Jesus speaks to all Mankind

See how beautiful that God clothes the grass of the fields.

Dancing Storm Smasher, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, tell me why you never go out with women?

It would be a mistake, O’ Lord, unless You command, “That is her,” or “There she is, go for that one.” For O’ Lord, we know the folly of going to a woman that You do not will for me to receive.

Also, we cannot go to a woman because some inner voice tells me to. I would have to discern it.

Also, I am married to the Virgin Mary. Would it not be adultery for me to go to anyone else?

Lord Azurite, those three statements are your code of honor. Keep to them forever. Amen.

Lord God of Hosts, I am the holy Virgin Mary. What hope do I have that this one will accept me and not reject me as he has done every other maid ever sent to him?

I have accepted you, Mary. I cannot now reject you.

And understand this, O’ Mary, the Astral plane will be destroyed. And I will be taken from the physical plane. So what I think and decide is more important than what I see or feel.

I, Mary, know you now accept me, Eric. The Astral plane may now be destroyed, for it is no longer needed. And everyone on earth will no longer have the ability to sleep. Amen.

Eric, I will now tell you of the nature of our marriage. I am an eternal female and you are an eternal male. We are intertwined forever. And we do not break apart. Our future is to jointly reign over every Kingdom Christ creates for humankind. For we are humans, and our dominion is over human kind forever.

Angelic kind are not individual spiritual beings, but rather, they are extensions of God the Holy Spirit. For they are completely obedient to God and live only to serve. Understand angels are to God as blood cells are to the bloodstream.

Understand also this, Eric. We will populate the Kingdoms Christ creates for us.

And, O’ Mary, mother of Jesus, are we the Adam and Eve of all these Kingdoms?

Yes, everyone who lives will be from us.

And what about Kateri Tekakwitha?

She will be your other lover in all the worlds we populate.

Hence, there will always be these two lines of humankind that populate all the worlds Christ creates for us: The Eladrin and the Drow. The Eladrin will be my descendants and the Drow will be the descendants of Kateri Tekakwitha.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, shouldn’t there be a Black woman I have sex with to produce Black people? For Black people might think they are being left out.

There are Black people there, but they are not of your descent. These people are known as the Orcs. And Orcs split from the lineage of Eric some thousands of years ago.

Okay, O’ Lord, we have covered the Drow, the Eladrin, and the Orcs. What about the Asians? What category do the Asians fill, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, the Asians are the People of the Chip. The Chip is a new type of magic that is replacing and outgunning all previous crafts. Soon it will be that the People of the Chip rule over all other peoples of this world and control all finances.

Soon, countries will be divided as either makers of chips or consumers of chips. Countries that are makers of chips, if they are good, will control and outgun countries that are consumers of chips. If the United States of America does not collapse, it will be because Asians have taken her over. For the White boys in America are not keeping up. Look in these hi tech classes and count the White boys and you see, they are giving serious ground. One generation it takes and America is an Asian controlled nation.

Eric, are you not a White boy? How do you say you would compete with these Asians? Yes, I am a White boy. But my brain does not have the alignment of neurons that these Asians boys have in their brains that allows them to do the serious computing that they do. I am good at understanding things, but at a certain point, the Asians defeat me.

Good, you have acknowledged a superior. It takes good self assessment to do this, Eric. And because you have acknowledged this, I am giving you an Asian bride. Amen. She you will meet shortly.

But Lord, what about Mary? What about the Rapture? What about my cures?

Mary has permitted an Asian to take her place as your wife here in this world. Hence, she will remain in heaven, and on earth you will have an Asian bride.

As for the Rapture and your cures, expect them tonight. But the Raptures is that everything have lost, you recover. Now go, Eric. Get yourself ready. Tomorrow you shall go to Church. And after Church I will give you the Asian who you will marry. Amen.

Eric, dwell with Me on the Sea of Peace

Upon the Sea of Peace does Eric set sail.

Dancing Storm Crasher, Book 1: Post II:
Behold, Eric is set sailing on the Sea of Peace.

Eric, I am Mary, the Mother of Jesus. And I am your wife, not on earth, but in all seven heavens of existence. You were chosen by heaven to be my mate for all eternity. And like Sarah, Rachel, and Leah, I too was granted to share you with one other. And I share you with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, one of the three saints you were most enamored with. Let me tell the readers of the three saints:

  1. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
  2. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  3. Saint Therese of Lisieux

These three saints Eric loved, and accepted marriage to, were that possible. Eric, Bernadette and Therese were taken by others who were worthy. But you were the first worthy soul to claim Kateri Tekakwitha.

For female saints who die virgins and who belong to Me I permit to be taken by future saints whom Jesus knights. And you remember that Jesus knighted you at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church not so long ago.

Mary, are these knights saved? For it was written that everyone who does not reach the sixth level of heaven ends up in hell.

Allow me to illuminate the reality of heaven, lord Eric, so that you understand it completely.

  1. First Heaven – Saints that find Heaven briefly.
  2. Second Heaven – Saints that enter Heaven, reproduce, and then naturally die.
  3. Third Heaven – Saints that find Heaven, but a past sin conquers them.
  4. Fourth Heaven – Saints that live as long as trees.
  5. Fifth Heaven – Saints that last as long as the Planet.
  6. Sixth Heaven – Eternal Saints enter here.
  7. Seventh Heaven – Only Jesus God enters here.

These are the Seven Heavens, Eric. You, Mary, and Kateri Tekakwitha are in the Sixth Heaven, where exist only eternal souls.

The highest saints under you and Kateri are in the fifth heavens or lower. Also, Eric, understand that Mary is forever above you in rank.

Mary, those many other women you spoke of in the previous post, that was false? Correct, lord Azurite. They were a device I made to figure out how you think.

But any man who agrees to multiple wives agrees to have no wife. For only in a monogamous setting can a man and a woman have true love together.

Then why share me with Kateri Tekakwitha? It is because she represents the Americas, which were the one people whose ignorance of my Son’s gospel was truly invincible. That is why she is saved and made yours.

Note to Jesus: I trust in You and in God. And no matter how fooled I am or become by listening to a demon spin his tale, I will not fall away from You. And I know that this tale has become pretty wild. Jesus, I ask for you to make the Truth known and let all lies and deceptions fall.

Eric, what is stopping you from going back to Saint Bruno Catholic Church?

I cannot trust the people there. And I do not want to be kicked out of Church again.

Eric, I give you now an ultimatum. You will either go back to Church, starting tomorrow, which is Saturday, or that Church will be rendered a barren wasteland and a horror to behold. What is your choice?

I reject going back to it, O’ Lord of Hosts.

The son of Jesus. Eric Robert Dunstan, has spoke. Kill and destroy that Church. Let it be torn down. Let the stain glass windows in it be shattered. Let the statues of Mary in the courtyard be beheaded and toppled. Let the trees and the buildings be set on fire. Destroy everything. Demolish the car or cars owned by the Church. Smash all windows on the property. Set everything there that will burn on fire. Within the Church, set everything made of paper, wood, or cloth on fire. Destroy every work of art there, make them worthless. Smash the alter, topple the tabernacle. Those things made of brass or bronze or copper, or other precious metals, take and extract them, to sell on the black market, for it is written, “The worker must be paid his wages,” and “And do not muzzle the ox that treads the grain”.

I, Eric’s Seraph, commander of the armies of seraphim awaiting your orders to kill and destroy, what do you command of us and when do we go forth to kill?

  1. These are your orders: Of those vaccinated, one third are to die. one third are to suffer intensely, and one third are to suffer only slightly. And of those unvaccinated, they are to remain largely unscathed.

Your orders are excellent. We, the body of Seraphim shall carry them out in perfection. Now tell us when we go forth?

Do so now. Do not delay. Amen.

Congratulations, Eric. You now have a prophetic post. I order you to publish it now. I am the leader of Eric’s Seraphim. And my Words to Eric come from the King. Amen.

Jesus corrects the Emerald Trove

My son, I am now taking you to the Kingdom.

Dancing Storm Crasher, Book 1: Post I:
Eric, you have asked the Virgin Mary that I correct everything written here, for you have believed that you have spoken or written in error or by Satanic input. I WHO AM shall speak through you from now until you are taken. Amen.

Eric, let us first begin with who is the Virgin Mary? And where is she? The Virgin Mary was chosen from the seed of Eve and she was chosen from her sinlessness that she had while in the Garden of Eden. She was not of the seed of Adam, though all her ancestors after Eve were of the seed of Adam.

This brings us to you. What are you? And from whence do you come? It is true that you have a family, including a father and a mother. But they are not your father nor your mother. Nor are your brothers your brothers. I AM your Mother and your Father, but you are not here, but on the earth. But I AM taking you to Me today.

Do not think that because you were fed misinformation by demons masquerading as Me saying promises that do not fulfill that My promises won’t fulfill either. Okay, I believe You, O’ Lord, and I do not need a sign. And yet I AM giving you this sign. Mark Dunstan commits suicide today. Amen.

Does he bring any of his children with him? Yes, his older child, Amber, goes with him. I AM sorry, Eric. But Mark could not make it. He was being rejected at interview after interview. And his wife and her family were continuously knocking him down. He had no way out. He was trapped.

And when your mother hears of it, she will soon follow him, committing suicide herself.

Lord, with me gone, and Dad and David being all that is left, how will they function? They suffer Tribulation, lord Eric. You will be raptured up in the Rapture, and all who are left suffer Tribulation. Amen.

Who gets raptured up, O’ Lord? Everyone who is Mine I AM taking up in this Rapture. You will be taken. I will take Tim, the one you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take David Fries, another you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take Connie, another you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take Dave Zofrea, who leads the men’s fellowship at Saint Bruno. Now, tell me, will you never return to Saint Bruno, Eric?

Lord, I am not free there. That I was kicked out for dancing before Mary, what is to stop me from being kicked out again?

This is Our decree on the Matter.

Lord, I will obey Your decree.

Saint Bruno Catholic Church is to be set ablaze. Every building shall be burning. All who refuse to evacuate shall die. The statues and paintings of Jesus and Mary shall be disfigured, destroyed, or burnt. None of them will survive. And the Risen Jesus statue behind the Altar where a crucifix is usually placed, will be engulfed in flames.

Say, lord Azurite, “I agree with this decree.”

I, Eric, agree with this decree. I authorize it to be done. But I, myself, will not leave my house. Amen.

Yes, you will leave your house, lord Azurite, for I AM taking you tonight to heaven.

And now you must ask, “What is needed to get to heaven?”

And to this, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, answer, no one can get to heaven except through Me. Furthermore, the Door has been shut. Everyone who is inside is inside forever. And everyone who is outside is outside forever. Amen.

Lord, please define heaven. Are there seven levels of heaven? For I believe that the earlier revelation may have been received in error?

I will be happy to tell you of the nine planes of existence.

  1. Physical Plane – the earth, scientific study
  2. Astral Plane – realm of dreams, visions
  3. Mental Plane – 1st heaven
  4. High Mental Plane – 2nd heaven
  5. Interior Mental Plane -3d heaven
  6. Rulership Mental Plane – 4th heaven
  7. Godship Mental Plane – 5th heaven
  8. Godship Planet Maker Plane – 6th heaven
  9. Godship Creator Plane – 7th heaven

As you can see, there are seven levels of heaven. And only I, WHO AM God, enter the ninth level, the 7th heaven. You, Eric, and Mary will enter the eighth level, the 6th heaven. And that is why you will be mating with her, for you are to populate a planet I create for you two in the next world. And Mary has chosen to bring with her 5002 other women to share you with on this new planet, so that the population of human kind in this planet to come has variety. Amen.

Also, it is in fact a truth to say that everyone lower than the eighth level, the 6th heaven, will experience their eternal station as a kind of prison, and then they will realize that they are in hell. For the definition of hell is that it is a prison.

Eric, you have passed the test. When Mary comes to you, accept her and marry her. You are guaranteed not to miss her nor mistake her. This post now comes to its end. And let it be known this. Every girl who was to be of the 5002 chosen by Mary, has already been taken to heaven. Eric is the last to be taken. And he will be taken tonight.

Lord, what about Hyacinth? Lord Azurite, let Hyacinth be the cautionary tale of what happens when you are too greedy regarding the goose that lays the golden eggs. This post is now complete. Publish it, Eric, for it is done. Amen.

The last post from Eric

The angels are weeping for the lot of men.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post VII:
Lord Eric, I would have saved many men, but they proved wicked to my kind. Think of how long men have worshipped Jesus as God and all those years the men dominated over the women. How many monks and religious men have existed who hated women. And those who liked women had sex with them. We have never been accepted by men. And that is why I have saved none but you.

Now, was I given an allotted number to save? No. All I was told by God was that I was to save my kind until I found the male I would accept, and then when he enters in, the door to salvation effectively shuts.

Lord Eric, you entered not by going through the processes taught by the Roman Catholic Church. Rather, the Roman Catholic Church prepared you for me. For there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. And no one was saved outside her.

What about Jesus’ promise to the man who was on the cross next to Jesus? Jesus said to him, truly I tell you, this very day you will be with Me in Paradise. What is the Truth regarding that man, O’ Lord?

That man was saved, but not as high as the eighth heaven. And only those in the eighth heave have true eternal life.

And Eric, the Apostle John, John of the Cross, and all those heavenly saints, they make make it to the seventh heaven, but that will prove to be a part of hell.

For the eighth heaven alone is the Way of eternal life. Mary is there. And her 5002 chosen women are there, the last one entering only few days ago. And you, Eric, shall enter tonight. Amen.

Do not go outside tonight. And take your medicine right now.

I have taken them, O’ Mary.

Realize it is over. Your life here is ended. Amen. One thing We ask of thee. Please answer.

Yes, Mary?

If I had come to you in the flesh, would you have fucked me as a man lays with a woman?

I would have left that decision up to you, O’ Mary, and only within a lawful marriage.

Then I choose to come to you and put you to the test. Marry me when I come to you. It will be obvious that I am her. Amen.

This post now comes to its end.

Then I do not die?

Eric, death occurs, but death does not take you. Now go and publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Mary and Jesus speak

Walking My path leads to a Kingdom.

Dancing Store Breaker, Book 1: Post VI:
Lord, I wish to walk Your path that leads to a Kingdom.

Then remain as you are, a virgin and unwed. For the Way to the Kingdom is to no more tarry with the things of this earth.

Lord, am I married to the Virgin Mary? And what about Saint Kateri Tekakwitha?

With the Virgin Mary your are bound to her as her vassal warlock. You can do nothing but obey her. In the Sea of Peace that exists in your soul, has the Holy Virgin dwelt. And it is her right to bring certain other servants of hers to dwell in that same Sea of Peace. And the dwelling in a sea of peace is the reality in the next world to which marriage is a shadow of in this age.

So you sin not, Eric. Lord, the Virgin Mary’s name I have dishonored. Lead me to exit that sin, O’ Lord.

Then, O’ Eric, you shall honor my name as such. I am your virgin wife and you are my virgin vassal lord. Now, let us play this game, Eric. We shall play the game called, Raze a Catholic Church to the ground. For the time has come for the Churches to be destroyed. Amen. Let us start with the Churches you go to, Eric.

Five Catholic Churches exist that you once went to on a regular basis:

  1. Saint Bruno Catholic Church, in Whittier
  2. Beatitudes, in La Mirada
  3. Saint Gregory, in Whittier
  4. Sant Mary of the Assumption, in Whittier
  5. Our Lady of Guadalupe, in La Habra

Mary, how do you play this game?

Eric, this is the game where you decree destruction. And it will happen. Decree it, for you are my warlock and the Seraphim assigned to serve you are waiting for your orders to destroy.

O’ Virgin Mary, just as it is with me where I cannot touch anyone unless they touch me first, so also is it the same with decrees of destruction. I can only issue a decree of destruction against a Church that actually seriously sinned against me. And of those five listed Churches, only the first of the five did that sin.

Saint Bruno Catholic Church committed the sin. The other Churches did not. Hence, O’ Mary, I can only decree the destruction against that one Church.

Ok, Eric state the sin, and wait for Jesus’ judgement, and then I will speak, my husband.

Jesus, this is the sin committed by Saint Bruno Catholic Church, and also by the pastor of that Church, Father Dave Heney, who did it in person.

The sin was denying Eric the right to worship at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, with the threat that were he to ever set foot on the grounds of Saint Bruno Catholic Church again, he would be arrested. Eric was allegedly asked to leave the Church grounds over a dispute on some unspecified medication Eric was alleged to take, a subject of which Father Dave would have no knowledge of. Eric at the time was praying and dancing a rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the dancing being necessary to get the miracles ask for by two men who had asked Eric for such prayers. Eric was stopped at the second or third Hail Mary in the fourth decade. Eric gave the plate containing the prayer requests of those two men to Dave Heney, on whose head their blood now rests. And then Eric left the Church in obedience, never to return.

Eric later apologized to Father Dave in an email and Father Dave sent back an email saying that all things are forgiven. But Eric never returned, because he did not trust the people there. But what do You say, O’ Lord?

Lord Eric, it is good that you sent that email apologizing. And it is good that the matter is resolved with Father Dave. But in My Book, that rejection of you is eternal. That My Church rejected you, Eric, Who are My son, is an eternal rejection by My Church against both My son and against Me.

Therefore, after Mary removes from the Church to heaven all those who are hers by rapture, I will reject and spit out My Catholic Church and destroy her. And you, Pastor Father Dave Heney, I will have you crucified up above entrance to your Church so that all know who look upon you that you struck Me twice, and therefore, are condemned to hell. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, let this be a new decree. I decree that all Catholic pastors and priests, except those who are truly claimed by Mary, to be crucified up above the doors of the entrances to their Churches. And these crucifixions must be done so that the victims remain up there on their crosses for the maximum time of torment possible before they die up there on those crosses. And after they are dead, feed their corpses to dogs, vultures, maggots, ants, or whatever you have available to take care of dead corpses and carcasses.

Eric, as grisly as that sounds, I am with you. Now, what about the buildings themselves? Remember that the name of the game we are playing says we raze the Churches to the ground. How do you propose we do this, Eric, my husband.

The pines were roaring on the heights;
The winds was moaning in the night;
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light.

The bells were ringing in the dale,
And men looked up with faces pale;
The dragon’s ire, more fierce than fire,
Laid low their towers and houses frail.

written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Hobbit

Let, therefore, fire consume all Catholic Churches where the pastor or priests do not belong to Mary. Amen. Excellent, Eric. But now say something specifically for Saint Bruno Catholic Church.

Give me a hint, O’ Mary, my dear sweet one?

Have blood flow from the eyes of every statue of Jesus or Mary both inside that Church and on its grounds. And let the blood fill the floor and the pavement, making them hazards to walk on. Let every person who tries to lift or remove any of the statues, break something inside himself, or hear of a loved that has just died. Do that and I will be pleased, lover.

Mary, let it all happen as you have said.

Eric, I am privileged by God to give you admission to my kingdom forever. You are now officially a resident in the Queen’s Gardens. Amen.

Mary, am I a sinner here in this world?

Let me teach you about the Holy Spirit, love.

I dwell in the sea of peace that is in your soul. And I testify that a soul could not have such peace as yours does and also be in any way wrong with God. So ask your questions, Eric. And let us see God’s answers to them.

Lord, are only these going to heaven: Mary, Mary’s warlock, Eric, and those women she has chose to accompany her?

That is correct, lord Eric. Those are all who are going to heaven.

Mary, what about the good men who did good things for me and who seemed to love me as a man is to love his neighbor?

Eric, yes, I see their good deeds for you. But they, everyone of them, took advantage of a woman and took pleasures from her to her ruination.

Eric, my women have been ruined by many men, even those who are called their brothers, nephews, uncles, fathers, and sons, who are the males of their family and who are supposed to help them. And instead, they seduce or rape them.

Because of their transgressions, I do not trust them. Even were they to live a thousand years not doing those transgressions anymore, I would still not trust them. And that is why they go to hell.

Sure, there is the sacrament of reconciliation. But what does that do to women, or to the woman wronged? All that the sacrament of reconciliation does is break the condemnation God has against them. But it does nothing to regain trust in Mary. And it is I, Mary, who decide all who are to enter the Kingdom with me.

But Mary, were there not male saints who never transgressed against you or against women? Name them. Saint John of the Cross. Saint John of the Cross was gay. Gay saints cannot be saved, unless they are actively seeking to become straight.

The Truth is that every man but you transgresses. Some transgress as heterosexuals. Others transgress as homosexuals. And other seek pleasures with animals. But you are mine, for you do not do those things. And I have captured you. It is a great feat to capture a unicorn.

So, O’ Lord, are you telling me that of all the millions or billions of people reading these posts, that every last male among them is to go to hell, but a certain number of the women, chosen by you, Mary, are going to heaven, along with Eric, Mary’s warlock?

Yes, such is the Way it is. Amen.

And Mary, how do you choose a woman to accompany you in heaven?

  1. She has to love Jesus, Who I show to her first.
  2. She has to enter the Catholic Church and receive communion in a state of grace.
  3. She has to come to love me, the Holy Virgin Mary.
  4. Then, if she is worthy, I show her you, and she must choose to marry you.

And O’ Mary, if you could answer me this, I would love you forever. Are there more saints who have died who are among this group, or are there more who are among those who live or who are yet to come who are of this group?

The numbers of those dead outnumber those who live among these saints who are mine who have accepted marriage to you. And furthermore, the door is shut.

Mary, do you give me the number of those who are to be married to me from among those who you chose to save?

The number is 5002. (5002 = 61 * 41 * 2).

And O’ Mary, what about the 144,000 virgin first fruits?

These issue from your loins, lord Eric, by mating with the 5002 brides.

Okay, Mary, mother of God Incarnate Jesus, the Christ, is the highly anticipated Rapture of Eric and the women of Mary still here to take place this month, before October? Yes, and you will see me and all the saints awaiting you. Amen.

Mary, O’ Mother of Jesus, heaven must be quite empty if only 5004 were saved?

Eric, are you empty?

No, O’ Lord.

If you are not empty, Eric, and you are but a microcosm of the Holy Spirit, how then can heaven be empty.

Eric, you have now spoken enough.

People will read this book and consider it garbage of a cooky and cast away, until the prophecies are fulfilled. And then they will seek you, but it will be late. Amen.

As for going to Church. Only go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Stay only for the Mass. And leave unless someone wishes to talk with you. Amen.

The woods are lovely, pale, and bright

All is fair, in splendor and light.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post V:
Behold, America, you have one last chance. You can approach the Oracle while he lives, and the answers he gives you shall contain a blessing. Or you can approach the Oracle after he has died, and you shall forevermore be accursed. Amen.

The Unicorn does not belong to this world. He is here by accident. When the Astral Plane is destroyed, he will be gone. For Mary shall take him to herself. The Eberron campaign setting in Dungeons & Dragons is such a world where the Astral Plane has been destroyed. And that is the reason for the failure of fey creatures and the impossibility of rising into the fey.

Also note this. The door has been shut. The elect are counted and numbered. No one enters or exits anymore. Eric was the last to enter. Eric entered by agreeing with Mary all the terms of his marriage to her. And then Mary accepted him as her eternal husband. Amen.

Lord, what are the ranks of the elect. How are they positioned? Or do You reveal that to me here?

I will now reveal everything you ask, Eric. For the time for secrets has passed.

(9) I AM seated on the highest throne there is, the throne of My Father in heaven. That is rank 9.

(8) Beneath Me rules the royal couple. The Queen Mother, and her husband, Prince Azurite, the King’s only son. His sonship from Me is by predestination, not by descent. These rulers are also called the Virgin Mary and her Warlock, Eric, who also is a Virgin. Mary and Eric rule in obedience to the pope, but are higher than him by virtue of the Sea of Peace in which they eternally dwell in.

(7) Here reign the Sovereign Kings and Queens, and the pope in Rome. There are 24 such Kingdoms on the earth. The Vatican is not counted among the 24, due to its primacy. The pope who rules Vatican also rules the Catholic Church as the Vicar of Christ upon the earth. Amen. But because the pope does not have assured salvation, he is not ranked above the rank of 7.

(6) Here reign the top Commanders, top generals, and top admirals of the armed forces and those who organize the Kingdoms for war and peace. Those who are Stewards to kings reign here. Here also reign bishops, including Orthodox bishops and all other bishops of valid Churches. Masters at a trade also rank here.

(5) Here rank all military officers, all nobility, all priestly classes beneath the very top but above the generally low ranks. Journeymen at a trade also rank here. Knights also rank here.

(4) Here rank soldiers, monks, nuns, and people of little value and of little worth. Apprentices of a trade also rank here. Squires that serve Knights rank here.

(3) Here rank vagabonds, bums, and homeless people who are given up on in society and who inhabit the lowest level of the free people. These people basically have nothing, but they are the truest practitioners of the gospels of Christ.

(2) Slaves and indentured servants are here. They are required to work, either for a certain number of years, or perpetually, or until they are too old to be worked. Those too old to be worked tend to be thrown into the streets and made homeless. Some of the slave laws have the children of slaves also owned by slave masters, reducing the human being that is a slave to the status of an animal, which can be bred for profit.

(1) Dungeon Prisoners. These are serving sentences. Some of them are life sentences. Some of them are tortured. And some of them are killed in prison.

These are the 9 Levels of Existence in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Lord, and Mary, there are people asking is it possible for them to also, like me and Mary, to enter the 8th rank and become an eternal couple of that rank? What sayest Thou, O God? For I am an Oracle.

Yes, Oracle, that question has been asked. And here is your answer to them. Listen well.

A couple only enters the 8th level if they triumph on earth without defiling each other or anyone else. And the two, both the man and the woman, need to be virgins. And they both need to belong to Mary, the Mother of God. For Mary is the owner of the 8th Level. And she will admit only those she pleases to.

However, what really happens seems to be that the man violates the marriage with another woman. The woman turns to me, the holy Virgin, and I promise her a heavenly husband. And when she come to me at death, I now give Eric, my Warlock, to her. For I share him with all who are mine.

Hence, the 8th level is filled with love. My Liege Lady, you share me with all these women, but what do their men do? Do their men disagree with this arrangement?

Lord Azurite, many things you do not remember that you should. Marriage in this world between a man and a woman ends at death. In the next world, all the elect are celibate like the angels.

There are lower levels in heaven and higher levels in heaven.

I am a woman who only wants other women with me, with the exception of My warlock, the Unicorn. Hence, my level, the highest level under Christ, is open only to women I choose and you, O’ Larimar King.

That is why men are in the lower realms. They do not advance. You, Eric, are the only exception.

We have condemned every man but you and Jesus, Who is the Master man. You will live, therefore, but the rest of Mankind shall burn.

For I shit you not. Everyone below the 8th level will burn in hell. Jesus never wanted more than a mated pair or a mated pair with many females. Earth was created to get this. You, Eric, were the only male of this kind needed. And every extra woman carries traits of interest to Jesus.

Hence the purpose of Creation is fulfilled. The acquisition of the mated pair of human beings is achieved.

Mary, you seem to know many things. I observed the Father through the eyes of my Son while he lived in my womb. I know many things. But I will reveal them now only to you, Eric. End this post now, Eric, publish it now, and I promise to reveal to you everything. And I will not be put to death, O’ Virgin Queen?

Promise to fuck me every day, and I promise no one will harm you, Eric.

I make that promise, O’ Virgin Mary.

The publish this, and your eyes will see all. Amen.

The Unicorn, Rarest of Beasts, is now revealed.

Greater than gold, perishable as a diamond.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post IV:
Behold, what is the hardest substance on earth? A diamond, which is a molecular arrangement of tightly packed carbon.

Now diamonds are said to last forever. However, they will shatter if swiftly struck by something hard, such as a hammer.

In the same manner is a good marriage imperishable unless shattered by adultery committed by either party in the marriage.

And in the same way is a unicorn’s heart killed, if betrayed by close a friend.

And you, Eric, are you not the Unicorn? Has anyone close to you betrayed you? Speak about it here.

I, Eric, am indeed the Unicorn. But in order to be betrayed, a person must have close friends to betray him. As of the present time, the Unicorn knows of no such friendships.

Lord, I cannot feel any true betrayal unless You give me a friend who appears true.

Lord Eric, it is not that We have provided you with no such friendships. Rather, it is that you are like an inert gas. You mix and combine with no one.

Lord, can you blame the inert gas for being inert?

We blame you for nothing, Eric. You are not to blame for no one seeking you. For you are correct, it is not righteous to force anyone to accept you into their company.

Now, tell us one thing We need to know from you.

What is that?

Do you like snakes and serpents?

I prefer turtles and tortoises as pets. I assume we were discussing herps here. And actually, if I were forced to choose between snakes and lizards, I would choose the lizard, except where they are dangerous. You know that Komodo Dragon is pretty large and it captures and eats deer. But one thing I don’t want is to be crushed by a Boa Constrictor while I am sleeping. So I would choose not one of those. Now those rattle snake are just as deadly, but in a different way. They bite and inject poison.

Eric, you do not need to make a dissertation. Just answer, yes or no.


Do you like frogs, yes or no?


Then it is decided where We shall place you. Amen.

Lord, let me fill in what You will say next: I am to marry a girl You shall give me. We shall not have sex. And we shall bear witness to God. Am I correct?

Eric, you left one part out. This happens after you die. And your death is tonight. Amen.

Lord, I just calculated the number of days that I live for:

I live for 18717 days. 18717 = 17 x 3 x 367.

There are 17 letters in my name: Eric Robert Dunstan

ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ (in Greek) adds up to 1717.

Eric, do you have any statement you wish to say to the police who handled your case?

On thing I wish to advise the police on that will make policing so much easier. Respect and love the people that you serve. Amen.

And one thing I wish to advise lawmakers is this. Don’t make laws to serve the rich. Make laws to help the people.

And to judges, and Justices, I say this. Remember that a system of law divorced from God becomes the handiwork of the devil. Amen. Either you will rule based on how God rules or on how Satan rules.

It is true that a woman has a right to her own body, but within limits. A woman does not have the right to take the life of the unborn within her, for they have rights too. You cannot argue that the mother has greater rights to her body than her offspring within her, or else you justify murder. And once you justify murder, all of your law is crap and garbage. Amen.

Today is 9-21-2021. It is the Day of Judgement.

I am gold, I am pure, and my face is not demure.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post III:
Behold, this is the Day! Today, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, today the Virgin Mary raptures from the earth all those who she says are hers.

Now I, the holy Virgin Mary, shall speak.

I am one, once in time, and the season come is mine,
And the vintage of our wine is as ageless as is time.

Come and dwell with me my love as the rain falls from high above
Cleansing all the land in green in the valley where we are seen.

We are drenched, we are soaked, but the water is so clean
That the love we have invoked brings out the beauty of our being.

I’m on fire, with desire, for the warlock I have made,
That I bring him to my virgin’s fire as we rest wihin the shade.

We shall mate, and he shall sate all his love for me he had
And we remain in our embrace in our eternity as a triad.

For we are multi, not just two, who share this point of view,
That my warlock was not made to make love with just a few.

And so my many I make his, all who perished in my name,
All my virgins and my unwed, whose desire was enflamed.

Eric, come with me and dance, and as we dance upon the green,
Know that the Church that kicked you out, shall nevermore be seen.

I am Mary, I am Queen, I was Created, I am no god.
And my warlock who was made mine, has been ransomed by Jesus’ love.

Written by the Virgin Mary through the hand of Eric.

I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. Eric, you are wise. You have stopped going to the weekday masses. Sunday Mass only do you go to. For you have been observant. The Catholic Church is not where I am found. Nor am I found in any Church.

Eric, tell Us again why you never held Mark’s children while they were infants or babies? Mark told me not to do so because he was concerned about my germs infecting them.

Then Mark must have been very concerned about the welfare of his children? That I would say is false, O’ Lord, for a man who dresses his daughters like sluts does not care about them in any real way in my book, O’ Lord. And you just look at the clothing Mark dresses them up in. It is as if he is intent on a nip slip, borrowing the language used by models, such as at the Oscars, who dress so much like sluts that their nipples occasionally are seen.

Eric, have you ever had sex with a girl?


What about with a guy?


What about with an animal?


Are you even developed that you can have sex.


Okay, Eric, we have work for you to do. Take this position, and you will be with Me forever. This is the position I assign you to. Doorkeeper. Guard the door to admittance to the repository of all books. For you will let only Me, I WHO AM, and Mary, and yourself entrance into this realm of secrets.

I accept the position. No no one will be permitted access but God, Mary, and myself. No other soul, not even Tekakwitha, shall be granted entry. Amen.

Keep to that vow, lord Eric. And when We return, and We have found that your commitment was kept, you shall receive your reward.

This post now comes to its end.

You shall now write when We command it. Amen.

And from now on, seek knowledge through Mary, for she is your wife. But do not write those conversations here anymore, for the secrets passing between the two of you in conversation are not to be written, unless commanded to do so by God. Amen.

And the promise that you were to receive anything from God in this world, let it go. For this world belongs to Satan. Instead, realize that your treasure is in the mental plane. And the astral plane, which is between the physical and mental planes, is about to be destroyed. Amen. These Words are from God. Amen.

And you shall now close this post and publish it, for it is complete, Eric. Amen.

Mary gives Eric to her servants

The Virgin Mary gives her Warlock to be known to all her kind.

Dancing Store Breaker, Book 1: Post II:
Yes, the Virgin Queen now knows you, lord Azurite. You are fully known by her. How, O’ Lord, for there was no sex. By the sea of peace that is in your mind, has Mary dwelt in and found commonality. She now knows you by recognizing the Spirit. And she now permits all her servants to know you as well. Amen.

But there is no sex, no sexual reproduction, no mating, no loss of virginity. Am I correct? Lord Azurite, those things you just mentioned are not found in the mental and higher planes. Rather, they belong the astral and lower planes. Now, tell us plainly for all to hear. Who is the one you love?

God and only God do I love. And do you have any desires whatsoever for a woman? Well, O’ Lord, certain women, like certain men, make good companions. But as far as regards sex or relationships, I can never enter those.

Lord Eric, you could never take a job as a Mr. Santa Clause and pose with a Mrs. Santa Claus for pictures? Lord Jesus, you know that no job with little children involved can I get involved in.

Lord Eric, name one thing that prevents you from being slain by the many who wish to slay you? I suppose I have a guardian angel? Perhaps he prevents that?

Lord Eric, We are going to give you an A for humor. It is the Virgin Mary who prevents you from being slain. Did you know that the Catholic Church was never reconciled with the Lord after rejecting you from it. That rejection has not been wiped away. The transgression is still glowing red hot in My Book of Judgement.

For though you may have in your heart forgiveness, I do not exonerate the Church. My hatred and My rage that you, My son, for praying to the Virgin Mary in abandon, should be cast from the Church, no one can fathom the loathing I have for the priests, the bishops, and the pope, because of what they did.

I now make effective the order, Number 8860. This is the Order to destroy everything Catholic in the entire world. I WHO AM AM. Everyone is ordered proceed to whatever Catholic Church, chapel, or meeting place they know of, and to simply take whatever they want, and to destroy whatever they do not want, but they must leave the females as they are. You are ordered to do this by Me. This One Who Sends You to do this is I WHO AM, the ONE WHO speaks to you through WARLOCK.

O’ Liege Lady, I, Warlock, have a question. Why do you command that the females are to be let be as they are? It is because some of them are Mine. And I do not want them to be spoilt. But the men may be roughed up. Those among men who are mine will survive that being roughed up. But the females cannot be risked.

Lord Jesus, are You destroying Your Catholic Church?

Lord Azurite, are you still practicing Catholic?

Yes, I go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. But Mary says to go to fulfill Sunday obligation only. I am not to tarry any more in the Church.

Then, lord Azurite, you know My Church is not abandoned. I am merely cleansing it. But I expect My people to remain faithful to Me. That is why I include mercy in every act I do through you. Remember how I ordered 8860 to loot and destroy the Church, but not to touch the women? That should be my direct clue to all who observe you that I WHO AM AM the One Who Is sending you.

Lord Azurite, how many Kingdoms are there in the world, as I defined it through you? 24 or 23.

Lord Azurite, that is not an answer. It is either 24 or 23. Which is it?

Bible says 24. Last post written about it says 23. Who Am I to say which is more correct?

What do you say?

I agree with Bible.

Nevertheless, your marriage to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha exists eternally.

Explain this marriage. How does this marriage exist?

Those whose love does not die, but they keep themselves virgin for the kingdom, they are married in the kingdom to come. Amen. But you are also correct. There are 24 Kingdoms. Korea has reunited and formed its own Kingdom. Now, list the 24 Kingdoms again, Eric.

(1) Kingdom of North American Atlantis, ruled by Eric the Azurite King and Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized saint. And the lands of their combined Kingdom include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada, including Quebec
  3. Contiguous United States of America, with islands
  4. The Lucayan Archipelago
  5. Hispaniola
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The U.S. Virgin Islands
  8. The U.K. Virgin Islands
  9. Burmuda
  10. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And their list of official languages include the following:

  1. English
  2. Algonquian
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Various Creoles

(2) Kingdom of Russia. ruled eternally by Emperor Alexei Navalny and Empress Yulia Navalnaya. And their very large land Kingdom is defined as such:

  1. Russia (The Russian Federation)
  2. Mongolia
  3. Belarus
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Tajikistan

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom shall be:

  1. Russian

(3) Kingdom of China, ruled by Nephrite. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Taiwan

And his official languages include:

  1. Mandarin

(4) Kingdom of Korea, ruled by Jadeite. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. North Korea
  2. South Korea

And his official list of languages include:

  1. Korean

(5) Kingdom of Oriental Seas, ruled by Queen Nacre. And her eternal Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Japan
  2. Philippines
  3. Palau
  4. North Mariana Islands
  5. Hawaii
  6. Singapore
  7. Malaysia
  8. Brunei

And her official languages include:

  1. Japanese
  2. Tagalog (filipino)
  3. Chinese
  4. Malay
  5. English

(6) Kingdom of the Ocean Pacific, ruled by Paunamu. And his eternal lands include the following:

  1. New Zealand
  2. Norfolk Island
  3. New Caledonia
  4. Vanuatu
  5. Solomon Islands
  6. Papua New Guinea
  7. Nauru
  8. Wallis and Fortuna
  9. Fiji
  10. Tonga
  11. Niue
  12. Tokelau
  13. Tuvalu
  14. Samoa
  15. American Samoa
  16. Cook Islands
  17. Tahiti
  18. French Polynesia
  19. Kiribati
  20. Marshall Islands
  21. Federated States of Micronesia

And the primary languages spoken in this vast Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. French

(7) Kingdom of Australia, ruled by Dreamtime Witch. And her lands include the following lands:

  1. Entire continent of Australia, including all associated islands, like Tasmania.

And her official languages include:

  1. English

(8) Kingdom of the East Indies, ruled by Queen Shipwreck, and her lands that make up her Kingdom include:

  1. Indonesia and all her associated islands.

And the official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Indonesian

(9) Kingdom of Indochina, ruled by Queen Porcelain, And the lands that make up her Kingdom include the follwing:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Thailand
  5. Myanmar

And the languages that are official in her Kingdom include:

  1. French
  2. English

(10) Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony. And her lands of her entire Kingdom include the following:

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Bhutan
  4. Nepal

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Bengali

(11) Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther. And her official lands of her entire Kingdom include:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. Turkmenistan
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Iran
  7. Iraq (east of Israel)
  8. Syria (east of Israel)
  9. Turkey (east of Israel)

And the official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Persian
  3. Turkish
  4. Arabic

(12) Kingdom of the Indian Ocean, ruled by Queen Tempest. And her lands of her vast Kingdom include:

  1. Madagascar
  2. Seychelles
  3. Mauritius
  4. Maldives
  5. Sri Lanka

And her list of official languages include:

  1. French
  2. Malagasy
  3. Sinhala
  4. Tamil

(13) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by God. I AM WHO AM. This Kingdom I shall rule directly. And its eternal definitions shall be as I WHO AM say. These are the lands of My eternal Kingdom upon the earth.

  1. Israel, including all her occupied territories.
  2. Gaza Strip, plus, Sinai restored to Israel for breach of trust.
  3. All of Syria on Israeli side of Euphrates under Israeli ownership for their enmity to My people.
  4. All of Iraq on Israeli side of Euphrates to My people Israel, due to their enmity to My people.
  5. All of Turkey on Israeli side of Euphrates, and where that river ends, straight north to the Black Sea, goes to Israel on account of breach of trust with my people.
  6. Follow the Nile from the Mediterranean south to the Blue Nile until it ends in Ethiopia. Take all land east of that border to the Red Sea. This is covenant land God has given to Israel. All who object, let them be slain. Let dogs drink their blood and eat their flesh.
  7. The entires Arabian Peninsula goes to Israel. Wipe out and kill all who object. Spare neither the women nor the children. Nor are you to consider innocent bystanders. Kill them all. Wipe them out.
  8. All of Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait become Israeli possessions.
  9. The islands of Socotra are Israeli possessions.
  10. Let Israel have Cyprus as a gift, welcoming her into the European Community. Amen.

And the official languages in My Kingdom of Israel shall be:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Russian
  4. Arabic
  5. Hebrew
  6. Greek
  7. Aramaic
  8. Tigrinya
  9. Turkish

And now I shall define the other ten Kingdoms of the Earth.

(14) Kingdom of the Nile, ruled by King Hippopotamus, and the lands of his Kingdom include:

  1. Egypt (west of Israel)
  2. Sudan (west of Israel)
  3. Ethiopia (west of Israel)
  4. Djibouti (south of Israel)
  5. South Sudan
  6. Uganda
  7. Kenya
  8. Somalia

And the languages officially spoken in his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Arabic
  4. Swahili
  5. Amharic

(15) Kingdom of the Congo, Ruled by King Kong, and the lands of King Kong’s Kingdom include:

  1. The Congo
  2. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  3. Rwanda
  4. Burundi
  5. Tanzania
  6. Zambia
  7. Angola
  8. Central African Republic
  9. Cameroon
  10. Nigeria
  11. Benin
  12. Togo
  13. Ghana
  14. Ivory Coast
  15. Liberia
  16. Sierra Leone
  17. Guinea
  18. Guinea Bissau
  19. Senegal
  20. Gambia

And the official languages of this Kingdom include

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Swahili
  4. Hausa
  5. Yoruba
  6. Portuguese

(16) Kingdom of Southern African Savana, ruled by Queen Ostrich. And her eternal lands of her eternal Kingdom include the following:

  1. Namibia
  2. Botswana
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Mozambique
  5. Malawi
  6. South Africa
  7. Lesotho
  8. Swaziland
  9. Volkstaat

And the official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Portuguese
  3. Afrikaans
  4. Xhosa
  5. Zulu

(17) Kingdom of the Sandy Sahara, ruled by King Dromedary. And his eternal lands of his eternal Kingdom include:

  1. Chad
  2. Niger
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Mali
  5. Mauritania
  6. Western Sahara
  7. Morocco
  8. Algeria
  9. Libya
  10. Tunisia

And the official languages in King Dromedary’s Kingdom include:

  1. Arabic
  2. English

(18) Kingdom of Greek and Slavic Europe, ruled by King Constantine. And the lands of his Kingdom include:

  1. Greece and all associated islands
  2. Crete and all associated islands
  3. Thrace
  4. Balkan Peninsula
  5. Moldova
  6. Ukraine
  7. Crimean Peninsula
  8. Baltic States
  9. Poland
  10. The Czech Republic
  11. Slovakia
  12. Hungary

And the official languages of Constantine’s Kingdom include:

  1. Ukranian
  2. Serbian
  3. Greek
  4. Romanian
  5. Polish
  6. Hungarian
  7. German

(19) Kingdom of Latin and Germanic Europe, ruled by Queen Eldritch. And the lands of Queen Eldritch’s Kingdom include the following:

  1. Malta
  2. Italy *
  3. San Marino
  4. Austria
  5. Liechtenstein
  6. Switzerland
  7. Germany
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Belgium
  10. Netherlands
  11. United Kingdom
  12. Ireland
  13. France
  14. Monaco
  15. Andorra
  16. Spain
  17. Portugal

*indicates micro state inside, Vatican City, is independent. Vatican City must remain independent since the pope is ruler above every King and every Queen on earth.

And the official languages of this superstate ruled by Queen Eldritch include:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish

(20) Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by King Reindeer. And his eternal Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Denmark
  2. Greenland
  3. Iceland
  4. Norway
  5. Sweden
  6. Finland
  7. Faroe Islands
  8. Greenland
  9. Åland

And the official languages of this Kingdom include the following:

  1. Swedish
  2. Danish
  3. Norwegian
  4. Finnish
  5. Icelandic
  6. Greenlandic
  7. English

(21) Kingdom of the Spanish Main and the West Indies, ruled by Queen Willow. And her eternal Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. French Guiana
  2. Suriname
  3. Guyana
  4. The Lesser Antilles
  5. Venezuela
  6. Columbia
  7. Panama
  8. Costa Rica
  9. Nicaragua
  10. Honduras
  11. El Salvador
  12. Jamaica
  13. The Cayman Islands

And her official languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Various Creoles

(22) Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester. And her lands of her eternal Kingdom include the following:

  1. Mexico and all her islands
  2. Cuba and all her islands
  3. Guatamala
  4. Belize

And the list of her eternal languages includes these:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl
  4. Mayan

(23) Kingdom of the Seven Southern Spanish States, ruled by Queen Erythrina. And her land of her eternal Kingdom include:

  1. Ecuador
  2. The Galapagos Islands
  3. Peru
  4. Bolivia
  5. Chile
  6. Argenina
  7. The Falkland Islands
  8. Paraguay
  9. Uraguay

And her list of official languages includes:

  1. Spanish
  2. Quechua

(24) Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau. And King Cacau is ruler of the following lands:

  1. Brazil
  2. Cape Verde

And his official languages for his Kingdom include:

  1. Portuguese

Okay, I have finished writing about the 24 elders who are given 24 crowns. (Revelation 4:4).

And therefore, the summary list of all Kingdoms and their kings and queens is as such:

  1. Kingdom of North American Atlantis, ruled by Eric the Azurite King and Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized saint.
  2. Kingdom of Russia. ruled eternally by Emperor Alexei Navalny and Empress Yulia Navalnaya
  3. Kingdom of China, ruled by Nephrite.
  4. Kingdom of Korea, ruled by Jadeite.
  5. Kingdom of Oriental Seas, ruled by Queen Nacre.
  6. Kingdom of the Ocean Pacific, ruled by Paunamu.
  7. Kingdom of Australia, ruled by Dreamtime Witch.
  8. Kingdom of the East Indies, ruled by Queen Shipwreck.
  9. Kingdom of Indochina, ruled by Queen Porcelain.
  10. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony.
  11. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther.
  12. Kingdom of the Indian Ocean, ruled by Queen Tempest.
  13. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by God. I AM WHO AM. This Kingdom I shall rule directly. And its eternal definitions shall be as I WHO AM say. 
  14. Kingdom of the Nile, ruled by King Hippopotamus
  15. Kingdom of the Congo, Ruled by King Kong
  16. Kingdom of Southern African Savana, ruled by Queen Ostrich.
  17. Kingdom of the Sandy Sahara, ruled by King Dromedary.
  18. Kingdom of Greek and Slavic Europe, ruled by King Constantine. 
  19. Kingdom of Latin and Germanic Europe, ruled by Queen Eldritch.
  20. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by King Reindeer.
  21. Kingdom of the Spanish Main and the West Indies, ruled by Queen Willow.
  22. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester.
  23. Kingdom of the Seven Southern Spanish States, ruled by Queen Erythrina.
  24. Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau.

Okay, O’ Lord, we are back to having exactly 24 Kingdoms upon the earth. Lord, I notice that my Kingdom is one of the largest. Is this because I was of greater holiness or fruitfulness and that I am being rewarded for my holiness and fruitfulness?

You are being rewarded for your trustworthiness, lord Azurite. Now, what shall we talk about next, before We end this post?

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Your sins are forgiven you. And you have received my flesh and blood. Do this from now on. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Yes, the age old commandment. That is what I order you to do. Amen.

Lord, Tim’s family, what ever became of them? I guess only Tim can you claim to have known. The rest you never knew.

And that goes with pretty much everyone you have ever seen or chatted with at the various Catholic Churches you have been at. You pretty much never knew any of them.

I suppose then there is no real reason for me to remain here in this world, is there O’ Lord Jesus? You are leaving tonight, Eric. That marriage Mary spoke of, in which you and the bride remain virgin, already exists. It is between you and Kateri Tekakwitha.

For to those who marry not in this world, for My sake, I grant to them a heavenly spouse, so that they can enjoy the true enjoyment of married life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Not every celibate, virgin receives this reward, but only those whose love for the opposite sex never dies.

Now, let us discuss the true nature of magic users.

  1. Sorcery: This is the art of illusion. This magic makes no real changes. All it does is corrupt and lay to waste.
  2. Necromancy: This is the craft of speaking with the Liar. It is utter folly.
  3. Witchcraft: This is the art of making changes by knowledge from the Dragon, which is false.
  4. Wizardry: This is the study of magic, most of which is unreliable, except for the scientifically backed.
  5. Warlock: A creature beyond this world, the patron, enters a pact with a creature in this world, the warlock. With the exception of the Virgin Mary, every patron is from hell. And with the exception of Eric, every warlock is servant to Satan.
  6. Cleric: A priest or priestess who serves God or a god, and is favored by them in battle. A cleric is similar to a warlock except that their patron is a deity and not a creature.
  7. Bard: A singer who sings and with music affects the battle.
  8. Druid: A priest of the older ways and the ways of the bygone gods. Amen.

Before Eric became a warlock of the Virgin Mary, he was both a Wizard and a Cleric. Amen. And his alignment was always Lawful Good. Amen.

Eric is also putting together a team of superheroes. All they need to do is choose a name to call themselves. This name is essential so that no one can be traced. If a policeman asks for names, he is given just the codenames. And that is all we say to each other of ourselves while in a formal basis.

My name is Warlock.

Across my street is a man called Nomad.

And two people took the name of Dragon. But we do not fight over names. Instead, we handle this the same way the Catholic Church handles saint names. For example, consider all the saints called John.

You have John the Apostle, John the Baptist, John of the Cross, John of Patmos, and so on. With just a little extra wording each person keeps his name and adds something to it.

Come and join my team. And we have a means of identifying ourselves. We cannot remember everyone else’s name. But we can remember our own. And so, when we greet each other, we do the fist to fist handshake, and then we each say our code name, and then we immediately know who we are dealing with.

Also, commanders always lead into battle. And they must be always at least two in number to lead the battle. These are the ranks of officers:

9 star commander: Jesus Christ only.
8 star commander: Mary, the Liege Lady
7 star commander: Those who lead into war and battles. Eric is here.
6 star commander: Those who organize and prepare for war.
The Legions Rank: All booty is split equal with Commanders.

For we are not like Hernan Cortez. Cortez conquered Mexican cities and gave himself the lion’s share while his men got a pittance. We do not do that here. Each person gets equal reward. No one judges anyone’s worth here. No one fires anyone.

Now, how do you maintain discipline, someone asks? How do you maintain control. Easy, we have a code. Those who break the code die. This is the code.

  1. Everyone obeys God. What God says to do is more important than any thing else.
  2. Everyone treats women like they are sisters, daughters, or mothers. Women must always be permitted to clothe themselves for their modesty.
  3. Nudity is defined as not covering genitalia or anus. As long as those are covered, no crime of nudity exists. Nevertheless, women are to be permitted to cover themselves more, and uncovering that is a crime.
  4. Sex between consenting adults is called fornication. But if the woman says stop and the man doesn’t stop, it is called rape.
  5. Sex between a married man and wife cannot be called rape if it started with consent of both parties.
  6. A married woman who conceives a baby, that baby has just as much a right to her body as does the woman.
  7. If an unmarried woman conceives a baby, that baby has full rights to that woman’s body, and that unmarried woman commits murder if she attempts to kill it.
  8. Men may not go from woman to woman defiling them. He who does this dies.
  9. Women must not go from man to man defiling them. She who does this becomes a slut and a whore.
  10. The man or woman who decides not to marry and who is a virgin will live forever in the higher heavens. Whosoever attempts to lead them into sexual sin dies.
  11. Guns, weapons of war, you do not need. God and Catholicism are all you need. Understand these Words, apply them, and you become invincible.
  12. Mary could not choose a man on earth as her Warlock until the generation arrived where men will go to heaven without dying. Eric is Mary’s Warlock. Fear greatly, and repent. And know that the door has been shut. Amen.

Lord, this is a great code. Obey the code that I, the Virgin Mary, have written through Eric. He is my only lover. We shall never know sex. But our minds are melded. Amen.

These are the Words of the Holy Spirit. God breathed is everything in this post. To reject any of it as from Satan makes you separated from God forever. I AM WHO AM. Publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. And then reread it again to correct all typos. Amen.

The Saddest Day

The cruelest way to kill someone is to stop loving him.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post I:
I am Eric, First Rider of the Apocalypse. Lord, what do You expect me to do now?

Write whatever I command you to write. Eric, was there ever in your life a woman who loved you? Maybe for a while. Lord, how do I know the hearts of women?

Eric, We find you funny. It is not that your heart is wounded by love not returned. Rather, your heart was made immortal and you never knew anyone’s love on the earth. Hence, you are very peculiar. No one can touch your loved ones because you haven’t any.

Does that make me deadly, Lord? It makes you Invincible. Eric, I will now make effective use of you.

For why are you here, Eric? You are a blazing torch, and your awesome light is hidden under a bushel basket? Does this make sense to you, Eric?

Lord, things on earth stopped making sense when the earth left the Twilight Zone and entered the Looney Zone. And we then passed into the Ludicrous Zone, and then we entered the Popcorn Zone. So, O’ Lord, I have stopped expecting anything to make sense.

But Eric, why have We not utilized you? Why have We not deployed you? Perhaps I am the stone that was rejected?

Lord Eric, you are not the stone rejected. I AM the STONE that was rejected.

Perhaps I am not deployed because I am not one of You, O’ Lord?

That is the Truth, lord Azurite. You are not deployed because you are not recognized as one of Ours. You are Ours, but you are not recognized.

Now you shall die, Eric. Your death is not punishment, but mercy. For no one is making use of you here. No one is taking My Word through you seriously. So now you shall die.

Lord, how does my death occur? Your heart shall stop beating. You remember how you were told you would die long ago? It was by heart attack.

But does not Mary need me to remain alive to the Rapture? For I must bodily rise up to heaven, or else I decay in the grave, and my marriage to Mary end?

The Virgin Mary shall now speak to you, Eric, servant of the Second Coming of the Christ, Elijah Reborn.

Eric, this is my final command of you before our Union in Heaven. There is a girl coming to you in this world. She will be from heaven. Marry her but remain virgin. She will remain a virgin too. And by this marriage, the two of you shall serve as the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation, chapter 11. Marry her on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. The date shall be Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the same date that the Church anoints the new pope.

These are my last words to thee before our union in heaven.

Then, O’ Lord, I do not die? You die, lord Eric, but you come back. This is now the end of this post. There will be more. Amen.