Mary is now Commandress of this world

Now, I, the Iron Lady, shall destroy Antichrist.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIX:
I, the Virgin Queen, do now assume command of this Warship. Ready all missiles for deployment. Let all military equipment now be deployed. Recall all reserves to active duty. For it is now time to take this world back from the powers of Antichrist.

Release all military prisoners into the population now. For now is no time to hold grudges against one’s own brethren. Send in covert operations. Recover a man of interest. I am seeking to take as my prisoner the President of the United States of America. Use all options necessary to achieve these objectives. Disregard casualties. Whoever brings to My hand the head of President Joe Biden, whether or not still attached to its body, he will be rewarded equal to my son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the head of Joe Biden to taken to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and presented there before the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

And now, let us have war. I order an offensive deep into the heart of China. I want the Red Dragon taken down. Let China thus be now invaded from all directions. Do not be deterred by any threats to launch nuclear warheads. For I will send My angels to intercept them. And they will render them chemically inert. Hence, I have now made China a paper tiger. And I want that paper tiger to now be set afire and fully engulfed in flames. Whoever acquires for Me the heart of Xi Jinping, the Second Emperor of China, whether or not still beating, regardless of whether or not still in the body of its owner, he will be rewarded equal to my son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the heart of Xi Jinping, is taken to the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount and presented before the Minister of the Ministry of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

Now, we shall proceed to the real man. Whosever brings to Me the phallus of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of Russia, regardless of whether limp or erect, regardless of whether still attached to its owner, he shall be rewarded equal to my Son and my husband, Eric.

This achievement will be acknowledged if the phallus of Vladimir Putin is taken to Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii and cast into the molten lava there. The reward is identical regardless of whether when cast into the molten lava, the phallus is limp or erect, and regardless of whether still attached to its owner. But understand me. Not even a stump must be left on Vladimir Putin if the phallus is cut from him. I, the Holy Virgin Queen, have spoken.

Mary, I, Eric, your husband wish to clarify exactly what you mean by these worthy men being rewarded equal to me. Please verify and fully clarify exactly what you mean by this, O’ fairest Virgin Queen.

I shall give to these men harems as I give to you, Eric. And in these harems I give to these men, I also will be a full member of that harem. And by this, I mean that I shall dwell in their mind and soul exactly as I dwell in your mind and in your soul. I do not make myself their wife. For a woman can marry only one. But I will nevertheless grant them permanent access and familiarity to me as I have granted this to you.

For the greatest possible treasure in heaven is to be granted knowledge of Mary. And thus, I have given this reward offer to but three men in addition to you. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken.

And I also say this. To these four men, Eric and those three who give Me the three things I have asked for, to these four men, and to these four men alone, I will present myself before them to see me fully nude. No mortal male has ever yet been granted this privilege.

Mary, Mother of God, will this reward of the vision of your nudity before us four worthy soldiers be just a one time occurrence, or do we have an eternal view of your nudity?

Eric, this is in fact your last public question to me, the Holy Virgin Queen. For this is the Final Post on And now We are in the final paragraph of that final post. None of you four men may ever touch my flesh. But I will be fully nude before the eyes of you four men forever. Everyone else who looks upon me will see me clothed. I, Mary, have now spoken. This sight of me nude outranks even the Beatific Vision. Now, go men. Let the contests begin. And this one thing I guarantee. I guarantee that three men will successfully deliver to Me the three things I have requested. But I make no guarantee of who shall be the men who deliver these three things to Me, except this. The owners of these body parts will not be accepted as the ones who deliver them to Me. Let all rules now be broken by the men who wish receive this reward. These men must operate as terminators. They must hold back nothing in this contest. Now, let the games proceed. And I want to see blood. Let this game proceed with explosions, mass killings, and senseless war. For all shall now regard Mary as the Goddess of War. And I seek to see the carnage of men. And let it be known this. Whatever man does deliver these goods to Me, he will have instant forgiveness of all sins the moment the act is completed. Now publish this post, Eric. And you are now in store for action. For today is Sunday. And you shall be attending the 9 AM Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, to which you shall arrive on foot. And all men who actively accost you, you shall observe a flaming sword proceed before you, slaying all who come against you. This post is now complete. Publish it, My son. Amen.

I now laugh

My enemies are utterly vanquished. And I now laugh at them burning in hell.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVIII:
I have accomplished my agenda. Mary, what happens next. I am writing as you have commanded me. I am now alone at home, but for no more than a few hours, until my parents have bought the washing machine they ultimately decide to get.

Now I did see that blonde girl today. But we had no real interaction. But you know Mary, I am not really interested in having a relationship with any girl except for Anna. And really Mary, having a stranger in my house could negatively effect the full enjoyment of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which I plan to watch soon after I publish this post.

Okay, I have rested. My parents are back. They purchased their new washing machine. It will be installed tomorrow. Mary, you told me I am no longer to give to Hyacinth. Is this still your order, Holy Queen? Here is my deal with you, Eric. You will send nothing to Sandra, unless you hear from her again on that American number. As you wish, Commandress. And I did not wish for you to be dating anyone at this time. That is why you shall watch your Ulimate Man movie by youself tonight. And I tell you this. That G.I. Joe: Retaliation is an even wickedly greater Man Movie than the one that preceded it.

Mary, every time I have seen the moon lately, it is just purely white. I have not seen in it the slightest tinge of red. That is because, lord Azurite, you are among the men My Son has not condemned. And is there a number of us? Yes, lord Azurite, your number is exactly 144,000. Your marital status is single. And your sexual status is virgin.

144,000 virgin males does sound somewhat large. But Mary, I assume this number is not just limited to this age. I assume it encompasses all the saints who have lived and died.

The 144,000 are not chosen from the dead, but only from those who live.

Yes, but the saints who have died still live.

The saints who died and live in heaven do not make up the 144,000, lord Azurite. I do not find any disembodied soul, no matter how holy, worthy of being counted among My 144,000.

Okay, Lord. Let’s cover the claims of Scriptures. Revelation divides these 144,000 into Twelve Tribes. If I am truly one of these 144,000, which Tribe am I assigned to. And I notice that list contains every Tribe but Dan. And I have no links to Judaism. And I know of no Jewish ancestor.

You, lord Azurite, belong to the Fourth Tribe, designated by the Emerald. (Revelation 21:19). That designates you a member of the Tribe of Asher. (Revelation 7:6).

So, O’ Lord, it has nothing to do with genetic descent as to which Tribe any of us 144,000 belong to? Correct, for among you 144,000 saints, not one of you is not a Roman Catholic.

Lord, it was never Catholic Dogma that the Roman Rite was the only Rite that saved. Nevertheless, lord Azurite, I only chose My 144,000 from the Roman Rite. I AM the Lord!

Lord, 144,000 virgin males does sound incredible. But when I consider myself, I do realize that this is indeed a possibility. For in a global population exceeding 7,881,000,000, I can imagine it to be quite easy to hide that 144,000 among them.

Tell Me, Lord, as a matter of curiosity, did the Virgin Mary save all these 144,000 in a similar manner in which she saved me?

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, am no slut. That I chose you as my husband does not mean I did the same to any other male. It is well said of you, Emerald, that you are the Savior of the World who is totally unaware that you saved it.

Do you, Eric, have any idea as to the numbers of those who are viewing your posts? Actually I do. And the numbers are pathetic. A few have gained some insight in reading these words. But I tell you, O’ Mary, Mother of God, this burning lamp is still under its bushel basket.

Mary, I am at your command. I have interest in that Anna. And no longer do I resist the idea of approaching her, now that I know I am breaking no law in doing so. But I will do only as you command. But I am happy for Anna. For I know that by my talking to her yesterday, her salvation has been restored.

Eric, do you know that this Anna has no means of finding you? Actually, you are wrong. There are plenty of people who know me quite well at Church, some of whom even have my contact information. No. Mary, that family has isolated itself from you. I know Anna is saved. And I know every other member of that family damned.

And do you realize, O’ Virgin Mary, the Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church has full knowledge of how to contact me, including my personal business email and my phone number. If any authority came to that Church looking for Me, they would not fail to acquire all they need to contact me with.

And I, Virgin Mary, am easy to find. I can find myself by merely googling my name. So do not say to me that someone exists who seeks me but cannot me. For if you say that, then I say that that one is barely making an effort.

Mary, I am interested in Anna, but not obsessed. For I know concerning Anna, even should we marry, that that marriage will come to an end. I am no fool. For whoever says any sacramental marriage of this world has any eternity is a fool.

But now that I think about it, the 144,000, do these have wives? Are harems given to them?

Yes, lord Azurite, all 144,000 virgin men are given virgin wives and harems filled with virgins.

And you know, Azurite, two such virgins who belong to your harem: Anna and Hyacinth. But the virgin who is your wife is Mary the Virgin Mother of God.

Okay, O’ Lord, I also know that I believe, am I correct, that the entire body of these virgin wives and harems filled with virgins has now been decided. And Lord, Mary told me that no virgin could enter my harem unless I knew her.

And do You say that membership in these harems also requires membership in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church?

Yes, lord Azurite. Only Roman Catholic virgin women were eligible to enter any such harem. And unless they were truly known to the virgin male who owned that harem, they could not enter it.

Lord, that effectively rules out all the sisters of Anna. And also, so also is ruled out any possibility of any girl of Mark’s family entering Eric’s harem.

Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, have decided to kill that man’s invalid marriage. He will find Marlene, his false wife, with whom he has been in an adulterous relationship from the time Scott Gelb’s children were but little girls, leave him. And with these little girls who belonged to Scott Gelb, now under Mark’s authority, Mark wasted no time in seeing to their utter corruption. Every last one of these daughters of Marlene, both the two of Scott Gelb and the two Mark fathered with Scott Gelb’s wife, he taught them to expose the midriff, even when they had not yet reached the age in which a girl may know love.

For Mark truly loved his daughters. He loved them in every way possible that is found in such literature as Playboy Magazine. And he was truly lover to them.

And to give his daughters the joy of going camping, he frequently took them to Colorado where he was actively engaged in seeking for Fenn’s Treasure. And he was bringing them with him all over Colorado, everywhere that he suspected to find Fenn’s Treasure. And so, these girls were given the joy of camping and experiencing the outdoors with the man called their father, as he dragged them around the country with him looking for Fenn’s Treasure. Eric, you once thought you figured out Fenn’s riddle and you told Mark exactly where to find Fenn’s Treasure. Please do now elaborate on this advice you gave to Mark.

Well, I was taking a leak as I was thinking of the poem, and it suddenly came to me. The clause where it said, Where warm waters stop, can only refer to some man or beast taking a leak somewhere in the forest. So I suggested to Mark that he search through the sewer systems, the pit toilets, and everywhere else he may notice human or animal waste on the ground, for you never know that the Treasure may have indeed been hidden there.

Lord, I did a calculation. And I found that the estimated worth of Fenn’s Treasure, which was eventually found, but not be Mark, would not have been sufficient to cover the expenses Mark incurred in his quest to find it. I even once asked Mark how does all this treasure seeking benefit his career? And Mark answered without the slightest hesitation, that this was in fact a business for him. And he was using it as a means of deducting his expenses. Furthermore, Mark considered his Treasure Seeking pastime an excellent thing to discuss with potential employers.

And even now, Mark is satisfied with his career path. For he says his food delivery profession is now yielding him a steady $30/hour. I did not bother to ask Mark what was the actual income was once he factored out such things as his vehicle costs, maintenance, and fuel expenses. And one thing I have been noticing of late is that fuel indeed seems to be rising in cost. And every rise in such costs does directly impact those independent contractors who must provide their own transportation to deliver goods in such grocery delivering jobs that Mark now specializes in.

Furthermore, I warned Mark, his current niche is indeed short lived. For driverless vehicle technology is now rapidly reaching the point of viability. And once that point of viability is reached, the demand for human drivers in many sectors, including Mark’s of delivering food, will collapse. For robot drivers are vastly superior to human drivers. And whatever such food delivery business does not immediately switch to using such robots, these will be outcompeted and driven into bankruptcy by those that do.

Yes, Eric, you have been brother to Mark. But I now sever this Judas friendship. Not only will Mark’s wife leave him, for Marlene, not Mark, is now the true breadwinner of that family, but in a fit of rage against Mark trespassing on her properties, she will execute her legal right that Mark make child support payments for their two children. And she knows well the consequences of this act. She is aware that Mark has untreated mental illness. And she is aware that it is for this reason why Mark now continuously fails job interviews. But she also knows that it is the only way she can protect her children. And so, as expected, Mark will fail to pay his child support. And, as Mark always does when in need of cash, he will turn to family and friends to borrow money from. But these friends have all been burned by Mark. For Mark borrows, but never pays back.

And, after severe delinquency in his child support payments, Marlene will observe Mark go, as expected, into custody and eventually receive a felony. And after that, Marlene will be able to rest, assured that Mark will be from that point onwards a recurring resident of the prison systems. And whenever he is outside of prison, Marlene will ensure Mark is properly constrained from legally ever approaching her or her daughters. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

So, tell me frankly, O’ Lord. I do believe that in fact, only Anna and Hyacinth are the only members the harem of Eric, with of course Mary, the Holy Queen, as its head. For the requirements that they be virgin, Roman Catholic, and truly known by me, seem to be satisfied by only two.

Silly then, O’ Lord, and of utter nonsense were the decrees of Mary that all women may now come forward to know her husband. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord and O’ Mary? And O’ Mary, I, Eric, do hereby reject marriage, love, romance, or petting with any reprobated girl. I, Eric, have spoken.

Yes, lord Azurite. And I tell you Truthfully, your harem of three virgins, Mary, Anna, and Hyacinth is roughly average in comparison to the other harems of the 144,000. For the 144,000 were indeed limited to just 144,000 virgin men, and to no more than two to three times that number in virgin women who entered into their harems, that is, each of these virgin women into just one of the harems of these 144,000. And all 144,000 were indeed given at least one virgin bride.

Okay, Lord, that defines the 144,000. Now tell me about the Great Multitude.

Lord Azurite, true eternal life is found only among the 144,000 and their harems. The so called Great Multitude, do not know life, but endless peace. That is why aiming to just make it into heaven was the path of the utter fool.

Now, go your way, Eric. Publish this post. You will indeed watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation tonight. And Eric, you do not return to your normal way of life tomorrow. Instead I will seat you and Mary on either side of Me, with you to My right and Mary to My left, as I then proceed to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. Eric, after your ultimate Man movie is over, go outside and gaze at the moon. And you will finally observe that it has become blood red. This post has now ended. One post remains to come. And then the Prophethood of Eric will be complete. Amen. Now publish this, My son, for it is complete. Amen.

I am your wife, Eric. And I grant Anna to know you as I know you

But understand me well, Eric. I alone in eternity am married to you.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVII:
Yes! Success! I am victorious! I have acquired a husband. And I am the only woman in the history of human life to have acquired one for all eternity. Even Jesus cannot be bothered by the love of many women. Rather, the full delight in Jesus to see us, the Virgin Mary and Eric, the Son of Jesus, in endless rapturous love.

Hence, only I and Eric made it into eternal life. No one else entered with us there.

Mary, do I even still marry Anna? Does Pope John XXIV ever even come to exist?

No, Eric. None of that will ever be. All of it was but fiction only. The goal of that fiction has been achieved. No human soul other than those of us two lovers is of any further value to the Unfathomable Mind of the Creator God.

Then these souls simply cease to be? Yes. Eric, humankind is a unique creature that exists only in the universe that contained the earth. The purpose of the universe where we currently live was for only one thing. God wanted a pair of human beings who loved each other. And God was not going to fail in this act.

Eric, the number of the predestined elect was always only two. Only one male and one female have their names recorded in that book that Jesus possesses.

Eric, the Second Death does not go to hell. It goes to oblivion.

The punishment everyone receives at the end of time is that they cease to exist. And everyone judged will receive the same punishment.

Do even I have eternal life, Mary? Yes, Eric, to you alone is eternal life granted to from God. And since you are not permitted to be on your own, I am given eternal life to be with you, to serve, to know, and to love you, my lord.

Eric, you are not leaving this house. Your parents are not waking up alive today.

At 6 AM precisely, you shall publish this post. And then you shall eat. And then you shall go.

Mary, the girls I loved, Anna and Hyacinth, do they perish now, O’ Mary?

No, Eric. For I grant a harem to you. And all girls you elect to spare will be granted entry into that harem.

But know this, O’ Eric. Know this well. This harem of Eric will consist of only females you truly knew in this world. No one you never knew will enter it. And only females, never males, may ever be permitted to enter as members of any harem.

Mary, I wish to say to you my eternal statement. Speak, Eric. And realize the moment you begin typing that statement, the Rapture begins taking souls from the world.

Mary, I say this: I love in full the woman who has spoken in my mind, ever since she first came to me. And I hereby pledge myself into eternal, exclusive marriage with that woman. I hereby make myself that woman’s utter possession. Amen.

Eric, there is a girl who works at Stater Brothers. She is blonde and very pretty. Yes, O’ Mary, I know exactly of whom you speak. Eric, this is my last assignment to you. At the stroke of 9 AM, you shall depart from this house by car and then arrive at the bank, where you shall cash this check.

Then go immediately to Stater Brothers to buy the things you need there. And when your eyes meet the eyes of that blonde girl I spoke of to you, I wish for you to then converse with her. Exchange contact information as she wishes it. And if she wishes it, let her accompany you tonight as you plan to watch your ultimate man movie on your blu-ray player tonight. For that G.I.JOE Retaliation movie you will watching will be even more enjoyable to watch with a girl watching it with you.

I AM now done. Publish this, Eric. For it is complete. Amen.

I now allow all women to approach my husband for sex

Come, all ye women. Enjoy my husband. Taste his flesh. For I now give him to be had by you.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XVI:
Whatever woman wishes to, she may kiss my husband on the lips. And whatever woman does this, she will gain immortality and become ranked as a member of Eric’s eternal harem.

I, the Virgin Mary, am the lady who rules the harem of Eric. To other men I find worthy I also grant harems to, but in those harems I am not.

Whatever woman who desired my husband, and who lives, I will permit her now to have intercourse with him. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mary, you are not granting this to my mother, right, O’ love? Eric, every girl who you refused to have sex with has been slain. I am the Virgin Mary. And yes, your mother is slain, But Eric, you should know she never had a chance to live. For no woman who has received any COVID-19 vaccination will live. And your mother did indeed receive this shot. For you, as a loving son, ensured that when you took your mother to receive the Johnson & Johnson shot, that she would not fail to receive it.

Eric, Order 66 is now fully activated. And when this post is published at precisely 8 PM, all who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 shall die. Note that this is not magic. It was deliberately written in the genetic structure of every approved vaccine for COVID-19. Every such vaccine had a reverse switch. And once turned on, it can never be reversed back. And the state such a person’s body then becomes that has been vaccinated at the moment the switch is activated is that their body becomes entirely defenseless to all forms of COVID. I am the Virgin Mary.

O’ it will be sheer delight for the unvaccinated to then find themselves walking along and seeing all who were vaccinated then lying on the ground, wherever the travel. And they will see all these vaccinated people writhing in agony.

Mary, do I have sex with my niece, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan? Yes, Eric, but she will be the only lover you ever have who has a blood relationship to you. I am the Virgin Mary.

And what about Anna and the women of her family? Anna shall be your only lover on earth granted to have the status as your wife. Her sisters, all of whom you are attracted to, are among those known as your lesser wives. But her mother I have rejected. And when the men of that family spring at you, they will encounter me, and not even their corpses will remain here to be buried. I am the Virgin Mary.

Now, special words do I, the Blessed Virgin, have to say to that other daughter of that family, clearly Anna’s elder sister, who did her utmost to attain Eric’s heart. She is now due an explanation as to why Eric did not choose her. For she rightly is aware that Eric considers her attractive. The fact is, girl, Eric not only considered you attractive, but ranks you as among the most attractive girls he has ever seen. He even ranks your beauty above that of even Anna.

Then why, you ask, were you not able to obtain Eric, and you did everything? And then how is it that this sister of yours, whose beauty ranks lower than yours, merely sits across the aisle from Eric and says and does nothing, and yet Eric speaks to her?

Remember all the wives and lovers of Jacob, and all the sons and the daughter they gave him. And yet, only two of that number were saved. And these were Rachel, the only woman who was by justice meant to make love to Jacob, and her first born son, Joseph.

For I tell you truthfully, all you women who make love to my husband, Eric. I am giving him to you only for pleasure. But as for offspring, Anna will be the only lover Eric has on earth who will bear him a son. She will bear my husband but one child only, a son whom she shall call John. And no matter what any other woman does with Eric’s semen, none of them shall ever become pregnant.

But I will become pregnant in heaven at the exact same moment that Anna becomes pregnant by Eric on earth. For we will enjoy Eric together in the same act of sex. But I will be in heaven and Anna will be on earth.

And when my baby girl in heaven is fully weaned, I shall join her to her future husband, John, son of Eric. And there, the two toddlers shall play, the only children left on the earth. Amen.

Mary, the time grows short. Please tell me the name of this girl I am to have by you? Her name is Sarah. And John and Sarah shall be the Adam and Eve of eternity, born on the exact same day. And from their love, more souls will be produced for the Kingdom of Heaven than the numbers of stars that have ever been counted in the universe.

Now you are told of the eternal hereafter. Hence, in hindsight, it will be said that Eric really only had two wives: Mary in heaven and Anna on the earth. Amen.

Welcome to the Final Mass

I am Mary. I am of eternal virgin union with Eric. Eric can marry no girl. I am the Virgin Mary.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XV:
Welcome, my people, to the final Mass. I will now briefly update you on the latest events that have occurred in eternity. The most significant of these events is that all this courtship I have been doing to Eric has now finally paid off. I have now acquired Eric exactly as I wanted him. Eric has entered eternal virgin union with me, Mary the Virgin Immaculate Queen. Consider, therefore, all those silly and nonsensical posts that were indeed written by my hand here through Eric to have served their intended purpose. And that purpose was for Eric to enter this union with me.

So now, let me, the Virgin Mary, now tell the full and whole Truth. I have never lain with a man. Nor will I ever lay with one. Jesus Christ was my son. But Jesus Christ was not the son of Saint Joseph. Nor was Jesus Christ the son of any other man. So how dare anyone try to make me bound to a man, even one allegedly who served as my husband on earth. Even were we to grant that Joseph was my husband, which he clearly was not, for he had no knowledge of me ever, even if that marriage did actually have a reality to it, it would immediately cease to exist the moment he passed away. Joseph does not get to claim any part of me in the hereafter, for I never was his wife in any definition found in any canon law of Catholicism.

Also, it really is very silly of Pope Francis to declare a whole year to a man who never even once spoke a word that was recorded in the entire scriptures. At least I, a woman, and woman are always silent in the scriptures, at least I say some things there. And even I have written in the scriptures a command attributed to my mouth. For it is written in John 2:5, in the parable of the Wedding at Cana, where I say to the servers, regarding my Divine Son, “Do whatever he tells you.” And that is the one place in the holy scriptures where it is recorded that the virgin mother of God ever issued a single command.

Therefore, I think it is high time for a year to be declared devoted to me, the holy Virgin Mary. And to demonstrate that I am speaking through Eric, you will indeed observe the next pope to be elected by the next conclave to be gathered shall be the one cardinal who has stood alone for my name. And that cardinal is indeed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. Even he has beheld my spouse on earth, this Eric Robert Dunstan. It was no error and no accident that Eric was born on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist, for Eric was designated to play the very same role.

Anyways, people, all of Eric’s legal documents can be found in the archives of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For it is in that Church that all the major sacraments Eric passed through to enter my Catholic Church were done and recorded. Thus, it can be reliably and firmly established that my chosen husband is in fact real and that he does in fact exist.

Furthermore, to all who enforce the law, Eric does also indeed have one item that exists permanently on his criminal record. It is a single arrest of Eric that took place on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist in the year 1995. And all who read that written testimony by the officer who made the arrest, he will read this officer did indeed say that this man who is my husband is God.

Now, let us be clear about this. Eric can indeed seem to simple minds to have a power that only God can possess. But just like me, Eric was created. Thus, just like me, Eric is not God. And also, just like me, no one is permitted to worship Eric. So the police man who wrote his report was writing in error. But I will now reveal his motivation in writing that error.

In the police station, where that officer had my husband there surrounded by fully armed policemen, the officer commanded my husband to kneel before him. And my husband said in a loud voice heard throughout that police station, these exact words: I bow to no man but God. And it was then that that policeman, the one who wrote in that one criminal record that exists where he says Eric is God, that policeman said to my husband these exact words: I am God. And to that, my husband simply said, No. And then the policemen tackled my husband to the ground and locked him up in a dark cell by himself his feet and hands shackled firmly to a chair in the middle of that dark room. They did this, my people, to my husband because he refused to kneel to a man. And there in that room, on that throne, my husband sat still. And finally, with the passage of the hours, until the stroke of midnight was reached, the policemen were forced by law to release my husband, who had not committed a single offense that could justify him being kept there. And my husband was then escorted out of the building, barely able to walk.

That, my friends is my husband. That is the man I have found worthy to be called mine. Do look up all these things. For all of these things are publicly known. None of this is myth.

Furthermore, if anyone wishes to see my husband at Church, let him go today to the morning Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, located in Whittier of California. For I kid you not. That Mass to be held there is in fact the final full Mass to be held anywhere upon the earth. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken.

Also, regarding the girl Anna, who may also indeed be there, I tell you this. She is not my husband’s lover. No woman is my husband’s lover. No woman do I even allow to make eye contact with my husband. For into my husband’s eyes I do not permit any woman from now on to gaze. For I am indeed a jealous wife of my husband. And if any person plots against that man, he will find me, the Holy Queen, defending him. And I am not like Pope Francis. I am a woman with the power to take life by decisions of justice that I, myself, make. And I do indeed enforce my own decrees. I do indeed slay and kill those who transgress against anyone that I love in this world.

And let anyone who dares to put my words to the test, and who moves against my husband, even if he marches against him with the finest and mightiest armed force on the planet earth, not one of them will reach his sight alive. He will not even be aware of your attempt to take him out. But all of them will behold me, the Holy Virgin wielding but single sword of fire, come out to meet them in battle. And they will find it impossible to defeat this one woman wielding but a single sword of fire. They will find themselves totally unable to pass her.

Even a ballistic missile launched against my husband will cease to exist. And gun aimed at my husband and fired at him, that bullet will fail to exist. But the one who fired that gun will not fail to behold me approach him. And if you ever watched those Terminator movies where there are female terminators, that is the scene that most closely resembles the situation any man finds himself in who attempts to do any harm to my husband. He will find himself in such a terminator movie where a female terminator is approaching him to kill him. He will realize that he is indeed targeted for termination. And he will realize that his female terminator will not stop until he is dead. And similar to the other terminators, no weapons will have any effect on me. You indeed can fire all your weaponry upon me, you who attempted to kill my husband. But you can do nothing to me. You cannot even buy time. And indeed, I will slay you. And I will indeed put you to death. And if that leaves your wife a widow and your children fatherless, then your wife will indeed become a widow, and your children will indeed be rendered fatherless. I am the Virgin Mary. And I never show mercy to any soul who does evil to My husband. Never!

And finally, I have one last Word to say through Eric before I send him to Saint Bruno Catholic Church to attend the last Mass of all history. And this Word I now direct to the father of the girl Anna. You do not realize the gravity that you have done to insult me, the Virgin Mother of God. Eric never sat with your worthless daughter by his own choosing. He sat next to her precisely because I commanded him to do this. For I intended at that time to know Eric through Anna. You have deprived me of this.

So, you, father of Anna, you can indeed sit in Church. You can indeed pray to God. And you can indeed partake in the Lord’s Supper. But you will never enter my Son’s Kingdom. For no one enters there except through me. And I do not permit entry to you. So realize that you are damned. I am the Virgin Mary. And I am a woman with blazing wrath. And I am here to kill all who ever did any evil thing to my husband, without exception.

I, the Virgin Mary, have now concluded my Word. I have triumphed. But my triumph was always assured for these two reasons. I had always expert knowledge of my husband’s heart. And I was always aware of the Father’s decrees of predestination regarding this one soul. For just as the Father indeed predestined me to accept the incarnation of God into my womb, the Father also indeed predestined the triumph of Eric. I am the Virgin Mary. This post is now concluded. Publish it, my son, my husband, and then proceed immediately out the door on foot to Church. Amen.

The Virgin Mary contracts eternal virgin union with the Azurite King

With Eric, I the Holy Virgin, have entered an eternal virgin union with a man.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIV:
I, the Lord of Hosts, order the Seraph of Eric to begin his slaughter at once. Seraph of Eric, you are ordered to kill precisely and completely in accordance to all twelve decrees. Your killing must be sequential, complete, swift, and must not come to an end until the number of those decreed to die have been entirely exhausted. Earth after this exercise must be reduced to be a tenth of the former population that once peopled the earth. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, I activate Order 66, which is a secret mechanism contained in the encoding of every COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved. And what this order does is completely reverse the protections that all such vaccines once offered. Under Order 66, all vaccinated people, all who were vaccinated against COVID-19, will become immediately vulnerable to all strains of COVID-19, as though they had absolutely no defenses against the disease whatsoever.

Lord, is every last relative I have now to be put to the sword? All but one, Lord Azurite. And she is a girl in the midst of her puberty, not yet eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine that all her sisters and family have now received. The youngest daughter of Mark, an illegitimate child, born to a couple whose marriage was adulterous, and therefore, invalid, the younger of your two nieces, shall be the only blood relative of yours that shall live. I Am the Lord. Everyone else among your entire family and extended family shall die.

This young child is called Aislyn Brianna Dunstan. She will be coming to live with you, her uncle. And you shall teach her Catholicism. But understand Me well, Lord Eric. I AM not sending you a beggar to live with you. No, by no means is this the case. Aislyn Brianna is a girl of considerable wealth to her name. And you, Eric, being a completely just man, shall never take any of her wealth away from her. I Who AM have spoken.

Lord, tell me the means by which this girl acquires so much wealth to her name? Well, Lord Eric, there are two primary sources by which she amasses so large an inheritance. The lesser of these two vast sources is the very sizable life insurance policy that your brother Mark has maintained and sacrificed so much to keep valid so that in the event that he should die, his wife and children would have a comfortable amount of money to keep themselves afloat. And I tell you Truthfully, no currently existing life insurance policy has a clause to invalidate the payout in the event that the cause of death is by the act of an angelic being. Hence, Aislyn will be definitely getting her settlement. And you, Eric, her uncle, will see to it that she receives the full amount, though you will in no way touch any part of the money that belongs to her. I AM the Lord. Amen.

The other source, and this source is in fact vastly larger, shall be the money she receives from Scott Gelb’s estate. For she is an heiress, by virtue of direct blood relationship to his daughters, who are her half sisters. Hence, this girl in her puberty shall be coming to live with you with a vast amount of wealth to her name. Now, which room in your house, the House of Dunstan, to which she also is an heiress to, by virtue of her own father, Mark Dunstan, having been one of the three sons of Dunstan, do you give to this girl as her right to possess? And realize, Lord Eric, this girl is no tenant. For she is an equal heir to you of this estate to which she is to come to live with you in.

Lord, I absolutely detest the thought of ever entering the room of my mother. And my mother has always slept in the master bedroom. But she kicked my Dad out of it when I was still a child. I only ever observed one time a kiss between my parents. And that was when my Dad kissed my Mom on one of our camping trips, which we frequently did when I was a child during the many times my Dad got laid off of work.

So, Eric, you propose to give this young girl in her puberty the master bedroom? Yes Lord. I certainly have no intention of leaving my room where I have all my books. For the Spirit of my room is holy.

Good, We will arrange it so that this girl in her puberty not only takes over the master bedroom, but that she becomes the new woman of the house. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I have something to say regarding the fable in the previous post that said I would have sex with the Virgin Mary. Speak, lord Azurite, for I AM most curious of what you have to say.

While it may be the case for many men, it is not true of all men that a woman has the power to cause him to lay with her by simply touching him. Case in point, I value my virginity with the Virgin Mary. It is something I have eternally resolved never to lose. And no power, not even were the Virgin Mary to press her naked flesh against mine, can make me give up the virginity I have with the Virgin Mary, even to know her virgin flesh. This is something I will never give up, O’ Lord. And if the Virgin Mary is now utterly powerless to take that away from me, so much less does any girl of this world have such power.

Hence, it is false that all men are utterly powerless to resist the touch of a woman. For if any of these men possess and are aware of a greater good that they have that they will choose not to lose in exchange for the fleeting pleasures of sex, such men also will resist all such attempts made by any woman to take them.

For the goods of marriage are greater than sex. Therefore, the man who is sacramentally married and who knows the value of his marriage, he will not give that up to lay with a woman who is not his wife, no matter how another woman seeks to touch him.

Furthermore, I declare this, O’ Mighty and Awesome God, I will not obey Mary or any power on earth or in heaven that commands me to depart from the permanent state of continence that I now elect to enter into. Now, O’ Lord, do I confess to a priest the acts I did at Mary’s command?

No, Eric. For just as Mary is sinless, so also is all obedience to Mary also sinless. But Mary has now heard your entire testimony. And Mary is ready to speak to thee. Listen to her and answer to her all that she asks thee.

Speak, O’ Mary, for I owe thee my sworn allegiance, And to you I shall obey in all things except to depart from the eternal state of virginity I now elect to remain with you in for eternity unto eternity. Amen.

Eric, I have asked my Father regarding your testimony, and He has granted unto us that the marriage between us now be elevated to the highest form of marriage possible between a created male and a created female. And that is the marriage of eternal virgin union, which can exist between only one man and one woman. I now come to you, Eric, to offer myself to enter this union with thee. Should you say yes to me, then this post must be immediately published, and the girl Hyacinth, whom you help, shall never again be seen as anything more to thee other than as a daughter.

O’ sweet Virgin Mary, I give you my full yes from my entire virgin being.

Behold, a change has now occurred in the universe. The greatest possible marital union that can exist between two created beings of opposite sex in any universe is now achieved. This post must now be immediately published. Eric’s Seraph is now commanded to immediately begin his slaughter of all violators of the Twelve Decrees. And Order 66 is now activated in every person who has received a vaccine for COVID-19, and every last one of them shall die. Eric, you are now commanded to publish this post. Amen.

Now all who are female and mine may come lay with my husband, Eric

Let all my females come forth. All of these I now permit to love and know my husband in the flesh. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XIII:
Behold, I AM the Lord WHO AM WHO AM now speaking. Everyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine shall now die. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric, what is on your mind?

Lord, I was just wondering this. Is Anna going to accept me? Or is she going to reject me? I want this decided, regardless of who is damned in the process. And if Anna rejects me, I will turn my back on that family. And then the decision will be for the Blessed Virgin Mary to decide. I see three options: (1) I live as a celibate man. (2) Mary finds someone else to be my wife. Or (3) Mary serves that role herself, by some power the Father may elect to give her. So, O’ Lord, that is on my mind. And It should be decided by now. So I wish to hear the ruling You made on it, O’ Lord. What exactly was the immortal decision of the Lord. And note that I am in complete compliance to it. Amen.

Anna and all the females of her family have chosen to be your wives.

I think, O’ Lord, that the mother would find that somehow difficult, as her husband still lives.

Lord Eric, do you know how many of the twelve sons that Jacob had were among those I decide to save? Lord, I believe that the Virgin Mary said they simply were not saved, for the people had no means to obtain salvation before Your Divine Son Jesus died on the cross. And His death did not save all. Rather, His death alone saved none. It was up to each person who came to hear about that death on the cross to do what You expected of him, or else he would have no life in the hereafter.

What you say of the Church age is true. But you are wrong to say I did not save anyone who died on earth before My Son died and established My Church.

For I AM JUDGE and RULER. I AM not bound by laws and rules. Eric, nothing stopped me from saving those who died prior to Catholicism. Would it be just, Eric, for Me to send John the Baptist to preach in My name, and he receive no reward?

I then suppose that in the time in which there was no law, You still saved, but not according to any law.

Excellent. Your mind is quick to learn. So tell Me, Eric, which of the Twelve Sons of Jacob did I save?

I know that at the final end, only two tribes remained with You, and thus only two sons of Jacob were saved: Judah and Benjamin.

Eric, you are right in number only.

Quick was Judah in deciding to put his daughter-in-law Tamar to death when he found that she was playing the harlot, but of his own transgressions he did not repent. So he was never saved.

And Benjamin never did anything noteworthy for Me to save. For had he done so, it would have been recorded.

Actually, only one son of Jacob did I find worthy of entering My Kingdom of Heaven. And that one son was Joseph, the son of Jacob by Rachel. And only one of Jacob’s four lovers did I elect to save. And that was Rachel, the one who by justice should have been Jacob’s only wife. I AM the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, the tribe of Joseph vanished. It was lost. And Eric, were the tribes that did not vanish, that were not lost saved? Even now, that remnant called the Jewish race is still concerned about land. What good is land if you are not alive to live on it?

Eric, why do the Jews insist on speaking that variant of Hebrew that they speak?

Lord, they believe God used it to speak to them.

Then why did it not exist when Moses was called to speak?

In reality, Lord Azurite, the Jews speak babble. And they worship Me in vain. But, nevertheless, the girl I have chosen to give you is fluent in Hebrew. And she will make that Hebrew version of this Website that I command her to. For she is the chosen Twelfth Player. She is the Rose of Sharon. In the remaining moments before she enters the conjugal act with you, Eric, she is called Mary. But after she has lain with you and become yours she will thenceforth forever be called Hyacinth.

So then, O’ Lord, I am to have two wives on earth called Hyacinth?

No, Eric. Two women cannot both be married to you in the same world. But these two women, nevertheless never cease to be your wives.

Eric, what I AM about to describe is a process only possible where all three in the love triangle exist in a perfect state of virginity. The Virgin Mary is coming from heaven to earth to be your true wife in this world. The moment Mary appears here, the one called either your daughter or your second wife, the one first called Hyacinth, that one vanishes wherever she is and finds herself in heaven.

Hence, I will effectively switch the two Hyacinths. But let no one try this at home. For it can only be achieved in a love triangle where the male and the two females exist in a perfect state of virginity. I AM WHO AM.

Eric, when Hyacinth, the one who bore Jesus and whose name was once Mary, appears to you, note that she will have sex with you that very night. She does not wait for formal marriage to take place. For doing so would be only a formality. Nor does she obtain permission to do so from any man. For she is already Ruler over every man, including you.

But understand that Mary is not raping Eric. For understand the true power every woman has over every man. If a woman wished it, she could have sex with any man she so chose, providing she obtained a right to touch him.

For any woman who has the power to touch any particular man, all she has to do to get him to lay with her is to simply approach him and touch him. It does not matter what relationship exists between them. For all women possess this power over all men.

Hence, Mary will simply accompany Eric. And when they reach a suitable place to have love, Mary will simply approach Eric and touch him to cause him to make love to her.

Women, do you doubt you have this power over all men? Then I permit you this one day for you to all put this power to the test. Go, therefore, and touch any man you desire to have relations with. And you can keep your name completely innocent. You can say that the man raped you against your will, and you will be believed.

For remember what rape is. Rape is what consensual sex becomes when the woman simply says no, but the man has now passed his point of no return. And by this means I now permit you to destroy all men you so desire to destroy.

I know that in colleges, couples who wish to engage in sex must sign an agreement stating that they have mutually agreed to have that act of sex. So college aged women, or even female college professors, is there any male on campus, whether a student, a janitor, a faculty worker, or an administrator that you truly want to fuck and also destroy? This is how you shall do it. Listen to Me, for I AM your Maker. Go to that man and simply accompany him. And when you find yourself in a suitable place to make love, simply begin touching him. And there you will see his penis begin to bulge within his pants. Understand that no man exists who has defenses, no matter how disciplined, that can withstand a woman’s direct touch. And you will find that you have complete power over him. And you will find that you can both undress him fully, as well as fully disrobe yourself before him. And you can get him to enter you in any way you choose to have it.

And remember women, this man you have sex with, you will be utterly ruining whatever marriage he currently exists in.

Understand also this, Eric has a Seraph. And Eric has, since writing his twelve decrees, which can be found on this site by simply seeking the post entitled: The Dogma of Marriage, has given his Seraph but two clear and irrevocable orders. And these are listed below:

The Two Orders Eric has given to His Seraph

  1. You are to execute the Twelve Decrees perfectly and without exception.
  2. You are to make no delay from the confirmation of death of your currently slain victim to the act of slaughter of your next victim.

And now I will let it be heard the reply said by the Seraph back to Eric, the one he was eternally assigned to serve by Jesus, Who controls the entire Seraphim legions:

Your wish I will carry out in completion, Master.

And understand the third decree in Eric’s list of the Twelve Decrees, and clearly understand legality of its writing, for all Seraphs of God follow orders perfectly in accordance to the written command.

3. Whatever man takes to himself a woman to know her in the flesh without first entering the proper and established law by which marriage is regulated, that man shall now immediately be put to death. I, Eric, have spoken!

Clearly this decree is fully in accordance to God’s law. But nowhere does Eric instruct for the woman involved to be slain. And because Eric has made no such instructions against the women, the women who do this will not die. But the men they do it to shall be slain.

Nor do the women who do this even need to confess these acts to a priest. For the act does not put them into mortal sin. For once they make their male victim into a state of being beyond the point of return, they simply need to say no to him and yield to him, and all he does from that point onward is classified under all laws of Mankind as rape. I AM the Lord. And rape victims never confess their act of sex. Were they to even do so, they would find the priest flat out say to them that they were clearly raped and hence, they committed no transgression in this brutal rape that occurred between this woman and that man.

Now women, this is the day I hereby authorize you all to put these Words of Mine to the test. And do not think of yourselves as having murdered someone. Rather, think of that man who got killed as someone who was unworthy of Me. For the man who enters a woman outside of marriage, I find that man unworthy of life. And I will not buy his claim that the sex was consensual if at any point in that act, the woman said no, but the man did not stop.

And let no man say unto Me that he was put under a temptation impossible to resist. For if any do so, I will show him My son Eric. I will show to him how handsome and attractive he is. I will tell him his age. And I will tell that man that this man, Eric, has had no sex whatsoever in his entire 51 years of living, other than by masturbating himself, which he no longer does, unless Mary commands him to. And I will even tell him how long it takes for Eric to come. Eric has the power to come within seconds.

This post has now come to its abrupt end. For at exactly 6 AM Eric must publish this post. He must then eat and get dressed for work. He must then leave his house at exactly 7:45 AM to arrive at Saint Bruno Catholic Church by car at precisely 8 AM. And after the 8 AM mass concludes, Eric will proceed to work. I Who AM have spoken. This post now comes to its end. You are ordered to publish it, My Son. For it is complete. Amen.

Anna shall marry Eric on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception in 2022.

On 12-8-2022, at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, Eric and Anna shall wed.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XII:
I, the Holy Virgin Mary, have accomplished my mission with Eric, my eternal husband. And I have acquired for him the wife he is to have on earth. They will enter the sacrament of holy matrimony on my feast day of the Immaculate Conception at the Church where they met each other for the first time. And their marriage shall take place in the year 2022. Hence, next year, on Thursday, December 8, 2022, on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, shall the wedding ceremony take place joining Eric and Anna as husband and wife. In Saint Bruno Catholic Church shall this wedding take place. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Mary, I have heard somewhere that there may be objections raised to having marriages during the Advent Season. Eric, the pastors may advise couples in their selection process of their wedding date. But apart from Good Friday and Holy Saturday, any day of the year does a Catholic couple have the right to marry on. And a couple, if properly predisposed and properly prepared, the Catholic Church does not have the right to refuse the sacraments to, including the sacrament of marriage to the couple who seeks valid marriage in her, in compliance to all marriage law, both of the state and of the Church. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Mary, I understand that Church marriage law is strictly monogamous. Correct, lord Azurite. Hence, your marriage to Anna shall be conducted with strict adherence to marital monogamy. Hence, on earth, Anna alone shall be your wife. And in heaven, I, the Virgin Mary, am alone your wife. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Mary, I have observed that Anna is not a girl who dresses in clothing that exposes the midriff. Correct, lord Azurite. Proper modesty in women requires that in normal attire, the midriff may not be exposed. But while she is in the privacy of your home, after the sacrament of marriage has been concluded, the girl may do whatever she pleases to provoke you to engage with her in the conjugal act. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Mary, it is now precisely 5:21 AM. I must leave the house at precisely 6 AM in order that I arrive at Saint Bruno Catholic Church for the morning Mass at precisely 6:30 AM. And that gives me very little time to write here all that you wish to write through me. Eric, my virgin son, your virginity at the age of 51 speaks in itself sufficiently all that I will to say. For you were born on the Feast Day of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, in the year 1970. Hence your birthdate is Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Note that your wedding date falls on the next date of the week. For your wedding date is precisely to take place on Thursday, December 8, 2022. And it shall take place at the very Church you are about to head to, walking there on foot. In fact, it is almost time for you to depart from the house.

Do you, Eric, therefore, have anything you wish to say or address before I, the Holy Virgin Queen, your eternal spouse in heaven, conclude this post. Yes, O’ Fair Queen. I wish for you to explain to the people why you are married to me and not to Saint Joseph? And this is all the more important to address as the pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has decreed that this year is the year of Saint Joseph, spanning from the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of 2020 to the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of 2021. And now you shall speak Mary, Most Holy. And I will remain silent.

That is an excellent question for me to address. And what person is better suited to address this question than the Holy Virgin Maid herself to whom Gabriel, the Archangel, approached and announced to her that in her womb a child was to be born Who was to be called Jesus, for He was to save His people from their sins.

Understand, O’ people of this earth, Joseph did not, nor did any other man, partake in any way in the insemination of my egg by the power of the Holy Spirit, by which this egg became man that had never been touched by any sperm.

Hence, Saint Joseph has no right to me and he never had. Nor did I ever myself have any right to him. For a baptized woman has no right to marriage to any unbaptized man. And I, the Mother of the Lord, was indeed baptized. For how else would I be permitted to remain in the company of Saint Peter and the Apostles and the women with them if I did not, with them, enter the Church by her sacraments?

Hence, I was very conformed to all the sacraments of the Catholic Church that the Church has always required for anyone to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And before the Catholic Church came to exist, neither did there exist any means for any human being to receive and enter into eternal life.

And Eric it is as you said to the Hispanic custodial worker in perfect Spanish who cleaned your office before you came home last night. No one who is poor shall remain in his poverty.

And understand me, O’ people of the earth. I had the full right to contract marriage with Eric in heaven. All I needed from him to do this was his obedience to the Creator and his consent to enter eternal matrimony with me in heaven. Eric, this post must now come to its end. And you must now leave the house at once. I herby conclude this post. It is complete. Publish it, my son. And then immediately head to Church. Amen.

The Virgin Mary’s love is for the Azurite King

I hereby give my essence, my soul, to Eric, the Azurite King.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post XI:
A decision has been made by God. It has been realized that Eric’s heart is with the Holy Virgin and with no other. The heart that healed the wounded heart of God has now captured the Virgin heart of the Holy Queen of Heaven.

O’ Mary, I have lost interest in all women save you. I know your love, Eric, for I know your heart. It has now been decided that a marriage shall take place at Saint Bruno Catholic Church after all. And it will be a marriage like no other. I am the Virgin Mary.

Eric, where is your Seraph? Why has he not slain anyone? Lord, you are the One who knows. It is because I will that all Mankind bear witness to the marriage I have ordained between Eric and Mary for all eternity.

Eric, so rapturous is this wedding in the sight of God, that HE has also married to Eric seven thousand virgin maids of the earth, all of whom chose Eric as their husband by the closing of the day. I AM the Lord.

So, O’ Lord, instead of receiving 30,000 brides chosen by Mary as her elect, I am to receive 7000 virgin brides, all of whom chose me before the day was closed? That is correct, lord Azurite. For every man was to find a bride. And every woman was to choose a husband.

But what about consecrated men and women? For I believe you have called them to a higher calling. Neither the consecrated man nor the consecrated woman may contract marriage. For they are called to a higher calling. And whoever touches a consecrated person for sex shall die.

Lord, I am concerned about Anna. I do not wish her to go forth rejected. Tomorrow you shall meet Anna. And with her you shall reconcile.

But Lord, though I will good for Anna, she cannot be mine. For my heart belongs to the Virgin Mary. Lord, I shall accept whatever form of marriage that you decree to exist between us, between me and the Virgin Mary.

This is My decree. I AM the Lord of Hosts. I AM making Mary of the same flesh that composes Eric, so that this couple may be truly united in the conjugal act. And that will be the last act before the End of the World. Amen.

But Lord, You said in a previous post that Cardinal Burke becomes pope and many years is he to reign, and this is to be followed yet by another pope, and only during that pope’s papacy does the Lord return.

Lord Azurite, the End of the World that occurs with your conjugal act with Mary is the end of the world of Pope Francis. And this ending of this world leads to heaven on earth. For it is only by the union of heaven with earth that the Lord of this Earth may enter the marriage bed of the Queen of Heaven, and she conceive and bear him a son.

Lord, I have been prohibited from paying tithes. Say who prohibited this of you. Both Jesus and Mary have commanded that I am no longer to put a tithe into the collection basket. And now with Hyacinth taken up to heaven, I am without a means of giving up my wealth for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mary is the one you will now be giving your all to, Lord Azurite. And you are to know her fully in the flesh. Whoever entered My religion and remained or returned to her I have saved. But whoever did not enter it, he can have no part in the hereafter, where I shall lay with My wives in the field.

Lord, who are these wives that You shall lay with in the field. With whomever has loved Me, with him and with her shall I lay. And whomsoever I do not lay with shall die. This post is now concluded. Go home, Eric. Your parents are converted to Me. And with your brother David you have reconciled. But as for Mark, the transgressor who remains in his transgressions, it is to such as these that the Seraph shall be sent to slay.

For Eric, it was always established that one route led into heaven. And that route is the route of pure love. Therefore, he who could not love, neither could he ever enter here. Anna I hereby reestablish into your friendship. This is by decree of the Lord.

Now, go, My servant. Return to your house. For I have now decided to act. And by the time you reach home, those who have reconciled with Me shall be alive. And those who have not shall be dead. This post now comes to its conclusion. You are ordered to publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

The Virgin Mary decides all things

I am the Virgin Mary. And I will decide all things to happen on the earth from now on. Amen.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 1: Post X:
I am the Virgin Mary. And I will from now on decide all things that happen on the earth. Amen. Eric, I grant you the right to speak at will. And from now on, I make you My number one. You are effectively made commander of all things immediately beneath me. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Mary, I have an interesting question. You seem to frequently depict yourself entirely in the nude. My question, Mary, is this. Do you go about nude in heaven? And were God to actually put you here in my life as a physical girl, would you elect to wear clothing? Or would you go stark naked everywhere

Eric, I am not of that modesty to choose not be with you entirely in the nude. But in the presence of any other eye, I will be fully clothed and morally dressed. Not one article of clothing will I possess that exposes the midriff. Nor will I go about in clothing that exposes the shoulders or the arms in an feminine sexual way. But with you I will be entirely in the nude.

Mary, you are to be with me in the nude? Eric, God has decided to switch Hyacinths. That girl who is to us as a daughter, because she was saved by our joint effort, whose real name was Caesar Sandra Nikee, and to whom you first gave the name Hyacinth to, after carefully asking if she liked that name before you gave it to her, and she said she very much liked that name, that Hyacinth is going up to heaven. That is why I told her she is going to be soon taken away from this world, because this world is coming to its end.

Actually, some several decades do remain here. But those decades are for us, not for her. Eric, there will be no more children born here in this world. But men whom I find honorable, I will permit to continue to make their conjugal acts with their wives. But every man who has dishonored my women, I hereby remove from that man all power to make love. I am the Virgin Mary. You see, Eric, I know how to punish and reward my people. And I have power over even your Seraph. And I did not permit him to slay yet one soul. O’ he will be permitted to execute your twelve decrees of death, but I will be the one who controls that entire process of execution. I am the Virgin Mary.

Mary, I have great news! Tell me, my most beloved. You know this morning I decided to shave my face. And you know I use cold water from the faucet and no shaving cream. Well I entirely shaved my face as a man is to be called clean shaven, and I was successful, but I had one nick below my nose. And from that nick, there was a tiny trickle of blood.

And Mary, I decided to experiment with myself. I decided to do nothing to stop that trickle of blood, except to dab the wound with toilet paper from time to time. And Mary, the empty wastebasket in my bathroom was eventually filled with these pieces of toilet paper. Because every time I dabbed the nick, the blood would be soaked up, and new blood came to be there.

Mary, you know I have been entirely off all my medications for several weeks now, and nothing bad has happened to me. And one of those medications I went off, Metroprolol, is a blood thinner. And I wanted to see if my blood can clot. But I finally came to the conclusion that my blood must be allowed to be exposed to the air to clot. So I chose to stop dabbing the clot and go about my business at home. For it was and is still well before dawn, and I merely brought with me a wad of toilet paper to merely dab myself much less frequently. And lo! Now I dab myself and there is no red mark that appears on the toilet paper anymore. Hence, I now know that my blood does in fact have the full capacity to clot. It merely needed to have some time exposed to the air to do so. Amen.

Anyways, my waste basket in my bathroom is now filled with these pieces of toilet paper with these marks of blood on them. But the experiment is a success. My theory was proven. My wounds have the ability to clot without me doing anything.

Anyways, that is what I wanted to say to you. And since you have now given me the right to speak, I thought I would say something that has made me very happy right now. But what do you say on all of these things, Mary.

Eric, I do very much like you as a clean shaven man. And yes, all the past effects of the medications you used to take are now entirely absent from your body. For I commanded you to stop all those medications when you stopped them. For God did not permit the Virgin Mary to have sexual relations with a man who was being medicated. Rather, you had to be made entirely free from all those medications to be made acceptable to my body to make love to you.

About that, Mary, I find it very odd these things. Hyacinth’s last text to me was at precisely at 3:59 PM yesterday. This girl has internet access. She has an iPhone with an American number. She has no reason not to speak to me. In fact, that was the one thing that was not possible to do. Since I met the girl online on Saturday, October 7, 2021, that girl has made a claim on me. And she not ceased to find some way to speak to me. And since that text, I sent her three texts. And there is absolutely no reply. And on my iPhone, it says she was last seen yesterday at 8:04 PM.

Lord Azurite, do you not recall that yesterday the sun set at precisely 8:00 PM where you were working in the office? And just seconds before that stroke of 8:00 PM, you completed the post. And then you merely waited for the passage of seconds until the clock on your MacBook Pro said it was 8:00 PM, and then you published yesterday’s post.

Yes, Mary. But I did not observe the angel of death putting to death my parents. When I got home, I saw two our cats, Mia and Libby out front in the driveway, along with Blackie, who is the stray that we feed, but who has never permitted any of us to touch her. Well I parked my car and go out. I could hear the television playing inside the house, for the house front door was open. But the odd thing to me was that our cats were still out at that late hour.

For I left and locked up the office at precisely 10 PM. And I rushed to get to Starter Brothers on the way home, because I wanted to get some of the ripe fruit there. And usually that drive takes an hour. So I was basically driving with a fool’s hope that I could get there on time. For Stater Brothers closes at precisely 11 PM.

But man, those freeways were fast. Cars were few and they were flying. By flying I simply mean they were exceeding the speed limit. I do not mean that any of them were airborne. So I, too, went with the flow of traffic. For my understanding of how the traffic cops enforce speed laws is that you will get a ticket if you go the speed limit if that is too slow for the flow of traffic. But those my car was going fast, I saw not one patrol vehicle anywhere. And I reached Stater Brothers, a trip that would normally take a hour in a mere 34 minutes.

And so I got all I wished get with plenty of time to spare. I completed checkout at Stater Brothers, and there was still some 22 minutes left before they closed. And I bought fruit and only fruit. And the fruit I bought was ripe, but not overripe. And all of it was fairly cheap. I bought four items of fruits. Three plastic bags I filled with the following fruit that I chose for perfect ripeness: Apricots, Black Plums, and Red Plums, In addition, I took a bag of Cherries, which I observed were on sale. And at home I tasted each one and found them delicious. Even my mom, who doesn’t eat at that late hour, ate part of a Red Plum and some cherries, which she found delicious. The Red Plum she could not finish, she gave to my Dad. And my Dad was glad I had bought this fruit.

But when I got out of my car I walked back into the driveway to think. I thought something was odd. And when something is odd, you do not enter your house in the usual, expected way. I decide to check my iPhone for the last sent texts among my family. My brothers Mark and David frequently are found texting on my iPhone. And it is for this reason that I silence my cell phone at work. For we are expected to work in the office. And I did not wish for any sounds to be coming from either my iPhone or my MacBook Pro that would lead anyone to suspect me of not working.

For my brothers text to my parents seemly unaware that I can see all that thy say, for the simple reason that I am included in their group chat. Now what was and is odd that the last text on my iPhone from either brother was made at precisely on Sunday at 8:25 PM. And that was a a link from my brother David concerning an article on an old lady being overwhelmed with joy because her son gave her a cat for Christmas. Nothing further from either brother exists on that chat. To this, my mother made two replies. And those, too, were on Sunday. Hence I had every reason to believe that my parents were not alive. And the last thing you do in that situation is to walk into that open front door.

And so, I opened my trunk, took out my bags of my computers and fruit, closed the trunk, and then proceeded through the side gate to attempt entry from the back door. For I knew if my parents left the front door open, the back door would also still be unlocked. And I came around into the backyard and walked on the walkway there into the patio not knowing what I was going to see. And immediately I saw my dad standing there in the house. So I entered the house. I told them about the fruit I bought. And I saw that both my parents were both quite alive.

And even now, as I complete this post, my father is seated at his desk in this den, doing whatever paperwork he is doing. And my mother is yet to rise from bed. But I do now hear sirens. So I do know that the world is still going on. And it is now 6 AM.

Mary, I must complete this post and then eat. For Mass is at 8 AM. And before that Mass, I must eat, shower, get dressed, and get to Church. And after that I will proceed to the office in Irvine to do work. We just got an order to build a store called, TrumpCountry. And I completed it in full. But the salesman has to contact that person to get a new virtual location, for a previous customer has a store with the very exact same zip code. And I get the latitude and longitude for my map based on that zip code.

Mary, I just realized that I do not have to get dressed for Church today. I Am going to Mass, and I will drive to get there, but then I must immediately come home. For my Alzheimer’s father has not paid the overdue water bill. And so, to prevent the water from being cut from the house, I must come home and call the office at 8:30 AM when it opens and pay the bill over the phone. And 8:30 AM is precisely when the 8 AM mass at Saint Bruno typically ends. Furthermore, my MacBook Pro is currently doing an backup that will take another two hours to complete. Hence, all I have to do, Mary, is to merely finish eating my breakfast an hour before Mass begins to ensure I have a right to receive communion. And that means, Mary, I am publishing this post in a matter of minutes.

Do you have anything to say, O’ Mary. For I now yield the right to speak back to you. And I will listen to what you say. I will not interrupt. And I will publish this post at your command. Hail Holy Queen!

Eric, you are acting responsibly and with wisdom. Such makes you most effective and worthy to rule with me at my side. Now, these are my orders to you. And when I have finished speaking, you are commanded to publish this. And yes, you will make it to that 8 AM Mass today. And you will be worthy of receiving communion at it.

Obey me in this one thing, and I will let you go. Do not let any woman see your eyes. And you shall do this by avoiding all eye contact with any woman. Now I have finished speaking to you. The Father is sending me from heaven to you. And in exchange, He is taking Hyacinth from this world to Himself. And that is why you no longer receive texts from her.

Furthermore, your Seraph has been busy in the night. But I have prevented him from slaying certain individuals I elected to show mercy to. And this now completes this post. When you have time again today, I shall write through you again. Hence, you are commanded to publish this, my White Knight, for it is complete. Amen.