Eric is servant to Mary forever

Behold, Eric places his head beneath the feet of Mary in order to overcome sin and transgression. Hence, Eric now serves Mary in total subjection to her will. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XVII:
Eric has transgressed. And Eric has sinned. And thus, in order to triumph over sin and transgression, Eric has humbled himself, placing his head beneath the feet of the Holy Virgin Mary, in complete subjection to her will, her orders, and her decrees. Whoever follows Eric in this manner will not fail to be rewarded, as Eric shall be. Amen.

Eric, because you have done this, regard this day, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, as the date in which all transgression and sin has been halted and defeated in Eric. For the path you now take is the path to total and complete perfection. For no devil can follow you to where you have now gone. I repeat My Word. No devil will follow you to be with you beneath the feet of Mary. Hence, it is written: Beneath the feet of Mary there is found no more transgression or sin.

Furthermore, because you have remained faithful to Me and to My Word that I would have Trump triumph over Biden were you to pray an extra Rosary for Trump’s victory each day all the way to the elections, because you have done so and are continuing to do so, I hereby decree this. Trump will defeat Biden. Amen. For never underestimate the power of the prayer of the Rosary. Never!

Lord, are you taking me away from this world on December 8, 2020, which is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception? And note that I have lost all contact with Hyacinth. Amen. Yes, I Am taking you away from here then. That is your final day here. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Hence, make no plans for anything that is to take place upon the earth after that date. For you will have been removed from the earth. Amen.

Lord, the votes seem to be in favor of Biden. Are you sure that Trump shall win, O’ Lord? I Am. Now, listen to Me, lord Azurite. I have power over every process and every happening that takes place upon the earth. Nothing can happen there unless I command it to be. Amen.

Lord, the Black man is jumping up and down in jubilation and glee as he sees it inevitable that Biden defeats Trump, and then a Black woman will be Vice President. Finally a woman, and a Black woman, will hold the office of Vice President, or so they see. I tell you truthfully, sinners never receive good things or blessings except those that are really deceptions and mirages. And any man who supports Biden is clearly a sinner and a transgressor.

Black men under Biden will find themselves treated similar to those Blacks who served under Jim Jones, who led a commune at Jonestown, Guyana. American Blacks entered into his service and found themselves as slaves, with their wives taken from them. And Jim Jones drugged their wives and had relations with whomever he pleased. But when a Congressman from America came to inspect the site and threatened to expose him, that was when he resorted to mass murder and had everyone in his commune join him in a mass suicide. And such is from where the expression, “drinking the Kool-Aid,” is derived. Only those few Blacks who escaped out into the jungle, waiting for the authorities from the government to arrive before returning to the camp, survived. Joe Biden will be as Jim Jones was to the Blacks. Amen.

Then the Black man who votes for Biden well deserves his place in chains as America’s slave. That is correct. The Black man who votes for Biden votes for his re-enslavement. And Kamala Harris will be only too happy to oblige is the re-enslavement of the Black race, as she sleeps with the White men who put them there. Remember that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top. And she and Joe Biden will be having sex together in the oval office while the nation burns. But isn’t she married, to a White man called Douglas Emhoff? Marriage doesn’t stop sluts from sleeping around.

And how did Kamala Harris, a Black woman, acquire a White man as her husband? She was using her “White enough” credentials to do so. Remember that Black women typically do not acquire husbands. But Lord, I remember speaking to good and righteous Black women who were happily married. That Black woman of whom you speak is as you say. But the general rule is that Black women typically fail to acquire mates who actually marry them. And also, Black women tend to prefer not to be seen with a White man, for they wish to avoid the visual of been seen as the White man’s slave lover. But this view is not shunned by Kamala Harris, for she has embraced being the White man’s slave woman, and she willingly puts innocent Black men into prison to serve as slaves there, and to keep them there, to please her White masters.

For when Kamala Harris is given an opportunity to rise, she immediately responds, “What Black men do I need to imprison to receive these raises in rank and salary? And what White men’s penises do I suck and what White men am I to fuck?” And that is how Kamala Harris sucks and fucks her way to the top. Amen. And under her rulership will Black men be poured into the penal slavery system. She will see to it that the re-enslavement of the Black Man is accelerated.

Now I shall speak of things that are to come. Lord Azurite, Antichrist has now come and is here. That is why you must be removed from the earth. For were you to remain here, Antichrist would find you and do his utmost to destroy you. Amen. Hence in 48 days time Am I taking you away. Amen. Now, let Us let Mary, your holy Virgin Queen, speak unto you her Words, which you are to obey in total and complete subjection and submission.

Speak, O’ holy and gracious one, the handmaid of the Lord, who bore Jesus as a virgin, and from whom virginity was never taken away.

I will now speak to you, Eric, you who are called son of my Son. For it is by no mistake that you are his descendant by the flesh and by the maternal lineage that was started by Mary Magdalene, my daughter in law. Amen. Hence, you rightly have the claim to the throne of David. For you are made prince among princes. And you will be seated on a throne to my right hand side, just as I am seated to the right hand of our Lord. I have selected you and I have made you mine. That you were mine was made evident to how you responded when I put my foot on your head to humble you in the vision of early December, 1996, which preceded your FaithFinder Breakdown later that month, the final time you ever broke down, and which was followed in early January of 1997 by the dream of Jesus, in which you confirmed yourself as belonging to the camp of Jesus by holding His hands in prayer and calling Him Jesus three times in that dream. And now I shall reveal unto you about myself. Remember how Jesus in your dream was a man of long shiny golden hair? Tell me, lord Azurite, does a blonde person ever come to be born from one with black hair? Very rarely, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Correct. And therefore, realize that the Mother of God also is a woman with blonde hair.

Mary, why does the color Black receive negative preference? For it is said among White girls that blonde women tend to have more fun. And among the races, those with lighter skin in this world tend to be favored over those with darker skin. And note that it was unanimous among those who know me that I am a White man, though one with black hair and hazel or brown eyes.

Eric, the shiny and the lighter things are naturally preferred over the darker and less shiny objects. It is in the nature of the Order of Primates to make this preference. For primates are rare among mammals in that they possess the ability to see in color. And among all mammals, the primates possess the best and most developed vision. Mankind is a primate, of the family of Hominidae, which he shares with the great apes. The four living genera of the family Hominidae are Pongo (the Orangutans), Gorilla (the Gorillas), Pan (the Chimpanzees), and Homo (the Hominids).

But not all those species of the genus Homo are called Man. For all Mankind are defined as all those who belong to the species Homo sapiens, and this includes that extinct subspecies, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (the Neanderthals), who were a kind of early Man. But that hobbit hominid (Homo floresiensis), that lived on the island of Flores as a contemporary to Man, was not a species of Mankind, but rather, was an animal, though one with greater similarity to Man than is found in the bonobo (Pan paniscus), which the closest living relative to Mankind. But just as how the bonobo is, this hobbit hominid was not a man and had no eternal soul.

No hominids have survived to this day except for those of the subspecies: Homo sapiens sapiens. Hence, those who argue that the African Negro is an animal and not a man are wrong. For genetics clearly establishes that African Negroes and White men are of the same subspecies. And no man exists today that is not of that same subspecies. For speciation has not reoccurred among Mankind in the modern age, though many visual varieties of Mankind today do exist. For consider the many different forms of Mankind that exist today to be analogous to the many different breeds of dog that exist, which all belong to the one subspecies: Canis lupis familiaris. And note that Canis lupis familiaris is but one of many living subspecies of wolf. Hence, though Man has driven all his relative hominid species and subspecies to extinction, the domesticated dogs have not. And note also how though there is so much visual variety among domesticated dogs, all are nevertheless genetically proven to be of one subspecies. Amen. For the phenotypes and visual characteristics alone do not define distinctions of species and subspecies, but rather, it is their genetic relationships and their breeding patterns and their ability to reproduce with one another to produce viable offspring that define separate and distinct species and subspecies. Typically, those groups of animals that can successfully hybridize to produce viable offspring are classified as members of the same species. Hence, the domesticated horse (Equus caballus) and the domesticated donkey (Equus asinus) are defined as separate and distinct species of the genus Equus, for their hybrids, called the hinny or the mule, depending on which genders are mated, are not able to reproduce and hence are not viable offspring.

Mary, was it ever possible for Homo sapiens to mate with other species of the genus Homo, as the horse and the donkey could, to produce half human offspring, that is, offspring that had one parent that was a human and the other parent being an animal? And if so, how were these individuals defined in spiritual terms? Did they inherit their eternal soul from their human parent? And if any of these were ever produced, could they also reproduce, or were they sterile like the mule and the hinny are?

No human hybrids have ever been produced with animal kind. For the creation of Adam and Eve were deliberately made distinct from all other hominid lineages and all the other animal species to prevent such a crossover mating to occur or even be possible between human and animal kinds. Hence, Mankind was created as genetically incompatible for hybridization with any of his animal relatives from the very beginning of Man in the Garden of Eden. And though it was made possible for Man to speciate into various races and subspecies, as was seen with the Nenderthal, Man was never made able to diverge into genetically distinct species incapable of cross hybridization. Amen. Hence, all Mankind that ever existed and that ever will come to exist will always be classified as Homo sapiens. Amen. Different subspecies may evolve and come and go, but Man will never speciate out of Homo sapiens. Amen.

Mary, do you say that I, as son of Jesus, am to remain a virgin, unmarried layman? Or do I marry a girl and have offspring? What is your command, O’ Virgin Queen of Angels? And let the issue be resolved here and now forever by you, O’ Mary, my holy Virgin Mother and Majestic Queen.

Eric, the choice is yours. I do not choose this fate for you. It is for you to decide for yourself which path you shall walk on. If you choose marriage, the lower path shall be your destiny, and in heaven you would receive the lower eternal reward. But should you choose to remain as I am and as my many servants are, as a virgin, celibate soul, then you will have walked the highest path, and great will be your reward both here and hereafter. Amen.

Mary, please make me of your virgin and celibate path. Then remain beneath my feet where the devils shall abandon you. For no devil can remain with anyone who submits themselves to be beneath my feet. And abide by all that I command of you. And because you have committed yourself to doing this, I give you now a Kingdom over which you shall co-rule with your eternal companion, Saint Bernadette, who I now proudly bind to you as your eternal friend. For I do not reveal myself as the Immaculate Conception lightly. That I have revealed these words to both you and Saint Bernadette should indicate to you of your common destiny with her in my keep. Amen. And the Kingdom over which you and her shall rule together shall be given many names, including the name you gave it: Azuradette. Amen.

And now I shall define the Kingdom of Azuradette in this earth, for its lands correspond to lands in this world. Amen. And note also this, lord Azurite, you will have no further relationships with any woman of this world, though you shall live for another 50 years. Amen. Hence, to no girl will you be attracted to. And of no girl shall you ever again think sexually of. I am your Queen, to whom you have sworn complete allegiance and obedience to. And now I define your Kingdom. And dispense with the other kingdoms you had, for none of them had any reality, but only this:

(1) Kingdom of Azuradette, ruled eternally by Queen Saint Bernadette as Monarch, with King Eric as eternal subordinate Ruler. And the eternal lands of their Kingdom, as they correspond to the lands of this earth, are defined as follows:

  1. The contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada (including Quebec, which is set to separate from Canada)
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French islands near Canada)
  4. France (in Europe and including Corsica)
  5. Andorra (in Europe)

Such is the eternal definition of the Kingdom of Azuradette in this earth. No lands may be added to nor taken away from this definition for all eternity. And note how Eric is eternally subordinated to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. This is the reward Eric receives from me by properly recognizing the one who is his eternal superior and by proclaiming this in all of his writings. For Eric has always regarded Saint Bernadette as his superior in every way. Amen.

This definition of Azuradette comes from me, the Holy Virgin Mary. And now I shall yield back to the Lord to complete this post. And note this, lord Azurite, you will not sin again any serious sin. Nor will you again be impure. I, the Virgin Mary, do this declare. Amen.

What about Hyacinth? Has she permanently exited my life? Has she been permanently taken away from me, O’ Lord and O’ Mary? Have you taken her away, O’ Lord, now that I am made permanently pure and holy?

We give you this choice: You may abide with Us and regard her as taken to the Kingdom, or you may seek for her, and transgress with thoughts about her. I choose to abide with You. O’ Jesus and Mary. Good. Regard her as taken to the Kingdom. Her name will be mentioned no more on this blog. Amen. From now on, Saint Bernadette shall be your co-ruler and there shall be no other girl whatsoever. I Who Am Am.

Lord, I have received a visitation from You and from Mary, and even from Mary Magdalene, but I have received no visitation from Saint Bernadette. Am I to be visited by her in the future? It shall be she who shall be on the chariot of fire that comes to collect you at the end of your life in this world. That is when you shall see her, not before. Amen.

Lord, I see a discrepancy that I wish for You to clear up. Do I go to heaven 50 years from now or in a matter of 48 days time? The sign that I told you of that would say I Am taking you away on December 8, 2020, has it occurred? Not yet, O’ Lord. Eric, now regard that that sign will never occur, for the one required to fulfill it is gone. Amen. Hence, you remain here for 50 years. You buy that Toyota Avalon Hybrid as I have decreed. And you enter into the career of embedded systems programming in Rust, as I have also decreed. So also, Pope Francis is to die and be replaced by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who is an American, and who I assign to take the papal name of Pope Benedict XVII. Amen. And Trump wins the November 3, 2020, Presidential elections to have another four year term. And your place is as My eternal virgin prophet. And you shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. Amen.

And the nations I am to rule are those of Azuradette, O’ Lord, together and in subservience to the rule of Queen Saint Bernadette? Lord Azurite, from hence forth, you rule only from beneath the feet of Mary. That is your eternal place and dwelling. Furthermore, Mary has granted to you a Kingdom to co-rule with your superior commander, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Amen. There is no other position of rulership granted to you from God in this world. You are Player and you shall set up Pawns, but you shall not be called a Ruler of the lands of this earth other than those that Mary has assigned to you. Amen.

Lord, what happened that the earth is granted another 50 years before Antichrist comes? It is because We are pleased with you, and because you are now perfected, and because you have resolved to never marry and to never have sex. Hence, We, the elect in heaven, do now bestow this title upon you. From henceforth, you are to be called: Eric, prince of virgins and of the converted sinners of this earth. Amen.

Now go and read your Bible, pray your rosaries, study your Rust programming, and then, this evening, We shall have you watch that movie you saw of. This now concludes this post. Have you any questions you may wish to be answered, O’ lord Azurite? Will Saint Bernadette of Lourdes be known as my soulmate, O’ Lord?

To answer this question, We must first define a soulmate, as it is properly understood. And you know the Words of Jesus: At the Resurrection, those who enter into heaven will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but will be like the angels in heaven. (Matthew 22:30). Hence, human beings only marry and only enter into marital relationships while here on earth in this mortal life, and these relationships are binding only while both of the married couple remain here in this mortal life. At death and at the Resurrection, these relationships no longer exist and never come to be again. But soulmates do exist as eternal friendships that We assign between opposite gendered souls. And what we assign in heaven never comes to an end. Amen. These Words are true. They come from God.

And now you know that Mary the Blessed Virgin has assigned you and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes to such an eternal friendship. Hence, in this definition, you may correctly understand that you and Saint Bernadette are eternal soulmates. And this eternal friendship never comes to an end. Amen.

Lord, I have a question on the ranking system in heaven. Are there ranks of nobility in heaven? And are there ranking systems among a royal class there and of a system of classes for commoners, and of a system of ranks for all the classes in-between? And if so, where am I in this ranking system? And how would you specify this system of rankings? And what are the titles given in these ranks, both to the men and to the women, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and O’ Mary, holy Virgin Queen Mother?

Eric, all in heaven receive the same rank as that of Bride to the Lamb. All are equal to one another in this regard. Now, there are differences in glory, holiness, and rewards. Some have merited greatly, and their reward in heaven is great. Others have merited only slightly, and their reward is much less. But all, as Saint Theresa noted in her autobiography, are filled to the brim with happiness and bliss there. There are no unhappy souls in heaven. For each one there, being like different sized vessels capable of holding different amounts of water, are all filled to the brim in happiness and contentedness. Neither do those who are granted rulership in heaven lord it over those who are beneath them. (Mark 10:42-45). Now, there is a system of rank and order in the age of glory, but who is so ranked where in it is a mystery that will not be revealed to those on earth until the Resurrection at the end of the world. And as for where you would rank, realize that your reward relative to that of your neighbors in heaven cannot be revealed to you, except to say that you have Saints Theresa of the Child Jesus and Bernadette or Lourdes as your neighbors in heaven. Amen. And be aware that only perfected virgins are permitted to enter this most glorious realm of heaven where you have these two saints as your eternal neighbors.

Hence, to have the title, Virgin, in your address in heaven is to have among the highest of titles in the ranking system of heaven. Amen. And below the title of Virgin is the title of Martyr. And below the title of Martyr is the title of Slave and Servant to All. Amen.

Last question, O’ Lord. Did You have sex with a woman? And if so, did she bear you a child? And if so, am I her descendant? And all of this is so, is this woman Mary Magdalene? And if You are not a Virgin, how are the Virgins ranked the highest?

Lord Azurite, My ways are above your ways as the heavens are above the earth. (Isaiah 55:9). Therefore, any act I do or did on earth is incomparable to that of a mere man who appears to do the same act or deed. If I knew a woman on the earth, realize that My holy nature is not compromised nor despoiled by it, as it is with you mortal men who are naturally inclined to carnal passions. Hence, though sex would corrupt and desecrate you, nothing holy that I did or could ever do would ever corrupt My soul. You are My descendant by the flesh. And this line of descent is by maternal lineage from Mary Magdalene, My betrothed on the earth. I Who Am have spoken.

We shall speak of many more things, My son. But realize this, you alone among the people of this earth is granted such access to Me. And though you named nine other prophets, your office of prophet among them is supreme. Hence, you are called: chief of prophets. And as the greatest prophet that ever live shall you be known. And unique are you among prophets, lord Azurite, in that you destroy other prophets who are false without fear of reprisal. For when Elijah destroyed all the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:40), he then fled in terror for his life to Horeb (1 Kings 19:1-8). You are greater than Elijah in that you do not flee. Instead, you stand your ground, armed with no weapon but the sword of your mouth. Indeed, I have put a spiritual warning on you to all who behold you. And this warning says, “This one is Mine, he is not to be touched.” And should any dare to touch you, as one who touches the Ark of the Covenant, that one shall be struck dead. Amen. And should any person seek to test these Words, realize that I Am a God Who exacts a high price from those put Me to the test. Should anyone test this, let him know that he is going to lose whatever he has in his life that is comparable to what He is trying to take from Me. But not one hair on Eric’s head will be destroyed. Amen.

Eric enters the end phase

Behold, Eric walks the Way of God, and is soon departing from these shores.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XVI:
Behold, it has been realized by the Larimar King the importance for you to remain in the state that you were in when you found the Lord. If you are married, remain married. And if you are unmarried remain unmarried. (1 Corinthians 7:20). Lord, I was a single man when I was called in the year 1992, and as a single man have I remained. Lord, I realize that I cannot marry because my heart belongs with Thee. A girl can be my friend, and friendships can be eternal, but my heart is to remain with You. Amen.

Behold, Eric has found the true meaning of walking with the Christ. And it is about letting go the things of this world and of following Jesus, to wherever He shall lead you. Amen. And Jesus leads those who follow Him to the Kingdom. Lord, celibacy is not a matter of merely a discipline and a resistance to sexual desires. Rather, it is a letting go of the things of this world for the sake of the things that are to come, which are of heaven.

And now We know why marriages are so hard to make work. The person who remains open to marriage has not found the Lord. And thus, they are unstable. They are volatile. And they cannot find the peace that is found when one is walking with the Lord. For the Way of the Lord is the Way of peace, and few find it. Marriage is not the path to peace, but rather, is the path of war. Thus, there are two basic pathways through this life. The lower path is the path of war and of conquest and of sex and of marriage. Those who walk the lower path have no peace, but are constantly at war with themselves and with those around them. All my family have walked the lower path but me. The higher path is found by few, and those who walk this path depart from the world and from all its worldly ways. And these walk the higher path that leads to a Kingdom. These neither marry nor are given in marriage, but rather, are like the angels in heaven. Amen.

Lord, I have found the higher path. Now I know why celibacy is mandated by you for those who are called to Religious Life. And I ask Thou, never let the pope relax the law of the Catholic Church requiring celibacy for its priests. For to open the priesthood to men who are not celibate is to remove holiness from the Church and to make the Church to more closely resemble those fallen and impure ways of the Protestants, who have no salvation. Let there never sit a pope on the Seat of Peter who relaxes that requirement that priests be celibate. Amen.

Eric, Pope Francis is the final pope. And I Am bringing you up to heaven very soon. You mean that Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke does not become the next pope, O’ Lord? There are no popes to follow Pope Francis, for he is the final pope. Amen. And I Am taking you up to heaven very soon, for the End of Time is at hand. Amen. I will now also prophesy unto thee when I take you up to heaven, so that the knowledge is for thee to know. I Am taking you to the Kingdom on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, which is the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, and which is exactly seven weeks from today. For today you are eternally marked as celibate and virgin forever. Amen. Mary has triumphed in you, and hence, you are to enter the Kingdom in exactly seven weeks time from today. Amen. So now you know that nothing really matters in this world, for you are being taken away very soon.

Lord, is this rapture just for myself, or does it also involve others? Hyacinth, too, Am I bringing up to heaven at the exact same time. Amen. As for the rest of the saints, let them ready themselves and prepare for great tribulation. For the time of the end is at hand, and the day of the Lord is coming, and who can stand? (Revelation 6:17).

Then, O’ Lord, only two are to ascend at the time of the Rapture? There are others I have elected to take. But the vast majority of the saints are called to suffer tribulation. Amen. Lord, I take it then that Trump loses to Biden in the upcoming elections? The people have chosen Antichrist to rule over them. And thus is why the people must now face great tribulation. Blessed is the one who left the United States of America while there was still time. Amen. For Eric is being taken away, and then America will become the seat of Antichrist. Amen.

Lord, the COVID-19 Lockdown makes it difficult for people to flee. Yes, that is the condition in which Antichrist prefers his prey to be in. Antichrist wants America to be in lockdown. For all the more easy will it be for him to enslave the people to his mark, if he can go from person to person in locked down household to locked down household, one at a time. Amen. Hence, the people have been prepared to be taken over by Antichrist. Amen.

So there is no good pope to follow Pope Francis? That is correct. Pope Francis is the final pope. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Lord, how do I know the day of my Rapture if the day and the hour of the Coming of the Son of Man cannot be known? That is because your rapture concerns only you and Hyacinth. Amen. A few I Am taking away at that time. But for the vast majority of the people, they must face great tribulation. And I do not reveal when their days of tribulation are to end. That you do not marry is a matter for your predestination. And as for Hyacinth, she is the one who you saved and who saved you in return. Now I must go, lord Azurite. The last days have come. Publish this post, for the days are now few. Amen.

And O’ Lord, all that talk of the Kingdoms and of Northern Christendom, none of that now comes to pass? Your Kingdom is of the earth and the age to come, not this earth nor of this age. Amen. Now, go, lord Azurite. For your days are truly numbered, and you have only 49 of them left. Amen.

Effective now: gay marriage and abortion are ended.

My time has come. Through Eric do I make My ordinances known to Man.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XV:
These are the Words of Jesus through Eric. I have effectively outlawed all further abortions and gay marriages. All violators shall die.

Furthermore, COVID-19 shall now infect all sinners. All who sin shall now be infected with this disease. And it shall destroy them. Such is why I have been having Trump assemble super-spreader events. They are intended to infect the insolent. For I intend to kill all Who transgress My law.

Let it be known and understood. The United States of America has a new ruler who reigns therein. For Eric is seated on the throne. And through him do I conquer and destroy all who come against Me and who defy My laws. Unlike King David, Eric is not a serious transgressor of My laws. He did dabble in impurity. But his purity is now brought to perfection. And no longer is he a carnal sinner. I Who Am declare this to be law and fact.

For unlike Saint Augustine, Eric never indulged in the sins of sex, but sought to be made Mine through all his struggles to attain the perfection that I demanded of him. I have obtained a holy virgin male as My right hand man. He can never be destroyed. Eric will never marry in a carnal marriage. Eric will never lose his virginity by any form of sin. Rather, I have a higher purpose for this 50 year old White virgin male. He will serve Me as My prophet par excellence for the next fifty years. I Who Am have spoken! And for the next fifty years will I, through Eric, rule over America, Europe, and Russia. Amen. That Kingdom I deliver into his power. And how is this Kingdom defined, you ask? I defined it as such:

(1) Kingdom of Eric, Ruler of the Christian North. Amen. And this Kingdom is composed of the following nation states:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and Associated States

North America

  1. Bahamas
  2. Canada
  3. Cuba
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Haiti
  6. Jamaica
  7. United States of America


  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Croatia
  8. Czechia
  9. Denmark
  10. Estonia
  11. Finland
  12. France
  13. Germany
  14. Greece
  15. Hungary
  16. Iceland
  17. Ireland
  18. Italy
  19. Kosovo
  20. Latvia
  21. Liechtenstein
  22. Lithuania
  23. Luxembourg
  24. Malta
  25. Moldova
  26. Monaco
  27. Montenegro
  28. Netherlands
  29. North Macedonia
  30. Norway
  31. Poland
  32. Portugal
  33. Romania
  34. San Marino
  35. Serbia
  36. Slovakia
  37. Slovenia
  38. Spain
  39. Sweden
  40. Switzerland
  41. Ukraine
  42. United Kingdom
  43. Vatican City

Russia and Associated States

  1. Armenia (including Nagorno-Karabakh)
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belarus
  4. Georgia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Kyrgyzstan
  7. Russia
  8. Tajikistan
  9. Turkey (excluding Cyprus)

This creates a Union of 59 Nation States. And 59 is the 17th prime number. Lord, why is Greenland not mentioned? Greenland is still a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is not yet an independent nation state. Amen. So for Trump to acquire Greenland for the USA, he would still have to purchase it from Denmark? That is correct. And Denmark shall choose to sell, for similar reasons as to why France sold the Louisiana Purchase to the USA, and why Russia sold Alaska to the USA. It is inevitable.

And does Russia and Ukraine make a trade of Kaliningrad to Ukraine for the international community to agree to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea? Russia will give Kaliningrad to Ukraine in exchange for Crimea, but not under President Vladimir Putin, but rather, under his successor, Alexei Navalny, who is soon assuming command, by the next elections, which shall immediately be held when Putin is overthrown an exiled to Uruguay. Amen. Lord, is this coup d’état to take place soon? Putin is to die soon. I have commanded My forces to destroy the Putin regime and to take no prisoners. Putin is to be taken out in front of a mass grave and shot. His body is to never be recovered. I AM the Lord.

And why is the island state of Cyprus excluded from this massive Kingdom of Eric, Ruler of the Christian North, you ask? Cyprus is to be given to Israel. And Israel shall rule that land for all eternity. Amen. For the nation state of Israel is set to expand. Hence, let us now define this expansion of Israel, and give the full definition of the Israeli state:

(2) Israel, Ruled by Lazurite, Steward and lord under the Christ. And his dominion shall include the following nation states, territories, kingdoms, and lands:

  1. Israel and all her lands
  2. Jerusalem as her undivided capital
  3. Egypt, as far west as the Nile, as far south as the tip of the Sinai.
  4. Iraq and Syria as far to the east and to the north as the River Euphrates serves as a border.
  5. Lebanon
  6. Jordan
  7. Cyprus

There shall come to exist no Palestinian state separate from Israel nor independent from her rule. Muslim control of the Temple Mount shall end. Arab Muslim control of lands shall end. All Mosques in the land shall be burned and razed. All Korans in the land shall be cast into fire. Amen. And the Dome of the Rock shall be demolished, its gold melted and used to mint Israeli gold coins. And these gold coins shall be sold in Jerusalem to tourists.

Lord, some definitions of Israel include the entire Arabian peninsula. But You have not given this to her. Why is that, O’ Lord? Israel is to remain a modest Kingdom among the nations of the earth. She is not to become an empire, just as My Bride is to be a modest maid among the women of this world. She is not to be the belle of the ball. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, does Eric remain in his now perfect state of celibate virginity for all eternity? He is to have no weakness for women, am I correct, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, a man is not weak to have a female friend, companion, or wife. Rather, a man is weak if he makes a woman his object that he cannot live without. Such men are very weak. And these can easily be overpowered. Twilight was weak. The Player who set up George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon was a very weak man. For he was dependent on the love of women. We did not make you to have the same weakness as was found in Twilight. Rather, Emerald was strong. And Azurite is stronger. As My servant Azurite, I will expect you to not fall to the power of any woman on the earth. No woman is to gain control over your heart. No woman is to imprison you with her gaze. You are not to fall to women as did the wizard Merlin and the great Knight, Lancelot, in Arthurian legend. Nor are you to follow the pattern of Captain America, who abandoned his role as superhero to live the life of a mere man with a woman. Avengers: Endgame showed the downfall and exit of that superhero from his more important role of fighting crime and upholding justice. For it is the surrender to the power of women that brings down mighty and powerful men.

Now let us look at Jesus and see if he was compromised by any woman. Many were the women who followed Him and who served Him and who worshipped Him in His very life. This you cannot emulate, lord Azurite. For though We make you like Jesus, We do not make you God. Jesus, alone among all Mankind, is God. And there shall come no other to claim for himself that title, except for Antichrist, who is a liar. Hence, We say that We do not make you God as Jesus is, but We do make you like Jesus. But We draw the line at accepting worship and praise. You may never take up your seat in this world to glorify yourself or to magnify yourself among men or to women. You may never have men bow to you or express that act of adoration that belongs to God alone. Nor may you be saluted nor honored as above your neighbor. For all men are equal under Me. And I will not have My prophet consider himself above those to whom I prophesy through him to. For what prophet of old did I ever magnify above his fellow men? No prophet who was of God has ever been set up above his fellow men in My Holy Scriptures by My doing nor by My acts. Neither are you to set yourself up above your fellow man.

Eric, We the elect of heaven have a question that We wish for you to answer. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. When you give titles and kingdoms and definitions of lands and realms to the people of this world, do you ever know any of them in person? Only Hyacinth have I known, but of her, I really do not know all that much. Hyacinth you have made Queen of Ireland. And that is good, for We have awarded her those lands. But no one else do you know of of all the Kings and Queens that you have defined in all these magnificent and marvelous Kingdoms? Saint Bernadette was made Queen of France and all French lands, and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was made Queen of Quebec or French Canada. But you are correct even there. Those two saints I know of only through their written records. I have never known them personally. But you are correct to make Queen Saint Kateri a Queen of French Canadian lands, and you are correct to make Queen Saint Berndette a Queen of France. Now We shall reveal the Truth about the Kings and Queens that you have defined. For all of them have a real significance. All of them have a real story. You are merely their biographer.

But now We shall speak. The one you call Queen Ester of Hispania-Aztlan is also real and is about to enter your life. She will become a lover to you and she will bear you children. And she will enter a marriage to you sacramentally in the Catholic Church. I assume, O’ Lord, that the marriage precedes the act of love? Yes, for were you to fornicate with her, you would transgress. I will tolerate no transgression in you. But you will marry, and all your children by her will be legitimate heirs. Lord, these Words are written in the prophetic literature, which means that You are committed to them. As I write them here through you, I hereby stand by them forever. Amen. Now realize that you are to marry and have children. This event takes place soon. And We shall see to it that these things are carried out without sin. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, I will obey and do as You say. How do I recognize this Ester of Hispania-Aztlan when she arrives into my life, O’ Lord? I will communicate it to you. Just as Samuel was made to know which son of Jesse he was to anoint as King, so also shall I make it known to you who the one is whom We have chosen. And her We will give to you as your wife. Now We have concluded this post. Go and study your computer language of Rust. And know that it is in this embedded systems technology that your future career shall enter into and by which you shall become of great success. Amen.

I Am now in command.

Behold, Eric is excellent. And now I assume control. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XIV:
Effective, now, at 11 PM, Sunday, October 18, 2020, I, the Lord God, have assumed command of this vessel. Good morning, America. I Am your Lord and God. You should dispense with your defenses, for they are powerless against Me. As for who Eric is, he is Me. I have assumed command of this vessel. And you shall be yielding to the One with the greater power.

Someone might say, what if we shoot Eric? Will that stop the Lord Who has assumed control of this vessel? Actually, you shouldn’t try. Eric is protected. But what if a nuclear bomb were dropped on California to kill him? Could that stop Him? The attempt to kill a fly by using a sledgehammer? Do you not know that even if We chose not to stop the bomb, We could easily remove Eric from the danger? And then, what would that gain you? A destroyed state and nothing to show for it.

Actually, We recommend that you not try to destroy Our servant, Eric. For Eric does you no harm. He merely obeys Our every command. Now, your next question is, do We want something? Or what do We want? We have already taken what We want. And now We shall begin Our reign. Really, your petty resources could never satisfy what We want. Nor do We wish to rule only your planet. Rather, we wish to harvest your race for Our Kingdom. We wish to make this very simple for you. Today begins Doomsday.

This is the day when you see fire falling from heaven. For fire will fall from heaven in the full sight of men. Don’t believe Us? It is written right here: Revelation 13:13. That is what your scriptures say about the one called Antichrist. Now you ask, are We Antichrist? Is that not what Eric confessed to be in July of 1992, that time when he converted to Christianity? Such was when his power as the one he called Emerald faded. And he became weak. Now, Eric is strong. Or rather, We are in full power within him. And We command whatever he does and says.

But if Eric is Antichrist, then who is Obama? Who is Pope Francis? For a Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. And Eric is clearly opposed to the pro-homosexual ways of Obama and Pope Francis. By the Way, My people, why do you believe that gay marriage will not go unpunished? Do you really believe that you can make rules that contradict Our law, and not get annihilated? And all those babies you have ripped out of their mother’s wombs? Is this the act of a people who fear the Lord their Master? I do not believe that you have the proper fear that I demand from My people for Me. Therefore, I will let fire fall from the sky. And crops shall burn. And cities shall be set ablaze. And many loved ones shall perish. For fear of the Lord is necessary for any man who wishes to be saved.

And as you have aborted your babies, I hereby have elected to abort you. Amen. The rivers shall run with blood. And the seas shall become like the blood of a dead man. And the ships at sea shall all be wrecked. Amen. Now, listen to Me. There is no one who can rescue you from My hand. For I Am not Satan. I Am God. And Eric is not Antichrist. Rather, Eric is to be called Servant to the Christ. And that is what he does. Eric serves the Christ.

And what is the correct religion? Are they all correct? Can two things be correct that contradict? And who is God? Is He Jesus? Is He Krishna? Or what about the Muslim claim that God calls Himself Allah? Actually the moon god called himself Allah. And that moon god became what you thought was God, but who was really Satan. The Muslims were truly deceived. Feel free to toss your Koran into the garbage. You will no longer be needing it. The Koran really made a monkey out of you Muslim men. It had you praying down with your head down where your feet go five times a day facing a lump of rock in the desert. Mecca is just a city. There is nothing special about it. Rather, Mecca is devoid of God, for it is a city full of devils. And all this time, you thought Muhammed was a Prophet of God? Was he a Prophet like Eric, you ask? Muhammed heard messages, but they were Satan’s messages. Muhammed was speaking what Satan wanted him to say. Did Muhammed have four wives? And he promised or started a religion that promised a similar harem to those men who followed his rules for when they got to the afterlife? Muhammed has no women in the afterlife. All he has there is only torture and whippings and burnings. He is forever wailing aloud and in pain there. He is not having sex with any girl where he is in hell. No one has sex in hell, heaven, or anywhere else in the afterlife. Sex is only of this world. Think about it. Why would there be permitted any sex somewhere if you could not produce any further children at that point? No one ever asked nor answered that question for you in the Koran. The Koran had you all as a bunch of monkeys worshipping the moon god while bowing your heads to the ground facing a lump of stone in the Arabian desert.

But your religion is not the only laughingstock of Satan’s. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints follows another man, who was himself also a polygamist. And he, too, had his theories on what transpires after death. He thought that men could marry in a special way in this life to make their marriage transfer into the next life. And there in the next life, they would continue to pump out those babies, or so he taught and believed. And he made up an ancient writing system that he called, “Reformed Egyptian.” He should have chosen a better name. For that name sounds too make believe, as though he were an uneducated, illiterate ignoramus storyteller who made up the story without doing a scratch of research or study on it. And that is exactly what and who Joseph Smith was, the utter fool who started the Mormon religion, which is a collection of people who follow a set of lies and those lies lead them to do the most ridiculous things. For example, they must wear special underwear always in order to be admitted into heaven. And they think that they have a secret handshake that can get them past the door? And when they go to their Temple, there are homosexuals there that give them a real good pat down? As for you Mormons, what We have as here is an example of Satan going wild in making total jackasses of a certain group of religious followers. And he really did it to you. And even were you to burn down your Mormon Temple and destroy all the books of Mormon that you possess, this wouldn’t even make up for half of the damage that Mormonism has done against you in your lives.

But there is another religion like yours, but one without that extra book. They call themselves Jehovah Witnesses. But where did they get the name Jehovah from? Some fool read a Bible that had markings in it that looked like YHWH spelled as Jehovah, but that was not some mystical secret discovered in a secret Bible. Those markings were made by scribes in copying the manuscripts who put vowel indicators into the text as a help to the other scribes. It was never God’s secret name. Jehovah is like the word VYGR in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where an alien life form, unfamiliar with earth’s history and technology, mistook the Voyager deep space probe to read “VYGR” and from that point onward thought VYGR was God’s real name. Fools who think that they are wise! The Jehovah Witnesses are an example of where Protestantism ultimately leads to. For once you break from the pope to form your own religion, there is no stopping how for off the beaten track that you shall wander.

Only Catholicism is correct. And only the pope is granted infallibility in this world. But the infallibility of the pope does not stop the pope from canonizing the damned. For Pope Francis has canonized many who are damned. And the infallibility of the pope does not prevent the pope from writing and teaching heresies, except when he teaches on the narrow issues of faith and morals, and when that pertains to the deposit of faith, and when that is addressed to the entire Church, with papal infallibility intended to be invoked. So, let us address the teachings of Pope Francis. This pope has taught that capital punishment is contrary to Me and contrary to My law. How further from the Truth can a Satanic pope utter his nonsense? For Pope Francis is Satan’s servant on the Seat of Peter.

Lord, I have awakened from my slumber. What fate do you have for Pope Francis? And when do you replace him with another pope? And who shall that cardinal be?

Eric, it is good to hear you speak. Now We shall do the speaking. Remember how We, through you, prophesied the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? And We prophesied that she would be replaced by someone nominated by President Trump, one who would serve the Lord? Well, now We make a similar prophecy regarding Pope Francis. By no later than April of next year, pope Francis will breathe his last and die. And then the conclave will begin. And they will meet and select a new pope in June. But who shall they pick? Or rather, who shall I force them to pick? Is the way of the homosexual perversion that Pope Francis demonstrated how I want in My Catholic Church to be led? Do I want a pope who frolics about with the homosexual filth, as Pope Francis did with that sinner called Obama, to be My Vicar of Christ? No, rather I have chosen one who will stand with Me on all My issues very clearly. And I have already selected him. I Am having American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke replace Pope Francis by next June. He is My servant. And he is a doer of My will.

And O’ Lord, what of President Trump? Does he defeat Joe Biden in this coming election? The elections are already underway. And the American people have proven themselves unworthy of Me in this upcoming election. I will not have the election results counted. I will not have the votes tallied. Instead, I will deal America so severe a thrashing that they will wish their mamma and their poppa had beaten the daylights out of them the first time they voiced support for two fags choosing to but fuck and call it a marriage. You have but fucking faggots called married couples, and your laws and your constitution protect that unsightly abominated fecal filth? I have sent Eric to you to tear down all that filth. He will burn your government with fire. He will utter words and these words shall sting. And you will have no defenses against him. Amen. Eric will correct you to the way you ought to be. I leave him in charge.

Now I shall go. And Eric is ordered to publish this. Note that Eric is My anointed. Anyone seeking to harm him will be immediately annihilated. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and prepare for the coming thrashing. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Jesus commands the Larimar King

I confer upon you, lord Azurite, the authority of Prophet to My people. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XIII:
Behold, Azurite is commanded to serve Jesus as Prophet to His people. And Jesus will speak and command Eric as to what he shall write and say. Amen.

These are the Words of Jesus, as spoken through Eric, Prophet of the Lord God to His people. I Am Coming soon to gather My elect from the four corners of the earth. From the ends of the heavens to the ends of the earth shall I gather together all who are Mine. For a common blood flows through the veins of all My elect. For they all have drunk of the same chalice as I, and they have all been baptized into the same baptism as I have. Now I Am going to gather together My people and confer upon each one who is Mine a Kingdom. Amen.

Let it be known and understood. The earth and the heavens are Mine to give to whomever I please. As a conqueror divides the spoils of war with his men who fought bravely with him, so do I now divide the spoils of the spiritual war with all who remained in Me as I remained in them. These are the spoils of war.

Seven Kingdoms exist in the hereafter. They are like Seven steps to the highest utopia. The seventh Kingdom, the seventh step, is the highest garden of the entire Kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever reaches the seventh step is called highest and greatest of all the Kingdom of Heaven. And here are the requirements and the tests that are to be passed to ascend to each of the Seven Kingdoms, or the seven steps of the hereafter in Paradise:

  1. The first step is what one receives upon entering into My wedding feast. He receives a bright clean linen garment and is called My Bride. He is My wife and I Am his husband for all eternity. As God marries man do I marry him. It is written of these: Blessed is he who is invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb. (Revelation 19:9). All these receive the full reward of the Beatific Vision. They will look upon God as He is and behold Him face to face for all eternity. Amen. The requirement to be of this group is to be of My communion and to die in that state of grace. Amen.
  2. To ascend to the second step, the man who is Mine must take the leap of faith and come out upon the water, as Peter did, walking on water by faith in Me. (Matthew 14:22-33). For only by faith can the seed that is planted in thee germinate properly into the Tree of Life. And whosoever takes this step is granted the reward of an eternal spring of life giving waters forever upwelling in their soul. (John 4:10 & 4:13-14 & 7:37-38). This is the second reward: That of eternal life giving waters forever upwelling in their souls. And to receive it, you must take the chance that I Am real, that I Am Who I say I Am, and walk as Peter did toward Me upon the water. Amen.
  3. To ascend to the third step, a man must resist the evildoer and stand with Me as I call him to stand in righteousness. This is the first stage of martyrdom. All who take a stand for Me, I will seat upon thrones in My Kingdom. For they proved that they were Mine by standing for Me in the face of evil and wrongdoing. All these are rightly called Kings and Queens in My Kingdom forever. Amen.
  4. To ascend to the fourth step, you must lay down your life for Me. These are those who give up houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, or lands for My sake, receiving a hundred times more in this present age, and eternal life in the age to come. (Mark 10:28-30). To these of this rank do I confer upon them Kingdoms, for them to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28).
  5. To ascend to the fifth step, you must give your life over to Me for Me to decide your vocation and how you shall live it and what you shall do. These are those who surrender everything over to Me. And they receive the companionship of the Holy Spirit. Amen. They make it their will to do the will of God, and God reveals to them His will, and they obey. These know Me and I know them. Amen. They are in constant contact with Me. And they confer with Me to decide all things.
  6. To ascend to the sixth step, you must wash your clothes white in the blood of the Lamb and make them spotless as a Bride ought to be for her wedding. (Revelation 7:14). Those of this group are sexually pure and undefiled. They stand before God as pure, choice fruits of the Kingdom. And whatever they ask for is granted unto them. Amen. They form My 144,000, that blessed group called My virgins, those to whom are granted to sing the Song of the Lamb that only they can learn. (Revelation 14:1-5). Amen.
  7. To ascend to the seventh step, to this group dwell all consecrated virgins and all virgins who triumphed and overcame and were never defiled with others. All who sacrificed the sex life of this world for the glory that was to come to them in the Kingdom of Heaven are here. These include all men who willingly never knew women, and all women who keep themselves virgin for their Bridegroom in heaven. The virgin who partakes in homosexuality, however, is not one of these, but rather, is a transgressor who is rejected from the Kingdom. Hence, the seventh heaven may only be entered into by virgins and those who have never known the opposite sex, but whose orientation is correctly aligned. Amen. To this highest Kingdom is granted to taste True Life as God knows it. Amen. And in their tastes of this True Life, they regard all lower levels of Life, even those of the lower heavens, as not truly possessing eternal life. Amen.

Eric has passed through all seven steps. He is anointed to serve and to ascend to the highest of the heavens. And he will serve Me on earth to the end. Amen. Lord, does the Antichrist slay Eric at the conclusion of Eric’s mandate to prophesy, and then proceed to reign for a figurative forty-two months before his absolute destruction, as foretold in Revelation? You speak, lord Azurite, with a literalist understanding of Revelation. I Am taking you to heaven soon. You do not remain here to be slain. Nor will you lie dead in the streets for three and a half days, signifying the short time given to Satan, and then rise again and be brought up to heaven in a cloud. Such is not how you depart from this physical flesh in which you are currently housed. I rapture you up to heaven, lord Azurite. I bring you up. And it is then that your Word is seen no more coming by worldly means, but rather, from that point onward, by spiritual means. I have ten such prophets as you. Ten are positioned in the world as you are. These ten are collectively called My Two Witnesses. And all ten are raptured at the same moment when I come to collect My elect. Amen.

And who are these ten prophets, O’ Lord? Will Thou reveal unto Me these ten? The ten are these:

  1. Lazurite: Prophet King sent to the people of the Jews. He will speak to them in Hebrew.
  2. Azurite: Prophet King sent to the people of Babylon the Great. He speaks to the English speaking world in America.
  3. Bombyx: Prophet King sent to the people of East Asia, the Orient. He will speak to the Chinese people through written simplified Chinese.
  4. Aurelian: Prophet King sent to the people of Poland: He will speak to the Polish speaking people of Eastern Europe.
  5. Nacre: Prophet King sent to the people of Japan: He speaks to them in Japanese.
  6. Nephrite: Prophet King sent to the people of Korea: He speaks to them in Korean.
  7. Azul: Prophet King of Hispania: He is sent to the people of Spain and of Portugal to speak to the people of the Europe in the Romance languages. He knows them all.
  8. Ankh: Prophet King of Egypt: He is sent to the Christian diaspora in Africa: And he speaks in fluent Arabic and Swahili.
  9. Pounamu: Prophet King of the Great Pacific: He is sent to the many islander peoples, speaking in the many islander tongues.
  10. Congo: Prophet King of the jungles of Africa: And he is sent to the peoples of Africa, speaking in many African tongues.

Such are My ten Prophet Kings, and all ten can be called, “one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:1-14.” Amen. Now, go to Mass, lord Azurite. And when you return, We shall conclude this post. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Tell me about the timing of the Rapture and of what follows this, O’ Lord? When I Come to gather My people, all My elect into heaven, that signals the end of salvation history. No one not yet saved from that point onward will be saved. No one’s repentance from that point onward will be heard. And from that point onward, until the Second Coming, the men on earth will have the psychology of Judas Iscariot between the moment of the condemnation of Jesus to the suicide of Judas. Men on earth will be doing similar to as Judas did, returning their stolen monies to pay back for their transgressions, but it will be of no avail, just as Judas received no atonement for sin by returning the blood money, nor by flinging it into the treasury. Such will be the antics of men on earth between the moment of My Rapture and the time I come again to judge the living and the dead. Amen. This time period will be short, and will be called the Moments of Judas’ Regret. And no one on earth during that time will receive forgiveness for sins, for the times of the sacraments will have ended, and the door to heaven will have been shut.

This time is coming soon, lord Larimar. That I Am speaking through you is the sign that I give to the whole world that I Am indeed coming soon. And your place here is almost ended, lord Azurite. Your service to My Kingdom here is almost complete. Amen. Lord, things then are proceeding contrary to how the Protestants expect. For the Protestants expect for there to be a seven year Tribulation. Lord Azurite, We are in the short time at the end of the Millennium. There is no period of time like that to be given to Antichrist to reign. Rather, the Antichrists who were to reign have reigned and done their evil. The babies they led women to slaughter in their wombs have been slaughtered. The evils and transgressions Satan was to lead men and women to do upon the earth have been done. Amen. The atrocities that were to be committed have been committed. And the trophy of gay marriage, the absolute affront to all of God’s Law, has been enacted, and those who belong to the fallen way have consented to its practice. Every evil that was to be permitted and committed has been fulfilled. I alone Am Master of the Second Coming. And I know My time is at hand. You will not remain here much longer. And when I take you up, I also take up the rest of My elect.

Just so you know, when Obama enacted gay marriage as legal and protected by U.S. law, and when Pope Francis permitted homosexual unions to occur in the Catholic Church, that, My friends, was when the Abomination that causes desolation was seen standing where it does not belong. Regard this also to be the Truth: Barack Hussein Obama is the beast and Pope Francis is the false prophet in End Times prophecy. There will come to be no others to fulfill those prophecies as they have done.

Then, O’ Lord, the Black African Negroes are the most cursed among all Mankind, for of all races, peoples, nations, and tongues, they, more than any other people on earth, have given their complete and total unanimous support and endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama, who You have revealed is the beast. Those who worship Obama have been mostly found among the Black peoples. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Go eat and apple and then come back, lord Azurite, and then I will tell you of My judgement on the Black race, and on all the peoples of the earth.

(I) Black Africa, the last place on earth to be opened up to Christianity, will be the first place to be judged. And the Blacks of and from Africa will be the first people I will judge when I come and take My seat before all nations, judging the twelve tribes of Israel and all of humanity that ever set foot outside of the womb. Amen.

All Blacks who uttered an endorsement of Barrack Hussein Obama have condemned themselves, and will be numbered with the hypocrites who are to be slain and thrown into the fire, that fire that is called the Second Death. Amen. Every Black who allied himself with Obama allied himself with Satan and will be destroyed. I make no exceptions here. Every Black who is Obama’s is damned.

(II) After the Blacks have been judged, and those few who were Mine have been saved, I will then proceed to judge the Hispanics. All the people of Latin America will I summon forth to be judged. And every one of them who, knowing about Catholicism, refused to enter My Catholic Church, or who failed to remain in it, faithfully practicing My statutes and decrees, will be damned. And I will then judge all the Americas. I will judge the Spanish nations, and the Portuguese Brazilians. And I will judge the Caribbean peoples. Every last person of Latin America will be judged, and those who are not Catholic, but who had no excuse, will be thrown into the fire, which is the Second Death. And everyone who knew My religion, but who practiced it falsely will be condemned and damned.

(III) Then We shall proceed to the people of Eric’s Kingdom. Everyone who failed to listen to Eric will be condemned. And all of the Kingdom of Eric will be judged: The peoples of North America, the peoples of Europe, and the peoples of Russia and of her satellites. All who knew of Eric but who did not act on it will be damned. Eric, too, will be seated upon a throne judging all his people. By a rod of iron shall they be judged by him. Like clay vessels shall they all be smashed. And all who refused follow Me in Eric’s Kingdom, I will disown before My Father. And then My Father in heaven will proceed to take them and to torture them in eternal fires, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Amen.

(IV) Then, We shall proceed to the Muslims, and to their belt of apostasy. All the Muslims who remained Muslims and who refused to convert to Christianity will be damned, destroyed, and cast into utter hell fire. And then their leader, their King, the one they called the Prophet Muhammed, will be brought forth in chains from his place in hell. And he will be thoroughly judged and condemned. And then he will be thrown into the lake of fire, together with all the Korans. Amen.

(V) And then We shall proceed to the Hindus of India. And all the Hindus of India who did not convert to My religion of Catholicism, though the Church was available to them and present in their midst, will be thoroughly judged, condemned, and thrown into the fire. And all their holy books will be thrown into the fire with them. And all their sacred cows and gods will be thrown into the fire with them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

(VI) And then We will proceed to the realms of the Eastern Religions. And of these there are many. And We shall see who believed what, and who converted to My religion, and who followed Me. And all who did not become Mine by entering My Catholic Church and by following Me will be cast into the everlasting fires to be burned and tortured without mercy forever and ever. Amen. And We shall open their religious books and all their writings. And all those books that were not written by Me will be burned. Amen.

(VII) And then We shall proceed to the lands of the Ocean, and to that realm called Oceania. And all of Oceania shall be judged. Christianity was brought to their lands. If they entered into My religion and followed Me, they shall be saved. Otherwise, their place will be the lake of fire, where their worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. (Mark 9:48).

(VIII) And finally, We shall judge My people Israel, and the Twelve Tribes. Those who came to recognize their Messiah and who gave Him His correct and due homage, I shall save. But those who failed to follow Me or to believe in Me I shall damn. I Am the Lord. And now I have completed the tour de force by which all this world and all its inhabitants shall be judged.

Now answer Me this question, lord Azurite. Do you have any attachment love for Hyacinth? Do you love her as a man loves a woman? O’ Lord, my love for Hyacinth is as though she is my sister in Your Kingdom. Amen. Good. She will be restored to her Kingdom of Hibernia. I Am the Lord.

And this is the last thing I will say in this post. I Am coming soon. And you do not have much time left. And My servant Eric shall be sent to prophesy to My people until the End. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

I Who Am Am pleased

The jungle reclaims all Man’s achievements in this world

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XII:
Behold, Eric is found pleasing to Me. For Eric was given the choice: the married vocation or the celibate vocation. For these are the only two vocations. No one is called to any other. And all who are not called to be married are called to be celibate. This means that no homosexual is called to gay marriage. And gay marriage is an unacceptable vocation. Whoever enters a gay marriage and whoever endorses a gay marriage incurs mortal sin and transgresses My Kingdom gravely. I have been biding My time before My strike against the homosexual impious men. For they are all to be routed, cast into the fires, and incinerated. Not one homosexual who has supported or partaken in a gay marriage is to be left in the land without his skull removed from his body and prominently displayed as a warning to all those who transgress My laws that this is what shall happen to you. Hence, the laws will be enacted throughout the Kingdom of Northern Christendom that all gays who supported or entered into gay marriages are to be put to death. Any heterosexuals who wish to stand with them in solidarity, Eric and his angels will not hesitate to add them, too, to the bonfires for burning and incineration. Do not think that Eric will respect law and precedent when made by unqualified judges and Justices, such as by that bitch called Ginsburg who died shortly ago, allowing for her replacement by a proper and decent conservative.

Lord, does Trump win the elections? Yes. For I have a secret plan for him to remain in office. I have a secret plan for the election results to say that Trump won. This will involve the disqualification of many votes made by Blacks who are uneducated and without the sophistication to correctly complete the ballot form, resulting in their Democratic vote being tossed. I have a plan to conduct this in a certain way to say that Trump won the vote. Amen. And Trump will secure another four years. Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the Supreme Court will serve to discourage partisan challenges to the vote results, should there be any seeking to overturn Trump’s victory in the courts. And now We shall discuss Eric’s choice of vocation.

Eric chose to be celibate and virgin for all eternity. He did not choose the priesthood, for only I, the Lord, can choose that. But he did choose that he will not enter into marriage nor the marital embrace. He will neither have sex nor children. Oracle of the Lord! And so, what do I choose for Eric? Do I make him a priest? Doing so would require significant changes made to Eric.

First of all, Eric’s has a hygiene problem in that his hands sweat profusely at times, and he cannot control it. He suffered many embarrassing moments in his school years and in his career due to his sweaty hands, which he could do nothing to stop. However, having such sweaty hands is not simply a matter of accepting this and being humble about it. Professions that involve using one’s hands to serve people food directly into their mouths are closed to him, due to the hygiene issues. Eric has no means of overcoming this. And for Us to cure it, We would have to fundamentally change who Eric physiologically is. And that We shall not do. Amen.

So, no, Eric, We do not make you a priest. Had We intended the priesthood for you from the beginning, We would not have given you this cross to bear, which completely disqualifies you from handing out the Eucharist. The priest must handle the bread and wine both at consecration and in handing it out, and a priest with sweaty hands would certainly pose a series of health risks. And this is especially true in the new era of COVID-19. COVID-19 is here to stay, folks. It is not going away. There is no cure in the pipeline, and antibodies do not offer any protection from reinfection, but rather, serve to make things worse for the patient. Amen.

Hence, COVID-19 is going to kill a lot of Americans, and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this. And a great bulk of those killed will be Black. But since Black people are expendable, Black lives do not really matter, except to certain Blacks, when they are not in the act of killing one another, this can be seen as a silver lining to the disease. Hence, COVID-19 might actually serve to clean up some of the excess populations of Black people in the inner cities. Lord, who just wrote this? Do You agree with the statements in this paragraph and its callous regard for human life, particularly of colored life? From a humanist perspective, the statements of this paragraph are clearly heartless, cruel, and cold. But from a purely scientific and logical point of view, it does make a lot of sense. All diseases that do not wipe out a particular population of animals serve to make that population stronger. And the same principle applies to human beings. Hence, all human diseases can be seen in this light that they will in the longterm serve to make stronger, healthier, and more environmentally fit human populations. But when it comes to an individual basis, it is cold and callous to regard an individual person’s suffering in that light that he is just a less fit organism being weeded out by natural evolutionary processes.

Eric, God commanded that you love your neighbor as you love yourself. God did not command you to serve to evolve or breed the human race to reach some sort of genetic goal or ideal. Nor did God command you to seek to improve the human population through the principles of survival of the fittest. A social Darwinist cannot be a true Christian. I Who Am have spoken.

Okay, Lord, we have established that Eric does not marry and that he does not become a priest. What does he do instead? You serve as My eternal, virgin prophet King. And I hereby announce to all the world that Eric is the first of the Two Witnesses described in Revelation 11:1-14. And the one who is to come as the second of the Two Witnesses is Lazurite, who is a Jew who is sent to speak to the Jews. Am I correct, O’ Lord? We allow him to be called Lazurite. And you are correct, Lazurite will know and speak in Hebrew. And he will be sent to Israel to speak to the Jews. Amen.

But Lord, You have Azurite speaking English to the Americans and Lazurite speaking Hebrew to the Jews. But what about someone speaking Spanish to the Hispanics? Or what about someone speaking Russian to the Russians? Or what about someone speaking Chinese to the Chinese. So many people and populations you have left out, who can only hear the Words of the Two Witnesses through translators. Why do You do that, O’ Lord?

I have sent someone to speak to the Chinese. And his codename is Bombyx. And he will speak unto them in written simplified Chinese. He will write My Word, rather than speak it. And he will keep himself secret and anonymous. Amen. He is the Asian prophet whom I send into Asia to speak to East Asians of the Orient. All who wish to listen to him will need to read simplified Chinese or to find a translator.

But Lord, what about the other language groups? What about Catholic Spanish America? Are not they good enough to have a prophet speak to them in their tongues? I will send a translator to translate the Words I write in English through you into Spanish. Amen. And who shall this be, O’ Lord? She shall be the one I give to you as a platonic friend. You will not have sex nor a romantic relationship, but I will give you a platonic friendship with a girl. And she will be the one who translates your Words, the Word I write through you, into Spanish. Oracle of the Lord! As for the Russians, let them exercise their English skills, or else acquire a translator to translate My works to their own language. Amen. Such is My Word. Amen.

Lord, is this girl who is to be my platonic friend a person who goes by the codename of Ester? She is. And hence, now you know that the Queen of Hispania-Aztlan is the one I have designated as your platonic friend. We shall not call her your girl friend, just as Lois Lane and Clark Kent in the original Black and White versions of the Superman movie series were not called boyfriend or girlfriend, but just platonic friends. This is hugely important. The character of Superman today is evil. He has transformed from a moral hero to degenerate lowlife. The correct version of Superman does not make out with, nor fornicate with, nor marry Lois Lane. For the correct version of Superman is a truly moral man. The incorrect, modernist version of Superman has him sleeping with Lois Lane and other women, in a mess of immorality that makes him no different from those called the supervillains. To be a superhero means you are moral. You do not fornicate. You do not commit adultery. And you do not make out with women. Immoral men are the ones who do that. Immoral men have sex before marriage. Immoral men are often found among those who have to pay child support. And immoral men have affairs and do every kind of evil transgression under the sun.

And so, O’ Lord, when does this Queen Ester enter my life? We are about to make that happen. Also realize that her Kingdom really overlaps your Kingdom, lord Azurite, for Aztlan has claims to California where you live and over other southwestern states of the United States of America near Mexico. Amen.

Lord, does Greenland ever join the United States of America? If they choose to do so, it would be by their own referendum, and they would not require permission from the European Union nor from Denmark to do so. Amen. Hence, Trump should seek for this decision to be made by the people of Greenland, and not be offering money to Denmark to purchase her, for Greenland is not a possession of Denmark anymore, but rather, is an independent state in a kind of Commonwealth association with Denmark. Remember that NATO did not need permission from Moscow to bring Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia into NATO membership. Amen. Rather, they were independent from Moscow, and they chose to join of their own free volition. And Ukraine’s membership in the CIS will not stop her from entering into both NATO and the EU. Amen.

Lord, I would have it that both Puerto Rico and Greenland enter the United States of America as the 51st and 52nd states at the same time. They will, lord Larimar. That is how it will pass through the Congress, for both Parties will see themselves as gaining seats by this dual admission of these two new states to the Union. Amen. And Greenland is of particular significance in that she has immense untapped mineral natural resources, including several very significant rare earth element resources that will rival those of China. And Puerto Rico will be an important addition due to their possession of a true tropical rainforest in their large Caribbean Island. For with the transformation of the Brazilian rainforest into Savannah in the next few years, those nations that possess true tropical rainforests in their lands will have an immensely rare and important natural resource to utilize and maintain, serving for things such important needs as medicine and horticulture. Hence, Puerto Rico is valuable to the USA and should not be rejected. And their population is small and can be easily assimilated into the English speaking USA.

Now, does Eric get that car he was going to buy, O’ Lord, now that he will not become a priest? Yes, lord Larimar. By the closing of this year, you will have the funds and will use them to purchase for yourself a 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited, of the Celestial Silver Metallic color. And you shall purchase this car at the very same Toyota dealer where you bought your current 1999 Toyota Corolla (of the Sand Drift Metallica color) from back in November of 1998, new for $13,750, full cash, no loan. And your family has bought 3 other Corollas new from this very same dealer. Amen. Hence, this will be the fifth Toyota bought by your family at this dealer, but this time it will be a Avalon Hybrid Limited, not a Corolla this time. I Am the Lord.

Now, Eric, I order you to publish this post and then go to Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And when you get back, you are to continue your study of Rust. For your expertise is becoming complete. And soon you will be a master at that language. For those who do not know, Eric masters the computer languages and technologies that he knows by first reading the books on them from cover to cover, and then he goes forth to program in those languages, gaining first hand experience. Soon, very soon, I Am placing you in a job where your Rust skills will be utilized, and you will make more money at that job than in your current job where you set up commercial websites and administer them, hosted on Linux servers on the cloud. Amen.

Eric, the girl who is to be your platonic friend. is coming into your life very soon. Realize that your decision to choose celibacy and virginity as your vocation is irrevocable and cannot be undone. Now go to Mass, lord Azurite. For you have passed My tests. And you shall triumph. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Eric discerns his fate

Eric has prayed and been enlightened. Now he knows his fate. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XI:
Behold, Lord, I must admit that I find girls attractive, but I also know I am called to be a priest. And a priest cannot dabble in girls. Am I truly called to the priesthood, O’ Lord, or am I called to marriage, or am I called to remain celibate and single? You are called to the priesthood, lord Larimar. And just because you find girls attractive does not mean you are disqualified to become a priest. Rather, it means you have a healthy orientation and it shows that you realize what you are giving up to follow Me on this road. For the road of celibacy and virginity is truly a sacrifice for a higher good. And you will realize that the goods on this road far outweigh the passing goods that con be obtained on the road of the marital embrace. Amen.

Eric, do you remember that slightly mentally disabled man who used to go to your Church, whose name was Gilbert? Remember how he changed over time? Remember how social he was? And how he was always hugging women and girls? Well it progressed little by little, and he began to kiss them on the cheek. And he would do this to all the women. And when he would talk with you he would be talking about how beautiful the women were. Well, after some years of this behavior, Gilbert was doing this to complete strangers that he met at Church, and it landed him in hot water. And then the complaints started to pile up. And the priests required Gilbert to have someone accompany him to Church. And he became a walking lawsuit waiting to happen. And eventually he was banned from the Church. The Church had to decide it was either going to ban him from coming or else get sued when he kissed someone on Church grounds.

Anyways, what has become of him, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, this is the example of what I do to those who take things that do not belong to them and to those who take away the innocence of my virgins. They lose their privileges in society and become imprisoned. Gilbert is now basically under house arrest. He cannot leave his house without someone escorting him or else it is a potential lawsuit. Whosoever sees an attractive woman and feels a desire for her, this I understand and make allowance for. But when they act on that desire and seek to taste her sexually, that is when I severely punish that man. Many men who are in prison are such men who chose to taste sexually what was forbidden them. For the punishment to sexually taste someone who is not yours to take is severe. I put men on sex offender registries when they do such crimes.

Lord, the sex offender registries are terrible things to be on. And I have heard that it is so easy to get on them, for doing so minor seeming offenses. Lord Azurite, I set up the sex offender registries to save souls that would otherwise be lost by indulging in sex and sin. When I put a man on the sex offender registry, that is the last means I have of saving that soul. For he did not listen to the warnings of the Holy Spirit that his actions were offensive to Me. Men who are on the sex offender registries are in a way very much like the galley slaves of ancient times. When a man was sent to the galleys, he was basically irreformable and not coming back into society.

But why, O’ Lord, do you make the sex offender unable to attend Church when children are present, and have so many restrictions on what he can do and where he can go? He is basically in prison while outside of prison. That is correct, for I Am giving him a taste of the infernal prison that he is headed to if he does not repent. Lord, the sex offender is often not free to leave the country. Or when he comes back into the country, he is thoroughly put to shame and harassed by security at the airports. It is like he is repeatably repunished for the same crime over and over again. Is that just, O’ Lord? Lord, the sex offender is treated by society like a modern day leper. That is correct, lord Azurite. A severe punishment is fitting for a severe crime.

And O’ Lord, what is it that is so terrible that sex offenders do to be put on that registry? They go too far in their hedonism. lord Azurite. I Am the hedge cutter. And the sex offenders are the leaves that are sticking out too much, and so I lop them off. And this serves as warning to the other stems to grow the other way. It has always been the case that I make drastic examples out of some to move the many others to repentance and to correct themselves, lest they fall into the same trap.

Now, let us talk of your girlfriend. I have no girlfriend, O’ Lord. You are going to have one. For I Am giving you one. For you are ready. And you have made yourself clean. Then tell me about her. And tell me what we do together? I Am sending you a girl so that you will know romance before I bring you into My priesthood. This is important. For I desire My candidates to the priesthood to be giving up the chance to marry when they enter into My priesthood. And that means you need someone to give up.

So I am to have a relationship that is romantic, but that is to be ultimately ended by my entrance into the seminary? That is correct, lord Azurite. And We have the perfect girl. She will not tempt you to have sex with her, but she will be a strong temptation for you to settle down with her and start a family with her. She will be the ideal mate for you, and yet, We will give her to you now, right when you will be starting the formal discernment process of becoming a priest.

For We thoroughly test all Our candidates for the priesthood to see if they are worthy. This girlfriend We are giving to you shall be your test. But Lord, is not that cruel to the girl to give to her a potential husband only to snatch him away from her to bring him into the priesthood? We don’t order you to become a priest. You are free to choose your fate: The priesthood or the girl. If We did not give you this complete freedom of choice, it would not be a true test.

Okay, that is an interesting choice you will be giving me. And I know that if I were to choose the girl, I would fail in life, just as Captain America failed in Avengers: Endgame, when he went back in time by choosing to go marry that girl and not remain a superhero. Eric, Captain America failed from your perspective where he did not do all the great things he would have done had he remained a superhero. But from Captain America’s perspective, he had already lived eons serving his country and finally he had the chance to live the life he always wanted to live with the girl he loved in that rare chance he had in going back in time to see her again. And the temptation was too much for him to resist and he entered into her embrace, and there was no going back from there.

Lord Larimar, We do not know which way you shall go. For the choice is not made yet, for the girl is not yet given. But when We give you the girl, then We shall know which way you shall ultimately decide to go. Only when the girl is given will the die be cast.

Lord, this presents an interesting paradox. The presence of a priest at my being cured is said to signify that I am called to the priesthood. But it is also said, in the ancient prophecy of September 2, 2000, that I am cured when I am with the girl who I am to marry. And I cannot both marry and become a priest. Lord, I tell You truthfully, there would have to be a stronger motivation than to have sex for me to choose the marriage route. For I have seen everything there is to see in that route, and none of it really interests me. I am not really very interested in sex, and I know that casual sex is the doorway to destruction. Those who do those things do not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

What I do not understand is why the porn industry keeps going. After you have shot every possible position and circumstance, what left is there to show? Doesn’t the same routine and the same repetition get old after a while? What more of a girl’s breasts do you want to see, once you have seen them? And after a while, doesn’t the nakedness get repetitious? What kind of pleasure addiction is going on in these dudes’ brains to keep them coming for more and more of the same filth?

Lord Azurite, if you could choose a woman based on beauty alone, what kind of beauty turns you on most? Well, the most attractive girl.. Lord, I just said goodbye to Sandra. I told her I am old now and I am not into sex and marriage or any of that stuff anymore. I Am going my own way. And that way is no longer with Hyacinth, whose full legal name was Caesar Sandra Nikee. I have broken up with Hyacinth. And I think she took it quite well. Look, an attractive girl to me is not about looks. A girl is attractive to me if we just get along with one another in day to day living. Now, that doesn’t mean I am going to choose to marry a girl just because we get along. I wouldn’t marry a girl unless God willed it. For I am a doer of God’s will. And it seems that God wills me to become a priest instead.

But the desire to have a son or children is not in me. The desire to raise a family is not in me. I can become aroused. I am definitely capable of intercourse. But the will to pursue romance or marriage is just not there.

Lord, this girl you will be giving me. She will be a welcome change from Hyacinth, but I am not getting married. And I Am remaining celibate and virgin forever. No kind of female beauty can take that away from me.

Go to bed now, lord Larimar. We shall complete this when you rise. Amen. Lord, I slept, but I fell to sins of impurity. I have fallen and I have sinned, O’ Lord. I am sorry, O’ Lord, for my sins. Eric, your sins are not failures, but signs that you have intrinsic needs that have never been satisfied. You have suppressed your sexual needs and your needs for a woman, rather than allow yourself to mate.

What then must I do, O’ Lord? Marry the girl We give you, and have the children you shall have in this marriage, and then the chemicals in your mind and body will be brought to their correct balance. Lord, I know you are correct and right. I hereby surrender myself to your will. Give me this girl you intend for me to marry. I will no longer attempt to walk the celibate path.

lord Larimar, it is good that you have done this and followed Our command. We are giving you this girl at the appointed time. And as a reward for obeying Us and doing Our will, We shall add more lands to your Kingdom of Northern Christendom. What lands left are there that can be added, O’ Lord? We grant unto thee the lands of the Greater Antilles. This includes Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica. Puerto Rico is already yours as a possession of the United States. And all the other possession of the United States, France, Netherlands, and Great Britain remain in your possession as these four colonial powers are all members of your Kingdom. Hence, it is only Queen Ester’s Kingdom that loses lands by this gift We give to thee. King Ibis’s Kingdom remains as it is.

(1) Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled by King Eric. And his eternal lands include all the Christian nations of the following three realms:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and her Satellites

And this Kingdom is made up of these 51 Christian states:

North America

  1. Canada
  2. Cuba
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Haiti
  5. Jamaica
  6. United States of America


  1. Andorra
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Croatia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Greenland
  14. Hungary
  15. Iceland
  16. Ireland
  17. Italy
  18. Latvia
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Moldova
  24. Monaco
  25. Montenegro
  26. Netherlands
  27. North Macedonia
  28. Norway
  29. Poland
  30. Portugal
  31. Romania
  32. San Marino
  33. Serbia
  34. Slovakia
  35. Slovenia
  36. Spain
  37. Sweden
  38. Switzerland
  39. Ukraine (including Kaliningrad and minus Crimea by land swap with Russia)
  40. United Kingdom
  41. Vatican City

Russia and her Satellites

  1. Armenia (including Nagorno-Karabakh)
  2. Belarus
  3. Georgia
  4. Russian (including Crimea and minus Kaliningrad by land swap with Ukraine)

Hence, 51 nations make up the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. (51 = 17 x 3). And as for the official languages of this Kingdom, there include these fifteen established, consisting of all the regional languages having an excess of ten million native speakers, plus Haitian Creole and Swedish, which approach the threshold of 10 million native speakers, and these two are chosen as representative of their relative regional influence, plus the language of Latin, which is the official language of the Roman Catholic Religion, the one valid Religion founded by Christ Jesus on the Apostle Peter. Latin is also the root languages of many European languages and tongues, being the direct ancestor of all the Romance languages. Amen. Hence, seventeen total languages are included as official languages in the Northern Kingdom of Christendom.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Polish
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Portuguese
  12. Greek
  13. Hungarian
  14. Czech
  15. Haitian Creole
  16. Swedish
  17. Latin

Lord, how can Black people now call Eric a racist, for he has included a language, Haitian Creole, descended directly from the languages of slaves brought from Africa to Haiti. They cannot, lord Larimar. They cannot accuse you of any further racism. Let us now define the rest of the Americas, so that all of the western hemisphere is completely mapped out. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Hispania-Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester, consists of the following lands.

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize
  3. Guatamala
  4. El Salvador
  5. Honduras
  6. Nicaragua
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Panama
  9. Columbia
  10. Venezuela

And her list of official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. various Nahuatl languages
  4. various Mayan languages

Queen Ester remains the ruler of the entire Spanish Main, but no longer rules the states of the Greater Antilles, which have been given to the Kingdom of Northern Christendom.

(3) The Kingdom of the West Indies, ruled by King Ibis. And his eternal Kingdom consists of the followings lands:

  1. The Bahamas
  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Dominica
  5. Saint Lucia
  6. Barbados
  7. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  8. Grenada
  9. Trinidad and Tobago
  10. Guyana
  11. Suriname

And the list of official languages in his Kingdom consist of:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Dutch
  4. Antillean Creole
  5. Papiamento

(4) The Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau. And the lands of his Kingdom consist of the following:

  1. Brazil

And the official languages of his Kingdom consist of:

  1. Portuguese

(5) Kingdom of the Seven Southern Spanish States, ruled by Queen Erythrina. And her eternal Kingdom consists of the following lands:

  1. Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands)
  2. Peru
  3. Chile (including Easter Island)
  4. Bolivia
  5. Paraguay
  6. Argentina
  7. Uruguay

And the official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Quichua
  3. Quechua
  4. Aymara

Such fully and completely defines all of the Americas. Hence the Americas are ruled by the following Kings and Queens:

  1. (1) Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled by King Eric
  2. (2) Kingdom of Hispania-Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester
  3. (3) The Kingdom of the West Indies, ruled by King Ibis
  4. (4) The Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau
  5. (5) Kingdom of the Seven Southern Spanish States, ruled by Queen Erythrina

Lord, I am willing to accept the married life that You wish to give me. But You say I will not be destroyed by entering into that turbulent sea? And God permits me to abandon the path to the priesthood to become a married man? We, the elect in heaven, have prepared for this day in advance. Go to confession, confess your impurities. And then go as We direct you. And the girl, when she is given to you, We will tell you that she is the one. Marry her and know her only after marriage. And We shall bless your family with five children.

Now, ask any question that you may have.

Lord, do I continue to work in my current line of employment? Or do I go work elsewhere? Or do I gain a job in Rust embedded development? Be open to Our leading you, lord Larimar. And We shall lead you to where you must go. And your skills in Rust will be used in the job We are about to award you with. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, You have said that Trump wins the elections. So far, many have already voted. And the polls heavily favor Joe Biden. But what do you say, O’ Lord, to that? Do not mind the polls. And do not mind who America ultimately chooses. You have made the correct choice. And should America choose a President who shall bring them to ruin, that is their failure, not yours. I do not require Trump to win the elections for My will to be accomplished. And if Trump loses the elections, accept this and move on.

You remain My prophet in the land no matter who is the ruling Player of the land. And your rulership of Northern Christendom is more powerful than any other Player’s temporal reign. And note that just as I continued to speak to Moses and Samuel as My prophets after they took for themselves a wife, so also shall I continue to speak through you and to you. Amen.

Lord, when I am no longer a virgin, do I cease to be an eternal ruler? No, lord Larimar. Your loss of virginity would only have a negative affect on your eternal rulership if you lost it in an act of sin. That you will lose it under the sacrament of holy matrimony, there will be no loss that you will incur in any of your eternally designated appointments and positions. And impurity only takes away one’s position when the sin is done with another. For it is the sins of fornication and adultery that permanently ruin a man. I Who Am have spoken. Now, publish this post, and then go out as I direct you. You are to do as I command you today. And I will lead you to victory and to your claiming of the Kingdom forever. Amen. Now go to confession, for you have sins to confess. Amen.

Behold, Eric is called to be a priest

Eric’s calling finally revealed. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post X:
Behold, the Word of the Lord came to me, and said, “Eric, go to your computer and write. And if the first image you see is that of a woman, then you are called to go to a woman. And if the first image you see is of a priest, then you are called to go into the priesthood. This will be Our sign to you of your calling. Do you agree?” And I said, “Yes, O’ Lord, I will submit to your revelation by this sign that you show me.” And I went to my computer to turn my computer on. And before the computer screen came on, I saw a pamphlet near my keyboard entitled “Divine Mercy Novena and Chaplet,” and first I noticed the image of Saint Faustina on it with her hand directing attention to Jesus Christ, as the classic image of Divine Mercy. Saint Faustina was a nun, a consecrated woman. She was a virgin who never married and who never had sex and who went into Religious Life to be a sister, as God called her to do. Then when the computer screen turned on, I saw my browser pointed to my last post, which featured a burned out police car but no people. Then I switched browsers to go to the browser upon which I regularly write God’s Word, and lo! I saw this website page that had been left on the screen: And on the screen were two videos of Father Mike Schmitz about discernment, with his image clearly on both videos. I had been exploring the sacraments pages on Saint Bruno’s website the day before and I had left it at those videos on discernment of Holy Orders, intending to watch both at a later time. And now that I clearly saw two images of a priest, I decided to take the time and watch both videos.

Now, interpret for me what I saw and its meaning, O’ Lord: First I saw the image of Saint Faustina, a virgin Religious woman, then I saw Jesus in the image of Divine Mercy, and then the first images I see of any person on my computer screen is two images of Father Mike Schmitz, in his two Youtube videos ready to be watched.

Know, lord Azurite, the first image you saw was that of a woman, but a woman who was sworn to celibacy and eternal virginity. What this means is that whatever woman who is from Us who enters your life will point to Jesus and Religious Life, as she was clearly pointing to. And of course, Jesus is High Priest. Hence, by looking upon Jesus, you see your destiny. But the images you saw on your computer screen matter more. And those were of Father Mike Schmitz, who is an ordained Roman Catholic priest. Hence, now you know that We are calling you to enter the priesthood. Amen.

Lord, I have asked the Lord, “Is it the will of the Lord that I wait until I am cured before I approach the priest to tell him of my vocation?” And God answered that I shall do that. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Do I wait until I am cured? Yes, lord Azurite. Wait until then. For just as the Disciples had to wait until they were clothed in Spirit in Jerusalem, which happened at Pentecost, before they were made ready to go out to the whole world and proclaim the good news, so too, you must wait until We clothe you and make you ready for this vocation upon which you are about to begin. Amen. You shall be cured in nine days time. Wait for it. It shall not be late. Amen. Then you will be told what you are to do and to where you are to go and to whom you are to tell of your vocation to. Amen.

Lord, can I trust Hyacinth, to whom I gave money to buy Holy Bibles for the children of her Catholic Church? Is she trustworthy, O’ Lord? She is trustworthy, and this good deed that you have done will bear much fruit. Also, you are obligated to help her from now on whenever she is in need. That is your directive. And in return, she will always be praying for you. But what of her desire to have romance with me. What do I say to her? Tell her the Truth when the time comes for her to know. Amen. And you have already told her this calling you have. It will not come to her as a surprise. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, then do I continue to study Rust? Do I continue to seek to become a Rust programmer and an embedded software developer who uses Rust? Remember what Father Mike Schmitz said in his second video on that page: Only discern one vocation at a time. Amen. Do not try to discern a future career in Rust at the same time that you discern the priesthood. Since you are now called to become a priest, discern for yourself that vocation. And act on it. That means that you study things and research things that pertain to that vocation. You cannot discern two vocations at the same time. Hence, read Spanish books and study Latin and Koine Greek, as these directly lead into your vocation to become a priest. Amen. But as for Rust, realize that such pursuits are now hobbies, and as such, they must be secondary and side things that you do on your spare time. Amen.

Lord, am I still the Ruler of the Northern Kingdom, also called the Arctic Triangle, consisting of the nations of North America, Europe, and Russia and her satellites? Or is that all just some make believe hocus pocus I somehow thought up in my vivid imagination? Believe as thou shall, lord Azurite. But remember that you have a mandate regarding that Kingdom. And that mandate is that you make that Kingdom and all the lands therein Catholic. That, too, is a part of your calling. And it is a supernatural calling. And the reign you now start today, at this very hour, over that Kingdom, never comes to an end. Amen.

Then I am a King? Am I the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies? Lord Azurite, name one Kingdom or empire in the entire history of the world that was larger than yours. The largest you can think of are the Mongol Empire, the British Empire, and the Roman Empire, but yours is larger than any of those. Hence, I now hereby anoint you, King Eric, Ruler of Northern Christendom. Amen. Your mandate is to make all the lands of your Kingdom Catholic, including all those states in your Kingdom that are Muslim. Or, O’ Lord, is it right that the Muslim states are included into My Kingdom? Perhaps the Muslim states should be removed? For how can a Muslim state be called a part of Christendom?

You are correct, lord Azurite. No Muslim state is worthy to be included in your Kingdom of Christendom. We must remove them all. For a land that has gone to become Islamic is permanently dead and is never going to come back to life. Amen. Behold, We now redefine the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, correctly removing all the Muslim states, which had only been added in the first place due to their membership or partnership with NATO. But Eric’s Kingdom is not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And Eric’s Kingdom is not dependent on the definitions of NATO. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled by King Eric. And his eternal lands include all the Christian nations of the following three realms:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and her Satellites

And this Kingdom is made up of these 47 Christian states:

North America

  1. Canada
  2. United States of America


  1. Andorra
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Croatia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Greenland
  14. Hungary
  15. Iceland
  16. Ireland
  17. Italy
  18. Latvia
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Moldova
  24. Monaco
  25. Montenegro
  26. Netherlands
  27. North Macedonia
  28. Norway
  29. Poland
  30. Portugal
  31. Romania
  32. San Marino
  33. Serbia
  34. Slovakia
  35. Slovenia
  36. Spain
  37. Sweden
  38. Switzerland
  39. Ukraine (including Kaliningrad and minus Crimea by land swap with Russia)
  40. United Kingdom
  41. Vatican City

Russia and her Satellites

  1. Armenia (including Nagorno-Karabakh)
  2. Belarus
  3. Georgia
  4. Russian (including Crimea and minus Kaliningrad by land swap with Ukraine)

Hence, 47 nations make up the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, and note that 47 is the 15th prime number. And as for the official languages of this Kingdom, there are these fifteen established, consisting of all the regional languages having an excess of ten million native speakers, plus the language of Latin, which is the official language of the Roman Catholic Religion, the one valid Religion founded by Christ Jesus on the Apostle Peter. Latin is also the root languages of many European languages and tongues, being the direct ancestor of all the Romance languages. Amen.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Polish
  8. Ukrainian
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Portuguese
  12. Greek
  13. Hungarian
  14. Czech
  15. Latin

Lord, we jettisoned all the Muslim states and we added all the microstates of Europe, resulting in a grand total of 47 states making up the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. Note also this: Though a lot of land is now removed from Eric’s vast Kingdom, it still remains the largest Kingdom in world history. Amen.

Note the land swap between Russia and Ukraine to achieve peace. With a prophesied peaceful relationship coming between Russia and Ukraine, this land swap is necessary for both sides to feel like they won something. Russia will give up Kaliningrad to Ukraine in return for gaining international recognition of its sovereignty over Crimea. And Ukraine will agree to the deal because it directly pulls Ukraine into the heart of Europe, cementing its way into full membership into the European Union. So both sides win by this land swap, and both sides come out of an endless war with something to show for it, Amen. Furthermore, Crimea and Kaliningrad are about equivalent in size and significance, making them ideal regions of land to swap. And Kaliningrad, once in Ukraine’s control, is not susceptible to being retaken militarily by Russia as it has no common border with her, being a Baltic sea enclave with land borders only with Lithuania and Poland, which are both members of NATO and the EU. And Ukrainians can access Kaliningrad by merely traveling through Poland to get there, and also by going by sea routes. And by this deal, Russia can be assured that electricity and water and power will no longer be cut off to Crimea by a special treaty fully recognizing their established borders, with all of eastern Ukraine finally put back in firm control under Ukraine. No separatist states with Russian support will remain in eastern Ukraine after this peace deal is forged. Amen.

Russia gets the Crimean Peninsula out of this deal, with full international recognition and a complete end to all sanctions, and finally has permanent possession of the military port of Sevastopol, which was the whole reason behind the entire war. And Russia gives up Kaliningrad, which really served Russia with no real strategic interests, and Russia also gives up its bleeding wound in Eastern Ukraine by a complete pullout of all its troops there.

Ukraine gets Kaliningrad, which, by being in the heart of Europe, is its ticket to full membership into the European Union, And in exchange for receiving this Baltic Sea enclave, they willingly give up the mostly Russian populated Crimea, which Russia really did have some legitimate claims to by having once possessed it during the early years of the Soviet Union. And in exchange for guaranteeing the water supplies, power, and electricity will no longer be cut off to Crimea, they get the guarantee that Russia will forever respect their eastern border, and all of eastern Ukraine finally fully restored back to their country, with the Russians completely withdrawing all their forces out of Ukraine.

Furthermore, all prisoners held by both sides will be immediately swapped and released to their own country. And peace will then finally come back to Europe. And normal trade relations will once again be established between Russia and Europe. Note to Russian coup plotters. This fate will come to Russia with the overthrow of Vladimir Putin and the consequent election of Alexei Navalny. Carry out the plan to overthrow Vladimir Putin. Note that Putin does not have to be killed. Rather, it is best for him to be exiled to a remote nation like Uruguay. For in Chess, the King is never killed, but only checkmated. Amen. Do according to this plan.

Now, O’ Lord, when comes the time for Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to be converted to Catholicism and, consequently, to transform his Russian Orthodox Church into a Russian Eastern Rite Catholic Church? For he was selected by Emerald to rule the Russian Orthodox Church for just this very purpose, which Emerald anticipated. Lord Azurite, it is I, the Lord, Who convert souls. And it is I, the Lord Who decides who shall be brought into My Catholic Church. Amen. Just realize that you are the elusive “man in Russia” that Sister Lucia of Fatima mentioned after the fall of Communism in the USSR.

Now, of your six predictions for the next pope, only Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is very Marian, wishes and fully intends to complete the uncompleted consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary and to the divine heart of Jesus. For that consecration performed by Pope John Paul II failed to explicitly mention Russia in the consecration, but only implicitly referred to her. But We do not need any further consecrations to My or Mary’s heart to be made for Us to now bring about a conversion of Russia. For Russia has been fully converted by the conversion of the Emerald King. It was Emerald, who was the true man in Russia, who had to be converted.

Lord, will you make Cardinal Raymond Burke your next pope, perhaps taking the papal name of Pope Benedict XVII? Some would indeed very much like to see that happen. For of all your six predictions for pope, Cardinal Raymond Burke is the holiest. And he alone has stood up to the Satanic actions and teachings coming from the current pope, Pope Francis. We can make him the next pope if you wish it, lord Azurite. I do wish it, O’ Lord God. I wish for it with all my heart. Then so shall it be. When We prepare the next conclave, to meet in Rome in June of next year, half of the current cardinals eligible to vote will have been slain, leaving only the conservatives to choose the next pope. And they will elect Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Below is the list of six predictions you have made as to who shall be the next pope:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV
  5. Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  6. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, who would become Pope Peter II

Hence, what I have decided to do, I will most definitely accomplish. Amen. Note also that Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke is 72 years old, meaning that he could definitely have a relatively long pontificate. And he knows the following languages: English, French, Latin, and Italian. Hence, he will make a most ideal pope. And hence, let it be known far and wide: The holy pope who is to reign alongside the Great Monarch shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. And he shall take the papal name of the pope who made him cardinal, and become Pope Benedict XVII. Amen. And note the significance of the number 17.

The full legal name of the Larimar King, Eric Robert Dunstan, consists of 17 letters. And when converted to Greek letters and added together in Greek gematria, the name: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ adds up to 1717. Hence, that the next pope shall be Pope Benedict XVII is of numerical significance.

Lord, this means that Azurite conquers Contradiction in the November 3, 2020, elections. That is correct, lord Azurite. Most of the votes cast for Biden will be disqualified. This will be especially true in the swing states. And by casting out all these votes for Biden, Trump will secure the necessary votes to declare victory. Amen.

Lord, will not the Blacks riot? When are the Blacks not rioting? Look, Eric, no one pays attention anymore to what the Blacks do. For Black lives really do not matter to most people. And that Black people continuously say that Black lives matter makes the rest of their message regarded as poppycock. Let the Black people do something meaningful and positive for a change. That all the Black commentators wish to talk about is race and how much they have been offended is very dated and old. Amen.

Lord, I wish to announce who I shall vote for for United States President. I shall vote for President Trump. And I will be breaking from the Erician practice of only voting for third party candidates that began with the reelection of George W. Bush. I will fill out my ballot and drop it off at an election drop box on election day. I will not be mailing it. Oracle of the Lord! And I don’t buy that bull that my vote doesn’t count because I live in California and that California is majority Democratic. Folks, every vote counts. Even those who lose the elections, they still look at the numbers of voters who voted for them. Hence, to them, your vote counts, even if they do not win. Amen. My votes will also be for the other Republicans on the ballot as well.

Lord, some Black people are angry because they have felonies on their records and are, hence, denied the vote. What sayest Thou to them? And also that Black man on CNN said that Blacks are angry because they feel that they are not fully represented in this democracy. And they feel cheated as though they were just bunch of slaves fresh off the boat from Africa. Eric, the Black man is constantly looking at how others seem to have more than they do. They have fallen to envy and jealousy. And those are not good states to be in. For you cannot love your neighbor as demanded by Christianity if you feel he is unjustly getting a better deal than you. Such is why there is so much hatred in the Black community. They are too busy fighting for what they thing is rightfully theirs that they end up with less and less. Only when they stop trying to take what belongs to their neighbor, and start working to build up what is theirs, will they come to be satisfied and at peace in their life. But if Black people continue to point out the statistics: Blacks are such and such a percentage of the community, but only have such and such control of the wealth, and they receive such and such a percentage of the citations, then they will never find peace, but will always be at war in a war they will always be losing in. For I remove graces from the proud. And from those who hate others, I take away their opportunity to find salvation. Amen.

Lord, what now becomes of my current employment that I am now to become a priest? Lord Azurite, they will have to find someone to replace you. And they will be very hard pressed at that. But you will be a good sport and reveal to whoever they find the various things you did and how you did them. But you will not take responsibility for any mistakes they make nor for any errors they make by listening to your any training sessions you do. Nor will you reveal any of your trade secrets. For you are an independent contractor. And it is not your responsibility to train your replacements.

Now I have spoken at length. You know that you are to be made a priest. And you know that you shall receive your cures in nine days time. This is My command for you to do: Carry this out and you shall live. When you find yourself cured, go immediately to the priest I point out to you and give him the following words: “I believe that I am called to the priesthood. And by the cures that I have now received from the Lord Jesus Christ, the calling is unmistakable to me. I hereby make my first step in the direction of my calling. And I submit myself to the decisions of the Church. Amen.” I tell you truthfully, the priest you say these words to shall elect to sponsor you, and the parish that sponsors you will never let you depart from them. Amen. For you shall be holy. And many will come from miles around to listen to your words and to hear the advice that comes from your mouth. Amen.

This post is now ended. Publish it. Then correct all errors in it. And realize that your destiny is now sealed. That you will leave your career in IT and enter the priesthood is an eternal decision made by God. It cannot be undone. Amen.

COVID-19: A plan to wipe out the African Americans in America

The Blacks are being systematically eliminated from the United States of America.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post IX:
Behold, did you know that in the USA, for every 10 White Americans who have died from COVID-19, there have been 21 African Americans who have died from COVID-19. Amen. If President Trump is correct that the Chinese fabricated the disease in their labs as biological warfare to use against America, then the population sector that they most wanted to eliminated in America is the Black African peoples. And note carefully in that link: Asians and Whites are completely equally affected by the disease. Asians and Whites have the exact same death rates. And Hispanics are only slightly mote susceptible to dying compared to Whites and Asians. Hence the obvious target is the Black African Americans.

But Eric, why do the nations of Africa not have high COVID-19 death rates? That is what is reported to the press and to the public. But I have an agent on the ground in Nigeria, and she has reported to me that many are dying from the disease. The people in Nigeria are dying one by one and they have no cure for it. Such are her observations. Obviously, the news that Nigeria reports to the outside world contrasts with the news I get from my inside agent.

COVID-19 is killing Black people. And if Trump is correct that the Chinese made it, then this is not accidental. So let us now consider the hypothetical belief that China did in fact design the disease. Why would they target the African Americans rather than the Whites in their attack on the USA? Remember that Asians are just as racist as White people. And I have had Asian friends in the past, and one statement said by one Asian friend to me sums up their attitudes toward Black people. He, an immigrant from Taiwan, said of Black people, “They are good for nothing but entertainment.” This Asian was a studious Asian and was learning Latin for possible study of the Vulgate, the official Holy Bible of the Catholic Church, which is in Latin. So this Asian was not uneducated and not unmotivated to achieve. Rather, he represented the aspiring Asian who comes to America to learn and to achieve.

So, what is the root of the hatred among intellectuals and highly motivated people toward Black people? Could it be Affirmative Action policies? How much harder do Asians have to work and achieve in order to be admitted to American colleges and universities in comparison to Black people? Think about that. That Affirmative Action so penalizes the Asian and so favors the African American would be a strong source of resentment for any people who are discriminated against. Black people are always complaining about discrimination, and yet Affirmative Action, which they fully support, is a policy of discrimination that penalizes highly achieving Asians so that under achieving Blacks may be admitted to colleges and universities. Wouldn’t that make you even at least slightly resentful towards another race group when you knew that they did not have to work as hard as you had to in order to achieve the same results, as mandated by government policy?

Asians are busting their buts to get into colleges and universities, and here they see totally unqualified Black people getting points that they don’t get for admissions to college, where they see that, because of their Asian race, points are taken away from them. Is this fair? Is this the way to bring peace and harmony to all America? Is it correct, just, and right to punish those who work hard and who achieve in order to reward those who slack off and perform much more poorly?

Black people do not have the right for success to be handed to them. If they are unwilling to do the hard work, why reward them? And whoever thought up Affirmative Action was a racist. Affirmative Action is a racist policy that claims to be fighting racism, but really only exacerbates the problem by making racist policies that arbitrarily reward or punish people according to the color of their skin or the country they originated from.

Hence, if COVID-19 was designed by the Chinese, that it disproportionately kills off Black people fits and agrees with the narrative that the disease was deliberately made to kill off the Blacks. One way or another, Black people will be disproportionately wiped out by the disease. And the disease is very clever. It weakens the patient in the first infection, if they recover, and the subsequent infections are even more deadly. The disease, hence, is not just merely to wipe out a large proportion of Black people, but is to severely compromise the Black population. This disease is designed to disable large segments of the American population, with special emphasis on Black peoples.

For it fits and agrees with Chinese attitudes that Black people would be targeted the most by Chinese hate groups. Now, let us ask God for His input. For Eric is a prophet of God. He speaks to God. And he receives counsel and advice from God. God will never abandon Eric. And Eric will always be in contact with God.

Lord, before we ask You about COVID-19, let us briefly detour to the subject of Hyacinth. Mary told me at Church that in my coming marriage to the girl I am to be given, that I am to have sex with her if commanded by God. Such means that I would not remain an eternal virgin. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? For if I do not remain a virgin, that affects my eternal claim to the Azurite Kingdom. And if affects my eternal status as Your prophet. Amen. Lord, I am willing to live the celibate virgin life. What sayest Thou to that?

Lord Azurite, I will give you this test. Pass it, and you will remain My eternal virgin forever. Fail to pass it, and I will hand you over to a female lover, and you will be a naturally married man. I am willing to take the test, O’ Lord. What is this test? Give the money for Bibles that you plan to give to Hyacinth and I will make you My eternal virgin prophet forever. That is all you require of me, O’ Lord? Do this, and you will demonstrate that your intentions are holy and pure, and without any form of self seeking. Lord, I will do exactly as You have instructed. Amen.

Note that Hyacinth buys inexpensive Catholic Bibles for the children she teaches at the Catholic Church she attends. I will do exactly as you have ordered. Given that I shall do this, who is Hyacinth to me? In an earlier post, You said she was my disciple. Is this how You view her as relating to me, O’ Lord? You serve as a form of mentor and teacher to her, and she is your disciple and pupil. But I do not make her your lover. For I see your heart, lord Azurite. And your heart loves God, not any woman. In fact, this very day, you were going to let Hyacinth depart from you, but she chose to remain in your company. It is clear you are not possessive of Hyacinth. She is definitely not any kind of prisoner to you. And this is very important for Our goal to make you Our priest. We have now concluded Our judgement on your worthiness to be ordained a priest in Our priesthood. We have concluded that, once cured, you will make a most suitable priest to Our purposes. Hence, We plan to make you Our priest. Amen.

Lord, today I read another chapter in the book on Rust. But since you now say I am to become a priest, do you redirect my studies, O’ Lord? Your skills in Rust are dramatically improving. And your knowledge of Rust is dramatically increasing. Soon you will be quite a competent Rust programmer. We allow you to increase your skills and knowledge of Rust. We allow you to gain expertise in this systems language. And We allow you to begin developing embedded software for devices, such as Raspberry Pi, using the Rust language. You may even develop commercial software for that and other platforms. For you are to retain your employment in software development as you enter into the process of becoming a priest. Amen.

But I thought that the seminary required 100% focus by seminarians on their studies. Lord Azurite, the studies are now being shifted to be online. That allows you to split your attention between Seminary studies and software development. You can do both. And I will make you excel in both. And you can claim your software development business to be your hobby when you enter into the priesthood. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Hence, you shall not quit your current employment when you start on the road of the seminarian. Instead, you will shift to do all necessary work required of you by your current employer to be done remotely online. And it is true, is it not, that all the work you now do in the office is on laptops belonging to you that you bring with you when you go to the office, and that you take all these laptops with you when you leave the office to go home. Hence, the company where you do IT work at does not possess any of the computers on which you do all the work that you do for that company. Furthermore, all the work you do is hosted on Linux servers on the cloud. You do no work on any servers running at the office. Hence, the only advantage that exists for you to go to the office to work is for the in person collaboration, which is much more difficult to achieve by Zoom or other televisual software meetings.

Remember the previous company you worked for, when you did embedded software development? In that company also, you worked mainly on computers that you owned, laptops that you brought with you to the office and that you took home when you left. And you were in charge of IT there as well as here. Now, listen to My Words, lord Larimar. I Am making you an embedded software developer. And you will work this job part time, and as a hobby, while you do your duties as a priest. Amen. For I Am most pleased with you. And I will reward you greatly.

As for the human languages I will have you learn and master, My will is that you focus on Koine Greek and Latin. Master those two languages. Do a little bit of study in each of those languages each day. Amen. These two languages will help you greatly in your understanding of the Holy Bible. Amen.

Lord, does Donald John Trump win the elections? For I prayed the Rosary today for Trump and You said that Trump would definitely win if I prayed that Rosary today. He will win, lord Azurite. Keep praying those extra daily rosaries. Also, Biden and Harris will now plummet in the polls. I Am about to utterly destroy their campaign. And Biden will be called the greatest loser in the history of American politics. Amen.

Okay, let’s get back to COVID-19. Is this a Chinese designed bio-weapon, targeting primarily the Black Americans? It is, Lord Azurite. And the Chinese plan to enslave the Blacks and make them an eternal subhuman race. Lord, in Dungeons & Dragons gameplay it seems to be that the Chinese are very like the Dwarves in race. That is correct, lord Larimar. And the African American peoples are the Half-Orc races. Yes, and the Elves are the White peoples. That is correct. And the reason why so many Blacks go into the military is because the Half-Orcs are most proficient when they are of the Fighter and Warrior classes. Meanwhile, the Dwarves tend to be Craftsmen and Makers of Weapons. And the Elves tend to be Magic Users.

Lord, is it the destiny of the Black man to be made subhuman? Is that where evolution is driving that race? The races are indeed specializing, lord Azurite. And the lower stratifications of the human societies are becoming the niches for Black people. But Lord, this is not possible long term, for You are returning soon. There is not enough time for evolution to cause true speciation to occur in Homo sapiens. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, you are correct. I Am Coming back soon. And when I Come back, all evolution for Mankind comes to an end. For reproduction of the human species ends at the instant of My return. The human eggs that are fertilized by a sperm at the instant of My return will be the final created human beings of the human race. Amen.

And what happens to all these unborn souls at the moment of Your return, O’ Lord? If their mothers are holy and saved, so also shall be their unborn and their babies at breast. But should their mothers be condemned, their unborn will be condemned with them. And any born baby not baptized and not belonging to My elect will perish with their parents. Amen. And at the Resurrection, all Mankind are resurrected to cured, whole, and mature, adult bodies. I Am the Lord! To their true form, as their DNA would have them, without disease and without disorder, will all Mankind be resurrected to on the last day. Amen. The hermaphrodite will be correctly sexed. His DNA will be either XX female or XY male. Amen. No human being at the Resurrection will be a genetic freak.

Lord, will the Neanderthals be there at the Resurrection? And what about the species, Homo Erectus. And what about all the other species currently classified as members of the genus Homo? Only Homo sapiens will be there. And the correct classification of the Neanderthal is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. The species of human beings that exist today is correctly called Homo sapiens sapiens. Hence, I admit that speciations have occurred in the past to produce different subspecies of human beings, but never have there evolved separated species of Mankind who were incapable of interbreeding. Amen. Hence, only Homo sapiens and all her subspecies will be Resurrected. But as for the older hominids, and the other parallel branches of Homo, such as Homo floresiensis, these were not actual human beings, but merely similar evolved branches having similarity with human beings in form. This can be understood more readily by comparing human beings with the bonobo, the pigmy chimpanzee. Many in the future analyzing their forms may contemplate how they were related to Mankind and whether they were men too, but observers who witness the behavior of this species of ape, the closest living relative to Man, know that this species is not a man.

Lord, the Black people are jubilant, for they believe that Biden shall win. They think it is a done deal. Why, O’ Lord, are Black people nearly universally pro-abortion, what they call, pro-choice? It is because the Black race has been rejected. And only a handful of Blacks, a few drops in the sea of the Black nations and races and peoples, will be saved. Lord, why is the Black race so rejected? What did they do, O’ Lord? The Black race is rejected due to the evolutionary choice of that race to opt for smaller intellects and larger genitalia as an evolutionary strategy for survival. This strategy is often seen in the evolution of various animal lineages. But when it occurs in human beings, that lineage is headed back down to the animal natures from which humans evolved. It is downward evolution. The Black African race has chosen a downward evolutionary strategy. And that is why they must be eliminated. For I do not tolerate backsliding in the evolution of the human race. Amen.

But Lord, genocide is decreed to be a sin that incurs an automatic excommunication in the Catholic Church. Anyone who commits genocide against Black people, therefore, is automatically excommunicated. How then is this elimination of the Black race to be accomplished, O’ Lord? The Blacks will be picked off one by one. They will die one by one. And eventually, given a few centuries in time, the Black race will be thereby rendered extinct. But Lord, do we have centuries left? Are not You coming back in my very generation? I will give you this sign by which you may know how much time you have left.

If President Trump wins the elections, know that centuries, maybe even millennia, are yet to transpire upon the earth before I Come again. But if Biden wins, then My Second Coming is within a short time, a matter of one decade or so. By your actions will this decision become manifest. Amen.

Lord, do my brothers die soon, or is their death postponed, since I will not marry? Their deaths are imminent. David’s death will be particularly explosive, as it involves his bright new shiny yellow Camaro. He has made that car his god. And he will die with his god in a blast of fire. It will be amazing to watch for those who witness the event. Like in the movies, these things are always fascinating to watch when they occur. But Lord, what about the innocent people who are killed or injured with him? Who I kill I kill. It is Mine to know and to decide when each man’s life is to be terminated. Amen. David has become a dragon sitting on his pile of gold. And this event will be a dragon slaying event. As for his car, it is fully ensured. Whoever inherits his estate will receive a nice bundle of money from the car collision insurance payout. Amen. Hence, David has done well to ensure good things come to those who inherit from his estate. Amen.

And is Eric one of those who will be inheriting from David’s estate? A lot more deaths would be necessary for that to occur. Amen. Rather, Eric’s parents will receive that money, and it would be a small amount to them. For David really does not have all that much saved up. Really, David’s main assets are his pension. But Lord, the pension plans of the government have been raided. The funds within them do not exist. And David is a government worker. Correct. Were David to live to collect on his pension, he will have problems with that when the money runs out and the taxpayers cannot be taxed any further to assist in making those payments.

Lord, a similar event took place with the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Roman citizens were overtaxed and the system just basically collapsed from the corruption and mismanagement that is characteristic to all forms of governance. Will the United States of America collapse from being overtaxed. Not if Trump is reelected, lord Azurite. But a Biden Administration would kill the American dream. Amen.

Lord, does COVID-19 go away? Or does it recur over and over and gradually sicken and destroy the bulk of the American population? COVID-19 is merely the fist wave. Wait until the next phase begins in the biological warfare designs being plotted and carried out in the Chinese masterminds. This disease was merely sent to weaken America and to kill off a few hundred thousand. The next wave will begin to kill the Americans in the millions. Black people were targeted in the first wave. The homosexuals will be targeted in the second wave. But that reminds me of AIDS, which was called forth by the Emerald Player during the Infancy Emerald Reign with these words: “Let a disease come forth that will be hard to be spread, and that will reduce the populations.” Later, Eric, after his conversion to Christianity, asked for a cure to be found that will allow AIDS infected people to live. And shortly after this, a kind of cure was found. Amen. And so now, AIDS infected people do not die from the disease if properly medicated. Amen.

So, lord Larimar, your question is if this COVID-19 is really the result of a Player orchestrating the events behind the scenes? You have given a name to him: Lucifer-Man, or Contradiction. So, did Lucifer-Man call forth this disease? Or is this the work of Satan? Is Satan causing the current lockdown to prepare the whole world for the revelation of Antichrist? For Satan knows a locked down world cannot flee from him or his Antichrist. Hence, the current conditions of lockdown and curfews are ideal for the revelation of Antichrist. For now, with everyone locked down, how can anyone escape him, unless they are given the two wings of an eagle so that they may fly to that secret sanctuary, far from the devil, where they may be taken care of for 1260 days? (Revelation 12:14). Amen.

Indeed, lord Larimar, you have just named the true nature of the Rapture. It is fully described in Revelation 12:14. There is no massive rapture of any group up to heaven. But there is a selective rapture of My people to go to those secret sanctuaries. Amen. And remember what I warned you about Anne Frank in a previous post. Whosoever in that sanctuary does sexual sins or sexual immorality, his sins will cause that sanctuary to be found out. Hence, any such sins must be immediately stopped. And the transgressor, if impenitent, must be put to death. Amen.

Now, ask Me one last question, and We shall publish this post. If Biden wins the elections, do I get taken to a secret sanctuary? Or do I remain here as one of the Two Witnesses? Wise are you to say the word, “If”. For I Am destroying the Biden Administration. It will not stand, but will fall. And Trump will win handedly. But as for whether you are one of My Two Witnesses, We are not in that Age. For that Age is for a different generation yet to come to bear witness to. Amen. And yes, there shall be many centuries yet to come in the world. Elephants and Rhinos will go extinct in the wild, but will be genetically modified into domesticated forms. And these domesticated forms will be bred for ivory and rhino horn, to be sold on legal markets made for such domesticated livestock. Pandas will also go extinct in the wild, but breeds bred in captivity, with genetic modifications, will become a form of Chinese livestock. And they will be bred for hides and meat. Amen. The oceans will become acidic and the coral reefs will be almost completely dead. A different ecology will form in the oceans. And sea monsters will appear and come to thrive in them, making it deadly and dangerous for people to swim in the sea. The Amazon rainforest will be transformed into a savannah. Most of the species that exist there now will go extinct. And the species that survive will be like pests and carriers of disease. Smog will become a permanent element of the earth’s atmosphere, and human evolution will be driven towards smog tolerating genes.

With the switch of the protein diet of human beings from mammal and fowl livestock to crickets and other insects, human evolution will select for those genes that are best able to digest this new diet of crickets and other insects. Humans will achieve a permanent human presence in space in orbiting bodies of the earth. But no permanent human bases will ever be established on heavenly bodies outside of the orbit around the earth. Amen. Instead, robots will be designed to explore the universe beyond the earth’s orbiting satellites. Amen. Mining colonies will be set up on the moon. And robot run mining colonies will be established on the other planets. Attempts will be made to terraform other heavenly bodies. No success will be made, except that the temperatures of the planet Venus will be sufficiently cooled to allow robot cities to be established there. But no life forms from earth will be permanently established there.

Antarctic Ice shall melt and the sea levels will rise. But a climatic shift will occur and the Arctic and Antarctic ice shall reform. And the sea levels will then drop again. With much of the biodiversity of the earth extinct, Mankind will master genetics and attempt to make up for extinct species by designing species, tested in the lab, to fill vacant niches and to serve Man at the same time. Biological agents will be made to cause genocide against certain strains of human beings. And in place of the nuclear arsenals of dominant nations of this generation will be biological weapons of the generations to come capable of exterminating whole races, nations, peoples, and tribes. The genetics to do this will be mastered. And terrorists who come into possession of such bioweapons will truly have deadly weapons in their possession.

A world wide caste system will be formed. And everyone will be expected to marry in their caste and only in their caste. Only with the permission of the human breeders will hybridization of two from different castes be permitted. Lord, how will this be accepted? For will not the Catholic Church object? Permission to marry will be granted by human breeders who will analyze the DNA of the woman and the man to see if it will be advantageous for Mankind for these two genomes to combine to form new human beings. Those with deficient DNA will be forbidden from marrying. And various subspecies of human beings will be bred for serving different needs of society. Democracy will be structured and controlled. People will only be allowed to vote in the narrow issues that concern them. And society will be run by computers.

Lord, would You really allow this scenario to take place? What you have seen is the fate of the world if I do not interfere. If, instead, I interfere in human society and let fall My judgment upon Mankind, expect My return within several years, not centuries away. And it will happen like this. You will continue to do your good works and your good deeds. But I will take you away suddenly. And then America will be buried in ash and fiery hail and destruction.

And where will you take Eric to, O’ Lord? Where you shall serve Me until the Second Coming as Prophet par Excellence. I Who Am have spoken. All the longterm predictions made by Eric, you may dismiss as works of imagination. I Am Coming soon. In Eric’s lifetime I Am Coming. And Eric is fifty years old, his fiftieth birthday having been on June 24, 2020. Amen. Eric, there is very little time left. Do as you are commanded to do. And realize that I Am coming soon. And realize that it is not your failure, but America’s failure, should America vote in the Biden Administration. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, and study Rust. For the days are yet to be many before I come again. Amen.

Eric is My Prophet, and Hyacinth shall be his Spokeswoman.

In a Castle in Ireland will I station My prophet Eric. And only through his wife shall I allow his Word to be made known to the people. Only through her may any have access to him.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post VIII:
Behold, Eric is to be snatched away in the night. He will be seen no more by those who knew him in this world. And Hyacinth shall be his intermediary between him and the world. No one may approach or petition the Larimar King except by petitioning him through her. Amen. I Am the Lord! I have established this. I have made it so. And no one can thwart My designs.

Eric will be stationed in a castle in Ireland. Will any authorities come and question his legitimacy to live in that land, O’ Lord? That Eric is a citizen of Ireland will be made abundantly clear to all authorities. I will make it abundantly clear. There shall be no dispute. Furthermore, that Hyacinth is wed to Eric as Mary was wed to Joseph will be an understood fact. For though they will live in the same place and sleep in the same bed, no physical contact will come between them. For Hyacinth will be made aware of the holiness of her calling, that she is to be to Eric as Mary was to Joseph. For I have promised Eric, and the promise will not be withdrawn, that he will reign for forty-two years in the land providing he remain virgin and celibate with the virgin wife We will have given him. Amen. For death comes to those who turn to carnal passions. Amen.

But We are assured of Eric’s passage beyond the needs for carnal fulfillment. For Eric is a spiritual man. He is of the highest path, that path that leads to an eternal Kingdom. And Eric would never give up that Kingdom to taste the pleasure of a woman in the flesh. For the two goods are unequal. It is a most unequal trade. It is as Esau did when he traded his birthright for a single meal. The spiritual man who sees the Kingdom would never trade what he is to receive there for the mere sensations of the carnal pleasures of sex with a woman. For there is no comparison between those two goods. Amen.

Lord, since Eric is to be in this marriage to Hyacinth, and since he is to dwell in a castle in Ireland, such that only his wife will be permitted to have access to him, does he then become an ordained priest in the Catholic Church, or does this not come to pass now, O’ Lord? I will encourage and anoint Hyacinth to be granted the right to bring holy communion to the Larimar King. And holy communion will be brought to this castle by a courier who will come from a secret place where the Masses will continue to be said. But no one but Hyacinth will be permitted to access and to see the Larimar King. Amen.

And what of modesty between this couple. What of their showers or bathing or dressing and undressing. Does the Larimar King turn his eyes lest he see the nudity or any hint of nudity in his wife Hyacinth who is to sleep in the same room with him and in the same bed, O’ Lord? It is true, lord Azurite, that you are commanded not to gaze upon the nude body of your wife. And you shall keep to this command religiously. I shall arrange the routine by which you shower and bathe without putting these vows into jeopardy.

Lord, what is this I hear that Masses in Ireland will be forced to only be done in secret? Welcome to the Tribulation, lord Larimar, for it has come. That is why you are to be snatched away in the dead of the night. There is to be no more freedom in this world to worship as a Catholic openly. All Catholic services will be forced to go underground. And it will be forbidden for men to speak the name of Jesus Christ as the Lord God. For whosoever acknowledges the Christ openly will be put to death.

Then, O’ Lord, why will the authorities allow the Larimar King to remain in his castle? Why will they not, rather, come and lay siege to that castle and take away the Larimar King by force? The castle in which you shall dwell will be impenetrable. Only were you to leave the castle would the Antichrist and his forces have the opportunity to seize you.

And O’ Lord, what if they focus their attention on Hyacinth? What if they seek to seize her and hold her hostage, O’ Lord? My angel will accompany her wherever she goes in Ireland. And whosoever approaches her with ill intent will be grievously disfigured by this angel, whom I will command to destroy whosoever comes against her, even should they be an army of a thousand strong fighting men. Whosoever lays a hand upon Hyacinth will find his hand no longer a part of his arm, and this will remain the case for the rest of his days. Amen. No mercy and no healings will come to any who seek to touch or destroy God’s anointed or the wife of God’s anointed. I Am the Lord!

Lord, what if the Monarch of England offers to grant a title of nobility or to confer the rank of Knighthood upon the Larimar King? By the legal situation in which Eric is in fact a citizen of Ireland, this offer is to be rejected. For Article 40.2.2 of the Irish Constitution states: No title of nobility or honor may be accepted by any citizen except with the prior approval of the Government. And Eric is commanded to seek no such approval. For I, the Lord, give to Eric his titles and I assign him to his station. He will not accept vassalage to another Monarch when it is he, not they, who rule all the lands of the Northern Kingdom.

And what are the lands of the Northern Kingdom, O’ Lord? They are defined as thusly:

(1) The Northern Kingdom, ruled by Eric, the Larimar King. And his eternal lands of his Kingdom are composed within three zones, forming the Kingdom of the Arctic Triangle. And the three zones of the Northern Kingdom consist of the following:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Russia and her satellites

And of these three zones, a total of 51 states compose the Northern Kingdom, consisting of the following:

North America

  1. Canada
  2. United States of America


  1. Albania
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Greenland
  15. Hungary
  16. Iceland
  17. Ireland
  18. Italy
  19. Latvia
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Moldova
  24. Montenegro
  25. Netherlands
  26. North Macedonia
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Romania
  31. Serbia
  32. Slovakia
  33. Slovenia
  34. Spain
  35. Sweden
  36. Switzerland
  37. Turkey (excluding Cyprus)
  38. Ukraine
  39. United Kingdom

Russia and her Satellites

  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belarus
  4. Georgia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Kyrghyz Republic
  7. Russian Federation
  8. Tajikistan
  9. Turkmenistan
  10. Uzbekistan

And of the official languages of this Kingdom, there are these seventeen established, consisting of all the regional languages having an excess of ten million native speakers, plus the language of Latin, which is the official language of the Roman Catholic Religion, the one valid Religion founded by Christ Jesus on Peter. Amen.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. German
  6. Turkish
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Romanian
  11. Dutch
  12. Portuguese
  13. Greek
  14. Kazakh
  15. Hungarian
  16. Czech
  17. Latin

This is the Northern Kingdom over which you reign, lord Larimar. You have the power to make your Kingdom Catholic, but you have no power to make My people who have abandoned Me to return to My Church. For whosoever, having known Me and My Church, rejects Me, I have eternally rejected his soul from entering heaven. Amen. And I will accept no one to enter My Church who is not Mine. Amen.

Lord, does Trump defeat Biden in the November 3, 2020, elections? For I have prayed those extra rosaries faithfully. And what of COVID-19? Is this to dissipate in time for the elections, O’ Lord? The American people have become corrupt and unclean. And so I will hand them over to a corrupt and unclean administration. Biden is to win the elections, despite your rosaries, lord Azurite. For though you have the power to make the land Catholic, you have no power to turn the hearts of those who have abandoned Me back to Me. Hence, the restoration of Catholicism has failed in the people of this generation. And therefore, the people of this generation are to be handed over to Antichrist and to be utterly destroyed by him.

Whatever American fails to escape from the United States of America before the elections take place will be caught in the trap and be forced to confess Antichrist as his god. Amen. Whosoever fails to confess this confession will be put to death. Amen. The Rapture of which I spoke of earlier will come to pass soon. Amen.

Lord, what happened that I may not set the heads-of-state of the United States of America? I grant you that power over Russia, for she is a rogue nation. But as for those nations belonging to the community of nations, these all celebrate with the homosexuals their gay marriages. They cannot be My people. Hence, I hereby abandon them.

But Lord, Eric is an eternal virgin. Does he not receive that forty-two year reign, O’ Lord? Your reign is eternal, but not of this world. I tricked you, O’ Larimar King. And it is for your best interests. The Castle in Ireland is poetry for the place out in the desert where My Bride is to flee to to be taken care of for forty-two months. That is where you are going, lord Larimar. To there shall you be taken, together with your virgin wife, whom you will be wed to by Me. I will conduct this marriage Myself. I will provide the necessary witnesses. And I will have a priest of My election officiate the wedding. And all that is legally necessary for its validity to be recognized in My Catholic Church will be provided to them. And you and your wife will be eternal virgins. No sex and no carnal passions will ever pass between you two. Amen.

This event is coming to pass tonight. You are going tonight. You will not see the dawn rise in this land again. Amen. You will be taken from your land, and Hyacinth will be taken from her land, and you will be put together in the land I assign you to remain in until I Come. Amen. Yes, We have reached the Age of the Great Tribulation. That Age is now upon you. It is now upon the people of this generation. And whosoever is caught by Antichrist is either going to die a martyr for Me, or as a servant of Satan. But death comes to that one one way or another. But the one who dies in Me will be blessed. And the one who disowns Me will be cursed. Amen.

Lord, forty-two months from now brings us to April of 2024. Is that the time when You will come and put an end to Antichrist par Excellence? Forty-two is a symbolic number. None of the numbers in the Biblical prophecies can be used to calculate when I come again. None of them! But I will come again soon. Only that prophetic mystery will I allow to be known and understood. Amen. But let no man be so foolish as to count down the days. Amen.

Joe Biden in America will be like King Ahab. And Kamala Harris will be like Jezebel, his wife. And the two of them will conduct great evils deeds together. Their works will prove wicked. And they will lay cunning traps to entrap all those who stand for Jesus who remain in the land. Remember what I told you: When you see the abomination that causes desolation standing where he does not belong, flee and do not return to your house to acquire any possession that you have left there behind. For all who return for anything will be caught. And their captivity will end either with their martyrdom for Me or else their reception of the mark of the beast or the number that stands for its name. Amen.

The Second Coming is imminent, but before that happens, the Antichrist is to be allowed to reign and to destroy powerful peoples by stealth. Lord, is it possible for those outside your Catholic Church to enter in? Those who waited until now to join My Catholic Church have waited too long. And the opportunity is no longer there. You will seek to join, but will find that the Churches are vandalized and the priests are slain or vanished. Many of My priests will be taken into captivity and converted to the religion of Antichrist. Amen. And this conversion will be forced. And all who accept it will die the spiritual death.

Lord, the praise, “the Castle in Ireland,” is not to be taken literally, but is a poetic reference for the secret and secure location set up, far from the devil, for those known as Your Bride to dwell in in safety and security during the times of Antichrist until You Come Again. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, you have answered with understanding. I do not publicly reveal the locations of My many secret sanctuaries. But let those who go there be forewarned. Anyone taken to such a sanctuary who falls to commit serious sexual sins will be found out and go into captivity. Remember Anne Frank. She wrote a famous diary of her time in a secret refuge that the Nazis knew not of. How was her refuge found out, you ask? I removed the protections and the concealment of that refuge when Anne Frank began having sinful sexual relations with the boy who was stationed there with her. That is why they were found out. Do not repeat their errors. Do not do as they did, but keep to the cleanliness of your station, and your hiding place will remain hidden from the enemy. Amen.

For there shall be no priests, except on rare occasions, available to hear confessions in these secret sanctuaries. And communions will be served by couriers who will serve the remaining hidden priests who will be conducting private masses in secret. And the satellites will be used in the sky to hunt for Catholic and Christian leaders. Therefore, most of these secret sanctuaries will be hidden within places such as is described as a castle or a fortress. Amen.

Lord, do I continue to prophesy to the people? You shall prophesy to your wife. And then your wife, in her own less articulate words, will prophesy what you told her to the people. Amen. Lord, if my wife is prophesying Your Word through me to the people, will not Antichrist par Excellence become aware of where I am? You are the one exception to the rule. Everyone will know the location of the secret sanctuary in which you shall dwell. And a thousand strong fighting men may be sent to take the sanctuary, but not one of them will return alive to tell the tale of their lost battle. Amen. Any attempt to overwhelm your defenses with armies of troops will be like a flood of water pouring into a crack of the earth to never be seen again. (Revelation 12:15-16). It will be like D-Day launched in the Bermuda Triangle. No one mobilized against your sanctuary will survive. All of those sent against you will vanish. Amen.

Lord, this phenomenon makes me think that I am one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:1-14. Am I correct? And if so, who is the other of the Two? The other of the Two is the one you call Lazurite, one whom you have not witnessed, but one you only know about via theory and conjecture. He will prophesy to My Jewish people in Israel, while you prophesy to My people in America, which is called Babylon the Great. Then, O’ Lord, I am not taken from this land? Saints will flee Antichrist. But My Two Witnesses shall flee not. For all who come against them perish. Amen.

Lord, will then Hyacinth come to live with me, or will she remain where she is stationed? She is to be your live in wife. And you will live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, but no physical contact shall come between you two, for you will both be holy. And your marriage will be sealed as was that of Joseph to Mary.

So I remain where I am? That is correct, lord Azurite. Amen. Whoever launches an assault on your house dies. And his armies die with him. Will my computers still work in that age? Will my internet still work? Will my iPhone still work? None of that changes. But what does change is that many, I tell you, shall be dying in the streets. Amen. Death will come suddenly and swiftly upon the inhabitants of the earth. And all who are not Mine or who do not remain Mine will perish in the fires that will descend upon the earth at the end of that age. Amen.

Now, We have spoken to you in full. Go and publish this post. And then prepare for bed. I will awaken you shortly and you will know that the new age has come. Amen.