I Who Am do now prophesy.

And in the Higher Heavens there are the Virgin Soulmates, eternally bonded together.

I Who Am have now come to prophesy through Eric, My servant. And many are the things about which I Who Am have come to speak of. Behold, the Word of the Lord!

First, let us speak of Russia. What shall take place in that part of the world? Was not Eric sent to dethrone the rulers of that land? Now I shall speak.

There is contention in Russia and the whole world as to who owns Crimea. Now it shall be submitted to the people of Crimea, and the United Nations, not the Russians, will administer the elections there, under impartial administration. They will administer the elections in Crimea to decide their fate, and Russia and Europe will agree to abide by the choice of those who reside there. And those who reside there will vote to be Russian, as that is their nationality, and the Crimean people will have hope in the one who will have come to rule their nation.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, what shall be his fate? I will now tell thee. He has lied to many. And he has shored up his power. But I Am taking away his throne and giving it to another, one who will lead My Russian people back to into My fold. For they were Catholic at their conversion, before the East split from the West.

A new Catholic Eastern Rite Church will be formed in Russia, one headed by Patriarch Kirill. And he will thus get his revenge against Constantinople, from whom his Church has split. And he will lead his Church into communion with the pope in Rome. And then Russia will have converted. And Fatima will have come true.

Lord, does this then mean that there shall then be a time of peace? For I asked this question earlier, and was told that the promised peace of Fatima took place during the Yeltsin years.

That was when you were Emerald, O’ Larimar King. Now you are Larimar. Should there not be a time of peace to come while you reign as Larimar?

But Lord, I, Eric, am to leave these shores on Friday, January 31, 2020. There is no more time for me to reign. For My time here has come to an end. Is not this the Truth, O’ Lord and Master?

Larimar, I hereby grant you seven years to reign as Larimar King. At the conclusion of those seven years, you will be taken away, and My fury will be poured out upon this nation in which you live, the United States of America.

Does that, O’ Lord, grant me the power to decide the next two Presidential elections in the United States, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, shall decide who shall win those elections. And he will not be any of the Democrats on the ballot nor the Republican currently in the White House. Who, then, shall be the next President of the United States of America, O’ Lord?

Eric, the Republican put on the ballot will be decided at the Republican convention, and the one they choose will not be any of those currently running. He will be chosen at the convention after the delegates vote and fail to decide who it shall be. For President Donald John Trump’s candidacy will have been invalidated, and the Republican leadership will be forced to choose another. And the one they choose will be your Pawn, O’ Larimar King. Oracle of the Lord!

For the Reign of Firefly will have ended then, her power eclipsed, and a new power will have come forth to govern the nations. You are that power, O’ Larimar King. And I grant you seven years to reign. During your reign, your Pawn will be President. Oracle of the Lord!

So, then, O’ Lord, in the year 2026 is my power to come to an end? In the year 2026, you will cease to be Larimar, and a new name shall be given to you. And you will then come to Me, and I will set in your place the one who is to destroy all nations on the earth. He is Antichrist. And he is the one you called Twilight, the power who came before as the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. He will then be ruler of all nations. And he will bend the will of all nations to serve him and to bow to his will. He will be the Beast who destroys the City of Babylon the Great by fire. Amen.

Lord, if he is granted to rule for 7 seven years, then his reign would meet its end in the year 2033, which is 2000 years after your death and Resurrection from the dead. Precisely, My Larimar King. The Beast shall rule for one seven. Half the seven he will abolish the daily sacrifice in the Catholic Church, and set his own object of worship there to be adored by all men.

So, then, my Lord, when does this seven years begin of my Larimar Reign? And when does it end, O’ Lord? As of this evening, you are the Larimar King, the reigning King who conquers all Players of the Game called Earth. Seven years from now, at around this day, I will bring your reign to an end and you shall ascend to your glorious throne in Heaven. And then Antichrist will come, and he will come in great fury, for he will know his time is short.

And when, O’ Lord, is Firefly broken, and the power of her Pawns taken away? Today, I declare you Lord over the earth. And today I take away power from Firefly. Her Pawns will not last the heat of the day. They will fade and expire. Expect, therefore, the fall and failure of the following Pawns of Firefly: Donald John Trump of the USA, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. All three are now defeated, the power behind them vanquished. Expect their fall from power like leaves blown from a tree in a strong winter wind.

Lord, then what becomes of me on Friday, January 31, 2020? Am I taken somewhere? And if so, where to? On Friday, January 31, 2020, you will reach the age of 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days. For you were born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. So, you ask, what happens to you on that date? I will now tell thee. I will take you out of your current place and install you into your new fortress, where you shall rule on high forever.

Lord, how do I rule forever if you grant me only seven years to reign? That seven years refers to your power over the earth. Your reign on high forever is your eternal position as ruler over all nations, whom you are to smash like pottery.

Is this eternal ruling position served in a place on earth or in heaven, or is it a place in the paradise to come? Your position as eternal ruler is in North America, which I shall give you you as your eternal inheritance. Yes, that status you had in the game called Earth is an eternal status. It can never be taken away. Your dominion, Lord Belteshazzar, is all of North America excluding Mexico and Greenland. Everywhere else on the continent, all of Alaska, the contiguous United States of America, and Canada, are decreed as your eternal dominion. And this dominion shall never be taken away from you.

Lord, you say I am to rule over all nations, but my dominion is North America. Explain the discrepancy. What about Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America? Who rules those lands? And am I ruler over them as well, or just over North America? I will now tell you the vastness of your dominion, O’ Lord Belteshazzar.

This earth has a mortal side and an eternal dimension. The mortal side perishes at the Second Coming of the Christ. Then the eternal dimension shall be all that remains. And then it will be when your eternal rule shall manifest. And all will see that you rule all nations of North America. But as for all other lands in this eternal earth, I have decided that there shall be others who shall rule and come to reign. And I, the Lord, Am the decider of all who are to come to reign.

You spoke of forty-nine monarchs in your work of fiction. Now I shall make the True Reality known. So, my Lord, have you decided the rulers of all lands in the eternal dimension of the earth? And is it possible to make this known to me, O’ Lord and God? Your immediate neighbors I shall detail to you. The exhaustive list of all rulers shall be revealed in a later post.

Who, then are my immediate neighboring Kings and Queens, O’ Lord and Master? Who is awarded to rule the neighboring lands, and what shall be their dominions, O’ Lord and Master? Since I am to have no wife, save Katarina of Alexandria, who is a saint in heaven, neither am I to have any heirs. Therefore, I can have no dynasty. And there can be no splitting of My Kingdom among my descendants, for I will have no descendants and I am forever King.

Yes, O’ Larimar King. Your consort is Katarina of Alexandria. And she will rule with you when you come into your eternity at the Second Coming of the Christ. But as to who shall be your neighbors, this I shall now reveal.

Mexico shall be a Kingdom, and it will be ruled by a Mexican King. The name of this King shall be King Elessar in the royal book of Kings. He will rule all of Mexico, Belize, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.

And O’ Lord, do the rulers of these Kingdoms determine the languages that are to be spoken there? Or shall the languages spoken be angelic or a tongue to come to be in the eternal age? An angelic tongue shall be spoken throughout all the lands. But up into the eclipse of this age, the royal Kings shall determine which languages shall remain in force.

Hence, for your Kingdom of North America, you may have three languages in force: English, Spanish, and French. If you elect to do this, it will affect your eternal dominion, O’ Larimar King. Otherwise, you may elect to have just English, or just English and Spanish. You may make your choice, O’ Larimar King now. I elect for all three languages, English, Spanish, and French to be in force.

Therefore, O’ Larimar King, I will assign the following lands to your eternal Kingdom in the West Indies. To your eternal Kingdom, I add Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, the United States Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Haiti is added due to your inclusion of French. And Puerto Rice is added due to your inclusion of Spanish. And the rest is added because your dominion is to include these regions of the West Indies, a decision made from all eternity.

And what of the rest of the Lessar Antilles, and what of the rest of Central America and of South America, O’ Lord? Who is the ruler of those dominions? Before I speak of the rest of the Americas. I will definitively define all the lands of King Larimar and King Elessar. For their eternal lands are now decided in full. And nothing can be added to or taken away from their eternal dominions in the Americas.

The dominion of the Larimar Kingdom in the Americas include and only include the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Haiti
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. the Bahamas
  7. Turks and Caicos Islands
  8. Bermuda
  9. the United States Virgin Islands
  10. the British Virgin Islands

And up into the Age of Eternity, the languages of English, Spanish, and French will be in force throughout the Kingdom.

As for the Dominion of the Kingdom of Mexico under King Elessar, his lands include:

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize
  3. Cuba
  4. the Dominican Republic
  5. Jamaica
  6. the Cayman Islands

And into the Age of Eternity, both Spanish and English shall remain in force throughout his eternal Kingdom.

And whose are the lands to the south, O’ Lord? Who rules over South America, and the rest of Central America and the Caribbean?

The rest of Central America, Columbia, and Venezuela form a Kingdom called the Kingdom of Columbia, ruled by a King called King Theobroma. He also rules the Lesser Antilles islands of Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and Trinidad and Tobago. King Theobroma’s eternal lands include:

  1. Guatelmala
  2. El Salvador
  3. Honduras
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Panama
  7. Columbia
  8. Venezuela
  9. Aruba
  10. Curacao
  11. Bonaire
  12. Trinidad and Tobago

And one language does he have in force: Spanish.

And what of the rest of the Caribbean, O’ Lord?

The South American lands of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are ruled by three Kings. Under the King of Guyana belong the Lesser Antilles Islands of Barbados, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Monserrat, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Anguilla. The name of the King of Guyana is King Anglo. His languages in force include English and various creoles.

The King of Suriname also rules Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius in the Lesser Antilles. His name is King Puma. And his languages in force include Dutch and various creoles.

The King of French Guiana rules Saint Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin in the Lesser Antilles. His languages in force include French and French creoles. This King is also the ruler of France and many French lands elsewhere in the world. His name is Emperor Charles of France, and his Kingdom is called an Empire.

North of France in Europe is the Kingdom of Great Britain, and next to it is the Kingdom of Ireland. These two islands comprise two separate Kingdoms ruled by two separate Kings. The Kingdom of Great Britain is ruled by King Philip. King Philip’s language in force is English.

The Kingdom of Ireland is ruled by Queen Hyacinth. Queen Hyacinth’s languages in force include English and Irish (Gaelic). Now we have mentioned our first sovereign Queen. That is not the only one.

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are called the Kingdom of Scandinavia. And it is ruled by Queen Elsa. That is the second named Queen. Queen Elsa has as her languages in force, Swedish, Icelandic, Danish, and English.

And over the Kingdom of Russia rules Queen Eleonora. That is the third named Queen. Queen Eleonora has Russian as the language in force in her Kingdom.

Hence, we have named all your neighboring Kingdoms and their ruling Monarchs. Now we shall list them in full:

(1) King Larimar and Queen Consort Katarina of Alexandria, Ruler of North America, Haiti, and the lands of the Bermuda Triangle.

(2) King Elessar, King of Mexico, Belize, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

(3) King Theobroma, King of Columbia, Central America, Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago.

(4) King Anglo, King of Guyana and part of English Lesser Antilles.

(5) King Puma, King of Suriname and part of Dutch Lesser Antilles.

(6) Emperor Charles, Emperor of France and French lands, including French Guiana and French Lesser Antilles.

(7) King Philip, King of Great Britain.

(8) Queen Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland.

(9) Queen Elsa, Queen of Scandinavia.

(10) Queen Eleonora, Queen of Russia.

Hence, ten Kingdoms have been named, ruled by seven Kings and four Queens. More details shall be given at a later time. The largest Kingdom defined is the Kingdom of North America ruled by King Larimar and Queen Katarina. And the smallest of the defined Kingdoms is the Kingdom of Ireland ruled by Queen Hyacinth. Amen.

Lord, what happened with the Game called Earth? I thought it was abolished and thrown out? Is the Game called Earth back now, O’ Lord and Master? You are not playing the game called Earth, Lord Belteshazzar. Instead, you are ruling the true Earth and bending it to your will.

As for your Queen Consort, Katarina of Alexandria, you know that she is a disembodied soul in the Kingdom of Heaven, who shall be with you in the flesh at the Resurrection of the Saints. You also know that she is a consecrated Virgin of the Lord Jesus Christ, which means that she cannot be touched by any man. Hence, her marriage is strictly of a spiritual nature, a union of soulmates in the Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, you know that the only way two virgin souls can be united in eternity is if they are equal in glory and magnitude. And you know that Katarina of Alexandria is the one soul who equals you in glory and magnitude.

Furthermore, you know of four saints of the past who exceed you in glory and greatness. Because these four saints of the past exceed you in glory and greatness, they must also be of such Triune eternal marriages. A Triune eternal marriage is an eternal marriage between two virgin souls of equal glory and magnitude joined together through the Triune God. Hence, the marriage consists of three distinct entities: The Triune God (the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the male saint of the couple, and the female saint of the couple. Such constitutes a Triune Marriage. And this is compared to water, where two Hydrogen Atoms are united together through one Oxygen Atom. The Oxygen Atom is the Triune God. And the two Hydrogen Atoms are the two saints of equal glory bound to each other for eternity.

Only those in such Triune Marriages can ascend to the Higher Heavens, where Godhood is granted under the Triune Deity. Those in mere Binary marriages remain in the Lower Heavens where they merely behold the Beatific Vision and rest from their labors in eternal bliss. Consider a Triune Marriage as a Union of Two Binary Marriages that can only occur while at least one of the couple is alive on the earth. Also, the pathway to entering a Triune Marriage is open only to virgins. Those who have had sex are forever barred from the Higher Heavens.

Since you know of four saints who are definitely greater than you, then you also know they are of Triune Marriages as well. We, the Triune God, confirm that these four saints are in fact greater than you, in Triune Marriages, and their spiritual spouses are souls of whom you know not. Hence, you know of four Triune Marriages besides your own. Now we shall list these four Saints in four separate Triune marriages in order of descending glory:

  1. the Apostle John.
  2. Saint John of the Cross
  3. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  4. Saint Theresa of Lisieux

Note that these four saints are in four separate Triune Marriages. And their mystical spouses are unknown and cannot be known, for it is a divinely kept secret known only to the spouses of the eternal unions and to God. Eric can only know that they are in Triune Marriages by the knowledge of their superiority to him in glory and the confirmation of this to him by Me, his Lord and Savior. I will never reveal to him who are those espoused souls in these four eternal marriages for all eternity. For it is an eternal secret.

However, two other eternal marriages Eric also knows of. Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary are in an eternal marriage. This is the highest and most glorious of all Triune Virgin Marriages. Saint Joseph is included into this by his being cleansed in his mother’s womb of all stain of original sin. Though not yet part of the doctrine of the Catholic Church, this knowledge is granted to the Church by the approved apparition of Our Lady of America.

Other than Saint Joseph, only those who have partaken in the communion of the Catholic Church can partake in such eternal marriages. Hence, no other saint who died before the sacrifice on the cross and the founding of the Church is eligible to enter an eternal marriage, also called a Triune Virgin Marriage. Hence, John the Baptist, definitely a virgin, was not eligible to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage. He entered heaven through the anticipation of the future merits of Jesus Christ on the cross. But anticipation is not good enough, with the exception of Joseph, to make up for the lack of having received the body and blood of Jesus Christ to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage.

The only other Triune Virgin Marriage Eric knows of, the Sixth in the list of Triune Virgin Marriages known to Eric, where Eric and Katarina form the Seventh known to Eric, is that of Lazurite. For Eric recognizes correctly that Lazurite ranks higher than him. And no one can rank higher than one in a Triune Virgin Marriage who is not himself or herself also in a Triune Virgin Marriage. Who Lazurite is joined to is a secret known only to himself, the girl saint in heaven he is joined to, and God. However, when he speaks of this secret to the world, all the world shall learn of it. Just as Eric is commanded to reveal all things of himself to the whole world. Seek for Lazurite in the Hebrew websites. But to find him, you must be able to understand Hebrew. For only in Hebrew does he write. For he is commanded to speak only to the Jews, and to them only in Hebrew. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. But be wary of devils posing as prophets but who are not. For the false prophets outnumber the true prophets by vast numbers, as a rule.

Now, someone not thinking clearly, asks, what about Jesus? Isn’t Jesus in a Triune Virgin Marriage? And if so, what girl is He united to eternally? Jesus is already part of the Trinity, which is the First Person of all Triune Virgin Marriages. If Jesus were to also be one of the other two Persons in such a marriage, it logically becomes a Binary Marriage. For one Person cannot logically fill two member parts of a group of three. Any attempt to do so makes it binary. And the vast majority of marriages in Heaven are Binary, that is, consisting of an individual soul married directly to God. Look at a Triune Virgin Marriage as a union of two Binary Marriages. But note that this marriage can only be formed while at least one of the couple is on the earth, and both of the couple must be clean, virgin, and equal in glory and magnitude. And only God knows which saints are so equal. Men and women on earth cannot decide this. They can only accept or reject what is offered to them by God.

The vast majority of marriages to the Lamb of God are Binary Marriages between one human being and the Triune God. However, the Triune Virgin Marriage is a Union of two virgin souls of equal glory and magnitude through eternally given consent and bound together through the Triune God, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Just as in the Trinity, the Father is Primary, and from the Father proceeds the Son, and from the Father and the Son proceeds the Holy Spirit, so also in the Triune Virgin Marriage, the Trinity is the Primary, and from the Trinity proceeds the male saint, and from the Trinity and her man proceeds the woman, the female saint. Just note that this order of procession does not require the female saint to come after the male saint in time or in order of entrance into heaven. The order of procession comes from the recognized order of the Creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. That is why the male saint comes before the female saint in the order or procession in the Triune Virgin Marriage. Also, recognize that the distinction between male and female are eternal characteristics of the human body, which forever characterizes the resurrected human beings. All souls who enter Triune Virgin Marriages must have this distinction. They must be opposite in sex.

So, someone asks, will Katarina ever bear children for Eric? And if not, what is the purpose of their marriage in eternity? Remember what I, the Lord God, have said about Triune Virgin Marriages. Only such souls in such eternal unions can enter into the Higher Heavens. And what takes place in the Higher Heavens. The souls of the Triune Virgin Marriages become gods. But they do not become gods individually, but only within their Triune nature. Hence, Larimar and Katarina become a god together with their God, the Trinity. Hence, the Triune Virgin Marriage constitutes a new god. Note that none of these new gods are equal to the One God, Who is the Trinity. Instead, they are unions with the Trinity, and united with the Trinity they form a united pair bonded couple of soulmates whose spiritual union constitutes a new god spirit. But these god spirits never equal nor surpass the One God.

You have heard of the seven heavens. In the Seven Heavens dwell all those of Binary marriages to the Lamb. And there they remain forever in ecstasy, gazing upon the Beatific vision of God, forever in eternal bliss, and eternal rest, enjoying heaven and the fruits of all their good deeds forever. And they know nothing about the heavens higher than the Seventh, and they never will.

Above the Seven Heavens are the Higher Heavens, reserved only for pure virgins united in Triune Virgin Marriages. Only these know true eternal life. And when they cast their gaze down upon those of the lower heavens, it seems to them as though those of the lower heavens do not have true life.

An eighth soul is known to Eric who is to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage. And this is Hyacinth, who is virgin, led to the Catholic Church by the Larimar saint. She will remain a virgin forever. For Eric is wedded eternally to Katarina of Alexandria. Eric can never return to the world to marry a girl in this world. And Hyacinth will marry no other man. Therefore she will remain a virgin forever, like Eric. And what male saint of the past shall be this saint to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage with Hyacinth? This is knowledge that Eric will never know for all eternity. For the knowledge of the pairings of virgin soulmates is a strict secret, and it is kept secret for all eternity. Then why is it now revealed in the case of Eric and Katarina, you ask? This Katarina, who today is called Saint Katherine of Alexandria, is in heaven and Eric is a perfected saint. Hence, no damage can come to this union by its revelation to the whole world. Besides, an example was needed to make it clear. Discussing this in the abstract would lose virtually all who attempt to read this. Thus, this teaching is now taught from heaven now that an example is available that is perfect and undamageable.

Now, one last thing I shall say. Eric did not choose Katarina of Alexandria to be his wife. Nor did Katarina choose Eric to be her eternal husband. Instead, the predestined will of God, together with their eternally given consent in their lifetimes, united this pair of soulmates for all eternity. Eric was not aware of the existence of this saint until just before they were bonded eternally together as soulmates. And so, someone now asks, how does Eric know he is not imagining all of this? Just as we know that something physical exists because we physically see it, we also know something spiritual exists because we spiritually feel it. But, someone objects, could you not be fooled? What is physically seen can be an illusion. And therefore, what is spiritually felt can also be an illusion. There are different levels of knowledge. The lowest level of knowledge is mere belief because something seems true. The second level of knowledge is knowledge is what you have acquired from another spiritual being who may or may not be telling the Truth, and you are not sure which it is. And the third and highest level of knowledge is knowledge you know is definitely from God without any kind of doubt. I Am talking about the Knowledge by which the Doubting Thomas cried out, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28). With that level of knowledge am I assured that I am in communication with God and not in error. Oracle of the Lord. Amen. And I Who Am will conclude this post with this thought. If Eric got these things from himself and not from Me, the Lord God Jesus, how does he seem to have an unlimited supply of new content? For from the human mind, imagination has its limits. But only from God can the mind be continually opened to new knowledge of higher and higher things. Amen.

I, the Lord, command Eric as to what to do.

Larimar and Katarina are with Jesus as Triune Heavenly Water. Amen.

Behold, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, Am here to direct Eric in these final days before My utter wrath descends upon the whole world.

Eric, what are your concerns about? For what do you seek to do in your final hours before your rapture from these shores?

Lord, tell me about Hyacinth. What shall she do when I am taken away? For she has no one else, or so goes her story.

Very well, O’ Larimar King. You are concerned with the one person sent to you to whom you have taught many things, and whom you have led to practice My religion in My Church. I Am taking her away from her lands and placing her in a different area. There she will learn to depend on other means to survive. And she will never lose her virginity to do so. For you have taught her well. And you have led her to Me and to My Mother Mary.

However, know this well, O’ Larimar King. When you are taken away at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020, there will be no way for anyone of this world to communicate with you ever again. For in their sight, you will have vanished. And your cell phone will be bricked. And your computers will be disabled. And nothing on the internet where your house is located shall work. All the lines will be down. Water will be out. And electricity will be gone. And this state of affairs will be permanent, for the capacity to repair the damages will also be effectively taken out.

Hence, your house and your entire neighborhood will be abandoned and left as a ruined ghost town. And to this situation you will never return. For you will have been taken away permanently.

And where shall you go, you ask? I will first bring you to heaven. And there you shall be transformed and modified. A new man you will become. Your body will be completely healed. No medications will you ever need again. For you will be clothed with a form of immortality. You will be beyond death, and yet, your physical body will still be with you. And hence, you will retain the capacity to die. Hence, your eternal reward you will not know yet at this time. You will only be residing in those heavens where Elijah resided during his stay before Jesus opened the door to heaven for him by his death on the cross. For you will not have died yet. You will be a raptured soul in the heavens of Elijah and not yet in the heavens of eternity.

After the smoke has cleared from the destruction of those days, and significant years have passed so that you will have become a faded memory on the earth, I will plant you in the United Kingdom. And there you will be granted a new identity and a new name. And you will appear as a prophet whose origins no one knows of. And you shall then prophesy for Me.

And in Jerusalem, I will plant your twin prophet, the one called Lazurite, who is of Jewish origin, and who has become Mine, as you did. The two of you shall then prophesy as I command you both. And since you will be both from heaven, neither of you shall show any fear.

For forty-two months shall this prophesying take place, until all of My intended Word has been uttered by you two. And then I shall allow My enemies to kill you both. And both of you shall die true physical deaths, that once passed, can never be repeated.

And I will then command My angels to guard your bodies. No one will be permitted to desecrate them. Not even the flies will be allowed to land on them, nor the ants be allowed to crawl on them. Your bodies will lay there where they were slain, unburied and fresh and incorrupt, for three and a half days. And then I will breathe My breath of eternal life into both bodies, and both shall rise to their immortal resurrections. And there they shall both stand erect in the sight of all nations.

And I will then utter My command, and both of you will be called to heaven, your time on earth effectively over forever. And your eternity will then begin. Amen.

And it is then that you will be forever with Katarina, with whom you shall be eternally joined in your Triune marriage. And those few who are blessed to be in Triune marriages will ascend to the higher heavens. Those in binary marriages with Me will remain in the heavens of the lower spiritualities. They will be happy there forever, and they will see God there. But they will not know the heights of heaven as My Triune married couples shall know it.

Let’s give the Triune married couples a name by which they can be better understood. Triune means they are a couple composed of Me and the man and the woman as three Persons joined in eternal virgin rapture. Look at Me as a kind of Oxygen atom in this relationship, and the man and woman saints as like two Hydrogen atoms joined to Me. And then you can see that we are talking about a kind of Water Molecule. Thus, the Triune married couples can be seen as a kind of heavenly form of water, with each Triune couple forming a kind of heavenly molecule of H2O.

Liquid water is a rare thing in the universe. And in the Kingdom of Heaven, this heavenly form of water composed of Triune couples is likewise a rare thing. One thing that is certain, O’ Larimar King, is that you and Katarina are now eternally decreed to form this heavenly water with Me. And though it is rare in heaven, I will nevertheless have a vast sea of such water in My eternal Kingdom to come. Amen.

However, most of those in heaven shall be of the Binary form of relationship with Me. And this is fine, it is a real form of eternal life, but it cannot be called heavenly water. It is, thus, of the lower heavens, where all are celibate like the angels. But the higher heavens where the Triune waters exist contain the places of true eternal life.

Hence, the heavens shall diverge. The lower heavens will be forever in their state of angelic celibate happiness, where all there behold their Creator in the Beatific Vision. And there they remain forever, gazing upon Me and resting for all eternity with their reward forever in heaven.

But in the higher heavens, I will lead those few Triune couples who made it there to become gods like Me. And they will be led to create new worlds, and to make new universes and to rule them forever. And they will forever be free from Satan. No more shall there by any dying, suffering, wailing, or pain. For the old order will have passed away. And My servants will be in the new order, where they shall be eternal rulers and like Me and My Triune nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. However, their Triune natures shall consist of Me, the male saint, and the female saint.

And the parallel between the Trinity and the Triune couples will remain such that first Am I, and from Me shall proceeds the man, and from both Me and her man shall proceed the woman. Amen. This parallels the Trinity in which first is the Father, and from the Father proceeds the Son, and from the Father and the Son proceeds the Holy Spirit.

So, My Lord, given this, it seems that My life as I know it effectively ends in 33 days, at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020. Am I correct in My understanding of it, O’ Lord? Your life is pretty much over, O’ Larimar King. Your time has pretty much come to its end. And when you return to the earth to prophesy with Lazurite for 42 months, that time will be as virtually immortal saints.

So, what do you wish me to do, O’ Lord? Well, Larimar, what would you do with your life if you knew everything in it would come to an end in 33 days? Would you pray to Me for direction? I will now give it to thee.

Commune with the girl We have given thee. For she shall be key to your unlocking of many doors in the heavens of Elijah.

And is this Lazurite like me also, a man who is married to a virgin soulmate of the distant past? That I Am not permitted to answer. For knowledge of the soulmates and the Triune marriages of others are secret knowledge. It cannot be revealed, except for yours, since it is about you, and you are commanded to reveal everything about yourself.

I heard the prophecy that stated that I would cease to prophesy when the girl is given. Does this event now take place, now that I am with Katarina?

In the next few hours, you will know the answer to this question, O’ Larimar King. And in the next few hours, you will know many things. But when these revelations begin coming to you as in a flood, by your communing with Katarina, no more will I permit you to reveal anything here on emeralogy.com, for your life from that point onward will be private. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Eric, realize what Katarina is. She is a living disembodied human female soul in heaven, who shall be resurrected with you at the Resurrection of the Saints. And you are to be together as consecrated virgins of Jesus, who may never be touched by any man. And in your eternal brother sister relationship before God, I will show you many things. And you will pass through the heavens as eternal lovers on a journey to the Kingdom of the gods, where only Triune couples may enter.

You have now passed the point of no return, O’ Larimar King. You are to know many things now. And you are to reveal them to no one. Amen.

The Larimar King and Katarina of Alexandria are of an eternal triune marriage that is best understood as a form of heavenly water. Amen.

This concludes this post. Should there be another post from Eric, it will be under the command of God. Eric is signing out. Amen.

Eric has entered his eternal marriage

Saint Katherine of Alexandria, Consecrated Virgin of the Lord Jesus Christ and Martyr.

On that day Sadducees approached Jesus, saying that there is no resurrection. They put this question to him, saying “Teacher, Moses said, ‘If a man dies without children, his brother shall marry his wife and raise up descendants for his brother.’ Now there were seven brothers among us. The first married and died and, having no descendants, left his wife to his brother. The same thing happened with the second and the third, through all seven. Finally the woman died. Now at the resurrection, of the seven, whose wife shall she be? For they all had been married to her.” Jesus said to them in reply, “You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God. At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven. And concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was said to you by God, ‘I am the God of Jacob’? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” When the crowds heard this, they were astonished at his teaching. (Matthew 22:23-33).

Good, My servant. You know the scriptures. And you can find passages within them and quote them, giving both chapter and verse. Now listen to Me! When I spoke two thousand years ago on the subject of marriages in the eternity to come, I was referring to the celibacy that all My elect have in common with the angels in My Kingdom. However, it is possible for the celibate to enter marriages, as is the case of those who enter Josephite marriages. Such marriages are possible to those who enter into them while on earth, while the lifeblood courses through the veins of at least one of the couple, while the other may be in the glory of heaven. Such marriages that take place are called eternal covenants between virgin souls. Only virgins can enter such covenants.

Understand such covenants as eternal bonds between virgin souls in heaven. And see how this does in no way contradict My teaching that at the resurrection, My elect do not enter into any marriages nor are given in any marriages. For such eternal marriages cannot take place at the resurrection, but must take place while at least one of the couple is a living, breathing being, still a virgin, and both of the couple must be consecrated to eternal virginity, whether formally or informally.

Can you give us some examples of this, O’ Lord? No, for all such examples are hidden and invisible. Consider this a new teaching, for it was not written or addressed by those to whom were entrusted the Deposit of Faith. Remember how it is written, “There were many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written.” (John 21:25). The Holy Bible, therefore, is a very limited book, containing very few tidbits of the vastness of the spiritual knowledge that is available to Man. And the reason is simple. The burden of preserving the Holy Scriptures in their pristine form, and copying the scriptures to new books as the older books decayed back to the dust from which they were formed, required a limitation as to what was to be included into the Holy Bible. It was not possible to contain all the secrets in the Scriptures. Instead, what was included were merely the keys by which greater knowledge could be later accessed from the Holy Spirit. And the Magisterium was provided as the teaching authority to keep holy all the interpretations and to guide all men in keeping to the correct understanding of the Deposit of Faith.

And now I shall diverge into the topic of eternal marriages. The first eternal marriage that came to be was that between Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary. For if they were married only in this life, Mary would not continue to refer to Joseph as her most chaste spouse. And their marriage has its eternal quality precisely because it was free of all carnal knowledge.

For it is the quality of carnal knowledge in a marriage that renders it temporal and of the fleeting substance of the earth. That is why those who have had sex cannot also enter into an eternal everlasting marital bond with a soulmate. Rather, they must be free of all such bonds, like the angels in heaven.

But as for those who were celibate like the angels while on earth, these can in fact enter heavenly marriages. My one requirement is that this marriage be contracted while at least one of the virgins is still alive on the earth. And both virgins must know of each other and be aware of the bondage that they eternally enter into.

So, why would a virgin wish to enter such an eternal marriage, O’ Lord? It is as has been revealed to you, O’ Larimar King. The higher heavens cannot be entered by single souls. To enter into such, a virgin soul must be accompanied by a soulmate, one who is eternally married to her. For heaven is of love. And it is not good for the man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

Then why not have everyone marry in heaven, O’ Lord? The love of eternal marriages can only exist between eternal virgins, and must come to exist while at least one of them is still living upon this earth. Are there not many virgins in heaven, O’ Lord? Do all of these virgins enter into such marriages somehow?

Not all virgins are pure. Not all virgins are worthy. Only those virgins who are both purified and found worthy by Me will be granted to enter into an eternal marriage in the hereafter.

And how does a virgin become found worthy by You, O’ Lord? No man may touch My consecrated virgins. If a man is to be made worthy, he must come to fully respect My rules and decrees. Remember this axiom: No man may touch the virgins consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ. You, O’ Larimar King, are such a man. You may not touch My consecrated virgins. And as such, neither may you touch and defile your own flesh anymore. For your flesh is also the flesh of My consecrated virgin. For you are now consecrated to Me.

And hence, you are a consecrated virgin, and you have entered into an eternal marriage to another of My consecrated virgins, one who reigned in the distant past. Understand that gender matters here. A man cannot enter a marriage to another man. Neither may a woman enter a marriage to another woman. This situation also exists in eternity, for your body does not lose its gender upon the resurrection. A man remains a man. And a woman remains a woman. You keep your body in the glorified state. For the flesh of Mankind is eternal. Only this world is fleeting and transitory. And those things that belong here do not enter there.

And you, Eric, are now fully aware of the consecrated virgin to whom you have now been eternally wedded to. But for the sake of those who are readers here, that they may know of this union, the consecrated virgin who has been eternally married to the Larimar King is Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

Then, O’ Lord, Eric is not to have children? Those three sons, John, Andrew, and Philip are never to be? And all the many generations to come of the descendants of Eric are never to see the light of day? What was written of the one who never marries and never has children but who keeps to his covenant with God and does what is pleasing to Him? He is granted a monument and a name in heaven better than any son or daughter ever could be (Isaiah 56:3-5). Now you speak with wisdom. When I spoke of descendants for Eric, that was when he was of the lower way of thinking. Now he is of the higher plane and is allowed to know of the higher things. A monument and a name in heaven where nothing ever perishes is far greater and vaster in glory than is a son or daughter in this world, made of perishable earth, and which returns to dust after living a life belonging to this world.

Eric’s eternal marriage to Saint Katherine of Alexandria is of higher, greater, and of more sublime value and glory than could have been that of any other relationship or its fruit from any sexual marriage that could have occurred in this world between Eric and any woman he may have found here.

And what now becomes of Hyacinth, O’ Lord and God? Where does she go? And what does she do? She, too, has kept her virginity. And no carnal knowledge has ever passed between Eric and Hyacinth. Will Hyacinth, thus, enter such a marriage with a saint of the distant past, a male virgin of long ago? You ask an intriguing question, O’ Larimar King. But My answer can only be: It is possible, but can never be revealed, should it occur. However, she has decided to remain a virgin if she cannot marry you. But I will tell you a secret. She is a highly coveted saint among those who would choose her in the eternity to come.

So, My Lord, she has been deemed worthy by you to enter into such an eternal marriage with a saint of the past? She has. Oracle of the Lord! But what saint shall be her eternal husband will not be revealed. It is a matter of eternal privacy as to these eternal marriages that come to exist. Nor is it required that these saints of the past be canonized or even known of in the historical record. For not all consecrated virgins have left a legacy that is known or recorded down in history. But to Me, all are known. Hence, the saints lost from the historical record nevertheless remain fully known to Me, and I reveal them to whom I wish. That Saint Joan of Arc testified of her reception of Saint Katherine of Alexandria as her spiritual instructor, as assigned by the Archangel Michael, should serve as spiritual proof of her existence to those who question whether she was real. For there is no one yet who questions in modern times as to whether Joan of Arc existed. Thus, for those who believe in Joan of Arc as someone who was sent by God, they should also believe, as a consequence, that her testimony about Katherine of Alexandria is also of a divine origin. I Who Am declare this as so.

Consider these facts also concerning Saint Katherine of Alexandria’s connection to the Larimar King: In the year 1969, the Roman Catholic Church removed her feast day from the General Roman Calendar. But in 2002, her feast day was restored to the General Roman Calendar as an optional memorial. Her feast day is November 25. The year 1969 was the year Eric Robert Dunstan, the Larimar King, was conceived, for he was born on June 24, 1970, after over nine months of pregnancy. The year 2002 was the year, and March 30 was the date, Easter Vigil of 2002, in which Eric Robert Dunstan entered into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and the pope in Rome, taking the Saint name of Ulric of Augsburg as his confirmation saint name. Ulric of Augsburg was the first saint canonized by a pope, and his feast day is July 4, the birthday of the United States of America. Hence, the saint who was to become the eternal spouse of the Larimar King was removed from the Calendar in the year of his conception and restored to it in the year of his confirmation and first holy communion. With the possible exception of Eric’s choices in converting to Catholicism, these dates and figures are things Eric had absolutely no power nor control over, nor did he have any awareness of any such possible significance in them at the time of these events. They were decided for him from above.

Now, let us address the Lion in the room. And that is Fatima. Fatima is an approved apparition of the Roman Catholic Church. And it has been approved by the pope. That Eric Robert Dunstan is the Virgin Mary’s fulfillment of her promises at Fatima is now without doubt a fact. Then, O’ Lord, is there to be a future period of peace to come to this world? No, Larimar, for the time for peace has expired. That period of peace during your Emerald Reign, when you were setting up Pawns throughout the world, when you had set up Gorbachev and Yeltsin in Russia, that, My friend, was the time spoken of by Mary when the world was to be granted a period of relative peace. And did that peace occur, Eric, My servant? Only one major war occurred in that era: The Persian Gulf War, which was among the shortest, most one sided, decisive, and victorious of large scale wars ever waged upon the earth. Tell me, O’ Lord, was it really Muhammed who appeared to Saddam Hussein in his dream prior to that war? All you are sure of, Eric, is that you requested of Us to send Muhammed to him to convince him to leave Kuwait, and shortly later, Saddam had that dream. Let us just say that if that was not Muhammed that appeared to him, Saddam, who was a secular leader, would not have been praying the Muslim confession at the moment of his execution. Seeing is believing. He truly saw Muhammed and he believed.

But why, O’ Lord, did you not send Jesus to Saddam as Eric initially requested, to tell him to leave Kuwait and avoid all the deaths that were to come from the war? And what were you told at the time, O’ Eric, Master Servant? Heaven said that it would do no good. Saddam followed Muhammed by seeing him. Would he have followed Jesus had he seen Him? Maybe, but My Kingdom is not made for those who follow by seeing, but for those who follow without seeing, going by faith alone. Therefore, if Saddam would not follow Me, given his knowledge of Me that he had heard of, and would only follow Me if I appeared to him in a dream, then his faith is not what I need in My Kingdom. I seek, rather, those who will follow Me when the light shines not and the enemies circle around thee. So, yes, that was Muhammed, but he was not from heaven. He was dug up from hell and put into his dream. For nothing is impossible for Me except the salvation of a soul who seeks Me not.

As for the enemies circling about, that brings up an important thing I need to address. In earlier posts, it was revealed to you that on the day of January 31, 2020, a Friday, My enemies will be circling around your house. But at the dawn of that day you will be raptured up to heaven. Oracle of the Lord! On that day is the Wedding Day, that day in which you will enter into your eternal triune marriage to Jesus Christ the Lamb and to Saint Katherine of Alexandria. On that day also, I will rain down My full fury unleashed upon the whole of the United States of America and Canada, and the whole western world shall be utterly destroyed.

As you watched Star Wars Episode 9, the Rise of Skywalker, on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, 2019, in 3D at the theater, it was then, in that movie theater, that you were told that the figure who was represented by Rey was to become your wife. Then, later that same day, in the evening, it was revealed to you that the name of this girl was Katarina Alexandria. The girl herself revealed this name to you. And it was only yesterday that it became realized that there was a saint called Katherine of Alexandria. And she would have spelt her name as Katarina, as that was the form of that name as it originally existed in her time.

Now, I, the Lord, shall speak on her nature and the nature of the world yet to come. Katherine of Alexandria is a disembodied soul in My Kingdom of heaven. She will receive her body back at the Resurrection of all Saints. Her body is similar in appearance to that of Rey in Star Wars. She looks similar in both face and figure and age. The chosen actress for Rey was made to look like Katherine of Alexandria by the influence of heaven. All saints get back their bodies as they existed at death in a state of perfect glory and beauty. And yet, their age remains as it was at the time of death. It cannot be changed. All the imagery in heaven of people appearing in various ages of their earthly life comes from memory of their body at earlier times. For all time is immediate to those in heaven. There is no past, present, or future in heaven. All is immediately known and perceived in a timeless ever present now. Thus, at all ages in a man’s life can he know and appear in. But as for the man who never lived to old age, neither can he appear old ever. And the child who never reached adulthood can never know it. For to grow up or old requires work, and no work is permitted in heaven. Hence Katherine of Alexandria is known to have died as a young, fully mature woman. Hence, she can never appear old.

Eric, on the other hand, is 49 years old. However, this man has aged like wine. And he will be able to appear in all his aged forms, both in the times in which he had a beard and mustache and when he had no beard and no mustache. For he has frequently shaven it off and grown it back. It used to be black as the raven. But now, in his middle aged self, it is largely white as snow. But his hair on his head is black and silver. In his younger years, it was jet black. Hence, Eric will be able to appear in ages up to 49, but not beyond that.

So, Eric is indeed to exit his life at the age of 49, O’ Lord? Let us count the days of Eric’s life, O’ Lord. I will use an online app. Oh, this is a very odd finding. From my birth on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, to my rapture and passing from this world to come on Friday, January 31, 2020, there are exactly 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days. The time span is 2588 weeks and 2 days. Or in just days, it is: 18,118 days that my life consists in.

18118 = 2 x 9059. 9059 is the 1126th Prime Number. 2588 = 2 x 1294 = 2 x 2 x 647. 647 is the 118th Prime Number. Let it also be remembered that Eric Robert Dunstan’s name in Greek: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, adds up to 1717. And it consists of 17 letters. This Eric could not cause himself. It is the full legal name he was given at his birth. No one chooses the name they are given at their birth. That Eric is taken from this earth at the age of 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days, is a number of perfect completion. For 49 = 7 x 7. Clearly, God’s hand is in the numbers. God has selected these numbers.

Now, what to make of Kylo Ren in the movie, Rise of Skywalker? He is the evil man turned good, and between Kylo Ren and Rey are a universe spanning connective bond between the two. Well, let’s reverse the name: We get Ner olyk, or a word sounding identical to Nero-like. But let us analyze it further. Drop the initial N, and you get Erolyk. Shorten out the ol and you get Eryk, or Eric. Obviously, Eric is hidden in Kylo Ren’s name. And you can see it with just two small reductions of the name in the reverse. Thus, the makers of Star Wars unwittingly connected Eric to Kylo Ren, the lover of Rey. We know it was not intentional because we know that they had no knowledge about Eric, at least not yet. And yet, all someone would have to do is to find this unadvertised website, and all this knowledge they would find without spending a single penny. For as it is with the Holy Scriptures, what I write here is commanded to be provided free of charge. Though were it to be published in a book, the Lord grants the provider the right to charge for the cost of manufacturing and shipping and to pay any translators involved. Oracle of the Lord!

All that remains missing, O’ Lord, are the cures. Will I receive the promised cures in the next few days before my departure from here, O’ Lord? Or am I to be cured here before I go? Perhaps, am I cured at the last moment, as you did with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks? Well, Eric, are we at the last moment now, would you say? You have now less than five weeks left before you are taken away. Yes, O’ Lord, we are at the final moments. We are in my final days.

Lord, just out of concern for those faithful who shall be left behind, where would be a safe place on the earth be that they could hide out in and not get smashed at the time you rain down your judgement against this most unholy and profane nation? Where should people hide if they are in North America? Where should they go in this world to be safe, O’ Lord and O’ Mary? Your answer is contained in Revelation 6:12-17. Let us read this passage in full:

Then I watched while he broke open the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; the sun turned black as dark sackcloth and the whole moon became like blood. The stars in the sky fell to the earth like unripe figs shaken loose from the tree in a strong wind. Then the sky was divided like a torn scroll curling up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. The kings of the earth, the nobles, the military officers, the rich, the powerful, and every slave and free person hid themselves in caves and among mountain crags. They cried out to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, because the great day of their wrath has come and who can withstand it?” (Revelation 6:12-17).

That is what shall take place shortly after I rapture you from the earth. Oracle of the Lord! And there doesn’t seem to be a real place where your people can hide. Lord, let me ask one more question. Am I one of the Two Witnesses? Or was that prophecy of my martyrdom as your Prophet Larimar prophesying to the Gentiles, while one like me, called Lazurite, was to prophesy to the Jews, from the Lord? Shall it come to pass? Or was I deceived? Nothing happens as you expect it to, My son. Be patient and watch and wait. You are going soon to heaven where you shall be with your Bride. For only by carefully watching will you not be taken unawares.

Now, go to bed, O’ Larimar King. Your time is precious. And you may only write what is commanded of you to be written. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Ok, My Lord, it is morning of Saturday, December 28, 2019. What saith Thou? I have reread the entire post and corrected all errors I have found.

Good, My son. And before you publish it, I will prophesy through you a great many things. For this shall be the forty second post on Emeralogy.com. Twice you have erased all your posts, save one. But no more shall you ever erase what I write through you. For no more shall Satan be allowed to contaminate your writings with Satanic deceptions. Now let us prophesy.

Eric, you are destined to leave this world at dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. So also is it planned for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union on that very day. And will they, O’ Lord? What is the fate of the United Kingdom and the European Union, O’ Lord and Master? If the United Kingdom were hoping to make a great trade deal with the United States of America, and her new trade bloc, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the Lord prophecies that they will succeed in their goals. However, with Eric removed from the United States, it is a ticking time bomb, of which no one knows its detonation time, in which God will utterly destroy Babylon the Great, which is figured by the United States and Canada, those two nations said to be the Kingdom of the Larimar King before he gave up all his lands and exited the game called Earth.

Hence, the United States of America and Canada shall be completely wiped out. But when? No one on earth and no one in heaven but God know the answer to this question. Therefore, watch, and be ready, for you do not know the hour of the night when the Master of the House shall return.

And Lord, where should they flee to? If only the United States of America and Canada are to be destroyed at this unknown day and hour, is it safe to be in the Caribbean, or in Mexico, or in Central America, or in Greenland, Iceland, or Siberia? You heard Me speak earlier of Revelation 6:12-17. And yet, you believe that not all of the earth shall be similarly affected? Well in the prophecy of the Destruction of Babylon the Great, it is written, “Depart from her, my people, so as to not take part in her sins and receive a share in her plagues,” (Revelation 18:4) and it is also written, “The kings of the earth who had intercourse with her in their wantonness will weep and mourn over her when they see the smoke of her pyre. They will keep their distance for fear of the torment inflicted on her.” (Revelation 18:9-10). Hence, it is written, is it not, that there will be ways to avoid and not be destroyed with Babylon the Great for the inhabitants of the earth who flee her before her imminent destruction?

Very well, My friend. I will now reveal in this post those nations where My wrath will not touch, and where the people within will dwell securely despite the horrors that will be seen in the rest of the world. The information I Am about to reveal is a deadly secret for those who ignore it and who do not flee. For whoever sees these words and ignores them shall be subjected to great torment in either hell or on earth for the sin of not taking to heart this message and not properly preparing.

The nations least affected by the great destructive wrath Our Father shall inflict upon the whole world are: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Orkney Islands, Malta, the islands of the Aegean Sea, and Cyprus in Europe.

In Asia, the least affected nations shall be the Philippines, East Timor, and Taiwan.

In Oceania, the least affected nations shall be the southern island of New Zealand, Tasmania, and Easter Island.

In Africa, the least affected nations shall be Cape Verde and the nations that have as their southern border the Atlantic Ocean. Also, Madagascar and islands near it shall be among the least affected.

And in the Americas, the least affected shall be Hispaniola, Cuba, and Trinidad.

But Lord, these nations are mostly poor or sparsely populated or hard to inhabit. Eric, I do not make survival easy. Yet, that list that I have given of safe lands is from Me. I Am the One who made it. And the lands I have listed shall be free from My destructive wrath. Amen. Now, go and eat lunch. When you get back, we shall prophesy further, and then you will publish this post. Amen.

I am back, My Lord. Let us prophesy further. Speak, O’ Master, for your servant is listening.

Now I shall speak. Only to one of the nations listed above shall I send you to dwell in as the fiery wrath of God consumes all My enemies. And that shall be the Orkney Islands. Oracle of the Lord. There I will place you and there you will remain, in your ivory tower, until I come again.

But Lord, was it not the case that I was to go and be with Katherine of Alexandria in heaven? What has changed, O’ Lord?

You are My prophet Larimar. And there is also Lazurite. Both of you are called to prophesy in My name until I come again. You will be removed from where you are, given a new identity, and placed in the Orkney Islands where you will complete your mission. When My Word has been fully spoken through you, then you will be taken to your Kingdom, where you will enter your Triune Marriage with Jesus the Lamb and Katherine of Alexandria.

Lord, speak of the Triune nature of this eternal marriage. Eric, all sacramental marriages involve not two but three Persons. First, there is Me. From Me proceeds the man. And from both Me and her man proceeds the woman. Therefore, all sacramental marriages are models of the Triune God. That gives it its permanent nature in this world. Well, in heaven, the eternal marriages between soulmates also requires Me as the first and foremost. And from Me proceeds the male saint in the eternal couple. And from both Me and the male saint proceeds the female saint.

And it does not matter if the female saint arrives in heaven before the male. Thus, your eternal marriage involves Me, you, and Katherine of Alexandria. And it is the Triune nature of this marriage that makes it eternal.

Then, what of the souls who remain single, including those vast numbers in heaven who had married and had sex upon the earth? Are not they married to you, the Lamb of God? And yet, their marriage is not Triune in nature, is it? You are correct, Lord Belteshazzar. For you have seen the true deficiency of the elect who cannot enter an eternal marriage to a soulmate. They are forever bound to Me, their Bridegroom, but they are not in a Triune relationship with Me, for there is no third person in their eternal marriage to Me. And that is why they cannot ascend to the higher heavens. Only those in Triune marriages to Me can thus ascend to those heavens.

And yet, they will be in heaven, My Lord? Will they not be happy? Eric, you have seen their happiness in a vision when you were shown your elevated status. And what came to your mind, O’ Larimar King? I saw that the lower levels of heaven are such that the inhabitants of them do not seem to have true Life in comparison to those who receive heaven as virgin soulmates.

Correct, Lord Belteshazzar. They are like insects compared to your spiritual development. And though they live, feel, and experience joy and happiness, they do not have True Eternal Life as you and your soulmate shall have it.

Now, you know your eternal fate is with Me and with her, My consecrated virgin whom I Am pleased to give to you, though one whom you may never touch. Now, listen to Me. You will indeed receive these things. For it is part of your predestination. And you have passed the tests of free will. Now you are My slave, and you may only do what you are commanded to. For whoever is slave to Me is among the greatest in heaven.

Lord, you have said that John the Apostle ranks ahead of Me, due to his virginity, his greater purity, and his election to be made the writer of the ultimate prophecy book, the Book of Revelation at the end of every Holy Bible. How is he greater than Me unless he, too, is in such a spiritual Triune eternal marriage to some hidden soulmate in heaven? Well done, My good and faithful servant. Of all the Apostles, only he was deemed worthy to enter into such an eternal marriage to a soulmate. My Apostle Paul did not qualify, for he had blood on his hands. A virgin maid of utter secrecy was wedded to the Apostle John, and this took place in a later generation, some time after the Apostle had gone to heaven. She was a Christian who had consecrated herself as a virgin to Me among the generations following the death and glorification of My Apostle John in perfect sanctity. He was made aware of this arrangement before his death, for it was predestined, and to which he consented. And the girl who was to come consented to it as well before her death in the later generation in which she lived. For all are immediate to Me. For I Am the God of the ever present Now.

Do you remember the secrets told to Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, O’ Larimar King? I know there were secrets, but Saint Bernadette remained obedient to Our Lady and never revealed them, despite the severe cruelty of her Mother Superior in the convent who attempted to extract them from her by harshly treating her and giving her severely mortifying tasks. I will not reveal her secrets to anyone on the earth, O’ Lord Beltashazzar, and yet, I Am permitted to reveal this: The secrets concerned her eternal marriage to a virgin soulmate, to which she consented. As to who this man was, whether a saint from the past or into the future, this knowledge will never be released until the End of Time. Amen. She was commanded not to reveal even that which I reveal here, for the theology was not there to justify it, and her canonization would have been rejected. And it was My will that she be canonized. Remember that she was uneducated and poor, and all her wisdom was supplied by God. And thus, she had no means to justify her secrets to anyone she could have told them to. Therefore, she was only permitted to reveal the fact that she had received secrets and was commanded never to reveal them. And she obeyed these commands, to the sanctification of her soul.

Lord, when I am taken to the Orkney Islands, will I then have a secret identity? How will this secret be maintained if I Am speaking your Word? Will not the audience put two and two together and make four? Will they not realize that I am that one, O’ Lord and Master? I Am remaking you. You will continue to remain your recognizable self, but your names and your papers will have been changed. And no one who lives there will have known you here, which is about to be destroyed. Furthermore, the records will have been badly damaged in the United States. With all records digitalized and stored in cyberspace, there is an inability to access such records when the access to the internet is denied. Thus, the records of who you were in the United States will be inaccessible.

And Lord, since my marriage is to a Saint in the past, and not to any girl currently in this world, then it is a fact, is it not, that I am effectively celibate and virgin forever and that I will enter into no romantic relationship in this world, O’ Lord and Master? Indeed, O’ Larimar King, you are like an inert gas, a reference to those elements in the periodic table that bind with nothing, helium being the lightest and most common. And the rest being gases heavier than air. In this world, you are as an inert gas. But spiritually, you are married to Saint Katherine of Alexandria in a marriage that can never end. And she is your eternal soulmate.

Ok, Lord, is it therefore the case that I am to be removed from here on January 31, 2020? And then I am to be transformed into a newly formed man, though remaining my completely recognizable self, and given a new identity to live in the Orkney Islands as a perpetually single, celibate man, where I shall prophecy all that you give me to speak, O’ Lord and Master? And that I do not cease to speak until all Your Word You will to say through me is complete? Yes, My servant. You have understood it well. Now, publish these writings. I will reveal the fates of things to come in a future post. For now, these prophecies will suffice to be heard. Amen.

Eric the Wanderer is given his command

Like a Neutron Star is the one We shall wed to the Larimar King

Eric, servant to the Lord Jesus Christ, answer Me, My son.

Yes, Master, what is thine bidding?

You know that you have conquered the game called Earth. And you have won that game. Now, I shall give you your purpose in life.

What purpose in life do you give me, O’ Lord? I, your servant, am listening.

I offer you an exchange.

What do you seek that I possess? And what do you offer in return?

You, O’ Larimar, cannot be reimprisoned into the game. Nor can anything of the game be used to entice you to reenter it. Instead, I offer you command and control. I give you ownership of the game in return for a certain admission. You will control all those imprisoned in the game. And all I ask in return is for you to acknowledge Jesus as your father by physical descent.

That, Satan, would lower Jesus to me and elevate me to Jesus. But Jesus to me is as the heavens are above the trees. No tree can ever grow so tall as to reach any part of the heavens. Not even the birds of the sky can escape the atmosphere and enter into the outer space where the heavenly bodies orbit the sun, and the stars pass through vast chasms of space. No Satan, I know what you are and I know your deception. Nor is it a desire of mine to rule over those imprisoned within the deceptions of this world.

Furthermore, I now know you to be Satan. And it is forbidden for anyone belonging to the Kingdom of God, even those who have broken from the game, to engage in conversation with a devil. For that was Eve’s greatest mistake. She conversed with the Serpent after initially recognizing that what he said was wrong and against God. Begone from me forever, lord of the darkness. I, Eric, do this decree. Amen.

Congratulations, Lord Larimar. For you saw through Satan. And you have defeated the devil. Henceforth, the game called Earth is hereby abolished from your presence. It will never be heard from again.

Now, you must be told what you are to do. For there are no idle hands in My Kingdom. All My workers I put to work in My vineyard. And all who serve Me are found faithfully working in there. But you cannot do that, for you are a cripple. You have been damaged. You cannot go forth as the others can, for you lack certain things you need. You are as a heavily damaged warship listing in the water.

You are correct, O’ Lord. Such is why I am not seen working in the service of the Church in any capacity. I am too heavily damaged.

I will undamage you, O’ Larimar King. The injury you know you shall know not.

But what purpose am I then to serve you, my Master? I cannot become a priest or a monk. For I have agreed to the Lord that I am to take the wife He shall give me.

Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that I Am dependent on the labors of My laborers. It is rather the case for them that they are dependent on the wages from their labors that they do in My vineyard. I need them not. They need Me. Therefore, the purpose We give you, though it shall serve Us and Our community, it will serve you more, and for all eternity you shall be reaping the rewards of your deeds that you do in My service. Amen.

I agree to serve you, My Lord, as you enable me and direct me to serve. What assignment and command do you give me, O’ Lord and God?

You will be assigned to My battleship. And I will place you where you shall be most effective. How does one battle Islam, O’ Larimar King? Does one say, “Islam is ended, Muhammed is in hell.”? Or how is the most effective means of communicating to and converting My elect whom I shall take from the Muslim peoples?

My Lord, by saying Islam is ended and that Muhammed is in hell, while true, serves to incite, rather than to convert your elect from the ranks of the Muslim peoples. I, therefore, do not advise you to utter such pronouncements.

You already have, O’ Larimar King. But do not be alarmed. You are as My soldier obeying My orders. And he who obeys Me fears nothing else. And now you know how you shall serve Me. It is by being My Mouth that you shall serve Me most eloquently. For it is only one who has no fear of anyone but his Lord who can take up this position. So serve Me in this position, O’ Larimar King. Speak exactly what I will thee to say, and when I will thee to say it. I will have you write My edicts and decrees before all My people. You will say what I give you to say. And you will not water down My words. Whatever I command you to say or write, you will say it or write it exactly as I have commanded thee. And no omissions shall I allow you to make in the Word I give you to utter. This is My command. And you shall execute it as I command you. You will fear no man and no angel. And no one may touch a hair upon your head until the entirety of My prophetic Word that I will to speak through you has been spoken as I have commanded it.

Then, when all I will to utter through you has been so uttered, I will command My angels to allow My enemies to kill you. And you shall thus suffer physical death. But no desecration of your body shall I allow. No burial of it shall I permit. And no decay of it shall take place. You shall lie there dead but remain fresh and incorrupt in the location where you are killed for three and a half days. And then I will breathe My life back into you and you shall stand erect. And then, at My command, you shall ascend to heaven, as your enemies look on. And your time in this world shall then have come to its completed end. Amen.

Your name is Larimar, My servant Eric. I have another like you called Lazurite. He is My servant to the Hebrews. You are My servant to the Gentiles. And that is why I have prepared you as an expert in English, for it is the global lingua franca. And in English shall you speak and write all that I command you to say. Your brother prophet, Lazurite, is a convert from Judaism to My religion of Catholicism. He is to be commanded to speak and write only in Hebrew and only to My lost sheep of the House of Israel. Though your audience, the Gentiles, are of a far greater in number than his, My Jews, he ranks ahead of you due to his election as a son of Abraham, whereas you are as one who was grafted in.

Now, you have accomplished My will for this day by what I said through you on Islam. Remember you are Mine now. Should anyone dare to try to take you out, I will have you utter a curse from your mouth that will kill him. That his how anyone who tries to destroy you shall die. And it is not something that you need to hear or see or detect. For I Who Am know all things and I Am aware of every plot and every thought in this world. Therefore, anyone who tries to take you out shall die, whether they voice their plans or keep them secret. And whenever such an attempt to harm or kill you occurs, I shall issue a curse from your mouth against them, and that one who thus sought to harm or kill you shall be thus effectively executed. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken through Eric, My prophet. Amen.

Now, stand by, My Larimar Servant. For I Am about to prophesy through you on a great many things. Publish this now. Tonight I will write through you on a great many things that are about to occur in this world. Tonight I shall prophesy through you on many things and many happenings that are soon to come. Oracle of the Lord.

As for the girl I will you to marry, realize that she is like a neutron star in the heavenly assembly. I Am giving her to you for it is My will that you are to marry and have offspring. And she shall bear you three sons, who shall be named John, Andrew, and Philip. And these three sons will grow up to be holy and honorable men in My Kingdom and Vineyard.

And Lord, shall these three sons grow up near the very edge of the End of Time? Or is it the case that, as I heard in another prophecy from you, that many are the generations yet to come of my descendants long after I am gone. It is the latter that is the Truth, O’ Larimar King.

But Lord, in another prophecy from you, I have heard it said that the Second Coming is very soon. How to you reconcile these differences?

Dear Larimar, do not seek to comprehend the End of Time, for it is a concept that is beyond you. Therefore, realize that the Truth you come to understand as to the things that are to come to pass in time are not necessarily to come to pass through time as you understand them. My Second Coming truly is near at hand. But also from you shall issue a line of descendants through many generations to come. And the Lord has looked ahead of you into your lineage down through many generations to come. And He has seen that your line is very holy. Unbroken shall it be for all generations to come. And many shall be those called descendants of Eric in that lineage. Behold, it shall come to pass that those numbered as descendants of Eric shall outnumber those regarded as descendants of Abraham.

Lord, I do not understand. Is it possible, then, that I will utter a falsehood among the prophecies I write, due to my lack of understanding of the things that are to come, O’ Lord? Write what you are commanded to write, O’ Larimar King, for the wisdom in what you write is not from you. And I will ensure that no one will ever be able to harm you or destroy you.

Now, let us speak about Hyacinth. It is true that you have shown mercy on her. But it is not My will that she remain in this world when the girl intended for you enters your life. Hence, she will be taken away at around the time We give you Katarina, whom you are commanded to marry. Amen.

And as for Katarina, she shall be with you shortly. Amen.

Eric is to marry; Hyacinth has died

Eric has received the Crown of Victory in the game called Earth.

Behold, I am Eric, servant to Jesus, King of kings and Lord of Lords, and subject to Queen Mary, Mother of all Saints. It has come to my certain knowledge of the passing away of Hyacinth. And with her passing has come the knowledge of her salvation victory. Behold, God has this message to say:

Behold, Eric, I Am Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. And I Am pleased that you never abandoned My wife. Because you never abandoned My wife, but remained faithful to My will to the End, I hereby grant you a wife. You, Eric, shall marry. And the girl you shall marry shall be that one who is represented by Rey in the Star Wars Franchise. No, I Am not giving you the actress as your wife. Instead, understand how movies work. Each character in a movie story gets its inspiration from a real figure somewhere in this world. This figure is not necessarily known personally by the makers of the movie, but rather, the figure behind the inspirations exists in the subconscious of their waking state, and may be a reality in their dream state. However, the figure is nevertheless real and truly exists, though without the fictional add-ons, like Jedi powers.

Hence, We in heaven are giving you Rey. And in this life, her name is Katarina Alexandria, with a hidden last name. Her last name cannot be revealed here, nor can anything by which she can be traced or tracked.

Tell Me, O’ Lord, how has Hyacinth bypassed purgatory and gone straight to heaven? Oracle of the Lord, Eric. Whosoever obeys you, Eric, because he or she recognizes Me in your command, shall undergo their purgatory in this world, and when they die, shall advance to heaven at the moment of death. Consider it similar to how your Spanish teacher in High School advanced your grade from an F to an A all because you came into class extra early each morning to do extra work to make up for your past underperformance. I tell you Truthfully, that teacher also advanced from a F to an A in My judgement of him. This took place during that era of your past when you were a servant to the evil one. Your conversion to My path was not to occur until your senior year in college during the summer of 1992. And that was when you decided to stand for Me in accordance to My teachings as you read them in My gospels. And note the place where you read them. You read them in a public library because your parents had confiscated all your religious books, including your Holy Bibles.

Your parents today are both lost from My Kingdom. And I do not elect to save them. Neither would I have the power to change their freely elected decisions to reject Me and My Church. And thus, though they were both brought up as Catholic, both of them have fallen away from Me. But you I retained. Your brothers, though, I lost. I kept you. For you were ideal soil. And in you I found a spirit willing to die for Me. Of course I would have to test this. And so I did on your birthday in June 24, 1995, when you turned 25 years old. It was then, when you got your wish to encounter Cain in battle. And you sunk his ship. How this happened, I will now detail.

Cain appeared as a police officer in your arrest for doing that act by which you proved your obedience to Me, that act of walking on water. The officer in question, at the police station, where the ultimate battle took place, said, “Kneel,” unto you. But you said unto him in reply, “I bow to no one but God!” in a voice like thunder. To this, this police officer replied, “I am God.” And to this you said, in a firm and resolute and calm rejection, “No.” And then, the police offers took you down, and you immediately began crying out My name, “Jesus!” over and over again. And then you were placed in a cell by yourself, locked to a chair, where you sat in the dark until midnight had passed, and all those hours you spent in conversing with Me in the silence of that darkened room. This, together with your earlier act of walking on water, constituted your martyrdom for My Kingdom. Never again could you have fear for anyone but Me, for you had died for Me, and death is the ultimate act any power can do to you that is not Mine. Therefore, you are now a perfect soldier in My forces, for you fear no one but Me. And I completed your perfection by bringing you into My Catholic Church and making you in full communion with My pope in Rome on March 30, 2002, which was Easter Vigil. Amen.

Lord, it has now come to our attention that Hyacinth is not dead. She still lives and is very well. Eric, I allowed you to believe that she had passed away to test you and to see your loyalty to Me. So, go ahead with your plan and give her the help you have promised her. But realize that your marriage is to Katerina. She is the one We will have you marry, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, it was a matter of past revelation that said when the prophesied girl was given, that this one we call Hyacinth was to perish. Is this prophesy to come to pass now, O’ Lord and Master? No, My servant. But you are under no obligation to do anything beyond your promises to Hyacinth. Do, therefore, those things you have said. They are small acts of mercy for you. And they will serve Me in My Kingdom. And realize this, though you are not given all the Truth all the time, I hereby nevertheless Am your Lord. And I declare you Mine.

Tell Me, O’ Lord, who are the people of this world? Who rules these lands? What is the nature of the forty-nine Monarchs? Could your rehash that prophecy in an updated form, O’ King and Lord and God? I will do as you desire, O’ Larimar King. Now, listen to Me!

In the previous post, you gave up your Kingdom, and decided that you would rather reign from My temple, where you will serve Me day and night. I honor that, O’ Larimar King. And thus, I no longer call you King over the United States of America and Canada. But you have lost nothing.

That Kingdom, the combination of the United States of America and Canada was just a little larger than that of Russia. Hence, it was the largest of the Kingdoms of the earth. But no longer is it so. It has been dissolved. And now two rulers who were once sub rulers within it are now top level rulers in those lands. These are Queen Ester of Aztlan and Empress Isabelle of France. Isabelle’s ownership of Quebec is now a top level possession for her. And Queen Ester of Aztlan has now made a claim of much of southwestern contiguous United States of America. How shall invaders divide up the former Kingdom of Larimar, you ask? Will Russia seek to take back Alaska? And will King Jadeite and Queen Choeblack and King Anglo seek to invade now that the strongman is gone?

Also, realize that in the transition from fantasy to reality, there were some changes made to the Kings and Queens. And so, as you saw in a previous post, the ruler of Russia is no longer King Alexandrite, but Queen Eleonora. So, what shall she do, O’ Lord? Is she ambitious to take territory, to recover lost territories that Russia once had in the past? Will she invade Alaska and take her? And what of King Pounamu of Oceania and Queen Pearl of Japan? Will either of them seek to retake Hawaii or the Marianna Islands, O’ Lord? For Eric has abandoned his Kingdom, and rules there no more.

What saith Thou, O’ Lord? They fear you, Eric. And they will not take territory now, even with you gone. Hence, those lands are now unclaimed. If, though, you wish to reclaim your lands, you will find that Quebec and a large region of southwestern United States now belongs to other Monarchs. I, My Lord, forsake these lands. And I will no longer claim territories in this world. For I now know true possession. And true possession is the possession of God in your soul. I hereby give up everything else to keep this true possession Mine. Oracle of the Lord. I, Eric, have spoken.

Good, Eric. You have won the game called Earth. For you alone among the Players in it learned to give up what you could not take with you to enter into My Kingdom. Congratulations, Winner. Now, I shall speak.

It is now after Christmas Day. We now transition from this point forward from the Age of the past to the Age of Freedom. King Larimar enters into this Age as a free man. He may marry if he so wishes it. And will you marry, O’ Larimar King? If I meet this one called Katarina Alexandrea, I will definitely consider it, O’ Lord of Hosts. But know Ye, O’ Lord, I Am a free man. And I Am no longer bound to the rules and games of the past.

Hence, there is no Age of Larimar or of Lazurite. All those things are now behind Me. And I go forth into this new world, having broken out of the game called Earth, having won the game by giving up everything and every possession within in it for the sake of possessing only God within my soul.

Eric, you have defeated the netherworld. Now, go, Eric. For your victory is great. And you are no longer bound to anything of this earth. Amen.

Eric’s path has now been determined

Welcome to the Age of Larimar and Lazurite, final Two Prophets of Time

I Who Am have studied My Larimar King. And I have found him intellectually sound and loyal to Me and to My Mother Mary. Now we shall speak. Eric shall walk the higher path, with Us, which is the Way of eternal purity and celibacy. For We have looked into Eric’s heart. And We have found a heart ready and willing to serve Us. Eric is now sanctified and purified. He will not fall into sins anymore.

Instead, Eric is a lamb that We have found. And We are leading him along the path that leads to Our flock. And Eric has found this path. And he is now walking on it. And it will lead to a Kingdom.

And the Way to the Kingdom is not about providing for yourself or your family. Such concerns are of the lower way. And those of the lower way seek and fret over small matters and the things of this world. They are all about, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we wear?” They dwell in the below, where things rot and decay, and where the moths consume and the weather erodes.

But Eric has found the higher path, that Way that leads to eternal life. And only those who are inwardly free can walk this path. And it leads to light and understanding. There is no Way forward where Man enters into woman. For that path is the path that leads back into the earth, where Man decays and returns to the dust from which he was formed.

Only by following the spiritual path, that path that follows Jesus into the Kingdom, can any man come to eternal life. And this eternal path leads to eternal life. For only in Jesus can Man come to know his savior. But Man cannot walk two paths. Man cannot follow both the path of the sex life and also the path of everlasting life. Hence, that path upon which the Protestant minister walks, where he takes a wife and has children, but also preaches the gospel and thinks he has eternal life in the world to come is a lie and a falsehood. You cannot have both. If you wish to have eternal life, then you must leave the life of this world and follow God.

Hence, the picture of ideal cottage, with the white picket fence, where live husband and wife, complete with children, is a lie and a falsehood. That picture is not of eternal life, but of a Satanic deception. Eternal life, by contrast, leaves the things of this world and enters the eternity of the world to come. It does not dwell in earthly things, like the well kept gardens of a home. Instead, it leads inward, into the hidden recesses of one’s heart, where only you dwell with your savior. You cannot reach this place by sex nor by romance, but only by leaving the things of this world and following Jesus to heaven.

Now, let us address all past revelations on this website, called emeralogy.com. Any revelation that said that Eric was to marry, have sex, or have children, was of the lower sources and lower revelations, not of the higher sources and higher revelations. Such prophecies came from below, not from above. Now I shall prophesy of things that come from above.

Eric shall remain a virgin forever. And what of that prophecy that said he would marry, O’ Lord? You refer to that vision or sight, by which you said, in a previous post, that you were destined for marriage? I will now reveal the Truth of all such revelation. Marriage is an act of Man entering into bondage with a woman. But I do not will such for you, O’ Larimar Son. Now we shall speak of your name in My Kingdom.

There were two names given to you from above: Larimar and Belteshazzar. Both of these are from Us in heaven. And both may be used to refer to you, O’ Eric, servant to the Divine Word. But do We give a third name to you? Now that you are Ours? A new name is now thus bestowed upon you that links you to a king, a city, and a library. Your name, henceforth, is Alexandria. Now, you may object that it is a feminine form of the name, Alexander, but accept it then as your holy surname. For that is your name, in addition to Eric, Larimar, and Belteshazzar. Now I shall speak.

Eric, your place is with Me in My Holy City. I do not will to leave you to remain in this world. Instead, I will take you to Me to be with Me forever. Then, O’ Lord, do I have very little time left here, O’ Master? I, the Lord, give you six years more. And then I will take your soul to heaven. Does that mean, O’ Lord, that I go to heaven in the year 2025 or 2026? When you are of the age of 55, your days shall come to their end, and you shall be taken away. Then, O’ Lord, you will have given me 33 years to reign as a Christian, and 23 years to reign as a Catholic. Is this your will, O’ Lord? Six years is the approximate time I give to you to have left in this world. The exact number of your years you are yet to live in this world I do not reveal. By saying that the number is but six, I am saying you do not have much time left. And I Am saying that when you are taken away, it will be sudden, and whatever is left in this world the concerns you shall then be broken by your removal from this world.

Lord, then therefore, I might be taken away within a range of time from mere months away to many decades to come? I will now reveal to you of the time of your departure. You were told earlier that you would be taken away at the end of next month. But the sign of that prophecy was not fulfilled. Therefore, it was a false prophecy from a false spirit. You must only listen to those whose signs prove true. This is the sign by which you will know the day of your removal from this earth. Today is Christmas Day. Today, at Church, you will hear Me speak to you. And in those words, you will be told the day of your departure from this world. Amen.

Lord, what is My purpose in this world? For what cause do I serve? This question, too, will be answered today at Church. Now, I shall answer your question as to whether you help Hyacinth again. Yes, I commission it. And I will enable it to happen. The one called Hyacinth is a star that follows you. She will follow you to heaven, and you shall lead her there to Me.

But as for the rest of this fallen world, they will watch, but not understand. They will see but not perceive. And they will seek and fail. None of them will follow after you except My elect who only I have certain knowledge of. Now I shall speak.

Eric, I have decided your fate. I do not have you die soon, but after some time. For you are to set up a place where My elect can find Me. You are to set up a citadel in My Holy City. And all who belong to Me I will bring into your citadel, where they may receive sage advice and comfort and knowledge of things that are and that will be. Amen.

So I am to be a prophet and guide to your people, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Belteshazzar, that you are already. And it will be understood that you are of a holiness that cannot be touched or taken away. I Who Am have established you in My visible Church. And now I shall make you known. All Whom I will to come to Me I will make know you. You will be called the One who We send to feed My sheep. And you shall feed them with My light. No one will be able to find My Way who rejects the Way your Light shows. And your Light shall be My Light shining within you.

And what of the Catholic Church? What of the priests and of the pope? What of the Magisterium? For am I not just a layman? No, Eric. You are not merely a layman. You are a light that I have established in My Church. And this light shall not go out. And I will put you on the temple wing for all to see. But Lord, is not that where the Beast puts the abomination of desolation that is to be found standing where it does not belong?

Yes, for the Beast in his day will seek to emulate how you are in your day. He comes after you. You come first. And now I shall reveal the name of the Beast. Twilight shall not be the Beast. Instead, Twilight shall find redemption, as did you. Then shall the Beast be Vesper or Pyrite or Firefly, O’ Lord? Or shall he be Crimson, or Mercury, or one of the lesser Players? Vesper is Babylon the Great. And Pyrite is the Beast. And Mercury is his false prophet. Now you know many things, O’ Eric, Larimar King.

For those without knowledge, let it be known, Vesper was the Player behind William Jefferson Clinton, whose name adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek. And she also was the power behind Ehud Barak in Israel.

Pyrite was the power behind Obama. And Pope Francis represents his reign.

And Mercury is the power behind the Islamic Arab Spring, that series of uprisings and overthrows that swept the Arab world some few years ago.

But Lord, Vesper is now an aged woman. If she serves as Babylon the Great, she shall be old and undesirable. Would not a younger woman rise up to take her place as a new Vesper or a new Player like her? Age matters not to Me, O’ Larimar King. Nor does age matter to the deceiver or the sorceress. What better sorcery to deceive the wicked that an aged woman is as a young attractive woman when in reality she is old and haggard?

But Lord, do I first reign as Larimar King? Do I not first and come to reign for some forty years? And then, after those years, I go and the wicked come?

No, Eric. Nothing in prophecy occurs as the prophet predicts. You do not get a period of years to be called your Larimar Reign. Nor does the Beast get his years to be called his reign. Instead, you all reign together in total all-out war. Nothing that you think you understand comes to pass as you understand it. Remember that, O’ Larimar King, and you will not be fooled by deceptive spirits who speak as though they are authorities on the prophecies, but are really wicked deceivers who know them not.

Now, listen to Me. All the forty-nine Kingdoms you recited in past posts need revisions. New Kingdoms have come to be. And old Kingdoms have ceased to function. And hence, now I shall detail the forty-nine Kingdoms and their forty-nine monarchs, those who rule the whole earth as spiritual Kings over physical dominions.

Lord, I give up My Kingdom on this earth. I do not want it. Instead, I wish to serve You day and night in Your temple. Therefore, O’ Larimar King, hear My judgement as to your eternal Kingdom in this world. You are King over all of the lands of the elves and of elf kind. And you are the ruler of the elves. And what race are the elves, you ask? Whoever enters into My Kingdom by means of the spiritual waters of rebirth becomes an elf in My Kingdom. And elves live forever. They can never die.

And what other races of Mankind are there, O’ Lord? There are the Dwarves, who labor intensively over worldly and earthly things, but who perceive not that such things have no everlasting value. Such poor souls are those earthlings who remain in the world and who never find their way to My Kingdom. They may excel in their arts and crafts, but none of them know Me or Mine.

And are there any other races among the men of this world, O’ Lord? Yes, there are the trolls, those who serve for the cause of riches and grandeur in this world. They gather up treasures that they steal and plunder from My people whom they rob. But when day breaks, their wickedness turns them to stone. And they are no more.

And so, this is a world of elves, trolls, and dwarves. Tell me of the landscape of this world, O’ Lord. Where is everything situated? Where are the seas, the mountains, the forests, and the lakes. And where are the cities built? And where are villages and towns? And how are the nations upon the map demarcated, O’ Lord and God?

This world of which I speak, it is a phase transition from your own. All the people, countries, nations, and kings in your age and world are phase transitioned into this. And all Mankind are eventually classified as either elves, dwarves, or trolls.

So then, O’ Lord, I cannot now again be ruler over the United States of America and Canada, for such does not directly correspond to the Kingdoms of the elves. Where, therefore, is My Kingdom now, O’ Lord and Master? And are there still forty-nine such kings and queens?

The lands you call the United States of America and Canada cannot be found in this world. Instead, you, Eric, are defined as a spiritual ruler of a spiritual Kingdom. Neither forest nor stream are found in these lands, but only the vast desolation of the desert where all exist who are not of the Kingdom. The lower life forms no longer exist. Only Mankind exist in this extension of this world. And in addition to Man, there exist the spiritual beings who resist definition, known as the angels and the demons. And above and throughout all is God, the Immortal Ultimate Triune Deity. So, forget about mountains, lakes, forests, and seas. For you are now in a new age of a new world. And none of those will you see here.

And that past significance by which rulers drew lines across lands to demarcate their territories, none of that is possible anymore in this world you have now entered. Instead, a Kingdom, how is such defined in this new world, you wonder? I will now tell thee, O’ most inquisitive of minds. A Kingdom is defined as a home in which dwell God and His servants.

And what are the Kingdoms in this world, O’ Lord? You, O’ Larimar King, rule the Kingdom of the Holy Word. Some, O’ Lord, might object that we are blaspheming God. What saith Thou to that? Understand the three phases of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is as in a river in time. As time proceeds through the Kingdom, it phases shifts from time into an eternal state, that of eternal heaven or of eternal hell. But in the current state, it is in a state of indecisiveness. Your Kingdom, O Larimar King, is such a Kingdom, a home of the Lord and his servants within that state of time of indecisiveness. It will not enter into its eternal state until the passing of its King.

Jesus is God the Holy Word. And you are His subject. But as His subject, you rule the Kingdom of His Holy Word. For all are either slaves of God or slaves to the evil one. There are no third player free actors. Congratulations, Eric. For you have come to an important Truth of the Kingdom. All either serve God or else they serve sin. Hence, since you, O’ Larimar King, are an obedient servant to the Lord, you may be placed high in the Kingdom in a position of trustworthiness and Truth. Then, what we speak of is of eternal realities, O’ Lord? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. It is therefore a matter of eternal position that you are of so placed eternally as both obedient servant to Jesus and ruler of the Kingdom of His Holy Word. And what does that make Eric, O’ Lord and King? It makes him end times Prophet.

So, O’ Holy Lord, is Eric, therefore, the End Times Prophet who was to come in the latter days, sent by Jesus, to speak His Word to the Gentiles? Yes, My servant. And to the Jews I have set up another Prophet to speak, and his name in your world is Lazurite. Now you know a complete Truth. Larimar and Lazarite are the final Two Witnesses Who shall speak My Word to all My peoples, one to the Gentiles and the other to the Jews.

And O’ Lord, Eric exists in time, and yet, as time progresses, will not Eric eventually cease to be here in this world, but will have gone to his eternity in the Age to come? How, therefore, can it be stated knowingly that Eric and Lazurite are the final two Witnesses to come, those who will endure to the last age? For how can the prophecies of Revelation be understood? Do they not defy all understanding, O’ Lord of Hosts?

What I have spoken through you earlier is the Truth. Of all the Kings and their Kingdoms, only two matter: Larimar and Lazurite. These two shall prophesy unto the End. Larimar shall prophesy in the global lingua franca, which is English. And Lazurite shall prophesy in Hebrew. And now I shall make My closing statement for this post.

Two Kings rule that time known as the latter years. And these two Kings are Larimar and Lazurite. They shall speak My Word as I spoke through Moses. And when the time has come where My Word has been spoken through them in full, I will cease My protection of their lives, and they shall die. But their bodies will defy desecration. And on the third and a half day of their death, they shall arise and ascend to heaven at the Word of God. Amen.

As for the story of elves, dwarves, and trolls, such is how all of you of Mankind appear to Eric in his mind. And Eric’s imagination is vivid. And he shall weave stories that intermesh with the Truth tight as clamped teeth. Eric’s stories of the forty-nine monarchs are in the past. From now on, he shall speak only of the two: Larimar and Lazurite. And they are those who rule in this dying of the night. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Eric is the Larimar King

Eric’s saint for his sacrament of confirmation has as his feast day the birthday of the USA.

Behold, I Who Am reveal the Larimar King. Now We shall speak. Eric, Our servant, is the Larimar King. Eric has passed the test. And he shall now come to reign over his Kingdom, that of all Christendom. Topple unruly rulers shall he decree, and they shall fall. Now, let us listen to the decrees of the Larimar King.

Let the Player, Firefly, come to know her waterloo, and suffer the ultimate defeat. Let her Pawns, Donald John Trump of the USA, Boris Johnson of the UK, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, be defeated and fall from their positions as heads-of-state of their respective countries. And let rise in their respective countries, new rulers who will not go corrupt, and who will lead the world in morality, in protection of the environment, and in wisdom, understanding, and peaceful negotiations with their neighbors.

Let the forests and the natural habitats come under protection and be preserved. Let laws be set up to prevent the destruction of the earth. And let nations beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

And let it be understood by all. I, Eric Robert Dunstan, am a celibate man. I will not engage in the sex life of this world. For I have found the higher Way. And it will not be taken from me. Now, I shall speak.

Two paths flow through this world. The lower path engages in animal sex. And those who follow the lower path are lower life forms. Those humans on the lower path are lower spiritual life forms. They follow a lower spiritual path, and their path into eternity is forever of the lower way.

Those who keep to the celibate path follow the higher path, which leads to everlasting life. These of the higher path, who keep to it, walk a Way that is of a higher nature and a higher calling. And they have an eternally higher spiritual destiny.

So, let us speak to the Lord. Lord, what saith Thou, on the path of your elected one, Eric Robert Dunstan? And by what name shall this man go by from now on in your Kingdom as written in these writings? I, the Lord, shall tell thee. Excellent, My servant. I do not require you to mate with any woman. For the prophecy that said you were to have a son is not from Us. Instead, it was from the evil one.

Now, as to your fate in this world? Do we bring you into the priesthood? Or do you remain in your current employment? What do you think, O’ Larimar King? I see marriage as my fate, O’ Lord and God. What saith Thou?

Then into a marriage shall you go, O’ Larimar King. And this one who you are to marry, what does she look like? I do not see her, but only a spiritual sense of my mother, in a setting many years ago.

Good, Eric. Now I shall explain your visions. You have seen your fate. And it is to enter into a woman who is about to enter your life. And thus, you are to enter marriage and have children. Thus, you cannot become an ordained priest.

And so, now you wish to know your name in Our Kingdom, O’ Larimar King? We shall be happy to tell you your new name. We call you Belteshazzar, for you to Us are as Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. Now, We shall speak.

Do not be concerned about protecting this earth. For it is not your eternal abode. Nor shall any of the creatures in it, other than the human beings, be brought to the next world. Let those who belong to this world seek to take care of this world.

As for your decree of defeat for the Player Firefly, and the fall of all her Pawns, realize that her waterloo has come as of this Christmas. And that your reign and power are now on the ascendancy. Leaders and rulers like you shall now arise throughout the whole world. For we are now in the Age of Larimar. The Age of Firefly has come to its fiery end.

And I now give to you your orders. Govern this world with justice and equity. Enforce My will throughout the land. And bring an end to all forms of evil legislation. No more shall homosexuals be able to call their abominable unions marriages. And no more shall couples be permitted to kill their unborn children. As for the one who shall rule America. Joe Walsh is our choice. He shall win the Republican nomination. And in the transformation of his soul back to Us, he will come to realize the falsehood of gay marriage and agree to outlaw it. Under him shall abortion be outlawed in America. And under him shall the outlawing of abortion become conditional for any nation to receive foreign aid from the United States of America. Furthermore, the Presidential library of Obama shall be desecrated, and Obama shall be thoroughly dishonored and put to shame.

As for the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth shall step down, and Prince Charles of Wales shall become King. And he shall take the regnal name of George, and be called King George VII. And his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shall become his Queen Consort. I Who Am have spoken.

As for the papacy, I shall now tell of who shall be the next pope. Pope Francis, a heretic, though not a public heretic, shall die in his sins. He shall be buried in Rome. And the cardinals shall then assemble in Rome to elect a new pope, most of the voting cardinals having been appointed by Pope Francis. And the cardinals shall elect Cardinal Pietro Parolin to be the next pope. Cardinal Pietro Parolin speaks native Italian, fluent English and French, and near-native Spanish. He shall become the next pope and shall take the papal name of Benedict, to be called Pope Benedict XVII.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, shall step down due to a coup-d’etat by his generals, and new elections shall then be called. A presidential candidate in the likeness and spirit of Boris Yeltsin shall then come forth and be elected to serve as the fifth Russian President, after the terms of (1) Boris Yeltsin, (2) Vladimir Putin, (3) Dmitry Medvedev, and (4) Vladimir Putin again. And it shall be outlawed for Putin to run for President again. The new President to be the elected shall lead Russia, together with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, in the conversion of Russia to Catholicism, and to the formation of a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia headed by Patriarch Kirill to replace the Russian Orthodox Church. And finally, Russia will be converted. And there shall be peace.

In Europe, Russia will return the lands it took from Ukraine and Georgia, on the condition that free and fair elections be held in Crimea under impartial United Nations monitors to decide her ultimate fate, whether she shall go to Ukraine or to Russia. Crimean citizens, being mostly Russians, and in the expectation of normalizing relations, will elect to join Russia. And hence, Crimea will become a part of Russia. But eastern Ukraine will be fully restored to Ukraine. And due to new peaceful relations between Russia and Ukraine, gas will be supplied to Ukraine in return for power and water to be supplied to Crimea.

In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson shall fail to break his country out of the European Union. Instead, massive revolts shall force him to resign in disgrace as he contemplates an unthinkable departure from the EU without a deal and without any acceptable preparations for British and EU citizens. The one who comes in to replace him shall put the question to voters of the United Kingdom, and they shall vote to remain in the EU. Then it will be decided to cancel article 50 and the United Kingdom will effectively remain in the EU.

Also, the European Union will be forced to comply with Catholic law on morality and natural law. After this defeat of the wicked, the earth will be conformed to Catholicism and the Larimar King shall reign over Christendom for forty years. I Who Am have this prophesied. Amen.

The Reign of the Larimar King officially began on Sunday, December 1, 2019, the first Sunday of Advent. And the Larimar King shall reign spiritually as unconquerable ruler for forty years. What he decides shall be made law. And the rulers he elects shall triumph. And those he rejects shall fail and fall. Eric Robert Dunstan, whom We in heaven call Belteshazzar, is this Larimar King. His full legal name in Greek, ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, adds up to 1717. Hence, he is not the Beast. Instead, he is the Son of Jesus, not by physical descent, but by spiritual election. He was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Hence, he is destined to live to see 89 years of age before he passes on to his heavenly reward. Eric entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. And he took as his Saint name for his sacrament of confirmation that of Saint Ulric of Augsburg, who was a German Bishop, and the first saint canonized by a pope. Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Now, go to Mass, My son.

The Truth of the Larimar King

Behold, Larimar is now declared clean and pure. I Am well pleased with him.

Behold, I Who Am shall now reveal the Truth about the Larimar King. In the previous posts, the latest of the series, you saw how Eric the Larimar King progressed in his pathway in Me to the point of eternal virginity and celibacy. For a long time, Eric wavered back and forth on the question of marriage or celibacy as his life choice. But now, I, the Lord, shall choose for him. For I, the Lord, have made this choice from My eternal perspective and from My eternal wisdom. I do not will for Eric to come to Me without first fulfilling My command. And that command is that he marry the girl We give him and that he have the prophesied son who was to issue from him. After that, he will be celibate and pure. And if he obeys Me in this, I will continue to count him among My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. For bodily virginity is not necessary to be numbered among the 144,000, but rather, spiritual purity. And Eric has that. And obedience to Me will not remove that status.

Lord, if this decision is from You, why do I seem to get so many seemingly contradicting messages from the Lord? And by what sign am I to know that this message you have said to me just now is of divine origin? Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. Larimar King, I hereby provide this sign by which you may know that what I Am speaking is the case. When you go to Church today, you will not fail to meet a girl who fits the description of your wife. And how do you describe her, O’ Lord? Tell me this description, O’ Lord, for I am aware of many contradicting descriptions in many different ideas of the girl I was to marry. Describe her to me, O’ Lord. Refresh my memory with the description that is from you. Remember that image of that certain blonde woman we showed you mentally some time ago? Yes, O’ Lord, vividly. She is the description of the wife of the Larimar King. When you see her, you are to go to her, as I command you, O’ Larimar King. And I will make your meeting with her succeed.

Very well, then, O’ Lord, the girl we saw mentally is quite young enough to bear such a son without any miraculous means. Tell me, then, therefore, do we just have one son, and then become as Joseph and Mary were, who never had relations in their marriage? You ask, Eric, is this son to have no siblings? Is he to be the sole heir to your estate? And is he to be an only child? Yes, Lord Larimar, you have spoken with wisdom. You will have but one son and no more. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant.

Very well, then, O’ Lord. I was put here in this world to know, love, and serve the Lord. When the Lord commands that I marry and make love, I shall marry and make love. And as the Lord has commanded that I only have the one son, when this son is born, I will cease all sexual activity with my future wife, for this is the command of the Lord. And I have no need for sex.

Good, Larimar King. And now I shall prophesy through you. You have heard the prophecy that said you were to be cured on Christmas Eve as a sign that you were to be taken away from this world and transplanted into another, secret part of the world on January 31, 2020. Do you believe this prophecy, O’ Larimar King? Yes, O’ Lord, because You have said it. And so it shall be done. But you are not leaving the planet on January 31, 2020. Instead, I Am merely moving you to another location within the vicinity of where you now live. You are going to be moved to live in La Habra, within walking distance of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.

Lord, is it in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church or in Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church or in Saint Bruno Catholic Church or in Beatitudes Catholic Church, the four churches I frequent, where I shall meet and receive this girl whom you have presented to me in a vision, for I go to a daily Mass to one of those churches each day? You will meet the girl in one of those four. Which one, We shall now reveal. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Church in which you shall meet the girl you are to marry. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Now I shall speak.

Eric, you are a faithful man. And you have obeyed Me to the utter completion of My will for you. Hence, now I shall grant you this one wish. Ask of Me anything, and it shall be yours. But do not ask of Me things I have already promised to grant you, such as the cures you are to receive, for you are set to receive them the moment I give you the girl.

Lord, I wish to live with people who belong to you and who do your will. For too long have I lived under the oppression of the wicked, those who reject your Church and who trample on all the graces you give them through me. I wish to have family who are of your elect and who enter into your Catholic Church and remain there. Give me this, O’ Lord. Indeed, your wish is a tall order indeed. Your parents will be taken away, for neither can come to Me. For I Am the Lord, and I see all things. As for your two brothers, Mark and David, I have this to say. Mark has done some good works and good deeds in his life, and that is why We have led him into a Christian Church and for him to become a Christian. We have not yet led him into the Catholic Church, but your giving him that gift he needs is My Way of leading him to Me through you. For by your good example as a Catholic who loves his neighbor as he loves himself, you are giving good advertisement for My Church, that it is good and holy. And for that the reward shall be great.

As for David, do you see any good deeds in him that can redeem his soul, O’ Larimar King? No, My Lord. I have seen good deeds in Mark, but nothing have I seen in David. Therefore, hear My curse I utter against that man. He is given until Christmas to do a good deed by which I would elect to show him mercy. If no good deed is done and Christmas dawn has come, your brother David shall die. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now I shall speak.

You wish to have a holy family, one that believes in Me as you do? I will grant you such a family in the girl I shall wed you to. Through her, you shall find such a family. Amen. Now, obey Me in this. I shall now write through you the conclusion of the narrative of the forty four monarchs, for the story has a happy ending. And I will reveal the Truth in it now.

(1) The Larimar King is granted the lands of the United States of America and Canada. And O’ Lord, what of Greenland and Hawaii and overseas territories of the United States of America? Does the Larimar King rule those also? Greenland does not belong to Larimar, but rather, to the Prince who rules Scandinavia in Europe. A Prince rules Scandinavia, O’ Lord? What has happened to Eleanor, Queen of those lands mentioned earlier? Everything is being rewritten, in accordance to true revelation. What was revealed before was imagination. What is revealed now is true revelation. So, expect discrepancy.

As for Hawaii and all the overseas possessions of the United States, Eric, the Larimar King, rules over those as well, for they all form one nation in the United States of America. And what of the West Indies, O’ Lord? And what of the British Isles? Does Larimar possess any of those lands? In the West Indies, there are Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, which belong to the United States, and therefore, are under the dominion of the Larimar King. But Lord, are there any other lands, beyond those that belong to the USA and Canada, that are of the Larimar Kingdom? Or is that it, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, what would you suggest that you own? Speak, Eric, for your Master is listening. Lord, it is enough for me to possess the lands you have given. I am in no place to ask for more. Good, My servant, for your Kingdom on the earth is now fully defined. I do not grant you any further lands than those now possessed by the United States of America and Canada. These lands of the Larimar Kingdom are as follows:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  2. Canada (in North America)
  3. Alaska (in North America)
  4. Hawaii (in the Pacific)
  5. The Northern Mariana Islands (in the Pacific)
  6. Guam (in the Pacific)
  7. American Samoa (in the Pacific)
  8. Puerto Rico (in the Lesser Antilles, of the Caribbean)
  9. The US Virgin Islands (in the Lesser Antilles, of the Caribbean)

As for official languages in your Kingdom, I allow you to have these three: English, Spanish, and French. No further language do I allow you to declare as official. I accept this, O’ Lord, though I am only fluent in English. And My Spanish is in development. Good, Eric. But I will have you concentrate on learning the languages of Koine Greek and Latin. For those will help you in coming to correct understanding of My Scriptures and the writings of My Church fathers. Amen. And you are destined to become fluent in Koine Greek and Latin before you are taken from this world.

(2) Now, we shall proceed to the other Kingdoms on the earth. The Spanish Main of the Caribbean form one single Kingdom. And this Kingdom includes all of Central America, all of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and all of Columbia and Venezuela, and all of Mexico east of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, exclusive. The ruler over these lands is King Jadeite. And he is a most powerful ruler. He is based in Mayan Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. In his Kingdom, there are two languages that are official: Spanish and English. Amen.

(3) Now, in Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive, is the Kingdom of Aztlan, belonging to the ruler called Queen Ester. She also rules lands in southwestern United States, though under the sovereignty of Larimar. Her official languages are Spanish, English, and Nahuatl.

The possessions of the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark in the Americas remain the possessions of the Monarchs who rule those European Kingdoms. Hence, we need only concern ourselves with who owns the independent sovereign nation states in the Americas. Hence, now I shall detail to you who owns the rest of the West Indies.

(4) Queen Choeblack rules her Kingdom of Haiti, Jamaica, and Caribbean Kingdom, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Haiti
  2. Jamaica
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. St. Kitts and Nevis
  5. Dominica
  6. St Lucia
  7. St Vincent & Grenadines
  8. Grenada

Queen Choeblack has the following official languages: Haitian Creole, English, French, and various other creoles.

(5) Over Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and the Bahamas rules King Anglo. And his official language is English.

(6) Over Suriname rules King Puma. And his official language includes just English and Dutch.

(7) Over the nation of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands rules Queen Esmeralda. And her official languages include Spanish, Kichwa, and Shuar.

(8) Over the Andean regions of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, rules King Oro Peruano. And his official languages include Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara.

(9) Over Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay rules Queen Erythrina, And her official language is Spanish.

(10) And over all of Brazil and the Amazon rainforest Kingdom of Theobroma rules King Cacau. And his official language is Portuguese.

Hence, there are these Ten Sovereign Monarchs in the Americas:

  1. King Larimar over all of the USA and Canada.
  2. King Jadeite over all of the Spanish Main and Spanish Caribbean.
  3. Queen Ester over all of Aztlan, western Mexico.
  4. Queen Choeblack of Haiti, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands.
  5. King Anglo over Guyana, the Bahamas, and Caribbean islands.
  6. King Puma over Suriname.
  7. Queen Esmeralda over Ecuador and the Galapagos.
  8. King Oro Peruano over Peruvian and Chilean Andes.
  9. Queen Erythrina over Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  10. King Cacau of the Theobroma Kingdom of Brazil.

Now, we shall detail Europe, and the European Monarchs.

(1) Over the Scandinavian Countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland rules the Prince called King Frederick. His official languages include Swedish, Danish, and English.

(2) Over the Baltic Sea countries of Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland rule King Aurelian. Kaliningrad will secede from Russia to join this Kingdom. His official languages include Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, And Finish.

(3) Russia, a European nation that extends into Asia spanning the northern part of Asia from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific, is ruled by Queen Eleonora. And her official language is Russian.

(4) Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria form a Kingdom ruled by Queen Oksana. And her official languages include: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Romanian, and Bulgarian.

(5) Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, along with northeastern Anatolia, is ruled by Queen Maria. And her official languages include Armenian, Georgian, Russian, and Turkish.

(6) Greece, Macedonia, Thrace, and northwestern Anatolia are ruled over by King Macedon. And his official languages are Greek and Macedonian.

(7) Over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and the western Balkan nations of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia, rules Queen Vespera. And her official languages are Serbo-Croatian, Albanian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Czech.

(8) Over Italy and Rome rules Queen Roma, whose official languages include Italian and Latin. She also rules the Vatican City in Rome.

(9) Over Germany, Austria, and the German speaking lands of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, rules King Germanium. And his official language is German.

(10) Over France is Empress Isabelle. And her Kingdom includes these vast lands and territories:

  1. Quebec (under the dominion of King Larimar in Canada)
  2. the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (American North Atlantic)
  3. Guadeloupe (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Saint Barthelemy (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Saint Martin (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Martinique (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. French Guiana (in South America)
  8. France (in Europe)
  9. Monaco (in Europe)
  10. French part of Belgium (in Europe)
  11. French part of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  12. French part of Switzerland (in Europe)
  13. Algeria (in North Africa)
  14. Tunisia (in North Africa)
  15. Morocco (in North Africa)
  16. northern Mali (in North Africa)
  17. Niger (in North Africa)
  18. northern Chad (in North Africa)
  19. Mayotte (in Indian Ocean)
  20. Reunion (in Indian Ocean)
  21. Comoros (in Indian Ocean)
  22. Seychelles (in Indian Ocean)
  23. Mauritius (in Indian Ocean)
  24. French Polynesia (in Pacific Ocean)
  25. New Caledonia (in Pacific Ocean)
  26. Vanuatu (in Pacific Ocean)

And French Empress Isabelle’s one official language is French.

(11) The Netherlands, also called Holland, is ruled by King Steffen. And he also rules the Dutch Caribbean. Hence, the lands of this King include:

  1. Netherlands (in Europe)
  2. Aruba (in Caribbean)
  3. Curaçao (in Caribbean)
  4. Sint Maarten (in Caribbean)
  5. Bonaire (in Caribbean)
  6. Sint Eustatius (in Caribbean)
  7. Saba (in Caribbean)

King Steffen’s official languages include Dutch, English, and Papiamento.

The British Isles are divided up among three Monarchs. These divisions are as follows:

(12) the Republic of Ireland
(13) Northern Ireland and Scotland
(14) The United Kingdom of England and Wales

(12) Over the Republic of Ireland reigns Queen Hyacinth, whose official languages are English and Irish (Gaelic)

(13) Over Northern Ireland and Scotland reigns Queen Elsie. She also rules over the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands. Her official languages are English and Scottish Gaelic.

(14) Over the United Kingdom of England and Wales reigns King Philip. His official languages are English and Welsh. These are the total lands and territories under King Philip of the United Kingdom of England and Wales:

  1. England (in Great Britain of Europe)
  2. Wales (in Great Britain of Europe)
  3. Isle of Man (in Irish Sea of Europe)
  4. Scilly Islands (in North Atlantic)
  5. the Channel Islands (in North Atlantic)
  6. Gibraltar (in Europe in the strait connecting Mediterranean to Atlantic)
  7. The Cayman Islands (in Caribbean Greater Antilles)
  8. Montserrat (in Caribbean Lesser Antilles)
  9. Anguilla (in Caribbean Lesser Antilles)
  10. The British Virgin Islands (in Caribbean Lesser Antilles)
  11. Bermuda (in West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  12. Turks and Caicos (in West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  13. British Indian Ocean Territory (in Indian Ocean)
  14. The Falkland Islands (in South Atlantic)
  15. St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha (in South Atlantic)
  16. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (in South Atlantic)
  17. Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, Oeno Islands (in Pacific)

(15) Over the Kingdom of Iberia rules Queen Iberia. Her languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and Basque. Her lands include:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Andorra
  4. The Canary Islands
  5. The Madeira Islands
  6. The Azores Islands
  7. Western Sahara

Now, we have listed all the Monarchs of Europe. To summarize, the Monarchs of Europe are:

  1. King Frederick of Scandinavia.
  2. King Aurelian of the East Baltic Sea.
  3. Queen Eleonora of Russia.
  4. Queen Oksana of Ukraine, Belarus, and the East Balkans.
  5. Queen Maria of Armenia and Georgia.
  6. King Macedon of Greece, Macedonia, and Thrace.
  7. Queen Vespera of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and the West Balkans.
  8. Queen Roma of Italy and Rome.
  9. King Germanium of German Europe.
  10. Empress Isabelle of France.
  11. King Steffen of the Netherlands.
  12. Queen Hyacinth of the Republic of Ireland.
  13. Queen Elsie of Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  14. King Philip of the United Kingdom of England and Wales.
  15. Queen Iberia of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra.

Now we shall speak of the Kings of East Asia and the Pacific.

(1) Over a united Korea rules King Nephrite. And his official language is Korean.

(2) Over Japan and the Kuril Islands rules Queen Pearl. Her official language is Japanese.

(3) Over China, Mongolia, and Taiwan rules Emperor Bombyx, whose official languages are Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian.

(4) Over French Indochina, consisting of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia reigns Queen Lotus. And her official languages include French, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese.

(5) Over the Philippines and Palau rules Queen Jasmine. And her official languages include English, Filipino, and Tagalog.

(6) Over Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and East Timor rules King Raggiana. And his official languages include English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu, and Tetum.

(7) Over many islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans reigns King Pounamu. His official languages include: English, French, Malagasy, Dhivehi, and Maori. King Pounamu’s lands consist of the following:

  1. Madagascar (in Indian Ocean)
  2. Maldives (in Indian Ocean)
  3. New Zealand (in Pacific Ocean)
  4. the Kermadec Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  5. Tonga (in Pacific Ocean)
  6. Easter Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  7. Santa Cruz Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  8. Tuvalu (in Pacific Ocean)
  9. Tokelau (in Pacific Ocean)
  10. Samoa (in Pacific Ocean)
  11. Fiji (in Pacific Ocean)
  12. the Caroline Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  13. the Marshall Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  14. Kiribati (in Pacific Ocean)

(8) Over Australia and Tasmania rules King Dromedary. His Official language is English. And he is of British descent.

(9) Over the Malay Archipelago countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Singapore rules King Komodo. His official languages include: English, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil.

(10) Over Myanmar reigns King Padauk. His official language is Burmese.

(11) Over India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh rules Queen Ebony. And her official languages include English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali.

(12) Over the island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean rules Queen Lily. And her official languages are Sinhala and Tamil.

Hence, the summary of the Monarchs of East Asia and the Pacific are:

  1. King Nephrite of United Korea
  2. Queen Pearl of Japan
  3. Emperor Bombyx of China, Mongolia, and Taiwan
  4. Queen Lotus of French Indochina
  5. Queen Jasmine of the Philippines
  6. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and East Timor.
  7. King Pounamu of Oceanic Polynesia
  8. King Dromedary of Australia and Tasmania
  9. King Komodo of the Malay Archipelago
  10. King Padauk of Myanmar
  11. Queen Ebony of India and South Asia
  12. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka

Now we shall speak of the Monarchs of Africa and the Middle East.

(1) Over the Khanate of Central Asia reigns King Khan. He rules the following former Soviet Republics of Central Asia:

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Kyrgyzstan
  3. Tajikistan
  4. Turkmenistan
  5. Uzbekistan

King Khan’s list of official languages include Russian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbek, Tajiki, and Kyrgyz.

(2) Over Persia reigns Queen Esther. She rules these lands:

  1. Iran
  2. Pakistan
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Those regions of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey directly east of the Euphrates.

And her list of official languages include Persian, Arabic, Turkic, Urdu, and English.

(3) The official name of the Crown Prince of Israel is King Lazurite. And he rules over all of the Levant, all of Arabia north of Yemen, all the land immediately to the west of the Euphrates in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and the land east of the Nile as far south as the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and the entire island of Cyprus. Hence, King Lazurite’s Imperial Israel contains:

  1. Israel
  2. The whole city of Jerusalem
  3. The West Bank
  4. The Gaza Strip
  5. The Golan Heights
  6. Lebanon
  7. Jordan
  8. The Sinai Peninsula
  9. Egypt east of the Nile as far south as the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.
  10. Saudi Arabia
  11. Oman
  12. United Arab Emirates
  13. Qatar
  14. Bahrain
  15. Kuwait
  16. All the lands in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey west of the Euphrates all the way to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.
  17. The whole island of Cyprus

Such constitutes Imperial Israel. King Lazurite of Israel has as his official languages: Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and Russian.

(4) The lands of Egypt not part of Imperial Israel, that is, all the lands in Egypt west of the Nile and all the lands of Egypt south of the tip of the Sinai Peninsula belong to Coptic King Ankh. He also rules Libya and Sudan, but not South Sudan. The official languages in King Ankh’s Coptic-Egyptian Kingdom are Arabic, English, and Coptic.

(5) King Turaco rules over Ethiopic Sheba, which includes the following lands:

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Eritrea
  3. Djibouti
  4. northern Somalia
  5. Yemen
  6. the Archipelago of Socotra.

King Turaco’s official languages include Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic, and French.

(6) King Mithril Silver rules over the Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, which consists of the following lands:

  1. southern Somalia
  2. Kenya
  3. South Sudan
  4. Uganda
  5. Rwanda
  6. Burundi
  7. Tanzania

King Mithril Silver’s official languages include Swahili and English.

(7) King Kong rules Kong West Africa, which includes the following lands:

  1. Mauritania
  2. Senegal
  3. Guinea-Bissau
  4. Guinea
  5. southern Mali
  6. Sierra Leone
  7. Liberia
  8. Cote D’Ivoire
  9. Burkina
  10. Ghana
  11. Togo
  12. Benin
  13. southern Chad
  14. Cameroon
  15. Central African Republic
  16. Equatorial Guinea
  17. Sao Tome and Principe
  18. Gabon
  19. Congo
  20. Democratic Republic of Congo

King Kong’s official languages include French, English, Swahili, Arabic, Yoruba, and Fulani.

(8) Cape Verde is an island archipelago off the west African coast and ruled by Queen Margarida. Her official languages include Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. Queen Margarida’s Kingdom is the smallest of the top level Kingdoms by land.

(9) Nigeria is ruled by Queen Lobelia. And her official languages include English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and Fulani.

(10) Over Angola, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique rules King Ferro. And his official languages include English and Portuguese.

(11) Over Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Black South Africa reigns Queen Sinethemba. And her official languages include English, Zulu, Xhosa, Shona, and Ndebele.

(12) Over Afrikaner South Africa, the Kingdom of Volkstaat, reigns King Ivory. His official languages include English and Afrikaans.

Hence, the summary of African and Middle Eastern Monarchs is as such:

  1. King Khan of the Khanate of Central Asia.
  2. Queen Esther of Persia.
  3. King Lazurite of Imperial Israel.
  4. King Ankh of Coptic-Egypt, Libya, and Sudan.
  5. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen.
  6. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa.
  7. King Kong of Kong West Africa.
  8. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde.
  9. Queen Lobelia of Nigeria.
  10. King Ferro of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi.
  11. Queen Sinethemba of Southern Africa.
  12. King Ivory of Afrikaner Volkstaat.

Such completes the list of Monarchs. There are a total of 49 Monarchs, consisting of 27 male Kings or Emperors, and 22 female Queens or Empresses. Below is a list of all the Monarchs:

The Ten Sovereign Monarchs of the Americas:

  1. King Larimar over all of the USA and Canada.
  2. King Jadeite over all of the Spanish Main and Spanish Caribbean.
  3. Queen Ester over all of Aztlan, western Mexico.
  4. Queen Choeblack of Haiti, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands.
  5. King Anglo over Guyana, the Bahamas, and Caribbean islands.
  6. King Puma over Suriname.
  7. Queen Esmeralda over Ecuador and the Galapagos.
  8. King Oro Peruano over Peruvian and Chilean Andes.
  9. Queen Erythrina over Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  10. King Cacau of the Theobroma Kingdom of Brazil.

The Fifteen Sovereign Monarchs of Europe:

  1. King Frederick of Scandinavia.
  2. King Aurelian of the East Baltic Sea.
  3. Queen Eleonora of Russia.
  4. Queen Oksana of Ukraine, Belarus, and the East Balkans.
  5. Queen Maria of Armenia and Georgia.
  6. King Macedon of Greece, Macedonia, and Thrace.
  7. Queen Vespera of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and the West Balkans.
  8. Queen Roma of Italy and Rome.
  9. King Germanium of German Europe.
  10. Empress Isabelle of France.
  11. King Steffen of the Netherlands.
  12. Queen Hyacinth of the Republic of Ireland.
  13. Queen Elsie of Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  14. King Philip of the United Kingdom of England and Wales.
  15. Queen Iberia of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra.

The Twelve Sovereign Monarchs of East Asia and the Pacific:

  1. King Nephrite of United Korea
  2. Queen Pearl of Japan
  3. Emperor Bombyx of China, Mongolia, and Taiwan
  4. Queen Lotus of French Indochina
  5. Queen Jasmine of the Philippines
  6. King Raggiana of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and East Timor.
  7. King Pounamu of Oceanic Polynesia
  8. King Dromedary of Australia and Tasmania
  9. King Komodo of the Malay Archipelago
  10. King Padauk of Myanmar
  11. Queen Ebony of India and South Asia
  12. Queen Lily of Sri Lanka

The Twelve Sovereign Monarchs of Africa and the Middle East:

  1. King Khan of the Khanate of Central Asia.
  2. Queen Esther of Persia.
  3. King Lazurite of Imperial Israel.
  4. King Ankh of Coptic-Egypt, Libya, and Sudan.
  5. King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen.
  6. King Mithril Silver of Wakanda East Africa.
  7. King Kong of Kong West Africa.
  8. Queen Margarida of Cape Verde.
  9. Queen Lobelia of Nigeria.
  10. King Ferro of Portuguese Africa and Zambia and Malawi.
  11. Queen Sinethemba of Southern Africa.
  12. King Ivory of Afrikaner Volkstaat.

Well done, Eric. Now I shall speak. Lord, am I to prevail? Will I succeed? Will I be triumphant, O’ Lord? Yes, My servant. And when you go to Church this evening, we shall show you your destiny. It shall be done exactly as We have prophesied. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, I have gone to confession today and I have confessed my sins. Good. Then you are forgiven of your transgressions up to that point. But realize that I do not count your sins against you, for you have not sinned mortally for some while. Remain in My Castle and you shall be fine.

And what is your Castle, O’ Lord? And how do I remain in it? My Castle is where you are familiar with Me and I with you. It is your spiritual interior that you access to and enter into in the quiet time of your solitude. Remain in My Castle, and you shall be fine.

Lord, women are deadly. And the sight of a woman can kill the soul. No, Eric. It is if you allow yourself to look upon a woman as beautiful that you enter into deadly waters. But if you keep yourself recollected and composed, so that you do not let your eyes wonder and rest on beauty, you will never know defeat. Now I shall give you advice on the girl you shall encounter this evening.

She is a blonde girl. And she is timid and shy. Hence, do not push yourself onto her or into her space. Let her come out of her shell to meet you. She will be drawn out to see you. And you shall then engage in an exchange of greetings. But I do not will an in depth conversation at your first meeting. Hence, do not speak of deep subjects with her. Keep the conversation casual and cordial. And do not attempt to take her. She will be given in the order of events that God has predetermined to take place. Remember, you may not touch that which is forbidden. Remember Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders. All that treasure he passed by that he was forbidden to touch is a metaphor for women and sexual temptations to commit sin. I hereby forbid you to ever touch any woman or make a kiss to any girl until you are united in a marriage that has been presided over by a priest.

Now, Eric, you may now ask Me three questions. And you may make them as deep as the netherworld, or as lofty as the heavens. And I shall answer them as well as they can be answered in the English that you know. And then this post will be concluded in My closing statements.

(1) O’ Lord, what is the technological maximum, the highest limit Mankind will be permitted to advance in his disciplines of science and the acquisition of knowledge and the development of advanced technologies? And how far will he penetrate the universe? Just as My Creation of the Universe required very exact and finely tuned calibrations in the laws of the universe, so also will Mankind need to increasingly fine tune his machines in order to make progress in exploring the universe. And see how it was with Boeing’s slight software bug in its clock, that it was all it took to prevent its spacecraft from reaching the required orbit to rendezvous with the orbiting space station. They will fix their bugs swiftly, and be soon ready to retry their spacecraft. But these sort of things are the usual lot for Mankind in this age. Man must increasingly become more exact and finely tuned to succeed in this technological age. And those men who cannot keep up will go extinct. For evolution, I tell you, is advancing into requiring an ability to figure out technology and to solve technical problems and to be exact and perfect in one’s precision in implementing the solutions. Men who find this hard will die out.

As for the limits I place on Mankind, I have made the universe impossible to completely fathom or to completely understand. Instead, I have made the universe such that the deeper Man digs, the more he realizes what he does not know. And so, as Mankind slaves away at solving the riddles of the universe, he will come to the realization that he is like a mere ant carrying a grain of sand in My sight in an attempt to build a Great Wall of China. He will never explore nor understand the universe beyond the equivalent of beholding but one grain of sand among a vast beach of sands and dunes of potential things that can be known to Man.

But I will tell you this. Mankind will make cities on other heavenly bodies, including planets and moons. Mankind will visit other worlds with liquid seas and explore them. And Mankind will find and establish lifeforms on other places than the earth. Mars and the moons will have colonies on them. And Mankind will successfully establish interplanetary trade and travel. And successful attempts at creating water oceans on Venus will be accomplished. Now, ask your next question, O’ Larimar King.

(2) Did you, O’ Lord, make the promise that my son will remain on the earth and still be living here by the time of Your Second Coming to witness Your Coming in the clouds? And therefore, is it possible then for us to have an idea of the timing of Your Second Coming? And will King Lazurite also live to see Your Second Coming, O’ Lord? Yes, Eric. If you know when your son shall be born, then you can calculate the maximum lifespan of a Man, which is 120 years, give or take a few, and then you will have a deadline as to the timing of My Parousia. And do I know when my son shall be born, O’ Lord? Yes, he will be born in late 2021. Hence, simple mathematics gives you a rough but true deadline as to My Second Coming at by the year of 2141. That year will never be reached by Mankind. Hence, it is a matter of faith that you not count down the years, but rather that you use your time faithfully, as though each day could be your last.

As for Lazurite, is he promised to see My Second Coming? No. Only to one man do I give this promise. And that is to your future son. Hence, a secret name given to your son is that of Doomsday Setter. He does not set it, but he is the one whose life is guaranteed to continue to the time I Come again.

But, Lord, what about those stories in the Book of Genesis where men lived for centuries? Could not this son of Eric also live for centuries? If you were to believe those stories and take them literally than yes, your son could then literally live for a thousand years or more. And will he, My Lord? How long your son shall live I will not reveal. Only will I reveal that he will live for a normal man’s lifespan. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now ask your third question, O’ Larimar King.

(3) Many Americans have accepted homosexual marriage as settled law. But is it settled law, O’ Lord? Or will you completely do away with it and reestablish correct morality throughout the whole world? The thing about law is that it can be destroyed by fire and wiped out from the historical records. This time in which you are living, that time in which abominable marriages between two men are declared legal, accepted, and protected by law, is that era that future generations will call the Age of Babylon the Great. Read Revelation chapter 18 to see how that era ends. Yes, I will completely destroy this city in which you live. And there will not be one stone left standing upon another. People will seek answers as to why this civilization was so completely and utterly destroyed. And I will show them why. The people abandoned their God and became perverse and instituted abominable marital unions. And they butchered inconvenient children in the wombs of their women.

And now I shall give you a timeline as to when this will all occur. When the hour approaches for the bi-millennial anniversary of, the time of approximately 2000 years from, that moment in history of My death and resurrection, then, at an hour least expected, fire shall fall from heaven and completely devour all of this sinful generation. Amen. And after that event, history and events shall flow like a flood. And before you know it, I shall be seen Coming in the clouds. Hence, you now know that the End Times occur around 2033, and not as far as 2141. Go now, and spread this knowledge to as many will hear it. And realize, no one has much time left. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And now for My closing statements. Eric, you are to marry the girl we give you. And you shall not have to ask, ‘Is this the one?’ when you see her. For that she is the one will be innately known to you. Also, this girl is not for indulging in sex with. Instead, she is a human person like yourself. And all the trials and tribulations of normal marriages will affect yours as well. But that she is to be yours is now certain. And that you shall win is certain. Now go and reread this post and then publish it. For it is complete. Amen.

I Who Am detail the fate of Eric

My Servants, Lazurite and Larimar, shall rule My Kingdom forever.

I Who Am have now come to speak on a great many things. And I will now detail Eric’s fate and his destiny. Eric is not to marry any girl. Instead, he is to remain celibate, virgin, and in perfect purity from now on.

Now, we shall speak of his fate in this land. America has been spared because Eric has lived within her midst. I Am choosing to take Eric out from the midst of where he lives now and place him in a protected ivory tower, where he will remain for the rest of his life in his state of probation.

And in that ivory tower, Eric will rule all of Christendom outside of Israel. Eric cannot rule over Israel, for he is not elected to rule over Israel. And Eric wisely elects not to touch that nation again. For he rightly fears Me, as should any ruler who sets his sights on changing the leadership of My chosen nation. For the last time Eric did that, it ended with his Martyrdom breakdowns, followed shortly after by the assassination of his Israeli Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. Instead, the one who shall rule Israel from this point onward shall be the Player who We in heaven have given the name of Lazurite to. Lazurite, therefore, is the heavenly name given to that Player who is to rule over all of Israel from now until the Second Coming.

Outside of Israel, in those lands called Christendom, shall rule the Player Larimar, whose name in this world is Eric. Eric was given the name of Larimar from us in heaven. We in heaven have given him that name. And the name of Larimar comes from heaven. Larimar and Lazurite are named after two gemstones famous for their blue coloration, and this blue color links them to Our Lady, Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. For both of these men are devoted to her.

Now, allow us to speak of Eric and his reign as Larimar. Three new Pawns of Larimar are scheduled to rise up in Russia, in the United Kingdom, and in the United States of America. These three Pawns will replace the three wicked rulers currently running those nations, whose names are Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump. The reigns of all three of these rulers are to come to a sudden and abrupt end, as Larimar’s Reign has now come. And he is fire in the sky.

But Lord, in the prophecies of Daniel about the coming Antichrist, it is said that he shall lay low three kings (Daniel 7:8 & 7:24). Very well done, Eric. You have seen where you would have been were you to have fallen and turned to evil. But you are a servant to Jesus and Mary. Hence, these prophecies are not applicable to you. Instead, they are applicable to the one who rises up after you. For you are the Great Monarch. The one who comes after you is Antichrist. And you also know who that one shall be. It shall be Twilight, the one who was the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. He is now in the abyss. But he will arise again and come forth, as a repeat of his first coming, when you were called Emerald. And in this coming time, this returning Twilight shall be known as the Beast, following closely after you, who are now called Larimar.

Between the Reign of Larimar and the future Reign of the Beast shall reign the Mystery Woman, Babylon the Great, Mother of all Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth. And do you, O’ Lord, say that Eric as Larimar reigns for Twelve years and Seven months? Is this the total time I have left, O’ Lord? And is Eric to have a child in those twelve years and seven months, one who would be eleven at the time of his being taken away? No. Eric, you are now perfectly celibate and virgin. Hence, you neither enter marriage not beget any child. Hence, to you, and not to any such son, are applied all the prophecies and promises that were to come from God to be bestowed upon your son.

And one of those promises made to the son of Eric was that he was to remain upon the earth until I, the Lord God Jesus Christ, come again. I Am Coming again soon. And do I pass this guarantee now unto Eric that he shall live to see Me coming in the clouds? No, for to no man is given certain knowledge or any deadline to the Coming of the Son of Man. Hence, you do not know how long you shall remain in this world, nor whether you shall still be here when I Am seen Coming in the clouds. Then how was this promise validly offered to the hypothetical son of Eric? It was only conjecture, never an actual promise sworn by the Lord.

So tell me, O’ Lord, what is the fate of President Donald John Trump, now that he has been impeached in the House of Representatives on the charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. What shall become of him, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, shall explain it to you. Trump is dying. His madness is now very much apparent. His insanity will come out in broad daylight over the Christmas holidays, prompting sufficient numbers of responsible Republican senators to break ranks from Trump and vote to convict him of his charges, effectively ending his Presidency and handing victory to your choice for President, Joe Walsh. And I shall tell you truthfully, Joe Walsh shall successfully bring an end to legalized abortion in America. Trump will not willingly do that. And that is the root of why I, the Lord, Am getting rid of him.

Under Joe Walsh, I will lead America back into the space age. And under him, America will begin again sending astronauts to the International Space Station. And under Joe Walsh will fossil fuels be redirected to usage in power plants, where their carbon emissions can be more effectively captured and away from the powering of combustion engine vehicles, where carbon capturing is economically infeasible. Hence, he will lead America in the electric vehicle revolution. And this will go a long ways in bringing down carbon emissions.

As for President Jair Bolsonaro, that wicked version of Trump ruling Brazil and destroying that carbon sink of his country that the vast rainforests of Brazil provides, I will now tell you his fate. He is to die. And a new President is to come to power who shall do as We require of him to preserve the natural resources of the world and avoid the self destruction of the world that was happening under irresponsible, evil, and selfish people who have myopic vision and blind forward planning. For this earth is meant to last under My people. And the one who destroys the earth shall himself be destroyed (Revelation 11:18).

As for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he will succeed in breaking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, and then he, himself, will be broken out of the government and himself destroyed. And the United Kingdom shall be splintered into her four constituent countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. These four will remain under the British Crown, but will cease to be members of the same nation state. Instead, they will go their separate ways. Some will move back toward the European Union, while others seek a closer trade deal with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade bloc. Just realize that the United Kingdom shall no longer be united in the British Isles.

Is this a certainty, O’ Lord? That Scotland and Northern Ireland will break from England and Wales is certain, O’ Larimar King. As for whether they break into four separate countries or two separate counties remains to be seen. But from this point forward, new names need to be made for the nations that exist on the British Isles. And “United” can not be part of those names. Neither shall Northern Ireland elect to rejoin the Republic of Ireland. However, both nations in Ireland will be members in the European Union. As for Scotland, it will separate from England, retaining ownership of the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands. This development will lead to the weakening of the British state of England. And England and Wales will be a weaker union going forward.

And which of these countries will claim the territorial possessions of the United Kingdom in the West Indies, the South Atlantic, the Pacific, and Gibraltar, O’ Lord? The nation containing London will retain its claim over those possessions. But from this point onward, England will be in its decline. And eventually, she will be overrun. For England should not have chosen to go it alone.

And will the Larimar King ever live in England, O’ Lord? For I have heard rumors that said he was to be relocated there. No, Eric. You are to remain in America. You will remain in your country until the end of your Larimar Reign. And how long is that Larimar Reign, O’ Lord? Does it last twelve years and seven months, O’ Lord? It shall last until the time comes for the Beast to come to power. And will that Beast then seek to destroy those rulers who ruled ahead of him? When the time comes for the ascendancy of the Beast, I will then call Larimar and Lazurite to prophesy to the nations. And they will wear sackcloth and will speak My Words in My Holy City, before all the world. And there, in that city, before all the world, they will stand together and deliver all that I will to be testified to. Larimar shall speak in English, while Lazurite speaks in Hebrew. And after My Word has been spoken in full, I will pull back and allow the Satanic forces to come forward and overwhelm and kill My two servants. They will then lay there dead before them, but I will not allow their bodies to be desecrated. And there they will lie there dead in the streets. The world will be allowed to watch them, celebrating, and exchanging gifts. I will permit the whole world to look upon them, but not to touch. And at the end of 42 hours of daylight, My breath of life shall reenter My servants, and they will stand on their two feet, and this will bring holy fear to all who look upon them. And then I will say, “Come up here!” And they will rise to heaven in a cloud and be seen no more upon the earth.

So, My Lord, they lay dead for 42 daylight hours (Revelation 11:11). Let us look at how long they will have reigned. Eric became a Christian, though not of any church, in July of 1992. And he became fully Catholic in March 30, 2002. And if he completes his Larimar Reign in July of 2033, he will have reigned in his Christian walk for 41 years, but only as Catholic for 31 years. If he then speaks is sackcloth as one of the Two Witnesses then for three and a half years (Revelation 11:2-3), before his ultimate martyrdom, he will have reigned as Larimar for about 16 years and as a Christian for about 44 and a half years and as a Catholic for 34 years. Is this math correct, O’ Lord? Or is all of this nonsense, O’ Lord? Speak of My future, O’ Lord, and tell me of my years remaining? And is it true that Larimar and Lazarite serve you as the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11?

Prince Larimar, I shall now reveal to you the Truth. Indeed, you and Lazurite are My two witnesses. And both of you shall be testifying and crying out My Word to all the world in the last days. You will speak to My Gentiles, while Lazurite speaks to My Jews. And both of you shall testify and speak until I allow your twin martyrdoms at a time of My secret election, whose timing I have not revealed. After you both have died, I will work great signs before all the people, including your twin resuscitations and ascensions to heaven. But those signs will be reserved for the last times, when the Beast will have arisen and begun his final reign. He will reign for half of one Seven. And then he will be defeated. But no dates do I give you, nor any means by which you can calculate these dates. Hence, you, Prince Larimar, cannot calculate how long you shall live. Just realize that you are confirmed as One of My Two Witnesses. And that Lazurite is confirmed as the other.

But as for your works of fiction concerning the forty-two or forty-four monarchs, realize that that was not true. There are no such Kingdoms upon the earth. And you and Lazurite are not such kings. Neither of you are given territories in this world over which you reign. Hence, neither should you seek to calculate the lengths of your reigns nor the territories over which you shall rule.

And Prince Larimar, it has been known for some time that you have wavered back and forth between celibacy and the married path. But which path are you now on and are you firmly committed to it, O’ Larimar Prince? The celibate path, O’ Lord, I am firmly committed to forever. And the crown of virginity do I seek to receive. Good, Prince Larimar. Both of those you shall receive. As for the priesthood, where do you stand on that, O’ Larimar King? I am willing to enter into the seminary and become ordained a priest if you are willing to call me to that, O’ Lord Jesus Christ. Good, King Larimar. I do hereby call you to this. You are thus called. The sign of your calling will be the manner of how and where you are cured. If you are cured in the presence of My anointed shepherds, you are to be likewise anointed as well. And if my anointed are not present at the time and place where you are cured, then neither shall I anoint you into Holy Orders.

Also, I shall ensure that the bishop will approve your entrance into My seminary. And you shall reign as a diocesan priest. In the Los Angeles diocese shall you belong. And in the region where you live now, there also shall you serve Me as priest. And who shall sponsor my entrance, O’ Master? I shall direct you to him, and it shall be done, O’ king of certain vast tomes of knowledge.

But Lord, I, therefore know so very little, O’ Lord. Many details are hidden from me. And that is the Way it should be, O’ Larimar King. But two things are now certain: You are eternally celibate and you are eternally virgin. And nothing else matters. And because you will remain in America, I will not allow serious curses to come down upon this nation during your reign in it. She will not be completely destroyed in this age of your reign, to be known as the Age of Larimar and Lazurite. Amen.

But Lord, do you ensure that under My rule, these two things shall come to a complete end: the legalized murder of unborn human beings, and the legal recognization of homosexual marriage? Both of those aberrations shall come to a complete end. It shall be recognized in law, as it is in science, that the human creature comes to exist at the moment his first cell contains his whole genome, that is, at the union of sperm to egg. Human beings do not acquire their human rights by attaining a certain stage of development in the transition from single celled zygote to fully formed adult. No, they receive their inalienable human rights throughout their entire lifecycle as human beings, starting from their status as a single celled zygote to their death at whatever stage in their life that occurs in. A living human being is always a human being. He does not become a human being by being born or by reaching adulthood. Instead, he becomes a human being by being conceived, that is, at the moment he exists and has a soul.

And when does he have a soul, O’ Lord? The presence of a soul is beyond what science can measure. But the soul exists at the moment of the zinc spark, which is something science can detect, and scientists observe this zinc spark at the moment of a successful conception. Hence, human life exists at the moment that the zinc spark occurs, whether it is observed or not. And that is the sign given by God that a new human being, complete with an eternal soul, has come into existence. As for where the soul comes from, it does not exist before its body is formed from an egg united to a sperm. Before that union, neither does the soul exists nor true human life. Instead, what you have are two single celled animal like lifeforms, called gametes. The gametes are the eggs and the sperm. And understand this: the gametes are simple single celled lifeforms that do not possess souls. Hence, the killings of sperm or unfertilized eggs do not constitute any form of murder. Furthermore, the human gametes are the single celled lifeforms of the haploid phase of the human reproduction cycle, having just half of the normal set of human DNA. They are living beings of the human lifecycle, but are not human beings. But when two compatible gametes unite, they form a new united diploid flesh, and that new living cell, having a newly combined and complete set of human DNA, is a brand new human being, starting out as a single diploid cell, known as a zygote. And two things then occur: The soul is formed by God for this new human being, and He signifies this to the world by creating a spark of life, which can be observed by science as what is called the zinc spark.

This zinc spark occurs when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. It does not occur by uniting sperm with sperm. Nor does it occur by uniting egg with egg. Sperm are the gametes produced in the male. And eggs are the gametes produced in the female. Therefore, male to male sex is futile. It can produce nothing but filth. And female to female sex is futile. Nothing can come from it. Sexual reproduction, therefore, requires both a being that produces sperm to be united to a being that produces eggs. And marriage is the institution that is set up to protect the rights of the members of these sexual unions to each other and the rights of the human beings that come to exist by the sexual unions between these two members. Marriage is senseless to be applied to two men, who cannot be united. Nor does marriage make sense to be applied to two women, who likewise cannot be united. Attempting to apply marriage law to those who cannot be united in marriage weakens that institution and the protections of its laws when it comes to protecting the members of valid marriages and their families that they were set up to protect. Furthermore, the toleration in society for sexual relationships that break from natural or moral laws serves to pollute and degrade society and leads to the loss of graces and its eventual destruction by the wrath of God, Whose laws should never be ignored.

So, My Lord, Joe Walsh is against abortion, but he does not yet stand aligned with us against gay marriage. What shall become of this, O’ Lord? Whosoever stands with Me will be forced to correctly align himself with all of My statutes and decrees, as you do, O’ Larimar King. Otherwise, he will be destroyed. And I completely stand against the killing of the unborn, no matter how invisible or silent that little human being is. And I also firmly stand against the toleration of any and all forms homosexual sex acts, especially that unlawful assertion that a homosexual marriage can exist, which is an intolerable falsehood in My eyes. I Who Am have spoken. Now, go, Eric, and walk your dog. When you get back we will continue this discussion.

I am back, O’ Lord. Lord, I have been thinking in terms of electronics. And I have noted that in uniting cables or outlets together, two things are required: (1) compatibility, and (2) opposite gender. For example, to connect to a female HDMI, you need a male HDMI. A male USB won’t connect. And neither can you unite a female HDMI to another female HDMI. Nor can you unite a male HDMI to another male HDMI. Connecting HDMI requires a male HDMI connector inserted into a female HDMI. There is no other way to make such connections in electronics. And thus, it seems so clear and yet, how can this same concept not be understood by judges and justices who have studied in universities and published scholarly papers? I tell you truthfully, the feces on your toilet paper is of greater value than the substance of their scholarly papers, for they have written them under utter blindness, and their writings, hence, are utter garbage.

I will now answer your question, O’ Larimar King. Satan is great at arguing people into making total jackasses of themselves. If Satan could do it, he would legalize pedophilia in the classroom. And perhaps, if given enough time, he would accomplish that feat. And then he would make it a hate crime to speak against pedophiles. And after that, he would establish pedophile marriage as an institution. And whoever refused to recognize a pedophile marriage would face lawsuits and lose their positions. It is only a matter of time that this would be the case for a people who have abandoned God. And that is why, only by standing on the Rock will anyone keep himself from being swept away by the flood of immorality and sin.

Lord, has the Larimar Reign truly begun as of December 1, 2019? You are effectively Larimar King as of December 1, 2019. And Firefly is now rejected. So, Lord, what is the next step? What happens next, O’ Lord? The next step, O’ Larimar King, is your removal from this world and your entrance into the Ivory Tower, where you shall rule all the world with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you smash them. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. And this shall be the sign for you. I am sending Death into your family. And he shall touch whom I will him to. And when you see this one stricken with death, realize I spoke of it before the fact, and you shall then believe all that I have said here. Amen. And the ones to be stricken with death first shall be those who rightly should fear it the most. But all of them, with the exception of your mother, who is already damned, shall be granted the possibility of deathbed conversions. And I will commission you to fetch a priest to administer to them the last rites, should they wish it. Now, go to bed, Larimar King. And publish this for it is done and complete. Amen.

God answers many questions

I hereby answer Eric’s many questions on a great many things.

I Am Who Am, Eric. Now ask Me whatever is on your mind, and I will answer all your questions.

(1) Lord, it is said that I will bring my Study Bible with me when I am taken away at dawn of the 44th day from today. Where, therefore, shall I be taken, O’ Lord? For I know I cannot bring a book with me to heaven.

I Am taking you to a new place where you shall develop in secrecy. It is there that I will have you master the languages of Latin and Koine Greek. And I will also have you bring your new laptop, for you shall use it to do your work for Me. And now you should ask, where is this place where I Am taking you to? And I will answer you in these words: I Am taking you to another world.

(2) Do they speak English in this other world, O’ Lord? And do they have access to the world wide web, the internet, there, O’ Lord? Yes, to both of those questions, O’ Prince Larimar. And now I shall proceed to tell you where exactly I Am taking you to.

Fallen, fallen is America the Great! (Revelation 14:8). For it has become a cage of every unclean bird and every abominable beast. Every filthy thing that is done under the sun has been done in her. And the Kings have had intercourse with her. But not My son Eric, who serves Me night and day.

No, Eric. You cannot remain in her. You brought her blessings and mercy by your many good acts and charitable deeds. But her crimes are now piled up high to the sky. Her punishment can no longer be delayed. Hence, I grant you until dawn, January 31, 2020, and then you will be taken, as I took Lot of Sodom before I destroyed that city.

(3) Are you taking me to England, or somewhere in the Americas, O’ Lord? I Am taking you to a secret place known only to Me. There is a Catholic Church there that you will attend. And I will set you up there so that you can do the work I will there have you do. And what belongings of mine will I take with Me on this adventure, O’ Lord and God? Your two passports, your identification, your rosary, that Study Bible you bought, and your new laptop. Everything else you will leave behind.

(4) What about My cell phone? Do I not bring that, O’ Lord? If you were to bring that, you could be tracked and traced. No, leave it behind. You cannot take something that leaves evidence of where you are and where you have gone to. You will be doing no work that involves making smart phone apps, neither for iOS nor for Android. But you will be doing work that involves the computer language of Rust. So continue to study that language and master it, as you did C, C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, and Javascript. You will use it in the company I will have hire you and provide you with employment in your new location, which I here keep secret.

(5) Lord, now that I am perfectly celibate, I take it that I am to be like a monk laboring in a monastery. Is this the case, O’ Sovereign Lord? Yes, perfect! You have fully accepted your fate. And I will actually bring you to enter Religious life as a monk. Well done, O’ Larimar King. You have arrived at your ultimate fate. I Am bringing you to a secret monastery, where you will work and do what I command of you. You need not concern yourself with filing your taxes in America in April of 2020, for taxes will be impossible to file due to certain damage having been done to the communications systems and the personnel deficit in the internal revenue service department of the United States of America. Many things will simply no longer work in America, such as the toilets in the White House, much to the discomfort of the occupants of that building.

(6) But Lord, it is not my fate to enter into Holy Orders, but just into Religious Life as a monk. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Master? We can arrange for you to enter the priesthood, O’ Larimar King. That door is not closed to you. But Lord, I cannot enter the priesthood unless I am called. And you will know your calling when you are cured this Christmas Eve. Remember what I told you. If you are in the presence of My priest at the hour of your being cured, then that is the sign that you are called to enter My priesthood. But if no priests you see within your line of sight when I cure you, that is the sign that I have not called you to enter the priesthood. But you know the approximate time of your cures: Christmas Eve. And when you have been cured, you will be ordered to detail each and every cure you have received on this website, no matter the possible repercussions. Do I make Myself abundantly clear, O’ Larimar King? Yes, O’ Lord, and You know I will obey You in total completion.

(7) Very well then, O’ Lord, I am open to entering Religious Life and the priesthood, as however you shall will it, O’ Lord and Master. Eric, let Me tell you this Truth, so that you know. Your path to My priesthood is covered. It is possible, despite your past history of mental illness, for you have been mentally stable since the December, 1996, FaithFinder Breakdown, which, preceded by the visitation from Mary that same month, and followed by the Dream of Jesus in the following month, rendered your faith as rock solid and you as fit for My Catholic Church, which you entered into full communion on Easter Vigil, March 30 2002. And in your ascendancy to My Way in My Catholic religion, your mind has achieved the stability of the Sea of Peace. Hence, you are well suited to the priesthood. And your past four nervous breakdowns will not be a roadblock to your entrance into My priesthood. Besides, you will be entering in as a Religious Order priest, and not as a diocesan priest. For I will you to make the vow of poverty in your vocation as priest.

(8) So then I am to become a priest, O’ Lord? Yes, My servant, Eric. You will become My priest. And you will serve in an Order I will set up in a secret part of the world where you will be unknown and safe. Will this secret part of the world be in a third world country? Or will it be in a first world country? For it is always much easier to hide in the third world countries than it is in the first world. O’ Lord, what saith Thou? I will hide you where I will hide you, O’ Larimar King. Just realize that the place where I will hide you is nearby where you currently live.

(9) That is most interesting, O’ Lord! Does that mean that my continuing presence in America will keep it blessed? It means I will not completely destroy it, as I did Sodom. And what does not kill you makes you stronger.

(10) Lord, I know some Spanish, enough to be able to read a Holy Bible and understand half of what I read. Good. In the Spanish subculture is where you will be hidden. You will complete your mastery of Spanish where you will be hidden. And only the Spanish speaking world will know of you on the other side of moment I take you away.

And yes, you will be writing in Spanish My Word, just as you are writing now in English My Word. But do not be concerned. Your skills with Spanish are almost complete. You mainly lack vocabulary to be a competent speaker and writer in Spanish. And I will supply you with what you need to make up for your deficiency.

Also, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church will be your parish. And your place of residence will be someplace near there. And you will do the work I command you to do and receive the pay I command you to be paid.

(11) That is indeed close to where I currently live. In fact, I go to that Church each morning before I go to work. And I like the priests there. The Pastor there is very nice, but his Spanish needs help, especially when he gives homilies that he makes up as he goes along. You are right, O’ Larimar King. His Spanish skills are similar to yours, though your reading and writing comprehension in Spanish are what matters in your case more than speaking abilities. But he will choose to sponsor you into My priesthood of My Catholic Church. Anticipate this, for it shall be done. But Lord, he is a diocesan priest. And so it shall be the case that a diocesan priest you shall become.

(12) Lord, I accept all of this. Can’t wait! And what becomes of My parent’s house and where they now live? If I were to tell you that, then it would not happen. For the secret revealed would change the history as it plays out in time. I cannot reveal to you all the players and actors who will unite in the effort to take down the Larimar King. But converge on your house, they will. Encircle it, they shall. Destroy it, so shall it be done. And return to it, you shall not. That is why you shall be taken at dawn out of your house on January 31, 2020, for right after you are taken away, the enemies shall come. And they will have no reason to believe that you are not there.

An assumed identity shall you be given. A new name you shall have. Under a new identity shall you do business. And no one who knew you as Eric will know you in your new identity, except for My clergy, who must know everything for documents to be validated and sacraments to have effect.

(13) So, will I still do work at the company I currently work at, O’ Lord? Only remotely. Never in person again after that event. And they will pay you by direct deposit into a new account that will be opened up for you. Yes, your old business identity must be shuttered. And a new business identity you must assume.

(14) Lord, when I am cured, will everything be cured? Will I never need medication again? Correct, Lord Larimar. For you are a miraculous creature. You are not made of earth and bone as regular human beings are. So the condition you have that you are unable to fall asleep unless you take certain medication will be cured and done away with.

(15) And so, will I be assumed dead by those who knew me, O’ Lord? Those in the know will know of your new identity. But those who are formally acquainted with you will assume you died in that event called the Great Thinning. But this website you will continue to write in, but under a new name.

(16) Wouldn’t the readers of this website then be able to link the two identities together and know who I am? No, Eric. Remember that hardly anyone ever reads this website. Since no one really knows about this website, what you reveal here will not be revealed to your enemies. Just realize that most of the casual readers of this website have no idea of whether you yourself are even a real person. Most readers right now believe that you are a fabricated person, and that the Eric you are identified with is just a made up identity. Only governments with spy networks are aware that your information checks out and is credible. But even they suspect you to be a plant or some sort of operation under the facade of a prophet. And none of them know who you work for. They do not believe that these prophecies are the work of one man working by himself.

And they are not. They are the work of God. But God does not factor into their equations. And so, you must be a plant of some governmental operatives. And there will be made the effort to acquire you to question you in order to determine your source and who you are working for.

(17) Now, do some of them assume that I am working for the Trump Administration? No, for you are actively undermining that operation. Nor do they believe you are working for Russia, for you are a vicious attacker of Vladimir Putin. Instead, it is assumed you are an Israeli plant, not directly of the ruling government, but of some agency within the secret services of that regime. And why is that, O’ Lord? It is because you are always on Israel’s side in every political position you have taken in your long history of writing. Furthermore, they will assign you to be of a clandestine Christian Zionist movement. And after they have gathered all the facts they can, they will attempt to shut you down. But they will do nothing to this website.

(18) Why won’t they shut down this website, O’ Lord? They want to shut you down first. The website is harmless, and few visit it. And the information on it is dated and gets old fast. Hence, there is no gain to shutting down this website. Only if you had many followers who relied on this website to receive their orders from you would shutting it down change anything. But you neither give orders nor show any evidence of having any followers whatsoever. And few ever come here to see these writings. Hence, it is more advantageous to them to let you speak here so that they can monitor you, than to shut this website down before acquiring you into their custody.

(19) And will they attempt to acquire me, O’ Lord? Yes, but I will snatch you away when that time comes. They do not consider that possibility because they do not allow for the possibility that these words are coming from a deity. Hence, when you are taken away, they will cast their net wide to catch you, but you will have long since escaped. Miraculous powers are not something they factor into their calculations.

(20) And what becomes of my two brothers, Mark and David? And what becomes of my parents, O’ Lord? I Am taking them away. They will be held in detention to ascertain what they know. And it will not be accepted that they know nothing about you or who you are. And torture will be used to extract information from them. I will allow them to be tortured.

(21) Lord, is there to be a woman in my life? Probably not because I am to be a priest, right, O’ Lord? Yes, a woman is to enter your life soon and become your personal confidant. But she cannot be my lover, O’ Lord, since I am celibate, right, O’ Lord? No, Eric, no woman can get that close to you. For it is forbidden. This personal confidant will be celibate like you, also a Religious. And she will be a close friend, but nothing sexually intimate will ever pass between you and her.

(22) And Lord, will I have time to master Koine Greek and Latin? And what about Hebrew? Your abilities in Koine Greek and Latin will become as how you now know and are skilled in Spanish. And you will become quite fluent. I will have you study these languages, and dabble a little in Hebrew, just to perfect your understanding of the original Greek in the New Testament and the Septuagint Old Testament so that you can with great authority preach in My Church when you assume your rights as an ordained Catholic priest. Amen, Eric. Now go and read what I command you to read. And you will be doing My will. Amen.