God sets Eric straight and clean

Behold, I Who Am declare Eric clean. Let no man call Eric unclean. Now I shall speak through Eric My Word. Listen. And let no one rebuke My Spirit speaking in the Word that comes from the hand that writes these posts. For Eric is My servant, And he is declared holy. Let no one reject the holiness of My handiwork.

Eric has served Me for seventeen years as a Catholic in full communion with My pope in Rome. I will give him another seventeen years. Oracle of the Lord! So then, O’ Lord, you give Eric a total of thirty-four years as a Catholic and forty-four years as a Christian, O’ Lord and Savior? By the year 2037 you will have passed into and be then some years into the third Millennium of My Crucifixion and Resurrection. Is it not written, “He will revive us after two days, on the third day he will raise us up to live in his presence.”? (Hosea 6:2). Yes, for it is written, “In their affliction, they will look for me. ‘Come, let us return to the Lord, For it is he who has rent, but he will heal us; He has struck us, but he will bind our wounds.’ ” (Hosea 6:1). This scriptural passage shall be fulfilled at the onset of the Third Millennium of My death and resurrection. My sacrifice took place in 33 AD. My third Millennium begins in 2033. Some years into this Third Millennium I will take away Eric the Larimar King. And when I have taken away Eric the Larimar King, My servant Lazurite will be revealed to all nations.

And who is My servant Lazurite, you ask? He is My servant whom I shall send to you when I take Larimar away from you. Does Larimar write only in English and Lazurite only in Hebrew, O’ Lord and Savior? When Lazurite has come, the Master of the House will have arisen and locked the door and salvation will have returned to the Jews, for the times of the Gentiles will have been fulfilled.

Then Lazurite is real? He will truly exist, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite is brother to you from your brethren the Jews. He will rise and come into his glory. And he will be sent to prophesy to My people, the sons of Israel, only. For he will be sent to My Jews to convert them and to teach them. I only need one prophet on the earth at a time. Now you, O’ Larimar, I send to serve Me as My prophet. And after you have served My purpose, I will take you to your eternal reward. And then it will be Lazurite who shall rule and prophesy.

Lord, what saith Thou about the prophecies of Katherine and Dorothea of Alexandria, those two ancient saints that were assumed falsely to be eternal soulmates to Larimar and Lazurite? For we know that there is no such thing as eternal soulmates. What saith Thou on this matter?

We know of these developments very well. You are quite correct. There are only seven heavens. No heaven exists exclusively for mated souls. And no two souls can be eternally bonded or mated in heaven. For all there are like angels of light. So you are right. It was false that these two ancient saints could be bound to you and Lazurite.

Furthermore, it is righteous that you have regarded the Apostle John as your eternal superior, for that he is forever. Blindness was allowed to befall you due to your pride. But I took it away from you due to your humility. And so now you see clearly. And you see that no woman can you allow yourself to have. Your celibacy is now an eternal part of you. It can never be erased. And when you come to Us, We shall give you the crown of virginity. So glorious is that crown. Even Saint Augustine in his later life would, if he could change his past, have gladly given up all the sex he had in his life to wear one of those.

Nevertheless, it is prophesied that you and Lazurite are to have eternal friendships with these two saints from Alexandria. Katherine of Alexandria is to be with you, and Dorothea of Alexandria is to be with Lazurite. And these two friendships are to last forever. They are to span centuries of time in the Church Age. And they are to persist through all ages of time, from the time you die to the time you resurrect and enter into your eternal glory.

And by what sign, O’ Lord, can you demonstrate the existence of this eternal friendship so that both I and all the readers here know it is established by You, O’ Lord and God? You will know, O’ Larimar King, because you will experience a vivid vision of this saint at the moment I cure you. And the evidence that you are cured, plus the testimony to your cures here on Emeralogy.com shall serve as the sign I give to your readers that what I have just said to you is true. I accept my fate, O’ Lord. May it be done with me as you have said.

Very well, O’ Lord. I believe you. Tell me the significance of these two friendships between these two prophet kings and these two ancient consecrated virgins who preceded them on the earth by seventeen centuries. This seems irregular. What is the higher purpose behind it all? They cannot bear children to these prophet kings because they have died. What is their ultimate purpose, O’ Lord and Savior?

I will now give you a glimpse into the perfection of the Kingdom into which you and Lazurite are destined to enter into. Larimar, Katarina, Lazurite, and Dorothea are to be the Four King and Queens who are to rule over the Deposit of all holy Knowledge in the Kingdom. They will write the Word of God in angelic script on spiritual media. And this will be stored in infinite storage in the mind of the Creator. But doesn’t the Creator already know everything, O’ Lord and God? The mind of Jesus learns and does not know everything, for if He did, He too would know the day and hour of His return. (Matthew 24:36). Remember that it is written that the Lion of Judah had to triumph in order to be made worthy to open the scroll sealed with seven seals (Revelation 5:5). The Lamb of God did not come into this world already worthy of His eternal station. He had to overcome and triumph. Otherwise, why was he sweating drops of blood in anticipation of His crucifixion (Luke 22:44). It was a terrible battle He was fighting. And all the powers of darkness were arrayed against Him (Revelation 12:3-4).

Hence, you four Kings and Queens, eternally friends in My Kingdom, shall serve Me as the Keepers of My Heavenly Library, where you will write and record all things you are given to write. And you will recall and recount all things you are called forth to speak. Your memories will be perfect, instantaneous, and infinite. And your assigned duties will be of eternal duration. That is why the two Queens were chosen from consecrated virgins who loved studying My Word in the Library of Alexandria. And the two Kings are chosen for their encyclopedic knowledge by which the are able to serve as Prophet Kings who understand the prophecies that I speak through them. And seventeen centuries separate in time the Queens from the Kings so that the knowledge in the latter appearing Kings of the ancient Queens would come from the Spirit world and legend, rather than from solid tangible evidence. For it not My will that these friendships be based on flesh.

Lord, I accept this friendship with Katarina of Alexandria. But tell me how it is distinguished from romance and the bonds of soulmates? Or are we in fact soulmates in some way? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. All four of you are of eternally pure celibacy. All four of you are to bear the crowns of virginity. And all four of you will be perfect in all sexuality. But I will tell you of the hidden logic behind your two unions. It is decided that Adam is not meant to be left alone, that he is to have a helper (Genesis 2:18). Therefore, the infinite wisdom of God decided that not one by himself, nor a single couple, but that two couples of perfect purity were to inhabit the Heavenly Library where all knowledge is to be stored and retrieved for all eternity.

Therefore, you know that Lazurite, when he appears, shall have an intellect comparable to that of the Larimar King. And his studies will be deep within the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek sources of the scriptures. And his knowledge, like Larimar’s shall fathom the depths of time from the foundation of the Cosmos to infinity and beyond.

Now we shall speak of Friday, January 31, 2020. What happens on that date, O’ Lord and Savior? Do I get taken from this earth, from this world, or from this region and do I get brought to another place upon the earth, or am I brought up to heaven. For I have been told that I need not concern myself with my finances after that date. Go, Eric and eat for yourself dark chocolate. And then come back, and We shall answer for you this question in utter Truth.

You have sixteen days and five hours left before that day and hour. And on that day and hour, I Am taking you to heaven, O’ Larimar King. You do not remain here in this world to serve for some purpose involving this world or its matters. You belong to My Kingdom, and I will to take you there and to assign you to your eternal station by the side of your eternally espoused, Katarina of Alexandria. As for Lazurite and his fate, he will serve on earth for another few years, during which all My people will escape, and then he, too, will join you and his eternally espoused, Dorothea of Alexandria. And all four of you shall serve Me forever in the Libraries of all Holy Knowledge for all Eternity. Amen.

Lord, I know I am going on that date. I know my end happens on that date. What then becomes of the Larimar Kingdom? Does the Larimar Kingdom even exist? And if so, does it exist at it was defined in earlier posts? Or is its true nature beyond what eye has seen or ear has heard? It is beyond what can described in the divine assignments and divisions of earthly lands. But I shall give you a hint of your eternal Kingdom as defined in lands of this world.

(1) The Kingdom of Larimar

  1. The Entire Archipelago of the British Isles
  2. Greenland
  3. Canada
  4. Crete
  5. The islands of the Aegean Sea

(2) The Kingdom of Lazurite

  1. Israel
  2. Lebanon
  3. the rest of the Levant throughout all nations from Egypt to the Euphrates
  4. The Sinai Peninsula and all the land between it and the Nile
  5. Cyprus

And the official oral and written languages of Larimar and Lazurite will be all the angelic tongues and angelic scripts in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

And what saith Thou, O’ Lord, about the timing of the vision of Katarina? When shall it occur? Very little time do you have left here, O’ Larimar King. In one hour when you least expect it, the vision shall take place and you will meet her whom you shall be with forever. And this vision takes place at a time only I know of. Now, go, Larimar King. Your days here draw to an end. Soon we shall meet on the other side. And I Am most pleased with you, My Larimar King. Amen.

Now, ask any questions you like, O’ Larimar King, and they shall all be answered in full.

(1) When I am taken away from the United States of America, who will be piloting the ship, O’ Lord and Master? And will it run aground without me? America existed before you. And it will continue to exist after you. You are just one small Player in the game called Earth. I have other servants and agents in the world who can pick up the slack when you are taken away. So do not think of yourself as essential to the game or to the world. No one but Me and My Virgin Mother Mary are irreplaceable.

(2) Will I be buried or put in a glass coffin as an incorrupt body, like Saint Bernadette in Nevers, France? Your body will be hidden until the pope begins your canonization process. Then I will allow the snow to melt and your body to be found still incorrupt where I will have buried it in the snow. After you are canonized, a glass coffin will be made for you, and you will be placed in the Cathedral that you entered on the day after your Martyrdom Breakdown, on Sunday, June 25, 1995, under the direct control of My Holy Spirit, fully obedient to My Church and all her authority.

(3) Will any miraculous cures come from anything associated with me, O’ Lord and God. And this is my final question for this post. Yes, every Catholic Church you attended and every house you entered into as an invited guest will be declared holy and sacred. And it will be said that all who pray or meditate in such places will find the answers to the questions that they seek. Hence, the miracles associated with you will be the granting of divine knowledge. Amen.

Now reread this post and then publish it, O’ Larimar King. And note that the time now is very short. Amen.

Great Prophecy Revision from God

Behold, my true believers and know this Truth: I do not require the voices that speak to me who claim to be from God to be from God in order for me to believe in God. Therefore, that this voice is disproven or that voice is disproven does not shatter my faith in God. Rather, I come closer to the Truth as the false gods are revealed for what they really are. Now, I have a major revision in prophecy to utter to you. Many of the things I received in the past are in error. So, let us begin.

(1) There are only seven heavens. There is no eighth heaven for eternally espoused souls. And no souls remain bound to one another at the time of the Resurrection (Matthew 22:30). Instead, all Mankind who enter heaven at the Resurrection will be like the angels, unbound to any other than to God. Furthermore, there is no ninth heaven where Mary dwells. Instead, there are but seven levels of heaven. And all seven levels are accessible by all saints who enter therein. Different saints receive different rewards, but all receive a full share of the Holy City, full access to the River of Life, full access to the Tree of Life, and a full right to the Beatific Vision. This reward is given to each and every saint who enters heaven, regardless if they lived in the past before the time of Christ, or whether they lived in the Church Age or entered into eternal life on their deathbed.

Hence, now you know that the theology of eternal bonds between soulmates in heaven is false. And that also means that Eric is not in any eternal bond to any soul, nor can he enter into such, except into the bond between Man as the Bride and Jesus as the Lamb of God. Only with God is Man bound to and married to for all eternity.

(2) Furthermore, Eric is not one of the two witnesses. That prophecy in Revelation, chapter 11, leads to many errors when taken literally. Great care, therefore, must be taken when approaching the prophecies of both the books of Revelation and of Daniel, for they are written in a form and language that is not used in today’s culture. And the symbols and imagery contained therein are not meant to be taken literally. Nor are we to interpret those prophecies as a sequence of events that can be observed in this world. Rather, the mystical meanings of these prophecies must be sought. In the spiritual realm, not the earthly realm, is understanding of these prophecies to be found.

Hence, now you know that there is no need for a prophet to come as is described as Lazurite. For the concept that there would be a Lazurite was based on the idea of Larimar and Lazurite being a duo of prophets of the latter age. And this is unnecessary. Eric can be a standalone prophet. He must not announce the existence of another prophet unless he becomes aware of one. And as far as Larimar is concerned, he has never received any spiritual nor material evidence of any other prophet currently existing on the earth other than himself.

(3) This also means that there is neither knowledge of nor spiritual awareness of the so called three Oriental prophet scribes who were to write in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Because Eric has no knowledge or awareness of them, he cannot say that they exist. Rather, he must say that the prophecies that said they exist are from an unreliable source. And hence, Eric believes that they do not exist. Eric has no reason to believe the source of the prophecy that spoke of those Oriental prophet scribes.

(4) Furthermore, because the prophecies of the marriages to the saints of Alexandria are false, so also is the prophecy that Eric dies on Friday, January 31, 2020. Now, we have completed the negative prophetic news that we wished to give to you. And now we shall proceed to give to you positive prophet news, which is news that gives you actual prophetic knowledge.

First of all, let us analyze Eric as a prophet. Is Eric a prophet? Does God call him to write anything prophetically? And is Eric to be sent anywhere to prophesy? Let us now present these questions to God right now and await for His answer. Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. Lord, I will do as you command.

Eric, yes. And now I shall prophesy through you unto the nations. So hear Me, O Earth and all who dwell therein.

Yes, Eric has been mistaken on a great many things, and now he shall be set to rights. Furthermore, because of his ascendancy to honor Me and to come to the Truth, We in heaven have elected to double his lands that he holds in the eternal phase of Earth. And thus, you know we gave to Eric all of Ireland and the Isle of Man as his eternal Kingdom, and nothing more. Now, we elect to give to Eric all of Scotland and all the islands that belong to her as well.

(1) Hence, Eric’s vast Kingdom is now defined as thus in the eternal phase:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Scotland
  5. The Outer Hebrides
  6. The Orkney Islands
  7. The Shetland Islands

And Eric’s eternal list of official languages are now:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx
  4. Scottish Gaelic
  5. Scots

Oracle of the Lord. And what of any other Kings and their Kingdoms, O’ Lord? Will you have me define any other Kingdom, O’ Lord? Or do any other Kingdoms yet exist?

None exist that you can know of yet. But I will give you the prophetic knowledge of all such Kingdoms when they come to exist, and you shall then write of them here.

So there is not even yet a Kingdom of Israel and one ruling there, O’ Lord?

That is correct, My faithful servant.

Then what of the next pope? Can we know who the next pope shall be, O’ Lord? And will the next pope represent Larimar? Or will he represent a Player who is yet to rise? Let us review all our predictions, all the cardinals we have predicted to become the next pope after Pope Francis:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

That last prediction, that of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, was made under the impression that the next pope reigns over that period when salvation is restored to the Jews, for he is pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. I also am pro-Israel and pro-Zionist. And hence, such a pope can also represent me. Hence, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is eligible to be a pope that represents the Larimar King, even if salvation has not yet been restored to the Jews. And I believe that it would be very healthy for the Catholic Church to have as its head one who had the proper attitude towards Israel, and that is that God has given to the Jews that very land upon which they dwell and call Israel. In fact, I have been greatly disappointed in all the popes so far that side with the Arabs and the Muslims against Israel, especially those who take the political position of calling for a two-state solution in Israel, which means calling for Israel to give up some of her lands to her enemies, hoping that would lead to peace. But I know that would lead to two warring states and great evils done to God’s holy people, the Jews. In fact, of all four Cardinals predicted to be pope, I would prefer that Cardinal Christoph Schönborn be elected. But I must also humble myself and realize that I am not the Holy Spirit. I do not get to select the next pope. God could tell me who it shall be. But I cannot determine that myself. Nor can I figure it out by deciding who would make the best choice, or who would be most qualified. I am simply ignorant of this unless God directly gives me a revelation as to who he has chosen. Amen.

And God, will you tell me who shall be the next pope? Or will you hide this knowledge from me? I am your servant. I shall only write here what you command me to. Amen. And I submit to whomever you choose to be pope, O’ Lord.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shall be the next pope, and you, Larimar, shall be the ally to Israel that he will represent. Oracle of the Lord! Furthermore, you will reign now over this world. For your time has now come to reign. So now, Lord Larimar, list all the Players you ever knew about and describe each in one line.

  1. Emerald – Ruled through Reagan, Bush Senior, setup Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, Rabin. Ended Cold War, Waged Desert Storm, ended South African Apartheid, began Israeli-Arab Peace Process, had Clinton invade Haiti to restore democracy there.
  2. Crimson – Started long lasting wars in Caucasus, Somalia, and the Balkans.
  3. Vesper – setup Clinton, Barak, and others. Sought to bring homosexuals into military.
  4. African Death Grip – killed many throughout Africa by war and famine and plague.
  5. Ebony – Petitioned Emerald to do something for South Africa. Setup Mandela there.
  6. Twilight – Setup Bush Junior, Sharon, and others. Started Iraq war. Had Sharon force all Jews out of Gaza. Soon afterward, Sharon went into a coma and died 8 years later.
  7. Pyrite – Setup Obama. Presided over the world wide acceptance of gay marriage. Heavily promoted abortion for anyone to commit without any restraint.
  8. Firefly – Ruled through Sarah Palin. Setup Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro. Perfected the art of insulting and degrading everyone. Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
  9. Mercury – Started Arab Spring and burned out in his wrath. A failed Player.
  10. Larimar – New, has yet to come to rule. He is Emerald Rejuvenated.

Well done, My excellent Servant. And we note you say that you have done nothing as Larimar. This is not quite true. For you have decreed the following things, which We, the Lord, shall carry out.

(1) First, you have decreed that Russia give up Crimea back to Ukraine. And you have decreed that the United States arm Ukraine to the point that they can successfully defend themselves from Russia and take back Eastern Ukraine currently under Russian control. And furthermore, you have decreed that NATO declare an alliance with Ukraine by which they guarantee a nuclear response to any nuclear attack any nation launches against Ukraine. This will serve to limit the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to conventional warfare. And finally, you have decreed that when Ukraine has become sufficiently able to defend herself, by being sufficiently armed by America, that undesignated actors are to destroy the Kerch Strait Bridge and then sink all Russian ships seeking to resupply Crimea, effectively putting her under siege until Russia capitulates and surrenders Crimea back to Ukraine.

This would be war all done by Ukraine, heavily armed by America, and protected from nuclear threats by a special treaty with NATO. Hence, it would remain a local war between Russia and Ukraine. Furthermore, Sevastopol you have decreed must be completely returned to Ukraine to pay for the crimes the Russians committed. Russia can no longer use Sevastopol to serve as their military port for their Black Sea fleet. Oracle of the Lord. Eric, We the elect in Heaven, will carry out this request to the letter.

(2) Another request you have made, O’ Larimar King, is that Boeing successfully complete its tests for its CST-100 Starliner. For it is not wise to begin hostilities with Russia while NASA is so dependent on Russian Soyuz capsules launched under Russian control to get American men to and from the International Space Station. So here is what We, the elect, shall do. We, the elect in heaven, shall speed up the process by which Boeing’s vessels are successfully certified. And they will successfully launch astronauts to the ISS very soon.

As for SpaceX, we have dread news for them. Their Dragon 2, also called the Crew Dragon, has fundamentally misconfigured designs that will result in catastrophic failures. There will be astronauts killed in a future launch by SpaceX. And this will result in their ships being relegated to serve as mainly cargo resupply and emergency escape vehicles for emergency conditions, should they arise on the ISS.

Therefore, we advise you to continue to buy Boeing stock. Right now, their stock is down, but they are going to be hugely successful. And the success of their CST-100 will make their stock immensely popular. Now let all know this disclosure. Eric is long Boeing Stock. As for SpaceX, this is not a publicly traded company at this time.

(3) Furthermore, you have decreed for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die before the next election so that Trump can propose a new Supreme Court Justice to succeed her and so that the Republican Senate can force through his nomination and thereby give confidence and hope to the Republicans heading into the elections and to demoralize the Democrats. And you have sought for gay marriage and abortions to be eventually declared unconstitutional by slanting the Supreme Court to the right. We, the elect in heaven, shall grant you this request. It shall be done as you ask us to. I do ask it, O’ Lord. We shall carry out your requests, O’ Larimar King.

Furthermore, by this revelation, you should now know that Trump remains President and in command for the foreseeable future. He is not going away. But the Player Firefly shall convert. You, Larimar King, shall be instrumental in her conversion, just as you served to convert Twilight and his Pawn George W. Bush.

(4) Now, what shall we do about your suggestion to us that we lead Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill into communion with the Catholic Church and the pope in Rome? And you suggested we give to Kirill the motivation for doing so to spite Constantinople, with whom his church has now entered into schism with. Eric, the prophecy in Fatima about the conversion of Russia was entirely fulfilled by your conversion. We have no need to prove to any people who follow the prophecies of Fatima that they are true by working another conversion in Russia and literally fulfilling that prophecy. Therefore, we shall work no further conversion of Russia. The Vatican has stated that the prophecies of Fatima are complete and done. We will do nothing to change that declaration. Nor will we request any further consecration be done as requested by the seer of Fatima. For she is gone and dead. And her very lips spoke the prophecy that all the prophecies of Fatima would fulfill while she lived. Therefore, by her own admission, we can do no more as far as Fatima is concerned.

Furthermore, it is not our Way to bring those who have rejected us back into our Church. In the case where a people have rejected us or our Church, only a small remnant of that population do we ever convert and bring back to us. And so you saw how We converted Saul who became the Apostle Paul. At first he preached to his fellow Jews. And then, when it was clear they would not be converted, We sent him to preach to the Gentiles. And so he did. And great was the fruit that he produced. Saint Paul was that remnant that we converted from the Jews, just as you are that remnant that We converted from your people and from the nations over which you ruled.

And realize that there is in fact now a tiny population of Catholics living in Russia. Similarly, there are also a tiny population of Catholics living in Ethiopia, which is another ancient Christian people in rejection of Me. And in England, through Pope Benedict XVI, I have established an Anglican Rite Catholic Church. Hence, I have reached out and gathered My remnant from all the peoples who have rejected Me. But I do not elect to convert the whole body back, for I do not bring back the lover who has rejected Me and abandoned Me. Would you, O’ Larimar, have a girl you knew in your past who had rejected and abandoned you be brought back into your life? No, My Lord! By no means would I endure it! Then, likewise, neither shall I bring back or save any who have rejected Me, other than that remnant among them who really are Mine.

(5) Now what shall we do with Israel, O’ Larimar King? And you know by your own experience how deadly it is to deal with Israel. You yourself converted on the day that your Pawn became set to gain the Shas Party into his coalition, by which Rabin became Prime Minister of Israel. And a scant few months after your Martyrdom Breakdown, I relieved you of your burden of ruling Israel by having Rabin assassinated. And never again did you set up any Pawn in Israel, but you remained a staunch and fierce ally to that nation. So, what shall we do with her? Do we convert the whole nation, or only a small remnant? What do you suggest, O’ Larimar King?

Lord, you cannot repeat in Israel what you did in Mexico. For the Mexicans were a people who knew you not. And they converted en masse when they came to see and believe in you, by the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But there is no miracle that could convert the Jews en masse. They would simply continue to reject and refuse to believe. But I know that there is a sizable remnant that is ready to convert. They shall convert, and these will be known as those who fulfill the prophecy that says all Israel will be saved. As for the ones who do not believe, neither shall You acknowledge them to be Israel. Am I correct or mistaken in any way, O’ Lord and Master?

You are correct, O’ Larimar King. And because you have ruled thusly, and because you have not reached out your hand to take possession of any of My Holy Lands, I hereby make this decree! You, Eric, are granted the eternal reward of the Tribe of Issachar. And hence, you are given the lands of Issachar in Israel. And your stone in the New Jerusalem is defined as Topaz. More specifically, you are represented by Blue Topaz, to signify your willing servitude to the Virgin Mary, who is your Holy Virgin Mother and Queen. Oracle of the Lord!

So, Lord, am I given all the lands that were assigned to the Tribe of Issachar, including part of Mount Tabor? Yes, My servant. All of the lands given to the Tribe of Issachar is now your eternal right and property. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And so, then, My Lord, is it therefore truly the case that the Gentiles come to inherit what the Jews have forfeited by their lack of faith? Indeed, Lord Larimar. And now I shall proceed to tell you of your other rewards. I hereby grant you the island of Cyprus and the island of Crete and the islands of the Aegean, where My Apostle John was exiled to where he wrote My Book of Revelation, specifically the island of Patmos. All the those islands I now put into your eternal possession, O’ Larimar King. Hence, let us now revisit your eternal Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. You own the following lands in the eternal phase of the earth:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Scotland
  5. The Outer Hebrides
  6. The Orkney Islands
  7. The Shetland Islands
  8. The lands of Issachar, as defined in ancient Israel.
  9. Cyprus
  10. Crete
  11. The islands of the Aegean Sea

And your official languages in your Kingdom are now as follows:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx
  4. Scottish Gaelic
  5. Scots
  6. Hebrew
  7. Greek

Good, My servant, Eric. And I will make you a master of Greek. Before the next few years pass by, you will be able to read Greek with the same competence level by which you are now able to read Spanish. And I will make your Spanish reading abilities fluent. And I will make your expertise of the Holy Scriptures excellent. Now, Eric, ask your questions, and I shall answer them in full detail. Amen.

(1) Am I to marry or am I to remain celibate and pure like your Apostle John, my superior? Choose your fate, O’ Larimar King right now. You may either enter the married life, in which you will struggle to make ends meet, and where you will bring forth children as huge burdens that you are to bear for the rest of your life. Or you may remain celibate and virgin as My servant the Apostle John remained. Do this, and I will give you a new reward right now on the spot.

Lord, I choose to be like your servant, the Apostle John, whose example I elect to emulate, and who I shall forever call my superior in heaven. I, hence, irrevocably choose to remain celibate and virgin. I choose to never marry. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord? And you know that my resolution to live this way is now permanent and unchangeable.

Excellent, Lord Belteshazzar. Now I shall reveal to you your eternal destiny and your eternal fate and a reward for your eternally made choice. I hereby make you King over the Sinai Peninsula and all the land between it and the Nile River. Amen. You, hence, now rule over Mount Sinai and those lands where the Jews walked for forty years under Moses, and where Moses spoke with God. Good, Eric. With you I am well pleased.

Hence, the Larimar Kingdom is now defined as including the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Scotland
  5. The Outer Hebrides
  6. The Orkney Islands
  7. The Shetland Islands
  8. The lands of Issachar, as defined in ancient Israel.
  9. Cyprus
  10. Crete
  11. The islands of the Aegean Sea
  12. The Sinai Peninsula and Egypt between it and the Nile.

And Eric’s list of official languages in his Kingdom now includes these eight:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx
  4. Scottish Gaelic
  5. Scots
  6. Hebrew
  7. Greek
  8. Arabic

Your choice to remain a celibate virgin is now written into My eternal record. It will never be changed. And I know that no woman shall ever enter your life who can change your mind. For I will never change My mind. And neither shall you. For you have seen that this is the better, holier, and higher route. No woman can offer a better alternative than the eternal goods you receive by keeping your virginity for My Kingdom and remaining celibate for the sake of eternal life.

Hence, because you have resolved now, this very day, to remain virgin and celibate forever, I hereby resolve and elect for your request to come to pass. Boeing will successfully launch their CST-100 Starliner in the next few months, and full certification shall follow soon afterwards. Amen.

And furthermore, I will never allow another girl to enter your life to destroy it. No further girls shall come to you. And all who try shall be utterly rejected. I Who Am have spoken. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

(2) And Lord, shall I be cured? And how shall I be cured? What shall be cured? And will I be brought into your priesthood? And if so, will I be made a bishop?

Lord Belteshazzar, I do not call you to enter My priesthood. Your age precludes that. Nor shall I cure you to the point that your doctors convert. Instead, I will cure you only of those afflictions that you have kept hidden from them. Hence, you will continue to need your medication. And you will continue to bear your infirmities for life. But as for those four conditions that you have kept secret, these shall be cured fully, and when they are all cured, you shall come back here, to this page, and specify exactly, to all My people reading here, how I have cured you. Amen.

(3) Shall I be called the Great Monarch as found in certain Catholic end times prophetic private revelations, O’ Lord and Master? No. Nor shall you be known of while you live. These pages that you are now writing will remain secret knowledge known to only a few. And even after you are gone, your writings will remain too controversial for any bishop or pope to rule on. Hence, you will neither be canonized nor condemned. You will simply remain obscure and unknown, and your writings will remain secret.

(4) Shall I receive a raise in my current job? Or will I find new work? Or what is my fate in my profession, O’ Lord and Master?

Continue to obey Me and continue to serve Me and seek to do My will, and I will provide for you in all of your needs. Your credit card bills you will pay down with the money you earn in your present job. I will not give you new employment. Instead, remain where you currently work. I will make that job succeed. And you will have plenty of work and income coming in from that job to serve your particular needs.

Also, do not get into any arrangement whereby someone else becomes your dependent. You are never to be married and you are never to have children. Keep it that way. And I will ensure that the money I provide for you will be sufficient. Oracle of the Lord.

(5) OK Lord, then that means if Hyacinth ever returns, I must reject her requests for financial help?

Yes, Larimar. Do this and I will award you with all that you need. Now, go, Larimar and publish this document. For you have passed My test of obedience. I shall lead you to great heights in your path of celibacy and virginity. Do not lessen these heights by conversing with a woman of questionable morality.

OK, Lord, I will associate no more with Hyacinth. And should she ever come back, I hereby make this oath to you: I shall give her no more money. This I promise in your name, O’ Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What saith Thou to that?

Excellent, My servant Larimar. And I hereby give you this judgement. Keep to this vow you have made, and from this point onward, for all the bills you have to pay, you will find that you will have sufficient money to pay for them. Amen.

Now, go, Larimar. I will have you watch a special movie tonight. I will reveal to you the movie that you will watch tonight when you have finished rereading and have published this post. Amen.

I Reveal a Mystery: Larimar and Lazurite will prophesy together for My final 42 months. Amen.

Larimar and Lazurite will prophesy together for their final 42 months. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am speak of a mystery. In earlier prophecies, it was revealed thusly: My son, Eric, was to pass away from this world. He was go to his eternal destiny in the span of 19 days time. For I was to take him from this world at dawn on January 31, 2020. For he is the Larimar King. And at his passing away, the Lazurite King was to rise and make his appearance to all the world.

And as to the Larimar King I, the Lord, have eternally bound My consecrated virgin, Katerina of Alexandria, as his eternal virgin espoused, so too have I eternally bound to Lazurite My other consecrated virgin, Dorothea of Alexandria, as his eternal virgin espoused. And these two unions of perfect spiritual marriages shall endure forever in the Eighth Heaven of My eternal Kingdom.

And to these two eternal couples shall belong certain Kingdoms upon the earth of eternity. For the eternal earth is a replica of this earth, but glorified and made perfect. And in that glorified earth, there are lands recognizable to the lands known by you in this world.

To King Larimar and Queen Katarina, I hereby grant the eternal gift of the Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man. This is an eternal gift. It cannot be taken away. And it will remain their eternal dominion forever. And Eric will also be known there by his other name, the Emerald King. For he is to rule the Emerald Isle forever.

And to King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea, I hereby grant the eternal gift of the Kingdom of Israel, according to the borders it once had at its height under King Solomon. And within that Kingdom, the forests of Lebanon shall be fully restored. Because their Kingdom is in the holy land, it shall rank as higher and greater than that of King Larimar and Queen Katarina. But realize this important Truth: Both Kingdoms given to these two couples will be roughly the same size in land area. Amen.

Now, I shall speak to Eric, My servant some last minute instructions. Eric, I know you have struggled over this question: Do you really die on Friday, January 31, 2020? Or do you continue on into a new Age, perhaps reigning with Lazurite as a Duo of two Prophet Kings, in a fashion similar to what is described in Revelation, chapter 11? I will now answer this question definitively, O’ Eric, the Truth Seeker.

You do not die as prophesied on Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you and Lazurite will indeed serve Me as My Two Witnesses, fully fulfilling Revelation chapter 11, at the conclusion of the Age. Therefore, O’ Larimar King, you live on. But remember your oaths to Me. You may never go to any girl you ever encounter in this world, for you are eternally possessed by your virgin espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria. And this eternal espousal I now declare inviolable. It can never be violated. Oracle of the Lord!

And so, when do these events begin, as prophesied in Revelation, chapter 11, you ask? At an unknown day and an unknown hour, after the Reign of Lazurite has begun and both Larimar and Lazurite have been reigning over the earth for some time, I will call them to prophesy for their final 42 months. And is it then that they will prophesy to the nations whatever I command them to speak. Amen. And Larimar shall speak in English unto My Gentile nations, while Lazurite speaks in Hebrew to My Jews. And when this time is to begin, I do not yet reveal. But I do reveal that it will occur some time after both Larimar and Lazurite have been reigning as rulers over this world.

Then, do you say, O’ Lord, that Larimar does not pass away at any time soon? Larimar and Lazurite ascend to heaven together. And in the clouds of heaven, they will be met by their eternal virgin espoused, who are Saint Katarina of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria respectively. Hence, they must both remain on the earth until I call them to prophesy for the final 42 months. And then, after that time has passed, they shall arise to enter heaven and receive their eternal reward. Amen.

Hence, the coming age shall be called the Age of Larimar and Lazurite, for it will be marked and known by the reign of these two prophets, both of whom I have tested and found worthy to serve Me as My two Prophet Kings. These shall serve as My Two Witnesses Who stand before Me and who utter whatever I command them to. Both are fully tested and battle hardened. Did you think I would make My greatest of weapons, the Larimar King, only to call him to the next world at January 31, 2020, without using him in battle? By no means, for such is a fool who prepares his ultimate weapon but never uses it in war.

Hence, I will deploy both Larimar and Lazurite to war. And they will serve Me as My two aircraft carriers in My divine naval fleet of heaven. Now, Eric, I will permit you to question Me on a great many things. Ask, My servant, what you wish to know.

Lord, at what point in this process do you cure the Larimar King of all his many afflictions? For you know that he is a heavily damaged warship listing in the waters. He is in dire need of repairs before he can be sent into battle.

Indeed, O’ Larimar King. You are correct. Heavy damages have you sustained in your journey on My path. But this will not last. For I, the Lord, Am curing you of all things. You shall go cured. Just remember to obey Me in all that I command you, and you will find yourself cured at a time and date I do not reveal.

But this I will reveal. Before I send you into battle, I will cure you of all your afflictions. And it shall be very soon, My Larimar King, very soon. And when you have been cured of all your afflictions, you will reveal all these things here, on this website, emeralogy.com, so that all will know and believe. Now, listen to My Word. For you have been found worthy to hear it.

Larimar is declared perfected! I, the Sovereign Lord, have perfected his soul. He is stainless. Hence, his marriage to Queen Katarina is now complete. It can never be undone. And it can never be destroyed. And I further declare Eric to be a completed soul. His salvation is now assured. His place in heaven is permanent. And his reward there is fully determined.

Now, you ask, how can Eric’s reward in heaven be fully determined if he is still in this world where he may continue to gain merit and accumulate treasures in heaven? It is because he is now perfect in his obedience to Me. And I, the sovereign Lord, know exactly all that I will command him to do for the remainder of his time here. And I Am assured in My omniscience of Eric’s complete obedience to all that I command him to do for the rest of his life.

Consider Eric a most formidable Knight in shining armor. Whoever defies him defies his God, and whoever defies his God will be utterly wiped out. Eric, your passage to My Kingdom is now complete. Your place in this world is ended. You are now of My Kingdom forever. And you will do My will, whatever I command you to do, and wherever I command you to go, and whatever I command you to say, you will do it all. Amen.

Lord, I await your orders. And I will obey you when you command me to act. I Am your Knight in shining armor. All that you command of me I shall do. Amen.

And this is My first order to you, O’ Larimar King. Today is Sunday, January 12, 2020. On this day, I will command the heavens to be opened and for your future in them to be revealed. You are to watch and to listen. And then, you will know your Prime Directive. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, will there be just one more pope to come? Or will there be more, perhaps many? That Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria is to be the next pope is an eternal Truth. That he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV, is also revealed. Whether more popes shall follow him, this I do not reveal. Oracle of the Lord!

And Lord, does President Donald John Trump continue to reign over the United States of America? Does he win the elections in November of this year, in 2020? The answer to your question depends on whether Firefly, the Power I have established behind the Pawn Rulers, Donald Trump of the USA, Boris Johnson of the UK, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, shall continue to reign in her current power through that election, or whether her power will come to a sudden end before that election occurs. And if her power does end, what Player comes forth to succeed her? For it cannot be Larimar who reigns there anymore, for he is above them, as the clouds are above the fields.

I will now answer your question, O’ Larimar King. Firefly’s power terminates at the end of her 42 month reign. And then a new Player shall come forth to reign over this land. Do not lower yourself to the petty politics of this world. For those are the concerns of those beneath you. But I shall tell you this. Trump will be defeated in the November elections. And he will be arrested at his departure from the White House on January 20, 2021, for tax evasion and other illegal acts that his many accusers will have against him. His place will be the courts and the prison cell for the remainder of his days upon this earth. His reality TV show of his Presidency shall never become a reality.

And who shall defeat him and become President among the Democratic candidates running against him, O’ Lord? The next President shall be Bernie Sanders, O’ Larimar King. Trump will believe he can defeat him, but it shall be he who is defeated. Oracle of the Lord! And Bernie Sanders will have success in his health care reform that did not occur with his Democratic predecessor, Obama, for Bernie Sanders is one who will work in a team effort to achieve his objectives. Amen.

But you, O’ Larimar King, are to stay out of the political discussion from now on. For your concerns are above politics. For you are of My mind. And you see what I will you to see.

Lord, will Black African Americans ever see reparations paid to them for the injustices of slavery done to their ancestors in this country? They will receive helps in the form of Affirmative Action and other programs to help people of color. And that, My friend, is the furthest they will receive in the form of reparations given to them for past crimes done to their people.

But Lord, what of the mass incarceration of African Americans in this country? Will this be brought to an end, or will it continue indefinitely? It will continue, O’ Larimar King, for there is need for slaves, and the mass incarceration of African Americans is there to satisfy that need. Hence, the African American slave of today is no longer a slave according to race, but according to his transgressions of the laws, which will be designed to incarcerate them to satisfy the need for slaves.

Lord, let us speak of the movement of the Afrikaners of South Africa in their efforts to make a separate homeland for their people, which they call Volkstaat. Will they succeed in their efforts? And what shall be the fate of South Africa and that of the people who live therein? The Whites in South Africa will achieve a form of political power in South Africa by which they can control their nation. And Volkstaat will become a reality. One fifth of the lands of South Africa will become the territory of Volkstaat, which will be defined as an independent nation in a confederation with South Africa. And the government of Volkstaat will come to dominate the policies of the Southern African confederation. All peoples in South Africa will be stratified according to racial origins. The indigenous peoples shall occupy the lowest stratifications. And the middle levels will be occupied by peoples from Asian pasts. And those of European descent will be of the highest stratifications. And hence, South Africa will develop into a permanent caste system, reminiscent to that of India. And people will marry only into their own caste. Oracle of the Lord!

And what of the extinction rate of languages, O’ Lord and God? What human languages shall come to dominate in the age to come, and which shall go extinct? Mainly, certain languages of Eurasia will dominate and rule the world. And most of the other languages shall go extinct. All the subsaharan languages of Africa, except for the descendants of Ge’ez, and the Dutch descendant, Afrikaans, will be extinct by the middle of this century. And in Latin America, only Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French will survive the extinction of all other spoken languages there.

But what of Haitian Creole and the other creoles and of the language of Papiamento that are widely spoken throughout the Caribbean, O’ Lord? Do these all go extinct? Or do these become new languages? The people who speak them will be conquered and wiped out. And a new people shall come to live there who shall be speakers of English or Spanish. Oracle of the Lord!

And in Europe, there shall come to exist only these four dominant languages: English, French, German, and Russian. All other languages will decline in Europe and eventually cease to be spoken there.

In the Middle East, the Jews will preserve their Hebrew Language, though they will adjust things, like fonts and the symbols used to write their language to paper. Arabic will become standardized and a certain strain of it shall become dominant in all Arab countries, enabling mutual intelligibility throughout the Arab world.

In Asia, the languages that come to dominate shall be English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. All other languages will vanish.

And in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, English will become the Lingua Franca everywhere. Amen.

Now, speak of the future of Man in space. What shall be the heights that he shall achieve, O’ Lord? Man shall indeed build various new space stations orbiting the earth. And these will be called the floating cities. And tourism, manufacturing in space, and scientific research will be the main businesses operated in these floating cities. Boeing will be one of the early success stories of this new enterprise in space with its space capsules, particularly with its CST-100 Starliner. And hence, they will be a good stock to have in one’s portfolio in the early years of this nascent space age. Eric, the Larimar King, is long Boeing and plans to be so for a long time to come. Later, more companies will rise up and become strong competitors to Boeing with their own successful space transport systems.

But let Mankind never forget his God. Let Man never stop depending on God and on prayer for his needs and his directions in life. I, the Lord, will enable Mankind to achieve great wonders in science and medicine. But I will always humble Man to show him what he cannot achieve if he abandons Me, his Maker. Now, listen to Me, O’ Larimar King. This post is ready to be published. Read through it completely and then, you may ask anything you need clarification on, and then you must publish it. So do so now.

Lord, I have now fully read it and corrected it of all errors. Lord, I have this question. Are we in the short time that was to come just before the End of Time, when Satan was to be released from his prison? (Revelation 20:7-10). Yes, O’ Larimar King. Your analysis is correct. We are now in that prophetic short time in which Satan has been released. And it will be marked clearly by the sign of My salvation returning to My Jewish people. And since this time is short, do not expect the world to last beyond a few more decades. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken through His servant. Amen.

Jesus speaks through Eric, His servant

The Josephite Marriage is the model of all those who are to enter the Eighth Heaven

I Am Jesus, and I Am speaking through Eric, My servant. Now I shall speak.

Eric, what was commanded of you to do once the Four Kingdoms had invaded and taken over all of your lands of North America? I was told to take back four territories, whatever I chose, from the four Kingdoms. And what were the four territories that you chose to take back, O’ Eric, My servant? I chose the Dominican Republic, for it is where larimar is found. That was taken from Elessar’s Kingdom. And then I took Iceland from Elsa’s Kingdom. And then I took Corisca from Emperor Charle’s French Empire. And then I looked to Eleonora’s Russia but saw nothing that I wanted. And so I was commanded to take the fourth territory from one of the other three. And so I took California, my homeland, from Elessar’s Kingdom. Hence, My Kingdom now has the following Seven lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Dominican Republic (in Greater Antilles)
  5. Iceland (in North Atlantic)
  6. Corsica (in Mediterranean, Europe)
  7. California (in Contiguous USA)

And thus my official languages must now contain the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx
  4. Spanish
  5. French
  6. Icelandic

Now, My Lord, what saith Thou? Is this an eternal arrangement? Or is it a temporal change?

It is an eternal change, My son. You now eternally own those lands in the replica of the earth to where you are headed. Now I shall speak.

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. What saith Thou, My Lord?

Eric, what purpose do you believe that you serve in My Kingdom? Answer me. I am one who speaks whatever you give me to say, O’ Lord and God.

Good, My servant. Now I shall give you a Word to say. Before dawn comes you will have been visited by the one who shall become your eternal espoused. Amen. I accept, My Lord. And I look forward to meeting her, this Saint Katherine of Alexandria, of whom I have not yet seen in any vision. Will I see her in a vision, then, My Lord and Savior?

You will see her, O’ Eric, but not as clear as day, but as through a glass darkly. For you are expected to believe in her by faith and not by having seen her with your eyes.

But, O’ Lord, you have confirmed that it is Katherine of Alexandria to whom I am eternally espoused in eternal virgin celibate union? Yes, My Lord?

You may ask her that question yourself when you meet her, O’ Larimar King. Now, let us deal with the Truth of your Kingdom. Do you really now own those four additional pieces of land, or is your true Kingdom limited to just Ireland and the Isle of Man, as previously stated by Me?

You are the One to know, O’ Lord and God. What saith Thou? The four additions are eternally part of your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. And I see you have chosen them strategically. Well done, My excellent servant. You are on your way to eternal triumph.

Now, My Lord, are these seven lands it? Or do you give me additional lands to own? Perhaps I am greedy to ask? Perhaps I seek what I should not? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

In addition to Corsica, you may choose one more territory of land from the French Empire of Emperor Charles. Should we first define all his lands, O’ Lord? Ask for the territory you wish, and I will tell you if you may take it from him, O’ Larimar King. Now ask. I do not see anything worth taking, O’ Lord. What should I do? What of the territory of Brittany, O’ Eric? Would you wish to take that land? Yes, My Lord, I will take Brittany as My possession from the French Empire. Do I receive it, O’ Lord? Therefore, the lands of the Larimar Kingdom are now as thus:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. Brittany (mainland Europe)
  5. The Dominican Republic (in Greater Antilles)
  6. Iceland (in North Atlantic)
  7. Corsica (in Mediterranean, Europe)
  8. California (in Contiguous USA)

And your official languages are now as thus:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx
  4. Breton
  5. Spanish
  6. French
  7. Icelandic

That’s great, O’ Lord! And is this an eternal status of My Kingdom? Or can it change again in the future?

Now your Kingdom is fixed in size and territory. It will no longer change. And none of the other Kings or Queens may take your lands from you, for you are no longer a part of the game.

And Lord, if the internet does not come up again by morning, does this entire article get discarded, or am I really going to publish this? For does it contain holy content? Or is it a nothing article?

When you are visited by your eternal Bride before dawn today, then you will know.

Lord, as I understand it, the espousal I am in is all spiritual. We never have sex or any children together. Is this the way of it, O’ Lord?

That is correct, O’ Larimar King. For you are walking the higher Way to heaven. You do not go the lower way that leads to a lower heavens. To the Eighth Heaven are you destined to enter. And only virgin coupled soulmates who are of My communion may enter that realm.

Lord, I believe that Katherine of Alexandria and Dorothea of Alexandria, whose deaths were separated by a mere 15 years, would likely have met and known each other. Is this true, O’ Lord?

As Aristotle knew Plato, so also did Dorothea know Katherine. And their similar fates reflects their similar eternal destinies. Both of them entered into eternal espousals with a unique End Times prophet king. As Katherine was eternally matched to Larimar, Dorothea was eternally matched with Lazurite. Larimar was sent to speak to the Gentiles. And Lazurite will be sent to speak to the Jews.

Lord, I heard that Lazurite’s eternal Kingdom is not as large as I previously stated, but is rather the size of Solomon’s Kingdom at its peak size. That is correct, O’ Larimar King.

OK, My Lord, I have awakened, gone to Mass, and returned home. I was asleep when Katherine appeared to me, but You, my Lord, have reminded me of all that I forgot in her visitation to me. And now I know many things.

For example, I now know the theology behind the spiritual bond I have with Saint Katherine of Alexandria. The Spirit and the Sexual Flesh are competing spiritual forces. If a man gives way to the Sexual Flesh and joins a woman, then he forever commits his soul to that form of union. But the man who joins no sexual union is free to enter a spiritual bond with a female known by spiritual means. But very delicate is this bond. It is powerful enough to last forever, but in this life it can be cut by the passions of the flesh. And once cut, it never reforms.

Things that will cut the spiritual bond are any form of sexual sin. And any pursuit of a woman of the flesh or even the resting of one’s eyes on such a woman and doing, as Jesus calls it, committing adultery with her in your heart, that destroys the spiritual bond between two virgin espoused lovers.

I was given a choice today after Mass: I could either go to the book store and encounter the woman there who God has chosen to be my wife, or I could come straight home and write the Words God has given me to write. I chose the latter. And by this choice, I remained bonded to Katherine of Alexandria as her virgin espoused.

Eric, you have chosen the spiritual over the flesh. And by that choice, you are a master and commander over your body and flesh, and not a slave and bondsman to sin. Therefore, We, the elect in heaven, have opted for you to take your ninth territory of land, to represent the nine levels of Heaven. So, Eric, choose a ninth territory. And note, this must be taken from Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom of Russia and Northwestern North America.

OK, My Lord, I choose Oregon, which is on the northern border of My possession of California. For I like the forests that grow there.

Well done, My good and faithful servant. Now your Kingdom shall no longer be called a Kingdom, but an empire. And you are an emperor and your wife is an empress. Now, let us define all the Kingdoms now at once, all 17 previously defined Kingdoms, plus any new ones that may now come to light. Amen.

(1) Emperor Eric and Empress Katarina, who is Saint Katherine of Alexandria, rule over the Larimar Empire, consisting of the following eternally defined lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in the British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in the British Isles, Europe)
  4. Brittany (in mainland Europe)
  5. Corsica (in the Mediterranean, Europe)
  6. Iceland (in the North Atlantic, Europe)
  7. The Dominican Republic (in the Greater Antilles)
  8. California (in the Contiguous USA)
  9. Oregon (in the Contiguous USA)

And the official languages of the Larimar Empire consist of these eight:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Icelandic
  5. Irish Gaelic
  6. Manx
  7. Breton
  8. Corsican

(2) King Philip rules over the Kingdom of England and Wales, consisting of the following lands:

  1. England (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Wales (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Scilly Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Channel Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  5. Gibraltar (in mainland Europe)
  6. Bermuda (in West Indies)
  7. Turks & Caicos (in West Indies)
  8. British Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)
  9. Anguilla (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)
  10. The Falkland Islands (in South Atlantic)
  11. Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha (in South Atlantic)
  12. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (in South Atlantic)
  13. Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands (in South Pacific)
  14. British Indian Ocean Territory (in Indian Ocean)

And his official language is just English. Note the addition of five island territories added to his Kingdom, for we are now exploring and mapping the whole breadth of the earth.

(3) Queen Elsie rules the Kingdom of Scotland, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Scotland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. The Outer Hebrides (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Orkney Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Shetland Islands (in British Isles, Europe)

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

(4) King Elessar rules over the Kingdom of Aztlan and the Spanish West Indies, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Mexico (North America)
  2. Belize (Central America)
  3. Cuba (Greater Antilles)
  4. Puerto Rico (Greater Antilles)
  5. Florida (Contiguous USA)
  6. Texas (Contiguous USA)
  7. New Mexico (Contiguous USA)
  8. Arizona (Contiguous USA)
  9. Nevada (Contiguous USA)
  10. Utah (Contiguous USA)
  11. Colorado (Contiguous USA)

King Elessar has as his official languages: Spanish and English.

(5) Queen Eleonora rules over the Kingdom of Russia and Northwestern North America, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Russia (Eurasia)
  2. Alaska (North America USA)
  3. Yukon Territory (Canadian North America)
  4. British Columbia (Canadian North America)
  5. Washington State (Contiguous USA)
  6. Idaho (Contiguous USA)

Queen Eleonora’s official languages consist of: Russian and English. And Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom remains the largest on the earth by land.

(6) Queen Elsa of Scandinavia and Arctic and Eastern North America rules over the following lands:

  1. Sweden (Northern Europe)
  2. Norway (Northern Europe)
  3. Denmark (Northern Europe)
  4. Greenland (North Atlantic)
  5. Nunavut (Canadian North America)
  6. Northwest Territories (Canadian North America)
  7. Newfoundland and Labrador (Canadian North America)
  8. Prince Edward Island (Canadian North America)
  9. Nova Scotia (Canadian North America)
  10. New Brunswick (Canadian North America)
  11. Maine (Contiguous USA)
  12. New Hampshire (Contiguous USA)
  13. Vermont (Contiguous USA)
  14. Massachusetts (Contiguous USA)
  15. Rhode Island (Contiguous USA)
  16. Connecticut (Contiguous USA)
  17. New York (Contiguous USA)
  18. New Jersey (Contiguous USA)
  19. Pennsylvania (Contiguous USA)
  20. Delaware (Contiguous USA)
  21. Maryland (Contiguous USA)
  22. District of Columbia (Contiguous USA)
  23. West Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  24. Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  25. North Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  26. South Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  27. Georgia (Contiguous USA)
  28. Alabama (Contiguous USA)
  29. The Bahamas (West Indies)

Queen Elsa’s official languages consist of:

  1. Swedish
  2. Norwegian
  3. Danish
  4. Greenlandic
  5. English
  6. French

(7) King Aurelian’s East Baltic Kingdom is situated between that of Elsa’s and Eleonora’s in Northern Europe, and consists of the following lands:

  1. Poland (in Northern Europe)
  2. Kaliningrad (in Northern Europe)
  3. Lithuania (in Northern Europe)
  4. Latvia (in Northern Europe)
  5. Estonia (in Northern Europe)
  6. Finland (in Northern Europe)

And King Aurelian’s official languages include:

  1. Polish
  2. Russian
  3. Lithuanian
  4. Latvian
  5. Estonian
  6. Finish
  7. Swedish

(8) Emperor Charles of France rules the following lands. And this list is the definitive list of his entire empire:

  1. France (in Europe – minus Corsica and Brittany, which belong to Larimar)
  2. Monaco (in Europe)
  3. French parts of Belgium (in Europe)
  4. French parts of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  5. French parts of Switzerland (in Europe)
  6. French Guiana (South America)
  7. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  8. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  9. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  10. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  11. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  12. Quebec (Canadian North America)
  13. Ontario (Canadian North America)
  14. Manitoba (Canadian North America)
  15. Saskatchewan (Canadian North America)
  16. Alberta (Canadian North America)
  17. Montana (Contiguous USA)
  18. Wyoming (Contiguous USA)
  19. North Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  20. South Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  21. Nebraska (Contiguous USA)
  22. Kansas (Contiguous USA)
  23. Oklahoma (Contiguous USA)
  24. Minnesota (Contiguous USA)
  25. Iowa (Contiguous USA)
  26. Missouri (Contiguous USA)
  27. Arkansas (Contiguous USA)
  28. Lousiana (Contiguous USA)
  29. Wisconsin (Contiguous USA)
  30. Michigan (Contiguous USA)
  31. Illinois (Contiguous USA)
  32. Indiana (Contiguous USA)
  33. Ohio (Contiguous USA)
  34. Kentucky (Contiguous USA)
  35. Tennessee (Contiguous USA)
  36. Mississippi (Contiguous USA)
  37. Tunisia (North Africa)
  38. Algeria (North Africa)
  39. Morocco (in North Africa)
  40. northern Mali (in North Africa)
  41. Niger (in North Africa)
  42. northern Chad (in North Africa)
  43. Madagascar (in the Indian Ocean)
  44. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  45. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  46. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  47. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  48. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  49. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  50. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  51. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)
  52. Vietnam (in Asia)
  53. Laos (in Asia)
  54. Cambodia (in Asia)

And Emperor Charles has two official languages: French and English.

(9) Queen Choeblack of Haiti and the Antillean Creole Caribbean rules the following lands:

  1. Haiti (in Greater Antilles)
  2. Dominica (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Lucia (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Grenada (in Lesser Antilles)

Her official languages include: 

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. Antillean Creole
  3. French

(10) Queen Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands rules:

  1. Jamaica (in Greater Antilles)
  2. The Cayman Islands (in Greater Antilles)

Her official language is English.

(11) King Anglo of Guyana and the English Lesser Antilles rules over the following lands:

  1. Guyana (South America)
  2. Barbados (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Monserrat (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Antigua & Barbuda (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Kitts & Nevis (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. The United States Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include English and various Creoles.

(12) King Puma of Suriname rules over the following lands:

  1. Suriname (in South America)
  2. Sint Maarten (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saba (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Sint Eustatius (in Lesser Antilles) 

And King Puma’s official languages include Dutch and various creoles.

(13) King Theobroma of the Caribbean Spanish main rules over:

  1. Guatelmala (in Central America)
  2. El Salvador (in Central America)
  3. Honduras (in Central America)
  4. Nicaragua (in Central America)
  5. Costa Rica (in Central America)
  6. Panama (in Central America)
  7. Columbia (in South America)
  8. Venezuela (in South America)
  9. Aruba (in Lesser Antilles)
  10. Curacao (in Lesser Antilles)
  11. Bonaire (in Lesser Antilles)
  12. Trinidad and Tobago (in Lesser Antilles)

King Theobroma’s official languages include: Spanish and Papiamento.

(14) King Silkworm, ruler of Northern China and Taiwan. He writes in Standard written Chinese, and he is based in a secret location hidden in Taiwan. 

(15) King Jade, ruler of Korea. He writes in Korean, and he is based in a secret location hidden in South Korea.

(16) Queen Nacre, ruler of Japan. She writes in Japanese, and she is hidden in Japan.

(17) Emperor Lazurite and Empress Dorothea, who is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, rule over Imperial Israel, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Israel (Middle East Asia)
  2. Lebanon (Middle East Asia)
  3. Jordan (Middle East Asia)
  4. Egypt east of the Nile and north of the Red Sea (Middle East Africa)
  5. Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean)
  6. Asia between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates (Middle East Asia)
  7. The Arabian Peninsula (Middle East Asia)
  8. The Archipelago of Socotra (Indian Ocean)

This is the greatest and holiest of the Kingdoms, and it is an empire. And the official languages in it are:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Greek
  4. Soqotri

Thus have all the 17 Kingdoms defined so far been now definitively defined. And what of the other Kingdoms, O’ Lord? We shall speak of them in a later post. Now, we shall proceed to prophesy of things about to happen in the real world where you, Eric, remain and will remain until January 31, 2020.

Lord, do I really die and go to the next world on Friday, January 31, 2020? Or can that date be modified? Will it be delayed? Will Eric be granted an extension of life? For I do not feel as though my life is about to end. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

If you were not to go, how could Lazurite come forth, O’ Larimar King? For Lazurite’s time has come to reign. And that means your time must come to an end. Hence, you, O’ Larimar, will have reigned as a Catholic in full communion with My pope in Rome from Saturday, Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, when you received your sacraments of confirmation and first holy communion, to your end of life at dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020, span of exactly 931 weeks, or 6517 days, or 17 years and 10 months and 2 days.

Thus will you have lived 49 years and 7 months and 7 days, from your birth on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And you will have been a convert to Christianity since July, 1992, giving you a total of 27 and a half years to Reign as a Christian King.

Lord, I see that time is short, and I see how important it is that we use all our available time to do your will. For once time has past, impossible is it to bring it back and change anything in it. I have lived my life. I have fought and won the contest. And I have determined the meaning of life. The purpose of life is not to succeed, but to save your soul.

I confess that I know my time is up. Tell me of my future in the next world, O’ Lord. Do I continue to reign over My Larimar Empire in the replica of the Earth in heaven when I pass beyond the veil, O’ Lord?

You now ask about the eternal nature of your Kingdom? I will now tell it to you. Ireland and the Isle of Man constitute your eternal Kingdom in the hereafter. The other lands you have accumulated in the game are extra lands that belong to the game. And when this game ends, those lands return back into the pool. Hence, only Ireland and the Isle of Man will you rule over forever in the hereafter, along with your espoused, Queen Katerina, who is to be at your side for all eternity.

And what of the other Kings and Queens, like Lazurite and Dorothea? Lazurite’s true Kingdom in the hereafter is largely similar to that of the furthest extent of King Solomon’s ancient Kingdom of Israel. He does not possess all the lands listed as part of Imperial Israel that you said he would. Nor is his Kingdom as vast as what was promised to Abraham by God. Instead, Lazurite’s true Kingdom is modest like your Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man. But his eternal espoused, Queen Dorothea, will reign with him, forever by his side, over this modest Kingdom of Israel.

And as for all the other Kingdoms and their Kings that you have defined, none exist but you four: King Larimar and Queen Katarina of Ireland and the Isle of Man, and King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Israel. All the other Kingdoms in the world are in reality vastly smaller, consisting of no more than a few cities. For most of My subjects cannot produce more than ten gold coins from the one gold coin I gave them, and that gets them a kingdom consisting of ten cities. (Luke 19:16-17). And no one can receive more than what their works merit. And the vast majority of My elect are penniless in heaven, for the vast majority of My saints do not properly seek Me, but do the bare minimum to be saved. Hence, the vast majority of Kingdoms in the replica of the earth in heaven are mere city states.

Your Kingdom and Lazurite’s Kingdom are rare. And no one possesses a vast empire, as what you once possessed in the game, consisting of all of North America. And had you not given up all your lands, you would, like the rest of My elect, have received no more than a few cities to your Kingdom. Instead, I have given you all of Ireland and the Isle of Man as your eternal Kingdom. And it is very similar in size to that of Lazurite’s Kingdom of Israel.

Now, ask a few more questions, O’ Larimar King. And we will conclude this post.

It was said that I cannot see beyond my death date on the earth, and yet you showed me that Trump wins the coming elections in November 2020. Is this so, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Larimar King. President Donald John Trump will continue to reign as President for some time to come. And he will serve as a key ally to Israel. Also, the next pope will be pro-Israel as well, and you have correctly discerned him to be Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria, who will take the papal name of John to be called Pope John XXIV.

Note also this key thing. King Lazurite’s reign is the final Age before I return. And he will be defending his City of Jerusalem under siege at the hour of My Coming in the Clouds (Revelation 20:9). And that will be the End of Time.

Then you are saying, O’ Lord, that there are no more than about fifteen or so years before the end of time? How long will the Lazurite Reign last I cannot say. But I will tell you this. It will consist of a single papacy. The next pope, the one to come after Pope Francis, shall be the final pope.

Now, let us list the final popes and the Players they represented:

(4) Emerald King (Larimar King): Pope John Paul II
(3) Player Twilight: Pope Benedict XVI
(2) Player Pyrite: Pope Francis
(1) Lazurite King: Pope John XXIV

And Lord, is there a Resurrection of the Just some thousand years before the Resurrection of the Reprobates and the Rest of Humanity? You speak of that teaching of Millennialism? No, Millennialism is a heresy. There is no Kingdom on the Earth that is set up that endures between My Second Coming and the End of Time. For My Second Coming is the End of Time.

Lord, are there parallel planet earths in other star systems in this universe or in other universes. Only in other Created Universes can there exist parallel Christs, parallel God bearers, and other earths with living beings. In this universe, this Earth is the only planet with life created on it. Now do you see how futile it is for scientists to search the heavens for alien intelligent life, but who do not seek Me or My wisdom, which enables eternal life?

Now, I will permit you to ask one more question for this post, and then this post shall be completed and published.

Explain the Nine heavens and who goes to each layer among all the elect, O’ Lord and Master. Very well, My ingenious servant. I will detail this to you in full.

The nine heavens are ordered according to purity and cleanliness.

  1. The lowest heaven is for those men forgiven of abominable sexual sins and for sexual molestation of children. Mainly men exist here, for mainly men are capable of committing these sins.
  2. The second heaven is for all My elect who sought Me in those ages before I came into the world and died on the cross for the sins of humanity. People like King David, who sinned terribly, but were forgiven, dwell here.
  3. The third heaven is for all My elect of the ages before My Church was established who became perfected by their faith in Me and by their obedience. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob dwell here, along with Saint Joseph and John the Baptist.
  4. The fourth heaven is for all My elect in My Catholic Church who enter sexual relationships and who live out that vocation. Most married Catholics are found here.
  5. The fifth heaven is for all those Catholics who had sex lives but were perfected in their walk with Me in life. And this includes all married martyrs for My faith.
  6. The sixth heaven is for all virgin Catholics who led lives in the world, serving Me and also serving their interests here. Since most virgins are women, this heaven contains mostly women.
  7. The seventh heaven is for all virgin Catholics who were perfected in this life and who become obedient to Me, including My virgin martyrs. My Apostle John lives here. Since so few can ever make it here, this heaven is even more female than that virgin heaven below it.
  8. The eighth heaven is for those rare virgin Catholics who enter a spiritual relationship with another virgin as an eternal espousal. This can only happen if I will it, and if both parties fully cooperate with the graces I give them to make it work. Larimar and Saint Katherine of Alexandria are one such blessed couple. And Lazurite and Dorothea of Alexandria are another. Because of the necessity of two to form the pair bond to enter here, this heaven is exactly equal in the ratio of males to females here. And all couples who enter here are matched together by the powers in heaven.
  9. The ninth heaven is for the one born by Immaculate Conception. Only one exists here, and that one is the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven.

And now you see that as you ascend the ranks of heaven, the gender ratios become more female than male, until you reach the eighth heaven, which is exactly equal male to female due to the requirement of the pair bond to enter here. All who enter here are bonded in monogamous virgin eternal spiritual espousals.

Now someone asks, where in the Holy Scriptures is there a requirement that a man or woman enter a pair bond to enter the highest heaven possible for them? It is where Jesus says He is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 21:6). Alpha represents the virgin male, and Omega represents the virgin female. And these two together form One Divine Union of Being. Consider all these highest virgin espoused couples, all who enter the eighth heaven, as divine unions of Alpha to Omega pairs that go on to become gods under and united to the Triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Therefore, you know that Larimar and Katerina will together become a kind of god united to Jesus. And you also know that Lazurite and Dorothea will also become a kind of god united to Jesus. For the eighth heaven is so infinitely above the seventh heaven that those in the seventh heaven do not appear to have true life to those in the eighth heaven. Now I have finished this post. Reread this post, correct all errors, ask any last things you want clarified, and then publish this post, O’ Eric, My servant.

Lord, I have read and corrected all errors I could find. Now tell me this one last thing. Do those of the Eighth Heaven become founders of their own universes, as they are like gods united to Jesus as a Kind of Triune deity, Lord? Yes, My son Larimar. And all the subjects of your new universe are as spiritual offspring that are eternally generated by the spiritual love between you and your eternal espoused. Now this post is complete, Lord Larimar. Publish it and then read it in full. Amen.

The North American Kingdom Divided up to the Four Winds

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria is to be your next pope.

Behold, I Who Am shall now define the divisions of the Larimar Kingdom of North America to the Four Kingdoms that issue from this nation (Daniel 8:8 & 8:22). As you may remember, King Larimar ruled all of Alaska, Canada, the contiguous United States, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. These lands are now divided up among six Monarchs: King Philip of England and Wales, King Elessar of Mexico and Spanish Greater Antilles, Queen Eleonora of Russia, Queen Elsa of Scandinavia, Emperor Charles of France, and King Anglo of Guyana. Now, let us reveal the details of these Kingdoms and their acquisitions.

Note that though Eric has given up these lands, for the sake of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven, he is guaranteed the lands of Ireland and the Isle of Man as his eternal possessions among the British Isles. And this decree is irrevocable and eternal. It is only his North American possessions that are to now be divided up, as he was the Unicorn King (Daniel 8:5-8) and his great empire was destined to be divide up among the lesser monarchs, after his reign came to its end in North America. Now, let us begin:

(1) Eric’s eternal remaining lands by irrevocable divine decree are:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in British Isles, Europe)

And his official languages in his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And alongside Eric rules Queen Katarina, who is Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

King Philip and King Anglo took a very scant few islands from the vast Kingdom of Larimar in North America. It is the other four Monarchs who took the Lion’s share of the spoils.

(2) King Philip of England and Wales will come to only take a paltry few of the island possessions from the Great North American Kingdom of Larimar. He, hence, assumes the possession of Bermuda, Turks & Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands. In addition, he also shall possess Anguilla. And this constitutes his entire possessions of the West Indies and all that he took from the Larimar Kingdom.

Hence, the Kingdom of King Philip is now defined as consisting of these lands:

  1. England (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Wales (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Scilly Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Channel Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  5. Gibraltar (in mainland Europe)
  6. Bermuda (in West Indies)
  7. Turks & Caicos (in West Indies)
  8. British Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)
  9. Anguilla (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)

And King Philip’s official language is English.

(3) Eric’s other neighbor in the British Isles is Queen Elsie of Scotland. Her lands include:

  1. Scotland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. The Outer Hebrides (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Orkney Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Shetland Islands (in British Isles, Europe)

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

Hence, the bulk of the Larimar Kingdom is taken by the other four Monarchs. Now we shall list the territories taken by them:

(4) King Elessar who possesses Mexico, Belize, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic now doubles his land area of his Kingdom. He takes his claims of historical Aztlan, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The historical lands of Aztlan added to his Kingdom include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. That and Florida consist of eight large states taken from the contiguous United States and added to the Kingdom of Elessar. Hence, King Elessar’s Kingdom is now called:

The Kingdom of Azlan and the Spanish West Indies, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Mexico (North America)
  2. Belize (Central America)
  3. Cuba (Greater Antilles)
  4. the Dominican Republic (Greater Antilles)
  5. Puerto Rico (Greater Antilles)
  6. Florida (Contiguous USA)
  7. Texas (Contiguous USA)
  8. New Mexico (Contiguous USA)
  9. Arizona (Contiguous USA)
  10. California (Contiguous USA)
  11. Nevada (Contiguous USA)
  12. Utah (Contiguous USA)
  13. Colorado (Contiguous USA)

And King Elessar’s official languages are now: Spanish and English.

(5) Queen Eleonora of Russia has now also invaded and retaken historical Russian lands of North America. Hence, her lands of her entire Kingdom now include:

  1. Russia (Eurasia)
  2. Alaska (North America USA)
  3. Yukon Territory (Canadian North America)
  4. British Columbia (Canadian North America)
  5. Washington State (Contiguous USA)
  6. Oregon (Contiguous USA)
  7. Idaho (Contiguous USA)

And Queen Eleonora’s official languages are now Russian and English.

(6) Queen Elsa of Scandinavia has taken significant lands of North America. Hence, her Kingdom now includes the following lands:

  1. Sweden (Northern Europe)
  2. Norway (Northern Europe)
  3. Denmark (Northern Europe)
  4. Iceland (North Atlantic)
  5. Greenland (North Atlantic)
  6. Nunavut (Canadian North America)
  7. Northwest Territories (Canadian North America)
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador (Canadian North America)
  9. Prince Edward Island (Canadian North America)
  10. Nova Scotia (Canadian North America)
  11. New Brunswick (Canadian North America)
  12. Maine (Contiguous USA)
  13. New Hampshire (Contiguous USA)
  14. Vermont (Contiguous USA)
  15. Massachusetts (Contiguous USA)
  16. Rhode Island (Contiguous USA)
  17. Connecticut (Contiguous USA)
  18. New York (Contiguous USA)
  19. New Jersey (Contiguous USA)
  20. Pennsylvania (Contiguous USA)
  21. Delaware (Contiguous USA)
  22. Maryland (Contiguous USA)
  23. District of Columbia (Contiguous USA)
  24. West Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  25. Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  26. North Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  27. South Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  28. Georgia (Contiguous USA)
  29. Alabama (Contiguous USA)
  30. The Bahamas (West Indies)

And her official languages consist of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Greenlandic, English, and French

(7) Between Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom of Russia and Queen Elsa’s Kingdom of Scandinavia in Europe exist the East Baltic Kingdom ruled over by King Aurelian. His lands are all in Europe, and they include:

  1. Poland (in Northern Europe)
  2. Kaliningrad (in Northern Europe)
  3. Lithuania (in Northern Europe)
  4. Latvia (in Northern Europe)
  5. Estonia (in Northern Europe)
  6. Finland (in Northern Europe)

And his official languages include:

  1. Polish
  2. Russian
  3. Lithuanian
  4. Latvian
  5. Estonian
  6. Finish
  7. Swedish

(8) As for Emperor Charles of France, he has carved out a large territory in central North America. His entire lands in the Americas include:

  1. French Guiana (South America)
  2. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  3. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  4. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  5. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  7. Quebec (Canadian North America)
  8. Ontario (Canadian North America)
  9. Manitoba (Canadian North America)
  10. Saskatchewan (Canadian North America)
  11. Alberta (Canadian North America)
  12. Montana (Contiguous USA)
  13. Wyoming (Contiguous USA)
  14. North Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  15. South Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  16. Nebraska (Contiguous USA)
  17. Kansas (Contiguous USA)
  18. Oklahoma (Contiguous USA)
  19. Minnesota (Contiguous USA)
  20. Iowa (Contiguous USA)
  21. Missouri (Contiguous USA)
  22. Arkansas (Contiguous USA)
  23. Lousiana (Contiguous USA)
  24. Wisconsin (Contiguous USA)
  25. Michigan (Contiguous USA)
  26. Illinois (Contiguous USA)
  27. Indiana (Contiguous USA)
  28. Ohio (Contiguous USA)
  29. Kentucky (Contiguous USA)
  30. Tennessee (Contiguous USA)
  31. Mississippi (Contiguous USA)

And Emperor Charles of France has now two official languages in his Kingdom: French and English.

In addition, we shall also define the other Kingdoms of the Americas now.

(9) Queen Choeblack of Haiti rules over the following lands: 

  1. Haiti (in Greater Antilles)
  2. Dominica (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Lucia (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Grenada (in Lesser Antilles)

Her official languages include: 

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. Antillean Creole
  3. French

(10) Queen Jemima of Jamaica rules over:

  1. Jamaica (in Greater Antilles)
  2. The Cayman Islands (in Greater Antilles)

Her official language is English.

(11) King Anglo of Guyana rules over:

  1. Guyana (South America)
  2. Barbados (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Monserrat (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Antigua & Barbuda (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Kitts & Nevis (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. The United States Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include English and various Creoles.

(12) King Puma of Suriname rules over the following lands:

  1. Suriname (in South America)
  2. Sint Maarten (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saba (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Sint Eustatius (in Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include Dutch and various creoles.

(13) King Theobroma of the Caribbean Spanish Main rules the following lands:

  1. Guatelmala (in Central America)
  2. El Salvador (in Central America)
  3. Honduras (in Central America)
  4. Nicaragua (in Central America)
  5. Costa Rica (in Central America)
  6. Panama (in Central America)
  7. Columbia (in South America)
  8. Venezuela (in South America)
  9. Aruba (in Lesser Antilles)
  10. Curacao (in Lesser Antilles)
  11. Bonaire (in Lesser Antilles)
  12. Trinidad and Tobago (in Lesser Antilles)

His official languages include Spanish and Papiamento.

And the Three Oriental Prophet Scribes are defined as such:

(14) King Silkworm, ruler of Northern China and Taiwan. He writes in Standard written Chinese, and he is based in a secret location hidden in Taiwan. 

(15) King Jade, ruler of Korea. He writes in Korean, and he is based in a secret location hidden in South Korea.

(16) Queen Nacre, ruler of Japan. She writes in Japanese, and she is hidden in Japan.

(17) King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea, who is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, rule over the nation of Imperial Israel, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Israel (Middle East Asia)
  2. Lebanon (Middle East Asia)
  3. Jordan (Middle East Asia)
  4. Egypt east of the Nile and north of the Red Sea (Middle East Africa)
  5. Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean)
  6. Asia between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates (Middle East Asia)
  7. The Arabian Peninsula (Middle East Asia)
  8. The Archipelago of Socotra (Indian Ocean)

And King Lazurite has the following official languages in his Kingdom:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic

Hence, the list of Kingdoms defined so far include:

  1. King Eric and Queen Katarina of Ireland and the Isle of Man
  2. King Philip of England and Wales
  3. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  4. King Elessar of Aztlan and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  5. Queen Eleonora of Russia and Northwestern North America
  6. Queen Elsa of Scandinavia and Arctic and Eastern North America
  7. King Aurelian of the Eastern Baltic.
  8. Emperor Charles of France and Central North America
  9. Queen Choeblack of Haiti and Antillean Creole Lesser Antilles
  10. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and Cayman Islands
  11. King Anglo of Guyana and English Lesser Antilles
  12. King Puma of Suriname and Dutch Lesser Antilles
  13. King Theobroma of the Caribbean Spanish Main
  14. King Silkworm of Northern China and Taiwan
  15. King Jade of Korea
  16. Queen Nacre of Japan
  17. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel

The North American Kingdom of Larimar was divided up mainly among the Monarchs: King Elessar, Queen Eleonora, Queen Elsa, and King Charles. Hence, these are those prophesied four Kings who were to rise up from the broken Empire of the Unicorn King, Larimar, but who lack his strength. (Daniel 8:22). Remember that Larimar voluntarily give up his lands of North America in order to break out of the game, which he did. The Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man exist beyond the game and are eternal possessions of Larimar.

With the dissolution of the Larimar Kingdom of North America, the Kingdom of Russia and Northwestern North America, under Queen Eleonora, is now the largest Kingdom on this replica of the earth in heaven. And the Kingdoms of King Elessar, Queen Elsa, and King Charles are now significantly larger due to their annexation of significant former lands of the Larimar Kingdom of North America.

And this is now the end of the Larimar Kingdom in North America. From now on, the Larimar Kingdom will refer to just the Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man in the British Isles. Amen. And this territory of Larimar will neither increase nor decrease for all eternity. For Larimar no longer is in the game, and His Kingdom as it exists now has become eternal by the decree of God. For interest sake, it should be noted that Eric Robert Dunstan in the real world is a citizen of both Ireland and the USA. This was made possible because his mother was born in Ireland and he was born in America. Hence, there are real actual connections between Larimar and Ireland.

So, My Lord, Seventeen Kingdoms, ruled by Nineteen Rulers, have now been defined. And I have 21 days and 5 hours left to the end of my life. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? What is Thine bidding My master? Shall we define the rest of the Kings of this replica of the Earth, O’ Lord and Master?

First, O’ Larimar King, let us address the fate of the United States of America and Canada in the real world, for they have ceased to exist in your world and been consumed by their neighboring Kingdoms. What is the real fate of those nations in the real world, you ask? I will now tell thee, for it is important that all should know.

For those who are destined to live into the Post Pax Americana Age, they are advised to migrate south and live in Latin America for the next few years. You have many options to choose from, and all those countries are very unique, so you need to research well the area and nation you wish to move to. I advise moving to Latin America rather than to Europe, for the Antichrist rises in Europe after the Larimar King leaves this world. And the Larimar King leaves on January 31, 2020, at dawn, which is less than 22 days away.

For those who like European like countries, they can try Uruguay or southern Brazil. And Costa Rica in Central America has a very sizable English speaking population of expats from the USA who have retired there, and they have facilities like a first world country, and you can drink the tap water there.

Lord, what exactly is about to happen in the United States of America at the wake of the passing of Eric Robert Dunstan to the next world? Your death, O’ Larimar, signals to all the enemies of the United States of America that their wizard is gone, and that they are vulnerable to attack. Remember, O’ Larimar King, you and the land are one. When you die, the land disintegrates and is broken up, plundered, and divided up as spoils by invading parties. Remember that you leave no heir. You leave behind no apprentice to take your place. Hence, when you are taken from America, she is then vulnerable, for the Spirit that rested on the Emerald King will then return to heaven from whence He was sent.

In other words, you are saying that the pillar upon which the world rested was the Larimar King, and with his removal from this earth, imminent collapse is inevitable, O’ Lord and Savior? Precisely, O’ Larimar King. Lord, do I actually die and leave my body behind in the place where I am at the moment of my passing? Or is my body also raptured up and buried at a location known only to you? I will not permit your body to be desecrated or dissected. Hence, I shall take you with your body at the moment of your death, and I will place your body in a tomb of snow that will hide it until the time in the future comes where a future pope begins the formal process of your canonization. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people.

Eric, the enemies of the United States are awaiting the death of the Larimar King, for they know that with him gone, they can successfully invade this nation. For all this time, ever since the beginning of the Infancy Emerald Reign, this nation has been under the protection of the Sovereign Lord. But with your passing, O’ Larimar King, so ends the Age of Christianity for the Gentiles. And salvation then returns to the Jews.

Lord, let us analyze the prophetic predictions made through the Larimar King of who will be the next pope:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

The first three guesses were made under the belief that this coming pope was to represent the Larimar King and his future Reign on the earth. But the fourth, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn as Pope John XXIV, was made under the new light of revelation that the Larimar Reign on earth ends on Friday, January 31, 2020, and that from that point onward, the Lazurite Reign is in power, and that the coming pope is to represent Lazurite, Prophet King of Israel. And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn alone among the eligible Cardinals has been found to both qualify to be able to become the next pope and to also have the prerequisites of being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist to represent the Lazurite King. And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn speaks German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, and Czech. His election as pope would make him the first pope in modern history to come from Austria.

So, My Lord, shall Cardinal Christoph Schönborn become the next pope, O’ Lord and Master. It is as you have discerned, My Servant Larimar.

Now, let us diverge and speak of morality issues. You have heard the Larimar King declare that all nations must become clean and pure. And he has stated that all pornography is to be destroyed. But what about fine art that contains nudity? Is this to be destroyed also? By no means! For fine art and pornography have a clear distinction. Fine art presents the nude body in a form that does not intend for sexual arousal. This does not mean that no man is aroused by looking upon it. It merely means that the intent was not for sexual arousal. Pornography, on the other hand, is all nudity and sexual content that has as its definite purpose the sexual arousal of men.

Furthermore, not all selfies taken by women of their nude bodies has at its intent sexual arousal. And in those cases, should these photos come to public knowledge, these woman should not be put to shame, but should be regarded the same as models who posed for nude fine art. Care must be made to distinguish intent. If it is clear that sexual arousal was not the intent, then the woman in question should not be put to shame or lose her job over it. Furthermore, respect must be given to her. Men must now gawk at her, nor seek to imagine her nude, nor look upon her with any lustful intent. And if she requests for her nude images to be destroyed, it is required that all those who possess them to destroy them. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, what is clearly porn, you ask? Any image where the nude people in it are masturbating or engaging in some form of sexual activity is definitely porn. All of that must be destroyed. Also, a woman posing in a sexually inviting way is also porn. But a woman or a man with a neutral pose, one that does not invite sex or seek to arouse men or women, that is a picture of fine art, and it should not be destroyed as porn, unless the subject in it wishes for its destruction. For the modesty of men and women must be fully protected and respected. Any nude picture of a woman or a man that the person depicted in it wishes for it to be destroyed, that picture must be promptly destroyed, along with all backup copies. For no man and no woman should be put to shame regarding their bodies. Amen. Also, remember this Maxim: Out of sight, out of mind. Once all embarrassing nude pictures of a shamed woman have been properly destroyed, she may reclaim and regain her dignity in society. And that is why it is law that all pictures of nudes must be destroyed at the request of the nude subject in the picture.

And what penalty do you propose for that man who keeps a private stash of nudes of women who have asked that they be destroyed, you ask? What saith Thou, O’ Lord, should be the legal punishment for such lust driven men? Such men must be stripped naked and marched through the streets in broad daylight so that everyone who wishes to take pictures of them nude may do so. And only when they then comply with the wishes of those nude women and have destroyed their entire private stash of their nude images, will it be required for their own nudes to be destroyed. I Who Am have uttered My infallible decrees. Amen.

But what of those rare perverts who wish to be seen nude? And those lust addicts who have no shame? What should be done to them, O’ Lord? No one wants to be seen naked, Eric. No one. Therefore, the man who is perverse and who engages in shameful behavior, all shall see him naked in all his shame. And he shall be hounded from society and condemned by it. And everyone who he speaks to will know what he looks like nude. This is a deterrent to shameful behavior. Exposure always deters, My Larimar Saint.

You too, Eric, have looked upon nude women, both in real life and in pictures, but never in an intimate encounter with a woman. And though nude photos can attract you, they do not overpower you. For you have conquered the sins of lust and the desire for sex. Nevertheless, I do not allow you to go that path anymore, the path of looking at nudes, with the exception of those nudes that are truly works of fine art. But should you ever upon looking at fine art, come to feel yourself aroused, cease to look upon such nudes, for they are destructive to you. Hence, no fine art that causes sexual arousal should be looked upon, for that is porn to that man.

My Lord, what must I never do so as to avoid ever losing my virgin espousal to Saint Katherine of Alexandria? Do not go after any woman in this world, and you shall never lose her, O’ Larimar King. Lord, I have noticed a complete stop in the texting I was receiving from the girl, Hyacinth, who I had had pity on who was at one time seriously intending a romance with me. What am I to make of this sudden end of texting from her, O’ Lord? Eric, she has been taken out of your life to save you from her clutches. You may not reengage in conversation with her. I Who Am command this. Do you not remember the prophecy? When the girl intended for you has been given, Hyacinth would be taken away. Amen.

Lord, given the reality of the situation, once a woman takes a nude selfie of herself, and that gets released to the general public, it is nearly impossible for that genie to be put back into that bottle. And thus, consider the school teacher who made a selfie of herself out of a weakness of judgement some time ago, and suddenly, all the boys in her class know what she looks like in the nude. What is the fate of that woman, O’ Lord? And how do you propose to remedy that situation? That woman can no longer teach, for she has made a public spectacle of herself. She will be forced to resign out of shame. And she cannot blame anyone other then herself.

Consider this case similar to that of Congressman Anthony Weiner. He was a very successful congressman until he took a selfie of his aroused penis and sent it to a woman. That picture got into circulation and that genie never went back into its bottle. It was that picture that forced him to resign from congress and which destroyed his career. And after further committed adulteries, his wife could not take it anymore and left him to his self destruction. Legally, he could have remained a congressman. But socially, he could not, for he had lost all self respect. For how can you negotiate deals and propose legislation and campaign if everyone you see and negotiate with has seen your shameful nudity? Therefore, nude selfies are the ruin of all who do them.

But Lord, why the double standard between men and women? I understand the prohibition of showing nudes of the genitals, for that is clearly sexual content, except in certain fine arts where no sexual intent is present. But what I do not understand is why men may go topless but not women. Please explain this authoritatively to me, O’ Lord.

Eric, it has been culturally engrained in this society that topless women constitutes a sexual enticement. And this will continue indefinitely, for the tops of women were in fact designed through evolution to attract a mate of the opposite sex. Hence topless women are inherently a sexual thing. As for those primitive cultures where women do go topless naturally, note also the casual nature of sex that goes along with all such cultures. For toplessness in women leads to casual sex, and is therefore incompatible to Christian society.

Therefore, O’ Eric, you may not treat women the same as men as regards their tops. Men maintain their respect when they go topless, for their tops have evolved to intimidate other men. And hence, they command respect when they are topless. But not so is it the case for woman. Topless women are like fiery flesh to the eyes of men. That is why all Christianized society requires women to cover their tops.

Now, in the Catholic Church, there was also once the requirement that women cover their hair with a veil to enter the Church. This requirement has now been completely relaxed. And that has led to sexual thoughts in men at Church instead of holy thoughts about Me. Therefore, O’ Authorities of the Church, I have this ruling to make: All women who serve near the alter must now also cover their hair with a veil. Such women include the Alter Servers, the Lectors, the Eucharistic Ministers, and the women who sing at the podium. But it does not include the women who serve as ushers, nor the women who serve in the choir, nor the women who sit in the pews for Mass. Carry out this edict, and you will find the environment in the Church at Mass to be much holier and of greater sanctity. And the holy women will embrace it. For it will lead to their better self respect.

Lord, what message do you give to those women and men who have made that great error and released into public circulation images of their nudes that are socially unacceptable? For surely you have a solution for them. And I also know that there is no putting that genie back into the bottle. A woman who won the Miss America Beauty Pageant some years ago lost that title when an adult men’s magazine showed pictures of her nude and in porn that had been taken in her younger years. Surely you have a message for them, some sort of direction, whereby they can recover and rebuild their lives, O’ Lord? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The man or woman who takes pictures of their nude private parts are like the infidels who desecrate My Holy Temple by showing to My people what I command must remain hidden. It is a crime that they have committed, and they must suffer its consequences. Hence, whoever takes pictures of either his nude body or that of another, or allows another to take nudes of himself, and the context is not for the higher purposes such as for the fine arts, science, or medicine, then he has violated the sanctity of My Holy Temple, and I consider his sin a permanent stain against My Church.

Hence, the consequences are also permanent. They will be put to shame for the rest of their life. But, O’ Lord, that may lead them to commit suicide. Are you willing to allow them to fall that far from You, O’ Sovereign Lord? Yes, O’ Larimar King. For grave sins require grave consequences. And those who commit suicide prove that they were never worthy of Me.

And what words do you say regarding sex offenders, O’ Lord? For many men complain that there is a double standard. Men much more easily get on the sex offender list than women. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The most offensive sexual offense is the crime of ejaculating in public, and of masturbating that organ that ejaculates. The ejaculation found in women is not the same, for it contains no sexual gametes. Because the most offensive sex acts require a man and are done by, with, or to men, that is why many more men are found on the sexual offender list than women. And that is how it shall forever be.

But what of that high school boy who has sex with an underage girl who is really his age? And he gets put onto the sex offender registry for having sex with a minor. What saith Thou to that?

That boy has done a foul deed and is getting his just retribution. For I, the Lord, do severely punish all who partake of the forbidden fruit.

But Lord, is not the Sex Offender the modern day leper? Isn’t there a way to help them out of their social leprosy? And what about the sex offender who is barred from attending Church because he is considered a danger to children nearby?

I, the Lord, Am the Judge of each individual case. And I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. And that is it for tonight, Lord Larimar. I will answer no more questions on this subject in this post. Amen.

As for you and your relationship with Saint Katherine of Alexandria who lived over 17 centuries ago, realize that I for My part have forgiven you of your looking at that nude you viewed. And you are correct that it qualifies to be called a work of fine art. But even fine art nudes, when viewed too much can lead to sin. Hence, look no more at such nudes for they are not good for you. As for your relationship with Katherine of Alexandria, note that this cannot derail it. To derail this, you would need to look at porn, masturbate, or pursue a woman of this world. Avoid those three things, Eric, and your triumph will be complete.

Lord, I am sorry for viewing that fine art nude too much. I will now avoid viewing all such nudes from now on. I choose to reform myself and be a better person. And I, with your grace, seek to resist the temptation to look at such things ever again. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Your words will bind you to your oath. And now this post is complete. Remember to never let your eyes rest upon a woman of this world, and never pursue any that you see, and Katherine of Alexandria will never be taken away from you, but will be there to meet you and spiritually embrace you at your ascension to My Kingdom in 21 days and 5 hours. Now go and publish this post, for it is holy and it contains your confession, making it holier. Amen.

With Eric’s Death on January 31, 2020, so also ends the Christian Age of the Gentiles.

On Friday, January 31, 2020, with the passing away of Larimar and the revealing of Lazurite, the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled, and salvation will return to My people, the Jews.

Behold, I Who Am have come to prophesy and to speak through My Servant Eric. For a short span during the previous post, Eric fooled himself into thinking he had 53 more years to live on the planet before his rapture from here to heaven. But he came back to the realization of My Truth by the end of that post. For Eric is the final Gentile Christian King. After his passing from this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, the Age of the Gentiles ends, and Salvation then returns to the Jews. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But Lord, the Catholic Church is a Gentile Christian Church. How do the Jews become Catholic if the Catholic Church is run by Gentile Christians when the Age of the Gentiles is over, O’ Lord and Master? The Jewish Catholics will come to run the Catholic Church, O’ Larimar King. And therefore, I shall now prophecy unto you who shall really be the next pope. These were your original three guesses:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III

However, now that you know that the next pope shall represent Lazurite, and not Larimar, who will have gone to heaven, you should look among the Cardinals for someone with strong support for Israel and Zionism. Look, Eric, and tell me who you find.

I have found Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria. He speaks German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, and Czech. And he is a strong supporter of Israel and Zionism. During World War II, his father, Hugo Damian, was involved in the anti-Nazi resistance. And in the last Conclave, he was one of the top frontrunners to become pope. I, hence, predict that this one is an excellent choice to be made by the Holy Spirit to represent Israel in the Vatican during the Age of Lazurite and the Age of Hebrew Catholicism that is to begin on January 31, 2020, at my ascension into heaven.

Well done, My servant, Eric. You have identified a very promising candidate to be the next pope. And what papal name do you discern that he would take, O’ Larimar King? Pope John Paul II chose to include the name Paul in his name because he was representing the Eric the Emerald King, who was the Prophet King sent to preach to the Gentiles, who now is called Larimar. Since the next pope is to represent Lazurite, who is like Larimar, but sent only to the Jews, he must take a similar name, but drop the name of Paul from it, who was Apostle to the Gentiles, for the Age of the Gentiles will have ended and salvation will have returned to the Jews. Hence, he can only be called John. Hence, the next pope, who shall represent the Jews, shall be Pope John XXIV. Oracle of the Lord. And so, now you have guessed it in full, My Larimar King. And hence, let us now review all of your four guesses in one complete look:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

And your prediction is now that the winner shall be: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who shall be called Pope John XXIV. And is Eric correct in his discernment, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. Your discernment is spot on correct.

Now, let us speak of the things to take place in the whole world in the light that you will not be here post Friday, January 31, 2020. First of all, what happens to Russia? Does she convert? Or is her conversion now a thing of the past? What saith thou, O’ Larimar King? What do you see?

I do not know, O’ Lord, for I have not before considered the future without my presence in it. So, tell me, O’ Lord, what is Russia’s fate? What becomes of Russia in the Age of the Jews? Many Jews live in Russia, O’ Larimar King. And the Russian language is spoken by many in Israel, due to the massive numbers of Jews who have migrated from Russia to Israel since the Age of Emerald. Now these Jews shall be enlightened. And now they shall enter into Christianity. And hence, they will make Russia a nation with a large Jewish Christian population. Russia will be saved by the Jewish Christian presence within her.

Consider this fate, then, for Christianity in Russia. All Christians in Russia will be drawn to Catholicism. And that will include Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. It shall be Patriarch Kirill who shall lead his Orthodox Church to enter into full communion with the pope in Rome. And he will form a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church, to be headed by Patriarch Kirill. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And what of America, O’ Lord and Master? For originally, you had Eric warn the Americans to flee from the United States and Canada prior to his death on Friday, January 31, 2020 to avoid being caught in the trap. And now recently, you have had Eric say to the Americans that they need not flee, for Larimar has now assumed command and is reigning over Firefly, the power behind Trump. But now that you say Eric shall die from this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, what do you now say to those Americans who remain in the United States and Canada? Do they flee or do they remain where God has put them, like potted plants in His greenhouse, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

I will not destroy America, O’ Larimar King. For I have found favor in Trump. And there is the possibility coming for the conversion of Firefly, the Player behind Trump. Therefore, I will not command you to urge the Americans to flee North America. Instead, they may stay where they are put. Instead, your passing from this world will impart blessings to this nation rather than a curse. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people.

Furthermore, Trump will remain a strong ally to Israel. And Firefly will be a convert to My religion of Catholicism, if she knows what’s best for her. And then, America will continue to prosper after the death of Larimar, due to the blessings received by her standing with Israel. For whoever befriends and remains friends with My people Israel will be truly blessed.

Furthermore, I will have the Democrats nominate someone who will completely fail to get the the vote in the November elections. There are many such candidates still in the race. I only need to choose the greatest monkey among them. And he will prove himself unworthy of the Presidency to all the Americans, resulting in the reelection of President Trump. And before that election, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shall die, and Trump will nominate her replacement, and the Republican Senate will force the confirmation through, resulting in an energized Republican turnout and a demoralized Democratic lower turnout, handing victory to the Republicans and enabling them to keep hold of both the Senate and the White House in the 2020 elections. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, what do you see in Europe, O’ Larimar King? What do you see happening with the Brexit? The United Kingdom under Boris Johnson will successfully leave the European Union with a workable deal. And they will then negotiate a fair and lucrative trade deal with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade bloc. And this success will lead to Northern Ireland and Scotland to electing to remain in the United Kingdom for years to come.

As for Europe, their European Union will collapse. And in the ruins of that collapse, there may arise Antichrist. And this Antichrist may in fact be a Frenchman, who will claim to be the Great Monarch of ancient Catholic private revelations of the End Times. But he will be not that Great Monarch, but Antichrist instead, and he will lead the many to ruin. Consider this one to be the third Great European Antichrist of modern times, after Napoleon Bonaparte of France and Adolf Hitler of Germany. And he will be highly racist. And he will seek to make his White people the Master race. I Who Am have spoken.

And now, let us review what was revealed in the previous post. You know that the Larimar King is eternally espoused as virgin soulmate to Saint Katherine of Alexandria. And you learned that the Lazurite King is also eternally espoused to a parallel saint of great similarity: Saint Dorothea of Alexandria. Saint Dorothea died in 320 AD, some 15 years after Saint Katherine of Alexandria died in 305 AD. And they both died for the same reason: They both refused to marry the Roman Emperor of their time, preferring rather to remain in their consecrated virginity to Christ the Lord Jesus, the Lamb, to whom all the elect are eternally married to as the Bride of the Lamb. They both made the correct choice enabling them to become the eternal virgin soul mates of the two End Times Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite respectively.

Now. let us look at the span of time separating their deaths: 15 years. And Saint Dorothea’s death was exactly seventeen centuries ago, to the year. And in this year, beginning on January 31, 2020, Lazurite shall be revealed to all the Hebrew world. If you are not a Jew, though, you may not hear of him when he appears. For he will be speaking and writing only in Hebrew. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But now, if the lives of the Prophet Kings follow a pattern similar to that of the Alexandrian Saints to whom they are eternally espoused to, shall Lazurite then die some 15 years after Larimar passes away? If so, then Lazurite would reign until the year 2035, a couple years into the Third Millennium of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what saith Thou to that, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. It matches My prophetic utterances as to My return, that I would return on the third day. For a thousand years to Man are but a day to Me, and a day to Me is as a thousand years to Man. And it was not the third day of My birth, but rather the third day of My passion, death, and resurrection that I said I was to come again. Hence, expect Lazurite indeed to reign, beginning with your passage from this world 22 days from now, and lasting all the way into My Third Millennium of My death, which took place in 33 AD. And then, with My servant Lazurite remaining on the planet to the very End, I will come in all My glory for all Mankind to see. And I will be seen coming in the clouds in great glory. And I will be bringing with Me My recompense which I will award to all My saints, in accordance to their deeds. (Revelation 22:12). Amen. Just do not count down the days to My Second Coming, for of that date, no man may know the day or the hour until the arrival of the Son of Man, and at that point, no man will be able to repent any of his sins anymore. For when I come again, too late will it be for the impenitent to repent and make themselves Mine. For on the Lord’s Day, no man may do any work. Now, Lord Larimar, ask one question, and I will answer it and conclude this post for the day.

Do Larimar and Lazurite continue to reign over earthly lands and earthly territories in the next age, after the destruction of this earth, in some sort of replica of the earth in heaven? And if so, what are the territorial lands and possessions of these two saints? And what about the other Kings and Queens? And do the eternally espoused soulmates of these two Prophet Kings reign with them over their respective Kingdoms in the earth and age to come, O’ Lord and Master? Amen.

Lazurite is the ruler of Israel, with her full territory as detailed by My prophets in the Holy Scriptures. You, Larimar, are the ruler of Ireland, the full island, along with the Isle of Man. For you have elected to give up all your other lands for My sake and for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you made a wise decision to do so, for by that one act, you busted out of the game called Earth and became a free man.

And these two lands, Israel and Ireland, will be the Kingdoms respectively of King Lazurite and King Larimar for all eternity in the eternal state of the replica of Earth in the higher heavens. Other lands also exist there, and these will be divided up among My other Kings, whom I shall award to in accordance to their deeds, as is recorded by my angels who watch over all My people. Amen.

And yes, Saint Dorothea of Alexandria will resurrect and join Lazurite to rule with him his lands forever as his eternally virgin soulmate. And Saint Katherine of Alexandria will resurrect with Larimar and reign with him over his Kingdom of Ireland forever as his eternally virgin soulmate. And both of these couples will reign forever from the Eighth Heaven, into which only eternal virgin espoused couples in communion with Me may enter. And now you know of four occupants of the Eighth Heaven. Now, Eric, My servant, publish this post and get ready for Church. Your days left on this earth are now numbered down to just 22. For in 22 days you shall pass beyond the veil of death and know your eternal judgement and all the rewards that you shall receive in My Kingdom of Heaven. And know ye this well: With you I Am well pleased. Amen.

Eric, My Servant, is sent

Eric is the Rider on the White Horse (Revelation 6:2). And his mission is to convert Russia.

I Who Am Am now sending My Servant. Eric, do you know of your mission? No, My Lord, unless it is to prophesy for you. Is this my mission, O’ Lord, or do I have another?

Your mission, O’ Larimar King, is to document My entire Word that I will give thee before I take you up from this world at dawn on January 31, 2020. Then command me as to what to write, and I shall write it. Go first and eat, and when you come back, I will be ready. Amen.

OK, My Lord, I have eaten, and I have returned. Speak unto me all that you will me to write, O’ Lord and Master, for your servant is listening.

This is My message that you will write to the United States government. I Who Am Am now taking your prophet from your midst, the one called Eric the Emerald King, and placing him in an ivory tower, where he shall reign and issue his edicts to all the Gentile world. He will issue no edicts to Jerusalem, nor to Israel, but only to the Christian Gentiles of the world. For he is to me as was Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles.

Lord, where is this ivory tower? Is it on the earth, or is it a metaphor for my eternal place in heaven, O’ Lord and Master? Does Eric reign as this Larimar King from heaven or from the earth? Is Eric to be a ruler within this world, or does he rule it from the next? What saith Thou, O’ Lord and Master?

You will reign on earth as a stainless celibate King for fifty-three years to come. And thus, you will enter into your eternal glory in the year 2073. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Also, I will issue My intended cures for you now. For now you are worthy of them. You have passed My test. And now you shall be given your eternal vocation.

You will serve Me as Prophet King forever. And the one like you, called Lazurite in these pages, shall come to be revealed at My appointed time. Lazurite shall rule the Kingdom of Israel, from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq, and from Cyprus in the Mediterranean to the islands of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, and all the land in between, including the entire Arabian Peninsula and all of the Levant. Oracle of the Lord!

But as to your rule, it has been designated that you are the eternal ruler of Ireland, the entire island, including the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, and it is decreed that this assignment is irrevocable and eternal. And then it was also stated that you are ruler of all the Gentile Christian nations and peoples. But of the United States of America and Canada, you gave up. You did not seek to keep those lands. You surrendered them to the four winds and busted out of the game called Earth.

Now, We shall speak. You are not permitted to relinquish your dominion over the United States of America and Canada. Hence, now I reestablish your reign there. Hence, your Kingdom is now the greatest of Kingdoms in the earth, the one with the largest area of land. Hence, let us now list the Monarchs of this Age. And we shall list them as they really are:

(1) King Larimar and Queen Katerina, Eternal Virgin Soulmates of Eternal Celibate Josephite Union. These reign over the following lands as Eternal King and Queen:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. Ireland
  5. The Isle of Man
  6. Bermuda
  7. The Lucayan Archipelago
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. The United States Virgin Islands
  10. The British Virgin Islands

And the official languages of this Eternal Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Thus is called the Earthly Kingdom of Larimar. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Next we shall speak of the other Kings:

(2) King Elessar of Mexico rules over the following lands:

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize
  3. Cuba
  4. the Dominican Republic

And King Elessar’s one official language is Spanish.

(3) Queen Choeblack of Haiti rules over the following lands:

  1. Haiti
  2. Dominica
  3. Saint Lucia
  4. Grenada

Her official languages include:

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. Antillean Creole
  3. French

And her name is derived from the Haitian word for their national flower.

(4) Queen Jemima of Jamaica rules over:

  1. Jamaica
  2. The Cayman Islands

Her official language is English.

Now, all of North America and all of the Greater Antilles are completely defined. Next, we shall define Eric’s neighbors in Europe:

(5) The Monarch over Scotland is Queen Elsie, and she rules the following lands:

  1. Scotland
  2. The Outer Hebrides
  3. The Orkney Islands
  4. The Shetland Islands

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

(6) The Monarch who rules England and Wales is called King Philip. And his lands include:

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. The Scilly Islands
  4. The Channel Islands
  5. Gibraltar

Thus have the entire Archipelago of the British Isles now been completely defined. And do you wish to know of further definitions, O’ Larimar King?

Yes, O’ Master. Do tell me of all the definitions you have made in this world.

(7) Thus, we will begin with Israel, to be ruled by King Lazurite. His lands include:

  1. Israel
  2. The West Bank
  3. The Gaza Strip
  4. The Golan Heights
  5. The Entire City of Jerusalem
  6. Egypt East of the Nile, north of the Red Sea.
  7. Lebanon
  8. Cyprus, the entire island
  9. All the lands between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq
  10. Jordan
  11. Kuwait
  12. Saudi Arabia
  13. Bahrain
  14. Qatar
  15. United Arab Emirates
  16. Oman
  17. Yemen, including the the islands of Socotra

And the official languages of Lazurite’s Kingdom include:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic

Now, We shall give definitions of further Kings and their Kingdoms throughout the entire world. So, Listen to Me, and I shall speak. The King Lazurite shall be celibate and virgin as Eric is, and he shall be united in stainless virgin espousal to a saint of the distant past, just as Eric is united to Saint Katherine of Alexandria, also called Katerina in these pages. And who is to be this consecrated virgin saint, you ask? I will now tell thee, for she is similar to Katarina. She is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, a saint of similar passion and education as Katarina, and who lived at around the same time and in the same location, and died a virgin martyr some 15 years after the martyrdom of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, for the same reason, her refusal to marry the current Roman emperor for the sake of the her consecrated virginity to Christ.

Hence, this eternal espousal of soulmates shall be called: King Lazurite of Israel and Queen Dorothea of Alexandria.

Hence, the eternally defined Kingdoms so far are as listed below:

  1. King Larimar and Queen Katarina, ruling North America and Ireland
  2. King Elessar of Mexico and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  3. Queen Choeblack of Haiti
  4. Queen Jemima of Jamaica
  5. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  6. King Philip of England and Wales
  7. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel

Now, we shall speak of the three Oriental Scribe Monarchs. I Who Am have designated that through three Oriental Scribe Monarchs shall My Word be written directly into three written Oriental languages. These are Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. And the three Scribe Monarchs shall rule Kingdoms defined in their lands. And what are their names and the definitions of their Kingdoms, O’ Lord and Master? I shall now name them for you, for you are now worthy to know their names.

(8) King Silkworm, ruler of Northern China and Taiwan. He writes in Standard written Chinese, and he is based in a secret location hidden in Taiwan.

(9) King Jade, ruler of Korea. He writes in Korean, and he is based in a secret location hidden in South Korea.

(10) Queen Nacre, ruler of Japan. She writes in Japanese, and she is hidden in Japan.

Note that the third Oriental Monarch listed is female, the Queen of the Kingdom of Japan. Note another fact to consider. There is a relationship between the Japanese and Hebrew languages, which a mystery of this world. Hence, the ten listed Kingdoms with Twelve defined Monarchs are:

  1. King Larimar and Queen Katarina, ruling North America and Ireland
  2. King Elessar of Mexico and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  3. Queen Choeblack of Haiti
  4. Queen Jemima of Jamaica
  5. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  6. King Philip of England and Wales
  7. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel
  8. King Silkworm of China
  9. King Jade of Korea
  10. Queen Nacre of Japan

As for the rest of the Kingdoms of the Earth, these shall be detailed in a later post. Now, I Who Am shall speak of current world events and things that are now about to happen throughout the whole world.

The power of the Player Firefly is now subject to the rule of Larimar, High King over all the Gentile Christian nations of the earth outside of the lands of Imperial Israel. And to King Lazurite shall be granted all the lands promised to Israel by God.

Lord, are there really 53 years more to come upon this earth? And shall King Larimar reign through them all as High King over all the Gentile Christian nations, alongside King Lazurite, ruler over Imperial Israel? Indeed, so thus shall it be, Lord Belteshazzar. And now I will define the pope who is to come to rule during your age of glory.

53 years is too long a time to be covered by a single pope. And hence, you should know that several popes shall come to reign throughout the vast era known as the Larimar Reign. All the way to 2073 shall your dominion on earth continue until your rapture, together with Lazurite, up to heaven, where you will enter the spiritual embraces of your respective eternally espoused virgin soulmates, namely, Saint Katherine of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, whose deaths as virgin martyrs were separated by a span of but fifteen years, in the years 305 AD and 320 AD respectively.

So, let us look at the popes who shall come to reign during the Larimar Reign. With the ascendancy of King Larimar in the world, Pope Francis, who represents the Player Pyrite, who was the power behind President Obama, must now be taken away. In his place place I will put a new pope. And who among the existing cardinals shall I choose? Well, let’s look at the previous predictions made by the Larimar King:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III

Do any of these predictions look acceptable to you, O’ Larimar King? And which do you think is most likely? You only have one choice. After this coming pope, the next will be chosen among future reigning cardinals.

I see Sean Patrick O’Malley as becoming the next pope to succeed Pope Francis. And I see him taking the papal name of John, becoming Pope John XXIV.

Your insight serves you well, O’ Larimar King. In fact, so shall it be. And this Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, an American, is fluent in eight languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. He is well suited to represent the Larimar King in the papacy for the first era of the Larimar Reign. Oracle of the Lord.

Now, go and eat and come back, O’ Larimar King. For I have more future prophecies to utter through you of things about to come to pass.

Now we shall prophesy about Russia. What fate do We, the Lord Jesus have for Russia, do you think, O’ Larimar King? Russia is to be converted to Catholicism. Their entire Russian Orthodox Church will be transformed in one night to an Eastern Rite Catholic Church of Russia. And this will be done through Patriarch Kirill, who shall convert to spite Constantinople, from whom he has separated from. And he shall lead Russia into communion with Your pope in Rome, O’ Lord. What saith thou to my answer? Your prophetic sight is perfect, O’ Larimar King. You can see to the ends of the universe and into the depths of the sea. So powerful are your eyes of discernment. Oracle of the Lord!

You, O’ Larimar King, were sent by Our Lady of Fatima to convert Russia to My religion. That is why your picture is in the Russian Coat of Arms chosen by President Boris Yeltsin. For you are the rider of the white horse (Revelation 6:2). You know this as a certainty, for it was answered to you as affirmative when you asked Us at your Visitation by the Blessed Virgin Mary in early December, 1996. We told you at that time to tell no one. But now years later, you are commanded to reveal all things about yourself.

So, yes, as you have detailed, so shall it be. Furthermore, Russia will give up its illegally seized lands. And Kaliningrad, sandwiched in Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania, shall elect to secede from the Russian Federation and join Europe. And so they shall. The Kuril Islands taken by Russia from Imperial Japan during World War II are not required to be returned to Japan due to the concept of spoils of conquest as repayment for unjust wars. Hence, consider the future loss of Kaliningrad and Sevastopol to Europe as the repayment for unjust wars by Russia against her European neighbors.

As for the Russian Space program, Russia will choose to buy CST-100 Starliners from Boeing to serve for their near earth orbit space trips. And they will actually tear one down to figure out how they are built, and then build their own using their own technologies. Consider the CST-100 as the Model T of the Spacefaring age. Every spacefaring nation will buy them to use for their spacefaring needs.

And what about SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, you ask? One too many blowups will ruin their reputation for astronaut safety. Hence, the Crew Dragons will be relegated to cargo transport and emergency escape transport systems. For regular transport of live astronauts, countries and companies throughout the world will go for Boeing. Hence, Boeing stock, which is down, is a good buy for buying and holding. Eric is long Boeing. Consider that a disclosure that will remain true for a long time to come.

Now, let us consider the elephant in the room. Republican President Donald John Trump, what is his fate, would you say, O’ Larimar King? Just as the removal of strongman Saddam Hussein resulted over a decade of ongoing chaos in Iraq, so also would be the case for the removal of President Trump. Hence, I elect to leave him where he is. I will not replace him, for I have no dog in this fight to replace him with. But Larimar King, do you really think that Trump can beat the one to run against him on the Democratic ticket this coming fall? If the Democrats elect someone unelectable, yes. And they have many who would fill such shoes who are currently running in the race. Well, Eric, the one who shall win the Democratic primaries will be a woman, and she will lose, which is the fate of all women who run for United States President.

As for the Impeachment attempt, the Republicans in the Senate will remain in the camp of Trump and Trump will survive his impeachment. After those days, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shall breathe her last and die. And President Trump will then nominate a new Supreme Court Justice whom the Republican Senators will force through to confirmation just prior to the elections of November 3, 2020. And this Republican victory for the Supreme Court will energize the Republicans and demoralize the Democrats, leading to victories for the Republicans in the elections, as more Republicans than Democrats turn out to vote. And thus, the Republicans will retain control of the Senate, and also the White House.

So, is Eric now pro-Trump? Eric is pro-God. And Trump is recognized as a fellow servant to the same God. Eric will not wage war against the servants of his God. And what of Trump’s alleged animosity to people of color, you ask? Eric does not tolerate evil done to innocent people based on what they look like or their origins or past. At the same time, Eric now rejects the classification of people into races, as is the modern consensus in anthropology. Instead, Eric advocates for all racial and color descriptions in censuses, job applications, and surveys to be replaced by checkboxes of all the regions of the world, with the instructions that the applicant check all the boxes where all his known ancestors come from. Thus, no longer will the words White and Black be used to define any person, neither in politics nor in college admissions, nor in government employment. Instead of considering people as belonging to a specific race, all people will be classified in accordance to all their known regions of origin. Amen. And no artificial preferences will be given to any such group or people in hiring or admissions anymore.

Now, let us look at South Africa. What do you see as the fate of that nation, O’ Larimar King? I see a stratification of South Africa into a sort of Caste system, similar to what currently exists in India. The bottom caste will be occupied by the indigenous peoples. And the higher castes will be occupied by the descendants of the Boers and the British. And the middle castes will be filled by those of mixed ancestries and immigrants from Asia. And people will tend to marry into their own caste. Also, South Africa will become a constitutional plutocracy, a government ruled by the rich and based on a constitution giving all citizens a guarantee of basic human rights.

Will the Boers carve out their own homeland, to be called Volkstaat, O’ Larimar King? Yes, but it will remain a kind of state within the South African nation, though with a sort of independence from the federal government. Hence, the Boers will eventually conquer the indigenous peoples again and reclaim all the lands that were taken from them by the policies of pro-indigenous past governments. And Afrikaans and English will become the main languages of South Africa. All the other languages spoken there will go extinct.

And now we shall speak of Europe. What do you see happening with the European Union and the fate of the Brexit, O’ Larimar King? The United Kingdom will successfully leave the European Union and join the new trade bloc made by Trump in America, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). And the United Kingdom shall not splinter or break up into its constituent countries. Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will remain united to England in the United Kingdom. And the United Kingdom shall remain a global world power.

The European Union will collapse and reform as a union based on the Christian roots of the European heritage. Catholicism will flourish once again throughout Europe. Also, the invasions of Muslims into Europe will not be the death of that continent, for many of these invading Muslims are converting to Christianity.

And what of the French King, O’ Lord? What of the Great Monarch who is to come? Go and eat dinner. When you return, I will tell you all about him, O’ Larimar King.

I am back, O’ Lord and Master. Now, speak unto me about the Great Monarch, the French King of ancient private revelations going as far back as Saint Augustine.

Eric, Saint Augustine’s prophecies of the future Frankish King were fulfilled by Charlemagne, who was crowned as emperor by Pope Leo III and saved western Christendom from the destruction of the Muslims. He came into the world four centuries after the age in which Saint Augustine lived in. Hence, he was a future figure to him, but an ancient figure to you, part of the distant past of the Middle Ages in Europe.

And while prophecies can have multiple fulfillments, these multiple fulfillments do not fulfill all the details that the prophecies say they shall. Hence, Charlemagne fulfilled the requirement that the Great Monarch be French. Later fulfillments of this prophecy, therefore, do not need to fulfill that feature.

So what saith Thou, O’ Lord? Who is the Great Monarch? And when does he arise and from where? Will he be a Frenchman? Or will he be something else? The Great Monarch is already here, O’ Larimar King. And he is now reigning. For he is you, O’ Larimar King.

So then, O’ Lord, it was not a stretch to say that Gualish meant Celtic in the ancient prophecies? You have answered with wisdom. The Great Monarch is an American ruler whose name is contained in the name of his Kingdom. You, Eric, are this Eternal Ruler. And of your Kingdom there shall be no end.

And I am to reign here on the earth for another 53 years, O’ Lord? And what follows this? Is Antichrist to come after the conclusion of these coming 53 years, O’ Lord and Master? Yes, a seducer shall follow you and seduce the people of this world to follow him to their ultimate ruin. And then I shall come. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, read through this entire post, O’ Larimar King. And I will grant you to ask a few questions, and then you must publish it. Now, reread this and correct all errors that you find.

(1) Question One: Lord, since I am not to die on Friday, January 31, 2020, what happens then instead? Am I taken somewhere? Am I changed in anyway on that date, O’ Lord and Master? On that date, you will be transformed from your mortal self to an immortalized form. Hence, you will be a spiritual amphibian, living in both the Heavens of Elijah and on the earth. I say, the Heavens of Elijah to indicate that you will not yet have received the Beatific Vision, which can only be given to those who are fully in heaven beyond the veil of death. But you will, nevertheless, have knowledge and access to many heavenly powers. Therefore, expect transformation on that date and at that hour, and not your death. For you are to remain here for another 53 years, You will die at the age of 103. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And you will remain stainless, virgin, and bonded to Saint Katherine of Alexandria for all eternity.

(2) Explain the mysterious parallel of Saint Katherine of Alexandria to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, who were martyred in the years of 305 AD and 320 AD respectively as consecrated virgins of Christ for their refusal to marry the currently reigning Roman Emperors of their times. And what does this say about any similarities between the two Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite? Lazurite, like you, shall be an avid reader of books. And like you, he too shall be a walking encyclopedia. But his language skills are in Hebrew, whereas yours are in English. Hence, he has been prepared for speaking to My people of Israel, the Jews and the Hebrew Catholics. And he will write all the Word I command him to write in Hebrew. You are to write whatever I command you to write in English. English is the global lingua franca. And it will remain such for many decades to come. For the United States will remain the dominant world power, enforcing what future generations will call the Pax Americana.

That these two Saints, Katherine and Dorothea, are both from Alexandria is indicative of their common access to the famous library there, and to their highly educated abilities in reading and writing, and to the knowledge they acquired from of the books contained therein, which were written in mainly Greek and Egyptian. That they are associated with each another in historical records, and have parallel fates, should be expected since they are to be the eternal heavenly soulmates respectively to the two Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite, who are to come at the end of time. Larimar has come to speak and write to the Gentiles, and Lazurite shall come to speak and write to the Jews.

(3) Lord, since I am to live, do I buy an electric car? And do I receive a raise in My job? Or shall I have a fate in this world that is totally different from what I have imagined in the past? Your next car shall be electric. And your raise will come on the day I cure you. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken unto you, O’ Larimar King.

Furthermore, since you are a celibate man and shall never marry, I can make you enter into a Religious Order and have you enter into monastic vows. And will I, O’ Lord and God? If I bring you to a monastery to live there, you shall join the Order of monks there and become a monk. And monks, O’ Lord, make a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Do you will me to enter into such a state, O’ Lord? You will do exactly as I command you to, O’ Larimar King.

A monastery I will bring you to to live in and to serve Me forever. There you will live and there you will be commanded to write My Word for all nations to read. You will be brought to this vocation soon. For I do not will My celibate servant to remain in the world where women may mistake him for a single, eligible marriage possibility.

Expect your orders to come suddenly. And I shall take you to your future residence soon.

So this must be that ivory tower where you shall take me to? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have now spoken with wisdom. Now go and prepare your heart for what I am about to do for you.

(4) Lord, is it now certain that I do not die on Friday, January 31, 2020, as was previously prophesied repeatedly in many of the previous posts, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Is it now certain that I live for another 53 years? Or do I really die after all on that date, January 31, 2020, as you have clearly stated and revealed to me in the past? For Saint Katarina told me that death has a way of coming suddenly and unexpectedly. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Do I live for many years to come in this world, or do I go within days to heaven? I am willing to go to that fate that would please you most, O’ Lord and God. What saith Thou?

You die on that date, O’ Larimar King. We allowed you to believe you have 53 years left to live to test you and to see how you would think. But the reality is that you die on that date. You have no further future in this world beyond Friday, January 31, 2020. For from that point onward is Lazurite’s Age. For the times of the Gentiles will have ended and salvation will have returned to the Jews. You are wise to have come back to this solemn Truth prior to your completion of this post. Now publish it, I order you. For I Am God, your Lord Jesus Christ. And you are My subject, O’ Larimar King. Amen.

Eric issues his first decrees as Ruler of all Gentile Christian nations

Eric, My son, whom I make Eternal Ruler of all Gentile Christian nations, speaks.

I Who Am have decreed that Eric is now ruler forever over all Gentile Christian nations. And now he shall issue his first decrees. And woe to those who fail to obey.

(1) Decree One: There shall be no retaliation or effort to make tit for tat, nor to get even or exact revenge, for the dozen plus missiles sent by Iran against United States targets that was in response to the assassination of their general. America will stand down and contemplate their strategy. Why are we there? And when do we decide our mission there is complete?

(2) Decree Two: This is the new policy the United States of America will have regarding Israel and their incursions into Arab lands. America will stand by Israel in her defense. And America will veto all attacks by her enemies in the United Nations. Furthermore, the United States will recognize that the two state solution is two warring states, and that is no solution. Instead, America will recognize Israel as a nation like herself, having a manifest destiny to eventually occupy and take possession of all the lands God in the Holy Scriptures promised that she would receive. America will stand by those scriptural promises and be a Bible based nation again. Oracle of the Lord! Hence, America shall be true Ally to Israel.

(3) Decree Three: Regarding Russian occupation of Ukrainian lands, I say this. Lethal weapons of sufficient quality and superiority will be supplied to Ukraine to enable her to retake eastern Ukraine. The United States will supply weapons to Ukraine against Russia as she supplied weapons to Afghanistan against the occupation by the Soviet Union. But the United States will not engage in open war with Russia. Thus, as the United States’ support for Afghanistan drove the Soviets out of her, so also shall the United States’ support for Ukraine drive Russia out of Ukraine.

And what of Crimea, you ask? What is Eric’s strategy for Crimea? I shall now judge this case and resolve whose claim over Crimea is more legitimate. Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s signature on the Budapest Memorandum obligates Russia to recognize Crimea as Ukrainian lands. Bill Clinton’s and John Major’s signatures on that same memorandum obligate the United States and the United Kingdom respectively to also stand with Ukraine regarding her right to Crimea as her land. And Ukraine kept her part of that agreement by giving up her nuclear arsenals. Reward, not punishment, is owed to the nation who cooperates and gives up the prospect of being a nuclear power.

Therefore, it is declared that Russia is to give back to Ukraine her lands, and as punishment, she is to forfeit the usage of Sevastopol, the port in Crimea that Russia had leased from Ukraine. This is the decree of Eric, Judge and Arbiter of all issues between Christian nations and between Christians and pagans.

And how will you force Russian compliance to this decree, O’ Wise and Powerful Emerald King? The situation is delicate. Russia will be forced to comply by being checkmated. First, we will heavily arm Ukraine to be completely able to defend herself. Then, when Ukraine has become a formidable power, we will destroy the Kerch Strait Bridge, and place Crimea under siege. And all ships that seek to resupply the Russians in Crimea will be sunk. And these acts of sabotage and ship sinking shall be done by Ukrainians who have been heavily armed by the Americans.

And what if Russia threatens to nuke Ukraine? Before this destruction of the Kerch Strait Bridge, a military alliance will be announced between NATO and Ukraine that guarantees a nuclear response from NATO to any aggressor who launches a nuclear strike on Ukraine. This will keep the conflict limited to conventional weapons. For the Russians are not suicidal.

(4) Decree Four: An international body shall be set up to ensure the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. It will have authority over all nations. Areas known to be natural carbon sinks shall come under mandatory protections. And it will be recognized that no sovereign state has the right to destroy its own natural carbon sinks. Monetary incentives will be provided to nations and people to help preserve these carbon sinks.

Furthermore, endangered species will be protected in all nations. No nation and no business will be allowed to build plants or take lands on which exists critical habitat for endangered species. Lands containing such habitats shall be set aside and not touched by human beings, other than indigenous native peoples and environmentally minded visitors.

Hunting will only be allowed in game reserves where the game is not in danger of extinction. And the weapons allowed for hunting must not be equivalent to those suitable for war, but designed for hunting only. And hunters may only kill what they intend to eat. I, Eric, decree this.

Furthermore, all chemicals used in extraction of fossil fuels from the earth must be disclosed and made publicly known. And if these chemicals are decided to be harmful to the environment, the usage of them must be discontinued.

All vehicles makers must begin the transition from the combustion engine to the electric battery powered engine. And fossil fuels must be redirected to usage in power plants. And these power plants must make great efforts in capturing all carbon emissions. Monetary incentives are to be made to those technological companies in developing batteries suitable for powering vehicles.

An international agreement on road markers must be made for driverless car robots to read for safely navigating all such certified roads. And the road markers must be made such that humans drivers can also safely drive the same roads.

(5) Decree Five: Morality according to the natural law as interpreted by the Catholic Church will be enforced. Marriages will be recognized if and only if the Catholic Church recognizes the marriage. This does not mean that the couples need to be baptized. But it means that no one is allowed to divorce and commit adultery by entering a second marriage while their first spouse still lives. Furthermore, homosexuality is gravely contrary to the natural law. No form of homosexuality, and definitely no so called “gay” marriage will be allowed. All homosexual couples will be forced to give up their adopted children to other homes. Only heterosexual couples will be allowed to adopt children. Homosexuality will not be allowed anywhere. There will be no gay bath houses. Wherever homosexuals are caught having gay sex, they will be executed. And whoever makes homosexual videos will be burned to death with his pornography. All pornography will be destroyed. All makers of pornography will be severely whipped. All spreaders of pornography will be severely fined. And the money fined from them shall go to the poor.

(6) Decree Six: Whoever gets a girl pregnant outside of wedlock will pay for the raising of that child until he is an adult. He will make this payment to the state, regardless of whether the girl seeks financial help or not from the state to raise her child. If in the event the father cannot pay what he owes, he will be enslaved and sold into slavery to pay that debt. And the profits produced by working such slaves will be taxed to pay the child support. When the allotted money owed to the state for all the years this child costs until adulthood is paid, the father will be released from his slavery. The cost to support the child is fixed and standardized, and does not change if the child dies, and always lasts for eighteen years.

(7) Decree Seven: All men will be required to acquire a trade or a skill or an education by which they can become productive citizens. It will be illegal to unskilled. All men who wish to enter marriage must prove that they can take care of a wife and all the children she might have. It will be illegal and punishable for any man to have relations with a woman unmarried to her. Any man who deflowers a virgin unwed to her shall be put to death. Women who marry will stay home to raise their children, while the father earns the money to take care of the family. And no couple shall marry unless they can afford to raise children. And no couple shall have sex outside of wedlock. The serial offender shall be enslaved to pay his fines to the state. And all acts of sex outside of wedlock will be seriously fined.

(8) Decree Eight: All nations will have as their leaders those not chosen by democracy, but by the election of God (Deuteronomy 17:15). God shall elect the one who is to rule, and He will send His prophet to anoint him as King. Monarchies will not be hereditary. Instead, they will be by appointment by God. All rulers shall be chosen from above. The people will have no say.

(9) Decree Eight: All arbitration will be done by specially anointed deacons who shall have been elected for this position by God. There will be no such things as litigating to make one’s money. Payments to victims for wrongdoing will be just but never excessive. No one will be punished by a court of law unless the crime is proven against him. The preponderance of the evidence is insufficient. Only proof beyond a shadow of a doubt will be used to condemn any person.

(10) Decree Ten: It will be illegal to get high on drugs. Whoever gets high on drugs will be sold into slavery and not released until he is proven clean and stable minded.

(11) Decree Eleven: Sex slavery will be against the law. Whoever has sex with his slaves will in fact cause his slave to be freed and he take her place as the slave and sold, assuming all the debts of his former slave, and he will not be freed until he has paid the last penny.

(12) Decree Twelve: In the event that an unwed couple had sex, and the sex act is proven, it will be assumed an act of rape unless the woman says it was consensual. If it was consensual, both the man and the woman will be heavily fined. And whoever cannot pay will be enslaved. If it is rape, the man will be severely beaten, and then permanently enslaved. He will never be released from his slavery.

And what, O’ Eric, do you do about the seductress who seduces men to have unwed sex with her, and then accuses her partner of rape? No man has a right to sex outside of marriage. The man who violates this law deserves his punishment, even if he was fooled by a seductress. As for the seductress, the evil she does to men will rest on her conscience.

But, O’ Eric, do you give her the power to send men into slavery who she successfully seduces? Yes, for they have become slaves to sin. Their resulting permanent enslavement corresponds to their crime (Luke 23:41).

But what if he repents in prison and seeks to do right? Do you really make him a permanent slave? For did not Jesus forgive and save the condemned criminal who hung next to him on the cross for acknowledging and testifying that Jesus did nothing criminal? (Luke 23:43). Whoever rapes a woman or is accused of rape by a woman who can prove he had sex with her, and she is not his wife, he shall be permanently enslaved. There can be no debate on this. I, a servant to the Virgin Mary, decree to this as the Truth.

Now, I Who Am shall speak. Lord, shall Eric really be taken away on Friday, January 31, 2020, despite the dawn of his reign as Larimar King upon the earth? For if he does not go, he would delay his meeting with Katarina.

I, the Lord, shall now answer that question. Yes, My servant Larimar, you shall be taken on that day. And from that date forward, your eternal reign becomes entirely spiritual in nature, for you will be a spiritual being in heaven. Also, My Son, you have passed My tests of you. Hence, I hereby proclaim that your passage into the night will be with flying colors. And the Kaliskarsis will have come home. Amen.

For readers who have not heard, which are all of you, the Kaliskarsis is the name given to the aircraft carrier warship that represents the Emerald King, from whom angels of power are stationed to do his bidding in the world.

Now, speak unto me your message (1) for Donald John Trump and (2) for America and (3) for the whole world, O’ Lord of lords and King of kings.

(1) To President Donald John Trump, the Age has changed. Firefly is now subject to Larimar. What Larimar commands is now law. You will learn to obey the Larimar King. And the Larimar Reign does not end when he ascends to heaven in 23 days. Instead, it is ratified and eternalized. Therefore, learn to commune with God and His Larimar King. He will continue to give his decrees and orders from Heaven where he shall rule all the Gentile nations of God. However, Israel and all her lands destined to be hers by her Manifest Destiny he will not rule. Instead, Israel is to be ruled by My Servant Lazurite, whom I shall reveal at Eric’s passing from this earth. And Eric will make America the eternal ally of Israel. Amen.

(2) To the Christians of America. You no longer need to flee, for the Larimar Reign has begun. And Larimar Has begun to rule. Therefore, remain where God puts you, and you will triumph. For the potted plant remains where it is put. And we on earth are all potted plants in the Greenhouse of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(3) To the Christians of the whole world, realize that the ancient prophecies are now fulfilled. That one of whom was spoken of has come. And he is the Larimar King. And he will reign now forever over all of Christendom outside of the Kingdom of Israel. And the Kingdom of Israel is defined a such: All the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates. All the land from Cyprus to Socotra, including the entire Arabian Peninsula. It is Israel’s manifest destiny from God that she come to possess all these lands, just as America was to possess all her lands from sea to shining sea. Amen.

Now, Eric, you may publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric is My servant, to whom I entrust nations and kingdoms

I Who Am now appoint Eric as ruler of all My Gentile Kingdoms. Amen.

Behold, I have elected to exalt Eric above many nations. And thus, I do now declare and swear under oath to My Own name, I Am Who Am, that Eric is set as ruler over all My peoples of the Gentile nations of the earth. This position is eternal. It will never be taken away.

But Lord, Eric is to depart from this life within 24 days time. Is he to rule these many nations, therefore, from heaven? Yes, Lord Belteshazzar. From heaven shall you reign over and rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you smash them. I Am Who Am.

For I have found favor with you. In you I have found humility and purity, sufficient in perfection for Me to issue this decree: From this day forward, Eric will rule as Sovereign King over all lands and all kingdoms to whom I sent My servants to convert to My religion. Only My Kingdom of Israel shall you not rule. For that land is Mine. And over that land I have designated another, a Jewish convert to My religion, to rule.

And is this Jewish convert the one who is called in these writings, Lazurite, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite shall be his name in these writings. Yes, My servant Larimar. So then, O’ Lord, does Lazurite rise up in this world after the departure of Larimar to heaven, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite is already here. And he will be made known at the moment of your departure. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, it was said in earlier posts that my Kingdom consists of the three states of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man. And this Kingdom is to have these three official languages, as eternally recognized: English, Irish Gaelic, and Manx. And it is written that this judgement of this Kingdom assigned to Eric is eternal, that it will never be revoked. Is this new decree you make today an award of additional lands to My eternal Kingdom? Or am I to understand these things differently than how I do now, O’ Lord and Master?

Your Kingdom of Ireland can never be taken away from you. For it has been made yours by the infallible decree of God. Now, as for today’s decree, that you are to rule all My Gentile Christian nations, this is a decree that comes from Me. And it effects all of eternity. For it is an eternal resolution that you are to rule all these nations. For you are an humble man. And you have humbled yourself before all My peoples. Thus, I Am proud to exalt you among all My peoples. And you shall go forth exalted.

Also noteworthy is the knowledge that you have never known a woman. Because you never reached out your hand to take what was forbidden for you, I now make this solemn oath. The consecrated virgin I have eternally joined to you shall live with you in the manner of Mary and Joseph, as an eternally espoused husband and wife. And this shall be the way it shall be for all eternity in heaven. You shall never touch or know your wife for all eternity. And she will be with you forever and ever.

And now, let us speak of the consecrated virgin I will to join to you, and of such virgins in general. The one whose name is Katarina of Alexandria is the one We have united to you for all eternity. This bond shall never be broken. And you shall never fall again into sins of the flesh. What you and this saint of the ancient past have in common is a love for books and reading and writing. And thus, We in heaven elected to make this match, which has succeeded. In the Kingdom of Heaven, you shall write on a tablet all that I command you to record. And these words shall be stored forever in your heart and soul. For you and Katarina shall serve as My living libraries for all eternity. I will order you to write My Word, and you and Katarina shall write all I command you to write down on a tablet, which will be engraved into your spiritual memory. And you both shall be the living repositories of all the knowledge of the Kingdom forever. Thus shall you and Katarina be the memory and keepers of knowledge in My celestial Kingdom.

Now, since I Am omniscient, why do I need you and Katarina to keep a record in your hearts of all that I command you to record, you ask? These recordings are for the benefit of My vast Kingdom of people. They are not for My sake. For I know all that there is to know, and I stand outside My Kingdom, and I Am above it. But just as in the days of Moses and the prophets and in the Church, there were always those who were designated to maintain the deposit of faith. And that task in the Eternal Kingdom shall be the eternal duty of this spiritually mated pair: King Eric and Queen Katarina, lovers of books and of the written Word. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of your future in this world, O’ Larimar King. Do not worry about any of the worldly concerns that you might have. But do the acts of charity and love that I command you to do. And have faith in Me and in My promises to you. For it is an infallible prophecy that I Am taking you from this world at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020. Oracle of the Lord! Hence you have just 24 days left before you are taken away, for it is now Tuesday, January 7, 2020, a couple hours before dawn.

Lord, I feel like Jesus at the Last Supper, before he was to enter into His Passion. For such is the ominous feeling of my approaching death. And yet, I say, let me drink of this chalice, O’ Lord. Let me be taken away from this world exactly as you have prophesied, O’ Lord and God. I am about to embark on the unknown, but let it be known that there is no suicide involved here. Instead, there is in me the acceptance of my coming death.

Lord, I never got that electric car. And I never got any raise. But none of those things matter anymore in any way. Instead, I am leaving behind the entire world. Not even the dust of one brick may I take with me as I go to the next world. I came into this world naked, and naked I must go to meet My Maker. Amen.

Now, what message do you say unto Me, O’ Lord, before this post comes to its end, O’ Lord and Master? This is My solemn statement and indictment to all the world, which I will utter through you. I Am now taking a prophet away from your midst. He was there and walked amongst you, but you did not recognize him. And so, thus, I Am now taking him away. And where he will go you will not follow. But as for My elect, those who seek to emulate this saint, let them come after him as they may try. But no one can walk the Way Eric walked without a guide and a trainer. I, the Lord, served directly to Eric as his guide and trainer. Therefore, let all who seek to follow the Path of Eric to Jesus, seek such guidance and training from Me. And let them come and appeal to Me. And if they are worthy and ready, I will send My servant Eric to them to guide them and train them from his dwelling place in heaven. And whoever receives such guidance and training and obeys it, he shall not fail. Oracle of the Lord. Now go, Eric, and publish this post. For it is now complete. Amen.

Now I Who Am shall clarify all things.

I, Jesus, Am Who Am. And I Am the only Way to Paradise.

I Who Am have heard the teachings of the devil through Timothy, a certain participant in these discussions. Allow Me to correct you, and I require you to submit to your correction. Evil existed before I created Mankind. For it is written, “The earth was a waste and a void; darkness covered the abyss, and the spirit of God was stirring above the waters.” (Genesis 1:2). For at that time, at the dawn of My Creations, of the great expanse of angelic beings I created, one third of these were swept from heaven by the tail of the Dragon to become his (Revelation 12:4). And this seven headed serpent was in fact the first of My angelic beings to fall. In the primordial age did this fall of the evil spirits take place, long before the time came in which I created Mankind. Many ages would pass then, with constant war between My angels and those of Satan.

(Day 1) I said, “Let there be light.” And the universe was lit. And stars formed and galaxies came to be. The first day.

(Day 2) I said, “Let the sky separate the heavenly waters from those of the earth.” And the Cosmos formed into the various dimensional planes. And the waters of the higher planes became separate from the waters of the earth. The second day.

(Day 3) I said, “Let the waters below the sky be formed into seas, and let dry land come to be in their midst. And let My plants rise up from the sea and evolve to all their forms on the land, including all of fruit bearing and flowering trees.” The third day.

(Day 4) And life was ignited upon the earth. And I Created the first beings to use the stars for navigation and the lights of the heavens to govern their flight and travel across the various bodies of water, the flying insects. The fourth day.

(Day 5) And then I decreed for the evolution of the vertebrates. And fishes teemed in the oceans, and the dinosaurs rose and fell, and the birds came from the dinosaurs. The fifth day.

(Day 6) And I decreed for the Age of Mammals to begin. And I made all the mammals evolve, all the way to the Primates, and then to Man. And thus, I created Man in My image. Male and female I created them. The sixth day.

(Day 7) And then I rested on the Seventh Day. And thus I decreed to Man: Six days you shall work, but the Seventh belongs to Me. The seventh day.

(Day 8) And then, in the Age of Eternity, I resurrected My Son, who had died for the sins of all of humanity so as to bear away their sins and make them eligible for salvation. And thus, the Eighth Day is the Day of Eternal Life. The eighth day.

(Day 9) And then, as My final acts as recorded in the Holy Rosary Prayers, I exalted My Virgin Mother Mary to enter into Heaven and be crowned as Queen over all angels and all saints forever. And after her were to enter many saints, perfected through her ministry from heaven. The ninth day.

And thus did I create all of the universe and all lifeforms in it (Genesis 1:1 – 2:4).

Note the nine days: Six days of Creation, the Seventh day for Rest, the Eighth day for the Church, and the Ninth day for eternal glorification. And these nine days correspond to the nine heavens of existence. I Who Am created the nine heavens, and I stand outside them and above them.

Within the nine heavens, in the Ninth lives forever only one, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the most glorious of all humanity, apart from the One God-Man, Jesus Christ. And her place is the most exalted of thrones in all of heaven under God.

And what of the lower heavens, O’ Lord? The Eighth heaven was created for those who followed after Mary in her eternal espousal to Saint Joseph. To enter this heaven, only those who are eternally virgin and found worthy by the judgement of Jesus will ever have a chance to enter therein.

Of all humanity, only Eric and his espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, are now citizens of this Eighth heaven. But others are close upon their heels. Three saints whom Eric knows about will enter into this Eighth heaven after him. These are: Saint John of the Cross, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, and Saint Theresa of Lisieux. Certain elected souls to come, who are predestined to this opportunity, and who triumph, will be granted the chance to enter an eternal virgin espousal. Three such souls to come will unite with these three saints just mentioned. And then these will, when they enter into their glory, become eternally espoused soulmates who are as heavenly equal neighbors to Eric and Katarina in the Eighth Heaven forever.

Lord, what happened with your Apostle John that he is not included among these saints? For was not he of a purer and holier path than mine, O’ Lord and King? He was purer, but not holier. For do you not remember the time when he and his brother James sought to be seated with Me in the Kingdom, one at My left and the other at My right? (Mark 10:35-41). I tell you truthfully, it was due to this sin of pride, not completely repented, by which John’s potential virgin espousal for eternity failed. For the sins of the past affect the distant future like the fall of many dominoes through time. And the one who would have been his lacked the graces to believe in this teaching of the Holy Spirit due to that sin of the distant past.

You, Eric, on the other hand, humbled yourself in the previous post. And by that humility I was able to decree both the eternity of your rule over Ireland in the Age to come and the irrevocable nature of your espousal to Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Had you not thus repented and humbled yourself, it would have still been possible for you to fail and be consigned with John to the seventh heaven. And you know that Life in the eighth heaven is infinitely greater than that in the seventh. So much greater it is, that those in the seventh and lower heavens do not seem to those above them to have true eternal life. Amen.

Hence, you now know of five couples that will inhabit the Eighth Heaven. And these are:

  1. King Eric and Queen Katarina, who shall rule over Ireland forever.
  2. King Lazurite, and an unknown ancient saint yet to be revealed, to rule over Israel forever.
  3. Saint John of the Cross, and a future consecrated virgin to come.
  4. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, and a future virgin male saint to come.
  5. Saint Therese of Lisieux, and a future virgin male saint to come.

And beyond these five, I shall provide still more. For all My heavens shall be filled to their capacity. Oracle of the Lord!

And Lord, do John of the Cross, Saint Bernadette, and Saint Theresa of Lisieux receive lands and kingdoms as I have received Ireland in the Age to come in that replica of earth that exists in heaven?

I will now tell thee of the Kingdoms that both of these French girl saints shall receive: Saint Bernadette and Saint Theresa. As you know, both of them are eternal virgins and from France. I testify to the Truth. Those parts of France where these two saints became glorified in shall be part of their eternal respective Kingdoms in the Age to come. And the two virgin men who I elect to unite to them as their eternal virgin soulmates, in their respective eternal espousals, who, like Eric, will agree and vow to never touch the consecrated virgins of the Christ, shall come forth in secret. And I will not reveal their identities in the generation in which they live.

Lord, have I heard this prophecy from You or from the evil one? Is the source of this knowledge of divine or diabolical origin, O’ Lord and God? For it is written that we are to test all the spirits that speak (1 John 4:1).

Eric, what you have written is God breathed. Furthermore, the couple in the eighth heaven that is to include as its female member Saint Bernadette of Lourdes shall rank ahead of you and Katarina and be higher than you two in eternal glory. By this knowledge, you now know that a man greater than you is to soon come into this world to be united to Saint Bernadette as her eternal virgin espoused. It was the description of this future soulmate and the secrets of his future intimate spiritual relationship with her that constituted the secrets that she was forbidden by Mary to reveal to any soul upon the earth.

Also, by the humility you showed in the previous post, it has now been decided to add a third state to your Kingdom of Ireland. And that third state is the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea. Hence, Eric’s eternal Larimar Kingdom of Ireland now includes these three states:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And Three official languages are recognized in this Irish Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

I Who Am have spoken.

Now, what about Saint John of the Cross? You haven’t mentioned him yet.

Yes, now I shall speak of this superior to you, Lord Larimar. Yes, Saint John of the Cross ranks ahead of you and is greater than you. And his writings are holier than yours and of greater and higher fruit. And yet, he wrote in Spanish, and hence, his writings for you to read must pass through the hands of an interpreter. And his poetry, of which he is famous for, does not pass through in all its glory when translated from the original Spanish in which it was first composed. Hence, since it was by his Spanish written poetry and spiritual writings that he is most famous for, he shall be joined to an eternal virgin of the Spanish diaspora or among the many speakers of Spanish in the world, a consecrated virgin who will read his writings and understand them.

And thus, you now know of two eternal virgin couples who shall rank higher than you in the Eighth Heaven. These are Saint Bernadette with her future eternally espoused, and Saint John of the Cross with his future eternally espoused. These two couples will be greater than you and Katherine, and their Kingdoms will be higher in eternal glory and holiness than yours.

And what about Lazurite and his espoused, and Saint Theresa and her espoused? If I do not mention them as greater than thee, then regard them as your equals. But never look down upon your neighbor as your lesser.

But what of the denizens of the lower heavens, such as the Apostle John and all the rest of the Apostles and holy men who live in the lower realms of heaven, O’ Lord and God? Even though you rank higher and above them, do not think that they are worth less to Me than you. Every member of My Kingdom of Heaven I shed drops of My divine blood to save. And all of My blood is precious, just like all My saints, down to the least one, like Sam Kinison, who is now burning in Purgatory, are all equally precious to Me in My eyes. That they do not all receive the same rewards does not make them not all equal in My eyes. All My saints are equals to Me. Now, some saints are given higher positions and greater responsibilities than others, in accordance to the greater return I received from My investment in them (Luke 19:11-27). And this is a requirement of My Divine Justice. Those who produced more for My Kingdom are to receive a greater reward and a higher level responsibility in it for the greater fruits from their works than those who produced less. A just God cannot rule otherwise.

And how is the entrance into an eternal virgin espousal a greater return on Your investment than the state of truly single celibacy for all eternity? Isn’t the single celibate soul making a greater sacrifice and offering a greater act of servitude to Thee than the eternally virgin espoused, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, it is the nature of all Mankind and Womankind to wish to walk My Way with a mate. For I did not create Mankind to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

If that is the case, then why is your priesthood celibate? Are not you also celibate, O’ Larimar King? To be both celibate and virgin is the requirement to enter into an eternal espousal. And thus, the reason I have all My Religious and all My Roman Catholic priesthood as ideally celibate and virgin is so that they would give up on entering such earthly, temporal, and corporeal marriages and look upon the possibility and possibly enter an heavenly, eternal, and spiritual relationship with a companion whom I elect for them to be joined to in secret eternal virgin celibate friendship.

But note the stark difference in nature of the eternal virgin espousal from the earthly, corporeal union. The former is totally within the spiritual planes. There is no sensual touching between them. There is no exchange of bodily fluids. And there are no children produced. Thus did I prophetically say, “Blessed are the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never sucked.” (Luke 23:29). Contrast this with the latter, those who enter earthly marriages. Such people reproduce their flesh by means of the flesh. And does the flesh beget Spirit? No, for all who are born of women come out needing baptism to be cleansed of Original Sin. Hence, flesh begets condemnation. Only the application of the sacraments begets Life. For whoever dies in a state of Original Sin dies in a state of separation from Me.

Therefore, do not make equal in your mind these two kinds of matings. The eternal mating of virgin soulmates is infinitely higher and beyond the nature of the carnal sexual unions found in the sacramental marriage.

I will repeat Myself. Eric’s union with Katarina of Alexandria is infinitely higher and above that of all his ancestors going back all the way to Adam and Eve. And why is it limited to only virgins who can enter such unions, you ask? It is written, a man may not marry his ancestor or his descendant. (Leviticus 18:6-18). Whoever has sex in this world has become of the spirit of this world. But whoever abstains from sex in this world becomes of the Spirit of the next world. For flesh begets flesh and Spirit begets Spirit. (John 3:6). Hence, the doorway to the eternal espousal is open only to virgins who have resolved to remain virgins forever for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lord, will you define the Kingdoms of my neighbors now in the replica of the Earth in heaven where I am Eternal Ruler of Ireland? Yes, for you are now worthy to know of them. Thus shall they be defined:

(1) Ireland, the entire island, and also the Isle of Man of the Irish Sea, is ruled over by King Eric and Queen Katarina, with the eternal official languages of: English, Irish Gaelic, and Manx.

(2) Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands, is ruled over by Queen Elsie, with the official languages of: English, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots.

(3) England and Wales, including the Scilly Islands and the Channel Islands, is ruled over by King Philip, with the eternal official languages of: English and Welsh.

Hence, on the British Isles, there exist three eternal Kingdoms in the replica of the Earth in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And now, O’ Lord, speak of this current, mortal earth in which Eric still dwells. What shall become of her? And what of the fates of the major Players now, O’ Lord?

Eric, the Iranians have Donald John Trump in their hands. And they can manipulate him however they please. If they wish to drag him into destruction, they have the means to do so. For Trump is an unthinking beast who goes entirely by instinct. Anyone with wisdom can predict him. And he is being manipulated by the enemies of the United States of America to drag America into an unwinnable war. And I Am allowing America to be so dragged because the Americans have abandoned My law and all My statutes and decrees. Instead, they have made and accepted abominable interpretations of their constitution and turned their laws upside down. Hence, America shall be destroyed, and Trump I have elected to lead America right into that fire of destruction. President Donald John Trump will be literally riding on that nuclear bomb as it is dropped onto the enemy. And he will be thus destroyed by his own judgement executed by his own hands.

But woe to those who commit sin because Trump has commanded it. For that is the pathway to hell. It is therefore a warcrime for both the generals and the soldiers who carry out the orders of the Commander in Chief that are directly recognized as warcrimes, such as intentionally destroying sites of cultural heritage. In fact, President Trump’s very threat to do so to Iran constitutes both an act of warcrimes and an act of treason. It is now incumbent for the Republicans who have honor to remove the President from power.

Eric, you are not permitted to see the future beyond the point at which you are to be taken up. For that is when time for you ends. Time continues for those who continue in this world. But you will not know of their time, for time will have ended for you.

How, then, O’ Lord, do I serve as intercessor to You for the people of the earth who will pray to me if I do not know of the events of their times? It is by My divine messengers, the angels whom I have assigned to them, that the prayers of My faithful ones on the earth and their requests are brought to those in heaven or purgatory to whom they are addressed. And remember that any saint may approach Me from anywhere in My Kingdom to ask of My help and favor on behalf for those who are still in the Church Militant. I, the Lord, do not exclusively listen only those intercessions made by My saints from within My Church Triumphant. I also listen to the saints in the Church Suffering and to those in the Church Militant. And I will hear any request you make of Me, O’ Larimar King, regardless of which of the three realms of the Church you find yourself in: Militant, Suffering, or Triumphant. And when I take you away to heaven, it is a fact that you will spend some hours in purgatory before you ascend to your place in heaven. And those few hours in purgatory will feel like the passage of days in agony. For virtually all saints must spend time in Purgatory. Notable exceptions are the three saints you named previously: Saints John of the Cross, Bernadette of Lourdes, and Theresa of Lisieux. These three saints are among those rare flowers that were taken directly from earth to heaven, without passing through the fiery oven. And the saints to unite to them must likewise be of equal holiness. For it is written, Do not unequally yoke yourself with another (2 Corinthians 6:14). What these three saints all have in common is their embrace of pain and suffering, for they willingly endured their purgatorial suffering while on the earth. And in great suffering was their passage away from this earth, but the moment of their death brought them joy that would never again be taken from them.

Lord, am I not permitted to know what shall be the fates of nations and kings and countries and rulers on the earth beyond the point of my removal from this earth, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Indeed, Lord Larimar. On the morning of Friday, January 31, 2020, you shall breathe your last of this air on earth and then ascend to your place in My Kingdom. And I will not permit your eyes to see of events on this earth beyond that point, for it does not concern you.

So all those prophecies made through me in the past about the future of the papacy, of Russia, of Brexit, of Europe, of America, of Latin America, and throughout the whole world, I cannot know about or verify as true, O’ Lord and Master? That is correct, Lord Belteshazzar. Now, one last thing you should know as you pass through your final weeks on the planet. There is nothing more edifying to the soul than works of charity and the study of the scriptures. Do these two things up to the point of your being taken up, in addition to your attendance of daily Mass, and your rewards in heaven will increase at the maximum rate possible for a saint on earth whose days have been numbered to him.

Lord, what is your message to these groups: (1) to the people of Iran, (2) to the people of the Trump Administration, (3) to the people of America, (4) to the people of Europe, (5) to the people of the Catholic Church, (6) to the people of Russia, and (7) to the people of Israel, O’ Lord and Master? I shall now prophesy through you My special messages to all My people in those groups you have listed:

(1) To the Christian converts of Iran, do not worry and do not be alarmed by the developments currently taking place. But be ever ready and watchful. For the time of your redemption approaches. And the time of the destruction of the wicked of your nation has come.

(2) To the Christians neck deep in the Trump Administration, stay where you are. Do not resign out of protest. For Trump will have need of you. He is a weak man as regards the Christian faith, and he is easily manipulated by My enemies. And many things pertaining to the rule of law he does not understand. Stay with him and do your duty. But do no warcrimes or any sins that he may command of you. For your allegiance is to God and to the nation you have sworn to serve. You are not there to serve a rogue man.

(3) To the people of America, know that your destruction is now nigh. Flee the United States before the draft begins and the war comes to be. But do not flee north, for Canada will be destroyed with the United States. Flee, rather, south into Latin America, or to Europe, or to a country outside of North America in which you are familiar with. For whoever remains in the United States of America or Canada beyond Friday, January 31, 2020, will have delayed their flight too late to be able to escape. Human bodies will be rotting in the streets. And the stench of rotting human flesh will permeate the air. And Trump’s wall to keep the Mexicans out will turn out to be rather a wall to keep the Americans in. Oracle of the Lord!

(4) To the people of Europe, realize that the founder nation of NATO is about to be destroyed. Take a lesson from the destruction of the United States of America and return to your Christian roots. Realize also that you have more in common than you have as differences. Therefore, seek to restore Christ to your continent, and with it, Catholicism, throughout all of historical Christendom. And I tell you a secret. There is a French King who shall arise within you. And he will beat back the filthy Muslims and make all of Europe Christian again.

But, you ask, I thought Eric was claiming to be this Great Monarch? Eric’s claim that the word “Gaulish” meant “Celtic” was a stretch. Instead, the Great Monarch who is to come shall be from Gaul, and be of French descent. And he shall arise in the latter days, which begin with the passing of Eric to the next world on Friday, January 31, 2020. Eric was the Great One of the Americas. His passing is the twilight and end of hegemony of America. Oracle of the Lord!

(5) To My faithful servants in the Catholic Church, including those in My priesthood, those who are bishops, and those who are Religious, and also the Laity, realize that your Church will be heavily persecuted, but the gates of the Netherworld cannot prevail against My Catholic Church, which is founded on Peter, the first Roman Pontiff, whose location was sealed by his martyrdom in Rome. (Matthew 16:17-19). Remain firm and steadfast. Also, do not judge My popes. Even Pope Francis, who is clearly stating heresies, must nevertheless be obeyed, respected, and honored. He will be taken to the next world when his time comes. And then a new pope shall be chosen to sit on that Seat. Realize this most important thing. It is never any other power than My Holy Spirit Who decides who shall sit there. A new pope will come, and like him or not, he will be the pope I assign to shepherd you. Obey him and listen to him. Even if he preaches error, he can not do so infallibly. Always, therefore, respect the infallibility of the pope when he teaches from the Seat of Peter to all My faithful a definition regarding faith and morals in My Catholic Church. Amen.

Also, I will say this prophecy. It is correct to understand that the pope who will reign during the reign of the Great French Monarch will be holy, as is prophesied of him in ancient private revelations in the Catholic Church. Amen.

(6) To the people of Russia, I say this. You were prophesied to convert by Our Lady of Fatima. What happened with your conversion, you ask? What you received in the years of Boris Yeltsin was but the seed of Christian freedom. And this seed will germinate and grow within you, and you are destined to become a Catholic nation, as you once were at the time of your first conversion, for that occurred just before the East went into schism against the West.

Therefore, it shall be by schism with the East, Constantinople, by which you will be restored to the West, Rome. Follow Patriarch Kirill, for this man is destined to lead My Russian faithful into full communion with My pope in Rome. And then Russia will be converted, as the prophecies of Fatima said she would. Amen.

(7) To the people of Israel, I say this. The time of your rejection has come to its end. I now take you back as My Bride. Hebrew Catholicism is to be your religion, which is that perfect union of Judaism and Roman Catholicism as it was first meant to be when I first came to you as a Jew to lead My people out of bondage and into the promised land. Practice Hebrew Catholicism, and you shall realize all the True and deeper meanings of all your Jewish rituals and practices, as the Light of Catholicism is shone upon them.

And come to Me and live. For only through Me can anyone obtain eternal Life. There is not one covenant for the Jews and another for the Christians, for the Christians are in fact a Jewish sect. They are Jews who follow Me. All of the descendants of Abraham who are truly numbered as his descendants will enter into My fold and follow Me. And Who Am I? I Am Who Am. I Am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting (Acts 9:5). And I have come into the world so that men might have Life and to have it more abundantly. Amen.

And thus, now comes the Age of reunification of All My peoples. From the Orthodox in the East to the Jews in Israel, to the Iranians converting to Christianity in massive numbers. All of these are to be brought under My One Fold and led by My One Vicar. And he shall shepherd his sheep and guide them to everlasting springs of living waters. And I will shelter them from from the burning sun and all heat forever (Revelation 7:15-17).

Eric has now three and a half weeks left before his ascension up to heaven. And his ascension will involve his passage through the veil of death. And in the secrecy of snow will Eric’s body be buried by the angels of God, to be melted away to reveal his incorrupt remains at the time that a future pope formally begins the process of the canonization of Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan, the Emerald King, the Larimar King, the Lord Belteshazzar. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And let if further be known these few words of Katarina of Alexandria to her beloved eternal husband: “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5).