As virgins shall they marry and remain forever. Amen.

Into a Josephite Marriage is Eric to wed his Jewish Bride

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post C:
Eric has said something of eternal value. He has said that he does not need to have sex with his bride, that he accepts virginity and celibacy as the Lord should will it. And thus, I will, and Eric has accepted, that he shall marry the Jewish bride but not have sex. For the Jewess I Am giving to Eric is also a virgin. And as an eternally virgin couple, Eric and his future wife are of greater value to Me than if they were to marry and produce a hundred canonized saints among their descendants.

Because you, lord Azurite, have decided this. And because your decision is firm and your celibacy complete, for I see and know that all impurity is gone from you, I hereby announce that your Kingdom over which you shall rule for eternity will consist of not just the state of Hawaii, but also the country of England. I Am the Lord. As for all other lands upon the earth, to other saints have these been decided to be given.

And what about Lazurite, O’ Lord? Will you reveal what lands Lazurite is to possess for all eternity? Yes, lord Azurite. Lazurite does possess eternal lands. And We shall reveal them unto thee now. Lazurite controls and possesses the New York Islands and Peninsulas that form New York City. And why does Lazurite possess these lands, someone asks? It is because these lands are heavily controlled by the Jews. And Lazurite is both a Jew and a Catholic. I Am the Lord. Lazurite also is granted possessions along the Nile River, as part of the fulfillment of the Word of God to Abraham, To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi of Egypt to the Great River Euphrates. (Genesis 15:18).

Lord, Trump has pardoned many who he sees may return him the favor, but he has not pardoned Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Why did he choose not to pardon those individuals, O’ Lord? It is because, lord Azurite, those figures are controversial and he would not gain anything personally by making any pardon for them. He has calculated that they would not return the favor with anything of value to him, and that he would take on too much political risk by pardoning them. Too many allies in high places could dump him if he issues pardons for those two.

Also, the rioters who stormed the capital on January 6, 2021, Trump has wisely chosen not to pardon. Yes, lord Azurite, for Trump needs his allies in the Republican Party for his upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, under the Democrats. And he cannot destroy his Presidential record by pardoning known insurrectionists, which is what all the rioters were who stormed the capital. They were committing armed insurrection, and officers of the law died defending the capital from them. Hence, any blanket pardon of them would effectively ruin Trump’s legacy forever. Trump is wise not to pardon them. And Trump was wise not to march with them to the capital. I Am the Lord.

Good, lord Azurite. All is proceeding according to My plan. Trump has no further plans to disrupt the orderly proceedings of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. And it is now evident that Mike Pence did not need to resort to the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. For Trump behaved and did not get into any further trouble. Amen.

And so, Joe Biden has done something remarkable. He has won a Presidential election in America with a woman on his ticket. This has never been accomplished before in the history of the United States of America. But, O’ Lord, did the Blacks get what they wanted? If the Blacks got what they wanted from Obama, then they will get what they want from Biden. But if the Blacks want something tangible in return for their support of the Democratic President, then they have misled themselves. For just as Obama took for granted his support from the Black electorate, so also shall Biden do the same. He will not reward the Black electorate with anything, other than to make abortions more accessible for their daughters in Middle school without notifications being sent to their parents. For it is the will of the Democratic leadership that their Black constituents abort themselves to keep their populations in check, so as to not overrun the welfare system, which was set up for the breeding of slaves to meet the demands of the penal labor system, whose profits funnel into the Democratic Party base. Amen.

Lord, this is most interesting. So, the Black people vote in their own color, but receive no payback from them once they enter into office? That is a powerful lesson that the Black man needs to learn. For he will remain in his gutter in society until he learns to willingly bear his cross and apply himself to his work so that he can get ahead. I Am the Lord. The Black people who look for handouts will never receive them, except those with chains attached, by which they return to the Negro slavery from which they once thought that they had been irrevocably freed. I Am the Lord. For no one gets ahead who is not willing to do the work that is required of him. Let he who is not willing to work also not be given to eat. I Am the Lord.

Lord, though the Blacks claim Kamala Harris to be one of their own, is she really one of the Blacks? Rather, Kamala Harris is only half Black, on her father’s side. Her mother is Asian Indian. Hence, here you have the prime example of Indians moving in and displacing the Africans. It is happening everywhere. Eventually, East Africa will have become very like India in racial composition. For the intellect of the Indian is superior to the intellect of the pureblood African. For the Indian is capable of high mathematics and the intellectual abilities necessary to thrive in STEM, which stands for four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Black people of pure African Negro descent lack the intellectual capacity to thrive in such areas. And thus, their people are being displaced. It should be therefore noted that the fact that first Black person to win as Vice President is also half Asian Indian is therefore direct proof that Black African people are really not rising up, but rather, are being displaced by the Asians coming in. And this is happening all over the world. And Kamala Harris can do nothing about it. For whatever success she gains only further strengthens the argument that the Asians are moving in and displacing the Africans. I Am the Lord. For Kamala Harris cannot deny her Asian Indian half. Nor can she attribute her success to her African heritage alone. She must also acknowledge that her Asian blood opened doors to her that would not have been opened were she to have been of full blooded Negro descent.

Lord, now that Joe Biden has been assured the Presidency, what is the future of America? Does Joe Biden set up the abomination that is to cause desolation, and which is to stand where it does not belong, O’ Lord? With Trump gone, welcome to the Age of the Biden scandals. And there will be many of them. I Am the Lord. Biden will seek and succeed in removing ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by having him impeached for his proven perjury. And in his place, he will set up another unqualified liberal Justice, like Kagan and Sotomayor, who have no qualifications to sit on that bench. But other than that, no other changes will Biden be making to the Supreme Court during his single four year term in office. I Am the Lord. Kagan and Sotomayor will die near the end of his Presidency, but the Republicans, who will be back in control of the Senate at that time, will argue that the one to nominate the replacements of those two liberal Justices should be the one to be elected President in the 2024 elections, which will be the Azurite Pawn Eric will call forth to rule America for eight solid years. Amen.

Nor will there be instituted a mark or tattoo or embedded chip into people’s flesh to regulate commerce, as a literal interpretation of Revelation 13:16-17 has many Bible thumpers predicting to happen. For the imagery shown in Revelation is not meant to be taken literally. And the people are not to seek and wait for these images to manifest into reality a signs that they believe must happen before the Lord returns. For all such thinking makes people not ready for the coming of their Lord. And no one outside the Catholic Church will be found ready for the Lord at His return. For there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. I Am the Lord.

Lord, if you are giving me the Jewess as my celibate bride and taking away Hyacinth from my life, then let it be done. When, O’ Lord, shall all these things that Thou hast prophesied take place? Let it be done in accordance to Thine will, my Master. For I am patient. And I will await all that you promise to deliver unto me. Amen.

Today shall all these things I promise unto thee take place, lord Azurite. For I Am pleased with you. And I am ready to give unto you that which was promised to you of old. I Am the Lord. Be ready for Me and for My angel at dawn. And you are going to work today. Such is the prophetic Word of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the rioters who marched on the capital and who committed armed insurrection that led to the deaths of officers of the law fighting to defend the capital building from them and who died in the line of duty, these rioters who committed these crimes are angry with Trump that he has not pardoned them. But did they not know that Trump never owns failures. Their attempted insurrection failed. That is why he refuses to own it. And they will be charged with sedition and other felonies and go to serve their time behind bars. And later, maybe they will become a little wiser and not follow a man who leads all who follow him to their ruin.

And what happens to those senators who supported the insurrection, like Ted Cruz? Woe unto them. They will not win reelection. For their name has become mud. They miscalculated that they would politically benefit from siding with the President. Now they are branded with the lawlessness that they stood for by standing for Trump. They have no more future in the Senate. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the Trump Administration effectively ends today at noon in Washington, D.C., which is less than three hours away. And then the Biden Administration will have effectively begun. What Words do You say unto this outgoing President in his final hours in office, and to this incoming President, who is set to change the major courses of events in the next four years? I say this:

To President Trump: You have served your single term, and in your single term, you have done a series of criminal moves. Note that you cannot escape justice. Hence, you will be paying for all the crimes you have committed. And many will be the lawsuits filed against you. Whatever money you have will be needed to pay your lawyers to defend you in your lawsuits. They will fail to defend you, but they will receive their pay nevertheless. For just as you cheated others, so shall you be cheated. And just as you robbed others, so shall you be robbed. And just as you denied justice to others, so shall justice be denied to you. And you will go to your grave in bitterness, thinking that the people owed you greater appreciation for all the good you believe you have done as President. Christopher Columbus also died in bitterness, thinking he was not thanked sufficiently for his service to the whole world. But did he do meritorious service to the world? Or was his acts of service really done to serve for his own glorification? Contemplate these words as you are figuratively crucified on the tree of woe. I Who Am have spoken.

To incoming President Biden: Congratulations for your Presidential win. You are the winner of the elections, and your victory needs to be acknowledged as legitimate, despite that you are not in agreement with those issues that matter to God. You will find Eric to be unsilenceable, for his Words are from Me, the Lord God. And whoever seeks to silence Eric shall die. Do as you plan to do, but realize that the time I give you to reign is short. And also realize this, though Jesus said unto Judas, “What you are about to do, do quickly,” such was in no way an endorsement of Judas’ future actions to betray Jesus. And by such meanings have I said unto you, ‘Do as you plan to do.’ And also realize that when your reign ends, you too will face the consequences of what you will have done as President. I Who Am have spoken.

You may now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is now complete. President Biden’s term in office will effectively begin in two and a half hours. I Who Am have spoken. Let those who shall celebrate, celebrate with the understanding that I have not forgiven this nation for its ongoing gay marriages and its ongoing abortions. For until these things stop, America will remain under its curse. And tens of thousands will be perishing daily in America due to the gravity of these sins in the sight of My holy face. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite. For it is complete. Amen.

To Eric shall be given a Jewish wife

The bride of Eric shall be a Jewess of great beauty

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCIX:
I Am sending to Eric his Jewish bride. Behold, I Who Am have decided to now give unto Eric his bride. For the time has come. And he must receive she who shall bear him five children, consisting of two sons and three daughters. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, prepare for this. For the woman We are sending you shall come unexpected. And you will not know of that hour until she enters your life. Realize that her coming is imminent. And you shall receive all your cures in the moments leading up to your reception of this girl.

And note that this girl to come is holy. And she is Jewish. For We are giving a Jew unto thee to be thy bride. Lord, is this Jew of the Jewish or the Hebrew Catholic religion? She is Hebrew Catholic, lord Azurite. You do not need to convert her. No need has she for baptism to be wed to you. Nor is there any need to convert her the enter My Catholic Church. For already she is Roman Catholic Jew, a Hebrew Catholic. I Who Am have spoken.

For those unacquainted with the term, Hebrew Catholic, this refers to Jews who have completed their Jewish religion to include Catholicism and Jesus as their Messiah. They are both fully Roman Catholic and fully observant Jews, practicing all the holy days and observances of both religions. But to the Hebrew Catholic, they have just one religion. They are Catholics who have not abandoned their Jewish roots. And they are Jews who recognize Jesus in accordance to Catholicism, as fulfillment of the long awaited and prophesied Jewish Messiah. He did come, 2000 years ago, exactly in conformance to Jewish Old Testament prophecies that predicted His coming to occur then. I Am the Lord.

The Hebrew Catholic fulfills the prophecy that, as a sign of the End approaching, salvation was to return to the Jews. For it is written in the letters of Saint Paul, who himself was converted to Catholicism from being a Jewish pharisee, that when the full measure of the Gentiles has entered in, then all Israel would be saved. (Romans 11:25-27).

Lord, what does that term, all Israel, mean, in Saint Paul’s prophecy that all Israel would enter back in and be saved? It means, lord Azurite, that all Israel that are counted as Mine will come into the completion of their Jewish religion through Catholicism. For Judaism becomes complete in Catholicism. The Book of Revelation at the end of the Christian Holy Bible borrows heavily from the ancient Hebrew prophets of the Old Testament. Virtually every image written in Revelation was written earlier by the ancient Hebrew prophets. And the New Testament itself is heavily rooted in the Old Testament. And much of the prophetic Word spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, as found in the gospels, is found written in Old Testament prophecies. These findings are what Eric has seen in his assigned reading to read all of the Holy Bible, in the order I have prescribed, going about one to three chapters each day, for such is the ideal for memory retention. Eric, where are you currently in reading the Holy Bible?

I have been assigned to read the entire set of scriptures from a 1953 copyrighted Catholic Holy Bible. And I have now read in that Bible the following books, in this order: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs (Canticle of Canticles), (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua (Josue), (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, and (20) Jeremiah (Jeremias). And right now I am continuing in the Old Testament and reading: (21) Isaiah (Isaias). And after I finish that book, I am commanded to read the rest of the Catholic Holy Bible in this order: (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit (Tobias), (31) Esther, (32) Jonah (Jonas), (33) Acts, (34) 1 Chronicles (1 Paralipomenon), (35) 2 Chronicles (2 Paralipomenon), (36) 1 Peter, (37) 2 Peter, (38) Jude, (39) Judith, (40) Ecclesiastes, (41) Wisdom, (42) Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), (43) Ezra (1 Esdras), (44) Nehemiah (2 Esdras), (45) 1 Maccabees (1 Machabees), (46) 2 Maccabees (2 Machabees), (47) Proverbs, (48) Psalms, (49) 1 John, (50) 2, John, (51) 3 John, (52) Galatians, (53) Ephesians, (54) Philippians, (55) Baruch, (56) Hosea (Osee), (57) Joel, (58) Amos, (59) Obadiah (Abdias), (60) Micah (Micheas), (61) Nahum, (62) Habakkuk (Habacuc), (63) Zephaniah (Sophonias), (64) Haggai (Aggeus), (65) Zechariah (Zacharias), (66) Malachi (Malachias), (67) Colossians, (68) 1 Thessalonians, (69) 2 Thessalonians, (70) 1 Timothy, (71) 2 Timothy, (72) Titus, and (73) Philemon. And then I will have read all 73 books of the Roman Catholic Canon. This will be the first time I will have completely read the entire Holy Bible.

Hence, the New Testament is really a completion of the Old Testament. Virtually every writer of the New Testament books was himself a Jew who was enlightened by coming of Messiah in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, who is the Christ, which is Greek for Messiah. For both words mean, The Anointed One. And the same Prophetic Spirit Who wrote the Hebrew Bible, wrote also the New Testament, for the prophetic Words of the New Testament are further developments and completed promises of those put forth in Old Testament promises and revelations from God.

Greatly ignorant of their own scriptures are those Christians who say that the Old Testament writers wrote under a different Spirit than did the New Testament writers. Greatly ignorant is it of Christianity to say that the New Testament broke away from the Words written in the Old Testament. And greatly ignorant is it to say that the New Testament is necessarily “new”.

Rather, the New Testament should be seen as the continuation of Old Testament thought as it encounters Jesus and realizes that He is the Messiah of the Jews. Both Testaments are written by the same heavenly Spirit. But the New Testament writers are writing as saints restored to a state of grace, whereas the Old Testament writers wrote as a people groaning under the penalty of Original Sin and seeking for a savior. What is new in the New Testament that is not found in the Old Testament, is that every book in the New Testament is written under the Light that this savior has now come. The prophecies of the Old Testament are rewritten in the New Testament under this Light of Completion, the Light of not only knowing that Messiah has come, but of knowing Messiah Himself in their very souls. And all the New Testament writers do know Messiah in Spirit and thereby know God on a personal level. They did not necessarily know Messiah by earthly acquaintance, but by the means of His coming and sacrificial death on the cross, they know Him sacramentally, through Word and sacrament, and by the infusion of the Holy Spirit that comes upon all who are baptized into the Catholic Church.

For the Holy Spirit lives in and moves all those who are truly Christian. And all of Christendom make up the body of the Christ. That Christ died made it possible for the many to come to life and to live eternally. For the Old Testament writings, through written under the same Spirit of God, are writings filled with the hope not yet attained of a coming age when God would send His savior.

Do not the Jews ask themselves, “Where is God?” or “Where has God been all these centuries of Jewish history?” God has not left. God has not disappeared. Rather, God has been speaking to My people of the Gentile nations. For it is written that the full measure of the Gentiles had to come into salvation before I returned to the Jews. (Romans 11:25-27).

Explain, O’ Lord, the meaning of this teaching, that the full measure of the Gentiles was to come in, preceding the salvation returning to the Jews. And has this now occurred? And explain how this affects conversions in Gentile nations?

Lord Azurite, what this means is that salvation history refocuses away from conversions among Gentile nations and refocuses back to My Jewish people. It means that Christianity fades among Gentile Christendom and is brought into living power in My Jewish people.

That is why Christianity is being abandoned in long time Christian strongholds of former Christendom. For I Am redirecting My saving Spirit from the Gentile nations back to the Jews.

Then, O’ Lord, why dost Thou command me to conquer and convert Russia and China to Your religion? It is because, lord Azurite, My gospel must be preached to the ends of the earth before I come again. (Matthew 24:14). I Am the Lord. And thus, every dictatorship that limits or hinders the spread of My Catholic Church in their nation must be uprooted and overthrown, so that My religion may be spread freely throughout all the land.

Hence, this explains the mystery of the missions of the Two Prophet Kings, Azurite and Lazurite. Lazurite’s mission is to fulfill the prophecies of salvation returning to the Jews. And Azurite’s mission is to fulfill the prophecies of the gospel being preached to the ends of the earth. Both are assigned parallel missions, the conclusion of which is the Coming of My Parousia, the Second Coming of the Christ, and the Last Judgement and the End of the World. And this is the fulfillment of the mysteries surrounding the Two Witnesses Who were to come. (Revelation 11:1-13).

Hence, Russia and China will indeed be conquered and subdued and made Catholic. And every petty dictatorship shall then fall. For My servant Eric attacks his enemies as does a unicorn. He invariably always takes out the central pillar. And he replaces the central pillar with his own Pawn. Alexei Anatolievich Navalny will be that Pawn in Russia. As for China, Eric is yet to issue his decree for the rise of a Pawn there.

Lord, the little man in Russia, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is defiant in his lockup of Alexei Navalny, who is innocent of all crimes. What are You going to do about this, O’ Lord? Woe to the little man in Russia, that one who goes by the name, President Vladimir Putin, the one who sets himself up as dictator for life. Little man, why do you think you are strong and mighty? Do you not know that I can slay you in your sleep? I can cut the cord that binds your soul to your body, and then you will be dead. Or do you think that by fortifying your nation against the West that you can prevent the takeover of your nation by the Azurite Reign?

For Eric has conquered your nation before, when he came to your nation and set into power Gorbachev over the USSR and Yeltsin over Russia. Now Eric is even more powerful than before. For when Eric came the first time, he came as Antichrist par Excellence, as the Witch King, who called himself, Emerald, and who came by his own initiative. Now Eric is reborn a Catholic, and is My prophet. And he is now given the name, Azurite, and he is sent on a mission to conquer your nation and to make her Catholic. Eric is My tool by which the prophetic message of Our Lady of Fatima that Russia was to be converted is to come to fulfillment. For I created Eric for this role. I created Eric for the conquest and conversion of Russia to Catholicism.

Eric is coming to you. He is crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. (Daniel 8:5). He will attack you and destroy you and cast you to the ground. And no one will be able to rescue you from his power. For what is the military might of armies of men compared to the military might of the commander of the armies of heaven? Let it be known that your days are numbered. And let it be known that your options are running out. And let it be known that the Pawns do not have knowledge of the Players who set them into power. Rather, the Players command them via spiritual means, and it is the Holy Spirit Who carries out the will of the Players of Power upon the Pawns that they set into power.

Lord, Vladimir Putin remains defiant. Let him be given a sign by which he may know his doom is now imminent and inevitable. I give him this sign, lord Azurite. He will find that he cannot harm Alexei Navalny in his custody. And Alexei Navalny will prove unconquerable, though he devise all manner of strategies against him. I Am the Lord. Before he is sentenced by the Court in Russia to any resumption of a prison sentence, the dragon that has power over Russia will be slain. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Alexei Navalny will then be set free, to run in the then called Russian elections. But as for that dragon, he will fall into his pit in the netherworld, never again to see the light of day. I Who Am have spoken.

For Eric is the dragon slayer. And it is Eric who is depicted on his White Horse (Revelation 6:2) slaying the dragon in the Russian coat of arms that his Pawn, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, chose to represent Russia. For My Holy Spirit guided Boris Yeltsin in choosing that coat of arms that would prophecy the deliverance of Russia out from being under the power of the dragon.

Alexie Navalny is under My protection. But woe to you, Vladimir Putin, for you are going to the infernal dragon, who is seeking to torture you upon your entrance into hell. Little man, did you think that you could escape your doom and damnation by your dominion over men? Now you will come to know the true meaning of being tortured. And from this hellish torture you may never escape. For when you tortured men, you did harm to their flesh. When I torture men, I harm and destroy both body and soul. I Am going to do terminal damage to your body and soul, President Vladimir Putin. You will be entirely wracked with pain. Your entire body will be as one great and endless spasm of suffering, both in spirit and in flesh. And there you will be, in a perpetual state of endless suffering and torment. And all in heaven will see you there. All in heaven will be aware of your eternal torment there, for the smoke of your terrible torment will rise forever and ever. (Revelation 14:11).

Lord, when does Putin descend into his fiery doom and into his eternal damnation? I Am breaking his hold over his government in the next few weeks. And then, with his doom apparent and imminent, Russian President Vladimir Putin will fall on his sword and take his own life to avoid his torture and destruction at the hands of men. He does not know that he will be meeting Me on the other side. And I Am much more frightful than mere men and the power of men to torture and to destroy. And I will show to Putin his judgement, and then I will destroy him. And into the fiery lake I will cast him. And there he will burn forever, full conscious and fully condemned. I Am the Lord.

Now, Eric, issue your decree for the rise of the Azurite Pawn to come in China. Issue it now. In the position of Xi Jinping, let a ruler rise up to replace him, having power over China, but who will be a good ruler and who will not go corrupt. Let him break the draconian power that the Chinese government holds over the Catholic Church. Let him end the forced abortions in women. Let him put an end to the police state of China and put an end to the arrests of the innocent, and an end to the suppression of dissent. Let him be guided by moral principles of Christianity and let him declare China to be a Christian state. Eric, Azurite King, has spoken.

Good, lord Azurite. Your second Pawn as Azurite King has now been called forth. Prepare to see him rise. I Am the Lord. Amen. China will now come to know the power of the Azurite Reign. China will now come to know that God speaks through Eric. And China will now come to recognize the God of Israel and of Christianity and worship Him. Amen. Go now, Eric, and prepare your breakfast. You will go to Church this morning, and then from Church you will go to work. And realize that you will come to control the courses of many nations. For by you I will complete My conquests to make My gospels reach the ends of this earth. And then I shall come again. Now publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

My Kingdom is vast

As it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be, world without end.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVIII:
I have things to say regarding Eric, My servant. Eric spoke and said two things, both of which contained contradictions, which We shall now correct. When Eric thought the prophecies uttered to him were not fulfilled, he said:

God exists, but I am not His prophet.

And then he said, regarding whether he accepted marriage to a girl:

I am not against marriage, but God did not say that I would marry.

These are the words of Eric, Our prophet. And yet you contradict yourself, Eric. You testify that God exists and yet say you are not His prophet? Is not every one who testifies that God exists at the very moment of making such testimony prophesying in the name of the Lord, and uttering true, eyewitness testimony? And yet, you are not a prophet? For are you not a Catholic? It is written that by virtue of baptism, all in My Church are Kings, Priests, and Prophets. Hence, you are all three. That your Word is not fully true does not change the Truth of your status as My prophet.

And you testify that you are not against marriage. But you deny God has said you shall marry? But Eric, the Word and the plan of God is that you do marry. Do not let details of prophecy get in the way of your predestined fate to marry. For not only is your marriage predestined, but there are saints that are to rise from your loins. And these saints will perform great works before I come to usher in the End of all things. I have need of the son who is to come by the marriage you are destined to enter. Enter, therefore, the marriage We have prophesied for you. It will come to pass. I Am the Lord.

Lord, the rioters have demanded that Trump pardon them, claiming that they were only following his orders to take over the capital and to carry out the attempted coup. Tell those rioters that their fate is to be charged with sedition and sent to prison. They stood on the wrong side of history. And Trump never gives anything to anyone unless there is some future thing he thinks they might do for him. And Trump does not reward or glorify soldiers who get captured or killed in battle or who fail in their mission. Your insurrection failed. Hence, Trump wants no part of your guilt. He will deny he ever had anything to do with your insurrection because you failed. You are on you own. And you will be charged and prosecuted.

Trump lied to you that he would be walking with you in your march on the capital. He sent you, but has chosen to let you take all the blame and all the guilt. He is not owning the insurrection. He is letting you own it. Because you failed, he wants no part in your failure. I Am the Lord. Face it. You marched forth for a coward. He did not march with you just in case it failed, so that he would not be culpable. You were just his tools to further his aims. He never cared what would happen to you.

And your excuse that you were following orders from Trump will not stand for your defense. For it is never permissible to break the law because a superior, even the President, orders you to. No one may commit criminal behavior. And no criminal is exonerated by the claim that someone else ordered them to commit the crime. For did Adam and Eve get to stay in the Garden of Eden by their excuse that Satan got them to do it? No, they were severely punished, and so also was Satan.

Lord, Alexei Navalny has returned to Russia, but has been detained by Russian authorities. And Putin is not yet overthrown. Eric, Russia will bend to the power I speak to them through you. Vladimir Putin is not free to do as he pleases. For I constrain him. And I Am going to topple him. Navalny will not be put to death. And Navalny will not be defeated. He is to rise and Putin is to fall. And Navalny will become the next elected President of Russia. I Am the Lord.

Both dictatorship regimes of Russia and China are set to be vanquished. I will see to their twin collapses. And in both chaotic aftermaths, you, lord Azurite, will enter as Azurite King and set up Pawns and convert those who are to become Mine to Catholicism. And both nations will then enjoy a renaissance as Christianity and freedom begin to flow through the once imprisoned peoples. And I will save many people in both nations.

For the strong man must be bound and tied up so that Christ and His servants can plunder his house. (Matthew 12:29 & Mark 3:27 & Luke 11:21-22). And that is the reason why I Am overthrowing the dictatorships of both nations. It is to plunder their houses for those which are Mine and to make those who belong to Me in both nations Catholic. I Am the Lord.

Hence, lord Azurite, the reason I have set you up to rule as King is so that you may carry out your mission, which is to convert all Gentile nations to My faith, Catholicism. And that is why I hand all Gentile nations to be under your power. I Am the Lord.

Also, you are to rule for forty years, no more and no less. For Forty years is one generation. And I need one generation to gather My elect from all nations before everything comes to its end. And then I will allow you to pass away. And I will have you rise to heaven in the full sight of men. I Am the Lord. For you are the King of Gentile Christendom. There never was such a King before you. And there shall never again be such a King to come after you. And after you rise, and I give Mankind time to adjust to your departure, I will come again to judge the living and the dead. I Am the Lord. For shortly after I take you away do I come again. I Am the Lord.

For you are one of My Two Witnesses. And as one of My Two Witnesses, what I say through you cannot be contradicted. And all who contradict My Word through you shall be confounded. And they will be thrown into confusion. And my angels will be sent against them. And my angels will take their sword and slay them as they sleep. I Am the Lord. An army that marches against you with sixty thousand men will make their camp to wage war the next day. And the next day will come and they will be dead. For in whose power do you yield to when you sleep? You yield unto My power. And what if I decide you are not to awake? Let no man then choose to sleep who advances against My Larimar King. Let him fight his fatigue and not give into sleep, lest he see Me in the next world and die from My frightful look. I Am the Lord.

And when a man enters actual combat with Eric, My servant, know ye that that man has killed his own soul in his very act. He might as well go and hang himself as Judas did, for he is scheduled to die that very day and go to hell.

Lord, could Judas have been saved had he come back to You in his repentance and sought reconciliation with God through You rather than through the temple priests, who did not care about him or his soul? (Matthew 27:3-4).

Lord Azurite, when Judas betrayed Me, he committed a sin by which a thousand generations of suffering on earth could not expiate. Nor was My sacrament of reconciliation set up to forgive such a sin. For only sins that can be forgiven can confession bring forgiveness to. But for sins for which there is neither forgiveness in this world nor in the next, neither can confessing such a sin to a priest restore that man to My grace. Many, I tell you, in this world who have not yet physically died, are nevertheless permanently condemned. For many are the ways in which men can permanently separate themselves from Me. It is a myth, therefore, Eric, that any man can repent and be saved at the last moment of their life. For for many men, repentance becomes impossible. (Hebrews 6:4-6).

Such is why it is foolish, very foolish, for men to sin now, thinking that they can do their repentance when they are old, and then go straight to heaven, having lived a life of sin and then having repented their sins at the last moment. For such men who choose that, I prepare special punishments in hell. And I never allow such men to acquire a clean conscience. For reflect on this. If your conscience does not become clean after you have confessed your sins, did you really confess them sufficiently? If your conscience is permanently guilty, whether you confess or not, by what basis do you think you are salvageable to Me? For the unsalvageable man remains in his state of condemnation, even though he confesses his sins to a priest. And the permanently guilty remain in their guilt, even should they throw their entire wealth, all thirty pieces of silver, into the Temple of God. (Matthew 27:5). For no one can change a decision on My part that a man has permanently separated himself from Me.

For just as the elect taste their heavenly state while they live in this life, so also do the reprobates taste their eternal condemnation while they remain living in this life. Eric, do you remember that girl, Danielle, who befriended you and then left you? Do you remember her testimony on whether she had found the sea of peace? Yes, O’ Lord, and she said she had not attained it. She was frequently going to confession, and yet, her spirit testified to her great guilt and condemnation. Yes, lord Azurite. And tell us of her purity? She had a sexual past, O’ Lord. She was not a virgin. Lord Azurite, I permanently drove her away from you to prevent you from contracting her state of condemnation by any possible sin you might have sinned with her were she to be allowed to remain in your life. I Am the Lord. For the rotten apple spreads its rot to any apples it is allowed to be with.

Likewise, reading Saint Mother Teresa’s writings, it is clear she was no saint and did not ascend to heaven when she died. It is clear that her conscience convicted her on a great many sins. I did not save Mother Teresa. She is now in hell. Pity the popes who canonize the damned. They too will die and go to hell, for misusing My Church to set up the wicked on My altar as examples for My people to follow. For by such wickedness, My popes lead many with them into hell. I Am the Lord.

Lord, do You prophesy that the next pope will be Cardinal Raymond Burke, and that he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV? Yes, that revelation is from Me. And it shall be fulfilled this year, shortly after Easter Sunday has passed. For Pope Francis dies shortly after Easter Sunday. His time is almost up. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Trump is expected to issue around a hundred pardons on Tuesday, but what does he do on Wednesday, O’ Lord? He is a defeated man, lord Azurite. Let him alone in his defeat. Let him deal with it in his own way. I Am the Lord. For when noon comes on Wednesday, he will be arrested and arraigned. And his lawsuits and litigation against him will be without end. So give him some hours alone to reflect on his defeat. Let him come to peace with his defeat before he enters into the fray that will consume him for the rest of his life, and that will utterly wipe out his legacy and his family line. I Am the Lord.

And these are My final closing words for this post. You, lord Azurite, are now set up as King and Ruler of Gentile Christendom. And your assignment is to convert all who are Mine to My faith, the Catholic religion. Furthermore, I elect to give you the state of Hawaii as your eternal possession. As for the other lands in this world, such as England, these are all to be divided up among My other elect. I Am the Lord.

And as for virgins of the next world, it is as I have revealed unto you. No one is bound to anyone else in heaven, but all are bound to Me there, and to Me alone. Hence, all of heaven are as helium gas there. No one is in a molecule. I Am the Lord.

And one last thing I will say unto thee, lord Azurite. Do not lose faith in any promise I give unto thee because it does not happen according to the time expected for its fulfillment. For men have waited for My Second Coming since back in the generation that people knew and saw Jesus. I Am Coming soon. This is still true. And that you will receive all your promised cures will also come to pass. But wait patiently for what you are promised. And in a time you know not, all that you have asked for shall be yours. I Am the Lord. This post is now ready to be published Publish it now, and then correct all typos you find. And know that the Word of the Lord is trustworthy and true. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Eric is commanded to take the wife I give him

I lead My sheep to green pastures and clear running waters.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVII:
I Who Am do now give unto Eric the maid he is to receive. Lord, I am willing to do all that You instruct me to do. What dost Thou instruct me to do, O’ Lord? How does this girl come and enter into my life that You are giving unto me? And when does all of this take place, O’ Lord?

We are now in the morning before dawn on Sunday, January 17, 2021. Today is the first day of your Azurite Reign, lord Azurite. Today is the day you are made King. Obey Me in all that I command unto thee to do. Today, I will bring the girl to you that you are to wed and have five children by. I Am the Lord.

I Am curing you today. All your afflictions that you have will be wiped clean. For you have been faithful to Me regarding your ewe lamb, Hyacinth. She will remain your ewe lamb whom you help. But as for marriage, the girl you are to marry will be the one I Am sending you today. I Am the Lord.

Trump is as a failed star. He is like a star that failed to ignite. He is going out quietly into the night. And when he steps down from power, an act he has no control over, then he will be escorted to his place where he will be arraigned and charged and forced to face his lawsuits, which will be heavily laid against him. He will have no thoughts of those who stood with him and who partook in his insurrections. They, he will let to be fed to the wolves. And the wolves will completely devour them. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the men and women who partook in the insurrections and the riots in Trump’s name will be charged and prosecuted heavily. And they will be subdued, their careers ruined, and their fates to face heavy fines and prison time. All of Trump’s men will go down as he will. For the Trump movement is ended. And now it shall be killed. Everyone who stood for Trump will cease to advertise that they did. And those with MAGA hats will no longer be seen in public wearing them. I Am the Lord.

Trump once had several billion dollars to his name. Half of that is now gone. The other half is soon to go. And then Trump will become a perpetually indebted man. Debt collectors will be hounding him. And he be hunted wherever he goes. Even if he gets out on bail, he will be deemed a flight risk, and his license to travel will be taken from him. I Am the Lord. For I Am coming down on Trump like a ton of bricks. And he will be punished severely for all his crimes. And all who stood with him will be similarly punished, and Trump will not lift a finger to defend them. I Am the Lord.

Trump has failed. Let all the world see a failure complete. Let all the world gaze and gawk upon the man who claimed to be the greatest that ever lived. See how little he has become. Such little men are unwise to make great boasts about themselves. For when their boasts fail, all the world then see and look upon their dismal failure and upon their utter shame. And I show to all the world their utter disgrace, and I lay bare all the falsehood of their many lies.

Trump will not defend you, O’ foolish Trump supporters. Trump will not come to your aid. You helped a man who helps no one but himself. Now stew in your losses and submit to your humiliation. And realize that Joe Biden is now in charge of the mess that was created by the outgoing President. Realize that he will clean it up. And realize that he will sweep you off the table and into the circular file. What is the circular file, you ask? That is the waste basket, that dumps into the garbage heap. You are being thrown out. And the brief era of Trump will fade like a bad memory.

All the NATO alliances will now be restrengthened. And the readiness of America to do battle will be restored. And America is no longer dependent on Russia to get their men to the International Space Station. They no longer need to pay to Russia to have their men ride on Russia’s Soyuz capsules to reach the orbiting outpost. Instead, America now has her own spacecraft. America has her own capability to send men into space.

Hence, now America will flex her muscles. And America will demand that Russia fall in line. For Russia has now lost her monopoly on manned space flight. Russia no longer has the power to threaten America. And with her man gone from America’s leadership, Russia no longer has the cards to play nor the options to thwart American interests. For Trump is out. Trump is gone. His insurrection has failed. And now there will be hell to pay for all those behind the failed insurrection. For many were the men behind the scenes that were involved with the insurrection attempt. It is very like the coup in the USSR that failed to overthrow Gorbachev. They made their attempt at their power grab. Now they face fines, criminal prosecution, and prison time. They chose the wrong side of history to stand on. I Am the Lord.

Little did they realize that they were being filmed. Little did they realize that modern facial recognition software can find them and track them and know exactly who and where they are. They are fools who followed a leader who cares for them not. Even Trump’s own lawyers, Trump is refusing to pay. For Trump is not a man of his word. Trump is not a promise keeper. Rather, Trump is a promise breaker. I Who Am have spoken.

Welcome now to the Biden years. Now, Contradiction has come to rule America. And he will elect to contradict Me. Well did Eric choose the name, Contradiction, to name this Player who has set up his Biden Pawn to rule over America for four solid years. And he will rule, but his rule will not prevail against My Church. For Eric is strong. And Eric will not be destroyed or brought down. Rather, all who try this will die. All who attempt to harness or silence My Prophet King, lord Azurite, will be dead. They will find themselves dead and wonder how it happened. For it will happen so suddenly that they will be unaware of it and be dead before they realize they have died. Such is the suddenness and the swiftness by which I will thoroughly wipe out and kill whatever man or beast marches against My Larimar King. Whoever does so, no matter who he is, shall be dead. I Am the Lord.

Biden has an ambitious agenda to fulfill. But halfway through his four year term, the Republicans will regain control of the Senate. And then Biden’s policies will be put in check. Clarence Thomas will have been removed and replaced, giving the Supreme Court a narrow 5-4 conservative majority. But this will then change, for in the final year of Biden’s term, two liberal Supreme Court Justices, Kagan and Sotomayor, will die, and the Republican controlled Senate will argue that the one to replace them should be the President to be elected in the 2024 elections, which shall be Azurite’s Pawn. And he will come to power, and he will appoint two perfectly chosen conservative Catholic Justices, bringing the Supreme Court to then have a 7-2 conservative majority, starting in early 2025. I Am the Lord.

And with this 7-2 conservative majority, the correct Supreme Court decisions will be made law and the homosexual revolution will come to its terminal end. Every gay marriage will be revoked and declared to be the illegal abomination that it is. And every abortion mill will be closed up, with all abortion workers charged with the mass murders that they are completely guilty of. I Am the Lord. Every medical doctor who has performed an abortion will be charged with murder and prosecuted. And the penalty for killing an unborn child will be death. For it is just that a life be taken for a life. And he who kills deserves to be killed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, should this death penalty for taking the life of an unborn child be limited to just surgical abortions? Or do you will to be included in that number all those who kill their unborn by using various artificial birth control methods that work that way? Every abortion that can be proven in court will be prosecuted, and those found guilty will be executed. I Am the Lord.

Also, it will be made illegal for any store to sell products that induce abortions. I Am the Lord. And anyone who speaks in favor of abortion rights will be arrested for incitement to murder. I Am the Lord. Every mother and father who have willingly partaken in an abortion will be prosecuted and put to death. They showed no mercy to their unborn child. Hence, no mercy shall be shown to them, even if they have repented and confessed to a priest. For the effects of their crime remains. And justice shall be served. I Am the Lord.

Do not think that you have the power to stop the Azurite King. Whoever gets in his way I will mow down with the breath of the Holy Spirit. And he will wish he had died by torture in the camp of the enemy rather than to die by the manner in which I will slay him in both body and soul.

Let it be known that Eric is My Conqueror and King. And he will rule and govern My people with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them.

Now, Eric, I permit you to ask questions. Ask whatever you wish to know. Amen.

(1) Lord, am I to be as CH4 with Saint Bernadette, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Caesar Sandra Nikee (also called Cassandra and Hyacinth)? And if so, what about the girl you are giving me to marry and have sex with? For this means that I will no longer be a virgin. So how can I be of that CH4, which was said to be only possible for virgins?

The virgins you thought would be bound to you have nothing to do with you in heaven, lord Azurite. For I do not bind souls to other souls in heaven. All are bound only to Me there. I Am the Lord.

(2) Lord, is it really possible to masturbate with clean intent, and not to transgress God’s law in that act, O’ Lord?

No it is not, lord Azurite. All who masturbate contract sin and uncleanliness. These must repent their works and confess it to a priest. There is no way to have a sex life lawfully unless you are sacramentally married. I Am the Lord.

(3) Lord, for how long will you have me remain helper to Hyacinth, now that you are giving me a different girl to be my wife?

Help her until We give her the ability to go without your help, lord Azurite. But you are correct. She cannot remain dependent on you after your marriage takes place. And you shall marry the girl We are giving to you, as We revealed to you, on Saturday, August 14, 2021. I Am the Lord.

(4) Lord, will I really marry a Jewess? Or shall you give me to marry someone else?

This is the last question We shall take in this post, lord Azurite. Yes, a Jewess has been assigned to be your bride. And you shall meet her today. And you shall be made aware that she is the one you shall wed.

Now as for Our final closing Words in this post. Realize that the dictatorship regimes in China and Russia are about to be overthrown. And you, lord Azurite, will then move in to conquer and to convert both nations to My religion, Catholicism. I Who Am have spoken. Now go and eat your breakfast and prepare for Mass. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric, Ruler of Gentile Christendom

Eric is anointed Azurite King, ruler over Gentile Christendom.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCVI:
I Who Am have established Eric as ruler over Gentile Christendom. Now I shall speak. Eric, you are commanded to take up your throne that I establish for you over the Kingdom I have created for you, that of Gentile Christendom. And now you ask, what nations are in your Kingdom? All nations but those descended from Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham are in your Kingdom. The nations that descend from My people Israel belong to the Kingdom of Judaic and Israelite Christendom, to be ruled by My servant, King Lazurite, who is superior to you in rank, for his Kingdom is of my first Beloved, whereas your Kingdom consist of those to whom salvation went when My people rejected My Messiah.

Now, it was once said that those counted as the descendants of Eric would outnumber those counted as the descendants of Abraham. If this is so, then note that We are talking in spiritual terms. For as for direct descendants, since I have decided to grant to Eric a Jewish wife, who is a descendant of Abraham, and who shall be the only woman through whom Eric will have children, then it will be a mathematical impossibility for the descendants of Eric by blood to outnumber the descendants of Abraham by blood, as the descendants of Eric by blood will be a distinct subset of the descendants of Abraham by blood. For Eric will marry once, to the Jewish bride I give him. And to no other shall he have sex or children with. I Am the Lord.

Lord, today is Saturday, January 16, 2020, at 2:53 AM in the morning in California. Trump will be out of power in four days and several hours time. Lord, I want Trump to be removed from controlling the Republican Party. And to do that requires his impeachment to be upheld in the Senate by two thirds vote. Let enough Republican Senators join the Democrats to get this done once the Republicans take up this issue with Biden come to power. Let Trump be convicted in his impeachment, O’ Lord, so that he is barred from ever holding public office again. For this is a man who clearly is not qualified to hold public office. By his refusal to accept the will of the people who voted him out, he has forfeited his right in my book to ever take up public office again. Let the Senate confirm that with the necessary two thirds vote to convict the President in the articles of impeachment. And this can be done after Trump’s term in office has ended. For impeachments can be voted on and convicted after that official is no longer in power.

Lord Azurite, I will do as you say. President Trump will be convicted in the articles of impeachment and be barred from ever holding public office again. I Am the Lord. The only place this man is fit to serve is to rule over his prison cell. I Am the Lord. When his impeachment is confirmed and he is sent to prison for his crimes, with many more crimes for him to be tried on while in prison, then I will send a most powerful message to My people as to what happens to little men who play “God”. For whosoever makes themselves as a god or as like Me in power and rank, this that shall befall Trump will be what shall happen to them. I Am the Lord. For I Am severely cruel and a horror to behold to any mere man who attempts to make himself an equal to Me. I Am the Lord. Trump will not escape the jaws of destruction that have now opened up beneath his feet. He is going to go down into them, and he is going to be chewed and destroyed. I Am the Lord.

For let no man think that he can do as Trump has done and get away with it. Trump proclaimed his greatness to the entire world. Trump boasted and threatened all nations on earth with his power. Now I shall make an example of Trump to all nations on earth. Now I will completely destroy this man alive before all nations on the earth. More destroyed than Jerusalem was shall this man be destroyed. And I will make this man know what I do to those who disrespect Me and who set themselves up as their own authorities equal to Me or higher.

This man, Donald John Trump, will then know that there is a God. And he will know that God will have punished him for his transgressions. I Am the Lord. By the degree and to the extent that Trump had exalted himself over the nations, so also will he be brought low and humbled and subjected to humiliation. And then he will know that there is a God, and that God punishes wrongdoers and those who transgress His standard. I Am the Lord.

For Trump has boasted against God Himself. Now both Trump and the whole world will bear witness as to what I, the Lord God, do to such people who do such things. Let, therefore, all Mankind fear Me and give Me the glory. Let no man after Trump come to exalt himself against Me as Trump has done. For should any man come to power after Trump and do as Trump did or worse, after seeing the judgement that befalls My servant Trump for all his iniquities, than double the punishment that I heap upon Trump will I pour out upon the soul of that man who did not learn.

And note that the holocausts of the abortions and the abominations of gay marriages have not been ended anywhere yet. Hence, America and the nations of the world that do these things are still under My condemnation, and this condemnation is going to get worse. Instead of killing Americans by the thousands per day, I will elevate it to the tens of thousands per day. For I Am an angry God. And I wish to successfully communicate to the American people of My displeasure over their behavior. Hence, I will increase the daily rate of deaths. Every person in America shall know someone or have a family member or more who shall have lost their life by this disease. And I shall continue to ramp up these deaths until one third of America will have lost their lives, unless they repent. I Am the Lord.

Do not think that you will have gained immunity by having come down sick to COVID-19 and then to have gotten well. For you are mistaken. Multiple strains of this disease do I send into the populations. Hence, the man who thinks he has gained immunity will later come down sick again and die, by a different strain of the same disease. And by this means will I make it known to My people that of them I Am displeased. I Am the Lord.

Maybe when My people in America and throughout the whole world see tens of thousands of Americans dying each day, then they might say, ‘There is a God, and He is angry, and we as a people ought to repent.’ And if the people then, when they see tens of thousands of Americans dying each day from COVID-19, they put an end to their abortions and their gay marriages, and call on those practices and institutions to be outlawed, And abortions completely cease and all gay marriages are revoked, then the numbers of those dying shall decrease, and I will have mercy on My people. Amen.

For COVID-19 is a chastisement from God sent to punish a wicked people. And the people of this generation are most wicked. Today is the 1274th day of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. (1274 = 72 x 13 x 2). Today, I seat Eric upon his throne. Today, I make America and the whole world realize that there is a ruler I have set over them to rule. Amen. Whosoever resists an edict I issue through Eric is to die. I Am the Lord.

And these are My edicts:

  1. Human life begins at conception, not at birth. Hence, the right to life is to be upheld for all those conceived. I Am the Lord.
  2. Marriage exists only between one man and one women who elect to marry. No other form of marriage will be tolerated. I Am the Lord.
  3. Homosexuality is an abomination. Wherever it occurs it must be destroyed by fire. I Am the Lord.
  4. One religion has been instituted by God, Catholicism. All states throughout the world must recognize Catholicism as their state religion. I Am the Lord.
  5. The Jews are a people chosen by God. They have as their land the lands of the Levant. Let them accept Catholicism as their religion and Jesus as their Messiah. Whoever marches against that people will be destroyed. And Eric is not their ruler. Amen.
  6. Jerusalem will be forever the capital of My people Israel. It will never be divided up. Nor will it cease to be under the control of the Jewish state.
  7. The pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, will be the authority over all matters of faith and morals. What he rules will be obeyed. And he will never contradict what is infallibly decreed by a previous valid pope. I Am the Lord.
  8. He who has a surplus of goods, let him share his fortunes with those who lack. Then I will be pleased with My people, and blessings will flow out upon all nations on earth. I Am the Lord.
  9. Divorce has become commonplace. This shall now end. Whoever divorces his wife and marries another shall be called an adulterer. And he will be banned from My table. Amen.
  10. A man has no right to sex, unless he enters lawful marriage. Let this be enforced and let it be taboo for any man to have sex from now on outside of marriage. Let all such transgressors be properly beaten or whipped to discourage all such future behavior. I Am the Lord. Amen.

These ten edicts are My law to be published in all lands and for all nations to read and to behold. Whosoever transgresses this law shall be punished severely. I Am the Lord. Amen.

New hear My judgement on Russia, and on Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Over your people you have ruled by lies and deceit and by murder and by threats of destruction. Now I Am taking your power away from you. You will no longer rule the nation of Russia. For another man more worthy than you have I raised up to replace you. Stand aside and let him rise up. As for you, Vladimir Putin, you will find that the power upon which you now stand shall collapse beneath you. And you shall fall.

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny shall now come to rule Russia. And he will be elected. And he will reform that nation and undo the laws by which one man was able to make himself dictator. A new constitution shall he bring forth to be ratified. And in this new constitution, a clear separation of powers between three branches of government will be enacted. And the people will chose who represents them by popular vote.

And as for Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, he I shall convert to Catholicism. And with him into Catholicism he shall bring his Church, forming a new Eastern Rite Russian Catholic Church. And all who were Orthodox in Russia will become Catholic without leaving their Church, for their Church itself will be made Catholic. I Am the Lord. And thus it will be realized the conversion of Russia to Catholicism. I Am the Lord.

In China, the Catholic Church is under tremendous attack. Now it shall prevail. All those in China shall be subject to the four decrees of Eric:

  1. It is thus decreed that all who oppress or persecute the Catholic Church in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  2. It is thus decreed that all who promote or force abortions in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  3. It is thus decreed that all who arrest or punish the innocent in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.
  4. It is thus decreed that all who produce or promote pornography in China are to be destroyed and utterly laid to waste.

Let China now deal with its high population by switching their diet to rely on eating crickets and other suitable insects for their protein needs.

Note that the Law of Moses declares crickets, katydids, grasshoppers, locusts, and all winged insects that walk on all fours and that have jointed legs for leaping on the ground as clean foods to eat. (Leviticus 11:21-22). And crickets contain the full set of proteins that human beings need in their diet. Hence, crickets will serve as the future sustainable protein source for the human populations to depend on for their protein needs. Beef cattle, and the raising of mammal livestock for meat to eat will be done away with. However dairy farming will continue, as dairy farming has a low carbon footprint and a low impact on the environment, while producing a high yield of food for the unit of land devoted to it.

Ostrich meat will replace the beef steak for those who long for the taste of beef. For Ostrich meat is red like venison and tastes similar to prime beef. The water requirements for raising ostrich meat is roughly one third of that required to raise cattle beef for the same amount of meat produced. Furthermore, cattle produce about 18% to 48% of all greenhouse emissions, but ostriches produce no methane emissions, because they are single-stomach animals. Hence, the the replacement of beef cattle ranching with ostrich ranching will reduce global carbon emissions by about 18% to 48%, leading the world to a sustainable future. And it is also known that ostrich meat is far healthier to eat than is cattle beef.

Lord, then why did God have Moses declare that ostrich meat was not a clean food to eat? What Moses prescribed for the Jews to eat is a matter that regards only the Jews. The dietary laws in the Law of Moses do not apply to any other nations on the earth. Hence, let all nations on earth who wish to reduce carbon emissions and who do not need to follow the dietary laws of the Jews, switch from beef cattle raising to ostrich raising for such red meats to eat. But let the Jews keep their dietary laws as they deem necessary. For the Jewish state is not under the rule of Eric. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what languages shall be the official languages, the lingua francas, of the Kingdom of Gentile Christendom? What languages does Eric rule to be made official over all the lands over which he is now made supreme ruler?

Three languages shall come to dominate all of Gentile Christendom. And these are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

These three languages shall serve as the three base official languages of all of Gentile Christendom. Amen. Many other languages exist and will continue to be spoken. But English, Spanish, and French will dominate throughout the world. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, let it be said that those nations who practice Catholicism and that come back to Me and into conformance to all My statutes and decrees, these nations shall be called blessed, and they will remain standing on earth until My Second Coming. And I Am Coming swiftly, for the Reign of Eric is to come and to pass on the earth, to be followed by My Kingdom to come in force for all nations to see and to know. Amen. For when My Kingdom comes for all nations to see, then it will be that I will be seated on My throne, with Lazurite to My right, and Azurite to My left. And I will then proceed to judge all nations and to rule all My elect forever on the earth. Amen.

And in those days, all nations will bring their treasures before Me. And all men will walk in My light. And all peoples will be guided by My law and My Way. Eric the Azurite King, will rule all Gentile nations under Me. And Lazurite will rule over all My people Israel under Me forever and ever. And I, King of kings and Lord of lords, will rule over both Gentiles and Jews, and over all nations and over all cities, seated with My two Prophet Kings in Jerusalem, for all eternity unto eternity, and for all ages unto ages. Amen.

For these two Kings, Lazurite and Azurite, are My two lampstands and My two Witnesses. They will both remain on the earth until the final hour. And when they are assumed up to heaven, the days to My Coming in the clouds will short. And when the darkness has passed in those days, men will look up into the sky and see Me coming in the clouds with great glory and majesty. And the time for repentance will have ended. And all Mankind will be judged, from the last to be born to the first to be created. I Am the Lord.

This post hereby comes to its end. You, Eric, are great. Know your place always. You serve Me. And from Me comes all that you will say to My people. I Who Am have spoken. Let God bless those who do their Master’s will. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric will rule as Azurite King for forty years

A Jewish Bride have We chosen to grant the Azurite King as his Queen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCV:
Behold, I decree for Eric to rule as Azurite King for forty years. And to him shall We grant a Jewish bride to be his wife and queen. But Lord, is not Eric to be cured this weekend of all his afflictions? And is not that to be the unmistakable sign that Eric is called to be a priest?

I Who Am have chosen a different path for Eric to follow. He is not fit for serving Me as My priest. Instead, Eric will serve as King over Gentile Christendom, and he will be wed to a Jewish bride. Her Jewish family will permit it for Eric, though not Jewish, is nevertheless circumcised, as are all the males in his family, in accordance to ancient customs handed down.

And who, O’ Lord, shall be this Jewish bride? Will she be as hot as the nude girl in the photo above? Yes, she is as attractive as her. You will not be disappointed in the one We have selected to serve Us as Bride and Queen to Azurite, King of Gentile Christendom. And when does this girl come, O’ Lord? When does she make her appearance into my life? And what about my being cured, O’ Lord? And what happens to Hyacinth, and to the children that she currently teaches at her Church?

We will make this deal with thee, lord Azurite. Either We Who say these things unto thee are God, or else We are Satan. If We are God, Our prophecies of good things to come to pass shall come to pass. And if We are Satan, nothing of worth that We prophesy here will come to anything of any real value. In other words, Satan talks many things, but he can never fulfill them. He is endlessly making promises that go nowhere and result in nothing.

If Our prophecies made unto you today come to nothing, consider Our Words written here to also be nothing, and move on. But if these signs that We describe here come to pass, then know that you are conversing with the Living God, and that you are to marry a Jewish girl and reign with her as King and Queen over Gentile Christendom for forty years. I Who Am have spoken.

Excellent, O’ Lord. I do agree with all that You have said. Now, what are the prophecies and signs that You propose for me to watch for? I am open to whatever You say, O’ Lord.

Sign number 1: Alexei Anatolievich Navalny will ascend to power in Russia, starting with his return there on Sunday, January 17, 2021. And the power of Russian President and dictator, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will collapse before him. I Am the Lord.

Sign number 2: The power of the Biden Administration will break against the Catholic Church and not prevail against her, but will be broken and cast down in their attempts to reverse the good that was achieved regarding Catholic issues under Trump. I Am the Lord.

Sign number 3: Hyacinth will accept her loss of Eric to the Jewish bride, and elect to marry someone else, for God will reveal to her in a dream that her fate is with another man, and that Eric is not for her. I Am the Lord.

Observe these three signs, lord Azurite, and you will realize that I Who Am have prophesied all these things to come to pass.

Lord, I am now fifty years old. If I reign for another forty years, I will then be ninety years old. And we will have reached the year 2061. Is this when my reign roughly comes to an end, O’ Lord?

Consider your reign as beginning on Sunday, January 17, 2021. And it will end on Wednesday, January 25, 2062. And then, Eric will pass away at the age of 91 years, 7 months, and a day old, or being exactly 4779 weeks old. (4779 weeks = 34 x 59 weeks = 34 x 59 x 7 days) And 59 is the 17th prime number. Hence, Eric will reign as Azurite King for a span of 41 years and 9 days. And 41 is the number that represents the Azurite King.

Lord, this is great. And when do I meet this girl I am to marry, and how does this meeting come about? Go and walk your dog. When you get back, We shall continue with this post. Amen.

Lord, why does Judaism and Catholicism and most Christian religions condemn masturbation? And what do You say about masturbation? And what do You say about pornography, my Lord? For if the Catholic Church condemns it, and Jesus controls His Catholic Church, than Jesus condemns it too, am I correct?

Lord Azurite, what sexuality means to each individual is unique to that individual, just as each person’s sexual organs are unique to himself or herself. There is no such thing as the typical nude, for each nude person is unique. Now nude imagery is like a drug to a man in that it can give him a sexual high. But one must make the distinction between fine art nudes and pornographic nudes. A fine art nude does the viewer no harm, provided he does not look at the image too much and too often. Fine art nudes are those that display the natural nude beauty of the human body, without the suggestion of unlawful sexual behavior.

And what is unlawful sexual behavior? Unlawful sexual behavior is the act of taking that which you are forbidden to take of the opposite sex. Abominable sexual behavior is taking sexual pleasure with those with whom it is unnatural for you to unite with, such as with someone of the same gender, or with an animal. For example, two guys masturbating each other are committing abominable sexual behavior. And a woman giving a man oral sex is unlawful behavior.

Now, where are all these rules written, you ask? Where is this all defined and made clear? This is how you know if you have transgressed sexually. If, in the quiet of your soul, when you put yourself to peace, the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, then know that you have transgressed. And you must seek to come clean. Do not rebuke the Holy Spirit in this feeling of conviction, for that leads to a seared conscience and a permanent separation from God, from which there may be no remedy.

Rather, when the Holy Spirit convicts you, work with the Holy Spirit to come to a true and humble and contrite repentance. And then you will know what to confess at your next confession to a priest. For God rebukes those He loves.

Realize the importance of maintaining a state of grace. You must not receive communion without that, or you commit a sacrilege, which is a deep scar upon your soul. If you receive communion and you are not in a state of separation from God, that is, not in mortal sin, but are instead in a state of grace, a state free of mortal sin (which confession frees you of) and free of original sin (which baptism frees you of), then that communion you receive in that state of grace wipes away your venial sins, if you have repented them.

Now, modern psychology considers masturbation to be a normal, healthy part of a human being’s sexuality, and it notes correctly that most people do in fact masturbate. So why is this normal and healthy and commonly done ritual condemned by the Catholic Church, and many other religions of western civilization? It is because Christ wishes to elevate humankind above his lower, animal, and carnal self to enjoy the spiritual and higher levels of human life and thought. For heaven is a purely spiritual and elevated place. No lust and no sexual desires are found there. Jesus wishes to make you fit for heaven. And to be made fit for heaven requires that you not be possessed by the lower passions.

But realize that not all forms of sexual release in the form of masturbation constitute sin. For the gravity of guilt in an act of masturbation depends heavily on the intent of the masturbator and what is his or her object of desire. Pornography makes masturbation sinful, for the object of desire in pornography is always unlawful for the man to possess. For a man has no right to seek sex with a woman who is not his lawful wife. And porn directs a man’s sexual attention to sexual objects found in photographs of women in sexual poses or of sex acts that he is not lawfully permitted to partake in.

Hence, masturbation with pornography constitutes a grave matter, that when done with full knowledge and deliberate consent results in a mortal sin and a separation between you and God. Therefore, it is not good to have pornography in your house or anywhere that you can view it easily. The internet presents a problem due to the ease of viewing porn there, and thus, a man needs to discipline himself not to view such material while using the internet. A distinction should be made between fine art and porn. Fine art focuses on the beauty of the human body, even in the nude, without the deliberate focus on provoking sexual arousal in the viewer. Porn, on the other hand, seeks to bring the viewer to focus on the sexuality of the nude figure or figures, and is suggestive of encouraging the sex act. Not all nudity is porn. For much nudity is classifiable as fine art. And fine art does not need to be in the form of a painting or a sculpture to be called fine art. For photography also fully qualifies as a medium for fine art. And paintings and sculptures can also be used as mediums for porn.

Now, for a married man, if he masturbates thinking of his wife, does he sin? Yes, but in a venial way generally. For the man is not focusing on a object that is unlawful for him to partake in sex with. He is not by that act alone committing a serious sin. But if he imagines committing unlawful behavior with his wife, then his sins magnify. Unlawful behavior includes having forms of sexual intercourse with your wife that are not vaginal in nature. Anal and oral sex are unlawful due to the concept that human sperm are intended by God for the fertilization of the human egg. And if this is deliberately made impossible by the manner of the sex act, then that sex act is grave matter to commit. Grave matter becomes mortal sin when done with full knowledge and deliberate consent. Also, even actual vaginal intercourse becomes gravely unlawful if there is a deliberate attempt made in the act of preventing the union of the sperm and egg or of the deliberate attempt at preventing a fertilized such egg from developing into a full pregnancy that leads to birth. But in an act of masturbation, where a man merely thinks lawful thoughts of his wife in that act, his sins do not constitute serious sin. For though the act may be of the sinful nature of being closed to the possibility of natural procreation, which only exists lawfully in the full and complete conjugal act between man and his wife, the man’s sins nevertheless remain venial, not mortal, because he is entitled to have and to possess her and to partake in what he imagines with her. He is not imagining nor fantasizing immoral or unlawful behavior.

Any act that involves the shedding of sperm where procreation is intentionally made not a possibility constitutes a grave matter, and if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent, constitutes a mortal sin. But remember that it is very much a matter of the intent of the masturbator that decides the sinfulness or sinlessness of the act. An act of masturbation, if done with clean intent, may in fact be free of sin. Clean intent means that the physical act is done without the intent of enjoying the unlawful pleasure, nor is there imagined any form of immoral of sexual thought or fantasy during the act. Rather clean intent has as its goal the physiological release, with the purpose of meeting this need with the acknowledgement that the sexual systems of men requires such release. For it is acknowledged that there really are very few men who actually truly attain perfect continence. Most men cannot keep to their requirement to remain continent. And the solution for these men is release themselves with clean intent.

But note if the intent in masturbation is sexually tainted, then the act becomes uncleanliness. But to commit an actual act of fornication makes one filthy. And to commit an actual act of adultery makes one both filthy and in violation of a marriage. Hence the adulterer commits both the sin of the fornicator plus the sin of violating another man’s wife, or the rights that his own wife has over him. But the act of masturbation, through it may have as its fantasy either what would be either fornication or adultery if carried out in the flesh, the sinner who masturbates such is merely made unclean by the act, for the fantasy is not real, hence the sin does not bear the punishment that actual fornication or adultery would bear.

Hence, it is not true, as the thinking goes, that it is better to cast one’s seed in the belly of a whore than upon a rock. For having sex with a whore makes a man filthy, whereas solo sex, or masturbation, merely makes a man unclean. Uncleanliness is very much easier to deal with than filthiness. A man who is unclean may nevertheless be separated from God by the act, but his confession to reinstate himself to a state of grace is simple. But as for the filthy man, who has had an actual act of immoral sex, his pathway back to grace is much more complicated.

But note this: To fantasize having sex with your neighbor’s wife nevertheless remains a crime in the sight of God. And to masturbate with that thought is to commit that crime within your imagination. Hence, the common pornographic term, MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck), when even used to describe a woman you find sexually attractive does indeed constitute the sin of having an unlawful intention towards her. It is thus unlawful to view any woman as a MILF.

This concludes this post, lord Azurite. We do not regard you as guilty of any sin. And your communions that you receive have served to cleanse you of any venial sins that you did in fact commit. Receive the Jewish girl that We are about to put into your path. And the sign that she is the one will be that you are at peace with her in your presence, rather than in anxiety or in lust or in sexual temptation. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Eric is commanded to take his seat on My throne

Behold the Garden Ever Green

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCIV:
I Who Am do now announce the appointment of My Two Prophet Kings to their assigned thrones, from which they will rule all of Christendom together. Eric I enthrone as Azurite King. He will rule all of Gentile Christendom. Lazurite I enthrone as King over all of Judaic and Israelite Christendom. Hence, Lazurite is the superior King, for he rules over My original Beloved. And thus, Lazurite has the superior authority under Me, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Lord, it appears that Mike Pence has elected not to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from power. Lord Azurite, he has that weapon to use against Trump should he commit any further violations of his office as President. Trust Me, Trump will not do anything further to aggravate Mike Pence. For Trump does not want it in his legacy that he was relieved from his duties due to a lack of ability to serve. Trump will go out quietly into the night. He will make no further acts to move an already angry Pence to take the next step and remove the President from power.

And, O’ Lord, it is known that Trump has stated that he will not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. He does not need to attend that, lord Azurite. Mike Pence’s attendance is sufficient for all proper protocol to be fulfilled on that day. Realize that Donald John Trump is a loser, and he cannot face Joe Biden because he is a loser. The humility needed for him to do that would be asking Trump to be more of a man than is in his true nature and capability to be. The ego and self image that he has of himself prevents him from lowering himself to the level of acknowledging someone else as having won a contest against him. So let him sulk in his dungeon. Let him stay in his dark corner, now cut off from all his social media followers, as all of the social media companies have now permanently banned him and revoked all his accounts. And these social media companies are wise, for they could face lawsuits if they allowed a known insurrectionist to continue to use their sites, and further incite insurrection. Also note that Trump will be charged with sedition when he leaves office, for he is guilty of it. And he will issue a self pardon, and that will be good, for it will give the courts an opportunity to judge that and rule against it. For no one has ever self pardoned himself before. And it is good for courts to rule in every possibility so that people know what is permitted and what is not by looking at court precedent. The Supreme Court, if they decide to take the case from a lower court’s ruling, will simply rule that it is invalid to self pardon as it is impermissible to serve as your own judge in a court of law. It is such a simple common sense conclusion, but also an important one to be ruled on, just so that people know what is the law and how it is interpreted.

But let Mike Pence do no more favors for Trump. Let Mike Pence definitely not pardon Trump, should Trump ask him to pardon him, by Trump resigning early. Let Mike Pence not take such a stain to his now immaculate record that he has now attained by upholding the Constitution and the law against a rogue President intent on insurrection. Rather, let Mike Pence rebuff President Trump and tell him to keep out of any further trouble, or else he will have the stain on his record of being the first President to have been relieved of his duties due to being unfit to carry them out. Trump doesn’t want that on his record, and he will abide by what Pence tells him. For Pence is the one who is in charge now. Pence is the one carrying the big stick. And if Trump gets out of line again, he is going to get smacked with it, and be permanently removed from power.

Now, one thing that is known that Joe Biden will do, once he comes to power, will be to even out the conservative to liberal tilt currently in the Supreme Court. He might elect not to stack the court with more Justices than the current nine, for that would break with precedent. But he will definitely do this simple thing that will change the Conservative majority from its current 6-3 ratio to much more easy to work with 5-4 ratio for getting his agenda to pass. And that will be accomplished by simply impeaching ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, on his already proven guilt of perjury. Had the Republicans kept the Senate, he would not waste his time with this effort. For this can only be done while the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House. Hence, he will do it in his first two years in office, because he might not control both houses in his second two years.

Once he does that, he will nominate his own preference to replace him, and then that will make the Supreme Court to have a mere 5-4 Conservative majority. And that will be sufficient for him, for some of those Conservative Justices are actually really pseudo-conservatives, and he will get his agenda passed then with Thomas gone. For with Thomas gone, there will really only be three true Conservatives left: Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Those three will stay, but Thomas is doomed to be removed now due to his proven guilt of perjury, which was only waiting for the Democrats to take control both the White House and Congress to have him removed. That is why it is so important to select top quality candidates when nominating them to the Supreme Court. Had George H. W. Bush not limited himself to choosing a Black, and had he elected to choose someone from the cream of the crop, a good Justice who does not commit perjury could have been chosen, and then Joe Biden would not have had this easy opportunity to remove a Conservative from the bench. Joe Biden would also be wise to learn from this lesson as well, and not limit his choice according to race or color. For if Joe Biden chooses someone to replace Clarence Thomas who also perjures himself as Thomas has done, his pick will not last once the Republicans have the power again.

Note to those who opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination due to those slanderous charges made against him at his nomination hearings, all of that is easily dismissed in a court of law as consisting of no real evidence. For that was pure character assassination against an innocent man’s name. It is really easy to make up false charges against someone and accuse them of something that they did not do. That is why whenever someone brings charges against a man’s good name, his or her charges really need to be investigated properly, and not publicized to the whole world when there is no real evidence to corroborate them. Slander is a serious crime. And those politicians who engage in slander to further their political agendas are really criminals. All those Democrats who partook in that slander against Kavanaugh’s good name during his nomination hearings will pay a severe price for their crimes of slander. For Kavanaugh is innocent, and he is a good and respectable man. Woe to that man or woman who bears false witness against innocent blood. For I repay blood with blood. I Am the Lord.

Hence, Joe Biden will narrow the Supreme Court’s conservative tilt from 6-3 to make it down to a 5-4 tilt by eliminating one of the ultra conservatives on the bench, Clarence Thomas, and that will be enough for him to meet his progressive agenda. And let this serve as a lesson to Republicans not to choose candidates who can be easily eliminated from the Court by their own provable wrongdoing. It is good to remain strongly backing a candidate who has been falsely accused. But if a candidate is obviously committing perjury, you don’t want him on the Supreme Court. And don’t let a candidate play the race card again, as Clarence Thomas did at his nomination hearings, as that was a mistake for the White Republican senators to be intimidated by Thomas’ claims that his being judged by the White senators was somehow racially tinged when the one who had accused him of wrongdoing was as Black as he was. For the race card is now an over used technique, like the little boy who cried, ‘Wolf!’ too many times.

It is like those parents of the high school students who sued the school district for six million dollars because a teacher wrote, “Monkey see, monkey do,” on some pictures of students on a field trip to the zoo. Folks, the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do,” simply means that you are copying the behavior that you see someone else doing. It is not an insult against Black people. Not every saying that includes a reference to the primate species of animals is an insult against Black people. By even making that case as a Black person, you are lowering the image of your own race before the whole world. For who wants to hire a person of a certain race if they think that everything they say in that person’s presence will be searched through and dissected for anything to accuse them on of being a racist? If you are suing people right, left, and center, no one is going to want you in their company. And you cannot litigate yourself to success. Only lawyers get rich in litigation. Understand that important statement. Whenever you litigate someone because you feel you are being unjustly treated, the only real winners will be the lawyers. You are really not going to net anything from the lawsuit. And all that you gain will be taken away from you, for such is the law of God. No one gains in litigation except for lawyers. Realize this. If you wish to gain in this world, then try doing real and legitimate work. Don’t try to litigate your way to success. It never works. The only people you make rich by seeking that is the lawyers. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, what do You say about the Black man’s claim of unjust inequality? Lord Azurite, it is true that there is inequality between the various peoples in their goods, their skills, their opportunities, and in their blessings. But woe to the man who covets the possessions of his neighbor. Rather, let that man who wants to possess something gain that possession through legitimate means, by working for it and by studying hard for it, and by purchasing it with honestly gained money. Let not a man seek to take the possessions of another man for himself by force or by thievery. Remember what Robin Hood was who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor? He was a criminal, an outlaw. For it a crime to rob even from the rich, no matter how noble is your cause. Those Black rioters who robbed all those stores in all those many Black riots over the years, they don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong, because they think they are like Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and giving to themselves, the poor. But they are completely mistaken. And if they then go to their Christian churches afterwards to worship Jesus, how do they look Jesus in the eye after doing that deed? How do they justify their crimes and call themselves Christians at the same time? Rather, they are lying to both themselves and to the Holy Spirit. And that is a true danger they put their soul into. Just because you are poor and the cards of the deck seem stacked against you does not give you the excuse to make up for that by doing crime. In real history, people like Robin Hood never have happy endings. Rather, they get caught, and they go to prison, and they get put to death, either by execution, or by some prison killing that never goes to trial.

You see, Black people, once you go to prison, you don’t matter anymore. Your life ceases to matter. You can be killed in prison and no one will really care about it or who did it. Some random crime feud will be suspected and no one will care. Blacks killing Blacks is a crime never investigated seriously. For who is going to pay the lawyer’s fees to charge criminals in prison for crimes against other criminals in prison? What is the murder of one Negro slave by another Negro slave to the Slave Masters? When slaves were sold for money, that was when each Negro was worth the value of a good horse or mule. But these days, Negro slaves are acquired for free. All the modern Slaves Masters need to do today to acquire new Slaves is to have some Black men arrested for their crimes and thrown into prison. Penal Slavery is big business. It earns good profits for those who invest in it. And the taxpayers pick up the tab of acquiring the slaves by paying the salaries of the police, the prosecutors, and the judges who deliver to the Slave Masters the slaves for free to work in their sweat shops. Who would turn down that business model that has an endless and free supply of slave labor for generating profits?

Rather, the incentive is to have more Black people commit more crimes, so that they can bring in more slaves and increase the numbers of their enslaved workers working in their sweat shops. That is why I would not be surprised if the ones organizing the many Black riots that have been happening were in fact in league with those who own and profit from the penal labor industry. For doesn’t it make sense that the senseless Black riots that have been happening of late would be the work of those who truly profit from the modern enslavement of Black people? Maybe those Black leaders who lead their followers to riot, to smash windows, and to loot stores, are getting funding indirectly from penal labor organizations that make their money in supplying new slaves to the penal labor companies. For wherever there are companies that make money by a certain business model, they will be invariably always seeking ways to increase and to maximize their profits.

For how else would one explain the massive increases in the sizes of prisons and prison populations over the years. And realize that Kamala Harris is part of that system of enslavement and profit making. And think of all the White men Kamala Harris has fucked to get to the top of her career. She fucked and sucked those White men who put their boots on the Black men’s necks and forced them to work as penal slaves. She was fucking those White men hard while the Black men she sent to prison were being beaten into submission and forced into penal servitude to serve their White Masters. So, Black men, when you go to prison and get whipped and beaten there until you accept your place as slave, remember that you or your family voted for Kamala Harris to be Vice President, that same Kamala Harris who gave her pussy to those same men who beat you up and forced you to bow to their wishes.

Yes, Black men, the Democrats are not your friends. The Democrats are run by rich White men who use Blacks for their votes, but who do nothing for them. The only favors that the White Democratic leaders give to Black people is full access to abortion, so that they have a way to control the Black populations and not let them get out of hand. For there is no need to allow the Black populations to outproduce the need for slaves. The penal slave industry has a certain quota of how many Blacks they need each year to serve as slaves. And the abortion mills are there to cap off excess production of Blacks so that the welfare system remains sustainable. For welfare is really nothing more than the breeding program for the Black slave market.

The reason why Black men are targeted for slavery and not Black women is because Black women are needed to breed more slaves. And it only takes a few Black men left outside of prison to breed with and impregnate all the Black breeding females in a given Black neighborhood. Remember that Black people do not marry. This also was achieved by the White ruled Democratic Party. For marriage was an obstacle to successfully breeding Black people. For the welfare laws were specifically designed to discourage Black people from marrying. The intention of welfare laws, designed by the elite White Democrats in power, was to create the single parent Black household and the single Black mother as the norm for Black society. Black girls were encouraged to get pregnant out of wedlock so that they could get on welfare and move out of their parent’s house. And the law for welfare required that all these girls tell the authorities just which Black man it was who impregnated them. And then those Black men were slapped with child support that they owed, not to the girls they impregnated, but to the state. And failure to pay their child support gets them a felony and time in prison to serve as penal slaves.

Do you see the genius in this strategy of profiting off Black people by the Democratic Party who wrote all these welfare laws and child support laws and who were tough on crime? It was all to make profits on Black penal slave labor. Hence Negro slavery never ended. All that was changed was the appearance of wrongdoing. For when Blacks were chattel slaves, the White Slave owners were seen as committing crimes against innocent Blacks who had done nothing to be enslaved. Now this has all changed. For now all the Blacks who serve as slaves have done something. The cases they lose in court make that very argument to American society that the Black slaves of today have truly done something to deserve their slavery. And so no one cares about them. No one is going to fight a Civil War to free slaves who are enslaved for committing crimes. Clever were those who wrote the 13th Amendment to appear to abolish slavery. For in reality, they transformed slavery into something socially acceptable. For who wouldn’t accept a criminal serving as a slave? And how many White Americans are aware of all the unjust laws made by those who control Black neighborhoods with the intention of unjustly enslaving innocent Black people? All that is publicized is that the Blacks committed crimes. What those crimes were go unpublicized. Did you know that by making a simple traffic error while driving in certain Black neighborhoods can land you in debtor’s prison for being unable to pay the court fees for the ticket given to you for a crime that was not a crime? These are the things that Black people suffer, and no one listens to them, because the are categorized as criminals. And who listens to a criminal?

Hence, the Black people have reason to be angry. But if they channel all that anger into rioting, they are playing right into the hands of those who want to enslave them and use them as prison labor. So, O’ Lord, what is the solution for Black people who want to break out of their institutionalized system of penal labor that especially targets their race for slaves? They have got to resist the efforts made by White men to get them to commit crimes. And they got to avoid getting girls pregnant, for that leads to child support, and that is something most Black men can never afford. It costs more money to pay child support for one child than it costs to raise several children as an actual husband to their mother. And that is because you can be in poverty and be married with children and not go to jail for that. But if you have a child out of wedlock, the state is not going to accept you as a father being in poverty. And if you have no means of getting out of poverty, and you got child support to pay, you are going to go to prison for failure to pay. So get married to your girlfriend before you have sex with her, and be sure she is the right one. Don’t marry the wrong one, because divorce with children also means you get stuck with child support. Keep your dick in your pants until the right girl comes along and you have the ability and the commitment for marriage to her. And marry her before sex. For the number one reason why Blacks are in the fix that they are in is because of all their out of wedlock sex, and their refusal to treat marriage as a permanent covenant, instead of as some business lease that they seek get out of responsibility for.

Family is the bedrock of society. And the only way for Black people to get out of their oppression is to get the institution of the Black family restored to their culture. And to do that, they have to stop voting for the Democratic Party, which is pro-abortion and pro-welfare, and start voting for the Republican Party, which is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-God. For it is said that the only Black neighborhoods that see successful Black people in charge of their own neighborhoods are those where the Catholic Church is strongly present, and that the people abide by the Catholic teachings, and marry before having sex, and stay married to their spouse.

Most White people have no problem with Black people moving into their neighborhoods who are law abiders and who have a strong commitment to family and strong marriages, and whose children are raised to respect the law and the institution of marriage. Also, Black people need to get off their crush on Obama. For Obama was bad news for Black people. He really led Black people down the drain morally. For how much lower can he lead you than in having you embrace two fags committing sodomy and have you call that a marriage? That’s not a marriage. That is an abomination, just like Obama is an abomination! Face it! Two fags committing sodomy is not normal. It is obscene. And he had you allowing your children to be taught in the schools to masturbate and to commit sodomy and to consider this acceptable? That is horrid. What Obama did to the Black community is a horror. He had your daughters learn how to abort their babies before they learned what sex was. And he forced your daughters to tolerate sick gender confused boys to be allowed to enter the privacy of the girls’ restrooms and shower rooms and to watch your daughters undress and to force your daughters to watch as these sick boys masturbated in front of them. That is what Obama did to you and your people. He was no friend to you. Rather he was a Satan who donned the Black man’s skin to lead all you Black men to the pit and ruin you.

Obama led you to ruin and did nothing for you that was good. For name one thing that he did that produced good. His health insurance plan called Obamacare is unsustainable. No one can afford to pay the premiums. Not even those who never get sick can afford it. It is an abysmal failure. And it failed for this reason. It made having health insurance mandatory. Health insurance must be optional. For if something is optional, that provides a real incentive to those companies who provide it to make it as cheap and affordable as they can to attract the most customers. But if companies are guaranteed customers, because their products are mandatory to have, they are just going to jack up their prices until everyone is in total poverty and they have collected all their wealth.

The only way to solve the healthcare and health insurance problems in America is to make it possible for people to get by without needing insurance. For the insurance provider is really an unnecessary middle man. If the uninsured person had access to the doctors, medicines, and medical services at the same prices as the insurance companies pay, then they would not need to have insurance.

Another thing that has driven healthcare through the roof is all the malpractice lawsuits that force doctors and hospitals to have insurance in case someone they treat sues them for malpractice, even if they did nothing wrong. America is a place where too many people are litigating. And that causes the prices to rise for everything. For everyone who sells things needs insurance in case they get sued over something that they sold. All this litigation needs to be put under control. And caps need to be put in place as to how high juries can award litigators.

Remember that the people who make money in litigation are always the lawyers. No one else really makes money at it. Litigators have made America into a lawyer’s paradise. All this idea that pain and suffering is someone else’s fault and that you shouldn’t have to suffer it is the root of the problem of litigation in America. Rather, people should learn to bear their cross and let bygones be bygones. They should choose not to litigate when they feel wronged by someone. Instead, they should let it go. Hand it over to God and let God deal with it. Don’t you hold a grudge against someone for the rest of your life over some wrong they did to you. Rather, let it go. Let go of your hate. And forgive. The weight that drops off your chest when you forgive and let go frees you from many chains of imprisonment.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. When You cure me of all things this weekend, as You have promised, do you still have it be by such a sign that I will know my vocation by the presence or absence of a priest in my line of vision at the time I am cured. For it is written that if I see a priest in my line of vision at the moment I am cured, that means I am called to the priesthood and must enter in. But if I do not see one of Your priests anywhere in my line of vision, looking around, at the moment I am cured, then I am not called to the priesthood, and that I must then not seek entry into it, for I am then simply not called to be a priest. For this was what was written as Your Word earlier. Do You stand by this as truly Your Word of God, as recorded from You written in earlier posts here on that You may seemed to have allegedly spoken unto me? Is this sign given truly from You, O’ Lord?

Eric, this is the sign that I give unto you by which you may know of My will regarding your calling to My priesthood. I will cure you this weekend. If I Am telling the Truth and you are truly cured this weekend, then you are called to My priesthood, no matter who you see or what vision appears to you in your line of vision. But if I fail to cure you this weekend, then I have not called you to My priesthood and never will. For if I Am such an impotent God that I cannot keep My Own promises to cure you when I told you that you are called to My priesthood, then do not believe Me in anything that I say unto you. But if I fulfill for you what no devil can do, and there has never been any miraculous healing documented as having been done by Satan, then it is I, the Lord, Who have truly done this for you, and you are expected to reciprocate and proceed with my instructions to enter My priesthood.

Now, regarding Black people and the institution of penal slavery, the real reason why Black people can never be freed of this curse is because of their sexual immorality. Were they to clean themselves up and put away all their immorality, I would end the curse that I have placed upon their backs. Hence, Black people are the fault of their own slavery. They are first slaves to their own sins before they are slaves to the White man. I Who Am have spoken on Black slavery.

Donald John Trump is now in a terrible fix. He is like a caged animal. And he is going to try to flee the country while the nation’s attention is focused on the inauguration. Such is why the President does not want to be there. He knows that he will be arrested the moment after if he remains in America. Hence, he is going to flee to Russia. He doesn’t believe that Jair Bolsonaro is going to protect him in Brazil. And he has debts to pay to Putin for his failure to overthrow democracy in America, as Putin had ordered him to. He hopes that by but kissing Putin that he can be made a rich man in Russia, and share with Putin in the riches that Putin has robbed from the Russian people.

Lord, Alexei Navalny intends to return to Russia this Sunday, January 17, 2021! What are You going to do about it, O’ Lord? For do You not intend to make Navalny the next Russian President? He is like a lamb walking into a dragon’s lair. Lord, what shall You do? Make a decree, lord Azurite, and I will decide whether to act on it.

Let the power of government that supports Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin collapse beneath him this weekend. Let his overthrow get underway. Let him have the option, if he wishes to live, to go into exile to a country far from Russia, with no possibility of return. And if he does not accept this, then let him face trial and punishment for his crimes under Russian law. Also, let new elections be declared and let Alexei Anatolievich Navalny run in them and win to become the fifth President of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Amen.

I will do as you have decreed, lord Azurite. This weekend will decide Putin’s fate. And he will be rendered no longer as Russia’s ruler. This I have decreed. Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this suddenly makes the number of Trump’s allies in the world grow slim. Yes, Donald John Trump is definitely running out of options and places to hide. Do you, lord Azurite, have a face saving way for Trump to exit his nasty predicament? Lord, I am a man of the law. Trump must be brought to justice, for justice demands it. Then this is My decree. Listen well, lord Azurite and all Trump supporters, both past and present. I Am making a deal with you. Lay down your weapons and surrender yourselves to the authorities. You will do time in prison for any crimes you have committed. But you shall, nevertheless, live. Or, you can flee from justice, only to be hunted down to be killed. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, I now command you to submit this post, for it is complete. I will write through you again later today. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric is given a new vocation

I Am Jesus, Who with Eric Am well pleased.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCIII:
Behold, I Who Am have these final Words to announce through Eric, My servant. As I have promised to My servant, Eric, I Am rapturing Eric up to heaven before dawn, the dawn of Wednesday, January 13, 2021, when Eric will be exactly 2638 weeks old. For there are 2638 weeks from Wednesday, June 24, 1970 to Wednesday, January 13, 2021. Eric is now fifty and a half years old.

Lord, it was said earlier in the day that I am called to become a priest in Your priesthood. And you gave a sign for it that only God could deliver on, and it happened exactly as You said it would. Wouldn’t that mean that I remain upon the earth so as to become this priest, and to serve You as a laborer in Your vineyard?

And I also made the commitment to take care of Hyacinth and to serve as her helper for the rest of my life. But this is not possible if I surrender all my finances to an Order to become a Religious Order priest. Only if I were a diocesan priest, one who kept control of his own finances, could I continue to help Hyacinth for life.

This talk pleases Our ears, lord Azurite. I hence grant you one decade. Do all that you intend to do in that decade. For after that decade has passed, I Am calling you up to heaven. Amen. Also, I have elected for you to become a diocesan priest, for what you do with your finances is important unto Me. And since you already have a Bachelor’s degree in biology, the study of life, which you earned from Whittier College in 1993, with a cumulative GPA of 3.2, where A = 4.0, it should take you just five years to become a priest upon enrollment into the seminary. I Am the Lord. And note that your B.A. in biology qualifies for this, for you studied philosophy and religion in your coursework to get your undergraduate degree at Whittier College, which only hands out B.A.’s for undergraduate degrees, no matter what the major is.

Lord, this is great! So when do I receive all the miraculous cures? For You Yourself have clearly instructed me not to approach the priest with my vocation until You have cured me of all things. I have heard a prophecy that says I am to be cured this weekend. Is that Your Word, O’ Lord? It is, lord Azurite. I Am curing you this weekend, and then, when you are cured, I will instruct you as to which priest to approach to tell him of your vocation.

Also, you have asked Me to allow Hyacinth to remain in your life, for you have become aware of the great blessings that come to you by helping her. We will allow it for now. But when into the seminary you enter, away from this world shall Hyacinth We take. I Am the Lord. But realize that Hyacinth has merited to be the fourth virgin eternally bonded with you in heaven. And hence, to you in heaven will be bonded these four eternal virgin women for all eternity:

  1. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  2. Saint Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower)
  3. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (The Lily of the Mohawks)
  4. Caesar Sandra Nikee (also called Cassandra and Hyacinth)

These four virgins are to be your eternal companions in heaven. Oracle of the Lord.

Lord, since you say I Am to remain here for another decade, why did You decommission me from my office of Prophet Seer at the end of the previous post? And do you now recommission me to this office? Or can you, for it is written that God may never make a mistake? Lord Azurite, I declared you to be henceforth of the position of Prophet Scribe in My Heavenly Kingdom. That is who you are now. And you are of My Heavenly Kingdom now, even though you remain upon the earth until I decide to take you up. Amen.

Lord, do the four eternal virgin women who are bound to me for all eternity possess Kingdoms upon this earth? Yes, and I will now reveal unto you these in full. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled eternally by Queen Hyacinth. And her eternal lands of her Kingdom include the following:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And her list of official languages in her Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

(2) Kingdom of Quebec, ruled eternally by Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Quebec

And her official languages include:

  1. French
  2. Mohawk
  3. Algonquin

(3) Kingdom of Northern Gaul, ruled eternally by Queen Saint Therese of Lisieux. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Northern France.
  2. Belgium

And her official languages include:

  1. French
  2. Breton
  3. Dutch
  4. German

(4) Kingdom of Southern Gaul, ruled eternally by Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Southern France
  2. Monaco
  3. Corsica
  4. Andorra

And her official languages include:

  1. French
  2. Catalan
  3. Corsican
  4. Occitan
  5. Basque

(5) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled eternally by Eric, the Azurite King. And his eternal lands include the following:

  1. The Archipelago of Hawaii
  2. England

And his eternal list of official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Cornish
  4. Spanish

This is great, O’ Lord. And I notice that Queen Saint Kateri Tekakwitha rules the largest of these Kingdoms. Note that she is a fully pure American Indian woman. You don’t know that, lord Azurite. For there were visitors from Europe to the Americas before Christopher Columbus and before Lief Ericson. These unrecorded visitations left certain remains behind and genes in the native American populations and linguistic evidence as well. And it was the civilization in America, called Atlantis, that supplied Europe with bronze during the Bronze Age. I Am the Lord. That mysterious supply of copper that fueled Bronze Age Europe came from the ancient Americas, from mining operations in what is now Michigan, in which there remains much evidence of intensive copper mining operations that occurred in the ancient mines of those lands.

So then, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha could contain European blood? That is correct, lord Azurite. For there was indeed some hybridization among the native Americans with the Europeans who mined that copper in Michigan to ship to Europe during that ancient Bronze Age that existed many centuries before Christ.

Lord, are any of these ancient peoples who never knew you or your Religion saved? No one can enter into My Kingdom unless he is born of water and Spirit. Without this, it is impossible for any man to be saved. I Am the Lord. Were Abraham, Moses, or Samuel born of water and Spirit, O’ Lord? No one who lived and died before My sacrifice on the cross, and who had no contact with My Religion has ever been saved. I Am the Lord. Those of the ancient Jewish religion who awaited My arrival were baptized with Me in death and rose to heaven as I descended into hades to release them from their prison there. But since My death, only through My Catholic Church, founded on Peter, the first pope, has any soul found salvation and been saved. For there is no salvation outside My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord.

Some people theorize that in the eternity to come, that there may be a chance given for some who are in hell to escape hell and ascend into heaven, and for some who are in heaven, to be cast into hell. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Once I come again and judge all Mankind, those who are My elect will enter heaven, and none of them will ever leave there. Likewise, those I reject from heaven will be cast into the lake of fire, from which none who descend into that lake ever come out again. I Am the Lord. For it is written that the sea established between heaven and hell is impassible, and this impassibility is eternal. No one ever crosses from one side to the other throughout all of eternity. I Am the Lord. (Luke 16:26).

Lord, which is Your will? That I marry Hyacinth? Or that I become Your priest? Which fate for me do You prefer? And I know by Your sign to me today that You have proven that it is Your intent that I am to become a priest. And tell me this also. Is it always sinful for a man to ejaculate himself outside of the conjugal act, even if his thoughts and intentions are without sin or unlawfulness?

Sin is very tied with one’s intentions, lord Azurite. Now it is understood that the usage of a man’s genitalia for sexual pleasure is of a grave matter. But if the man releases himself without the intention of unlawfulness, he commits no sin. For a man’s sexuality requires release. Without this release, the man’s system is suppressed and urges for unreasonable things mount. It is better that a man release himself without any unlawful intent than for a man to turn to porn and unlawful sex for his release. Hence, it is not the release that defiles but the intent that goes with it. If the intent is clean, so also is the release. I Am the Lord.

As for your destiny, lord Azurite, I let you decide. Look forward to those two possible fates. And realize that you can only have one of them. Either you will enter into the path of marriage to Hyacinth and become a family man and raise children by her and be concerned about your job and of having enough money needed for your children, or else you will enter the path to the priesthood, where you will master Latin, Koine Greek, and Spanish, become an expert theologian, lecturer, and preacher to many, write many famous homilies, and save countless souls in the communities that I assign you to serve. I choose the latter, O’ Lord. I choose to become a priest. Now I see that the choice is simple. And I see that You have truly called me to enter the priesthood.

Good, lord Larimar. Few men can see this choice as clearly as I have presented it to you. Also, it shall please you to know that Pope Francis will soon be taken away, and in his place I Am seating Cardinal Burke, who shall be called Pope John XXIV. He will be the first pope from the United States of America, and thus, he is associated with you, as prophesied.

Also, realize that nothing that you have done today do I count as sin. I Am the Lord. Now reread this post and then publish it, for it is complete. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Azurite shall marry but remain a virgin forever

Death do I send to complete My objectives. Oracle of the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCII:
Behold, Death has been sent to claim the life and soul of one who is not fit for his position. And from his place, he shall exit his residence in a bodybag before the completion of his term. For I Who Am have complete authority over all life and death. And at anytime I may call a soul from this world to appear before Me and to face My judgement of him and then to be sent to his eternal fate. I Am the Lord!

Let it be known that Mike Pence shall remain under My protection, both him and his family. For he has done what was right and just, and has disobeyed an unlawful order from a rogue President that was in violation of the law, the Constitution, and the principles upon which this democracy is based. For a candidate is elected into office according to as the votes cast and counted. And the confirmation of these votes is determined by the counting of the ballets. Let no man think that he has the authority to decree his own desired change to an election tally that does not conform to the verified and reverified results that were counted. For the election results are determined by the counting of the votes, not by speaking what you want them to be, as though you were God, capable of decreeing things into and out of existence.

Donald John Trump has demonstrated himself to be most unworthy in My sight. Hence, he is decreed to descend down into the fiery netherworld, where he shall pay in fiery torment forever for all the crimes he has committed in this life. And let no man think that I do not punish the wicked for their sins. For by My destruction of Donald John Trump’s soul in the sight of all men, I will instill the proper sense of fear that I expect from all My people, so that they will fear Me Who Am, the Lord God Jesus Christ, and give Me the proper glory from this point forwards.

O’ Lord, I have looked upon immorality on the internet. This I confess, O’ Lord. Eric this very night your life shall be demanded of you, and you shall appear before Me, and I shall judge you. Now, let us go through you merits and sins to see how you shall be judged before I take you away.

First, are you in a state of grace, lord Azurite? For you will have no further access to a priest to confess mortal sins. Lord, I feel that I have transgressed, but not mortally. Yes, lord Azurite, you have transgressed, but you are not separated from Me. You have only stretched the limits of your relationship to Hyacinth, your eternal wife.

But Lord, there are no marriages that exist in eternity, except those between the Bride and the Lamb. How can you say Hyacinth is my eternal wife, O’ Lord? That you helped her and did for her as a husband does for his wife, We now regard this as an eternal union between two virgins who never tasted the fruits of their mutual love. For such is the catalyst of an eternal marriage in My Kingdom.

Hence, that you could not marry here, you will be regarded as married in eternity. I Am the Lord. And you will be both given crowns of virginity, which are in fact the most coveted crowns in all of heaven. Go and check on her and come back. And We shall complete this post.

Lord, she is happy and has what she needs. Good, lord Azurite. You know the saying: A happy wife is a happy life. Such is the Truth. And now I shall speak of your future together. We, the elect in heaven have come to the conclusion that your love for this girl is based on her salvation and glorification in Our Kingdom. For that is what you have striven to achieve most and primarily for her in your three and a half year relationship with Hyacinth so far. Hence, you are to her as a pastor is to his flock. And your flock consists of a single ewe lamb. But as it is written: The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones. (Luke 16:10). So also do We deem you worthy of being put in charge of great matters, considering the time, effort, and resources you have put into the effort to bring this ewe lamb to Us and to the Kingdom. And We are pleased at your obedience to Us in all of these things.

Therefore, I Who Am declare this. Tonight, We are taking you to be with Hyacinth in the eternal hereafter. You will no longer remain upon the earth. Your probation here in this world is ended. You have proven your trustworthiness in Our Kingdom. And We are bringing you and your wife to heaven simultaneously at the same moment. For you have no further purpose in remaining on the earth. Amen. Hence, from the beginning of the Age of Mary on Sunday, July 23, 2017, to the day you are to be raptured up, before dawn on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, there shall have been 1270 days. You have served your time on this earth. Now you must come to Us to be judged. And We are most lenient on you, for you were a man of great charity in your life. Well did you put to practice the Book of Tobit in your life as a Catholic. And you taught Tobit to Hyacinth. And she in turn taught it to her students at Church. Well done, lord Larimar. Now, We shall detail your judgement and Our decisions regarding you. For you are coming home to Us tonight. Amen.

Your greatest deed in life, that deed that wins you the greatest reward here in heaven, and the greatest esteem among all your brethren here in Paradise, is that you saved another soul and were instrumental in her salvation. There is no greater reward in heaven than the knowledge that you were directly responsible for the salvation of another soul, and that that soul was saved by you doing Our will. It is an unending and infinite source of joy and gladness to know that someone else is in heaven because of you. And her infinite reward is part of your infinite reward. For you share in the rewards of the one you have saved. She is eternally indebted to you, just as all Mankind who enter heaven are eternally indebted to Me. And heaven is like that, a web of eternal indebtedness, because all who are here are saved because of someone else electing to do the will of God. There is no one here who does not owe his salvation to what someone else did for him. No one. No one gets here because he merited it by himself. Everyone here is here because someone helped him and did something that brought him here. Everyone here has someone to thank for getting him or her here. Amen.

Furthermore, because you loved others in your life, I saved many through their observation of your behavior. You were an example of how to follow Me correctly. And many are those who followed you and your example. Now, tell Us, what man did you most admire in your life. And be honest about it. Truly, it was Jesus, ever since I was a small boy and began to read the Children’s Bible. You are correct. There is no other man in your life that stands out. Now, tell us, and be honest, what woman in your life did you admire most of all? The woman with the greatest impact on my life was the Virgin Mary when she appeared to me in early December, 1996, with her foot on my head to humble my Antichrist pride, and who then answered a question I asked about herself which had been intensely debated between Protestants and Catholics: “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?” And her answer has been written in every Emerald Trove book that I wrote since then. Her thirteen word answer in English is engraved in my soul as the unforgettable Words of Mary to me: “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions.” This question and answer has shaped my life and it drew me to enter the Catholic Church, which I fully entered on Easter Virgil, Saturday, March 30, 2002. Amen.

Then that explains why you are so holy, lord Azurite. The one who, besides Me is the one who was most directly responsible for your salvation was My Mother, the Virgin Mary. For no one on earth led you to Me or to My religion. Rather, you found Me because you followed Me, and I led you and tested your worthiness for My Kingdom. It was I who had you meet the one you would later call Hyacinth on Saturday, October 7, 2017, the 77th day of the Age of Mary. She was intended for you to meet her. For she was one who would be saved through you. That was her predestined fate. And she never gave up on you, but remained with you through all your trials and tribulations together.

Now, it is true that Hyacinth dreamt that she was pregnant with your child. And she is full of fantasies of making out with you. But I allowed for this, for I made it impossible for you and her to get together physically. Hence, I was assured that the two of you would never become physically defiled by your love for one another.

Lord, is Hyacinth’s dream of bearing my child only a fantasy, and nothing more? Rather, lord Azurite, it is a symbol of the Kingdom that you inseminated into her by your preaching to her of My Kingdom and by your leading her to enter into My Catholic Church. She did become pregnant by you, not with an earth child, but with the Kingdom that is now forever growing inside her. You are the father of the Kingdom within her that has now claimed her soul for eternal life. She is saved because of you and through you I saved your wife.

Lord, Hyacinth is called my wife, even though we did not sacramentally marry yet? The sacrament has been made between you and her. It just lacks the official status that a priest would give it in a formal wedding ceremony. But trust Me, you and Hyacinth are husband and wife. And that is why We never permitted you to leave her or abandon her. Nor did We ever allow Hyacinth to leave you. I Who Am have spoken.

But You also say our time is up, that we are both to go to heaven this very night? Is there a chance that dawn will come and We will still both be here upon the earth? Consider this as My sign unto you that I Am taking you and her away from this world this very night. At midnight tonight, the President of the United States of America will be shot. And he will be dead by morning. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, it is now midnight. Let me check the news to see the accuracy of your prophecy. Lord, I do not see any news of any assassination of the President. All I see is an article about Deutsche Bank choosing not do any future business with Trump. That, my friend is an act of the President being shot where it counts. Without his access to Deutsche Bank to borrow money from, which was his most important lender, Trump has now received a gigantic financial mortal wound. And his financial status as a wealthy businessman will be dead by morning. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, O’ Lord, is it possible that, likewise, Sandra and I somehow remain on the earth come dawn tomorrow, only passing away in some sort of metaphorical and spiritual meaning? Lord, however it happens, I do still hope for and believe in Your cures. For You know that I need them. Yes, lord Azurite. We are fully aware of all that you need. In the meantime, you bear your cross. And by faithfully bearing your cross, you see that it bears you. For whosoever faithfully bears his cross follows Me. And whosoever rebels from his cross follows Me not. You, lord Azurite, have followed Me faithfully. And now I will confer upon you a Kingdom.

You have been told that you possess in the hereafter both the volcanic chain of the Hawaiian Islands, and also the country of England on the island of Great Britain. These possessions We have awarded unto you for your holiness and your excellence.

Lord, I was resting and We have just experienced an earthquake, happening at 12:44 AM. Let me look it up and see if it is reported anywhere yet. I don’t yet see any news on it, O’ Lord. Lord, if Hyacinth and I are still here on the earth come dawn, how do You bring us together for marriage? Or do you consider that as a possibility, O’ Lord?

If you are to marry Hyacinth upon the earth, then consider God to be a liar, lord Azurite. For I have sworn unto thee, tonight I Am taking you away. There is no tomorrow for you and Hyacinth upon this earth. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, this will be a most interesting dawn to observe. Amen. Okay, O’ Lord, I have rested. Let us cover some of the rewards that I will receive in the hereafter. I am to possess the state of Hawaii and the country of England. What more shall You reveal about my eternal rewards?

Am I H2O with two virgins, or am I H2 with just one virgin? Do I get a harem of virgins in the hereafter? Or am I eternally bonded to Hyacinth in a binary bond, and am bound to no other in eternity? For what about Saint Bernadette? For she was once said to be bonded to me in eternity. What sayest Thou regarding these matters, O’ Lord? And perhaps You can clear up all misunderstanding, which will be of greater service to my readers than to me. For I am going to You to see all knowledge. But my readers will be most benefitted if You clear up all misunderstandings of such things and clearly say it as it is. So, please answer me, O’ Lord, for the sake of those who will be reading this post. Amen.

Excellent question. I will now give the true answer unto thee, not so much for your sake as for the sake of those who will be reading this. For you are truly coming to Me tonight. And then you will know all Truth. Four virgins are eternally bonded to you, like the molecule of CH4, which is a lighter than air gas. These virgins, in the order of descending precedence, are Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, and Caesar Sandra Nikee (also called Hyacinth and Cassandra). These four virgins are your eternal playmates. They will never leave you for all eternity, lord Azurite. And they are eternally bonded to you by eternal virgin bonds.

Only virgins can enter into such eternal bondages. For the bindings in non-virgins have no eternal nature. The choice to remain a virgin entitles a person to enter into an eternal virgin bond. And the maximum number of female virgins that can be bound to a male virgin are four. This bond to you, lord Azurite, was the nature of the secrets given to Saint Bernadette, which she was told to tell no one, lest it not come to pass. And these bonds are a matter of predestined linkages. Since they exist in eternity, they were formed in eternity, before time began. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this knowledge is very deep. Yes, but realize that you and these virgins are not sensual lovers. You never have sex with them. And in the flesh of the Resurrection, the desire for sex does not exist. Hence, it is as though you have four eternal friendships, bonded to you by eternal virgin bonds. Amen.

Now, what else shall I tell you before I complete this final post on Lord, this will be the 369th extant post on (369 = 3 x 123 = 32 x 41). And 41 is the number that represents the Emerald Player. Amen. Eric, the Holy Virgin Mary wishes to speak through you now. And this will be followed by Saint Bernadette. Amen.

Speak, O’ most beautiful Virgin among women, O’ Mary Mother of God, for your servant is listening. Eric, your purity cannot end and your dignity among My saints is unchallengeable. For you are great among virgin men in my Kingdom. You cannot fall and you cannot fail. You were the secret weapon reserved for the last ends and for the last means of saving the earth. Now We are bringing you in. And with you is coming the virgin who loves you in this world. She has merited to be one of the four bonded to you for all eternity. And she is least of the four. Amen. For highly coveted is it among virgins to be bonded to the Prophet Seer. I have watched you through your life. And I am most proud that you have found me as the most influential woman ever in your life. Now, listen to Saint Bernadette speak and then We shall make closing statements to this post. Amen.

Speak, O’ Bernadette, fairest servant of the Virgin Mary, I am listening to you, my liege lady. Eric, I know that we have not conversed in life. And yet you have honored me above all other women second only to Mary. For to no other woman have you sworn to recognize as your superior. But of me, you have consistently honored as your superior in every book that you have written about me. Now I shall bestow upon you this blessing. Keep it forever. I am your primary bonded virgin. And I am first among the four who are bonded to you forever. Note that this is not a marriage, but a deeper relationship, one that extends into the depths of eternal time. We four virgin women will always be with you throughout all eternity. And we can never stop being with you. And now this post must come to its end. But realize this. I will be the first virgin you see upon your entrance into heaven. I, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, have spoken. And all three of us in heaven are now awaiting your arrival. Come quickly, but in accordance to God’s will, as He has your life come to its rapturous conclusion. And now I let the Lord take over for the rest of this post to make His concluding remarks.

Lord, do I go up to heaven by rapture or by death? And is my body found or seen or unseen? This very hour I Am taking you up to heaven, lord Azurite. You and Hyacinth shall rise as I had Elijah rise at the end of his journey upon the earth. I Am well pleased with you, lord Azurite. And now, one last judgement I will alert you to. And then I will leave you to your thoughts as your time comes to its end. Amen.

You are judged to be similar to one of the Judges in the Biblical Book of Judges. For you served as a similar role in America. But all good things in this world come to an end. And that end has now finally come for you. Amen. You have no further purpose here in America. Your prophetic ministry hereby comes to its effective end. I hereby decommission you as Prophet Seer on the earth. From henceforth, you are Prophet Scribe of My heavenly Kingdom. And I Am most pleased to welcome you to Paradise. Amen. Now read this post thoroughly before you post it. Correct all errors you find in it. And then post it, for it is complete. Amen.

Trump to be removed, Azurite is shown by God

Behold, the sheep hear their Master’s call.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post XCI:
Lord Azurite, I have given you a sign, by which you are to know that your passage into the priesthood shall be quick and easy if you no longer look at girls as beautiful. Now, lord Azurite, speak the sign! The sign is that by dawn, We would see a United States of America no longer under the leadership of the madman Donald John Trump.

Good, lord Azurite, and note that this post shall be brief. For it must be posted by 5:30 AM. I Am the Lord. Okay, O’ Lord, do tell me this. I had a dream last night in which a girl came to me and we conversed. What is the meaning of that dream, O’ Lord? And does it contain any prophetic nature?

Eric, it is not forbidden for my priests to have friends that are women. What is forbidden is that they have romantic relationships. For they are to be celibate and pure and of perfect continence. Keep that in mind.

Lord, my soul is now set on the priesthood. But I will not reject friendships with women, but I also will not enter into any form of romantic relationship. Amen. And O’ Lord, now that I have my hand on the plough, I am not going back to what I have left behind. I will not even look back at it. Amen.

Then, O’ Eric, We have chosen the right man for Our priesthood. For only the one who does not look back at what is left behind is worthy of Our calling. Lord, I have prayed for Mike Pence and his family to be safe, and for him to have the courage to do what is right, and to do that necessary act to remove the madman from power. Indeed, you have heard My sign given unto thee. By dawn today, you will see that the madman is no longer in power. And by that sign, you will know that I Who Am was the One Who promised you a quick and easy entrance into My priesthood, provided that you look no longer on women as beautiful. Amen. And I Am a God Who keeps My promises.

Now, tell Me, lord Azurite, what purpose do you serve in My Kingdom? What dost thou think is thine role in My celestial court? I am to write and record whatsoever Thou utter. Correct, lord Azurite. You are My recorder of My Word. Others will come to you to translate My works to other languages. And you will coordinate closely with them. For My Word through you is to reach the ends of the earth.

Also, that you are given the lands of the Hawaiian Archipelago and the lands of England as your personal awarded regions of your eternal Kingdom, both here and hereafter, is the Truth. We will present you with these lands on the last day.

Note also, your anointment to rule over Gentile Christendom from My throne in Jerusalem is an irreversible decree. Seated on another throne in Jerusalem will sit Lazurite, King over Judaic and Israelite Christendom. And realize that Lazurite, due to his rulership over My original Beloved, is the superior King of the two. Amen.

For My will is that the two of you reign as Kings, brethren in My sight and under Me, ruling the two Kingdoms of Christendom forever. And during the reign of these two Kings, there shall reign a holy pope on the Seat of Peter. And this holy pope shall reunify all My Church and force them all into obedience to the correct standard of what My Catholic Church teaches. The spectacle and scandal where one sees priests and bishops exploring the sacrilegious practice of giving communion to mortal sinners, such as the divorced and remarried, will no longer be seen in My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord!

And all My Church will conform to My Way, which is to condemn all homosexuality in My Church. The homosexual is not rejected or cast out, provided he follow Me. But the homosexual practices will be forbidden. Any priest found committing homosexual acts will be removed from his public role, and if he cannot be made to conform to My religion, he will be defrocked. I Am the Lord.

And with the coming of Pope John XXIV, which is the papal name this new pope shall take, My flock will from that point onwards be correctly led in all My statutes and decrees. And My deacons and priests will preach homilies that lead My flock to correctly follow Me.

This post now comes to its conclusion. Lord Azurite, you are commanded to post it. And realize that what I have promised you shall take place as I promised it. Now publish it, for it is complete. Amen.