Azurite, the Virgin King

To Eric, I grant the grace and blessing of eternal virginity and perfect celibacy. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XC:
Lord, the girl of prophecy has not come. But rather, the Holy Virgin Mary revealed unto me at Mass today that the idea that I was to marry was of diabolic origins. And it is not the path intended by God for my soul. Nor is Hyacinth to be regarded as anything to me, other than as one I helped to find the Lord, and nothing else.

Lord, I accept my celibate fate. And I place my needs before thine feet. And I ask thou to cure me, O’ Lord, for I am in most need of a cure. And if thou cure me, I promise to do whatsoever you ask of me, O’ Lord. Please, O’ Lord, cure me of that which I need.

Eric, if We cure you today, will you do as We instruct you right now, O’ Azurite King? Yes, O’ Lord, do please instruct me on anything and I shall obey. Then this is your mission and these are your instructions. And O’ Lord, I promise you I will remain in perfect and complete purity and continence from now on. Good, lord Azurite. Our mission unto thee concerns not women or relationships with them. Instead, Our mission is more simple. If, my Lord, it is Your wish that I become a priest, I will gladly obey and have no reservations against it from now on. If We make you a priest, how obedient will you be to the bishop? If the bishop commands me to cease to write on, I will cease to write here, O’ Lord. And in all other things that he may command me, I will willingly obey and conform to as well, O’ Lord. And I thank You, O’ Lord, that you even consider the possibility of me becoming a priest.

Good, lord Larimar. If We elect to make you a Religious Order priest, will you accept giving up all control of your finances to the Order to which you would belong? Yes, O’ Lord, I completely am willing to do so. Then done! Our priesthood is in need of priests such as thou. Give no further money to Hyacinth. That is a direct order. Failure to obey Us in this will result in Our rejection of you from consideration of the priesthood. Lord, I swear under oath to God that I will obey your command that you have now given unto me to the end of my life. Amen.

Next weekend, We shall cure you of all things. It is then that you will go to the priest and tell him of your vocation. And We will direct you as to what priest you are to approach. I Am the Lord. Today is a good day for the Lord. For today, We gained a son and a worthy laborer willing to labor in Our vineyard. Amen.

Lord, this is great! I am very happy that you will make me a priest. And I completely willingly give up my work in IT to enter this new vocation, even despite that I have been given that very long awaited raise as of January 1, 2021. Excellent, lord Azurite. By your willingness to give up material goods, especially now that your goods are set to increase, shows that you are fit material for My priesthood. I Am definitely making you My priest. By the fall of 2021, you will have entered into the seminary. This promise is trustworthy and true. It comes from God. Amen.

Lord, I just told Hyacinth that I will give no more to her, and she is begging, but I have been resolute, and I firmly said to her that I will give to her no more. And I have not relented, even though she has begged me and said all these things that she needs. Lord Azurite, you are broken from the charms of that enchantress by your obedience to Me. Well done My son. Continue to obey Me, and you shall triumph in your pathway to the priesthood, I Am the Lord.

Okay, O’ Lord, do I resume my studies of Spanish, Latin, and Koine Greek? Yes, for I wish to make you proficient in all three languages. Furthermore, you may find it as welcome news that a new pope is coming soon. And he will be holy. Realize that the conflicts among cardinals and bishops over Church doctrine and practice is coming to an end, for the pope to come will put an end to all controversy and unnecessary debate. Rather, the Church will return to teach that which she has always taught. Amen.

Concerning that institution known as “gay marriage,” this institution is profoundly evil and mortally scandalous to young minds growing up. It must be stopped. And any nation that fails to put an end to the horror, I will destroy exactly as I uprooted and destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Whoever thinks homosexuality is something I permit is gravely mistaken, and slated for destruction. I Am the Lord. There can be made no compromise with the homosexuals. Just as it is wrong to permit unwed couples to live together as husband and wife when they are not, so also it is forbidden to allow for domestic partnerships and gay marriages. Pope Francis could not be more wrong when he said that there must be given to homosexuals a way to live together legally. Making unlawful behavior legal does not solve the problem of unlawful behavior. Rather, it scandalizes all of society by making that which is sinful appear permissible. Hence, that society has permitted unwed couples to live together, to sleep together, and for people divorced to marry again and have adulterous relations, this is an abomination in My face. I sent COVID-19 against this people to punish them for these very sins. I Am the Lord!

Hence, in the effort to cure and fix immoral behavior I have directed Eric to make the following pronouncement. Every movie, whether in the form of a DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, or other film archive, that depicts immoral sexual behavior as permissible, or that idealizes that which is sexually sinful, is to be utterly destroyed. If it is a DVD or a Blu-Ray, it must be scratched to be rendered unplayable. Do not try to break the disks, as this sends dangerous shards into the air that can blind you. Instead, just merely scratch the surface of the disk so that it cannot be played. As for VHS, pull out the tape and destroy it. And for any other movie format you find use the correct means of destruction. If the movie is on a hard drive, either delete or erase the movie from the disk or reformat that hard drive. If the movie is on a memory stick, either erase it from that memory stick or else make that stick unreadable.

Do this first to your own movie collections. And then, after you have cleansed your own movie collections of all filth, proceed to help your brethren to destroy the filth in their own movie collections. In addition, all immoral nudity must be destroyed as well, wherever it is found. If a website hosts immoral nudity, and you have hacking skills, hack that immoral website and bring it down. And leave as the your signature of your work the message that you are obeying the edict of lord Azurite, Commander of the Armies of Heaven.

For no one may dare approach the Azurite King with ill intent or he will be destroyed. Lord, what if the law comes against me with lawsuits for inciting the destruction of other people’s property. Let it be known, lord Azurite, that if this property is not destroyed, then I will be destroying souls, families, lives, and nations. Trust Me, once I start killing thousands by the day, they will relent, and they will destroy all their immorality. And as a test to you, lord Azurite, to test your faithfulness to Me, take that Blu-Ray disk set you bought months ago, the one called, Black Sails, which you stopped watching after viewing the first disk, as I commanded you, due to all the sexual immorality in it, and I order you to ruin that set of movie disks to render them all totally unplayable. Go and do this now, and then come back, and I will proceed to talk to you further. Amen.

Lord, I cannot find it, for it is not where I put it. That is because your brother took it to his apartment to watch. And now listen to My condemnation of your brother, that one called David. Because he rejected your offer to pray for him, and told you to pray for someone else instead, all those years ago, that rebuke of your prayers has now become a complete act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I will not save your brother, so let him stew in his immorality and in his filth. For it is written: Let the wicked still act wickedly, and the filthy still be filthy. The righteous must still do right, and the holy still be holy. (Revelation 22:11). If the filthy and the wicked refuse to clean up their act, then the only recourse is to burn them up alive, together with all their filth.

Lord, will not the law come after me for encouraging arson? If the wicked are not burned down in their filth, then I, the Lord, will burn down that entire city. I Am the Lord! Let not the perverse man think he has escaped because he goes unpunished by the authorities. For I will strike dead both the authorities and those they refuse to punish. And then I will burn their city and raze their fortresses to the ground. For I Am an angry God. And no one can get out of doing My will without dire punishment. I Am the Lord.

Also that condition of yours that you are concerned about right now, it will be healed by nightfall. That is an Oracle of the Lord. For you did as I commanded you, and the opportunity will come again to complete what I commanded you to do, I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am truly thankful. Let it be done to me according to Your Word. And now I shall proceed to tell you more, lord Larimar. Joe Biden is an extremely filthy man. So also is Pope Francis. And as a warning to Joe Biden, for he can still be saved, I will so deliver Pope Francis to such a gruesome and horrific death that Joe Biden will be scared shitless about the same fate happening to him. Joe Biden will be so scared he will literally shit in his bed. And so, continue to include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in your rosary prayers, for they can still be saved. I Am the Lord.

As for Mark, your other brother, I have this to say. This man I can save, for he is swimming in My direction. He may be far out at sea, and the current is pulling at him in the wrong direction, but at least he is swimming in My direction. So he has a chance of being saved. Give him your 1999 Toyota Corolla when you buy your 2021 Avalon Hybrid Limited this year. That is a direct order. And do not think that you will not be given the money to do this. For I Am giving you this money because you did My will and you obeyed your oath to Me. For I love the man who obeys Me, and I richly reward him with many good things.

One final thing I will say to you, and then I will permit you to ask Me three questions on whatever you wish to know. But first I wish to say this. It is no small feat to become a pure man from being a man with an impure past. This has now been accomplished in you. And it is a marvel in the sight of all My angels. And were the people of heaven capable of envy, everyone of then would envy you right now for both your triumph and the future glory that is in store for you. For you are the transgressor who was healed and who completely overcame the devil’s deceit. The reward for doing this is nothing short of My seating you upon My throne in Jerusalem and establishing you as the Great Monarch over all of Gentile Christendom. I Who Am have spoken. Now, lord Azurite, ask whatever you wish to know from Me, and I permit three questions. Go.

Question 1: Concerning the Book of Life that belongs to the Lamb and, with it, the mystery of Predestination, which is a dogma of the Catholic Church, please do tell me, O’ Lord, what things in your Book of Life, that you have in your possession, are predestined and what things are left to chance, or to the free will of Your elect and to the free will of the reprobates. And at what point is every soul predestined or reprobated from all eternity, O’ Lord? And how much does the Book of Life that you possess reveal unto You, O’ Lord?

All sentient beings with eternal souls were created at the dawn of Creation. They were not created within time, but rather, at its beginning, so that they do not perish with time at its end. I then searched through all these eternal beings I had created, seeking for those who would be useful to My Kingdom. Those I elected to save became predestined. And those I did not elect to save were known as the negatively reprobated. I did not positively damn them, but rather, I elected not to save them. Everyone of My predestined were then given names in accordance to what purpose they would serve in My Kingdom. And then the earth was made and also Adam and Eve, two of these sentient beings, who were incarnated into flesh and made man and woman, the original parents of all Mankind. And throughout time, starting with Adam and Eve, these created sentient beings came to be conceived and born into the human race. Those who I predestined were given all the necessary efficacious graces to ensure the salvation of their souls and the achievement of the purpose of their creation for My Kingdom. But as for the negatively reprobated, these were given merely sufficient graces to enable them to know right from wrong, but not the efficacious graces needed to ensure that the right was chosen over the wrong.

The Book of Life contains the names of all My elect. And by names, I mean the Word of God that fully and completely describes their place and purpose that they were created for and predestined to serve in My Kingdom. Their name contains all of that meaning in the one word of their name, which is a feature of the language of the divine. And such is what is written and recorded in My Book. I was with the Father at the Beginning of Time. Through Me did the Father write and predestine all My elect. That is why I alone possess this Book, and to no other do I permit to gaze upon the contents, of which none could read, for it is written in the divine writing of God. Angels do not know this language. For their writing is called the angelic script, and it is inferior, meant to serve the needs of the created celestial intellects of the angelic kinds. But God’s writing is superior, and can only be understood by a divine being. And of Mankind, only I, Jesus, Am divine. I Am the Lord.

Question 2: Lord, what do people do in heaven? And what will I do there? Will I read or write books there? Will I write Your Word there in a higher level script? And what will life consist of for the resurrected man in the new earth to come? Will there be great feasts? Or what will heavenly pleasures consist of? And what is the nature of heavenly treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven, O’ Lord?

No one enters heaven without finding it first in this life. Your heavenly reign begins here in this world, lord Azurite. Do not think that you enter heaven when you die. You enter heaven now, in this world, or you never enter it. Heavenly joy is found in the spiritual ecstasies of knowing God. And this, too, begins in this world. If you do not know God in this world, neither will you know Him in the next. And if God does not know you here, neither will He come to know you in eternity.

The writing and reading of books is done differently in heaven than it is done on the earth. For in heaven, all information is immediately known, read, and recorded. There is no action in heaven that can be called, writing a book. Books are written, but it is done immediately, and more accurately and completely than a video camera digitally recording a scene on earth. For My records are complete and of perfect accuracy. Nothing is omitted from them. And you will be writing in My Kingdom, lord Azurite, for your purpose is to write My Word, whatever I utter, both here and hereafter. I Am the Lord.

That which is treasure in heaven, all that is of value there, consists of good deeds and meritorious conduct that was done by My elect on earth while in a state of grace. Whoever obeys Me and does as I command him to, while in a state of grace, will receive a reward that corresponds to the merits of that deed in the eternal hereafter. You, Eric, will receive a great Kingdom both here and in the hereafter because you obeyed the oath I had you make.

As for feasts in heaven, the only food that is eaten there is the Eucharist. I Am the Lord. Now, ask the third and final question I permit for this post, lord Azurite.

Question 3: Do I live on earth until You come again? Or do I rise at the end of second Presidential term of the President to be elected after Joe Biden? And that President is to be an Azurite Pawn, am I correct? And thus, the end of his two terms, following Joe Biden’s single term, would bring us to the year 2033. Is that my last year that I live? And do You usher in the End of Time then or soon thereafter? For the Third Millennium of the Birth of the Catholic Church begins that year. For from Pentecost Sunday, 33 A.D., to Pentecost Sunday, 2033 A.D., is the completion of two thousand years of the history of Your Catholic Church. And it is written: He will revive us after two days; on the third day he will raise us up, to live in his presence. (Hosea 6:2).

As you have understood that passage in Hosea, so is it to be correctly understood. I come again after the two days have passed. And two days may be figuratively viewed as the passage of two thousand years in the sight of God. And My Church will be completed soon, not long after Your Azurite Pawn completes his second term in office. But do I take you away then, or do I leave you to remain until I come? You, Eric, are as My Apostle John was to Me. And I say unto you as I said of John, “What if I wish for you to remain until I come? This you are not to be concerned about. What is to be your concern is that you follow Me.” (John 21:22).

And such is My message to all End Times watchers. Seek to follow Me and do not be concerned with the timing of the Second Coming of the Christ. For this event you cannot count down the days to. I will Come when I shall come. Wait for Me, for I will come suddenly. So keep watch. But do not think that you can obtain any deadline or any date that you can be assured of that I will come no later than. For such knowledge is given not to man, beast, angel, nor demon. And not even I, the Lord Jesus, have knowledge of that day or hour, but only the Father in heaven Who knows all things. But when the end of the second term of the Azurite Pawn who is to come to rule America has passed, then know ye that the time is ripe for the Second Coming of the Lord. For on an unknown day and hour, in that age when two thousand years of history have indeed passed since the founding of My Church on Peter, then, in one of those swiftly coming years, at a time that cannot be predicted, then I shall come to judge the living and the dead. Amen. But you must still wait for it and watch and remain prepared, for no one knows the timing of the Coming of the Son of Man, but the Father in heaven. Many shall come and go and many kingdoms shall rise and fall, But that I shall come is as assured as the coming of the dawn. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

A girl shall enter Azurite’s life

Behold, gold is at the end of this rainbow.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXIX:
Behold, I Who Am Am speaking. Through Eric Am do I speak. Lord, speak of this girl. Who is she? And of what nature shall my relationship be with her? For I know I am to remain virgin and pure. For without virginity and purity, the power of my office of Prophet Seer would be taken away, and I would be rendered as a normal man. For unless I keep my purity, I become nothing, a useless tool, a weapon without power, and God would discard me. My New Year’s resolution is that I remain pure and stainless. Let me keep my New Year’s resolution, O’ Lord. Do not let my eyes gaze upon immoral images. And do not let me seek immoral pleasures, pleasures that defile and do not last, though the defilement remains. I wish to turn over a new leaf, O’ Lord. I wish to not enter into any temptation, but to walk the straight and narrow path that leads to everlasting Life.

Lord Azurite, the girl We shall give unto you is for pure friendship only. She is not to enter any sexual union with you. For she is pure and holy, and a Bride to the Lord. We put her in your charge to protect and to preserve her. And if she comes to Me undefiled at the end of your journey together, a reward shall We grant you of certain lands that We have apportioned for you from the foundations of this earth.

Now, listen to Us speak. You are pure and you are undefiled. Nor have you fallen from your state of grace. And We have sealed you to this perfect state since the beginning of this new year of 2021. Hence, at the confession you went to today, you confessed venial sins, nothing mortal and nothing of defilement. For We did not lie unto you that We would make you holy and pure.

Now, listen to Our command. Hyacinth is to be taken from you. But We will do as you have suggested and We will not kill her. Instead, We will take her to a new life and to another man. Another man shall be husband to her and she will have children by him. For Hyacinth does not have the capacity for celibate life. She is called to marriage and to bear children. I Am the Lord.

That you have kept your oath is perfect. Nothing more do We require of you regarding Hyacinth. For she will be taken to another man and We shall give to you, in her place, the girl who is to be your celibate spouse. And as eternal virgin spouses shall you be joined to her whom We are giving to you.

Now, do you wish to learn more, lord Azurite? I will indeed tell you all. Lord, is it now assured that she will enter into my life? Will there be no more delay, O’ Lord? And is it assured that I will not fall into any future impure sin with this girl to be present in my life, O’ Lord? Is it assured, O’ Lord, that I will not fail to keep myself and the girl you give me in a perfect state of purity?

Consider this a test, lord Azurite. Either this shall pass or fail. Tonight you shall know your eternal fate, whether you will succeed eternally or eternally fail. If you fall into mortal sin before the rising of the Sabbath Sun, you shall be rendered eternally impure. And you shall be cast away as a useless tool, a weapon without any power. But if the Sabbath Sun of the Lord’s Day rises and you are found still in pristine purity, your purity is etched in eternal gold. And the girl you shall receive that very day, the Lord’s Day, which is tomorrow, Sunday, December 10, 2021. I Am the Lord.

Now, go and eat and then walk your dog. When you return, We shall continue this post. I Am the Lord. Okay, I am back. O’ Lord, to clear up any confusion, the girl you are giving to me will remain a virgin as I am to remain for all eternity? Though we will be married lawfully in the Catholic Church, we neither have any children together nor any form of sex? Am I correct, O’ Lord? Above all things, lord Azurite, you will obey the Lord your God. If you are commanded to know your wife, as was the father of Saint Therese of Lisieux, then you will enter into her and know her.

Then, O’ Lord, there is a possibility that a child shall be born to the family you give me? As long as you remain in perfect obedience to the Lord your Master, entering into the woman We give you shall not disqualify you from your eternal reward. I Who Am have spoken.

And this, O’ Lord, is the Word of the Lord? The Lord commands me to enter a marriage? And if the Lord commands it, I am to know her also, within the bonds of holy matrimony? Correct, lord Azurite. Do not be confused. So also did the Prophet Samuel and My servant Moses marry and know their wives, and they fell not from My graces, nor did they lose their station as My prophet, for they never once disobeyed Me. Likewise, if you are commanded to know your wife, you will lose your virginity with her, but you shall not fall to sin, nor forfeit any crown reserved for you in heaven. I Am the Lord.

Remember that just as the high priest was appointed to enter into the Holy of Holies, in the ancient Jewish religion, so may you be appointed to enter into the one you are commanded to revere as the Ark of the Covenant, the girl We are giving you in marriage. The sin would be if you entered in when We commanded you not to enter. But if you enter when commanded to, when lawfully married so that there is no sin, then neither will you forfeit any reward or any crown that has been dedicated for you to receive in heaven.

Lord, I accept my fate. And I choose for it to be in accordance to the will of God. And, O’ Lord, I wish to do Your will. Lord, You have said that You will now reveal all things about the girl who is to come. Tell me about her. Tell me what you shall reveal. I have heard many things. Is she a prophetess? Is she an enchantress? Is she of my race and color, or is she different from me in race and color, O’ Lord? From what nations does she descend? And what is her native language? And what language or languages does she speak or write? All these things, lord Azurite, I will tell you at dawn. Suffice for now to know nothing of these things. But at dawn, all of this you shall know. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will you tell me of my reward and of my Kingdom that I will receive in the hereafter? Yes, lord Azurite, you do have lands awarded unto you in the eternal hereafter. In the Great Pacific, the volcanic chain of islands known as Hawaii is rendered into your eternal possession. But know that the eternity to come is beyond time, and the earth of this time translates into that time, from the shadow it is now, into the true reality of the true earth as it truly is. That is why it is said to be a new earth. And no time shall pass in it. Hence, mountains shall neither wear away, nor shall rivers wash silt into the sea. For everything will be of an eternal now. And no time shall pass anywhere on the new earth.

And of the earth, it is said that there is no sea in it (Revelation 21:1). What this refers to in reality is that no new lifeforms ever come to be in it. Women have no sea of life in their wombs in which to generate new life. And no new life is ever brought to be there anymore in that age. Nor are there any couples in that age that mate or that exchange sexual fluids. For the sexual unions of this age do not exist in that age that is to come. The man does not shed seed and the woman does not menstruate. For the sexual natures of human beings come to an end at the passing of this age and this earth. I Am the Lord.

Nor is any man married there. Nor does any man possess a woman, much less a harem. The religions that promise a man a harem in the afterlife are false. For that part of a man’s mind that has the animal drive for sex does not exist in the mind of men in that age. For the flesh of the man evolved from the animals below, and it contains the animals lusts that pervert and cloud the clear thoughts and right rationality of men. In the age to come, men are resurrected free of their animal heritage. They are equal to the angels in glory and self mastery. That men have flesh in that age is to be understood as a glorified form of that flesh, flesh that is free of lust and carnal desires, and free of the passions of men.

All mankind, like the earth in that age, is eternal, immaculate, and timeless. Another land We, the elect in heaven, have decided to award you is the land of England. And you know that England shares the island of Great Britain with the countries, Scotland and Wales. We give you England as your eternal Kingdom. Others have merited to receive other lands. I Am the Lord.

Hence, you are ruler over the Hawaiian chain of islands and the land of England. Lord, this is great, but you realize that these two lands are on opposite sides of the earth in the northern hemisphere? The two regions of My Kingdom are far apart from one another. Lord Larimar, just as time does not exist in the Age to come, neither does distance. Everything upon the new earth is immediately present no matter where you exist on the planet. For time, space, and distance are relics of this universe, which is but a shadow of the true universe that is to come. I Am the Lord.

And then, O’ Lord, these two regions, the Hawaiian chain of islands and the land of England are my entire rewards from the division up of the whole of the new earth? Do not say, ‘is this all that there is?’ For I tell you Truthfully, the possession of just a single island in the new earth to come is a major possession that a man can possess in eternity. Your rewards are great. Few, very few, are those who possess as much as thee. And now I shall tell thee a secret.

You are the wealthiest man in all of your clan and lineage. No man is more wealthy than you among all your relatives and kin, going all the way back to the first encounter of your ancestors with Christianity. For only to Christians do I give awards of eternal lands. Remember that the rewards of lands promised to Abraham were not for his personal possession, but for those of his lineage that were to come and convert to My religion, after I died upon the cross.

So, O’ Lord, I take it that Lazurite, your Prophet King whom you have anointed King of Judaic and Israelite Christendom is also to be rewarded lands in the hereafter? Is his Kingdom greater than mine, since You have said that he is the superior King, by virtue of being of Your beloved original Bride? But I would guess that all of the Holy Land is now fully claimed and awarded to Your saints. Am I correct? And so to what land or lands to you award to Lazurite, My brother Christian King?

First, lord Azurite, let us discuss the fragile relationship between Jews and Blacks. Cuyahoga (Ohio) County Commissioner Tim Hagen once said to Jesse Jackson, “you once asked how you could tell a Black kid in Hough (a Black area in Cleveland) to support a party that condoned racism? I want you to tell me, reverend, how I can tell a kid in Shaker Heights (a predominantly White, upper-class Cleveland suburb) to support a party that doesn’t denounce anti-Semitism?” But Jesse Jackson refused to see the connection, responding with the words, “You Jews are much too sensitive.” All this derived from the fatal comment made by Jesse Jackson (a Black civil rights activist) who called New York City, “Hymie town,” in reference to the large Jewish population in prominent positions in that city. For it is ironic, is it not, that the most racist people tend to be the most racially persecuted? Those that cry out the loudest against prejudice do in fact tend to be the most prejudiced.

In this 2019 Survey by LifeWay Research, it is evident that a significant number of Blacks feel that Jews are blocking their progress, and many Blacks notice a rising anti-semitism among their Black brethren. And former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s outright treachery against the Jewish state further cemented this perception among many neutral observers that many Blacks do indeed have a form of deep seated hostility towards Jews. For Obama, the first Black President of the United States of America, was himself a bigot against the Jews, and he made himself a complete enemy of the Jewish state of Israel by stabbing them in the back, and yet he is highly adored and worshipped as though he were a god among the African American community.

But let us not further divide the peoples and incite hostilities between them. For there is good and bad on both sides of the racial divide. I am a White Man. And I as a White man am now aware, through careful reflection, that my passage through life in this nation has gone through many doors where I may have been allowed to pass only because I had the correct race or skin color. In other words, I have the “White passport,” which allows one to pass through many doors, without the realization that I passed through this way by My White skin, and that Black people, bearing the “Black passport,” would be denied passage.

And to answer this problem with the indifferent answer, “Tough luck,” is rightfully met with anger and hostility among the Black community. For many Black men see no pathway for themselves to rise up in society, and yet they judge themselves to be just as worthy, if not more worthy, than those who have a piece of the pie and who choose not to share it with them.

But what do the Black people want? Is the White man to be expected to take of his own estate and give a part of it to the Blacks, so as to equalize the possessions among the races? I think that is basically what the Black people are demanding. For there are only two ways that the Black people can get what they want. (1) They can work at it and earn it by studying hard and finding employment like everyone else, or (2) They can be given what they want from above, without doing any work themselves. Those Blacks who seek to solve their problems by the working at it and through an honest means of employment, these will solve them. But those Blacks who seek to get their goods by the receiving a handout from others will always be perpetually poor and in perpetual poverty. Hence, the welfare mother should not expect to buy or keep her house using welfare checks. Rather, it is the one who uses welfare sparingly and only temporarily, and who gets back into the workforce, that is the one who will buy or keep his or her house. For I tell you Truthfully, welfare was intended as only a temporary fix, and brief crutch, upon which the user uses until he gets better and gets back onto his feet. But as a permanent source of income, as many Black people use it as, such was not the intention of welfare, but rather, is an abuse of the system.

For the one who makes his living by seeking handouts will always be poor. The beggar errs greatly to think or to expect to become rich by begging for money. Black people, it is not the Jews who keep you back. It is you who keep yourselves back. Let go of your hate and see yourself as you truly are. And you can complain all you want about your “Black passport,” but if you are not making any real effort at a studying in school or college, and of getting an education or training in a marketable skill, and of finding employment, then you should expect to fail. And do not expect success if your major in college is something that doesn’t lead to decent paying jobs. The fact is that most African Americans who do get college degrees go into majors that simply do not give them the equal opportunities that they see people in other races enjoying. If Black people want to end the racial gap in earnings, they simply need to start entering those fields that promise the higher pay, namely STEM, which stands for the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you are majoring in African American studies, how do you expect to make any serious money with that? You are setting yourself up to be the underdog in society by choosing college majors that simply lead to a lower stratum in pay.

Black people, it is not a matter of simply working hard. You also have to work smart. For the Negro slave worked hard under the hot sun, and he remained a slave, despite his hard work. If all you are doing is working hard, and not smart, then you will be outsmarted by others and you will be relegated to the lower stratums of society, where you will be the underdog race.

Now I Who Am shall speak. Black people are indeed following that path that ultimately leads to their race being of the status of the slave race in society. They are following that path that leads to perpetual poverty. And they are living that life of perpetual bond servitude, for they are not planning ahead sufficiently, and instead, they are seeking to get their way through society by simply coasting, by gliding in the wind instead of by flapping their wings so as to fly. I Am the Lord. Hence, expect the Black race to be in a state of permanent servitude to those with the wealth by the end of this century. I Who Am have spoken.

And so this brings us back to that question, what Kingdom do I give to Lazurite? For surely, all of Israel and the Holy Lands must already be taken, as Eric has reasoned? Lazurite, the anointed King of Judaic and Israelite Christendom, will be granted lands in Egypt along the Nile. I Who Am have spoken. For it is written that the Land given unto Israel extends from the River in Egypt to the Euphrates. (Genesis 15:18-21). And so anywhere in that range of lands Am I free to set up Kingdoms for My servants, the Jews.

Lord, it is now 4:47 AM. The sun rises at 6:58 AM today. We do not have much time left before you declare Me to have triumphed. Am I correct, O’ Lord? It is as you say, lord Larimar. And now We shall conclude this post with these final thoughts.

Leaving Trump, a proven failure as a leader, a madman, and a leader of insurrection, in charge of the military might of a superpower as his term in office winds down is a mistake. Remember that Adolf Hitler in his last ten days as head of Nazi Germany wrecked untold damage to Germany in his wrath against his own country. Let’s not give Trump his last ten days to do the same to America. Let’s not allow Trump to retain his power and control. Hence, gather the cabinet and declare Trump unfit to continue to serve his duties.

For why give Trump the chance to escape this country with his millions, and not pay for his crimes like the rest of his followers will? Cut short Trump’s plans of escape. Use the 25th Amendment. It is fine and orderly to attend the Biden Inauguration, as it follows with Tradition, but do you not realize that while that is happening, Trump, if he is still in office, will be making his escape to a foreign country and taking with him the crown jewels? Do not let this happen. The man must be held accountable.

Let it be, Mike Pence, that you attend Biden’s inauguration as the acting President of the United States, rather than as the Vice President of the United States of America. That way, you can partake in the ceremony with pride and with the ease of mind that World War III is not being started while the ceremonies are about to begin. That way, you can be assured that the man whose mind has failed him has been removed from office, and that an order transfer of power has then thus been assured. Do not be intimidated by the bully in the schoolyard from doing that which is right and just.

Trump must be removed from office by using the 25th Amendment. Allowing him to remain in office is to tolerate an unnecessary evil and to risk unnecessary further damage to be done by a criminal unfit to serve in his capacity as President. I Who Am have spoken.

Furthermore, Eric has triumphed. He will be told what he is to do now. Eric, publish this post, and then We will reveal unto you answers to your earlier questions. This post now comes to its end. And all eyes are now on Mike Pence. He must make that first step to do that which is called for. The first step is always the hardest to make. All other steps after that first step become easier. This concludes this post. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Mary commands the Larimar King

I, Mary, present to the whole world, my blue rose.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXVIII:
Behold, the Virgin Mary has come to speak. Eric, I am Mary, your true mother through Jesus. These words I speak through you are from me, the Holy Virgin Mother of God, as Christ, my Son, has commanded me to speak. The fallen one, called Trump, will continue to try to destroy and to wreck his damage on the system in his wrath until his removal from office. He cannot remain in power. He is to be deposed. Let Mike Pence initiate the 25th Amendment to remove the madman from his position of power before he kills and destroys more people. For the longer he remains holding the nation in hostage, the more the American people will continue to suffer, to die, and to be destroyed from COVID-19 while no responsible man is in charge manning this pilotless ship.

The vaccine, which was announced on my feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, will help turn the chapter of this deadly chastisement that God has down brought upon this nation for its sins. The vaccines will be found and will work, providing that the people cease to sin against the Lord their God. They must end all sins. By all sins, I mean the people must reject homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion, and artificial birth control. End these four sins, and I will provide a golden age for America during this coming Biden Administration.

But I warn thee, through my servant Eric, if you American people scoff at my words and laugh at me, and refuse to end your sins of homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion, and artificial birth control, you will not hear from me, the Holy Virgin Mary, through Eric again until the coming of the Azurite Pawn who is predestined win in the elections of 2024 and rule America for two solid terms, from 2025 to 2033. And if that is your choice, to ignore my words and persist in your sins during these coming Biden years, then throughout all the tribulations of those years to come that Biden rules over you, there will be great chastisement. Thousands of Americans will die each day. There will be no relent. There will be no lapse in the death rate. Every family will have its casualties. And there will be a complete and total breakdown in the effort to stop or slow the spread of the disease, for it will be everywhere. And thousands upon thousands of different strains of the disease will pervade throughout America, making any effort to achieve a vaccine that works a near impossibility. I, the Holy Virgin Mary, have now warned you. Go and make your decision.

And know ye, in the event that you, the American people, reject this warning that I say unto thee today, the words that I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken unto thee, then from this day forward until the coming of the Azurite Pawn, the one who shall speak unto thee through Eric shall be God the Father. And from God the Father you shall receive no mercy, for from the day that you reject my warning unto thee as a nation, the day your response to my warning is further sins of homosexuality, further sins of premarital sex, further abortions, and further usages of artificial birth control, such is the day that the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, comes to an end in America, and the Age of Judgement and Justice begins for America. I, the Holy Virgin Mary, have spoken.

And so, I, Eric, continue to serve as Prophet Seer, but Mary does not speak again through me until the arrival of the Azurite Pawn, unless the people repent their sins and end them, O’ Mary, Mother of God and my Lord Jesus Christ? Eric, you are my blue rose that I give unto the people to see and to witness. For though the people may fall away, if you remain holy and steadfast, if you return not to the impurities of your past, if you look no more at pornography, if you remain holy and pure, I will continue to visit and speak to you, and you, the blue rose, will never wilt, and the people will behold your timelessness and agelessness. But through you to the people, only God the Father shall speak in those years, until the Azurite Pawn comes and the Azurite Player begins his reign in America.

You, Eric, were once Emerald, which was a name you chose for yourself, when you were Antichrist par Excellence. Let no one doubt that Eric was once Antichrist. Let the mass apostasy and fall of his entire once Catholic family from the Catholic religion speak for itself that Eric is from the family that produced Antichrist. For the wicked come from wicked roots and the good come from good roots.

Then how, O’ Mary, if Eric is good now, how did he come from a wicked family? No man is forced to be wicked. To every man, We give him the chance to choose his fate. And you chose, by the narrowest of margins, the Way that leads to everlasting Life. We knew you were Antichrist from the first moment that you sought to find God. But the flame that was love that existed in your heart for God did not die. For from the very beginning of your childhood, you loved, and We chose to feed that love with good things. And so, We led you to pray, and you prayed. And you saw your prayers answered. It was by the prayers of this one, as a child, that his parents did not divorce.

But the power that was in you that predestined you to become Antichrist could not be undone. And so, all We could do was to test you and present the path to you, that were you to choose it, you would not become condemned. But you consistently chose that path that led to heaven, no matter how wild, no matter the Abrahamic nature of the test that was derived for you to pass. And so, as you came to the final breaking point, that time in July of 1992, where you were shown the Christian in the booth, as you left Chemistry class with your brother to head home. This, Eric, was the ultimate test of your soul. It was to set a series of dominoes falling that would shape the future, depending which path you chose.

The seemingly safe path was to continue on by that Christian with your brother, and then complete the setup of Rabin over Israel, while you were Antichrist par Excellence. And then you would be damned, and Tribulation would occur over all the world. And Antichrist would then rule from his earthly throne and exalt himself over God, and the world would be plunged into darkness. And soon afterwards, Jesus would return to usher in the Parousia. And the last day would come, where Jesus would separate the good from the bad. And you, Eric the Antichrist, would be seen descending into hell, where you would burn alive in the lake of fire forever and ever. And that would have been how your story would have ended had you passed by that Christian and gone home with your brother on that fateful day. I am the Virgin Mary.

But, a miracle occurred. The Antichrist sacrificed his ride home to speak to a Christian, knowing full well he would get in deep trouble with his parents if they found out. And he spoke with the Christian at length, asking him questions and listening to him speak. Eric revealed not who he was to the Christian, but listened to all that he said, and in his heart he was shocked to hear that the Christian view of the one who was doing what he was doing was that he was Antichrist.

After Eric had listened to all the answers to the questions that he had wished to ask a Christian, he left and went to meet his brother to go home. But his brother had left him there and had driven home without him to report the whole affair to his parents, who were livid with Eric when he got home. And after a harsh and severe scolding, Eric went to his room, and in the dark quiet of his room, Eric confessed to Jesus that he was Antichrist. When he made that confession, legions of angels fled from Eric in terror. But a certain angel from Jesus remained and asked Eric to complete the setup he had started with Rabin, who had won the election in Israel, and the news of his victory had been in the newspapers. And so, Eric asked that the Shas Party join Rabin’s coalition, so that he gained a majority in the Knesset, and thus successfully formed a government, which was the beginning of the Reign of the fourth and final called forth Emerald Pawn. And from that night forward, Eric followed Jesus, seeking to be Christian.

And so it was that Eric, who was Antichrist, ceased to be Antichrist, but had converted to Christianity, between the election victory of Rabin and the moment Rabin successfully formed his government. The one who was Antichrist converted to Christianity the moment he took over Israel. And the earth then entered that alternative reality of what would happen if the Antichrist were to convert to Christianity? For that undreamed of possibility had now become reality.

Let this story be heard in the Poem of the Witch King child:

Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above;

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

The Witch King child, an adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand;

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch King child
Did turn from sin, and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed;

It was in him where Satan lost,
And Mary won beyond all cost;

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore.

And by that final decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

written by Eric Robert Dunstan
under the inspiration of Mary and the Holy Spirit

Mary, I take it that the child that was made by God to join the Witch King child, now dear, is the girl you intend for me to enter into a Josephite marriage with, one with whom I shall not touch, and who I am to protect from all other men, and to regard as sacred and holy, as the Ark of the Covenant was regarded? Am I correct, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Protect this girl We are giving unto thee, lord Azurite, with your life. Do not let any man take or touch her, under pain of death. For whosoever does so, We will kill. And should any man touch you in your defense of her, that man had better hope his death comes slow and painfully, so that he has the best opportunity possible to repent of his crime before he dies to avoid hell fire.

From this point onwards, lord Azurite, We are putting to death whosoever comes near you with malintent. Whoever so approaches you or your girl and seeks to do evil, We shall kill. There is no possibility to appeal the death sentence. Their fate is to die. Lucky shall be those who die in pain and slowly, so that they can reflect on their sins and repent them.

And this is the last Mary shall speak through you here on until the arrival of your Pawn to win the 2024 elections. Mary will appear to you, but not speak to the people through you, for the people are sinful, and they will not repent their sins nor seek to end them. Rather, they must learn the hard way, and experience their own family members dying from COVID-19. Then, after they have watched their family, friends, spouses, children, and parents be consumed and killed by this deadly disease sent by God to chastise them, they will be ready to listen to Mary when she comes to speak to them again, through you, with the arrival of your Azurite Pawn to rule America in the wake and end of the Biden Administration.

But Lord, You will continue to speak through me to the people. Yes, but My Words through you will not contain the mercy found in Mary, for I Am God the Father, and I demand perfect obedience from My subjects. Hence, the Word of God I shall speak unto the people during the Biden years will be Words of Judgement, Woe, and Divine Retribution. People will hate you, for you will close up the sky and keep the rain from falling while I prophesy through you. And all manner of plague and deadly woe will I declare and decree through you against this people while I prophesy through you. And all these plagues and woes so decreed through you shall come to pass.

But Eric, there is something you need correction on. Lazurite does exist, as also do you. You are My two Prophet Kings in this world. And you rule distinctly different Kingdoms. You, lord Azurite, are rightly called a Gentile Christian King, and hence, you are hereby anointed forever as King of Christendom of the Gentile Nations. Lazurite is a Jewish Christian King, and hence, he is anointed as King of Judaic and Israelite Christendom. And realize that of the Two Prophet Kings, King Lazurite ranks higher and above King Azurite, as My people of Judah and Israel are more beloved to Me than are all My adopted peoples of the Gentile nations. I Who Am have spoken.

This post hereby comes to an end. Prepare to be spoken through often and prepare to speak Judgement, Woe, and Divine Retribution unto the people until the coming of your Azurite Pawn to rule America. And then Mary will return to speak through you, and I will allow mercy, once again, to flow out upon the American people. America will not be destroyed during the Biden years, but they will be thoroughly chastised for their sins, and then I will show mercy unto them again, out of My love for Azurite, and for his holy Pawn, who is set to come to power in the elections of 2024. Consider this coming woe and chastisement you Americans are to undergo to be My baptism of America to bring her back into holiness. For I, too, suffered on the cross before I entered into My glory. And no one can enter into heaven, except that he suffers and bears his cross and comes after Me. I Who Am have spoken.

America shall survive, and a light shines at the end of this tunnel.

As the eagle sees, the sun is rising ahead. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXVII:
Behold, Mike Pence has done right. He will be rewarded. And he is instructed and highly advised to not muddy his hands with any pardons whatsoever should Trump, at his waning hours, decide to make Pence acting President. Above all, do not pardon the President, for to pardon criminal behavior is to partake in it. And friends do not threaten friends who refuse to partake with them in their crimes. By this, you know Trump is friend to no one. And Trump has no more friends. Indeed, even the rats are now leaving the ship, for so obvious has it become to them that it is sinking. And it is now seen by all that Trump has met his Waterloo. I Who Am have spoken.

Mike Pence is vindicated. He is released from all blame and all guilt in the Trump Administration. He will not be prosecuted in any criminal investigations or lawsuits that are to ensue upon this treasonous Presidential Administration. Mike Pence, though you have decided not to invoke the 25 Amendment now, realize that should you ever choose to decide to do so, President Trump no longer has enough time left in his term to appeal your decision and regain the Presidency from you before the Biden term begins. Hence, if the situation becomes tight and tense, for the sake of the American people and the avoidance of any possible war, do invoke the 25th Amendment as necessary to protect the American people and the people of the world. For if you do, Trump can no longer do anything to revoke it. Amen. For realize that a madman, left brooding, may return to do more evil.

There is no more time left. Trump’s legacy is ruined and in tatters. As a black mark will Trump’s Presidency appear in the history books. And woe to Ted Cruz and all the Republicans who partook in the attempt to overthrow the lawful election. Ted Cruz, it was Eric, not Trump, who had gotten you reelected. No more such rosaries will Eric pray for you. For you have deserted the American people and have embraced a madman who has led you to your ruin. Blessed be Marco Rubio, who voted against the attempt to overthrow the election. Marco Rubio has a future. But Ted Cruz has only a past.

Blessed be the Supreme Court Justices in that they demonstrated that they do not belong to any particular President, nor even to the President that nominates them to their judicial position, but rather, they belong to the standard of Justice they were appointed to serve, founded on the Truth, and that they judge and rule in accordance to law, justice, and how the Constitution of the United States guides them.

Therefore, let Trump attempt to pardon himself, so that the courts can rule on it and show the necessary clarity to all the people that self pardons are simply invalid. For it is a matter of common sense that, in any court of law, it is impermissible for anyone to serve as his own judge. For what is a pardon, but a judgement made by an authority regarding a subject. But when it comes to the judgement upon the person in authority, the institution of the pardon was never intended for that authority to use upon himself. For no one is permitted to pass lawful judgement upon himself. Rather, the authority being judged must permanently yield his authority to another. And that other, without any unlawful pressure or threats or blackmail, may exercise judgement and justice upon him.

The debacle known as Trump will forever tarnish and defame his legacy. His name is forever ruined. And he will find he has no friends. And those who stood with him criminally, will find themselves in serious legal jeopardy. President Trump will seek to flee the country just before his term ends. He will attempt to enter the safety of being within the borders of Brazil, under the protection of his friend, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, by the time his term ends at noon, Wednesday, January 20, 2021. And then he will relax in his bungalow, drinking his iced tea, and reminiscing how he escaped America just before the walls of justice completely closed in on him.

But all those who were with him, he will leave behind and give not a care over. And these will be arraigned in courts and charged heavily. Even those he pardoned will be arraigned and charged, because the states have the authority to judge them on the same crimes that his pardons pardoned them of. And the acceptance of any pardon is an admission of guilt, as the Supreme Court has ruled. And note that New York ended its double jeopardy laws just in time to get this big catch of criminals coming in. And the Supreme Court ruled in 2019 in Gamble v. United States that the states can do this. Many, therefore, will be the criminal cases of those who were complicit in the crimes of Trump. Blessed are those who left Trump and rejected his wrongdoing. Marco Rubio left Trump. He has a future. Ted Cruz remained with Trump. He has no future, but only a past. Amen.

And why, someone asks, would ex-President Donald John Trump choose to go live in the country of his friend, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, rather than to go to the more powerful country of his friend, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? For wouldn’t Trump have more protections from extradition attempts in Russia than in Brazil, you ask? It is because Trump knows the fate of Putin, and it is that Putin will be overthrown and exiled to Uruguay. And Uruguay is right next door to Brazil, in the sunny southern continent of South America. Besides, Trump has business connections with the mafia and in the underworld in Latin America. And he will seek to revive himself there. Maybe he has some offshore accounts, some money that he raked in from Mr. Taxpayer of America to his private accounts. Remember that with many positions not filled or filled with incompetents, Trump may have cooked the books in the government finances and diverted some government funds to his offshore accounts, realizing that he has no future if he remains in America. He was preparing for his departure. And there are plenty of corrupt countries and places for Trump to hide in the underworld of Latin America.

But alas for all those die hard Trump allies and supporters. They will be left to fight for their lives under the heavy hand of the prosecution under the Biden Administration. And they will be hard pressed. And they will go down, their professional careers ruined, and their names in politics in perpetual disgrace. Their leader that they stood by will have fled the country. And they will be left to defend themselves on their own. And any pardons they may have accepted from Trump will become a curse, as to accept a pardon is an admission of guilt, and all their federal crimes can be retried in the states, using their acceptance of the pardon they received as evidence against them. They will defend themselves in a losing battle. And lawsuit upon lawsuit will be filed against them. And all their money will be spent on lawyer fees. And then they will come to realize that loyalty to a criminal does not pay. For crime never pays.

This will be a feast for the lawyers. For nothing sates a lawyer’s chops more than an angry electorate eager for litigation. And they will make a fortune in the litigation of the former Trump allies and friends. For so vast was the network of their criminal wrongdoing. And so many were those who were involved in underhanded work. Mike Pence has vindicated himself. He and his family will go unharmed and unscathed. No criminal charges will be brought against him. For in the end, when it counted, he did the right thing.

But as for the Trump allies, especially those who stood with him when he attempted to overthrow the democratic institutions of the government and make himself emperor of America, these are in for everlasting disgrace and shame. And many will be prosecuted and brought to justice. And while they are doing time in prison, they will reflect on Trump and where he is, sipping his iced tea in his bungalow in Brazil, under the protection of his friend, Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil. And they will think, “Was all of this worth it? What exactly did I get out of this deal for my loyalty to the President?” Ted Cruz gave up his dual citizenship with Canada for the President. He will wish he had kept it.

Lord, the Titanic, with its rear raised above the waters, has cracked and come crashing down. Now it is sinking rapidly. In just a few scant moments, it will be beneath the sea, never to see daylight again. Trump is still the President. And as President, he still has authority to devise his plans of escape. He will elect to escape. His allies and friends will not be able to come with him. They will be left behind to pay for their participation in his crimes. For how he treated the NATO allies of the United States should have served as warning as to how he would treat you, O’ foolish ones who allied themselves to Trump. Fools! But Trump will vanish. He will board Air Force One, but not tell anyone he is going on a one way trip, with no plans to return. For Trump knows that if he remains in America, come noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, he will be arrested. And there will be no end to the lawsuits arraigned against him. So he will flee the country. By his authority as President, he still has that power to do just that. He can say he is going to do last minute diplomatic business with leaders of South America. But in reality, he is preparing his escape. His Waterloo has failed. Now he must flee, or they will demand his head. For remember that treason is a capital offense. And Trump doesn’t want to die. For how can he face the millions of Americans whose loved ones died because of his willful and knowing deceit? He cannot face them. He can only flee. There is no other way out for him. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of incoming President Joe Biden. This man will be hailed as a hero and a savior to the American people when he takes office. And he will be proud and set about in his ambitious agenda to transform America into his image. For he has full control of Congress; he controls both houses. And he will do what he will decide to do. And he will appoint those he decides to appoint. His first decided order of business will be to reverse the 6-3 Conservative majority in the Supreme Court. For he has a liberal agenda. And he wants the Supreme Court to agree with his liberal agenda. And so, it is rather simple how he shall accomplish it. First, he will have ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas impeached. This will be relatively easy, as his perjury is clear cut and and well provable. And then his liberal replacement of him will make the Supreme Court down to having but a mere 5-4 Conservative majority. And then do the math: By simply packing the Supreme Court with two additional liberal Justices, behold, the Supreme Court transforms into having a 6-5 Liberal majority. And then it will do Joe Biden’s bidding, whatever he asks them to do. Then, if Joe Biden says that gays ought to be able to marry in the Catholic Church, the Supreme Court will rule that religions violate the rights of fags by not recognizing and blessing their abominable unions as lawful marriages, in a 6-5 ruling, where Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, writing for the majority, will write that: Freedom of religion cannot be used to deny the rights of the immoral and the debased to live and exercise their abominable life style choices and to utterly desecrate whatever institutions they so desire to desecrate in America.

And those wedding cake makers, they had better keep a supply of fag to fag cake ornaments to put onto their cakes, for if they make the slightest indication of disapproval of gay marriages, they will face the Biden Administration’s attorney general coming down upon that wedding cake bakery like a ton of bricks, seeking restitution for damages done to the gay community for having seriously offended them and for having committed the hate crime of hating crime.

For in Biden’s America, you are either in bed with Satan or else you are violating his standard of conduct. Unless you sin and defile yourself with abominable deeds, you will be targeted for persecution. For it will be against the law for anyone to walk the Way that leads to heaven. For they know they are not going there, and they don’t want you going there either.

Lord, this is most vile and most terrible. Lord, it is written that no one will be able to buy or sell but he who has the mark of the beast. (Revelation 13:17). Will this come to pass in Biden’s America? Indeed, so it shall. Everyone will be given a universal mark that will do away with wallets and plastic credit cards. Instead, everyone will be forced to use the virtual payment methods that will be based on a person’s identifying mark. And whosoever refuses to accept the mark will be put to death. Realize that the Christian who has accepted and come to tolerate the institution of gay marriage will also accept and receive the mark of the beast. And everyone will be so marked, everyone, that is, whose names were not written from the foundation of the earth in the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb Who was slain. (Revelation 13:8).

Lord, these are terrible times ahead, and yet, You stand against that mob that attempted to overthrow the election results in their attempt to make Trump the emperor? Yes, lord Azurite, for which is better? To be briefly ruled by an evil elected President, who you can vote out in four years, or to be permanently ruled by a succession of emperors, over whom you have no say and no power to remove. Trump attempted to defy the will of the American people who had decided to remove him. He attempted to establish himself as an emperor over this nation, ending any power of the people to fire him or to elect someone else. Had certain key people gone along with him, this country would be in a state of civil war right now. Instead, all the key people resisted his attempts to overthrow the democratic institutions of this nation to establish himself as emperor. And he thus had to back down, for his key people were not with him. For the strength of the United States of America was displayed by its separation of powers into three independent branches of government. Hence, it became clear to the President that though he appointed many judges and Justices, he did not control them. The Supreme Court remained independent and based on the rule of law. And though the Senate was controlled by Republicans, he found that he did not control that body either, for the Republican leadership in the Senate recognized the legitimacy of the Biden victory. And both houses of Congress overrode his vetoes, further eroding his power. And then, even in his own executive branch, the Vice President, over whom he has no power to fire, and who is the next in the line of succession should he be found unable to carry out his duties, made the decision that saved his soul by choosing to do what is right and just, and to abide by his duties to the American people, rather than to serve the President in his attempt to seize power over the United States in a coup d’etat.

Lord, this experience in America must be applied to Russia once Vladimir Putin has been overthrown. For the Constitution in Russia allowed one man in a position of power to come into control over all the branches of government and to bend all of the government to his will. That is why democracy failed in Russia, but stood strong in America. Hence, the lessons learned in the American democracy must be applied to the Russian attempt at democracy, once Alexei Navalny has assumed power in that nation in the elections to follow the coming violent ouster of Putin, and when Navalny gains that power as President, along with the will of the people, to reform the Constitution and the bill of rights and to restructure the Russian government to more closely resemble the patterns found in the American institutions, where a clear separation of powers among the three branches of government prevented the attempted violent takeover of that nation by one man. For Trump attempted and failed to do in America what Putin successfully did in Russia. Once we remove Putin from power, the lessons learned from America must be applied to Russia. Lord, when do we see this removal of Putin from power to take place now?

I Am removing Putin from power soon, lord Azurite. He is soon to be deposed. And let Putin not think that he will be able to keep the money he stole from Russia and hid in his secret offshore accounts. For those accounts will be all found and raided. Putin is like a dragon clinging to power and attempting to keep his control over his horde of gold. But Eric is a dragon slayer. And Russia’s own coat of arms, chosen by President Yeltsin, the good Russian President, depicts this dragon slayer riding on a white horse (Revelation 6:2) and slaying the dragon, who is Putin. Hence, the Russian coat of arms contains in it the symbol of the prophecy of the return of Eric to Russia to slay that dragon and set up the third Erician Pawn of Russia, after the Emerald Pawns, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who once ruled the USSR and Russia, respectively. Navalny will be the first Azurite Pawn to come to power in the world. I Am the Lord. For the Azurite Reign has begun. I Am the Lord. Now lord Azurite, reveal the Eleven Players of Power that you have witnessed so far in the game called Earth.

  1. Emerald – set up Gorbachev, Yeltsin, de Klerk, Rabin, used Reagan, Bush senior. assoc. by Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony – set up Mandela, and others.
  3. Crimson – started long lasting wars in the Caucasus, the Horn of Africa, and the Balkans.
  4. Vesper – set up Clinton, Barak, Putin, and others. (a female).
  5. African Death Grip – failed to make Africa his empire, causing widespread death and destruction throughout that continent instead.
  6. Twilight – set up Bush junior, Sharon, and others. assoc. by Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite – set up Obama and others. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  8. Firefly – set up Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, and others. Was behind Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in American politics. (a female).
  9. Mercury – attempted mass revolutions of Arab governments – the failed Arab Spring.
  10. Contradiction – set up Biden, others expected. assoc. by Pope Francis.
  11. Azurite – (Emerald reborn) – to set up Navalny, and others. to be assoc. by Pope John XXIV.

So, O’ Lord, do you confirm that the next pope to come to sit on the seat of Peter shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV? I do, lord Azurite. And let it be stated for the record that My next anointed pope, to come to reign after I take Pope Francis away, shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who knows English, Latin, French, and Italian, and who can speak and write competitively in Spanish. Furthermore, Cardinal Burke, as Pope John XXIV, will put Biden in his place, and refuse him communion, due to his advocacy for abortion, which is in total conflict with Catholicism, and produces great scandal in the Catholic Church should any pro-abortion person be seen being admitted to receiving communion. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, should also expect to be denied communion when Cardinal Burke becomes pope. I Who Am have spoken. Note that these denials of communion are not political statements, but rather, a recognition that anyone who advocates abortion is clearly not, and unambiguously not, a Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church. And only those in good standing with the Catholic Church may present themselves for communion. For communion may only be received by those not guilty of any mortal sin. For when a mortal sinner receives communion, he commits a sacrilege, and consumes his damnation. The rights of freedom of religion permit the Churches to have the full freedom of deciding who to allow to participate in their holy rites. And this freedom may never be taken away from them. Hence, Biden can never force the Catholic Church to admit him to receive communion while he remains in clear violation of Church teaching. And when he does receive communion in his state of mortal sin, he brings down great and dire curses from God upon himself and all his family members. And that is the root of the reason behind why his family members have a very high death rate. I Am the Lord. Biden, expect more of your family members to die as you assume the Presidency, due to the curses you bring down upon yourself in your advocacy of abortions, and by your false claims to be a devout Catholic, and by your sacrilegious communions. I Am the Lord!

For understand this teaching well! I never admit into My Kingdom any soul who refuses to follow Me 100%. Any Catholic who claims to follow Me but who rejects any part of My requirements to be in good standing with the Catholic Church, I reject from My fold and he will be damned. For example, the requirement that Catholic couples not practice any form of artificial birth control is not a matter of debate. It is not an option for Catholic couples to choose or reject. Any and all Catholic couples who use artificial birth control I reject from My Kingdom, and they will go to hell, unless they repent their sins, end them, and return to Me and conform to My rules and requirements in full. Likewise, pornography and sexual impurity, a very common sin, cannot be done by a Catholic who wishes to remain in good standing in My Church and to receive communion. Repent these sins and confess them to a priest. Eric sinned these sins greatly, but he repented, and finally I gave him the graces to overcome these sins. To you, too, shall I give these graces, if you follow Me, and remain Mine. But do not be like C. S. Lewis, author of Mere Christianity, who was greatly mistaken, due to the blindness that comes with sin, when he wrote in that book that sexual purity was not central to the Christian faith. Sexual purity is central to Christian faith by the very Biblical teaching that the Christian is to be as the Bride to the Christ, Who is the Bridegroom. For what was more central to being a bride in ancient Israeli culture than that she maintain her virginity and her sexual purity for marriage, and that she remain chaste and faithful to her husband, once married to him? Women were refused marriage if it was found that they were not virgins. For I tell you this Truth, if your purity does not equal that which was required of an ancient Israeli women for marriage, I will reject you as My Bride also. I Am the Lord. For I Am God, and I lower My standards for no one. Therefore, let no one think they will be allowed entry into My Kingdom who does not follow Me in all of what I command of him. I Am the Lord.

Eric, go now and eat your breakfast. This post is now complete, and you may publish it. And then eat, and I will decide what you shall do next. I Am the Lord.

Eric orders the coup plotters in America to be crushed

Let those who cannot respect our democracy get out!

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXVI:
Behold, I am Eric, commander of the armies of heaven. And I issue this order. Let the coup plotters disrupting the lawful vote certification in Washington, D.C., be crushed. Let them be beaten back and broken down. Let the leaders of this movement be arrested and arraigned. And once the curfew is put into place this evening and the mob suppressed and put down, let the congress reassemble in safety and continue their vote certification, even if it takes all night. And I am warning those Republican Representatives and Senators still willing to protest this electoral process, I will see to it that you are charged with sedition and prosecuted for it if you go ahead with your intent to disrupt this electoral process. And whosoever sides with, or aids or abets, this coup attempt will be put down and locked in irons. That is an order.

Let Joe Biden’s inauguration proceed lawfully and orderly. Any disruption of it is to be fiercely put down and severely punished, both with huge mandatory fines and lengthly prison sentences. Whosoever thinks they can rebel against the rule of law in America is severely mistaken. For that is what the Black people are known for doing. And you know what becomes of them. They become prison slaves. Let all who seek to overthrow the government be so imprisoned and permanently enslaved. I, commander of the armies of heaven, have spoken.

And to President Trump I say this. Any attempts you make to hijack this orderly transfer of power you shall pay for once you step out of the White House at noon on January 20, 2021. Do not think, little man, that you will escape punishment, or that your friends in high places will protect you. For they will yield to the superior power of the commander of the armies of heaven. Now we shall let God speak.

Lord, speak Your Words of wisdom, for your servant, Eric, is listening. And O’ Holy Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of God, what sayest thou? Dost heaven have any Words to say unto me, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God? And what is the fate of this process of transfer of power? For I suspect that President Trump fancies that he might manage to remain in power if he can keep the Congress from certifying the election victory of Joe Biden.

Lord, I say, let it be done to President Trump what he seeks to do to Joe Biden. This liar must be taken down and thoroughly whipped and beaten publicly before all the people of the world. I demand for there to be such a public beating of this man to drive home the point that justice and law and order will prevail and that it will not be overthrown, and that this impious liar shall be made to pay for all his crimes that he has committed since his utter defeat to Joe Biden in the national elections that were held on November 3, 2020.

Lord Azurite, I now give you the power to carry out your sentences of criminals that you judge to be guilty. So judge President Trump and rule on his sentence, and We, the rulers in heaven will listen to you. And if your ruling is wise and just, We shall carry it out to the letter. I Who Am have spoken.

Okay, O’ Lord, let the court convene. The defendant is President Trump. He is known to be a liar par excellence. And he is known for being proud and guilty of many crimes and sins. This man has done everything in his power to attempt to remain in office. He has flagrantly violated all laws. He has disobeyed the Constitution. He has violated his oath of office. He has abandoned his duties of his office and not done his job. He has left the United States to coast on autopilot and elected to play golf instead. And he has deliberately misled the American people to expose themselves to COVID-19, with deliberate intent to get them infected, knowing full well that many of them would die. This man is a murderer and a rapist. This man is an arsonist and a thief. Every sin and crime in the book this man has committed with impunity. He has sinned blatantly and sneered to God in the very act of doing it, daring God to strike him down in His utter wrath. I demand that the living fire of God’s wrath come down from heaven and strike this man and consume him alive.

I will do as you demand, lord Azurite, providing that you do for Us in heaven this favor. What, O’ Lord, dost Thou demand or request of me? Enter into a Josephite marriage to the girl We hereby give unto you this Sunday. She will be your platonic wife, and to no other shall you seek to wed. And this wife you will have as your spiritual lover, but of carnal knowledge, this you shall never know nor obtain from her. And you shall take her into your home at the time of marriage, and you shall protect her from all other men. But of her, you shall not touch, nor think of touching, for she is sacred and may not be touched. As the Ark of the Covenant was regarded in the times of ancient Israel, so also shall you treat this woman. And any who touch her shall be put to death. I Am the Lord. Do this, and you will see fire come down from heaven in the full view of men and consume Donald John Trump, body and soul, delivering him alive into the lake of fire, where he shall be tormented day and night, forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 19:20). I agree 100%, O’ Lord. I will carry out Your decree unto the fullest extent of the Law of God. Amen.

Eric, this marriage you enter into with this girl is irrevocable. It is a permanent mark upon your soul. Your soul can never be parted from her, nor may she be parted from you. And this dual soul nature of this binary virgin union shall be eternal. I Am the Lord. I accept this, O’ Lord. I willingly accept all that You say and all that You have said. Good. The marriage shall formally take place on Monday, July 26, 2021, the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And once married, you may have no further dealings with any other woman on any romantic basis whatsoever. Hence, as for the girl Hyacinth, you now must realize that she cannot remain upon the earth the moment after the marriage plans between you and the girl We are binding you to become set and fixed, and the date of the wedding is approved by the Roman Catholic Church, and the preparations for the marriage get underway. But O’ Lord, why must Hyacinth die? Why cannot she let go of me and go her own way, O’ Lord? She will not let you go, lord Azurite. Nor will she go her own way. Nor will you break the oath that We have bound you to. Give to her as you have promised her, but realize this fact. Our taking Hyacinth out of your life cannot be stopped. And you cannot derail Our plans for you. For you are now perfected. And you are now sinlessly pure. Do as you have planned for her, but realize her time is just about up. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is this not a great wastage of money? She needs what you are about to give unto her. Give her it, and then let Us take over and do the rest. And know ye this. The gift you give unto her will be dwarfed by the gift We are about to give unto you. I Am the Lord. This now brings this post to its conclusion. Trump, the man, is about to be consumed by the fiery wrath of God. And you, lord Azurite, will enter marriage to the girl We deliver unto you this Sunday. And from this marriage you shall neither escape nor consummate it. Nothing more shall We, the elect in heaven, say at this time. Publish this post, for it is complete. Expect what We have decreed to take place shortly, as We have decreed it. Amen.

I, Mary, have come to speak

I am Mary, the holy Virgin. And I am now speaking through Eric, chosen one of My Son.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXV:
I am Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I have come to speak through my Son’s chosen one, who He has chosen to lead My kingdom unto the end. This is the 85th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (85 = 17 x 5). O’ Mary, ever Virgin, the Democrats seem to have won the Senate. Lucifer-Man has come to control both houses of Congress and the White House. What shall now become of America, O’ Virgin Mother of God? Yes, the Democrats have defeated the Republicans in the Georgian runoff elections. Hell has been unleashed. And the devil walks now in America, freely and in power. You will now be as Elijah was, under King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, who prefigured Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively. You will be hunted, but not overcome. For you are protected. Should they come against you, they will perish, as flesh falling upon hardened rock. They will not dare attack you while they see the Lord is speaking through you. For whosoever touches an anointed with ill intent dies.

Mary, I believe that Lucifer-Man will consider that I am bluffing, and that he will come to call my bluff. No, he knows you are not bluffing. But yes, in the latter years of his reign, at the height of his power and glory, he will march against you, and die without a hand being raised. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

You cannot be destroyed and you cannot be disturbed. But fire now comes to haunt all of America. For just as fire burns in hell, now it will burn in America, as America comes to resemble the ultimate destination of the majority of the electorate. America chose the ones who stand for abortion. Hence, the Americans will now be aborted.

Eric, do not worry about your fate or future here in America. Remain in the position We have planted you in. For Joe Biden is not your enemy. And he will not seek to destroy you. And Kamala Harris will be occupied with other things than to be concerned with you. You are not yet on their radar. Nor will they seek to confront you. For they regard you as enemy of their enemy and will leave it at that.

This is what you must know about the situation America is now in. America has chosen the devil. And the devil now rules America with a free hand. Lucifer-Man, the Player who is behind Biden and Harris, has now come to power in full in America. And he will soon be flexing his muscles. He does in fact plan to pack the Supreme Court so as to increase the number of liberal Justices on it. And the Democrats are going to hit Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hard, for his crimes of perjury are easily provable, and perjury is an impeachable offense. By replacing Clarence Thomas with a liberal Justice, along with packing the court with an additional two liberal Justices, this will change the court from a Conservative 6-3 majority to a Liberal 6-5 majority. That is all they need to do to accomplish their liberal agenda. And expect them to follow that playbook to the letter. I am the Virgin Mary.

Eric, you faithfully did your rosaries so that the righteous would win. But you are not representative of the American people. Rather, the Americans have chosen the devil as their father. And to the devil has God handed them over to. You failed neither me nor the American people. Rather, America’s soul has failed. And their light is gone out. Only a few lights will remain scattered across the nation, as the nation itself is engulfed in darkness.

Mary, what becomes of COVID-19? Do the vaccines work? Does America get back to normalcy? No, lord Azurite. America can never be cured of COVID-19 while Satan rules over her. And Satan will rule over her until Lucifer-Man, the power behind Biden, has been vanquished from the land. Hence, expect the lockdowns to continue indefinitely. Consider the wearing of face masks and the thousands dying per day to become the new normal. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

O’ Mary, it is said that the death rates from COVID-19 are hitting the African American communities a lot harder than they are hitting Whites and other racial groups. Does that mean that, with the unending nature of this great plague, that the racial composition of America will begin to shift to become less Black and more White? In a gruesome manner, you can credibly come to that conclusion, lord Azurite. With COVID-19 more heavily terminating Black people, it is reasonable to expect a demographic shift with relatively less Black people and relatively more White people as the daily thousands perishing have their toll on communities across America. On the other hand, consider this to be how evolution works. And the Blacks who survive to reproduce will be those Blacks who have immunity to the disease. These Blacks could serve to rebound their population demographics, but not if, in their embrace of pro-choice leaders, they choose to abort all the gains that their Black populations would have had. Hence, the twin drivers of declining Black populations, namely COVID-19 and abortions, will served to keep the Black demographic from recovering, and will result in America becoming less Black as the months and years pass by.

Such is how your Pawn will win the elections in 2024. For the Black block will be distinctly in the minority at that point onwards, with the Whites and the Hispanics as the two biggest voting blocks that will decide the winners of elections from that point forward. Hence, consider Joe Biden’s big win tonight as the last great victory for African Americans. And after this point, African Americans will be a distinctly declining demographic, being culled by both their abortions and by COVID-19, which is never going away as long as Satan is ruler over the land.

Why does Satan hate the Blacks and do all this evil to them if they are his strongest backers and supporters in America? Remember Satan is the embodiment of hatred and he is defined by Christ Jesus as the evil one. When he backstabs those who serve him and who give him all their support, he is only acting according to his true nature. Satan wants to destroy every single human being on the planet. And if a human being elects to serve him and advance his cause, he will not receive good treatment from Satan. Fools are those who imagine receiving anything good from serving Satan. If Satan promises that person riches, and he gets riches, once that allotted time is up, Satan will be there at the gates, eager to begin torturing that person in hell once he dies in accordance to the just judgement of God. And there is no way back from the pit once a man makes a pact with the devil. I am the holy Virgin Mary.

Eric, America is Babylon the Great. Sound the alarm! America is fallen!, Babylon the Great is fallen! Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great! So, O’ Mary, what can we expect Joe Biden to do with all his power over America? He will do the will of Lucifer-Man, who is the one who controls him and who shall direct him in all the evils that he will have come upon America. Homosexuals will be but-fucking in the streets.

Lord, will the homosexuals in power force the Catholic schools to teach a pro-homosexual agenda? And will the homosexuals in power force the Catholic Churches to bless homosexual unions and gay marriages? Such is the essence of the abomination that causes desolation standing where it distinctly does not belong. Expect to see exactly as thou hast said, lord Azurite. And expect the utter ruin of America to quickly follow. I Am the Lord God. And I Who Am Am now speaking.

America will then be utterly laid to waste. And great desolation will befall her. And she will be utterly destroyed and left destitute. I Am the Lord. For America must learn that to choose to do that which is abominable will result in fiery destruction by the wrath of God. America, how far you have fallen! And now you will enter free fall.

Lord, Mitch McConnell will no longer be Majority Leader. He was told, was he not, that if he failed to pass the $2000 stimulus checks, he would cease to have that position? And now it has come to pass. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the Blacks are ecstatic. They are celebrating and worshipping their Black gods, like Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Junior. Let the be, lord Azurite. Let them dance and be merry, for their joy will soon turn to crushing horror as the nightmare of COVID-19 under Trump accelerates and becomes worse under Joe Biden. Mr. Solutions will fail to provide any real solutions. And the face masks will only merely mask the problem. It is not going to go away. And the vaccines will work only for some strains, while other strains run rampant and unchecked upon the populations. I Am the Lord. For I Am sending Death to walk among the American peoples. And he will touch this one and that one, and whosoever he touches will die, regardless of how protective his face gear is and regardless of how careful he has been to keep from getting infected. For whosoever I wish to have die I will have die.

It has come to My attention that the Republican strategists believe you were mistaken about a great many things. Let it be stated this fact. Eric I have allowed to fool himself. But Eric is not mistaken. Eric is fully aware of what is about to happen to America. And O’ Lord, do I remain here in America? I do not get raptured to any other nation? That is correct. For I have Eric exactly where I want him to be. And he will remain where he is. And no one will dare to touch him on pain of death. I Am the Lord!

Let the army that marches on Eric realize that they would have better luck marching into an abyss burning with flames. Any power that targets Eric with termination will cause themselves to be terminated instead. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will Kamala Harris prove to be the woman who rides the beast, and to be the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth? Ask yourself this one question: How many souls have perished in her womb, do you estimate? Yes, her womb is a bloody tomb. And countless souls have met their doom within her womb due to her abortifacient birth control methods that she has been using in her pathway to the top by sleeping with men to get there. I Am the Lord. Yes, Kamala Harris slept her way right up to the highest office in the land. And who knows what deadly brew of bacteria and pathogens lurk within her vaginal cavity that have accumulated there over all the years through all her numerous adulterous affairs and vile and dirty seductions of powerful men? She is indeed unclean. And she is indeed mother to the harlots and to the abominations of this world. I Am the Lord.

Lord, President Trump is still trying to contest the elections that he lost. Trump is like the Titanic that hit the iceberg. And at this point, he is now where the rear of the ship is lifting up out of the water, as the survivors watch from their lifeboats, with the Republican loyalists, still on the ship, about to go down with her into the icy cold sea, screaming in ghastly agony as they realize their doom has finally befallen them. The Titanic is lifting up out of the water. Soon it will crack under the strain, and then collapse back into the water and then sink beneath the waves in a matter of moments, to never again be seen above the surface of the sea. I Am the Lord. And such will be the end of the Trump Administration. The great and unsinkable ship will have sunk, to be seen no more upon the surface of the sea. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the people do not believe that I am a prophet. For they say the prophecies that You say through me do not all come to pass. And that therefore, I must be false. But what sayest Thou? Will Thou give them a sample of Your prophecy by which they may come to know and realize that You, O’ Lord, do speak through me? Only this prophecy will I give through you as such a sign. There will be no slackening of the death rates from all the plagues and diseases that will be smacking America throughout the entire length of the Biden Administration. I Am the Lord. Hence, there will be no golden age or age of glory under Biden. The Biden years will be years of death, woe, carnage, and desolation. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what if someone approaches me and petitions me to ask of You for a favor or for a miracle, or for a cure, or for divine guidance or wisdom from God? Whosoever asks you to ask of Me for anything, I will give answer to that person through you of My judgement, in accordance to My decisions regarding his question or request. For you are an Oracle and a Prophet. It is your duty to intercede to Me on behalf of anyone who asks it of you, no matter whatever it is that he asks for. And it is I, not you, Who will give answer to that person who comes to you, no matter who he is. For no one may be turned away who comes seeking to speak to Me through you, or who seeks to ask for My divine help or assistance through you. I Am the Lord. I declare Eric as Prophet on the mountain side, burning like a silver flame! And now We shall conclude this post with these final thoughts.

Whosoever wishes to speak to Eric, seek him, and you shall find him. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. And Eric, who I declare as my eternal weapon of choice, I have elected to wield on earth until the Second Coming of the Christ. Hence, Eric never dies. I Am the Lord. Now go and publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

I Who Am speak now to Trump

I Am Jesus, your Judge and Lord. And I have come to pronounce My Judgement on you.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXIV:
Dear Donald John Trump, I Am most disappointed in you. Greater demerits have you stacked up against your name since your defeat in the November 3, 2020, elections than the demerits you racked up in all your term in office as President before then.

Ted Cruz, stand down. Do not partake in the idiocy of protesting the electoral votes. It was not President Trump who got you your election victory, but Eric, My servant, who prayed rosaries so that you would win. Therefore, do not feel as though you owe favors to Trump. Regain your senses. It is not right to protest the lawful, orderly, and rightful conduct of the electoral process. If there is evidence of unlawful conduct, let the claimant produce the evidence. And if no evidence is forthcoming, then shut up and get back in line. Stand down, Ted Cruz. Do not partake in the contesting of the electoral votes. That is an order from the commander of the armies of heaven.

Donald John Trump, I Am most disappointed in you. You have behaved opposite of what is expected of a good and noble leader and ruler. You are doing nothing about your duties of your office as President, and yet you think you should keep your job? Well have the American people said unto you: You’re fired! How then does it feel to be the one who is fired, rather than the one who says, “You’re fired!”? Pride truly comes before the fall.

It is a pity for you, though. You might actually have gotten a Presidential Library and an honorable mention in the history books had you exited your office in grace and humility. But I Am afraid that the only place where your Presidential Library can be built where it will not be destroyed and razed to the ground, will be in Russia. And as for your mention in the history books, whatever good you did in office is now totally eclipsed by your total failure to lead in the crisis of COVID-19 and your total rejection of your utter and decisive defeat in the elections to Joe Biden.

Imagine what you would have said if the one who defeated you was Black or a Mexican? You, Trump, will be chastised severely. Your parents failed to whip the daylights out of you that you deserved. Now I will have to do that. And I will be whipping you beyond what you have ever imagined possible. You will wish you could die to escape the blows of My whip. But the escape by death will be denied you.

And I wish to make an example of you before all the nations. All the nations, all the peoples of the world will gather to watch your nonstop whipping. Your wife will be given a front row seat, and she will laugh. Your children will watch and cheer as the whipper rips stripes across the reddened flesh of your bare back. The women you had sex with will all be there, watching as you are being whipped, and they will gloat and laugh, as they eat their refreshments, and share jokes amongst themselves.

And you will be beaten silly. And you will be put to great dishonor and great shame before all the nations of the whole world. Every eye will see the blood trickle down from your stripes. I Am the Lord. Do not be amazed. That you have exalted yourself above the heavens, I have prepared a terrible chastisement against you that will make even Judas Iscariot, burning in hell, shiver in fear. I Am going to utterly dishonor you before all you know and before all you love. I Am the Lord!

Also, I Am erasing your family wealth and success. I Am making you dirt poor, poorer than the Mexicans you insulted, those whom you called rapists and murderers, when the truth is that you have raped and you have murdered. By your deliberate actions, people have died unnecessarily. You kept from even your supporters the knowledge that they would die from COVID-19 if they got infected. Your strategy of dealing with COVID-19 is an abysmal failure.

Eric, also, early in the outbreak was very mistaken about the gravity of the disease, but he is not one with access to knowledge, as you have. And I Who Am do not reveal all things to My servants whom I call to prophesy. Therefore, Eric is excused for being wrong on a great many things. But you, you were deliberately wrong. You deliberately misled My American beloved to unknowingly endanger themselves, and to expose themselves in super spreader events. That is unforgivable, for you knew that many would die. Hence, you are rightly called a murderer and a rapist. The image that you portrayed the Mexicans to be, so do you appear to Me in My eyes.

It was Eric, along with the rest of the faithful who joined him across the nation, praying rosaries, who got Kavanaugh and Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court. You played a role, but I had them confirmed because of the rosaries that were prayed for this to come to pass. And you think you own them? You think they belong to you? So little do you understand about law, order, and justice. Perhaps My rawhide whip upon your back will teach you what you need to learn and understand about law and order and justice.

President George W. Bush was a proud President, and he committed great errors in his pride that cost many American lives. But he learned. And he repented. And he is now a Roman Catholic. In his last months in office, it was Eric who prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet on him, along with reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, that turned his soul, and the soul of Twilight, who repented his sins, and I saved him. It was Eric’s Divine Mercy chaplets that prevented America from going to war against Iran in those latter years of the reign of Bush Junior. And what was the fruit? Research it and see the massive numbers of Iranian citizens converting to Christianity.

I Who Am will reclaim Iran back into Christendom. I Am the Lord. And when they do come back, they will rename their nation back to Persia. And Persia will enter an alliance with a Christianized, Catholic Israel. I Am the Lord. For was it not under the Medes and Persians that the Jews were permitted to return to their homeland after their Babylonian captivity? And indeed, the name of Persia is more romantic and poetic as a name of a nation than is the name of Iran.

The name of Iran and the name of Eire (Ireland) are derived from the same ancestral word for “noble” in the ancient root language of the Indo-European family of languages. For all words have a continuum, and they change over time, as speakers come and go down through the generations. Basque is an odd language in Europe, as it has no living relatives in a sea of Indo-European tongues. But if oddities did not exist, if My Creation could be comprehended by creatures, then I would not be much of a Creator, now would I? Hence, I made the world such that the deeper you dig into the earth’s mysteries, the more you realize that you do not know.

But dig, rather, into Me. Seek out My mysteries. For the one Who searches for Truth in Me is never not satisfied. And the one who feasts on My flesh and blood is never hungry or thirsty. And the one who drinks the waters of My River of Life, receives Life everlasting, and he will be raised on the Last Day. I Am the Lord.

Eric, I do not make you a priest, but I make you better. For you are to serve Me as an example of how men are to emulate Joseph. And the wife I give you will be very like Mary, whom you saw, though as through a glass darkly. At her visitation of you in early December, 1996, the question you asked her was not, “Who are you?”, or “What is your name?” Rather, the question you asked was, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” In other words, you confirmed by your question that you were in firm and full recognition as to who she was. All you were asking was for clarification as to who was right about her, the Protestants or the Catholics.

And her answer to you, after a period of silence, you have recorded in each and every book of the Emerald Trove. And she said unto you, “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” And you obeyed her to the letter. And then, turning to the angel who stood beside her, you asked this question: “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then you added, “I must know.” To this, the angel answered, after a period of silence, “You are, but do not tell anyone.”

But here you have told everyone, for you were commanded to reveal all things after the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Now let us analyze the Word from angel. Did the angel give any qualifiers? Did the angel give any explanations on how to understand that passage in Revelation 6:2? No, all he did was to confirm, to answer affirmatively. Eric was not told whether he was the only one, or one of many. He was not told if he was the main one, or a major one? He was only told, “You are.”

Then, O’ Lord, let us hear You clarify this answer from the angel. How do You answer Your own questions about what the angel did not say? Or, O’ Lord, can You reveal any such information and prophetic knowledge? I will say this as to that revelation, Eric. You are not the only one who fulfills that passage. And nor are you the last. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, Eric, speak thus to Republicans in general. Do not destroy American democracy by serving the will of a lawless man. Trump is not fit to serve in any office in America, for he is unable to obey any law. To him, the concept of law and order is a foreign idea and out of grasp of his limited comprehension. Put him in a Chess game, and he will continue to move his pieces after being checkmated. Put him in a Monopoly game, and he will continue to proceed to roll his dice and advance his piece after losing all his money and all mortgaging all his properties. Put him in a paintball game, and he will never accept that he has been shot. Put him in a baseball game, and he will continue running around the bases when he is struck out. Put him in a football game, and he will continue to advance the football when it is down. Put him in a game of tag, and he will never acknowledge that he has been tagged and is now it. Put him in a game of tic-tac-toe, and he will never acknowledge the line through his opponent’s marks saying that his opponent is the winner.

This man is a Loser par Excellence. And because he has so violated My eternally decided decree that he was to lose, and that he has not recognized his loss, but has continued to seek to cheat the true winner, Joe Biden, of Biden’s honest and true election victory, I will humiliate Trump before the whole world. I will make an example and a spectacle of that man. Many who were his own friends will break out in laughter as they see Trump so humiliated and ridiculed. For I Am going to show to Trump that he neither has friends nor popularity. Indeed, all the people who voted for Trump will entirely forget they even knew the man by 2024. And I will send a real man to you in the primaries and the elections of 2024. I will send you a law abider. I will send you a true leader and a responsible husband and family man. I will send you a man who does not cheat on his wife, nor go from girl to girl defiling them. I Am sending you the first Azurite Pawn who is to rule over the United States of America, and he will serve as the 47th United States President. I Am the Lord.

And will the 47th President of the United States of America choose a male or a female as his running mate? I tell you truthfully, the man I am sending you will look at the qualifications of each applicant first. He will look at the gender of that applicant second. If he finds that the most qualified person to run with him is female, he will choose her. But he will not be like Biden, who said he would limit himself to choosing only a female candidate. I Am the Lord.

Now, does Joe Biden serve as a worthy President, or will I despise him as he takes office? If Joe Biden advances the cause of the homosexual, if Biden advances the practice of abortion, I will despise that man. For he will be doing that which his own religion, Catholicism, tells him not to do, and that is not right. Nevertheless, Eric continues to pray the rosary for both Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s salvation. And this is very significant. For I prohibit Eric from praying the rosary for anyone I have resolved not to save. I Am the Lord. Hence, by these Words, you now realize that I have not yet at this time resolved not to save these two people, who are to come to rule America on January 20, 2021. Hence, Biden and Harris can still be saved. And therefore, it is legitimate and permissible for My people to pray for the salvation of Biden and Harris. This now brings this post to a conclusion.

Just note that Eric’s rosaries are most powerful. And by his rosaries, I have resolved that the Republicans will win both seats in the two runoff elections in Georgia, giving the Republicans a 52 seat majority in the Senate. They will win and provide a permanent check on the power of Joe Biden. But on the good things that Biden and the Republicans can agree on, let the two parties work together to accomplish that good. And let Joe Biden’s goal of ushering in the electric car revolution take effect. I Am the Lord. And let Joe Biden make health insurance affordable by the simple means of making it optional, rather than mandatory. I Am the Lord. And I will bless Joe Biden’s Presidency if he focuses on doing those things that will pass the Republican controlled Senate. Now, play ball. Let My people vote. And let it be seen the winners in the Georgian runoff elections. And go and eat your breakfast now, Eric. For you must go to Mass at 8 AM this morning before heading to work. I Am the Lord.

Trump, go ahead and pardon yourself, so that the Supreme Court can rule it unlawful.

One cannot be one’s own judge in any court of law, unless You are God.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXIII:
Yes, President Trump. It is good for idiotic actions and nonsensical motions to be made so that clarifications can come from the Supreme Court as to what is lawful and what is not. So go ahead and pardon yourself, President Trump, and let it be tested in the judicial system. And this is what the Supreme Court will rule: It is invalid to pardon oneself by the simple stipulation in law that one cannot be one’s own judge.

But note that you have no pathway to avoid prosecution. For New York State has ended its double jeopardy laws just for you, President Trump. They ended it for you and your cronies whom you have pardoned. And you know what the Supreme Court says that the acceptance of a pardon means? It declares it to be a confession of guilt. Hence, you and all your cronies, having accepted all the pardons you handed out, together with their implicit confessions of guilt, will now be tried for the same exact offenses under New York State law. For New York State ended the double jeopardy laws that prevented that just in time for you, President Trump, and just in time for your departure from the White House.

So unless you plan on campaigning for President from behind bars and from within prison walls, do not expect your name to be on the ballot in 2024. Last I checked, prison inmates are ineligible to run for elected office. And do you realize the staggering numbers of COVID-19 deaths that will be blamed on you, President Trump? They are going to be coming after you. And many will have vendettas and scores to settle. And if they cannot find you, they can find your properties. They will vandalize your properties, destroy them, and raze them to the ground. And the same they will do to you, if they can catch you. Your business career is over in America, President Trump. No one will want to do business with you. Anyone who does will get burnt badly handling that hot potato.

A terror target you have become, President Trump. You have a target stamped on you that screams out for terrorists to bomb you and to destroy you. You will be a hunted man after you are no longer President of the United States of America. President Biden needs to do nothing. His attorney general will do all the necessary work at the federal level, while the states will prosecute you for all your offenses that you thought you had freed yourself of from all the pardons and self pardons you may have issued.

In 2019, in Gamble v. United States, the Supreme Court upheld the “dual-sovereignty” doctrine, which allows a state to prosecute a defendant under state law after the federal government has prosecuted him for the same conduct under federal law without violating the Constitution’s ban on double jeopardy. Hence, you are not free of the law by issuing your pardons. You will be prosecuted. For no one escapes the Justice of God. Little man, you thought you were clever? There is always someone cleverer than yourself. I Am the Lord.

And I permit Joe Biden to prosecute ex-President Trump for his crimes committed in office. For it is the job of the chief executive to enforce the law. The chief executive is the top law enforcer. And when a chief executive has flagrantly violated all laws and and all codes of conduct and morality, it becomes necessary for the next chief executive to prosecute those offenses. Joe Biden, do not leave it up to God to prosecute and punish Trump for his offenses when you become responsible for enforcing the law in the land. You do not want it to go into God’s hands to do the punishing that you ought to carry out. It is never wise to leave a criminal’s conduct up to God to carry out the punishment for when the criminality is clear and the crime is notorious, and when you have the power and authority to do justice and judgement for the nation. For I Am judging you. And I Am most displeased with judges who let the guilty go unpunished.

For I Am a severe punisher of men endowed with the authority to judge or to rule who let the wicked go free. And I Am a severe punisher of men who punish the innocent. For it is written in the Law I gave to Moses that thou shalt not punish the innocent nor acquit the guilty. (Exodus 23:7). And whosoever does this is accursed.

And let Mike Pence change his mind about aiding and abetting the criminal behavior being done by Trump to his effort undermine the fair and orderly electoral process without any viable evidence to justify their objections to the election results. Mike Pence, you will be prosecuted if you continue to aid and abet Trump’s criminal behavior. Stop now and go no further down that road. Do not throw your legal reputation and your presumed innocence away for the sake of the President. The President is going to jail the moment he steps out of White House at noon on January 20, 2021. Do not be a fool to share in his crimes, and thereby, to share in his punishments. For what profit is there in it for you? What are you receiving in return for your loyalty to the President? Or are you of the reasoning of Anakin Skywalker, who swore loyalty to Chancellor Palpatine instead of to the Republic and to the democracy on which it stands? Down a dark road do you go if you go that path, Vice President Mike Pence.

Behold, Mike Pence is the example of the ultimate fool who followed Trump to his doom. All these grown men who have followed Trump, where did he lead them? He had led them to permanently ruin their names and their reputations. They too, with Trump, will be prosecuted for their collusion with Trump’s criminal behavior. For it is not harmless to side with those guilty of crime and wrongdoing. Mike Pence, come back to the light and do not agree to do this crime you are about to do to contest the election results. For if you do this crime, then you are no friend to justice and law and order, and your name will be mud for the rest of your political career. I Am the Lord.

The reason why President Trump questioned your loyalty was because he feared you might attempt to use the 25th Amendment to declare Trump unfit and to relieve him of his duties. Whether there is a viable path to doing this may be a matter of debate. But you are under no obligation to obey the President when he orders you to commit unlawful behavior. Rather, it is incumbent on all men to reject the President when he orders doing such things that are clearly criminal. President Trump is a man who has clearly lost a national election. The people have spoken. And they have resoundingly said to the President that he has been fired. But the President has inflated himself to so great a magnitude that he cannot accept that he has lost. His ego is so greatly magnified that he cannot accept being humbled. He is in total denial of his election loss. Don’t you also be in denial of this reality, Mike Pence. Do not you also get caught up in the false narrative that President Trump was wrongfully cheated of his election victory. Rather, it is Trump who is flagrantly attempting to cheat Joe Biden of his valid and decisive election victory. Joe Biden may be of the opposition Party. He may advocate bad policies as President. But Justice demands that you recognize that he has won. Do not cave to Trump’s demands. This is an order coming from the commander of the armies of heaven. You are commanded to obey. Do not contest the election results, and I will see to it that you are not prosecuted with Trump when his time is up and he is no longer the President in 17 days time. I Who Am have spoken. And through Eric have I issued this command.

Now someone asks, when is Eric speaking here and when is God speaking here? Or is Eric claiming also to be God? Rather, in this case, Eric is as the axe, whereas God is the One wielding him. For it is written: Will the axe boast against him who hews with it? Will the saw exalt itself above him who wields it? As if a rod could sway him who lifts it; or a staff him who is not wood! (Isaiah 10:15). Eric is but the tool. Eric is but the weapon God has created and skillfully constructed. Eric only has power when God puts His hand to Eric, His weapon, and wields him. If God elects not to wield Eric, then Eric is then powerless and cannot do anything. I Am the Lord!

Eric, this passage in Isaiah you have read for the first time today in your progress of reading the entire set of Holy Scriptures of the Catholic Holy Bible. Now, speak, lord Azurite, and say here where you are in reading the entire Holy Bible. I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, and (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias). And right now I am continuing in the Old Testament and reading: (21) Isaiah (Isaias). And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible. And I have been commanded to limit my daily readings to just one or two or three chapters a day, unless they are short, and then I may go up to four or five. And I am commanded not to skip any day in doing my required reading. Doing this enables long term retention in the mind of what one has been studying.

Lord, it has been written that I am to remain virgin and celibate for life. But is is also written that You might have me enter a celibate, platonic marriage as Joseph entered into with the Virgin Mary. And Pope Francis has proclaimed this year to be the year of Saint Joseph. But it is also written that any such marriage must proceed in accordance to the will of God. For Eric cannot marry to serve Eric. If Eric is to marry, it must be to serve God. Amen. Will you now elaborate on this, O’ Lord? For it is written that on this day, it must be revealed unto me all the mysteries regarding my fate and to where I shall go and as to what I am. So now let these things be so revealed, O’ Lord.

Eric, as to whether you are the Great Monarch, think no more along those lines. For the Great Monarch prophecies are of the same nature as the legends of Robin Hood, of King Arthur, and of the wizard, Merlin. They are myths, legends, and fictional prophecies. There is no Biblical or scriptural basis to any part of the so called Great Monarch prophecies. And as for holy popes, these come and go as I Am pleased to give to My people. A holy pope is coming. He will come after Pope Francis. But whether he is the last or the second to last pope, never trust to your heart any such prophecy that you might hear. For no one knows the day or the hour of My return. And neither may anyone reliably set any realistic deadline such that any man may count down the days to My return.

As for Lazurite, he does not exist. You made him up when you wrote the narrative that you were one of the Two Witnesses. But you are mistaken. The Two Witnesses do not refer to future prophets of the likes such as you. Rather, seek to understand the prophecies of Revelation in the mystical and spiritual way of seeing the things that are of God. Never attempt to literally place a scene written in Revelation into the historical narrative of earth’s past, present, or future. For attempting to do such things like that leads people to ridiculous expectations of events that they believe must happen before I return. For example, the belief that the Jews must rebuild the Temple before I come again is false. The idea that the Jews are prophesied to rebuild the Temple is a gross misinterpretation of My scriptures. For were the Jews to actually build some sort of temple in Jerusalem, whether on the Temple Mount or otherwise, I would not count it as My Temple, for the body of Jesus is My Temple from now on, and it was raised on the third day, as I prophesied. I have no other Temple. And all who come into Jesus are made members of that One Temple. As for the Jewish Temple of the past, that was but a shadow of the True Temple that came. For I did not bring the Jews back to their homeland to build a Temple for a now obsolete religion. Rather, I brought them back to their homeland that they might encounter their Messiah, the Christ, so that they might enter the True Temple of membership in My Catholic Church. For there is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. And that all Israel was to be saved refers rather to all those of My elect of that nation who are predestined to convert to Catholicism. As for those who do not convert, these do not receive salvation, though they may count themselves as carnal descendants of Abraham. For though Abraham did My will, he entered not into the Kingdom of Heaven until My death and shed blood on the cross opened the Way for his entrance there. And no one who has died since My descent into hades to free the souls there has entered heaven without first entering into My Catholic Church.

For I Am the Door. And no one may enter heaven except through Me. And the name of Jesus is the one name given to men by which they may call on Me to be saved from their sins. Whoever seeks to enter heaven by any other door or by any other means, he will fail to find salvation. One door means one Church, and one communion in My body and blood. And before I ascended to My throne in heaven, I anointed Peter as My first pope. And he died in accordance to my will as a martyr in Rome. And in an unbroken chain have the popes been anointed to reign on the Seat of Peter. And the pope and bishops, as successors to Peter and the Apostles, needed no miracles of authority to prove their authority, for it had been passed onto them by the laying of hands upon them from their predecessors of Apostolic Succession, and hence, the power to heal and to work the miraculous cures that I gave My Apostles ended with My Apostles. But without valid Apostolic Succession, no man has the authority to consecrate the bread and wine at the Mass into My flesh and blood. And no one may be made a priest except that he receives the sacrament of Holy Orders from a bishop of valid Apostolic Succession. For My Church is a living organism that has its roots going back to Me in a continuous chain of communions and sacraments.

Now I shall speak of Eric’s marital status. For Eric has asked about it. And I, the Lord, wish to reveal My pleasure in him. Eric has become stainlessly pure. He differs from Joseph and Mary in that Eric was redeemed from a sinful past and a state of sin. But Joseph I did not let enter into sin. Rather, from his mother’s womb I had him sanctified and purified and preserved from all sin, so that he would be made worthy to serve as virgin husband to the Virgin Mary and virgin foster father to the Christ. Hence Joseph died sinless and went straight to the Limbo of the Fathers to await My sacrifice on the cross to allow him into heaven. He is the second highest man in heaven. And he is second in glory among creatures only to Mary.

But Eric is less than Joseph because he had to be redeemed from his sins. And all Mankind, other than the holy couple, needed My blood to cleanse them from their sins. But as for the holy couple, their entrance into My Kingdom was affected by their entrance into communion with Me. Mary received Me in the holy Mass. And Joseph received Me at My descent into Hades. Did Joseph enter heaven without baptism, you ask? Those who preceded Me in death who were of My elect were baptized with Me on the cross in My blood. And ever since, the door into My heavenly gates required a baptism of water to be marked as Mine. But lacking such a physical sacrament, there are other means by which I can save souls at their last ends, who enter My communion by a spiritual means. How this works is one of the mysteries that surround the Mass. For at the Mass, I bring many souls spiritually there to receive what they could not receive in life. I Am the Lord.

But in other ways, Eric is to Me as a type of Joseph. And he will be wed to a type of Mary. And they will have a type of marriage likened unto that of Mary and Joseph. And why do I do this, you ask? What purpose does this serve? For is there to be another virgin birth? By no means! Then for what reason are these two virgins to wed, Eric and the woman We shall wed him to? They are sent to My Church to lead My Church back to Me before I come again. They are a royal couple and a holy union. And no carnal knowledge shall pass between them. They are to be holy and devout.

And now, lord Azurite, you think of Hyacinth. What becomes of her? She is taken away from you and is to be brought to her purification, where she may undergo purification to be made ready and fit for Me in heaven. I have watched you in your relationship with her, Eric. And now I will tell you your fate with her. In heaven she will be regarded as your adopted daughter. I Am the Lord. For you served her as a faithful father would his child. Amen.

And when I bring you up to heaven, you shall be awarded the highest station of the elect, that of the eternally virgin espoused. For the one you will marry will be regarded as a kind of eternal virgin spouse to you as Mary is forever regarded as espoused to Joseph. Marriages between men and women cease to exist in heaven, but the virgin espousals between saints last forever. And this is the highest heavenly state. For the pure love that exists between virgin saints who elect not to carnally join is the highest love between two people, and it most intimately reflects the divine love that exists between God has his eternal Bride. I Am the Lord.

Lord, that vow God had me make, the oath I said, will I carry it out? Or do you now order me to do otherwise? Yes, you will carry it out, for Hyacinth is to continue to need your help for some time to come. Amen. Do exactly as you have vowed. And the two preconditions that I told you about will be fulfilled in perfect accuracy. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will you tell me anything, anything at all, about this girl to whom I am to become eternally espoused to? No, for to reveal anything about her now, before she is given to you, would wreck your image of her in your mind. You are to know nothing concrete about her. Rather, you are to reach out in your mind and realize the spiritual reality of this girl. Contemplate her in your spirit. And clear your mind of all images that deceive. I Am giving her to you in one week. Wait for her, for she is coming soon. I Am the Lord. And when the girl comes, realize that Hyacinth will have accepted your fate. For she too is a prophetess. And I will reveal unto her, that you are to be regarded as a foster father to her, and not her future husband. And this she will accept.

Now, ask Me any question you have, O’ Larimar King. And if is worthy, I will answer it in completion. When You cure me tonight, as You have revealed, do I ever take medicines again? Do I receive vaccinations? Do I ever need any more medical care, O’ Lord? What I cure about you, you shall seek no medical cure to forever, to the end of your life. Amen. Vaccinations are different. None of them will harm you. And you may receive them to comply with governing laws and rules. I Am the Lord. Now go, lord Azurite, and sleep. But publish this now and correct it after you arise from your slumber. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Rise of the Azurite Reign

Behold, America is spared from My hot wrath. She will be restored.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXII:
Eric is now rising. Lord, it is written that today, Sunday, January 3, 2021, You shall speak to Eric and reveal unto him his vocation in full and his place in your Kingdom. Correct, lord Azurite. And dost thou remember thy vow that thou said unto Me? I do, O’ Lord. Good, for were you to forget it, great chastisement would be your fate.

So, O’ Lord, this week we should expect the Senate to hold a vote on the $2000 stimulus checks? Correct. I have commanded Congress to vote on it, as a separate, stand alone measure. And they shall do so this week. Furthermore, the exact raise you have requested you shall receive in full. That is an Oracle of the Lord. And when you receive these two things, you are to carry out your oath to Me. I will, O’ Lord. I cannot forget my oath. Good, carry out your oath and I shall then bless you abundantly.

Lord, I will remember my oath and carry it out in full. But tell me when shall Hyacinth be taken away? For it was written in the previous post that this was to be soon. As you know, Hyacinth does great and marvelous works with the provisions that you send her. We are not taking her away just yet. We have plans for her yet still to come. And We are aware that you are no longer tempted by her to marry her. That is good. If you keep to your eternal vow of celibacy and virginity, We see no reason to take Hyacinth away from you. Therefore, keep to your vow. Remain an unwed virgin, and Hyacinth shall remain the permanent friend to you that she is now. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. And realize, lord Azurite, I have made the prayers of Hyacinth most powerful.

Lord, is there any chance that that girl Danielle might ever come back into my life? Once you become successful and prosperous, she might. But if she does so then, reject her, for she will be fulfilling that famous proverb: A false friend and a shadow last only while the sun shines. You are right, O’ Lord. Danielle proved to be a false friend by leaving me. And if she comes back while I am rising and ascending, she is just doing what false friends do.

Eric, you are wise and powerful. Likewise, those who leave Me, the Lord, I do not welcome back into My fold, unless their motivation for coming back to Me is of true love for Me and true repentance on their part. And I see into every man’s heart. You, Eric, I have admitted into My Kingdom precisely because you have given Me the best years of your life.

For when did you convert to Christianity? You converted at the age of 22, when you had become a senior in college. And when did you convert to Catholicism? You began attending My Catholic Church with your father in the year 2000, while you were 29 years old. And what age were you at the time you sacrificed everything to Me to attain salvation? Those martyrdom breakdowns you had occurred in June of 1995, the second one right on your 25th birthday, on June 24, 1995. And did you seek a girl or romance in any of all these years you have given unto Me? No, you put Me first, before any interests you may have had in women. You honored Me by giving Me the best years of your life. Now you are older, a 50 year old man, still single, a bachelor, having never married and never having had sex.

That is an act and a testimony of a man who loves Me! Let the world then look upon this example of a man who loves his Lord. For most men, I tell thee, choose to marry, to party, and to live the good life, and to then give their latter years of their life to Me. That is not love. That is like a man having an abundance in flocks of sheep, and electing to give Me his unwanted sheep. Abel gave Me the best of his first fruits, and I rejoiced with him in his love for Me. Cain gave me something less, not the best that he had. And that is why I was not pleased with Cain. I rejected Cain, for he gave Me just enough that he thought was needed for him to be saved. Such is the luke warm Christian. The one who does just enough to be saved I never admit into My Kingdom. You are either all for Me or else you are just not Mine.

Hence, the time to choose Me is when you are young, in the prime of your life. That is when I find you most acceptable to Me. For what Bridegroom marries an old an haggard bride? Why would I welcome you into My Church when you only come to Me in the last years of your life, when you are old and infirm and virtually good for nothing? If that is when you genuinely see the light and realize the salvation that is found in My Catholic Church, then come and enter. But if you have known about My Way and the salvation found in My Church, but refuse to enter in until you are old and grey, then do not bother to enter in at all, for I do not accept your entrance. For it is not done out of love, but out of self-seeking. You chose to give your best years to yourself, following your own passions and doing just what you wanted to do, and now that you are old, you seek to do something about your life in the hereafter? Well it doesn’t work that way. I do not accept your wilted flower as a worthy gift before Me. I reject your offer to Me. It is unworthy. You are an old and defiled woman, unfit and unworthy to be made a Bride to My Son. I reject you and I reject your offer unto Me.

Come to Me with honesty and genuine love. Do not come to Me calculating, what is the least I need to do to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Or what must I do to hedge my bet? There is no way to hedge your bet when it comes to be being saved. Either you will go with Me all the Way, now, right now. Or else, I just don’t want you in My Kingdom. Either you will give to Me what I want right now, or I will reject you when you offer it later, wilted and worn and of no value to Me then. For what Bridegroom, upon proposing to a fair young maiden, will keep his door open to her if she rejects him in her youth and only comes to him later in life, as a worn out old hag of a woman? For that is how all those appear to Me who reject Me in the prime of their lives and only come seeking Me when they are older and advanced in age. I want to grow old with you. I do not want someone who rejects Me when they are young and seeks Me when they are old. Seek Me now, while you are young, and I will accept you, as I accepted Eric.

For Eric has given Me a most excellent gift. Eric gave Me all the years of his youth. Eric gave Me all the years in which he could have married and raised a family. Eric gave Me these years. Instead of pursuing women or seeking a job, Eric was found seeking Me in My Catholic Church. And woe unto that elderly woman who Eric overheard in the Church speaking of him, “He should be out working somewhere.” Wrong, old hag! Eric was doing exactly what I demanded of him. He was giving Me the best years of his life. And he was giving Me all his best, quality time. You, old hag, you go out and do some work somewhere in the world. Don’t enter into My Church as an old hag and proceed to judge those young people you see worshiping Me there, saying that they should be out working somewhere. For where were you when you were young and desirable? If you were not found in My Church as a young and desirable woman, why do you think I accept you now, now that are old and haggard? Either come to Me when I call you, or do not come to Me at all. Don’t delay your coming to Me to when your best years are over, thinking, now is the time to concentrate on your salvation. For I won’t accept your wilted flower then, you old hag! And cast that old hag out into the street who said of My servant Eric, while he was praying to Me in My Church, “He should be out working somewhere.”

For Eric I find worthy. He has given unto Me a worthy gift. But that old hag, her gift of her wilted flower I reject. I Am the Lord! Now, what shall We say of Eric? Is Eric clean now? Did Eric make an excellent confession yesterday of his impurities and sins of viewing pornography to My priest? Yes he did. And I told him, when he was doing his penance, that very day at the Church, that I now not only forgive him of all his sins, but also I forgive him of all punishment for sins. He is now perfect for My purposes. He is a fine catch of a man. He has aged all these years like wine. And I will now elect to drink of that wine so well aged and made of such choice grapes. Yes, Eric is the Witch King, the most powerful piece in Satan’s arsenal. And this Witch King has come to Me and given Me his all. His path from Satan’s arsenal into My camp is lit up with fire. And many are the wreckages along his path of those who tried to get in his way as he came to Me. I destroyed untold numbers of souls who tried to stop Eric in his path into My Kingdom. And now that he is perfect, I Am ready to unleash My ultimate weapon.

Eric is My ultimate weapon. Eric will speak unto the whole world whatever I command unto him to say. Whoever approaches Eric to make the slightest rebuke of My Word through Eric, My Word will come out of Eric’s mouth and slay him. And thus shall anyone who rebukes My Word through Eric receive his destruction and his damnation. Try to harm My servant Eric, and it will be most unpleasant for you.

But I wish to make a demonstration of the power behind Eric. So I will allow a small nation to make a threat against Eric. Watch that nation closely. And you will see it as a smoldering ash and a heap of rubble in the following morn. I Am the Lord. And now, you may wish to hear My Word spoken through Eric? Now you wish to hear Me say My messages to the people?

Eric has saved America from her sins. But the homosexuals and the abortion pushers within her will now be destroyed. I will pave America’s streets with the blood of the wicked. But those who do right, I will spare. I Am the Lord.

For war is now upon you! Eric is now set up like an Oracle. He will utter whatever I command him to say. And whosoever attacks that Oracle, let him not expect to live to see the next day. I Am the Lord.

Now, speak, lord Azurite. What sayest thou at this time? Lord, let all that you have said on this post come to pass. And let me prove faithful and righteous and just in all that you have me do for You. Amen. These are the words of one who is faithful to Me. He will be rewarded. But as for the false friends and the those who are like shadows, remaining only while the sun shines, get behind Me Satan! For I have no further use for you, those who befriend Me falsely. I Am the Lord!

A note to all women and any woman who sets her sights on My servant Eric. He cannot be taken and he will not be taken. And anyone who tries too hard to take him will taste My rebuke. I Am the Lord. And it is not pleasant to taste the rebuke of the Lord. Let all realize that Eric is holy and sacred. Eric cannot be touched. Eric cannot be defiled. And anyone who tries to do this dies. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I understand all of this. But Hyacinth doesn’t. She believes that she is destined to marry Eric. Let Hyacinth believe what Hyacinth shall believe. She cannot take you anyways, in her situation, and that state will never change. Let her go her way. She has a valid excuse, for you vowed unto her that you would marry her. Hence, her actions and beliefs do not constitute sin. But will We ever allow for her plans to marry you to take place?

If We allowed it, you would be lost to Us. If We allowed a woman to marry Eric and to take him in the flesh, all that We have built up in Eric would come to ruin. But were a woman to elect to marry Eric platonically, that is, as Mary was wed to Joseph, this We do not reject. This We allow for. But Hyacinth cannot do this, for her heart lacks the purity necessary for such a wedding. Hence, if there comes such a woman who is willing to enter such a holy, virgin, and celibate marriage with Eric, and she is approved in heaven to do this, then We will take Hyacinth away and let this girl enter Eric’s life. I Am the Lord.

But know Ye well this. If there is to be such a holy, virgin, and celibate marriage in Eric’s future, it must always proceed directly from My will. It cannot proceed from the will of self-seeking. Hence, it must serve a holy good. It must serve a purpose that is found in God. Eric cannot marry to serve Eric. That is all. This post now comes to its end. Go now and eat. And then prepare for Mass. And at the Mass I will be speaking to you. And you will come to know your fate and all that I will to happen with you. Congratulations. You have made it to the 1260th day from the start of the Age of Mary. Do as I command you and everything shall go according to My plans. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

The Way is revealed to Eric

To Eric granted that he see My Way and to follow Me. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post LXXXI:
I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. Eric, you are holy. And I have made a great name for you. You will be called great among Kings and Queens in heaven. Now I shall speak.

President Donald John Trump repeatably refuses to hear that he has lost the election. But he has truly lost. But this loss will not affect the Senate races in Georgia, where I tell unto thee, lord Azurite, that your rosaries will have their effect. Both seats will be won by the Republicans, and the Republicans will, hence, maintain a 52 seat majority in the Senate, putting a drastic limit on the power of Joe Biden to do his devilry, as was seen in the Obama Administration, where the devil ran rampant in the United States government, allowing sick men to use women’s bathrooms, and to view women undressing, and masturbate in front of them, all as part of Obama’s sick outreach to the abominably gender confused people.

For let it be known and understood. No matter how much a sick man butchers his genitalia and no matter what operations he undergoes and what treatments he takes, a man can never be made into a woman, nor can a woman ever be made into a man. For the genetics of a man makes that individual a man. And the genetics of a woman makes that individual a woman. A man has a Y chromosome and an X chromosome in his genome. A woman has no Y chromosome, but has two X chromosomes in her genome, which she received, one from each of her parents. But as for the man, his X came from his mother, and his Y came from his father. And thus, the sperm, which are haploid, each containing half the genetics of the man they come from, contain either a single Y or a single X. But the eggs, which are haploid, containing half the genetics of the woman that they come from, always contains just a single X, a copy of one or the other of the two X chromosomes that the woman has in her genome.

And thus, at conception, when a new human being is created, a single sperm unites with a single egg, creating that new human being, having half its genetics from its father and half its genetics from its mother, giving it a diploid genome. The gender of this human being is thus eternally determined at conception by the genetics of the single sperm that united with the egg. If that sperm contained a Y chromosome, then the egg it fertilized is a male. And if that sperm contained an X chromosome, then the egg it fertilized is a female. But the sperm will only contain either one Y or one X. For the X and Y chromosomes are paired in the diploid genome of a man. For in the diploid human genome, all the chromosomes exist in pairs, one chromosome of each pair having come from the mother and the other having come from the father. And in the formation of the gametes, which are haploid, the diploid cells basically divide into two haploid cells, and each haploid cell contains one chromosome from each pair of chromosomes contained in the diploid genome of the parent cell.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, giving a total of 46 chromosomes in the diploid genome. Hence, how these 23 pairs split to form their gametes produces a total of 223 distinct genetic possibilities that a man or woman can pass onto their offspring. For a man, these sex cells are always being produced in his testicles. But for the woman, when she is born as a baby girl, all the sex cells that will later form as her eggs have already come into existence. Thus, a woman is very limited in her ability to reproduce, and she can only produce one birth about every nine months. And her sexual reproductive years are only from puberty to about age 44. But one man has the potential to fertilize every woman on the planet, with about 100 million sperm cells in each ejaculation. And his sex cells are produced from puberty to the end of his life. But realize this most important thing. The probability that a woman will bear viable offspring is greater than the probability that a man will sire offspring, due to the higher death rates in men and the higher competition among men for mates.

Also, males are more aggressive than females, and the same is true for sperm. And hence, more males are conceived than females. But this aggressiveness has the cost that they die at a faster rate, and so, throughout the life of a single generation, males at first outnumber females, but in gradually dying off at a higher rate, in later life the females outnumber the males.

God created Man in his image, in the divine image He created him; male and female, He created them. (Genesis 1:27). Thus it is that males and females are distinct creations of God in His creation of the one species made in the image of God, Mankind. And thus, it is a crime against the Creator for any man to seek to either change his own gender or that of another.

In the cases known as the hermaphrodites, the correct gender of that creature must be ascertained and his or her body may be made to match its genetics. But there will always be freaks that cannot viably reproduce due to their hermaphroditic nature, and such beings may not be allowed to marry. I Am the Lord.

For the definition of marriage is that it must be between one man and one woman. And this definition cannot be undone. I Am the Lord. Lord, it is said that Eric never marries and never has sex. What sayest Thou to that?

Correct, lord Azurite, your station is that of eternal virginity. You will remain celibate and virgin forever. For you have passed the test. And from this point onward, you will look at no woman with lust nor desire, for you will see them all as a brother looks upon his sister. Amen.

Lord, some people think that because I will neither marry nor have sex that I ought to therefore become a priest. What sayest Thou to them regarding that? To any such person who says such to you from now on, you are to say: Only God, not man, decides who shall become His priests. And then you are to say that for the priesthood, you have not been chosen. I Am the Lord. And if the counter your reply with the question, How do you know?, you are to reply, To any man who wishes to discern it, God will reveal it unto him. Amen.

And then, what if they say, What about the diaconate? If not a priest, then surely a deacon? To this question you are to reply as such: The shortage of men for Holy Orders exists only for the priesthood. For the diaconate, no shortage of men exists. Amen. And then you are to say this: If God saw it fit to call Eric to the diaconate, he would not stop there, but also call him to enter the priesthood. But as it is, it is the will of God that Eric will not be made a priest. Amen.

But O’ Lord, what if such people, upon hearing this rebuttal, ask the simple question of why? Why has God decided not to make Eric a priest? What do I reply to this question, O’ Lord? Answer such men and women this: Inscrutable are the judgements of God, and unsearchable are the reasons behind His judgements. Amen. Just realize that it has been eternally resolved in the mind of God that Eric’s place in the Church on earth is that of an eternally virgin celibate layman. And that is final. Amen.

Furthermore, Eric, you have been called and confirmed as an eternal Prophet Seer. And from this calling you will never break. And you will prophesy in My name forever and ever. Amen. Lord, it has been said that My Kingdom that I am to be awarded with is tied to my eternal virginity. Is this the case? And what is my eternal Kingdom to be?

Eric, you are made eternal commander of the angelic armies of heaven. And already you have been given your first command, that of the conquest of China. And you chose to conquer China by destroying four facets in her: (1) Those who oppress the Catholic Church in China, (2) Those who force and propagate abortions in China, (3) Those who arrest and torture the innocent in China, and (4) Those who make pornography in China. By these four decrees shall My angels carry out your will to conquer China in this fashion. And after they have subdued the evil one controlling her, you are commanded to convert the Chinese to My religion. That is My divine order unto thee, lord Azurite, commander of the armies of heaven. Amen.

As for your Kingdom in this world, you have two Kingdoms. For now that you are totally free of attachments to women, I grant you this secondary Kingdom. The Archipelago of Hawaii has been granted to you as your first Kingdom on the basis of your meritorious deeds of going to Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday while on your vacation to Hawaii to attend your brother’s Protestant wedding there, on the island of Kauai. For by choosing to obey Church law that requires Mass attendance for Sunday, you confirmed to Me your faithfulness as a new Catholic who will choose to do what is required of him, no matter how hard or inconvenient. And so you looked up the Catholic Churches on the island of Kauai and you found Saint Raphael’s Church, and you found the exact time of their Sunday Mass, and you were very careful that you did not miss it, getting up early in the morning, and bringing your father, a lapsed Catholic, with you to the Mass. And this was after successfully completing the Divine Mercy Novena, which you carefully said each day, doing so in Hawaii from the balcony of your hotel room. For I tell You truthfully: He who is faithful in little matters is also faithful in great matters. Amen. Such is the basis of why the state of Hawaii is made your eternal Kingdom. Amen.

Now as for your second Kingdom, We are giving you this because you have ended all dependence on women, entering into perfect stainless virginity. Amen. For a virgin male is a most valuable asset in My Kingdom. And I am not speaking of virgin males who are involuntarily celibate, but only of those who willingly choose this vocation. And homosexual males don’t count, because they are abominations. Every man who defiles himself with other men is doomed to be cast into the fire. I Am the Lord.

Now this is your second Kingdom, awarded to you now for your now stainless, eternal virginity. We, the elect in heaven, have elected to give you back England as your eternal possession. As a child you have been to both England and Ireland. And to that land We will have you return in your later years. England is made the Kingdom of Eric again due to his eternal and perfect state of purity that he has now attained. I Am the Lord. And Lord, what about Wales and Scotland on the same island of Great Britain? To other Kings and Queens shall they and other lands belong. But to you, lord Azurite, you are eternally made King over both Hawaii and England. Amen.

Now, do not ask about the definitions of the Kingdoms of other Kings and Queens, for these rulings and judgements cannot be made known to you. For who is to be made King or Queen, and what is their eternal dominion, is unknowable, except as I reveal. Amen.

And now that it is certain that Eric will remain virgin and celibate for all eternity, We shall reveal his destiny in heaven. You, lord Azurite, are of My eternal elect. I have predestined you to glory from all eternity. And all the graces you received in life came from either your predestination to glory or from your cooperation with My graces given to you in your lifetime. I Am the Lord. I now declare Eric as Prophet Seer forever. Amen.

And O’ Lord, what about Hyacinth? What is she to Eric? And what is her fate, O’ Lord? Hyacinth is a girl who is your friend. And by your helping of her, We continue to bless you with good things. For by your charity to her, We work great things in and through her. Now, this is very important, lord Azurite. As a part of your progression to perfection, We must take Hyacinth away from you, for her desires are for marriage, and you cannot be made a subject of such desires. Hence, she must be taken away. And this will be done soon. For Our will is resolute. Eric cannot be tempted to enter marriage to any woman. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, there will come to be no other woman to enter Eric’s life when Hyacinth is taken away? There will be no other girls entering your life, lord Azurite, except as friends. Keep it that way, and you will be doing what is right and lawful in My Catholic Church. For by your vows and perfection, no woman do We allow to enter your life from this point onward. And the woman who is currently in your life must be taken away. I Am the Lord.

And what is my mission in this world, O’ Lord? What dost Thou send me to do? You will write whatever is commanded of you from heaven to write upon this website for all to see. And no further, as of your calling to prophesy on Sunday, July 23, 2017, shall you write anything in secret ever again. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, what message shall I tell the American people, and all people of the world, on this New Year’s Day of Friday, January 1, 2021? Say this. And this will be My final Word of this post. Firefly, as the power behind Donald John Trump is called by Eric, is overthrown in America. Her power is now gone from her. She has no more power to rule or to reign. And her time to reign has now come to its end.

In her place I have set Contradiction to rule and to reign. He is so named because he will contradict Me and all moral and natural law. He will make the homosexual and the willingly sinful to reign over the righteous and the lawful. And truth shall be cast to the ground. And in his term in office, he will institute great evils upon the land. But his days are numbered, and before his Pawn Biden’s term comes to an end, Contradiction will be vanquished from the land.

And will Azurite set up a Pawn to come to power in the 2024 elections, O’ Lord? Yes, in an age undreamed of, My Roman Catholic Church shall be restored. And many who are righteous will come to power, and Truth shall reign. And a most holy one shall be anointed to rule and to sit on the throne of David to reign. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is this one who is to sit on the throne of David to be a man who rises to power in this world, or is he to be Jesus Returned in His Parousia? For Jesus is already anointed to sit upon that throne, O’ Lord, and You say that there is to come one who shall be anointed? What sayest Thou? And will You clarify what Thou hast said?

The one who is to come to sit upon the throne of David is My son, Eric, the Azurite King. But Lord, would not that fit right into the definition of Antichrist? Is not that precisely what Antichrist will do and proclaim himself to be? And did not Eric repent from being Antichrist to Jesus in July of 1992, by which the Greater Emerald Reign came to its decisive end, O’ Lord? Surely this man cannot sit on that seat without turning to evil and becoming the son of Lucifer?

You, lord Azurite, are destined to sit on My throne and to rule as King from Jerusalem. I Am the Lord. But Lord, every Christian will immediately call me Antichrist. For this is precisely what they are watching for and waiting for. And I have already confessed to being Antichrist at my conversion to Christianity in July of 1992. I also fear for my own soul should I take up such a reign that I could fulfill the prophecy of Antichrist by falling to the sin of pride while sitting upon that throne, O’ Lord.

Then do not sit there, but I nevertheless do anoint you as King under the Christ. You will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them. I Am the Lord! (Revelation 2:26-28). Note, lord Azurite, that I do not lightly anoint rulers to sit upon the throne of the Christ. But you I have anointed, for you I have found worthy. And to you do I give the morning star.

Lord, I fear that as King I might rule that someone is wrong when in reality he is right and it is I who am wrong. I fear chastising an innocent man, or of shedding innocent blood. And I fear rebuking one who condemns me because You sent him to condemn me for my sins.

Then, O’ Azurite King, you are honest in confessing, even here, whenever you commit a sin. I present you with this test. I Who Am have declared you King anointed to sit upon My throne and to rule. I have also declared you to now be perfectly continent and permanently free of all impurity. Let it be then said this. If one of these fails, let the other fail also. If you fall to impurity again, then let it also be the case that you fall from this throne that I seat you upon today. Agreed, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Then We are in agreement. And let the test begin in force with your confession tomorrow, Saturday, of your last sins of impurity and of viewing porn. If you ever fall to such sins again, then you cannot also be anointed by God as King to sit upon His throne. For how could God be wrong in one statement and trustworthy in another? Either I Who Am Am correct in declaring that you are now perfectly pure and continent, or else I am untrustworthy and My statement that you are anointed King is false as well. Amen.

Furthermore, We shall advance this further. You are declared here to be a Prophet Seer. And yet, sometimes things that are said through you miss their mark. Either I Am speaking through you, or else you have heard a devil speak. This is My guarantee unto thee that I Am. I hereby make this blood agreement with thee, lord Azurite. Either you will receive your calling I make unto you at this coming Sunday Mass, or I have not called you to serve Me as My Prophet Seer. I Who Am have spoken. You will either hear Me give you your vocation, or you will not be called to serve Me as My Prophet Seer, and you will write no more here on in My name as My Prophet. Do We have an agreement, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Good. I Who Am Am pleased.

And to demonstrate My pleasure in you, this Sunday you will be told your vocation in full. I Am the Lord. And you will have full knowledge of your place in My Kingdom. And then you will be told what you are to write here. Amen. Just for a point of interest to the people who read this, from Sunday, July 23, 2017, the beginning of the Age of Mary, to Sunday, January 3, 2021, there are exactly 1260 days. The mystery behind this I will also reveal on this Sunday, and you will then write here, on, exactly what I will have revealed to you. Agreed, lord Azurite? I agree, O’ Lord. Good. Now publish this post, for it is now complete. Amen.