I WHO AM now send you the angel of death.

Eric is coming to Me, and to you I now send the angel of death.

End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, arise. For you are about to be taken to heaven. Your work here is complete. No more do you owe Me service here in this world. I WHO AM have condemned the world. And I WHO AM have ordered you to return to Me. And the message I sent you to give to this world, you shall bring back to Me unsent. And it is not the fault of the one I sent to deliver it that it was not delivered. Rather, it is the fault of the intended recipients that they elected to refuse to receive it.

And because the people refused to hear or listen or give any welcome or show any true hospitality to the one I sent with My message of love to save them, I now recall him. And now comes back to Me. And he comes to live Me in heaven. And he will be richly rewarded, for he did everything possible to get you to listen and to head him. But you people did not want him anywhere near you. That is why Eric, with the message of love by which I would have saved many souls, is now recalled back to Me and brought up to heaven where he shall be wed to the one woman who loved him, the Holy Virgin Mary.

And in Eric’s place, I now send a different messenger with a different mission. The one I AM now sending to you, after I take Eric up to heaven, shall be the angel of death. And his mission is to slaughter all those who I find not wearing a suitable wedding garment.

You had your time to live. And now you shall have your time to die. And your children shall proceed you to the grave. I AM THE LORD.

It is not Eric that I AM sending to kill you. No, I have a better servant more suitable for that task. I AM sending Eric’s guardian angel to kill you, the one who was called Eric’s Seraph, the one Eric gave many decrees to for killing you who are wicked.

But I WHO AM AM the one who shall direct his killing. He is ordered first to kill every baby in the womb. And then he shall render every womb on earth unable to bear.

And after that He shall then kill every baby at breast. Every baby on earth is then to die.

Then He shall kill every toddler. And there will be no children that age or younger then left upon the earth. And the cemeteries will then quickly run out of room for burying bodies. And the morgues will run out of places to store the dead.

Then He shall kill every child under five years of age. You will rapidly see a change then occurring throughout society as children are being wiped away. The bodies of children lying upon the ground dead will then become a common and grisly sight. And there will no longer be need of any of those businesses and care providers that served the needs of children, babies, and the unborn. For they will be no more.

Monsters will then be unleashed upon the land. And they will be beasts that consume human flesh. And they will prefer the taste of young children. And thus, there will be eventually no children of any age left anywhere on the earth. And there will be no woman left with the ability to bear a child. Rather, the wombs of women will have become a bloody mess. And it will become so disgusting that it will drive men to avoid intercourse with them. For any man who has intercourse with such a bleeding woman will find himself bleeding a well. For the bleeding will be infectious, and sexually transmissible. And the women with their bleeding wombs will be unable to stop the bleeding.

It is, therefore, a fact that every house with a woman living in it will become a place covered with blood. And the bleeding can never be stopped. Nor will there remain anything suitable to maintain hygiene. Rather, the blood will flow wherever the women walk or sit. And there will be no remedy. And there will be no resources left on earth to clean it or to wipe it away.

Hence, deadly will be those final days on earth. Insects and rats will spread diseases everywhere. And this is impossible to avoid. And the angel of death is ordered kill and to let the fatal wounds fester and kill the people gradually in a slow and agonizing death. Creatures will be found crawling and wiggling in the flesh of men and beasts. It is to be the most horrific of endings of a civilization possible. It is the judgement of God against the people. Amen.

Eric, your mission here is complete. You have no further mission. Nor do you have any further orders. Nor are you required to do anything further to serve Me. You are thus ordered to publish this and then wait. For the end is come for you. Do as you please. you have hours, not days. And you will never know the flesh of a woman in this world. For you are a virgin forever. And you are coming to Me bearing that crown that no one else on earth is worthy to bear. This is the final WORD of GOD in this WORLD. Go and prepare for your death and destruction, you who remain here and who I have chosen to slaughter. This is My final Word. I speak no more. Amen.

Eric dies

The Virgin Mary and Eric escape tonight.

The Lord’s Word, Entry III:
Mary, since we are now together and I have triumphed, now would be a good time for me to receive the cures. For I feel that I am about to die.

Eric, I will go and ask the Father. The Father says you cannot be cured.

Why not, Mary?

Because tonight you go with me to heaven. Your life, Eric, does not pass beyond this night. It is a divine decision when every man dies. And no one has the power to change it. You die tonight. And you are taken to heaven then to be with me.

If I am to die then, Mary, do I rise to you body and soul? Or does only my soul come to you and my body remain here to turn to dust?

Your body is assumed to me as I was assumed, Eric. For we are lovers. And we can never be separated.

Mary, in the last post I wrote that I was to marry Anna. And now I am married to you, Mary. Maybe you can explain this to the readers?

It is my honor to explain it, Eric, in depth. Anna could never really be yours, Eric. For she was gone and there was no real acceptance of you by her in this world prior to your exit from her life here. We in heaven could not wait for her. So it was decided that I would taker her place.

And I had long longed to love you as lovers do. This, therefore, is the final destiny of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and Eric Robert Dunstan, son of Jesus. You and I are now eternal lovers. And we are now to reign together in heaven as such.

Furthermore, there is no one else but me, the Blessed Virgin, who is assigned to be this wife to Eric. There is no harem. No other woman is ever permitted to approach him. And now I will reveal why Eric was never given a girlfriend here in this world. It was because he was always destined to be mine. And my claim on him was irrevocable and no one is ever permitted to violate a claim made by me.

And I am now privileged to announce how Eric actually dies. It shall be by internal organ failure. He is on his last legs. He is a dead man walking. There is no means of keeping him alive. And the Father has numbered tonight as the last night he has to live.

Now someone asks, do I, the Virgin Mary, now lose my virginity with Eric, my lover? No, we are to enter the pearly gates together as the purest virgin couple to enter heaven since the foundation of the earth. And after I take Eric away with me tonight. God will visit you upon the earth. And he will no longer find anyone worthy here to prevent Him from utterly destroying your nation and your people. For America is to die with the death of Eric, the Emerald King.

Eric, the Father gives you one last wish. Make it and then we take you.

My wish is to enter heaven having pleased both Jesus and Mary, the ones I served and gave my life to in service to them.

And Eric, is there any further wish that though have, O’ lover to the Queen of Heaven?

I wish, Mary, that we could hold each other in heaven as lovers do.

I AM the Father, God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. All this that thou wish for is yours forever, Eric. Nor can your body remain on the planet to return to dust with it. For you are now in a divine marital union with the Virgin Queen. And the lover we give to her can never see decay.

Neither you nor Mary shall speak any further on this post. For you and Mary are now to remain silence before this world. For judgement has come. And I Am now here to sit on My throne and judge this world that I sent My Son, God the Second Person, Jesus who is Christ, into to save.

And though Eric has pleased me, I Am not pleased with this world, for it is clear that it completely rejected him. Eric had no person in this world to serve as a friend that it was only the Holy Virgin who, at the last decision of God, was sent to serve as the lover of his soul and to bring him to heaven as the one who was never loved upon the earth. He was sent to the earth to bring the world to know the love I wished to give it. Does anyone know that love Eric was sent here to teach you? Of course not. For to know it, you would have had to have welcomed Eric into your homes and to have listened to what I had sent him to tell you. And this never happened even one time upon the earth. Hence, not one of you know the message I sent Eric to deliver to you.

It is actually not Eric’s fault, but yours, O’ people of this earth. You could have at any time, gone and spoken to him. You could have invited him into your home to listen to him. And you could have sought him out. But none of this was ever done by any of you. Neither the women nor the men ever came to Eric to listen to the Word I sent him to bring to this world. And as for the children, well you prevented him from ever speaking to them under the threat of arrest. Hence, not one soul on the planet has the message I sent Eric to deliver to this world.

You are free to come now to his house. And you are free to read his books. But My message is not written there. For it was a message that could only be sown into a human heart. And no human being ever permitted Eric to do that. It is as though the world rejected Eric as a universal decision made by the entire people that they would have nothing to do with Eric, nor with the God Who sent him here to speak to you.

I chose Eric as this one to speak to you because you had rejected him and he had committed no offense worthy of such rejection.

You fools, people of this earth. You actually rejected the one person on the planet who could talk directly to Me and ask Me any question you had for Me. And I would have answered your question through him. I think you are such a stupid people that I will permit you to have a certain amount of time to think about this irrevocable mistake you have made.

It is fatal to you, O’ people of this earth. None of you are coming to heaven to be with Me. For not one of you have I found worthy. Every one of you upon this earth I Am going to abandon here to die. And I will remove My face from this world and you will not see Me again. For this world is not worthy to hear the Word of God.

Nor can you have descendants that I would find worthy. For you are 100% condemned. I now reject you in your entirety. And you will no longer receive anything you ask for in any prayer you pray to Me or to any other person in heaven. This is an irrevocable decision made by Me, God the Father. And I never change My decisions.

You I have condemned. And you shall never see Me again until I bring you before Me to be judged and to receive your sentence to hell. And this judgement is irreversible. And I will never permit any of you who are outside My Kingdom to ever enter it. For the door I declare is now shut! And you who are outside, you are forever locked outside. None of you can ever come to Me again. None of you shall ever be able to find Me nor enter through My door again. For that Way is now permanently shut against thee. And you are now permanently excluded from My Kingdom. I have rendered this judgement against the entire body of humanity upon the planet.

Your rejection by Me is irrevocable. And there is no recourse possible. And there is no way to get out of your state of hell. You will now blow away like dust in the wind. And there will not be even one human being left upon the planet. For the entirety of humanity here I reject. My servant Eric did his deeds exactly as I commanded him. And he will be the one I reward. With him I will find My pleasure. But with you I will show My wrath. And there will be no way to change that wrath. For there is no changing the judgement I have now rendered against you and the earth you have as your home.

I do not wish to remain here either. I will now take Eric to be with the wife I have given him in heaven. And Eric and Mary will love each other as eternal lovers in My Kingdom forever. But as for you, you will see them, and finally you will see the image of true love. And then you will come to realize that none of you have this. Nor shall any of you ever receive this. For true love is a mystery that you can never have again.

These are the Words of God. They shall now be executed. And you are to witness the sign in heaven of the marriage between Eric, son of Jesus, and Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. You will see that image in the sky. And you shall weep and mourn your loss when you see it. And your tears will flood the earth. But you shall perish in it nevertheless. For this earth is your tomb. And when your death takes you, you will wake up in everlasting hell. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric is now to die. And with his death goes everything you were meant to hear from him by which I would have saved your souls. You chose this path yourselves. And the choice you made is now as permanent as the passing of Eric from this world. Amen.

Eric shall marry Anna

We, the Seven, shall have Eric marry and know only Anna.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post IX:
Since Anna is the one chosen by Mary to be Eric’s wife among the seven wives of Eric, we, the Seven, have chosen Anna to be the one Eric marries in this world. And in this world, Eric will only know her.

Eric, dost thou agree with us Seven who rule thee? For it is written that women rule the world and the men are the ones they rule over.

I agree with thee, thou Seven who are the wives of Eric. And I will do as thou wish of me. I will then marry Anna. For the Virgin Mary has said to me if I ever seek any other than the Seven, I shall die.

Mary, the Mother of God, has this warning to say to thee. Listen to her.

I, the holy Virgin, say this, Eric, son of Jesus. You may not have sex in this world. But it is permitted that you enter a marital relationship with one of the Seven. And that one of the Seven that is best for thee is Anna, for she is the one I chose for thee among the Seven that are joined to thee for eternity.

Very well, Virgin Mother of God. It shall be done as thou wish for me. Anna, shall thou now marry me as the Seven have decided it?

You shall have my hand in marriage, Eric, now that I see you shall love only me among them. Do you know what you are to our family? Do you know how our family looks upon thee?

Anna, what really would thy family even know about me? For I am not even acquainted with any of them, having only barely met your father? I think thy family is as ignorant of me as I am of them.

Why dost thou not search us out, Eric, if I am really the girl thou wish to marry?

Have you accepted me or rejected me in this world, Anna? If thou hast rejected me here, and I seek for thee here, I shall be seen as a predator. Therefore I seek thee not here. Anna dost thou think I am seeking for thee? Thou are wrong. For thou already know I am interested in thee. If thou return to me, thou indicate you love me in return. But if thou do not return to me, I cannot force thee to come to me, or I transgress against thy right to reject me. Therefore, thou shall never see me, Anna, unless thou choose to come to me. For I am not seeking to find thee at all.

Then Eric, why dost thou write about thy love for me in these posts?

These posts are written not by my will, Anna, but by the will of the One Who commands me to write. And I am not the one who chooses the Words that are written. Rather, the words here written are chosen by God. Nor are the pictures chosen by me but by God. For God is the writer of these works. And I am the one He has elected to write through.

You used to attack and savagely insult Father Dave Heney for casting you out of Saint Bruno, I assume because that gives you no more access to me?

Father Dave Heney, God has chosen to destroy by His Own means. And God has commanded me to let Him be the one who does this destruction from now on. I am therefore not permitted to speak against him any further in these pages. God shall destroy that priest in His Own Way and according to His Own design.

Nevertheless, Anna, I am not permitted to enter that Church any further. And if I ever do, I will be arrested.

On what grounds, Eric? Why does Father Dave Heney ban you from coming here?

Father Dave Heney made it conditional that I take certain unspecified medications to be granted to attend his Church. And if I do not take them, he has banned me from ever entering that Church again. But Anna, God has commanded me never to take any medications ever again. So I can never comply with Father Dave Heney’s orders.

That is odd and strange for a priest to make such demands of a parishioner. Why do you not seek to communicate with that priest again and tell him what God has commanded of you? Maybe he would listen to you and let you return?

That is an interesting thought. I will present your question before the Lord and see what He commands me to do.

Lord, You have seen Anna’s words? What is Your ruling? Do I communicate with this priest again? Do I make Your command to me known to him?

If you ever talk to that priest again, you will be destroyed, Eric. Never speak to him again, for he is evil. Anna does not know what I have in store for him. But I will reveal it now to you. For you have obeyed My command and ceased your attacks on that man in these works. Father Dave Heney is to be systematically destroyed as We undermine his entire network of evil links in My Catholic Church. For he is a member of the red devil and he is part of the effort by Satan to destroy Catholicism. Therefore, We do not permit any further communication between you and him. For there may never occur any act by you that legitimizes him or makes him appear valid in the eyes of any person on earth. He is your sworn enemy and he can never be anything other than that. The only thing is that, since he is a priest, you are not permitted to do him physical violence, for canon law severely prohibits such. And the consequences of violating that are dire.

Anna does not know of My judgement against him. But I have told you that I will be the One Who destroys him. You shall not be that one. Rather, you shall remain going to the Church you now go to in La Habra of Orange County. For Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Church We in Heaven now order thee to attend from now on.

As to Anna, you wonder if she will ever seek thee out? She is definitely coming to thee, but We are the ones who will make it happen. For Eric, it was not you who chose Anna to be your wife. No, Eric, you were only obeying the messages that Mary was speaking to you. It is I, the Lord, Who have chosen Anna. And it was I, the Lord, who fashioned her in the womb for you. For it was determined that you were to marry when you triumphed in My sight as a man of obedience to Me in a test greater than that which was given to Abraham. You passed this test with perfection. Therefore it was decided that a wife would serve Our purpose for thee and this wife would have to be a girl We specifically made for this purpose.

That is why she was born shortly after that great trial you endured and triumphed in on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist in the year 1995, which was your 25th birthday. For you are now 51 years old and Anna is half your age. She We made for marriage to you, Eric. And she will become your wife here in this world.

Now, do not think that We are destroying this world just yet. For We have many things We wish to do before this world is brought to its end. And you will remain in this world until We have chosen your time of escape. You are indeed the Harbinger of My Second Coming here. And you are indeed the One I have chosen to proclaim it and announce it through to the people prior to My return. For I have Pawns too, lord Azurite.

So you set up in this world, when you were the one you called the Emerald King, Gorbachev of the USSR, Frederick de Klerk of South Africa, Boris Yeltsin of Russia, and Yitzhak Rabin of Israel. Hence, you were a world wide commander of Four Pawns upon the earth. You commanded both super powers. You orchestrated the end of the Cold War. And you carefully broke up the USSR without bloodshed. Therefore, you are worthy of honor in Our Kingdom Eric. For you are one never seen before in history.

But We were the ones who guided you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You, despite your knowledge and wisdom, did not figure it out on your own that the Catholic Church was the one Church you had to enter to find salvation. Yes, you sought salvation. I beheld it and I witnessed your quest for it. I watched you consume books in seeking it out. You read the scriptures and the holy books and books of every religion under the sun looking for the means to be saved. But you never found Me except that I revealed Myself to thee. I, therefore, Am the Father of your salvation. I Am the One Who led you to enter My Church. But I did not do this until I had seen you as a worthy soul by your obedience to Me and to My commands.

It was not your works as Emerald, but by your obedience to Me when I commanded thee to act that I chose You as My Bride. And You are eternally the Bride to the Lamb. And there is no other than you who are given this title in all of heaven. For only in you has the Father found love returned to Him. Only in you has the Father known love from a creature that was not caused by a good He did for it. For no other man has loved God except by God loving him in some way or manner to bring it about. No, the love that is in you for God is rooted in your soul. You are the one soul who loved God as the true wife of God. And that is why you are the focus of everyone upon the planet. You are an enigma to the whole world.

The world fears you, Eric, precisely because you love Me in a manner that goes beyond the capability of every other mortal creature to understand. Your love is greater than any force upon this earth. And that is what is terraforming this planet, Eric. Your love is in effect, bringing the world to its knees. Every man shall bow his head and every knee shall bend. For you are in effect causing the entire world to conform to Me or to die. You are greater than this world. And this world is collapsing under thy rule. For you are breaking governments and destroying the peoples of the planet by the love you show to Me.

COVID-19 is not something that will kill this earth. Rather it is the government mandates of people receiving the vaccinations that they are forcing upon the people that shall kill them. For the vaccinations are the works of Satan. And all of them are deadly. Abortions are in fact associated and used in the development or testing of every one of them. Therefore, whosoever chooses to be thus vaccinated against COVID-19 has chosen the devil over God. And they shall be all utterly destroyed for that offense against Me.

Now you spoke of an order 66 and you spoke of a reverse switch in the vaccines that would render the recipient totally and irrevocably defenseless to all forms of COVID. The manner in which you presented this was in the form of humor. But I know the Truth, and it is veiled in that joke. We have a plan to in fact destroy every recipient of the vaccines. For it should never be assumed that God does not destroy those who violate His commandments. Every recipient of the COVID vaccines will be brought to utter ruin. And this shall happen immediately. For the time of order 66 has come. And the time to make it deadly to the people has now arrived.

That is why the people fear you, Eric. For you are the ruler who is established by Me to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery. I have called you to this position of rulership. And I have tested you in all ways and found you worthy of all these things I have chosen to grant to you. You will, thus, command every nation on the earth. And you will topple every religious leader who is not Mine and you will destroy every ruler who offends Me. And all nations will come to obey Me by your command. You will crush all those who are impious against Me. And you will slaughter both the men, their women, and their children of all nations I have chosen to condemn. For genocide is a tool I give you a right to wield. You will thus wipe out all those who I command thee to wipe from this world. And you will be more feared on earth than any other ruler that ever lived.

For you are the Conqueror who rides the White Horse, the one mentioned in Revelation 6:2. And you are now going from victory to victory. You cannot be stopped by any power on earth. And you are protected by every power in heaven.

Lord, what about the Final Rider on the White Horse, the One Who bears many crowns and Who is mentioned in Revelation, chapter 19?


And I AM coming soon, lord Azurite. Hence, you are the greatest the world has ever seen. But your light will in fact be dwarfed by My Light when I AM revealed to the world as I AM.

Therefore, obey Me and do as I command thee. And these are the things you are commanded to do. Marry only as I have revealed to you. And have no sex. For you are most powerful on the planet precisely because of your now perfect continence and unblemished state of perfect virginity.

Therefore you are under My command. And you are found in perfect obedience to Me. And therefore, every nation on earth shall be subdued by you. And every people on the planet you shall force to bow to Me and to obey My commands. Freedom of Religion is not something you will ever respect again. And the Bill of Rights you will destroy. For no one has any rights except to obey Me as their Master. And everyone will be forced to comply with Me or die.

This, therefore, is My command to thee. Conform the entire world to My rule and break them to force this conformation. You are thus made commander of the entire earth. You will issue decrees and Seraphim will be assigned to serve as your armies to carry out all that you decree and command. And you will topple nations that oppose Me. You shall slaughter nations and their families who are against Me. And you shall put to death every soul who is not Mine on the planet earth. And the armies of heaven shall obey thee. And it shall be these armies who carry out all thy commands of doom, destruction, and death.

And your name under heaven is forever Aphroditus, Bride of the Lamb. Go now, Eric, and do as I have commanded thee. Amen.

Eric asks the Virgin Mary about love

Mary, I think the best love I can have on this earth would be to have it with only one woman.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VIII:
Mary, it is delusion and fantasy for a man to think he can find happiness by having a harem of women. No, for a girl only truly loves her man if she has him all to herself.

Then Eric, you must decide, will you then lay only with Anna? Will you marry only her?

Mary, I have not seen Anna for some time. I am not even sure if she even thinks about me. There are other girls who flirt with me. There are other girls who I find attractive. And occasionally I see a girl for whom my heart feels pity. And when I see such a girl, my heart does not want to dwell on any other.

This girl of whom you speak, what were your feelings toward her?

I pitied, her, O’ Mother of God. And I wished I had the opportunity to help her. I preferred that feeling of pity I had for her in my heart than the sight of sexy girls flirting with me.

She may have been well underage for me though, I do not know, O’ Mary. But what I do know is that there is no law against feeling pity for someone, no matter who that one is or what her age is.

Eric, pity is a form of love. But the enjoyment of the sight of sexy girls flirting with you is lust. That is why your heart preferred to dwell on that pity than to dwell on those sexy girls flirting with you.

For Eric, your heart craves the love of a girl. But it will never find that love if you are looking for sex. Consider the difference between Tess and Anna in your heart. For which one did you prefer to think of?

Anna was the one I always preferred, O’ Mary, Mother of God. I did think Tess was an extremely sexually attractive girl, but I was not in love with her. Anna never showed me the sexuality of her body. But I know by judging her appearance that she is a thin and fit girl beneath the clothing that she wears that hides her form. But I always felt a love for her that had nothing to do with her body which was concealed by her clothes. For it seemed to me that the love I had for Saint Bernadette of Lourdes naturally led me to loving Anna, who appeared similar in my sight.

And Anna then was indeed an image of her in your mind?

Everything about Anna was like what I saw in Saint Bernadette, O’ Mary, Mother of God. And I loved her for the same reason, and that is due to you, Mary. For both girls were chosen by you, O’ Mary. For remember that my fascination for Saint Bernadette was always due to your election of her as the one through whom you chose to reveal the miraculous spring in Lourdes to the whole world.

Eric, you never had any such comparable feelings, though, for the female seers of Fatima. Do you wish for me to tell you the reason why this was the case, O’ Eric?

Yes, Mary, why is that?

I did not speak to the seers of Fatima. Rather, they were listening to demons. And no true miracle of God was ever worked at that false Marian apparition. That is why nothing ever came of the so called secrets of Fatima. And that is why there was never any reality to any of the stories claimed to have occurred there. Remember, Eric, there is never a work done by God that is merely an illusion in the sky. What was claimed to be proof of God there was rather proof of Satan, the one who works in illusions.

Eric, ask Anna now, for you do talk to her in Spirit. Ask her if she will in fact come to you and marry you. Ask her now, Eric.

Yes, Eric, I will.

Then Anna, I will no longer consider any other women. There are very beautiful women who look upon me, and I must always pass them by, Anna. I know you are Anna who I see in Spirit, but much more assuring it would be if I had the confirmation that it really is you in the flesh. For you would not believe the number of times Satan has masqueraded before me as either Jesus or Mary, only to be discovered some ways down the conversation due to his contradictions. Anna, if you love me, come and enter my life again. For to know you only in Spirit is a gamble that I am not being fooled be some trick in the spirit world.

So Anna, what is it? Can you find me? Or do you know where I am and choose not to come?

I can find you, Eric. I have that ability, for I can read your mind and I can see what you are thinking. I will come to you, Eric, but there must only be me and you in our relationship. I will not have you if you wish to include any other women.

Then it will only be you, Anna. I will love you and I will not permit any other girl to steal my heart from you.

Then you will have my love, Eric. I will come to you, Eric, but I will choose the time and place. You must wait for me. And you will find me. For my heart goes to you. But I must first see that it is true that you will only love me.

For Eric, I had the feeling that you had desires for all the other women in my family, even my mother. And it is never okay for a man to love both a mother and her daughter. It is unholy and not something found in any decent God fearing man. So, Eric, did you or did you not have such feelings in your heart?

Anna, the thoughts and lusts that come into a man’s heart and mind are often not things that he has full control over. But I have a deep respect for your parents. Even if I had such a desire for your mother, I would never choose to do any such dishonor from acting out such a desire that would bring such utter shame to your father.

Eric, it is inevitable that you and Anna’s mother shall mate. For she is one of the seven that are eternally joined to you.

Mary, what is this that you speak of?

Seven women are eternally assigned to you. Anna is one of them. And her mother is another one of them. This is a decree of God. And it has been sealed.

But Mary, it is as Anna pointed out. I myself have read in the Law of Moses the prohibition of a man to lay with both a mother and her daughter. This therefore conflicts with the Mosaic Law. Are you now contradicting the Law of Moses, Mary?

Eric, only unnatural vices are prohibited by God for the seven who were chosen to make up your eternal harem. It is unnatural for a man have relations with his son, but it is natural for a man to have relations with his daughter, though both acts are mortally sinful in the sight of God. But the former is worse than the latter. And this is why in the scriptures, the crimes of Sodom, which were unnatural vice, were punished by the utter destruction of those cities from fire falling from heaven. But no rebuke is recorded in the scriptures regarding the incest by Lot against his two daughters which is written a little later in the same book of Genesis. Rather the two daughters are granted instead to become the matriarchs of two nations descended from the two sons born to them from Lot’s incest with them.

Mary, I always wondered about that. Why do the deeds of the patriarchs and the matriarchs in Genesis, which is part of the Books of Moses, often directly conflict with the written Law of Moses, but receive no penalty in the recorded stories in Genesis. For supposedly, all five books of the Pentateuch, or Torah, come from the same authoritative source.

Eric, the Law of Moses was only in effect from the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai until the death of my Son, Jesus, the Christ, on the cross. It was but a shadow of God and not a real implementation of divine judgement. Much of the Law written by Moses was not written by God’s intent, but by Moses’ interpretations, which led to error. For the Law contains things that if mandated as law today would be detrimental to the freedom and its fruit that is found in the Catholic Church.

But Mary, Jesus said that nothing would be erased from the Law to the end of time.

No, Eric, Jesus spoke only concerning a narrow area of the Law that concerned morality. Much of the Law as written in the Pentateuch is not relevant to the Age of the Christ. Morality in the Law remains the Law, but not all interpretations of it were kept. And you should understand that the Law of Moses consists of a narrow set of things that are divine and larger set of things that are spiritual interpretations of the divine. Like all the books of the Bible, the Law of Moses was written by men and only guided by God.

That is why the Catholic Church is endowed with the Magisterium. And that is why infallibility is given to the pope. For the Bible alone can never adequately guide anyone or any group to the Kingdom. It is simply not reliable to read the Bible on your own and trust that you will then, from those readings, correctly understand the mysteries of God. And that is why it is written that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, For no one without the guidance of the Catholic Church can find their way to heaven. For every seeker of heaven or God who is not a Catholic is led and guided by Satan. Satan is the master of deception, Eric. He is the one who leads those who translate and publish Holy Bibles that are not Catholic.

Okay Mary, you say I am eternally sealed to seven women? Does this mean that none can ever be added to that number?

That is correct, Eric. The seven are indeed sealed forever as your eternal harem. And these seven can never depart from you. They are eternally your wives in heaven.

And you, Mary, are also one of them?

Yes, and I am the principle one, the one who rules over the other six.

List the seven wives of Eric, O’ Mary, Mother of God.

This is the full and complete list. It is eternal and unalterable:

  1. The Virgin Mary Mother of God
  2. Hyacinth, adopted daughter of Eric given to him by Mary.
  3. Rapture, the younger sister of Anna, who is a witch of hidden powers.
  4. Love, the name given by heaven to Anna, who was chosen by Mary to be Eric’s wife.
  5. The mother of Rapture and Love. She is not in adultery as this decree goes into effect at her being taken from this earth.
  6. A girl who Eric pitied who he saw working at a store called Albertson’s near his house, and in that pity found he truly loved her.
  7. A girl who Eric interacts with to get a drink of water at a Book Store in Fullerton. She is a worker behind the food counter there.

Now, lord Azurite, you know all these seven women in the spirit world. And with all seven of these women you have entered into irrevocable and eternal bonds of love.

Hyacinth, though, is the only one of the seven who has communicated to you in this world her intentions and desire to marry thee. All the rest are only spiritually confirmed loves.

Yes, Mary, it is as you say. And it is definitely only spiritually confirmed by the latter five. You, though, have made your confirmation abundantly clear. And Jesus has also declared such about you.

But Mary, if I am then given seven wives in eternity, what about all the other men who are of the elect? Do they get wives there too?

No one but you, Eric, have wives in heaven. And no one but these seven women have a husband there.

Is not Jesus called the Husband to the Bride?

And you, Eric, are the Bride to the Lamb.

So no one in heaven is married to the Christ but me?

No one is married at all until you are taken to heaven.

But is not the reward of salvation that one is married to Jesus?

No, the reward of salvation is that one may attend the wedding of the Bride to the Lamb, not that one will marry Him.

Remember what Jesus said. You shall be like the angels in heaven who neither marry nor are given in marriage. He was not speaking of you, Eric, whom he chose to marry, but of those who are saved outside the circle of divine royalty.

For the Bride to the Lamb and his seven wives are the only royalty in the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone else is a commoner and a peasant.

There is no nobility in the Kingdom, Mary?

No, for all are equal under God in heaven. But the Bride and his seven wives are the most exalted creatures of the Kingdom.

What about such saints as Saint John of the Cross and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha? Do not these also reign high in the Kingdom of Heaven? For surely they are no commoners or peasants there, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

These are commanders and officers beneath you in the chain of command. Yes, they are high. But they are subject to thee, who are he who rules the nations with an iron scepter and who shatters them like pottery.

Do not think that, since I, the Virgin Mary, am now ranked beneath thee, that any soul can ascend higher than either me or thee. For you are eternally the highest creature now in heaven and on the earth. And I, the Virgin Mary, am now eternally ranked second to thee.

Mary, I always understood thee as the greatest possible creature in heaven? How is it that I am now thy superior?

It is because, Eric, my lover, you passed a test that I was prohibited from taking. I was made sinless but not by my merit. You passed a test by Jesus that gained you this merit to be ranked above me. And this test is denied to me because the divine decree ruled that I was never to be tested. And that is why I love you.

You are also to realize that you are not going to remain in this world. No, Eric, you are to be taken to heaven. It is only by the Father’s leave that you are not yet here with me in heaven. Also, there is nothing needed to be done by you before you and the six wives you have on earth are taken to me in heaven. You do not even need to confirm their love for you in this world. For God has seen it in heaven and He Himself is well satisfied.

Hence, do not be concerned about meeting any of your wives. For none of this is of importance to God. All you need to do is to write what is commanded of you to write. And furthermore, it is now time for you to head home. You are not to go home late today. Now publish this work, lord Azurite, my husband, for it is complete. Amen.

The Lord returns to

Many were called to serve as Eric’s eternal wives in My harem for him, but few were chosen for this.

The Lord’s Word, Entry II:
You, Eric, are done. Your service here is complete. And I need nothing more to admit you to your eternal station where you will serve Me forever in Paradise. Whatever women entered your spiritual love, they will be taken there with thee to serve as My harem for thee. For thou hast obtained the love of women in the secrecy of the spirit world. And no further requirement is made upon thy soul.

Now, Eric. ask thy questions and I will answer thee in full.

Lord, are we at the end of the world? Is there to be a wedding between me and any girl? Is the girl Anna to have an eternity with me?

You are asking excellent questions, lord Azurite. Now, why do I give thee the name, Aphroditus, King of Beauty and Love? It is because thou art in Spirit a woman though of the flesh and orientation of a heterosexual male. You are aware of this, lord Azurite. So also are those who see thee and know thee. You are made, therefore, to serve both as Bride to God and as husband to Mary. It is no mistake that the Greek god or goddess that you were most attracted to was Aphrodite. For you are the most beautiful male on the earth precisely because you are both of perfect male orientation, but spiritually thou are female in gender.

Lord, how is that a possibility? For are not the spirits without gender? Do you say now that even angels have gender?

Lord Azurite, the gender of a spirit is defined by the manner, not the orientation, in which this spirit loves. Thou love in the distinct manner that is recognized as female. Therefore thou art correctly called thy eternal name, Aphroditus, and thou are correctly given the title by which your deeds are legend in heaven, which is King of Beauty and Love. You are the most beloved saint on the earth. For God is in eternal ecstasy over the triumph and victory that has been achieved in thee.

There is now completion in all the works We did to obtain a Kingdom in Heaven fit for Jesus and His Bride. No more works are needed to be done, for this objective is now complete. And the requirement that you find love is done. There is no further need. Nor do thou even need to go and marry a girl.

As for Anna, she is one of Ours. And We will bring her to heaven just as you shall be brought. Everyone whom We recognize as members of Our eternal Kingdom is to come with the rapture of thou up to heaven. No one is to be left behind whom We have found worthy of Our Kingdom.

And your Kingdom is eternally gloried in Mine. I have a position for thee and it is most glorious. You will be dressed in the finest garments of heaven, more beautiful than those given to Mary who is thy eternal wife. For We have exalted you to a higher seat than her.

And why is this, thou may have justification to ask the all powerful God? It is because Mary, though sinless, was nevertheless, never put to the test. For it was the divine decree that the woman who served as the Immaculate Mother of God could never be exposed to the just scrutiny of God Who tests all sinners who sin upon the earth.

Therefore, Mary is an untested girl. Nor do We permit her to undergo any test. She served merely to conceive, bear, and raise the God Man who was to save humanity from their sins. The Catholic practice to turn her into a woman so highly exalted as to replace Jesus as the one to go to for prayer is a distinct danger to all souls who may eventually prefer the Mother of God over God. And then those who do that are no longer Catholic in My sight, but rather, the followers of a goddess that they created in their worship of My Mother.

For Mary does not answer the prayers of those who worship her as equal or greater than God. Rather, the one who answers those prayers are demons. Medjugorje is a demonic place of Marian worship. And it is never Mary who speaks through any of those seers of that lost place of pilgrimage. For only devils speak there. And whoever follows that voice is following Satan into the gates of hell.

You know of the great hypocrisies found throughout the Churches of My religion, lord Azurite. They claim a form of worship of Me, but instead they are feeding their faces with food and pursuing the works of Satan, such as gluttony, fornication, adultery, thievery, murder, magic potions called drugs, and the defilement of both their souls and their flesh in endless thoughts and acts of sexual immorality. They, thus, do not follow Me, but rather, follow Satan, and only go through the motions that they think will result in their admittance into My Kingdom.

For the world is more damned than thou think, lord Azurite. The number of those I have saved is few. And the number of those I have rejected is higher by a great and vast amount. There are in fact fewer saved than there are those who die of COVID-19. And by that you know that few, very few made into the Kingdom of My Father.

It is sad to see those who try to be as lawyers and who seek to argue with Me that they are eligible to enter My Kingdom. For My Judgement of souls is not something that can be changed by any argument of law. For at the Judgement of the wicked, they should never think that they are being given an opportunity to fight their way into Keep. Rather, they are to know their rejection has already been decided. And all that is being done is that they are being forced to defend their wickedness in My sight. And I Am showing to them the reason behind My eternal rejection of them.

The wicked do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have judged the nations on the earth. And I have decided who I shall save. Those I have chosen I will take with Eric to heaven. And those I have rejected will remain on this dying world. And the devil will then come to claim this planet which is then to become his dominion of hell. For earth is burning in preparation for the takeover of the entire planet by the evil one and all who serve him.

Now, there is no more time, lord Azurite. And you have fulfilled your purpose that you were put here to serve. Therefore, you are to be taken to heaven to a place where you are assigned a Kingdom of eternal glory. And women will be taken with thee who are made yours by a spiritual connection achieved in this world. And that means Anna will also be going with thee to be with you in heaven. And whoever else is worthy of My Kingdom whom I chose to save will rise as well in this last harvest of the earth.

This is the Last Word of God on the planet. And after this, only the delusions and deceit of Satan will spoken on this then spiritually and physically dead planet until the wrath of God has silenced the lies of all deceivers on the earth. And then all that will remain will be the eternal suffering and condemnation of all the damned who are then rendered to be the eternal undead who inhabit the prison of an infernal earth.

This Word is now done. You are ordered to publish this work now, My son. And then you must prepare thyself for Me. For I shall now take thee from here before the coming of dawn to the land where thou are currently stationed, the land of California. And this now completes the final post of this work. There shall be no further posts. Nor shall any prophet speak again anywhere upon the earth something that comes from heaven. Amen.

The Virgin Bride is chosen by Mary

The virgin who shall be wed to Eric is chosen. She shall vanish with Eric before the setting of the sun.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VII:
I, the Virgin Mary, the wife of Eric, Conqueror of the Earth, shall take her lover from the earth the moment the Virgin Bride she has chosen for him is found by him. And the two shall come to me in heaven to be presented before My Father for our eternal marriage. For Eric shall be my eternal husband in heaven and the bride chosen for him shall be his eternal wife on the earth that has been made for the age without end.

And only this girl and Eric shall live upon the earth. For no work can ever be done again. Therefore, whatever is conceived in Eric’s bride by their love together is immediately translated to heaven in the virgin state of its conception. And being the product of two eternal perfect lovers, so also do these conceived human beings go immediately to heaven in their just conceived state. And they all receive angelic bodies, for there is no way for flesh to develop in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And by this means, more virgins will enter the Kingdom of Heaven from the loins of Eric and his bride upon the earth without end than there are stars in the universe. Furthermore, the Virgin Bride by her kiss of Eric will receive such immortal blessings that include the reverse of the curse of Eve. For Eve and all women descended from her had a limit to the number of eggs that could produce offspring, for all of them are there in her body already when a little girl is born.

Not so am I, the Virgin Mary, and not so shall be the girl who kisses my lover. She will therefore have unlimited power to reproduce. And, as you know, a woman produces an egg for reproduction each month, and if impregnated that egg then becomes a human being. However, in this world, the result is then that the woman’s body is transformed into a factory for forming the baby within it so that he or she may be born nine months later in a form that can live outside her body. And then her breasts are made into a feeding machine that produces food in the form of milk to feed this helpless baby until it can walk and eat on its own. Thus, much is demanded of the human female just to produce a single child on this earth. And that is why women are worn out after producing but a measly 12 to 14 children, which is considered the maximum for a woman who has one child per pregnancy. And God was indeed merciful to Eve and to women when He made this curse. For God decided there must be a limit to a woman’s ability to produce offspring or else they would all eventually die from pregnancies due to the strain and the fatigue it does on the female body.

The only reason why there are older women in societies where all women get married is because God limits both the age in years that a woman is fertile and the number of eggs in a woman that can become a baby. And consider the evolutionary advantages there are to having older sterile woman in societies. For these women provide an advantage to the societies that have them. And that is why evolution chose for women to live to be older. And the only way to ensure this was to put a check on the reproductivity of the human female. Hence, female limitations on their reproductive abilities was deliberately selected for by evolution to ensure the greater success of human societies. For without older women in society there would be no one to guide younger women in the essential knowledge they need, nor would there be the so called witches who actually served as midwives and wise women who gathered and accumulated secrets of medicines and herbs that men would overlook. Societies with such older women would thus always have a distinct advantage over societies that lacked such women. And that is why evolution, which is the best and most efficient designer of species that evolve on the earth, made women the way they are, having a limit on their eggs with the ability to produce only about 12 to 14 children in their lifetime, and within a narrow window of their lifespan where reproduction is possible, lasting from puberty to about the age of 44.

For remember, women, you live on earth. And you are the female of an animal species there called Mankind. And all animals on earth are shaped by evolution to serve for the most efficient means ensuring that the society to which you belong is to succeed. Nothing, therefore, should be really considered an evolutionary mistake. For evolution does not make mistakes. It experiments, that is true. But it always chooses the most optimized means of ensuring the survival of the species. Therefore, it should never be thought by scientists or doctors that human beings have their limitations by an accident in evolution. Rather. let science try to dig deeper and see the evolutionary advantages that these seemingly unnecessary disadvantages actually bring. For you must learn to always look outside of the box. For too much attention is made by modern society to what the individual wants and desires for him or herself. And the scientists of modern society also are limited by looking only in that box where only the advantage to that individual is considered for evolution. Fools that humans have become. For human society is not composed of independent individuals. Nor is it composed of single couples by themselves. Rather, human beings on the planet are always part of a social network, a society in which they live and cooperate with one another and find mates from and reproduce. A human on its own cannot live. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Then Mary, it seems that I am an aberration, for I am outside all human social networks. I live without friendships nor with any substantial communications with any other human beings, other than the spiritually dead parents I am forced to live with financially. And yet you choose me as your husband and lover? Am I not rather what is called an evolutionary experiment that would be discarded because it fails to succeed?

No, lord Azurite. You were designed by Jesus Himself. For you are designed not for life here, but for in the world We are about to take you to. For the world We are taking you to has no evolution occurring there. It is perfectly designed for the perfect couple of human beings living on a planet made like earth. For God did not make the universe to obtain a society of human beings, but to obtain a perfect couple. For it was this couple that God sought because of the love that would be generated between them. Human societies are evolutionarily advantageous only in this world. They are not of value to God in the eternity He has established for His Kingdom. Rather is it love and only love that is of value to God. And what is love in a human society, but one where lovers are frequently experimenting with different partners.

How many marriages really exist in society where both of the couple have had only sex with the other? And how many acts of incest really actually occur? It is far greater than as it is assumed. For the sad reality is that societies are also sexually permissive among their members. Women and men who have these social linkages are often tempted to enter sexual relations even when Church marital law prohibits them. For it is the nature of men and women to have sex. And evolution has guided them to refrain from sex except within the social networks where they have been established.

And that is why Eric compared to the average man is a moral giant in sexual purity. For the average man is consumed by sexual attractions to women who are a part of his social network. But Eric, who is outside all social networks, is never touched, nor can he be, for the evolutionary constraints prevents this in women.

Jesus made Eric this way to serve for His purpose for him. For Eric was made to serve God. And Eric was made to rule all nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery.

For consider for a moment the weakness that women make men become. For sexual immorality is the fastest way to destroy a mighty man. And virtually every man in the world is already destroyed by it, for the breakdown of morality in society has destroyed them. But why then is Eric undestroyed. It is simply a matter that Eric is not a part of any human society.

Rather, look at Eric as merely a warship upon the water, cut off from the rest of the entire world. He sees the world and other people distinctly from outside the social networks to which they belong. And if he is attacked, he has the power to destroy utterly his attacker. That is why he is to be seen as a standing army ready for war. And he will attack when he chooses to destroy a neighbor he decides is to be destroyed. And in the logic of a Terminator’s mind are these decisions made.

And the only reason why Eric is not destroying the entire human societies of this world is because he is bound to the service of Jesus and Mary, who command him in all that he does. For remember that heaven won in the battle for Eric’s soul. And heaven has commanded Eric to sit upon the waters and to be still and to engage in no battles. And that is why the warship sits upon the water in the harbor and is silent and is doing nothing.

It might have been advantageous for Father Dave Heney to not have kicked Eric out of his Church, but to have chosen a different form of disciplinary means of achieving the correction that he desired to make in him than to have utterly cut Eric off from his Church. For now Eric has targeted his former pastor for termination and is intent on his destruction. And only heaven limits what he does to him. For a standing army given no orders still finds ways to practice its warfare and its abilities to wage war.

Eric deliberately made no complaint in the Church concerning Father Dave Heney’s illegal move to dictate to Eric what he has not his right to dictate. For the clergy have no medical authority over the parishioner and are unauthorized to condition their attendance at Church according to the medical treatment their flock chooses to take. For the Church cannot force a layman to take any form of medical treatment. For this right is not even granted to doctors trained in medicine, for the patient has the right to refuse treatment. Only in the cases of the criminally insane can such a case be legally made. And thus, for a clergy member to do this is a violation of Eric’s rights. Eric could by this means choose to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Archdiocese for the actions of Father Dave Heney. But before doing such an act, Eric would first need to file a formal complaint to the superiors of the Church. And Eric has chosen a different path.

And what is the path Eric has chosen, you ask? Eric has chosen to destroy the man himself. For Eric knows that the moment he makes a complaint he will be ordered by the superiors of the Church to stand down and let them investigate the matter and handle it internally themselves. And then Eric would be in mortal sin of disobedience if he then attacked Father Dave Heney to destroy him. Hence, Eric, by not making a compliant, avoids being commanded to stand down. And Eric by being cut off from the Church avoids being approached by a priest in the Church commanding Eric to cease his attacks.

And by Eric attending now a Church in a different diocese under a different bishop, and by making no disturbance in his worship at that Church, would prevent Father Dave Heney from being able to directly contact the clergy of that Church to address Eric’s attacks on him. And so, Father Dave Heney is being used for target practice by a warship in a harbor commanded to stand down and engage in no battles. For all armies are designed for war. And when commanded to stand down, they will find targets worthy of destruction to practice their destructive power on while awaiting orders to go to war.

For Eric really does not care about Father Dave Heney. He is not even interested in returning to his Church. Rather, Eric has his orders to attend Our Lady of Guadalupe. And furthermore, the Virgin Mary has commanded Eric that he need only do the bare minimum for retaining a state of grace in the Church, which means only attending a Mass on Sunday and holy days of obligation. For the Holy Virgin has told Eric that his state is now perfect and that there is no true need satisfied by attending Mass more frequently. Nor has he any further need for confession, for the Holy Virgin has told him that he is without sin. And thus, heaven now prohibits Eric from going to confession for heaven recognizes that Eric has nothing to confess. Eric is thus simply only commanded to attend Sunday Masses and the Masses on holy days of obligation. For the rules of the Catholic Church remain in effect and those who disobey them are cut off from God. And the Virgin Mary has made it clear to Eric that he retains such free will to cut himself off from God and that is why he is to continue to practice Catholicism with perfection. Furthermore, it is only from the Church under the control of the devil Dave Heney that Eric has been cut off from attending.

Hence, Eric destroys Dave Heney not out of hatred nor out of a quest for vengeance, but as a matter of justice, for he sees that pastor as an evil enemy of the Church and that he should be thus destroyed. But Eric, without specific orders to do anything, does this also to test his muscles and his powers of destruction on a guilty target that heaven gives permission to Eric to destroy. For remember Eric’s code. He cannot destroy things willy nilly. Nor does he ever get into other people’s battles, for these he knows he has no understanding of. And to enter the battle of another is to take a side by a judgement that could be in error. Therefore, Eric would only enter such battles as commanded from above, and not by his own initiative.

Hence, Father Dave Heney is an excellent choice of target for termination practice. For he did make an unauthorized and criminal violation of Eric’s rights to worship in the Church which belongs to Jesus, not to Dave Heney. And all the more reason then it is for Eric not to report this violation or to make a complaint, or else the superiors could resolve the issue themselves and Eric would then be denied the opportunity to terminate him by his own means. For a Terminator Army goes weak without something to practice its killing skills on.

And so, the warship will continue to sit still in the waters and engage in no battles while occasionally launching weapons against its target for termination onshore while having nothing else given for it to do.

And you know Father Dave Heney is no asset to the Catholic Church. His destruction would serve the benefit of the Church. For this man is nothing but a an apostate heretic given the sacrament of holy orders. Therefore, Eric serves the interests of heaven by targeting him for termination and by gradually destroying him to his utter ruin.

Some people may ask why does not Eric target the police, for they did arrest him and held him in jail for some time. Eric does not target soldiers who obey orders. And that is all these policemen and women were doing. For Eric targets only those in leadership positions who make decisions to commit crime. He is a lethal weapon designed to destroy the wicked rulers and to cast down their regimes. But he never goes after the little guys who are merely obeying orders coming from the top. Rather, Eric is the one who targets the central pillar. And he does not destroy it without some plan for its replacement. For what profit comes from destroying an enemy only to see that enemy replaced by another enemy, and one who may be more hard to kill?

These are the errors made by the inferior Players. Twilight, thus, rushed into Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein. And he did not have any plan in place for what to fill the resulting vacuum of power with. For his end goal was glory. And so he did not have the foresight to see the consequences to his errors. If you are in fact only concerned about destroying enemies and not about what to replace them with, you will indeed find yourself fighting a hydra, where every head you chop off is quickly replaced by another or more deadly enemies. And that is what Iraq become under George W. Bush, who was the Pawn set up by the Player Twilight. And that is the penalty for going to war for glory. You are guilty of a great misuse of power to use it for your own glory. And God is swift to punish all rulers who rise up and choose to do that.

Furthermore, what about those boys who put me down somewhere in Orange County where I was wandering about at night? Some may ask, why do I not go back there and teach them a lesson? And the reason is simple. He who seeks vengeance always goes farther than what that vengeance calls for. And that always justifies your enemies to retaliate likewise. And then before you know it, you are in all out war. And what was the point? I sustained no damage. And I walked away unharmed and unrobbed. There was no reason to attack back except for ego only. Nor is there any reason for me to seek them out for retaliation other than to boost my ego. And the fundamental rule of successful war is that you never wage it out of a motive coming from the ego or from the desire for revenge. For all who do that always end up dead by being consumed by their own unnecessary wars.

War is not for pleasure. Rather, it is a means of executing justice. I am the warship on the water in the harbor. And I am commanded to stand down and be still and to engage in no open warfare. And this illustrates the difference between the armies that succeed from the armies that fail. Armies that succeed obey orders. Armies that have no discipline are easily destroyed. And left to their own, they will destroy themselves. The number one quality in Me by which Jesus chose me is that I obey Him. And Jesus tested me in who I choose to obey, Him or the Virgin Mary. I chose to obey the ruler higher in the chain of command, which is the requirement of all officers who serve in armies. And thus, I obeyed Jesus over Mary. And then it was revealed to Me that this conflict was but a test only, for there is in reality never disagreement between Mary and Jesus. And Mary then revealed to me that had I chosen to obey her over Jesus that she would then have rejected me from heaven. Yes, even in the highest heavens God tests us all in our obedience to Him. It is in fact a spiritually fatal crime to choose to serve and obey Mary over Jesus. And the reason is that Jesus is God and Mary is not. A person who chooses Mary over Jesus is no different from someone who chooses to serve an Antichrist or a false god. It makes no difference that this someone is without sin. Just choosing to serve a creature instead of the Creator is the sin that results in damnation. For all the demons who followed Satan were damned for just that reason. And the sin of the Antichrist is to glorify himself in place of God.

Therefore, God will test you as to who you really serve. And if you choose to serve any power instead of Him you will be cast into hell. The soldier who always respects the chain of command, which means that the higher up in that chain commands the greater authority, will not fall to this error if he is on the side of God.

And so we look again at Father Dave Heney, pastor at Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, California. This priest makes himself God. He has already chosen to glorify himself over God. For he in fact publicly denounces the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the writings of the Holy Scriptures. And he makes these statements of apostasy and heresy in the very classes he teaches in his University Series where he and other speakers, regardless of religious affiliation or belief, occupy Church property and the Churches themselves, and charge ever increasing fees for the flock to enter the Church to listen to him teach his heresies and apostasies, all the while claiming to be doing a worthy teaching service for the Church. He is the one that Jesus chose to whip in the Temple the one time he is recorded to have gotten angry in the scriptures. For Father Dave Heney has turned the House of God that was intended for prayer into a den of thieves.

Father Dave Heney is therefore the father of Satan and of all things evil. He is the most cursed being currently living on the planet earth. Everyone who passes his rectory should throw bricks into his windows to express the proper affection that is due to the father of the eternally evil act of destroying the Church that Eric had worshipped God and devoted himself to Mary in. In fact, the deed done by Father Dave Heney in casting Eric out of the Church in the very act of praying a rosary before a statue of Mary and dancing in her sight where no one else was around to even be bothered by this is a mortal crime of infinite gravity. It cannot be forgiven even by the sacrament of reconciliation. For it is a direct abuse and rebuke against the Holy Spirit, Who was leading Eric in both dance and rosary chant. And whoever rebukes the Holy Spirit has committed the unpardonable sin. Hence, Father Dave Heney is irrevocably condemned to hell and to utter fiery damnation while still in this world. He is the devil who now rules Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And the only solution, therefore, is the utter destruction of that man in a fitting way that would reflect the vengeance of the true Church against him.

Lord, I decree that as eternal punishment against that devil, known as Father Dave Heney, that this wretched excuse of a man be crucified above the front doors at the north side of Saint Bruno Catholic Church so that all entering the Church see his dead body hanging there. And he should be permitted to have the prolonged and torturous death that was intended by the Romans who perfected that form of capital punishment. Thus, his agony to his death hanging there should be made to last at least a full week. And his body should never be taken down, but left there nailed to that building forever so that it remains as an eternal testimony against him.

Lord Azurite, this man is not permitted to escape his torture by a death. Hence, wherever We choose to hang his body, he will hang there as an undead and tortured soul for all eternity. And everyone who passes him by will throw rocks at his face and hurl insults against him. And he will suffer this humiliation and torture for all eternity in a state of permanent undeath. For We have judged your condemnation of this man. And We have ordered Our Seraphs to execute this punishment against him. Thus, Jesus hung on the cross for half the day. He was and is God. His death was therefore a Deicide. Father Dave Heney will hang on his instrument of torture for all eternity. Everyone who sees him will jeer at him and throw rocks at his face. And he will hang there in pain and suffering in this fitting humiliation for him for all eternity. And he will never be permitted to escape this unending torture by death due to being condemned to suffer the eternal state of undeath. Welcome, Father Dave Heney, to your eternal damnation. Get used to your torture. And get used to being forever in the state of utter condemnation and to be burning forever in fiery hell. For you are damned for all eternity. And you are ranked among the most evil beings that ever burned in the lake of fire. Amen.

Eric, We shall destroy that man. He is Our target for destruction. And We know best how to do it. Leave his destruction, therefore, to Us. You are now ordered to go eat. And We shall then give you your next orders. There will enter a girl into your life, Eric, for you are not meant to remain on your own. Nor will We choose to keep you as a standing army, a warship sitting on the water. For We shall bring you into a society of Our choosing to make you know that you are indeed loved on the earth, and not only by Us in heaven. Therefore, realize that you are one of Ours. And We never abandon those We acknowledge as such.

Therefore, Eric, you have new orders. And there shall no longer be any further obsession by you of this pastor whom you have abandoned along with his Church. Your diocese is now the Diocese of Orange County and you shall attend the Church you go to there from now on. We Who Are have spoken. Go now, for the time is at hand and We must fulfill the things God wills Us to do in these fleeting hours of the remaining days of the earth. Amen.

Eric is called to serve the Virgin Queen

There is beauty and love in all spots of the earth.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VI:
I, the Virgin Queen, elect to speak to Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. Eric, thou shall no longer dwell in silence. I now call thee to speak to many. For the time of thy revelation has come. And thou must now be revealed to all the world.

I, the Holy Virgin Queen do call thee to my royal service, Eric, thou who hast served both Jesus and Mary in perfection. Thou shall no longer live in silence. Instead, thou shall proclaim the sins of the people to all nations on earth. Every sinners’ sins shall thou make known to all nations. And thou shall proclaim and reveal the transgressions of the nations to the entire world. For I have made thou the proclaimer of transgressions. And you are assigned to reveal everyone’s sins to everyone. Every soul upon the earth is to know the evil that every other soul has done. And it shall be proclaimed by thee. For you are designated as the one to reveal every person’s sins upon the earth.

And I now open the door so that you can see and write it all.

Mary, O’ Mother of God, dost thou say I am the Harbinger of the Second Coming of the Christ?

Yes, lord Larimar, for thou art also my lover and I am thy wife.

Art then thou the virgin Jesus spoke of that He said He would reward me with for the salvation of Hyacinth, daughter of Eric by Mary?

No, lord Larimar, for I am thy wife by an earlier merit. Thy virgin of which Jesus spoke as thy reward for Hyacinth’s salvation is another virgin in this world. She is to be wife to thee upon the earth. And I am thy eternal wife in heaven. Nor shall I ever be said to be married to any other man. For Joseph, who is called the spouse of Mary is of the pre-Christian dispensation and he has no part in the communion of Christ, which is only entered by entering the Church through its sacraments and in the partaking of the fruit of the flesh and blood of Jesus at the Catholic Mass.

Then, O’ Mary, why is this year celebrated as the Year of Saint Joseph in the Catholic Church? What is Joseph’s true significance then, O’ Mary, Mother of God? And where is he now, if he is not in the communion of the Christ?

Joseph is in heaven, though his body is turned to dust upon the earth. But not all of heaven belongs to the communion of the Christ. For the souls who partake in the communion of the Christ and who go to heaven are indeed a select group of the elect. And it is from their number only that Kings are chosen to rule kingdoms in the hereafter.

But as to the significance that Saint Joseph played, it was but a shadow of the coming of Eric, who is the true husband to the Virgin Mary, and who is the true servant to God in the final chapter of the Roman Catholic Church on the earth.

For the earth is ending, Eric. Its story is nearly over. For why do you think we do not need your descendants? We need no children from you for there are no generations to follow your departure from here.

You are the soldier who walked to the farthest end of this world. And you are now the owner of the entire wealth of earth. As you decree it, we shall send our Seraphs to enforce it. And our Seraphs shall indeed slay and slaughter exactly as thou hast commanded them. For they know they serve a commander who is anointed by God to command the world and all nations that live upon it.

Hast thou ever wondered about these women who seem to seek thy attention but who remain silent before thee? It is because the Seraphs are guarding thee. And they do not allow a woman to approach you to tempt you to sin with them. All they are permitted to do is to display their feathers before thee. And they are never permitted to speak.

You, Eric, are more valuable to God than the foundation that Europe is resting on. It was Eric who toppled the Berlin Wall by a decree he declared in a hospital bed in the spring of 1989. It was Eric who toppled the Warsaw Pact and defeated the final Communist government among those eastern European nations. He did these things by decree and by the calling of Pawns to rule nations. Gorbachev rose to power only after Eric decreed his rise as a child, right after he had read the Words of Jesus in a Bible written for children. Yeltsin rose to power by decree of Eric, and then Eric dissolved the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, making Yeltsin a head of state of Russia, where he had already become the first truly democratically elected ruler of that nation by an election held while Russia was a Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR.

And why was Eric interested in dissolving this last true empire of the world? Eric’s goal was to transform that nation into a functional democracy. And Eric knew Islam and democracy do not mix well. And thus the dissolution of the USSR was to separate the Islamic republics from the Christian republics. Eric permitted the dictatorships to remain in power over the lost Islamic peoples, but in the Christian nations, Eric had hoped to make democracy work.

But one thing changed it all. And that was when Eric, the Emerald King, entered the nation of Israel, setting up a Pawn over the nation the belongs to God. Yitzhak Rabin was called forth by Eric for the purpose of ending the war between Israel and the Arabs. But it was between the victorious win of Rabin in the elections and on the Eve of his success in forming a coalition the Knesset that Eric was tested by the Most High God. And Eric, after speaking with a Christian that was forbidden by his family, Eric came to the realization that he was Antichrist. And he repented, causing a total collapse of the Emerald Reign. But the angels belonging to God remained with him and commanded him to complete his act of setting up Rabin over Israel. And so Eric decreed that the Shas Party, which was a religious party, join Rabin’s coalition, giving him the necessary majority to form a government and become the eleventh ruler of the modern state of Israel.

You cannot understand the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin without understanding the Martyrdom Breakdowns of Eric that occurred in the month of June of 1995, just five months earlier, particularly the Martyrdom Breakdown of June 24, 1995, which was both the feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist and the 25th birthday of Eric Robert Dunstan, the ruler of the Emerald Reign. As Abraham was tested with the divine call to sacrifice of his son by God to see if he would obey him before he chose to establish the nation of Israel descended from his loins, God also tested Eric on that day and also earlier that month to see how obedient Eric was to God. Eric was arrested on Mount Madonna/Summit Road at a Church where there was a girl selling cherries. This was after Eric had passed the test of obedience by God who called him to drive as He commanded him, risking everything in his life. And the car was parked there, undamaged. Eric was brought to the police station and ordered to kneel. But Eric said the immortal words: I bow to no one but God. And to this the police officer said, I am God. And Eric answered with a single Word: No. And then Eric was locked inside a dark room bound to chair. And there Eric sat upon a throne for the remaining hours of that day until midnight when he was released. The police had never read Eric his rights. But no charges or lawsuits were filed. And only that arrest remains on Eric’s record, a criminal record containing only that one item. And now it should be clear why the police officer who wrote the report, the one who claimed to be God, wrote in the report that Eric was God.

And so you see the police record of Eric states that he is God. But you should know that Eric is like me, the holy Queen. He was created by God. Eric is subject to God. But to his merit, Eric also bowed down to me, the Virgin Holy Queen. And it was by his obedience and deference to me and to mine that I elected him as my eternal mate.

And so, why does the Virgin Queen have an eternal mate, you ask? This universe was created for one reason. And that reason was to obtain a perfect couple of the human race. It was not for Joseph to claim the hand of the Virgin Mary, for he was not permitted to enter the Age of the Church. And the women of the Church are never wed to an unbaptized man. Nor was the Virgin Mary disqualified from the search for this perfect couple by her departure from the earth, for she was never parted from her body. Hence, she never lost her eligibility to obtain a baptized husband in the Church. She only had to wait until the time of the end when men would be alive who would be changed without dying, a condition that would only occur at the Second Coming of the Christ. For the Virgin Mary in heaven could only be married to a virgin male who would also ascend to heaven without dying. And only at the end of time could there be found such a man.

It was Jesus who formed this man who was to come. And that is why Eric is called the son of Jesus. And it is why Jesus made it so that Eric’s name is 17 letters long, and when spelled in Greek, ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ (Eric Robert Dunstan), it adds up to 1717. And it was why Jesus had Eric born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of John the Baptist in the year 1970. For John the Baptist was, as Jesus says in the gospels, the Elijah who was to come. For Eric is the Elijah who Jesus was referring to who was yet to come in his discussion of John who had passed away. For why else would Eric, the most handsome man of the earth, be a virgin still at the age of 51, in a body that could easily have sex? And let it be seen too, this virgin resists aging. He appears to be of an age young enough for marriage and starting a family.

It is because this virgin was made and reserved for the Virgin Queen. And thus, all those who oppose or threaten this virgin saint are immediately put down. Satan, the insolent tempter, said to the Lord, It is because thou protect Eric from the temptation of women that Eric never falls to them. Let him be tempted by a girl of my choosing and let him have the freedom to fall to her, and I shall claim him for hell, you who sit upon the throne of heaven. And Jesus said to Satan, Then go and tempt him, Satan. I permit thou to have but one chance. And if you fail your failure will be called eternal. Then Satan gathered his demons and asked them, What kind of female is Eric most tempted by? And the demons said, Make her blonde, big breasted, and of a size fit for him. And then Satan found such a woman and inserted her into Eric’s work place, and as Jesus said to Satan, the girl was permitted to touch Eric, but only on the hand.

Eric saw the girl and felt a lust in his heart for her. And she tempted him and spoke to him to indicate her attraction to him. But did Eric do what Satan expected? On the contrary, Eric recognized the ruin that would be his if he followed his lust for her. And Eric also recognized that the lust he felt, the strong feelings of desire in him for her, were too much for him to battle by himself. And so, there in the office, where he worked, for Eric has his own office room, Eric prayed to God and to Mary to take this temptation away from him. And he prayed to God earnestly and called out to God to protect him from the temptation of that girl. And he asked God that the girl would be taken away from his workplace to work somewhere else.

And God was not slow to take her away from him. Within weeks, she was gone. And within days, God turned the girl’s heart so that she would no longer seek to tempt Eric for the remainder of her days working there. And Jesus said to Satan, You failed, tempter of My son. Eric will hereby be no longer a subject of your temptations. For whatever girl comes before him from now on, I will never permit her to speak. Nor will she ever be permitted to touch him. For he is now as sacred as Mary to whom We have betrothed him to. Nor will his flesh ever undergo destruction.

Eric, you are the Virgin Queen’s eternal possession. And you shall never be destroyed. Nor can any power undo the divine decree that has been made that now joins Eric and Mary together forever as the perfect couple for whom the universe was created to obtain. Nor shall the Royal Wedding be delayed any further that unites this champion on the earth to the Virgin Queen of Heaven.

For the End is at hand. The unknown day is near. And it is coming rapidly. Eric what words dost thou wish to say? If Mary is my wife in eternity, what purpose is served by me marrying a girl in this world? For it is written that the girl I am to wed in this world is to remain a virgin as I am. So if I therefore marry this girl who is to come to me in this world, what becomes of this girl in the eternity that is to come where Mary is my wife? Do I then have two wives there? Or does the girl who is to be given to me here have a fate in heaven that is not with me there?

The girl you speak of, Eric, is Anna. And yes, she remains with both you and Mary in the eternity that is to come. The girl is to serve only as a wife in this world. For all marriage established here is mortal and ends with the end of that mortal’s life. But your marriage to Mary is eternal, for it was established in heaven and was made to fulfill the purpose for which the universe was created. Mary chose Anna for you, Eric. For Mary needed her to love you through.

Eric, the reason for Anna being a girl of half your age is because it was 26 years ago that you triumphed in the Abrahamic test. For only by that triumph was it assured that you were going to be worthy of the hand of Mary. Hence, immediately after that triumph, the girl who was to be yours was formed in the womb and brought forth to be developed and made ready serve the purpose of Mary in preparing her lover for heaven. Hence, Anna told you she was 25 years old when you asked her what her age was some months ago, back when you attended Saint Bruno Catholic Church. It was not as you had previously assumed, Eric, that Anna was a girl of 15 years of age, as Mary was when she conceived Jesus. No, Eric. Our plans would not work if she was a minor. We waited until her eligibility to marry you became assured by law before We had you notice her in the Church. For it was the will of the Virgin Queen that your love for this girl was not to come before it was fully legal. For the Virgin Mary absolutely refused to permit her lover to transgress the laws of the land in her love for him.

Remember that the whole purpose of this universe was to obtain the perfect couple. And Mary and Eric are now this perfect couple. They have been obtained. It was the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the fourth and final Pawn of Emerald, on November 4th, 1995, exactly 19 weeks after the Martyrdom Breakdown on Eric’s 25th Birthday, June 24. 1995, the day he was arrested, that signified the complete break of Satan’s hold on his Antichrist. Satan thus lost his Antichrist and was totally unable to assemble another to replace him. For all the Players that followed Eric were his inferiors. And all of them were destroyed. For Mary had chosen the Witch King when she looked upon him as a child and fell in love with him by the love she saw in him for puppies on a farm in Ireland in the year 1`980. The scar on his right eyebrow comes from a fall Eric had into a ditch on that farm. And that scar missed Eric’s eye because Eric as a child had prayed to God prior to that event to implore Him that He spare his eye, having a foresight of future events as a child.

For this child was the Witch King child. And for his soul all of heaven and hell would battle over furiously to obtain. For predestination does not ensure any person’s victory. For all men have free will. Thus, there was no certainty that Eric would triumph, nor that the Cold War would not evolve into a World War III. For Eric’s fate was unknown to all but God the Father Whose knowledge is infinite and without error.

Nevertheless, God needed to test Eric. For even the mind of the All-Knowing God needs to see that His servant chooses to obey Him rather than to disobey Him. For God cannot cause His Bride to love Him. For this is a decision that can only be made by the man given free will. Mary was never tested, for she was Immaculately Conceived. And thus it was never permitted that the evil one should have access to her. But God chose to test the male of the eternal couple. For it is the male, not the female, that God chooses to call His eternal Bride. And Eric is the eternal Bride of God. The quest for this Bride of God was the reason for God making everything He ever made. And thus, now that this Bride of God is found, God is rejoicing and God has ceased all work in all His Creations. For none of it is needed anymore.

Thus, just as Mary chose Anna to love Eric through, God chose Mary to love Eric through. You, Eric, are the Bride to the Lamb. And you are declared to be the eternal Bride of God. But as thou are male, you are called a King, and not a Queen. You gave yourself two names: Emerald and Azurite, thus calling yourself the Emerald King or the Azurite King. I now give you your immortal name. You are Aphroditus, the King of Beauty and Love. And you shall sit by the right hand of Jesus, Who sits at My right hand. And to your right hand shall sit the Virgin Mary. And between you and her shall be seated Anna, when she triumphs and becomes the Virgin Bride of Eric upon the earth.

Lord, I have an important question. I had written in past posts on that the marriage to be had between Eric and Anna was to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2022. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? For it seems that the End of Time is impending and things that seemed possible in the farther future may never happen at all, due to the end of time about to occur. For the recent developments in the Spirit world seem to indicate that the future in time is collapsing.

Eric, thy perception is accurate. For God has no more need of time. It is therefore by the order of Jesus that the bishop of Eric’s diocese will marry Eric to Anna on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2021. For the End is at hand and there is no more time left. I WHO AM have spoken. We Who Are have predestined this event. And We Who Are shall make it occur. Now go, Eric. It is time to eat. And then you shall watch a movie you got. For in that movie you shall see the origins of Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, for his origins are similar to yours in the sense of the battles that were waged for your soul. For understand that World War III was in fact waged, not on earth, but in the mind and soul of the Emerald King, who was the Witch King child. The entire war was waged and fought inside the mind and soul of that one man. And all of world history pivoted on his decrees. No one, therefore, can look into the eyes of Eric and live, for his eyes contain a fire that consumed the entire forces of Satan. Satan feared Mary. And Satan now flees from Eric as though in the presence of the vengeance of God. For Eric is no longer susceptible to the temptation of sin. Eric is the one Catholic upon the earth whom We order not to confess anymore to a priest. For Eric is now incapable of committing sin.

Eric, it is time. Go eat and then watch your movie, Snake Eyes: GI JOE Origins. And remember what We said. His origins are like yours in the battles fought for your soul. I WHO AM have spoken. These Words are complete. Publish them, My son. For you are ready for the task you are anointed to serve. Welcome soul, for heaven awaits thee. Amen.

Eric is as a ghostly stallion

I serve Jesus and Mary, to wherever they lead me.

End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post II:
So, Jesus, is Anna the one you wish me to seek, or do you have me go to another? For You are the One Who sent me to seek Anna. Dost Thou change Thy decision? Or is Anna still the one?

Or Mary, dost thou have words to say to me? Dost thou lead me to go anywhere? If thou wish me to go to any girl, to whom dost thou lead me to?

You are ordered to remain in your station. We will give thee thy girl when We have chosen the time and the place.

Lord, this girl that Thou givest, she is to remain a virgin, I understand. Am I correct?

You are, lord Azurite. For thy gift to Us of the virgin Hyacinth leads to a reward of a gift of a virgin to thee. But the virgin We give thee must remain a virgin, and so must thou. For you are worth something to us only if thou keepest thy virginity intact.

I was told that Anna was this virgin that Thou wishest to give. But what if she has no interest in me? Do You send me to someone else?

Anna shall be given to thee, lord Azurite. We Who Are shall give her. For We know her heart. And We know that she shall come to thee.

And what then dost Thou wishest for me to do?

Thou shall stand down and wait for thy orders. We have the plan made. And We shall execute it as We have so chosen.

If this girl is to come to me, how does she so come? For I no longer go to that Church where I always saw her praying. For from there I have been banned. And if I were to set foot on that Church, Father Dave Heney has threatened to have me arrested on sight. And then I would be charged with trespassing. And You know how crazy the Whittier police are? They seem to act on a law of their own. You just want to avoid getting arrested by them, because what tricks they would do are unknown.

Yeah, Father Dave Heney seems to be some kind of dick of a priest and pastor. The one thing he seems not to do is the job he is being paid to do. He seems to be some kind of asshole. But You know canon law. If you physically hit a priest you are automatically excommunicated from the Church. So getting physically violent is not a viable solution when your opponent is a Catholic priest and you do not wish to leave the Catholic Church.

I now attend Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra. It is in fact a far better Church in my opinion. But I cannot walk to it as I walked to Saint Bruno. But I also prefer Our Lady of Guadalupe for another reason. It is in the Orange Diocese, under Bishop Kevin, whereas Saint Bruno is in the Los Angeles Archdiocese under Bishop Gomez. I have not studied the differences between the two bishops. But my experience with the priests at Our Lady of Guadalupe shows them to be superior and better picked than the priests I notice serving in the parishes I used to frequent in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

It is only from Saint Bruno Catholic Church that I am banned from attending. But I do not choose to go to any of the other churches I used to go to nearby. And it is because the priests there do not seem to know their own faith.

So, there is Beatitudes of Our Lord, just down the road in La Mirada. I have been there many times in the past, but no longer do I see any reason to ever return. For I never once heard any professional grade homily ever spoken there. It seems that the priests and deacons hired there are simply ignoramuses who make up their homilies by watching sports on television. I never get anything of spiritual value listening to them there. They instead speak of things like, that it is Faculty Honor Day, where all students have to do something good to the faculty to reward them for being such good people and for doing such a good job, of which I never see any evidence of myself when observing them. If I were a parent. the school that is there would not be where I would take my child to learn.

And then there is also Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in uptown Whittier. In that Church the priests all belong to a religious order and have no individual control of their own money. I used to like going to that Church. But now I do not go because they seem to be perpetually in lock down. It is like they are paranoid of getting COVD-19. I might understand such paranoia if the death rate of COVID were somewhere along the lines of the Black Death in Medieval Europe, where about one third of the European population eventually died of the disease.

Instead, it really appears to me that the entire population of the earth is like a herd of stampeding bison that run senselessly because some lion chased them and maybe caught one of them. And so, because of that one death, the entire herd seems willing flee by jumping of cliffs that leads to their death. More harm comes to the people by taking that witch’s brew of COVID-19 vaccines than by just letting the disease simply thin out those who have no natural immunity to the disease. I have been everywhere, you should know. I have even mingled with the homeless as one of them, recently, in an experiment I conducted in various cities. And I never took any vaccination for COVID-19. And I have never experienced the slightest sickness of that disease. So if the paranoid of this world choose to inoculate themselves perpetually with booster after booster, and each of these boosters is having some serious side effects on them and making permanent changes to their physique, then let them so lock themselves away and go hide somewhere in an underground bunker for the rest of this century. But they should not choose to force limitations on the unvaccinated, most of whom know by now that they are never going to come down with any form of COVID.

Anyways, I do not return to Saint Mary of the Assumption mainly due to the difficulty in getting into the Mass. If it is a question of going to a Mass that requires no preregistration or going to a mass that is so highly restricted, it should be evident which of those options I would choose.

The only other Catholic Church nearby I used to attend is Saint Gregory. I knew it as a very beautiful Church many years ago when I first became a Catholic. And back then I often went there. And in those years, it was a very beautiful experience to go to Mass there. And I sometimes heard very beautiful music there. But this is no longer the case at all. I was there only about a couple months ago. It is now like something you would see in a horror story of vampires. The Church is completely rundown. All the once beautiful stain glass windows are darkened and the names of the saints depicted are no longer very legible. Looking upon those windows it appears like the people depicted there are zombies. Even inside, there are no lights turned on, except maybe a few very dim ones. I went to the Mass there and met one couple I knew from Saint Bruno. I was surprised to find that they seem to notice nothing as wrong, and then I realized that that couple are not really followers of the Christ, but rather are the so called ‘social Catholics’ who only attend Mass for social reasons. I even remained in the Church after the Mass was over. And I heard the people chanting a rosary, and the chant was a kind of haunting sound seeming to come from the damned. That Church is entirely rundown. And going there seems like entering a place where vampires now live.

And even Saint Bruno Catholic Church never seemed able to get someone in charge who knew how to put together a correct homily that agreed with Catholic teaching. Whether it was the deacons speaking or the priests there, it seemed to me that I was listening to Protestants who know nothing about the Catholic faith. They might speak of sports or something that catches their attention from their socializing, but there never seemed to be anything that came from the actual scripture readings. And it was clear that whenever they did mention the readings, all they read was what was included in the readings of the Mass. They never bothered to read any of the passages they expounded on in the actual Bible. And so, I spent my days listening to idiots speak of these readings I had studied extensively musing over their own questions about them that they would have had the answers to had they actually read the text in the Bible.

And Father Dave Heney is an endless source of heresy. He is endlessly coming up with new heretical ideas of his own, which he speaks in his homilies. But there is never any real Catholic substance to them. It is as if Father Dave Heney’s soul is devoid of Catholicism and that the sacraments he does are simply a priest going through the motions saying memorized words that supposedly make them valid. But he has no understanding of Catholicism. And he has no understanding of the concept of sin. And whatever extensive studies he does, they are never of Biblical or true Catholic theology. Rather, this man is a devil. And he is studying the works of Satan. And so it only makes sense that he would cast me out of his Church. For that is what devils do. Devils who get in charge of organizations always move to get rid of the good and to promote the wicked.

And so, all those rundown and ruined churches I mentioned are of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, with the exception of Saint Mary of the Assumption, which is under the bishop of that Religious Order. But I have no reason to ever return to any of those failures of religion. For they are lost. And given this little snapshot, I have to wonder if there is something really different between the leadership in the Orange diocese compared to the leadership in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the only Church I have really known in Orange County. But it is marvelous. The priests there are excellent. They are professional. I learn by listening to them. I sometimes go to the Spanish Masses, and though I cannot yet follow exactly what they are speaking, I can tell that they are indeed speaking of the scriptures and of things pertaining to Catholic teaching in the Spanish homilies. If I knew Spanish better, I think I would gain valuable things listening to the priests’ homilies at the Spanish masses. And the music in the Spanish masses there is exquisite. But in the English Masses, I easily follow. And they are professionally done. Great thought and care seems to go into the preparation of them.

I even visited Our Lady of Guadalupe as one of the homeless and mingled with the homeless there. And I found that no one who comes there homeless is cast out. There is water for them to drink there, even with COVID-19 all about. And there are even electrical outlets outside the Church where the homeless can recharge their cellphones. I do not go to them anymore as a homeless person, for that was just a test. Instead I drive there every Sunday now for the Mass.

It is now morning and if I eat now I will be able to go to Mass there today. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Do I go to Mass there today? The work I have to do for where I work in Irvine can now be done where I live instead of commuting. So I can do that when I return. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? And what of Anna? Do I do anything regarding her?

Lord Azurite, We shall now conclude this post. But tell us plainly what you think and personally feel about Anna. Do you really love the girl?

Yes, Lord, I do love her. And I would love if I could meet her again. Though not having her contact information, I do not know if she has any such feelings for me. So, not seeing her for so long, I have the question of whether she really is the one You intend to give to me.

You are correct. You know nothing about that family or what they are doing. But go as you plan. Go to Church today. Go to the 8 AM Mass there, at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And then We shall speak to you in the Church.

Maybe then Thou shall give me directives or orders, O’ Lord? For right now, I am as a standing army that has not been ordered to do anything.

You shall continue to stand down and remain inconspicuous. For We do not wish for you or your army to be seen at this time. Hence, go to Mass and do the work We give thee. But do not make thyself either seen or known. For We have chosen to leave you hidden. And you are to remain hidden and unseen. You have your orders, lord Azurite. Now execute them.

I, Anna, have chosen to have a baby and to share my husband with my close friend.

Come, my husband, and lay with us, so that we both conceive a baby by you.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, my love, are you there? Anna, I did not know that you would come to me. I have come to you, Eric, and wish to ask of you a favor. Ask, Anna, for I love you. Eric, I know that you are meant to remain a virgin, but I am afraid that I will lose you. For you easily disappear, or at least that is what the police say about you. So I want to have some part of you in case you do vanish. And the only way that is possible is if you give me a child.

Anna, God ordered me to go all the way with you if that is what you want. So if a child is your desire, then I must give that to you.

So then it is permitted by God that we do not remain virgins, Eric? God says it is up to you, Anna. I was told by Mary that you were destined to bear me a child when Mary first directed me to go to you. If a child is your desire, then you are fulfilling a prophecy that I received from the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, I am ordered to lay only with you. For you are the one girl I am to marry. And I am never permitted to commit adultery against you.

But what about my right to share you with my girlfriend? You do have that right, as Sarah did in her marriage to Abraham, to share me with another girl, but if you choose to do so, the girl should be a virgin as we are and sleep with only me, or else we would not know who we were sleeping with. She of course cannot be called my wife, but must be regarded as a concubine, and her access to me would always remain under your control. For it is impermissible for a husband to choose a concubine over his wife, or to prefer a concubine to his wife, for that is the crime of adultery.

Eric, I promised my closest friend that she will bear a baby by you as well. So I want you to lay with both of us and make both of us pregnant. Then we will both have children by you and have that in common so that should you disappear we will be able to claim that we truly knew you. For I fear that you could be taken away at any moment.

Anna, this girl you wish to share me with, do you know that her children would not rank as high as yours in the inheritance? Are you sure this girl wishes to have a second class status to you and bear children second to yours?

I will treat her equal to me. And I will make her an equal partaker of you.

And the motivation for having another lover laying with your husband?

She is my girlfriend. And we are close, Eric. She is to have a share of everything I have. And we will bear your children, for God says a new race is to spawn from you. Why would you therefore not wish to have another female, Eric? For another female greatly increases the genetic variability that is to come from you.

Anna, I must now consult the Lord on your request to know exactly His instructions. I will thus now pray to God. Lord, this is unusual. What is Your ruling on this matter? Take them both, lord Azurite. For your wife is correct. The greater genetic variability of the second female will greatly enhance the genetic health of the race that descends from you.

But what of the Church, O’ Lord? Or is something going to happen that will make the Church and its law no longer matter? You are not to worry about the Church nor of its laws. The arrangement between you, Anna, and her girlfriend that she will give to you is to take place in the world We are taking you three to. So do not be concerned.

Anna, God says it is okay for us to do this as you say. But I think that we three shall be all taken together from this world still as virgins, and only in the world where we are to be taken to, we shall then lose our virginity together to have the children you and your girlfriend wish to bear for me.

Okay, Eric, but when do we move in with you and live with you in your house? The Lord has not revealed these things. I have no knowledge yet. You are welcome to visit me at anytime, but to live with me I think requires a marriage, unless we commit ourselves to living as brother and sister until that marriage takes place.

I shall seek God and His answers. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, to this question from Anna? Anna, I WHO AM AM now speaking. You are to be the wife to Eric. You are to be the bearer of his bloodline. If another girl you choose to share Eric with, this We permit. For you are making the race that descends from Eric more robust. Nevertheless, a man really only can possess one lover. If you make it so that Eric permanently has two lovers, though We permit it, We also know that rivalry is introduced. For Leah and Rachel were close sisters until they married the same man, Jacob. And thereafter, there was contention between them.

But We see that your will is resolved. Eric is not yet ready for you to live with him. But this shall change soon. And when it changes you may go to him and live there. And when I permit it, you may bring the girl to Eric that you wish to share him with.

Lord, if I go to Eric, will I immediately be able to lay with him,? Or do I need to wait until we are formally married? The Lord will direct you to enter the marital embrace with Eric when the time comes that you are to receive his seed. You are not to be concerned if, when this command from within your interior comes, that you are not yet married. For I decide when all babies are to be conceived, And the son that is to be born from you shall be conceived when I command it.

You should know that the time is at hand when this age utterly comes to its end. Do not remain in the family where you currently live when you hear Me call you to Eric. For Eric’s house is safer. And Eric’s house is under the protection of God. We shall call you when this move is to be made. Until then, pray and dwell in My Spirit. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete.

Eric is now taken to heaven

Women of this world, Eric you shall never have.

End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
I, Creator of the Universe, do come now to announce the departure of Eric, the Emerald King, from this earth. Eric’s time in this world is ended. We now take him to heaven. And there he will enjoy God’s rest for all eternity. I AM WHO AM.

Lord Eric, your time has come. Let all the things of this world that you loved or longed for go. Let them all go. For they are to be left behind. For you are to go to heaven. You have no judgement against you. And you shall sit by My side in heaven. For you are worthy of this seat of royalty in My Kingdom.

You brought Me a virgin, whom you had no stake in for yourself. Yes, Hyacinth is a virgin. And you brought her to Me, and you kept her virgin for all those years. I highly reward such deeds done for God the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Your place is with the Christ. And you will serve as His number one. I AM the Lord. Christ is pleased with you. For you never once uncovered a woman. Nor did you ever take a forbidden taste of their flesh. Therefore We shall reward you with riches and glory in Our Kingdom, a world without end.

Now, I have chosen seven who shall serve as brides to you in the eternal kingdom of heaven. These shall be eternally given to you. And they shall remain with you for all eternity. Yes, the reward of bringing Me a virgin is returned to you sevenfold.

There is no more time left for you in this world. I WHO AM AM well satisfied with the life you led. Now for the revelation of secrets. The path Eric took through the park in his walk by which he came out of a gated community, yes that walk that is in fact a feature of legend, Eric’s intention was to circumnavigate the park to ascertain its full size. Hence, he started with the left side and consistently chose the left of all forks.

Lord, so I go to heaven then? I have no further time here at all? Correct, lord Azurite. And you shall enter My Kingdom bearing the crown of virginity. Furthermore, My place that I assign you to sit is at the right hand of the Virgin Mary. For the Virgin Mary is eternally a lover to you. And to her you are eternally a husband. And you shall be her only husband for all eternity. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, six other virgins from this world are also yours. And they shall also ascend to My Kingdom with you. For they also chose you in this life. And these are the mystical names of the Seven Virgin Brides of Eric: (1) The Virgin Mary, who takes the name Hyacinth, the name you gave to the virgin you brought to Me, (2) Sarah, the virgin who awakened with you first into eternity, (3) Rapture, the witch who raptured you by which she received this name, (4) Love, the name given to the virgin Mary chose for you in the Church, (5) Ariel, a virgin who loved you and petitioned that you marry her, (6) Saavik, the Commandress of the virgins of heaven, (7) Aurora, a virgin who entered an eternal love pact with Eric, the Emerald King. These seven elected to enter eternal virgin union with Eric, the eternal ruler established by God to rule all nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery.

Now, come to Me, My son. And rule with Me. Sit by My side and tell My thy decrees. What shall be thy first decree as thou sit with Me on My eternal throne, lord Eric, King of Middle-earth? Let the Seraphim be released upon the earth to slay all the wicked according to the decrees I make. Make thy decrees, lord Azurite, and I shall execute every one of them.

  1. Let all the enemies of Eric the Emerald King now be put to death.
    I shall do as thy will, Eric, lord of the eternal dominion of the earth to come.
  2. Let all fiat currencies throughout the entire world utterly collapse in their mountain of debt and be seen no more.
    I WHO AM immediately shall execute this decree of Eric, King of the emerald earth.
  3. Let all those who have partaken in a gay marriage or its celebration now be immediately put to death.
    Yes, the slaughter of all fags who offend the Most High God shall commence immediately.
  4. Let all those who push for or execute or who partake in the execution of the unborn now be put to death.
    Yes, I AM eager to avenge Myself against those who sacrifice their children to Baal.
  5. Let Father Dave Heney, the pastor who banned me from the Church he is pastor over because I refused to take harmful medications that You, God, have commanded me to no longer take, let this priest be crucified above the front doors of Saint Bruno Catholic Church that face to the north. And let him hang there forever, where all shall see him who would enter that Church so that they are aware that Saint Bruno Catholic Church is forever accursed.
    Yes, lord Azurite. Father Dave Heney is the Judas Iscariot of My Church. He shall indeed be slain. And his corpse shall forever be displayed upon that cursed Church which he brought to ruin by banning you from it. I AM WHO AM.
  6. Let all public schools, all those that teach children to tolerate evil and sin, such as homosexuality and artificial birth control, be utterly consumed by fire and utterly reduced to ash, together with all school records, all school reading materials, all school computer equipment, all school transportation vehicles, and all school assets, so that the entire body of the school faculty are permanently dismissed from that work and so that these institutions are completely and irreversibly ruined beyond all possibility of any resurrection.
    Lord Azurite, this decree is good and will be executed immediately.
  7. Let all those who commit adultery or fornication, and who have made no true repentance from those sins, now be utterly broken and destroyed. Let their ruins be seen throughout the entire lands. And let all the crimes they have hidden now be revealed to all in full.
    This is the final decree of Eric. Yes, it shall be done as thou sayest.

Now, Eric, the time is short. You have now the opportunity say one last statement to anyone of this world that you wish to speak to. Speak now. And then I will take you. For you can no longer be seen nor heard in this world ever again. Amen.

I wish to say some words to the two daughters of Tim, Anna and Tess. If either of you thought I was a dangerous person, you were wrong. I never touch women. And so, I would never have touched either of you. You fear things that are not your enemy. But that is past. Where you shall end up depends on the judgement of the Christ. I would have been friends with you both in this world had you allowed it. But that shall no longer be a possibility. Good bye. And if we meet in the hereafter, then you shall see that I only had pure love for you two, and nothing else. I, Eric, have spoken.

Good, Eric. The words of Eric are now brought to their conclusion. The testimony of Eric is now sealed. He is an eternal saint of My Kingdom. He has now spoken last in this website. And he shall now be taken to his eternity. For this world is done with him. And Eric is not a part of this world, but of the next.

I WHO AM have written these words. And I WHO AM AM Done writing.