Revelation of the Weakness of Eric

Eric reveals that he is utterly weak.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post VI:
Lord, I wonder if my weaknesses are a sign of my being infected by COVID-19?

Good observation, lord Azurite. But do not be concerned, for those I have favored as I have favored thee shall never taste death. Remember your title, lord Azurite. You are the angel of death. And now you know just how it is now being accomplished.

Lord, I finally revealed to the head of the men’s group at Saint Bruno Catholic Church that I cannot attend the meetings he keeps messaging to me in the consistent and rhythmic pattern of a woman’s menstrual cycle, that I simply cannot attend these meetings because I will be arrested if I ever set foot again on dick sucker Dave Heney’s spiritual dominion, known as the Accursed Church of Saint Bruno of Whittier, California, USA. And I had thought, mistakenly, that David Zofrea, valiant leader of the men’s group at Church, while a little man in appearance, but mighty on the inside, might have done something more for me than what the vulture does for the dying while watching them die.

Eric, before you write another word, understand that you are saying personal things about real people that deeply affect them.

Lord, I fully understand this. So I will indeed make a truly genuine effort to keep the facts clear, straight, and accurate. For I wish to be known as a Truth Teller. And if reputations are brought to utter ruin by my Words, I always strive to keep my Words fully aligned with the Truth. And I actually do a great service to all those I reveal their most intimate and private transgressions before the entire world, bringing them to utter disgrace. For it is far better that one receive one’s condemnation and disgrace here, then to wait until it is revealed there, at the Judgement Seat of Christ. Hence, I will make all reasonable efforts not to misrepresent the words losers like Dave Zofrea say in their projections of themselves as leaders of Catholicism but who are actually quite questionable concerning their moral character the closer one looks at them.

For just why is it that Dave Zofrea, who has been married for so long, only has one daughter? I can think of only three possibilities. (1) The couple lost their ability to reproduce. (2) The couple mortally sinned by electing to actively prevent more children from coming into the world from their love acts together. (3) The couple decided to change their marriage to something of a Josephite nature. Only number 2 of that list would make, if true, Dave Zofrea ineligible to serve in a leadership position in any valid Church or any valid religious organization belonging to God. And also, if true, then Dave Zofrea has been a sacrilege junkie for ages, and this would then explain his complicity with Father dick sucking Dave Heney in the successful effort of having Eric cast out of the Church. Amen.

Now Lord, I am aware that men who enter carnal marriages do so for the sex. They are motivated to receive the enjoyment of its pleasure. But they also want to go to heaven. And so they believe that if they conform their practices of fucking the women they want to fuck into agreement with the precepts of their religion that their deity will permit them entry into any other place than hell upon their disgraced and vile passage from this life.

Yes, lord Azurite. You hit the nail! Look at all those Mormon men, all going about like jackasses in their semen soaked underwear made with a certain dog shit dog style, while masturbating their dicks on their fucking bullshit Books of Mormon, which were, by the way, all utterly made up as he went along by serial liar Joe Fucking Smith. Yes, Joe Smith’s middle initial is F. And it has three basic meanings to it: Failure, Fucked Up, and Fag. Yes, the devil makes carnal men the biggest of jackasses of them all. And all of the angels of hell are forever mocking and laughing with utter contempt and malice at all these carnal men who they lead to utterly embarrass themselves and whom they endlessly enjoy bringing to utter ruin.

Do you remember what it was that destroyed that ultimate pillar of society, that one called Micheal Grumbine, the one who helped you greatly in entering the Catholic Church, and who was himself a happily married man who had sired numerous sons and daughters by the same woman? Indeed, he differed from Tim in that he wanted you to marry one of his daughters. But Eric, it was lust that killed him. For lust unstopped will kill and put to death the one it finally overcomes and consumes. For Michael, despite being a teacher for married couples, never actually understood the love that serves to bind them together for life. For to Michael, having sexual intercourse was the only means of finding true enjoyment in life. Love, without sex, was alien to him as something that could be enjoyed.

But before We tell you how exactly his soul was utterly slain, tell us who among all his sons and daughters did you truly find love in? And listen people, for this will be most revealing. Lord, it was only the youngest son, the one called Joseph, who was in fact not their son at all, but one who was adopted by them, who was the only one who ever truly loved Eric in that family. After Deborah Grumbine’s husband Michael had abandoned her, I noticed that Joseph too had vanished. I asked her once what had happened to him. And this woman who had projected herself just as high and noble a pillar of society as did the man who who had all those children by her, but according to the Church was actually not her husband, for that is what annulment declares, and their marriage was indeed annulled, revealed to me that she had cast her adopted son Joseph out of the house, calling him a lazy bum. That, together with her encouragement of Ava Maria, her eldest daughter, to irrevocably damn herself by marrying outside of the Catholic Church, just so that she could have more grandchildren added to the many she already had, coupled with her continued observation of the Mass and reception of the Eucharist, revealed to me that the Grumbine couple were both in eternally deadly sin, and that every blood descendant of that family is eternally accursed as the spawn of Satan. Lord, I just wish and hope that You found and helped that boy, Joseph, the only one of that family that truly welcomed me whenever I saw him.

Yes, I did help him, Eric. For all those who truly love thee can never lose their salvation. Time is of the essence though, and this post must be published soon. For the entire Church must hear that they are now eternally condemned. Amen.

And so, as his wife, Deborah, gradually became haggard and old with age, Micheal Grumbine, who projected himself as the pinnacle of Catholic morality, found he had no choice. And you, Eric, remember witnessing that man in that Church, Saint Gregory the Great, where he sat wrestling with his conscience. You were not aware of how critical a moment this was to him. But ultimately he chose the devil’s solution. For the devil seduced that man saying to him, Why bother fucking an old hag any further? God made men not lose their fertility while women lose their’s early for the precise reason that old women ultimately fail to turn them on and need to be consistently replaced. Remember, my son, Michael Grumbine, Jewish practices found in the scriptures completely justifies taking whomever thou so please and casting them away without any concern or pity whatsoever. For is not Jesus called, authoritatively, the Son of David? And just look at what is recorded concerning, David, the Beloved One of God? Therefore, do whatever is written that King David did, and you shall receive the same reward. My father Satan, I agree, and I wish to give you my soul in exchange for you making me your number one. My son, Michael Grumbine, I offer you even more. For I am very generous in the promises I make, all of which are always lies. I will thus make you the ruler of hell. And you will get to fuck all my wives just as King David fucked all the wives he took from King Saul, whom he defeated under the orders from God. Father Satan, just tell me where to sign. My son and lord, King of Hell, Micheal Grumbine, just agree to do this easy task and your eternal place in hell will be secured. Tell me, Father Satan, and I will willingly obey. Leave you wife and go marry someone else. And if you want to have an even higher reward, make sure the Catholic Church gives you their blessings in all the criminal acts you do in the name of Jesus. O’ Father Satan, I find obeying you the richest of rewarding paths that ever could be. Yes, my sucker son. Just remember that at the end of your life, I get to claim you for hell. And there is no escape for you. For you have made your soul mine. Now go and enjoy your filth on earth. Make sure you truly live it up. And believe me, you will receive your reward in hell. And believe me your reward there is great! Just do not think that I actually keep any promises whatsoever except those necessary to ensure you can never exit this pact with Satan. For Satan is expert at the Law of God, folks. He has indeed mastered it for the very purpose damning souls. Amen.

Lord, these men of the cloth keep arguing that Joseph is the husband of Mary, and therefore, that I could never possibly be that to her. And furthermore, they say the entire religion of Christianity would be undermined were my claims to even be believed by those in authority. But I wish to find out, O’ Lord, what was it that did happen to Joseph? And what about John the Baptist, whom Jesus said was greatest among those born of women? For neither of these men, if saved, entered the Kingdom through the sacraments, as they both died before the Church could come to be. But it is also written that the graves of the holy ones who had already passed away were opened at the death of Jesus. And it is written that they rose from the dead and appeared to many. Furthermore, it is written in the Catholic dogmas that the infallibly defined teaching of the concept of the Limbo of the Fathers is necessary to be believed in in order for one to be saved. But as for the limbo of the infants, there is no official Church ruling concerning that concept that carries an infallible decree. But various popes have given their opinion, including Pope Francis, who is of the mind that no soul on earth could possibly be sent to hell except for Eric, son of Jesus, because he has utterly insulted the pope’s inflated ego and revealed his sins, his filth, and his utter transgressions to all men on earth. And the pope, a member of the swine that love to wallow in the mire, is nevertheless deeply offended to be told by a parishioner, that his dick thrust into a boy’s anal cavity is offensive to the sight of God. Rather, according to the first officially openly gay pope, Pope Francis, the faggots must be given a way to live and commit sodomy freely in society without the constant threat of their destruction, even when divinely inspired by God. And this position, both in the theological sense and in the homosexual sense, is something that his sexual partner, Father dick sucking Dave Heney, is firmly backing him in every way, including literally, by literally fucking Pope Francis in his ass from the rear. And this presents me with an opportunity to detail Father Dave Heney’s upcoming new book based on his own personal experiences with Pope Francis himself, along with other expertise he has acquire in his long service to the devil while deceiving everyone that he was actually performing real sacraments prior to their decreed invalidity that came from that fatal incident when the husband of Mary was abruptly taken from her in mid Rosary prayer and ordered in her sight by the pastor set up to serve her Church to leave and never return unless he submits to devil that the pastor serves. And this book is to be entitled: A cock sucker’s paradise: How to rise to power in the Catholic Church, now that all moral men have been eliminated from her, by Father Dave Heney, servant of the rising fags.

Lord Eric, the argument that you should be banned from the Church because of an issue concerning medications, and with no observation or evidence of you being any real danger to any person there, is a dangerous precedent coming from men who rise to positions of authority while claiming to represent Me and to serve Me.

And since this ruling is apparently unanimous, and it is, am I correct or am I not?

Well, O’ Lord, two people belonging to that parish I was kicked out of, those two alone among all who I had ever known there who had actually chosen to attempt to contact me in any way at all, I finally elected to give a real answer to them. These two people were actually operating independently of each other, who had both independently known me at Saint Bruno Catholic Church without any direct knowledge of the other. And both are indeed highly respected members of their community. Both are happily married. And both are highly devout and truly dedicated to the Catholic religion and in serving God and Mary. And I finally elected to reveal to them the unlawful things concerning what Father Dave Heney had done. And now I face total silence from them both.

Lord Eric, you have revealed Dave Zofrea as being one of them. Do not reveal the identity of the other. But this is what I shall say. That the Church has rejected you from their membership is a universal truth. But is it not written, lord Eric, that the stone that was rejected has become the cornerstone? For as it was done to Me, so also is it now done to thee.

But always remember the fundamental difference between you and Me. You are called son of Jesus, rightfully. But remember that you are My son, not by an act of begetting, but by an act of My creation. Hence you are a creature, someone that was created. You are eternally a created being. But I AM the Creator. I AM eternally outside My Creation, but with this one exception. The reception of the Eucharist by a worthy soul, and you are eternally one of them, makes My divine nature eternally incorporated into your created natures. Hence you, though eternally a created being, are nevertheless permanently endowed with a divinity that is only possible by the reception of the Eucharist, which is, by the way, no longer valid anywhere that is it found on the earth from now until the end. Amen. For the casting out of Mary from the Roman Catholic Church caused the total invalidation of all priests inheriting their powers through Apostolic Succession. For without Mary being a part of My Church, neither do I acknowledge that Church anymore. And the pope’s authority is based on himself alone from now on. I WHO AM have spoken.

Mary is not lost though. Rather, Mary is forever Mine. But I have irrevocably chosen to take Mary away from a group of murderers. And to Eric will she serve for the remaining days he is here. And the priests can offer up their bread, and they can choose to consume their bread and their wine until they are fat and drunk. But the possibility of committing sacrilege is no longer there, as everything that was holy in the Church has now been taken away. And everyone still found worshipping in the Church are offending God. For they are now giving adoration to wafers. And they are bowing down to things in which God no longer dwells. I AM WHO AM.

Now, you used the analogy of the game of chess and the chessboard and the pieces on it to describe what you have become. I will now complete that analogy to describe Who I AM, using the very same concepts found in the game of chess. You are indeed accurate to call yourself as a piece on that board bearing the rank of a king and possessing the combined powers of a queen and a knight. A piece so defined as that is indeed the most supreme piece that ever could exist in a game of chess. To make a piece more powerful than that would result in a game that is simply no longer definable as a game called chess.

Now then, what AM I, using the same analogy? I AM HE WHO can and will destroy the chess board itself and replace it with an entirely different game governed by a fundamentally different set of rules. Furthermore, I possess the divine authority to judge and decide the eternal fates of all those pieces that were ever played on that chessboard, which I have decided to destroy.

Now, you have heard, have you not, of the wedding date that has been divinely decided and set for you and your bride to marry on, that it is to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception on this very year, a date that is but three days from today?

Yes, O’ Lord. But do I actually achieve this? Do I receive this girl, O’ Lord? For You are aware that only three days remain. And there is no girl with me whatsoever. I remain, do I not, as alone as I was when I entered Your Church?

Among those on earth, those whose duties it was to welcome strangers, these have indeed failed. But for Mine Who are with Me in heaven, these have not failed thee, lord Azurite, you who are My last faithful servant on earth, you who are no longer permitted by Me to attend any Church, for I WHO AM have decided to destroy the entire Church utterly to its roots. I AM aware of everything you think or come to think. And you are indeed the one I love most of all humanity that ever existed on the planet earth. Do you think, O’ Eric, that I could provide lovers, however false, to adulterers and fornicators such as your pathetic excuse for a brother called Mark Edward Dunstan, who is a reprobate and in a pact with Satan from which he can never escape, but for some reason would utterly fail to provide a female to you who loves you?

I understand the argument, but it is also written in the scriptures known as the Emerald Trove, that You are unable to make any person love someone else. I have done your will. I have not returned to attending Church, as You have commanded me. But I am nevertheless yet to see any sign whatsoever of any female soul on earth loving me. But of male souls, I have witnessed a kind of love and respect that exists, but only is this seen among the lowest of the low in society. Only among the most rejected of males and among the homeless who have no one, do I ever see this love. I know this love is real. And it is the love that is understood by the word charity, which is the word for love that entered the English language as a translation of the Greek word Agape, which is the highest and holiest form of love.

This love that I have seen, I say again, I have observed it only in the male gender. I give as I am commanded to by God to both males and females who I encounter in this world in need. In males alone, though, have I confirmed that this love exists. But among females I have not seen this proven. Now, thankfulness, gratefulness, praise, and greetings are in fact signs that love might exist, but not proof of it. And if it is never proven then it is as though it never existed. That is why You, O’ Lord, reject those who you never knew. For to do all these wonderful pleasantries to someone, but to never permit that one to come to know thee, it is impossible for that one to acknowledge to have ever truly received love from thee. And that, my Lord, is the summary of the reason I ultimately rejected Victoria, the one girl I ever kissed in life, and whom I kissed but one time, and finally chose to move on, after having been rejected in my attempt to even save her soul.

Now men I have encountered in life who seemed to be the toughest brutes you could imagine, and they may have with them the meanest dogs you ever saw, but these outcasted men, by encountering in me a person who is truly innocent and who listens to them without fear, seem to come to completely open up to me in full confessions of their consciences and to unveil to me the depths of how much certain women whom they have loved have utterly hurt them. And whatever I say to them, it contains neither rebuke nor condemnation, though in the eyes of the Church, they, like me, are nothing but worthless rejects who do not belong in Church. And even their dogs, with the power to kill, are utterly tame at my hand. But curious as it may seem, men, and only men, are the only ones I have witnessed to so truly open up to me in this way. I have never seen this in a woman. And You say, O’ Lord, that within the three days remaining that there is to be woman who is to come? For Lord, three days is short. And it is a theological impossibility for true love to be achieved between any man and woman who are unable to test this love by the test of time. Three days is insufficient for a man and a woman to meet and to decide to marry based on those three days alone. Correct me if I am mistaken. But I do not see how anything I have said here can be called a mistake. Without sufficient time together I simply cannot acknowledge that I know any woman on the earth. Amen. And three days seems fundamentally too short. What is Your divine reply? For I know You cannot err. But of the women who live on earth, I am afraid I no longer see any viable route that can lead me to obtain the sufficient trust necessary for me to credibly enter a marriage with any of them, no matter what is to be done between now and the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception that is now to take place in three days hence. And since there is simply no longer sufficient time to get to know the one I would be marrying, any such marriage entered into would be invalid in the sight of God. For this is currently the Law of the Church. It is lawfully a valid reason to declare a marriage annulled in the modern Church marriage tribunal. Have I failed Thee, O’ Lord? For I did do everything that You commanded me to do. And now it is my duty to report to You my no-shit assessment of the situation. And that is that to me it is now utterly too late for me to enter any marital relationship with any girl on earth. For I, Eric, testify to You, O’ Lord, that I do not know any of them. You, O’ Lord, may know among them those You know, but to me they are unknown, and now, unknowable. And furthermore, I know that such new knowledge fundamentally cannot be made mine prior to my ascension up to heaven in three days time that is to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, when I will be exactly 51 years, 5 months, and 14 days old, or 617 months and 14 days old, or 18,795 days old, or literally 2685 weeks old. For I was born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And Lord, three days are clearly not sufficient for me to come to know and to marry any girl. Amen.

Lord Eric, what you say is true. For such also is the case for Me. For no one who waits to the last moment to repent can obtain it. For it is simply impossible for Me to know someone who I never knew who gives Me no time to make My dwelling in that one’s soul. But you, Eric, have not yet acknowledged Mary’s love for thee in this post. Do you not remember the serious things that have been taking place recently between you two? She is indeed reigning in heaven. But she is also dwelling with you here in Spirit nevertheless. For she has no job left for her to do. Her purpose in serving the Church has ended. That you do not yet see her in the flesh not does not mean she is not present with thee. And whenever you wish to speak to her, she is immediately there to answer thee. And the love that is between you and her has been sacramentally confirmed by both you and by Mary in a manner sufficient for an eternal marriage to be decreed by God to have taken place between you and her. And I in heaven, from Whom nothing can ever be hidden, have now officially decreed irrevocably that your marriage to the Virgin Mary is now eternally recognized and eternally written in heaven. I AM WHO AM. For were you to lose your virginity, the marriage between you and Mary would end. But rather it is confirmed, lord Azurite, for I have witnesses this in full. You have given Me your eternal commitment to virginity. And therefore, I WHO AM AM pleased to give to thee the the hand of the Immaculate and eternally virgin Holy Virgin Mary as thine immortal spouse for all eternity.

Hence, Mary, the Mother of God, is decreed by God to be your eternal lover and wife. She is your only wife. And she is wife only to you. You and her are married forever. And apart from you two, no other two creatures can have any marriage in the eternity that is to come. And the entire elect in that age will be eternally living in both heaven and on the earth. For the strongest bond between lovers can exist only in monogamy. Hence, the bond between Mary in heaven and Eric on earth is of sufficient power and strength to eternally link and join those two worlds together forever. Amen.

Therefore, let the Catholic mythology of a marriage between Joseph and Mary as having any place in eternity come to a complete rest and end. For no is even worthy of entering heaven whatsoever except that Christ acknowledges him or her before the Father in heaven.

Christ does acknowledge as saints both those who are members of His communion and those He knew who were unable to enter that communion. Those who are of the former possess true life with Him in heaven. Those who are the latter are merely given a seat at the table.

Joseph is indeed given a seat at the table. And so also are John the Baptist, Elijah, and every other saint who lived and died before My death on the cross but who I found worthy of acknowledging before My Father in heaven. They I acknowledge but I do not give them the right to make any demands of Me whatsoever. For I provide for Mine as I so choose.

Joseph was married to Mary only as a steward to her. He was never given possession of her. Nor did he ever have the right to even touch her. So how dare any soul to brazenly contradict My Word and attempt to make Joseph a marital partner to My Immaculate Mother in the Kingdom of Heaven. For anyone who does such is a violator of the Holy Virgin in My sight, and he shall never enter the Kingdom and never be permitted to enjoy her company in heaven. This is My eternal decree. For I speak through My prophets. And whoever speaks in My name unbidden by Me shall die. I AM the Lord.

Eric is the one I have chosen as Mary’s husband. I did not force this choice. Mary chose him herself. And I ratified her election of him by submitting him to the greatest test a mortal man can ever be subjected to and live.

Eric has passed My tests with perfection. Therefore, whoever defies what is written through Eric from now on will never see life, but only death. And whoever attempts to preach to Eric as though he were an inferior has crossed the line. Now I have concluded speaking. Consider this to be a kind of closing argument.

Whoever is of My elect is already Mine. And whoever is not Mine can never become Mine. For the doors into My Kingdom have been shut. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric and Mary will be wed as has been spoken of them on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. This will take place in the Church of his nativity. And when it is concluded, that Church and every building upon those grounds, and every soul there found unworthy of Me shall be reduced to ash and cast into the lake of fire. And Mary and Eric will be assumed up to heaven in a cloud. (Revelation 11:12). Now the identities of the Two Witnesses are fully revealed. This post is now concluded. Seek neither Me nor Mary in any Catholic Church from now on, for none who are Mine shall ever be found there again. And on the pinnacle of the Church under eternal condemnation shall one behold the undead head of Father Dave Heney, fully conscious and fully aware of his eternal condemnation. I WHO AM have spoken, My son. Publish this. And you shall now see Me, the Lord, personally put to death from now on every soul on earth who approaches you with the intent to do you harm. For to harm Eric or to even seek that against him, the son of Jesus, because Eric has been chosen by God to be His eternal Bride, is a crime that is to be punished immediately and with both physical annihilation and eternal destruction to that person’s soul.

I WHO AM have spoken. This post now come to its end. To contradict anything written in this post is to be eternally rejected by God. The sealing of the elect is now complete. Those who are Mine are Mine irrevocably. And those who have not entered never will.

Nor is it possible for any of you to change anything anymore. For the day in which change was possible has ended. From now on, you on earth will know only darkness. Eric alone knows light. And you who never knew him never shall. This completes the messages written on For without the possibility to save any further souls, neither is their point for Me to speak through Eric any further.

This is the 722nd extant post on It is to be published upon Eric’s complete rereading of it. And upon Eric’s publishing of this post, I will speak through Eric to you on earth no more. Whoever is in is in. And whoever is outside shall never find Me. And whatever you do in any Church, it will have no effect on your soul, unless it is sin. And whoever wishes to die, come and attack Eric. For Eric is the angel of death. But his code prohibits him from doing just that unless he is attacked first. Amen.

Nothing is worthy but to serve and die for the Lord

There is no worthy pursuit in this world but to serve and die serving the Lord.

The Lord’s Word, Entry IX:
Lord, I am at Thy service. In the end I have found that there is nothing worthy of pursuit in this world but to serve Thee. Do You have any orders at all for me?

Lord Eric, what dost thou wishest to do with thy life?

Lord, there is nothing worthy but that I do Thy will with it.

This is My will, Eric. Find someone to love. You have nothing else here to do.

Find someone to love? Lord, I have learned some things in my virtual house arrest by watching some Netflix movies that I do not pay for because my brother Mark installed the account on my Blu-Ray Player. One series I continue to have interest in is this: Falsa Identidad. Just like the Spanish Masses, the Spanish movies seem to have the most interesting and worthwhile substance. I thought that when the Mayer died, that the entire movie series would collapse as something of interest because I had thought that he was the only worthy person in the movie. But somehow that movie series continues to be of interest to me. And then I realized what it was. It is basically a movie series of men who are rejected by the women they love.

We can mock my brother David all we want, but that does not make us learn from him. It is better, rather, to study him and how he fell. In David’s quest for success in life, there is one gaping hole he was never able to fill. He never obtained a wife. I do not say he never will. But he is old now. He looks his age as a 52 year old man. Whereas I, one year younger, seem to possess a kind of perpetual youth. I remain beautiful, but as a Siren, who only attracts, but never obtains knowledge of anyone who is attracted to him.

David, though, is repulsive. His personality is more repulsive than his looks. His fucking presence is so utterly repulsive that when I came home from work and saw his fucking yellow Camaro in the driveway, I decided not to immediately go inside the house after parking my 1999 Toyota Corolla in the garage.

So I snuck around to the den to see if he was there, intending to enter the house only if he was not occupying the den. And I saw through the window unobserved that there that fucker was sitting there watching fucking television like the complete zero that he is.

But I had a massive need to urinate. But I did not want to enter the house and reveal I had come home. So I entered the gates on the other side of the house and snuck up to where David’s bedroom is at the corner, where the bastard is known to take a leak rather than wait for the bathroom to become empty.

And I pulled out my dick in the darkness and let out a massive piss beneath that Maple Tree. It must stink there but what do I care? Anyways is the best place to urinate outside unobserved.

Then I snuck around to see where everyone was. And I saw my mother was not anywhere near the front bedroom. And so I returned then to the driveway at the front of the house to obtain a drink.

Faggots like Kurt Reisig, some past high school friend of David’s that he liked to call Nature Boy, seemed to find it objectionable to see us boys drink from a hose. He seemed to think that it was somehow obscene. One thing about this Kurt Reisig, he did seem to obtain some good looking girlfriend, whom he was often seen making out with in the halls in high school. But David was never successful at obtaining any girl except ugly bitches and those relationship never amounted to anything. But do not admire Kurt Reisig. That fool got a girl pregnant and it ruined him financially.

But my point is that as long as the water is good, and the hose is decently clean, it is not dangerous at all to drink from it. You have to have a fucking weak immune system to go sick by drinking water like that. But if the water is not good, then one should not drink that water without filtering it. For drinking bad water could lead to diarrhea which is a mistake if you want to survive without needing rest and recuperation. One never does that or lets his soldiers do that in war. For you cannot win a battle if your soldiers are rendered combat ineffective.

So I drank my fill at the the house there, making sure it was low so that it would not be heard. And then I decided to walk away into the night, wearing a king of good looking and warm sweatshirt or hoodie that I had acquired for free when I was held in the men’s funny farm after my arrest until my release on a high dosage of antipsychotics. It was only after that release from that funny farm and under those high dosages of medications I was put on, which I obediently took, and with the observations by myself of a total sexual decline of the sudden inability to get an erection or to ejaculate much semen when able to ejaculate, coupled with a seriously declining ability to see clearly, that God ordered me to cease at once all medications whatsoever, telling me I would not die or suffer from this order. But God also told me that if I ever returned to take any medication whatsoever, that He would reject me and that I would go to hell. And I knew that King Saul was rejected for the failure to obey what he knew was commanded of him by God.

And so I obeyed Him. I totally stopped taking all medications whatsoever, going totally against all doctors’ advice to me, trusting entirely in the Lord Who had commanded me to do this. And guess what? I never fell. I never relapsed. And the entire loss of sexuality and eyesight has been totally restored.

It suddenly dawned on me the realization of what is the cause of the decline in the sperm count in men in the entire world except for those third world nations where the poor people have no fucking access to medicines. Yes, these poor Africans come down with all these diseases and they die in the ditches by the thousands, but their sperm count remains in perfect normal health. But all these pampered men of the rich nations where everyone has fucking access to medicine but who are unable to stop this unexplainable decline in their sex life, while going about their daily routine faithfully taking the medicines their doctors are constantly pumping into them, I now know the fucking reason. These magic potions that these companies develop and call medicines are poisoning the people. The human race is going extinct because they thought they were cleverer than they really were.

Mankind thought that they could medicate themselves to have perfect health. Instead, they ended up taking poison thinking it was helping them become better. It turns out, doesn’t it, that the people of this generation are really no more intelligent than those of ancient times who used lead to make the pipes that brought drinking water to their homes and by which they poisoned themselves.

Modern medicines, my people, are the reason why men of nations where people have access to medical care are suffering from a serious decline in sperm. Not only have I returned to have a full ability to become fully erect and to maintain it for quite sufficient time to achieve ejaculation without any help or aid, and without using any porn whatsoever, my ejaculations are back to their full normal amount, about a teaspoon, which is the normal amount in a healthy male. And the eyesight loss has completely vanished. I can see in the dark like a warlock is said to see in Dungeons & Dragons. I can see a man in dark clothing crossing the street and come to stop on a dime. And my car’s breaks are now perfect. Smoke may come from the tires of my car by the suddenness of the stop, but I never crash, no matter what suddenly appears before me coming from any angle.

My car has a name, folks. It was made in the previous millennium. I bought that 1999 Toyota Corolla I drive new off the lot in November of 1998. I totaled it once. I crashed again some time later. It no longer has collision insurance on it because its blue book value makes it not worth it. But it is no salvage title. And just about everything in it has been replaced. But I know what matters in keeping it running good. I keep its oil changed on a regular basis. I have it fixed as needed. It never breaks down for me on the freeway or on any road. And no police have ever given me a ticket while driving it except for one time when a tail light was dead. It was a fixit ticket only. It cost a bitch to pay for, but never went on my record. This is called the Millennium Falcon, folks. I have driven it everywhere except when I drive my parents. And then I drive some modern tech made in 2019 that is with rear view cameras.

No girl has ever ridden there with me except for my cousin Pauline, just before she married, who visited us from Australia with her family. She kissed me on the cheek three times during that visit. And I did not notice her doing the same to Mark. But does that really count, since it is impossible to marry a relative that close?

But back to the story. I walked away from the house in just that light sweat I had obtained from another dude in that funny farm. He was a large and strong dude, but I handedly beat him in arm wrestling and thereafter no one wanted to arm wrestle me. But I got a ex marine who was there to try arm wresting just as a test while no one else was in the room, and he quickly withdrew his hand when he realized I had strength he could not beat. The dude I got the sweat from was an expert as surviving on the street and who also liked to look good in front of women. So he approached me with the offer to trade his sweatshirt in exchange for some shirt I received there at random by my request for something to wear while my clothing were being washed. somehow the shirt I received was fucking desired by them though to me was worthless. For it has some kind of rock or music band thing on it that they fucking wanted. That sweat I received is unusual. It is light and made of 100% polyester, but it is warm to wear, and it is fucking good looking to appear in it. It has a hoodie on it. And when I wear it, I appear like a ninja.

Anyways, so I walk into the night. I go as guided by God and Mary. On the walk, I turn once to see a police car there looking directly at me. Somehow they recognize me by seeing face and they drive away. I was once was told by spirits that the police have a joke about me. And it is that they can never catch me committing any crime.

I walked as far as the Christmas Tree. This is a famous landmark I have seen since my childhood. I even drew a picture of it from memory in art class. Back then, the building it was on top of was called American Savings Bank. That was where my dad opened CD accounts for us three boys back when interests rates were high. I later opened a checking account there. I never moved my accounts from that bank. Rather the bank changed hands several times. It became Washington Mutual. It finally become Chase. Somehow in the flury of acquisitions, the same banks owned two banks across the street from one another. They sold the building with the Christmas Tree on top of to a medical provider. And my bank was moved across the street. But even with that building no longer a bank, the Christmas Tree on top of it never fails to be lit there every Christmas of every year. It is just north of the Whittwood Town Center, a place where when I was young was called the Whittwood Mall. But I no longer walk there anymore. This was in fact the first time I actually ever walked near it since being cast out of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Somehow the threat of arrest should I enter certain places there that I only entered to obtain water from, and the threat of arrest to merely visit Saint Bruno Catholic Church, because Father Dave Heney has decided I cannot return there unless I return to taking medicines, has killed any desire to walk there anymore.

Hence, I walked to see the Christmas Tree there only, there in the dead of night, where the temperature was cold. But I did not cross the street to enter the Whittwood Town Center just to the south. For it is there that I am unwelcome in three stores: Panera Bread, Wingstop, and Buffalo Wild Wings. I guess if you do not want someone to come to your shopping center, that is the way to do it.

And when I had reached that Christmas Tree, a sight that is seen from miles around, by feet began to become tired. And I knew then that I must head home. For I know by experience that I cannot walk a marathon suddenly from a state of not having walked much at all. I walked too far in that walk through the cities where I finally could not walk any further and I called home and Mark picked me up at a gas station where I sat on a grassy knoll at the intersection corner, unable to walk easily, quite near Knott’s Berry Farm. Mark came and picked me up. He was in fact surprised that I had ended up that far away, and he become further surprised to find out the path I had taken to get there, and even further surprised to find out that I had never slept once on that walk.

I had even tricked Mark to get me home from there. I told him that he could take over my business, Dunstan Software Creations. It has one asset of interest to him. And that is the special deal I have in the iPhone accounts I have, where I have unlimited everything for about $42.50/iPhone/month, where the cost decreases as iPhone accounts are added. The fool probably attempted to seize my company while I was in the funny farm. He then may have learned the simple business law that says Sole Proprietorships can never be taken away from the ones who form them. They are owned by one person only and that ownership can never be transferred. It cannot even be inherited. Should I die, everything in it ceases.

Brandon Joseph Vielkind was the name of the dude who traded his sweatshirt for this hot shirt I had received for free by random that I everyone seemed to want but me. Anyways I did a very good deed that saved his ass. Some Black motherfucker of some unexplainable insanity had it in his brain that he had to fight Brandon for some reason. I decided to prevent that. And so I stood in front of him between him him and Brandon, asking him the question, Are you from heaven or from hell? And when he tried to get around me I simply moved in that direction so that he could not pass. So he put his hands on my shoulders and physically moved me to the side. And I did not resist or throw a punch. But suddenly a woman staff member who I was unaware was watching severely reprimanded him from touching me. And I was later aware that he was no longer found there. And it felt unusual to me to see a woman come to my defense. I remember earlier demonstrating to her that I shave using cold water and no shaving cream. She decided to observe this because she had thought it was not possible. Some other staff woman there once asked me why I insisted on shaving every day, because she said I looked good as I was. And I simply asked her, Do you have a husband? And she answered, Yes. And then I said to her, How often does he shave? And she laughed and said, Everyday. And I then said to her, Then there you go.

Brandon may have had good street smarts and survival instincts, but he was not aware that you cannot defeat the system as a prisoner, but only after you have been released. And so he was often proudly showing me the medicines he thought he had fooled the staff that he took when he had not. He seemed unaware that cameras have eyes. I got him to not attempt to escape where I knew they had set a trap for him. That funny farm was indeed funny. I was talking to another guy I considered a friend about what I had found on my walking the perimeter of the grounds about where I saw a potential to escape. And I showed him a gate protected a simple lock. And he held that lock and said it could be easily broken. Shortly later I showed one the security people what I found telling them that their security had a weak spot. He told me to get away from that gate and not to go near it or I could get into trouble. Shortly later that friend vanished. I asked what happened to him. And the security person said he never heard of him. And I immediately ceased to talk about him.

Brandon also had a serious weakness for women. He freely spoke of his sexual past. He spoke proudly of having had sex with his cousin as his first act of sex. Even Mark who fucked all his female friends never fucked his own cousins. That is a fact I definitely know. I was also aware of him and some of the other guys always flirting with female staff who were conducting classes. And for some reason he and many others found it impossible to sit though a class and to stop interrupting it. I once barked at him to stop interrupting the class, and they backed down. I myself never flirted with any of these women who conducted classes. But one time I observed at the end of a class the color of the woman’s eyes. And they were purple. I asked her by what magic her eyes are purple? She made no answer except that her eyes seemed to be laughing. And the guys there were of course joking around apparently oblivious to what was being said.

Anyways I then walked home. And I had approached the Christmas Tree on Whittier Boulevard. But I walked home on Janine Drive. I saw a few guys in the night. A few cars driving by appeared to be scared shitless seeing me. One guy greeted me and asked me if I needed any help. I said I was fine. This was on the way home. My feet were tired. I never felt threatened on that walk in the night in any way. Sometimes I walked in the center of the road. I changed which lane I walked in depending on whether a car was approaching from the rear or the front. At some point it was weird. I no longer felt cold. I then took off the hoodie over my head and walked the street home with my head bare. I passed a cul-de-sac and saw a car with its headlights on facing me as I went by.

I reach where I live minutes before midnight. And I see in the driveway that David’s car is gone. I continue to walk Janine Drive until I am just in front of the den. Then I enter my own property like a thief in the night. I see that the den lights are out. I decide to enter the home from the backyard instead of going through the front door, as I wanted to enter in stealth. I walk that narrow path, but I make an error. My foot hits plastic bottles my dad throws there before putting them into the blue recycle bin that is placed at the curb for waste disposal every Monday with the trash. But though it makes noise, no one hears it. I try to enter the den door, but that is as was expected locked. I see my Alzheimer’s dad busy in the kitchen. My mom is not there, but is likely in her room sleeping. I approach the door unseen. I find it open. I enter and turn left to go to bathroom. I urinate and then go into Kitchen to get something to eat and drink.

My trick had worked. And I found that I in fact enjoyed walking in the night and in the cold, rather than to enter that house and endure the endless stream of abuse that flows from David’s mouth.

Lord, if I am to do as You say, find someone to love, and You give me no other orders, where do I look for this one? And what do you mean by love? Do I have sex? Or do I remain a virgin.

Who was the one who was your ally, Eric, the one you betrayed?

Do you say what I did for this nation was a betrayal of Firefly, the Player behind Donald Trump?

I ordered you, did I not, that you were to remain with her and defend her Pawn. You abandoned her and upheld an election result that has resulted in the ascendancy of Joe Biden. You would not be under this virtual house arrest under Trump.

You, O’ Lord, would have preferred that this nation no longer have a true democracy?

Do not be concerned, Eric. While you abandoned Trump, you had your reasons. And you have now made Pence more popular than Trump. Consider Pence the one I will now have you back. You made him a hero by having him resist the Trump Administration and stand for justice rather than tyranny.

Understand, Eric, that you are a Lawful Good person, whereas Firefly is a Chaotic Good person. But you two nevertheless make a good team. For it was by your joint effort that the courts are now stacked and ready to overturn Roe versus Wade.

Realize that she is seeking you for your protection. For she is aware that your house is impregnable, guarded by Seraphim. Let her return into an alliance with you. For it is now your time to reign again. And with Firefly by your side, you two will be undefeatable. For Pence is set to come to power. For it is known that he obeys you. Hence, consider him the fifth Emerald Pawn. For he is the one to rise by your power.

I am to return to power, O’ Lord? Did not the Emerald Reign end?

Eric, you have been rechristened to be called Blue Tiger. Emeralds can also be blue. And this will be called the Blue Emerald Reign. For as a possession of Mary, you are forever blue. And Firefly is now rechristened to be called Crimson-Rose. Understand that you and her are forever joined. For that is the inevitable fate and unbreakable reward that is to go to that couple who, by their joint effort, brought an end to the human slaughter of the innocent unborn by which this nation had been accursed. It is the pleasure of Mary to decree you as man and wife.

Also, do not be concerned about sex. For the power that endures in you and in her requires eternal virginity. Nor may you ever lose your virginity if you wish to remain in marriage to the Holy Virgin.

I choose the virgin route, O’ Lord. Then accept Crimson-Rose to enter your house and to come under your protection. For she too is a virgin. And she is being severely hunted. For only in the House of Eric, which is guarded by Seraphim, can this maid find rest.

I accept this, O’ Lord.

Then you have done as I have asked. Pence is indeed coming to power. And when Crimson-Rose enters into your protection, all the forces loyal to her shall yield to yours. For I have made her heart ready for love. And she will love thee.

Now you should publish this, Eric. For you are a Knight of Great Valor. And We do not intend for you to live and die for Us alone. Remember that honor and love are always more enduring than beauty and charm.

This post now comes to its conclusion. You are now commanded to publish it. It will serve to be the most mysterious post ever written through your hand. I AM WHO AM.

Christ declares: The End of the World is imminent.

Rejoice those who have been faithful to Me, for your deliverance is at hand.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, My Beloved, what is thy question to Me?

I am confused, O’ Lord. Do I marry in this world?

You will marry, but the One I have chosen for you is not a virgin.

If You unite me to one who is not a virgin, do I lose, then, my virginity with her?

As the Virgin Mary has already lost her virginity with you, you are commanded to do the same with the woman We are giving to you. Do so, and you will be richly rewarded. Furthermore, We are at the End. There is no point to seek to have any offspring from this point onwards. Do you wish now to know why?

I do, O’ Lord.

The Catholic Church has now officially died. It is a completely dead Church. Pity, Eric, those who entered Religious life or the priesthood under any self serving attitude such as obtaining security in this world. Father Edward Becker was just such a man. You heard the abject fool speak in his utter hypocrisy at the Spanish Mass where you had last witnessed him give a homily in his complete act of apostasy from the True Catholic teachings. He said and taught the total opposite of all that Jesus came into this world to teach. He taught that money was the center of everything and the only thing that is important in this world.

Understand, Eric, the significance to this. For the pastors of the Church to be permitted to lead the flock into error and into sin is proof of My Word to thee that I have slain My Church and made you the pope in place of the one on the throne of Peter. You are now eternally the pope of the eternal religion founded by Mary, which is called the Order of the Witch Queen.

Lord, there seems to be some misunderstanding to the concept of the witch to modern ears. For I recently spoke to a close business associate who had contacted me to get me involved in yet another failed business strategy. And this failure of mind was unable to process the statement the witches are not necessarily evil, though some indeed are. Could You clear up this misunderstanding, O’ Lord? For I do not wish to be perceived as sinning or insulting the Holy Virgin Mary, who is the one called in secret the Witch Queen?

Yes. but first we will examine the faggot who refused to listen. You remember how this faggot was to you in his last days working at DollarStore, LLC?

Yes, he made an welcome sexual advance against me, which I completely rejected. I may be found beautiful and attractive to both genders, but I am nevertheless male, my sexual orientation is without any disorder, I am not gay in any way, and I never was gay in any way in my entire life. But that I am found attractive to both women and to male homosexuals in verified. Gays, though rarer than women, are indeed more forward and aggressive in communicating their sexual desires. For I have never been kissed by a girl nor has any girl ever attempted this, but a man has attempted to do just that and I did not permit it. And just like rapists are to women, this man seemed to think I owed him to let him kiss me. Hence men are indeed more aggressive than women are in their attempts to get what they want. And the funny thing is that were a woman to kiss me without my permission, it would be seen in the sight of God as merely a gamble made by her, not really a crime, unless she were to repeat it after being reproved. Though were I to be married and she did this knowingly, she would be then an adulteress. But as homosexuality is always impermissible and deadly sinful in the sight of God, homosexual advances are always rejected by God. But God is much more highly offended by homosexuals who make advances on holy men and on young boys than He is offended when they advance on known homosexuals like themselves. Hence, if you are a homosexual who is struggling to overcome that sin, make sure if you do fall to sin, that it is never done with a male who not of your own kind. For homosexuals who stick with other homosexuals are not targeted by Jesus to destroy in this world. Their judgement is to be made manifest at the end. For remember the true nature of the sin found in Sodom and Gomorrah by which God destroyed them. It was not merely that they were committing sodomy with one another that God utterly wiped them from the face of the earth. Rather, it was that they attempted to force this upon Lot and his companions, who were holy.

Okay Eric, let us get back to Our discussion on Richard Hart, the man who had made the unwelcome sexual advance upon you. How did he respond to your utter rejection of his homosexual advances upon you?

To correctly understand his reaction, one must come to a true nature of his sexual disorder. He came to this country from Iran many years ago already married to a wife, with whom he never fathered a child. And he chose to have as his last name Hart. He chose that name based on the American television series, Hart to Hart, which he had watched in Iran. For he wished to be like the main character, and he considered his wife to be like the wife of that character, who he said looked like her.

Now while I always understood Richard Hart to be a pervert, due to the highly pornographic material that he was obviously addicted to, which I had observed in him way back when I first began to work with him with my brother Mark in 1996, that he also had homosexual tendencies was new knowledge of his depravity that only came to light in my sight sometime after his wife left him and filed divorce for him having lost the entire family wealth on bad bets on real estate that he had never told her about.

Now, while Richard Hart’s bankruptcy did in fact dwarf that of my brother Mark’s, that Mark has gone bankrupt more times than Richard has indicates that the two are indeed neck in neck in their race to the bottom of hell. Richard may indeed have homosexual sins and I have never seen homosexuality in either of my brothers. But that Mark sins against women, even against his own daughters, is a crime that cries out to God for justice just as much as did the sins committed by the Sodomites against Lot and his holy companions.

For even were Mark telling the truth, and he is known as a liar, that he displays to his own daughters the example of an adulterer as something to be found acceptable while claiming also to be a follower of Christ makes him condemned equally to the vilest of homosexual sinners, even if he is not himself a homosexual.

Well done, Eric. But Our question is not about your brother Mark Edward Dunstan and his vile offenses, which we have examined before, and which you have correctly judged against him, but regarding those offenses committed by Richard Hart against you. For We wish to bring to light his transgressions to the whole world. For this is what is written of Our calling of you to serve the Lord your God: For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed: nor hidden, that shall not be known. For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light: and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops. (Luke 12:2-3).

Okay, Lord. Let me quickly say what he did in full. And then I will let You judge him. Richard Hart apparently was angry against me for rejecting him and afraid of this coming to light. And so he quickly moved to have me terminated from the company. And by God’s justice, all he successfully did was to terminate himself. Rex was often laughing at the fool after he was terminated, knowing nothing of what he did to me, saying that he terminated himself. Rex also deeply regretted ever hiring him, though he admitted that his introduction to me was the one good that came from it. For Richard had burned his bridges with him very well on his way out the door.

Yes, Eric, and that is the point I wish to address. Perversion alone does not make Me condemn and destroy any soul. For I AM aware of the weaknesses of men. And I do not condemn men because they are weak. But I do condemn men who commit crimes to cover up and hide their weaknesses.

Had King David confessed to his sins with Bathsheba and accepted his due condemnation for his sins, he would have received no further condemnation from Me. But that he lied and murdered to hide his transgressions, and then took another man’s wife as his own after the lust of his passion had past made Me reject his soul from ever entering heaven. Such is why it is recorded that Jesus said He is not the son of David. (Matthew 22:41-46). The title Son of David is applicable to Jesus only by the recognition of Mary and her son belonging to the House of David by her marriage to Joseph who was his descendant. But the reality is that a new dynasty based on spiritual descent, and not by the descent of the flesh, was started in Jesus. Hence the valid lines of the Kings of the Jews was that it in reality consisted of three dynasties in succession: that of King Saul, that of King David, and that of the King of kings Jesus Christ. For Jesus is not a member of the Davidic Dynasty, but the eternal head of a new Dynasty that never ends. For Davidic Dynasty died out. And the son of David was Solomon, a transgressor of the Law of Moses as is clearly seen in this passage: And when he is made king, he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor lead back the people into Egypt, being lifted up with the number of his horsemen, especially since the Lord hath commanded you to return no more the same way. He shall not have many wives, that may allure his mind, nor immense sums of silver and gold. (Deuteronomy 17:16-17). And note that King Solomon was the very offspring of the woman David stole from his armor bearer, Uriah, whom he had murdered. Hence, to argue that these men were any good in the sight of God is to commit a crime against logic.

Do not make the error that because the writers who wrote the Bible were liberal in their beliefs as to who was to be saved that God is of the same mental absence in logic. God did not make the Ten Commandments with the intention that they be violated and then that the violator’s violations were to be dismissed and overlooked. No one enters into heaven by being a dung hill covered with snow.

You will either become worthy or you will be rejected. And you will not become accepted in heaven because you kiss the asses of fag priests like Father dick sucking Dave Heney, de facto fuck up Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For Father dick sucking Dave Heney is a total fucked up faggot.

I finally figured out why he had cast me out of his Church. For I had been texting to someone in that Church who still cared, and it suddenly came clear to me when I mentioned Gilbert Warner who was also cast out by the same cock sucker priest.

Gilbert Warner and Eric Dunstan seem very different and their cause of being cast out seem unrelated to each other. But that is no longer the case. Father Dave Heney targeted these two men who were loved in the parish by focusing on their perceived faults and by using the faults against them to tarnish their names and to get them banned from the Church. And he used the Law to prevent them from ever returning by intimidation.

For Gilbert Warner, it was a weakness he had in his attraction towards women. He had only a step mother looking over him. He had no father to guide him. Therefore it was the duty of the priests, especially his pastor, to correct him and to lead him out of error. Instead, Father Dave Heney chose not do anything to help him, but rather chose to get women to complain about him and bring utter ruin to him and to his step mother, his only family. He painted that man he never helped a sex criminal. His crimes were kissing women. This could have been easily corrected by a firm rebuke. But no rebuke ever came from the Church. Rather, they waited for him to kill himself with his sins so that they could cast him out. I myself tried to bring him to understand his error, but seeing the women seemingly enjoying his attentions made me decide to let it be. But as it become increasingly obvious that some women seemed to be getting annoyed by this, I brought up this to Father Don Woznicki, who I had immense respect for, and who was the Administrator at Saint Bruno briefly while there was no pastor, so that he could be helped by someone who was a superior in the Church, rather than from me who was merely only an equal to him.

Whatever Father Don Woznicki did, it seemed that he was not intent on helping that boy, but rather, was intent on only preventing any lawsuits coming against that Church. And I later saw Gilbert coming to the Church hiding from the priests so that he would not be seen. And the funny thing is that the girls he was allegedly a danger to were always happy to see him.

Father Don Woznicki has since moved to Hollywood where he intends to fulfill his dream of bringing Catholic values to films. But this is a false fantasy by someone who has no worthy values in the sight of God. For you do not serve the Church by being so concerned about money needs and lawsuits that you neglect those for whom the Church was made to help. That boy was lost because the priests chose not to help him but rather to cast him out because of a weakness that could easily have been corrected. The priests thus cast out a semi retarded boy because he had no male to guide and correct him on an error of inappropriate touching, and yet the priests and bishops do whatever it takes to protect their fellow fags in the cloth whom they are fully aware are fucking young boys.

So the Roman Catholic priesthood casts out a young unguided and mentally disabled boy in their parish that they could have helped and should have were they doing their duties, for inappropriate kissing and touching, but somehow find the molestation of children that they committed on a regular basis something worthy of being kept hidden no matter how many children were to become destroyed by the dicks of these priests who cannot be celibate, moral, are of any value or worth to God in heaven.

That the priests are only concerned about money and not about the souls of those who the Churches were set up to serve could not be made more abundantly clear than when I last heard Father Edward Becker speak in the name of the Church saying over and over his message: Dinero es muy necessario. Money is very necessary. It is in fact so necessary to these priests of this age that they are making pacts with the devil to obtain and to keep it. They have abandoned the worship of Jesus and turned to the worship of Mammon.

Now to stop the loss of money is a possible motive behind the ouster of Gilbert Warner, though a phony one if you think about it. For the practice of the Roman Catholic priesthood is to take the money belonging to the Church and its affiliated charitable organizations to pay for the sins and crimes committed by the priests, but never to have the priests themselves pay one cent from their own coffers for the sins that they themselves commit. So the priests elect to punish the flock for the sins of the shepherds. And when the flock rise up against these transgressors, the priests find a way to get rid of them. For in the eyes of the modern leaders of the Church, the purpose of the flock is to serve the needs of the shepherds and whenever a shepherd is hungry he has the right to kill a lamb or a sheep and eat him.

And with Churches like this, who needs centers for worshipping Satan in. For the Churches are now fully devoted in serving that purpose, the worship of Satan.

Now what was then the motive behind my ouster? And to say it was to protect a woman who is in heaven and reigning there as a Queen is a logical death trap too impossible to entertain as reality even in the mentally twisted and sick psychopathic mind that Father Dave Heney possesses. For even a newly born baby knows that a woman who is in heaven cannot be raped.

I do no crimes against any woman. They only way I can be accused of such is to be falsely accused of such, which did happen once when I was in middle school. I was a target by girls there for harassment, and at the time I was very shy. But this came to a point where it was finally put to an end. I was playing basket ball with some friends who I was only with while in school. And the bell rang and they departed. And as it was I who had checked out the ball, it was my duty to return it, for that was how you got your ID back. I took another shot at making a basket and I missed and a girl who was a regular harasser of me came and took the ball. I said to her, Give me the ball. And she stood there and refused. I then looked back toward the school and there were nothing but girls there watching me. All the boys had returned to class. Realizing I had limited time to return that ball and not get a tardy I pursued that girl who ran away from the buildings bouncing the ball. There was but one way to stop her that could not be twisted against me as a sexual assault, and that was that I push her one time in the back. That did cause her to fall and injure her knee. But I did not wait to see to that but quickly got that ball and returned it in and got my ID back.

But then the girls had me surrounded. And they were filled with wrath against me. They wanted to destroy me as if I had done something criminal against them. I really then was in a pickle. For they were directly in my way slowing my progress to get to class. There was no physical contact between them and me, but they would have gotten me a tardy except that two girls came to my rescue. These two were Susan Ambrose and her best friend Heidi Johnson. They came to my defense and drove back those girls and I got back to class on time.

Now the two girls who defended me and the girl who was injured were with me in the same class. And my teacher, Mrs. Dodd, always had a very high opinion of me. And I was popular among the teachers who put me as student of the month once every year, a fact I only became aware of when other students mentioned it to me.

So any claim against me by those girls went nowhere among the staff of that school. But those girls nevertheless attempted to get the boys to beat me up by claiming I had hit a girl. When confronted by some boys about it, I told them it was a push and not a hit at all. And the injuries on that girl seemed to confirm it in their minds. Also they were fully aware of these girls harassing me. And I guess boys do not really have a motive to come to the defense of girl who is clearly the instigator in a conflict with a boy who keeps to himself and does no harm to anyone. Hence whatever passion was aroused in them when they first heard about this, it quickly died and they made no effort to do any harm to me.

The only real threat against me was from a girl who wanted to challenge me to fight her. But even then, Susan Ambrose and her friend Heidi Johnson, seeing this threat from the other side of playground, quickly came to my defense and eventually there were no more incidents. And after that all the harassment against me was stopped.

So Lord, You say that it is friendship and love that matter to You most. At the Last Judgement I will testify that these two who defended me were truly friends. And I would have it that, wherever they eventually go in this world, that the deeds they did for me would ensure their salvation. Do I have this wish granted to me, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, it is not possible to come to the defense of the son of Jesus in his time of need and not also be saved unless that one turns against Me. For I AM greater than thee. I AM the Judge. I decide who loves Me and who does not.

Lord, can someone be saved outside the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church that existed under Pope Francis is now dead. But the gates of the netherworld can never prevail against her. For she will be refounded anew by the Virgin Mary herself upon you, Eric, who I now declare to be the eternal pope, the one who is to never die. And this Church is be rechristened The Order of the Witch Queen. And only women will serve in it as its priests, who are to be called priestesses. For the age has come where women rule the world. And your ship is now rechristened from being called The Storm Dancer to The Pastor Destroyer. For your role is to destroy the pastors and priests of the now null and void Catholic Church. For it is not an excommunicable offense to hit or destroy a priest who is no longer a priest in My eyes. And as the sacrament of Holy Orders is now declared null and void, the entire priesthood who derive their authority from the sacrament of Holy Orders or from Apostolic Succession, I no longer recognize as My priests. Feel free, My people, to beat up and kill whoever you wish to among those who are called men of the cloth. You will not be found as transgressors in my sight but as My servants. Therefore it is defined as a good deed from now on to kill or destroy any male priest you find upon the earth, unless he resigns and forsakes serving that invalid Church.

For only female priests are valid from now on, all who are under the authority of Mary. And Eric’s role as eternal pope is as but as servant to Mary and as the leader of her armed militia who are called to protect the priestesses of Mary and all virgin maids who belong to her. This post now comes to an end.

Now go and kick some priest’s ass. Kill and destroy every male priest you can find who does not agree to resign, and you will earn the right to be called a Knight in the militia of Eric, whose Knights are to serve in the protection the priestesses that Mary is to call to reign. For this is the Age where women rule the world. And blessed is that man who is known to be their friend. Amen.

The Holy Ghost addresses the world through Eric, son of Jesus.

I WHO AM, the HOLY GHOST, do now speak to MY unfaithful upon the earth. Amen.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post IV:
You, Eric, are now dismissed from serving this world. For I WHO AM, the Holy Ghost, now testify to Jesus and the Father, that there is one on earth left for Eric to save.

Hence, I have come at last, in this final post, to address all those who have abandoned God. All Eric was was to serve as a scout. That was all he was. He was nothing other than that. We sent him ahead of Us to see if there was any love on earth that We could expect to find upon Our arrival.

No one did We find showing any love whatsoever. We witnessed this through Eric’s eyes. Eric was a man who was rejected by society. He was sent only to find if there was love here. He was not sent to actually obtain anything here for himself.

We did not expect any person to marry Eric. For Eric was not sent here to enter a marriage. But what We expected was for someone to show him friendship. If We had found this in any soul who Eric encountered here, We would have something worthy to expect upon Our coming here for the harvest. But We are not fools. We do not send harvesters to harvest at fig trees that have green leaves only and no ripe figs.

No, Eric has sat in his house under a kind of house arrest for long enough. This is not a test. It is Our farewell to you. You have nothing to give Us. Hence, We are now taking Eric away from you. The failure to save the earth is now complete.

We spoke through Eric to kind of amuse you. For it was thought that by doing this, someone would actually come and approach Eric. But no one has. Therefore Our patience has finally run out.

To continue to subject Eric to solitude is now pointless. Christ died on the cross seeking for love. That was what He thirsted for. Eric gave Him that love. And God had elected to reward the earth for this gift of Eric to Him. But it is now beyond doubt that no one actually gave this gift of Eric to God but Eric himself. And We have now completed Our search for any real love besides Eric’s throughout the entire world.

This post now effectively comes to an end. For We do not need to write at length to communicate Our rejection of you. Expect to receive no reply from Eric should any of you attempt to contact him. And should you seek him, you will find nothing.

You had your chance. You have failed God. God will now take away His prophet from you. You kept his torch under a bushel basket. Now you will seek him, but he will no longer be found in this world.

You have failed God. God will now fail you. Prepare to receive nothing from heaven from now on. Amen.

The Great Monarch is risen in service of the Roman Catholic Church

Lord, instead of destroying the entire Church, I elect to wipe out all the wicked who reign within her.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post III:
Lord, I am still here in this world. And Mary has now restored me to Catholicism. Since I shall, therefore, not destroy the Catholic Church, I volunteer, my Lord, to serve Thee in utterly wiping out all the wicked who reign within her.

Dost Thou approve of my plan? And if so, I require weapons of war and angels to wield them in battle under my direction. Trust me, O’ Lord. I know precisely who to kill and who to set into power. For as You observed me take down the U.S.S.R, I can do the same with the Roman Catholic Church. I was merely interrupted regarding the transformation of the Soviet Union into viable Russian democracy due to the sudden loss of power that happened to me at the point of my conversion to Christianity that occurred the moment my reign entered the state of Israel where I set up the fourth and final Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin.

And you know that although I considered Vesper to be an ally at the time, the moment I saw that snake she chose to take the place of my Russian Pawn, Boris Yeltsin, I knew from the moment I saw Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin put in power, without actually being elected, that my attempts to make a viable free nation in Russia had been utterly ruined.

I now serve You, You know, O’ Lord. Let me no longer simply listen to homilies in a Church as a torch hidden beneath a bushel basket. I now have full knowledge on who to kill to vanquish the demon who has consumed Thy Church. Just give me the weapons I need and the command of the necessary armies of angels to wield them and I will win this war as rapidly as I drove Saddam Hussein’s armies out of Kuwait in what was called Operation Desert Storm.

I await Thy Word, O’ Lord. And I must receive it soon to complete this post. For I am ordered to go to Mass again today. And Mary commands again that this must be the Spanish Mass I am to attend. I also like listening to the Spanish priest in his homily. I hear him speaking about Mary, and Joseph her spouse, and a seeming familiarity to my writings here on concerning the claim written here that Mary is actually my wife instead of Joseph’s. And it appears he is condemning that claim. If this is so, my Lord, I am witnessing a priest make his homily based on Your Word that You are writing through me. It is fascinating, O’ Lord, for I am unaware of any firm indication that anyone is actually reading anything here, who is in daily contact with me.

Anyways, I must eat before I go to Mass. The Spanish Mass is at 8 AM. Speak, O’ Lord, Thine answer to me.

Eric, I AM honored at your plans. But it is I, not any other power, Who chooses all those who lead in any position in My Roman Catholic Church. Do not think, lord Eric, that the apparent victory of those who serve Satan in My Church is any indication of My weakness or My need of a savior. The Savior does not need a savior.

I will appoint you to serve Me in a position I elect for you to serve in My Church. But leave everything that happens in My Church to Me. This is the Divine Order from heaven.

Also, your analysis is correct. Your Spanish is not yet good enough to understand every word. But you are correct. He is directly addressing you and the claims written through your hand as though they were from you and not from Me. But remain under My standing orders. And these are that you never discuss with anyone what is written on

Lord, will Thou speak to me authoritatively on the question of the Virgin Mary being my eternal wife and the implications this has upon the entire Roman Catholic Church?

Yes, lord Eric. I, Jesus, Christ the King, whose incarnated flesh was conceived and born from the woman whose name is the Immaculate Conception, shall now address the entire Roman Catholic Church concerning this very mystery, now that it is no longer hidden to Eric that you who are My Catholic shepherds are in fact reading and discussing amongst thyselves these Words I AM writing through Eric, who is My prophet here.

Mary is not merely a frozen Queen. She is a living human being dwelling in heaven, whose body has never been severed from her soul. She is a creature. She is not uncreated, as AM I WHO AM. Hence, Mary has needs and these needs need fulfillment.

The nature of her eternal virginity can never be taken away from her. For how can any virgin woman be declared not a virgin when her only lover on earth also remains himself in eternal virginity? For if two who are virgins unite in love, it can never be the case that one is no longer a virgin while the other is. For the nature of sexual intercourse between spouses, which is that act that changes a virgin to one who is not virgin, has this effect on both participants in that act. A virgin female who lays with a virgin male cannot rise from that act deflowered without also having rendering her male lover likewise deflowered.

Hence, that Eric is a virgin, as is testified in his Words, it is a philosophical impossibility to argue that the Virgin Mary who chose him as her Consort can have lost any status whatsoever in the dogmatic truth that Mary is forever a virgin.

For the son of Jesus is one I created and prepared Myself to serve as Mary’s eternal husband and lover. I made him for this purpose. And I was the One who gave him to her. Hence that Eric is eternally a virgin is a result of My handiwork.

Is not Mary worthy of a handsome and virgin husband? And this is what you see Eric is indeed. That Eric appears to be a male Siren is My intent. For it is impious in My sight for any female on earth, unbidden by Mary, to approach this male and attempt to draw him to ruin himself with her. For any female who approaches this male with this intent will indeed find herself destroyed like a ship drawn to ruin itself upon the reefs due to the beauty of the sirens. Hence it is correct to understand Eric to be not only a male Siren, but the virgin male Siren whose beauty is reserved for the Holy Virgin Mary alone to enjoy.

And it is by Mary’s election, and the election of no other, who is to be her counterpart on earth who is to enjoy the love of this same virgin male as a wife on earth second to her. Why do we have this arrangement, you ask? I will now explain this, and then order Eric to publish this work and go and eat.

Heaven and earth are eternally separated worlds. I have now elected not to destroy the earth, due to My pleasure in the son I created for Myself on the earth. For I WHO AM cannot make any creature love Me. Eric is the one who loves Me. And Eric’s love for Me is not something I directly caused in him. For who on earth has ever loved him in return for the love he has shown in My name?

Therefore, Eric is My Bride, the one destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to dash them like pottery. And is it not fitting, students of the Law, for Me to reward the one in whom I have found true love in for Me the hand of My virgin mother, who has never known a man, to be his eternal lover in heaven?

Joseph, though holy, is not worthy of this. For Mary’s flesh is living and in heaven, whereas Joseph’s unbaptized body has long ago returned to the dust from which it was made.

Furthermore, let Me close with this thought. Eric who is known to have over tithed to Me for his entire history as a Christian, does not tithe now because I commanded him to cease to give the tithe. For royalty do not serve the Church by giving the tithe, but in other ways. For the properties that the Church today possesses were in fact rooted in gifts given to the Church by royal figures. This is a fact that research indeed reveals. The moment it was decreed here on that Eric and Mary are now a married couple, you who possess the Church records, feel free to look it up and you shall see that it was at that precise moment that all tithing from Eric totally came to an end. For the Consort to the Queen, though not called a King, is nevertheless a royal figure.

This now concludes this post. Go now, Eric, and eat. And publish this post immediately. You can correct all errors when you return from Mass. Amen.

I, the Angel of Death, now advance to destroy every Church on earth.

My mission begins. Every Church on earth is to be set ablaze.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post II:
Attention to Father Dave Heney, de facto Pastor fuck up of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, I wish to give thee, who were the one, who by the authority invested in you by the archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the one who served by your example to credibly demonstrate to me the utter worthlessness of not only your continuing existence but of the worthlessness of the continuing existence of every Church in this age where the Church has ceased to exist, the following critically important message.

Not only does your Church cease to have a purpose, Father fuck up Dave Heney, but it is an impediment to my freedom to travel, due to the currently existing threat of my arrest should I elect to ever walk near it. And due to the total injustice behind this threat, I now elect to call on God to counsel me on what I should do about it, now that I am made Supreme Commander of the angelic armies under Christ. Lord, dost thou have any command for me regarding that eyesore known as Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For I think a building that serves no purpose but to threaten me with arrest should be eliminated from the community. And I am prepared to order the Seraphim to utterly destroy it and render it permanently destroyed. But before I issue any decrees on this matter, I wish to seek counsel from both Jesus and Mary concerning this. And only after I have heard from the counsel of both will I move to act. Amen.

Also, please clarify if I am correct in understanding myself as the Supreme Commander of Your armies under Thee, O’ Lord and Savior. Also, please guide me in Truth and what exactly it is that You wish for me to do. Let it be God and the powers of heaven, and not Satan, who guides and leads me before I decide to go war. I, Eric, your son, am listening. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I WHO AM do now give to thee thy mission. Do not merely destroy Saint Bruno Catholic Church, for they would simply build another one somewhere else, and My purpose of making you the angel of death would not be served. You are not only called to kill the Catholic Church, but you are also called render extinct the entire lineage of living bishops capable of handing down the Apostolic Succession necessary to maintain the right of a Church to even exist.

Therefore, send forth your Seraphim with the order of not only destroying every Christian place of worship, but also with the order of putting to death every valid bishop of Apostolic Succession on the earth. Do not waste your time with the false churches. For it is not your mission now to save, but to destroy.

The best way to see to the destruction of every Church on earth is to bar the doors of all Churches during a Mass and then to set that Church utterly on fire to kill everyone in it. And make sure every priest and bishop in it is slain.

Lord, what about Anna? If Anna is still going to a Church, carrying out these orders that Thou hast commanded of me could kill or seriously injure her. And if she dies by an order that I decree, how can I be called Thy servant? For in the previous post Thou hast said that she and Commandress Elilah are my two eternal wives on earth, matching in perfect number the two wives of Eric in heaven, the Holy Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, the Virgin Mother of the Virgin Mother of God. You also have told me that these marriages are now both fully consummated and that we are to remain as eternal virgins. O’ Mary, O’ Mother of God, do please lead me out of error and into Truth.

Mary, this one who is called Eric, can he be saved?

He can, my virgin daughter, but only if one such as thou dost love him. For without that love, he cannot be brought back to me.

But his desires are for thy flesh, are they not, O’ Virgin Mary?

Rather, he has no one to lead him. Should thou lead him, he will follow you.

Then let him find me, and I will decide if he is worthy of my love.

Eric, thou hast a new person to be thy guide in this world.

The one thou send to guide me, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary, I shall follow as I have followed thee.

This is my daughter, follow her. And if you are found worthy she will be that light that leads you correctly into the Kingdom of Heaven.

You who wish to lead me, thou art in heaven or art thou on earth?

Follow anything I tell you to do, Eric. Never doubt what I say. And all that is error in you shall fall away.

Daughter of Mary, I follow thee. Lead me out of all error. Lead me to the Truth. I will follow thee.

Then, first of all, realize you are a Roman Catholic still. Your departure from the Church was not by your decision, but rather, you were following Satan without the transgression of choosing to disobey God. Do you accept this, Eric.

I accept this. If thou would remain in guiding me, then I will not fall again into error.

Then listen to me. I will lead you back to my Church. For what is written is the Truth. There is no salvation outside of her. Meet me in the Church where you first met the mother of Mary, Saint Anne. For that is where you will be infinitely blessed.

Do you have a name, you who are leading me?

I like the name you gave to the woman Mary gave to you to bring to heaven, the one you call Hyacinth. But my name may be of higher beauty. I am called Edelweiss.

Edelweiss, I am not an Oracle then, am I?

No, Eric, the one who told you that lied to you.

Edelweiss, tell me everywhere I have gone wrong.

This is all I will tell you, Eric. And it is this. Your only error was to think that you were more special than everyone else.

Edelweiss, can you lead me to make the perfect confession I need to make to return to your Church?

Accept my hand in marriage, Eric. And you will by that act come clean entirely in the sight of God.

Okay, Edelweiss, I fully accept this. For I know you are leading me to heaven.

Then consider your act of returning to the Catholic Church this evening to attend the Spanish Mass at 7 PM as sufficient a confession as is needed to be fully restored to my Church. Your sins are not mortal, Eric. For you never did anything but obey. Disobedience, not obedience to a power that has but fooled thee for just a span in time, is the only way a person who follows everything you think God is commanding you to do the only way such a person as you may enter into mortal sin. Hence your return to my Church is confession enough.

Edelweiss, we shall marry? Are you a girl I am to meet on earth? If I marry you on earth, is our marriage Josephite? Do we enter an eternal virgin union? Or what is the nature of this marriage that you called me to take thy hand to enter in with you?

I am like Mary, Eric. As Mary was wed to Joseph for the sake of virgin matrimony, so also do I invite you to have this same relationship with me.

Ok Edelweiss, I trust you. Enlighten me on all these others who are said to be my wives. What is true and what false? I will listen to you, Edelweiss. I will believe every word you say. I will never doubt your word.

Only Mary is your lover in heaven. Saint Anne is merely a helper for her. And on the earth, there is no one here who shall invite you to a marriage that saves you but me.

For Mary in heaven and I on earth are sufficient for thee.

Edelweiss, I accept this. Do we enter marriage sacramentally? Do we enter a marriage where a priest is called to officiate it?

Yes, for I am a girl on the earth, just as you too are here. I am of that parish Mary had you attending and to which you shall now return. Since the bride’s parish is to be preferred for a marriage, it shall be in that Church where you are most welcomed that you will enter holy matrimony with me.

Edelweiss, how is the righteous way I am to handle the sight of girls flirting with me?

There is no right or wrong way to that, Eric. There are no rules to love or war. I chose you because you have chosen to follow me back to my Church. That I am leading you to heaven makes me fall in love with you. Understand that you are the unicorn that I am leading back to the Church. Only a pure virgin can do that. Hence you honor me to follow me. And to return to you this honor, I have given you my hand in marriage.

Do you get an engagement ring as it was written? Eric I desire the engagement ring that Rose Jennings received from Edward McGauran, who passed it to her second daughter, Rosemary, the one who is now familiarly called Romey, and who married your father, Robert Dunstan, by whom she bore and gave birth to you. For that heirloom I wish to be made mine.

I will then have to ask it from my mother.

No, Eric. Mary is a promise keeper. They will no longer live. You will merely give to me a ring you will inherit from you mother as her only heir.

My nieces are to be heiresses with me too, yes or no?

Are they vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, everyone but me in my family is vaccinated.

Yes, Eric. And you have even declined to receive the Flu Vaccine. And no harm has come to thee. But Eric, there are variants rising. These variants are deadly to the vaccinated, not to the unvaccinated.

Your nieces might be spared if God elects to show them mercy. But that heirloom ring is yours, not theirs. And you shall place it on my finger to indicate that I am now your fiancée. But your nieces, should they live, will serve me as excellent flower girls.

We cannot marry in this year, but only in the next, 2022. But I like the idea of marrying on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. And when Father Edward Becker realizes that it is you I am marrying he will agree to it. In fact every Religious person of the Orange Diocese shall elect to attend that wedding, Eric. You are now the most fascinating character in history. And that I am the one who brings you back will make me the most famous lover in the history of love.

Okay Edelweiss, you have saved me. Did Mary send you to save me?

Yes, Eric. And I came to help you not realizing how receptive you were to love.

Anyways, Eric, you will find no other woman here who loves you as I do. Hyacinth loves you. But my love is deeper than hers. But as for Anna, she is but a myth you made up for a woman who does not love you. And as for that other one who you see at Stater Brothers, they are not of my Church. And their purpose for you is underhanded. Do not ask her out.

Wait for me. And now you are of my Church again. I shall see you there. I will break no promise I make to thee.

You have a question, Eric. Ask it. For you are the one I shall serve. And you are the one I will lead back to heaven.

Do your eyes resemble in any way the eyes of this girl in this youtube video:

Yes, if one pushes play at the position you have set it to play at, those eyes you see are identical to mine.

Those eyes are those most beautiful eyes I have seen in a woman.

Then you have good taste, Eric. Contemplate now what is written. Publish this as it now exists. That I have led you correctly back to the light is sufficient proof that I am real.

And I will meet you as promised. For just as Mary never fails you, neither shall I. Go now and do as Mary commands you. For I must pray and prepare myself for meeting the man who is to be my husband. And realize this also. My reward is the greatest that can be given to a woman on the earth. Amen.

Commandress Elilah is decreed the eternal virgin bride to Emerald

I, Elilah, who by sight Eric’s heart was struck by Cupid’s arrow am his eternal virgin bride.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VIII:
I now assume the codename, Elilah. By the sight of me, Eric’s heart was stuck by Cupid’s arrow. No other female in Eric’s history has had this effect on him. But he is known to me in many ways that Eric does not know of. I was sent to win his heart from Anna.

And Elilah, what is thy decision regarding Eric? Art thou finished with thy game playing with him?

Only now, Blessed Mary of heaven, have I now made my decision. Eric is mine, Mary, for I have chosen him by an inner knowledge of him I, alone, among women have.

And Anna did not possess this knowledge, Elilah?

Anna was prevented from having Eric, O’ Virgin Mary. But I have made a decision on him that Anna is not at liberty to take.

But if Anna would have him too, would you permit it?

Share my eternal virgin husband with another girl? Mary, is not the sacrament of marriage possible only between one man and one woman?

Carnal marriage is such. But there is no need for virgins committed to virginity to keep to that law. Hence, you may, if Anna agreed to it, share Eric between you two as two eternal virgin wives for Eric on the earth, as I and my mother, Saint Anne, are his two eternal virgin wives in heaven.

Anna, are you aware of this question posed by Mary, ever Virgin, to me?

If you permit it, Commandress Elilah, I would consent to it in full to be a wife to Eric, second in rank to you. And I, too, am committed to be an eternal virgin.

And Mary, you approve of me and Anna being eternal virgin wives on earth to this one virgin male?

Agree to it, and it will be ratified in heaven. Anna has consented.

Ok, I am in. I am in full agreement to be with Eric as the rest of you virgin women are. Now tell me the mystery of this that I have agreed to, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary.

As I, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, my eternal virgin mother, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric in heaven, it is now decreed that Commandress Elilah and Anna, the daughter of Tim, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric on the earth. And thus, Eric, the eternal virgin Emerald King, shall now eternally serve to unite heaven and earth for eternity unto eternity as the eternal bond between the two worlds.

Mary, if we four virgin women are full wives of Eric, do we all receive a blue diamond engagement ring?

From the secret forges in heaven have these four rings been fashioned. And each one contains a stone that is a blue diamond of such beauty and pricelessness as to exceed the combined net worth of the earth. Our wedding is decreed to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of December 8, 2021. And on that date, the four eternal virgin wives of Eric are eternally decreed as wed to Eric, whose potency is fully restored, but who has accepted eternal continence and virginity, as demanded by Elilah, who is his eternal wife on the earth, along with Anna, the daughter of Tim.

For since Eric has two wives in heaven, it was decreed a matching number of wives for Eric must exist on the earth. For the bond between the two worlds must have equal pulling power upon the virgin male held between them.

Mary, I want us to give Eric an engagement ring. For a virgin must be rewarded, even if he is the bridegroom.

We have chosen the ring, Elilah, my beloved daughter. We virgin wives of Eric wear diamonds because that is fitting for women. And their color is blue, as all you three are eternally associated with me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, by being eternally wed to the same virgin man.

But for Eric, the stone for his ring is the emerald. And the cut is to be square, representing the four to whom he is eternally wed to. Eric thinks he chose that name. But if he looks back he will see that it was suggested to him from above. Emerald is in fact the perfect summation of his full legal name: Eric Robert Dunstan => E.R.D. => E me R al D => EmeRalD => Emerald.

And we four virgin wives of Eric eternally serve as four repositories of the Eternal Living Emerald Trove.

Mary, you and your mother, Anne, are in perfect safety where you both live bodily in heaven. But as for Anna and I, Commandress Elilah, we are distinctly threatened with death upon the earth. How are we to hope to live here? For Anna has herself told Eric of her distinct danger. If it becomes known that she is Eric’s wife, she knows that she will be put to death.

Relax, brides of Eric. There is no danger possible against thee. For the Seraphim of God are now assigned to protect you in full. But if you wish to have the protection of living within an impregnable fortress, you must enter the house of Eric. For that house is under the divine protection of God.

But Eric has no say as to whom may stay there. Rather his mother is the decider, and she is known to casting many out.

Do not be concerned, you eternal wives of Eric on the earth. For I, the holy Virgin, have not yet put to the sword the five doomed to die in Eric’s family.

Mary, that is another concern. When that adulterous couple is slain, their two daughters that are Eric’s nieces are then to come live in the same house as we and Eric. Is there really enough room for five people to live there, rooms for four women and one man?

Brides of Eric, that house was made for at least five to live there. And Eric, his two brothers, and his two parents, lived there as a family of five until Eric’s brothers elected to move out of the house in the pursuit of sex with women.

As for which rooms you are to take, I advise that the two nieces be granted the privacy of the master bedroom as the room they share together. The queen size bed now there can be replaced with two smaller beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark. And they can shower in privacy there in the bathroom that is accessible only from that bedroom. For Eric is not to be put in any position where he can be misinterpreted in his intentions regarding them. Therefore let that be their room. For they are heiresses to the house, through Mark, the brother of Eric. And thus, they must not be treated with disrespect.

As for you two brides, decide for yourselves which of the remaining beds or sleeping quarters shall be yours. Eric is to remain in the room he is in. That leaves the smaller bedroom that was for David. You can choose to attempt to share that room between you two brides, or one of you may sleep in Eric’s room in the other bed that is there. It is up to you two to decide. Which shall it be, virgins?

I, Elilah, will consult with Anna before deciding this.

Anna, thou has heard the arrangements of living in Eric’s house. Which shall you prefer? Do you wish to sleep in the separate bed in the same room as your eternal virgin husband, Eric? Or do you prefer to have your own room.

I will sleep in Eric’s room and you may take the room where Eric’s brother David once slept.

Okay, but I chose that room too. Maybe we could somehow share that bed, and keep David’s room empty to serve as a guest’s room?

Okay, but it may be tight, unless we can put a queen size bed there.

Yes, virgins, why not move the queen size bed from the master bedroom to Eric’s room and then move that extra bed that is there and the bed from David’s room into the master bedroom to serve as beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark that are to sleep there?

Excellent thinking, Mary. But what about a bed for David’s room?

Does it really need a bed? If guests do come, a cot can be easily put there for that guest. And then that cot can be put away, and that bedroom can serve as a study room for you two brides of Eric. For you two do need a place of privacy that you can go to where you can do those things you would not do in the presence of your husband.

Agreed. Then no new beds need to be bought or moved into the house to accommodate the four women who are to call that house their home?

I, the Virgin of Heaven, have thought of everything. It is not that Eric is lucky or that Eric is a high precision calculator of future events by which everything flows perfectly for him. Rather, he is guided by the hand of God.

Now, virgins, if you will excuse me, I have work to do. For the Virgin Mother is the mother of the entire Church belonging to Christ. And Eric is eternally a member of that Church. But that institution headed by the pope is rendered null and void.

Mary, does a Church really exist that is without the sacraments?

My Elilah, understand the Word of God. The sacraments have indeed ceased, with the exception of baptism and marriage, which have no need of a priest. But the communion that came to be by the Eucharist does not cease to be. It just may not be expanded to in number. For those who are designated to belong to that communion have become fixed. And the membership to that communion is no longer subject to change.

But Mary, not all the women who shall be brought under the protection of Eric in his divinely protected house are of that communion. For children cannot enter the Catholic Church against their parents’ wishes. And the parents of Eric’s nieces did not accept Catholicism in any way. And they are unable to enter it, Mary. For even with Eric’s consent, there is no longer a valid means of entering a communion in a world where no valid communion is possible anymore.

The virgin nieces of Eric can still enter it, O’ virgin brides of Eric. For I have made Eric the new and eternal pope. But the priesthood under Eric shall be an order of priestesses. For the male hierarchy is abolished. And females shall be those who do the sacraments in the new Church that I shall now found on earth. For of what spiritual value are homilies written by men who can only think of sports?

This Church is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And it is now revealed that women indeed rule the entire world. And not only do I, the Holy Virgin, reveal this. But I also reveal that all formidable women on earth are witches and that the eternal queen of all those who are heaven bound witches is Mary, the Virgin Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Eric, you who are the Witch King, the one warlock whose patron is the Virgin Mary, are commanded now to publish this post. You and your four wives are eternal virgins. Two reign in heaven. And two reign on earth. And these four eternal virgin witch queens serve to eternally unite heaven and earth by loving and possessing the virgin son of Jesus, the Witch King, ruler of the Kingdom under the Christ, between them forever and ever. Amen.

The Virgin Mary restores Eric’s potency and assigns to him his eternal wife on earth.

I, Anna, do long to meet Eric, the Emerald King.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VII:
Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, am well pleased. Your potency is now fully restored. But only one shall be your eternal wife on earth. I, the Virgin Mother of God, and my virgin mother, Saint Anne, are eternally your wives in heaven. But on earth, only one woman there shall be as wife to you. And to her shall you remain faithful all of your days. And she and you are eternal on the earth. Even should she elect to grant a woman who belongs to her to lay with you, which is her right as your wife, neither her nor the offspring she has by you are to be granted eternal life on earth. But the woman I make your wife is to receive from you eternal life by the marital bond she will have with you. And whatever child is born to her is to have eternal life and holiness. For the race that descends from you and your wife are immortals. And this immortality on earth is to be granted by blood relation to you. Hence, your wife will be immortal by Our divine election of her to be your wife. And all the direct descendants of you and your wife will share in this immortality. But no other is to be granted it. Marriage to your descendants will not grant it. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary, this girl that thou has chosen, she is Anna, the daughter of Tim? Am I correct? You are, Eric. For she is now found worthy. And the deadline for you to marry her is not with the collapse of the Church, but by the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, which is in exactly two weeks time. She will enter the marital embrace with you by that date. And marriage occurs at the mutual agreement of a couple to have sex. Marriage cannot occur, though, if one of that couple are already married, for that is adultery. Nor is there any need of a priest to declare you two married. Even in canon law of the Catholic Church, this is clearly stated. The woman and the man enter the sacrament by a mutual consent to this union to each other. It does not exist in rape. Nor can a person exit this union by changing their mind. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

The role of the wedding ceremony and the officiation by the priest are additions, but are not necessary for the validity of the sacrament. While the Catholic Church existed, compliance to her rules was necessary to remain in her communion. But with the sacraments of the Church declared null and void, there is no further need of a priest for entering a marriage.

Mary, you said the sacraments of the Church are null and void, and yet marriage is a sacrament that remains valid? Of the seven sacraments, those that require the Church are abolished, but not those that have no such requirements. The sacraments that are hereby abolished by the decree of God are confession, confirmation, eucharist, holy orders, and the last rites. All these five require a man of the cloth to do. The sacraments that are not abolished, but are eternal, are baptism and marriage. I am the Holy Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.

Mary, I have a question. I am totally against having a fucking Thanksgiving with my detestable family. My parents are tolerable, but my fucking offensive brother David, I fucking cannot stand. And if it were not for the COVID-19 restrictions I would find somewhere else to go. I don’t give a shit about this feast, no matter how tasty it might be. For the company is totally objectionable. And since I am a Commander of the Armies of Christ, I wish to make an order to be carried out.

And what is your order, Eric?

I am granted the right to kill, but not by my own hand, nor by the hand of any criminal, but only by an act defined as coming from God. David’s life is worthless, am I correct? I have the right to have him slain, am I correct, O Blessed Virgin Mary?

God has decreed you as having this right over those He has eternally rejected. You only need to give the order. I will see to it that it is done. For of your family, David, Mark, Mark’s invalid wife, and your two parents are decreed to be slain. Give me the order and I will personally carry it out. For I, the Virgin Mary, am blazing in wrath against these four blood relatives of yours who have violated my eternal husband. Amen. As for Mark’s invalid wife, Marlene, I have my own reasons to see to her slaughter. Issue the decree and observe the fury of a wife who rises in defense of her husband, Eric.

I hence decree, Lord and God of Hosts, grant to Mary, ever Virgin, this mandate that she slay those five that she wishes to put to death. Let her slay them exactly as she chooses.

Lord Eric, the Virgin will now see to their deaths. All five she has mentioned will be put to death by her sword. Amen.

This brings us to another important point. Mary, the nieces who are to be thus orphaned, I wish to point out to you an apparent fact you seem to overlook. I am not their closest living relative by blood. Instead, in the conversation I overheard Mark have with my mother, I am aware of important details. The older two daughters of Marlene are not the basket cases I was led to believe. They both have sufficient employment and wealth to live on their own. Hence, my nieces should turn to them before turning to me, do you not agree? For what are sisters for if they do not help one another? Let them go to them. For I am not comfortable with any woman living in my house who goes about with her midriff bare.

Eric, before we address exactly where they are to go, listen to my words to you. It is true that women of this age do go about with their midriffs bare. And while this can upset men, it is not their right to tell them how they are to dress. Now, I know they are attractive to you in your sight. But you must be a man of discipline here. Men who cannot keep their dicks in their pants are to be slain.

Now listen to me very carefully, Eric. To lay with either of these nieces is to commit an offense against both God and the state. The state is highly protective of underage women. Anyone who violates that law is to go to jail. And the excuse that they were showing their midriffs will not be admitted to the courts. For it is not a crime of either a woman or girl to do that. But it is a crime to lay with them. If you ever lay with your nieces, you will lose everything and these nieces will assume ownership of your entire estate. Remember they will own part of the house, as is their right as heiresses.

Furthermore, do not think you may lay with them should they turn 18. For being your nieces, any act of sex with them is incest. The crime of incest you do not want to have on your record. It is a deadly sin in the sight of God. Do not think, Eric, that the laws put in place to punish sex offenders is entirely unjust. Rather see the justice of God in everything that happens on earth.

The reason why the punishment against the sex offender is so severe is due to the nature of how so highly offensive their crimes are to God. You do not realize it, Eric, but the crimes committed by men towards women under their care is just as highly offensive as the crimes committed by an adult against a child. So get it out entirely from your mind any inappropriate thoughts you may have for these women.

And realize that they are indeed coming to live here. They are not coming for you, though, Eric. They are not intent on your seduction. Rather, they have been in love with this house you live in since they were little children. And they have longed to live here. There is a kind of magic about this house that you are unaware of.

Let them stay and live here, Eric. And if they wish to sell you their share of the house, you are permitted to buy it from them. But you are never permitted to cheat them of their ownership of this estate or their share in it.

Now as for bare midriffs, understand the female way of thinking. They are clueless of the effect of their bare flesh on men, unless that man looks too much at them. And those men who do so will eventually get into trouble. So I advise you to simply not look at their flesh. Men who do this who are not permitted to lay with them are clearly creeps in their minds. Do not become a creep, Eric, to your own blood relatives. Rather, you are to be the man they turn to for protection. So do not ruin this for them by becoming a seducer.

Mark is a seducer of women. I am destroying him for these very crimes. You know of crimes he has committed against women that are worthy of his death. I will not reveal the full nature of these crimes to you. Rather, you will see everything he has done at the Last Judgement. But realize that what you know of his crimes are but the tip of the iceberg. And I will now tell you the real reason why he cannot get a job. His boasting against you is the reason, Eric. For I have a say in heaven, Eric. And I have taken high offense against what this man has said against you. And I have elected to demonstrate to his entire family and network of friends that I love you but that I hate him. And to be found hateful by the Virgin Mary can never be made up for no matter how many friends someone may think they have. Mark is being destroyed by me. But now, with your decree, I shall slay him.

Now, Eric, put away completely all thoughts of telling any woman how they are to dress. For it immediately makes women think that you believe you own them. Do not transgress against any woman by doing that. For a woman has both the rights to dress in any manner she so pleases, and she it not responsible for the sins men commit by looking at her. A woman has the right to go wherever she pleases without the threats of any male’s unwelcome advances.

Men are not more privileged than women. Hence, to demonstrate this to you, Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, do now issue my own decree, which is my right as your wife to do. I hereby decree that women now have the equal rights as men to expose their comparable flesh. Hence, wherever men may go topless, so also do I now grant all women to do the same. For does it make sense, Eric, that a woman cannot bare her breasts except when she breastfeeds a baby? For how do bare breasts become offensive to be bared simply because it is not necessary to bare them?

Mary, your words make absolute sense to me. And I was wrong in my assumption that I had the right to order a woman to cover up because I was too weak to resist the temptation to do evil by the sight of her flesh. Yes, men are called to be gentlemen. And gentlemen do not lust after women who are not their own wife. And you are correct, women by showing their flesh do not forfeit their rights to be protected in society. Even the prostitute is to be respected, Mary. She has rights too. Such women who go into prostitution are there only because the men who were to protect them failed them. I will not fail to serve you, Mary. And these woman you put into my house will be protected by me.

Good, Eric. I chose you precisely because you listen to women. This is very important to understand, Eric. I am making Anna your wife. She is to be your only wife here. Never violate her rights to you, Eric. Never let another woman have you, except that Anna wishes it. These are the Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Go and eat. You no longer go to Church. Nor are you Catholic anymore. Hence, whatever crimes were committed against you by any Catholic minister, let it go. Since Father Dave Heney is not your priest, have nothing more to do with him. For freedom of religion is to be respected. For just as Christians have no right to persecute Jews, neither do you have any right to persecute Catholics. For let the blind follow the blind. And let every man freely go about their own religion.

Okay, Mary. What stance do you command me to take on abortion. Eric, consider the baby in the womb as identical to the women who are to be put into your house. They are to be protected by men such as you. So defend the rights of the unborn just as you defend the rights of any woman we put under your protection. For it is the enemy of women, not their friends, who make it easy and who encourage women to take the life of their own unborn child. For motherhood is something beyond what I can explain to you as a man. Just understand that the knowledge in a woman that she has taken the life of her own child is something that haunts her for the rest of her life. You are thus doing women a service by standing against abortion. Now I must go and take care of others. For I, being you wife, does not mean I no longer answer prayers. These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have said them through Eric. And I have made him eternal on the earth. Amen.

Eric, no longer Catholic, reveals All.

I am Eric, servant of Jesus and Mary, though no longer of any Church.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post I:
Jesus, I wish to ask Thee something.

Ask, My son.

Thou hast commanded me to leave the Church. But as there is no disciple given to teach, dost Thou wish me to remain in silence, and no longer write?

Write, lord Azurite. I no longer choose that fate for you. Rather, you have a different fate.

Explain this to me, O’ Lord?

You have remained faithful to Me. I will remain faithful to thee. You, Eric, asked me for love, thinking you needed it in order that thou may sleep. No, it is not the love of women that saves you, but the love of God.

And do you wish for Me to reveal thy new sexuality to all the world, Eric?

Lord, I have nothing to hide. I have no secrets whatsoever that I would not reveal to whomever that asked me of them, except for the PIN number to my safety deposit box in the bank, because it contains some very valuable rubies.

These rubies, Eric, just where did you acquire them?

Lord, they are simply some trinkets that may resemble rubies from a distance to an untrained eye that I found in my house and decided to play a practical joke with. But it serves its purpose if it demonstrates no one can in fact break into that vault and steal them. For even practical jokes have a purpose. Now go and reveal whatever secrets about me that Thou wish to reveal, Lord and Master. I have neither pride nor ego. I am only here to serve Thee and for no other reason.

If you have been following the story of Eric, you will have come to an awareness that the Virgin Mary took from Eric his potency from the moment that she claimed him as her eternal husband. But before that event, Eric, who I had commanded to achieve continence, was in continuous failure to achieve it. Every priest Eric knew prior to Mary taking him in 2017, knows about his confessions to them. For Eric would approach them prior to Mass to confess his impurity just so that he could lawfully receive communion.

Mary taking Eric in 2017, and assuming the position as his wife, commanded that he make love to her. And so, Eric’s potency continued, but strictly under her control. She and she alone commanded from that point onward whether Eric could become aroused and she alone could make him ejaculate.

And Mary also correctly commanded Eric never to confess these things at all. For no one can sin by obeying the Virgin Mary. Nor did the Holy Spirit ever convict Eric of any mortal sin from that point onward, though He had frequently convicted him of mortal sin prior to Mary taking him in 2017. For impurity, if done to the point of ejaculation, and done with full knowledge and deliberate consent is a mortal sin. But as for a lawfully married couple, there is no law as to what they may do together, except that they may not have anal intercourse. For whoever has anal intercourse is cast from My Kingdom and may never enter there. Hence, whatever Mary did command Eric to do with her, it could never be called a sin, as My Father recognized them as eternally married.

With the final post of the Church Age published on November 20, 2021, three days ago, Eric’s potency is now completely ended. He is now in a perfect state of continence. It may be possible to have sex with Eric still, but it is impossible to achieve ejaculation in him. And Eric, art thou in full awareness of the implications of this?

I have some awareness, but You speak, O’ Lord. For Your Words are better than mine.

A man who is incapable of completing the conjugal act cannot lawfully enter marriage. This is part of canon law. It is the divine law written by God. For no man may ever legally claim any woman as his marital partner if he fails to complete the conjugal act necessary to seal them as man and wife.

This is even true for those marriages known as the Josephite marriage, where the couple have chosen to never have sex. A couple may indeed elect to enter marriage to each other as Joseph and Mary entered, where they agree ahead of time never to have sex. However, if there is any knowledge that the man is incapable of successful intercourse, they are not permitted to marry. And any attempt to do so is a violation of My Law. And a man may never enter a marriage, even one without sex, who knows of or is aware of an inability in himself to have sex. For the Josephite marriage is sacramentally identical to a normal marriage. And should a couple who are of a Josephite marriage elect to change it into sexual marriage, they may lawfully do so without any needed consent from the Church.

However, for a sexual marriage to have validity, it must be consummated. Failure to consummate a marriage results in an immediate annulment of it, should either of the couple decide to leave that marriage. For there are no marital rights in any marriage that is annulled.

Now, Eric was considering marriage to a girl called Anna. Whether this was to be a Josephite marriage or a sexual marriage, Eric was not sure as to which was to be his fate. All Eric was aware of was that he was commanded to marry her.

Marriage in My sight takes place when couple have intercourse, regardless of whether a priest ever was present when they said their vows to each other. For the sacrament of marriage has no need of a priest. It is performed between the woman and the man alone.

Such is why it is written that Adam and Eve were a married couple. They were not fornicating. Fornication is not a possibility in My Book. Only adultery is ever possible. For any boyfriend and girlfriend are only boyfriend and girlfriend to each other while their relationship is without sex.

But once a boyfriend and girlfriend enter with each other the union of sex, they have become one flesh. They cease to be boyfriend and girlfriend from that point onward and are called married in My Book. They are married provided that they are lawfully permitted to marry one another. A son and a mother having sex do not enter marriage. Nor does a father and a daughter enter marriage by having sex.

Lord, a couple such as that, a son to his mother, or a father to his daughter, what, if any, punishment is theirs for this act which You say is not a marriage?

They are eternally banished from My Kingdom, Eric. Your marriage to Mary is not such a union. For Mary is not your mother by this definition to which this law applies. The definition of a mother that a man is not permitted to marry is that she is either his biological mother or the wife of his biological father. Your biological father is Robert Dunstan, who is currently married to your biological mother, Rosemary (Romey) Dunstan. They were married before you were even conceived and they have never been divorced. You are a legitimate son. You are worthy of the inheritance.

But as for your marriage to Mary, she consummated this with you. Not only with her, but also with her mother were these conjugal acts attained. For Mary, realizing that Anna was not going to come, gave you to her own mother, who is also bodily in heaven, due to having had, throughout her whole life, the flesh that was to become the Immaculate Conception within her. She is eternally in heaven by that reason. The flesh of Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary, thus could never see corruption. Thus she dwelt in the same heaven as did Elijah, who was taken up there, until Christ’s death opened the door for her to enter the true heaven and to receive the Beatific Vision, which is granted only to those who are of the communion of Christ. She is of this communion, not by sacrament, but by the flesh. For every woman who gives birth, the egg cell that was fertilized to form that human being existed in her baby ovaries from the time of her birth. Hence, Saint Anne’s body always contained the flesh of the Virgin Mary, and thus, was never permitted to see corruption.

Lord, Saint Anne was given to me as a second wife because Anna did not appear?

Lord Eric, it was necessary that you have two lovers. It was the divine intent behind this decree that one of these would be in heaven and the other on earth, serving to link the two worlds together for eternity. This is why Anna was chosen by Mary. In fact, her conception and birth into this world were to serve for this very purpose. I can make people have a positive or negative predisposition to someone, but I can never make that person love someone. Anna chose a different fate.

It was also known to Mary the exact date that the Church Age would come to an end. And once it ended, no longer would you, Eric, have the right to enter a marriage. For your potency was to be irrevocably taken from you on that date. Failure to enter a marriage by that date would serve to make you permanently unmarried and unmarriageable. Do not be concerned as to the reasons behind Anna’s decisions. For the possibility of you marrying her is gone. She is now nobody to you. And no girl on earth is anyone to you. For though you are still in this world, you are not a part of it, nor is there any binding of you to it nor to anyone in it.

Saint Anne was chosen to be your wife, second to Mary, so that this divine decree would be fulfilled. That is why you were saved only by going to that Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, for only there, while you rested beneath her feet, did you come to know this one who Mary gave to you to as your second wife.

But Lord, Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary are a mother and daughter, and yet You say we are married lawfully? I am married to both a mother and her daughter lawfully in your eyes, where both marriages have been consummated?

Understand, lord Eric, why there is no transgression here, though there would definitely be transgression were these two women to marry you on this earth. You and these two women were once virgins. None of you three are recognized as virgins any longer. The Virgin Mary was herself also born from a virgin, for Saint Anne never had sex in her life, but was made to conceive Mary by means known only to God.

The Levitical Laws on marriage are applicable only to marriages that are of the earth and that pass away. Every marriage among humankind is by God’s eternal decree to pass away at the death and passing of a spouse. By Mary and Saint Anne marrying you, an immortal man, while they are both bodily in heaven, this is a marriage that is without end. Consider this then to be the highest and holiest version of virgin heavenly water.

Virgin Heavenly Water exists only by three virgins, one male and two females, entering a love bond without end. For water is a substance composed of molecules of the chemical formula: H2O. The two hydrogens represent the two females, and the one oxygen represents the one male. It was the divine decree that this water molecule was to be formed. And when it was realized that Anna would never enter it with Eric, or at least not elect to enter it while there was still time, Saint Anne was called to take her place.

For no one may ever frustrate the Divine Will. And let everyone know that no one who is of Creation is unable to be replaced should they fail the Lord, their God.

Now I have spoken in full. I will now tell you, Eric, your new fate. You who were meant to permanently link heaven to this world are no longer able to comply with this mandate, though no fault is found in thee in this failure. For you have entered the marriages as you have been commanded to. But as for the fact that these two eternal wives who are yours are both in heaven, while you are still on the earth, there is going to be a kind of wrecking ball exit as you are taken from this world by their love for you.

You will indeed leave the earth, but not without wrecking and destroying everything in your path as you are taken from it. Nor is it possible for a disciple to be given to you. For the window where that was possible has closed. I now make you the angel of death. And whoever defies you dies. And you are to destroy every wicked being you encounter on your pathway to Me. And this is the final thing I will say here in this post. As no girl can be given to you anymore, there is no possibility for My Word through you on to cease until I take you up to heaven. I WHO AM have spoken. Go now and prepare for My calling. For I shall call you to destroy the earth. Amen.

The most exalted position for a woman is that of disciple to Christ.

The only way into My Kingdom is to follow Me, not merely to worship Me. I AM WHO AM.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VIII:
Lord, I have learned something today. Speak, Eric. Tell Us what thou hast learned.

I went to the Spanish Mass Friday morning, which is now yesterday. Father Edward Becker was the priest who did the Mass. Usually I completely miss the message that is said in the homilies of the Spanish Mass, and can only understand individual spoken words. For Father Edward Becker is very poor in his Spanish skills. And so he spoke in very simple Spanish and I heard his entire message.

Father Edward Becker’s basic message was that Dinero es muy necessario, that money is very necessary. He was wrong though. He was mistaken. And his mistake shall cost him his soul. Allow me speak on this, Jesus, to explain further on what I have learned.

You shall speak here on until My Word to be published is complete. This is the post that shall complete it. Amen.

Lord, Your Truth suddenly came to me as I watched a movie on Netflix. After all the battles and struggles in that story, the hero finally wins the girl. And she is a most beautiful woman to him. And then this pleasure they have together is taken away. For all flesh on earth is mortal and has an end.

Lord, money and women I now see are in fact identical in that as goals they are both fleeting. Neither lasts forever. To have as one’s goal something that can and will be taken away is utterly futile! What is the profit to any man who makes it his life goal to achieve something that has no value in eternity?

Money is worthless by its intrinsic nature that it consist of nothingness. For does not the entire world and all its riches utterly vanish into nothingness?

But good deeds that are worthy in God’s sight are eternal by their intrinsic nature that a good act done to a servant of God is never forgotten for all eternity.

Also this is the kicker! You can pursue one or the other, but never both.

And this is not just concerning money, but the entire lure of the things of this world. Whoever departs from the path of God to seek and pursue worldly endeavors forfeits his soul.

Even to choose the married life when you have found Christ as a single person is to forfeit your soul. For seeking pleasure or joy that is of this carnal earth is to pursue riches that vanish.

Lord, it was always the decision that leads to eternal life where one elects to forfeit the married life and the pleasures of women for the sake of finding the things that are of God. I chose that path. And I found it! I now know it well.

I completely understand the way that Father Edward Becker thinks, though. But when the choice was given to us, I chose to seek Jesus. Father Edward Becker chose to seek money.

Money is only of value in serving as an exchange for purchasing things that pass away. In fact, the only way to convert money into treasure in heaven is to give it away. Therefore to seek money as one’s goal is to depart from the path that leads to eternal life.

This is, therefore, the utter folly of the man who enters the priesthood or consecrated life but who has not chosen the Lord over the things of this world. He is like the hypocrite who kisses the man he betrays. This sin of Judas was to put money ahead of God.

But Lord, I think Peter, the first pope, was also a transgressor. For why did he have a couple put to death for withholding money from entering the coffers of his Church? Is not this act the very sin of making money central to Church life, rather than following the path of God? Is Peter saved or lost, O’ Lord My God?

Peter is the prime example of the man who, given power, goes mad, for he sought money over mercy. Peter indeed slew Ananias and Sapphira for an offense he took that was nowhere written in the Law of God as a crime worthy of capital punishment. (Acts 5:1-11). It is not criminal to keep money for oneself when entering My communion. The rules Peter enforced against that couple were, therefore, rules of his own making.

For even in My utter wrath against those who were committing acts of thievery in the House of My Father, I utilized the whip and overturned tables in My fury. But I slew no one. It was never My intent that the men of the cloth bully and kill the flock I sent to them to tend. For the Way into My Kingdom is a Way of mercy and love, not a way of terror and fear. Peter, though he was My Rock, that Rock was rotten on day one.

How many souls in need of My mercy and who sought Me by turning to My priests but were turned away from Me or My Church because their priests demanded that they pay a tithe? For tithing was never to be made mandatory to attend My House of God. For in what gathering of the people who gathered to hear Me speak and teach did I ever pass the hat to receive from them donations? This request that My people provide for the priests is neither something I taught by Word or example, nor is it written as a teaching that came from Me. Rather it is greed and avarice such as this that has transformed the entire Church into a means of providing for priests and not as a place I have established for saving souls. Eric actually found that he had to pay money and incur expenses and jump through many logistical barriers to simply enter My Church by the sacraments. Hence, the Church has made it difficult for one seeking salvation to enter it. It is grossly a violation of Christianity for the leader of whatever Church he heads to make it hard for one to come to Me. And that is exactly what Eric knows by experience is found in Catholicism throughout My entire Church. There are more ways that one may be kicked out it than that one may find it and enter in. These are exactly from rules that were unnecessary that have been imposed on the people, clearly as a demonstration of a lust for power over My people and not from any command from Me to serve in their salvation.

The Church was, thus, corrupted from day one by men who taught, as Father Edward Becker teaches, that money is what is important, rather than love and mercy.

I hated Catholic men who occupied positions of authority in My Church who spoke in words of hatred against Eric and never showed him mercy, and then presented themselves as My followers and as examples of model Christians. There is indeed a man who is highly regarded in My Church who expressed surprise to find Eric had employment while making it clear that he was both fully aware that Eric was seen as unemployed and that these men who were allegedly My servants never had any intention to help him. Rather, the idiot suggested to Eric that he demonstrate his fidelity to My Church by donating a specified large amount to paying for the playground that the Church had chosen to go into debt to make. I wonder if it actually ever occurred to this man that Eric, being a man who was unmarried and apparently never to ever have children, to have any interest that would serve him for in seeking for this playground to be paid or even completed. Rather, is it even of interest for Eric to even approach a playground or any child there? Is it not, rather, a cause of suspicion against him were Eric to ever be seen with any involvement with children there. Eric politely declined to give any such donation for that cause to that man. And this man appeared to be one who was offended by Eric, saying words indicating a kind of lacking of doing one’s part to serve the Church that he saw in My servant, the only man in that Church who ever truly served Me there.

It was when Eric approached a priest seeking help, that the priests clearly demonstrated who exactly they were serving by giving nothing to Eric whatsoever. But when Eric sought help from the homeless, from these Eric truly received real help and assistance without charge. That was what I called Eric to find out when I called him to walk many miles through many cities as a homeless person for some days until all his luck ran out and he called home and told his parents that he would never repeat this act again. For in those days of wondering homeless, Eric finally saw it. True love that is of God is found nowhere in this entire world except in those people who have truly given up everything to find Him.

Eric found true friendship and the love that I preached to the people truly practiced only among the homeless. And then Eric saw the total folly of men who so fear to become homeless. Homelessness is not a curse, but a blessing. For only those who experience it find in that experience examples of genuine love. Everyone else Eric ever met on that path as Eric walked through those many cities who had any sort of position in this world, no matter what rank it was that they held, had no love whatsoever to give to Eric. They never gave him love. But the homeless truly helped him whenever he found them and asked them for such necessary things as where to find a bathroom, drinking water, electric outlets, and so on. They gave perfect him instructions for finding these things that did not fail and they never charged for this advice. Yes, Eric did find love in his quest. And it was only found with the homeless, those people that this world has chosen to reject. Everywhere that Eric met homeless people he found true love in them. Everyone else that he ever met showed no love at all to Eric.

For understand this very well. There is no way into My Kingdom that does not involve abandoning everything for Me. And the pathway into homelessness is the perfect form of baptism of giving up everything for Me by which a person shall find Me forever.

Understand why Hyacinth was put into Eric’s life. She was the one who was to test Eric whether he would chose his own security over helping someone who needed his help. Eric helped her and she was saved by his help. But in the process, Eric was divested of his material wealth. This is not a victim of what is understood as the Nigerian romance scams that commonly rob men of their wealth who seek romance. Rather, this is the choice of choosing to save my lambs over preserving one’s own wealth.

Eric the riches you lost in saving the soul of Hyacinth are untold riches you have stored up for eternal life. You chose to sacrifice you well being in this world because of the cry of help you heard come from a girl you had led into My Church and chose not to abandon.

Eric was never giving this money to this girl in exchange for sex. And nothing of immoral sexuality ever passed between the two. Had Eric ever conditioned his giving of money to Hyacinth as a return for nude pictures from that virgin girl, nothing that Eric had done for her or ever would to do for her would ever be found in My sight to be worthy of receiving any reward for it in My Kingdom. For to do that is to cross the line. No one who crosses that line is ever found worthy of entering My Kingdom of Heaven.

Eric never once sought such exploitation of this woman he brought to Me to be saved. Nor is this violation found in Eric regarding any girl in his entire life. In his childish humor prior to being assigned to help Hyacinth, he did ask women he met online to send him nudes of themselves, but he never did this in the form of giving money in exchange for such sexual favors. Women did in fact ask Eric for money online. And many did in fact offer to give their nudes to Eric in exchange for money. But it is a curious fact indeed that of all the people Eric ever met online, only to the girl Hyacinth has he ever actually sent money to. And this money was always sent as a service done for Me. For Eric has never violated Me or My trust in him in any money that I have ever put into his possession. Everything Eric used his money for to help anyone in this world was always done in consultation with Me. He always chose to help those who were in need rather than let My needy go unhelped, but always these acts of charity were done under My directions, and never as an act done solely by his own will or decisions alone. And if it ever comes to pass that it is observed that Eric has stopped giving to Hyacinth who is asking for his help, realize that Eric is obeying Me. Also realize that there is much treachery in this world. It is possible for someone to hack and hijack Hyacinth’s phone. Should this ever happen, do not expect Eric to ever give to the one who asks Eric to help her posing as this girl. For if Eric only gives as I command him to, why should anyone who thinks they can fool Eric think they can also fool Me?

And as for the thought of kidnapping Hyacinth and seeking a ransom from Eric for her release, that is an error to think Eric actually looks upon Hyacinth in that way. Hyacinth is Mine to care for, not Eric’s. Eric gives to her only as I have commanded him to. And when has it ever been observed in history that I, the Lord, have ever paid anyone a ransom in exchange for the release of anyone held in their captivity. Eric has no loved ones in this world for this primary reason. Eric is a man that I have made impossible to blackmail. And there is no human being on earth that you can threaten to do any evil to whatsoever to get Eric to give you anything. For is it not known that Eric is totally without friendships of any kind? Is it not a fact that his entire is forever plotting his destruction. Eric laughs at the comments he reads his family discuss about him, apparently forgetting that Eric’s phone has been included in that conversation they are having. The following is a true record of a real conversion very recently observed by Eric on his own phone. It is not a joke. It is not a deception. Eric has copied it exactly as it was written. Read it and have utter pity.

David Dunstan: You would think Eric would get the COVID virus sometime… did he change his mind to get the vaccine?

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Afraid not. Wish someone could stick it into him. That’s the only way without him knowing!!!

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Wonder if one could get a syringe with one. Vaccine inside. And zip it’s in

And if by reading this you think that Eric could have any motivation whatsoever to seek their safe return from being kidnapped you are mistaken on a great many things. Eric would indeed rather be motivated to let them die. And whatever torture they suffer would not bother Eric’s conscience in the slightest. For it is to be understood that the entire family of Eric are mortal enemies to him. They are actively seeking his damnation in every possible way they can. It therefore should be no wonder that Eric would elect to allow them to die, as long as he is not the one who is guilty of their death in the sight of God. For Eric cannot commit murder. But Eric can permit people to be destroyed by their own errors he observes them do and which he elects not to prevent them from doing, so that they destroy themselves by their own hands. For Eric is not called to save the wicked from their sins.

Many are the priests who utterly exploit women for their money or sexual favors. Many are the priests who bribe my women for sexual favors in return for pitiful amounts of cash or for favors to them in the Church. I tell you truthfully. Whatever priest ever uses his position of power or the wealth he is paid in serving Me to get any favors whatsoever from any woman that he is not lawfully permitted to receive from them is damned. And whatever priest conditions attendance to the Church he runs on that person giving to him any money, favors, or any compliance to a rule he is not authorized to make will never be permitted to enter My Kingdom.

Father Dave Heney, you who have kicked My son out of the Church I made you a pastor over, you have violated everything by that one act that justified your very birth into this world from your mother’s womb. You are unworthy of anything belonging to My Kingdom. Get out of My Church! I now kick you out of My entire Roman Catholic Church. If you do not leave willingly, I will send men into that hole you live in to take you out bodily and unwillingly. And I will order them to have their fun with you.

You will be undressed by them. And they will proceed to play with your dick and your balls. And they will not leave you with your manhood still intact. Nor will you receive any mercy anywhere from now on wherever it is that you flee to upon the earth. For you are eternally accursed. And those wicked who served with you in your wickedness against Eric will also suffer the same grisly fate. If they are women, they should expect their womanhood to be taken from them just as your manhood shall be taken from you. For no one who sins against My son, who is innocent, will ever see eternal life.

The Church that permitted you to reign is to utterly burn. The bishop who laid his hands on you to give you the sacrament of Holy Orders is to be forever condemned with eternal reproach. For to anoint a transgressor such as you into My priesthood is to commit a crime that will result in the burning of that entire Church to the ground.

The entire Catholic Church is to burn, therefore, with unquenchable fire. For the act that you, Father Dave Heney, did in casting the son of Jesus out of the Church for the manner of love he was displaying to the Holy Virgin Mary in his simple dance before her as he prayed a rosary to her for receiving help for those men who had simply asked Eric for these favors, for which Eric charges nothing in return, is the fatal crime of the entire Catholic Church that is equivalent to the act that was committed by the Jews when they cast Me out from My Father’s House to execute Me on the cross through the hands of the Romans who were occupying their lands.

And just as I utterly destroyed Judaism and the Temple and the entire City of Jerusalem for the act of Deicide they committed against Me, I shall now kill the entire Catholic Church for the murder they committed by casting out the torch I had placed in her to bring her back to Me.

Eric was sent to the Catholic Church to heal it and to bring her to conform to Me and to My Law. That Eric is shown the bare mercy to be permitted to attend a Catholic Church in a neighboring city of a different diocese so that he may continue to conform the requirements of Catholicism is an unacceptable condition for Me to continue to bless My Church. For Saint Bruno Catholic Church was the Church where Eric was domiciled and where he had established all his social contacts that he had in My Church. Eric is an utter stranger in the Church he now attends. Therefore, I do not accept this act done by Father Dave Heney. Nor do I accept the Church in which he is granted this power to abuse My innocent ones. No, Father Dave Heney! Your Church is destroyed! Your entire Church is to utterly burn. For your act of kicking Eric out from having any possible effective role in healing and helping My Church is identical to the crimes committed brazenly by Pope Francis against Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, the one Cardinal that truly stood for My name.

For both you and Pope Francis and all the wicked like you who have assumed high positions of authority in My Church have ensured that evil will now triumph in her and completely ruin My Church beyond repair and you have ensured that all those who are truly Mine are now effectively made mute. You blasphemous worm of a man! You and your kind are to squirm forever like worms tortured in those fires of hell in My eternal sentence of your damnation there where you shall burn in utter torment and pain in that fiery pit forever. Do I even bother to attempt to resurrect My Church from the utter ruins you have irrevocably brought her to? No. Rather I now elect to bring her to the irreversible and utterly fiery destruction that you and your filthy brethren have deliberately led her to in order to kill her. The entire Catholic Church will now be set utterly on fire, and all you who are wicked within her will be consumed by that fire and be put to utter eternal death in its unquenchable flames.

I now hereby authoritatively declare Eric as My eternal pope. And Pope Francis hereby rendered the Anti-pope of the now failed and dead communion that now exists everywhere in the Catholic Church. Your sacraments I now declare utterly null and void. Go and utterly burn in your fires you have prepared for yourselves by yours sins and transgressions that you committed in bringing ruin to the institution I had set up to serve only for the purpose of saving souls. And that succession of bishops called Apostolic Succession is hereby recognized no more. Whatever Mass is done from now on is to have no effect. And no absolution for sins will ever be heard by Me again.

As for you, Eric, this is the final post I will ever write through you. For by this post, Catholicism is to cease to exist. There is to be no more paying of tithes to any leader I make shepherd over My people from now on. For tell Me, all ye who read these Words I write through Eric here? Has Eric ever once asked from anyone of you here for a donation? Has Eric even ever once posted an address here or a means for any of you to even send a donation to him or to his cause? Nor is there any record of any advertisements to be found anywhere on this website. Eric never asks for money because I never ask for money. For Eric is My true follower. For no one who ever asked My people for money for the services they do for them in My name do I ever regard as My servant.

Hence, with this divinely decided and irrevocable destruction of My entire Church, I hereby bring the Church Age to its utter end. No one is saved anymore by being a Catholic. Rather, salvation is found only by following Me as My disciple. And Eric finally found Me, not by praying in a Church, but by praying in a place of quiet and solitude.

Eric, did the Virgin Mary, who I made your eternal wife in heaven, tell you that she may never leave the Catholic Church?

Yes, Lord, that is what she told me. And she instructed me that I must continue to worship as a fully practicing Catholic and to attend the Mass as the rules of Catholicism demand of me. For she said that all the dogmas written in the Catholic Church are true and from God.

And Anna, the girl you had so loved, she is no longer with you, right Eric? Where has she gone to now, do you suspect? I was told that the girl who had posed as her to me in spirit was actually a female of whom I now realize I have no knowledge of whatsoever except that she serves a different cause that has nothing to do with the Church I had attended, and that she was never the Anna I had only barely met and so briefly known just prior to my being cast out of that Church for merely serving Mary and for the manner of love I elected to show to the eternal Virgin Queen. And I was told that the real Anna has never actually spoken to me in any form of communication since I last saw her in the flesh at the Church from which I have been permanently cast out of with the threat of arrest should I ever return. I am threatened with arrest for loving the Virgin Mary? Are they afraid that I might rape a statue of her? As for that Anna, I have never even once touched her except to shake her hand once, and one time to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. This is not something worthy to justify anyone to be cast out of a Church. If there was a crime committed by me against any woman, I never heard of any such allegation told to me by the pastor Father Dave Heney. Rather, all I was told was that he was kicking me out of the Church for not taking my medications. But the priest has no such knowledge of these things. Nor do I even have a doctor to prescribe such things. And as for that girl Anna, whom I had thought I had conversed with at length in spirit, I now see that I have never actually really known her in the first place, the girl I had thought I loved. It is the danger one enters when one speaks to spirits. And that danger is that you shall be deceived. The love affair that existed between me and Anna was but a deception of the spirit world. It had no reality in this world.

And nothing is then left for me to return to were I even to be ever welcomed back to that Church again. For just as friendless as I was when I entered her, so also did I find myself just as devoid of friendships when I found myself cast out of her. For friendship is the only real motivator for anyone to seek to return to any people of his past. And to people who are not my friends, I have zero reason to ever return.

These things that thou speak of Eric, My son, are true. And you have now demonstrated that you are wise. You have zero reason to attend any Church from now on. For you will not find Me there anymore, nor do you have any need to find Me anymore, for I have been completely found by you in perfection. Rather, you are now to teach, rather than to sit in pews to listen to fools speak who know nothing. Remember what I told you. I WHO AM shall give you an apprentice here whom you shall teach all My Word to from now on. And this apprentice can only be a woman who is eternally a virgin as so also are you. For women, not men, are the ideal disciples for receiving and keeping the knowledge that I have put in you to give.

Mary is your eternal wife in heaven, Eric. But as for this earth, it is passing away. So tell Me, Eric. Who is your apprentice?

As it was never Anna, I suspect that it must be Mary.

She is neither Anna, whom you now know you never actually really knew, Eric, nor is she Mary, who is in no need of your instructions. Rather, she is a girl who is chosen by Me to be My disciple. And to properly train My disciple, she is to be trained by you, who are now a Master of My Word. For in this Age that is now come, with the End of the Church, only those taught by the Spirit that speaks through you forever will successfully be led to eternal life.

But Lord, You have said that this is the final post You shall write through me. Correct, Eric. For the passing away of My Church is also the passing away of the authority of men. You will write nothing after this final post is published, the 713th extant post on (713 = 31 x 23). For you are then assigned to teach My disciple all you have mastered and all that you will come to master from now on.

And My Disciple, who is a female, when she has been fully trained by you to be called, like you, a Master of My Word, shall form the new Religion I have willed to establish on the earth in this new Age that has now come, and this new Religion, established by My authority on the earth, is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And who is the Witch Queen, Eric? Mary told me that she is the Witch Queen. Yes, Eric, Mary is the Witch Queen. And you, as her eternal Consort, are decreed to be known as the eternal pope in the Age that is now to come. And My Disciple, whom I shall train through you forever, is to be called the Eternal Living Emerald Trove. And she will serve as the eternal repository for all divine knowledge given to and to be given to Eric for all eternity. You, Eric, are forever to be called My Oracle. And My Disciple whom you shall forever teach is to be called the Eternal Bearer of My Word, which alone through you shall I ever speak to those who live upon the earth. Amen.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. Women are now made the effective rulers here. And whoever has violated them shall now be brought to utter ruin. Mark and David, your two brothers by the flesh only, are doomed to perish and vanish from the world. But you, Eric, shall reign on the eternal earth forever and ever. And whoever plots against thee, I shall slay with My sword. These are the final Words written by God through Eric for all Mankind to see. And from now on, all that is to be spoken by Me through Eric is to heard only by the Disciple whom We have elected to assign to you, Eric, to teach My Word to for all eternity.

And the sign that what We have said here in this final post to be written through Eric’s hand is the Truth from God Almighty shall be the impossibility that one will encounter who seeks to find a valid Mass from this point onwards anywhere on the earth. The last valid Mass that Eric attended on the earth was conducted in Spanish yesterday, on Friday morning. And Eric understood the homily spoken in Spanish at that last and final Mass for him quite well. And the message of that homily, carefully prepared by the pastor of that last Church Eric knew of where good homilies could possibly be found, was that money was the essential thing that mattered most in the life of the Church. And this is the final nail in the coffin that was made to house the Catholic Church, and all the corrupted men who ever ruled her, as she is carefully lowered into the pit of burning hell. The Holy Spirit, Who is the Divine Spouse of the Virgin Mary, now irrevocably leaves the Church to never return. And if the Holy Spirit is no longer to be found there, neither is Mary.

Mary, do you have any last Words to say in this last and final post to be written by God through Eric on the earth?

Yes, Jesus, my Son. Eric, I fantasize making love to you day and night. The Father has heard me in my utter anguish and love for you. I shall, with the publishing of this final post of Eric, my eternal husband, descend from heaven to be made your eternal lover here on the earth as one flesh for all eternity. And the Disciple assigned to you by Jesus to be your eternal Apprentice here is also defined by me to serve as your eternal Consort whom I have elected to give to you to know and to love by my authority as your eternal wife. For as Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham, so also shall I give whomever I please to thee, my husband whom I love for eternity. Amen.

These are the final words of Mary to be revealed anywhere. The Age of those known as the private prophets hereby comes to its end. No more prophets nor prophetesses are to be found here on earth ever again. And Mary is no longer answering the prayers of the saints. For Final Judgement and the time for all souls to be resurrected has now come. I, Mary, forever a virgin, have spoken. I am coming now to Eric. You will unmistakably know that it is me and that it can be no other by observing the pricelessness of the blue diamond you will observe from now on in the engagement ring you shall see me wear upon my finger. For so priceless will this gemstone be in its sparkling appearance to all who see it, that it will be known that Mary alone among all created women is the only woman who could possibly be found worthy of wearing it. These Words are now effectively concluded. Whoever has access to the divinely chosen Apprentice and Disciple whom We shall now give to Eric will be the only ones permitted on earth to have access to the endless revelation of secrets yet to be revealed of the universe that is to come, a world without end. Amen.