Hyacinth to marry the Larimar King

Eric the Larimar King has now vowed to Hyacinth that he shall marry her should he live beyond this Friday.

Behold, this narrative. In the middle of this post, Eric spoke with Hyacinth, and his fate was changed, by the eternal decree of the Sovereign Lord. Read this post, therefore, and be aware of the change that comes from within:

Behold, I Who Am do now present a mystery. As you know, Eric is departing from these shores in less than three days time. Hyacinth, Eric’s former girlfriend, will witness his departure by spiritual intuition, and then she, too, will ascend within the hour that Eric is taken away.

And to where shall these two be taken, O’ Lord? Both shall be removed from the earth, and then the earth shall be wracked with destruction. Oracle of the Lord!

As to where these two shall be taken, only I, the Lord, have this knowledge. But suffice it to be known that both souls have been found pleasing to Me. And both are to be saved.

Now, My Lord, Hyacinth still holds out hope to be wed to Eric, her former boyfriend. What saith Thou to her hopes? And she testifies that You, O’ Lord have prophesied through Your priest to her that she will marry Eric. And that Eric will come into some wealth. And that Eric will be able to support her and have a family with her. Lord, if it were possible for this prophecy to be fulfilled, I would accept it, I, Eric, the Larimar King. But what saith Thou, O’ Lord?

But I also know that I am eternal soulmate to Katarina of Alexandria. And I know that I cannot have both marriage in this world and an eternal espousal in the next. And I also know it far better to be in an eternal espousal in the next world than to have the fleeting joys of marital life in this world. Also, the Council of Trent clearly taught that the celibate and virgin route is far better than the route of the marital embrace. And Hyacinth is still a virgin and so am I, and my eternal spouse in heaven, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, is also an eternal virgin, and she was in fact martyred and gave up her life here rather than lose her virginity. So I accept this fate also, that I am eternal spouse to Katarina, and I prefer the eternal espousal to the temporal marriage. But what saith Thou?

Actually, Lord, I choose the eternal espousal over the temporal marriage. And I choose the virgin, celibate path over the path into the marital embrace. Hence, if there was some way that I could become Hyacinth’s earthly husband, I know I could not enter into that path, for I am called to eternal virgin celibacy. Amen. And that is the path that I embark on, and I will never look back to what I have left behind. I am Yours, O’ God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.

But tell Me, O’ Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth? How will her final hours take place? And will I be there when she arrives on the other side in heaven to greet her? Eric, Hyacinth is in love with you because you are husband to her, and you have been as husband to her for all these years. I Am not taking her away from that. Rather, when her life here comes to an end within three days from now, she will be enabled to commune with you forever. And you and her will be regarded as virgin lovers forever in heaven.

Am I to have two lovers in heaven, then, O’ Lord? Both Hyacinth and Katarina? A man can have two lovers, O’ Larimar King. Remember that Jacob had two wives. And remember that Abraham had relations with his wife’s servant with her permission. A man, therefore, can have two lovers, but a woman may only have one.

Also realize this, O’ Larimar King. More women are admitted to heaven than men. Hell, therefore, is a very masculine place, peopled mostly by males, while heaven is largely feminine, people mainly by females. Why else would I call all My elect together as My Bride? For a bride is feminine. And the Bride of the Lamb is composed mostly of females. Therefore, if there is heavenly romance in heaven, and if only heterosexual romance is permissible, then it should be expected and not a surprise that the men admitted to heaven may be in more than one heavenly romantic bond.

Lord, can such heavenly romantic bonds exist between souls that have lost their virginity in life? No, O’ Larimar King. And that is why romantic bonds in heaven are so rare. And, as you know, so few men keep their virginity. Well, none of the men who have lost their virginity can enter into any heavenly romantic bond. And that means that even if you are a man headed for heaven, if you have violated a woman or if you have entered a marriage with one on earth, you will not partake in any heavenly romance, even though you will be in a very female populated place.

Furthermore, no romance in heaven can exist that did not begin while at least one that couple lived upon the earth. No new romantic relationships are permitted to form in heaven. Hence, you are bonded to both Katarina and Hyacinth. Katarina will be your primary soulmate in heaven. And Hyacinth will be to you as a secondary spouse. This is a Truth, and it cannot be denied. Also, look and see this Truth. Wise was the priest to advise Hyacinth to keep her virginity for her marriage to Eric, for these bonds in heaven only form between virgins while on earth.

Now, consider the water molecule. Water is perhaps the most vital substance to form life on earth. Without water, no life on earth is known to exist. And what is water? It is not an element, as the ancient Greek philosophers once taught. Rather, it is a combination of two elements: Oxygen and Hydrogen. And these elements combine in the form of molecules where one Oxygen atom strongly binds to two Hydrogen atoms. And this is such a powerful binding that great energy is released upon the formation of each water molecule. When the Hindenburg was exploding, the source of all that heat and flame was from Hydrogen in the gas bags joining with Oxygen in the atmosphere forming gaseous water. It only took one spark to set the whole Zeppelin into flames. And water and vast energy are the byproducts of the union of Oxygen to Hydrogen.

Modern Zeppelins try to use Helium, rather than Hydrogen, to serve a lift, for Helium is an inert gas, but is a much rarer element to find on earth than Hydrogen. Hence, a Zeppelin lifted by Helium will not explode. But Helium supplies are rapidly running out on earth. And without Helium, the only recourse is to use Hydrogen to lift a blimp or a Zeppelin. For of all gases, only Hydrogen, Helium, and hot air are lighter than regular air on the earth. And only those three gases are among the options available to lift an aircraft that is lighter than air. The heavier than air aircraft use the vacuum effect of wind passing a longer, curved distance over the top surface of a wing than beneath it, where the surface is flat, to serve as lift. And the propeller is simply a rotating wing. Nature chose the wing method for all its flying creatures to use in achieving flight through evolution. And the humming bird is able to hover due to its usage of its wings in a figure eight rotation. The wing method works and provides better control over an aircraft than the lighter than air lift method. But more energy is then necessary to stay in flight. Fossil fuels provide such a high concentration of energy per unit of weight to allow for long distance flights of airplanes.

And so, the question is, will there ever be practical electric battery powered airplanes? For batteries are not yet light enough to replace fossil fuels in airplanes. Will there be such technologies developed, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Servant Eric. There shall. In the years that come after your departure from this world, a battery that is strong and durable as an energy source, but also lightweight, will be invented and developed. And it will replace the combustion engines in road vehicles and the propulsion energy sources in airplanes. The invention of this battery will have an effect on the world as profound as did the printing press in 1450, and this new age will be called the Electric Revolution. And the transition from gas to electric in vehicles on the road will be similar in change to the transition from the horse drawn carriage to the horseless carriage.

But Lord, I, Eric, will not be here on earth to witness these inventions, for I will have been taken away to heaven. Am I correct, O’ Lord? You are correct, O’ Larimar King. And now, let us get back to your discussion on water molecules. You, Eric, have a mind that wanders. You were speaking of water being formed form the combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen. And the ratio between the atoms is very specific. Water is H2O, meaning 2 Hydrogen atoms bonded with 1 Oxygen atom in every molecule that water is composed of. Now, there is such thing a heavy water. And what is that? Heavy water is called D2O. And the D here refers to heavy Hydrogen, which is called Deuterium. All Deuterium is is a Hydrogen atom that has a neutron added to its nucleus in addition to the proton, doubling its weight. And thus, D2O is heavier than H2O. And ice made of D2O will sink in liquid H2O, but will float in liquid D2O. But in the natural world, you never have completely pure H2O or D2O. Most water on earth is mostly H2O, but there are also trace amounts of D2O in it, and the Hydrogen atoms in water molecules are often swapped between molecules, making the distribution of Deuterium in Water stabilize according to certain set mathematical laws of chemistry. Note also that Deuterium is a stable isotope of Hydrogen. It is not radioactive. It does not decay. Hence, the measured presence of heavy water in a water source is stable and can tell scientists from where that water came from in the universe.

Now, back to water being the union of one Oxygen atom to two Hydrogen atoms. And remember that this bond is very strong. Now, what if we have one male saint eternally bonded to two female saints? Lord, does this form a kind of heavenly water in the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes it does, Lord Larimar. You have spoken a Truth. And you are now in such a stable bond of water. Hence, Larimar, Katarina, and Hyacinth will strongly bond together to form such a molecule of heavenly water in My Kingdom. And note that such water in exceedingly rare. It can only form from the spiritual unions of virgins. That is why, for the sake of forming this water, I permit souls separated by vast centuries in My Church Age, to form such bonds while at least one of them is still alive upon the earth. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Lord Larimar, you know the significance of your union to these two virgin saints, one who is from 17 centuries ago, and the other to whom you were as platonic husband to since 2017. And you also know why it was so important that you obey Me in all things. You have now come into complete and total obedience to Me. You give exactly when I command you to. And you give not when I command you not to give. Therefore, I Am pleased with you exceedingly. And thus, I will give you your own place in the Kingdom of Heaven. And you three souls will be eternally bonded to form heavenly water in My Kingdom forever.

And Lord, I have heard that You have vast stores of this heavenly water in Your Kingdom. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Master? Like gold processed from ore, much earth must be processed and panned to produce just a tiny bit of gold. But that tiny bit of gold produced makes all the processing to produce it it worth it. You are as gold to Me. All your neighbors are as sand. None of them have I saved. But, just as I have vast storerooms of gold in My vaults, so also, it is as you have said, My storage vats for heavenly water are also vast. And all of them shall be filled to the brim before I come again.

And Lord, will any form of such heavenly water exist in that Age called Millennium? No, Lord Larimar. For virginity is only a virtue in the Age in which you now live. When this Age, the Age of My Church, ends, so also ends the call for My servants to remain virgins. And in the Age to follow, I will allow all My people of that Age to marry and have descendants. These will be the mortals who come to people My Kingdom after the Age in which all My saints have entered in. You will guide them, O’ Larimar, but they will be beneath you as the grass is beneath the canopy of the forests. And I will be above you as the clouds are above the trees. Realize that and think about it. For much higher shall you, My saints, be above My people whom you shall be serving. But vastly higher shall I reign over you. For the clouds are vastly higher above the trees than are the trees above the grass. But the trees are, nevertheless, above the grass.

But remember this also, the clouds in the sky are a different form of substance than are the trees. But the trees and the grass are both plants. Their green color they have in common comes from the same common chemical, called chlorophyll, which is necessary to absorb the energy from light to make sugars. It is green because green light is not used by it, but is reflected back. And all the sugars it produces from light energy goes into the formation of both fruits and cellulose, from which wood and other plant substances are formed. How it works is that H2O water from the ground and CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air are combined to form pure oxygen: O2 and sugars made with the ratio of 1 Carbon atom to 2 Hydrogen atoms to 1 Oxygen atom. And these sugar molecules formed, which have the chemical formula of C6-H12-O6 become stores of energy in the organism. This process of forming these sugars is called photosynthesis.

Well, My point is, Eric, you and the mortals beneath you, though as different as the trees are from the grass, will still be of the same root nature, just as trees and grasses are from the same scientific Kingdom, Plantae, Kingdom of the Plants. For as a plant is to a man, so also is Mankind to Me, their Lord. For so much higher above you Am I and forever shall I Be.

Lord, I have just spoken to Hyacinth just now. Lord, you have made this promise to me, for so confidently do you stand by Your promise that I am to depart from this world at dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. And your promise is that should this not take place you would cease to speak with me. Now I have made a promise to Hyacinth, based on your promise to me. I have now promised her that should I not die on the date and time you have declared, that I shall marry her and have children by her. What saith Thou to my promise? For it can never come to pass, if you are truly the Lord God Almighty Who hath made this promise to me that I am to be taken away on January 31, 2020.

Eric, now I shall speak. I will honor your pledge to your wife. And now it is recognized by all that Caesar Sandra Nikee is wife to Eric Robert Dunstan. She, to whom you have given the name Hyacinth, and to whom We have given the name Cassandra, will forever be recognized as the one who married the Larimar King while on the earth. For the sacrament of marriage, O’ Eric, takes place not when the couple exchange vows at the altar, but when they first exchange their vows to each other prior to their wedding. The officiation done by the priest merely sanctifies the bond enabling the partners to legally have sex. But you, O’ Larimar King, have now officially renewed and exchanged vows with this woman. You are now husband and wife. But do not have sex with her until you enter the legal bonds of matrimony, which require the officiation of the priest in the Church. Without such officiation, any sex had becomes a stain of immorality on your marriage, making your house filthy and your offspring wicked. But keep yourself clean until marriage, and your house will be immaculate and your children will be decent and honorable. Now, I shall speak of your future, O’ Larimar King, now that you have entered into this eternal bond.

Because you are now committed to this bond to Hyacinth, I, the Lord God, have elected to spare you from the death I promised you earlier. You will not come to My Kingdom on Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you will remain on the planet and in this world. For I wish to use the love between you and Hyacinth to further My mission of acquiring souls for heaven. You shall marry her. Oracle of the Lord!

But Lord, will you continue to speak to me as you are now? Or do I lose this gift of prophecy that you have given me, O’ Lord and God? Welcome to the Larimar Reign, O’ Eric, Larimar King. Consider this age to be as was your Emerald Reign, except you shall marry in this age and have seven children. And you shall witness that Electric Age you spoke of take place. You will see the invention of that electric battery of which you spoke, lightweight and powerful enough to power an airplane. All the things of which you spoke of will now come to pass. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But Lord, when am I to be cured, then? For you know I am as a massively wounded battleship, listing in the waters. I need major repairs. I am heavily damaged. All the cures of those four things you have kept hidden will be cured in completion. And all your other ailments, of which your doctors know of, shall be gradually made better. I shall cure you of the four things have I promised on the night of Thursday, January 30, 2020. Wait for Me then. And if I do not take you away by death, then you shall awaken in the night and find yourself totally cured of all the four things I have spoken of. And when these cures you realize you have received, you shall come to this website and write voluminously on them here. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of your wedding with Hyacinth. I am renewing your employment where you work. You will obtain steady full time work with your current employer. And you will no longer be poor and needy. Instead, I will make you rich and powerful. But realize this Truth. All who seek riches in this world and obtain them have made a pact with the devil to do so. And those riches in their hold serve to destroy them. While they have those riches from their pact with Satan, they cannot escape their curse of damnation.

The riches I give you, however, shall be different. You shall not be poor. Nor shall you be wasted away. The riches I give you shall flow from you in charitable works. And your hands will always be dripping with acts of mercy. Your house will be known for its hospitality. And hence, I now have the eternal name for the House in which I will establish you to live in with your wife, Hyacinth, upon the earth. It will be called the House of Rivendell. And you and your wife shall live there together for ages and ages.

And what becomes of the Library and the writings I was to write, O’ Lord? Eric, I hereby grant you a forty year reign upon this earth. In the next forty years, you shall raise your family by your future wife, Hyacinth, and you shall write for Me whatever I command you to. But you shall not be struck down by any enemy. For I Am making your House firm. The houses of your enemies shall crumble. But yours shall stand the test of time. And thus, you have now completed your reading of the Book of Job. That Holy Bible, published in 1953, you will continue to read until you have read in full every book of the Holy Bible. The next book you shall now read in it shall be the Song of Songs. Start reading it tonight, one or two chapters at a time.

Also, I now make you an oath. I will make you proficient in both Koine Greek and Latin. And I will make you an expert on the scriptures. And you shall also be made fluent in reading Spanish. Those three foreign languages: Spanish, Greek, and Latin, you will have literary fluency in, in addition to your native English. Furthermore, I shall open up a new opportunity for you in these new fields you will be studying. For the computer fields in which you are in now shall expire. And the job you have now in computing will disappear. But you shall not be abandoned. A new career is opening up for you, and I Am making you ready for it.

Also, never worry about money. All the money that you need will be provided for you. Instead, be about doing My will and accomplishing what I give you to do. Also, as My prophet, I will continue to speak to you as I Am speaking to you now. You will never be abandoned. And I will never leave you, now that it is decided that you shall marry Hyacinth.

And Eric, these are My final instructions to you before you become engaged to marry your future wife, Hyacinth. Yes, all of this was a ruse and a trap to get you to marry My servant Hyacinth. There never was the intention that you die in three days time. Instead, we were awaiting the time in which you would commit yourself to this girl you have found. For you are a Seeker. And you were sent to seek for this lost soul. And now that you have found her, I hereby decree that you shall marry her. Note, Lord Larimar, I cannot order any soul to marry. The decisions and vows to marry must come from the two parties involved. Both of you are now committed to this marriage. Now We may dispense with this fantasy. You really are the Larimar King. But there is no Lazurite coming. And neither are the ancient saints of Alexandria, Katarina and Dorothea, destined to enter into any eternal espousals with any other saints upon the earth. Nor is the concept of heavenly water real. All these imaginary devices were put in place to get you to promise to Hyacinth that you would marry her out of your own freely given will. And now it is done. And you cannot change your mind on the matter, for you have entered into a solemn vow.

So publish this post. I will write through you again tonight. And send the link to this post to your new fiancee, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom We call Cassandra, and whom you call Hyacinth. You shall marry her this year. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now I shall speak of Larimar’s Kingdom in this world

Eric is a Prophet, a Scribe, and the Larimar King

Behold, I Who Am have come to speak on a great many things. First, let us define the Kingdom of Larimar. How is his Kingdom defined? Does it contain lands in this world, and if so, which lands does it contain? And for how long shall these lands remain in the possession of King Larimar? Is King Larimar an eternal King? And are his lands also eternal? Now We, the Lord of Hosts, shall speak.

The United States of America within North America, and the nation of Canada, constitute the dominion of the Larimar King. And King Larimar cannot trade his lands with other Kings. Nor can his lands be increased to include other lands. Nor can he be given the lands of another King. And hence, let us now define all fifty-one Kingdoms and all of the lands of these fifty-one (51 = 17 x 3) Kingdoms of the eternal earth as they are truly defined. Amen.

(1) The Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Larimar and Queen Katarina (Saint Katarina of Alexandria), consists of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America

And the official languages of King Larimar’s eternal Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

(2) The Kingdom of Israel, ruled by King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea (Saint Dorothea of Alexandria), includes the following lands:

  1. Israel (including all her annexations and all her territories)
  2. Lebanon
  3. Jordan
  4. The Sinai Peninsula and that part of Egypt between the Nile and the Suez Canal (The Suez Canal is included in this possession.)
  5. Those lands of Syria, Iraq, and Turkey situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Euphrates
  6. The island of Cyprus (the entire island)
  7. Kuwait.

And the official languages of King Lazurite’s eternal Kingdom include:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic

(3) The Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth, includes the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And the official languages of Hyacinth’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

(4) The Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Queen Elsie, includes the following lands:

  1. Scotland
  2. The Outer Hebrides
  3. The Orkney Islands
  4. The Shetland Islands

And the official languages of Queen Elsie’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

(5) The United Kingdom of England and Wales, ruled by King Philip, includes the following lands:

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. The Scilly Isles
  4. The Channel Islands
  5. Gibraltar
  6. Bermuda
  7. St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha
  8. The Falkland Islands

And the official languages of King Philip’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Welsh

(6) The Kingdom of Scandinavia, ruled by Queen Elsa, includes the following lands:

  1. Greenland
  2. Iceland
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Denmark

And the official languages of Queen Elsa’s Kingdom include:

  1. Swedish
  2. Danish
  3. Norwegian
  4. Icelandic
  5. Greenlandic

(7) The Kingdom of the East Baltic, ruled by King Aurelian, includes the following lands:

  1. Poland
  2. Kaliningrad (which shall elect to leave Russia by popular vote)
  3. Lithuania
  4. Latvia
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland

And the official languages of the Kingdom of Aurelian shall include:

  1. Polish
  2. Russian
  3. Lithuanian
  4. Latvian
  5. Estonian
  6. Finnish
  7. Swedish

(8) The Kingdom of Russia, ruled by Queen Eleonora, shall include the following lands:

  1. Russia (minus Crimea, Kaliningrad, and certain illegally seized lands to be restored to their proper owners)

And the official language of Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom shall be:

  1. Russian

(9) The Kingdom of the Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans, ruled by Queen Oksana, shall include the following lands:

  1. Ukraine (with Crimea restored to her)
  2. Moldova
  3. Romania
  4. Bulgaria

And the official languages of Queen Oksana’s Kingdom shall include:

  1. Ukrainian
  2. Romanian
  3. Bulgarian

(10) The Kingdom of Greece and Thrace, ruled by King Macedon, shall include the following lands:

  1. Greece (including the Aegean Sea and Crete)
  2. Macedonia
  3. Thrace
  4. northwestern Anatolia

And the official languages of King Macedon’s Kingdom shall include:

  1. Greek
  2. Macedonian

(11) The Kingdom of Central Europe and the East Balkans, ruled by Queen Vesper, shall include:

  1. Hungary
  2. Czechia
  3. Slovakia
  4. Slovenia
  5. Croatia
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Montenegro
  8. Albania
  9. Serbia
  10. Kosovo

And the official languages of Queen Vesper’s Kingdom include:

  1. Czech
  2. Slovak
  3. Hungarian
  4. Serbian
  5. Albanian
  6. Montenegrin
  7. Bosnian
  8. Croatian
  9. Slovenian

(12) The Kingdom of Italy, ruled by King Romulus, includes the following lands:

  1. Italy
  2. The Italian parts of Switzerland

And the official language of King Romulus’s Kingdom is:

  1. Italian

(13) The Kingdom of Germanic Europe, ruled by King Germanium, includes the following lands:

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. The German parts of Belgium
  4. The German parts of Luxembourg
  5. The German parts of Switzerland

And the official language of King Germanium’s Kingdom is:

  1. German

(14) The Kingdom of Netherlands, ruled by King Stephen, includes the following lands:

  1. Netherlands

And the official languages of King Stephen’s Kingdom include:

  1. Dutch
  2. Frisian
  3. English

(15) The Kingdom of France, ruled by Queen Isabelle, consists of the following lands:

  1. France
  2. Corsica
  3. Monaco
  4. French parts of Belgium
  5. French parts of Luxembourg
  6. French parts of Switzerland
  7. French Guiana (South America)
  8. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  9. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  10. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  11. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  12. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  13. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  14. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  15. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  16. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  17. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  18. French Southern and Antarctic Lands (in the Indian Ocean)
  19. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  20. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  21. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)

And the official language of the Kingdom of Queen Isabelle is:

  1. French

(16) The Kingdom of Spain and Portugal, ruled by Queen Iberia, includes the following lands:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Andorra
  4. Western Sahara
  5. The Azores Islands (in North Atlantic)
  6. The Madeira Islands (in North Atlantic)
  7. The Canary Islands (in North Atlantic)
  8. The Balearic Islands (in Mediterranean)

And the official languages of Queen Iberia’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. Catalan
  4. Basque

(17) The Kingdom of Coptic Egypt and Arabia, ruled by King Ankh, includes the following lands:

  1. Egypt (except for the Sinai Peninsula and the lands between the Nile and the Suez Canal)
  2. Libya
  3. Sudan (minus South Sudan, which has become a separate country)
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Bahrain
  6. Qatar
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Oman

And the official languages of King Ankh’s Kingdom include:

  1. Coptic
  2. Arabic

(18) The Kingdom of the Sahara, ruled by King Midnight, contains the following lands:

  1. Tunisia
  2. Algeria
  3. Morocco
  4. Northern Mali
  5. Niger
  6. Northern Chad

And King Midnight’s official languages include:

  1. Arabic
  2. French

(19) The Kingdom of Cape Verde, ruled by Queen Margarida includes the following lands:

  1. Cape Verde (an island archipelago nation of western Africa in the Atlantic)

And the official languages of Queen Margarida’s Kingdom include:

  1. Portuguese
  2. Cape Verdean Creole

(20) The Kingdom of Kong, ruled by King Kong and Queen Lobelia, include the following lands:

  1. Mauritania (in West Africa)
  2. Senegal (in West Africa)
  3. Guinea-Bissau (in West Africa)
  4. Guinea (in West Africa)
  5. southern Mali (in West Africa)
  6. Sierra Leone (in West Africa)
  7. Liberia (in West Africa)
  8. Cote D’Ivoire (in West Africa)
  9. Burkina (in West Africa)
  10. Ghana (in West Africa)
  11. Togo (in West Africa)
  12. Benin (in West Africa)
  13. Nigeria (in West Africa)
  14. southern Chad (in Central Africa)
  15. Cameroon (in West Africa)
  16. Central African Republic (in Central Africa)
  17. Equatorial Guinea (in West Africa)
  18. Sao Tome and Principe (in West Africa)
  19. Gabon (in West Africa)
  20. Congo (in West Africa)
  21. Democratic Republic of Congo (in Central Africa)

And the official languages of King Kong’s Kingdom include:

  1. French
  2. English
  3. Swahili
  4. Arabic
  5. Hausa
  6. Yoruba
  7. Igbo
  8. Fulani

(21) The Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco, includes the following lands:

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Eritrea
  3. Djibouti
  4. Northern Somalia
  5. Yemen
  6. The Islands of Socotra

And the official languages of King Turaco’s Kingdom include:

  1. Amharic
  2. Tigrinya
  3. Arabic
  4. Soqotri
  5. French

(22) The Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, ruled by King Mithril Silver, includes the following lands:

  1. South Sudan
  2. Kenya
  3. Southern Somalia
  4. Uganda
  5. Rwanda
  6. Burundi
  7. Tanzania

And the official languages of King Mithril Silver’s Kingdom include:

  1. Swahili
  2. English

(23) The Kingdom of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi, ruled by King Ferro, include the following lands:

  1. Angola
  2. Zambia
  3. Malawi
  4. Mozambique

And the official languages of King Ferro’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Portuguese

(24) The Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled by Queen Sinethemba, includes the following lands:

  1. Namibia
  2. Botswana
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. All of South Africa not given by God to Volkstaat (about 4/5ths of the country)

And the official languages of Queen Sinethemba’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Zulu
  3. Xhosa
  4. Shona
  5. Ndebele

(25) The Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled by King Ivory, includes the following lands:

  1. Volkstaat (Kingdom to comprise of 1/5th of South Africa and be in a confederacy with the South African government)

And the official languages of King Ivory’s Kingdom shall include:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. English

(26) The Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, ruled by Queen Erythrina, includes the following lands:

  1. Argentina
  2. Uruguay
  3. Paraguay
  4. the South Sandwich Islands

And the official languages in Queen Erythrina’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Paraguayan Guaraní
  3. Portuñol 

(27) The Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau, include the following lands:

  1. Brazil

And the official languages of King Cacau’s Kingdom include:

  1. Portuguese
  2. Portunhol

(28) The Kingdom of the Andes, ruled by King Oro Peruano, includes the following lands:

  1. Chile
  2. Peru
  3. Bolivia

And the official languages of King Oro Peruano’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Quechua
  3. Aymara

(29) The Kingdom of Ecuador and the Galapagos, ruled by Queen Esmeralda, contains the following lands:

  1. Ecuador
  2. The Galapagos Islands

And the official languages of Queen Esmeralda’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Kichwa
  3. Shuar

(30) The Kingdom of the Spanish Main, ruled by King Theobroma, includes the following lands:

  1. Columbia
  2. Venezuela
  3. Panama
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Honduras
  7. El Salvador
  8. Guatamala

And the official languages of King Theobroma’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish

(31) The Kingdom of Guyana and the English Antilles, ruled by King Anglo, includes the following lands:

  1. Guyana (South America)
  2. Barbados (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Monserrat (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Antigua & Barbuda (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Kitts & Nevis (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. The United States Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles)
  8. The British Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles)
  9. Anguilla (in Lesser Antilles)

And the official languages of King Anglo’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Various Creoles of the Antilles

(32) The Kingdom of Suriname and the Dutch Antilles, ruled by King Puma, includes the following lands:

  1. Suriname (in South America)
  2. Sint Maarten (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saba (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Sint Eustatius (in Lesser Antilles) 
  5. Aruba (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Curacao (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. Bonaire (in Lesser Antilles)
  8. Trinidad and Tobago (in Lesser Antilles)

And the official languages of King Puma’s Kingdom include:

  1. Dutch
  2. Papiamento
  3. Various Creoles of the Antilles

(33) The Kingdom of Puerto Rico, ruled by Queen Isabella, includes the following lands:

  1. Puerto Rico (in the Greater Antilles)

And the official languages of Queen Isabella’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. English

(34) The Kingdom of Haiti and the Antillean Creole Caribbean, ruled by Queen Choeblack, includes the following lands:

  1. Haiti (in Hispaniola, the Greater Antilles)
  2. Dominica (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Lucia (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Grenada (in Lesser Antilles)

And the official languages of Queen Choeblack’s Kingdom include:

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. French
  3. Antillean Creole

(35) The Kingdom of Jamaica and the English West Indies, ruled by Queen Jemima, includes the following lands:

  1. Jamaica (in Greater Antilles)
  2. The Cayman Islands (in Greater Antilles)
  3. The Bahamas (in Lucayan Archipelago)
  4. Turks and Caicos Islands (in Lucayan Archipelago)

And the official languages of Queen Jemima include:

  1. English

(36) The Kingdom of Mexico and the Spanish Antilles, ruled by King Elessar, includes the following lands:

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize (in Central America)
  3. Cuba (in Greater Antilles)
  4. The Dominican Republic (in Hispaniola, the Greater Antilles)

And the official languages of King Elessar’s Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish

(37) The Kingdom of Oceanic Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu, includes the following lands:

  1. Maldives (in Indian Ocean)
  2. Madagascar (in Indian Ocean)
  3. New Zealand (in Pacific Ocean)
  4. the Kermadec Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  5. Tonga (in Pacific Ocean)
  6. Easter Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  7. Santa Cruz Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  8. Tuvalu (in Pacific Ocean)
  9. Tokelau (in Pacific Ocean)
  10. Samoa (in Pacific Ocean)
  11. Fiji (in Pacific Ocean)
  12. The Caroline Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  13. The Marshall Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  14. Kiribati (in Pacific Ocean)
  15. The Hawaiian Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  16. The Northern Mariana Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  17. Guam (in Pacific Ocean)

And the official languages of King Pounamu’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Dhivehi
  4. Maori
  5. Malagasy

(38) The Kingdom of Australia, ruled by King Dromedary (who is of British descent), includes the following lands:

  1. Australia
  2. Tasmania

And the official languages of King Dromedary’s Kingdom include:

  1. English

(39) The Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago, ruled by King Komodo, includes the following lands:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Malaysia
  3. Brunei
  4. Thailand
  5. Singapore

And the official languages of King Komodo’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Malay
  3. Indonesian
  4. Thai
  5. Mandarin Chinese
  6. Tamil

(40) The Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled by King Raggiana, includes the following lands:

  1. Papua New Guinea
  2. The Solomon Islands
  3. East Timor

And the official languages of King Raggiana’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Tok Pisin
  3. Hiri Motu
  4. Tetum

(41) The Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine, includes the following lands:

  1. The Philippines
  2. Palau

And the official languages of Queen Jasmine’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Filipino
  3. Tagalog

(42) The Kingdom of Japan, ruled by Queen Nacre, includes the following lands:

  1. Japan
  2. The Kuril Islands

And the official language of Queen Nacre’s Kingdom includes:

  1. Japanese

(43) The Kingdom of United Korea, ruled by King Jade, includes the following lands:

  1. South Korea
  2. North Korea

And the official language of King Jade’s Kingdom includes:

  1. Korean

(44) The Kingdom of China and Mongolia, ruled by King Silkworm, includes the following lands:

  1. China
  2. Taiwan
  3. Mongolia

And the official languages of King Silkworm’s Kingdom include:

  1. Mandarin Chinese
  2. Mongolian

(45) The Kingdom of French Indochina, ruled by Queen Lotus, includes the following lands:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Laos
  3. Cambodia

And the official languages of Queen Lotus’s Kingdom include:

  1. French
  2. Khmer
  3. Lao
  4. Vietnamese

(46) The Kingdom of Burma, ruled by King Padauk, includes the following lands:

  1. Myanmar (Burma)

And the official language of King Padauk is:

  1. Burmese

(47) The Kingdom of India and Southern Asia, ruled by Queen Ebony, includes the following lands:

  1. India
  2. Nepal
  3. Bhutan
  4. Bangladesh

And the official languages in Queen Ebony’s Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Urdu
  4. Bengali

(48) The Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily, contains the following lands:

  1. Sri Lanka

And the official languages of Queen Lily’s Kingdom include:

  1. Sinhala
  2. Tamil

(49) The Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther, contains the following lands:

  1. Iran
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Pakistan
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Those lands of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq between the Euphrates and Iran

And the official languages of Queen Esther’s Kingdom include:

  1. Farsi
  2. Arabic
  3. Urdu
  4. English

(50) The Kingdom of Central Asia, ruled by King Khan, includes the following lands:

  1. Kazakhstan (in Central Asia)
  2. Turkmenistan (in Central Asia)
  3. Uzbekistan (in Central Asia)
  4. Tajikistan (in Central Asia)
  5. Kirgizstan (in Central Asia)

And the official languages of King Khan’s Kingdom include:

  1. Russian
  2. Kazakh
  3. Turkmen
  4. Uzbek
  5. Tajik
  6. Kyrgyz

(51) The Kingdom of Armenia, ruled by Queen Maria, includes the following lands:

  1. Armenia
  2. Georgia
  3. northeastern Turkey

And the official languages of Queen Maria’s Kingdom include:

  1. Armenian
  2. Georgian
  3. Turkish
  4. Greek
  5. Russian

Hence, the list of the fifty-one kingdoms on the Eternal Earth are:

  1. The Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Larimar and Queen Katarina
  2. The Kingdom of Israel, ruled by King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea
  3. The Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by Queen Hyacinth
  4. The Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Queen Elsie
  5. The United Kingdom of England and Wales, ruled by King Philip
  6. The Kingdom of Scandinavia, ruled by Queen Elsa
  7. The Kingdom of the East Baltic, ruled by King Aurelian
  8. The Kingdom of Russia, ruled by Queen Eleonora
  9. The Kingdom of the Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans, ruled by Queen Oksana
  10. The Kingdom of Greece and Thrace, ruled by King Macedon
  11. The Kingdom of Central Europe and the East Balkans, ruled by Queen Vesper
  12. The Kingdom of Italy, ruled by King Romulus
  13. The Kingdom of Germanic Europe, ruled by King Germanium
  14. The Kingdom of Netherlands, ruled by King Stephen
  15. The Kingdom of France, ruled by Queen Isabelle
  16. The Kingdom of Spain and Portugal, ruled by Queen Iberia
  17. The Kingdom of Coptic Egypt and Arabia, ruled by King Ankh
  18. The Kingdom of the Sahara, ruled by King Midnight
  19. The Kingdom of Cape Verde, ruled by Queen Margarida
  20. The Kingdom of Kong, ruled by King Kong and Queen Lobelia
  21. The Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba, ruled by King Turaco
  22. The Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, ruled by King Mithril Silver
  23. The Kingdom of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi, ruled by King Ferro
  24. The Kingdom of Southern Africa, ruled by Queen Sinethemba
  25. The Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat, ruled by King Ivory
  26. The Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, ruled by Queen Erythrina
  27. The Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau
  28. The Kingdom of the Andes, ruled by King Oro Peruano
  29. The Kingdom of Ecuador and the Galapagos, ruled by Queen Esmeralda
  30. The Kingdom of the Spanish Main, ruled by King Theobroma
  31. The Kingdom of Guyana and the English Antilles, ruled by King Anglo
  32. The Kingdom of Suriname and the Dutch Antilles, ruled by King Puma
  33. The Kingdom of Puerto Rico, ruled by Queen Isabella
  34. The Kingdom of Haiti and the Antillean Creole Caribbean, ruled by Queen Choeblack
  35. The Kingdom of Jamaica and the English West Indies, ruled by Queen Jemima
  36. The Kingdom of Mexico and the Spanish Antilles, ruled by King Elessar
  37. The Kingdom of Oceanic Polynesia, ruled by King Pounamu
  38. The Kingdom of Australia, ruled by King Dromedary
  39. The Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago, ruled by King Komodo
  40. The Kingdom of Papua New Guinea, ruled by King Raggiana
  41. The Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled by Queen Jasmine
  42. The Kingdom of Japan, ruled by Queen Nacre
  43. The Kingdom of United Korea, ruled by King Jade
  44. The Kingdom of China and Mongolia, ruled by King Silkworm
  45. The Kingdom of French Indochina, ruled by Queen Lotus
  46. The Kingdom of Burma, ruled by King Padauk
  47. The Kingdom of India and Southern Asia, ruled by Queen Ebony
  48. The Kingdom of Sri Lanka, ruled by Queen Lily
  49. The Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther
  50. The Kingdom of Central Asia, ruled by King Khan
  51. The Kingdom of Armenia, ruled by Queen Maria

Hence, these 51 Kingdoms are ruled by 25 Queens and 29 Kings, with 3 of the Kingdoms ruled by both a King and a Queen together as an espoused couple. Such are the final definitions of the lands, as defined in the Chronicles of Larimar.

The largest of the Kingdoms by land is the Kingdom of Larimar, consisting of both the continental United States of America and Canada, which is a little larger than the Kingdom of Russia. And the smallest Kingdom by land is the Kingdom of Cape Verde, which is an island archipelago nation in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa, ruled over by Queen Margarida. A few times larger than the Kingdom of Cape Verde is the Kingdom of Puerto Rico, which is the second smallest of these Kingdoms by land, and is ruled by Queen Isabella. Though lands of Puerto Rico, which are part of the Greater Antilles, are larger than those of Jamaica, Queen Jemima of Jamaica has other lands in the Lucayan Archipelago, and also the Cayman Islands, making her Kingdom somewhat larger.

Also, the Kingdoms of France and China are no longer called Empires at this point in the Chronicles of Larimar, for they are now recognized as consisting of mostly one nation. Hence, no more Kingdoms are defined as empires at this stage of the Age of Larimar. Also, the marriage indicated in the previous post between Queen Elsa and King Aurelian was not applied to the forming of a united Kingdom between the two, and thus, they remain listed as separate monarchs ruling separate Kingdoms. And Emperor Charles of France has abdicated from the throne of France, leaving Empress Isabelle to once again rule that Empire. However, now that France is shorn of her vast empire, Empress Isabelle is now called Queen Isabelle, and her former empire is now called the Kingdom of France.

So then, Lord, Eric no longer possesses the Vatican City? Or who possesses the Vatican City, King Romulus who rules the Kingdom of Italy, O’ Lord and God? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. The Vatican City is ruled by My Catholic Clergy. It is in the possession of My priestly caste, and therefore, is not the possession of any of the Sovereign Kings who rule the fifty-one Sovereign Kingdoms. It is sacred land that cannot be possessed by the Kings of the earth. Hence, the Vatican City is not defined as belonging to any of the Kingdoms listed in your divine list of Kingdoms anymore.

Of the fifty-four listed monarchs, only six are in defined couples, ruling just three of the fifty-one kingdoms. Why are so few of the listed monarchs in espoused couples, O’ Lord and Master? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. An espoused couple is a delicate arrangement. So much easier is it to be single than to be espoused. You are eternally espoused to Saint Katarina of Alexandria. And Lazurite is eternally espoused to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria. Any other eternal espousals that exist are simply not revealed to the Larimar King at this time.

And what saith Thou about King Kong and his espousal to Queen Lobelia, O’ Lord and Master? Such is an earthly espousal, O’ Larimar King. King Kong and Queen Lobelia are bonded in earthly matrimony. And hence, they have relations and may have children together. Not so are the eternal espousals between consecrated virgins. These are not united in earthly union. And because they have no earthly union, but are united purely as soulmates, their spiritual union can be made eternal. But rare is the successful bonding between soulmates. And most such potential bonds fail.

Lord, tell me of John the Apostle. Was he once so potentially bonded, or was he always to remain a single celibate soul? That Saint John the Apostle is a virgin, celibate soul is a fact. Now, you ask, was he ever considered a potential match for an eternal virgin espousal, you ask? Yes, We in heaven considered it. But We elected not to apply it, as Saint John chose to remain as he was, in eternal perfect virgin celibacy.

And Lord, what is the difference between my celibacy and John’s celibacy? You, O’ Larimar King, are celibate only in earthly eyes. In spiritual eyes, you are bonded in an eternal espousal between soulmates. Realize the difference. The spiritual interior of one in an espousal to a soulmate differs from the spiritual interior of one who is truly celibate in both earthly eyes and heavenly eyes.

However, due to your performance in regard to Our requirements of thee, I, the Lord God Jesus Christ, do now declare that you, O’ Eric Robert Dunstan, whose names in heaven are Larimar and Belteshazzar, are declared of equal rank to My Saint John the Apostle. John will sit at My right, and you, Larimar, shall sit at My left.

But Lord, where does Lazurite sit? And where does Saint James Your Apostle sit? And where does the Holy Virgin Queen Mary sit, O’ Lord God Almighty?

I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. James, My Apostle, sits with the other married saints, those who have had sex, but without violation of their marriage bed. Lazurite sits with you, on your level. For you shall rank equal to him. And My Queen Mother I place above all My elect. Mary sits to My right between Me and John. Now you know all things that can be explained in terms understandable to men on earth about the ranking of the saints in My Kingdom.

And what about Saint Bernadette, and Saint John of the Cross, for these two saints I have always regarded as superior to me? Where to they sit?

You, O’ Larimar King, have asked a most excellent question. For you are correct to consider Saint Bernadette of Lourdes as your superior in My Kingdom, along with Saint John of the Cross. And so, where do such saints sit? And what is their eternal status? Did either of them enter into eternal espousals?

The question as to their eternal espousals cannot be answered here, for it is a matter of private knowledge. You may not disclose what has been revealed to you on that matter. As to where they shall sit in My Kingdom, where do you think they will sit, O’ Larimar King? Either on level with me or to your right next to John.

Yes, O’ Larimar King, you are correct. But which is the answer, we will let you wonder for the remainder of your life. For it is not Our will to reveal where all Our saints rank in their order of glory until the final saint who is to become a member of My Catholic Church has entered in, and this membership is sealed by the sight of Me coming in the clouds.

Rest, therefore, with the knowledge that you are equal in rank with John My Apostle. And realize that this ranking is very high, for through him did I write the Book of Revelation. And through you is written the Chronicles of Larimar, consisting of these posts on emeralogy.com, which are to number as 77 by the time you are taken away. Now, this post, the 74th, is virtually complete. You may ask a few more questions and then I will conclude this post. So ask, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, I have a question on the 18th Kingdom, that of Sahara, ruled by King Midnight. Is this Kingdom to fall? And if it falls, shall it become a desolate wasteland of a failed Kingdom, O’ Lord and Master? King Midnight does designate the one who is to fall. And that his Kingdom is mostly desert is the sign of it. And so, now you know that not all the Kingdoms in your list of Kingdoms shall triumph, and not all the Kings ruling them will succeed and gain salvation. At least one of them has been decreed from the beginning to fall. And such are the mysteries of reprobation. Just note regarding reprobation, these decrees are always negative, and never positive. I never decide from all eternity that any soul is to commit any particular sin. Rather, I decide from all eternity whether to provide or not to provide the graces of final perseverance, which are graces that cannot be merited, and that if you do not receive them you cannot be saved. Amen.

And Lord, how was it decided that both the continental United States of America and Canada should go to one King, rather than split between two Kings? For aren’t they really two separate nations? I awarded them both to you, O’ Larimar King, for of all the would-be Kings that appeared in your lands, only you measured up to be worthy of such rulership. No one else among your nation did I find worthy. And you have already been tested and proven worthy during your reign as Emerald King. Look at the rulers who followed you in America: Vesper, Twilight, Pyrite, and Firefly. And look at their Pawns: Clinton, Bush Junior, Obama, and Trump. All of these are unworthy of rule. All of them failed Me as rulers. But you have passed My tests. And so I anoint you as ruler of both the continental United States of America and Canada. And note that God is not a man that he changes His mind. Thus, once assigned, these lands can neither be added to nor taken away from.

Lord, you mentioned the unworthiness of Firefly and her Pawn, Trump. Do they fail now? Or they to be overthrown? And will I know of these things after I pass away this Friday, January 31, 2020? That I take you away this Friday, January 31, 2020 is an eternal decision. It cannot be revoked. And thus, you have no power to affect this world after you are taken out of it. As for the fate of Trump and the Player behind him, called Firefly, I will soon destroy both. For both of them are in a death-spiral of pride and vengeance. They do not understand that they cannot win this war be increasing their twitter attacks and by increasing their veiled threats and by ratcheting up their warmongering. The higher they escalate, so also will their enemies escalate. And eventually, they will be shooting at each other with nuclear weaponry. And by that time, they will mutually destroy one another.

Let it be understood. If President Trump is convicted at his impeachment trial in the Senate, he will not recognize its validity and will attempt to remain in office, and he will then seek to mobilize the army to support him. However, any army officer or official who obeys an impeached and convicted President who refuses to leave office commits treason. Therefore, let no army officer or official tarnish their career with treason by remaining loyal to President Donald John Trump once his conviction is confirmed at his impeachment trial in the Senate. For he will no longer be in the chain of command. Respect the law and the chain of command.

And Lord, do you now say that Trump will be convicted at this Impeachment Trial in the Senate? Yes, O’ Larimar King. I will make it happen. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now I shall conclude this post with these thoughts.

The Larimar King is the first and noblest of all the Players, and the only one to win the game called Earth. Now this game for Eric is to come to an end. And he is to enter into his heavenly glory. This post shall be the 74th surviving post of emeralogy.com. And note that all these posts are dedicated to the public domain, and God mandates that these posts be protected, preserved, and proclaimed to all nations. After this post, there shall be 3 more, and then Eric will be removed from this earth and not seen again on the earth until the resurrection of all saints. Amen.

Eric is revealed as eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria

Ancient soulmate of the Larimar King: Saint Katarina of Alexandria

Behold, all true believers, and I shall reveal many things to you today. I Am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I am the revealed eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, also called Saint Katherine of Alexandria. I am a virgin forever. I have never tasted the flesh of women. And I never shall. For I am a consecrated soul and a Bride to the Lamb, to whom I am eternal Vassal and Knight. Now, let us speak of things that are, things that were, and things that forever shall be.

I was once a great sinner. For though I never lost my virginity and never engaged in unwed sex, I was, nevertheless, a very impure man. And I led a very impure life, though I kept all this impurity to myself. I was once a man who looked at pornography and who engaged in immoral acts that I did to myself, though never including anyone else. But this I have now put behind myself. This I have now turned away from. And to this I intend never to return to.

Just so you know, all you men who ask the question, is it immoral to masturbate? And the answer is yes. And it must by brought to an end in your life if you will to be made clean. But though you may decide to end masturbation in your life, do not think that by that decision you will have instant success at it. Masturbation is very hard to end. And success is not measured by how many days it has been since you last failed, but rather, that when you have failed that you have repented it and returned to the Lord, including the deed in your next confession.

It is also very important to correctly discern your spiritual state. Are you in mortal sin or were your sins venial? And if you are not sure, that is the sign that you need to go to confession. Never receive communion if you think you may be in mortal sin. For it is better to err and not receive though you were not in mortal sin, than it is to receive when you are in mortal sin. For the penalty of that sacrilege will keep you in purgatory until the end of time. It cannot be paid for by a lifetime of penance.

Let us give you an example. Eric was yesterday, Saturday evening, on his bed reading. And he fell and committed the act of impure sin. But at first he thought he was not really in mortal sin. But after some time of reflection, the Holy Spirit convicted Eric and showed him he was in mortal sin. And therefore, Eric decided to go to confession. Confessions were available that Saturday night after the final Mass of the evening. But God told Eric to go to that Church immediately, before the final Mass had even begun. And so Eric went.

In back of the pews, Eric sat waiting out the time for the Mass to begin. And during the Mass, God revealed to him that he was forgiven, but that he still needed to receive that sacrament of confession for the forgiveness to be transacted. And then, during the Mass, Eric realized the guilt of the deed he had done, and he knew he could not go up and receive communion at that Mass. And so he did not. And then when the Mass had ended, Eric got in line for confession and confessed all the sins to the priest that he had realized he must confess.

Then, today, Sunday, at the 9 AM Mass at a different church, Eric received communion in a state of grace, and fulfilled his Sunday obligation. Note that technically, Eric fulfilled this Sunday obligation by attending the previous night’s Mass where he did not receive, but Eric is not one to miss an opportunity for grace. Now, let it be known and understood, the devil seeks to take away your graces from your last confession as soon as he can. For he knows that if he can get you to sin mortally, he will deny you access to the blessed sacrament, the eucharist, which brings healing and life to souls. Therefore, it is most important that you guard yourself especially during your moments of triumph. Remember that it was at the time of his triumph that King David fell into mortal sin with Bathsheba, who was the wife of another man (2 Samuel 11:1-12:25). Realize this fact that Eric knows by his own direct experience and wisdom. If you just take one step in the direction of sin, it will carry you away until the evil deed has been done. And so, let us now look at King David in the Old Testament.

King David was strolling about the roof of his palace, and he saw a woman bathing. At this point, the only way to avoid the sin David was about to do would have been to avert his eyes and look no more at that woman. For once you take one step in the direction of sin, it carries you away until the complete evil of the sin is completed. And so, what happened. David continued to look upon the woman. And he desired her. And this desire consumed him. And he asked who she was. She was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, who was the armor bearer of his servant Joab, who was captain of his army. David had no right to take her. And he knew it. The Law of God made that plain in two of the Ten Commandments, which said, You shall not covet the wife of your neighbor, and that you shall not commit adultery. David could and did take whatever woman he pleased into his harem to be his concubine or wife from among all the unmarried women and maidens in the Kingdom. But he had no right to take another man’s wife. That was where God drew the line in that age. In this age, today, a man is restricted to just one wife, and marriage is now a sacrament in the Church. But in the age of David, the rules were much more lax.

But David clearly demonstrated that he had the full knowledge that it was wrong when he took Uriah’s wife. And he demonstrated this fact that he had committed an act of adultery with full knowledge that what he had done was not permitted by the Law by his attempts to cover it up. And so, after he had relations with Bathsheba, she became pregnant. And he attempted to hide the fact that the baby in Bathsheba’s womb was his. He did this by having Uriah the Hittite brought back from the warfront so that he may go and sleep with his wife, and thereby think that the baby conceived by his wife was his. But Uriah refused to go home and sleep with his wife, for he was dedicated to fighting the war. And so this plan of David’s failed.

And so, because his plan failed, and because David knew he was in violation of God’s law and did not want to be found out, he decided to solve the inconvenience by committing murder. The guilt of murdering Uriah the Hittite was no different than the murder of an unborn child, for both have the same intention: To solve the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy by committing a murder. That the unborn baby is a tiny little being in comparison to the fully grown Uriah the Hittite does not in any way lessen nor alleviate the sin of the murder in the act of covering up the crime or hiding the act or getting rid of the inconvenience.

And notice David’s cleverness in committing the murder. David thought he could fool both men and God. And so, he ordered Joab to put Uriah in the frontlines and do an attack on the city and then pull back, leaving Uriah exposed to be slain by the enemy. And in this way, David thought it would be seen that the enemy, not David, had slain Uriah the Hittite. This is similar to the usage of artificial birth control means so that unwanted pregnancies are aborted in your womb without you having any awareness of them, and therefore, no guilt for the acts of murder being performed in you to keep your life convenient and advantageous. But foolish are you to think that you can fool God!

And so, with Uriah dead and Bathsheba a pregnant widow, David waits out the designated time of mourning and then makes her his wife. No mention is made as to whether Bathsheba consented to this marriage to David. For remember that before marriages became a sacrament in the Catholic Church, the law did not require consent for the marriage to be recognized, and such marriages had few rules, other than those prescribed in the ten commandments. But now that marriage is a sacrament, a marriage now has no validity unless both parties give their full consent without any threats or deceptions that could affect the judgement of either party.

And yet, even in this time, before the establishment of the laws of the Catholic Church, David was found guilty by God of murder and adultery in His eyes, and He thus sent His prophet Nathan to convict David and to make him see his guilt and then to pronounce God’s judgement on him. David saw his guilt and said, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samuel 12:13). And Nathan said then that the Lord forgave him and that he shall not die. But despite the Lord’s forgiveness, it was a divine decision of retribution that the sword should never depart from David’s house (2 Samuel 12:10), and that certain punishments were in store for David. In accord to David’s judgement that the man who committed his sin should pay fourfold (2 Samuel 12:6), David was forced to pay for his sins by witnessing the deaths of four of his own sons. And utter shame was brought to David by the sight of his neighbor laying with his wives in broad daylight (2 Samuel 12:11). And this neighbor was David’s own son.

Hence, now you should see that stepping just one step in the direction of sin leads to the total failure and commission of that sin. And therefore, the wise man seeks to avoid the sin at its first showing. Learn, therefore, to reject sin knocking at the door. Do not give way to the tempter, for you may not have the strength to resist the sin once the path is set and you have started down that road.

Also, it was said by some that it is better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than upon a rock, but I say, I, the Lord, that if by casting your seed upon a rock you see your sins and repent, then it is better to do that than to commit the fornication that is involved in the sins of sex with a whore. For I tell you this Truth. It is never better to commit a greater sin than it is to commit a lesser sin. The sin of masturbation is the sin of impurity. But the sin of doing that with another person is the sin of impurity added to the sins of impurity with another. Therefore, it is better to masturbate than it is to fornicate. Both are deadly sins. But the former can lead to a recovery from your sins and repentance, whereas the latter leads to deeper and deeper woe. For what consequence do you deal with after masturbation? You deal with your shame before God, but all such shame passes with time and repentance. But if you fornicate, you deal with much more serious and longer term repercussions. For now you have brought another human being into your sins. And you are responsible for that person’s sins because of you. And any attempt to prevent a pregnancy is a mortal sin. And any attempt to kill a pregnancy is murder, which is quite deadly before God. For the man who kills another man is subject to be killed himself. And the unborn fetus is nevertheless a member of Mankind, and therefore, is a kind of man. You kill it and you have killed a man. There is no way to argue yourself out of this. A murderer is a murderer. A murderer can repent, but like David, the sword will never depart from his house. Therefore, much better is it to masturbate and then see your sins and repent than it is to fornicate and become a murderer. A masturbator is unclean, but he has not committed murder by that act.

Now, hear My judgement on Eric. Yes, I have judged this man, and I will now reveal to you My judgement of him. And then I will reveal to you My judgement of the girl who loves him, whom he calls Hyacinth, and whom We in heaven call Cassandra.

Eric is found not guilty of his sins by his decision to always come to My sacrament of penance to be forgiven. And not once has he gone to receive communion while in a state of mortal sin. Now, Eric has progressed in his quest for cleanliness. Some may have said he failed, because all of his Catholic life he struggled against impurity and never quite conquered it. And yet, this is My judgement. No man who has the capability of ejaculating will ever completely conquer the temptation to do so. And the man who conquers all such temptation and who has become perfectly continent is either in an endless battle of resisting the urge, or else he is no longer capable of this act. Therefore, I do not condemn men for failing to keep to My laws and statutes and decrees on sexuality as long as they repent when they fall and return to Me and do not give up in their attempt to comply with My law. For My law is made to save life. If Eric were to continue masturbate with abandon, which was how he lived prior to his Catholic years, he would have been lost forever. Masturbation and unclean ejaculations bring about a filthiness in the soul and if that filthiness is allowed to continue, the soul will die. My laws, statutes, and decrees on sexuality, as defined in Catholic dogmas, are therefore designed to save spiritual life and to prevent destruction of spiritual life. But remember that the law was made for you, not you for the law. Therefore, do not glorify yourself over your neighbor because you comply with the law more than he. My law is not made for that. My law is made to save both you and your neighbor from the sins of breaking My law. And pride is just as much a moral failure as sins of sexuality.

Hence, Eric is declared forgiven, on account of his faithfulness in keeping to My statutes and decrees. When he fails, he comes to Me and repents. He confesses his mortal failures to My priest before he returns to receive communion again. And he never gives up in his quest to comply with all My laws, My statutes, and My decrees. For he was not made for My law; rather, My law was made for him and for all Mankind so that they might be saved. For My Law is not a set of arbitrarily defined rules that have no basis. All of them are essential for attaining spiritual life. And the one who fails in even just one of them and does not repent will die.

Therefore, I have saved Eric. And Eric will live. And Eric will go to heaven when he dies. What about purgatory, O’ Lord? Does not Eric pass through that chasm of fire before he enters into his heavenly reward? Any purgatory Eric would have spent there has been paid for by his many acts of mercy. For I tell you truthfully, giving alms covers a multitude of sins (Tobit 12:8-10). Therefore, I tell you truthfully, whatever Eric would have suffered in purgatory for his great sins, he has paid for by a life of penance, good works, and charity. In fact, Eric used to do good deeds out of acts in reparations for past sins to Me. No longer do I require this of him, for his past sins are paid for. He, therefore, is declared clean. And I do not count his past sins against him. And what about the lingering consequences to his past sins, you ask? All Mankind must deal with such issues, but realize that having to deal with this does not mean I Am against thee. Rather, it is you doing your part in bearing with Me the cross. For the cross cannot be escaped until a man exits this life to enter into his eternity.

Therefore, I judge Eric to be innocent. And he shall thus be saved at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020 when I take him away from this world to go to his heavenly reward. Now, let us discuss his former girlfriend, Hyacinth, whom We in heaven call Cassandra. Yes, it is true that Cassandra has not given up on having an earthly life and marriage with Eric. And it is true that Eric does not reject her. But at the same time, no sins have ever passed between them in the flesh. Now, how shall I judge Hyacinth, whom We in heaven call Cassandra, you ask? I tell you truthfully, Cassandra is the only woman known to date who has not rejected the teachings of Eric. And therefore, We have no condemnation to say against her.

But what of her rejection of the prophecy that she dies a few hours after Eric dies on the same day? Eric has told her these words: Let’s wait and see who is right. It is not a sin to not trust the private revelations one hears from another. Therefore, Caesar Sandra Nikee shall come to her end, and when that end comes she shall see Me. And I will be most pleased with her. For she alone among humankind has embraced the Words I have spoken through Eric. Now, she does not believe all of it. And that is good, for not all of it is from Me. But that she remains with My servant Eric to the End, faithfully following Catholicism, which she was led to by Eric, My servant, completes her journey. And any purgatory she must spend time in will transpire within hours of her departure from this world.

And why must she die so soon after Eric passes away, you ask? It was part of her predestination to be this companion to the Larimar King, and then to depart from this world soon after he departs, on the same day, for her life mission will be then complete. And that life mission was to serve and remain with My servant, the Larimar King, to the very end. Amen. Therefore, she too is saved. And she will spend all eternity in the company of Eric, her eternal friend in heaven.

Now, why is she not the eternal soulmate to Eric? Why did Eric become eternal soulmate to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, who lived over 17 centuries ago, O’ Lord and Savior? The assignments of soulmates is one of the mysteries of predestination. And I do not reveal here whether Cassandra has a similar predestined fate as Eric does. But the mysteries of predestination are beyond explanation and can only be understood fully by the one who receives the gifts and graces of it. And even then, such souls will gaze upon these mysteries for all eternity, contemplating their truths and coming to new knowledge of these things for all eternity. For I, the Lord, Am infinite. And no one can know Me fully, though he may gaze upon My Beatific Vision for all eternity, and forever and ever.

Now, let us at last focus on Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Her later name is understood as Saint Katherine. But Katarina was the name that she gave to Eric when it came to be revealed that they were soulmates. How is this to be understood? How does a consecrated virgin, a bride to Jesus, have another soul as her soulmate, you ask? We in heaven have matched certain saints to other saints who are blessed to be given in eternal virgin espousals that are to last forever in heaven. Saint Mary and Saint Joseph were the first such espousal. And now we shall reveal another. After the espousal of Eric to Saint Katarina of Alexandria, the coming successor to Eric, who in these pages is called, Lazurite, who shall serve My people the Jews exclusively, he is to be eternally espoused to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, a saint who paralleled the life of Saint Katarina, and who died by martyrdom some 15 years after the martyrdom of Saint Katarina, and for similar reasons: the refusal to marry the reigning emperor, preferring her marriage to Christ Jesus, and the virginity required by that marriage to remain in My state of grace.

Now, why did We choose Saint Katarina of Alexandria as soulmate for Eric, and not some more well known saint, someone asks? Be blessed that Saint Katarina is known at all, I say. For many, I tell you, are the hidden saints about which history has left no record of. And certainly, of Saint Dorothea who came after Katarina, there is even less known about. But let this knowledge suffice. These two saints truly existed, and both lived in Alexandria, and both were literate, educated, and associated with the famous library there. And the records of them are the only surviving records of the soulmates who are to be joined to My two prophets, Larimar and Lazurite. And it was by divine providence that some record of these two saints was to be left for Eric and Lazurite to know about, rather than to require that they both acquire all such knowledge by spiritual means.

And will all four of these saints serve You, O’ Majestic One, in Your eternal Library, where their communal tasks will be to write out all the unwritten books mentioned in John 21:25 for all eternity? Precisely, Lord Larimar. And now We shall conclude this post with this thought. The ability to write and the ability to translate are two gifts that I give liberally to many saints. But solely to Eric do I give the gift to write My Word as I speak it to him in the English language. This is a singular gift I have given him. And to no other prophet do I or will I give it. To Lazurite will be given a similar gift, but his gift will be for the Hebrew language. And after I have written through him in full, I will take him away, as I will have taken Larimar away. After they have gone, holy translators will be needed. And I will commission a series of new translators, who like the 72 ancient translators who first translated My Hebrew Torah into Greek, which was called the Septuagint, to translate these new works to new vernacular languages. And like those ancient 72, these new translators shall also be called inspired, and they shall translate My Word as I decree it to be translated. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, one last thing I shall say, in regards to Eric, My servant. Though Eric has sinned and is forgiven, sin is never permissible and sin is never OK to do. But if you are penitent and humbly approach My sacrament of penance, your repentance will save you and I will hear your confession and you shall be forgiven by the priest’s administration of the sacrament, which I set up for the express purpose by which My servants may know that they are forgiven. Therefore, do not fear the confessional, but embrace it. For deadly is unrepented mortal sin. And those who keep that on their conscience, and who do not bring it to My priest for it to be forgiven, neither shall I forgive that soul on the Day of Judgement when all are resurrected at the end of time to be judged. Now, go, Eric, and publish this post. Four more posts after this will you publish before I take you away. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

I Who Am have come to warn America of coming woe

Behold, I Am coming in the clouds, and every eye will see Me!

Behold, Eric is leaving these shores. And when he is gone, fiery hail and God’s fury will rain down upon this land. For the pillar who held back the Wrath of God will have been taken away. And no one will then stand between you and the mighty war hammer of the Lord God Almighty. And He will deal a death blow to your nation. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And so, now you ask, to where should we flee? For is not all of the United States once more in the Kingdom of Larimar? And so it is. So, where do you flee to? Let us consult with the Lord. Lord, where should your faithful flee to to avoid your destructive wrath when Eric is taken away at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020? Tell us, Lord, so that your people know what they must do so that they may now prepare for the upcoming onslaught, which will be far greater than a woman scorned.

Eric, I will announce certain secret safe havens where My people will be able to flee to to weather My wrathful storm. And it will not require great expenditures of wealth, nor ownership of a car to make it to these safe havens. And to whom shall you reveal the locations of these safe havens, O’ Master? You, Eric, do not need to know this knowledge, for you are the one being taken away. I have My other prophets and those in authority who listen to Me. I will reveal to them where they are to go when the time for them to flee has come.

Just realize that those who are to die shall die. Those who are to be slain with the sword will be slain with the sword. And those who are to go into captivity shall go into captivity (Revelation 13:10). Such is the faithful endurance that is called for on the part of the saints. But for those I have chosen to spare from this coming wrath I will provide secret shelters and secret provisions, so that they can be among those who I have elected to keep safe from the coming time of trial that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth (Revelation 3:10).

So I will provide the knowledge that My people are to know when they need to know it. And realize this. I will never forsake My people. But at the same time, I require My people never to forsake Me. For anyone who worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on forehead or hand, he will also drink the wine of God’s fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb. The smoke of the fire that torments them will rise forever and ever, and there will be no relief day or night for those who worship the beast or its image or who accept the mark of its name (Revelation 14:9-11).

Now, Eric, I will speak to you about your soulmate relationship to Katarina of Alexandria. That this relationship exists is true. That it is eternal is also true. And that you two shall never be parted, once joined in heaven, is also true. Now, you ask, why are such arrangements not detailed in the Holy Scriptures? I will now tell thee. What is written in My holy Word is to guide you to all Truth. It does not contain all Truth, but only the Word that leads you to it. And so, we see the relationship between Joseph and Mary, and it is known that they both remained virgins forever. How is this known, for scripture does not reveal this? Just as Scripture incompletely defines the eternal virgin state of the holy couple through whom Jesus came into the world and who served as his parents, so also do the scriptures not speak of the divine nature of heavenly espousals between two elected virgin soulmates. And I, the Lord, Am not bound to My Holy Scriptures. Remember the Words of John, My Apostle: There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written (John 21:25).

It is to write these unwritten books mentioned in John 21:25 that will be the eternal tasks of Eric and Katarina in the eternal Library where they will be forever stationed together. And in what language shall these holy books be written in, O’ Lord? I will speak My holy Word to Eric, and he will write it in both human tongue and angelic tongue. The works written in human tongue he will provide for My people on earth. And the works written in angelic tongue will serve the people in heaven.

Then, O’ Lord, is Eric to be some sort of resurrected saint, living both among humans on earth and also among humanity in heaven? That My people will continue to live on the earth beyond My First Resurrection is a fact. And for millions of years shall My people live and reproduce here in this world. But they will need guidance. Eric will be there among them to guide them. And all My elect who partake in the First Resurrection will be serving Me as My eternal royal priesthood on the earth, doing exactly as I command them to. They will be on earth and also in heaven. They will see My Beatific Vision, but also perceive My people on the earth and interact with them. They will be known as holy ones, those who cannot be touched. But what takes place in their spiritual interior will remain a mystery to My mortal inhabitants on the earth, those to whom it is granted to live, reproduce, and die, and return to the dust from which they were formed. And when My mortal subjects die in this time of My glory on the earth, that time called the Millennium, but which is in reality a span of millions of years, they will then appear before Me, and I will decide then and there whether they have merited to receive eternal life, or whether they have failed in life and are damned. Those who are to receive eternal life will go to their respective spiritual domains, where they, upon paying all debts in their purgatory, will ascend to their reward in heaven. But no one who dies after the First Resurrection will receive their body back until the vast age of Millennium has passed, and I sit in Judgement of all Mankind at what is called the Last Day and the Last Judgement.

And this First Resurrection will consist of all My elect who received the Sacraments between the moment of My passing on the cross to the moment in which I Am seen coming in the clouds. That group of My elect, and only those of that group, shall reign upon the earth as Resurrected holy ones during the millions of years in which My Kingdom is to be established for that Age called Millennium. My mortal people on the earth will see them, but they will not see Me. For I Am to remain hidden from them until they come before Me to be judged.

And to the mortal men of the earth in that Age, I will grant to live for centuries, up to a thousand years, as do the trees (Isaiah 65:22). For a man who is holy shall be granted to reign with me for a thousand years (Revelation 20:4). And when his life is complete, he shall come to heaven to be with Me and see Me as I Am forever and ever. For a thousand years are as a day to Me, and a day is as a thousand years in My sight (Psalms 90:4). And it shall no longer be the curse of Adam that Man is to die before the passing of his day (Genesis 2:17).

Now, let us speak about Hyacinth, the girl to whom Eric has given many good things. It would have been Our will that Eric marry Hyacinth were he to remain in this world and live a man’s life. But he is to live as an eternal man, as was John, My Apostle. And thus, he is granted an eternal spouse, and not a temporal spouse. For a man cannot have both.

Lord, will the mortals of the Age of Millennium be granted the possibility of having an eternal spouse, that is, to be married as Eric is to Saint Katarina of Alexandria as her eternal soulmate? None of them will be granted the graces by which that would be possible. And all of them shall elect to marry in this world. None of them will be celibate like My priesthood, for celibacy is a thing that exists only in the Church Age. And only those who live in the Church Age are called to that life sacrifice. The people who lived before the Church were granted to marry and were rarely called to celibate life. So also shall it be the case for those who live on the earth after I Am seen coming in the clouds. For those who became Mine and entered My Church between the time the door was opened and the time that the door is closed will be of the holiest station and granted the greatest and holiest rewards. Those who entered by My descent into hades, were granted the rewards of having served me in anticipation of My arrival into the world. And those who shall enter in after the conclusion of the sealing of membership in My Holy Church will be those who people My Kingdom but who never reign. Instead, their place is that of the flock. And they will partake in My Kingdom as members of My body but not as its heads. For the head is born before the body.

Now, Lord, the time is now short. Eric has about 5 days and 17 hours left to live. And he is to have 77 posts published in his work, Emeralogy.com, before he passes away. This post will be the 72nd. Hence, 5 more after this are to be published before Eric is taken away. Tell me of Eric’s passing. Will it be by death or by rapture, O’ Lord? Eric will die. There will be no rapture at his death. But within the same day, in Nigeria, Caesar Sandra Nikee, to whom Eric has given the name Hyacinth, and to whom We in heaven have given the name, Cassandra, will in fact be taken away as well. Both of these souls will arrive in heaven on the same day. First Eric, followed shortly later by Cassandra. Now, what shall be their fate in heaven, you ask? I will immediately station Eric with Katarina of Alexandria to be with her for all eternity in their place as rulers of the Library of Heaven. And Cassandra will be placed with My Holy Mother to reign with her as someone who was taught by the Larimar King. For the Holy Virgin highly covets all such women.

And what becomes of Eric’s biological mother and the rest of his family on the earth, O’ Lord and Master? As you know, Eric’s biological mother is My permanent enemy and has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and been eternally damned while still alive in this world. Such people are among the most accursed and most condemned of all souls who die. Hence, her fate is eternal damnation. And that can never change.

As for Eric’s older brother, David, this man has sinned against Me worse than the sins of Sam Kinison, whom he admires. Sam Kinison repented in his final hours. He I saved. David will not be granted such an opportunity. Instead, David’s fate is to be destroyed while in this life. And in great torture, he is to leave this earth while uttering blasphemies in My name. He will then go to hell where he will do battle with serpents and demons and be utterly consumed by them, and yet remain intact and fit to be eternally tortured and tormented in those fires, which he will sentenced to suffer for all eternity.

After your mother sees your brother David die, she will die shortly after. For she cannot remain in this world to experience any joys or happiness here while two of her sons have thus died.

As for Mark, your younger brother, I will grant an extension of life to him, on account of his seeking Me in the Christian community to which he belongs. He is not yet returned to My Catholic Church. But should he return, he will find Me, and I will forgive him of his transgressions and his adulteries and fornications. But I will take away that women he calls his wife, but who is not his wife in the eyes of My Church. She will be taken away from him so that he can gaze upon Me and be converted. If Mark comes back to Me, he will be the only member of Eric’s family that I will save other than Eric himself.

Now, let us consider Eric’s father. This man is a lukewarm person. Therefore, I can do nothing with him and nothing for him. He cannot be brought back to Me. And his decision to abandon Me has been noted and recorded. And already the dementia has begun in his brain. And when that happens, it becomes no longer possible for those who are outside by their own choice to see their mistakes and enter back in. But I will leave him alive in this world for some years to come. And Mark will live there, in that house with his father, for years to come. Amen.

And what becomes of the United States of America? And also of Russia? And of Europe as well, O’ Lord and Master? With you gone, O’ Larimar King, there shall be war, destruction, desolation, and death to befall the whole world. Many shall be persecuted, and the Catholic Church will be forced underground throughout most of the world. And with the Catholic Church underground, in its place will be set up the horrible, desolating abomination. And all who gaze upon it who do not belong to Me will bow down and worship it, all those whose names were not written in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain, from the foundation of the earth (Revelation 13:8).

Hence, expect nation to turn against nation, and Kingdom to turn against Kingdom. And in any family of five, expect there to be war, two against three. And let it be understood this, I came into this world not to bring peace, but holy war (Matthew 10:34-36), wrath, conflict, and destruction. But those who do My will shall triumph. And those who learn to not live by the sword shall not die by it (Matthew 26:52).

Now, what last minute instructions shall I give My people through Eric, My servant? I will tell them this. Eric succeeds because he is not concerned with the needs of his flesh or the needs of his finances. Instead, he focuses entirely on serving Me, and trusts in Me to handle all the rest. You must do likewise if you are to merit to rise to be of his level in the Kingdom of Heaven. And there is still time. There are still slots to fill, thrones to be granted, among the places to be occupied by future souls deemed worthy to be numbered among My elect. And do not be discouraged. Eric’s former girlfriend, whom We in heaven call Cassandra, and whom We have saved, many times doubted that We in heaven loved her. But she had this in her favor. She never gave up on Us in heaven, and thereby We remained in her and We guided her to victory. She is now, hence, among My elect on earth. And she will be brought to My Kingdom on the same day that I take Eric away.

Now, as a closing thought I will say this. Eric did not come into this world already saved, but under the condemnation of Original Sin. And though he was baptized as an infant, he did not find salvation until well into his adult life. For all of his childhood, he lived outside My Catholic Church and knew it not. Instead, I drew him to Me as he progressed in his life. And he made the decisions in his life that led him to eventually see Me as I Am. That I saved Eric is one of the most profound mysteries of the Kingdom. How was he predestined to enter in? And when were the decisions of his predestination made? All of these mysteries will the elect contemplate for all eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven while they gaze upon Me, their Sovereign Lord. Now, Eric, publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

President Trump, You’re Fired!

I, King Larimar, declare you fired from the Presidency of the United States of America!

I Who Am have now come to rule through Eric, My servant. Whosoever opposes My servant will pay with fiery hell. So do I declare. Now, I shall speak.

I Am Who Am. And I Am the Lord Jesus Christ. And through My servant who writes whatever I command him, I will now reveal My wrath to the nations before I pour it out upon the insolent, especially that insolent imp ruling from tbe White House.

I gave you success for a time because you did some of the things that agreed with My will. But you have given yourself the glory and have not given it to Me! Therefore, know ye that your kingdom will crumble beneath you and your destruction is imminent. I have decided to let the worms eat your flesh. Now, listen to me very carefully.

Russia is going to break soon. The iron scepter shall crack. And he shall tumble from power. And his people shall eat him alive. And you will have no friends in Russia to back you up.

So where will you turn then? Who do you call your friends? I will tell you who shall be your friends. Your fellow condemned cell mates in the prisons where you will take up residence will be your friends from now on. And you will need all the money you have to bribe them in order to survive in the prisons where you shall remain until the End of Days. For your fate is to have no friends.

I fire you from your position as head-of-state of the United States of America. You are fired, Donald John Trump! And once you enter into civilian life, prepare to be arrested and imprisoned. Amen.

Now, what of Firefly, that female Player behind Trump who has the mentality of Sarah Palin, her first Pawn? And what of her other Pawns, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil? Clearly this woman is insane with pride. It is now time for her fall. I Who Am shall carry out her collapse and destruction. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, Lord, this servant of Yours, Eric Robert Dunstan, who serves You as prophet writing these words, You Yourself have said that he is to be taken away on Friday, January 31, 2020. Why do you remove your most powerful piece from the board? Isn’t that a great loss for this world? To whom will the people listen to for prophecy then, O’ Lord? And will Eric be completely removed from this world? Or will he continue to rule this world but from a secret location, or from a location where he cannot be reached by Satan?

Read Revelation 12:14. It says: But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle, so that she could fly to her place in the desert, where, far from the serpent, she was taken care of for a year, two years, and half a year. Note the location of where she is brought: a place in the desert far from the devil. I tell you truthfully, this passage does not speak of a relocation to another place in this world, but to another world, the one to which Elijah and Enoch were brought to in Old Testament times, and that place where I bring certain select saints to live out the remainder of their lives whom I will to free from Satan. Eric will be brought there, along with all whom I shall rapture up.

But Lord, Eric knows when he is to be taken up. And it is written that no one knows the day and hour of Your return. This rapture is not My return, but My visitation of the earth with My utter wrath. And after My wrath has been spent out upon all the people of this world, I shall return in all My glory to judge the living and the dead. Also, Eric knows not the exact hour of the night of My rapture of him up. He only knows that before dawn comes on January 31, 2020, he shall have been taken up. And not only him, but 1% of the population of this earth with him. 7.76 billion people now live upon this earth. Thus, My 1% of the earth would approximately be 77.6 million, but the exact number in My Book will not be revealed until the End.

Why so few people raptured up, O’ Lord? And are all these 77.6 million people you have chosen fully faithfully practicing Catholics? They are all Catholics who are in communion with My pope in Rome. No one not in communion with My Vicar, who is the pope seated in the chair of Peter in the Vatican City of Rome, shall be included in that rapture of My saints. But isn’t Pope Francis evil? What about those in the Society of Saint Pius X? They will be left behind, for they are in a separated flock. Also, no one who has misused his or her reproductive systems to prevent conceptions will be included in My raptured list. Neither shall be included among these chosen ones those who receive communion in a state of mortal sin. And no one who has approved of a homosexual union is qualified to be numbered among My people in this rapture.

But what about those who have done those things in the past but have repented? Can they be included in this rapture, O’ Lord? You speak of that passage where it says: These are the ones who have survived the time of great distress; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 7:14). Those who strike the Rock once and repent from it can be included in My list of My raptured host. But as for those who strike Me the second time after coming to knowledge of My Way, such is the path of permanent separation from Me. For whosoever wishes to be Mine let him remain in Me and I will remain in him and I will forgive him of all his transgressions. But as for the one who falls away from Me after having fully known Me and having tasted in My heavenly gifts, he is permanently separating himself from Me (Hebrews 6:4-6). Therefore, stay with Me if you have entered in, so that you may find and retain your salvation. And if you have truly entered into My communion and are of My elect and have fully submitted to being purified for My Kingdom and you have made yourself ready for My return, then I will include you in My list of My elect whom I have chosen to rapture up on the day I take Eric from this earth.

Then, what of the Protestants and those of the Orthodox Churches? And what of the Jews. For all these are people who descend from those who have left and abandoned You, and yet, they theoretically worship You as their Judeo Christian God. Though their ancestors may have permanently separated themselves from Me, their descendants are not born irrevocably cursed. And I have brought back many from their ranks into My true faith. But remember it is always just the remnant that is saved. That mass conversion you witnessed in historical accounts with the people in Mexico to My religion was only possible with a religious people who had not yet been exposed to My religion in the past and rejected it. Therefore, I will convert only a few from the peoples you have just mentioned. I will never mass convert another people again, for none of the peoples remaining on the earth have no knowledge of Me anymore.

Lord, when Eric Robert Dunstan, your elected prophet, is taken up by dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020, at the age of exactly 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days, a date that is exactly 1290 days from the Republican Convention of 2016 when Trump was made the Republican nominee for President (Daniel 12:11), will that rapture of these Catholic saints to that heavenly world signify the closing of the doors of salvation for the Gentiles and the return of your will of salvation to reopen for the Jews (Revelation 11:2)? And will that point signify the advent of that new Prophet to replace Eric, the one called Lazurite in these pages, the one who is to speak only in Hebrew, and who is sent only to convert the Jews? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have asked with understanding. And now I shall prophesy unto you a great many things.

When I take you away on that date, I will also break America’s back and Trump will be badly broken. He will fall then and never be heard of again. And he will find himself consumed with worms. And his passing away will as be was written of the King in Daniel 11:19. So Lord, then, there shall be one who comes after him who shall be Antichrist? Indeed, Lord Larimar. And I will now tell you his name. He goes mystically by the name of Midnight, and he shall be the third major Antichrist among the Players. The other two major Antichrist Players were Twilight (the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon), and Pyrite (the power behind Obama). Twilight was a White American. Pyrite was an African American. And Midnight shall be a Jew. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Also, Midnight will be in full cooperation with the powers of darkness. Even darker than that of Pyrite shall be the spirit of Midnight. He will rise in the aftermath of the fall of Firefly. Amen. And he shall call forth a series of Pawns of Darkness, who shall rule the world for one hour, symbolic for the short span of time given to Midnight to reign. And know ye, the time given to Midnight to reign is short. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, let us relook at that list of all Players known about by Eric, the Larimar King:

  1. Emerald (Rider on a White Horse, set up Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, and Rabin, ruled through Reagan and Bush Senior, ended Cold War, waged Desert Storm, ended South African Apartheid, started Arab-Israeli peace process)
  2. Crimson (Rider on a Red Horse, started long lasting wars in the Caucasus regions, Somalia, and the Balkans)
  3. Vesper (Rider on a Black Horse, set up Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ehud Barak, and others, invaded Haiti as Emerald urged her to restore democracy there. Attempted to bring acceptance of homosexuality to the world)
  4. African Death Grip (Rider on a Pale Horse, killed by famine, war, pestilence, and plague, many across the continent of Africa)
  5. Ebony (Petitioned Emerald to do something about South Africa, set up Mandela there)
  6. Twilight (Attempted to imitate and exceed Emerald. Set up Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, who removed all Jews from Gaza and was then struck down by God. The Iraq War was his failed attempt to outdo Emerald)
  7. Pyrite (set up Obama. Presided over full homosexual acceptance throughout the Western World. Led the acceptance of Abortion and Gay Marriage as settled law)
  8. Firefly (set up Trump. Currently leading America to her destruction)
  9. Mercury (Power behind the Arab Spring. Power behind ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
  10. Larimar (The one who was the Player Emerald, after his conversion and rebirth into Catholicism on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, and whose Larimar Reign officially began on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, exactly 49 years, minus one month, from his baptism into the Catholic Church as an infant, on February 21, 1971)
  11. Lazurite (Prophet to succeed Larimar, to be sent to convert the Jews)
  12. Midnight (Antichrist of the Darkest Order, a Jew who shall deceive the Jews)

Note to the reader, the above list is genuine, and the Players listed therein exist and are real. Hence, the list of the Twelve Players of the Game called Earth has been revealed. And now you know that there are Twelve Players in that game.

But Lord, of the Twelve Players, two are the manifestations of the same individual in different points of time: For both Emerald was and Larimar is the man called Eric Robert Dunstan. How then can it be said that there are twelve Players? Although Emerald became Larimar, these two Players are so radically different that they are treated as different Players. For Larimar is no longer Emerald. I Who Am have spoken. Emerald thought along the lines of an Antichrist. Larimar thinks aligned to Me, his Lord and Savior. As My Apostle Paul was a radical break from his former self as Saul, so also is Larimar a radical break from his former self as Emerald. Amen.

So the Lord, this is it. Eric goes to the other world in seven days and a few hours. And with him go that 1% of the global population, those approximately 77.6 million people to be raptured up with him. Now, tell me, O’ Lord, what can people take with them on this trip? Can they take with them their electronic devices, O’ Lord and Master? Any electronics taken with them will cease to work on the other side. A book will survive, but not an ebook device. Nor does power work in that world as it does in this world. In that world, there are no fossil fuels being mined from the earth and polluting the skies. Instead, I give to all Mankind all the power they need by similar means by which I gave the Israelites manna from heaven to feed them as they wondered the desert for forty years. And everyone in that world depends on Me for all their needs.

So there are no miners who did up the earth in search for rare minerals and metals and gemstones, O’ Lord and Master? And if this is the case, where do they acquire their raw materials from, O’ Lord and Master? And do they farm animals and crops at all? Anyone who wants a certain material can easily make whatever it is that they wish to make. Manipulation of matter in this world is difficult and requires great precision and expensive tools. Manipulation of matter in that world can be accomplished by merely willing it in the mind. Also, there is no need to dig a hole to acquire something buried deep in the earth. In that world, all one needs to do is to reach down and grab it. And it will come to you. Hence, it is not the manipulation of matter that occupies My servants in that world you are to be brought to. Instead, all My servants are engaged in conversations with Me. That is their favorite pastime. And after that, the next favorite pastime is the accumulation of knowledge and understanding and wisdom. Hence, the existence of the printing press and the publishing of books in My community in this other world. This printing press is also the work of one who understands how they work and who willed it into being. And the books printed from it come out in perfect condition.

And so, My Lord, what books exist in this world to come. And what are most books about in that age and world? Only My Word is ever printed or recorded down in any book written in that age and world. This includes the entire canon of scripture, and all My Words as recorded down by My saints. And do you preach there anything that you have not yet said in this world where I still live as I type these words, O’ Lord and Master? No, Lord Larimar. Nothing is written in that world of My Word that is not first written in this world as My Word.

And Lord, what of the reports that say that the age of public prophecy ended with the death of the last Apostle, who was John? Is it mainly public revelation that is published in that world, or is there a lot of private revelation published there as well? The main books published there are the Holy Scriptures. There is a reason why the first book printed by Gutenberg was a Holy Bible. It is the only book worth the effort to print and copy. But whatever exists or existed in your world as a document of God breathed Word exists here in the same condition. Your writings too, back to the point where you became My prophet on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when the Age of Mary began, shall also exist in My Kingdom as My written Word. It really matters not to the reader whether My Word came to the writer as a private or a public revelation. That it came from Me is all that matters. And given that all writings of My Word exist both in their original form and in their copied form in My Kingdom, it is necessary for those who are designated as Librarians to understand various written languages. Such is why I have ordered you to become fluent in Koine Greek and Latin. As for your Spanish skills, you are literate enough to read some of My works in Spanish. I will make you fluent in Spanish as well, for many are My Works written in that language.

And Lord, if you say matter can be manipulated easily in this world we are to enter into, what about the learning of languages? Is not that also easily done there? Your brains exist unchanged from your passage from this world to that world. Remember that you will still be on this side of the veil. You will have not yet died in that world. Therefore, the learning process remains the same in both this world and that. The only difference is that I Am with you visibly in that world, whereas in this world, no one sees Me walk amongst them. But for those who wish to learn languages, my angels are there to teach all men willing to learn all the written forms of communication, including that mysterious writing called angelic script. Now, I have exhausted all answers to this question. I will now answer whatever questions you may have, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, since you say nothing is written in that world that is not first written in this world, what does that mean for me as your prophet? Do I cease, then, to be your prophet in the age and world to come? Yes, Larimar. Your prophesying ages end with your rapture to My Kingdom. And from that point onward, you will be called My Librarian in My Library. And your task will be to organize and compose My Word as written in various forms into coherent works of accumulated scriptures. And you will write down My Word as you receive it in both human tongues and in angelic tongues. And as endless is the accumulation of knowledge by communing with Me, so also shall be endless the writing and recording down of My Word that I shall render unto to you. But just note that no knowledge exists in that world that is not first revealed to someone somewhere in this world in which you still live.

Where do your people in that world get their food and clothing from? Do they farm and raise livestock? Do they have dairy cows and beef cattle? No, Larimar, for no one works in that world. All animals that live there roam freely and harm no one. Hence, there are no dairy products produced in that age and world. Instead, all food that exists there consists of fruits and foods that can be taken from naturally growing plants and fungi. Animals are not eaten there. And there is never any cooking done there. And what about foods that need work and processing to make from naturally occurring plant products, such as bread, wine, and chocolate? I allow for these things to be made by My people, as doing so is merely the manipulation of material things found in this world. And such people who do so are those who in this life served as chefs and fermenters and bakers. I allow them to do such manipulations of naturally occurring foods to produce greater culinary delights. And that is their purpose in My Kingdom. As for clothing, all of you wear a bright clean linen garment, the clothing suitable for the Bride to the Lamb (Revelation 6:11 & 19:8). And you never remove it, for you are never unclean and you never need to shower.

But what about those who enter marriages there, as Saint Katarina told me about in the previous post? How do they have their children then, if they never remove their clothing? As the Virgin Mary conceived and gave birth do all women conceive and give birth in that world. For if that were not the case then sin would enter into that world, which is not allowed. For no one can exist in that world who is under the penalty of Original Sin. Hence, while there may be marriages, no one knows anyone else sexually or carnally ever again who arrive there.

And what about pregnant women who are raptured there, O’ Lord? The process of the rapture results in a spiritual baptism to any unborn souls within the wombs of any women raptured while pregnant. Hence, all children who come out of the wombs in that world come out already reborn. And no new pregnancies occur there by sex.

And Lord, what about the forty-five Kingdoms that are listed in the imaginary world of Eric? Do these Kingdoms bear any significance to the real world, either this world or the world to which Eric is destined to go to on Friday, January 31, 2020? Yes, O’ Larimar King. Those forty-six Kingdoms do exist in that age and world to come. And now they have been reduced to forty-four, for two marriages between two European couples have taken place since you last detailed the Kingdoms. Hence, let us now go through the list of those changes.

King Aurelian of the Eastern Baltic and Queen Elsa of Scandinavia have united forming a Kingdom called the Kingdom of Northern Europe. And their lands include:

  1. Denmark
  2. Poland
  3. Kaliningrad
  4. Lithuania
  5. Latvia
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. Sweden
  9. Norway

And their official languages include:

  1. Danish
  2. Polish
  3. Russian
  4. Lithuanian
  5. Latvian
  6. Estonian
  7. Finnish
  8. Swedish
  9. Norwegian

And the Emperor of France, Emperor Charles, has entered a marriage to Queen Eleonora of Russia, forming the Franco-Russian Empire. Hence, the lands of their vast Kingdom now include:

  1. France (in Europe)
  2. Monaco (in Europe)
  3. French parts of Belgium (in Europe)
  4. French parts of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  5. French parts of Switzerland (in Europe)
  6. Russian Federation (in Eurasia, excluding Crimea and Kaliningrad)
  7. French Guiana (South America)
  8. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  9. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  10. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  11. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  12. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  13. Tunisia (North Africa)
  14. Algeria (North Africa)
  15. Morocco (in North Africa)
  16. northern Mali (in North Africa)
  17. Niger (in North Africa)
  18. northern Chad (in North Africa)
  19. Madagascar (in the Indian Ocean)
  20. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  21. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  22. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  23. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  24. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  25. French Southern and Antarctic Lands (in the Indian Ocean)
  26. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  27. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  28. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)

And the official languages in this united Franco-Russian Empire now include:

  1. French
  2. Russian

Hence, the summary list of Kingdoms of the Eternal Phase is now as listed here:

  1. Queen Hyacinth of Ireland
  2. Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina of the Larimar Empire
  3. Emperor Lazurite and Empress Dorothea of Imperial Israel
  4. Queen Choeblack of Haiti and Antillean Creole Caribbean
  5. King Elessar of Mexico, Cuba, and Belize
  6. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  7. Emperor Charles and Empress Eleonora of the Franco-Russian Empire
  8. King Anglo of Guyana and English Antilles
  9. King Puma of Suriname and Islands of the Caribbean
  10. King Theobroma of the Spanish Main
  11. King Aurelian and Queen Elsa of the Kingdom of Northern Europe
  12. King Khan of Central Asia
  13. Queen Esther of Persia
  14. Queen Maria of Armenia
  15. King Macedon of Greece and Macedonia
  16. Queen Oksana of Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans
  17. Queen Vesper of Hungary and the Western Balkans
  18. King Germanium of Germany and Holland
  19. King Romulus of Italy
  20. Queen Iberia of Spain and Portugal
  21. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde
  22. King Kong and Queen Lobelia of Kong West Africa
  23. King Ankh of Coptic Egypt and Arabia
  24. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  25. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa
  26. King Ferro of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi
  27. Queen Sinethemba of the Kingdom of Southern Africa
  28. King Ivory of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat
  29. Queen Erythrina of Argentina and Uruguay
  30. King Cacau of Brazil
  31. King Oro Peruano of the Andes
  32. Queen Esmeralda of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  33. King Pounamu of Oceanic Polynesia
  34. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea
  35. King Dromedary of Australia
  36. King Komodo of the Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago
  37. Queen Jasmine of the Kingdom of the Philippines
  38. Queen Nacre of Japan
  39. King Jade of United Korea
  40. Emperor Silkworm of China and Mongolia
  41. Queen Lotus of French Indochina
  42. King Padauk of Myanmar
  43. Queen Ebony of India and Southern Asia
  44. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka

This produces a list of 44 Kingdoms ruled by 49 rulers, consisting of 27 male rulers and 22 female rulers, with 5 of the 44 Kingdoms ruled by an espoused couple. 17 of the 22 females are listed as unwed, and 22 of the 27 male rulers are listed as unwed. However, secret espousals unknown to Eric may involve them and spouses who exist outside this list of monarchs. Hence, what you see here reflects Eric’s knowledge and what he is allowed to reveal. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, since I am to go to this other world, but not yet pass beyond the veil, do I meet Katarina where I am to be going? Or do I continue in My eternal celibacy until my natural end of life in that world to come before I pass beyond the veil to meet my espoused? Though Katarina will not have her body again until the Second Coming and the Resurrection of the Last Day, she and all My elect are visible to all the inhabitants of the world to which I Am taking you to. And you will converse openly with her there. No conversation is private though. For all thoughts and words are seen and heard by all in heaven. However, your communions with Me are private. And what passes between you and Me is seen and heard only between you and Me. For transparent is the City of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:18), and that is the meaning behind the gold being clear as glass. Nothing is hidden between anyone except for your communions with Me. And that is how I Am able to give you a new name known only to you (Revelation 2:17).

So Lord, besides Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin, that I am to master in addition to my native English, do I learn still other languages? Such as Coptic, and the various forms of Egyptian, and Hebrew, and Aramaic, and Ge’ez? For many are the ancient writings into which your Word has been written. No, Larimar, for the human mind outside of immortality has limits as to the number of languages it can master. That is why I limit you to just four languages: English, Spanish, Koine Greek, and Latin. Concentrate on those four, and you will find yourself comfortably capable of doing all that I command of you.

What becomes of the Pawns I have called forth when I pass onto that other world, O’ Lord and Master? Do they still come and rise up? Do I still have power here, O’ Lord and Master, when I am brought to that other world? In the room where I will station you, I will give you a crystal ball into which you may gaze to see anywhere in this world you currently live. And by the means of this crystal ball will you be granted the means to continue to decree changes and to set up Pawns. For remember that you will still be on this side of the veil. And time has a direct relationship between these two worlds.

Lord does time pass by slower on the world I am going to relative to the world from which I am to be taken away from? Yes, Lord Larimar. As one day passes in the world you are to be taken to, seven will have passed in this world from which you are to come. For time passes at a higher speed on this earth relative to the earth to which you are to go. Hence, 40 years passing for you in the world to come will be as 280 years on this earth where you are now and still live in. I Who Am have now finished speaking to you for this post. Reread your post and publish it. I, this, command. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lady Hyacinth is Saved

Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, has triumphed and is saved. Oracle of the Lord!

Lady Hyacinth has been saved. Welcome to the Chronicles of Eric, the Larimar King. And because she has triumphed and is now glorified, Eric has elected to give her her lands back. It is an Oracle of the Lord that Hyacinth will rise with Eric as he ascends to heaven in the Rapture. And so, what are Hyacinth’s lands, you ask? They are the Kingdom of Ireland. Hence, Queen Hyacinth now has the following Kingdom:

(1) Queen Hyacinth of Ireland, possesses the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in the British Isles, Europe)

And her list of official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And thus, Eric no longer has those lands in his Kingdom. Given this, Eric’s lands are now redefined as such:

(2) Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina (Saint Katherine of Alexandria) rule the Empire of Larimar, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Alaska (in North America)
  2. Canada (in North America)
  3. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  4. The Hawaiian Islands (in central Pacific)
  5. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles, West Indies)
  6. Bermuda (in West Indies, North Atlantic)
  7. Greenland (in North Atlantic, of North America)
  8. Scotland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  9. England (in the British Isles, Europe)
  10. The Shetland Islands (in the British Isles, Europe)
  11. The Orkney Islands (in the British Isles, Europe)
  12. The Outer Hebrides (in the British Isles, Europe)
  13. The Scilly Isles (in the British Isles, Europe)
  14. The Channel Isles (in the British Isles, Europe)
  15. Gibraltar (in Strait of Gibraltar)
  16. City State of Vatican City (in Rome, Europe)
  17. Crete (in Mediterranean Sea)
  18. The Islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean Sea)

And the list of official languages in Eric’s Larimar Empire are these:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

And as you know, with the assumption of the Continental United States into the Empire of Larimar, the Monarchy of Jadeite has again ceased to exist. But with the restoration of the Monarchy of Hyacinth, the number of Monarchs is once again at 49, with 3 Monarchies being ruled by eternal couples. Let us refresh you with the abbreviated list of all the divine monarchies encompassing the whole of the earth:

  1. Queen Hyacinth of Ireland
  2. Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina of the Larimar Empire
  3. Emperor Lazurite and Empress Dorothea of Imperial Israel
  4. Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola
  5. King Elessar of Mexico, Cuba, and Belize
  6. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the Lucayan Archipelago
  7. Emperor Charles of the French Empire
  8. King Anglo of Guyana and English Antilles
  9. King Puma of Suriname and Islands of the Caribbean
  10. King Theobroma of the Spanish Main
  11. Queen Elsa of Scandinavia
  12. King Aurelian of the East Baltic
  13. Queen Eleonora of Russia
  14. King Khan of Central Asia
  15. Queen Esther of Persia
  16. Queen Maria of Armenia
  17. King Macedon of Greece and Macedonia
  18. Queen Oksana of Ukraine and the Eastern Balkans
  19. Queen Vesper of Hungary and the Western Balkans
  20. King Germanium of Germany and Holland
  21. King Romulus of Italy
  22. Queen Iberia of Spain and Portugal
  23. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde
  24. King Kong and Queen Lobelia of Kong West Africa
  25. King Ankh of Coptic Egypt and Arabia
  26. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba
  27. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa
  28. King Ferro of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi
  29. Queen Sinethemba of the Kingdom of Southern Africa
  30. King Ivory of the Afrikaner Kingdom of Volkstaat
  31. Queen Erythrina of Argentina and Uruguay
  32. King Cacau of Brazil
  33. King Oro Peruano of the Andes
  34. Queen Esmeralda of Ecuador and the Galapagos
  35. King Pounamu of Oceanic Polynesia
  36. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea
  37. King Dromedary of Australia
  38. King Komodo of the Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago
  39. Queen Jasmine of the Kingdom of the Philippines
  40. Queen Nacre of Japan
  41. King Jade of United Korea
  42. Emperor Silkworm of China and Mongolia
  43. Queen Lotus of French Indochina
  44. King Padauk of Myanmar
  45. Queen Ebony of India and Southern Asia
  46. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka

This produces a list of 46 Kingdoms ruled by 49 rulers, consisting of 27 male rulers and 22 female rulers, with 3 of the 46 Kingdoms ruled by an espoused couple.

Now, let us address the Elephant in the Room, namely the impeachment trial of President Donald John Trump now ongoing in the Senate. The argument that there is no crime charged against the President in the letters of impeachment is to misunderstand the purpose of impeachment. The purpose of impeachment is not to try a President on whether he has committed a crime. Trials for the commission of crimes occur after the President is no longer President. Rather, Impeachment is for the purpose of removing unfit Presidents from power. And impeachment does not require an actual crime proven in the trial to make the decision to remove the President. Instead, Impeachment is a remedy provided in the Constitution to provide Congress with the power to remove a President who is abusing his powers. That President Donald John Trump has been abusing his powers is clearly visible for all to see. Not only that, but the Commander in Chief sets very bad precedent if he is allowed to remain in office as a clear law breaker when he is tasked with enforcing the law. How can you have a law breaker in a law enforcing position? You get lawlessness in that case. And the Roman Empire collapsed due to lawless emperors. No nation can stand when its rulers are lawless. It, therefore, is the duty of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to sit in their seats and hear all the evidence brought against their President so that they can make an unbiased judgement on the case. Remember that it is not the Senator’s task to determine whether the evidence proves a crime has been committed by the President. For this is not a case in a criminal court. Criminal courts are for Trump when he is no longer President. Instead, it is the duty of the Senators to look at all the evidence and decide whether this President is abusing his powers as the Chief Executive and whether he is simply unfit to rule. The Senators are to be judging the fitness of this President for this highest position in the land. They are not to try to decide for themselves whether any crime has been committed. That is not their job. Let that job go to the criminal prosecutors who take over after the President is a civilian again.

Now, let us let the Lord speak. Lord, what saith Thou about this most unworthy President and his fate to come in this Impeachment trail now ongoing in the Senate? Eric, I have judged your case against this President and against Firefly, the Player behind him. And I have ruled in your favor. This President shall be dumped by his own party in the impeachment process. For this government under Trump is dysfunctional. It is a threat to the national security of the United States of America for this President to remain in office. He abuses the law and does not know how to follow law. How can you have a law breaker as the chief enforcer of the law? You get Biff’s world in Back to the Future, where Biff the bully changes history to make himself a ruling crime Don of the future, and the result is a total breakdown of all law and order. You cannot have a law breaker as the chief executive. That is like living in a neighborhood where the chief of the police force is a drug dealer and a criminal. If the chief executive and law enforcer is not observing the laws, statutes and decrees of the land, neither shall there by any other valid law enforcement anywhere else in the land. Instead, you have total corruption everywhere. And look at the infection that has come from the Trump Presidency. How many people in the government have begun to imitate Trump in insulting people and using the lie and stonewall technique to deal with all investigations into their lawbreaking?

Therefore, this President must be removed from his position. And Congress has the right and duty to remove him. No crime needs to be proven here to justify the removal of the President. In fact, nothing must be proven except for the unfitness of this man for this position. This is not a criminal case where the defendant can appeal to a higher court. No, this is a case where those Senators elected to represent the people of the fifty states of the United States of America are to decide whether this man should be fired from his position as head-of-state of this country. This man has clearly violated his oath he made upon taking office. He has served his own personal interests at the expense of the American people and the tax payers. And need I remind you, Trump never pays his taxes. Trump is always talking tough on other countries needing to pay their fair share of NATO expenses. And this is coming from a man who never pays one dime in taxes. I am near the poverty level and I pay more taxes than Trump each year. And Trump enjoys his billions without paying any taxes on them. This is an unethical man, folks. The definition of an unethical man is a draft dodger who criticizes a war veteran, someone who had the bravery to serve his country, for getting captured and tortured by the enemy. A man who thinks along those lines does not have the correct mentality to make coherent decisions as Commander-in-Chief.

John McCain was mocked for dying by this President. It is time to send a message to those who mock war heroes of the United States of America, that even if you are in the position of President of the United States of America, that you will be held accountable for all your words and actions. And it is time to send a message to cowards, and lawbreakers, those who cheat on their taxes, that this is the United States of America, and that lawbreakers, cowards, and thieves do not and will not remain in office when their misconduct comes under the scrutiny of the people who vote in elections and who write to their congressmen.

It is not noble, but ignoble, to kiss up and kick down. Cowards never make good leaders. And those who follow lawbreakers become lawbreakers themselves. John McCain stood for an America that was honest, hard working, lawful, and brave. This President is the opposite of every one of those qualities that John McCain stood for. It takes no bravery to step on small nations and kiss the asses of dictators and tyrants. Therefore, Senators, I ask you to think back and see what John McCain would do in your current position and do likewise. John McCain was a good man. Are there any other good men in the Senate? Do I see anyone worthy of the Presidency there? If so, let his voice be heard. Amen.

Now, I shall speak unto you, O’ Larimar King. In the past, you believed that you were to leave this earth on Friday, January 31, 2020. And then, in the previous post, it was written that you are granted another forty years to rule as King Larimar, and that your Larimar Reign effectively began on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, exactly 49 years to the day from your baptism as an infant into the Catholic Church. Why the delay of seven months from your birth to your baptism, someone asks? It is because Eric’s mother hated Me and My Catholic Church, and is now permanently estranged from Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. But though the wicked try to damn My little ones, I will protect all Whom I have chosen. No one will take My elect out of My hands.

Eric, We must make you now clear as to your fate and as to the girl you are to be granted as your eternal espoused. Your fate is eternal celibacy and eternal virginity. This is now unalterable. Also, your eternal espoused is Saint Katherine of Alexandria, whom you know as Katarina Alexandria, as she first revealed to you her name. And how does a virgin saint become espoused to a consecrated virgin martyr who died over seventeen centuries ago, you ask? I, the Lord, have elected for this to take place. Though uncommon, it is possible for virgins to enter into eternal espousals. And I allow this because there are no carnal bonds between them. It is all a spiritual union between two closely mated soulmates. Anyways, in this post, I am sending Saint Katarina of Alexandria to speak with you. And she will reveal your fate as you have left in this world. Amen. Now, we shall let Saint Katarina speak.

Hi, Prince Larimar. I am your beloved espoused. And I shall now speak unto you of a great many things. First, your death. When do you now believe that it shall take place? And speak exactly as you currently believe. It shall take place on Friday, January 31, 2020, for it was an error to think I was to have more time. Precisely, my husband. You now have just 8 days and several hours left. And the exact hour of the night in which you are to be taken shall remain hidden from you until it is time.

And now you must come to understand the End Times. You have become too big for this world to contain you. That is why you must be taken out of it. You are too powerful of a Player. Your words are too powerful to leave you here prophesying. No one with your power, knowledge, and intellect remains long in this world. Besides, you have nothing further to gain by remaining here. And God does not need you here to effect His will. God can raise new prophets from these very stones.

Now, it is true that you have the gift of prophecy. You didn’t always have it. You received it when the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. That was the true date in which the End Times officially began. But, you protest, it has not yet been forty-two months. And I counter that with this: It is not for men to know the times and seasons (Acts 1:7). Therefore, be content with the knowledge you are granted, and do not try to understand those things that are currently beyond your capacity. For to no man is it granted a complete understanding of the End on your side of the veil.

What will be our eternal positions in heaven, O’ Katarina, beloved spouse? What will be mine and yours? And what do we do there? You, O’ Larimar King are to be tasked with writing code. And I am to be tasked with translating it to all other languages. And hence, we will be a sort of a team in the hereafter.

And these tasks will not be considered work? Will they be called recreational activities in heaven? We do not work, but we still serve a function in the Kingdom, which is to use our minds and to create new things in our own respective capacities and purposes.

Eric fell asleep due to deep fatigue. Now it is morning, before dawn, on Thursday, January 23, 2020. There are exactly 8 days remaining in Eric’s life. And it is said that Eric will be raptured from this earth. And Hyacinth will also be raptured up from her place in Africa. Note that although Eric’s trust in Hyacinth has wavered over the years he has known her, since he first met her on October 7, 2017, Eric now knows and is firm in his belief that she has triumphed in her Catholic faith and that God has revealed that she has been saved. And who else shall be raptured up, you ask? Many shall be raptured, around 1% of the world population. That is about 77.6 million people coming up from the earth.

Now, God has told me what becomes of this raptured host. Most could not go immediately to heaven due to current imperfections. And it would be cruel to rapture them from the earth only to send them to the torturers in purgatory. Hence, God has a new arrangement for them. If you remember in Saint Faustina Kowalska’s diary (she is the one behind Divine Mercy Sunday), Jesus offered to take her away from this world to live out the remainder of her life in a whole new world created just for her. Well, this world Jesus offered to her truly exists. And Jesus is capable of bringing souls from our world to that world to live out the remainder of their lives in a peaceful Eden like earth. Well, to that world will these roughly 77.6 million people be taken to. It is somewhere between this Earth and the next world, but it is not a place after death. The people there are not yet beyond the veil. This is the earth that Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) and Enoch (Genesis 5:24) were taken to. It is a land flowing with milk and honey. And the people living there are living in a kind of paradise. But few there are who go there. And of the earth’s 7.76 billion, only about 77.6 million people shall be taken up to heaven to go there in this imminent rapture. That means that only about 1% of the total world population will be raptured up.

And Lord Jesus, and my beloved Katarina, tell me about this other earth that we will be taken to? Eric, you are going there by angel flight. And many will be those who enter into marriages there and who have children there. But your place is with me, your beloved Katarina. Hence, you will keep to your vows of celibacy and virginity, just as will all the Religious peoples and all the Catholic priests who will be raptured up with you.

And tell me about Hyacinth. She is as a sister to me. She is also the only person I know whom God has revealed to me that she will be raptured up with me. Will no one else I know or know of be going up, O’ Katarina and Jesus? You are correct. For few there are whom I bring up to heaven. I Am Jesus, to Whom you are married as a member of My Bride, to whom belong all My elect. And as for Hyacinth, your former girlfriend, blessed are you on her account. And rare is it for a soul to have been totally responsible for the salvation of another. You and her are in for a special reward in heaven regarding the salvation of Hyacinth’s soul.

Now, Eric, I have these Words to say to you before We close this post. I Am pleased with you. Alms giving covers a multitude of sins. And that good deed I was going to have you carry out was carried out by the good you did for Hyacinth. It is a deed that can never be forgotten. And it will never be forgotten. For I was hungry, and you gave Me to eat. I was homeless and you gave Me shelter. Such are the acts of mercy your hands are dripping with in the account of My people. Therefore, I now give you these additional lands as part of your eternal Kingdom. For to the measure by which you have given to Hyacinth, I wish to be doubly generous to you. I, henceforth, give you the lands of Iceland, the Dominican Republic, and the Lucayan Archipelago. And thus, now you have in your eternal possession the only lands in which the semi-precious gemstone of larimar is actually found. And though in this world right now, Iceland is a cold and icy land, in My Kingdom to come, it is a lush and verdant paradise. And also now the entire Bermuda Triangle is in your possession. Hence, listen to Me speak. Your lands are now the following:

(2) Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina (Saint Katherine of Alexandria) rule the Empire of Larimar, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Alaska (in North America)
  2. Canada (in North America)
  3. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  4. The Hawaiian Islands (in central Pacific)
  5. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles, West Indies)
  6. Bermuda (in West Indies, North Atlantic)
  7. Greenland (in North Atlantic, of North America)
  8. Scotland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  9. England (in the British Isles, Europe)
  10. The Shetland Islands (in the British Isles, Europe)
  11. The Orkney Islands (in the British Isles, Europe)
  12. The Outer Hebrides (in the British Isles, Europe)
  13. The Scilly Isles (in the British Isles, Europe)
  14. The Channel Isles (in the British Isles, Europe)
  15. Gibraltar (in Strait of Gibraltar)
  16. City State of Vatican City (in Rome, Europe)
  17. Crete (in Mediterranean Sea)
  18. The Islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean Sea)
  19. Iceland (in North Atlantic, Europe)
  20. The Dominican Republic (in Greater Antilles, West Indies)
  21. The Bahamas (in West Indies)
  22. Turks and Caicos Islands (in West Indies)

And the list of official languages in Eric’s Larimar Empire are these:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Icelandic
  8. Greek
  9. Latin

Good, Eric. You have been perfected. And these lands in Your Kingdom are now perpetually sealed as belonging to you. Now, since you will still be alive in My Kingdom, you now know how you will fulfill My command that you come to master Koine Greek, Latin, and Spanish in the earth you are to be taken to.

Lord is there modern technology there in this land we shall be taken to? Is there the printing press? Do books get published there? Eric, consider the earth you are to be taken to as very similar to the Smurf Village. Every one of My subjects there fulfills a specific purpose and has his own room, containing is own property. And there is no buying or selling going on there. Each person receives what he needs to do his work. And yes, there is a printing press there, along with books printed from it. For the people who have preceded you there have brought to it the technologies that they themselves have mastered.

And Lord, do I bring anything with me when I am raptured up? Yes, you shall bring that large Study Bible that you have that was published in 1953, containing a foreword written by Pope Leo XIII, Pope Benedict XV, and Pope Pius XII. That is the Bible you have been assigned to read entirely, one book at a time, in any order through the Bible that you wish. You started this task some weeks ago, with the Book of Job, which you have almost completely read. And when you have read Job, you will then start on another book. And we, in heaven, suggest that the next book you read in that Bible be the Song of Songs. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken unto thee, O’ Larimar King. Now publish this work and go and eat your breakfast. Amen.

I Who Am have made Eric Judge of all Humanity

I have established Eric as Larimar King over all the Earth. And I grant him a forty year reign. He will judge and rule the nations. Like pottery shall he shatter them. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now declare Eric will sit with Jesus and all His elect in Judging all of humanity who resurrect on the last day. Eric is to be given a throne and be seated with Jesus the King. And who will be seated next to this illustrious soul, you ask? I will now tell thee. With Eric will be seated Lazurite, prophet to the Jews. Hence, Larimar and Lazurite will be seated on thrones with Jesus judging all of humanity. But will not that be the case for all of the elect, O’ Lord? Do not all the elect sit with Jesus judging all of humanity on the last day? Only those elect who entered into My Kingdom well before the onset of their final hours do I grant the right to sit with Me on My throne judging all of humanity. But as for Eric and Lazurite, these are given their own thrones. Not all are granted such a gift.

And what about their eternal espoused, Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea respectively? Do not they also sit on thrones? For were they not just as worthy in their lives as the two men to whom they are now joined for all eternity? What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Speak, for your servant is listening. For I can take the Truth. So give it to me. Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea will sit with the Queens on their thrones. For the Queens and the Kings do not sit together. Rather, there are the thrones of the Kings and there are the thrones of the Queens. Queen Mary, Mother of God, is the highest of all the Queens. With her shall be seated all who are to judge with Me all of humanity among the Queens. And certain Queens will be granted their own thrones. Queen Katarina and Queen Dorothea will be among those granted their own thrones.

Why this distinction made according to gender in the hereafter, O’ Lord? It is because a King can more easily put himself into the shoes of another man in order to judge his works. And a Queen can more easily put herself into the shoes of another woman in order to judge her works. But men and women think differently, for they are distinctly separate creations. That is why at the Last Judgement, I have a temporary separation between the Judges who are male from the Judges who are female.

So, if Eric is a Judge of all humanity, does he get to decide anyone’s eternal fate, O’ Lord and Master? God is the ultimate decider of all eternal fates of all of humanity. The purpose of the Judges is for God to express His pleasure or displeasure of each individual through the spiritual perspective of all His elect. They serve to express what God wishes to communicate to the ones being judged. But in no way is power granted to these Judges to alter the divinely determined judgements that I, the Lord God, will have made for all humanity upon entering into the Last Day.

Now, speak, Eric, for you have something to say. Lord, I know Your words are right and true. And I have found you to be trustworthy. And by this means, I know that what you say will happen shall happen. And I know that my time, therefore, has come to its end. In just ten days, I will be taken from this world. And I know I would be wrong to ask for more time. But just to reclarify, it is the case, is it not, that I am to come to You into the next world in exactly ten days time? Am I correct or incorrect, O’ Lord? For there are always rumors going around saying I have more time, and some saying I have less time. What saith Thou? Do you confirm what I have said?

Eric, it is good to reclarify all such things from time to time to make sure nothing is changed. For the end of your life is the single most important element of your time. No, you will not be coming to Me on January 31, 2020. For I have made other plans for you.

Have I sinned that you are not taking me away on January 31, 2020? No, Eric, for new developments in your soul allow Me to keep you in this world without fear of losing you to Satan. For I now know you to be truly bonded to My servant Katarina. And I know that you shall not leave her to go to another woman. And so, what is forty years in this world to us in Heaven? It is but an hour of time to us. And so, Lord Belteshazzar, I hereby give you an extension of your life.

I grant to the Larimar King to reign for forty years as King upon this earth. And he will reign over all the world and rule and judge the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. You may make your first edict, O’ Larimar King.

Let Trump be removed from his position as ruler over the United States of America, and let someone worthy of rulership be seated in that position. And let a holy pope come to rule over the Roman Catholic Church to bring all the flock back into correctly following Your Way. And let the institution of gay marriage be realized as the Satanic deception that it is and be rejected and cast down throughout all the world. Let all those Judges and Justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage be removed from the bench, for they are not worthy to remain seated there. Amen.

I will carry out all your Decrees, O’ Lord Larimar. And hence, let it be known that the Larimar Reign has now begun, effective as of today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Amen. And note that today is exactly 49 years, minus one month, to the day from the date of Eric’s baptism as an infant into My Church on February 21, 1971. Oracle of the Lord! Let all glorify and magnify God in the Highest!

Now, speak, Larimar, for you have been granted an audience. My reign as Larimar King will be similar to my reign as Emerald King, except that all My rulings and thoughts will be published here for all to see. Also, when I was Emerald, I was a young and naive man, and I did not then know the Way. Today, I am expert on the Way of the Lord, and I follow Jesus flawlessly. I am well worthy to sit on the throne of Larimar and to rule all God’s people outside of Israel. And I will rule you with justice and with mercy. Amen.

Good, Lord Larimar. And I shall also reveal through you the one who is to come to rule over the nation of Israel. He will be your brother prophet, Lazurite. And he will be a speaker in Hebrew.

And Lord, what about the cures I am to receive? Do I receive them with the vision I am to have of My eternally espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, O’ Lord? Yes, Lord Larimar. When you see her in that vision, know that the time for you to be cured will have come. And also, I will say this. I hereby announce that Eric is to be cured of all things. No medical treatment will he require for the rest of his life in this world. Amen. Though I will allow you to receive immunizations and shots as needed in order to comply with safety requirements of the rulers under which you reign.

And what of my brothers, my parents, and my employment, O’ Lord and God? None of your family belong to Me. Your brother Mark comes the closest, though, due to his profession of Christianity. Hence, I make this ruling. I will allow you to convert your brother Mark. And if he converts, he shall live. Otherwise, he shall die. As for your mother and your brother David, these two must die now. They will die in your place and you shall then live for another forty years on the planet. Amen. For when I choose to spare one man’s life, another must die to take his place among the dead.

But why two people must die, O’ Lord? For I am just one person. I have judged and I have thus ruled that first your brother David shall die. And shortly afterwards, your mother shall pass away. And then your brother Mark will come to live with you and your father, and with you he shall learn the Ways of Catholicism and convert. As for your father, I will grant him many years to come, for he has not spoken against Me or against My name. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, do you have a closing statement to make to this post, O’ Lord and Saviour? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have remained faithful to Me to the End. And hence, I will grant you many years to reign as the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies. Yes, you are that one, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall reveal who Lazurite is. As you know, Lazurite is to be the spiritual ruler over Imperial Israel, which encompasses those lands of Israel given to her by her Lord God. He will preside in the ceremony when Catholic Ethiopia hands back to Israel the Ark of the Covenant. Amen. And then all the world shall see this Ark and rejoice. For it is an Ark made by God, It can never erode or be dissolved back into the dust from which it was made. When you see this sign, know ye that Lazurite will then be reigning. Amen.

And Lord, are we in the End Times now? Or are the End Times just beginning? We are at the beginning of the Reign of the Great Monarch. And this reign is to last for forty years. And then I will take both you and Lazurite away. And I will let My people find Me as they struggle in their final age of darkness before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord comes. And who can stand on that day? (Revelation 6:17).

And Lord, one last question. You mentioned that Ethiopia is destined to become Catholic. What about Russia? Does Russia become Catholic, O’ Lord and God? Make a decree, O’ Larimar King, and I shall decide. I hereby decree for Russia that a ruler worthy, in the likeness of President Boris Yeltsin, come to power over Russia to lead her back into the community of cooperation with all her neighbors and back to full respect of all her neighbors’ established borders. And let this ruler hand back to Ukraine and to Georgia the lands which she has wrongfully taken. Amen. Good, O’ Larimar King. A third Erician Pawn do I now decree to rule over Russia, after Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who were the two Emerald Pawns to rule over those lands. This first Larimar Pawn of Russia shall lead Russia back into cooperation and mutual respect among the community of nations. And she shall indeed mend her fences with all her neighbors under this Pawn ruler. As for the Black Sea fleet of Russia, do not worry about it, for in these days, men shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning forks.

You, Eric, have asked a worthy question in your final statements in this post. Hence, it will be made known and acknowledged that you are the prime fulfillment of all the prophecies of Fatima. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Do you wish to ask another question, O’ Larimar King? For there is still time. Yes, O’ Lord. I have been told that I receive the United States of America back into my possession as one of My eternal lands if I triumph and rid the world of gay marriage. Shall this now take place, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

Gay marriage is hereby decreed Satanic and ended. You have triumphed, O’ Larimar King. And hence, your lands now include all these twelve lands. Now listen, O’ Larimar King to the details of your empire:

The Larimar Empire, ruled over by Emperor Larimar and Empress Katarina (Saint Katarina of Alexandria):

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Alaska (in North America)
  5. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  6. Hawaiian Islands (Central Pacific)
  7. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  8. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  9. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  10. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  11. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  12. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

And your list of official languages remains as these eight:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

Such are your eternal lands, O’ Larimar King. And now your eternal Reign has begun. Welcome to the Larimar Reign. Welcome to the final Age. For this is the Age when all who are to find glory shall come to realize it. Amen.

Eric dies January 31, 2020, God Decrees

This is how Trump will make America great again.

I Who Am shall now correct the errors of the previous post. It is a matter of Truth, O’ Larimar King, that you die on Friday, January 31, 2020, at dawn, which is now eleven days and six hours away. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoke to Eric, His servant.

Lord, I am sorry for seeming to be seeking to live longer. And I now fully accept My death. In fact, I want to go, to be free of this world and to be with You and with Katarina and with My Virgin Mother Mary and all the saints in heaven forever. Amen.

Eric, by the end of this month, you will know all these things that you have just said. And Lord, how long is my stay in Purgatory? For I know that virtually all saints must pass through that fiery cleansing, even those who were perfected from sins, for there is still something that must be cleansed from them before they can enter the Lord’s presence and be with Him for all eternity. So how long do I stay in purgatory, O’ Lord? I heard earlier that it would only be for a few hours, but that those hours would feel like a month in fiery torment.

Eric, when We the elect take you from this world, you will have achieved that state by which you will not go to purgatory. And already on earth, you feel no pain. Remember when you had that operation to remove that lump from the side of your left cheek? And no cancer was found anywhere in it. Well another crucial fact was that you had no pain. And thus, you did not take the pain medication you were given, for there was no pain. It is not for you to experience pain, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, do I go to work today? Or am I off today? For that is the nature of my job. I get about two to three days of work a week now, and I never know whether I go in to work until it is confirmed at dawn. So what saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Yes, Lord Larimar, you go to work this week. And from this point onward, to the time you are taken up, your job will hold steady. Lord, that time I have left is now a mere eleven days. Everything in my life in this world ends in eleven days and six hours. I have very little time left. That is correct, Lord Larimar. See it this way: You were given an allotted time to accomplish the works God gave you to do. God does not give time in this world for men to enjoy living here and to grow old enjoying their life. No, God gives you time in this world to accomplish His mission. And accomplishing the mission fo God is not about making a name for yourself in this world or of becoming famous. Rather, it is about having done the works God gave you to do.

You have accomplished the works God gave you to do. And you, therefore, have no further purpose to remain here. For does the adult man remain in the classroom where children are taught? This world is meant for spiritual children. But you are a spiritual adult. Your place is not here. And you must be taken away at your appointed time.

So then, since I do in fact die at dawn on the last day of this month, what becomes of President Trump? For the Larimar King cannot have Pawns if he is no longer here to reign? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Correct, Lord Belteshazzar. Not only will you be taken away, but all prophecies that depend on your presence will not be fulfilled.

Hence, I can neither promise success to President Trump nor the rise of a Larimar Pawn to replace him. Rather, I can only prophesy imminent doom coming to this nation and land.

Where, therefore, should men flee to to avoid the imminent destruction you are about to rain down upon this nation, O’ Lord and Master?

And Lord, answer me this question clearly: When you take me away at dawn, Friday, January 31, 2020, will you be taking me to heaven in the next world where I will then reign forever in heaven with Katarina, or will you take me to another location in this world, a place where I am to dwell secret and secure, and from where I am to reign and to rule as Larimar King upon the earth, setting up Pawns and dethroning dictators as I please? Tell me your clear answer, O’ Lord. Speak, My Lord, for your servant is listening.

You do not remain in this world after dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you are to come to heaven and to enter into your eternal reward. For your eternal position must be filled. It cannot remain vacant anymore. And you are necessary to reign by Katarina’s side. For she has attempted to enter into her eternal position with you and Jesus has told her solemnly, “Go call your husband and come back.” (John 4:16). Katarina of Alexandria may be no longer required to wait. You are to come to heaven, therefore. You cannot remain here on earth in any way. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, as to where men and women should go to be safe who would see these words and choose to flee the coming destruction of Babylon the Great (Revelation 18:4), I have these instructions: The lands known as the Larimar Kingdom are safe places to be. If you are living there, stay put. If you are living in the United States of America, flee to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Bermuda, the British Isles, or Latin America and you shall be safe. If you are in Europe, flee either to the British Isles, or to anywhere in Scandinavia. And what about Gibraltar, the Vatican City, Crete, or the islands of the Aegean Sea? For those lands too are of Eric’s eternal Kingdom. Are they safe places to be in the Coming time of wrath, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, My servant. If you are near those places, you may flee there too, and also to anywhere in Africa and the Middle East. And when the wrath comes, do not leave those places until the hour of wrath has been completed. Amen.

Lord, Eric has no lands in nor near South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or Australia. Are those safe places to be or where do people in those lands flee to, O’ Lord and Savior? The Babylon the Great that I Am about to destroy is the large pan Atlantic city that encompasses the United States of America and Europe. I will utterly curse and destroy those nations, with the exception of those nations within Larimar’s Kingdom and the nations of Scandinavia. The United States of America is one notable nation that is now absent from Larimar’s list of lands within his Kingdom. However Hawaii and Puerto Rico, which are a part of that nation, are now defined as within Larimar’s Kingdom, and hence, are safe places to flee to. Also, if you live in Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the islands of the Pacific, do not flee from where you are, for you are safe to remain there. But if you are in an island belonging to Alaska, realize this most important Truth. Russia will elect to occupy Alaska with America in her weakened state. And Putin of Russia will justify his takeover of Alaska by the same argument that he used in justifying his takeover of Crimea from the Ukraine. You have been warned. Soon after occupying Alaska, Russia will annex it.

At the time of this fury from God raining down upon America, the Player Firefly will be completely overwhelmed, and she will not be able to function. And hence, her Pawns will be leaderless and adrift. Leadership will be called for, but neither Firefly nor her Pawns will be able to lead. And hence, in the absence of clear leadership, China, Russia, and North Korea will launch a joint invasion of America, under the pretense of bringing assistance and support to the American people, but in reality they will be taking control of America. And they will not leave their occupation of America after America is able to recover but will instead setup their permanent bases of occupation of the United States of America. And many will be the dead in America. The stench of rotting human flesh will reek throughout all the cities of the continental United States of America.

President Trump will agree to receiving the assistance and support from China, Russia, and North Korea, and these nations will then send their support, with the intentions of taking permanent control of the United States of America. And hence, America will be invaded and taken over and brought to an end without the firing of a single shot, nor dropping nor launching of a single nuclear weapon.

Then, under Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s direction, President Donald John Trump will be replaced by a man more familiar to him, like former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a man who submits to his authority and who is under Putin’s control. And from that point onward, Russia, China, and North Korea will control America. And Kim Jong Un will round up all American men who called him “fat boy” and he will then have them all executed and buried in mass unmarked graves. And there will be no trials nor due process in the executions of American men. There will be no opportunities granted for American men to appeal their ruling. And the Russian, Chinese, and Korean soldiers will be granted their picks of American women for a single night’s pleasure, and then to throw them away when they lose interest in them. And there will be no laws protecting women from these rapes. And Russian President Putin will then seek to root out and put in prison all those who seek to overthrow or subvert his rule. And many will be imprisoned, without trial or due process. For the Russian order will have come. And the American order will no longer be.

An all out attempt will be made to find and destroy the Larimar King. And all his surviving family and relatives will be captured and tortured, with the goal of extracting information or knowledge as to the possible whereabouts of the Larimar King. Rewards will be posted for capturing the Larimar King. But the bounty hunters will be instructed that he is to be captured alive. No fatal injuries is he to be wounded with.

And where will these bounty hunters seek, O’ Lord and Master? They will seek for Eric in every monastery and Church throughout all the lands of the earth. And not finding him there, they will then include the convents in their quest to find the Larimar King. But he will not be found anywhere, not even a trace. And the fact that no bloodhounds will be able to pick up his scent anywhere on the planet will indicate to them that Eric has either covered his tracks well, or else that his prophecies are true, that God has indeed taken away the Larimar King. And the revelation that God has buried his incorrupt body in the snow will explain why no bloodhound can pick up his scent.

Lord, what languages will be spoken in America under Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and Xi Jinping of China? Will the people of America begin speaking Russian, Korean, or Chinese, O’ Lord and Master? No, My servant Eric. Instead, the Russians will open the floodgates to immigration from the south, and the poor from Spanish Latin American countries will pour into the Contiguous United States of America to the point where Spanish effectively replaces English as the lingua franca of that nation. Putin will do this deliberately to destroy the English speaking national identity of the Americans.

And what about technologies in America, O’ Lord? Putin will seek to acquire all the brains of American companies and set them to work for him. And they will be taken to Russia to develop their technologies under his control. And thus, the Boeing CST-100 Starliner will continue being developed, but Boeing will come to be under Russian control from that point onward. Russia will elect to rule the companies of America and America herself similar to the model of how China has ruled over Hong Kong. Under the same model of control will Russia rule America. But the English speaking American culture will give way to the Spanish cultures of the peoples who will be steadily pouring in from the south. Amen. And O’ yes, America will become a poor nation then. And great famine will have come to this land.

The Russian think tanks will have plotted their invasion strategies for all possible events, including that event of a natural disaster wiping out America’s defenses, and a weakened America welcoming Russia and her allies to enter in and provide humanitarian care. They have mapped out their strategies. And they know the best possible plans to take over America in that event. It will be called Operation Russian Trojan Horse Takeover of America. And the plans of the Russians will succeed.

And what becomes of the American men who rebel and resist the Russians, the Chinese, and the North Koreans who will be ruling over them. These will be taken from society and imprisoned. Some will be tortured. Others will be slain. And still others will be made into traitors to report on the plots and plans of any surviving resistance forces. And the American flag will be banned. Whoever has an America flag will be ordered to destroy it. And whoever refuses to destroy their American flags will be burned alive, draped with their American flags.

However, Russia will realize that they lack the necessary manpower to maintain effective long term control over the vast lands of the United States of America. And hence, they will establish a Russian controlled puppet government in America and let her be run as an independent nation. Only Alaska will they retain as a direct Russian possession, which they will promptly annex.

And the Russian language will come to be taught in many America schools, while Spanish replaces English as the lingua franca of America. For no barriers to entry will be left intact at America’s southern borders. The vast volumes of American law books and legislation and tax codes will be cast into the bonfires of the celebrations of Russian rule over America in Washington, D.C. And all the monuments and symbols of America, including the Statue of Liberty, will be torn down and demolished. And among the faces of the Presidents of Mount Rushmore, there will be carved the likeness of the face of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, while the the faces of the other United States Presidents will be desecrated and demolished. And all the history books in American schools will be changed to teach about America and the world from the Russian point of view.

But, Lord, why would this great Christian nation be so chastised to be rendered a puppet nation of Russia, with all her heritage destroyed, and the last vestiges of her democracy taken away? It is because all the Americans, except for you, have come to accept gay marriage as settled law. That is why I shall remove you, and then with you removed, I will unleash My unfathomable fury upon this nation. Fire will be falling from the sky. Houses and buildings will be burning in every city throughout the land. And the dead will line the streets of all the cities of America. And then men will Know that I Am, and that I Who Am have a law that must be obeyed. And that law is that gay marriage is false and a concept created by Satan. It cannot logically exist. Two men cannot be husband and wife. Two men cannot be married to each other. When you see two men together, you don’t call that a marriage. Instead, you call that an abomination.

America was given sufficient time to repent and to end their laws legalizing gay marriage. Because they have not ended gay marriage, I will end it for them, by destroying every foundation in America upon which gay marriage stands. And since all the candidates for President seem to support gay marriage, I will destroy this country before the elections take place. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And people will say, why was this great nation and its people destroyed? And those who have wisdom will answer, “This people decided to legalize the homosexual acts of sodomy and to enshrine them in their institution of marriage, with all the legal protections afforded to lawful marriages between heterosexual couples. That is why this utterly perverse and degenerated nation of monsters was ultimately destroyed by fires raining down from heaven by the power of God’s deadly wrath.” America is a nation of monsters, of abominations, and of harlots (Revelation 18:2 & 17:5).

Why does no American have a backbone to stand up for God and His laws, statutes, and decrees, O’ Lord and Master? You are that American, O’ Larimar King. And I Am about to remove you permanently from this foul land. And when I take you away, I will then proceed to pound the Americans into dust and to utterly destroy them and wipe out all their riches, their wealth, and their glory. Oracle of the Lord! They were the mighty ones of this world, but in a single hour their destruction will be wrought. (Revelation 18:10 & 18:17).

Now, We have spoken sufficiently about the destruction of America. Now We shall proceed to describe the destruction of those nations who invade her, namely Russia, China, and North Korea. So they, too shall be destroyed, O’ Lord? Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that you can destroy and not be destroyed yourself, for the same guilt by which you destroy others will be used against you when your case is tried in My Court. And hence, shortly after I have China, North Korea, and Russia invade America and destroy her, I will have China and North Korea engage in nuclear war with Russia and for their nuclear arsenals to be deployed in mutually wiping one another from the map. For China and Russia are not true allies. They have conflicts and differences. And with their common enemy America gone, nothing will be left to interfere between their animosity towards each other. And they will wipe each other out in a nuclear war.

After the Chinese-NorthKorean-Russian nuclear war of mutual annihilation, I will allow for the resulting radioactivity to infect virtually all the fresh water sources on the planet, and virtually all human life will become sick with radioactive poisoning. However, certain saints who belong to Me will remain healthy and immune. It will be at this point, at this hour, that the pope, who will not be Pope Francis, but a successor, will begin the formal investigation into the possible sainthood of the Larimar King. And the final decision to canonize him as a saint will be among the final acts that the pope will do before My imminent return. Eric will be among the final saints canonized by a pope. I Who Am have stated and made this judgement. I Am the Lord Jesus Christ. And I have revealed these things through Eric, My servant. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Jesus and Eric converse

Eric and Lazurite are My Two Blue Wizards. Both Immortal. Both will remain on the earth for several decades to come. For both are sealed to their perfection. Amen.

Behold, Eric. Now I Who Am shall converse with you on a great many things. So, let us begin. And note that this conversation is not defined as small talk. Instead, it is a philosophical and theological discussion. Amen. Speak, Eric, and I shall answer thee.

Lord, is it a matter of prophecy that I am to be given a new name? And will this new name be given prior to My ascension into heaven?

Eric, your new name shall now be given. But before I reveal your new name, let us go through all your other names. Your full legal name, Eric Robert Dunstan, means literally, Honorable and Eternal Ruler (Eric) of Bright Fame (Robert) coming from a Brown Rock Quarry (Dunstan). As for your chosen Saint name for when you received your sacrament of confirmation on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002, that name was Ulric of Augsburg, and Ulric means Wolf, an excellent name for the Lone Wolf that you are. After you entered what you later called your Greater Emerald Reign, you gave to yourself the name of Emerald, for in your mind, you were the Emerald of the Earth and Under the Sea. We, the elect in heaven, gave you the name of Larimar to change your new color from Emerald Green to Larimar Blue, to signify that you are now a possession of Mary, the Immaculate Queen. And finally, We, the elect in heaven, gave you the name given by the Kings of Antiquity to My Prophet Daniel, for you are to us as Daniel was to them, and that name is Belteshazzar. And then we, the elect, gave you a certain Surname that identifies you among the Brides to the Lamb, and that name is Alexandria, which is the location of the famous Library where My Word was first translated by My 72 Prophet Scribes into Greek, forming the first sacred, complete Greek Old Testament known as the Septuagint. This Septuagint was completed and available prior to the days in which Saints Katarina and Dorothea lived in Alexandria and studied at that library. Hence, your entire name is defined as such:

Eric Ulric Emerald Robert Belteshazzar Larimar Dunstan Alexandria. Hence, you have eight names. And now you shall be given your ninth. We, the elect in heaven give you the new name, Maritimus, which means in Latin that you are of the sea, and to us in heaven, that you are of Mary, which means, Sea of Bitterness. In Hebrew, your name translates to ים, which means, Sea. This name, Maritimus shall be your primary name to us in heaven. Hence, your name is now:

Maritimus Eric Ulric Emerald Robert Belteshazzar Larimar Dunstan Alexandria, which shall mean this to us:

Servant to Mary (Maritimus), Honorable and Eternal Ruler (Eric), Wolf (Ulric) Emerald (Emerald) of Bright Fame (Robert), Servant to the King (Belteshazzar), Larimar (Larimar) coming from a Brown Rock Quarry (Dunstan), of the Great Library of Alexandria (Alexandria).

And so, Lord Maritimus, what shall we discuss today, for I have many things to tell you. For you have now passed many tests. And now I shall reveal to you your new lands that are to become part of your eternal Kingdom. Previously, your lands consisted of these nine provinces:

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  5. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  6. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  7. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  8. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  9. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

Now We, the elect in heaven, wish to give you your true location where you shall be taken to when We take you from this world. This land will be where We shall station you during the Reign of Lazurite upon the earth, whose name in Hebrew is: לזוריט. For neither you nor Lazurite can ever die.

So I am to be taken to another part of this earth instead of to heaven on Friday, January 31, 2020, O’ Lord and Savior? Precisely. There is no need to take you prematurely to heaven since it is now eternally resolved that you and Katarina are an eternal couple. For We in heaven know that you shall never go to another girl. For your celibacy and your virginity are perfect and complete. Therefore, you will remain in this world. So, where would you prefer to be taken to, Lord Maritimus? Where is the best place that We can place you and for you to continue to serve Us as prophet, ruler, and king? What if I remain where you have found me, right where I currently live? We cannot let you remain there. We must take you to a new location. And we shall do so in accordance to the decrees of God. And so, this is where We, the elect in heaven, shall take you, O’ Larimar King.

We are placing you in a secret location in the Hawaiian Islands. There, in that location, you shall serve Me and do My will. And what shall I do for work, O’ Lord and Master? I will provide you with work that you may do on your laptop remotely. Now, are you pleased with this arrangement, O’ Larimar King? Yes, Master, I accept it and am pleased. When do we make the move?

We will remove you from the contiguous United States of America and place you in Hawaii in your secret location there at the moment that I, the Lord, have elected from all eternity to do so. And right after that moment, the sky will be darkened and fire shall begin falling from the sky. You will have escaped the destruction that I will elect to have rain down upon My people of America. Amen.

Also, because you are to live in Hawaii, We shall have that land taken from Lord Pounamu and given back to you. Hence, your Larimar Kingdom is now with these ten lands:

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Hawaiian Islands (Central Pacific)
  5. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  6. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  7. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  8. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  9. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  10. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

And your list of official languages remains unchanged as these eight:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

Furthermore, you will be expected to gain fluency in Latin in the next few years. You will be living on the planet earth, so you will need to make time to study Latin each day, in addition to your Greek and Spanish. And remember that you are learning these languages for reading books written in them. You are not learning these to write your own books or to speak or converse in them. Amen.

Now, we shall give to you your assignment. You will prophesy here on this website all that We command you to say. And this website is to become famous, as all prophecies written therein come to pass.

But Lord, since I am to live and not die on Friday, January 31, 2020, won’t that be seen as a form of prophecy failure. No, Lord Belteshazzar. It is a triumph for you. For you do not need to die now that it is confirmed that you belong to Katarina of Alexandria and to no other girl. Now that We have this confirmation, We have made you invincible. You can neither be defeated nor outwitted. Instead, you are a special servant to the Lord Jesus Christ. And you are now a Master War Piece, He will place you where you may wage war from a place where you are concealed and protected. Now, listen to Me, Lord Larimar. You have triumphed. You have defeated Satan. You will be clothed into your immortality soon. I Who Am have decreed when this shall be.

And then, O’ Lord, what is now scheduled to happen on Friday, January 31, 2020, now that I shall live and not die? I Am taking you away on that date and at that hour, at dawn. But not to your death, but to your new location, where you will serve Me day and night. Do not worry about the logistics. I will take care of all the logistics. Your concerns are to be doing what My will is for you to do.

And what becomes of President Trump, O’ Lord and Master? President Trump will continue to battle it out with his enemies in the government. But I will tell you this secret. I have already selected My man who is to replace Trump in the Republican ticket for the 2020 elections. You mean Donald John Trump’s name will not be on the ballot, O’ Lord and Saviour? Precisely, Lord Larimar. Your Pawn will be on that ballot.

But Lord, do I have a Pawn? For I have looked, and I don’t seem to have a dog in the fight. Lord Larimar, the Pawn who shall be placed on the ballot for the Republican ticket for President you are not yet aware of. But I will bring him into your attention at the Republican Convention. For by that time, Firefly will be a spent Player. Her light will have gone out. And all her Pawns will be set adrift, losing altitude, and becoming beached on the atolls. Firefly was a star that burned out her fuel too quickly. Hence, she is a failed Player. And when her failure is complete, Trump and all her other Pawns will cease to have their momentum, and they shall fail.

Hence, it shall be your Pawn, not Trump, who shall win the 2020 elections for the Republican ticket for President of the United States of America. Now, Eric, ask more questions.

What becomes of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? For I have not heard about his fate lately. What becomes of him, O’ Lord and Master? I will allow him to live for the next few years. But eventually, he will be overthrown by his generals, who will then call for new elections, and place Putin under house arrest. Amen.

And will Russia have a happily ever after ending to their story? Or do they remain under repressive, ruthless leaders? Russia’s conversion has happened, and very few converted to Catholicism. And because of this, I will not bless Russia with success or freedom. They will continue to be known as the dark empire. Oracle of the Lord. And realize that Fatima is a past prophecy.

And what of Brexit, O’ Lord and Savior? The United Kingdom will successfully navigate itself to good negotiated deals. And they will also make their own deals with America and other world powers on trade and trade blocs. And it will be seen that the United Kingdom’s economy will surpass that of those in the European Union. And a special deal will be made by which British nationals can freely travel in the EU, and EU nationals can freely travel in the UK. Hence, the UK will be granted a special status among countries with trade ties to the EU. It will be a good time to be a UK citizen. Eric, by the way, is both an Irish citizen and a United States citizen.

And what becomes of the pope? Will Pope Francis die soon, or does he continue to serve for some time to come, O’ Lord and Master? When I take you to your new location on Friday, January 31, 2020, know that the clock will be set for the demise of Pope Francis and the appointment of someone new to take his place. So, let us relook at all four predictions you have made for the next pope:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

Only one of these do We, the elect, really like. And that is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II on February 21, 1998. And he was ordained a priest on December 27, 1970. Now see the linkage of these dates to the dates regarding Eric’s birth and baptism. Eric was born on June 24, 1970, and he was baptized on February 21, 1971. And why was he baptized so late, you ask? His mother was falling away from Catholicism and with some reluctance had him baptized. So now you should see some linkage between Eric and Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. And it make sense, doesn’t it, that the Pope who represented the Emerald King, Pope John Paul II, should be the one to have made Cardinal the one who is to be the pope to represent the Larimar King. For at Eric’s first appearance, he came as Emerald, a name he gave himself. But for Eric’s second appearance, he now comes as Larimar, which is a name he received from above.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is also completely pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. He fully agrees and supports the Biblical promises of lands given to the Jewish people. And he knows that those who bless the Jews will be blessed themselves, while those who turn against them will perish. Eric also is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. And it is because of this unwavering stance in Eric’s writings going all the way back to the times of Emerald, that the belief may arise that Eric is a covert Israeli Zionist agent. But let me put to rest all such thoughts. You cannot find out who Eric is working for by the simple reason that Eric is a total Lone Wolf actor in this game. And all his contacts with his superiors in the organization that now sends him forth are of a spiritual nature. He is a Lone Wolf possession of the Holy Virgin Immaculate Queen Mary. And Eric serves Me, his Lord and Savior. For when Eric was undergoing My test of him at the police station at Santa Cruz, California, during his Martyrdom Breakdown and the policeman representing Cain commanded him to kneel, Eric responded in a loud voice these immortal words: “I bow to no one but God!” And then, when he was tackled to the floor, he cried out to Me, and only to Me, saying over and over again, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” And I provided for him all that he needed to triumph on that day, which was his birthday, Saturday, June 24, 1995.

Therefore, realize that Eric works for Me, His Lord God Jesus Christ. And to no human actor in this world does he report. And now that he is confirmed as belonging to Katarina of Alexandria, a relationship that is now immortal, he himself is now indestructible. He is like a Queen piece on the Chessboard made of Titanium. He cannot be destroyed or broken down. And I will now deploy him to where he will be most effectively put to use in My war in this world.

And now someone asks, What use is it to be romantically tied to a saint of the past? For you cannot have sex with her. But to this, Eric would answer, that is true, but look at the woman that you marry, whoever she is, no matter how beautiful, fair, or fit she is, twenty to forty years from now, she will be old, aged, and haggard. But my saint in heaven never changes. And having sex is a temporal good. It lasts only for a fleeting moment. A temporal good is incomparable to an eternal good, which lasts forever. All sexual marriages are temporal goods. And all that is good in them are fleeting goods. Enjoy them while they last, and then they are gone. But Eric’s eternal relationship with Katarina of Alexandria is an eternal good. It never perishes. It never grows old. It never dies. Eric will be with her forever. What is temporal sex compared with eternal companionship? Eric’s possession of Katerina as his eternal soulmate outweighs the temporal sensual possessions found in all sexual relationships throughout this entire world.

And in additional note, no one can blackmail Eric by threatening to kill his beloved. For Eric’s beloved has already been martyred and is now in her eternal glory in heaven. But Lord, I thought that you and Katarina needed me in heaven? Why is it now that Eric is to continue to live in this world rather than to enter into heaven in eleven days and seventeen hours from now? Time is something that exists only in your world. Time does not exist here in heaven where I am and where your beloved Katarina is. Hence, whether you come to heaven now or a hundred years from now, it is as the same time to us in heaven. Your earlier date as to when you were to be taken was for your sake, not for Our sake. For you were weak and being pulled in many directions. And in that instability, it was seen that an early death was needed to keep you from being lost. But no longer is this the case. For you, as of the Mass you went to today, have now passed over form mortality to immortality. You are now an immortal creature. You cannot die anymore. And you cannot be slain by any power. Hence, we can keep you in this world and have you serve Us here to do Our will in your remaining life here.

And so, O’ Lord, how long do I have before I am to be taken to heaven now? I will now leave you here with Lazurite until the time comes for both of you to be removed from this world at the same time. Hence, you and Lazurite are to fulfill the prophecies of the two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11 in a very similar way to the literal interpretation. Just don’t use that passage to try to predict future events.

Now, how long do I give you and Lazurite to live here in this world, you ask? Do I give you both 42 months, as the literal prophecy of Revelation chapter 11 says? No. I have elected to grant you both several decades of time here. Your respective wives, Katarina and Dorothea, entered into their glory as young women. But you and Lazurite will remain on the earth until you are both old men. And I will give you both unnaturally long life. And the secret to your youth shall be the daily eucharist, received by you both always in a state of grace.

And I hereby give you both this new title: You, Maritimus Larimar, and Lazurite will be known as the Two Blue Wizards. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And mighty in Word and Deed shall you both be on the earth. And both of you shall be eternally married to a saint of the distant past: Saint Katarina of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria respectively. Now, go, Eric, and study what I have given you to study. You are to come to master several languages and to read the writings of Church fathers and the scriptures in the original languages of Latin and Koine Greek respectively. Amen.

And Lord, one last question. Ask, My servant. Will I still be cured of the four afflictions I have kept secret? Or do you cure me of everything. And do I receive a vision of Katarina, in which I am to receive these cures, O’ Lord and Master? I will cure you of all things, and bring you to a place where you will be unknown. And in the vision I Am about to give you of Katarina, you will be told of your remaining mission on the earth and what is expected of you. And you will also be told who Lazurite is. For he remains still a mystery to you. Now publish this post. For it is ready to be released to My people for them to read. Amen.

Jesus speaks to Timothy

I, Who Am, have come to teach and to instruct those willing to receive instruction.

Behold, I Who Am do now wish to speak to that person who sends messages to Eric, My servant. Timothy, why do you say “Only God can forgive sins.”? For is not God capable of delegating this authority to men, to those He has anointed as shepherds to lead His flock? It was by that very belief, that Only God can forgive sins, that I was condemned to die by My fellow Jews. It was never acknowledged in My time that I, Myself, was a Person of the Trinity. Instead, I spoke openly of God the Father, and of Myself as His Son. And the Holy Spirit was not yet sent to men upon the earth. But no one realized that I was God before My rising from the dead. And thus, I did not explain it to them that I was such and that by that fact I Am able to forgive sin. Rather, I cured a man before them and then said, Which is the more difficult task to do, to say to the cripple, “Your sins are forgiven you,” or to say, “Rise, take up your mat, and go home.”? But that all may know that I had and have the power and authority to forgive sins, I both said to the cripple, “Your sins are forgiven you. Rise, take up your mat, and go home.” That demonstration should prove that I Am and that I have the authority to forgive sins. And if I have such authority, can I not also give it to My disciples? If I can give My Apostles the power to heal, can I not also give to My Apostles, and to their successors, the bishops, the power to forgive sins in the name of God? Am I not free to run My Church as its head? Am I not in control of My own Church?

And do not say that My Catholic Church is false or wrong. For that is the sin of pride. The one who submits to My Catholic Church will be blessed. But the one who resists her will not be blessed, regardless of their case as to who is right or wrong.

It was revealed by My Mother Mary to Eric that Martin Luther, who led the Protestant Reformation exodus from My Church, that he went to purgatory. And by what means was he saved, you wonder? I saved Martin Luther due to the honor he gave to My Mother Mary. But as for those who dishonor her, I let them die in their sins. But even Martin Luther, in his honor of Mary by which I elected to spare his soul, he is still paying for his sins all these centuries later in purgatory. And he will not leave that torturing fire until all those who were fooled by his preaching have left the earth, and none of the churches he started or that descended from the errors he preached remain active upon the earth anymore. For I tell you Truthfully, if you come to Me with debts to sin, you will not get out of the torturing fire until the last penny is paid. And an ongoing sin requires an ongoing punishment. If you start a sinful movement on the earth, and you die, your judgement will be to pay for the last penny of debt due to that sin you started has been paid. And for those in purgatory, that means remaining there until the errors of your movement are finally brought to their completed end. Therefore, woe unto Martin Luther. He will remain in purgatory until My Second Coming. Oracle of the Lord!

Now consider Mormon prophet Joseph Smith. He started his own church. And he put My name into it, because his own name lacked the authority to attract converts. And he made up his religion as he went along. By much deception did he make himself the leader of a flock of fools. And of his flock, he took the finest women to be his wives. For was he not the king? And wasn’t the king worthy of the women of his kingdom? Such may have been the presiding logic by which Kings Saul, David, and Solomon took so many wives in the ancient unified Kingdom of Israel. But My Law has always been this: Neither shall he have a great number of wives, lest his heart be estranged, nor shall he acquire a vast amount of silver and gold. (Deuteronomy 17:17). Did My Law of Moses come into being after the Monarchies of Saul, David, and Solomon? No, Moses preceded them by many centuries. Then why did the Kings of My people violate My clearly defined laws? Were they not instructed to study them day by day? Was Deuteronomy 17:17 a later addition to My law? Was it possible for men to add to or subtract from My law? My law is My law. And it is one law. And it is eternal. Hence, this is My ruling for those kings who took many wives and who did not abide by what I wrote through Moses, My servant.

Whatsoever King took more than what I allowed him to, he took into himself corruption and desolation, by which his line was eventually destroyed and died out. And that is the reason why the lineage of Saul was ended and why the lineage of David eventually completely died out. Maybe there are those of his descent today, through both female and male ancestors, but they do not know of it. For the records are completely wiped out.

And what of Lazurite, O’ Lord? The name of Lazurite in Hebrew is this: לזוריט. What is his descent from the Jews? Is he a descendant of King David? Or of the Tribe of Judah, or of Abraham, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Virtually all modern Jews are descendants of Judah, for Judah, along with Benjamin, and some Levites, were all that returned from the Babylonian Exile to resurrect the nation of Israel. Hence, a better name for the modern state of Israel would have been Judah. So, yes, Lazurite descends from those various lineages, but I will not say where his paternal or maternal lineage ultimately descend from. For I never guaranteed to Abraham that his male lineage would be preserved, but only that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. For by the mathematics of descent, eventually all traceable male lineages but one will be erased from the gene pool. And eventually all men will trace their male lineage to one man. This is an inevitable probability of mathematics. Hence, do not concern yourselves about genes and male lineages of descent, for they are not what determines the man. A man is determined by what is inside him and what he elects to do with his free will. A man is not determined by who he is descended from. And a man with many descendants is not necessarily blessed because of that. For many were the sinners in David’s line, and yet Saint Joseph was called son of David (Matthew 1:20).

But is Lazurite called a son of David, O’ Lord and God? If he is, it shall not be due to direct male descent, O’ Larimar King. And therefore his genetics cannot be used to prove his descent from that lineage. But I will say this fact. All descent is by sin. A man and a woman who have a child together sin to have that child together. But you object and say, marriage is holy and married sex is holy. No, I say, sex is not holy, but is allowed only in the cases of lawful marriage. But it is preferred that a man remain in the celibate state and that he keep his virginity. For in that state he can worship his God in the greatest, holiest, and highest way. Those who have had sex have clouded their access to Me, even those who have never violated their marriage bed. Oracle of the Lord! But when you receive the sacrament of baptism, you wash away all the sins of your past descent. All the filth of the sins by which your ancestors conceived the lineages that eventually formed you are washed away by the waters of baptism, and you are regenerated into being a totally new living and holy creature. Do not mar this new creation by returning to the flesh and bringing forth new human life under the penalty of Original Sin.

But for those who must marry, I allow for the married sex life to exist, and for this purpose I have instituted the sacrament of matrimony. Let all who seek this lifestyle abide by the requirements of that sacrament. But I warn thee this warning. Do not place any limitation to your reproductive capacity in your conjugal act or in your bringing forth of new children. For whosoever attempts to prevent My little ones from seeing the light of day, either by killing them in the womb after their conception or by preventing their conception from occurring, these shall go where they themselves will never see the light of day ever again. Oracle of the Lord! God has warned His people. Amen.

Now to Timothy I will say this. You will never find, fathom, nor truly know the Truth while you are not in communion with My pope in Rome. Hence, the uselessness of arguing with those who reject My Catholic Church. Whosoever wastes his time arguing Catholicism with those who have rejected it will have discovered a true and profound wastage of their time. Better usage of their time would have been if they had spent that time reading My Word and contemplating it. But I allow for My servants from time to time to engage in arguments with the contradictors of My faith, for it is written, As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another (Proverbs 27:17).

So I say this to you, and to all who are on the outside of My Church looking in, Come into My Church and you shall find Truth, Life, and Purpose. But if all you can bring to Me are your arguments as to why My Church is wrong and why your church or your beliefs are correct, then I don’t want you with Me. I reject you from My flock. You are not worthy of Me and no one has ever been worthy, but I have granted such worthiness to those who submitted to My established authorities and have followed Me. And if you cannot do that, I don’t want you in My company. I, Jesus, have spoken.

Now, you know of the narrative of Eric’s world, where he is King Larimar of the Larimar Kingdom. Is this a real world, you ask? Or is it all in Eric’s wonderful imagination? It is a part of Eric’s creative process intermeshing with the real world in both heaven and on earth. Hence, it contains both real and imaginary elements. But one thing that is real are the Kingdoms and lands granted to various Kings and Queens. The names given might be inaccurate, but divisions of the lands and kingdoms have parallels in both the real world in heaven and the real world on this earth.

Since the previous posts, new lands have changed hands in the Kingdoms of the earth. And what lands have now changed hands, you ask? King Larimar has received the island of Puerto Rico into his Larimar Kingdom, captured from the Kingdom of Elessar. And Queen Eleonora of Russia has now retaken Alaska from the possession of King Jadeite, whose reign is now just over the lower 48 states, those lands called the contiguous United States of America. And have any changes occurred with the Kingdom of Lazurite, O’ Lord and Savior? Has Lazurite gained any lands into his vast Kingdom, O’ Lord and Savior? All the other Kingdoms remain as they were previously stated. And so, hence, let us restate the Kingdoms that have changed:

(1) The Empire of Larimar. Ruled by Emperor Larimar and Empress Katarina (Saint Katarina of Alexandria). The lands of their Larimar Empire include:

  1. The entire archipelago of the British Isles (in Europe)
  2. Greenland (in North Atlantic)
  3. Canada (in North America)
  4. Puerto Rico (in Greater Antilles)
  5. Crete (in Mediterranean)
  6. The islands of the Aegean Sea (in Mediterranean)
  7. Bermuda (in North Atlantic)
  8. Gibraltar (at Strait of Gibraltar)
  9. The Vatican City (City State within Rome)

And the official languages of Eric’s vast Empire shall consist of just the following languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Welsh
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Danish
  7. Greek
  8. Latin

(2) The Kingdom of King Jadeite of the Contiguous United States of America consists of the following lands:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)

And King Jadeite’s official language is Spanish, which is set to replace English in the lower 48 states.

(3) King Elessar’s Kingdom of Mexico and Cuba includes:

  1. Mexico (North America)
  2. Belize (Central America)
  3. Cuba (Greater Antilles)

And King Elessar’s official language is now just: Spanish.

(4) Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom of Russia consists of:

  1. Russia (minus Crimea and Kaliningrad – in Eurasia)
  2. Alaska (in North America)

And Queen Eleonora has just one official language: Russian.

And now someone asks, Will Eric ever regain or retake the United States of America again? No, for Eric is leaving these shores. And he will not return to them. In 12 days and 12 hours, Eric will be in the next world. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Then why, someone asks, does Eric continue to take another land here and another land there? The Vatican City was not much of an increase in real estate. But the acquisition of Canada and Greenland were truly profound moves. So what governs these movements in this world, O’ Lord and Master?

I, the Lord, decide who gets what lands. And now that Eric’s Kingdom has been thusly defined, we shall address Lazurite and his future reign upon the land.

Why was Lazurite granted the entire Arabian Peninsula only to see it mostly taken away, you ask? It is because God did not grant to Israel the entire Arabian Peninsula, but really only the lands so granted to King Solomon during the furthest extent of his Kingdom. Hence, any desire for lands beyond those are acts of greed. And yet, in My generosity, I have given to Lazurite both those lands of King Solomon’s former Kingdom of Israel and also the Sinai, the Suez Canal, and the lands between that canal and the Nile, and the island of Cyprus, and lands east of the Euphrates all the way to the Persian Gulf including Kuwait.

Now I shall speak about the wives of the Prophet Kings. These are Saint Katarina of Alexandria who is to be wed to Eric the Larimar King. And the other is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, who is to be wed to Lazurite. Who are these two saints? Did they know each other in life? And were they related? And why were they chosen to wed these two Prophet Kings. And please, define what is meant by these weddings between these eternal virgins for the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

Certainly, My elected son. These two saints can be called bookworms. For they were well studied in books. And they had access to the books at the library of Alexandria, which contained books mainly written in Egyptian and Greek. Hence, they could read in both languages. Both of these saints were beautiful. Both were desired by the emperor of their time. And both were killed for refusing to marry him, for both had consecrated their virginity to Christ Jesus. They were martyred in 305 AD and 320 AD respectively. Hence, if they had never met each other, it is assured that Dorothea had heard of and was inspired by the martyrdom of Katarina, whose death was 15 years before her own. But they were not courted by the same emperor, for emperors didn’t last that long in those times.

But you have asked how such eternal unconsummated marriages between eternal virgins can work in My Kingdom. I will now answer thee. The correct term to use to define these marriages is espousals. For a spouse can refer to one in a consummated marriage, but also to one in an unconsummated marriage. But marriage generally implies consummation has occurred. And there can be no consummation between My consecrated virgins.

So, how do these espousals form, you ask? Does a person decide to enter into one? No man can choose for himself a path and a destiny that is not offered to him as a choice. And the choice to enter into such an espousal is rarely given. And among those to whom it is offered, few succeed to form them successfully. Most such potential espousals end due to one of the spouses choosing to return to this world and to the sensuality that this world has to offer.

Eric was tonight tempted to return to the world from which he came. But he has turned it down and remained espoused to Katarina of Alexandria. It was not possible for him to fail unless he were to choose to fail, or if he were to deliberately kill what is between these two espoused. But he has not done so. He has resisted and rejected the temptations. For though he saw sights, he did not touch nor taste the forbidden fruits. And seeing that does not lead to touching fails to destroy the man. And this man has seen all things, but has no unlawful carnal knowledge. For unlawful carnal knowledge (FUCK) is what destroys a man.

The man who embraces unlawful sex, also embraces abortions and artificial birth control, making him a murderer of the unborn. For such a man has sex for pleasure without taking responsibility for the potential children that can be conceived by these pleasures. And then there are those unlawful men who embrace unlawful sex but deliberately spill their seed outside of intercourse to prevent pregnancies. Such men are wicked in the sight of the Lord, and those who do such things do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, what is morality and what is immorality, you ask?

Morality is abiding by all of God’s statutes and decrees. It is not entering a woman unless you are willing and able to take responsibility for any child born to that union, and also not entering into such a woman until you have contracted the sacrament of marriage with her, with the sacrament presided over by a priest or deacon to make it valid in the eyes of God. You cannot take shortcuts. You cannot speed through the process. Every i must be dotted and every t crossed. If you are going to enter into marriage, you had best do it properly or not at all.

And will Eric enter into marriage? For Eric to enter into marriage, he would need to choose for himself a bride of this world. And does he have such an option, O’ Lord? The pathway to marriage Eric has rejected. Only two options now lay before Eric that are possible for him. (1) He may remain in his celibate virginity to be like My Apostle John, who I rank as superior to Eric. Or (2) he may remain on his path of being a spiritual virgin spouse to Katarina of Alexandria for all eternity. The third possibility (3), that of choosing the married life, is no longer open to him. And it will never be offered to him again. But what will be offered will be temptations to lure him off his path to be killed by the temptresses who lurk along his way. Hence, no girl who comes to Eric between now and his death in this world will be from Me, but only from the evil one.

Lord, how was Eric joined to Katarina? Did Eric initiate this union, or did Katarina? In the lifetime of Katarina, it was offered to her to enter into a spiritual virgin union with a virgin man who would come into her life before the End of the World. And she accepted this offer and sealed herself to it. It was I, Jesus, who offered her this union. For only Jesus can arrange it, for all virgins belong to Him. And only virgins may enter into these eternal arrangements between souls. And now, seventeen centuries later, I have provided her with the one, who I have thoroughly tested in every way, and found good in My sight. She will be a spouse to him forever. And he will forever be spouse to her. They do not have sex in heaven, nor on earth, nor in any way. Instead, their union is one of Spirit and holiness. No one can choose for themselves to be in such an arrangement. For no one can be made worthy of it unless I grant them graces to be made so. And to no one do I grant these graces to unless I have selected him or her for this position. Amen.

Now, speak, Eric. What is on your mind? Lord, I do not want to have the filth that has passed through my eyes. I wish to never receive such filth ever into my life. Good, My son. It is good that you are in rejection of the filth that you have seen. You will remember that filth, and hence, no one will ever be able to shock you with any of his filthiness. But you will never join the swine wallowing in that mire. For you are clean and holy. And I have set you apart to be to Katarina as I have predestined your soul. It is no longer a matter of choice for you. You are Katarina’s soulmate. And this union of soulmates will never be taken away from either you or her. As for your penance, I tell you this. After you have published this post, I order you to pray a full Rosary to Mary, the Mother of God. Then you will be restored to the right way of thinking. And you will walk the way of pornography no more.

Now, Eric, I permit you to speak. Let us converse on the matters of what shall soon come to pass in your life. Lord, it is difficult to come to terms with my death in twelve days and four hours time. Can you provide for me a way of understanding it and with dealing with it? For I am unprepared for what is about to come to pass.

Eric, no one can be fully prepared to meet their Maker. But I have prepared you. Lord, am I in mortal sin for viewing the pornography that I have viewed? Should I, therefore, avoid receiving communion today until I can go to confession? You are not separated from Me, but I do require you to confess this sin at your next confession. So do receive Me today at Mass. For that will strengthen you. For what does not kill you makes you stronger.

And also realize this fact, O’ Eric. What constitutes a mortal sin requires three things that, if any of the three are not fully present, then mortal sin has not occurred. First, the sin must be of grave matter. Second, it must be done with full knowledge of its evil. And third, it must be done with deliberate consent. If one of those is lacking, the sin is still there, but is not mortal. Hence, it should be included with your next confession, but does not require you to confess before your next communion. And you know what a state of separation from Me feels like, in those few instances in which you were clearly in mortal sin. For example, that time while waiting in line for confession, when you overheard someone else’s confession. And My Holy Spirit instructed you that you were in mortal sin due to what you heard and that you needed to confess that sin, which you did when you entered into the confessional. And from that day forward, you made sure you were always far enough away from the confessional to not overhear and that you never listened to hear anyone’s confession ever again. For you have been sorry and truly repentant of your sins.

Well, your spirit is not under such condemnation. And yet, I have this requirement that you do, in addition to praying the Rosary. You must also give money to the poor. I will show you the poor person you are to give to and tell you the amount you are to give. For almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin (Tobit 12:9 – See in either a Catholic Bible or in a Bible with the Apocrypha). Now, Eric, tell Me what is really on your mind.

How do I know that Katarina is truly mine? How do I know that I am truly in a relationship with this saint. For it is a union unprecedented in the Church. I have never heard of nor read of such a union before. Today you will know that it is real. I promise that this knowledge will come to you today. Amen. Now, Eric, I will have you know these final words I wish to say to you in concluding this post.

Eric, you are a righteous man and you are holy. You have been tempted with women who were sent to destroy you, but you turned to Me and were not destroyed. Twelve days and three hours from now I am taking you from this world. All I ask from you is that you have faith in this relationship you are having with Katarina. I ask you to believe in it. And realize that you are not being asked to do something immoral or wicked. And remember the fate of your fellow churchgoers. How they fared due to their failings. And yet, they have remained in Me and I in them. So you, too, fail from time to time. But you remain in Me. That is what matters. Now, go, Eric, and publish this post. for I have completed My statements to you. Seven more times you shall post to this website after this post. And then you will be taken away. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.