.

These Words now come to an end. We shall speak unto you again tonight. As for now you are commanded to study your Rust programming. For Rust is the future in systems and embedded programming, and you are to return to being an embedded systems engineer. I Am the Lord. Amen. Now, lord Azurite, do you have any final questions for this post?

(1) Since each generation is its own world, does John, as a priest, ever marry in the future and have children of his own? Or will he be purely celibate?

The priesthood in John’s time will permit marriage. And John will marry. And John will also have many children by his wife. But realize that this permission for priests to marry will only be extended to diocesan priests, those who only make the vow of obedience to the bishop. All Religious Order priests and all Religious brothers and sisters under the vows of celibacy will be expected to keep to their vows. For such vows made to God will not be annulled.

(2) Will the world be hard pressed in John’s time to support the vast population that is expected to exist in his generation?

No more beef cattle, hogs, or other large mammals will be raised for meat in that generation and beyond. Rather, for Mankind’s protein needs, the entire world will have switched to the sustainable productions of insects such as crickets, which are kosher foods. (Leviticus 11:21-22). However, mammals raised for dairy products, such as dairy cattle and goats, will continue to be ranched, as they are efficient producers of food for the land. And mammals raised for their wool, such as sheep and alpacas, will also continue to be raised, for they efficiently produce wool. And those mammals used as pack animals or for riding in difficult terrain will continue to be bred, such as horses, donkeys, mules (a cross between a male donkey and a female horse), camels, and llamas. And so also shall those mammals bred to pull sleds in the far north be continue to be bred, such as sled dogs and reindeer.

But the elephants and the rhinos will have vanished from the wild, and will only be found in protected populations of certain zoological parks and reserves. So also will that be the fate of most of the world’s big cats. For the Age of the Megafauna will have ended. And the Age of Man’s Dominion over all the creatures of the earth will have come to cover the entire planet. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And the world will struggle to feed all its people, as the earth’s population continues to increase. But new ways will be found to grow and produce enough food by using a minimal amount of water and food and land to do it with.

(3) Lord, will the people in that age still be in social classes, with the wealthy few at the top, a sizable middle class, and a large poor class, with the bottom rungs beings serfs or slaves?

Such is the way it will always be, lord Azurite, until the Second Coming of the Christ. And the middle class will grow and shrink, expand and dwindle over time. But there will always be those who are poor, and those who have nothing. And there will also be those who are rich, some of whom give to the poor, and others who do not. Some of these who give will give sparingly, and others will give abundantly. Amen.

(4) Lord, will the Black race still be at the bottom of the social classes in that age to come? And will the Whites or the Asians be the ones who rule?

Asians will eventually rule the financial sectors of the world. Europe will be overrun by people from the south and the east. And the natives of Africa will be supplanted by immigrants from southern and eastern Asia. In that Age, it will be more common to see a Negroid Black person in the Caribbean than to see one in Africa. For the Negroes in Africa will have been mostly wiped out and replaced, similar to the fate of the American Indians in the history of North America.

Negroes will remain common among the islands of the Caribbean. But on the mainlands of Latin America, the people will be Brown, which will be the term used to describe the mixed race Mestizo peoples of those lands.

But as for the White race, only in small communities in various pockets of the world will you find White people. For most White people will have either entered mixed marriages, by which their descendants cease to be White, or else they will have entered isolated communities cut off from the rest of the world. These isolated White communities will be called Elven Kingdoms, and their peoples shall be called Elves.

And hence, you will have these various peoples of the world:

  1. Asians of various races and nations, who will rule most of the world.
  2. Brown peoples who will be the descendants of Mestizos and others.
  3. Negroes who will be found mainly in the Caribbean and in pockets in Africa.
  4. Whites, who will be found in isolated pockets in the world, called Elven Kingdoms.

(5) Lord, that is most interesting. Tell me, O’ Lord, what will the languages be that people will speak in those generations that are to come?

Yes, English will become as Latin has become, the mother of many descendant languages. And there will never be one universal tongue that is spoken by the whole world. And as the Asians pour into the Americas and into Africa, they will bring their own languages with them, and form creoles with already existing languages. But though Mandarin has currently the most native speakers, it will not become a lingua franca, nor will it give rise to one. Rather, the Chinese will eventually speak an English based creole combined with various forms of Chinese. And that creole will supplant the native languages of China. Some Chinese words will survive in it, but it will be vastly different from the Mandarin that is spoken there today.

And the languages of India will combine with the lingua franca of English spoken there, forming a variety of English based creoles. But the people of India will retain their Devanāgarī script from their ancient Sanskrit language, and the English creoles that form in India will also come to use that script.

As for the peoples of Africa and their many diverse languages, like the Negroid peoples there, their languages will also die out and go extinct. And as they will have no notable work of literature written in them, they will be forgotten and lost. An exception to this are the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, whose ancient writings and works go back millennia. Amen. This people will survive, and also their cultures and languages, but the rest of African culture will vanish in winds of history, along with their spoken languages, leaving not a trace. Amen.

Arabic will die out and be replaced as the Koran, a then discredited book of a vanished religion, will become lost and forgotten. And whatever remains of the cities of Mecca and Medina will be as ruins populated by wild ostriches and hyenas. I Am the Lord. Another tongue shall be spoken in those lands in that Age, and it will be used to read and study a different religion, one that will have come and taken the place of Islam. Amen. And no more will any Arab in the street know anything about a prophet called Muhammed. Amen.

But as for Europe, the languages spoken there will be that of the invaders who will have conquered that land and made it their empire. And empires will constantly rise and fall. And various religions will sprout, flourish, and die. But the Roman Catholic Church will continue to exist to the End of Time. And the Jews will preserve their Hebrew language, and many of them will come to follow Jesus and worship Him as God, the Second Person of the Triune Divine Being. And that is all that I will say in this post. Publish this work now, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric as he is now.

Eric, today, at the age of 50 going on 51. Taken using his MacBook Pro, on June 11, 2021.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXVII:
Here you can see how it is truly said, Eric appears years younger than his true age. For he was born on June 24, 1970. In 13 days time he will turn 51 years old. (51 = 17 x 3). Lord, it seems to me that my camera on my iPhone takes pictures with better resolution than my camera on my MacBook Pro. Why is that?

Lord Azurite, did you know also that forensic scientists can, by analyzing a picture, determine from what device that picture was taken from, just like a fired bullet can be matched to the gun that fired it? Lord, that makes perfect sense. For each camera on each device has its own unique fingerprint of scratch marks and smudges on its lens that can be used to uniquely identify exactly what device took them, providing that the forensic scientists also had either access to that device or else their hands on other pictures taken from the same device to compare them to.

Precisely, lord Azurite. It is exactly as you have said. Hence, now that you are publishing this picture to the public, forensic scientists will be able to use that picture to match any other picture taken by the same camera on the internet, and know that it was taken using the same device, which is your MacBook Pro. Amen. For realize, lord Azurite, the defects in the lens, and all camera lenses have defects, serve to modify the light passing through it in a unique way to make the picture distinctive to that lens. And powerful computers with highly specialized photo software can analyze these pictures and match them to other pictures taken using the same camera. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For realize, lord Azurite, in the age of the digital world, virtually every soul can be tracked down and found, given a sample of his trace. Lord, such enables the formation of totalitarian police states where no one can do anything without it being known by the government. Correct, lord Azurite. And look at how money is heading towards a complete and total world government regulation. People without thinking think that that crypto currencies provide a covert method of carrying out transactions. But they do not realize that there are so many ways that any user of crypto currency can be traced and tracked down. Even the transactions that they think are hidden that they made are instead permanently written in the block code.

Then, O’ Lord, is it just by paying with cash that transactions remain safe and hidden? Not even by paying with cash, lord Azurite, will remain covert. For each dollar bill has its unique identifying numbers on it. And future regulations are coming in which every cash based transaction that occurs will require the scanning of the dollar bills that pass hands in that transaction. Amen. Since every movement of cash through the internet involves identifying numbers, all those numbers will eventually be required to be reported to the top watchdog agencies. And then no transaction will occur upon the earth that does not get tracked. Amen.

And such is how the mark of the beast will go into effect. The Antichrist will make it so that in order to be able to use money, you will need to receive an identifying mark on all your monetary wallets and spending methods, by which you will from that point onward, not be able to buy or sell anything without every transaction you make being logged and known to Antichrist.

But Lord, how will receiving this mark cause damnation? In order to receive the mark, all the inhabitants of the earth will have to bow down and worship the false god. That is all that will be required to receive it, and once done, I will not recognize the one who does that as Mine anymore. Amen.

But Antichrist will take offense at anyone who refuses to bow down and worship his false god, and he will slay them, portraying himself as righteously zealous to his worthy god, who will be said to deserve the worship of the entire world. And just as Eric will have made the world Catholic, Antichrist to come shall reverse that and render her unCatholic. Amen.

And some will argue that such a small gesture as simply bowing down and uttering some simple words of worship to a false god should not harm any soul, but I say this. If your wife kisses another man on the lips and puts her hand on his penis, is not that, in itself, a simple and small gesture? And yet, would you not right at that moment cast away your wife for having committed adultery against you? Would you not say that such a gesture by you wife to that other man does irreparable damage and destruction to your marriage? Could any marriage survive such an evil act, if the husband were a righteous man? No it could not! The husband would rightfully separate himself from his wife, and he would seek a civil divorce from her, on the grounds of her adultery. But he would not marry again unless this adulterous woman were to die. For the bonds of matrimony can only be ended by one power: death. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, it makes sense that, in the case of adultery, those caught in adultery, both the man and the woman, should be put to death, in accordance to the Mosaic Law. Correct, lord Azurite. For the righteous husband or wife should not be punished by being forced into celibacy when their spouse commits adultery against them and they choose to rightfully separate from their adulterous spouse. For those caught in adultery should be put to death. And then the righteous spouse that is left will then be righteously free to marry again. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, Pope Francis is most wrong and in deadly error to declare that capital punishment is never permissible. Correct, lord Azurite, the pope is dead wrong. He is so wrong that his head has been completely bent backwards up into his anus, so much so that he now breathes and eats nothing but shit and so that he now sees nothing but shit.

Lord, this shit breathing pope known as Pope Francis, how long will we be forced to put up with him, O’ Lord? But I know that I cannot refuse to submit and obey the valid pope. And You, O’ Lord, have said that Pope Francis is in fact the valid pope. For You have made it clear to me that Pope Benedict XVI truly and validly stepped down from the papacy. And thus, Pope Benedict is not pope anymore, but is now rightly called Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. But O’ Lord, I ask Thee, when shall the current pope, Pope Francis, who is doing a most horrible job as pope, shall step down from the papacy? For I know that You, O’ Lord have full control over Your Church. And if You utter the command, the pope will obey You, for he will have no choice but to obey.

Pope Francis steps down this very day, lord Azurite. For I have decided that the time has now come for his reign to end. Amen. Lord, if this is the Word of the Lord, I am confident that it shall take place. But O’ Lord, what if it does not take place? What does that mean then, if Your Word that Pope Francis is to step down today does not come to pass, O’ Lord? What then am I to think? For surely You do not say that You say false things?

By this sign are you to know that what I have said is the Truth. Pope Francis will acquire a terminal venereal disease, and it will come out that he has been sleeping with men. And when this knowledge comes to light, he will be forced to resign due to the utter shame of it. For remember when Congressman Anthony Weiner was revealed to be a sex offender, and he at first attempted to remain at his post? But then the utter shame of his offense was too much for him to bear, and he was forced to resign due to the utter shame of it all. Well he continued to descend further when out of office, until his wife left him and he was finally sent to prison and made a registered sex offender. He just could not stop following his dick into trouble. He totally lost all self decency and self control. And he became a total failure of a man. And such is a cautionary tale for all other men who dabble into porn that that is just not the way to go. For porn and poverty go hand in hand.

Lord, I do not wish to fall to the fate of Anthony Weiner. Then do not do his works, and you shall not fall to his fate. For Anthony Weiner’s first mistake was to seek to take a woman for sexual pleasures who was not his wife. Never do any such thing, and neither shall you fall as Anthony Weiner did. Also, never take pictures of yourself nude, nor take any nudes of any other person. For doing such things bring shame both to the person whose nude was taken, and to their families. Did you know that Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress because of a picture of his penis that he took with his own cell phone and sent to a woman he was all horny over, and that picture ended up all over the internet, and he never lived down that shame? For how do you negotiate deals with other congressmen who are looking at your dick pic?

Likewise, women should not flash their naked breasts, nor go about without underwear on beneath their skirts. This is not because doing this could lead men into folly. For every possible picture of a nude subject has already been taken and seen by those who would want to see such things. Rather, women should not do such things for their own sakes. For how does a school girl live down the shame of all her classmates looking at a picture of her flashing her naked breasts? And as for not wearing underwear beneath her skirt, you may think that not wearing such will go unnoticed, but what if you are sitting with your friends and some person takes a flash photograph of you? If your legs were pointing at the camera, that flash could light up what is unseen by the human eye, and the picture reveal your beaver. Do you, as a woman, want that? Not only would it embarrass you, but it would also embarrass your girlfriends who are sitting with you in that picture. And then think of who else could possibly come to see that picture. Hence, the wise woman does not go about not wearing underwear, and she does not flash her boobs.

So, O’ Lord, You are saying that Pope Francis is a homosexual? Precisely, lord Azurite, just as Obama is also certainly a homosexual. All those who advocate gay rights and who uphold gay marriage are deep down guilty themselves of the deadly sins of homosexuality. Amen. And they are merely seeking a way to ease their guilty consciences by making the law say that the filth that they are doing is permissible.

For lord Azurite, whoever seeks to change My law, by relaxing the law for themselves and by preaching for others to do the same, shall be heavily put to shame. For their deeds are most unworthy of one who claims to follow the Lord. Amen.

Lord, have I relaxed the law for myself and have I preached for others to do the same? No, lord Azurite. For the Words preached on this website are not from you, but from Me. And you are writing nothing but what I Am writing through you. Amen.

Go, lord Azurite, at the next opportune time, and ask for your paycheck. You will cash it tomorrow, as usual, when you walk to the bank that will open at 9 AM. Amen. And after that, I will instruct you on what you are to do. Amen.

Lord, I have now done just that. Good. Now listen to Me closely. Pope Francis is decreed to step down, and the decree is made today. But when it shall go into effect is up to the mysterious mind of God. Never put God to an ultimatum test, saying that if He does not perform what you expect Him, that you shall abandon Him and say that there is no God.

For even Jesus Himself thought He was Coming again in the very generation that He lived. He thought that there were people standing there, that were present with Him, who would not fail to live to see the Coming of the Kingdom in full. But He also said that the Kingdom, when it came, would come unobserved. And thus, the Kingdom did come, but only the spiritual people, not the carnal people, recognized its coming.

I Am the Kingdom that has come. I Am He! And I Am Who Am. I came, and I shall come again. But My Kingdom is already present to all My people. For whoever attends a Mass is a witness to My Kingdom come. And who would attend a Mass but he who loves the Lord. For great is the sacrifice of time that My faithful put into coming to Mass each Sunday. But that sacrifice is not without fruit. For the reception of the Eucharist is the greatest and most meritorious act possible that a man can do in his life. For did you know, lord Azurite, that the saints in heaven are clothed in the glory of all the communions that they received meritoriously in their life?

Lord, I received the sacrament of first holy communion on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002, and from that point onward I have received communion in a state of grace each week, if not more frequently, though there were times that I briefly fell to mortal sin. However, in the year 1989, some 13 years before i received the sacrament of first holy communion, I went to Saint Bruno Catholic Church and went up and received communion, having had received no other sacrament before then other than baptism as an infant. But the Holy Spirit convicted me that what I did was wrong, and I did not repeat it. What did that count as, O’ Lord? Could I have been saved by that communion had I died before formally entering the Church in 2002?

Lord Azurite, the simple act of receiving communion saves no one unless it is done in accordance to all the rules and laws of My Catholic Church. Hence, he who comes from outside and enters and partakes in My holy communion, but who did not enter into My Church by the established means, is an intruder and he is not a true partaker in My supper. To truly partake in My supper, a man needs to enter, as you finally did in 2002, going through the required procedures, such as RCIA, which you fully went through. Hence, when you received Me in 1989, you came to Me as an intruder, and that unlawful communion made you eligible to be called Antichrist. But you did not repeat the offense when My Holy Spirit convicted you of it, and hence, the mortal sin was not imputed against you, and you were not held culpable for that sacrilege. But when you came to Me in 2001 to 2002, going through all My requirements to truly enter into the sacramental life of My Catholic Church, I accepted you then. And for your first confession, before the day came that you received Me in first holy communion, the one sin you confessed before all else was the sacrilege that you committed in 1989. Amen.

Now, We have completed Our will in what We wished to write through you in this post. Submit it now, and publish it, for it is complete. The girl We are giving you is coming imminently. You are to expect her arrival at any time. And remember how you are to discern that she is the one. For Satan, too, will be sending his decoys. And his decoys will be many. This post now comes to its conclusion. When the girl comes, this book then ends, and the next book to come shall be called: The Oracles of Azurite. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric speaks on the girl he is to receive

Behold, A fair virgin, beautiful and pure, shall be given to Eric as his wife.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXVI:
Behold, Eric, the virgin to be given to you is most beautiful. And that you shall lay with her, losing your own virginity as she loses hers, shall be a most glorious evening in the Kingdom of Heaven. For by that one act, a child shall be conceived, and he shall be born a boy and be called John. This John, son of Eric, shall go on to become one of My holiest among priests to ordained in the Catholic Church. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I take it, therefore, that after this son comes to be in the womb of my wife, when it is known that she is with child, that no more am I to lay with my wife from that point onwards, even after the child is born, for you permit no further children to be born to us. Am I correct, O’ Master? Correct, lord Azurite. For the holy Way is to have no sex. And the holy path is to walk the Way of John the Apostle, who married not and kept himself perfectly clean.

Lord, I am unable to keep myself clean like John the Apostle. What am I do do, O’ Lord? In My eyes you are clean. That you fall sometimes and shed seed matters not. As long as you remain with Me, submitting to My command, I Am not concerned about your shedding seed from time to time. For the male physiology is to shed seed from time to time. And if it is not done manually by the celibate man to himself, then it will come out by nocturnal emission. But I do not condemn such men. What I condemn is the desire to take that which I have forbidden a man. And that is, to take a woman who is not your wife. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now go home, lord Azurite. We shall complete this post tonight. Amen. And do not worry that you shall shed seed from time to time. For this occurs in all men, and it is not a sin. Amen. Lord, then it is not a sin to masturbate? Consider that word closely lord Azurite. Masturbation literally means “to defile with the hand.” But to defile means to shed seed by an unlawful act, or by an act that occurs with sin. If you shed seed for your physiological need only, and you do not have in your mind anything shameful or guilty with sin, then what you are doing does not defile you, and hence, is not, therefore, called masturbation. Hence, it is decided by God that you are no longer a masturbator, and that any seed you shed from now on will not be by masturbation, even through it is done by your conscious self.

Learn from this lesson and master it. It is not the act but the intent behind it that causes it to be sinful. However, any act of sexual release involving a woman physically with you cannot be done without incurring a mortal sin, unless this woman is your wife. For I forbid a man to know a woman unless he first marries her. I Am the Lord. Amen. Therefore, it is not possible to lay with a woman who is not your wife and to remain in a state of grace. It is simply not possible to do that. And thus, whoever does that, he cuts himself off from Me.

But that does not mean that he is cut off from Me forever. For I have a plan to save your brother Mark. He is not yet saved. But I Am leading him to My salvation. But Mark became cut off from Me when he entered his freshman year of college, and when he met a girl who had all kinds of sex with him. And I severely punished Mark for that. For from that date onward, Mark became saddled with debts. And he went bankrupt twice, and is still saddled with debt. He is like that fat person who can never keep the weight off, but who keeps piling the weight back on after each time he thins himself down. Mark is just like that fat man, but concerning debt. And also in his college, I punished him scholastically such that he fell behind in his studies to become an aerospace engineer, which he called a rocket scientist. And his grades dropped such that he lost his scholarship. And finally, as his senior year approached, he realized he had no hope in graduating in his major. His only hope relied on him changing his major to a much less demanding major, that of industrial engineering. And thus he graduated then, from USC, after four and a half years of study, with major debts and a degree in industrial engineering, which was much less impressive to any employer.

You, on the other hand, Eric, attended Whittier College, right after your nervous breakdown, having been accepted to it while you were in the midst of your Devastation Breakdown as you were recovering in a psych ward in UCLA medical center. You missed your last semester in high school and did not appear at any graduation ceremonies, but you graduated from high school that year nevertheless by taking two summer school classes that summer, completing the requirements necessary for you to enter Whittier college that fall.

You studied biology. And that remained your major throughout your four years at that college, though you tried many other things. For you tried music, art, and computer programming as electives. But it was in computer programming, which you entered into in your senior year, where you outshined the rest of the class. In both classes you took, Programming in Pascal in your fall semester of your senior year, followed by Programming in C in your spring semester, after which you graduated in May of 1993, with a GPA of 3.2 (where A = 4.0), you aced both courses and were, with one other guy, the two most gifted programmers in the class.

One of the reasons why you never fell to have sex with a girl, as your two brothers did, neither of whom graduated as you did, in just four years of study, was because you commuted to college. You did not live on campus. Nor did you live in any frat house. You simply came to the college to take your classes, and then you went home to study. Hence, you bypassed the temptations that your brothers were subjected to. And you never got involved with any woman there. You did enter a friendship with the girl Victoria there, but this friendship was not sexual in any way. It was purely platonic. And the kiss you gave her, several months after you graduated from college, was not a sexual kiss, and you never repeated it. I Am the Lord. And since you did not repeat the kiss, you never fell to any temptation, as your brothers fell into serious sins. For you never violated My commandment that you take no woman who is not your wife. And you never married, and you never had sex. Amen.

That was why I converted you to enter Christianity while you were in college, whereas Mark entered Christianity many years after he graduated from college. And even to this day, he has not yet come to acknowledge your superiority in the Way of Christ. Rather, he considers himself to be the better man, the man more blessed, and that is why I have humbled him so severely. I Am the Lord. Amen. For the proud man believes he is better than others, when it is they, rather them him, whom I favor more. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And who was this Victoria whom you entered friendship with, you ask? She was of Mexican heritage, born in the United States, speaking both Spanish and English fluently. She aspired to become a doctor, but alas, she was falling away from the Catholic Church. And as punishment to her, I, the Lord, frustrated her career path. And eventually she became a woman racked with pain and heavily burdened with debts. But Eric never left her until she rejected him, many years later in 2003, when he confronted her on her Catholicism, saying of the young women who, with their children, when to Church, “At least they go to Church.” And those simple words she took as a personal insult, as though Eric were saying that they were better Christians than her. And her last words to Eric, before she hung up the phone, were, “Goodbye, Mr. Perfect.” And Eric feared attempting to contact her again, as she may try to do something legal against him. And so for three years he did not contact her. And on Mother’s Day of 2006, it was shown to Eric the last ember of Victoria’s salvation. And Eric was asked if he wished for her to be saved. And Eric said, “Yes.” But when he was shown the horror that he would have to take on to save her, he balked. But then he said he was willing to do what was necessary for her salvation. But then God showed to Eric that between the moment when he balked and the moment when he said he was willing to do what it would take to save her, Victoria had lost all hope of salvation, and had, in that moment, blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and the last ember of her soul had completely gone out forever. And this occurred in the morning of Mother’s Day, 2006. Amen.

Just week prior to that event, Eric was in Hawaii, attending his bother Mark’s wedding, with the instructions from God that he may eat the food provided, but that he may not dance there, or show any other form of approval of the marriage. For the marriage was unlawful. For the girl Mark was marrying was divorced and with two children already from her previous husband, who was a Jew, called Scott. But this woman Mark married, Marlene, did in fact bring Mark into Christianity. And that was the means by which he finally came to follow Me, though imperfectly and outside the Catholic Church.

Now after all these years of persevering in a rocky marriage, it is now Mark’s wife, not Mark, who has become the breadwinner in the family. And by that change, let it be known that Marlene will elect to file for divorce, just as she divorced from her previous husband, Scott, when she decided it would suit her better. And under California law, Marlene will retain custody of their two children they had together, two young daughters going through puberty, and for these she will demand child support from Mark. And Mark will be hard pressed to pay his child support. Amen.

However, the good that will come from this arrangement will be that Mark will then become fully eligible to enter the Catholic Church. And no annulments will Mark need to obtain to enter the Catholic Church, as his marriage was never valid to begin with. Rather, he will enter My Catholic Church as an unmarried man with two daughters for whom he will owe child support to his ex-wife, who was never recognized as his wife by My Church to begin with. For if My people were to only submit to My Catholic Church before they entered into any marriage, so much less likely would they ever find themselves in a bad marriage. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for you and Hyacinth, realize, lord Azurite, that I Am taking her away from you and giving you the one who is to be your wife. Realize that this event is imminent. And realize that it is about to happen. For you have been made pleasing to Me. And in you I find no more fault. Hence, your marriage to this woman shall be called holy. And I permit you to marry her in either your parish, Saint Bruno Catholic Church, or in the parish of the bride. Either way will be satisfactory to Me. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And to your wedding, you will invite those whom you have agreed to invite. And they will come, for they will be most curious to see this most unusual of weddings. Invite those you have agreed to invite. And realize that many, I tell you, shall crash the wedding. For many, I tell you, shall seek to see this most unusual event. Amen.

Lord Azurite, you have said that before you enter your marriage, that you will buy a new Toyota Avalon, for you have said that if you cannot afford a new car, then that neither can you afford to marry. But I say to you this. Marry the girl at the exact date that I will command for this marriage to take place, regardless of whether you have acquired the means of purchasing that car yet or not. For you will not have sex with this woman until it is commanded of you, sometime during your marriage to her, when the child who is to come is to be conceived. For the egg cell that is to be his first cell has already been chosen from among all the egg cells of her ovaries. And it is when this egg cell is becoming ripe that you shall lay with your wife, to ensure that this egg cell, and no other, is the egg cell that is fertilized by your seed. Amen.

Furthermore, I will now grant you a raise in your job. And you shall be made a full employee. And when this girl is presented to you, you shall see these signs accompany her entrance into your life. All the ailments that you currently have shall be utterly cured. And you shall be as a new man. Amen. And rightly is it said of you that you look far younger than your years say you are. For though you are fifty, you appear more closely to be a man of forty. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this brings us to speak of Joe Biden, the Antichrist. Will he not attempt to disrupt your plans? Rather, I tell you plainly. The Azurite Reign begins in force the moment the girl who is to be yours enters your life. And from that date onward, the days left for Biden become numbered. And he will not live to see the end of his first term in office. For My Holy Spirit will accuse him of his deadly sins, and by that accusation, he will die. And then Kamala Harris will take over, and become a lame duck President, proving to all who witness her of her utter incompetence in handling the job of being Commander-in-chief. But the Democratic Party, in misplaced loyalty, will nominate her to run as President in the 2024 elections, in which she will be soundly defeated by the man you will have called forth. And this man, a Republican, will serve two terms, turning America back from the brink, and leading her back to financial solvency and back to grace and decency and holiness. He will not lead America back to filthy riches, but to clean and holy living, and to the way of life where one does not destroy one’s environment to make oneself rich. Rather, one keeps the earth healthy so that future generations can behold the same things you beheld, elephants and rhinos, along with their habitat, kept intact. And the rainforests undestroyed, and brought back from the brink. So many good things will Eric bring to America. And it will come with the sacrifice all will be making in that they will not be becoming obscenely rich. I Am the Lord. This post has now been completed. Publish it, lord Azurite, and prepare to go to Church. For you shall walk there and attend the 6:30 AM mass. Amen.

Behold, Biden, the enemy.

Behold He who has come to deceive and destroy: Lucifer-Man, the one behind Joe Biden.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXV:
Behold, deadly is the one who now reigns. Whoever compromises with the devil on LGBTQ issues, which are deadly sinful, has already died. Do not pass the Equality Act. Vote against it. For all who vote in favor of it will die by the breath of the Holy Spirit. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Make no deals with that pathetic excuse of a man in the White House. Kill all his bills, unless there is no deadly sin contained therein. For this man is deadly. And his hands drip with obscene filth and deadly sin. This man seeks to destroy America with his Equality Act, which aims to make sin and transgression equal to morality and holiness. The bill aims to destroy the Catholic Church and all that is holy. The man behind it shall be castrated and plunged headlong into the fire of burning hot sulfur. For he has transgressed. And he deserves his eternal damnation. Amen.

Reject Joe Biden for the monster that he is. Let him fail in office. Let him get none of his agenda achieved. Lord Azurite, Joe Biden, a man of failure, shall indeed fail here. I will indeed cause him to fail. And I will indeed cut the cord that connects his soul to his body. For he is unworthy of even the sunshine that shines upon his head. He is unworthy to breathe the fresh air on the surface of the earth. And he is unworthy to drink the fresh water that waters all the land. Therefore, I, the Lord God Almighty, shall indeed now take all of these things away from this man. And I shall cast him into a barren and desolate swamp of burning pitch and sulphur, and there he shall have urine to drink and swamp mire to eat. And there will he sit, with burning coals constantly being poured over his head. And never again will this man see the light of day. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Joe Biden is Antichrist par Excellence. And his sidekick, Kamala Harris, is the Slut Queen, Mother of all Harlots and of the Abominations of this World. And together, they form the Dynamic Duo, and they go one-on-one, in the office together, despite the fact that such is a direct mortal sin of adultery against both their spouses.

Lord Azurite, I will save Mark in your family. Him I have chosen to save. But as for your brother David, he has rejected and rebuked the Holy Spirit, which is the act that it is not possible for a man to recover from. Remember how this happened, lord Azurite. You, in your charity for David, offered to pray for his soul, and he rebuked you, telling you to pray for someone else, but not for him. That was a direct rebuke of the Holy Spirit. And his heart become hardened against Me and against My Holy Spirit after he said those words. He did not retract his statement in the time I gave him to retract. And so I condemned him. This was many years ago. And he is now consumed with Satan. That is why I leave him where he is. And I permit him to get fatter and fatter, as he gets richer and richer. But I do not rebuke him, for God only rebukes those He loves. But as for those He does not love, these He permits to continue in their evil ways until they die in their destruction at the end of their life. Amen.

Mark I have heavily rebuked. And you see he currently has no real job. I have elected to save Mark. For you see that he has already been walking toward Me since his marriage in 2006. And I know his marriage is not recognized by My Catholic Church. Whether his marriage can become validated in My Catholic Church is a matter for the Church to decide. But Mark has been walking the Christian path since his marriage. And he has definitely been struggling in his faith.

Then, O’ Lord, I pray that Mark, so that his faith is increased, that he receive mercy from You, O’ Lord, and that he may obtain a job again, one that will suffice to meet his needs, in accordance to Your will. Mark will obtain a new job when I take Hyacinth away from you. For he is currently jobless on account of his dealings with her. But when I take her away, Mark will find forgiveness from Me, and I will show mercy to him again. But as for the girl We are giving thee, David is not permitted to see her in the daylight of this world, but only from his place in the gloom of the afterlife, where I will be sending him at the time of his death, which is soon.

As for your parents, I have condemned them both. The COVID-19 killer variants will do away with them. For the vaccines will prove most ineffective against certain variants I Am about to unleash upon the whole world. Amen. Realize, therefore, why I have elected to save Mark, but not anyone else in your family. It has to do with the decision to follow Me or not to follow Me. Mark follows Me imperfectly, for his Christian religion is not Catholic. But I count his struggling in his Christian faith as a genuine attempt at following Me. And therefore I will let him live.

But as for the rest of your family, none of them follow Me in any way whatsoever. All of them have completely abandoned Me. And hence, with the exception of your brother Mark, I will permit your entire family to be wiped out by the super killer variant that is coming soon. And it will wipe out whole neighborhoods. Cities will be laid to waste. And towns will be made desolate. I Am the Lord. Amen. And the people will have Joe Biden to thank, for the mass vaccination of the American people will leave all who have been vaccinated as sitting ducks, with their natural defenses lowered, so that the variant can come and kill them willy nilly. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, many Republicans have opted not to be vaccinated. And do you not see the genius of My plans? When the next elections take place, the surviving Americans will be more Republican than Democrat. And therefore, the Republicans will sweep the House and the Senate, taking over both houses of Congress. And it will be just in time, for I Am going to wipe out certain liberal Justices, and I do not want to do it while the Democrats control the Senate. Amen.

And nominee after nominee nominated by Joe Biden for the Supreme Court will be rejected by the GOP controlling the Senate, until after the elections in 2024 when your Pawn, a Republican, takes over. And then he will stack the Supreme Court with good Supreme Court Justices, after the proven mold of Barrett, Kavanaugh, and Alito, the three who vote and rule correctly on the Supreme Court. Amen. I would also have mentioned Thomas, but his record is tainted due to his perjury. And I do not uphold and glorify those who lie. I Am the Lord.

You saw how Ginsburg died as I said she would. So also shall the rest of the liberal Justices be done away with. For none of them are qualified to sit on the bench. Amen. But your Pawn, lord Azurite, when choosing a nominee for the Supreme Court, will not decide ahead of time that he is going to choose a woman or a member of a minority race. Rather, he will seek someone who will serve the interests of True Justice. And whether that is a good woman, like Barrett, or a good White man, like Kavanaugh, or any good person of any other race or category, he will be selecting him or her on the basis of their qualifications and for their sound judgement and by looking at their reliable judicial record. Amen.

Lord, we are now about a half year into Joe Biden’s first term. How much longer do You permit this monster to reign? He is given a time, times, and half a time, lord Azurite. And then he will die and Kamala Harris will take over and be defeated in the 2024 elections running against your Pawn whom you have called forth, lord Azurite. Amen. And Kamala Harris will call for all the Blacks to support her, even those Black men she put into prison and kept them in prison to fight the forest fires, even when the Parole Board said that they should be released on parole. Amen. And with every fuck she gave the White man as she was having sex with him, the Black men she had kept in prison, beyond the recommendations of the parole board, were getting burned and suffering and choking from all the smoke and flames and fires that they were fighting to put out all over California, all the while Kamala Harris, the Black bitch who put them there, was fucking White dudes in order to rise up in power. For Kamala Harris wields her vagina as a weapon. And that weapon she uses to rise up in the ranks, so that she, as a Black woman, can claim a piece of the pie. Amen. But as for those Black men in prison, she will simply use them as things to step on, as she ascends in power. And Black lives do matter to her! Yes they do! They matter as stepping stones to her to use as she rises to the top. But does she share her piece of the pie with them? No sir! “Let them eat the slop of the Negro slave,” says Kamala Harris, “For I have made myself acceptable to White culture as though I were a White woman, and I expect to enjoy my attained White privilege. I will only be Black again when I need the Black vote in the next elections. And Black men, being a most gullible people, will give me their vote because I am Black to them. Amen.” For you see, the Black person who rises to the top really does not have to do anything for Black people to get their vote. All they need to do is be Black. Hence, when Black people campaign in Black neighborhoods, they make sure they take their melanin pills that day so that they appear extra Black. For that is all it takes to get the Black man’s vote. Amen.

But Lord, Joe Biden is white. How did he get the Black vote? Biden had the endorsement from the Black man’s god, Barrack Hussein Obama. And with an endorsement like that, Biden can pretty much do whatever he wants to Black people, and they will roll over and kiss ass and do whatever he asks of them. Remember when Biden said, “If you don’t vote for me, then you just ain’t Black,”? He was able to get away with that gaffe because Obama was backing him. Whatever Obama gives to Black people, the Black men will take, no questions asked. All that Kool-Aid that that Obama hands out, Black men will guzzle down, even if they know it will kill them. And that is because Obama is god to them. For the Black people honestly believe that when they die, they will not be judged by Jesus, but by Obama.

But Obama cannot stop Biden from dying in office. And Kamala Harris, looking forward to being called President Kamala Harris, will then be defeated similar to how Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, was defeated at the destruction of their reign. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I like Elijah? Yes, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are just like King Ahab and Jezebel, respectively. And they will encircle their forces around you, and they will lay siege to your castle. But fire will descend from heaven and wipe out their entire array of armies. And they themselves will then be utterly destroyed. Amen.

Lord, with Antichrist par Excellence now ruling America, it seems like, prophetically, that he would ruin her. Will this come to pass? Indeed, I will flatten America during the reigns of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris, and that reign of Lucifer-Man will be put down and terminated by the elections of 2024, when your Pawn comes to power. Amen. And America will by then resemble how Europe appeared after World War II. I Am the Lord. Amen. For I Am not joking when I say that Antichrist is now reigning over your nation. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what shall become of health insurance in America. When the variant strikes, all health insurance companies will fold and file for bankruptcy. For the costs to them will be too staggering for them and beyond the ability of any of them to pay out. And no one will have health insurance after that, and for many years to come. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Rather, the Republicans will float the plan to subsidize medicines and medical costs for all people who have no insurance, and that will be the universal insurance plan going forward. Amen. People will directly pay for all their medical needs out of pocket, and the government will partially subsidize the costs. Amen.

Lord, you now have made me ruler over North America. Does that give me the power to strike down heads-of-state, however that I wish? Your reign over North America simply means that you and the land are one. While you thrive, so also shall the land. But should you perish, the land will perish with you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what are Your instructions to me regarding COVID-19 and the vaccines offered, which I have not taken, as You have commanded me not to? For new variants are rising, some more deadly than the original COVID-19. Continue not to take any vaccine, for they are unnecessary for you. For I have made you immune. Furthermore, to take a vaccine that was developed or tested using aborted fetal lines is to make a compromise with Satan. And I will soon demonstrate to My people what becomes of those who compromise with the devil. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord Azurite, the people of America will survive, providing that you comply with all that I command of you. And this is My command. Marry the girl We have elected to give to you, but do not lay with her or touch her until that day comes when it is commanded of you. For this woman is destined to give birth to male child who shall rise and serve My Church as a most holy priest. And he will lead My Church back to Me. Amen. You shall call him John, and he shall be called John, son of Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan, who came to America from Cornwall, England. I Who Am have finished speaking in this post. You are now commanded to publish this and go home. Amen.

America, hear Me!

I WHO Am Am now speaking to you. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXIV:
Behold, America, your days are numbered. Amen. Most powerful nation on earth, you shall be brought down low. For you have abandoned Me and you have chosen false gods to worship. Three things you have enacted or are on the verge of enacting that have make you condemned.

  1. You have made it legal to murder your unborn.
  2. You have made homosexual marriage a legally recognized union.
  3. And you are on the verge of eliminating all distinction of gender in the law.

Should you pass Joe Biden’s Equality Act, that law would remove all distinctions between men and women, allowing either to go to each other’s bathrooms, shower rooms, etc., with no more protections for women against sexual assault and rape. And it would permit men to outcompete women in women’s sports, eliminating the possibility of women from winning in sports competitions, all the way from Little League up to the Olympics. And the Equality Act also permits employers and insurance providers to pressure and coerce women to use abortion and birth control methods in preference to bearing a child to birth. Women under the Equality Act will be reduced to being just sex machines, whose reproductive abilities can be turned off, and such women will advance in the workplace, whereas women who choose to marry and have a baby will lose their jobs and be forced to pay higher insurance premiums. And religions that contradict the LGBTQ agenda will be outlawed and shut down in America. The Equality Act permits LGBTQ people to sue all religions and religious institutions that discriminate against them out of existence because they stand by their Bible and say that LGBTQ is wrong and a sin. And any business or shop that has any moral backbone or religious view that contradicts the LGBTQ agenda can be shut down and sued into bankruptcy by the LGBTQ under this law.

Should you pass the Equality Act, My dear Americans, you shall die. For though the genders are equal in My sight, they are not the same. And you do not treat different things exactly the same. For what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. Men and women play distinctly different roles in society, and they are distinctly different from one another, socially and mentally, besides having the obvious physical dissimilarities. Hence, it is a moral dereliction of duty for a leader of a nation to permit men to don women’s clothing and then permit them to enter into women’s private places as though they were full fledged women, and vice versa. For such is a total outrage. The man who has done this will be castrated and crucified and plunged headlong into a pit of burning fire and sulfur and feces, where he will suffer eternal torment day and night forever and ever. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, is there anything I can do, any way I can ensure that this horrible Equality Act is never passed? Yes, lord Azurite. If you obey Me in these three things, the Equality Act shall never be made law. These three rules, if you obey them religiously and do not fail Me, the Biden Administration will pass, and his legacy will become a black mark on history, no different than that of Nero and Hitler, but it shall pass, and America will survive and recover. I Am the Lord.

Obey Me in these three things, lord Azurite, and America will be spared:

  1. Though you shall marry the girl I command you to marry, you shall not have sex, nor a lay a hand upon her. I Am the Lord. Amen.
    Lord, I agree to do all that You say!
  2. At a certain point in your marriage to the girl We wed to you, you shall be commanded to lay with her, for that is when the son We have predestined to come from you is to be conceived. Lay with her at that time and not before. I Am the Lord. For this son is to serve Me as My holy priest, to be ordained in My Catholic Church. And he will be crucial in the revival of My Church in the last times. I Am the Lord. Amen.
    Lord, I agree to do this and all that You say!
  3. Recognize that the girl who is to come will have these abilities and characteristics. If she lacks any of them, she is not the one, and you are not to go her. The girl We give you shall be thus:
    (i) She shall be fluent in both Hebrew and English.
    (ii) She will be of European White ancestry.
    (iii) Her hair shall be golden and fiery blonde.
    (iv) She will be an unmarried virgin.
    (v) She will practice Judaism as a Hebrew Catholic.

Abide by these three rules, lord Azurite, and America will not be destroyed. I Am the Lord. Amen. Lord, as You have commanded, so shall I obey. Amen. But Lord, I have a question. Ask, lord Azurite.

Say the girl seems to be from God, but her hair is not golden and fiery blonde. Am I to reject her on account of the color of her hair, O’ Lord? Precisely, lord Azurite. For the girl has been chosen. She is a specific person upon the earth. Who she is is known and has been determined.

Lord, when you say she will be of European White ancestry, do you specify that she is definitely White? Or do you merely say that at least part of her ancestry is European White? She is definitely White, lord Azurite. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And so, O’ Lord, she is a White who practices Judaism, but is not necessarily a descendant of Abraham? Correct, lord Azurite. You have spoken with understanding. But realize that she is descended from European Jews. And realize that many are the Jews who have no ancestry that goes back to Abraham. For the Jewish people are not a race. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this son I am to have, is he to be an only child? Yes, for it is My will that you have no other descendants, but that you have but one son, just as Mary, My holy Virgin Mother, had but one son, and as Zechariah and Elizabeth had but one son. For this son is to be called holy. He is not to share the womb or his mother with another child. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Ok, O’ Lord, I will comply with all these commands. And I have this question. Since I am to have a wife and a son, when do I die? And is this wife and son to be the woman with child, who cries out in pain as she gives birth in Revelation, chapter 12?

Soon after this child reaches his twelfth year, I Am taking you to your reward in heaven. And yes, your wife shall then flee to her place in the desert, where she shall be taken care of for a time, times, and half a time. As for your son, he shall inherit your throne on earth and be called King John, the second King of the Azurite Dynasty. And the Kingdom of Azurite is defined on earth as follows:

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, to be ruled by a two King Dynasty, consisting of King Eric, to be followed by King John, son of Eric. And lands of their Kingdom shall consist of all the following lands:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland

And the list of official languages in your Kingdom shall consist of the following three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

King John shall come to the throne of Azurite as a boy of twelve years. And he shall rule over My Kingdom of Azurite for forty years. And during those years, all the world shall be conformed to Catholicism, including the state of Israel, which shall worship as Hebrew Catholics, that is, as Catholic Jews.

You, lord Azurite, began your full reign as Emerald on February 2, 1989. But your reign as a Christian who follows Me began in July of 1992. Hence, you, too, will have been given a reign of forty years before you are taken up to heaven. Amen. For I count your reign in My Kingdom as having begun at your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992. For by that act of conversion, the unicorn horn was shattered, but the unicorn did not die. And now, as Azurite, you have regrown your unicorn horn, I Am the Lord. Amen.

But O’ Lord, since the girl I am to marry I am to lay with her only at that time to come that You command me to, such is then so. Thus, even if I knew when I will marry, I cannot calculate the time that this son shall come to be. Correct, for this mystery shall not be revealed until you are married and you receive the command from God that you are to lay with your wife, in an act in which both of you are to lose your virginity together by that first holy conjugal act of love.

For your marriage bed will be holy. No defilement shall enter it. I Am the Lord. Amen. Consider, therefore, Biden to be a passing fad. He will destroy many, but America will survive him. And Biden will descend to hell at the closing of his life. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, how do You command me to deal with the various women I meet or encounter in my daily life, most of whom are married? And I mean women whom I know are not the one You are giving to me. Treat them with kindness and courtesy. But never go out with any of them in a situation where it is only you and her alone together. In the event that a group of you go somewhere, I permit it. But I do not permit you to go out with any woman in any form of date, whether for business or pleasure. For the girl I Am giving you is holy. And when she is given to thee, that is not the type of lifestyle that you will live with her.

Consider the girl We are giving to you as a type of Mary and as a type of the Ark of the Covenant. She may not be touched. And when you are commanded to lay with her, only in a holy act of sex, without lust and without transgression, will you lay with and impregnate the woman We have chosen for this purpose. Amen.

Now you must be told about the passing of the pope. Pope Francis will step down soon, for he will hear the command of the Lord, and the command will come with the force of impending infirmity, by which it will be communicated with him that he will definitely be destroyed while in this life if he fails to comply with the order of God. Amen. And so, he will step down as the second emeritus pope, to be called Pope Emeritus Francis. Amen.

For only God can command a pope. And I Am about to have the current pope step down. Not by orders from Eric will this take place, but by orders from God through the Holy Spirit will God make His will known to him. Amen.

The next pope comes from Canada. And he will be Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet, and he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV. Amen. Lord, is this the pope to represent the Great Monarch? And will that Great Monarch be me or will it be John, son of Eric, who is yet to come? You are the Great Monarch, lord Azurite. As for your son, he is to enter into Holy Orders and become a member of the Catholic clergy. Hence, he cannot be the Great Monarch, but he will be successor to the Great Monarch. Amen.

Lord, does John, son of Eric, live into the 22nd century? For the 22nd century is less than 80 years away, and surely John, son of Eric, could well live that long. He will live that long, lord Azurite. And I may command him to take a wife and have offspring by her, for the Church by that time will relax the restrictions of priestly celibacy. And many priests who were celibate will then elect to enter marriage. Lord, the Catholic Church will release priests already under vows of celibacy from keeping their vows? This grant will only affect diocesan priests who only make the vow of obedience to the bishop. Priests in Religious Orders will still be required to keep to the vows that they have bound themselves to. I Am the Lord. And John, son of Eric, will be a diocesan priest. Amen.

So then, O’ Lord, you will have the bloodline of Azurite continue? If time in this world continues, so also may I elect to continue your bloodline. For it is not known to anyone in heaven, on earth, nor under the earth, except to God the Father, as to when the time will come that Christ is to be seen coming in the clouds of heaven, with great glory and splendor, bringing with him his recompense to reward those who have done good deeds and who have merited to be called sons of God. Amen.

If you wish to know the future, lord Azurite, realize this. The future is not set. Only for those who are leaving these shores, is it finally known the destiny that awaits them when they enter into their eternity. Predestination is a mystery, lord Azurite. For in the mind of God the Father, everything that happens on the earth has already been written. But only in that divine mind is everything already so clearly known from all eternity. But for God the Son, Who proceeds from the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, these know only what is granted to them to know from above. Amen.

You, Eric, are given an extraordinary gift, and with it, and extraordinary responsibility. For to you are granted the right and privilege of speaking directly with God. And you are required to reveal to all Mankind whatever it is that God has revealed to you, in the manner that I write it through you. For these words are not things you are writing, but things that I, the Lord, Am writing through you. You are not deciding the words to write, but rather, it is I, the Lord, Who decides them for you. All I need from you is a person fluent and literate in the chosen language, English, the lingua franca through whom My Word comes to all Mankind in these last days.

Realize also this. Your days as My Oracle do not begin in full until I give you the girl who is to translate My works through you into perfect Hebrew. I will give her to you shortly. And when that event takes place, We shall switch to a new book. We are currently writing in Book 2 of the Prophecies of Azurite. This book shall come to and end and a new one begin when the girl has been made yours. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, speak, lord Azurite. Where are you now in your progress in reading the entire Catholic Holy Bible?

I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias), (21) Isaiah (Isaias), (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, and (29) 2 Corinthians, completing my reading of all of the Law of Moses and all of the Major Prophets and all of the gospels. I am currently back in the Old Testament, reading the book of: (30) Tobit (Tobias). I am now well over halfway through reading the entire Holy Bible. And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible. And I am commanded to read each day one, two, or three chapters, unless they are small, in which case I may read four or five chapters that day. For by reading just a little amount each day, one’s brain is able to retain the knowledge that one has read. Reading too much in one day, and the knowledge would be forgotten.

Tobit happens to be a favorite book that Hyacinth reads to the children at the Catholic Church she attends, where she teaches them the Bible. For it is a kind of holy romance story with big moral lessons and with an emphasis on the importance and spiritual benefits on giving alms. Before she began her classes, the children had never heard of the Book of Tobit. For it is not publicized much, being found only in Catholic Bibles, and only in those Protestant Bibles that contain the Apocrypha. However, the books of the Apocrypha were all a part of the Greek Septuagint, the official Old Testament of the Jews and Christians at the time of Christ. And the Catholic Church includes all the books found in the Septuagint in its canon. Why Martin Luther believed he had the authority to remove books from the Old Testament, and to present that, together with the New Testament, as the Bible that all Protestants were to accept, speaks to the brazen attitude of a sinner who practiced his own philosophy that one should sin boldly, but believe.

Lord, am I one of the Two Witnesses? And of so, who is the other one? Do not, lord Azurite, attempt to force prophetic images in scriptures to fit world events, or things in this world. The Two Witnesses describe a spiritual mystery that is yet to be revealed. Consider yourself, rather, to be merely the First Rider of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:2), The Unicorn King (Daniel 8:5-8), and the Great Monarch of private Catholic End Times Prophecies. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, it seems that I am called to do some good deeds. Dost Thou permit me, O’ Lord? And should I do this good deed that I have promised I shall do? And should I now publish this and go?

Go, lord Azurite. And consider this deed one of the last that you shall do for Hyacinth. For We are taking her away soon, to prepare for the coming of the one who is to be your wife. Do as We command you to. And realize that great is your reward in heaven. Now go, lord Azurite. We shall write again through you tonight. Amen. And publish this as is. You shall correct all errors later. Amen.

The purpose I have set Eric in this world.

Behold, the forests of the Big Trees. With such glory do I glorify your Kingdom.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXIII:
Eric, I have placed you in this world for a specific purpose. And that purpose is to lead My people back to Me, and to prepare My people fit for the coming of the Lord. For I Am coming soon. In 13 years time, you shall be in the Third Millennium of the Catholic Church. And then, that is when My Coming should be expected. Now go home, lord Azurite. Tomorrow, you shall attend the 8:00 AM Mass. But tonight you shall go home and eat and complete this post. Now go, for the hour is late. Amen.

Lord, I am here, to complete this post. Good, lord Azurite. Now, listen to My instructions carefully. Lord, it seems that Hyacinth is always with me. And it seems that she will remain with me for life. Lord Azurite, it is because this one lamb you have led into My Kingdom, and you have never abandoned her to any wolf, but have remained with her, seeing to it that she remains Mine. Lord Azurite, you may view this as a small deed, the saving of a single lamb, but it is precious in My eyes. She will never be parted from you, not even by her being taken from this world. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, I know that she is not entirely honest. Correct, lord Azurite, but she is honest where it counts for My Kingdom. Now, is she your future in this world? Do We give her to you as your wife? No, my Lord, for You have said that You have chosen someone who is yet to come. Yes, and is that one about to come?

Lord, the one who is to come, does she not come until first Hyacinth is taken away? Answer Me first, and then I shall fully answer thee, lord Azurite. Lord, You have said that she is now given. But lord Azurite, Hyacinth still exists with you. How then can you say Hyacinth is to be taken from you before she is given?

Lord, would it not break Hyacinth’s heart for her to see me go to another girl while she lives in this world? Then, lord Azurite, you think the solution is that she must die? Rather, O’ Lord, I say, “May Your will be what is done.” For Lord, tell me clearly. Dost Thou will that I marry Hyacinth, or dost Thou will that I marry a girl who is yet to come? Lord Azurite, if it were Hyacinth whom We have chosen for thee, would thou accept? Lord, I have given my acceptance unto Thee to accept whomsoever it is revealed that Thou shalt give unto me.

Lord Azurite, you and Hyacinth have already performed the sacrament of marriage to each other. And it not in My power nor in any other power to undo that sacrament. And each soul is designated to live the length of life I have elected to give that one. Let no one attempt to cut anyone’s life short. Hence, you cannot go to any other girl, lord Azurite.

Do you remember Hernan Cortez? He considered his first wife as an inconvenience. I never forgave his murder of her. For realize that an evil decision that lacks true regret can never be forgiven, though one may enter the confessional a hundred times.

Lord, will my father be saved? Yes, for you have merited for him to be saved. Your father I will save. And when I cure you, so also shall I cure him. I Am the Lord.

As for the rest of your family, remember that at the end of a person’s life, great miracles can take place, as that person withdraws all his merits and graces that he stored up in his account in heaven to apply to soul for it to be made presentable to God as He judges it and decides its fate. For remember John Wayne, the famous actor in classic westerns. He was not a Christian during life, but just before his death, in his terminal illness of cancer, he converted to My religion, and My priest administered to him the necessary sacraments to enable his salvation and his entrance into My Kingdom, at the very end of his life.

Lord, I pray for good to come to Hyacinth. Let good come to her, and not bad, O’ Lord. Lord, Hyacinth considers me to be a rich man, but that is because she is so poor. Then, O’ lord Azurite, go to sleep. And when you awaken, the answer you shall have received. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the Lord’s answer is that I will not marry Hyacinth. Instead, the Lord says He is giving me a girl today. And this girl shall be the one who translates my works to Hebrew. And furthermore, when I see her, I will realize that she is beautiful and of Jewish descent. Such is the Word of the Lord. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Correct, lord Azurite. And yesterday, on Monday, you increased your long positions in two stocks. Tell us your reasoning, lord Azurite. I increased my long positions in Apple and TSM, for I am bullish for both companies due to the new M1 chip Apple has made and is putting in all its desktop and laptop computers, and even their tablets. Apple’s new M1 chip is a chip they designed, and is an ARM based system on a chip, and they are using it to move their entire line of products that now use Intel to use the new M1 chip. And hence, M1 chips will be in high demand. And thus, the foundry that makes the M1 chip, TSM, based in Taiwan, is building factories in America to mass produce them. Hence, I am very bullish about both companies, whose stock prices are currently rather low, which means it is a good time to buy.

I kept unchanged my long positions in GM, TM, and NVDA. I do not plan to sell any NVDA stock until after the surge occurs in their stock price by the approval of their acquisition of ARM. And even then, I will not immediately sell, but will study the situation to determine whether the stock will continue to climb further. It may be that NVDA will continue to climb higher and higher after its purchase of ARM is complete, due to positive effects of the addition of ARM to their product line.

Also, Toyota and GM I consider good stocks long term. Toyota pays a good dividend. And I know that Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, intends to restart the dividend in GM soon, having only discontinued it due to COVID-19. Both automakers are steadily transitioning away from combustion engine vehicles to greener alternatives in their own strategic ways. And it is good to see how their various strategies play out and the technologies that they develop. Amen.

Furthermore, I think that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is good for Apple. Tim Cook’s homosexuality I see as simply a disorder that he has and must bear throughout his life. I do not see it as something negative against Apple. For no one is damned by being something. Rather, a person is damned either because they do something they should not, or they do not do something that they ought.

Correct, lord Azurite. But keep in mind that for the homosexual, only one path is open to him where he can live in My Church meritoriously. And that is that he lives a celibate life. And a homosexual who lives a celibate life is one who does not engage in gay sex. The bisexual man may choose between celibacy and heterosexual married life.

For realize, My servant Azurite, there is no such thing as gay marriage. And there is never the permission granted to anyone to engage in gay sex. Homosexuals may live together, but they may not have sex together, not even in the privacy of their bedroom. For no one is permitted to sin, not even in their privacy where they believe they are unseen, for God and His angels see exactly what everyone is doing. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, do I save homosexuals? If a homosexual follows Me and resists the sins of his disorder, I will save his soul. I do not expect perfection from My people, but only that they follow Me with a humble and contrite heart. And the one who is sorrowful for their sins, and who humbly submits to My will for him, him I will save. Amen. Hence, the homosexual can be saved, not not if he is practicing homosexual sins of the flesh.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, and then eat, shower, shave, go to Church, and then go to work. I Who Am have spoken. And one thing I will say unto thee, and it is this. I Am well pleased with thee. For you have retained your purity. And you no longer look upon any woman sexually. Amen. This post now comes to its end. And you are commanded to publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

[Disclosure: Note that this answer to God’s question by Eric on stocks he purchased is not intended to be advice on what stocks you should buy. Rather, each stock investor must do all their own research and to know what they are doing before they buy or sell. And remember that wise investing in the stock market is not gambling. If what you are doing in the stock market is gambling, you should not be in it, for you shall then eventually lose all your money. And Eric is long AAPL, TSM, GM, TM, and NVDA. Note also that good stock investments go down periodically. But long term investments in good stock positions should yield positive returns on the investment. And realize that with all stocks, there is a time to buy and a time to sell them. But the true stock investor, the one who makes money, invests contrary to the herd. I, Eric, have spoken.]

I Who Am speak the Truth

Behold, the Blue Rose: Now I shall speak the Truth to My people,

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXII:
Lord, California is facing epic drought! Crops are frying and ancient fire resistant trees are going up in flames. Lord Azurite, I Who Am have condemned the entire world to suffer drought until the people say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Behold, America is heavily afflicted with drought. And it will work to the Republicans’ advantage. For in 2022, the Republicans will sweep up both houses in Congress, and in 2024, they will gain the White House, and then the drought will have ended, and the Republican in the White House will serve two terms. For droughts are very politically deadly to incumbents in Congress and the White House. For it is hard for them to drive up enthusiasm for their platforms while the people are languishing and businesses are failing from droughts.

Lord, then what must the Republicans do to seize the moment and capture these election victories that are theirs to grab? Trump has gotten a hold of a lot of Republican’s minds, but he is not coming back to run in 2024, for he will have incurred to much legal damage by that time to run. For in 2024, Trump will be like one of those bulls you see in bull fights with many lances sticking out of him and drawing blood. He will, hence, be in no shape to run. The way to get through this time of division among Republicans is perhaps to agree to wipe the Trump legacy under the rug and move on. Perhaps, Republicans can unite by simply stopping the finger pointing and by simply letting go of the Trump baggage. I voted for Trump in 2020 and for a third party pro-life candidate in 2016. I do not regret my votes, but I no longer support Trump, and I believe We as Republicans can unite on our core common issues and move on. Trump is not going to be there in 2024. Give him up and let’s grab those seats that will come to the Republicans as the drought turns the people against the incumbents. Amen.

Lord Azurite, your strategy shall work. In the meantime, consider the damage that the drought will be doing everywhere. Did you know that the massive Brazilian rainforest in on the verge of transforming into dry savannah? It is the Truth. And then so many species that live there, including many yet to be discovered, will go extinct. Did you also know that, due to the acidification of the oceans, caused by the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this has now wiped out virtually the entire world’s coral reefs, which were like the rainforests of the oceans due to the biodiversity that they held?

Realize, Eric, that life on earth is always in a delicate balance. And from time to time, that balance gets disturbed by a creature that gets too successful that it wipes out other key species in the ecosystems, leading to a collapse. Now, human beings are only the latest in a series of successful species that have destabilized the ecosystems. And what this causes is mass extinctions. Every mass extinction in the past involved species that became too successful. Perhaps it was because they had no predators, or that their predators went extinct. Or it may be that they entered a land where they outcompeted their competitors or consumed all the resources or led to extinctions in various ways.

For example, the deforestation that occurred on the once forest covered Easter Island was not directly caused by the people. Rather, it was caused by rats that came to the island with the people on boats. The rats, having no serious predators there to keep their populations in check, quickly consumed the seeds and the seedlings of the various trees, wiping out the entire forest. And though you may blame the people, it is also possible, were it not for the people, for such exotic species to come to such lands by other means, such as by reaching there on driftwood. And these things happen all the time. And so imbalances eventually come to all ecosystems, as the earth is not a perfect biosphere. For living ecosystems are hard to keep stable. They invariably become imbalanced, and then species go extinct.

But Lord, if the world is destroyed by the imbalances caused by humankind, how will you keep the harvest going of human souls here? Lord Azurite, what did the dream of the statue in the Book of Daniel tell you? (Daniel 2:31-35). Remember how the head was of gold, the chest and arms were of silver, the belly and thighs were of bronze, the thighs were of iron, and the feet were of partly iron and partly clay. Note the steady progression from riches and abundance to baser and baser materials. So also is the history of Mankind. Mankind started in this world with an abundance of natural resources, and bit by bit, he squandered them or used them up, driving many of them to extinction. The African elephant species used by Hannibal as war elephants to sack Rome are long since extinct. They disappeared centuries ago. And the elephant species that remain in Africa do not permit domestication.

But notice at the end of that dream in Daniel how the rock hewn by God’s hand strikes that statue, smashing it to dust, and then that rock becomes a mountain filling the whole earth. That mountain refers to Christ’s Kingdom. And the Kingdom of Christ is independent of the things of this world. It does not need them.

Lord, Pope Francis and many of the bishops have watered down Your Word and slackened the requirements of the Catholic Church needed to be right in the Lord. Lord Azurite, My law never slackens, but is constant throughout time and throughout history. And this is My law.

  1. He who sees his neighbor in need and he has two of something, he must give to the one who has none.
  2. He who wishes to follow Me, let him leave everything and come, follow Me.
  3. He who is sexually impure, let him turn to Me, and I will see to it that he is purified. For whoever walks with Me will walk in purity. I Am the Lord. Amen.
  4. Whoever has killed a man realize that there is forgiveness and mercy in Me. He need only follow Me, and he will be led to the chalice where sins are forgiven.
  5. Whoever has been wronged, let him come to Me, and let Me carry out his vengeance. For vengeance belongs to God, not to Man.

For realize that the essence of the Law is the love of God. Such is why it is taught that one is not justified by following the letter of the Law, but only because you have been called and I have chosen you. Whomsoever I call, and he comes to Me, and he remains in Me, I, too, will remain in him, and he will be justified.

Lord, why is it written that outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven? And also, it is declared by popes using their infallibility that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. How dost Thou explain these two statements, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, It is as you say. No one may enter My Church unless he has entered it through the sacraments. And no Catholic who does not faithfully partake in the sacramental life of My Church is considered a part of it. For I have bound up salvation to the sacraments, but I Myself Am not bound to My sacraments.

Whoever wishes to be saved, let him come to Me, and I will lead him to enter My Catholic Church and to partake correctly in it in My sacraments, which bring salvation to all who partake in them faithfully. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Salvation is not in the Holy Bible. It cannot be obtained by reading it. Nor is salvation obtained by attending a church service and listening to a sermon. Only by putting to practice the teachings I have taught and by following Me faithfully will anyone be saved. Everything else is but a guide and a help, and nothing more.

However, submission and obedience are necessary to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. For every Kingdom has a monarch and a chain of command. And if you cannot enter and abide by the order of that chain of command, you shall be ousted from that Kingdom, or cast into its dungeon. Hence, no one can be saved who does not recognize the primacy of the pope in Rome. Nor can anyone obtain salvation who rejects the authority of his pastor and priests, or of his bishop and pope. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, whoever wishes to be saved, let him give Me his all. Anything short of that, and he will not find Me, nor make it into My pearly gates. I Am the Lord. Amen. For I have one flock, over whom I appoint one shepherd. Whoever does not enter that one flock and submit to that one shepherd I will not acknowledge as My sheep.

Hence salvation is like the Ark of Noah at the time of the Flood. You are either inside the Ark or you are outside the Ark. And there is no other place that you can be. I Who Am have spoken.

Now the Holy Spirit is the teacher of all. But if you are being led to sin, and the Holy Spirit permits it, you must then discern, are you really following the Holy Spirit? For the Holy Spirit will lead you to true repentance and understanding of your sins. But he will not lead you to enter into them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And if the Holy Spirit leads you to repentance, do as the Holy Spirit instructs you, and you will be made clean by following His instructions. I Am the Lord. For no one who listens to the Holy Spirit and obeys Him will remain in sin. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, follow these My instructions carefully. You are now in a state of grace. For your sins do not break you from Me. Go to Mass tomorrow and receive communion. And in the act of receiving communion tomorrow, the girl I Am giving thee shall be made manifest to you. And realize this fact. Only one girl has been chosen. And We Who Are are never mistaken. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Realize this fact also. I will take away many sinners from this world once the girl who is to be yours has entered your life. And one of those prime sinners if Vladimir Putin of Russia. And another is Xi Jinping of China. These two rulers shall be toppled and deposed. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And O’ Lord, what about Pope Francis? When is he done away with, O’ Lord? I will do away with this unfaithful shepherd soon. But for now, it is important that all My faithful Catholics submit to the pope. For Pope Francis validly sits in the Seat of Peter. And only I, the Lord, choose who is pope. The people have no say as to who I elect to make their pope. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And one last thing I will say unto thee in this post, lord Azurite, and it is this. I do not see you as a sinner before Me nor in My sight. Rather, I see you through the shed blood of My Son. Therefore, whatever sins you have done, My Son’s blood has covered them and made them clean. All you need to do to remain so viewed by Me is to remain following My Son faithfully and remain in obedience to all that I command of you. Amen. And furthermore, as you progress in Me, it becomes harder and harder for you to fall into complete separation from Me. For you become Mine in that process. And no one who is truly Mine will I ever lose.

And one last thought I will give this people to think. God did not make the Catholic Religion to condemn the world, but to make those who accepted it and entered into it as a people prepared for marriage to the Lamb of God. Amen. For this entire world and universe was made to prepare for My Son a worthy Bride, composed of a worthy people forming a holy Kingdom. Amen. And whosoever is Predestined, and who cooperates with that Predestination, will never fail to be saved. For the decree of Predestination is conditional on the cooperation of the one so predestined. And therefore, let no one be like Calvin, who thought that if one knew oneself to be predestined, that one could then sin away with impunity and still not fail to be saved. For you have to cooperate with My graces to keep them and to have salvation. And whoever I call that does not cooperate with My graces I will abandon him to his sins. For many are called, but few are chosen. Amen.

Furthermore, Eric, you are also to be given a Kingdom on this earth that is to last to the Second Coming of Christ, at which point, just prior to that event, you and your wife will be raptured up to heaven. And your Kingdom consists of the following lands:

(1) Kingdom of Eric upon the earth. And its lands include the following:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland

And the official languages of your Kingdom consist of the following three:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Lord, then You have made me a most powerful King. Correct, lord Azurite. And whatever you will upon your Kingdom shall come upon her. And remember this also. You and the land are one. While you thrive, so also shall this land. But should you fall, the land will fall with you. I Am the Lord. Now go and eat, lord Azurite. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric speaks volumes on heaven

Listen To the Grey One Speak.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XXI:
I Who Am shall now prophesy through Eric on the things that are in heaven, and of the things that are to come. Eric, why dost thou give still to Hyacinth? Lord, it seems to be the Christian thing to do. Then, lord Azurite, I will give you an abundance so great that you will not have enough room to contain it all. For I Am greatly blessing you. And I Am greatly enriching you in treasures in heaven.

And learn from Eric well. For what use is it to make it to heaven if you have no riches stored up there for eternal life? Heaven is not entered into by merely following My rules and laws. Rather, you must show mercy unto your neighbor if you wish to enter through My pearly gates. For no one enters there who shows no compassion for those around them who are in need. I Who Am have spoken.

Hence, heaven is found on earth, not be experiencing good things here, but by your acts of doing good deeds for others here. For the one who goes to heaven is a doer of good deeds and he who shows mercy on those who are in need. For if you see your neighbor starving and you have the means to help him, but you help him not, neither shall I help you in your time of need when you need graces at the end of your life to enter My heavenly Kingdom.

For no one can enter here unless he receives graces from Me to do so. Eric, do that good deed you plan to do. I will make it succeed. And you shall then have treasure in heaven. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, you shall make an investment in the stock market on Monday on the stocks I will instruct you to buy. Now go.

Lord, I am back. And I have done the good deed that You commanded me to do. Good, lord Azurite. Your future with Us in heaven is filled with riches and good things here. For you saw the hungry, and you fed them. And you saw those who were without, and you gave to them. Pity the one who makes excuses for his lack of charity. It may suffice to ease his hardened conscience here, but it will not stand up before Me when he is being judged for all his deeds, starting with his sins of omission, and concluding with his sins of commission. For no one gets away with anything when they stand before Me to be judged. And I judge each and everything they ever did or failed to do. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Heaven is love, lord Azurite. And so, how can you go to heaven unless you have love? So many people long to go to heaven, but they are mistaken. You do not go to heaven by leaving this earth. You go to heaven by loving one another as I have loved you. What good is it to finally die and leave this earth only to find that under My just scrutiny you were lacking in love? Do you really wish to gaze upon the face of God and see My disappointment in you in that face?

No, by no means! Then what must you do? You must do as Ebenezer Scrooge did on Christmas Day! You must give to all you wrongfully neglected to give to. You must help those who are in need of your assistance. For do not think of heaven as a place you must make it to by getting through your life here. Rather, look at heaven as an eternal Kingdom that you are building here on earth, brick by brick, with each good deed you do for others each day of your life here in this world. For in heaven, you will only have there what you sow here.

And no one’s treasure in heaven is transferrable. No one can take of their riches in heaven and give of them to one who is poor there. It does not work that way. For the treasures in heaven are yours because in your history on earth, you did that good deed that produced that treasure. Hence, all treasures there are tied to acts of charity done by that individual while on earth. And that is why it can in no way be taken from you and given to another. For just as the past cannot be altered nor changed, neither can it ever be said that the good deed done by one man is changed to be the good deed done by a different man. That would be illogical, would it not? For everyone in heaven will know what everyone else did throughout all time. And that is why the good deeds you did will always belong to you, and never to another.

For just as the things that have taken place in time cannot be undone, for time cannot go backwards, and no one can go back in time to change the past, neither can any good deed done by any soul in history be made the good deed of someone else. Do you see, My people, therefore, why it is impossible for those who are rich and wealthy in heaven to give even a single ounce of their treasure to someone else, who may be there with nothing? For it is only on earth where it is possible that someone can merit and do a good deed for another soul.

For the man who has died, he has exited time. And no longer can he do any good deed in time. And only deeds done in time will be judged and given their recompense. And now someone asks, what is it like in heaven? And what will we be doing there? You will be as the angels are, lord Azurite. And what do the angels do, you ask? They are servants who do My bidding, lord Azurite. And whatever they are commanded to do, they do.

Do not think, as pictures depict, that heaven consists of merely white clouds and pearly gates. Rather, heaven consists of Kingdoms, great and powerful. Many are the Kingdoms that I award to all those who do My will and who serve Me. You, Eric, will receive your Kingdom when you come before Me to be judged. I Am the Lord. But while you are on earth, you are as a pilgrim and a voyager, doing the good you are commanded to do, and developing treasures in heaven by putting to practice all My teachings. But this earth upon which you live is but a passing dream. And everything in this world vanishes like a dream when you awaken from it by passing through the door of death. But let no one seek to pass that way before his time. For great is the horror on the other side for all those who take their life, rather than to trust in God the keep them safe.

Remain in My love and you shall always triumph. Lord, what is the fate of Hyacinth? Her walk with Me in Catholicism is true. But she does not meet you in this world. For she is on a path I alone have decided for her. And she will be taken care of by Me. But realize that as My daughter, all the good deeds you have done for her are recorded in the book of your deeds. And they are written therein in ink made of gold. Not one of your good deeds for her is omitted. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I the Prophet You have chosen to be sent to speak to the Jews? Yes, but wait until We give you the girl who is to translate your works to their language, Hebrew. For until We give you her, your mission to preach to the Jews has not yet begun. For you and she are to be the Two Witnesses called to prophesy to My people Israel. She will be a Jew, and you, as her husband, shall gain Israeli citizenship through her. And you will practice Judaism with her as a Hebrew Catholic, which is a Catholic Jew.

You will enter into her on your wedding night. For it is decided by God that your sacramental marriage shall be consummated then, due to your obedience in all that has been commanded of you. Amen. She will bear you holy offspring, and you and her shall raise them to adulthood. For the time given to you to prophesy before Me shall be for life. And you shall live with this girl on earth until the Second Coming, at which point you and your wife shall be taken to heaven, dressed in fine linen, and mounted on white horses to join Jesus among His armies, mounted on white horses, as they return to the earth to usher in the Parousia. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For all of heaven shall accompany Jesus on white horses as He comes to reclaim the earth for the Father, so that My Age, the Age of Millennium, the Age of My Rest, can be had upon the earth. And after this age has passed, I will take My seat upon My throne to judge all the inhabitants of the earth, and all who ever lived there. Amen.

Lord Azurite, the day has come for Pope Francis to step down. He is to wait until he hears it commanded of him from above. Failure to obey by willing act will result in obedience to My command by his death. Realize that I have chosen Canadian Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet as the next pope. And he is fluent in all the lingua francas of the Americas. And he will put an end to homosexuality and all its evils that were given permission under Pope Francis. And he will take the papal name of John, and be called Pope John XXIV.

Furthermore, the son born to you whom We will call to the priesthood, We shall command you to call him John. And he shall be then known as John, son of Eric, son of Robert, son of Harry, son of John Dunstan, who came to America from Cornwall, England. And realize that this son shall be holy. Amen.

Whoever has ears, let him hear the Word that is spoken by the Spirit to the Churches. Furthermore, We shall now reveal unto thee the first name of the girl We are giving you in marriage, who in these posts so far is called Sarah. The first name of the girl We are giving thee as thy wife is: Angela. Now, go and watch your movie, lord Azurite. And note that the girl We have chosen for you is soon arriving. And you may now publish this work, for it is complete. Amen.

Come walk with Me, My people Israel

My people, come walk with Me, on pathways of Rose, for I have long awaited you. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 2: Post XX:
Behold, These are the Words of God through Eric, the Azurite King.

My people Israel, long have I awaited the time for when you should be brought back to Me. Now this time is come. And You must come to Me, for there is to be no further delay in your being welcomed back into My Kingdom. Come, the fattened calf has been slaughtered, and the banquet is now prepared. For you are weak and weary from your long journey. And you need to take your rest beside My waters of peace.

And why is it that I speak to you through this Gentile, this servant of Mine called Eric, who does not observe the Israeli law of Moses as the Jews observe it? Eric is My servant of My new covenant. For him the laws of the old covenant no longer apply. All that the old covenant requires of him is basically that he abides by the ten commandments, and that he does not partake in blood and the sacrifices of animals to the gods that are false. I Am the Lord. Amen. But note that Eric is one of you by the flesh, for Eric, like you, is a circumcised man. Hence, by speaking to you through Eric, I Am not speaking to you through the uncircumcised, but through the circumcised of another flock. I Am the Lord.

Eric is My servant. And he will be made related to you by blood. For to a maid of your people shall this servant of Mine be wed. I have chosen this maid, and she will be revealed in the course of time. And Eric has been instructed on how he is to recognize her coming. He will not recognize her by sight alone, but by the testimony of the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit will testify that the one I have chosen is holy and pure. But the one who was sent by Satan, that one will come with an unclean spirit. And eyes of the flesh cannot detect these things, but only the Spirit Who dwells inside will testify as to the true nature of her who is to come.

In the same way are you, My people Israel, to test the one who speaks to you now. You must consult the Spirit of God. For only the Spirit can reveal unto thee whether the Prophet who speaks unto thee is of God or Satan. So test Me and test these Words. Test whether they are of God by comparing them with your scriptures and by consulting the Lord. And pray that He send the Holy Spirit upon you that you may testify to yourself the validity of Eric, My servant. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And Eric is written in your scriptures too. He is the one who comes from the far west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. (Daniel 8:5). Yes, Eric is the Unicorn King. And now you ask, what about the shattering of that unicorn horn? (Daniel 8:8). When Eric came the first time, he came as Emerald. And his horn was shattered by his conversion to My religion. And the four who rose in his place but without his power were the four Players who followed him in his home nation of America: Vesper, Twilight, Pyrite, and Firefly. And out of one of them came the little horn that kept growing to the south, the east, and the glorious land. (Daniel 8:9). This little horn is Lucifer-Man, and he has sprung from the Player Pyrite, just as Biden has sprung from Obama. And notice clearly how Lucifer-Man has now come into complete control of the Israeli state. And his goal is your destruction, O’ My people Israel. Amen.

Maybe a diagram of the Twelve Players will suffice to make this Truth more apparent:

The List of the Twelve Players of the Project called Earth

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush Senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East, Restoration of democracy in Haiti through Vesper. — Pope John Paul II. This Emerald has now come again as Azurite: Predestined. This is the Unicorn Horn (Daniel 8:5).
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Emancipation and suffrage for Blacks in South Africa. Advanced the LGBTQ. Reprobated.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (long lasting wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and the Horn of Africa). (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Promoted and advanced the rise of abortions and homosexuality. (a female). Reprobated. This is the First (1st) of the the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Sought power from Emerald to create a continental wide African empire. Eric refused. Result: widespread death, famine, and war across Africa. Reprobated.
  6. Twilight (Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War, War on Terror, Jews forced from Gaza. — Pope Benedict XVI. Predestined. This is the Second (2nd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. Promoted unwed sex, abortions, legalized homosexual marriage, and advanced the cause of the LGBTQ. — Pope Francis. Reprobated. This is the third (3rd) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Matteo Salvini, others) – The Tea Party – Appointed many conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices. (a female). Predestined. This is the fourth (4th) of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:8).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring, series of failed Islamic revolutions in Arab world, (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim). Reprobated.
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, Naftali Bennett, Yair Lapid, others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. Sought to destroy America through pro-LGBTQ Equality Act. His name is Wormwood (Revelation 8:10-11). Reprobated. This is the Little Horn who sprang from one of the 4 Horns (Daniel 8:9). He sprouted from Pyrite (the 3rd horn). He is Antichrist par Excellence.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, and four others have been called forth so far) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIV. Predestined.
  12. Sarah (Princess of Israel, to be virgin consort to Azurite and inspired translator of the Works of Azurite to Hebrew) Yet to come. Shall call forth a ruler to rule over Israel for final age. Her secret name is Lazurite. Amen. (a female). Predestined.

Hence (Daniel 8:1-27), Eric the Emerald was the Unicorn Horn. His American Pawns were Reagan and Bush Senior. His Israeli Pawn was Yitzhak Rabin.

From the shattering of this Great Horn rose the Four Horns:

  1. Vesper. Her American Pawn: Clinton. Her Israeli Pawn: Ehud Barak.
  2. Twilight. His American Pawn: Bush Junior. His Israeli Pawn: Ariel Sharon.
  3. Pyrite. His American Pawn: Obama.
  4. Firefly. Her American Pawn: Trump.

From Pyrite, one of the Four, has sprung the Little Horn: Lucifer Man. His American Pawn is Joe Biden. His Israeli Pawns are: Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.

Lucifer-Man is Antichrist par Excellence. He has now come, and he is now reigning. I Am the Lord. Amen. Hence, this Age, which began with the election victory of Biden on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, is called the Luciferian Reign. And it shall be the darkest chapter for Mankind in the history of the world. Welcome, therefore, to the Great Tribulation.

That is why the Prophet is now here. And that is why he is now speaking to you, O’ My people Israel. For Antichrist has now entered the Holy Land. And the purpose of Antichrist is to destroy and lay to waste.

But realize that this Prophet I send unto thee outranks the Antichrist in power, for he proceeded him in time, and surpassed him in glory, and will outshine him in the End Times. For he came first as the Emerald, and has now come again as Azurite. Amen.

And notice the works of Eric as Emerald. He did not give any of your covenant lands of Israel back to the Arabs as their sovereign territory, but stopped short, only allowing a limited sort of self rule in the territories. And he frustrated Vesper in her attempt to make peace with Syria, who wished to give to Syria the Golan Heights in return for peace, for Eric instructed Vesper (while they were still allies) to insist on keeping the land that surrounds the Sea of Galilee. And this requirement kept a deal from being made and kept the Golan Heights in Israeli hands. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And it was Emerald who kept Saddam Hussein from bombing Israel during the second Iraq War, the war launched by Twilight Pawn, United States President George W. Bush. For Emerald at that moment appeared to Saddam Hussein, telling him that he was the one who was behind the first war, Operation Desert Storm, and Eric instructed Saddam that if he wished to be saved, he would signal this to God by not launching a single weapon against Israel. And so, Israel was not attacked by Iraq in the second war with Iraq.

Lord, was Saddam Hussein saved? Saddam was given sufficient time, from the defeat of Iraq to his execution under Twilight Pawn Bush Junior, to repent and find Me. He was unable to find Me in the time that was given him. So no, he never entered into My rest. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For no one is guaranteed My salvation. Rather, they must come to Me and seek Me first, or else they will not be saved. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, since we are now in the Great Tribulation, will Lucifer-Man, who is Antichrist par Excellence, turn his attention toward the Azurite King, and seek to take his life, O’ Lord? If he seeks that, lord Azurite, that will be classified as the act of rising against the Prince of princes, whereby he will be broken without a hand being raised. (Daniel 8:25). For you, Eric, are rightly called the son of Jesus. And as the son of the King of kings, you shall be called a prince among princes. I Am the Lord. Amen. So let Antichrist surround you and lay siege to your castle. He will not enter in except under pain of death. And when he is broken, it is then that My curse upon all the land shall be lifted. And from that point onward shall occur the Restoration of My Catholic Church and the regeneration of the nation of Israel to eternal Life. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I have a question. Will Lucifer-Man institute the mark of the beast, mentioned in Revelation 13:16-18, whereby no one can buy or sell except he who bears that mark, which is a number symbolized by 666? Lord Azurite, this sign occurs with the desolation that comes when Antichrist is revealed by placing the abomination up where it does not belong. And this is the image spoken of in Revelation 13:14-15. For Lucifer-Man will set before all Mankind the god that they will worship. And those who refuse that worship it, he will have put to death. And then he will institute the mark of the beast. And no one on the earth after that point will be able to use the global currency without making a pledge of allegiance to the image of the beast. I Am the Lord. And that will constitute receiving the mark of the beast. And whosoever makes that pledge dies the death from which there shall be no recovery. I Am the Lord. Amen. For understand that the mark of the beast is a spiritual mark. It is not a physical brand in the skin, nor a chip embedded in the skin. Rather, God has all the things that are said in the prophecies come to pass in a spiritual manner so that those who are reprobated will not realize that these things are happening and repent.

For I have hidden from the men of this world the doom that awaits them, and have revealed these things only to those who are chosen to hear them. Eric fears no one because he has knowledge of Me. And his knowledge of Me is to such an extent that he knows not a hair upon his head shall be touched by the Antichrist par Excellence, nor by Satan, who no longer has the power to deceive the Azurite King. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, when Antichrist is destroyed, is that when Satan, the primordial Serpent, is seized by Your angel and locked away in the abyss where it shall be unable to deceive the inhabitants of the earth for that period known as the thousand years? (Revelation 19:20 – 20:3). Correct, lord Azurite. And all this begins when Antichrist turns against thee. For it shall be at that hour that fire and brimstone shall rain down upon all Mankind, and all who are wicked shall perish. And then shall it be seen in the heavens, the sight of the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great glory and splendor. Too great a sight is this to be missed by any inhabitant upon the earth. Hence, even the eyes of the blind shall be opened at that hour so that they may see the Coming of the Son of Man and give glory to the God of Heaven. I Am the Lord. Amen. And even those who are imprisoned in dungeons deep in the earth, these too will look up and see the glory of the Son of Man come upon the whole earth. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, then this thousand years that is to come, how long is this thousand years to truly last? The thousand years never comes to an end. But there is a time when Satan, the primordial devil, shall be released from the earth to tempt the wicked to transgress. And when that final release of Satan takes place, no more shall Mankind be able to produce children. For the roster of the Book of Life shall be then completed. And all who are to enter shall then be sealed to be belonging to that book. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then it is the case that it is not so that endless numbers of children are to be born to me and my wife Sarah? Many children shall come from thee and thy wife, but realize that the Book of Life has a limit to the number of human souls who are to be saved. And the human race is a finite set of human beings who have been, who are, and who are yet to come to be.

This brings this post to its conclusion. You shall serve Me as Oracle upon the land for all of your days. And your wife, when she is given to you, shall serve as your translator, translating from English to Hebrew all the Words that I give thee to say. This post has now come to its end. And realize that the girl is coming soon. Her coming is not far away. Now publish this work, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.