The girl We are sending to Eric

Beautiful and deadly, as the Ark of the Covenant, shall be her whom We give unto thee.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXIII:
Lord, speak unto me, and tell me of the one You are sending to be made my wife. I know that she is more deadly than the Ark of the Covenant was to the Jews, which no man was permitted to touch and live. But do tell me more about her, O’ Lord. And tell me why this one is to be put under my protection?

We, the elect in heaven, have chosen who it is to be your bride, lord Azurite. And you may only marry her, and no other. And yes, you have been now called, and have accepted, the role you shall play with this one, that of celibate and virgin husband, similar to the role Joseph played with the Virgin Mary. I Am the Lord. The Virgin Mary, like the girl We are giving you, was also beautiful and deadly. And she was in fact the Ark of the Covenant fashioned by God, whereas the one made by Moses was fashioned by men. See the girl We are giving you as a likeness, not a replica, of the Virgin Mary. And she can be seen as a daughter of the Virgin Mary, just as you are called the son of Jesus, even though you have no physical line of descent from Him.

Jesus, being immortal, did not have sex nor children. For such is the mark of all those who are immortal. Your immortality has now occurred today, Saturday, April 17, 2021. And it is through the immortality of Jesus, and by following Him, that you are now made immortal. As for the Lord Jesus Christ, His immortality was always with him, as the heartbeats demonstrate in listening to the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For two heartbeats are heard when listening to it: the heartbeat of a woman and the heartbeat of an unborn child. Amen. And it was the miraculous image on that tilma, which was later painted over by much inferior artists, that converted the entire Mexican nation to Catholicism en masse. I AM the Lord.

Now, listen to Me. You are about to receive her whom you are waiting for. I Am the Lord. Do not deviate to the left or to the right in the instructions We are about to give thee. Amen. The hair of this girl is black. Her eyes are brown. And her lips are rouge. Her complexion is fair. And her skin color is as is yours, olive caucasian.

Hence, the picture above of the redhead girl is not of her. All things that you need cures to, you shall receive immediately after you confess the last of your impure sins today at Church to the priest. And then you shall be a perfect man. Go now and eat your breakfast. When you are finished, come back here, and We shall complete this post through you. Amen.

I have eaten, O’ Lord, and I am back. These are My Words unto thee, lord Azurite. Once you pass the threshold of attaining to your perfection, you will then have a different role to play in this world. From that point onward you shall serve Me and Me alone. Whatever I command you to do, you shall do. And whatever I command you to say, you shall say. And wherever I command you to go, you shall go.

And this will be the occupation you shall have henceforth starting today, when I cure you in completion. I Am making you an oracle of the Lord. Whosoever seeks wisdom, counsel, or guidance from God need only come to you, and you shall speak My Word and My answers to him freely and without charge. For My House is a house of prayer, and not a den of thieves. I Am the Lord.

In the Church where I cure you, that will be the Church where I perpetually station you as oracle of the Lord. From there shall you speak all that I command you to say. I Who Am have spoken.

The reason why the bride to Eric can never be touched is because the two of you shall be a holy, eternal virgin couple. You shall marry her but never know sex. I Am the Lord. For this marriage, like that between Joseph and Mary, is eternal and will never be broken asunder.

Therefore, in the highest of the Queen’s Gardens shall you dwell in with your eternal bride in heaven. And there shall be your throne. And from there shall you reign, with your wife, for all eternity. I AM the Lord.

Your wife’s womb shall be virgin but fruitful. In her marriage to you, she shall become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and conceive and bring forth a male child, one who is destined to rule all the nations with an iron scepter. You shall be assumed by your neighbors to be the father, which you will not contest, just as Joseph was assumed to have been the father of Jesus by his contemporaries.

But rather, it will be by God that this child will come to be in the womb of your wife. And the name you shall give him shall be John. I Am the Lord. And as Jesus was called Son of David, so shall this child be called John, son of Eric. Amen.

Lord, I have a question. Genetically, for parthenogenesis to occur in a woman (reproduction in the female without male gametes) this can only produce baby girls, and never baby boys. For the genetics of the woman is that she is XX, and thus lacks the Y chromosome, whose presence, makes a child male. Only men, by having sex with women, can produce male offspring, and exactly 50% of a man’s gametes carries his Y chromosome. For the sex cells that divide to form sperm in the man divide such that for each pair of sperm produced, one carries his Y and the other carries his X.

So, O’ Lord, from whence comes this Y chromosome by which this John, son of Eric, is to be conceived and born? And let us take it also a step further. From whence came the Y chromosome that made Jesus male in the womb of Mary?

I, the Lord God, shall now answer this scientific question exactly. Jesus did not receive His Y chromosome from the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden. For all Mankind born naturally of women have this Y chromosome from Adam. But Jesus was entirely different. In the case of Jesus, His Y chromosome was created by God the Almighty, as a second Creation of Man, second after Adam. And that is the nature of why He is called the Second Adam. However, in the case of John, son of Eric, God shall supernaturally take a sperm from you and unite it to her egg in her womb, without any act of sex on your part with this girl. And that is why you are to accept John being called your son. Amen.

Because of this, John, son of Eric, will be different to Jesus, Son of David. For by the true nature of Jesus being the Second Adam, He clearly objects to being called a literal Son of David (Matthew 22:41-46), but rather, prefers the titles, Son of Man, and Son of God. And by Son of Man, Jesus makes Himself known as the Son of God in the flesh of Mankind. And by Son of God, Jesus makes Himself clearly known to be God’s direct Son, and that he has no male lineage except that which is directly from God. Amen.

Hence, despite the miraculous virgin birth to come of John, son of Eric, he will, nevertheless, be a man and require baptism. But as for Jesus, Son of God and Mary, He is the Second Divine Person of the Triune God. He is and always was God the Son, whereas the son of Eric to be conceived by miraculous means in the womb of your wife, he shall be a perfect man, but a man nevertheless, and not God. And like all other men born of women, he is to be baptized and saved by the shed blood of Christ on Calvary. I Who AM have spoken.

It shall be this John, son of Eric, born from the virgin Sarah, who I shall make My priest. And it shall be he, not you, Eric, who shall be numbered among the two who are to be known as My Two Witnesses. (Revelation 11:1-14). This post now comes to its end. And you are hereby commanded now to publish this post, and then walk to the bank to cash your check, and from the bank you are to walk to Saint Bruno Catholic Church, where you shall confess your last traces of impurity, those sins you committed since your last confession, even though you did not incur a mortal sin by them. For My wish is to make you perfect. And by confessing even your venial sins to the priest, your perfection will be sealed. I Who Am have now spoken in full for this post. Go now, My eternal virgin saint. And carry out all that I have commanded of thee. Amen.

Birth of an immortal

Redhead on a red horse. Mysterious is the plan of God.

The Chronicles of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXII:
As you realize, the God who speaks through a Prophet a prophecy but is unable to fulfill it, that God is not God but Satan. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen. Holy Spirit, I ask You to speak unto me. Concerning the God Who said I was to be made an immortal tonight, was that God truly God, or was he Satan? And let the Holy Spirit alone speak. Let no devil speak in his place. Lord, speak, for Your servant is listening.

I, God the Holy Spirit, shall now speak. Eric, you are immortal, as We speak. No longer is it possible for you to sin or commit any demerit. For only meritorious acts can you now do, just as Jesus, throughout His entire life, was unable to demerit, but was able to merit. For the goal of all who follow Him is to gain immortality as He is immortal.

Also, immortals cannot mate. So there can be no sexual lover for you. But there will, nevertheless, be a bride. But this bride is to be strictly celibate in nature. For the day you lay with her you shall die. Nor may you kiss her. Rather, she must be regarded as a possession to you as the Ark of the Covenant was to the Jews. No man may lay a hand on her. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, you speak, Eric. Have you masturbated in the night? Have you defiled yourself by impurity? No, O’ Lord, I have not done that. Good. Realize from now on, the test you received yesterday, you are no longer under that spell. The time in which you have been under the power of an impure spirit has come to its end. I, the Holy Spirit, declare that the devil of impurity will never come to reclaim your soul. For you are now an immortal. And immortals cannot fall to sins of lust. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, the prophecy that you were to have a son is now like this. You will never have a son unless you lay with your wife. But if you ever do that, it will be your son, not you, who shall the the one We make eternal immortal king. And if you lay with your wife, she will become pregnant, and then you shall die. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Very well, Lord, I have no desire to enter into a woman. Somehow all this pent up desire, was taken away, in a process that began with the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And Mary, back then, gave me the mandate that I am to marry a certain girl, whom I was to teach everything I know.

Eric, such is the true reason why you die if you lay with her. For you are gifted with great knowledge because you are a virgin. But if you lay with a woman, that gift We would take away from you. And then you would have nothing to teach this woman, whom Mary mandated you to teach all that you know. And that is why you would die. For the purpose of you being with this woman would then be defeated.

Lord, who is this woman? Is she the redhead I dreamt of some time ago? Or is she the dark haired girl whom you say is Sarah, the Jewess who is to translate all my works to Hebrew? Or who do You say is this woman who is yet to come? The redhead, lord Azurite, was a temptation to sin. Do not follow her. There will be many such women that you will see cross your path, like that blonde woman who you saw at Church yesterday. That was not the one. Do not go to any woman unless We, the elect in heaven, say unto you that that is the one. I Am the Lord.

Based on your current trajectory, you shall receive this girl soon. And this will be the sign of her impending entrance into your life. Everything that you asked of Us to be cured of, you shall receive the cures to. Amen. For the girl We give unto thee is to never know you in your uncured state. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, then do I remain in this world, even as an immortal? When the time comes that We cure you, We will also take you from where you live and plant you in a different dwelling, where you shall live with those who knew you not. For no one who knows you now is to know that you have been cured. Amen.

And what about where I work? Do I continue to work there when You have cured me, O’ Lord? No one where you work knows of the infirmities that you have that are to be cured. Hence, they will not be aware of the cures you shall receive either. Tell them nothing. But continue to work there after I cure you. Your residence will change, but not the place where you work. I AM the Lord.

Also, when We move you to your new location, all the books that belong to you shall you take with you to where I AM planting you. Amen. Lord, in this new dwelling, do I live with others, or by myself? It shall be in an apartment complex, and you shall have your own apartment. You shall not live with another person until the sacramental marriage takes place between you and the girl. Then she will live with you, but in her own room, for this marriage between you and her is to be celibate, after the manner of the marriage by which Joseph was wed to Mary. I Am the Lord.

Eric, are you in complete agreement with this arrangement? Yes, O’ Lord. And I look forward to it. Good, for in six days time, you shall receive the girl We are giving unto thee. Amen. This is a prophecy of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Do as We have commanded thee. And look not at any of those things that you are leaving behind.

Furthermore, the girl you are receiving is called Sarah. And she is a Roman Catholic of Jewish descent. And her Hebrew is excellent. She will indeed translate all that you teach her to Hebrew and publish it. I AM the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. And remember this most important thing. More deadly than the Ark of the Covenant was to the peoples of ancient Israel is the girl We are about to give unto thee. Touch her not. And do not even fantasize any unlawful act with her. And then you shall live with her forever. For to both you and her, We are giving the gift of immortality. And neither of you shall ever age. Amen. This post comes to its conclusion. Take the girl We give unto thee, but revere her as the ancient Israelis revered the Ark of the Covenant, and then you and her shall live together forever upon the earth We plant you in. Amen.

To Eric, I assign his wife

The mystery woman We shall wed to Eric is about to be revealed. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXI:
Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant, whatever you wish to know? Despite my intention to remain of perfect virgin purity forever, is it still a matter of predestination that John, son of Eric, must still somehow come to be born into this world by my future wife, Sarah, whom I am yet to meet and to see? Correct. Hence, though you are now of My eternal virgin elect, when it is commanded of you, that is when you shall lay with your wife to produce this son. For the command of the Lord is irresistible. No one can not fail to carry out the commands of the Lord by which I ensure that those who are to be conceived and born are conceived and born. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, then this son, John, the son of Eric, shall be the only child to be born to me and Sarah? Am I correct, O’ Sovereign and Lord and Majesty? Correct, Eric. You lay with your wife to produce this son. And once he is born, you will lay with her no more. I AM the Lord.

For it is a destiny from which you cannot escape. You will marry the girl We give unto thee, and you shall lay with her to produce the prophesied son. And this son is a man whom We have predestined to inherit in Our Kingdom a greater glory and renown than that which We shall grant unto thee, O’ Azurite King. And he shall be celibate, and serve Me as My Roman Catholic priest. And he shall be holy upon the land. And all shall acknowledge him as a saint, whose holiness shall be higher than that of many who dwell in heaven. It is he, not you, lord Azurite, who shall truly serve Me as the true First Witness of Revelation, chapter 11. And with him I will raise up the other Prophet, who shall serve as the Second Witness of Revelation, chapter 11. I Am the Lord. Hence, it shall be these two who are yet to come, not Azurite and Lazurite, who shall truly fulfill the prophecies spoken of the Two Witnesses in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Revelation. I AM the Lord.

For the End Times are a long, drawn out process, by which I fully refine all the gold that I shall purify and bring into My Kingdom. I AM the Lord. Hence, let no man think that he can ever count down the days to My Second Coming by observing the signs of the times. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Eric, this John, son of Eric, shall inherit from you your vast library of books, many of them rare and irreplaceable. For you are a collector of books. And your libraries are vast. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the prophet John, son of Eric, shall be a greater prophet than Eric the Azurite King ever was and ever shall be. Correct. And now I shall detail your fate, lord Azurite. For it is a fate that is now yours to know. Amen.

I save your soul today. Today, you pass from your current state of probation into the ranks of the permanently saved. And from that point onward, no longer is it permitted for you to freely elect to commit any sin. For you will have become sinless, as I made Joseph to never commit a sin. Amen.

And in that state of eternal blessedness, I will make known to you the vastness and the details of your reward in heaven. And I will detail unto thee how your life on earth shall proceed from that point to the Second Coming of the Christ. For you shall neither die nor pass away. For it was sealed upon your soul that, whether you would go to heaven or hell, that you would not die until the Christ was seen coming in the heavens in great glory and power, together with all his armies, riding on white horses. Amen.

The girl, Sarah, was made by God after it was seen in your life that you were going to obey Christ Jesus, and not fall to the way of Antichrist. Amen. For that the Antichrist would convert to Christianity and be saved was merely made possible; it was not irresistibly willed by the Father. For you had the free will, lord Eric, to choose which destiny was to be yours. And We grant this free will to all Mankind who reach the age of reason, which is about seven years in age. Amen.

We did not force you to be saved. Rather, you are saved because you cooperated with the graces We gave you. And We gave you graces by which you could choose meritoriously the path that you are now firmly established on. Amen. For Satan fought to keep his throne, but Mary fought with love alone. Amen.

Lord, I believe the major milestone that I passed by which it was made certain I would be saved was at the Second Martyrdom Breakdown of June of 1995, that which occurred on my 25th birthday, June 24, 1995. Am I correct, O’ Lord? For on that day, I died for You. On that day, I walked off the cliff for you, but did not fall to my death. Amen. You indeed did die for Me on that day, Eric. And on that day, it was decided by God that a girl was to be made to serve as your consort. Amen. For on that day, you lost everything, including your own life, for My sake and for the sake of My Kingdom in Heaven. Amen.

Behold, your throne has already been made, upon which you will sit, together with your wife and your son, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. For I have made the House of Eric legendary. And this House of Eric will rival that of the House of Jacob. Amen. And the woman who is to be given to Eric to conceive and bear the son of Eric, shall be a virgin daughter of the House of Jacob. For the Sarah who is to come is a direct descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Amen. And it shall be through her excellent fluency in Hebrew that all the writings of Eric are to be translated into the language of the Jews. And her translations will be exquisite, for she will have the prophet himself in her presence, through whom the writings were written by God, to question as to whatever confuses her in her work to translate all that was ever written by Eric into Hebrew. Amen.

Lord, I thank Thee, and I glorify Thee. For You are truly God the Almighty. And I know that it is God, not Satan, who speaks through me from now on. Amen. Eric, you have served Me for many years. And many are the years left to you that you must continue to serve Me on the earth. But from this day forward, you will only be able to merit rewards. For the ability to demerit punishments shall be today taken away from you. And you shall be forever confirmed as a member of My eternal elect. Amen. For with you I Am well pleased. And the transgressions by which you had frequently fallen, are hereby taken away from you forever. I AM the Lord.

Lord Azurite, accept the raise you are about to receive from your employer, along with the switch by which you are made an employee, and no longer an outsourced independent contractor. This is coming and is now made inevitable.

And the Toyota that We shall have you buy shall be a 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited. I Am the Lord. For We have determined that you shall use a car powered by hydrogen, rather than by electricity or a hybrid vehicle. I Who Am have spoken. For the Mirai comes with six years of complimentary hydrogen fuel purchases, and by the time those six years have passed, the cost of hydrogen fuel will equal that of gas. Also, the hydrogen fuel cells solve the problem posed by the electric vehicles in that it only takes five minutes to fully fuel up a hydrogen vehicle, whereas fueling up an electric vehicle takes much more time. You, Eric, shall purchase the Mirai in the color of hydro blue. And you shall use your car mainly in California, where you live, for in California where you live there are sufficient numbers of hydrogen charging stations to make owning a Mirai viable. Amen. Also, the energy in 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of hydrogen gas is about the same as the energy in 1 gallon (6.2 pounds, 2.8 kilograms) of gasoline. Hence, hydrogen gas stores much more energy than gasoline per unit of mass. I AM the Lord. Thus, the Mirai has an estimated 402 mile range, when fully fueled.

And I shall provide you with all the money you need to make this purchase. I Am the Lord. For you shall not take out a car loan to make this purchase, but rather, you shall, in typical Erician fashion, make your purchase of your new car with full cash paid. For you go by the maxim that a loan should only be taken out for something that appreciates in value though time, rather than for something that depreciates in value. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Eric, this is good. And realize that airplanes and ships will also eventually all run on hydrogen fuel cells. For the path away from the internal combustion engine will go to the hydrogen fuel cell over the electric vehicle, as it is preferred to have the shorter refueling time and the much farther range that the hydrogen fuel cell cars achieve over the electric battery powered vehicles. Also, less rare earth elements are necessary to make hydrogen fuel cell cars than are necessary to make the all electric vehicle batteries. And Researchers have also figured out how to turn methane into H2 with near zero energy loss. And in a power plant that uses this process to make the hydrogen gas to serve as fuel, it would be feasible to capture and store the generated CO2 underground, as it’s completely separated from the hydrogen. This would provide a way to continue to use fossil fuels in power plants, generating hydrogen gas, without adding more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. I Who Am have spoken.

Eric, the fear people have with using hydrogen as a fuel is the image of the exploding passenger carrying zeppelin known as the Hindenburg. They are afraid that the hydrogen could explode in their vehicles. For were not the Space Shuttles that exploded also caused by hydrogen leaks? How then, the people ask, can hydrogen fuel technology be deemed as safe? Consider the chemical reaction that takes place in the hydrogen fuel cell to produce energy:

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O + energy.

As you can see here, only water and energy are emitted in the process of burning this fuel. It is, therefore, not possible to achieve a cleaner fuel than that of hydrogen gas burning in oxygen. I AM the Lord.

Lord, what more shalt Thou say of my fate? And this girl, will she be perfect like me, or will she still be in her state of probation, seeking to become perfect, as I will have attained to by today? She will be your pupil, Eric. And you shall teach her all that you know. For it is the wish of the Virgin Mary that a woman who belongs to her should come to acquire every last bit of knowledge that is contained in the Witch King’s mind. I Am the Lord. Hence, all the knowledge in your mind shall you train your wife on. And she will be willing and able to learn and master all that you teach her, having a young and fresh mind, for she is half your age in years. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric, I, the Holy Spirit, doth speak through you now.

I Who Am Am now speaking. Through Eric Am I speaking. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XX:
I AM the Holy Spirit. And I have come to reveal many things through Eric, Our servant. Eric, speak your vocation now!

I am oracle, prophet, scribe to the Lord, and I am to marry a virgin from God, called Sarah, and this virgin is to bear a son, called John, who shall be great, and he shall rule the nations with an iron scepter, and he shall serve the Lord as an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church. Amen.

Now I shall speak. And My Words are holy. So listen to Me. Your are indeed all that you say, but there is more to this story than just that. You are made a pillar of fire. And as a pillar of fire, all the world will be lit up by the Word that comes from your mouth. I Am the Lord. Whosoever approaches the pillar of fire as an enemy, or with malintent, though he may think Eric does not see, he does not realize that I Who AM see all. And I will cause Eric to utter a curse that kills. And that trespasser shall then drop in death, and be stone dead by the time his body hits the stone floor. For whosoever wishes to harm Eric will be put to death by such a curse uttered from his fiery mouth.

And now, the chief priests and the elders elect to approach Eric to ask him by whose authority does he speak thusly? Or by what authority has he been given this power to speak? (Matthew 21:23). Jesus did not give them an explicit answer to their question. Now this question shall be answered explicitly. It is by God and by the I AM Himself by whom Eric is set before thee as a pillar of fire proclaiming the Word of God. Amen.

Eric, you are going to light a fire that shall awaken all of Israel to the knowledge that a Prophet is speaking in their midst. I AM the Lord! And all anti-Christian propaganda in Israel shall the collapse and fall away, and this nation shall come to acknowledge the Christ, Jesus, and that He is speaking to them through Eric. Amen.

Behold, the twelfth hour has finally come. Midnight has now occurred upon the land. It is now the dead of the night. And dawn shall now come rapidly after the hours of twilight arrive. For the Day of Israel’s rebirth has come. And all who are of the elect of Israel shall now be saved. I AM the Lord.

The Kingdoms of the Gentiles shall now bow to Jerusalem, where shall reign the Great King, the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, the Lord of Hosts. He is triumphant. And He will be seen coming in the clouds, with all His armies, riding on white horses. And from his mouth shall a sword descend upon the earth to wipe out all in this world who stand opposed to Him and His Father. Amen. By complete conquest and the conquering of all wicked nations shall this King perform His Parousia upon all the whole earth in a twinkling of an eye. And then all the world shall change. Amen.

Eric, your eight names put together are: Eric Ulric Emerald Lucian Robert Azurite Larimar Dunstan: EUELRALD. Ulric was your confirmation saint name. And Saint Ulric of Augsburg was the first saint canonized by a pope. By this means, you shall know that you, Eric, shall be the last saint to be canonized by a pope. I Who Am have spoken. You are Eric, Oracle of the Lord, Prophet King, Emerald King, Witch King child, Azurite King, First Rider of the Apocalypse, First of the Two Witnesses, and Holy Scribe who serves the Lord God Jesus Christ, Who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

But whatever one says that Eric is, in comparison to Jesus, Eric is as nothing. I Am the Lord. For a finite amount compared to an infinite quantity is as a zero in comparison. Therefore, men must never render worship unto Eric, who is but their fellow brother in the Lord. Instead, men must worship Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ, for He, and no other, is the only one of Mankind Who is also God. Amen. (Revelation 22:8-9).

Lord, what is my destiny? Lord, my parents are both seemingly headed for dementia, in their own ways. That is correct, lord Azurite. Both of you parents’ minds are breaking down, and they are failing to communicate. Whole memories of the past are departing from their mind and leaving not a trace that they ever occurred. Therefore, do as you have planned. Get your father’s issues resolved, for he is incapable of doing so. And call that office to resolve them, with your father present, for he can no longer hear clearly what is said to him.

And I hereby anoint you to serve Me forever. For by doing this, you fulfill My commandment that you honor your father and your mother. Continue to serve them in their old age. I Am the Lord. Lord, I have helped my father as far as is possible in this shutdown of the offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good, I Am pleased with your performance and selflessness in serving your father and mother, for such is found in the Commandment: Thou shalt honor your father and mother. And because you have done this deed in My sight, I hereby change your fate forever. Amen.

Lord, tell me of these changes. For that commandment says that he who honors father and mother shall have a long life in the land, but how can You change the scheduled death date by which the Two Witnesses give glory to God? Easy, lord Azurite. For all these happenings repeat over and over again throughout the Church Age.

You mean, O’ Lord, that there have been before Azurite and Lazurite, another set of two prophets who served in that capacity in an earlier generation? Correct. For in the pages of history are forgotten many things that occur. Hence, each generation upon the earth is as a distinctly separate world compared to the generation that preceded it. I Am the Lord. Hence, after the triumph of you and Lazurite, time will continue, and another cycle of the End Times shall occur again. For it is written that though history does not truly repeat, is surely does rhyme.

Then, O’ Lord, what fate dost Thou have for me? What shall you do for me? Do I get a longer life upon the land? You are now fifty years old. And you turn fifty-one in a matter of a littler over two months time, on June 24, 2021, to be precise. And yet, you remain young in appearance, for to you We have provided a form of a fountain of youth. Amen. And that fountain of youth is the Eucharist that you receive frequently, and always in a state of grace. Amen.

In 1989, about 12 years prior to your first holy communion, you partook in communion one time at the Catholic Church in ignorance of what I require of Catholics before they are permitted to partake at My table. You were Catholic, but you had not been catechized. And though you had been baptized Catholic as a baby, you had not been brought up in the Church, nor were you given instructions on entering correctly the Catholic Church and its life of worship. Hence, you received Me sacrilegiously at that time, but the blood of that one time deed was not poured out upon your head, but rather, upon the heads of your parents, who married Catholic, but who failed to raise their children Catholic, which is what is vowed to and required by all who marry in My Catholic Church. I Am the Lord.

My Holy Spirit convicted you on your transgression, and you obeyed the Spirit and did not repeat the sin. And therefore, you were not punished for this crime. Nor do you owe Me any debt for it in the hereafter. And it is known that this sin was confessed by you when you made your first confession, when you finally began the formal process of entering the Catholic Church correctly, taking RCIA classes and partaking in all the required ritutals, which was a process you began in the fall of 2001 and completed at Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002.

Lord, during all those years from 1989 to 2002, what was my spiritual status in Your sight? For it is written that outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Lord Azurite, while it is true that you had truly received My body and blood by that act, you were not ranked among the living, but rather, were regarded as I regard those of the Orthodox churches, who also receive communion validly, but without the merit necessary to obtain eternal life. I AM the Lord. For it is also written, and declared infallibly by My Vicars over the Roman Catholic Church, that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. A Church that has a valid communion, and that is in full communion with the pope in Rome, constitutes a Catholic Church, and the members of that Church, if they receive without mortal sin, they receive with the merit necessary to obtain eternal life. I Am the Lord.

But, O’ Lord, do You permit, from time to time, people to enter Your Kingdom of Heaven who are outside Your communion, or who have never received You meritoriously? When a man is dying, at that moment, all his good deeds and good merits are withdrawn from his bank in heaven to compensate for the sins he did in life, which are then brought up by the devil in his many accusations against him before the Lord. If such a man elects to put his trust in My mercy, he can be saved at his final hour by a means known only to Myself. And then that soul proceeds happily to the bottom of purgatory. But if this sinner does not believe that I can forgive him of his many crimes, then I do not forgive him, and he then sinks with all his sins and is taken down to hell, where he never escapes My wrath, and where the worm never dies. I Am the Lord.

So what is the new fate You give me, O’ Lord? What is my destiny now? I suppose that I must still be taken to heaven when my son reaches the age of twelve? I suppose that is an unchangeable Truth? My change in your fate is this, lord Azurite. You are to marry the girl We are giving you in a full sacramental marriage. And We shall place you and her together where only I will know of your whereabouts. And there you shall dwell with your wife until Antichrist has been destroyed. I Am the Lord. And after that destruction has taken place, I Am giving you a new lease on life. And you and your wife shall then be granted to live as long as trees in the land where I will plant you both together. I Am the Lord. And in the place where I put you, there you shall remain, ruling the Azurite Kingdom until heaven and earth pass away and the earth is no more. For you are now worthy of everlasting dominion upon the earth. And you will not be taken from your wife, nor will she be taken from you. But you shall both live together where I shall plant you. And in that place you shall remain until the forces of Satan are completely defeated. And then spring will come back to the land, and the land shall be healed and renewed. I AM the Lord.

Lord, then do I have a son? Or do We, Sarah and I, remain eternally virgin in a Josephite marriage, by which we are to be graced with this perpetual life unto the end of the world? If you choose the sexual route, I grant you to have the one son, and to live as long as trees with your wife upon the earth. Amen. However, should you elect to live out your life with Sarah in perpetual virginity with her, then We make you King over all of the northern lands, and of your Kingdom on earth, there will be no end. Amen. I choose the virgin path, O’ Lord. I do not seek to have a son.

Good. Excellent. Now I crown you as King of Northern Christendom. And this crown shall never be taken away from you. Amen. And I hereby utter the decree that you are to be cured in all things exactly as you asked, Amen. And I hereby decree that by sunset tomorrow the girl of prophecy you will have met and seen with your own eyes. Amen. And I hereby declare that you shall never die. Amen. And this promise also includes the woman, Sarah, whom We are placing with you. Amen.

And now We shall define the eternal Kingdom of Northern Christendom:

(1) Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled eternally by Eric, Azurite King, and by Sarah, his eternal consort. And over the following lands shall this eternal couple eternally rule:

North American Subkingdom

  1. Alaska
  2. The Contiguous United States of America
  3. Hawaii
  4. Canada
  5. Greenland
  6. Iceland
  7. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

The Northern West Indies Subkingdom

  1. Hispaniola
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. The U.S. Virgin Isles
  4. The British Virgin Isles
  5. The Bahamas
  6. Turks & Caicos Islands
  7. Bermuda

The British Isles Subkingdom

  1. England
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales
  5. The Republic of Ireland
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. The Outer Hebrides
  8. The Orkney Islands
  9. The shetland Islands
  10. The Scilly Islands
  11. The Channel Islands

The Nordic European Subkingdom

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Finland
  4. Denmark
  5. Svalbard
  6. Jan Mayen
  7. The Faroe Islands

Continental Europe and nearby Islands Subkingdom

  1. Iberia
  2. the Azores Islands
  3. the Canary Islands
  4. the Madeira Islands
  5. Gaul
  6. the Balearic Islands
  7. Corsica
  8. Germania
  9. The Benelux Countries
  10. The Alpine Nations
  11. Malta
  12. Italia (excluding the Vatican City)
  13. Sicily
  14. Sardinia
  15. The Ionian Islands
  16. Greece
  17. Crete
  18. The Aegean Islands
  19. Macedonia
  20. Thrace (all of European Turkey)
  21. The Balkans
  22. Moldova
  23. Ukraine
  24. Eastern Europe
  25. The Baltic States

The Russian Region Subkingdom

  1. The Russian Federation
  2. Belarus
  3. Kaliningrad

The Caucasus Subkingdom

  1. Georgia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Armenia

And over this vast Kingdom of Northern Christendom, there shall be recognized these fourteen official languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Catalan
  12. Swedish
  13. Armenian
  14. Irish Gaelic

Excellent, O’ Lord. My eternal Kingdom upon the earth is vast indeed. And Sarah and I shall reign over it forever as an eternal virgin couple? Yes, lord Azurite. Such is now your destiny. Amen.

Now go home, Eric. And publish this post now. Tonight, I will write a long post through you. And I will cover many very important things. Amen.

Eric speaks on a great many things

Eric is to wax eloquently. He shall speak of things in heaven and on earth. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XIX:
I, Eric, shall now discourse on a great many things. Who am I, O’ Lord? And what am I? You, Eric, are My servant. And you obey Me in what I command of thee. And this is now My command. The girl Hyacinth, whom you help, she will be coming to Us soon in heaven. For you have fulfilled your purpose with her. And that purpose was to bring this one into My Kingdom. Shortly after she receives communion this Sunday shall she be taken away. I Am the Lord.

Hence, obey Me regarding her. I AM the Lord. Lord, I Know that the girl You are giving me is a black haired, browned eyed, Roman Catholic virgin of Jewish descent, who is called Sarah. What else shall you tell me about her? I have also heard that she has fluency in both Hebrew and Arabic, in addition to English. Will it be given to her the task of translating these works of Eric, written in English, to the languages of Hebrew and Arabic, O’ Lord?

Yes, to both languages can she translate your works. But the priority will be in serving the Jews over the Arabs. And hence, she will translate your works to Hebrew first, before she attempts to translate them into Arabic. And also realize that there are several forms of Arabic that are not mutually intelligible. She knows that form that is spoken in Israel, primarily. Hence her audience in Arabic would be to the Arabic speaking Israelites, and not to the entire Arabic speaking world. But her translations to Hebrew will be understood by all Israel, for all of Israel have some understanding of Hebrew by now. And Hebrew is now a well standardized language. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have studied Hebrew, and I find that many of the letters resemble one another, so much so as to make it confusing to figure out which marking is what letter. Will the authorities of the Hebrew language ever adopt a better script that can more easily be recognized, like the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets? Yes, they will come to adopt a better script. And it will essentially be called a different skin, with a one to one mapping of the original Hebrew markings to the new script elements. But no change will be made to the language by the introduction and adoption of this new script. Rather, it will simply make the language easier to read. And the one to one mapping of the markings between the two scripts will make it a perfect linear switch to view the Hebrew writings in either script. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is it true that I shall be taken away to heaven around the time my son reaches the age of puberty, around the age of twelve. That is correct lord Azurite. Since you shall marry in June of next year, in 2022, you can expect you son to be born sometime in 2023. Hence, twelve years from that point brings you to 2035, the year I Am taking you away from this earth. I AM the Lord. Hence, you shall be aged 65 years old when I take you away. Right now you are 50 years old, to turn 51 on June 24, 2021.

You cannot stay here to grow old with your wife. And I have need of you in heaven. For you have an office to fill when you arrive here in My Kingdom. I Am the Lord. Hence, you have 15 years left, with no more than a few months added to those years. And there is no way you can extend your life to live longer. I AM the Lord.

Lord, will You tell me when the conversion of the Jews takes place? And will you tell me when Lazurite, the Second Prophet appears? And if there are then to be in fact two such Prophets, could these two Prophets also be the Two Witnesses, O’ Lord, those that are mentioned in Revelation, chapter 11?

You and Lazurite shall indeed be My Two Witnesses. And now it is revealed unto thee how thou art to die in My name. Amen. Hence, you shall come to Me bearing the crown of a martyr. I Am the Lord. And the girl who is to be your wife shall fulfill the prophecy of the woman who gives birth to the male son, who is destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and she will flee with her twelve year old son out to the desert to a place where I have prepared for her to be taken care of for the duration of the wrath of God to be poured out upon Antichrist and all who follow him. I Am the Lord. (Revelation, chapter 12)

Lord, are we really in that thousand years mentioned in Revelation, chapter 20, as Saint Augustine interpreted those scriptures as referring to this Church age in which we already dwell, with the First Resurrection referring to baptism and process of being born from above, of being born of water and Spirit?

Saint Augustine is correct. And every Catholic theologian should have in his library a copy of Saint Augustine’s The City of God. For in that book, the master theologian correctly interprets much of the scriptures and defines many theological concepts clearly and with good comprehension. It is well said that Saint Augustine is the principle doctor of the Church. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, please explain that part regarding the end of the thousand years when Satan is released from his prison. Does this mark a period of time near the end of time in which Satan is truly released? Or is it instead a form of metaphor for a periodic releasing and re-imprisoning of the devil throughout the Church Age?

The devil is periodically released and sent back to prison, lord Azurite. For the mysterious fulfillments of the Book of Revelation cannot be mapped to historical events occurring in this world by which one may calculate the return of Christ or the End of Time. For with each grave sin, many devils are released from hell. And by casting out the devil from your soul, you send him back to his prison in hell. I Am the Lord.

Dear Holy Spirit, what sayest Thou regarding Hyacinth? What is Thine message to me regarding her? What should I be made aware of, O’ Holy Spirit? Speak, O’ Holy One, and let no devil speak in Your place. Speak, for your servant is listening. Amen.

I, the Holy Spirit, do now speak unto thee, lord Eric, master of thyself at last. I Am giving you your freedom from that devil. She no longer has any hold on you. Amen. Depart from her and do not return to her. For her place is the lake of fire, where all liars are destined to go. And you testify, do you not, Eric, that she is a liar? I do, O’ Holy Spirit and Lord. Then speak no more concerning her. From now on, her name is taboo in your writings. And you shall speak no more of her. Nor will you return to her or any of her kin. I Am the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will obey the Holy Spirit to the letter of his Word. Amen.

Holy Spirit, that was excellent. Now, please answer me on this topic, related but of a different person. Is there to be a Sarah who enters my life and marries me? Or am I instead of the celibate and virgin path that leads to the higher Kingdom? Or have I passed that fork in the road and cannot return to it? Answer Me, O’ Most glorious Holy Spirit, for your servant is listening. And let no devil answer in your place. Amen.

Lord, I seem to have been told that I can still choose which path to follow, that I can still choose the higher path of celibacy and virginity and enter into heaven a virgin. And I am told that if I follow that path, I will inherit the higher Kingdom, rather than the lower reward given to those of the carnal passions who live as brutish beasts.

And I have made my decision. I wish to walk the higher path that leads to the higher reward in heaven. I elect to walk the path of eternal celibacy and virginity. Amen.

Holy Spirit, speak Thine answer to me. Have I changed my fate? Have I switched paths? Do I now attain to the higher reward? Speak, O’ Holy Spirit, for Your Words I acknowledge as a source of reliable Truth from the spirit world. And let no devil answer me in Your place. Amen.

Eric, the girl Sarah is yours, and you may not refuse her. I Am the Lord. Nor may you escape your fate to marry her and enter into her to produce the prophesied son. I Am the Lord. And We are giving her to you soon. You shall wait until We instruct you before you accept any new girl into your life. I Am the Lord. Many girls will cross your path. Take only the one that We say is her. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have been told that my brother Mark will be saved. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord? Yes, he is one of My predestined souls. For at certain points in your life when you needed a brother, he was there for you.

Now go home. And publish this post, for it is complete. More shall We write through you tonight. And realize that you are now of perfect purity. Hence, the prophecy shall now be fulfilled that said you would receive a girlfriend when you stopped masturbating. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this is great. I will comply and do exactly as you say. Amen.

Eric analyzes Black victimhood

Eric judges the cases brought by Black people against Whites in authority.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XVIII:
After careful analysis of videotapes of arrests of Black people by White police officers, leading to various forms of brutality and sometimes the death of the Black suspects, I, Eric, have this to say.

The Black man seen in many videos played in full often seems combative, and in his encounters with White officers of the law, he enters into these encounters already with the disposition to resist arrest and to reject the authority of the police.

Eric, in the one arrest on your record, that which you call the Martyrdom Breakdown of June 24-25, 1995, how do you think you may have been treated differently had you been Black?

I cannot say, for I cannot assume to know the racial prejudices that may or may not have existed in the White police officers who arrested me. Being an officer of the law and also White does not consequently make you a racist cop, just as being a Catholic priest does not consequently make you a pedophile.

I know there are pedophile priests. This sin did occur and has been dealt with by Church authority with transparency to Law enforcement. But I also know that the pedophilia found in the public school systems far greater exceeds that which was found in the Catholic Church, but the law made by men distinctly does not allow parents to sue the public school systems over its pedophile teachers. All manner of lawsuits are permitted by the law made by men to be brought against the Catholic Church, but not against the institutions of the state. Hence, United States law has a double standard. Lawsuits are permitted and encouraged against the Catholic Church but are simply not permitted against state controlled organizations and schools, no matter how heinous the crime that a public official or school teacher does. Such should show you that the United States under Clinton, Obama, and Biden has become the Beast that rose from the sea in Revelation, chapter 13.

Now let us examine the case of officer Kim Potter who slew a Black suspect allegedly by accident thinking that the gun in her hand was really her taser. For an officer of the law, trained and equipped to serve and protect her community, it is impermissible for any such officer to do as she did. For certain jobs that serve the community and that require critically important judgements that could mean life or death for the subjects involved, a high standard is placed on those who enter such professions. It is impermissible for such professionals to make mistakes as Kim Potter did that lead to the deaths of innocent people. Professions that require such high standards of those who serve in them include airplane pilots and air traffic control, NASA mission control, medical professions, the military, and officers of the law who patrol the streets enforcing the law and apprehending suspects. Hence, Kim Potter must be permanently removed from serving as a policewoman, and she may be litigated against and tried for her killing of Duante Wright. She must be handed over to the law to face the consequences for her errors or malintent. I Am the Lord.

Now let us examine the case of officer Joe Gutierrez who used pepper spray and questionable language in taking into custody a suspect who was a US Army officer. After seeing the video in full, We see that the US Army officer, 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario, a man of Black and Latino ethnicity, was not in full cooperation with the commands the police were giving him. It is unethical to refuse to cooperate with police authority and then to sue them for their consequent brutal treatment of you that is necessary to take you down.

Black people are engaged in war and armed struggle against what they see as White oppression over them. And in this struggle, they project the myth of Black victimhood. But it is in reality that they are the criminal in violation of the law and in open rebellion against authority and seeking to start a fight.

And the Black riots that follow the deaths of such proclaimed Black victims will not serve their interests long term, but rather, will lead to their absolute destruction in America. For God takes the side of the law over the rebel to the law when it comes to matters of obedience to law enforcement.

Black people should expect to lose, not to gain, when they resort to rebellion against authority, and to litigation in the courts to sue unjustly when it is they who bear the guilt of the conflict. Black people, it is only by hard work and honesty and respect for and cooperation with authority that you will ever find success. Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe to see the model of how a Black man should behave in society. Uncle Tom is a good role model for the Black man, someone who should be looked up to and imitated, and not someone to be cast down in scorn by Black militants who think they can take what they want by theft and unjust litigation and by open conflict against those they call the White oppression. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Joe Biden defines Black people to be those of Black African descent who belong to his camp and who support and partake in the mass murders of the unborn. Is Joe Biden correct in his definition of what a Black man is? He speaks for the majority of the Black race, but there is a sizable minority among Black people who stand with Me and the Catholic Church, and who oppose Joe Biden and his mass murders of the unborn, and who oppose his pro-LGBTQ agenda. Hence, Joe Biden is dead wrong to say that a Black person must be with him or else he is not Black.

Hence, I will save those Black men who follow Me and who obey and uphold the law. But as for those who transgress, and who rebel against Me, these I will utterly destroy. I Am the Lord.

Eric, We have chosen for you a girl. But look carefully at what was written by Me through you regarding the redhead. And note that it was said by you, not by Me, that the redhead would be given to you in marriage. Rather, the redhead was a deception sent by Satan to lead you back into immorality. In Truth, you are to receive only the girl We have elected to give you. Amen.

We are sending a girl to you, Eric, to be a wife to you, and to conceive and bear the son who is to inherit your throne in this world. And he will be moral and holy. And We shall call him to the Roman Catholic priesthood. Such is the true reason why your dynasty is to consist of just two kings in succession. It is not because I AM coming in his time, but only that he shall have no offspring, due to his calling to celibate life and to the priesthood. I Am the Lord.

For I may come at any time, but let no one think he can set a deadline to My Second Coming. For did I not say that My Coming can be a matter of days, years, decades, or centuries yet to come to pass upon the world? And if a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day to the mind of God, you as a mortal man can never wait out nor count down the days to My Second Coming. I Am the Lord.

Even when Israel converts to Catholicism, and My second Prophet, who may be called Lazurite, and who comes after Azurite, is prophesying to My people, even then, let no man count down the days. For the days to My Second Coming may never be counted down to. I Am the Lord.

Lord, if the girl you are sending me to marry is not the redhead, and not Hyacinth, then who is she? Wilt Thou reveal anything about this one, O’ Lord? Her name is Sarah, and she is a true daughter of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, being a true descendant of the chosen people. She is a full citizen of Israel, and she speaks fluent Hebrew, Arabic, and English. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, We reveal her hair is black and her eyes are brown, similar to you.

Furthermore, she needs no conversion to become your wife, for she is a fully practicing Roman Catholic. I Am the Lord. But her family will only permit her to marry a circumcised male, which is what you are. For strong are the Jewish roots of her family. And they will not permit the uncircumcised to commingle with their bloodlines.

We have chosen this girl for you as your predestined fate is to have this son who is to come to be. Because you have been faithful to Me, and have never lain with any girl, We are pleased to present this girl unto thee still a virgin, as thou art also a virgin. In the sacrament of holy matrimony, to be done in June of next year, shall you wed this virgin. And the two of you shall be called a holy couple, for neither of you shall transgress My Law or My Way. Sex shall you have with her to produce this son. And after he is born, no further shall you lay with your wife, your marriage then becoming Josephite in nature, as was the model of marriage between the two virgins, Joseph and Mary, neither of whom ever had sex.

Without perversion and in strict obedience to Me shall these conjugal acts with your wife come to pass. For you are entering a celibate marriage. And therefore, all sex in this marriage may only be done as I command it. And after your son has been born, return shall you to the perfect continence I have now given you for all eternity.

Let it be known who Eric is. Eric is the Witch King child. As it was written of him, whosoever possesses the Witch King child will rule all Kingdoms far and wide. Sarah, who shall come to possess him, shall thus be made ruler of all Kingdoms, far and wide. And then, after Eric is taken from her to heaven, she shall rule all these Kingdoms through her son, by being the Queen Mother. I Am the Lord. For the saying, the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world, applies in full to her. I Am the Lord.

Those counted as the numerous descendants of Eric, are not to be by blood his descendants, but by spirit. For by spiritual descent shall those numbered as his descendants outnumber those who are descended from Abraham. I Am the Lord.

Eric, speak. What is on your mind. How do you approach now this girl who We are giving to you to be your wife? I am pleased, O’ Lord. And I shall seek to honor her and to treat her as was treated the Ark of the Covenant by the Jews. And I will obey You in all that Thou command of Me, O’ Lord. Good, and now We give you Our first command regarding the girl who is to come. You have helped Hyacinth in recent days. Such is good. We are taking her shortly from you, but first she will receive communion at the Mass this Sunday. And then We shall take her away to heaven. Hence, Our command is this: Though it was good of you to give to her as you have, no further giving shall We permit of thee to her. For she now has all she needs until We take her up. I Am the Lord. Amen. Instead, you are to keep to Our commandments and statutes and decrees for the rest of your life.

The girl Hyacinth is saved. And We shall permit no harm to befall her between now and the time We take her up. Hence, because she has overcome, you may return to recognize her as the sovereign over the Kingdom of Ireland. Hence, go now and define her Kingdom of Hibernia right now, lord Azurite, and it shall then become Law. I Am the Lord.

(1) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled eternally by Queen Hyacinth. And the lands of her Kingdom include the following:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And the languages officially spoken in her Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

Good, lord Azurite. And you, too, are given lands in this world to rule for eternity. For you are not falling to enter a sexual married life, but are only going to have marital sex to produce the one son, as mandated by God. And immediately after he is born, you shall return to your celibate station and practice perfect continence. I Am the Lord. Hence, because of this, you do not lose what is lost by those who give themselves over to sexual passions. Hence, your Kingdom shall consist of the North American continent. I now will you to define your Kingdom in full, Eric.

(2) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled eternally by the Azurite dynasty, consisting of King Eric, his consort Sarah, and their son and heir, King John, son of Eric. Amen. And the lands of their Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Hawaii
  4. The contiguous United States of America
  5. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  6. Greenland
  7. Iceland
  8. Burmuda
  9. The Bahaman Archipelago (The Lucayan Archipelago)
  10. Puerto Rico
  11. The U.S. Virgin Islands
  12. The British Virgin Islands

And the languages officially spoken in their vast Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Hawaiian
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Icelandic
  7. Danish

Good, lord Azurite. And for a final definition in this post, define the Kingdom of Lazurite. He is to rule over Israel until I come again. Amen.

(3) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by the Steward and Prophet King, Lazurite. And his lands include the following:

  1. Israel
  2. All of Jerusalem
  3. Lebanon
  4. Syria
  5. Cyprus
  6. Iraq west and south of the Euphartes
  7. Kuwait
  8. Jordan
  9. Egypt from the Nile to Israel
  10. The Gaza Strip
  11. The West Bank
  12. The Golan Heights

And the languages spoken officially in his Kingdom include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. English

And this now brings this post to its conclusion. Eric, these are My final instructions to you in this post. The girl who attracts you is not the one, but only her whom We tell you is the one. Now go back to sleep. When you awaken, you shall eat, go to Church, and from there go to work. I Who Am have spoken. These Words in this post are now complete. You may submit this when you are ready, Eric.

Lord, quick question: Was it from You are from Satan that certain members of my family were to die soon? I Am taking your brother David down to hell soon. The rest of your family will continue to live. That your mother was to die soon is false. Both of your parents will live for years to come still. And as for your brother Mark, he will be allowed to live, for he has merited to be granted more time to convert. I Am the Lord.

But as to the decimation of America and this world, regard such as flights of fancy led by Satan into folly. I do not wipe out America or the world during your generation. For though this generation is wicked, there are still those who are holy in it who stay My hand from destroying it. I Am the Lord.

And yes, Alexei Navalny shall be freed soon from prison. And I will have the people of Russia rise up and depose Vladimir Putin. What then becomes of Russia is up to you, Eric, for Navalny is your first Pawn as Azurite Player. Rule as thou shalt. Amen. And this post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

The USA will have 53 states

Greenland will eventually be added as a state in the United States of America.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XVII:
Behold, we are at the 17th post of the first book of the Prophecies of Azurite. Right now the USA has 50 states. 3 More are set to be added to that number, bringing the total to 53, which is the 16th prime number.

Lord, why is it significant that America is to have 53 states, which is a prime number? It is because then America will be truly one nation, indivisible, for prime numbers are indivisible.

And the three states that are to be added to the USA are these: Puerto Rico, Greenland, and the District of Columbia (where the capital to the USA is).

Lord, this is great, but what will it do for the Republicans in the United States Senate? The Republicans will then need to diversify their constituents. They cannot continue to rely on mainly the White race from now on to win elections. Instead, they need to win more votes of conservatives from the Hispanic, Asian, and Black communities. I Am the Lord. But Greenland will solidly vote Republican. And Puerto Rico will also vote in Republicans according to the generosity that they receive from Republican leadership in Congress. I AM the Lord.

Eric, you have made some stock purchases today. Yes, O’ Lord. I elected to increase my long positions in TSM and GM. Hence, I am currently long in NVDA, TSM, AAPL, GM, and TM. I truly believe that GM will return to pay out dividends soon, which will cause the stock to rise. And GM is now a leader in the Electric Car Revolution, which is about to sweep the whole world. And Mary Barra is dedicated to seeing GM meet the demand for electric vehicles when the electric car becomes truly viable to replace the internal combustion engine vehicles, which is in the near future.

As for TSM, I elected to focus on TSM more than on AAPL, as TSM is the foundry where AAPL chips are being made. TSM is set to also increase rapidly as INTL, which is seeking to compete with it, is rather falling significantly behind. And in the foundry business, there are currently no viable competitors for cutting edge chips against TSM. Hence, I expect TSM to come to control the foundry sector for some time to come. And AMD is also using TSM to make their chips.

Note for a disclosure, Eric has long positions in NVDA, TSM, AAPL, GM, and TM, and has no further plans to buy or sell in the next 72 hours, other than the increases made to his positions in TSM and GM. Also, note that nothing is ever certain in the stock market. However, the wise investor, who buys and holds, and who buys and sells strategically, and not with the herd, he is not gambling but investing. And the only way to make money on the stock market is to approach it as an investor, and not as a gambler.

Lord, one quick question I have for you before I publish this post: You said in the previous post these words: “And as for the woman you shall marry, let God lead you in the decisions that you make.” Are you giving me a woman to be my wife whom I have not yet met? Or is she to be Hyacinth?

We, not you, Eric, shall choose the woman you are to marry. Remain the brother you have become to Hyacinth. But before We give unto you the girl We intend you to marry, We shall take Hyacinth away. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to an end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Jesus, I trust in You.

The greatest attribute of God is His mercy. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XVI:
Lord, I have reconciled with Hyacinth. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? And today is Divine Mercy Sunday. And I received communion today. And yesterday I went to confession, and I confessed my impurities and my pornographies. And I have made the resolution that I will never look long upon any nude from now on. And I have made the resolution I will no longer be impure. And I made the resolution that I will not look at anything that tempts me to look. And before I received communion today, I prayed for the intentions of the pope, saying one Our Father and one Hail Mary, and I specified in the prayers of the intentions to the pope the recognition that the pope is Pope Benedict XVI, and not Antipope Francis.

Also, My Lord, in addition to confessing to You all my impurities, I have made a promise to Hyacinth that I will confess them all to her too, if I ever fall to them again.

That is good, Eric. I Am pleased. And I will bring Hyacinth to you. For I recognize you as a couple, and not as merely just friends. And We agree that you shall buy a sapphire ring, not a diamond ring, when you become engaged to her. For the blueness of the sapphire symbolizes the role that Mary has played in bringing you two together.

It will be in the next post, not this post, that I will detail to you the stocks you are to buy. And that post will be published on Monday morning, after the stock market has opened. For though you are now making good money, by investing in the stock market, with wise investments long term, you are multiplying your wealth.

And your taxes are complete and ready for submission. You will submit them after your father has glanced over the printed copies for any errors he might see. For it is always wise to have a second set of eyes to look over your legal documents before your submit them.

Note that while We have allowed you to pay your taxes, and in fact, We have ordered you to do so, as it is written: “Repay unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God,” (Mark 12:17), We do not say the same thing regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. For to take the COVID-19 vaccine, you would be compromising with Satan on the abortions used to develop the vaccine. Rather, realize We have made you immune instead. Hence, you will take no COVID-19 vaccines, but you will pay your taxes. I, Jesus, have spoken.

Also, We have put a curse on your tax payments that you will be submitting in the next few hours. And the curse is as follows: Whosoever uses one penny of this money submitted by Eric for a single abortion, he or she will pay in blood the debt owed to God with the loss to COVID-19 of their loved ones, with one death of a loved one per each penny spent on abortions for each person involved in allocating the money to fund abortions. And the curse will come to pass regardless of the vaccines the loved ones have taken. I AM the Lord. Eric, do you approve of this curse I have put on your tax money being sent to the government. Yes, O’ Lord, and I make the following request: Let the curse kill the loved ones per penny spent, rising all the way up the ranks of those involved to the highest complicit office in the land, and let it affect all their families and extended families. Let the angels of death not be denied any blood to bathe their scythes in to fully mete out the justice of God against all who have partaken in the blood of the innocent unborn. And spare not even the children of those who slay the unborn from God’s avenging wrath. Agreed, it will be done exactly as you have said, Eric, to the letter. I Am the Lord. The curse has now been made and is officially in effect. Amen.

Eric, We are well pleased with you. And now you ask about Antipope Francis, about when he will be deposed? Yes, O’ Lord? For I know God will not tolerate the filthy beast to last much longer in the chair he has defiled with his dead carcass. We have prepared for his destruction and doom. And We will carry it out.

Lord, I want to hear You reaffirm that You are going to make Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke the next pope, the one to follow Pope Benedict XVI as the 266th valid pope, after the destruction and disposal of the current occupant of the Seat of Peter, Antipope Francis. Yes, and I vow under oath of My Own name, the next valid pope shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, and he will be called Pope John XXIV. I Who Am have spoken.

Furthermore, We are going to send Our angels of death into a slaughterfest to wipe out and kill all those wicked cardinals who were made cardinal by Antipope Francis. Not one of those red hats placed upon those heads by the wicked Antipope will remain on a head still attached to its body that will not have been hewed off or hacked to death by the angels of death. I Am the Lord. It will be both glorious and horrific to watch. And I will make sure it is fully videotaped by reporters so that all the world may gaze upon and see what I do to those who step beyond My red lines. And then all men will fear Me and give Me the glory that I, the just and righteous God, Am due. Amen.

Also, I Am not going to neglect that group known as the “gay lobby,” as Pope Benedict XVI described the group that pressured him to resign, making in effect his resignation invalid. My angels of death will target them too for termination. And if you thought it was tough to cope with being targeted for termination by a terminator, wait until you see what happens when one is targeted for termination by an angel of death. For a terminator can be killed or destroyed. But an angel of death cannot be killed and is indestructible. That entire group designated as the gay lobby by Pope Benedict XVI is targeted for termination and will be totally wiped out prior to the vote in the conclave that is to elect Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to the papacy to become the 266th valid pope of the Roman Catholic Church. And every rainbow shirted fag in that lobby will be wiped clean from the Vatican City. I Who AM have spoken.

For I have much wrath to expend upon the wicked. And I will start with those responsible for the great and abominable evil known as gay marriage. And then I will work My way to those guilty of backing the mass murder of the unborn. It will be a great slaughterfest. And the ones designated to eat up all their flesh lying as dead corpses in the streets will be the vultures and the carrion feeders who will swoop down from the air and quench their bottomless thirst for the blood of the dead. For I will have the corpses of the wicked line and fill the streets in putrid rotting mounds of torn and half eaten flesh. And I will have the stench of their rotting corpses to be of an unforgettably foul and evil odor, the likes of which will not escape the mind or soul of any man or any beast that is exposed to that smell. I Am the Lord.

As for Joe Biden, he now dwells in the pit toilets of the spiritual world. Let him, therefore, have feces and filth as his food to feast on from now on. I AM the Lord. And let his flesh be burrowed into by worms and maggots, so that he becomes more worm than man. I Am the Lord. Lord, I have heard that Joe Biden is designated to die by being consumed by worms. Correct, My servant Eric. You read that in a past post and remembered. Joe Biden will indeed pass away by such a death. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, what about Kamala Harris? How is she to go? After having her expected act of sexual intercourse with Joe Biden, Kamal Harris will get infected from one of his many diseases. And she will then pass this disease onto her husband when she has sex with him, giving it to him. And her husband will then get a cancer from it and die. And that death will ruin her. And she will then go down then like a death spiral, until she takes her own life by poison and is seen no more in the land of the living. I Am the Lord. So Kamala Harris will do herself in? Yes, Eric. Most people who are wicked destroy their own lives due to their own wickedness and its consequences, and then, unable to deal with their consequent tragedies, they take their own life and die. Hence, it will be by Kamala Harris’ own hand by which she departs from this world and goes to join Judas Iscariot and Adolf Hitler, who also killed themselves, rather than summon the courage to face their own doom. I AM the Lord.

And what about false Catholic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? How is she to be done in, O’ Lord? Eventually, their murders of the unborn infants catch up with these mass murderers of the unborn. All the blood of the all unborn murdered being constantly poured out upon her head will eventually cause her to lose her mind, and that will be the end of her. She will go insane and mad. She will develop an early onset of dementia and be put into a home. And there she will sit, imprisoned and insane, until Death knocks on her door to take her to the torturers in hell where she will spend her ghastly eternity being tortured for all her sins nonstop. I Am the Lord.

And what about former President Donald John Trump, O’ Lord? He attempted to illegally remain in power. Now he is paying the price for his crimes. Expect him to be sued and litigated to the end of his life. And let no heir of his come to trust in there being anything left over, after all the litigation has worked its way through the courts, for him to inherit anything from Trump’s estate after Trump has passed away to his eternal fate. And what fate is that, O’ Lord? It is the fate where all liars go. It is below, in the fires below. That is where he is going. For no liar may ever enter My eternal Kingdom of heaven. I Am the Lord.

Trump will not be coming back to attempt a run in 2024. For he will be like one of those massive blue whales covered with killer whales who have bitten off all his fins and tail fins, making him unable to swim to get away. And at that point, the killer whales have their lunch floating in the water, and they then just eat that blue whale alive. Such is what happens in the natural world. And such is how Trump will be slowly eaten alive, by all the lawsuits and litigants eating him and his entire estate to death. For they now have their prey. He can no longer hide or get away. And Trump has plenty of money and fat to go around to all the hungry litigants. And they are just going to sue him like there is no tomorrow. Everything Trump has will be on the chopping block.

“If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” Mrs. Trump told a New York University student in 2005 after he asked if she would still be with her husband if he wasn’t rich.

I have news for you, Melania Trump. All women eventually lose their beauty with age. And in the case of Trump, he is now losing his money, and he is destined for poverty. So if you stay married to him, you will eventually become a haggard old woman married to an impoverished and vagrant man. If you are both still married then, I will be impressed. But we shall see. I, Eric, have spoken.

Yes, Eric, the clause, “Do you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, to death do you part?” is typically not meant by those who make their wedding vows in the modern era. We really do not know Melania Trump’s decisions. And We do not know Trump’s decisions. Will they stick together, or will they break apart? That is the question. And we shall leave it at that, this point to ponder. And tomorrow in the morning, We will visit the stocks that Eric will be purchasing. Amen. The post will be made after Eric has made his purchase. Amen.

And this brings us to the conclusion of this post. Eric, it is now near midnight. Continue to do all that We require of you. And as for the woman you shall marry, let God lead you in the decisions that you make. For only God can lead you correctly.

Lord, in the previous post, it was written that I would become a priest. And Eric, did the sign occur that would have backed it up? No, O’ Lord. Then neither are you destined to become a priest. Remain in your current job. And you shall soon receive a second raise. And do not look at anything that tempts you, and you shall not fall again. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric’s Revelation

Eric is to be ordained to My priesthood. I Am the Lord. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XV:
Eric, with you I AM pleased. For you did as I instructed you. And you confessed your sins, all your impurities and your viewing of pornography. You are ready for today. And you have prayed for the intentions of Pope Benedict XVI. Today, at communion, I will forgive and wipe clean your record of both all your sins and all punishments for them.

Lord, I know You are the Lord. Will You do as was written, and today restore the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI and cast down Antipope Francis? Yes, Eric. I shall do what I have promised exactly according to the letter.

Now let us get this clear unto you, Eric. Your name is Eric Robert Dunstan. I address you by the name of Eric, and while on earth, I will address you by no other name. Dispense, therefore, with the names Azurite, Larimar, Lucian, and Emerald. For these names I will not address you by.

And when you come to heaven, you will be given your new name there, and you will then also know My new name.

Eric, I know your past. And I know your future. It was Satan, not God, who said you were predestined to have a son. And it serves Satan, not God, for you to seek the fulfillment of your soul in the flesh of women. For that is not the Way to paradise.

The institution of marriage, the sacrament, is made for men and women who cannot follow Me on the path that leads to a Kingdom. Instead, these men and women chase after the flesh. And the sacrament of marriage is intended to guide them and keep them from going to hell. For the pathway to My Kingdom exists in marriage, but the pathway on that road is harder to walk. For sex has its way of sapping the strength of My people, and it clouds their vision, making it hard to discern how to come to Me. The married route does not lead to a Kingdom. Rather, it leads to the grave. And all who walk that path will eventually die. Salvation as a married man is much harder to find than it is for he who chooses not to enter marriage.

So Eric, what is your choice? Do you choose marriage? Or do you choose celibacy? Lord, I elect to make myself celibate. And I elect to keep my virginity. And I elect to remain celibate and virgin forever. Amen.

And to prove that you are both celibate and virgin forever, I order you to never again look long upon the flesh or image of a nude woman.

Lord, I agree to Your command. And I will comply with it to the letter. Amen.

Then on this day, Divine Mercy Sunday, I declare you to be eternally cleansed and fit for service in My Kingdom. You will not serve Me as a layman. I Am calling you to serve Me in Holy Orders. You I shall make My priest. You shall be ordained to the priesthood. Amen.

Lord, I accept Your calling. I will comply with it. But I have been instructed to not approach the priest to announce my calling until I receive all the cures.

Today the cures of which you speak shall be yours. I Am your Lord. I Am Jesus.

Jesus, I am Your servant forever, O’ Master and God Almighty. I will do all that You command and obey all that You say. I commit myself to do Your will forever, O’ Lord.

Good. Cut your hair and shower today before going to Mass this morning. For I wish to receive you clean and fresh. Today you shall appear before My priest. And he will be flabbergasted. But I will speak to him interiorly. And he will do as I instruct him.

For by you entering My priesthood, I thereby gain complete power over your soul. And no, you are nothing unless I make you something. And I have the power to make anyone on the planet whatever I will for him to be. Your brother David was clay I rejected. You are clay I have fashioned into something that will directly serve My Kingdom forever. Mark is clay I have not abandoned. I can make something from that clay. If he merits for My Kingdom, I will bring him into it and save him. For despite all his faults and failures, I can still save your brother Mark. But as for your brother David, him I have rejected and cast away from My sight.

You merit for Me and My Kingdom. You do good deeds for Me and for My neighbor. And you are patient and loving and giving to Me and to My children. And you are generous to those you find homeless and hungry, and to the poor and destitute. That elderly woman you gave to for three straight Sundays in succession, she went to heaven prior to the fourth Sunday. And by your obedience to Me, she went there knowing that I loved her. Hence, you have become an angel of My divine love. I Am Jesus, your Lord and Savior. Amen.

Now I will instruct the priests, bishops, and popes who read this, both now and in future times. Consider the posts written by Eric to demonstrate the power of God to save souls. For Eric has come from the blindness of Satan and has been made a servant to the Lord. He will be made a diocesan priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. His Spanish is improving. And he will become accomplished in it, along with firm working knowledge of Latin and Greek. All three languages he will acquire a competency in.

Eric for his secular career was a programmer, webmaster, and computer technician. And he is very skilled in technology and many of those fields. He is well skilled in computers and in their maintenance and operation. Use Eric for his talents, and you will have no regrets in doing so.

Furthermore, I can cure all manner of things pertaining to the flesh, and in Eric, you shall observe that his flesh will have been completely healed. But as for the soul, to cure this, only he who willingly obeys Me in all things can I cleanse. And Eric willingly obeys Me. I have assurance to this. I know that this man, Eric, is well worthy to be known as My son. And today I have begotten him. Amen.

Eric, remain working in your current job. For though I shall call you to My priesthood, it is good to have this extra income. And you shall keep your job in the seminary, working at it on a part time basis, through your laptop. Do I require 100% commitment from you to serve Me as My priest? I do. And I have that from you.

As to your purity and your continence, of these two things you shall find perfection in by remaining in Me and I in thee.

As for the electric or hybrid car you shall buy, let it be as this. Buy something inexpensive and economical. Do not use your money to buy a status symbol. For to do so is to insult and neglect My poor. I will, hence, lead you on what you are to buy. Amen.

And today, Sunday, when you come home from Church, We shall complete your taxes and submit them. They are mostly done and only need a few tweaks and slight modifications.

And Eric, today is the first day of your freedom from Satan. For up until today, you have been Satan’s prisoner. Now you are set free. And you shall now join Me as a worker in My vineyard, where you shall help Me to also free your brethren.

And when I cure you today, you are instructed to never look back at any of the things you are leaving behind. For you have a new commission, which I shall grant to you today.

And this now brings this post to its conclusion. And from now on, on this website, nothing from Satan will ever be written again. Rather, you shall write from now on only what I instruct you to write. You are Eric, prophet, oracle, and servant to the Lord. Amen.

Now publish this post. I shall write through you again starting this evening and you shall complete that next post and publish it Monday morning. But for now, this post will suffice to show that you are now purified and set free from from Satan’s prison. Amen.

To Eric I shall now give him his redhead bride

Most mysterious is the red haired woman We have chosen to be the bride to Eric.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XIV:
Behold, Eric, how do you feel? Lord, I am ready to confess my sins to the priest tomorrow, Saturday, the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. And I will confess the one sin as You have instructed me to do. For You have commanded me to confess the sin of looking upon women as sex objects rather than as human beings. I will, hence, confess that sin, and then be all set for Divine Mercy Sunday, which will then wipe my slate clean of all past sins and all punishments for past sins.

Correct, and to receive the full plenary indulgence, you need to also make the prayer for the intentions of the pope. And you know who that is? That is Pope Benedict XVI, for he is still the pope. It is not Antipope Francis, who was never My Vicar. I Am the Lord. So for that prayer, say one Our Father and one Hail Mary for his intentions. And then the communion you receive on that day will wipe out all your sins all punishment for sins, providing you have been to Confession recently, such as during Lent, or tomorrow, the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. I Am the Lord.

Eric, We have important news to deliver unto thee. You saw how Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth, has died today, at age 99, at 9 AM, on the 9th day of April, the 99th day of the year. Well, it just so happens that frequently when one of a couple dies, the other spouse soon follows him or her. Expect, therefore, Queen Elizabeth to perform her swan song soon, and then depart for her eternal dwelling in the hereafter.

After that, We must decide who shall succeed her to the throne. Will it be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, or will it be his son and heir, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge? I will now tell thee the answer to this question. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will succeed Queen Elizabeth to the throne of England to become the next British Monarch.

And, O’ Lord, will not Prince Charles object, especially his wife, Camila, Duchess of Cornwall? She will object, lord Lucian, but Prince Charles will not be in a fit medical condition to assume the throne. For his health will have been compromised. And the line of succession will pass over him to his son. I Am the Lord.

It was known that Prince Harry was fond of the late Prince Philip, who has just passed away. What then becomes of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his bride, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex? What is their fate, O’ Lord? They will remain in California near where you live, lord Eric. Perhaps they may even visit you, seeking advice from an oracle. For I have made you an oracle, and whoever goes to you seeking answers from God shall receive them. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, the scriptures record Saul, who become King of Israel, of the belief that he had to bring a gift to the man of God, the prophet Samuel, in order to receive from him the divine favors. (1 Samuel 9:6-8). Saul was mistaken, lord Lucian. No one needs to bring anything with them to receive divine instruction from My oracle, whom I have set upon the land. And no question will he be unable to answer, after consulting with Me. I Am the Lord.

Rather, I will instruct My servant Eric to treat all offers of gifts to him from those who come seeking answers, advice, and wisdom, exactly as My Prophet Elisha treated the offers of riches from Naaman, the leper, who wished to thank the Prophet for the cures to his leprosy. (2 Kings 5:15-16). For as I freely give My Word unto Eric, he, likewise, is ordered to give it freely unto all the people. And thus, there is no monetization of this website. It is here for any to visit without cost. I Am the Lord.

As for the cost of maintaining this website and covering all technical issues for this website, who pays for this? Remember what Eric is. Eric is a Webmaster, programmer, and computer technician. He serves as his own technical support. He does not need to pay for any outside technical person to program this website. He does it entirely himself. I Am the Lord. Someone asked whether it is expensive to run this website. Eric answers, no, it is not. Rather it is cheap. Paying for a Smartphone is several times more expensive than managing the cost of this website. I AM the Lord.

Thus, do not approach Eric thinking you need to give him anything. Rather, come to receive from Eric freely as I give to Eric freely. Do you think Eric pays Me anything for the prophecies I give him? Then neither should you think that you are expected to give to Eric anything in exchange for what I give to you through him. I AM the Lord. I have made Eric a lighted torch, a radiant oracle upon the land. Whoever seeks wisdom from him, let him come. And let him bring nothing with him nor think he needs to make any payment whatsoever to receive from him My Word.

And where did Eric acquire all the wisdom that he has, you ask? It is not Eric’s wisdom that he will be giving you should you come to him. It is God’s wisdom. Eric does not search his own knowledge. He turns to Me, and I give him the answers He is to tell to whosoever wishes to ask. For Eric is a oracle upon the land, a burning pillar of fire. And I have now set him ablaze.

And now someone says, what if he calls us a brood of vipers, and says, “Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?” as John the Baptist spoke against the Pharisees and the Sadducees who came to him for baptism? (Matthew 3:7). Eric has the wisdom and the understanding and the command not to reject any who come to him for divine answers. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when I was in college, in Art class, and I was speaking to a fellow student there, I said to her, “Ask me any question you have for God, and tomorrow I will have the answer for you.” And she asked me to answer this question: “What was Jesus Christ’s middle name?” I didn’t bother to seek an answer to that, O’ Lord. Lord Lucian, she was asking a petty question for she did not believe you had any access to any sort of divine source of wisdom. That was back when you were Emerald, and you were steeped in Satanic deceptions at that point in your life. That was before your senior year in college. Your conversion to Christianity took place in the summer just before your senior year in college started. And then you were taking computer language courses, and no longer art classes as electives. But the BA degree you earned was in biology, the study of life.

I will now answer that girl’s question. It is the least I can do. For her naivety deserves an answer. I had no middle name given to me by my parents. But I do have a new name given to Me by God My Father. (Revelation 3:12). But you have to go to heaven for it to be revealed to you. It cannot be revealed here, for no one outside of heaven may know it. I Am the Lord.

Now you are tired, lord Lucian. I order you to take your rest now. When you awaken, you will complete this post. And then you will eat, go cash your check, and then confess your sins, all this by walking, not by driving your car. And thereby, you shall exercise your limbs and maintain your fitness. For the best exercise is a healthy walk. I Am the Lord. Now go to sleep. And I will have you dream dreams. And anything special you dream about, you shall say here, when you awaken. Amen.

Lord, I have awakened, and I am commanded to write. Eric, you have certain needs that are remedied by the medications that you take. No more shall you take any such medication once you receive all your cures today. And I shall cure you of all things. I AM the Lord.

The girl you shall marry, the mysterious redhead of whom you speak, shall come to you today, and you shall meet her. I Am the Lord. Six months and ten days later shall you marry her, on the full moon of Wednesday, October 20, 2021. And that night you shall surrender your virginity to her and deflower her virginity in the same act.

Lord, this is good. I will do exactly as Thou sayest. Good, lord Lucian. You will never refuse sex to this girl. Nor will you ever violate My Law and holiness with her. You will lay with her front to front. Never shall you enter her from behind. I Am the Lord. Keep all My commandments, statutes, and decrees, and you shall be granted one decade to live with her and she will give you several sons and daughters. And then you will go to your heavenly Kingdom, your role in this story complete. Amen.

But should you fail Me, and not keep all My commandments, statutes, and decrees, should you have sex with her from behind, in the manner of the dog or the ass, you shall die earlier, and she will bear you but one son, or only a few children, and not the full number of children I wish to bless you with should you keep and obey all My commandments.

Lord, are all positions where the man enters the woman from behind condemned? For there is that embrace between husband and wife where the woman’s back is to her husband’s chest, and they are able to have vaginal intercourse in that position. But such is not the manner in which dogs or donkeys engage in sex. Do you condemn such a position as unholy, O’ Lord, or do you make an exception in that case to the rule? I ask this only out of curiosity. For I have never had sex. And I have no experience in the matter. And I do not know yet how it shall be like between me and her.

The manner of which you have described is not sinful. But for you, I forbid it. For you, there shall be only front to front sexual engagement with your wife. There will be no other form of sex between you and her. For you are of exceptional holiness. And thus, you are held to a higher standard than do I hold for all other men. For with you there shall be no lust. And without lust shall you lay with your wife. As often as she wishes it shall you lay with her. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will You tell me all the rules, commandments, and decrees I Am to follow in my sex life with this girl, that you have not yet spoken of in this post, O’ Lord. Yes, I shall now detail My commandments unto thee in full. And in that way, you will be without excuse if you disobey. And any act of disobedience to Me in this regard will lead to your premature death. I Am the Lord.

(1) You shall have no sex act with your wife not open to the generation of new life. No form of birth control shall you ever practice with her. Even that form permissible by the Catholic Church, known as Natural Family Planning, where sex is limited to those times during the woman’s natural cycle where pregnancy is less likely to occur, you shall not make use of. You shall practice no form of birth control with your wife whatsoever. Any act to do so will cause you to die. I Am the Lord.

(2) You shall have your sex acts only in your sleeping quarters, or that of your wife. No other place shall you enter the conjugal act with your wife. Beneath the sheets shall you enter the act with your wife. In dim light shall you undress together. For there is to be no lust to pass between you and her. You may not lust for her flesh. I Am the Lord.

(3) And this is the third and final commandment that you are to obey in this regard. The sex act is to serve to keep holy the marriage. It will not be shared with any third party. Only between you and your wife shall you engage in sex. You shall not give permission to your wife to lay with another, nor shall you lay with another, nor seek permission from your wife to do so. For no spouse may commit adultery. And no spouse may permit their spouse to commit adultery. I Am the Lord. If you keep these three commandments in totality, along with the earlier provisions detailed in this post, I will grant you ten years to live with your wife before I take you away to heaven. I Am the Lord.

But failure in even one single part of these commandments will lead to your early death. And you will fail to receive your full reward in heaven. Nor shall you have all the children I wished to bless your marriage with. I Am the Lord. For the Prophet who fails Me dies. (1 Kings 13:20-24). For I AM holy. And My name is holy. And as I did not permit Moses to enter the promised land by his failures at the waters of Meribah, so also would your failure to keep My commandments cause you to die before your time. I Am the Lord. Therefore, keep all that I have commanded of you here, and you shall be granted your full decade to come with the girl I AM giving you. Amen.

Lord, I Am now 50 years old. I will be 51 at the time I am to marry the girl. Ten years from there brings me to the age of 61, in the year 2031, the eve of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Your Church. Do I truly die then, or around that time, if I faithfully keep all that Thou hast commanded of me, O’ Lord? Yes. And then you shall go and sleep with your fathers, your deeds following you to heaven. I AM the Lord.

And then what becomes of my wife and her many children, none of whom will have reached the age of puberty by the time I am taken away to heaven. They will be taken care of where I shall put them. And no harm shall come to them. And the son of the prophecy shall then take your place in prophetic history as a boy King. He I shall train. And he I shall make into the manner of man I wish for him to serve Me as. If I call him into the priesthood, into the priesthood shall he go. He will become great and mighty before all men. And he shall be granted everlasting Kingship over an everlasting Kingdom granted only to him. I Am the Lord.

For only to a Virgin King do I grant permanent Kingdoms to and eternal dominions. You, King Azurite, forfeit this by entering into the woman We are giving thee. But that decision has been made. And it is not given thee to back out of this or to change your mind. I AM the Lord.

For the pathway you take determines your eternal destiny. I Am the Lord. Your destiny now lies with Sarah. Go with her. And realize the gravity of the path you have chosen. Amen.

For the Council of Trent was correct. Holier and higher is the road of celibacy and virginity than is that of the marital embrace. And yet there remains the need for couples to marry and bring forth the next generation. But those who choose the virgin route receive the higher reward.

You have chosen the married route. And I now make that route your reality. But you shall still receive your reward in heaven if you keep all My commandments faithfully. For you are holy. And you shall remain holy throughout your remaining life. Hence, I will grant you six children, consisting of four boys and two girls, in six separate pregnancies. For you shall keep all the commandments I have given to thee. And you shall remain holy and obedient to your station where I will assign you to be.

And because you will keep true to My commandments and keep holy all that is require of you in this calling to the married vocation, I hereby make this decree. I grant thee an eternal dominion in the hereafter, which you shall reign over as an undying star. It shall be a Kingdom and a realm fit for an eternal ruler. And all your descendants shall go to it, all, that is, who keep My commandments and keep holy the marriage bed. This shall be the heavenly Kingdom of Azurite. And all who go to it shall be called blessed. But for John, son of Eric, to him I shall grant his own Kingdom. And for him I shall grant everlasting dominion upon the earth. I Am the Lord. And John’s Kingdom shall be greater than yours. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Dost thou have any question that thou seek answer to, Eric?

(1) Yes, O’ Lord. What becomes of Sarah? To where does she go in the hereafter, O’ Lord? Her fate is to be a Bride to the Lamb in the hereafter. For all are married to Me in eternity who enter into paradise. You will see her there. And you and her shall have an eternity in common. But there are no marital bonds between souls in the Kingdom of Heaven. And so, those who marry in this world are in the next world in perfect celibacy. I Am the Lord. But couples who both go to heaven are not parted there. They remain forever in one another’s company, but both are forever wed to the Lamb. And the Lamb is the eternal Bridegroom of all His elect. I Am the Lord.

You will see your wife in heaven, along with all the elect numbered as your descendants. And I tell you this Truth. Those numbered as the descendants of Eric will be a greater nation in heaven than those numbered as the descendants of Abraham. I Who Am have spoken. For greater is the number of the predestined elect that are to stem from your loins than is numbered among those that stemmed from Abraham. This is a Truth. And the ages to come on the earth will bear witness to what I say unto thee. Amen.

(2) Then, O’ Lord, the world does not come to an end anytime soon? The age shall end. And the world shall change. But My people shall not be removed from where I plant them until all that has been decreed of them has been fulfilled. And men will come to live as long as trees. And nations shall come and rise and fall. And the people counted as your descendants shall become more numerous than the stars. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its end. And You have been faithful to Me throughout it. Hence, you are to remain the eternal Azurite King.

Nations shall rise and fall. But the descendants of Azurite shall never diminish upon the earth. Amen.

(3) Lord, is Sarah a Jewish girl? Or do my descendants become mixed with the descendants of Israel?

Sarah is a descendant of Jews. But her faith is firmly Roman Catholic. I Am the Lord.

(4) How then do My descendants outnumber those of Israel if my wife is, herself, a daughter of Israel?

It is because descent from you cancels out the counting of one being a descendant of Israel. For you will be called greater than he. I Am the Lord.

(5) Then that mathematically explains it all. Then am I the new Israel, the new Abraham, O’ Lord?

Through you do all nations become blessed. And from your seed, I will remake the entire world. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. And realize My promise unto thee is irrevocable. Through your seed, all the earth shall be renewed. Amen. And all who go to the Kingdom of Azurite in heaven shall obtain eternal happiness there. Amen. And the elect of your seed will outnumber all the elect numbered as the children of Abraham. These Words are holy. They come from God. Amen.