Eric sees the temptation of the woman

The temptation of the woman is now clearly seen by Eric in all its danger. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLIV:
Lord, I now see the deceptive, cunning nature of the devil’s temptation. And I see how he intended to lead me into sin. I see also that going the sexual route in life is an act of giving up a greater good than would be given up were I to choose to retain my virginity for eternal life. Amen.

Then lord Azurite, which do you choose? For until the girl is given unto you, you are free to choose whichever way you shall go, whether to retain your virginity forever, or to lay with the one We give you to be your wife and have offspring by her. Do you choose eternal virginity, lord Azurite? Or do you choose to know sex and that pleasure with the one We have elected to give unto you?

Lord, I think the choice is a matter between choosing to marry a saint or choosing to marry a nymphomaniac. I choose to marry a saint, O’ Lord and God. I choose to keep my virginity intact for eternal life. Amen. What sayest Thou to my choice, O’ Lord? And let the True Lord, the True God, answer me and speak to me. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. Amen.

Good, lord Azurite, you have chosen life over death. You have chosen the Way over the path that leads to destruction. And you have chosen to be pure over entering back into impurity. Because you have made this choice, We, the elect in heaven, will grant you this grace. You will be made to see the interior of every female that approaches you. This is a grace given only to you, lord Azurite. For you are to marry the girl who approaches you with a pure heart, and not one imprisoned in the temptations of the flesh. And when you see this woman, and she comes to you, know that she is the one. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, it is now a certainty that the girl I marry will be an eternal virgin, as also shall I remain, O’ Lord? Yes, and the Holy Virgin Mary wishes to speak unto you this one last time before the girl is given unto you. Amen.

Speak, O’ Mary, Mother of God, fairest and holiest Queen of Heaven, for your servant, he who is sworn to obey all that you command of me, is listening. Amen.

Then Eric, here is the command that cometh from heaven unto thee. Marry the girl We give unto you, but do not lay with her, except as commanded to do so by heaven. Hence, you shall know your wife, but only at the times when it is the will of the Father that you do so. Amen.

Mary, I accept this command as coming from heaven. What, then, is our reward? Do we, therefore, forfeit the rulership over Northern Christendom and Israel, me and Sarah respectively, as neither of us are to remain eternal virgins, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Azurite. For it is decided in heaven that neither of you two are to remain virgins after being married to each other. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, though Sarah is a nymphomaniac, her love will be directed only to you. I Am the Lord. Accept this gift and grace. Her heart is pure by the pure intent to lay only with her husband and with no other man. Hence, Sarah is both a saint and a nymphomaniac. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, she fully satisfies your requirements that you have for a girl to be found acceptable by you to be made your wife. And likewise, so also does she accept thee. Amen. This marriage, hence, will take place next year in June. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I wish for the Law of God to be completely defined as to what is permissible and what is not permissible for a couple dating and for a couple engaged to marry. For I do not wish to unknowingly transgress your Law. And I do not want to fall for Satan’s lies, who says that the Law of God permits what it does not. So, O’ Lord, will Thou give unto me the entire Law of God on these matters? Amen.

I will define everything that pertains to you and to Sarah. Amen.

Neither of you are married. Hence, you, when brought together, will be under the commandment: Thou shalt not commit fornication. Amen. And now We, the elect in heaven, must define what God views as fornication. Amen.

Fornication is defined by God as the entry of a man into a woman vaginally, while the two of them are unmarried. Amen. Also included in this is any sexual activity between unmarried couples that directly leads to either sexual release or orgasm.

And adultery is defined by God as any deed that may be lawfully only done with one’s spouse that is either done with another person’s spouse, or else is done with one who is not your spouse while you are married.

Now, O’ Lord, what about oral sex and hand jobs? Do these acts also come under the definition of fornication? Or these acts also condemned and acts of transgression against Your Law? Amen?

Understand, lord Azurite, that the entire Law of God on sex hangs on these two commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

The hand job is permitted between a husband and a wife, but not between an unmarried couple. As for oral sex, this is an unclean act, for the semen is not created by God for oral ingestion. I Am the Lord. Amen. Also, all conjugal acts must ultimately culminate with ejaculation inside the vagina. To intentionally spill the man’s seed upon the ground, or outside the vagina is a mortal sin. I AM the Lord. Amen. I put Onan, son of Judah, to death for spilling his seed outside the vagina intentionally in his conjugal acts with his wife.

Nor are you permitted to be impure, or to shed your seed, lord Azurite, as an unmarried man. If your seed is spilt by an act or deed in which such intent was not present, I do not count that spillage of seed as sinful. But if the intent to release is there, and you are not married, there is no way for you to justify that act. Hence, there is no permission for men to engage in sex outside of the conjugal act with their wife. And if they have no wife, then continence is expected of them. I AM the Lord. Amen.

As for women, since women have no seed to spill, they are not under the same restrictions as men. However, a woman transgresses if she intentionally brings a man to ejaculation who is not her husband. I Am the Lord.

Any sex act between two people who are not lawfully married to each other constitutes either the sin of adultery or fornication, which is mortally sinful for both parties, unless one of the parties was forced to commit the act by the other. But consensual sex is not permissible sex, unless it is within a lawful marriage. For consenting to commit a crime does not make it okay for either party that commits it. Also, adultery is committed by both the man and the woman involved, no matter which party is the married party. Hence, let no man think he is guiltless when he sleeps with another man’s wife because she consents to the act. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Likewise the pizza delivery man who delivers a pizza to a home. If the woman answering the door offers to pay for the pizza with sex, several sins are committed by both parties in the event that this arrangement is agreed to. Not only is fornication or adultery committed, but the usage of sex as a means of payment of debts is also a mortal sin, and both parties receive the same guilt for the same act.

Also, do not think that the sin of your sex act ends when you leave the house you delivered the pizza to. If a child is conceived, great are the consequences that bear down on both the man and the woman. And should that baby be aborted, even in a micro-abortion caused by artificial birth control methods on the part of the women, an eternal debit is incurred against all guilty parties involved, especially the two parents of the aborted child. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Therefore, it is not harmless to have sex with women at homes where you deliver services to, who wish to pay with sex rather than money for the services they ordered. Rather, it is deadly. And the debts to such sins, such as for an aborted child, are beyond the ability for a human being to pay back in this life. Even suffering in purgatory, the guilty party would need to suffer until the end of the world in those hellish fires to make satisfaction for the debts incurred by the crime of a single abortion, even a micro-abortion.

And do not think that abortions and micro-abortions are sins that only women need to be concerned about. The men who sleep with these women are just as guilty as the women are in the crime of the abortion of the unborn child. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. For unless a man takes the responsibility to marry the woman he has sex with, any sins that woman commits against the unborn are his sins also. For he is the father of the unborn child. And by not marrying the woman first, he encouraged, by his act of sex with her outside of wedlock, for the woman to abort any baby that came to be by their act of sex together. Amen.

For I inflict huge penalties on people who transgress My laws in these matters. Well did the Holy Virgin say at Fatima, “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” Amen.

Lord, in the previous post, You said that should the girl cause the ejaculation, and it is not vaginal, that no transgression of Your commandments is made. But here we see that there is more to it. Will You explain that passage more clearly, O’ Lord? If the girl causes the ejaculation, and it was not intended by either party, then it is not a sin for either you or her. I Am the Lord. But if there is an intent to achieve sexual release in the man, or an intent to give sexual satisfaction to her man on the part of the woman, and there is ejaculation, then sin has been committed. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, what We are discussing is dating men and women who make out or kiss together. And there is a limit that I put as to how far they may go together in their making love to one another. And that limit is defined by intentions and whether they go so far as to cause an ejaculation in the man. Self control is necessary for any couple who are romantically involved not to go so far as to violate the Law of God. Amen. For the consequences of transgressing God’s Law is to end up like Adam and Eve who were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Lord, I believe that I have an addiction to porn. How do I get out of this addiction, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, the first step in overcoming porn is to admit that you have an addiction and that you need help to quit it. Then, O’ Lord, I should join one of those help groups that specialize in overcoming porn? If you do, do not join a group that charges money. For such groups are like those fat farms run by fat people who claim to know how to lead people to become thin. And all they do is take your money, and you remain fat. You are not fat, but you know of the scams I am talking about, lord Azurite. Any group leader who charges money to help you is robbing you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Instead, I will guide you in the simple steps you need to do to stop your porn addiction completely. And I will have you write them here, for all to see this freely, without charge. I Am the Lord.

(1) The first step to take, after admitting your addiction to porn and your need for help, is to come to an understanding on how God rules what is harmful and what is harmless in the viewing of nudes.

  • Understand that viewing the nude body is not harmful, but masturbating to it is.
  • Not every nude is equal. Some nudes are deliberate attempts to lead to sin, while other nudes merely display the natural beauty of the human form.
  • You are being led to sin if in the viewing of the nude, you desire to masturbate.
  • You are also being led to sin if in the viewing of the nude you desire that which would be harmful or sinful to you or to society.
  • Rules are established to prevent chaos. If a nude leads you to break these rules, that nude is harmful and should not be viewed.

(2) The next step is to separate all harmful nudes from harmless nudes. And get rid of all the harmful nudes. If you have movies that have harmful nudity, throw them away. If you have a movie channel subscription that shows harmful nudes, cancel it. If you have paid or bought any harmful nudity, throw it into the garbage. Like the junkie who flushes all his drugs down the toilet in his decision to get off drugs, you must do the same with all harmful nudity in your possession or that you have access to.

(3) And the final step, and this is the big one: Go and spend time with God one on one in the dark silence. Find some place where you can be alone with God, where it is peaceful and quiet. And go there and meditate before God, with no one else around. This is where you make God the substitute for what porn was doing for you before. God must become that being that satisfies you in place of the satisfaction that you were obtaining from porn. And this means dwelling in the silence and listening to the Holy Spirit speak in the pure black peaceful silence.

(4) And then, make this a regular routine in your life to spend this time with God. And whenever you feel the temptation to view porn, go to your place of peaceful silence where you can be alone with God. And let this, then, be the substitute in your life for what porn was doing for you. Amen.

Such are the simple steps you need to do to overcome porn, lord Azurite. Do them faithfully, and no more will that addiction to porn afflict you, for you will have overcome it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, about the girl you are giving to me? How am I to approach the sex life with this girl since I am a virgin? I have never known a woman. Lord Azurite, each woman is a unique creature. They are not all the same.

But Lord, is it assured that I am not to remain a virgin forever? Has it been determined irrevocably that I am to enter the sex life with the girl You are giving to me? Has this been irrevocably decided and confirmed by God?

For I will do all that you say. Instead of turning to porn, I will turn to the peaceful darkness and commune with God.

Eric, this will be a sign for you, by which you will know it is God’s will. The girl that enters your life will be a girl of perfect peace. And it will be seen that she is content to be in your presence, without leading you to lust or to sin. Amen. Marry this girl. And when God commands it, lay with her to produce the children you are predestined to have. Amen.

Lord, who is this girl of perfect peace who is to come? What is her name?

Understand and know the answer. For this is the last question We will take from you in this post. Sarah is gone. For she led to porn. But you have now overcome the porn. And you have attained to the true peace of a man who knows God. Understand and know this. The girl We are giving you is called Moon, for she is a light in the sky whose illuminance is entirely the reflection of the light shining from God. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. And you have now completely overcome the girl. A girl will be given to you. But you shall not be possessed by her. Rather, you shall be possessed by God. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. Amen.

The girl cometh, she whom We are giving thee, lord Eric.

A most beautiful girl is the virgin daughter of Israel, whom We have made fit to marry Azurite. Amen.

The Chronicles of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLIII:
Lord, I understand that the time has finally come in which the girl Thou has decided to give unto me is to enter into my presence. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, lord Azurite. And now you are entitled to know the date and hour in which you die. Amen. You were born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, the feast day of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, and you shall die on Thursday, July 14, 2061, on the feast day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks. And hence, your life shall have consisted of exactly 91 years and 21 days. (Note that 91 = 7 x 13 and 21 = 7 x 3). And Lord, note also that I will have been in communion with the pope in Rome for 59 years and 106 days, having received first holy communion on Easter Virgil, Holy Saturday, March 30, 2002. Amen. (59 is the 17th prime number). My full legal name from birth is Eric Robert Dunstan. It has 17 letters in it. And it adds up to 1717 when spelled in Greek letters and added up according to Greek gematria (ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ). Also, this is the 43rd post of the first book of the Prophecies of Azurite. (43 is the 14th prime number).

Lord, I know that I am commanded to marry the girl. And I also know that we are commanded to remain virgins, to not have sex with each other. So, O’ Lord, what is it that we are to do with one another in our marriage together?

I, the Lord of Hosts, Am giving you a sexual marriage with this girl, Sarah, virgin daughter of Israel. For it is in the purpose and intent of God that the children predestined to come from your union with her truly come to be born. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, what children are predestined to come by my marriage to Sarah? She will bear you several sons and daughters, the details of which are a mystery to be revealed at the time they come to be. But realize that no form of birth control do We permit in your marriage, and the girl We give unto thee is fertile. Amen. And by no form of birth control, We also include that form permitted by the Catholic Church called Natural Family Planning, which the Church permits its adherents to use only to space births, never to eliminate births, and which works by timing the sex acts according to the woman’s monthly cycle, not by rendering the sex act unable to be fruitful. However, while We permit other Catholic couples to avail of this method of controlling births, We do not permit you to avail of it. Rather, you are commanded to put no limit nor attempted limit to the children to be born to thee. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, We are in the End Times. And it is written, “Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days.” (Luke 21:23). And yet, You say that we are to have many children born to us? Are we to have these children in the midst of the Great Tribulation, O’ Lord? For are we not right now already in the midst of great tribulation, O’ Lord? And yet You also say, “But those who are deemed worthy to attain to the coming age and to the resurrection of the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage.” (Luke 20:35). How then, O’ Lord, do You say We are to marry and have unlimited children?

Eric, you are to be sent to live with your wife in a secret sanctuary, where you shall receive the sacraments and attend daily masses. Furthermore, the children born to you and your wife shall be delivered by your wife without pain. For both you and her are to be regarded as immortals, freed from the penalties from the sins of Adam and Eve. Neither of you shall age and neither of you shall grow old. Hence, in all the days I give unto you to live shall you be having children by your wife. Amen.

Lord, if the girl I am to marry is currently 23 years old, she will be 63 at the time I die. How does she then continue to have children after the usual cut-off age of 44 where women can no longer naturally have children?

I Am causing her eggs to not run out, nor her reproductive system to wear out. Now listen to Me very carefully, Eric. You are to be taken away at the age of 91. But your wife continues to live all the Way to the Second Coming of the Christ. Amen. And she will found a school for training women in the Way as you will have trained her. Amen. And these will become most powerful Witch Queens. And they will rule nations and govern kingdoms.

Now go to sleep, lord Azurite. When you awaken, We shall conclude this post. Then you shall eat breakfast, go to Mass, and from there you shall go to work. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I am back, exactly as Thou hast commanded me. Lord Azurite, do you wish to know more about the girl We are about to deliver you to? Yes, O’ Lord. She is a virgin nymphomaniac. She will keep herself loyal to you, but with you she shall unbridle her passions. She will let loose all her inhibitions when she is with you. It will be you, not her, who shall insist that sexual intercourse be avoided until the marriage ceremony makes it permissible in the sight of God. Amen. But everything else she will do with you, as far as you permit her to go. I Am the Lord.

And, O’ Lord, what is Your law in regards to this? How do We remain abiding by Your law? Lord Azurite, remember the two commandments upon which the Law of God on sex is based:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

And neither of you shall commit either of these things. However, before you marry, she will have the knowledge that you are circumcised, which is needed for Jewish acceptance of your marriage to her. And she will know of your viability and of your ability to impregnate a woman. However, she will not lay with you sexually until your wedding night. This, I, the Lord, do decree.

Lord, when do we marry? In June of next year, lord Azurite. On Santa Catalina Island, in the port city of Avalon, at the Catholic Church of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, shall you officially become wedded to this girl. And later, you shall spend your honeymoon in Hawaii, touring the islands at your leisure. I Am the Lord.

And, O’ Lord, when do we enter that secret sanctuary where you say we shall be taken to to flee from Antichrist and be protected from the dire effects of the Great Tribulation that is to come upon the whole world, O’ Lord?

In June of next year, you shall begin your flight. I Am the Lord. Amen. For the Antichrist will be eager to destroy the offspring of Eric and Sarah, both of whom he will be sworn enemy to. And he will seek you out, but he will not find you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now tell Us the Truth. Do you look forward to your forty years remaining in your life that you will be spending with this girl, never growing older? Yes, O’ Lord. I do look forward to it.

Lord, Hyacinth calls me her husband. What shall become of this affair, O’ Lord? Do not be concerned with that, lord Azurite. For We have told you that before We give you the girl you are to marry, We shall be taking Hyacinth away. And that time has now come. For behold, when you see a vision of Hyacinth rising to heaven, know ye that the girl We are giving thee is to appear in your life shortly after that vision. Amen. And hence, We are now about to announce her. For her coming is quite soon. Amen.

Now let us ask the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary to confirm all that has been said in this post. O’ Lord, the Holy Spirit, and O’ Mary, Mother of God, do you confirm or deny the words of this post? Are the words written herein the Word of God, or are they the words of the evil one? What sayest Thou, O’ Holy Spirit and O’ holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Living God? Amen.

Lord Azurite, the Words written herein are from the Lord your God. Amen. They are of divine origin. And now the Holy Virgin Queen shall speak unto thee. Amen.

Speak, O’ Holy Virgin Queen, for your servant is listening.

Eric, I am the most holy Virgin Queen. You, among all men, have been chosen to be husband to this virgin daughter of Israel. Marry her as commanded by God. And do not commit either fornication nor adultery. Your wedding is to be a white wedding, one between two virgins. And you shall lay with her that night. Keep your marriage bed clean. Never defile it, and the long life you were promised by God to have with her shall be never taken away from you.

Furthermore, though the girl Sarah is indeed a nymphomaniac, she has sufficient control over her sexuality that she will have it only with you. Keep her flame alive by laying with her often, as often as she wishes it. And this last bit of warning and advice I shall give unto thee. We are about to trust you both to each other. You can obey all the commandments and decrees of the Lord and have a long and blessed marriage together. Or you can disobey the Lord and give way to your passions, laying with one another before marriage. And by such disobedience, your life and possessions shall be taken from you. And you shall die young and without legitimate children. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Hence the decision belongs to you both. And the greater burden is on you, Eric, for you are the man, the one who bears the greater responsibility. Amen.

Obey us and obey God and you shall live a long and happy life with your wife. Disobey the direct commands of the Lord, or break any of His many statutes or decrees, and you will die childless, or else the father of bastard children. I, Mary, have spoken. Ask me that question you have and I will answer it in detail.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, I must therefore practice perfect continence until I am married to this girl, O’ Mary, Virgin Holy Queen?

If she causes in you ejaculation, do not be alarmed, for you have not violated Our commandments. But if you enter into her vaginally before marriage, you are in violation of Our commandments, and you shall die from it. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, Eric, and contemplate what We have written through you. For it is the holy Word of God. And it can never be unwritten. Amen.

For you are a holy man, and you shall not transgress Our commands. Keep to all Our commandments, statutes, and decrees, and you shall live long upon the land. Amen. And now We permit you to ask one last question before We force you to publish this post. Ask that which you wish to ask, lord Eric.

Do we rule together in the Akashic Kingdom? And do we rule over the Kingdoms of Northern Christendom and Israel, me and her, respectively?

In the Akashic Kingdom I hereby station you eternally. And when your wife marries you, she will be, hence, eternally stationed at the doorway to your throne room. Be therefore mindful of all that I reveal unto you. For from now on, no longer is it permitted that you not know something that has happened in this world or in the universe. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for Northern Christendom and Israel, these two Kingdoms are reserved for eternal virgins yet to come. Remember that you can never gain something without giving up something else. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. And keep your marriage bed clean and without transgression, and you shall never lose your eternal position, nor your office as Oracle for as long as you live upon this earth. Amen.

All nations on earth are apartheid nations to a degree

All nations and races have nationalist and racist ways, Whites do not have a monopoly on these traits.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLII:
Lord Azurite, it has come to my attention that some nations call other nations apartheid states. Their error is that they speak as though their own nations are not apartheid states. They speak of the racism they see in other races, as though their own race and nation had no racist tendencies nor guilt. For the hand that points the finger of accusation is in reality pointing three fingers back at himself. I Am the Lord.

Every people on earth has mistreated foreigners and the immigrants to their nation in one way or another. And up until the modern era, every nation on earth had slaves. The institution of slavery did not begin with the forced migration of Africans to the Americas. All cultures and peoples practiced slavery from ancient times. And the Negroes in Africa who sold Black slaves to the European slave traders for export to the Americas in exchange for guns and rum did not see themselves as Blacks and the ones that they sold slaves to as Whites. Rather, they saw themselves as members of their own particular tribe and people, seeking to serve the interests of their own immediate people. They did not view the members of the other Black tribes, whom they raided for slaves and considered their enemies, as their Black brethren. For the concept of the Black race and the Black brotherhood and that all Black people are viewable as one race is a modern development. It did not exist in earlier times, prior to European expansion.

But Lord, what about the discrepancy between the Blacks and the Whites. Some peoples and races are rich, whereas others are poor. Will Thou ever rectify this situation, O’ Lord? Or what is your ruling on these matters, both here and in the hereafter, O’ Lord?

If a people do My will, keeping all My statutes and decrees, they will prosper on the land. But if a people do not do My will, they will be destroyed, and I will take away their lands and give them to another people, who will then be tested as they were tested. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, what about the Asian nations? They are rich and prosperous, but Christianity is very scarce among them.

And do you not also see, lord Azurite, that so also are democracy and human rights also very scarcely found among the Asian nations? For though they may have a kind of prosperity, due to their great discipline and mastery of mental disciplines, they lack the personal rights and freedoms found in the nations of Christendom in order to enjoy their prosperity. And this is due to their utter rejection of My religion. For most Asian nations are heavy persecutors of Catholicism and Christianity, And likewise, most Asian nations enjoy no freedoms, and the people who live there are basically slaves to the state. I Am the Lord. Amen. For it is not harmless to reject My Church and My Way.

Consider the repressed Asians nations to be a kind of Drow people, or dark elves. And the western, free Christianized people can be viewed as a kind of Eladrin, or high elves. And the ignorant dark peoples to the south, those who rape their baby daughters to cure themselves of AIDS, among many other dark deeds done in their utter ignorance, these ignorant brutish peoples may be viewed as various kinds of Orcs, with the many hybrid populations found in the Americas, who have became mixed breeds, as the Half-Orcs. Amen. Note also that the Drow, the Eladrin, the Orcs, and the Half-Orcs are not necessarily color or race based designations, but rather, designations of what a people are and where they are destined. For remember the rules of Dungeons & Dragons says that all the different kinds of people feature all the different forms of color and race. Amen.

Hence, the South Koreans, a highly advanced and Christian people, can be viewed as Eladrin, or high elves. But their cousins on the other side of the border, the North Koreans, who are imprisoned and in darkness, must be viewed as a form of Drow, or dark elves. But racially, both of these people are of the same form of Mongoloid peoples, or Yellow men.

But Lord, what about the contention that the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis had racial undertones against Black people. For the Orcs of Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Calormen of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia were both depicted as a kind of black, or dark skinned, evil people.

That is correct, lord Azurite. Both of those authors of fantasy classics were in fact prejudiced against Black people. And note the general assumed irredeemable nature of the wicked in both fantasy classics. For the immature author sees everything in terms of black and white. And he cannot see someone who is evil as repenting and coming back into the Light. In both classics, We see a broad assumption and the general well-settled belief of the goodness of the good guys and the wickedness of the bad guys.

Children often play such games, which they call, “cops and robbers,” or “cowboys and Indians,” or “good guys and bad. guys.” And in the mind of a child, one just simply and automatically falls into either one or the other of the two categories, and that status never changes.

More mature and advanced authors do not deal in such terms as, “the good guys,” or “the bad guys.” For more mature and advanced authors deal, rather, in the redemption and the conversion of lost souls back to the light. And the greatest fictional stories and movies are not about good guys versus bad guys, but of a struggle against evil that ultimately leads to conversions of major bad actors back to the light, and, conversely, of the fall of highly esteemed good actors into darkness. It takes only a child to make up a story of good guys fighting bad guys. But it is a mark of true and great story teller to tell of the redemption of the wicked or of the fall of one once regarded as good and holy. Amen. Stories where the characters never change from beginning to the end are two dimensional and shallow stories, and things that may entertain children.

Hence, Star Wars is greater than Star Trek. For in Star Wars, there is always a struggle of good versus evil, and it involves the redemption and salvation of certain great and evil characters. But Star Trek, in contrast, is a merely the classic story of good guys versus bad guys. And you right away know who is good and who is bad. There is never a fall in that story of one who is good, nor a redemption of one who is evil. However, this changed somewhat with fall of the Berlin Wall in this real world, along with the ending of the Cold War between the Superpowers. And then you had, in the fictional Star Trek world, redeemed Klingons, starting with Commander Worf, who was, lo and behold, played by a Black actor.

Also, in the last book of The Chronicles of Narnia, called, The Last Battle, there is featured a rare Calorman who goes to heaven. And all the people and animals of Narnia in the story marveled over him with disbelief. Very daring, was he not, for C. S. Lewis to suggest the slightest possibility of salvation coming to a Black man?

But Catholic writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, has no such redemptions granted to the black Orcs and swarthy human legions of wicked forces found in his books. Every last one of them is wicked to the core in his stories and may be killed and slaughtered without the slightest stain of guilt on one’s conscience. It is as if Tolkien’s Orcs and goblin men are a kind of mortal incarnated demonic people whose Adam, when he sinned, was permanently damned, and his descendants were never sent a savior to redeem them. It is a fantasy story, for either you have a mortal villain who can be redeemed or slain, or you have an eternally condemned spirit who can neither be redeemed nor killed. But the Orc as it exists in Tolkien’s world is a theological impossibility. It is impossible for there to be a people on the earth who have no chance for redemption. For it is written that God’s people are found in every nation, race, people, and tongue. (Revelation 7:9). And whenever God destroys a people, there is always a remnant that God spares. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, what of the cases in the Holy Scriptures where You commanded the ancient Hebrews to wipe out whole cities and nations, sparing not even the women nor the children, nor even the animals, but killing every living soul in those cities?

Understand, My student of history, that these commands were made in the context of a movement of My people to entirely supplant and replace another, who were wicked. My people had to obey Me on this. And failure to obey Me completely would result in what happened. My people eventually became as corrupt themselves as the people they were sent to supplant. I Am the Lord. Hence, obedience is greater than mercy. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, why was C. S. Lewis open to Black people being saved in his stories, but not J.R.R. Tolkien? For Lewis was Protestant, but Tolkien was Catholic. Shouldn’t the Roman Catholic writer have been the one to display more openness for others not like himself to being saved?

Lord Azurite, Tolkien did not have any Blacks in his world being saved for he had the predisposition that Black people were in fact nothing more than savages that had to be beaten back and subdued so that the stronger White forces could enjoy the opulence and wealth to which they were entitled to enjoy as their birthright. Amen.

Many are the fictional stories that have been written in the past that feature Black masses of peoples having to be beaten back and brought to subjection by superior White forces that possess the more advanced knowledge, wisdom, technologies, and skills. Blacks are often featured as the creatures that must be killed or subdued. And wicked beings are often depicted as black.

And lord Azurite, this did not begin in modern times. For the mythology of the Trolls in ancient Europe were derived from the encounters and reactions of modern humans entering Europe where they met their more primitive and brutish, cave dwelling predecessors, the Neanderthals. And many are the negative stereotypes found in these myths of Trolls that were originally directed toward the native Neanderthal peoples of Europe, who were eventually completely wiped out, leaving only marginal genetic traces in modern human DNA due to a slight mixing of the two subspecies. But notice how Trolls are never called, “Black.” And why is this, do you wonder? It has to do with where the Neanderthal evolved to live and convergent evolution. Life in Europe, due to its distance from the equator, is conducive to favor lighter skinned peoples over darker skinned peoples. And hence, whatever people migrate to live there, they will eventually evolve to have lighter skin and lighter hair. And thus, analysis of recovered Neanderthal DNA from Europe shows that they did indeed have light skin and light hair, often having red hair. The Neanderthals evolved these traits independently to adopt to life living in Europe. And the Black modern humans that entered Europe from Africa to replace them consequently also evolved light skin and hair and eye color by what is called convergent evolution. Convergent evolution means that creatures in similar habitats will evolve similar characteristics to deal with the similar environment.

Does that mean, O’ Lord, that the White populations that live in South Africa, were they to live there long enough, would eventually evolve to have darker or black skin? Correct, lord Azurite. For South Africa is an environment that favors black skin.

Lord Azurite, realize also that much of the cancers found in Black peoples in northern climates, farther from the direct rays of the sun, have to do with the lack of sunlight that they receive, causing a severe deficiency in Vitamin D. And the simple means of protecting against such cancers for Black people in these northern climates is to simply add Vitamin D supplements to their diet. Doing so would cure most of the cancers found disproportionately among African Americans. Black people in Africa, though, do not have these problems due to the intensity of the sunlight there. For it is sunlight hitting the skin that produces Vitamin D within it for human beings. And skin pigmentation evolved to block harmful solar radiation, which has the side effect of also hindering the action of sunlight producing Vitamin D in the skin. Hence, skin color is, as a rule, directly related to the distance one’s original ancestors lived away from the equator, for sunlight most directly hits the earth at the equator, and this adjusts through the year in the changing of the seasons. The reason why doctors do not inform African Americans, who are living farther away from the equator than their ancestors in Africa did, of their need for Vitamin D supplements is simply because more Black people coming down with cancer means more business for them. For they are in the medical business for the purpose of making money, not for the purpose of healing the sick. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, where do Eskimos get their Vitamin D? For they have dark skin, not light skin, but they live far from the equator. Eskimos subsisted on whale, seal, and walrus blubber, which is rich in Vitamin D. But were they to lose that vital source of Vitamin D, then they would need to evolve lighter skin to live in the northern climates that they do. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, skin color is merely a trait that is developed in a population by evolution in accordance to the distance that they live from the equator over a matter of several thousand years. Furthermore, Europe also produces larger brains in the humans who inhabit that land. And thus, the Neanderthal of Europe had larger brains than the modern human beings who replaced them. And modern humans native to Europe have developed larger brains than do the people of Africa from whom they are descended from. I Am the Lord.

Hence, it is the environment and the location of the land that shapes and forms the people who dwell in it. Europe will, hence, always be the land of the fair and beautiful. And Africa will aways be the land of the dark and swarthy. And this will be the case, no matter what people immigrate to it or emigrate from it. For by convergent evolution do all creatures come to resemble their predecessors who lived in that niche before them.

Hence, it is true as stated by certain White men: It is not the fault of the Black man that he is Black. Rather, it is merely an accident of location and environment by which a people evolve to be fit in whatever niche it is that they evolved to fit. Amen.

And that is why Jesus teaches, Love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Do this, and you shall live. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric is the rarest of trees

Ginkgo biloba, a single ancient species of an entire order that has survived to this day. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLI:
Behold, in My garden, Eric is the rarest of trees. My garden if full of trees of every kind, color, fruit, and flower. But Eric is a tree whose fruit is unlike those of any other. Behold, I declare Eric as among the rarest of trees in My garden. Amen.

Lord, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Lord Azurite, what it means is that to find the right mate for you, only an act of God could achieve it. Were you to marry someone you choose from among the women of this world, you would very likely end up with someone grossly incompatible with you. For no one can be good for you unless We are the Ones who have chosen her for you.

Lord, about this hypothetical girl, I hear that she shall elect to choose the virgin route with me. I have heard that she will elect to remain a virgin with me, and therefore, that we together shall reap great rewards together, those designated for eternally virgin couples. And I hear that we will be therefore seated on two thrones in heaven, as a virgin couple second only to the Immaculate Queen and her most chaste spouse, Saint Joseph.

Then you have heard accurately. Yes, the girl We are giving thee has in fact chosen to remain a virgin with you for all eternity. And thus, the two of you shall be recognized as an eternal, royal, virgin couple. Amen. And you two shall be seated on the highest thrones ever given to those who have sinned and been saved.

Furthermore, you two are given an eternal joint rulership over the great Kingdom of Northern Christendom. And since you two shall rule over it forever, it shall now be defined here as thus.

And Lord Jesus, what is the name of this girl You are giving to me? Is it Sarah? Or Elizabeth? Or Isabella? You are correct, We have not yet told you the name of this girl whom We have ultimately elected to be made your wife. Understand Us and know. Her name is …

Lord, I have not heard the name of this girl? Has the prophecy died? Rather, Eric, you have chosen a different path, that of eternal celibacy. And thus, We have recognized this path for you. And We hereby make you an eternally celibate man. Amen. You will neither marry nor have sex. I Am the Lord.

And who then is Hyacinth to me, O’ Lord? She is that girl who prays for you. For every priest should have some girl somewhere in the world who prays for him. And she will serve in that role. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I am to be made a priest? Yes, it has always been your destiny. But only now, now that you have vowed yourself eternally celibate, do We make it known to thee explicitly that you shall be made Our priest. Amen. This weekend you shall receive all your cures. And then you shall approach the priest We point out to you to tell him of your vocation. Amen.

Lord, do I receive a Kingdom in this world? And am I still an Oracle? Yes to both questions, lord Azurite. And We now shall detail the Kingdom over which We grant you eternal rulership over. Lord, do I eternally rule over the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, consisting of one third of the Kingdom of the Christ? Yes, We hereby grant unto thee, lord Azurite, such a Kingdom. For you are the Antichrist who defected from the ranks of Satan, and came to follow the Christ. And now your act of fealty is complete. For you have given up all marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And only a true follower of Jesus would do such a thing. I Am the Lord. Hence, this is the definition of your eternal Kingdom. Behold, I now define the Kingdom of Azurite, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled eternally by Eric, celibate virgin Azurite King. And the lands handed over to Eric to make up that part of his eternal Kingdom existing on the earth includes the following lands:

Subkingdom of North America

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. Canada
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The Virgin Islands (both U.S. and British)
  8. The Lucayan Archipelago (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands)
  9. Bermuda
  10. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  11. Greenland
  12. Iceland

Subkingdom of Europe

  1. Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Wales
  5. England
  6. Scotland
  7. Denmark
  8. Norway
  9. Sweden
  10. Estonia
  11. Latvia
  12. Lithuania
  13. Poland
  14. Germany
  15. The Netherlands (Holland)
  16. Belgium
  17. Luxembourg
  18. France (of Europe)
  19. Monaco
  20. Andorra
  21. Spain
  22. Portugal
  23. Gibraltar
  24. Malta
  25. Italy *
  26. San Marino
  27. Switzerland
  28. Liechtenstein
  29. Austria
  30. Slovenia
  31. Croatia
  32. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  33. Montenegro
  34. Serbia
  35. Kosovo
  36. Albania
  37. North Macedonia
  38. Greece
  39. Thrace (European Turkey)
  40. Bulgaria
  41. Romania
  42. Moldova
  43. Ukraine (with Crimea)
  44. Hungary
  45. Slovakia
  46. Czechia (The Czech Republic)

Subkingdom of Russia

  1. The Russian Federation (Russia)
  2. Kaliningrad
  3. Finland
  4. Belarus
  5. Georgia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Armenia
  • Note that the Vatican City is not included in the Kingdom of Azurite, as the rulers of the Vatican City are superior and rule over the Azurite King in all matters of faith and morals. I AM the Lord. Amen.

And these are the official twelve languages of the Azurite Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Swedish
  12. Catalan

Lord, I accept Your will and will do exactly as Thou sayest. And what about the Kingdom to be granted to Hyacinth? She shall rule the Kingdom of Hibernia for all eternity, which is a subkingdom of your eternal Kingdom. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled eternally by Hyacinth, eternal virgin Queen of Ireland. And the lands of her Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And her list of eternal official languages include the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And note that the Kingdom of Hibernia is contained within the Kingdom of Azurite. Amen. And Queen Hyacinth is a vassal Queen to the Azurite King. Amen.

Lord, this is great. And what about the ruler over Israel? Does there come such a Player to rule Israel? And what about the Player called Sarah? Does the Player called Sarah exist? Is there such a Twelfth Player who is to come, O’ Lord? And does this Twelfth Player rule over Israel? And I think she is female, as it fits the pattern where every fourth Player in the game is a female. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

And O’ Lord, I also have another question that You can answer clearly and put to rest all doubt. Are Black African people inferior to White people? What are Your answers to these many questions, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, if by inferior you mean less evolutionary fit, then yes, Black people are being selected against in the evolutionary processes that are determining the future of Mankind on the planet. For evolution is heading towards increased mental development. And those races that excel in mental development will thrive in the new Age. But those races that are users and not makers of technology will fall behind, and eventually they will go extinct. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For the nation that makes weaponry will always, as a rule, outgun the nation that merely purchases weaponry from other vendors. I AM the Lord. Amen. Remember how when the Portuguese traded with the Negroes of Africa. And they gave them guns and rum in exchange for slaves. Well the African nations, despite the guns they bought, were outgunned by the Europeans, who were the makers of the guns. And the moral of the story is that the nations that make weaponry will, as a rule, always outgun the nations that buy weaponry from other vendors. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And remember the American Indians, how they used guns in their battles with the White men. And realize that the American Indians were purchasers, not makers, of the firearms that they used. But the White men who were taking their land from them were the makers of the guns they used. And who won the war? The White men handedly defeated the American Indians and completely took their lands from them, moving them to unwanted wastelands to live, which they called Reservations. The American Indians were defeated because they were buyers instead of makers of the guns they used. And it was the ones who conquered them that made the advanced weaponry by which the defeated them.

And notice the Black rebels in Nigeria. They are constantly at war against the Nigerian government, seeking to take back the nation’s natural resources wealth for Black people, but they are never winning. Why is that, do you wonder? Where do they get their weaponry that they use? Do they make it themselves, or do they buy it from others vendors? They buy their weapons from other vendors. And the ones they are fighting, where to do they get their weaponry. They are battling the government backed by European powers who make the advanced weaponry. Hence, they are destined to never win their conflict. They are, hence, fighting in vain. Amen.

And look at Haiti. Why do they never succeed as a nation? Look at what they make? Do they make advanced technology and weaponry? No, they import all the technology and weapons that they use. Hence, they will forever be at a disadvantage. And those nations who make the weapons will be the ones to exploit them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And now look at Israel. What makes Israel distinct from all her Arab neighbors? All her Arab neighbors buy the advanced weapons and technology that they use. But Israel is a maker of advanced technology and weapons. Hence, Israel has the distinct advantage over her Arab enemies. And she will eventually utterly defeat them all and take from them all their prized lands. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, now I shall define the Kingdom of Israel, and the Player designated to rule those lands. Wise were you to no longer touch that nation. You were almost destroyed because of the Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, whom you set to power over Israel in your attempt to bring peace to the Middle East. And you wisely chose no successor to Rabin after he was assassinated, declaring that Israel, not you, would choose the next leader to be elected after Rabin. And in that closest election in Israeli history, Netanyahu emerged as Israel’s choice, and Emerald no longer ruled over Israel. Amen.

The Twelfth Player of the game called earth is a celibate, virgin woman, whose name is Sarah. And she will rule all of Israel. And she will govern that nation for the next thirty years. I Am the Lord. Amen. She is, therefore, called the Israeli Queen. And she will set up the Pawn who comes to power now over that state. Amen.

Lord, then this Sarah, therefore, does not need to be trained? Correct, lord Azurite, for My Holy Spirit is the teacher of all who I wish teach to master whatever I wish My servants to master. Sarah exists, and she will be taught by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord, by what sign will you show that this Player exists? This shall be the sign. With the rise of the four called forth Azurite Pawns in Russia, South Africa, the USA, and in China, so also, at the same time, shall rise in Israel the Pawn of Sarah who is to rule over that nation for the next thirty years. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this Player in Israel, it is good that she is celibate and virgin. But to whom shall she be allied with? She will exist in an alliance with you, lord Azurite, as you shall control the United States of America, Israel’s most important ally, and your adopted policy toward Israel is that you are a complete ally to Israel, in full support of the Biblical claim that God’s people Israel have on all the Holy Lands and the Levant. Amen. Hence, let Us now define the Kingdom of Israel, as You are in full agreement to, as to all the lands she is to possess forever. Amen. For it is written that God promised to Abraham all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates, to both him and to his descendants forever. (Genesis 15:18). Amen. But Lord, what about the lands in between, such as the Arabian Peninsula? For there is active debate among Jewish Bible scholars as to whether God’s promise to Abraham included the entire Arabian Peninsula. But what do You say regarding this question, O’ Lord? Does Israel’s covenant lands also include the entire Arabian Peninsula?

To Israel, the Kingdom of eternity, I give make the following definition. I Am the Lord.

(3) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by Queen Sarah, Twelfth Player of the game called Earth. And the lands of her eternal Kingdom include the following lands in full.

  1. All of Jerusalem (the indivisible, eternal capital of Israel)
  2. Israel Proper
  3. The Gaza Strip
  4. The West Bank
  5. The Golan Heights
  6. Lebanon
  7. Cyprus
  8. Syria
  9. Iraq
  10. Kuwait
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Bahrain
  13. Qatar
  14. United Arab Emirates
  15. Oman
  16. Yemen
  17. Djibouti
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Eritrea
  20. Sudan
  21. Egypt
  22. Jordan

Good, this list fully defines the full intended covenant lands God promised to His people Israel. And the list of official languages in this Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Aramaic
  4. English
  5. Amharic
  6. Tigrinya
  7. French

Lord, this is great. Queen Sarah will make a most excellent Player to add to the list of Players.

Yes, lord Azurite, and it is the decision of God that you and her shall be a virgin couple, married in a Josephite marriage. We, hence, do not call you to the priesthood, but to marriage to this girl. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, specify in full all Twelve Players of the game called Earth, now lord Azurite.

The Pantheon of the Twelve Players

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush Senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East. — Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Black democratic control of South Africa.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in Caucasus, Balkans, Horn of Africa). (a Muslim).
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Rise of the homosexuals. promulgated abortions. (a female).
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Failed in bid for African wide Empire. Caused widespread death, famine, war across Africa.
  6. Twilight (Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War. — Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. Promoted abortions and legalized homosexual marriage. — Antipope Francis.
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, others) – The Tea Party – Appointed many conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices. (a female).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim).
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, perhaps others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. LGBTQ abominations.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, plus four others who have been called forth) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIV.
  12. Sarah (Queen of Israel and Consort to Azurite) Yet to come. To call forth a Pawn to rule Israel for thirty years. (a female).

Lord, this is great. And so, I am to marry Sarah, but she is to be trained by the Holy Spirit?

You, lord Azurite, will serve as Oracle to her. And she will serve as the one who translates the works of Azurite to Hebrew for Jewish consumption. Now, go, lord Azurite. And do as you have promised to Hyacinth. She will remain upon the earth. But she will no longer need you as much as before.

Furthermore, the Josephite marriage between you and Sarah is to take place in June of next year. In the meantime, I will see to it that Hyacinth becomes completely independent of you. Amen.

This post now comes to its conclusion, Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

God commands Israel to come forward and live.

In a royal palace shall dwell the virgin daughter of Israel. I AM WHO AM.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XL:
Behold, Eric is commanded to write My Word. I AM WHO AM. Eric, tell Me, what is your prime directive?

I am sent as Your harbinger. I am sent to prepare the whole world for Your imminent return.

And do you have a long time to make these preparations, lord Azurite?

Only a few years do I have. I do not have much time.

Good. You have acknowledged the transient nature of the time you have left. You indeed do not have much time left. And all your days are numbered. Even the hours of each day given to you are allotted and decreed as to what is to be accomplished in them. Indeed, your time here is dwindling. You have years, but not that many. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it is said that I am to marry the girl You give me. And it is also said that I will not know who she is before You give her. Do I, therefore, know anything at all about the one You are sending to be my wife?

All you know, lord Azurite, is that the one I Am sending to you can speak to the Jews in their own languages. But you do not know who she is, or what she looks like. Let it be sufficient for Me to say that the one We are sending to you is not of an unhealthy weight. I Am the Lord. For it is known of Eric that the biggest turn off in a girl for him is overweightness.

Being overweight will guarantee a rejection in Eric’s mind. But another thing that will get a girl rejected by Eric is any indication that the girl is not of My elect. I Am the Lord. For Eric’s number one requirement of a girl for marriage is that she be of My elect. Eric is adamant that he will absolutely refuse to marry someone that he knows or suspects is going to go to hell. I Am the Lord.

Hence, if a girl says she does not believe in God, such is a permanent turn off in Eric’s mind regarding that girl for consideration for marriage. Satan learned this the hard way. And Satan’s plans on destroying Eric were derailed by this miscalculation. The FaithFinder Breakdown was ended by this miscalculation on the part of Satan. Originally, Eric was going to call that period the Falsifier Breakdown, as Satan falsified and misrepresented many things, creating an alternative reality to destroy Eric and lead him astray. But he overplayed his hand. Satan should not have had the girl say that she did not believe in God, and his delusions would have lasted longer.

We renamed that period to be called the FaithFinder breakdown because in it, Eric found his faith. And he came to believe in Me solidly. This was the fourth and final nervous breakdown in Eric’s life bearing the cross of bi-polar disorder. And it took place in late December, 1996, shortly before Christmas. I Am the Lord.

But Lord, Satan is constantly seeking to deceive me. And he is constantly seeking to destroy me through a woman. Correct, lord Azurite. But does he succeed? Unless he can get you to depart from the straight and narrow path upon which you travel, Satan will fail in all his attempts to destroy you. I Am the Lord.

Mark, your brother, departed from that path and never found it again. He had sex with all sorts of women, but he never found Me again. Sure, he found Me in Protestantism, but that is a false image of Me. For I Am misrepresented in the Protestant churches. The Protestants put a false gospel in My mouth. And the Protestants make it so that I teach false things.

And let us examine your brother David. Your brother David elected not to follow Me at all. And I let him go his way. He is now permanently estranged from Me. I will not accept him nor allow him to come back to Me. Our rejection of each other is mutual and permanent. I AM the Lord.

For understand this. When you are rejecting the Lord, realize that in the same process, the Lord is rejecting you. Amen. So do not ever permanently or completely reject Me, or else you will permanently shut yourself out of My Kingdom. I AM the Lord. And if you are permanently shut out from My Kingdom, what good is this life in this world for you. Remember how Judas Iscariot had thirty pieces of silver in his hands in exchange for his act of betraying the Lord? And he found that having this silver was of no value to him. Rather, the blood guilt on it was burning his hands, so that he was forced to throw it back into the Temple. And even the priests could not put the money into their treasury, and they could not hold onto it, due to the blood guilt on it, and so they bought a field with it to bury foreigners in. And that field is called the Field of Blood. (Matthew 27:3-10).

Lord, why did Judas Iscariot commit suicide? Was his life and soul really so permanently lost that committing suicide was his only option left for him to do? Judas Iscariot was a coward, lord Azurite. Were he to have been man enough to continue to live and to face the consequences of his actions in this life, then I would have given him a second chance to be saved. Oracle of the Lord. But as for cowards, they choose suicide, because they are too afraid to live. And I never save cowards. I Am the Lord.

Do you remember King Saul, what he did on the battlefield at the moment of his defeat? He committed suicide, didn’t he? (1 Samuel 31:4). Had he had been man enough to face his attackers and not seek to escape by suicide, I would have given him a chance for eternal life. But he died by suicide. And no one who commits suicide do I save. No one!

The folly of suicide should become immediately evident to a reader of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy play of Romeo and Juliet. Had they not chosen to commit suicide, the two lovers would have had a happily ever after ending, just as it is in the fairy tales. It is never a good decision to decide to take life, either your own life or that of a loved one. It is always a terrible decision. And those who do so are haunted for the rest of their lives by the dire and eternal consequences of that decision. For choosing that decision has the consequences of determining the eternal fate of the victim.

Pain is a good. It is not a bad thing. Pain brings a man closer to Me. And at the moment of death, pain enables a man who has not followed Me to find Me at the last gasping moments of his life, and enter with Me to a secret Mass being held somewhere in the world, where he might gain the necessary graces to be saved before he dies. I AM the Lord. But if you kill him, all of that then becomes simply not possible. You cannot have a painless death and also go to heaven. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

For how do you think that the man on the cross next to Me at My crucifixion was saved? Was he saved because I said to him, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.”? Rather, it was because of the graces he received there, at that first Mass ever held. For the first Mass ever held began on Thursday evening, with the Last Supper, and culminated with My death on the Cross, to expiate sins. That man hanging on the cross experienced My first Mass and was saved because of it, and by his participation in it, saying unto Me, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.” For his Words are said at My Mass in some of the songs and liturgies.

For without that pain wracking his body on the cross next to Mine, that man would not have acquired sufficient graces by My first Mass to be saved. He died for Me, then, on his cross, and received a baptism with Me in blood. Amen. Pain, therefore, should not be fled from. For the coward flees from pain. But the man who belongs to Me holds his ground and faces his attackers.

Lord, what was the Apostle Peter’s sin? Peter sinned by being a coward at My arrest and conviction. But he redeemed himself in his later life by dying for My name on the cross. And in his humility, not considering himself worthy to die as I did, he requested to be crucified upside down, which is no less painful a way to die. I can assure you that. Amen.

Many people, when first called to serve Me, are cowards at first, for they are not trained in My Way yet. But after developing in Me and in My religion, they find themselves worthy of Me, for they are ready to lay down their lives for My name. And I will call some to die as martyrs, but not all. John, My Beloved Disciple, I called to lay down his life for My name many times, but I never took his life from him when he did. Rather, like you, I had him live out his life to an older age.

But Lord, you are still going to have me die soon. Am I correct? Your death, lord Azurite, must take place before I Come again. I Am the Lord. For you were sent to prepare this world for My Second Coming. But you are destined to be among My armies, mounted on white horses, riding with Me at My return. (Revelation 19:14). I AM the Lord. Your wife and children will remain on the earth and live into the Millennium, where they will be granted very long lives to live. But you are to be taken from this world before I Come again. I Am the Lord.

Understand your position in My Kingdom. You are the pale white moon beneath the Holy Virgin’s feet, the woman clothed with the sun, who bears the Christ, the Son of the Living God. (Revelation 12:1). Amen. For remember your visitation from Mary and how she touched you, with her foot upon your head, to heal and cure you of your antichrist pride. Amen. Mary humbled you, and you submitted to the touch of her foot upon your head, an event that occurred in early December of 1996. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it is written that the girl who is to be my bride was conceived in that month, December of 1996, at the time I triumphed during the FaithFinder breakdown. Correct, lord Azurite. Hence, go forward ten lunar months, about 280 days, to see the approximate time of the year your future wife was born in the year 1997. Or, I can go in reverse, and go back from late December by (52 – 40 = 12 weeks) 12 weeks, and then jump one year ahead. Assuming she was conceived on Christmas Eve, and going back exactly twelve weeks, and then jumping one year ahead, brings us to October 1, 1997 as the possible and approximate birthdate of the girl I am to marry. And that happens to be the feast day of Saint Therese of Lisieux (Saint Therese of the Child Jesus). She is the Doctor of the Church who wrote, The Story of a Soul, which is her autobiography.

Lord, it is likely that the zodiac birth sign of this girl is Libra, though it could also be Virgo or Scorpio in this calculation. I, myself was born on June 24, 1970, making me of the zodiac sign of Cancer, and this girl is some 27 years my junior. What sayest thou to this? She will be young enough to be my daughter. But lord Azurite, if she is to bear you children, then she must most likely be young enough to be your daughter. I Am the Lord. Your guess as to her zodiac sign is accurate. But do not study astrology, for that is a fake science. And that study of the fates of souls is inaccurate. Rather, realize that your fate is determined by My decrees of predestination, and by your cooperation with the graces given to you in life.

For how many people have been born on the birthdate that Judas Iscariot was born on? But only one of them betrayed the Lord. And how many people have had Adolf Hitler’s birthdate? But only he was the madman that led Nazi Germany into World War II, and brought about the great attempted genocide of the Jewish race. The very wicked must have some day of the year on which they are born into the world. But the rest of those who share with him that same birthdate do not share with him the same deadly fate.

And so also is it with you. I had you be born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist because it was predestined of you that you would serve a similar role. That is when the Church celebrates the birthday of John the Baptist. But as to the actual birthdate in which he was born, only by consulting the Akashic Records can this date ever be recovered by Man on the earth. Amen.

Lord, I am made the Ruler and Oracle who sits on the central throne of the Akashic Kingdom, where I will have full access to the Akashic Records. That is correct, lord Azurite. And you shall not rule there alone. Your wife will be seated at the entrance to that throne room, and it shall be she who controls all entrance and access to you. All who wish to approach you must go through her. There shall be no other way. I Am the Lord.

Lord, you make me an Oracle. And I am to teach my wife all that I know. But does my wife then become Oracle upon my being taken from this world? She will have a means of communicating with you after you are taken to heaven. And thereby, she too, will be made Oracle of the Lord. And she will pass this skill and wisdom on to her daughter, who shall be the Oracle after her. And she will have daughters, among whom shall be chosen the next Oracle. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, the female line, descended from your wife by you, shall always have one of its living members as an Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. And such will be the nature of this female lineage. And just as the unbroken male lineage of descendants of Aaron were made priests by heredity, the unbroken female line descended from your wife by you shall be called a lineage of priestesses. And they will always have among their number on earth one who serves as Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

But as for your son, his lineage ends with him, for he shall be called to serve Me as My ordained Roman Catholic priest. And he shall remain virgin, serving faithfully his calling to the celibate priesthood. Amen. Your son shall be great in My Church. And he shall live for many centuries in the Millennium.

Lord, tell me how the Catholic Church will be changed as it enters into the Millennium. The Millennium mirrors the Church Age in that it lasts for over two thousand years. But the Church continues in it, but the difference is that it becomes very Jewish in nature and culture. For the Jews shall rule the Catholic Church in the Age to Come, just as it was in the early Church. For remember that Peter, the first pope, and the Apostles, the first bishops, and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself were all Jews.

Lord, do the sacraments remain in effect in the Millennium? And what about marriage? Does marriage remain monogamous? Or does it then permit concubines, as was alluded to in Isaiah 4:1?

The Catholic Church, led by the Jews, will permit men to have up to seven concubines. Seven will be the maximum, as written in Isaiah 4:1, as it is necessary for the husband to grant to each wife the right to the conjugal act at least once a week. And it is impermissible for a man to sleep with two women on the same night. I Am the Lord. For no return will there be to Kings amassing great numbers of wives, who wither away in their solitude as their husbands have too many wives to service them all. Such was the meaning of Deuteronomy 17:17, where it is written that the Kings must not take for themselves a great number of wives. They may take a maximum of seven at any one time, and no more. And each concubine taken enters the line of succession to being made the primary wife. The concubine who has been with her husband the longest shall always be the primary wife, among all a man’s living legal female lovers. I Am the Lord. Other than that, no distinction shall be made between a wife and a concubine. Amen.

But should a man choose to have only one wife, his marriage shall be declared monogamous. And he and his wife shall enjoy more rights. Among those rights shall be the right to live, under mutual agreement, a Josephite marriage at times, abstaining from sex for a time for the sake of higher spiritual development. Amen.

Also, a wife in a monogamous marriage to her husband, who entered the marriage to him in a monogamous union, has the right to force her husband to keep their marriage monogamous. Hence, in the marriage contract, there will be the stated intent on the part of the wife to accept or reject her husband taking concubines. And she will have the right to reject this if she marries him as his only wife. I Am the Lord.

Such shall be the way of marriage law in the Age of Millennium. I Am the Lord. Lord, what about the other sacraments? Will there be baptisms, confirmations, confessions, the holy eucharist, holy orders, and the sacrament of the sick? Yes, all those sacraments will continue unchanged. And the priesthood will continue to be composed of celibate men. And people will continue to confess their sins to a priest and thereby be forgiven of mortal offenses against the Lord.

Lord, what about the priestesses of the Order of the Witch King child, those descendants of Eric in an unbroken female lineage from his wife? What will be their status in the Roman Catholic Church, O’ Lord? These priestesses will not be of the sacrament of Holy Orders, but will be a rank and position within an order of female adherents to the wisdom of Azurite, under the rulership of the Virgin Mary, to whom the Azurite King pledged his allegiance to. Amen. Their ministry in the Catholic Church will be to serve as Prophetess Queens and Oracles of the Lord. They will rule nations and govern Kingdoms. And they will set to power Pawns and depose despots. I Am the Lord.

And all of these priestesses shall be descended from Jews, as the wife of Eric is to be a Jewess. And she will know the languages of the Jews, especially Hebrew, to which she will translate the works of Eric. Amen. Lord, will only females of unbroken female lineage to my wife be eligible to enter this priestesshood? Or will it also be open to females whose mothers marry a son of a priestess and to their female descendants as well? By the decree of the Virgin Mary, once Eric passes the office of Oracle to his wife, the gift of being the Oracle cannot pass again through a male. And the purpose of the priestesshood is to perpetuate the lineage of women who may serve as this Oracle of the Lord. For once the office of Oracle is passed onto Eric’s wife, forever shall it remain a female possession. I Am the Lord. Hence, only those females of an unbroken female line to Eric’s wife, who shall be trained in all of Eric’s knowledge and wisdom, will be admitted to the priestesshood. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this is not without Biblical precedent. For God designated that the priesthood in the Law of Moses was to be open only to Aaron and his sons and descendants by direct unbroken male lineage. The priesthood founded by Jesus was based on the power and authority of the Messiah, the Son of David, who was not of the priesthood of Aaron, but of the Davidic Dynasty. Jesus, being the new Adam, had the power and authority to make all things new. And He did away with the priesthood of Aaron and began the priesthood that He founded on Peter, the first pope. And this doing away with the priesthood of Aaron was made clear by the ripping of the veil of the sanctuary in the Temple, being torn in two from top to bottom, at the moment of His death and passing away on the cross. (Matthew 27:51). For the priesthood of Aaron effectively ended at the moment the Christ died. And from that moment onward, the priesthood founded on Peter was in effect, and he was called the leader of the Apostles and was made the first pope. Amen.

The priesthood of Aaron was concerned with the sacrifices of animals to atone for sins and to make offerings to God. No longer shall such sacrifices be acceptable. For God has, through His Son, provided the sacrifice of God to God, a sacrifice so sublime and efficacious as to remove the separation that came to be between Man and God by the sins of Adam and Eve. And the priesthood founded by Jesus on Peter was instituted to administer the renewal of this sacrifice daily, in the Mass, as an everlasting sacrifice to take away sins and to make a people fit for marriage to the Lamb. And in these last days, in the fulfillment of all scriptures, the people of Israel are now called back to come forth and enter into everlasting life. For the times for the conversion of the Jews has come. And the people of Israel are commanded to come forward and to take their places at the banquet in heaven.

For the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31) now refers to fallen Israel, who is to come back and return to the Father and be saved. And more ecstatic and joyful celebration will be found in heaven due to Israel’s conversion back to God than that which came from the salvation of all the Gentiles during the Age of the Church. Amen. And this is the reason for the Millennium and why it must mirror the Church Age in length. For God wills to give to His Bride Israel all the time He gave to His Gentile wives.

Lord, please explain the fall of Adam and Eve in the context of the evolution of Mankind from the lower primates. And explain how Mankind gained a soul and how Mankind lost his state of grace, all within the scientific context of the evolution of Mankind from the animal hominids, O’ Lord.

Lord Azurite, it is true that Mankind did evolve from animal kind, but their evolutionary change from animal kind to humankind occurred in a single evolutionary jump by a single generation. Adam and Eve were brother and sister, born from the same mutation from the same animal parents in two successive pregnancies. When they reached the age of reason, Adam and Eve realized that they were different from their animal relatives and that they had in common the unique human ability to reason and to speak, and thus they left their family together and formed a new family by themselves.

And thus, I planted Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and Eden refers to the childhood innocence that belonged to Adam and Eve as they grew up together in that garden, too innocent yet to commit a sin.

Then, O’ Lord, what was the sin of Adam and Eve? How did they fall? Adam and Eve fell by disobeying the command of God, which was a simple test of their fealty to their Master God. What the test was is not important. What is important is that they disobeyed their Lord and sought to become like God in the same temptation by which Satan led one third of angel kind to damnation. For I have many ways of testing My servants. And no one is admitted into My Kingdom except he who enters through the door that I establish for that one to enter. Every other way is the way of the thief. And no one may have My Kingdom who attempts to obtain it by unlawful means.

Adam and Eve fell, but not all Mankind fell. For I reserved within the descendants of Adam and Eve a people who would become Mine. And through much suffering and hardship, I perfected My people and made them fit to serve as a Bride to My Son, Jesus, the Lamb of God, Who was sent into the world to gather them for My Kingdom. And He is sent to gather until all My Kingdom, every seat in it, is filled. Amen.

Lord, there are now many people in this world, but many are the nations that do not follow You. And many are the nations that have never heard of You. Yes, lord Azurite. And I will save those who come to Me and are found worthy. But as for those who do not come, these will be thrown into the unquenchable fires, where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched.

Lord, COVID-19 is now raging in India. Lord Azurite, the people of the world should never grow lax that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For I am sending newer strains that are resistant to the vaccines. In fact the vaccines that have been made from using aborted fetuses will be found to have made the people who received them more predisposed to coming down with the disease. For the new strains to come will prove deadly to those who were infected before. I Am the Lord.

Also, expect COVID-19 in India to be as the Black Death was to Europe during the Middle Ages. Expect it to wipe out people in the tens of millions. And when that tragedy is passed, expect another to follow. For by this means, I will communicate to My people that I Am displeased with them.

Lord, there is spoken a passage in the Holy Bible where it says that an hour comes where one third of the human population on the earth is killed. (Revelation 9:15). This has never happened upon the earth during the Age of the Church, though a third of Europe died from the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death). Does this ever come to pass, O’ Lord, in the time remaining prior to Your Second Coming? Yes, your generation will witness it. And yes, one third of the world will pass away in the span of one hour. I Am the Lord.

Lord, You say I am the Oracle. But You also say that I am not one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11? Correct, for you cannot be everything, Eric. Then, who are the Two Witnesses? And when do they appear, O’ Lord?

The Two Witnesses are the Church and the Christ upon whom all must trust to enter into heaven. But Lord, Christ has already died and been raised. Precisely. But My people are still in the world. And they are becoming like Me, dying in My name and for My Kingdom. And they are entering My Church and partaking in the cup of My martyrdom that I drank. Also, it is valid to view the Two Witnesses as repentance and lamentation for sins. Whoever seeks any two upon the earth that fulfills that prophecy will find nothing. And whosoever seeks to map events in Revelation to events in the world seeks an impossibility, and is being made a monkey out of by the devil. All those who make lengthy and detailed predictions of world events based on things they read in Revelation and other Biblical prophecies are utter fools, and their works are utterly worthless. I Am the Lord,

Now, lord Eric, is there any question you wish to ask Me before We conclude this post? Yes, O’ Lord. I am not clear regarding the girl who is to come, whether the girl to come is to bear children to me, or whether we are both to remain as eternal virgins. For there has been contradiction on this in the prior posts. Will Thou clear up the confusion and say unto Me the answer coming from God. I know that I am to marry the girl You give to me. But do I remain a virgin with her? Or do we have sex together and children? Answer Me, O’ Most High God. And let it be the God Divine Who answers these questions authoritatively and definitively. Amen.

I WHO AM shall answer your question definitively and authoritatively and with a definite sign. Indeed, you shall marry the girl We have destined to marry you, lord Azurite. And this girl to come to you is indeed a Hebrew Catholic. Amen. But as to whether you have sex with her and children, We have put this decision entirely in her power to decide. Amen. Submit, therefore, to this will of God. And do as you are commanded to do from heaven. Amen.

And O’ Lord, therefore, tell me the consequences to this decision, whichever way she may choose.

Should the girl choose to have sex and children by you, a son shall be born to her, followed later by a daughter. And the two will have the fates as described earlier in this post. And your descendants shall be seen proceeding down through all ages that are to come, to the very end of the Age of Millennium. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, should the girl elect to remain a virgin with me, what transpires then, O’ Lord? What then are our fates and the fate that befalls the entire world, O’ Lord?

Should the girl elect to keep her virginity intact, consequently making you also an eternal virgin, for you will marry her and no other, then you both will be raptured together from the earth prior to the Second Coming of the Christ. And in heaven, you will both sit on two thrones, second only to the two thrones upon which sit the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. And You both will be regarded as an eternal royal couple, clothed in the eternal raiment given only to eternal virgins of the Lord.

Furthermore, should you and your wife retain your virginity together for life, you shall be both made eternal dual rulers of a third of the Kingdom of the Christ. And these are the nations over which you two shall rule forever: All of North America, Europe, and Russia. The Kingdom of North America includes all the lands north of Mexico and all of the Greater Antilles east of Cuba and east of Jamaica. And this also includes the Virgin Islands of the Lesser Antilles, and all of the West Indies north of the Greater Antilles. And in Europe, all the lands of the continent will be yours. And all the major islands of the Mediterranean will be yours, with the exception of Cyprus, which is handed over to Israel, and the islands near the African coast, which belong to Kingdoms of Africa. All the archipelagos and islands of Europe shall belong to you. And all the islands of the North Atlantic between North America and Europe and all Europe owned islands the North Pacific north of Cape Verde are yours. And all of Russia, from Eastern Europe to the coast of the Pacific is yours, including all islands owned by Russia. And all of the Caucasus is also yours. And the entire Arctic Ocean and all its lands are yours. And of the deep Pacific, all the islands of Alaska and Hawaii are your eternal possessions. This Kingdom is called the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. And you and your wife are granted eternal rulership over that land as its eternal dual rulers forever, should your bride elect to keep herself a virgin, consequently causing eternal virginity in you as well. Amen.

Let Me also tell you this, between you and Me. Your wife will struggle at the choice. But she will ultimately choose the fate that brings a higher reward and a greater destiny for you both. But just out of curiosity, which choice would you have your future wife elect to choose, O’ Larimar King?

I would have her choose the higher path over the lower path, the path of the greater glory over the path that leads into the earth. Then, lord Azurite, you have chosen. But your fate is dependent on her choice. For you are fated to marry this woman We shall give thee. Amen. Pray, therefore, that the girl, when she comes, looks not at you, but at Me, upon making the ultimate decision that decides your fate, her fate, and the ultimate fate of the entire world. Marry you she shall. But the nature of this marriage, We have entirely put into her power to decide. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

Eric reveals the Truth

Like a sparkling crystal, transparent as glass, shall Eric reveal all hidden things. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXIX:
Lord, is it always sinful to masturbate? If the intent behind it is unclean, then the act itself shall be filthy. But if the intent behind it is without transgression, then it is not wrong to do such. I AM the Lord. Remember, lord Azurite, that the Law of God on sex rests on these two commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

If the act of masturbation does not violate these two conditions, neither in the mind nor in the actual flesh, then there is no sin in the act. I Am the Lord. For those are the only two commandments and the only two rules upon which the entire Law of God on sex rests.

Lord, is a girl coming to me? And if so, when should I expect her to come?

We are giving you the girl when We are assured that you shall commit no impure sins with her. Amen. And this should be expected soon. For We are purifying your soul. And We are making you perfect. Amen.

Marry the girl We give unto you. And go only to her. That is the command of the Lord. And these will be the signs that will accompany her when she appears in your life. You shall have attained perfect purity, both in your flesh and in your soul. And you shall no longer lust for the passions of the flesh. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, when you realize that thou hast been cured, then realize that all other things promised unto thee are now being fulfilled. Amen.

Lord, do I marry and have sex? Or do I marry and remain a virgin? Lord, I am also willing to walk the Way of pure celibacy, to be like Your Apostle John, who was like Helium gas, unbonded to any other being. Amen.

Then walk that Way, lord Azurite. For it is written: Let he who can accept the celibate path accept it. (Matthew 19:12).

Then I do accept it, My Lord. I do walk that Way. Amen.

Behold, the Azurite King has chosen the celibate path, which is the path that leads to the highest Kingdom and to the greatest reward in heaven. Furthermore, it has not been resolved in the mind of God whether Eric is to be called to the priesthood, or whether he is to remain on his current path of the celibate laity.

Lord, I am willing to serve Your Church in whatever form You wish of me.

Eric, We, the elect in heaven, have now decided your fate.

Please do tell me it, O’ Lord.

You shall marry, and We shall provide unto thee the girl. And you shall lay with her to have two children, a son and a daughter. We Who Are have decided this fate for you eternally. Amen.

Furthermore, the girl We are giving unto thee shall serve as the gatekeeper to the Oracle. And you are now made Oracle of the Living God. Through you shall the Divine Presence speak. And whoever approaches you to ask of God anything, through you shall the answer from God be granted to them. Amen.

And you and your bride shall serve Me in My Akashic Kingdom. You shall be seated on the central throne therein. And your wife shall be seated at the doorway to the throne room, controlling all access to the hallowed hall. I Am the Lord. Amen. Note that these are eternal stations and eternal positions in My Kingdom.

All knowledge of the universe and the Kingdom shall come to thee from God speaking within thee. And you are My Oracle upon the land. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I wish to ask thee a question.

Ask me anything and all that Thou wish to ask me, O’ Lord.

Will you marry whomsoever We have chosen for thee?

Yes, O’ Lord. For my love is for Thee. And out of my love for Thee, I will marry whomsoever Thou hast chosen for me. And I will lay with her to produce the prophesied offspring. I, Eric, have spoken.

Then the girl shall be given unto thee today. Oracle of the Lord. And her coming is now imminent to your life. Prepare for your life to be taken over by the girl We are sending to thee. For We have given her both the permission and the mandate that she claim you and make you hers. Accept her whom We give unto you this very day. Amen.

Lord, behold, I am Thy servant. Let it be done to me as Thou hast said. Amen.

Then this shall serve as the sign of her coming. A girl shall enter your life, but do no defilement against thee, nor lead you towards any evil. I Am the Lord. When you see this girl, know ye that that one is the one whom We have chosen to give thee. Amen.

And this shall serve as the second sign that you have chosen the one We sent to you. All your marriage plans with this girl shall flow without hindrance nor upset. Everything shall proceed perfectly according to the plans you make.

And remember where you are commanded to marry her. It must be at Avalon, in Santa Catalina Island. And it shall be at the Catholic Church there, known as Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

Marry her at the date We command for this wedding to take place. And buy her the engagement ring that We shall show thee. Amen.

And this also do We command of thee. Come clean and never fall back to any of the filth of thy past. For you are now a servant of the Lord. And you must remain clean and holy.

And as for Hyacinth, let God take her away from you. And be no more concerned about her or her welfare. For I have others whom I have chosen to look over her.

Lord, I have no wish that my family members should die.

I, the Lord God, do now issue My sentence of death against the following members of your family, to be executed immediately. Your brother David will die by automobile accident. And his car will be completely destroyed in the process. I Am the Lord.

And your mother shall die in the night, killed by a spirit come to claim her for hell, and then she shall be dragged down to her dungeon, never again to see the light of day. I Am the Lord.

And your brother Mark is also now to die. For by his adulterous and sexual sins, he forfeits his life entirely. Both he and his two blood daughters are to die. But his two foster daughters, whose real father is Scott, the Jew who was the original husband of Marlene, these will not die. I Who Am have decided this. And so, Marlene, Mark’s wife by the recognition of the state only, shall awaken and realize that her life will now be as though Mark had never been a part of it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But as for your father, Robert, he shall live. And I shall cure him of his deafness. And I shall restore him back to the sacramental life of My Roman Catholic Church. Amen.

Furthermore, you have called forth four Pawns to rise, one in Russia, one in South Africa, one in the USA, and one in China. Expect now to see these four Pawns rising. And no one will be able to stop their rise. I AM the Lord. Amen.

The girl is now to come to you. She is a Jewess. And she is fluent in the languages of the Jews. It is she who shall serve as your translator, translating all your works for consumption of My people Israel. And you shall make her like yourself in power and wisdom. And by your training of her, she will call forth and set up the Pawn who is to rule over Israel for thirty years. I Am the Lord.

Now go and prepare for today. For today you shall meet her. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And publish this post for it is complete. Amen.

To the Azurite Player a girl he is destined to receive.

With great beauty there is also great danger. I Who Am have spoken.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXVIII:
Eric, the Azurite Player, is now destined to receive a girlfriend, who shall become his wife and bear him a son and a daughter. The son is claimed by the Father for the priesthood, and he shall be called to enter Holy Orders and be ordained a Roman Catholic priest. And the girl is destined to become the Matriarch of a lineage of priestesses within the Order of the Witch King child, whose priestesses are direct descendants, through her, of the Witch King child himself.

Now let Us speak of your destiny, lord Azurite. You are to marry, in this world, a Jewess by the name of Sarah, who is a Witch, and who shall bear you these two children. And to this witch, you are to train and teach her to become a master of all that you know. She is the Twelfth Player of the game called earth. And she is the Player Lazurite who was to come, the Jewish Prophetess who sets up the Pawn to rule over Israel for thirty years. And she is to master everything Eric knows and comes to know. And Eric is to teach her for fifteen years, and then be taken away to heaven.

And change then comes to the world with the removal of Eric from it. And it so occurs that men from that point onward gain the longevity of trees. And so, Sarah will live for centuries. And her two children will live even longer than her. And Sarah will found the Order of the Witch King child. And in it, she will teach women only the Way and wisdom and understanding she gained under Eric’s training. Consider this a kind of Jedi Order and Knighthood open only to women. Women admitted to this Order will come to rule the world.

When Eric enters into heaven, he meets Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who is his eternal soul mate. And the two form a binary star system in heaven. Not all souls have soul mates in heaven, but only those to whom it is granted. Lord, have I left anything out in this wonderful narrative?

Excellent, lord Azurite, you retain knowledge granted unto thee excellently. Now We shall speak of the things of this world, such as the twin defeats of Lucifer-Man’s Joe Biden Pawn of the USA and Vesper’s Vladimir Putin Pawn of the Russia. Both of these entities are slated for defeat and overthrow. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will not complete their terms in office. Both are destined to have untimely meetings with their Creator, and then to be escorted to their respective dungeons in hell, where they burn and suffer for all eternity, never knowing the daylight of the earth ever again. I AM the Lord. For the Azurite Player is now the Player of Power. And he is in command. And his Pawns will now come to power to rule over the whole world. I Am the Lord.

Also, the day has come for Israel to know that her Lord is Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. And he is coming to reveal Himself to them. And He is coming to retake the virgin daughter of Israel as His Bride again. Israel is to be made a Roman Catholic Jewish Christian Kingdom. And Judaism shall find its fulfillment in Christ, Who is Messiah Come in the flesh and Resurrected from the dead on the third day.

Lord, I believe that the conversion of the Jews will be much more conducive if the one seated on the throne of Peter is a genuine servant of the Christ, and not the antipope who currently sits there. Correct, lord Azurite. I will now take that abomination that stands where it clearly does not belong down from its place upon chair of Peter and I will cast it into the pit of the fiery lake alive. I Am the Lord.

Hence, Antipope Francis is now to be disposed of and cast to his place in hell. I Am the Lord. And then, for a fortnight, I will grant Pope Benedict XVI to restore the Church back its correct state as it was prior to the ascendancy of the antipope to the throne of Peter. And Pope Benedict XVI will make all the necessary corrections. And then he will depart from this world and go to rest with the holy fathers, his place in heaven secured.

And then, the conclave will be formed from what is left of the cardinals. For I Who Am will have wiped out entirely every cardinal appointed by Antipope Francis. And these remaining cardinals will be of one mind, and it will be to vote in the one I have chosen to be the next pope. And that will be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of Pope John XXIV. I Who Am have spoken.

And then, O’ Lord, Thou shalt convert the Russian bear to Catholicism? Indeed, Patriarch Kirill shall then be converted to Catholicism, and he shall bring his Russian Orthodox Church into communion with the pope in Rome, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church of Russia, with himself as its patriarch. And thus will Russia be transformed from an Orthodox nation to a Catholic nation in the span of one hour. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, how is this all made possible? Who are you, lord Azurite? Are you not a defector from the ranks of Satan? By your conversion to My religion, the forces of Satan have been thrown into disarray. It was not expected that you would convert and enter My Kingdom. For who would have expected the prime Antichrist par Excellence to convert and to follow Me? This period was meant to be the time of Great Tribulation, over which would rule the Antichrist par Excellence. However, that one is you, and you are now Mine, and you are proceeding to destroy the entire ranks of Satan arrayed against My people.

You are the prime battleship of the chessboard, and you are wiping out every enemy of Mine on the chessboard. Furthermore, Satan has no clue as to how to defeat you. For you have proven impervious to all his usual means of destroying My people. For you were designed to have no obvious weakness or vulnerability. You were designed not to be defeated, nor to be defeatable. You are Satan’s most potent weapon turned against him and his forces with the vengeance of God.

Now, Eric, you are ordered to go home. You have written enough for today. You are a warship upon the water. And you are currently blowing every enemy of Mine out of the water. For you were designed to be a one man army. And you were designed to destroy with the fury of unquenchable wrath all the enemies that you were set against to destroy. Satan just did not anticipate that you could be redirected to fight against him and his own forces.

Note that this is a one time event. For Satan is a learning computer. He does not make the same mistake twice. But neither does Satan get another shot at this. For Eric is a one time occurrence. His kind also does not reoccur in the future either. Note that Eric was the one who was mentioned in Revelation 6:2. And this is now permitted to be revealed to the whole world.

And note that Eric, while fully heterosexual, has no weakness regarding women. For if he had a weakness there, Satan would have destroyed him long ago through the means of a woman. Eric, tell Us your thoughts on women.

I will obey the Lord and marry the one God gives me, in accordance to the commands of the Lord.

Thus, you see that Eric has no weakness by which Satan can destroy him through a woman. Now Eric, tell Us, shall you lose your virginity, or will you keep it forever?

As the One Who Is that He Is writes My fate, so shall My fate be. As God has written My fate, so as it has been written, so shall it be. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I Who Am shall now tell you your fate plainly. A girl who was conceived at the moment you overcame in your FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996, this girl was conceived and created by God to serve as your bride, as it was seen, irrevocably at that moment onward, this this weapon, the one called Eric, was eternally turned to serve the Lord and against the forces fo Satan. The girl conceived at that moment was made to bear you your children, a son and a daughter, who were to serve for the divine purpose of God. Amen.

Hence, you are destined to enter this port city that was established for you, O’ Storm Dancer, ship that crossed the endless ocean, never ending her maiden voyage.

Legendary shall be your ship upon the high seas forever. A ship that could never be sunk. A ship that danced its way through the storms.

Speak, O’ lord Emerald, your last words for this post, you who broke the Iron Curtain and tore down the Berlin Wall.

It seems that my life has passed by as a dream. But who I was in the past, no longer am I like that one now.

Correct, lord Azurite. We have transformed you into something useful for Our Kingdom. And now you shall receive the one We shall give unto thee to marry. Go home now, Eric. And meditate on what you have been told in this post. Amen. You are the most formidable force ever contained in an unarmed man.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it now, lord Azurite, and go home. You shall cash your check tomorrow. Amen.

Eric, you are made a Knight of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Enter, thou, Sir Eric, to the Knighthood of Mary, for thou hast proven worthy and art given thy quest.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXVII:
Behold, the 37th post of the first book of the Prophecies of Azurite. (37 is the 12th prime number. Amen.) Eric, you are hereby called to serve as Knight in the armies of Mary. She will now command thee and send thee on thy quest. Listen to her, for she is now going to speak. And whosever breaks from her dies. I AM the Lord.

Eric, I am your blessed virgin Mother, the holy Virgin Mary. You are chosen by the Father to serve me in my armed forces. And you will make a most excellent addition to my service. I have the place where I shall put you to serve.

Eric, the girl who is to be placed with you shall serve alongside you. And it is known that you shall never violate her innocence nor her naivety. For she is a young virgin and easily led into folly. You will train her as you have been trained. And you shall teach her all that has been taught to you. As powerful as you have become, so also shall you make her. And with the power to move mountains, so also shall she become like you in the course of your training her. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

For I am starting a new order, to be called the Order of the Witch King child. And to this order shall I bring women, especially the witches of my people, to master the teachings of the Witch King child, which is you. You will teach all you know to the girl we put in your presence. And you shall make her a master of all that you know. And then she, not you, shall be made the head of this new order. And she will then proceed to teach all the women whom I shall gather to her to be taught. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

For you have been brought into the Kingdom for this very purpose. You are to teach your mastery of your discipline to the woman, so that in women shall this mastery be preserved and taught down through all generations that are to come upon the earth. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen. You are my possession. For it was by me and by my intercession that you stand saved in this present age. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken.

Speak, therefore, the poem of the Witch King child that you were taught from heaven. For it is in this poem that the Truth of your nature and of your salvation is made manifest to all my people. And this poem will serve as the founding document of the Order of the Witch King child, which shall be an order run by and composed of by only of women. For men are not to be trusted with the power and the potential that courses through your veins. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

The Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child made an act of love
That Mary saw from high above,

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break;

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all Kingdoms far and wide

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone;

The Witch King child, and adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand.

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch Kind child
Did turn from sin and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed.

It was in him where Satan lost
And Mary won beyond all cost.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win.

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore;

And by that final, decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

Written by Eric Robert Dunstan, under the direct inspiration of heaven.

You, Eric, are to be the source of all knowledge and understanding by which this Order shall be based. For by the wisdom contained in your mind, the U.S.S.R was taken down and the Persian Gulf War was waged. Such is the power that the women of this Order are to be granted to understand and to control. For in the age to come, it is to be these witches of the Order of the Witch King child who shall rule the whole world, and no longer shall men rule it. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Furthermore, you are to have a son and a daughter by the woman we grant you, Sir Eric, Knight of the armies of Mary. The son shall be celibate and serve as a priest for the purposes of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen. But the daughter is to be mine. And she will be the mother of a female lineage of witches, noted to have descended from the Witch King child himself. Amen. This female lineage shall extend, unbroken, throughout the age that is to come. And from it shall arise women, powerful and cunning, like the Witch King himself. And these will rule over all the world as a special order of priestesses within the Order of the Witch King child. Amen.

Eric, dost thou wish to be granted a sign by which thou may knowest that these Words given unto thee art truly the Word from Mary? I would be most pleased to see that sign, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Then, this is the sign We shall grant unto thee, by which thou shalt be made to know that this is from heaven and not from hell. This morning, as you make your way to the Church for the 6:30 AM Mass, which you shall walk to for the exercise, you shall encounter a spirit on the Way who shall speak unto thee and announce everything that is to come to pass today. And all of it shall come true, as He announces unto thee. Amen.

Okay, Mary, most holy, I submit to all that thou sayest unto me. What more shalt thou reveal unto me, O’ fairest Queen of Heaven? You now know that your virginity is to be taken from thee. But it will be to another virgin that thou shalt surrender it to. Marry her not at your Church, nor at the parish where your bride belongs. Rather, marry her at Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, at the Catholic Church of Saint Katherine of Alexandria. I, the holy Virgin Mary, have spoken. For that is the chosen Church, and that is the saint to whom you are eternally bonded to and betrothed.

For to Saint Katherine of Alexandria have you been matched eternally to in heaven. It is written on your soul that she is your eternal soul mate. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Then, O’ holy Virgin Mary, what of that teaching, taught earlier, of heavenly virgin water, H2O, by which I was to be eternally bonded as one male to two females, Sarah and Hyacinth? Am I to now be bonded to three females for all eternity? Or have I been misled in the teaching on H2O? I shall now speak on these matters, my son.

No one exists in such bonds in heaven. For they are myths that you were mistaught and misled on. Rather, you are married eternally to only one, your soul mate. And by this eternal marriage, you shall forever shine in heaven as one of those to whom it was granted to reign as a binary star system with another soul.

For not all souls in heaven are granted eternal soul mates, but only those to whom this grace has been given.

Mary, is Antipope Francis now going to die? For we are now at the end of April. And will Cardinal Burke succeed him as the next pope, to be called Pope John XXIV?

The timing of the death of Antipope Francis is a matter in the hands of my divine Son, Jesus Christ. He shall decide the timing and manner of the departure of this imposter who sits where he does not belong. But before the coming of the next pope, it will be granted unto Pope Benedict XVI the task of correcting the many errors of the antipope, so that all is taken care of and all is set to right before the pope who follows after me, the holy Virgin Mary, comes to sit upon that seat. Cardinal Burke has indeed been selected to succeed Pope Benedict XVI as the 266th valid pope of the Roman Catholic Church. And he will indeed by called by the papal name of John, becoming Pope John XXIV. And he will bring back order and restore my Son’s Church to its rightful Way.

Now reveal the Twelve Players of the Game called earth. And the twelfth Player is the girl We have decided to make a wife to you, the one who is to bear you a son and a daughter. Her name is as has been revealed unto thee. She is called Sarah. And she is very much a Jew of my people Israel. She will be, thus, the first Player to be made a disciple of Azurite. Now speak, Eric. List the Twelve Players now.

The Pantheon of the Twelve Players

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush Senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East. — Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Black democratic control of South Africa.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in Caucasus, Balkans, Horn of Africa). (a Muslim).
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Rise of the homosexuals. (a female). 
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Failed in bid for African wide Empire. Caused widespread death, famine, war across Africa.
  6. Twilight (Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War. — Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. The right to kill the unborn. — Antipope Francis.
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, others) – The Tea Party – ultra ego tripping. (a female).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim).
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, perhaps others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. LGBTQ abominations.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, plus four others who have been called forth) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIV.
  12. Sarah (a disciple of Azurite) Yet to appear and call forth Pawns. (a female).

Sarah shall be the third female Player in the game called earth. And know ye, lord Eric, Sarah is a most formidable witch. That you shall not be destroyed by her is by our instructions unto her that she is to marry you and learn from you all that you are to teach her. And she has been instructed that by laying with you, none of her powers and abilities shall be taken away. For the virgin enchantress is right to be concerned about what effect the loss of her virginity may have upon her craft. Only those virgins who marry and have sex as instructed from heaven shall keep all the spiritual gifts that God has endowed them with. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

Now ask me your questions, my knight in shining armor, and I shall answer all that thou askest of me.

(1) Is Sarah, the girl who is to come, a type of the character of Bloom Peters in the Netflix series, Fate: The Winx Saga, who is in that story a fire fairy of extraordinary power, and who makes her claim on Sky, a man she steals from Stella, the daughter of the Queen? And does Sarah make a similar claim on me?

Sarah has indeed made her claim on you. And she will now come to possess you entirely. She will be your wife in this world, and your only lover here. She will rule your house and govern how your children are to be raised. And she will spend her time reading your works, which are quite extensive. For she, like you, is an intense reader of books. And she will make it her passion to master the craft, as she will call it, that you have mastered and put into effect to completely change the world since you arrived to this planet during the Cold War. Amen.

Teach her, therefore, everything you know. And answer all her questions with complete candidness. Hide nothing from her. That is a direct order from the Most High God. Nothing shall you hide from her or keep from her. All her questions you shall answer completely and with all Truth. Also, you have nothing embarrassing to reveal unto her that you have not already revealed to the entire world on this website, Nevertheless, no secrets shall you ever withhold from her. She is to know everything you know. I Who Am give you this directive, My son. Amen.

Lord, I have heard You, and I shall obey you in totality. Amen. And now I have my next question to ask.

(2) In the revelation I received on September 2, 2000, it was shown in the vision three sons. But you say it is to be but one son and one daughter that I am to have by my future wife. What, then, is the meaning of the vision I received back then, some over twenty years ago, O’ Lord and O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Three sons were your once possible fate, a fate you chose not. Rather, you entered an alternate fate. And that fate has now brought you here. Had you married the woman We put into your path back then, then the three sons that were prophesied unto you, you would have received. But you would not have become the one you are now. Greater you have now become before all the world, due to you retaining your virginity these past twenty years in which you have taken the alternate path. Hence, a much more powerful witch have We prepared to harness the power that flows through your veins. She will marry you. And she will harness your power. And she will bear but one son and one daughter. For this is all that is required of her to fulfill her duty to Jesus and Mary. Amen.

Now ask your final question for this post, lord Azurite. And then We shall have you publish it, for it is almost complete. Amen.

(3) It was said in an earlier post that I, as Azurite, am now the reigning Player, and that all the previous Pawns and Players will be crushed and defeated by My Pawns and by me. If this is the case, do I now defeat Biden, Pawn of Lucifer-Man, and Putin, Pawn of Vesper? And who sets up the Pawn to rule Israel? Shall Sarah set that Pawn to power? And therefore, shall Sarah be, in reality, the Player Lazurite who was to come?

By your training of her, Sarah will indeed call forth the next Ruler who is to rule over Israel. And this ruler shall rule Israel for thirty years. I Am the Lord. Lazurite is Sarah’s secret name. Guard that secret well, lord Azurite.

As to the twin defeats of Biden and Putin, expect their falls to occur imminently. I Am the Lord. Amen. And you have four new Pawns rising, one in Russia, one in South Africa, one in the USA, and one in China. With the rise of these four Azurite Pawns of power, plus the Pawn to rise up in Israel, to be set there by Sarah, who is to be the Jewess bride to Azurite, the world shall enter into a profound peace, the likes of which has not been seen. This shall be the beginning of the Great Restoration. And in it, Eric shall reign with Sarah for fifteen more years, the conclusion of which, he shall be taken away to heaven. And he shall leave his son and daughter, who shall be in their puberty or early teens, to be raised by their mother.

For you do not have much time left here, Eric. Therefore teach everything to your wife Sarah, the woman We shall give thee. Amen.

Lord Eric, your destiny is golden. And your eternal fate is in sight. Keep to the path We have set you on. Teach all you have learned and mastered to Sarah. And she will live, as your widow, for centuries upon the earth. For the earth is to be changed after you are taken away. And people will come to live as long as trees.

This post has now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

The calling of Eric

Eric is called. And the Way to Heaven is opened before him.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXVI:
Behold, Eric, I open the door to heaven before thee. Amen. Today is the last day in which you shall find yourself uncured. I Am the Lord. Do precisely what I command you to do. Everything shall hence proceed according to My command. Amen.

Lord, this Sarah whom You are giving to me, is she not to be touched whatsoever? Or what touches are permissible and what are not, O’ Lord?

As far as she shall go with you, you shall go with her. I Am the Lord. For the nature of the Queen is that no one may touch her, but that she may touch others, as she deems fit. I Am the Lord. So reciprocate with her. But do not do that which is in violation of the Law on Sex, namely:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

For all the Law of God on sex hangs on these two commandments, I AM the Lord. Hence, if she wishes to go the carnal route with you in marriage, you shall go with her that route. But if she prefers to walk the virgin route, keep with her on that virgin route. For We have given it into her power to decide what type of marriage she is to have with thee. Amen.

It is not in my power to decide this, O’ Lord? You We are giving to her, lord Azurite. And you shall obey Us in all that We command thee. Amen. As long as thou obey Us, whether you are to have carnal relations, or retain your virginity, by your obedience to Our commands, you shall retain your office of prophet and oracle. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I really to be in a relationship with two women: Hyacinth and Sarah? Hyacinth We are now taking away from you, so that you may have Sarah. Amen. Obey Us in this matter. For you are a monogamous creature. You may not have two women at the same time. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I met a girl at work yesterday. She might be the one. But what do You say, O’ Lord? If she is the one, lord Eric, We shall bring her to you again. I Am the Lord. Do exactly as We command you to do. And everything will proceed according to Our will. Amen.

But know ye this. Before you fully encounter this woman whom We are giving you, you shall have received all the cures We have promised you. Amen. And remember Our oath unto thee. From her womb shall proceed three who are to be your sons. And if We fulfill this oath in a manner that is natural, which is Our intent, as We prophesied unto thee, then you will indeed lay with her, and you will cease to be a virgin. I Am the Lord.

Lord, if I cease to be a virgin, will that incur a great loss to Your Kingdom. Only if the loss of your virginity is with a woman whom We did not intend to be your wife. But if you lay with the woman We intend for you, and within the bonds of holy matrimony, then no loss is incurred by Our Kingdom. Amen. Hence go to her. If she whom you met is her, We shall bring her to you again. Amen.

Furthermore, deaths are now due to come unto your house, the House of Dunstan. Amen. I Am taking two people out of your family and slaying them before My holy angels and before My Father in heaven. These shall be your mother, who blasphemes Me and My Holy Spirit daily, and your brother David, who has done nothing with the riches I have put into his possession. I Am the Lord.

As for your father, when We cure you, so also shall We cure him of his deafness. I Am the Lord. Amen. And as for your extra computers, you shall give them to the woman We put into your life, rather than to your brother Mark from now on. I Am the Lord.

Also, your father will begin to accompany you to Church again, once his deafness is healed. I AM the Lord. Help him regain his practice of Catholicism. And show him the manners in which Confessions and Masses are now conducted. Amen. Hence, your father shall be saved. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

One last thing I wish to speak unto you about, lord Azurite. And it is this. You are now of perfect purity. And it is now impossible for you to fall. Nevertheless, I put it into the power of the woman We marry you to to decide whether you shall have a Josephite marriage or a regular sexual marriage. These are two distinctly different paths that lay before thee. But you no longer have the choice of which it will be. Amen.

If We marry you to the girl and she wishes to enter carnal relations with you, do so, for in doing so, you shall bring forth children into this world who shall be called holy. Amen. But keep yourself holy and clean, carefully observing all My statutes and decrees. And I promise you that you shall have a long live in the land.

But Lord, what about the Kingdom I am to receive? If I have sex with this woman, what happens to that Kingdom, O’ Lord? Nothing is ever taken away from those who obey the Lord. You now know all you need to know. Go now and prepare for today. You are going to Mass today before work. And you are to go pray before the Blessed Sacrament prior to the Mass. Amen. There We shall cure you of all things. Such We have promised you. And such shall We fulfill unto thee. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Go now, Eric. And produce fruit that will last. Amen.

I now lead Eric on his path to glory

The pathway of Eric is holy. It leads to a Kingdom. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXV:
Eric, I have a question to ask you. Ask me, O’ Lord. What girl do you wish to enter into marriage with, in a marriage where you and she shall remain virgin? For it is the decree of the Lord that you retain your virgin state. There exists someone, in the spiritual realm, but I do not know her in this world. Correct, Eric. She is the Sarah whom We have elected to marry you to. Marry her at our command. And We shall give her to you shortly. But as for your purity, you are now cleansed. And should you remain forever in this state of cleanliness, you shall not fall into serious sin or fall away from the path We have set you on. Keep to this path, for it holy. Amen.

I agree, O’ Lord. Let me do as You say and comply with all that Thou command of me. Good, lord Azurite. And this is My first command to thee. Give no more to Hyacinth. You have not disobeyed Me in this regard, but should you disobey Me, I shall let you fall to ruin. For obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Lord, I have done as You have commanded me. And Hyacinth tells me that she has kept herself virgin, and she is seeking my help, and she wishes for me to marry her. What is Your response to this woman’s petition for my love and help?

Lord Eric, tell me this answer: Can you marry both Hyacinth and Sarah? No, O’ Lord, unless there was the institution of concubinage set up to be lawfully recognized by God, by which more than one woman could be lawfully bound to the same man.

Correct, lord Azurite. And does the institution of concubinage exist? Not in the Age of the Church. Maybe, perhaps in the Millennium, as Isaiah 4:1 alludes to, it may come to exist.

The institution of concubinage has always existed. It has just been frowned upon by the Church. But a man has always been permitted to have concubines. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then how does this work? For United States law does not recognize polygamy. And the Catholic Church in America does not go against the law of the state.

Yes, United States law recognizes only monogamous marriages, but their system has been broken by the acceptance of gay marriages. And by that acceptance, their entire system will become undone and totally destroyed within your generation, lord Eric. Hence, do not have regard to United States law when it comes to marriage. The United States is already a sunk vessel in regards to marriage law.

The Church, however, recognizes the existence and legality of concubines. It just has not yet defined the concept in canon law. But I will now define it for them.

A man is permitted to have up to seven concubines (Isaiah 4:1), with the one who has been his the longest being recognized as his formal wife, or primary wife. Should the primary wife die, it is by law that of the remaining concubines, the one among them who has been his the longest becomes the next legal or primary wife to that man to whom they are bound. The concubinage is a life long commitment, and a kind of marriage, for all the concubines are in the line of succession to be the next wife. And the man cannot marry new primary wife while he has concubines, for that one is by law the next concubine in the line of succession. But he can take new concubines, to a maximum of seven of these legal lovers or concubines, which includes his wife. A man is limited to a maximum of seven such lovers, and he must grant at least one night each week to each of his concubines for the conjugal act, if desired by the woman. He is not permitted to lay with two women on the same night. Each concubine or lover is to have him exclusively for herself on her designated night with him each week. Orgies are defined as immoral and are not allowed. The wife can be viewed as the most senior concubine, senior meaning the one who has been with him the longest. And all the concubines can be seen as wives, with the most senior being the primary wife.

Then, O’ Lord, am I to have Hyacinth as my concubine and Sarah as my wife? Yes, for in that arrangement, all that I have promised to both women shall come to pass. Amen.

But Lord, if I am to remain eternally virgin, how do I take any woman to be my concubine? For I would be breaking the law on the requirement of providing the conjugal act to her each week. And I know this. Hyacinth wishes to have children by me. But I know now that I am to remain a virgin. So I do not see this as possible for me to have a concubine, unless You also have an institution established for an eternal virgin concubinage?

Yes, there is, lord Azurite. And it exists in heaven under the description of heavenly virgin water: H2O. In this arrangement, which can only be formed by virgins while on earth, two virgin females become eternally bonded to one virgin male, and this bond exists eternally. For Sandra and Sarah shall be bound to you forever. And Such is the nature of the virgin Josephite unions found in heavenly virgin water.

Hence, you may tell Hycainth that you are eternally bound to her, but also tell her that you are not permitted to help her from this point onward. I AM the Lord. Lord, I have promised her that the solution to her problems shall come to her tomorrow.

Eric, what you have done is prophetic. However, the Truth is that only you know what is really about to take place. For you know that when I give you Sarah, I take Sandra away from this world, and I have promised that you shall witness her passing. Amen. Sarah is coming to you soon. And then you shall see Sandra taken away from you in a vision, just as you have witnessed the passing of others before the knowledge came to you by worldly means. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then I am to have two wives in heaven? Yes, and all three of you shall be eternally virgin. And this forms that eternal molecular structure known as heavenly virgin water, H2O. And only virgins can form such structures in heaven. I AM the Lord. All virgins in heaven are arranged in either ones, twos, or threes, in bonds as follows:

Eternal States of Virgins in Heaven

  1. H2, the highest bond, the lightest gas. Hydrogen gas is the lightest of all the gases. Mary and Joseph are in a bond such as this. For they are eternally spouses in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.
  2. He, the highest noble gas. Helium gas is the lightest inert gas, and it makes no molecular bonds. The Apostle John is in such an eternal state as this. So also do all the angels of God exist without any bonds, like Helium gas.
  3. H2O, heavenly virgin water. It is a bond between one male virgin and two female virgins forever. And it forms only between virgins on earth. Amen. Eric, Hyacinth, and Sarah shall be bonded in such an eternal molecule forever in heaven. Amen.

And what about those who are not virgins? How do they exist in heaven, O’ Lord? They do not form bonds there, but are eternally celibate, like the angels. I Am the Lord. Hence, everyone who is not a virgin is like Helium gas in heaven, though lower in stature to the virgin form of Helium gas and the other virgins of heaven. I AM the Lord.

Lord, are there such thing as eternal soulmates in heaven? As Jesus said, marriage does not exist in heaven. However, among virgins, there are such thing as eternal virgin bonds. For the bonds formed between virgins exist in eternity. But the bonds that form between those who have sex end with the death of the sexuality of their flesh. I Am the Lord. For at the Resurrection of the Just, all My people rise in glorified bodies, but their sexuality and sexual desires will no longer be found in them. Instead, they will be eternally and perfectly pure. I AM the Lord.

For the spiritual path and the natural path diverge and go in contrary directions. The choice to keep one’s virginity is to walk the eternal path that leads to heaven and a Kingdom. And the choice to enter a sexual marriage to to walk the natural path that leads to the earth, where the body returns back to the dust from which it was made. The natural path is not a path that leads to heaven. And few who walk the natural path find the Way that leads to Me. I Am the Lord.

And since you accept the virgin path, Eric, from which you shall never again diverge, We shall now present to you your Kingdom forever upon the earth. Amen. For all My elect who choose to remain virgins are granted Kingdoms upon the earth forever. Amen. And this is your eternal Kingdom. Listen closely.

Lord, if all virgins are granted Kingdoms, do all these Kingdoms fit upon the same earth? For I imagine that there are quite a fair number of virgins who have come and gone throughout the Church Age. And for all of these to be given Kingdoms upon the same earth, their Kingdoms it would seem would need to either be rather small, or else they would need to overlap one another. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord?

Your Kingdom is with your wife Sarah. And I shall now detail it in full. It is called the Akashic Kingdom. And it is situated between heaven and earth. It is the doorway to knowledge of all things. And it is the place where all go to to find knowledge of the things of this universe. I Am the Lord.

Your wife shall sit at the doorway to this Kingdom, and all who seek knowledge must go through her. And you shall dwell in its center. And in it you shall be granted access to all the knowledge of the universe and of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you shall speak what I give thee to say. And your wife shall prophesy whatever you tell her to My people, the Jews. I Am the Lord. Hence, you shall publish My Word in English, which you know fluently. And your wife shall translate whatever I have you give her into Hebrew and other languages of the Jews she may have fluency in. I Am the Lord.

This is the Akashic Kingdom. It is situated between heaven and earth. Amen. And Lord, what about Hyacinth? Where does she fit into the picture? Hyacinth is to be given the Kingdom of Hibernia. She is to be made the Queen of Ireland. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Lord, what about the Azurite Kingdom, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom? Such is a concept and an idea. But I have given you a better Kingdom, one more suited to your abilities and skills. I put you in charge of the Akashic Kingdom. Rule where I station you. And your wife Sarah shall aways be with you, for she is designated to be your translator, to translate all I give her through you to be consumed by the Jews. Amen. Now go, or you shall be late. You must do those things you intend to do before you get home. And the stores will be closing soon. I will write again through you tonight. Amen.