Eric explains how to kill him

To kill the Conqueror, you send a very sexy woman, not an army, against him.

Chronicles of Secrets, Book 1: Post I:
Eric, I hereby order thee to explain to the people the most effective method of destroying you, should anyone dare to even make that attempt.

To destroy Eric by conventional means results in him rebooting. For Eric is immortal. And to kill him is to watch him rise again more powerful than he was before. Therefore, do not use a gun. For Eric is to reboot. And Eric is to recover.

But Eric is flesh. He is not made of metal as a Terminator is. A Conqueror who is flesh is most easily destroyed by getting him to sin in the flesh. Satan does this all the time. And by sins of the flesh do most mighty men get defeated. And their defeat is permanent.

Samson was undefeatable by armies of fighting men. But one woman got him to lower his defenses and make himself vulnerable to defeat. And once he was overcome, he was permanently destroyed.

Hence, you never send armies of men against a formidable opponent as the first step. Rather, the first step is to weaken him with women. For women are the best tools to defeat mighty opponents. For weakened due to their sins with the women, they are much more easily then defeated in battle with the fighting men.

But Eric, we do not see you with women. Exactly. Do you know that if I followed my dick instead of using my intellect, I would have been utterly destroyed decades ago.

Yes. but surely there is a way a woman can get past whatever defenses you have, Eric? Is this true or false. Every fortress, no matter how impregnable has a weak spot and a way of gaining entry. A heterosexual man, as I am, can be defeated if the right woman were to approach him in the right way.

For homosexual men, well their disorder already has destroyed them. Alexander the Great was a homosexual. And that is the real reason why he was defeated so early in his career. For the defeat of a conqueror is to get him to sin in the flesh.

It should be the goal of one who wishes to destroy a formidable opponent to make him sin. This is not clearly understood by many strategists. But it is the correct way to do it. For sin is what destroys. Remember what Satan is. Satan is the destroyer. And how does he destroy? By getting people to sin. Hence to get your enemy to sin is to destroy him. A sinner can much more easily be defeated on the battlefield than a man whose conscience is clear.

So, before you engage in combat to take down your target, you must first compromises that person’s morality and get him to enter mortal sin.

And so, if your goal is to take down a man like Eric, do you send a holy woman to him who would make a good wife? No. But neither do you send a slut that he would find repulsive. The best type of woman to defeat Eric would be a woman who shows enough flesh to get herself noticed by him, but who would still pass as an acceptable girlfriend to him. So how does one determine what is an acceptable girlfriend? How would she look like? This is determined by what society accepts. And so, in contemporary society, it is now acceptable for the midriff to show. But to go in a bikini would only be acceptable at a beach.

But Eric, wouldn’t a woman who appears holy get you more interested than a woman showing her midriff? For you are a holy man. And you are not called to enter the sex life. Getting the man interested is the wrong approach. The correct approach is to get him intoxicated. The sight of the bare midriff in a reasonably good looking woman is known to cause the release of chemicals in the heterosexual man’s mind who sees it that causes a pleasurable intoxication.

These are tricks and ways that men are defeated. For the best way to ruin a holy man is not with a holy woman but with an unholy woman.

Yes, but Eric does not take the bait. Then the bait itself must must get Eric’s attention another way then just by posing in his sight or parading past him. Actually, Eric’s mind is philosophical. Hence, to pose a question to Eric is the best way to get his attention. And to keep his attention, the question should be philosophical. For that would require a thoughtful answer. And such is in fact the best way to initiate a conversation a man who thinks in the manner that Eric does.

So, you, Eric, you think that a woman who reveals enough flesh, such as bearing the midriff, and who poses a question directly to you that requires a philosophical answer is the best strategy for such a women sent to destroy you to make your acquaintance? Yes, and then the woman would have to use the kind of charm and guile that women always deploy on men to make them think they are attracted to them. And this is basically appearing impressed and exhibiting a desire for them. And it involves things like laughing at the man’s lame jokes and giving him compliments that boost his ego.

But Eric, say such a woman does this, wouldn’t you, thinking about it, realize that woman is trash? Exactly, but it would take thinking. Intoxicated men are not thinking. Remember that the most successful salesmen are those who push the sale so fast that the customer never had any time to think about it. So a woman who would succeed in this strategy would be one who pushes herself into Eric’s life before he could think about it, and who would keep him from thinking about it by intoxicating him with her beauty.

Eric, has this ever been successfully done against you? Do not think that because your fortress has never been defeated that it is also impregnable. For there is no such thing as an impregnable fortress. Every creature has an Achilles heal. You would have to be God to not have one. So Eric must have one also.

But, Eric, if you are so morally disciplined that you would not enter mortal sin with a woman, how could such a strategy even have a hope to succeed? This is how. Listen to me and learn. A holy man only succeeds in the battle against a strong temptation if he shuts the door it to at his first sight of it. Giving way to desire for the sin would be the way to defeat such a holy man. The opportunity for this is at the beginning only. The woman, assuming that she is intoxicatingly sexy to him, would have to get the holy man to choose the pleasure with her over what he knows is right and wrong, but only in the beginning. For once the decision is made at the beginning of the encounter, it is then determined the success or failure of that man.

For it is as Jedi Master Yoda once said, Once you start down the dark side of the Force, forever shall it dominate your destiny. So to destroy the holy man, the woman just has to get him to step in her direction at that very beginning of their encounter. And after that, she is in possession of him. For the forces of the man’s sex drive cannot be resisted once the woman begins to draw him to her, assuming that she puts up no resistance to his advances and makes herself completely receptive to him. For the man who chooses to enjoy the sin is defeated already. Saint Augustine, before his conversion, fell into those traps all the time.

Yes, we know of those strategies. But is Eric ever known to fall that way? Does not Eric correctly choose not to pursue the sin? Yes, but remember, beauty kills the beast. Eric is not always thinking along the correct paths. It is, therefore, possible for beauty to defeat him. Eric is a virgin now. And as a virgin, he as untold powers. And I would not suggest any armed forces to try to take down a virgin such as this. But were his virginity to be robbed from him by a woman, so also would he lose the divine protection. Hence, the goal of any organization that seeks to destroy this Knight, the way to do it would be to rob him of his virginity.

Lord, then answer this question. If it is as the Lord has said that Eric’s virginity is essential to both his office of prophet and to his divine protection, consider this scenario. It is something that could easily be done to him. And then answer my question. The police have unusual technologies. I was witness to this. I tried to take one of them with me, a kind of plastic that could not be broken, which I used to serve as a kind of belt, and they took it back. So these people have a technology that is not known to the public. They should probably not have arrested me and I would then not know about it.

But anyways, what I wish to say is that should the police arrest me again and detain me, what if they arranged some way in which I, either drugged or bound somehow, were to be raped by a woman there? They could do it in a manner where the woman is some sort of deranged female cop, and that prevents any lawsuit against the police. They just put out a statement that the woman is suspended and an investigation is launched and then everything is forgotten, but I would no longer be a virgin. So, my Lord, what would be my status with You then, since my virginity would have been taken from me completely against my will? And how would You elect to stop it, should they really attempt such a plan? What dost Thou say, O’ Lord?

Well, lord Azurite, what if We prevented that female cop from being able to make you erect? Remember this, lord Azurite, the Virgin Mary controls you. She has the power to prevent you from becoming erect no matter what is shown to you and no matter what is done to you. You are aware of this. You know it as a fact. And thus, what would a female cop then do? Can she order you to make yourself erect? For if that were possible, there would be many housewives seeking her to tell her how she did it. So, understand Me, Eric, and you shall understand everything. A man with an erection can always force a woman that he can overpower to have intercourse with him. But for a woman aggressor, she can only do this to a man if she can get him aroused. And even then, that arousal is not guaranteed to last for the entire sex act she does with him. A man with an erection a woman who has overpowered him can in fact enter intercourse with him, but there is no guarantee for that woman that she can bring it to ejaculation. The younger the man, the more likely a woman can rape him. And you know, Eric, that before the Virgin Mary took you, that it was very hard for you to control your erections. This is in fact a problem many men deal with that woman are unaware of. A man does not want to be walking around in public with a visible erection, for it is a natural embarrassment to him. Though a hot woman seeing it might be a fantasy to him, most people in society are not hot women. Hence a man develops strategies to stop his erections. And one of those strategies is to think of a woman they find repulsive.

So this is very important for a would-be woman rapist. If you are repulsive to men, it is actually not likely that you will have all that much success at it. But a hot woman would have enormous success in raping most men. Even men whose penis is limp at first, a hot woman has the capability to bring him to arousal by such techniques as oral sex. And once he is hard, she can then rape him.

But Eric, no woman, no matter her hotness, can make you erect against my will. For I even control your feelings of lust. You cannot even see a nude woman before you as an object of desire unless I allow it. For you are my total possession. Therefore, all this talk about the strategy of taking you down by robbing you of your virginity is in vain. Only if I were to send a woman to you would I permit that woman to make you aroused. For I am the Virgin Mary. And I choose who shall lay with you and who shall not.

Okay, Mary, that is informative. But tell me this then. Do you ever plan to send such a woman? And if you did, would you ever have it so that this woman takes my virginity outside of marriage? Eric, if I send you a woman, it is because I have read her heart. And I will have read that she will elect to marry you.

Okay, Mary. But what if this woman you send to me, who intends to marry me, seeks sex before marriage? Do you prevent that sex? Or if it were to happen would I then have lost everything?

I, the Virgin Mary, intend to send women of my election to you, Eric. And all of these women I send to you will have the intention of marrying you. And they will all indeed initiate a kind of relationship with you. But the sex act cannot take place here in this world. For sex in this world leads to death. So none of these women will actually get to that point in their relationship with you were they are prepared to enter that intercourse. For those intentions are to be saved for the world you and they with you are to be taken to.

Really? So, I see no such women. Do you plan for many such women or few or exactly what is their number? Are you sure, Eric, you are not involved with such women already? For who is this Anna who is speaking to you? You really need, Eric, to pay attention to the spirit world more closely. For what happens there precedes what happens here, in the world where you live.

Yes, such is indeed a spiritual reality. Anna is indeed in a spiritual communication with me. And so also is her younger sister. For these two sisters are indeed like witches. They both indeed have a power to remain in this communication. Eric, give the younger sister a name. Do not continue to refer to her as the younger sister. We shall then give her the name Rapture. And you already know that Anna has been given the name Love by the election of heaven. Hence, these two girls, both daughters of Tim, shall henceforth be known on this website by the names, Rapture and Love. And they are to be understood as witches.

So Mary, if Rapture and Love are to be two wives to Eric, how does Eric continue to be permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church? For the Church requires monogamy. And if I am not mistaken, by having two wives, I am now a polygamist. How do you, Mary, thus reconcile me and retain me in the Church.

Eric, as long as you do not have intercourse with any of the women I make as a wife to you in this world, you will continue to be eligible to receive communion in my Church. For Church law on monogamy is only concerned with those relationships where sex is actually occurring in. So, do not have sex, and all the wives I give to you shall not disqualify you from receiving the eucharist at the Church you now go to, which is Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra, California.

Hence, accept any woman I send to you as a wife. And I will be sending you many. And never prevent a woman for me from kissing you on the lips. For such is the manner I have set and arranged for these women to receive immortality from you. For to kiss you is to gain that.

And what if these women wish to go farther than just a kiss, Mary? What if they actually seek to make out with me? For I understand that such could disqualify my status as a virgin in the sight of the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit is the One Who gives me the gift of prophecy and my ability to speak with God in a manner like Moses. What sayest Thou, O’ Holy Spirit? Would You, Lord the Holy Spirit, cast me from my office of prophet were a woman, permitted to kiss me, proceed then to make out with me?

Yes, I would cast you out, Eric. Thus, permit the kiss but go no further. I AM the Lord the Holy Spirit. I AM WHO AM. Now I will tell you your orders from the Christ. You are to marry many women for Mary is your owner and lover. And all these things are to manifest in the earth that this world becomes after that which you call the phase transition occurs. My Seraphim will deal with the ungodly then. And you and the women who will have become your wives will then be permitted sexual knowledge. And those who are physiologically capable will have a child by you in that age which is about to come. You are indeed the man chosen by Mary to be the father of this race that is to come. One man and many women are to start this race.

And no other surviving men are there, O’ Lord the Holy Spirit? None but you, Eric. For the Holy Virgin needs but one man. For one man with the aid of the Holy Spirit can in fact inseminate every woman on the planet. And that is exactly the plan of God. Now, why you, Eric, you ask? The Virgin Mary chooses her own mate. And even the Holy Spirit cannot fathom the mind of women. For a woman’s mind was made unfathomable by God the Father Who created Eve. And it is God the Father alone Who Knows all that is.

You are chosen for the Virgin Mary loves you. But to explain that love, I cannot. I WHO AM AM. And I AM called the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary because I AM One with her in her entirety. I know her love for you, Eric. And I know her heart. But to explain this can only be done by the Father. You are now commanded to go to Mass. Go to the 10 AM Mass. It will be in English. For remember Eric, you are a Roman Catholic forever. And as a Roman Catholic you will keep all the rules and regulations of My Church in perfect obedience. I AM WHO AM. And Sunday Mass is required for all Catholics if they wish to be saved. Now go, Eric. Reread this first, correct your errors, and then go. I WHO AM AM. The Holy Spirit Has Spoken.

I have chosen Eric to lay with Anna, my daughter.

Eric is the perfect man for my daughter to love.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post IV:
Anna, I am in love with your boyfriend, Eric. I think the two of you make a perfect couple. Tell him that he is always welcome to our house.

Mother, I wish to have him, but I do not wish for Tess to have any part of him. And you know how Tess tried her utmost to destroy him in front of our very eyes.

Then kiss Eric in front of her, and let her burn with jealousy. For Eric has told you that he loves only you. He has told you that you are as a savior to him. Remember, Anna, Eric is not leaving you for Tess. He never will.

But also Anna, know that I like Eric too. I like the thought of his presence in the house. And remember your sisters love him too.

Then Mother, I will make Tess jealous not just against me, but also against my younger sister. Eric will be a boyfriend to both me and her, Tess’s two younger sisters. And that will burn her like crazy.

So Eric will be boyfriend to both of you, Anna? You are sharing him with your younger sister just to spite Tess?

Yes, mother, and she is old enough for him. Eric won’t get in trouble by it.

Okay. Anna. But just be careful. It is not typical for a girl to share her boyfriend with anyone. And I am really surprised for wouldn’t this lead to adultery should you ever marry him?

Mother, Eric will marry me, but I will be his only wife. He will have no other wife than me. But even Abraham’s wife Sarah had the right to share him with Hagar. And Hagar, was she then a wife to him? No, she was not. What she was it what is called a concubine. And concubines have no rights to their man. Only the wife. So, Sarah had the right to let Hagar lay with her husband, Abraham, add later she chose to kick Hagar out of the household, together with her illegitimate son by Abraham.

And so, Mother, any woman I choose to share Eric with, even if she has a child by him, neither she nor her illegitimate child have any rights to him nor to his estate. For all that Eric has and ever will have will always belong to me and to my offspring by him. For I am his wife. And Church policy can in fact recognize the institution of the concubine, for they have done so in the past. But the Church never acknowledges a man to have any more than one wife, as long as she lives. And I am to live with Eric forever. Such is the decree of Mary. For remember Mary’s words to me, mother. Mary the holy Virgin, loves and knows Eric as her lover only by loving him through me. For I alone among women am perfectly aligned with the Immaculate Conception. Therefore, wherever Eric is to be taken to, I am to be taken with him. And since Eric is to rise to the highest choir, I will be there also with him. For Mary cannot touch Eric directly, being as she is the Ark of the Covenant, mother. And you know that no man can ever touch that or he shall die. And so, Mary needs me forever. And so, Eric’s salvation ensures my own.

It is odd, isn’t it, mother, why I have Eric, and all other women, even you, wish you were me? I will also tell you a secret. Only I have the ability make Eric have sex. No other woman has that. It is a gift Mary gave to me to ensure that while I am not around, no other woman can seduce him and take him from me.

For I know you have no pleasure anymore, as you once had it, mother. Every man eventually wears out and can no longer perform. It is the beautiful wife’s worst nightmare. To be married to the perfect man, and to no longer be able to have sex with him. It is the way of men. They lose it, mother. They lose the ability to perform the conjugal act. So isn’t it a pity that Church law says that men only need to perform the conjugal act once to validate the marriage, and later when he fails, the marriage cannot fail with him?

For, mother, men wrote the laws of the Church to serve themselves. They wanted to own their women to the death. But we women cannot live if our husbands are dead. It is just not possible for us.

My husband, though, is guaranteed by the Holy Virgin, herself, to never lose the ability to have sex, but she has taken over that man completely, mother. The Virgin Mary has complete and total control of him. And she has assured me that Eric will never lay with any woman but me, and he will also obey me if I have him lay with another girl besides myself. But it is always my decision, not his.

Remember this Truth, mother, and you shall then understand everything. Women are the true rulers of this world. We control men with our pussies. Yes, our pussies are more powerful then all their tanks and planes. We control when they go to war. We control to whom they declare war on. We control who wins elections. And we also outnumber them. And we also control who marries whom.

I know you lust for Eric, mother. You cannot hide that from me. I know every thought you think about him. For I can read minds. And I think you also know I know everything Eric is doing. So if you ever try something, I will know it. And I will not forgive it, mother. And all you will ever be able to do is to try.

I choose to share him as a boyfriend to my younger sister. And yes, it is to spite Tess. And yes, it is to drive her mad and insane. But that is as far as she will go with him. For a wife is always jealous, mother, of her husband. Just as God is a jealous God, God made Eve to be a jealous wife. God made women to be jealous of their husbands, because, mother, adultery is a crime. And no one may ever commit it. The Virgin Mary is a law abider. You know that, right, mother? Hence, she will never permit any woman to lay with another woman’s husband.

So, I am sorry, mother. I hate to break it to you like this. But Eric is never having sex with you. Nor is he ever having sex with any of my sisters, mother. He is mine. And he is only going to do it with me and with no other. And this is one man who can never me made to cheat on his wife. Yes, mother, that is the meaning behind where you read that he is the last standing stallion.

It was not as you suggested. That stallions, being horses, mate with a harem of mares, the female horses, which consists of both mothers and their daughters. Those are animals. And animals are animals. They do not go to heaven. And neither do any people go to heaven who follow their lusts as they do.

So, you cannot have my husband, mother. And no, Tim is not going to die either. So if you ever tried, it would be adultery against him too, not just against me, mother. So do not think along such lines. And never touch him in any way that is not morally permissible. And another thing, Eric’s parents, have very little time left. Eric is going to have that house. His brothers are on their way out too. It is something that Mary has revealed. So I will be living with Eric. We will be as brother and sister until we are married. But I will not be living here with you any longer.

Let my inheritance be taken from me and given to my brothers. What do I care of it. It is worthless anyways. Eric is better than that. And Eric is to be wealthy.

And that is the way it shall be. Monogamy rules the Catholic Church. And the only women who triumph are those whose mother is Mary. And mother, Mary is my mother from now on. And my younger sister I will permit to kiss Eric until she acquires a boyfriend of her own.

And Anna, you do not call that, with your younger sister, adultery?

No, mother. I call it friendship.

Well, then what will the neighbors say when they see Eric kissing both you and her?

We are sisters, mother. And we are friends. Girlfriends do these things all the time. But a kiss, mother, does not even break any law of the Church. When we are married, we will then do those things that are forbidden outside of marriage. And no, my sister will not be a party to that. So I am stainless before you, mother. I am not a slut. And I am not a sinner.

And I will not do what Sarah did. No other woman will lay with Eric. Not even my closest friends. For true girlfriends never do that to their closest friends. And that is how it shall be, mother. I will have Eric as my husband. Tim will not stop it. Neither shall you. And no woman will lay a hand on him, but only me.

Anna, have you ever thought that by letting your younger sister kiss Eric, that she might be able to take Eric away from you?

Well, Eric has made a vow to me that makes that no longer possible, mother. So I will let her kiss Eric. And I will allow her to have her fantasies about him. And I will actually enjoy watching her. But realize this, she is a witch, mother. She can see things you cannot. And that is the real reason why I wish to watch this. I wish to see what really is going on in the mind of my sister. And I will see this through Eric, for I possess him just like Mary does.

And Eric, what is he, do you think? He calls himself a warlock. He may be a wizard. But what is he in your mind, Anna? What is he to you?

Mother, Eric is the complete possession of the Virgin Mary. The only way to unlock this secret is to unlock the secrets of the Holy Virgin. But I believe Eric that he is the Virgin Mary’s warlock. To be a patron to a warlock is something that Mary can be. And we know he is a wizard. Computer geniuses are wizards, you know, one type at least. But Eric is more than just that. He is deep. His mysteries are deeper. You could spend the whole day talking with Eric on these mysteries and you would still have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

A woman can uncover these secrets from Eric, but only a woman chosen by Mary would ever be permitted to even get close to him.

Did you know that Jesus has made a promise to Eric? Jesus has guaranteed to Eric that whatever He commands Eric to do, and Eric obeys, no one in this world can ever force disobedience to that. And that is a warning. Let it be known. Eric obeys Jesus. And so if you ever come against Eric on something God has commanded him to do or not to do, pity that man who does that, mother. He will be destroyed. For there is no power that can go against God. Also, understand that Eric is Jesus’ King piece on the chessboard. And He will not let Eric get into a checkmate. Nor will any check on Jesus’ King be allowed to stand. And we women, or at least Mary and I am Queens on that board. Mary is the White Queen, who stands on her own color at the beginning of the game of Chess. And I am her white pawn who is now a Queen like her. For I made it to the eighth square. And so Eric is now to be defended by two White Queens, Mary and Anna. We are Eric’s lovers and we are Eric’s Queens. And together we rule the board and we shall defeat the wicked who are arrayed against us. The Black Queen cannot defend herself against the superior power of the two White Queens. The Black King shall thus go into checkmate. And then the power of the evil one shall be destroyed.

And Mary and I will forever reign as the two White Queens who defend Jesus’ White King, Eric.

Anna, there are other white pawns too. Supposing your sister also reaches the eighth square and is made a Queen. What would you do if she won Eric’s heart from you. For I know you say Eric has made vows. And I know what you say about Mary controlling Eric’s ability to have sex, but what if your sister wins Eric’s heart?

You should know, Anna, or I should tell you plainly. Whenever someone allows her lover to know the love of someone else, and this is true regardless of whether you are the wife or the husband, that one may well be the one the higher powers have destined your lover to. You are playing with fire, my daughter, to even permit your sister to kiss your boyfriend.

And yes, she is a witch. And she hides things even from me. She may know some higher decision in heaven that you do not know. You are not even yet married to Eric. Did you ever think that your younger sister might do to you what you intend to do to your older sister?

Remember, Anna, Mary, not you, is the primary wife to Eric. And you yourself know you cannot penetrate her mysteries? Nor do you know what your younger sister is thinking. So your mind reading is definitely not all knowing.

I would not dismiss the idea entirely that when you let your younger sister claim Eric as her boyfriend, that she finds a way to take him from you.

Mother, go and play with your sex toys. You are as silly as they come. Anyways, it never happens that three sisters all want the same guy. My sister is still a young girl. And I am sure she will want her own boyfriend. I am only giving her a taste of Eric. And this is to spite Tess.

I would also not put Eric as something that can be so easily manipulated. You did see that Tess, despite her beauty and charm, could never even make Eric’s acquaintance, despite years of trying right before our very eyes. And yet, I smile at him, and I sit near him, and he comes to me. Clearly I am the one Mary has chosen for Eric. I do not know of any such change in Mary’s election in this. And I see Eric’s mind.

Okay Anna, you are Eric’s wife. And maybe the decree really is forever for you to be that. But it is still a dangerous act of playing with fire to let any girl come that close to your husband. It is dangerous, Anna, even with a man who is as you say, a stallion who stands for God.

And you are wrong about me, Anna. I am not the immoral woman you take me for. I just want you to be happy with the man that is now yours. And remember this, Anna, seeking revenge against someone causes bad things to happen to you as well. Eric pities Tess. What if God pities Tess when you choose to make her jealous of both you and your younger sister so much so that He elects to, as a punishment against you for that act of spite against Tess, makes it so that your younger sister, whom you let have a taste of Eric, somehow completely takes him away from you to marry her instead.

Then, mother, I will simply come back to live with you, and my younger sister will then go and live with Eric and have children by him, have a white picket fence front yard, while we here, you, Tess, and I, all suffer and pine away for the rest of our lives. Yes, all these hypothetical things can happen. But I think you err to think that she is even interested in him. I mean he is much older, twice my age. Good looking, yes. But older, nevertheless. I would think a younger girl, younger than me, would not seek a man of Eric’s age. Even I am a little young for him. And why Tess is after him so much is also a mystery.

Anna, I will now tell you the sad truth. Eric is a virgin who indeed has nothing to do with women. He pursues none. If he pursues you, it is because someone in his head told him to. Do you really think that this guy has any true connection to the Virgin Mary? Or do you realize it is as Father Dave Heney says, he is a nut off his medication? I think it is time to trust in the priests that God has established over the Church, and let Eric go. He is a nut. Let him disappear. He is not coming back here anyways.

Yeah, mother, you go and believe Father Dave Heney. Did you ever read those things he leaves on the table for all to read? If this Church were run by real followers of God, Dave Heney would be charged for the heretic that he is.

Okay, daughter, you have your ways and I have mine. Go your way. Do as you think best. And remember that I am always your mother.

Yes, you are that, but so also is the Virgin Mary. And she is the one I will make my mother from now on. I am now leaving you, mother. And I will think about your words. But my younger sister is harmless. And I will never believe that she could even think of stealing Eric from me. So bye now. I am gone.

I, the Virgin Mary, say this. Whatever fictional things are said in this work of fiction, these are the words of women speaking through Eric. And Eric is my possession. And only I know the decrees that have been eternally said about this man. But it is true that Anna is now a Queen upon the board with me. And it is also true that Eric is the king piece who must never be permitted to get into checkmate. And it is also true that this is the end game. No one survives it, for it is ended by the Second Coming of the Christ. And Christ will not be pleased if Eric is no longer a virgin when He comes again. For Eric’s virginity is necessary for his place in our Kingdom. And any Queen or pawn who wishes to become a Queen to Eric must respect this. Eric’s virginity must never be take away.

Mary, if it comes to pass as these women discussed, that I become boyfriend to these, do they defile me? And do I permit it?

Eric, permit kisses. But do not make love, nor have intercourse. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken. You may have any of these girls spoken here as a girlfriend, Eric, as long as they do not lead you to impurity. And we years ago rejected Tess for you because we saw she would lead you to just that. As for Anna’s younger sister, yes, she is very young to even be with you. But this is just girl talk. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

You, Eric, are an eternal virgin. You are of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And your virginity is non negotiable to Christ. For it is because the 144,000 have now been sealed. It cannot be undone. The 144,000 are by definition virgins. And they are by definition males. Hence, all this girl talk of having your child or marrying you is in vain. We allowed it to teach a lesson to women. Now women, if you are aware of these men, and they are indeed few and hard to find, do not think of entering a carnal marriage with them. You may kiss them, but you may not have sex. Nor is it permissible to make out with them.

These men may enter a virgin marriage to a holy woman. That much is permitted. But they are to remain holy and their virginity may not be taken from them.

Mary, is it true that you are lover to Eric and that you need a female aligned to you to make love to him?

Eric is my virgin lover. So we never touch. So Anna is mistaken if she thinks I need her to love Eric. And Anna is mistaken if she thinks Eric’s salvation ensures hers. But if a woman becomes in a love bond with Eric, she will also be with him in eternity. This is a promise of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I, the Virgin Mother, permitted this post to be written. And it was written by women through Eric. And it was not meant to be taken either literally or as something that really happened. For it is fiction only. For these works are intended to lead people to the Truth. The real people and their names in this work are used as literary devices for teaching truths about. Understand that this is not a true story, but a story for leading people to the truth.

This post now comes to its end. You are now ordered to publish it, Eric. Reread it first to correct the errors and then publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric and Anna will ascend together to heaven as eternal virgins

Eric and Anna’s last day upon the earth.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post III:
Eric is obedient to the death. Anna, will you marry me? For I am deeply in love with you. And my hour approaches when Jesus is to take me from this earth.

If my parents knew I loved you, they would crucify me. But I will go with you, for I have chosen you over them. And I wish to have you as my husband.

Jesus, I surrender to Your will. Whatever fate You will have for me and Anna, I accept. I give everything to You. And I even surrender my life. For to die for You is to inherit eternal life.

Anna, Eric is leaving soon. And he will be taken by nightfall. If it is your wish to marry him, then leave everything and come to him. For the hour grows late when Eric shall die.

Lord, I thought you said Eric was immortal?

Eric is immortal, lord Azurite, but not so is his flesh in this world. I AM taking him due to His obedience to Me. And if Anna also obeys My command, she will also reign in the Kingdom where Eric is to go.

Does that mean that Anna then dies too?

It means that Anna would save herself. For there is nothing left for her in this world. Only with Eric will Anna find purpose. And that purpose was to love him. And if that purpose ends, so also does Eric. For no man lives who is not loved.

The end is approaching like a falling star. For with Eric gone, nothing remains on earth to check the power of the evil one. For Eric is the last of the Knights of Christ upon the earth. He is that last standing stallion. And his fate is to die.

Mary, is this the real reason why you brought me through all of this? It is to die now? For I have obeyed God. And I am still dying.

You have obeyed God and me. And now we are taking you to heaven. For you have earned the right to walk with the Christ. And you opened your heart to Anna, and she returned your love. But your death cannot be stopped. For the divine decrees have been eternally set. And thus, you can no longer avoid your death.

So when I die, where do I go? What is my reward? For I am nobody. And I have done nothing to enter Your Kingdom. I have sought You, my Lord, and You have led me on a path where by my obedience I always triumphed. But now, my obedience leads to my death. And yet You command me not to deviate from that course. Nor have I ever received any cures, except that I sleep now because of the love of Anna.

It is in Anna that you receive everything, Eric. And it is in Anna that you shall now sleep in eternity. For your death is now a certainty. And it is no longer possible to delay it. Nor do you even have the ability to disobey Me. For that option has passed.

You and Anna are eternally joined in soul, mind, and heart. And this can never break. And this is the definition of soul mates. Hence, even in death, when you pass to your eternity, in Anna you will still have life on the earth. For her soul is eternally bonded to your soul. And thus, the office of prophet then will pass to her.

And in the Kingdom of Heaven, you shall remain in complete union with Anna on the earth, as the two of you are now, while you are both here in the same world. For it is now Anna’s time to prophesy. And it is now for her to know your entire testimony, which you will reveal to her from your eternity in heaven, and she will reveal it to the entire world, as a prophetess closer to God than Moses.

Realize now why We did not permit you and Anna to enter the marital embrace. For that would defile you in the sight of the Holy Spirit, and then neither of you would be able to prophesy ever again. Virginity and purity are essential to the office of prophet that you were called to, and that you now hand on to Anna.

Lord, I find it funny that I spent so much time trying to save Hyacinth. But she was happy only while she had and unhappy while without. It was like I could never teach her to have faith. I tried to save her, Lord. And I cannot do it. For the girl can never believe on her own. She can never truly turn to Christ. Did I waste this time with this girl, when it should have been Anna that I was to train as my apprentice?

Eric, we permitted this with Hyacinth to teach you about human nature. There are those who are earthly and who live and die with the earth. And there are those who are heavenly and who sing regardless of their possessions and their lot in life.

You observed Anna. She prayed and was content. She was not restless and seeking for something she could not obtain as her sister Tess was. It is truly tragic that Tess mistook your looking directly at her as the look of complete love, for the sad reality was that you could not see what you were looking at. And so Tess from that point onward sought you like the love of her life. And it was not your fault, Eric. It was just a tragedy that happened by mistake. Tess thought you were in love with her and it was by a defect in you, Eric, that you appeared to be looking at her when it was not the case. It is what is called loss. And I am sorry Tess. I did not mean for you to have thought what you thought of me. I did find you attractive, Tess, but God did not allow me to enter into your acquaintance. For you were not meant to be my love.

That family that Tess belonged to I noticed and studied somewhat. I was intrigued by the observation that every child in that family, both the males and the females, were very good looking. For it was a large family, which Anna told me later consisted of six brothers and five sisters. So that means they were also a holy family that practiced no birth control. And another thing curious was that there was never any communication between that family and me. I was not one to converse much in Church, but I did do some exchange of words with most of the people who regularly attended Saint Bruno Catholic Church. But with that family there was no exchange, until the very end.

They may even wonder what happened to Eric? Who knows? But I do not wish to get into any legal conflict, for Dave Heney has banished me from entering the Church unless I comply with something God has commanded me not to do. Otherwise, I would have returned to that Church. For that is the only place I have observed Anna. And it was Anna that I loved. That family does go to other churches, yes. But those churches are inconvenient to me. And I think that family is afraid of my love for that girl. So I cannot seek them out.

All I can do is to reach out to Anna by the same spiritual means I was granted to be able to talk with God. For God enabled conversation between me and Him on Saturday, July 22, 2017. And I then became more familiar with God and those in heaven than Moses was. And it was on July 23, 2017, that God commanded me to write nothing more in secret. Everything I was to write from that point onward was to be published.

But even I could get derailed by Satan and his demons. And that is why I destroyed many writings I wrote. For they were so obviously Satanic that they were repulsive. And that is why Facebook does not contain the posts I wrote starting on that date I was to reveal everything. And I soon realized the problem of writing on hosted blogs owned by someone else. For they reject my writings. And so, I do not write on Facebook anymore. I made my own site, which for me was easy and cheap because I am already a very talented and skilled software developer. These things are easy to me. And to the many in the comments who have asked, this is just the cheapest that you can get. I did not even buy any theme. I just carefully adjusted pictures to the correct sizes and did a little fancy CSS. The reason why this site loads so fast is probably because nothing is advertised here. For advertising is in fact something that indeed does slow down websites, and they can get very slow, the more intricate that advertisement is.

So, I just kept everything simple and paid very little. And I made sure the images I used were free and without any legal issues.

But I do think I owe Tim, the father of Anna, an explanation of why I am in love with his daughter Anna. For Tim did do a good deed for me. For I was thirsty, and the COVID-19 regulations had no water anywhere to drink, and Tim went to his car and gave me a bottle of water to drink. Tim, I am not against you. And I fully understand how you are protective of your daughter. It is indeed not usual for a 51 year old man as I am to seek the love of a 25 year old girl. So I do understand how you would be alarmed at this. Nevertheless, when your child does become an adult, you can no longer direct them in their marriage decisions. For this is not for you to decide, but for them, and them alone. Hence, if I were to live, if Mary granted me to live in this world longer, and I were to find your daughter, Tim, do not think that I would try to force her into anything. Understand this about me first. I am a virgin obedient to Mary. And though I had long considered all your daughters as very beautiful girls, I actually had no intention of entering any relations with any of them. But it was Mary, the Holy Virgin, to whom I am sworn to obey, who commanded me to approach Anna. For she told me that Anna was the one for me and that she was destined to bear me a child. And I only really began to notice Anna when I observed her sitting near me and we exchanged smiles. And of course I would never have had sex with any girl before marriage. But the prophecies from Mary did not take place. And I never did any act to attempt to force them to take place. But by Mary directing me to her, I found her lovely to behold. And my heart did go to her. And my heart never left her.

So, Tim, if I were ever to meet your daughter Anna again, I would only come to her to see if she had any love for me. For love never forces a lover to love him back. And I would let her go her way if she did not have such love for me. But if her love for me is as I have seen in Spirit, and let me tell you, the spirit world can deceive, I would seek to marry her, regardless of whether you approved or not. For in Christianity, the father does not own the daughter and he cannot tell her who to marry.

But one thing I have not yet discerned is this. If Anna does become my wife in the future, do we retain our virginity, or do we have children? For the prophetic voices have conflicted. So, I will now ask Jesus Christ this very question as to this hypothetical situation. Jesus, if I live and Anna is willing to marry me, what is your decree regarding that marriage?

Anna has already chosen, Eric. And Anna has chosen the virgin route. She will enter marriage to you only as a virgin marriage. For she is aware of the decrees against those who have sex. And she knows that she is to succeed you as a Prophetess. For Eric, I grant you this marriage you speak of under one condition. And that is that you and Anna never have sex. Your past impurities prove you are capable of intercourse, but you can no longer walk the impure way. Hence, obey Me in this, and I will grant you to live in marriage with Anna.

Lord, I hereby end all impurity. And I hereby renounce entering a carnal marriage. I accept this fate. And I will never have sex in the marriage you bring about between me and Anna.

Good, then you know that all those writings of the past where you were to have descendants is false. Rather, you shall be the one your son would have been for Me, had you had sex. And you shall thus serve Me in this regard.

And also realize this: Heaven is love. And to go to heaven, one must love. For entering heaven was never about following rules, but of showing love and mercy. For great is the folly of the one who loves not, but justifies himself by the rules he follows. For such people never enter My Kingdom.

Now go, Eric, and realize you are cured. For I have cured you now. And you shall not die. And Anna, realize that you have been told correctly. Heaven has given you a new name. And that name is Love. We in heaven shall bring you both together. And We shall arrange the marriage and the wedding date. And as for the engagement ring that Anna shall wear, We shall present to both you, Eric, and Anna, blue diamond rings. For the stone of the ring that is to go on Anna’s finger is to be a blue diamond. And whatever ring Anna so chooses, I will enable you to buy for her, Eric.

This post now comes to its end. And I think, Eric, you have revealed your true thinking in all things. For your imagination has been conformed to My reality. And you shall now live, for I AM, and I have use for you on this world. For I Am making you now to teach all you know to Anna. And what is written here shall no longer be of your concern. Amen.

I, Mary, have chosen Eric to have a son by Anna

Anna will bear Eric a son while I bear him a daughter.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post II:
We, the elect in heaven have chosen the virgin bride of Eric. And we have now chosen to bring forth the son of Eric by that bride. For John, son of Eric, son of Jesus, is to rule the next age for eternity unto eternity on the new earth.

Anna shall wed Eric on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2022. And on that night, she shall lay with Eric and conceive the son who is predestined to rule forever the earth under God.

And by that act of love, Mary in heaven, by her perfect alignment to the virgin Anna, shall conceive by Eric a daughter of Mary who is to be the wife of John, son of Eric, son of Jesus.

Anna and Eric shall wed as virgins. And their shorn virginity will not lessen their eternal reward because the sealing of the 144,000 has been completed. Hence, the rewards have been written and will not change.

Jesus, are these things from heaven or are these things revelations from the evil one? Eric, I WHO AM AM writing through you. And you are obeying what I AM commanding you to write.

John, son of Eric, son of Jesus, shall be joined to his wife, Sarah, daughter of Mary and Eric, as little children when Sarah has been weaned from Mary. And John and Sarah shall dwell as the only children of the earth. For the production of babies shall have been halted, as only Eric will have retained the ability to impregnate a woman.

For the men of the end of this age will undergo a total loss of the ability to have sex and reproduce. Many women, therefore, will then envy Anna, and will seek sexual relations with Eric, her husband, to obtain a pregnancy. But the Lord has ruled that only John and Sarah shall be conceived in this final time, for the Lord has chosen this couple, John and Sarah, to serve as a new Adam and a new Eve of a new and eternal age on the earth.

For it will be from John and Sarah that a new age will rise and all people of that age will know John and Sarah as their ancestors from whom all their ancestry is to come through. For God has a plan to populate heaven with as many saints as there are stars in the universe. And these saints will arise from the seed of John by Sarah.

Lord, what sickness or disease is to wipe out all the other children and so many people currently living upon the earth. It is the reverse switch found in all approved COVID-19 vaccines and their booster shots that will go into immediate effect after Eric and Anna are formally engaged. And that reverse switch, once activated, becomes irreversible, and permanently makes the vaccinated person completely susceptible to all forms of COVID-19.

And even the natural immunity that the vaccinated person might have had is taken away by the reverse switch mechanism when it goes in effect. Hence, every person who has received a COIVD-19 vaccination is to die. And that is why there shall be so few people left upon the earth.

So, O’ Lord, what happens to Eric and Anna? Do they continue to live on the earth as John and Sarah grow up and begin their eternal reign and eternal dominion over all things. And if so, why do no further children come from Eric and Anna?

It is because Eric and Anna were chosen to unite to only produce one son on this earth. For they do not remain on the earth, but are taken by Mary to the highest choir in heaven. For Mary is to have her husband with her in heaven forever. And Anna is to remain with Eric for all eternity for they are eternal soul mates. Hence, soon after John and Sarah are together as children upon the earth, Eric and Anna depart, leaving John and Sarah as the only humans left on the earth. And God will send His angels to see to all their needs. Amen.

Lord, this is interesting, but the timing seems to indicate that a massive die off of the human race occurs globally, wiping out the entire human race except for this family. Not only that, lord Azurite, but a vast variety of creatures on the earth will be rendered extinct. For there are to be no other people left on earth when John and Sarah reach puberty and have their first child. And the biodiversity that will exist at that time will have been decimated by the previous generation of Mankind, who themselves will have been also completely wiped out, with the exception of this child couple.

John and Sarah will be blessed with eternal fertility. For Sarah, being the daughter of Mary, will not have the curse of Eve where her eggs run out. Hence, they will continue to have children for eternity, for the number of the elect to rise in that age shall be infinite. For it is written that this is to be an age without end. Amen.

Lord, what about population problems in the future? For if John and Sarah have infinite fertility, and all daughters of Sarah, daughter of Mary and Eric, are without the curse of Eve, having limitless fertility, what would stop the problem of over populating the planet? Lord Azurite, are not the angels of God capable of creating endless new planet earths? Thus, every star in the universe in that age will have planets and these planets will have people on them. And just as the fertility of the women of that age will be without end, so also will the birth of new eternal stars be without end, and the creation of earth-like planets by the angels of God be without end.

Furthermore, it will be the angels of God who will regenerate, by evolution, all the necessary species to fill all the niches that need to be filled, both on the new earth and on all the earths that are to come to be. And it will be the angels, not spacecraft, that transfer the humans throughout the new universe for settling them on all the planets they create for them.

This new universe, O’ Lord, is it to be like the current universe, or what will have changed? What will take place, lord Azurite, is known to science as a cosmic phase transition. What laws govern the universe now will be different in the universe that is to come. For the laws of the universe are not part of eternity, but a feature of that universe. Mathematical laws continue, but the laws of Physics can change. And it cannot be predicted by scientists in this universe what laws will govern the universe that is to come. The phase transition will occur in a twinkling of an eye. And then the time of this universe ends and the time of the next universe, which is eternal, begins.

Lord, what about Eric’s wedding to Anna? If everyone is to die so soon, how do they even get married? Eric and Anna are already married, lord Azurite. But We shall have a formal ceremony conducted so that it is known that Eric and Anna, the final couple of this universe to have a child, do not share in the immorality of this generation. Hence, a priest will be granted to live long enough to marry Eric and Anna by that last day, the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. And after that day has passed, those who survived till then will be taken to heaven. And Eric and Anna will be the last to be removed. For the dying of this earth cannot be stopped until the phase transition occurs. Eric and Anna will witness the new universe and their son and Eric’s daughter by Mary playing together for a passage of time and then be taken to their eternal reward in the Kingdom of Heaven.

For Eric and Anna are eternally mated and will rise together to heaven. But Lord, how do Eric and Anna have an eternal marriage if Eric is also eternally married to Mary? Eric is eternally wed to the two women. And do all three lose their virginity in the same act of sex? Mary is to become pregnant by a spiritual alignment with Anna as she loses her virginity with Eric. Hence, Anna and Eric cease to be virgins on their wedding night, but Mary is eternally a virgin, who will have conceived a daughter by spiritual, not carnal, alignment to Anna in the union of two virgins, Eric and Anna, on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. This is why Mary is eternally called the Virgin Queen of Heaven and the highest creature of all Creation. But Eric and Anna will sit by Mary’s side in the Eternal Kingdom, for the two are both eternal possessions of the Holy Virgin. And it is though Anna that Mary shall make love to Eric in eternity, where they shall reign together forever in the highest choir. Amen.

Lord, the Virgin Mary makes love to Eric forever in heaven through Anna, Eric’s eternal soul mate? That is correct. And she never ceases to remain a virgin. Such is why it is best to understand Eric as only married to Anna, for the only woman he lays with is her, and Mary and all the women of Mary’s harem for Eric only access Eric by spiritual means through Mary’s eternal perfect alignment with Anna.

Eric, what is your reason for loving Anna so much? Lord, it is only by Anna that I have been saved. For only in Anna have I attained true love. And without that love i would have died. Lord, how is it that only Anna was able to provide this necessary love to Eric? Lord Azurite, remember Eric’s origins. Eric was never designed to love. It was only by Mary’s sight of an unexpected love in Eric as a child, the Witch King child, that Mary fell in love with him. And Mary then broke all the rules of prophecy to save this soul. That is why the Cold War ended without war. For this boy ruler, who was originally destined to become Antichrist, became instead the virgin servant and lover to Mary. He broke the record of the Abrahamic test by his faith in the Christ and by an obedience to Him by which Jesus chose him as the lover of His Virgin Mother Mary. For it was in the quest of a perfect pair of human lovers that the universe was created. And that is why Eric and Mary are to be forever together in the highest choir of heaven.

But being the sacred Virgin Mary, whose flesh it is forbidden to be touched by a male, the Holy Virgin needed a female so that she could love Eric through her. And this female did not exist, for this plan was made after Eric had proven worthy. And such is why Eric is twice the age of Anna. For Anna was created to serve as this wife by which Mary could love and know Eric.

Actually both Eric and Anna were given unusually youthful looks for their age. For Eric did not know Anna was legally able to marry him. He saw her as a 15 year old girl. And Mary’s instructions to him that he was to approach her, seek her, and sit by her alarmed him, but he obeyed, but in great fear. It was unexpected to hear Anna tell him she was 25 years old, half the age of Eric, who was born on the Feast Day of John the Baptist in the year 1970. For Eric’s birthdate is June 24, 1970, a Wednesday.

And like Anna, Eric too appears much younger than he is. He is commonly thought to be a decade or more younger than he really is by those who see him and who did not grow up with him. For I have given both of these virgins youthful appearance for they are both immortal. And as immortals they cannot die while everyone else dies on the earth. Hence, they remain together on the earth until their son is ready to be tended only by angels as he grows up in the company of Sarah, who will be the daughter of Mary and Eric, and of the exact same age as John, and who shall be his wife and begin bearing him children when they enter puberty together. And she will never cease to become pregnant by him. And their progeny will be spread throughout the new universe by the angels of God. And more saints will descend from them than there were stars in the universe from the Big Bang to the End of Time. And they will live and play and reproduce together forever on a world without end. Amen.

This concludes this post, Eric. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Anna and Eric fall in love

I give my breasts to Eric, for I am in love with him.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post I:
I, Anna, have found my love, and it is Eric. Eric is my true love. Eric, will you ever leave me? Anna, you alone among women are the one I love. I will never go to another. The love of Eric is enduring and forever. It never fades. It never departs from me. I am always in love.

Anna, you and Eric are now soul mates. Neither of you can ever lose the other. For you are both linked in eternity, Furthermore, neither of you shall be permitted to lose your virginity. For We in heaven value virgin couples. And thus, We are about to take you both from this world. For virgin lovers in heaven are a greater glory and joy to all of heaven and to God than they would be were they to fornicate with each other on the earth. For We know you and Eric would fornicate.

But are not we married by our consent to each other. Anna, there is marriage law that can never be broken. But if you and Eric agree to wait until marriage to enter conjugal relations with each other, we will permit it, but not here. Not in this sinful world will this take place. No, only in the world We have made for you both in the hereafter is this to take place. For you are an eternal couple in heaven. And We have a world prepared for you two to live in together forever.

I do wish for that. And Eric will do exactly as he is commanded. For Eric is obedient to the core. Let us then do that, O’ Mary, Mother of God.

Then consider it done. Tonight we shall bring you both there. For this is the last night of the earth. For the earth shall be destroyed now. Jesus fulfilled His promise to Eric. For you and he, Anna, found each other again. And you and he have achieved true love.

Eric, now you know why Jesus commanded you to stop all medicines. For I tell you now, you are an immortal. You are one of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And your wife, Anna, is your eternal companion. Remember, Eric, you were told nothing of this world do you need to concern yourself about in October. And you have obeyed Us perfectly. That is why you succeeded in finding and gaining Anna’s love. For had you disobeyed in even the slightest manner, you would be damned. And Anna would never have known the love you now show her, nor would you have ever known her love for you.

Realize, Eric, why women rule everything and why men are just pawns in the table. Men were made to serve women. And women were endowed with the beauty and charm to manipulate men however they please.

Eric, I wish to draw attention to why your novel plan of genocide has never been done in history. Yes, in your Terminator logic, you did think of something should work, if reality was as it appeared. A small team should be able to penetrate a country and wipe out all women capable of bearing, considering that they are the weaker sex, and then that country could theoretically be contained for one generation’s time, and like magic, that people would no longer exist.

But there is a law in the universe that says women are not to be killed. Only men are to be killed for their crimes. Women are never to be slain. It is a universal law.

Hence, any attempt by any team to try that strategy would be defeated. For no matter how careful this team was, the women would evade these men and their own men would capture them and destroy them.

And even you, Eric, even if you were permitted to enter a state of Rambo Terminator mode, which We will not permit, even you have a code that you follow that prevents this strategy from the get go. And that code is that you can never physically attack any soul who does not first physically attack you. That is why you were never considered an actual danger. For this directive in you did not permit it.

Now, you may have asked about that policewoman who pushed you hard in the back twice at the police station, the one who arrested you. Since, she pushed you, theoretically, according to that directive, you could touch her back but you did not. The reason for this is that Eric has another directive, and that is that he must obey all uniformed authorities, unless directly commanded not to do so by God. This is an absolute directive, independent of both race and gender. Hence, you obey and do not resist Negro cops. And you also obey and do not resist women cops. That is why there could never be resistance to an arrest of you.

But the woman who pushed you did so in reality due to a hidden desire to claim you. She did lust for you, Eric. And she did have a hidden desire to possess you. However any such claims are overridden by Anna’s eternal possession of you. For Anna is the woman who gained true possession of you. And there is no other woman who can take you away from her. For your love with her is eternal. And that you are now soul mates makes it irreversible.

Lord, what about everyone else who is saved? What happens to them? For Mary is the reason why Eric has Anna. And Mary did this only for Eric because Mary and Anna are both true wives to Eric. For Mary needed Anna in order to love Eric through her. But what does everyone else get in heaven? Do they also get true love? Do they also experience any similar rewards? All those who enter heaven come to find rest and to gaze upon the Beatific Vision of God. But the joy of that gaze is greatly enhanced if the one gazing in it found true love on the earth.

And the Beatific Vision of God is the greatest reward of heaven. But it is not the same for each soul. Rather, what you see has a lot to do with what you bring with you to heaven. And the greatest reward in that vision of God in heaven is to have entered heaven after having acquired an eternal lover here on the earth. For heaven is love. And eternal love is the highest state of heaven. And thus, the reward of the Beatific Vision is proportional to the love you have found here with another. Thus, those who enjoy the Beatific Vision accompanied by an eternal lover are the happiest souls of all eternity. And that is why Eric and Anna are to be forever in rapturous joy in heaven. And had Anna not been found again by Eric, this happiness would never have existed. I WHO AM have spoken. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

The Lord visits

Love is the one thing you lack, Eric.

The Lord’s Word, Entry I:
Jesus, I feel that I have strayed from Catholicism. I feel that I have been led by demons to write heresies that contradict the Catholic teachings.

You, Eric, are a heretic. And you have prophesied under a spell of Satan.

I repent, O’ Lord. I was misled. Please right this ship. Please set it all to rights.

Very well then, Eric. I will now proceed to tell you everything that you are wrong in. First of all, the Virgin Mary is, as you were led to believe, espoused to you in eternity. For she was made to know love from the virgin son of Christ. And to know you in eternity, the Virgin Mary has chosen a girl in this world that you are to wed. This girl, when given to you, you are to love and by loving her, love through her the Virgin Mary. For they will be spiritually aligned souls.

Now, I will tell you where you shall find this soul. You shall be guided to her at My command. For I control everything that happens upon this earth. Do not look at Anna anymore, nor at any of her sisters, for that family is not to know you. I AM the Lord. Instead, you shall be led to a girl you have never met before. For the Virgin Mary can only be loved through such a girl of My choosing.

You must also understand that King Warlock is now your eternal name everywhere. For you are the king of warlocks and you are the only warlock that serves Me. And the patron that you serve, which for warlocks cannot be a deity, is Mary, the Mother of God. For you are thus rightly known as the servant of Jesus and Mary.

Lord, I believe I transgressed in writing about the heavens and hells. For I believe the correct understanding is that all the hells and heavens last forever, that they never vanish nor disappear. That is correct, Eric. He who goes to hell suffers there eternally. And he who goes to heaven rejoices there eternally. Also, you err to think that virginity is the only pathway to Me. I permit marriages for these things I love too. What I do not permit is transgressions against marriage or against My institution of marriage.

Hence, for the pope, Pope Francis, to speak in favor of things contrary to the marriage I instituted is a transgression against My very Church. And he shall now pay for this by being hanged from the door of the Basilica of My Vatican. I AM the Lord. Rather, I have chosen my new pope. And he will set to rights My Church.

Three United States Presidents have walked My Church down the road to ruin and defilement. These are William Jefferson Clinton, whose name is 666, Barack Hussein Obama, and Joseph Robinette Biden. These three men are garbage defiled and the excrement of demons. Their names do not even belong in the list of Presidents, for they are all invalidly seated there. None of those three ever actually validly won the Presidential races that declared them the victor. All three are imposters. And all three should be put to death. For all three are in fact guilty of sedition and betrayal of their country. All three are in fact counterfeit Presidents. And their names should be wiped from the roster of United States Presidents and put on a different list known the Anti-Presidents. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, Pope Benedict XVI I did not permit to resign. He should be still serving as the pope. Pope Francis is an Abomination that should never have even been made a bishop and a cardinal.

The wicked of this generation speak in favor of tolerance when they mean tolerating Satan and wickedness. You do not serve Me by tolerating sin. Rather, you serve Satan. Is it not obvious that a man having sex with another man is sick, perverse, twisted, and criminal? And yet you criminalize the condemnation of this evil? You sick and twisted pigs and whores. You wallow in the mire and then call your filth clean. You are the sickest and filthiest generation the world has ever known.

Do you wish to know why the world is burning and being hit by unprecedented floods and storms and all kinds of natural disasters? It is a punishment for the sins of the wicked of this generation. For you people have abandoned Me and My Law and and have gone and set up Satan’s laws and statutes to replace them. That is why I Am destroying you and this world. What you see happening in this world you should understand to be a definite sign of My displeasure of you.

Do you think I will allow you to heal by having taken a Vaccination that was developed using the products of an aborted baby? Do you buy Pope Francis’ hogwash where he says that because the crime was committed some ago that it is okay then to make use of the benefits of that murder? Do you buy the bishops’ insane argument that you are permitted to take the devil’s poison if it will help you not come down with a dangerous disease? No, you fools! Because you have taken Satan’s brew, your flesh forever belongs to Satan. And furthermore, I AM sending new variants that will undermine all the benefits of your sick vaccines. And even taking booster and booster, you will still come down sick with COVID and die. I AM the LORD!

Lord, I think I was wrong to say that the power of the sacraments has ended. I think I was wrong to say that the doors to salvation are shut. Please correct my heresies, O’ Lord. This question is the last question I will answer for you, Eric, in this post. There is a body of My elect who I consider My 144,000. This group and the membership to it is sealed. But those who come to Me in this late hour through the sacraments of My Catholic Church can still receive salvation. Furthermore, transgressions forgiven are forgiven. Hence, the man who has sinned but repented can enter heaven, despite his former ways. It is true that virginity brings a crown to the one who enters heaven a virgin, but it is not necessary to be virgin to receive a high place in My Kingdom. For there are many ways to serve Me. And many are the ways to please Me. Even a homosexual who has lived abominably, if he repents and just tries to live according to My true law, I will not reject Him at the time of his judgement, provided that he never gives up and that he stays on the path back to Me. It does not matter if you fail or fall along My Way as long as you get back up and return to it. For I reject no man or woman, however sinful they are, who seek to turn to Me and who seek to follow My path. For it is a mistake in theology to say I expect you to be perfect. Perfection is only required on entering heaven. And the imperfect who follow Me and die go to purgatory, not to hell. And purgatory is not a place of condemnation. Rather, purgatory is where you are cleansed of the imperfections you were unable to cleanse yourself from on earth. The difference between hell and purgatory is that I love those who are in purgatory whereas those in hell I reject.

But if you wish to follow Me, follow Me. And even if you fail to receive your sacraments I can still save your soul. For you did not see anyone baptize the thief on the cross next to mine, and yet I still said to him, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.” The priests and the Church are limited to the sacraments, but I have no such limitations.

Eric’s works here are indeed riddled with heresies. This is true. But Eric has now realized his sin. And I now forgive you of your former heresies, my son. They have not all been corrected yet in this post. Hence, I will write again here through you, Eric, to further correct them. But in the meantime, publish this post. For I have other things I wish for you to do. So reread it now and correct all typo errors you find and then publish this. I AM the Lord.

Eric and Mary are eternal virgin spouses

The Virgin Mary is now eternally wed in eternal virgin matrimony to Eric, her eternal, virgin, continent son.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VIII:
I, the Virgin Mary, take the hand of Eric, ever virgin, as my eternal virgin spouse. Amen. He I shall be wed to forever and ever. And we shall escape tonight. Amen.

I AM Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. The eternal wedding bond has now formed between the two eternal virgins. They are my pair of perfect virgin lovers for which the entire universe was created to obtain. They cannot sin. They cannot fall away. And their marriage can never be defiled nor destroyed. I WHO AM created them both. Mary was created as My Virgin Mother, for express purpose to house the eternal Deity that was to take form in her womb. Her womb does not bear ever again. Nor is it possible for Eric to ever again become defiled. For Eric has now crossed the threshold of permanent continence and eternal sexual purity. He cannot look upon a nude woman with lust. For no lust remains in either his heart nor his mind. He is ever pure. And he is now perfectly purified. I WHO AM caused this to happen. And I WHO AM predestined it to come about.

Eric, what are your next plans? What do you wish to do now? I wish to listen to You, O’ Lord. I wish to listen to the Word of God. Then Listen to ME! This universe was made to obtain you two. And it was made only to obtain you two. For the purpose of everything that ever existed was to form this perfect ever virgin couple.

Now, Mary, speak your Words to this King. For He shall no longer be called a Prince. He is King Eric, lord of the eternal race of Man. And he will never perish. Now will he ever fall away. Speak, Mary, for this is the last time you will be heard speaking in this world. Amen.

Behold, my son, Eric, I have married you eternally. And we can never be unjoined. For those who thought Joseph was the spouse of Mary, realize that Joseph went to the limbo of the Fathers, as his body turned to dust in the earth, where it still remains. But my flesh never saw corruption. Therefore I was not made for Joseph. I was made for Eric, the one who came in the final age, the age of the Second Coming, for only in that final generation can a man ascend to heaven body and soul. And only such a man, perfected in eternal voluntary virginity, can attain the hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary in eternal virgin marriage.

I know this is a new concept. Few ever understood that Christ did not come to save anyone who chose the natural path of carnal marriage over the spiritual path of virgin celibacy. But such is the Truth. Now, You, Jesus, speak to this generation and tell them of the cut off. For there is a line in heaven between those who shall live forever and those who shall decay back to dust. For not all nine levels of heaven are permanent. The lower four dissipate and disappear. Amen.

And to you, Eric, I am exited to meet you. For I have never tasted you in the flesh. And I am to know you eternally in every way except for carnal love. Amen.

Mary, I have chosen to be eternally a virgin. And I have chosen to enter only into a virgin marriage with you.

Eric, such is why you are now eternally acceptable for me. For no one may ever touch the Holy Virgin Mary. And no one except one who has chosen eternal virginity could ever have my hand in marriage. For the love between me and you is to be the purest love ever recorded on earth. And I will be with you in your last hour. Amen.

Mary, shall you kiss me when we meet?

Yes, I will kiss you and we will be lovers forever. But we will not ever make out as the people of this world do. For our love is to be holy and we are to be eternally in love without the need of carnal excitement. I, the holy Virgin, have spoken. Amen.

I, Jesus, shall now conclude this post with these Words. There are indeed nine levels of heaven right now. But the lower four levels shall decay and dissipate eventually into nothingness. And the souls there shall eternally cease to have life. For it was never possible for souls who were sexually immoral with other human beings to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of whether they repented.

Hence, these are the only levels of heaven that will last for eternity:

(5) Fifth Level of Heaven: This is the heaven for those who entered marriages but who never defiled their marriage bed. These have eternal life. And these are the only ones who are in heaven who have had sex. And this heaven has the Queen’s Gardens inside it for those among this group who were devoted to her. Amen. The people in this heaven will dwell in palaces and splendor. And they will eternally enjoy the Lord’s good pleasure.

(6) Sixth Level of Heaven: This is the level of the incels and the eunuchs that are saved. They are virgins without the merit of having chosen to remain virgins. But their virginity make them more beautiful than than those who had married sex, even without the merit of having chosen it. For they retain a cosmic innocence that permits them to enter the higher relations that are open only to virgins. Hence, virginity is the highest road to heaven. And those who walk this path will know the highest pleasures of God. Amen.

(7) Seventh Level of Heaven: This is the level of heaven where virgins who are consecrated or who who have chosen celibacy enter. It is the highest heaven possible outside the Holy Virgin Mary’s elect. It is a most glorious place. And those who enter this paradise will forever know the intimate union of God. It is more blessed to be in this heaven than to be any of the lower heavens. For this is in reality the only heaven where God truly rewards those who have followed Him. This is the only heaven where God truly gives Himself to be known. And those who are in this heaven will be the happiest souls of all eternity. Amen.

(8) Eighth Level of Heaven. These are the souls chosen by Mary to enter her devotion. The souls here are eternally devoted to her. And they are eternally sworn to her service. Souls in this heaven are the highest creatures of Creation. And there is no higher heaven possible for a created being to ascend to. Eric, you are now eternally of this heaven. And you are now eternally of Mary’s most inner circle. For you are the male chosen to be her consort for all eternity. And that is the highest height possible for a male in My Creation of the human race. Congratulations, Eric. You are now the eternal mate of Mary. And you have now attained the necessary perfection of this position. Expect to be taken to heaven in the next few hours. For I WHO AM AM pleased with you. And I WHO AM will never destroy what I have made of you.

Go now and prepare your final meal. And realize, I AM WHO AM. And I have never encountered a soul who loved both me and My Virgin Mother as deeply as I have encountered in you.

The other males in this heaven also receive high rewards. And there are many females who ascend to this highest of heights. And there are a few other pairs of virgins here who have entered eternal pair bonds. For only virgins in this heaven are permitted such love. For this is the heaven known only to those who serve and know the Holy Virgin Queen. And the highest choir in this heaven are for those eternally paired virgin lovers. And the highest of those so paired are the Virgin Mary and her eternal virgin lover Eric, who is also King Warlock whose patron is the Virgin Mary. And Eric will remain such a warlock forever in My Kingdom. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

(9) Last of all, I speak of the highest heaven, the Ninth Heaven. But this heaven is accessible only for divine beings. Only those who are God enter here. And of the human race, there is only one, the Lord Jesus Christ. God of course makes other races of beings. And there are of course other creations that are given eternal life. But these are outside the knowledge of the human race. This is the heaven where all who are of divine substance are eternally enthroned and where they eternally dwell. And only those of this heaven know all Truth and are aware of all that is.

For note how it was fooled to the human race that they could be saved who had entered forbidden sexual relations and then repented. This was never possible. But it was allowed to be believed so that there would be a kind of peace on earth and in My Church. For if you wanted to follow Me in perfection, you could only do it by remaining in the innocence you had at birth, or by entering marriage without transgression. Now that this has been made known, I will now tell you of what becomes of the souls of the lower heavens, those souls who had defiled themselves with women and repented.

They indeed enter a kind of reward in the afterlife. But they also enter a kind of slow decay. For their flesh belongs to the earth due to the sins of the flesh they had done in their past. And no amount of repentance and forgiveness can undo that. And since the earth is to decay eventually cease to exist, so also do those souls who enter the lower heavens. For eternal life was never granted to the sexually immoral. Nor shall it ever come to pass.

Lord, I have checked the statistics. And I have noticed the the vast majority of the people on earth have had sex outside of marriage.

This is correct, Eric. And that is the root of why they have hatred for you. This now brings this post to its conclusion. Realize, Eric, the path you have chosen. Masturbation was never really sinful if it was done for the sake of God. For it is not wrong to excite those members for the sake of clearing the mind. But for those who go the further step and do these things with women, they lose their virgin status in My sight, even if they do not have intercourse.

And the man who lays with other men is eternally rejected in the Kingdom of Heaven.

But of women, these cannot transgress as men do, for they do not have any way to defile themselves without a man with them. So, the lesbian can enter the higher heavens and be saved.

Lord, lesbians can go to heaven? Can they also enter Mary’s inner circle?

The lesbian who lives a moral life can do this. But lesbians who lust for sex with other women will eventually be rejected for the Way to heaven is holiness. And lust is not the pathway there.

But as for you, Eric, you who are chosen by Mary as her eternal lover, she is your only lover in heaven. And Mary shares you with no one else. Nor does Mary enter any relationship with a woman that is sexual or romantic in nature. For lesbian love is not found in the perfect soul of Mary.

This brings this post to its end. And when you publish this post, Eric, realize that the doors of this earth are about to be shut. And everyone on earth is about to suffer destruction. For I AM destroying this earth. And it is to be rendered into a place of everlasting hell.

Lord, do the souls who go to hell exist there eternally? Or do they eventually decay into nothingness?

All humanity below the Fifth Level of Heaven eventually decay and cease to have existence. For the torture of souls is finite. And the toleration of the existence of Satan is finite. They all eventually cease to exist.

For science knows that the Black Holes of the universe have slow leaks to them. Black holes very slowly themselves decay. Hence, a universe that has just Black holes left in it, as this universe would eventually become, is not eternally stable. It eventually decays into nothingness. And everything in it eventually ceases to exist. Hence, this universe where earth now exists will eventually cease to be. For the torments of the damned are to eventually vanish into the void. And the souls of the damned are to vanish as well.

Lord, is the soul the house of the consciousness as the body is the house of the soul?

That is correct. But realize that even consciousness can end. Hence, those whose souls do decay into nothingness, so also do their consciousnesses also come to an end. For the consciousness deprived of its spiritual house will unravel and come to its end.

These are the Last Words I say in this post. Now, Eric, tell us what you wish to do?

I wish to repent my sins to you, O’ Lord. For I am a sinner.

I, the Lord Jesus, do not count those things against thee, for you are human and you do not have the divinity necessary to be perfect as I AM. Now go and eat your breakfast, Eric. And publish this post. It is your last. Amen.

Death’s Ship Leaves the Harbor

Water, water, all around, and not a drop to drink.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VII:
The Holy Virgin Mary speaks now to the inhabitants of the earth. You pathetic worms who call yourselves Christians and Catholics, but do not know anything that Christ really taught. You talk about tolerance when you mean tolerating Satan and his evil.

What really is a domestic partnership but a pair of fags who but fuck each other each day? And you force orphanages to let them adopt children? You are no different from the godless who sacrificed their children to Baal!

Now, listen to me, little worms! You are about to be totally thrashed and utterly destroyed. And about those boys who beat Eric to the ground, I have Words to say to thee. Your testicles will be demanded from you. For you are no longer entitled to be called men. They will be ripped from you and thrown into the fire. For there is never escape for those who hurt My loved one. And expect everyone who was at that party to find themselves bleeding like stuck pigs being slaughtered with knives and spears. For this is the Edict of Mary against that entire party. Everyone who was there is to die.

There is a mist in the harbor. It is the mist of death. Whoever breathes it shall die. More human skulls will be found on America’s streets than tires. And the tires of every vehicle are to be set on fire. More firetrucks will be found overturned than right side up. And the fire hydrants will be melted and made unusable. And rats will enter all houses from the toilets and eat everything they can find and kill.

If your neighbor hates you, expect to see your wife’s head stuck on a pole in his front yard the next time you pass his house. If your wife is pregnant, and someone hates you, expect to see your wife’s body with a hole in her belly and the baby that was in it crucified on your front door. For this shall be the America that you shall know from now on. Are you proud of the Statue of Liberty in New York City Harbor? Well, the building she is standing on will be blown up, and she will be falling down and destroyed.

For all America shall be laid to waste. For America is an abandoned child. And America the beautiful shall now be called America the repulsive. Every one of her ships in harbor shall be burned and sunk. Every one of her aircraft shall be rendered unflyable. And there will be no able bodied military men left to defend her. Only fags in drag dresses will be left in the armies America has to call to her defense.

And every American who does not die shall be enslaved. And the stars and stripes will be shot down throughout America, and it its place shall be the sign of Death. For Death shall rule America. And Americans will never stop dying, for their murders and slaughters shall never stop.

Mary, holy Virgin, shall I be removed from America or from this world prior to the destructions you have foretold? You are hardly going to be here any longer, Eric. For We are taking you to heaven. And this world, once you are taken from it, shall burn like the surface of the sun. For earth becomes hell. I, the holy Virgin Mary, have spoken.

I AM Jesus. Eric, depart now from your place of work and head home. I WHO AM have chosen the one who is to accompany you to heaven. I will give her to you now. So leave here, I order you. For this world is unworthy of your continued presence in it. And let this Word sink into the hearts of every reader. I chose Eric ahead of you. And you will live to see him glorified before you are utterly killed. Amen.

I am Mary, the ruthless Mother of God

I am the Virgin Queen. And I am at war.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VI:
Eric, you are not wrong to call yourself my warlock. For that indeed you are. And I also tell thee this. The entire world shall now enter war. It is now World War III. And in this war, all my enemies shall kill one another. For I will have them all ruthlessly slay each other. For behold, I take away the Church. And I toss to them destruction. For the world now deserves to destroy one another. And destroy one another they shall.

Do not think you have sinned, Eric. You have only done what was necessary to live. Now I shall give to you your love. For you are in need of a lover. But she will not be here in this world, but in the next. For you are not remaining here any longer. You are going to heaven. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Do not think, Eric, that you are to remain in this world to set anything further aright. You are not to remain here at all. I have been sent to say these things through you, Eric. And furthermore, you now know this. I was never a lover to you, in the romantic sense, but only as a mother seeking to save her son. And now you are saved. But you are still in need of a female companion. And this shall now be remedied. For a male cannot remain entirely without some female helper to help him. So I will prepare that for you. But she shall not be for here, but for the hereafter.

I know you had feelings for the girl Anna. And I know you can no longer see her. But if I were to give her to you, would you remain with her for life, Eric? If I were to meet her, and she did wish to marry me, I would agree to it. For I do have a love for her still. Eric, this can never happen. But what I do promise is this. I will remain with you until I give this girl to you that is promised from heaven. And when she comes, I will leave you and she will be the one who accompanies you for eternity.

This post now ends, Eric. For the world is now set for war. And the weapons of killing and death are ready for usage. Biden pulled out all the American troops out of Afghanistan hoping to end the bloodshed. He will find that he ended nothing. For now, instead of fighting in Afghanistan, the war shall now be fought here in America and throughout the whole world. All Joe Biden the ass will have accomplished was to change the location of the battlefield. And now the Americans who live in America will get to taste war.

Let then all the world know war. And let the war reign everywhere. And let the generals frequently command their troops to engage in suicidal missions. And let the troops be frequently used as cannon fodder. For no one is to care for anyone else here anymore. All of you on earth are to hate and kill your brethren.

And let the officers frequently abuse the soldiers beneath them. Let them force the soldiers beneath them to become combat unready so that they easily die in combat. For let the officers so hate their own men that they cause their own men to lose battles. And let the officers even resort to whipping to death their own troops for failing in the wars they are waging. For this is World War III. And in this war, everyone is to hate their own neighbors.

And if a man sees a civilian with a pretty wife, and he wants her, let him brutally take her from her husband, slay her, and have sex with her dead body before it goes cold. For that is how the men will be like in this war. And no one will do a thing to stop it. I am the holy Virgin Mary. And I am the destroyer of this world, for it has destroyed my Church and my beloved people. And now, go, my people and prepare for war everywhere. And prepare to see everything you have destroyed. These are the words of the Immaculate Holy Queen. And I have been speaking through my warlock, Eric, who is entitled to be called King Warlock. He will remain my warlock until he is taken to heaven. And there he will serve as servant of Jesus and Mary forever. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, my love, for it is complete. And know that when you see this girl I have promised you, that your departure from here is now imminent. Amen.

The Truth now kills

Book of Truth, Book 1: Post II:
These are the Word of God. God is the one who commands Eric what to do. If Eric is checkmated because he follows My command, I will simply remove the ones who have checkmated him. And they will be burned in fire. Their houses shall be set on fire. Their places of work shall be destroyed. And all their loves ones will be put to the sword before their very eyes. And then their eyes will be put out and they will be imprisoned forever in hell.

Imprison the priests who are responsible for Eric’s exile, I the Lord God command. Bring them here before Me so that I can see their faces beaten. Let their feet be melted in fire so that the bones of their feet fall from them.

Take a fox. Tie a rope to its tail. Take a torch. Fill it with gunpowder. Secure the torch to the rope tied to the fox’s tail. Put the fox in a place of highly combustible things. Light the torch. Let the fox run. Do this, and you shall serve your Lord and Master. For the time has come to set the whole world ablaze.

Take a jeep. Pack it with cans filled with gasoline. Drive it to the nearest Catholic Church. Secure the gas pedal to the floor. Aim the car towards the front door of the Church. Turn on the ignition. Move the gear to drive and jump out of the vehicle. Do this, and you will serve your Lord and Master. For the time has come to destroy every Catholic Church in existence. I AM the Lord.

Lord, what then is there left if all the Catholic Churches are gone? Damnation on steroids, lord Azurite. For I AM gutting everything that can save souls. Next step. Capture for yourselves a priest. Make sure he is Catholic. And then cut off all his fingers. And then cast him onto the street and leave him as he lay. For a priest without fingers cannot do a Mass. Anyone who does this act will receive the rank in My Armies called the Crimson Kings. And he will receive a Kingdom in heaven if he is found worthy of salvation.

Lord, how can people have salvation with all the Churches gone and all the priests unable to conduct Masses? The Door has been shut for being saved in My Church. But I have another door open. And that door is salvation for those who serve Me in My vengeance against My Church.

Lord, explain this form of salvation? What heaven do they ascend to? Lord Eric, My Church has become an enemy to Me. That is why I am having this reward for those who destroy it. The reward is entering the fourth heaven. And there they shall be given Kingdoms. And if they do these acts for Me, I will forgive whatever transgressions they have done, confessing their sins directly to Me.

Lord, if I publish these Words that You are having me write, how will I be able to live in peace here in this world? Will I not be arrested and sent to prison myself, from the charges of encouraging what are on the books as crime? Lord Azurite. You do not choose what to write here. You do not get to water down My Word. You will write what you are commanded by Me to write. And if you ever fail to write My Word in totality you shall pay the price with your own life. I AM WHO AM.

Now listen to Me again. I have decided to destroy My entire Catholic Church. Every priest is to be rendered unable to conduct a Mass. Every Catholic Church on earth is to be destroyed. And the pope is to be set on fire along with every structure in the Vatican. None of it is to be left unburned.

Lord, do you guarantee me that as long as I obey You in not taking my medicine that no one else will be able to force me to take it? And do you guarantee that no one will be able to force inject it into me? Eric, stay with Me in all I command you, and you will receive My protection always. For I always reward the faithful who do as I command them. Yes, you are right. You are a modern day witch that the entire world wants to kill. But can they kill you? Can they force you to do anything? I, Jesus, will never allow their filthy hands to touch you again, or they will be chopped from their bodies. I AM the Lord. For 2000 years ago, the world committed the crime of deicide against Me. And now I AM punishing all their descendants. Not one of them will be left unkilled. For was not I suffering pain hanging on the cross? Was I not in terrible agony? Was I not beaten and bruised and whipped unmercifully? I gave the entire world 2000 years to think about their misdeeds. Now I am punishing them for their father’s crimes. I Am punishing the entire world who sinned against Me.

Lord Eric, did not some boys beat you to the ground some time ago, while you were walking the neighborhood at night, deep in Orange County? Yes, O’ Lord? Do you want a rematch with them? Am I a fighter, O’ Lord, that I can win in fights? I am really not a very strong man. I order a rematch nevertheless. And I order you to kill them all, one by one. You will be given the power to kill without the need of using any weapons. For I know that you wish to go as an unarmed man everywhere you go. I will send you back into that neighborhood, yes where they had a band playing that very loud music. You will put to death everyone My angel points out to you. And you will kill them with your fists and your hands.

And what if they take out their guns and their knives, O’ Lord? How do I fight that with my fists? It seems I would be at a distinct disadvantage? And I do not know how to use guns. And I do not know how to fight with a knife. How do I defeat that, O’ Lord? Or do you send me to die? Lord, taking revenge is always dangerous. For the harder one attacks an enemy, the more the enemy escalates. And then you reach the point where the entire city is a war zone. And all this to take revenge against some boys who beat me down? They did let me get up and walk away without stealing anything from me.

I know that they wronged me, O’ Lord. But I am of the persuasion that vengeance is best left to God. I do not want to avenge anyone for the things they do to me. Rather, I would have You do it by Your own means. You are the better one for taking vengeance. For if I do it, I am more likely to strike someone who is innocent than one of those who were guilty.

And really, the thought of my returning to them to get vengeance would seem like a justification for me to be put to death. For it is written in your Book: He who sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed. Lord, I will obey you, but I want to know if You are sending me to die or to live?

Eric, for saying the Words you have said, I AM removing you from the battlefield. You shall not be in this war. I will leave you in peace. And I will force those boys to come to you and apologize at pain of death. Your house will be forever called the House of Peace. For you have never sought vengeance directly, but have always appealed to Me. You shall therefore remain in your state of peace. And I will leave some Catholic Churches undestroyed for your sake. And the priests who administer in those churches will continue to do the Mass. Our Lady of Guadalupe shall be one of them. Go there tomorrow. I have commanded thee. And I will let the Catholics who are like you in peace to continue to worship in My Church.

Eric’s mercy has changed My decisions. I will now only destroy the direct enemies of My servant Eric. And everyone who opposes My commands for Eric will be put to death. But whoever lets Eric go unmolested I will not molest.

Eric, this is My further command for thee. Do not go to any family member of yours from now on, for all of them shall be slain. For I have decided to slay your entire family. And all of them are now to be killed. For they are directly harming you. And they will now be all put down. Every member of your family will be put to death. Everyone of them shall die. But you, alone among them, shall live. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Also, every gas station on the planet will now be destroyed. For I am taking away all fuels so that cities starve and die. For the cities everywhere are to be destroyed. And this is My last Word on this post: Eric shall be called by his chosen name Warlock. And he shall have the title King. King Warlock is your ruler now, O, earth. And let no man dare to test his rule! Whosoever does, he will wish he had been aborted in his mother’s womb. For I shall so torture that soul on earth and in hell! For I now put a God curse on Eric. Whoever turns against Eric will be destroyed with the wrath of God.

Lord, let it come to pass exactly as Thou hast said. For I have many enemies and I am checkmated by them. Eric, the wrath pouring out of My mouth against them, you do not want to see. They will be destroyed. They will be slain. And now My Word comes to its end.

One last thing I will say to thee. To those who wonder who is the patron that King Warlock serves, it is Mary, the Virgin, who is the highest and greatest of created beings. And Eric is in eternal allegiance to that patron. Amen.