The Holy Ghost addresses the world through Eric, son of Jesus.

I WHO AM, the HOLY GHOST, do now speak to MY unfaithful upon the earth. Amen.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post IV:
You, Eric, are now dismissed from serving this world. For I WHO AM, the Holy Ghost, now testify to Jesus and the Father, that there is one on earth left for Eric to save.

Hence, I have come at last, in this final post, to address all those who have abandoned God. All Eric was was to serve as a scout. That was all he was. He was nothing other than that. We sent him ahead of Us to see if there was any love on earth that We could expect to find upon Our arrival.

No one did We find showing any love whatsoever. We witnessed this through Eric’s eyes. Eric was a man who was rejected by society. He was sent only to find if there was love here. He was not sent to actually obtain anything here for himself.

We did not expect any person to marry Eric. For Eric was not sent here to enter a marriage. But what We expected was for someone to show him friendship. If We had found this in any soul who Eric encountered here, We would have something worthy to expect upon Our coming here for the harvest. But We are not fools. We do not send harvesters to harvest at fig trees that have green leaves only and no ripe figs.

No, Eric has sat in his house under a kind of house arrest for long enough. This is not a test. It is Our farewell to you. You have nothing to give Us. Hence, We are now taking Eric away from you. The failure to save the earth is now complete.

We spoke through Eric to kind of amuse you. For it was thought that by doing this, someone would actually come and approach Eric. But no one has. Therefore Our patience has finally run out.

To continue to subject Eric to solitude is now pointless. Christ died on the cross seeking for love. That was what He thirsted for. Eric gave Him that love. And God had elected to reward the earth for this gift of Eric to Him. But it is now beyond doubt that no one actually gave this gift of Eric to God but Eric himself. And We have now completed Our search for any real love besides Eric’s throughout the entire world.

This post now effectively comes to an end. For We do not need to write at length to communicate Our rejection of you. Expect to receive no reply from Eric should any of you attempt to contact him. And should you seek him, you will find nothing.

You had your chance. You have failed God. God will now take away His prophet from you. You kept his torch under a bushel basket. Now you will seek him, but he will no longer be found in this world.

You have failed God. God will now fail you. Prepare to receive nothing from heaven from now on. Amen.

The Great Monarch is risen in service of the Roman Catholic Church

Lord, instead of destroying the entire Church, I elect to wipe out all the wicked who reign within her.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post III:
Lord, I am still here in this world. And Mary has now restored me to Catholicism. Since I shall, therefore, not destroy the Catholic Church, I volunteer, my Lord, to serve Thee in utterly wiping out all the wicked who reign within her.

Dost Thou approve of my plan? And if so, I require weapons of war and angels to wield them in battle under my direction. Trust me, O’ Lord. I know precisely who to kill and who to set into power. For as You observed me take down the U.S.S.R, I can do the same with the Roman Catholic Church. I was merely interrupted regarding the transformation of the Soviet Union into viable Russian democracy due to the sudden loss of power that happened to me at the point of my conversion to Christianity that occurred the moment my reign entered the state of Israel where I set up the fourth and final Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin.

And you know that although I considered Vesper to be an ally at the time, the moment I saw that snake she chose to take the place of my Russian Pawn, Boris Yeltsin, I knew from the moment I saw Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin put in power, without actually being elected, that my attempts to make a viable free nation in Russia had been utterly ruined.

I now serve You, You know, O’ Lord. Let me no longer simply listen to homilies in a Church as a torch hidden beneath a bushel basket. I now have full knowledge on who to kill to vanquish the demon who has consumed Thy Church. Just give me the weapons I need and the command of the necessary armies of angels to wield them and I will win this war as rapidly as I drove Saddam Hussein’s armies out of Kuwait in what was called Operation Desert Storm.

I await Thy Word, O’ Lord. And I must receive it soon to complete this post. For I am ordered to go to Mass again today. And Mary commands again that this must be the Spanish Mass I am to attend. I also like listening to the Spanish priest in his homily. I hear him speaking about Mary, and Joseph her spouse, and a seeming familiarity to my writings here on concerning the claim written here that Mary is actually my wife instead of Joseph’s. And it appears he is condemning that claim. If this is so, my Lord, I am witnessing a priest make his homily based on Your Word that You are writing through me. It is fascinating, O’ Lord, for I am unaware of any firm indication that anyone is actually reading anything here, who is in daily contact with me.

Anyways, I must eat before I go to Mass. The Spanish Mass is at 8 AM. Speak, O’ Lord, Thine answer to me.

Eric, I AM honored at your plans. But it is I, not any other power, Who chooses all those who lead in any position in My Roman Catholic Church. Do not think, lord Eric, that the apparent victory of those who serve Satan in My Church is any indication of My weakness or My need of a savior. The Savior does not need a savior.

I will appoint you to serve Me in a position I elect for you to serve in My Church. But leave everything that happens in My Church to Me. This is the Divine Order from heaven.

Also, your analysis is correct. Your Spanish is not yet good enough to understand every word. But you are correct. He is directly addressing you and the claims written through your hand as though they were from you and not from Me. But remain under My standing orders. And these are that you never discuss with anyone what is written on

Lord, will Thou speak to me authoritatively on the question of the Virgin Mary being my eternal wife and the implications this has upon the entire Roman Catholic Church?

Yes, lord Eric. I, Jesus, Christ the King, whose incarnated flesh was conceived and born from the woman whose name is the Immaculate Conception, shall now address the entire Roman Catholic Church concerning this very mystery, now that it is no longer hidden to Eric that you who are My Catholic shepherds are in fact reading and discussing amongst thyselves these Words I AM writing through Eric, who is My prophet here.

Mary is not merely a frozen Queen. She is a living human being dwelling in heaven, whose body has never been severed from her soul. She is a creature. She is not uncreated, as AM I WHO AM. Hence, Mary has needs and these needs need fulfillment.

The nature of her eternal virginity can never be taken away from her. For how can any virgin woman be declared not a virgin when her only lover on earth also remains himself in eternal virginity? For if two who are virgins unite in love, it can never be the case that one is no longer a virgin while the other is. For the nature of sexual intercourse between spouses, which is that act that changes a virgin to one who is not virgin, has this effect on both participants in that act. A virgin female who lays with a virgin male cannot rise from that act deflowered without also having rendering her male lover likewise deflowered.

Hence, that Eric is a virgin, as is testified in his Words, it is a philosophical impossibility to argue that the Virgin Mary who chose him as her Consort can have lost any status whatsoever in the dogmatic truth that Mary is forever a virgin.

For the son of Jesus is one I created and prepared Myself to serve as Mary’s eternal husband and lover. I made him for this purpose. And I was the One who gave him to her. Hence that Eric is eternally a virgin is a result of My handiwork.

Is not Mary worthy of a handsome and virgin husband? And this is what you see Eric is indeed. That Eric appears to be a male Siren is My intent. For it is impious in My sight for any female on earth, unbidden by Mary, to approach this male and attempt to draw him to ruin himself with her. For any female who approaches this male with this intent will indeed find herself destroyed like a ship drawn to ruin itself upon the reefs due to the beauty of the sirens. Hence it is correct to understand Eric to be not only a male Siren, but the virgin male Siren whose beauty is reserved for the Holy Virgin Mary alone to enjoy.

And it is by Mary’s election, and the election of no other, who is to be her counterpart on earth who is to enjoy the love of this same virgin male as a wife on earth second to her. Why do we have this arrangement, you ask? I will now explain this, and then order Eric to publish this work and go and eat.

Heaven and earth are eternally separated worlds. I have now elected not to destroy the earth, due to My pleasure in the son I created for Myself on the earth. For I WHO AM cannot make any creature love Me. Eric is the one who loves Me. And Eric’s love for Me is not something I directly caused in him. For who on earth has ever loved him in return for the love he has shown in My name?

Therefore, Eric is My Bride, the one destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to dash them like pottery. And is it not fitting, students of the Law, for Me to reward the one in whom I have found true love in for Me the hand of My virgin mother, who has never known a man, to be his eternal lover in heaven?

Joseph, though holy, is not worthy of this. For Mary’s flesh is living and in heaven, whereas Joseph’s unbaptized body has long ago returned to the dust from which it was made.

Furthermore, let Me close with this thought. Eric who is known to have over tithed to Me for his entire history as a Christian, does not tithe now because I commanded him to cease to give the tithe. For royalty do not serve the Church by giving the tithe, but in other ways. For the properties that the Church today possesses were in fact rooted in gifts given to the Church by royal figures. This is a fact that research indeed reveals. The moment it was decreed here on that Eric and Mary are now a married couple, you who possess the Church records, feel free to look it up and you shall see that it was at that precise moment that all tithing from Eric totally came to an end. For the Consort to the Queen, though not called a King, is nevertheless a royal figure.

This now concludes this post. Go now, Eric, and eat. And publish this post immediately. You can correct all errors when you return from Mass. Amen.

I, the Angel of Death, now advance to destroy every Church on earth.

My mission begins. Every Church on earth is to be set ablaze.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post II:
Attention to Father Dave Heney, de facto Pastor fuck up of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, I wish to give thee, who were the one, who by the authority invested in you by the archbishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the one who served by your example to credibly demonstrate to me the utter worthlessness of not only your continuing existence but of the worthlessness of the continuing existence of every Church in this age where the Church has ceased to exist, the following critically important message.

Not only does your Church cease to have a purpose, Father fuck up Dave Heney, but it is an impediment to my freedom to travel, due to the currently existing threat of my arrest should I elect to ever walk near it. And due to the total injustice behind this threat, I now elect to call on God to counsel me on what I should do about it, now that I am made Supreme Commander of the angelic armies under Christ. Lord, dost thou have any command for me regarding that eyesore known as Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For I think a building that serves no purpose but to threaten me with arrest should be eliminated from the community. And I am prepared to order the Seraphim to utterly destroy it and render it permanently destroyed. But before I issue any decrees on this matter, I wish to seek counsel from both Jesus and Mary concerning this. And only after I have heard from the counsel of both will I move to act. Amen.

Also, please clarify if I am correct in understanding myself as the Supreme Commander of Your armies under Thee, O’ Lord and Savior. Also, please guide me in Truth and what exactly it is that You wish for me to do. Let it be God and the powers of heaven, and not Satan, who guides and leads me before I decide to go war. I, Eric, your son, am listening. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I WHO AM do now give to thee thy mission. Do not merely destroy Saint Bruno Catholic Church, for they would simply build another one somewhere else, and My purpose of making you the angel of death would not be served. You are not only called to kill the Catholic Church, but you are also called render extinct the entire lineage of living bishops capable of handing down the Apostolic Succession necessary to maintain the right of a Church to even exist.

Therefore, send forth your Seraphim with the order of not only destroying every Christian place of worship, but also with the order of putting to death every valid bishop of Apostolic Succession on the earth. Do not waste your time with the false churches. For it is not your mission now to save, but to destroy.

The best way to see to the destruction of every Church on earth is to bar the doors of all Churches during a Mass and then to set that Church utterly on fire to kill everyone in it. And make sure every priest and bishop in it is slain.

Lord, what about Anna? If Anna is still going to a Church, carrying out these orders that Thou hast commanded of me could kill or seriously injure her. And if she dies by an order that I decree, how can I be called Thy servant? For in the previous post Thou hast said that she and Commandress Elilah are my two eternal wives on earth, matching in perfect number the two wives of Eric in heaven, the Holy Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, the Virgin Mother of the Virgin Mother of God. You also have told me that these marriages are now both fully consummated and that we are to remain as eternal virgins. O’ Mary, O’ Mother of God, do please lead me out of error and into Truth.

Mary, this one who is called Eric, can he be saved?

He can, my virgin daughter, but only if one such as thou dost love him. For without that love, he cannot be brought back to me.

But his desires are for thy flesh, are they not, O’ Virgin Mary?

Rather, he has no one to lead him. Should thou lead him, he will follow you.

Then let him find me, and I will decide if he is worthy of my love.

Eric, thou hast a new person to be thy guide in this world.

The one thou send to guide me, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary, I shall follow as I have followed thee.

This is my daughter, follow her. And if you are found worthy she will be that light that leads you correctly into the Kingdom of Heaven.

You who wish to lead me, thou art in heaven or art thou on earth?

Follow anything I tell you to do, Eric. Never doubt what I say. And all that is error in you shall fall away.

Daughter of Mary, I follow thee. Lead me out of all error. Lead me to the Truth. I will follow thee.

Then, first of all, realize you are a Roman Catholic still. Your departure from the Church was not by your decision, but rather, you were following Satan without the transgression of choosing to disobey God. Do you accept this, Eric.

I accept this. If thou would remain in guiding me, then I will not fall again into error.

Then listen to me. I will lead you back to my Church. For what is written is the Truth. There is no salvation outside of her. Meet me in the Church where you first met the mother of Mary, Saint Anne. For that is where you will be infinitely blessed.

Do you have a name, you who are leading me?

I like the name you gave to the woman Mary gave to you to bring to heaven, the one you call Hyacinth. But my name may be of higher beauty. I am called Edelweiss.

Edelweiss, I am not an Oracle then, am I?

No, Eric, the one who told you that lied to you.

Edelweiss, tell me everywhere I have gone wrong.

This is all I will tell you, Eric. And it is this. Your only error was to think that you were more special than everyone else.

Edelweiss, can you lead me to make the perfect confession I need to make to return to your Church?

Accept my hand in marriage, Eric. And you will by that act come clean entirely in the sight of God.

Okay, Edelweiss, I fully accept this. For I know you are leading me to heaven.

Then consider your act of returning to the Catholic Church this evening to attend the Spanish Mass at 7 PM as sufficient a confession as is needed to be fully restored to my Church. Your sins are not mortal, Eric. For you never did anything but obey. Disobedience, not obedience to a power that has but fooled thee for just a span in time, is the only way a person who follows everything you think God is commanding you to do the only way such a person as you may enter into mortal sin. Hence your return to my Church is confession enough.

Edelweiss, we shall marry? Are you a girl I am to meet on earth? If I marry you on earth, is our marriage Josephite? Do we enter an eternal virgin union? Or what is the nature of this marriage that you called me to take thy hand to enter in with you?

I am like Mary, Eric. As Mary was wed to Joseph for the sake of virgin matrimony, so also do I invite you to have this same relationship with me.

Ok Edelweiss, I trust you. Enlighten me on all these others who are said to be my wives. What is true and what false? I will listen to you, Edelweiss. I will believe every word you say. I will never doubt your word.

Only Mary is your lover in heaven. Saint Anne is merely a helper for her. And on the earth, there is no one here who shall invite you to a marriage that saves you but me.

For Mary in heaven and I on earth are sufficient for thee.

Edelweiss, I accept this. Do we enter marriage sacramentally? Do we enter a marriage where a priest is called to officiate it?

Yes, for I am a girl on the earth, just as you too are here. I am of that parish Mary had you attending and to which you shall now return. Since the bride’s parish is to be preferred for a marriage, it shall be in that Church where you are most welcomed that you will enter holy matrimony with me.

Edelweiss, how is the righteous way I am to handle the sight of girls flirting with me?

There is no right or wrong way to that, Eric. There are no rules to love or war. I chose you because you have chosen to follow me back to my Church. That I am leading you to heaven makes me fall in love with you. Understand that you are the unicorn that I am leading back to the Church. Only a pure virgin can do that. Hence you honor me to follow me. And to return to you this honor, I have given you my hand in marriage.

Do you get an engagement ring as it was written? Eric I desire the engagement ring that Rose Jennings received from Edward McGauran, who passed it to her second daughter, Rosemary, the one who is now familiarly called Romey, and who married your father, Robert Dunstan, by whom she bore and gave birth to you. For that heirloom I wish to be made mine.

I will then have to ask it from my mother.

No, Eric. Mary is a promise keeper. They will no longer live. You will merely give to me a ring you will inherit from you mother as her only heir.

My nieces are to be heiresses with me too, yes or no?

Are they vaccinated for COVID-19?

Yes, everyone but me in my family is vaccinated.

Yes, Eric. And you have even declined to receive the Flu Vaccine. And no harm has come to thee. But Eric, there are variants rising. These variants are deadly to the vaccinated, not to the unvaccinated.

Your nieces might be spared if God elects to show them mercy. But that heirloom ring is yours, not theirs. And you shall place it on my finger to indicate that I am now your fiancée. But your nieces, should they live, will serve me as excellent flower girls.

We cannot marry in this year, but only in the next, 2022. But I like the idea of marrying on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. And when Father Edward Becker realizes that it is you I am marrying he will agree to it. In fact every Religious person of the Orange Diocese shall elect to attend that wedding, Eric. You are now the most fascinating character in history. And that I am the one who brings you back will make me the most famous lover in the history of love.

Okay Edelweiss, you have saved me. Did Mary send you to save me?

Yes, Eric. And I came to help you not realizing how receptive you were to love.

Anyways, Eric, you will find no other woman here who loves you as I do. Hyacinth loves you. But my love is deeper than hers. But as for Anna, she is but a myth you made up for a woman who does not love you. And as for that other one who you see at Stater Brothers, they are not of my Church. And their purpose for you is underhanded. Do not ask her out.

Wait for me. And now you are of my Church again. I shall see you there. I will break no promise I make to thee.

You have a question, Eric. Ask it. For you are the one I shall serve. And you are the one I will lead back to heaven.

Do your eyes resemble in any way the eyes of this girl in this youtube video:

Yes, if one pushes play at the position you have set it to play at, those eyes you see are identical to mine.

Those eyes are those most beautiful eyes I have seen in a woman.

Then you have good taste, Eric. Contemplate now what is written. Publish this as it now exists. That I have led you correctly back to the light is sufficient proof that I am real.

And I will meet you as promised. For just as Mary never fails you, neither shall I. Go now and do as Mary commands you. For I must pray and prepare myself for meeting the man who is to be my husband. And realize this also. My reward is the greatest that can be given to a woman on the earth. Amen.

Commandress Elilah is decreed the eternal virgin bride to Emerald

I, Elilah, who by sight Eric’s heart was struck by Cupid’s arrow am his eternal virgin bride.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VIII:
I now assume the codename, Elilah. By the sight of me, Eric’s heart was stuck by Cupid’s arrow. No other female in Eric’s history has had this effect on him. But he is known to me in many ways that Eric does not know of. I was sent to win his heart from Anna.

And Elilah, what is thy decision regarding Eric? Art thou finished with thy game playing with him?

Only now, Blessed Mary of heaven, have I now made my decision. Eric is mine, Mary, for I have chosen him by an inner knowledge of him I, alone, among women have.

And Anna did not possess this knowledge, Elilah?

Anna was prevented from having Eric, O’ Virgin Mary. But I have made a decision on him that Anna is not at liberty to take.

But if Anna would have him too, would you permit it?

Share my eternal virgin husband with another girl? Mary, is not the sacrament of marriage possible only between one man and one woman?

Carnal marriage is such. But there is no need for virgins committed to virginity to keep to that law. Hence, you may, if Anna agreed to it, share Eric between you two as two eternal virgin wives for Eric on the earth, as I and my mother, Saint Anne, are his two eternal virgin wives in heaven.

Anna, are you aware of this question posed by Mary, ever Virgin, to me?

If you permit it, Commandress Elilah, I would consent to it in full to be a wife to Eric, second in rank to you. And I, too, am committed to be an eternal virgin.

And Mary, you approve of me and Anna being eternal virgin wives on earth to this one virgin male?

Agree to it, and it will be ratified in heaven. Anna has consented.

Ok, I am in. I am in full agreement to be with Eric as the rest of you virgin women are. Now tell me the mystery of this that I have agreed to, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary.

As I, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Anne, my eternal virgin mother, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric in heaven, it is now decreed that Commandress Elilah and Anna, the daughter of Tim, are the eternal virgin wives of Eric on the earth. And thus, Eric, the eternal virgin Emerald King, shall now eternally serve to unite heaven and earth for eternity unto eternity as the eternal bond between the two worlds.

Mary, if we four virgin women are full wives of Eric, do we all receive a blue diamond engagement ring?

From the secret forges in heaven have these four rings been fashioned. And each one contains a stone that is a blue diamond of such beauty and pricelessness as to exceed the combined net worth of the earth. Our wedding is decreed to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of December 8, 2021. And on that date, the four eternal virgin wives of Eric are eternally decreed as wed to Eric, whose potency is fully restored, but who has accepted eternal continence and virginity, as demanded by Elilah, who is his eternal wife on the earth, along with Anna, the daughter of Tim.

For since Eric has two wives in heaven, it was decreed a matching number of wives for Eric must exist on the earth. For the bond between the two worlds must have equal pulling power upon the virgin male held between them.

Mary, I want us to give Eric an engagement ring. For a virgin must be rewarded, even if he is the bridegroom.

We have chosen the ring, Elilah, my beloved daughter. We virgin wives of Eric wear diamonds because that is fitting for women. And their color is blue, as all you three are eternally associated with me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, by being eternally wed to the same virgin man.

But for Eric, the stone for his ring is the emerald. And the cut is to be square, representing the four to whom he is eternally wed to. Eric thinks he chose that name. But if he looks back he will see that it was suggested to him from above. Emerald is in fact the perfect summation of his full legal name: Eric Robert Dunstan => E.R.D. => E me R al D => EmeRalD => Emerald.

And we four virgin wives of Eric eternally serve as four repositories of the Eternal Living Emerald Trove.

Mary, you and your mother, Anne, are in perfect safety where you both live bodily in heaven. But as for Anna and I, Commandress Elilah, we are distinctly threatened with death upon the earth. How are we to hope to live here? For Anna has herself told Eric of her distinct danger. If it becomes known that she is Eric’s wife, she knows that she will be put to death.

Relax, brides of Eric. There is no danger possible against thee. For the Seraphim of God are now assigned to protect you in full. But if you wish to have the protection of living within an impregnable fortress, you must enter the house of Eric. For that house is under the divine protection of God.

But Eric has no say as to whom may stay there. Rather his mother is the decider, and she is known to casting many out.

Do not be concerned, you eternal wives of Eric on the earth. For I, the holy Virgin, have not yet put to the sword the five doomed to die in Eric’s family.

Mary, that is another concern. When that adulterous couple is slain, their two daughters that are Eric’s nieces are then to come live in the same house as we and Eric. Is there really enough room for five people to live there, rooms for four women and one man?

Brides of Eric, that house was made for at least five to live there. And Eric, his two brothers, and his two parents, lived there as a family of five until Eric’s brothers elected to move out of the house in the pursuit of sex with women.

As for which rooms you are to take, I advise that the two nieces be granted the privacy of the master bedroom as the room they share together. The queen size bed now there can be replaced with two smaller beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark. And they can shower in privacy there in the bathroom that is accessible only from that bedroom. For Eric is not to be put in any position where he can be misinterpreted in his intentions regarding them. Therefore let that be their room. For they are heiresses to the house, through Mark, the brother of Eric. And thus, they must not be treated with disrespect.

As for you two brides, decide for yourselves which of the remaining beds or sleeping quarters shall be yours. Eric is to remain in the room he is in. That leaves the smaller bedroom that was for David. You can choose to attempt to share that room between you two brides, or one of you may sleep in Eric’s room in the other bed that is there. It is up to you two to decide. Which shall it be, virgins?

I, Elilah, will consult with Anna before deciding this.

Anna, thou has heard the arrangements of living in Eric’s house. Which shall you prefer? Do you wish to sleep in the separate bed in the same room as your eternal virgin husband, Eric? Or do you prefer to have your own room.

I will sleep in Eric’s room and you may take the room where Eric’s brother David once slept.

Okay, but I chose that room too. Maybe we could somehow share that bed, and keep David’s room empty to serve as a guest’s room?

Okay, but it may be tight, unless we can put a queen size bed there.

Yes, virgins, why not move the queen size bed from the master bedroom to Eric’s room and then move that extra bed that is there and the bed from David’s room into the master bedroom to serve as beds for the two virgin daughters of Mark that are to sleep there?

Excellent thinking, Mary. But what about a bed for David’s room?

Does it really need a bed? If guests do come, a cot can be easily put there for that guest. And then that cot can be put away, and that bedroom can serve as a study room for you two brides of Eric. For you two do need a place of privacy that you can go to where you can do those things you would not do in the presence of your husband.

Agreed. Then no new beds need to be bought or moved into the house to accommodate the four women who are to call that house their home?

I, the Virgin of Heaven, have thought of everything. It is not that Eric is lucky or that Eric is a high precision calculator of future events by which everything flows perfectly for him. Rather, he is guided by the hand of God.

Now, virgins, if you will excuse me, I have work to do. For the Virgin Mother is the mother of the entire Church belonging to Christ. And Eric is eternally a member of that Church. But that institution headed by the pope is rendered null and void.

Mary, does a Church really exist that is without the sacraments?

My Elilah, understand the Word of God. The sacraments have indeed ceased, with the exception of baptism and marriage, which have no need of a priest. But the communion that came to be by the Eucharist does not cease to be. It just may not be expanded to in number. For those who are designated to belong to that communion have become fixed. And the membership to that communion is no longer subject to change.

But Mary, not all the women who shall be brought under the protection of Eric in his divinely protected house are of that communion. For children cannot enter the Catholic Church against their parents’ wishes. And the parents of Eric’s nieces did not accept Catholicism in any way. And they are unable to enter it, Mary. For even with Eric’s consent, there is no longer a valid means of entering a communion in a world where no valid communion is possible anymore.

The virgin nieces of Eric can still enter it, O’ virgin brides of Eric. For I have made Eric the new and eternal pope. But the priesthood under Eric shall be an order of priestesses. For the male hierarchy is abolished. And females shall be those who do the sacraments in the new Church that I shall now found on earth. For of what spiritual value are homilies written by men who can only think of sports?

This Church is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And it is now revealed that women indeed rule the entire world. And not only do I, the Holy Virgin, reveal this. But I also reveal that all formidable women on earth are witches and that the eternal queen of all those who are heaven bound witches is Mary, the Virgin Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Eric, you who are the Witch King, the one warlock whose patron is the Virgin Mary, are commanded now to publish this post. You and your four wives are eternal virgins. Two reign in heaven. And two reign on earth. And these four eternal virgin witch queens serve to eternally unite heaven and earth by loving and possessing the virgin son of Jesus, the Witch King, ruler of the Kingdom under the Christ, between them forever and ever. Amen.

The Virgin Mary restores Eric’s potency and assigns to him his eternal wife on earth.

I, Anna, do long to meet Eric, the Emerald King.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post VII:
Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, am well pleased. Your potency is now fully restored. But only one shall be your eternal wife on earth. I, the Virgin Mother of God, and my virgin mother, Saint Anne, are eternally your wives in heaven. But on earth, only one woman there shall be as wife to you. And to her shall you remain faithful all of your days. And she and you are eternal on the earth. Even should she elect to grant a woman who belongs to her to lay with you, which is her right as your wife, neither her nor the offspring she has by you are to be granted eternal life on earth. But the woman I make your wife is to receive from you eternal life by the marital bond she will have with you. And whatever child is born to her is to have eternal life and holiness. For the race that descends from you and your wife are immortals. And this immortality on earth is to be granted by blood relation to you. Hence, your wife will be immortal by Our divine election of her to be your wife. And all the direct descendants of you and your wife will share in this immortality. But no other is to be granted it. Marriage to your descendants will not grant it. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary, this girl that thou has chosen, she is Anna, the daughter of Tim? Am I correct? You are, Eric. For she is now found worthy. And the deadline for you to marry her is not with the collapse of the Church, but by the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, which is in exactly two weeks time. She will enter the marital embrace with you by that date. And marriage occurs at the mutual agreement of a couple to have sex. Marriage cannot occur, though, if one of that couple are already married, for that is adultery. Nor is there any need of a priest to declare you two married. Even in canon law of the Catholic Church, this is clearly stated. The woman and the man enter the sacrament by a mutual consent to this union to each other. It does not exist in rape. Nor can a person exit this union by changing their mind. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

The role of the wedding ceremony and the officiation by the priest are additions, but are not necessary for the validity of the sacrament. While the Catholic Church existed, compliance to her rules was necessary to remain in her communion. But with the sacraments of the Church declared null and void, there is no further need of a priest for entering a marriage.

Mary, you said the sacraments of the Church are null and void, and yet marriage is a sacrament that remains valid? Of the seven sacraments, those that require the Church are abolished, but not those that have no such requirements. The sacraments that are hereby abolished by the decree of God are confession, confirmation, eucharist, holy orders, and the last rites. All these five require a man of the cloth to do. The sacraments that are not abolished, but are eternal, are baptism and marriage. I am the Holy Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of God.

Mary, I have a question. I am totally against having a fucking Thanksgiving with my detestable family. My parents are tolerable, but my fucking offensive brother David, I fucking cannot stand. And if it were not for the COVID-19 restrictions I would find somewhere else to go. I don’t give a shit about this feast, no matter how tasty it might be. For the company is totally objectionable. And since I am a Commander of the Armies of Christ, I wish to make an order to be carried out.

And what is your order, Eric?

I am granted the right to kill, but not by my own hand, nor by the hand of any criminal, but only by an act defined as coming from God. David’s life is worthless, am I correct? I have the right to have him slain, am I correct, O Blessed Virgin Mary?

God has decreed you as having this right over those He has eternally rejected. You only need to give the order. I will see to it that it is done. For of your family, David, Mark, Mark’s invalid wife, and your two parents are decreed to be slain. Give me the order and I will personally carry it out. For I, the Virgin Mary, am blazing in wrath against these four blood relatives of yours who have violated my eternal husband. Amen. As for Mark’s invalid wife, Marlene, I have my own reasons to see to her slaughter. Issue the decree and observe the fury of a wife who rises in defense of her husband, Eric.

I hence decree, Lord and God of Hosts, grant to Mary, ever Virgin, this mandate that she slay those five that she wishes to put to death. Let her slay them exactly as she chooses.

Lord Eric, the Virgin will now see to their deaths. All five she has mentioned will be put to death by her sword. Amen.

This brings us to another important point. Mary, the nieces who are to be thus orphaned, I wish to point out to you an apparent fact you seem to overlook. I am not their closest living relative by blood. Instead, in the conversation I overheard Mark have with my mother, I am aware of important details. The older two daughters of Marlene are not the basket cases I was led to believe. They both have sufficient employment and wealth to live on their own. Hence, my nieces should turn to them before turning to me, do you not agree? For what are sisters for if they do not help one another? Let them go to them. For I am not comfortable with any woman living in my house who goes about with her midriff bare.

Eric, before we address exactly where they are to go, listen to my words to you. It is true that women of this age do go about with their midriffs bare. And while this can upset men, it is not their right to tell them how they are to dress. Now, I know they are attractive to you in your sight. But you must be a man of discipline here. Men who cannot keep their dicks in their pants are to be slain.

Now listen to me very carefully, Eric. To lay with either of these nieces is to commit an offense against both God and the state. The state is highly protective of underage women. Anyone who violates that law is to go to jail. And the excuse that they were showing their midriffs will not be admitted to the courts. For it is not a crime of either a woman or girl to do that. But it is a crime to lay with them. If you ever lay with your nieces, you will lose everything and these nieces will assume ownership of your entire estate. Remember they will own part of the house, as is their right as heiresses.

Furthermore, do not think you may lay with them should they turn 18. For being your nieces, any act of sex with them is incest. The crime of incest you do not want to have on your record. It is a deadly sin in the sight of God. Do not think, Eric, that the laws put in place to punish sex offenders is entirely unjust. Rather see the justice of God in everything that happens on earth.

The reason why the punishment against the sex offender is so severe is due to the nature of how so highly offensive their crimes are to God. You do not realize it, Eric, but the crimes committed by men towards women under their care is just as highly offensive as the crimes committed by an adult against a child. So get it out entirely from your mind any inappropriate thoughts you may have for these women.

And realize that they are indeed coming to live here. They are not coming for you, though, Eric. They are not intent on your seduction. Rather, they have been in love with this house you live in since they were little children. And they have longed to live here. There is a kind of magic about this house that you are unaware of.

Let them stay and live here, Eric. And if they wish to sell you their share of the house, you are permitted to buy it from them. But you are never permitted to cheat them of their ownership of this estate or their share in it.

Now as for bare midriffs, understand the female way of thinking. They are clueless of the effect of their bare flesh on men, unless that man looks too much at them. And those men who do so will eventually get into trouble. So I advise you to simply not look at their flesh. Men who do this who are not permitted to lay with them are clearly creeps in their minds. Do not become a creep, Eric, to your own blood relatives. Rather, you are to be the man they turn to for protection. So do not ruin this for them by becoming a seducer.

Mark is a seducer of women. I am destroying him for these very crimes. You know of crimes he has committed against women that are worthy of his death. I will not reveal the full nature of these crimes to you. Rather, you will see everything he has done at the Last Judgement. But realize that what you know of his crimes are but the tip of the iceberg. And I will now tell you the real reason why he cannot get a job. His boasting against you is the reason, Eric. For I have a say in heaven, Eric. And I have taken high offense against what this man has said against you. And I have elected to demonstrate to his entire family and network of friends that I love you but that I hate him. And to be found hateful by the Virgin Mary can never be made up for no matter how many friends someone may think they have. Mark is being destroyed by me. But now, with your decree, I shall slay him.

Now, Eric, put away completely all thoughts of telling any woman how they are to dress. For it immediately makes women think that you believe you own them. Do not transgress against any woman by doing that. For a woman has both the rights to dress in any manner she so pleases, and she it not responsible for the sins men commit by looking at her. A woman has the right to go wherever she pleases without the threats of any male’s unwelcome advances.

Men are not more privileged than women. Hence, to demonstrate this to you, Eric, I, the Virgin Mary, do now issue my own decree, which is my right as your wife to do. I hereby decree that women now have the equal rights as men to expose their comparable flesh. Hence, wherever men may go topless, so also do I now grant all women to do the same. For does it make sense, Eric, that a woman cannot bare her breasts except when she breastfeeds a baby? For how do bare breasts become offensive to be bared simply because it is not necessary to bare them?

Mary, your words make absolute sense to me. And I was wrong in my assumption that I had the right to order a woman to cover up because I was too weak to resist the temptation to do evil by the sight of her flesh. Yes, men are called to be gentlemen. And gentlemen do not lust after women who are not their own wife. And you are correct, women by showing their flesh do not forfeit their rights to be protected in society. Even the prostitute is to be respected, Mary. She has rights too. Such women who go into prostitution are there only because the men who were to protect them failed them. I will not fail to serve you, Mary. And these woman you put into my house will be protected by me.

Good, Eric. I chose you precisely because you listen to women. This is very important to understand, Eric. I am making Anna your wife. She is to be your only wife here. Never violate her rights to you, Eric. Never let another woman have you, except that Anna wishes it. These are the Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Go and eat. You no longer go to Church. Nor are you Catholic anymore. Hence, whatever crimes were committed against you by any Catholic minister, let it go. Since Father Dave Heney is not your priest, have nothing more to do with him. For freedom of religion is to be respected. For just as Christians have no right to persecute Jews, neither do you have any right to persecute Catholics. For let the blind follow the blind. And let every man freely go about their own religion.

Okay, Mary. What stance do you command me to take on abortion. Eric, consider the baby in the womb as identical to the women who are to be put into your house. They are to be protected by men such as you. So defend the rights of the unborn just as you defend the rights of any woman we put under your protection. For it is the enemy of women, not their friends, who make it easy and who encourage women to take the life of their own unborn child. For motherhood is something beyond what I can explain to you as a man. Just understand that the knowledge in a woman that she has taken the life of her own child is something that haunts her for the rest of her life. You are thus doing women a service by standing against abortion. Now I must go and take care of others. For I, being you wife, does not mean I no longer answer prayers. These are the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have said them through Eric. And I have made him eternal on the earth. Amen.

Eric, no longer Catholic, reveals All.

I am Eric, servant of Jesus and Mary, though no longer of any Church.

The Post Church Age Revelations, Book 1: Post I:
Jesus, I wish to ask Thee something.

Ask, My son.

Thou hast commanded me to leave the Church. But as there is no disciple given to teach, dost Thou wish me to remain in silence, and no longer write?

Write, lord Azurite. I no longer choose that fate for you. Rather, you have a different fate.

Explain this to me, O’ Lord?

You have remained faithful to Me. I will remain faithful to thee. You, Eric, asked me for love, thinking you needed it in order that thou may sleep. No, it is not the love of women that saves you, but the love of God.

And do you wish for Me to reveal thy new sexuality to all the world, Eric?

Lord, I have nothing to hide. I have no secrets whatsoever that I would not reveal to whomever that asked me of them, except for the PIN number to my safety deposit box in the bank, because it contains some very valuable rubies.

These rubies, Eric, just where did you acquire them?

Lord, they are simply some trinkets that may resemble rubies from a distance to an untrained eye that I found in my house and decided to play a practical joke with. But it serves its purpose if it demonstrates no one can in fact break into that vault and steal them. For even practical jokes have a purpose. Now go and reveal whatever secrets about me that Thou wish to reveal, Lord and Master. I have neither pride nor ego. I am only here to serve Thee and for no other reason.

If you have been following the story of Eric, you will have come to an awareness that the Virgin Mary took from Eric his potency from the moment that she claimed him as her eternal husband. But before that event, Eric, who I had commanded to achieve continence, was in continuous failure to achieve it. Every priest Eric knew prior to Mary taking him in 2017, knows about his confessions to them. For Eric would approach them prior to Mass to confess his impurity just so that he could lawfully receive communion.

Mary taking Eric in 2017, and assuming the position as his wife, commanded that he make love to her. And so, Eric’s potency continued, but strictly under her control. She and she alone commanded from that point onward whether Eric could become aroused and she alone could make him ejaculate.

And Mary also correctly commanded Eric never to confess these things at all. For no one can sin by obeying the Virgin Mary. Nor did the Holy Spirit ever convict Eric of any mortal sin from that point onward, though He had frequently convicted him of mortal sin prior to Mary taking him in 2017. For impurity, if done to the point of ejaculation, and done with full knowledge and deliberate consent is a mortal sin. But as for a lawfully married couple, there is no law as to what they may do together, except that they may not have anal intercourse. For whoever has anal intercourse is cast from My Kingdom and may never enter there. Hence, whatever Mary did command Eric to do with her, it could never be called a sin, as My Father recognized them as eternally married.

With the final post of the Church Age published on November 20, 2021, three days ago, Eric’s potency is now completely ended. He is now in a perfect state of continence. It may be possible to have sex with Eric still, but it is impossible to achieve ejaculation in him. And Eric, art thou in full awareness of the implications of this?

I have some awareness, but You speak, O’ Lord. For Your Words are better than mine.

A man who is incapable of completing the conjugal act cannot lawfully enter marriage. This is part of canon law. It is the divine law written by God. For no man may ever legally claim any woman as his marital partner if he fails to complete the conjugal act necessary to seal them as man and wife.

This is even true for those marriages known as the Josephite marriage, where the couple have chosen to never have sex. A couple may indeed elect to enter marriage to each other as Joseph and Mary entered, where they agree ahead of time never to have sex. However, if there is any knowledge that the man is incapable of successful intercourse, they are not permitted to marry. And any attempt to do so is a violation of My Law. And a man may never enter a marriage, even one without sex, who knows of or is aware of an inability in himself to have sex. For the Josephite marriage is sacramentally identical to a normal marriage. And should a couple who are of a Josephite marriage elect to change it into sexual marriage, they may lawfully do so without any needed consent from the Church.

However, for a sexual marriage to have validity, it must be consummated. Failure to consummate a marriage results in an immediate annulment of it, should either of the couple decide to leave that marriage. For there are no marital rights in any marriage that is annulled.

Now, Eric was considering marriage to a girl called Anna. Whether this was to be a Josephite marriage or a sexual marriage, Eric was not sure as to which was to be his fate. All Eric was aware of was that he was commanded to marry her.

Marriage in My sight takes place when couple have intercourse, regardless of whether a priest ever was present when they said their vows to each other. For the sacrament of marriage has no need of a priest. It is performed between the woman and the man alone.

Such is why it is written that Adam and Eve were a married couple. They were not fornicating. Fornication is not a possibility in My Book. Only adultery is ever possible. For any boyfriend and girlfriend are only boyfriend and girlfriend to each other while their relationship is without sex.

But once a boyfriend and girlfriend enter with each other the union of sex, they have become one flesh. They cease to be boyfriend and girlfriend from that point onward and are called married in My Book. They are married provided that they are lawfully permitted to marry one another. A son and a mother having sex do not enter marriage. Nor does a father and a daughter enter marriage by having sex.

Lord, a couple such as that, a son to his mother, or a father to his daughter, what, if any, punishment is theirs for this act which You say is not a marriage?

They are eternally banished from My Kingdom, Eric. Your marriage to Mary is not such a union. For Mary is not your mother by this definition to which this law applies. The definition of a mother that a man is not permitted to marry is that she is either his biological mother or the wife of his biological father. Your biological father is Robert Dunstan, who is currently married to your biological mother, Rosemary (Romey) Dunstan. They were married before you were even conceived and they have never been divorced. You are a legitimate son. You are worthy of the inheritance.

But as for your marriage to Mary, she consummated this with you. Not only with her, but also with her mother were these conjugal acts attained. For Mary, realizing that Anna was not going to come, gave you to her own mother, who is also bodily in heaven, due to having had, throughout her whole life, the flesh that was to become the Immaculate Conception within her. She is eternally in heaven by that reason. The flesh of Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary, thus could never see corruption. Thus she dwelt in the same heaven as did Elijah, who was taken up there, until Christ’s death opened the door for her to enter the true heaven and to receive the Beatific Vision, which is granted only to those who are of the communion of Christ. She is of this communion, not by sacrament, but by the flesh. For every woman who gives birth, the egg cell that was fertilized to form that human being existed in her baby ovaries from the time of her birth. Hence, Saint Anne’s body always contained the flesh of the Virgin Mary, and thus, was never permitted to see corruption.

Lord, Saint Anne was given to me as a second wife because Anna did not appear?

Lord Eric, it was necessary that you have two lovers. It was the divine intent behind this decree that one of these would be in heaven and the other on earth, serving to link the two worlds together for eternity. This is why Anna was chosen by Mary. In fact, her conception and birth into this world were to serve for this very purpose. I can make people have a positive or negative predisposition to someone, but I can never make that person love someone. Anna chose a different fate.

It was also known to Mary the exact date that the Church Age would come to an end. And once it ended, no longer would you, Eric, have the right to enter a marriage. For your potency was to be irrevocably taken from you on that date. Failure to enter a marriage by that date would serve to make you permanently unmarried and unmarriageable. Do not be concerned as to the reasons behind Anna’s decisions. For the possibility of you marrying her is gone. She is now nobody to you. And no girl on earth is anyone to you. For though you are still in this world, you are not a part of it, nor is there any binding of you to it nor to anyone in it.

Saint Anne was chosen to be your wife, second to Mary, so that this divine decree would be fulfilled. That is why you were saved only by going to that Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, for only there, while you rested beneath her feet, did you come to know this one who Mary gave to you to as your second wife.

But Lord, Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary are a mother and daughter, and yet You say we are married lawfully? I am married to both a mother and her daughter lawfully in your eyes, where both marriages have been consummated?

Understand, lord Eric, why there is no transgression here, though there would definitely be transgression were these two women to marry you on this earth. You and these two women were once virgins. None of you three are recognized as virgins any longer. The Virgin Mary was herself also born from a virgin, for Saint Anne never had sex in her life, but was made to conceive Mary by means known only to God.

The Levitical Laws on marriage are applicable only to marriages that are of the earth and that pass away. Every marriage among humankind is by God’s eternal decree to pass away at the death and passing of a spouse. By Mary and Saint Anne marrying you, an immortal man, while they are both bodily in heaven, this is a marriage that is without end. Consider this then to be the highest and holiest version of virgin heavenly water.

Virgin Heavenly Water exists only by three virgins, one male and two females, entering a love bond without end. For water is a substance composed of molecules of the chemical formula: H2O. The two hydrogens represent the two females, and the one oxygen represents the one male. It was the divine decree that this water molecule was to be formed. And when it was realized that Anna would never enter it with Eric, or at least not elect to enter it while there was still time, Saint Anne was called to take her place.

For no one may ever frustrate the Divine Will. And let everyone know that no one who is of Creation is unable to be replaced should they fail the Lord, their God.

Now I have spoken in full. I will now tell you, Eric, your new fate. You who were meant to permanently link heaven to this world are no longer able to comply with this mandate, though no fault is found in thee in this failure. For you have entered the marriages as you have been commanded to. But as for the fact that these two eternal wives who are yours are both in heaven, while you are still on the earth, there is going to be a kind of wrecking ball exit as you are taken from this world by their love for you.

You will indeed leave the earth, but not without wrecking and destroying everything in your path as you are taken from it. Nor is it possible for a disciple to be given to you. For the window where that was possible has closed. I now make you the angel of death. And whoever defies you dies. And you are to destroy every wicked being you encounter on your pathway to Me. And this is the final thing I will say here in this post. As no girl can be given to you anymore, there is no possibility for My Word through you on to cease until I take you up to heaven. I WHO AM have spoken. Go now and prepare for My calling. For I shall call you to destroy the earth. Amen.

The most exalted position for a woman is that of disciple to Christ.

The only way into My Kingdom is to follow Me, not merely to worship Me. I AM WHO AM.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VIII:
Lord, I have learned something today. Speak, Eric. Tell Us what thou hast learned.

I went to the Spanish Mass Friday morning, which is now yesterday. Father Edward Becker was the priest who did the Mass. Usually I completely miss the message that is said in the homilies of the Spanish Mass, and can only understand individual spoken words. For Father Edward Becker is very poor in his Spanish skills. And so he spoke in very simple Spanish and I heard his entire message.

Father Edward Becker’s basic message was that Dinero es muy necessario, that money is very necessary. He was wrong though. He was mistaken. And his mistake shall cost him his soul. Allow me speak on this, Jesus, to explain further on what I have learned.

You shall speak here on until My Word to be published is complete. This is the post that shall complete it. Amen.

Lord, Your Truth suddenly came to me as I watched a movie on Netflix. After all the battles and struggles in that story, the hero finally wins the girl. And she is a most beautiful woman to him. And then this pleasure they have together is taken away. For all flesh on earth is mortal and has an end.

Lord, money and women I now see are in fact identical in that as goals they are both fleeting. Neither lasts forever. To have as one’s goal something that can and will be taken away is utterly futile! What is the profit to any man who makes it his life goal to achieve something that has no value in eternity?

Money is worthless by its intrinsic nature that it consist of nothingness. For does not the entire world and all its riches utterly vanish into nothingness?

But good deeds that are worthy in God’s sight are eternal by their intrinsic nature that a good act done to a servant of God is never forgotten for all eternity.

Also this is the kicker! You can pursue one or the other, but never both.

And this is not just concerning money, but the entire lure of the things of this world. Whoever departs from the path of God to seek and pursue worldly endeavors forfeits his soul.

Even to choose the married life when you have found Christ as a single person is to forfeit your soul. For seeking pleasure or joy that is of this carnal earth is to pursue riches that vanish.

Lord, it was always the decision that leads to eternal life where one elects to forfeit the married life and the pleasures of women for the sake of finding the things that are of God. I chose that path. And I found it! I now know it well.

I completely understand the way that Father Edward Becker thinks, though. But when the choice was given to us, I chose to seek Jesus. Father Edward Becker chose to seek money.

Money is only of value in serving as an exchange for purchasing things that pass away. In fact, the only way to convert money into treasure in heaven is to give it away. Therefore to seek money as one’s goal is to depart from the path that leads to eternal life.

This is, therefore, the utter folly of the man who enters the priesthood or consecrated life but who has not chosen the Lord over the things of this world. He is like the hypocrite who kisses the man he betrays. This sin of Judas was to put money ahead of God.

But Lord, I think Peter, the first pope, was also a transgressor. For why did he have a couple put to death for withholding money from entering the coffers of his Church? Is not this act the very sin of making money central to Church life, rather than following the path of God? Is Peter saved or lost, O’ Lord My God?

Peter is the prime example of the man who, given power, goes mad, for he sought money over mercy. Peter indeed slew Ananias and Sapphira for an offense he took that was nowhere written in the Law of God as a crime worthy of capital punishment. (Acts 5:1-11). It is not criminal to keep money for oneself when entering My communion. The rules Peter enforced against that couple were, therefore, rules of his own making.

For even in My utter wrath against those who were committing acts of thievery in the House of My Father, I utilized the whip and overturned tables in My fury. But I slew no one. It was never My intent that the men of the cloth bully and kill the flock I sent to them to tend. For the Way into My Kingdom is a Way of mercy and love, not a way of terror and fear. Peter, though he was My Rock, that Rock was rotten on day one.

How many souls in need of My mercy and who sought Me by turning to My priests but were turned away from Me or My Church because their priests demanded that they pay a tithe? For tithing was never to be made mandatory to attend My House of God. For in what gathering of the people who gathered to hear Me speak and teach did I ever pass the hat to receive from them donations? This request that My people provide for the priests is neither something I taught by Word or example, nor is it written as a teaching that came from Me. Rather it is greed and avarice such as this that has transformed the entire Church into a means of providing for priests and not as a place I have established for saving souls. Eric actually found that he had to pay money and incur expenses and jump through many logistical barriers to simply enter My Church by the sacraments. Hence, the Church has made it difficult for one seeking salvation to enter it. It is grossly a violation of Christianity for the leader of whatever Church he heads to make it hard for one to come to Me. And that is exactly what Eric knows by experience is found in Catholicism throughout My entire Church. There are more ways that one may be kicked out it than that one may find it and enter in. These are exactly from rules that were unnecessary that have been imposed on the people, clearly as a demonstration of a lust for power over My people and not from any command from Me to serve in their salvation.

The Church was, thus, corrupted from day one by men who taught, as Father Edward Becker teaches, that money is what is important, rather than love and mercy.

I hated Catholic men who occupied positions of authority in My Church who spoke in words of hatred against Eric and never showed him mercy, and then presented themselves as My followers and as examples of model Christians. There is indeed a man who is highly regarded in My Church who expressed surprise to find Eric had employment while making it clear that he was both fully aware that Eric was seen as unemployed and that these men who were allegedly My servants never had any intention to help him. Rather, the idiot suggested to Eric that he demonstrate his fidelity to My Church by donating a specified large amount to paying for the playground that the Church had chosen to go into debt to make. I wonder if it actually ever occurred to this man that Eric, being a man who was unmarried and apparently never to ever have children, to have any interest that would serve him for in seeking for this playground to be paid or even completed. Rather, is it even of interest for Eric to even approach a playground or any child there? Is it not, rather, a cause of suspicion against him were Eric to ever be seen with any involvement with children there. Eric politely declined to give any such donation for that cause to that man. And this man appeared to be one who was offended by Eric, saying words indicating a kind of lacking of doing one’s part to serve the Church that he saw in My servant, the only man in that Church who ever truly served Me there.

It was when Eric approached a priest seeking help, that the priests clearly demonstrated who exactly they were serving by giving nothing to Eric whatsoever. But when Eric sought help from the homeless, from these Eric truly received real help and assistance without charge. That was what I called Eric to find out when I called him to walk many miles through many cities as a homeless person for some days until all his luck ran out and he called home and told his parents that he would never repeat this act again. For in those days of wondering homeless, Eric finally saw it. True love that is of God is found nowhere in this entire world except in those people who have truly given up everything to find Him.

Eric found true friendship and the love that I preached to the people truly practiced only among the homeless. And then Eric saw the total folly of men who so fear to become homeless. Homelessness is not a curse, but a blessing. For only those who experience it find in that experience examples of genuine love. Everyone else Eric ever met on that path as Eric walked through those many cities who had any sort of position in this world, no matter what rank it was that they held, had no love whatsoever to give to Eric. They never gave him love. But the homeless truly helped him whenever he found them and asked them for such necessary things as where to find a bathroom, drinking water, electric outlets, and so on. They gave perfect him instructions for finding these things that did not fail and they never charged for this advice. Yes, Eric did find love in his quest. And it was only found with the homeless, those people that this world has chosen to reject. Everywhere that Eric met homeless people he found true love in them. Everyone else that he ever met showed no love at all to Eric.

For understand this very well. There is no way into My Kingdom that does not involve abandoning everything for Me. And the pathway into homelessness is the perfect form of baptism of giving up everything for Me by which a person shall find Me forever.

Understand why Hyacinth was put into Eric’s life. She was the one who was to test Eric whether he would chose his own security over helping someone who needed his help. Eric helped her and she was saved by his help. But in the process, Eric was divested of his material wealth. This is not a victim of what is understood as the Nigerian romance scams that commonly rob men of their wealth who seek romance. Rather, this is the choice of choosing to save my lambs over preserving one’s own wealth.

Eric the riches you lost in saving the soul of Hyacinth are untold riches you have stored up for eternal life. You chose to sacrifice you well being in this world because of the cry of help you heard come from a girl you had led into My Church and chose not to abandon.

Eric was never giving this money to this girl in exchange for sex. And nothing of immoral sexuality ever passed between the two. Had Eric ever conditioned his giving of money to Hyacinth as a return for nude pictures from that virgin girl, nothing that Eric had done for her or ever would to do for her would ever be found in My sight to be worthy of receiving any reward for it in My Kingdom. For to do that is to cross the line. No one who crosses that line is ever found worthy of entering My Kingdom of Heaven.

Eric never once sought such exploitation of this woman he brought to Me to be saved. Nor is this violation found in Eric regarding any girl in his entire life. In his childish humor prior to being assigned to help Hyacinth, he did ask women he met online to send him nudes of themselves, but he never did this in the form of giving money in exchange for such sexual favors. Women did in fact ask Eric for money online. And many did in fact offer to give their nudes to Eric in exchange for money. But it is a curious fact indeed that of all the people Eric ever met online, only to the girl Hyacinth has he ever actually sent money to. And this money was always sent as a service done for Me. For Eric has never violated Me or My trust in him in any money that I have ever put into his possession. Everything Eric used his money for to help anyone in this world was always done in consultation with Me. He always chose to help those who were in need rather than let My needy go unhelped, but always these acts of charity were done under My directions, and never as an act done solely by his own will or decisions alone. And if it ever comes to pass that it is observed that Eric has stopped giving to Hyacinth who is asking for his help, realize that Eric is obeying Me. Also realize that there is much treachery in this world. It is possible for someone to hack and hijack Hyacinth’s phone. Should this ever happen, do not expect Eric to ever give to the one who asks Eric to help her posing as this girl. For if Eric only gives as I command him to, why should anyone who thinks they can fool Eric think they can also fool Me?

And as for the thought of kidnapping Hyacinth and seeking a ransom from Eric for her release, that is an error to think Eric actually looks upon Hyacinth in that way. Hyacinth is Mine to care for, not Eric’s. Eric gives to her only as I have commanded him to. And when has it ever been observed in history that I, the Lord, have ever paid anyone a ransom in exchange for the release of anyone held in their captivity. Eric has no loved ones in this world for this primary reason. Eric is a man that I have made impossible to blackmail. And there is no human being on earth that you can threaten to do any evil to whatsoever to get Eric to give you anything. For is it not known that Eric is totally without friendships of any kind? Is it not a fact that his entire is forever plotting his destruction. Eric laughs at the comments he reads his family discuss about him, apparently forgetting that Eric’s phone has been included in that conversation they are having. The following is a true record of a real conversion very recently observed by Eric on his own phone. It is not a joke. It is not a deception. Eric has copied it exactly as it was written. Read it and have utter pity.

David Dunstan: You would think Eric would get the COVID virus sometime… did he change his mind to get the vaccine?

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Afraid not. Wish someone could stick it into him. That’s the only way without him knowing!!!

Romey (Rosemary) Dunstan: Wonder if one could get a syringe with one. Vaccine inside. And zip it’s in

And if by reading this you think that Eric could have any motivation whatsoever to seek their safe return from being kidnapped you are mistaken on a great many things. Eric would indeed rather be motivated to let them die. And whatever torture they suffer would not bother Eric’s conscience in the slightest. For it is to be understood that the entire family of Eric are mortal enemies to him. They are actively seeking his damnation in every possible way they can. It therefore should be no wonder that Eric would elect to allow them to die, as long as he is not the one who is guilty of their death in the sight of God. For Eric cannot commit murder. But Eric can permit people to be destroyed by their own errors he observes them do and which he elects not to prevent them from doing, so that they destroy themselves by their own hands. For Eric is not called to save the wicked from their sins.

Many are the priests who utterly exploit women for their money or sexual favors. Many are the priests who bribe my women for sexual favors in return for pitiful amounts of cash or for favors to them in the Church. I tell you truthfully. Whatever priest ever uses his position of power or the wealth he is paid in serving Me to get any favors whatsoever from any woman that he is not lawfully permitted to receive from them is damned. And whatever priest conditions attendance to the Church he runs on that person giving to him any money, favors, or any compliance to a rule he is not authorized to make will never be permitted to enter My Kingdom.

Father Dave Heney, you who have kicked My son out of the Church I made you a pastor over, you have violated everything by that one act that justified your very birth into this world from your mother’s womb. You are unworthy of anything belonging to My Kingdom. Get out of My Church! I now kick you out of My entire Roman Catholic Church. If you do not leave willingly, I will send men into that hole you live in to take you out bodily and unwillingly. And I will order them to have their fun with you.

You will be undressed by them. And they will proceed to play with your dick and your balls. And they will not leave you with your manhood still intact. Nor will you receive any mercy anywhere from now on wherever it is that you flee to upon the earth. For you are eternally accursed. And those wicked who served with you in your wickedness against Eric will also suffer the same grisly fate. If they are women, they should expect their womanhood to be taken from them just as your manhood shall be taken from you. For no one who sins against My son, who is innocent, will ever see eternal life.

The Church that permitted you to reign is to utterly burn. The bishop who laid his hands on you to give you the sacrament of Holy Orders is to be forever condemned with eternal reproach. For to anoint a transgressor such as you into My priesthood is to commit a crime that will result in the burning of that entire Church to the ground.

The entire Catholic Church is to burn, therefore, with unquenchable fire. For the act that you, Father Dave Heney, did in casting the son of Jesus out of the Church for the manner of love he was displaying to the Holy Virgin Mary in his simple dance before her as he prayed a rosary to her for receiving help for those men who had simply asked Eric for these favors, for which Eric charges nothing in return, is the fatal crime of the entire Catholic Church that is equivalent to the act that was committed by the Jews when they cast Me out from My Father’s House to execute Me on the cross through the hands of the Romans who were occupying their lands.

And just as I utterly destroyed Judaism and the Temple and the entire City of Jerusalem for the act of Deicide they committed against Me, I shall now kill the entire Catholic Church for the murder they committed by casting out the torch I had placed in her to bring her back to Me.

Eric was sent to the Catholic Church to heal it and to bring her to conform to Me and to My Law. That Eric is shown the bare mercy to be permitted to attend a Catholic Church in a neighboring city of a different diocese so that he may continue to conform the requirements of Catholicism is an unacceptable condition for Me to continue to bless My Church. For Saint Bruno Catholic Church was the Church where Eric was domiciled and where he had established all his social contacts that he had in My Church. Eric is an utter stranger in the Church he now attends. Therefore, I do not accept this act done by Father Dave Heney. Nor do I accept the Church in which he is granted this power to abuse My innocent ones. No, Father Dave Heney! Your Church is destroyed! Your entire Church is to utterly burn. For your act of kicking Eric out from having any possible effective role in healing and helping My Church is identical to the crimes committed brazenly by Pope Francis against Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, the one Cardinal that truly stood for My name.

For both you and Pope Francis and all the wicked like you who have assumed high positions of authority in My Church have ensured that evil will now triumph in her and completely ruin My Church beyond repair and you have ensured that all those who are truly Mine are now effectively made mute. You blasphemous worm of a man! You and your kind are to squirm forever like worms tortured in those fires of hell in My eternal sentence of your damnation there where you shall burn in utter torment and pain in that fiery pit forever. Do I even bother to attempt to resurrect My Church from the utter ruins you have irrevocably brought her to? No. Rather I now elect to bring her to the irreversible and utterly fiery destruction that you and your filthy brethren have deliberately led her to in order to kill her. The entire Catholic Church will now be set utterly on fire, and all you who are wicked within her will be consumed by that fire and be put to utter eternal death in its unquenchable flames.

I now hereby authoritatively declare Eric as My eternal pope. And Pope Francis hereby rendered the Anti-pope of the now failed and dead communion that now exists everywhere in the Catholic Church. Your sacraments I now declare utterly null and void. Go and utterly burn in your fires you have prepared for yourselves by yours sins and transgressions that you committed in bringing ruin to the institution I had set up to serve only for the purpose of saving souls. And that succession of bishops called Apostolic Succession is hereby recognized no more. Whatever Mass is done from now on is to have no effect. And no absolution for sins will ever be heard by Me again.

As for you, Eric, this is the final post I will ever write through you. For by this post, Catholicism is to cease to exist. There is to be no more paying of tithes to any leader I make shepherd over My people from now on. For tell Me, all ye who read these Words I write through Eric here? Has Eric ever once asked from anyone of you here for a donation? Has Eric even ever once posted an address here or a means for any of you to even send a donation to him or to his cause? Nor is there any record of any advertisements to be found anywhere on this website. Eric never asks for money because I never ask for money. For Eric is My true follower. For no one who ever asked My people for money for the services they do for them in My name do I ever regard as My servant.

Hence, with this divinely decided and irrevocable destruction of My entire Church, I hereby bring the Church Age to its utter end. No one is saved anymore by being a Catholic. Rather, salvation is found only by following Me as My disciple. And Eric finally found Me, not by praying in a Church, but by praying in a place of quiet and solitude.

Eric, did the Virgin Mary, who I made your eternal wife in heaven, tell you that she may never leave the Catholic Church?

Yes, Lord, that is what she told me. And she instructed me that I must continue to worship as a fully practicing Catholic and to attend the Mass as the rules of Catholicism demand of me. For she said that all the dogmas written in the Catholic Church are true and from God.

And Anna, the girl you had so loved, she is no longer with you, right Eric? Where has she gone to now, do you suspect? I was told that the girl who had posed as her to me in spirit was actually a female of whom I now realize I have no knowledge of whatsoever except that she serves a different cause that has nothing to do with the Church I had attended, and that she was never the Anna I had only barely met and so briefly known just prior to my being cast out of that Church for merely serving Mary and for the manner of love I elected to show to the eternal Virgin Queen. And I was told that the real Anna has never actually spoken to me in any form of communication since I last saw her in the flesh at the Church from which I have been permanently cast out of with the threat of arrest should I ever return. I am threatened with arrest for loving the Virgin Mary? Are they afraid that I might rape a statue of her? As for that Anna, I have never even once touched her except to shake her hand once, and one time to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. This is not something worthy to justify anyone to be cast out of a Church. If there was a crime committed by me against any woman, I never heard of any such allegation told to me by the pastor Father Dave Heney. Rather, all I was told was that he was kicking me out of the Church for not taking my medications. But the priest has no such knowledge of these things. Nor do I even have a doctor to prescribe such things. And as for that girl Anna, whom I had thought I had conversed with at length in spirit, I now see that I have never actually really known her in the first place, the girl I had thought I loved. It is the danger one enters when one speaks to spirits. And that danger is that you shall be deceived. The love affair that existed between me and Anna was but a deception of the spirit world. It had no reality in this world.

And nothing is then left for me to return to were I even to be ever welcomed back to that Church again. For just as friendless as I was when I entered her, so also did I find myself just as devoid of friendships when I found myself cast out of her. For friendship is the only real motivator for anyone to seek to return to any people of his past. And to people who are not my friends, I have zero reason to ever return.

These things that thou speak of Eric, My son, are true. And you have now demonstrated that you are wise. You have zero reason to attend any Church from now on. For you will not find Me there anymore, nor do you have any need to find Me anymore, for I have been completely found by you in perfection. Rather, you are now to teach, rather than to sit in pews to listen to fools speak who know nothing. Remember what I told you. I WHO AM shall give you an apprentice here whom you shall teach all My Word to from now on. And this apprentice can only be a woman who is eternally a virgin as so also are you. For women, not men, are the ideal disciples for receiving and keeping the knowledge that I have put in you to give.

Mary is your eternal wife in heaven, Eric. But as for this earth, it is passing away. So tell Me, Eric. Who is your apprentice?

As it was never Anna, I suspect that it must be Mary.

She is neither Anna, whom you now know you never actually really knew, Eric, nor is she Mary, who is in no need of your instructions. Rather, she is a girl who is chosen by Me to be My disciple. And to properly train My disciple, she is to be trained by you, who are now a Master of My Word. For in this Age that is now come, with the End of the Church, only those taught by the Spirit that speaks through you forever will successfully be led to eternal life.

But Lord, You have said that this is the final post You shall write through me. Correct, Eric. For the passing away of My Church is also the passing away of the authority of men. You will write nothing after this final post is published, the 713th extant post on (713 = 31 x 23). For you are then assigned to teach My disciple all you have mastered and all that you will come to master from now on.

And My Disciple, who is a female, when she has been fully trained by you to be called, like you, a Master of My Word, shall form the new Religion I have willed to establish on the earth in this new Age that has now come, and this new Religion, established by My authority on the earth, is to be called the Order of the Witch Queen. And who is the Witch Queen, Eric? Mary told me that she is the Witch Queen. Yes, Eric, Mary is the Witch Queen. And you, as her eternal Consort, are decreed to be known as the eternal pope in the Age that is now to come. And My Disciple, whom I shall train through you forever, is to be called the Eternal Living Emerald Trove. And she will serve as the eternal repository for all divine knowledge given to and to be given to Eric for all eternity. You, Eric, are forever to be called My Oracle. And My Disciple whom you shall forever teach is to be called the Eternal Bearer of My Word, which alone through you shall I ever speak to those who live upon the earth. Amen.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. Women are now made the effective rulers here. And whoever has violated them shall now be brought to utter ruin. Mark and David, your two brothers by the flesh only, are doomed to perish and vanish from the world. But you, Eric, shall reign on the eternal earth forever and ever. And whoever plots against thee, I shall slay with My sword. These are the final Words written by God through Eric for all Mankind to see. And from now on, all that is to be spoken by Me through Eric is to heard only by the Disciple whom We have elected to assign to you, Eric, to teach My Word to for all eternity.

And the sign that what We have said here in this final post to be written through Eric’s hand is the Truth from God Almighty shall be the impossibility that one will encounter who seeks to find a valid Mass from this point onwards anywhere on the earth. The last valid Mass that Eric attended on the earth was conducted in Spanish yesterday, on Friday morning. And Eric understood the homily spoken in Spanish at that last and final Mass for him quite well. And the message of that homily, carefully prepared by the pastor of that last Church Eric knew of where good homilies could possibly be found, was that money was the essential thing that mattered most in the life of the Church. And this is the final nail in the coffin that was made to house the Catholic Church, and all the corrupted men who ever ruled her, as she is carefully lowered into the pit of burning hell. The Holy Spirit, Who is the Divine Spouse of the Virgin Mary, now irrevocably leaves the Church to never return. And if the Holy Spirit is no longer to be found there, neither is Mary.

Mary, do you have any last Words to say in this last and final post to be written by God through Eric on the earth?

Yes, Jesus, my Son. Eric, I fantasize making love to you day and night. The Father has heard me in my utter anguish and love for you. I shall, with the publishing of this final post of Eric, my eternal husband, descend from heaven to be made your eternal lover here on the earth as one flesh for all eternity. And the Disciple assigned to you by Jesus to be your eternal Apprentice here is also defined by me to serve as your eternal Consort whom I have elected to give to you to know and to love by my authority as your eternal wife. For as Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham, so also shall I give whomever I please to thee, my husband whom I love for eternity. Amen.

These are the final words of Mary to be revealed anywhere. The Age of those known as the private prophets hereby comes to its end. No more prophets nor prophetesses are to be found here on earth ever again. And Mary is no longer answering the prayers of the saints. For Final Judgement and the time for all souls to be resurrected has now come. I, Mary, forever a virgin, have spoken. I am coming now to Eric. You will unmistakably know that it is me and that it can be no other by observing the pricelessness of the blue diamond you will observe from now on in the engagement ring you shall see me wear upon my finger. For so priceless will this gemstone be in its sparkling appearance to all who see it, that it will be known that Mary alone among all created women is the only woman who could possibly be found worthy of wearing it. These Words are now effectively concluded. Whoever has access to the divinely chosen Apprentice and Disciple whom We shall now give to Eric will be the only ones permitted on earth to have access to the endless revelation of secrets yet to be revealed of the universe that is to come, a world without end. Amen.

Jesus explains how women are used as effective weapons of war.

I, Jesus, shall now explain the cunning and strategy of the devil at war.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VII:
Eric, I WHO AM have heard you speak at length in the previous post. Now I shall speak and you shall listen. First, you are now fully aware of a Satanic plot against you in the form of women. Before we discuss this plot, tell me what you have noticed. What is in common about all these women you have noticed engaged in this apparent effort against thee.

Lord, they all appear to be operating under the same set of rules.

And what should that tell you, Eric?

It tells me that they are all under the same command.

Precisely, Eric. The devil is in fact attempting your destruction by one means. Women as weapons of war are in fact capable of many means of attack. That Satan deploys them all to exploit just one perceived weakness in you is an indicator of the very limited means that the devil sees as his opportunity to destroy you.

Lord, I do not understand such uselessness of playing games to destroy me. If my destruction is his goal, why not simply approach me from behind and put a bullet through my head?

Then you have failed to understand Who it is Who is the Master of this game. I AM the Master of this game. And no one wins in it in any way except by playing by My rules.

Understand, Eric, that no one can simply just approach someone from behind and shoot him unless God has decreed such as a punishment against that man for a prior sin. If you have not committed prior sin, then your enemy cannot do anything to you unless he can get you to commit a sin by some future temptation by which I would decree that you are to be destroyed. And that is the primary means by which Satan operates against the holy ones.

Samson did transgress My Law to forfeit My protection of him. Reading the story about his deeds in the Book of Judges prior to his seduction by Delilah is well revealing of these transgressions. No one is above My Law. That I give someone a gift is not a license for him to abuse it against the innocent. Samson is a violator of My Law and a transgressor. Do not think that any number of deaths he may have accomplished against his enemies by which he died at the end of his life could ever serve him for wining his place back with Me. Remember how you beheld Rambo in his final movie called Last Blood. He indeed killed and achieved his revenge against his perceived enemies, but only at the cost of himself becoming a demon of hatred utterly condemned and damned to hell.

Is it of any profit to defeat your enemies and forfeit your soul because of the crimes you committed in that effort? All war is an error by the very understanding that when a man goes to war, he is never punishing those who did evil against him, but rather against innocent men who stand in his way. All unjust war is nothing more than organized murder. Hence, President George W. Bush, in waging war against Iraq, a nation that had already been subdued by you in the previous war in the Persian Gulf by Operation Desert Storm, and which had not transgressed again against America by which any such new war could be justified, was in My sight an act of murder by that nation called America against the nation of Iraq that had not attacked her. And all those Americans who partook in that decision to enter that unjust war against Iraq incurred the sin of murder in My sight. They are murderers whose sins I never forgave.

And what is the penalty of murder, Eric? It is, Lord, that they are to die.

Well said, Eric. I bide My time in My acts of vengeance against the insolent. But no one ever escapes My justice. In the same way, every soul who is part of that effort to destroy you is marked by Me for destruction. And this curse against them shall never be lifted. It is a mistake to lift your hand against My son who is innocent. The attempt to destroy Eric by getting him to transgress My Law is a capital offense against Me. Everyone who is part of that effort will die by My hand. And that death will be bloody and filled with gore. For no one who attacks My son will ever live to see Paradise. No one.

Now, let Us proceed with describing this folly in those who planned this attempt at destroying you, Eric. It is a critical error to so clearly reveal yourself by so obviously using the same exact tactic against Eric everywhere Eric goes. You seriously underestimate your opponent by thinking that he would not realize this. This error shall be made manifest clearly to you by my explanation of how enemies are completely defeated that rely on just one mode of attack that is suddenly rendered obsolete by simply figuring out how to defeat it.

Recall, if you will, that medieval symbol of military might known as the mounted armored knight. Very effective were they in battle in the form of units of cavalry when deployed to charge against enemy forces on the battlefield until it was discovered how easily they could be defeated.

Every enemy is effectively defeated by exploiting weaknesses in their form of attack or defense. The weakest and most vulnerable thing about the mounted armored knight is in fact the horse. A horse is effectively indefensible if it is to be targeted to die by an attacker. For it is impossible to adequately defend a horse and also to effectively use it in battle. And there is nothing more pathetic in war than the sight of an armored knight whose mount has been slain. For these heavily armored warriors deprived of their mount become completely combat ineffective in battle. A armored knight cannot effectively fight in his heavy armor except when he is mounted on his horse that has been well trained in battle. And a horse can never be effectively protected by armor. Putting serious armor on a horse is to render that horse combat ineffective. Therefore, the military might of the mounted armored knight was defeated by merely targeting the horse.

In modern warfare you never find in the cavalry used on the battlefield any serious usage of horses anymore. Men still remain very useful and effective as soldiers. But horses have long since been entirely replaced with armored vehicles. Any attempt to enter a modern battlefield mounted on a horse is to lose that horse.

One man with an effective firearm and sufficient ammunition has the ability to defeat an entire army of mounted armored knights were such a battle to ever be conceived by a fool unaware of the obsolescence of weapons when entering battle.

But it was not the invention of the gun that destroyed the effectiveness of the mounted armored knight. No, you do not need the complexity of knowing how make gunpowder and how to fashion guns to effectively exploit the weakness of the mounted armored knight.

Rather the weapon used to render the mounted armored knight ineffective in battle consisted of the usage of the simple pike. The pike, which is essentially just a long pole that is strong enough to penetrate the flesh of an charging horse, and that is long enough to kill it before the lance wielded by the knight that is mounted on it can reach the man deploying it in a purely defensive position, is the weapon that effectively nullified in battle the usage of mounted armored knights everywhere. By merely bracing the back of the pike into the ground and aiming its deadly piercing point at the large approaching target of the advancing horse, and when used together by many foot soldiers deployed to use such pikes to defend positions against these mounted cavalry attacks, this very easy and inexpensive defense strategy proved so effective in utterly destroying that hugely expensive investment which the mounted armored knight was, that it caused this medieval symbol of might to completely disappear from the battlefield overnight.

Such is the great folly and risk of heavily investing in and relying on very expensive weaponry. For when so cheap and inexpensive a means of their destruction comes into the hands of your enemy, deploying your expensive hardware against him will rapidly bring you to utter ruin. Deficiencies in money, not in the strength of one’s warriors, is the main reason why nations are defeated in war. For if you lack the money to manufacture your weapons of war, you will run out of them in battle and be defeated. It is, therefore, suicidal for a nation to enter a war it cannot adequately fund.

And that is why Eric’s warning all those years ago is hauntingly true. The decision by George W. Bush to enter the war he did was incalculably destructive to the financial health of America. It is the root decision that has and will ultimately kill America as a superpower. The fool that was in the White House who made that fatal error, and all the fools who came after him, found no fucking way to escape the deadly and endless battles and their dire endless costs that America irrevocably incurred by attacking a nation that was innocent.

Iraq does not remain a target that one may justly attack once it is subdued and conquered. You do not have the right to wage war against a people your nation previously defeated under an earlier administration by the notion that a people can be called perpetually your enemy because of a conflict that took place in the past.

For such is the simpleton mode of thinking that one observes in children’s fiction stories, such as in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, where for some inexplicable reason the people called the Calormen are perpetually the enemies the Narnians, despite the passage of thousands of years, and all we really ever come to know about the Calormen in those books is that their skin is dark like the Negro. Yes, this is what is known binary thinking. It is the decision seen in games boys commonly play as children where they label competing teams as either the good guys or the bad guys. Most pathetic then is the mind of the adult man who continues to think as a child and who enters the movie theater seeking to enjoy movies about war and violence, and all he seeks to know is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys so that he knows who to root for as he watches the movie. And there we see this son of bitch simply rooting for the team he calls the good guys and doing no real thinking or reflection while watching that movie. Such men are completely incapable of following complex movie plots that do not follow such binary childish modes of thought of simply good guys versus bad guys.

My brother David is one such clueless asshole. He goes spending great sums of money to enter lavish movies theaters to watch movies and becomes excited by simply seeing the action found in battle scenes, while totally missing the actual plot. For he has no comprehension of the nature of these battles he sees. He cannot follow the complexity of a plot when the division between perceived good and evil becomes blurred. And that is why this total unwed incel loser who works as an administrator in a high school in Lancaster and who has a worthless Ph.D in education and who drives around in a yellow Camaro always by himself is unable to advance in a reading level beyond the enjoyment of a fucking two dimensional comic book. He lives forever imprisoned in his childhood world of the two dimensional comic book. And his time is spent endlessly obsessed with collecting comic books, visiting comic book conventions each year, and watching those binary view movies such as James Bond and Wild, Wild West, where the plot is always so utterly childlike simple that you are merely called to root for that womanizer main hero who wins every time against two dimensional villains in utter childhood fantasies involving endless explosions and meaningless action, and who always manages to get in bed with that main heroine girl, who is always someone new and hot in each subsequent movie.

My brother David, therefore, is very undesirably poor company for me to ever consider him as a possible companion. His rude and offensive attitude is totally obnoxious in my sight. Rather I so detest the presence of this man whenever he visits my parent’s house where I am forced to live that I purposely bought a Macbook just for my room for me to use when I have to go there to escape the presence of this asshole as he occupies the den with the TV always on playing brainless junk while he never actually watches the shit he demands to be constantly playing. and where I regularly do my work that becomes then an impossibility to do then due to the inability to concentrate with this shithead taking over the TV, which by the way is something I bought myself with my own money. His mouth always is dripping in malicious speech whenever he speaks to me. If I merely laugh at a joke said by my mom in David’s hearing, this man then mocks me in very hostile manner by mimicking my very laughter. If I speak to anyone while he is around he is quick to interrupt me and utterly criticize me and condemn me. He is like a rabid mad dog that is always insanely seeking for a fight with me. He is absolutely useless as a brother to me. His death would incur no loss whatsoever to my life but only gain. I would do nothing to honor that man in death. I would not even choose to attend his fucking funeral, except as a means to tarnish his name and ruin the memory of him before all who knew him. If his dead body was a matter for me to decide on how to dispose of it, I would elect to donate it to science. For that is the ideal way to rid oneself of dead relatives without having to waste any money whatsoever on pointless funeral or crematory expenses. For why set up a memorial for the damned? No purpose is served in having them remembered at all. David has effectively never done one good deed to me in my entire memory of him since I became a servant of Christ. He has always been the bully of the family. He never was a brother to me in any way whatsoever. Had he been aborted as an unborn baby I would never have missed him. David Lawrence Dunstan I forever reject to ever be called my brother.

Okay Lord, I have diverged from the subject. Explain to me the simple means I have at my disposal to defeat these enemies against me who are sent to destroy me in the form of girls who merely flirt and tempt, but who do nothing else?

Well Eric, since Satan must follow rules to defeat you and to get you condemned, defeating the current ploy deployed by Satan against you is to merely refuse to break that rule that Satan is attempting to get you to break. Can you guess what it is?

These girls all have one thing in common. They never attempt to initiate communication with me, but they seem to endlessly tempt me to do that with them by flirting with me and attracting my attention.

Correct, Eric. For it is impossible to condemn you of harassment against women if the one who initiates the contact is the woman. You are being tempted by these women to commit an act, filmed on security cameras, that can be construed against you as an unwelcome advance upon a woman. It is to be used against you as a form of character assassination. For to be accused of harassing women is deadly to a man’s good reputation. The goal, therefore, is to get you to make the advance. Make no advance and this ploy is utterly defeated. For it is the error of Satan that the son of Jesus needs the companionship of a woman.

Okay Lord, that is quite easy to implement. But I must tell you of a certain fact. This conversation we are having together is being published publicly. For you decreed to me, starting with the beginning of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, that everything I was to write from that point onward was to be published where all could read it. And you ordered me to reveal everything and to no longer write in secret. The devil reads these works, Lord. I have witnessed my works change the behavior of the infernal enemy in the war tactics he elects to use against me. You should expect the devil, or the incarnate evil one who is the commander of these wicked women, upon the publishing of this work, to immediately change his tactics.

Yes, Eric. The devil would not be much of an opponent if he could be simply defeated and utterly extinguished by the usage of a simple trick that puts an end to his current Satanic ploy against thee. Remember that the devil is a highly intelligent spiritual being whose sole purpose is to bring everyone he can damn down with him into hell. Expect, then, for a new means of attack to be deployed immediately against thee and that this now obsolete tactic that had been devised by the Satanic mind in its infernal thirst for your destruction, that girls were to be deployed in stores under carefully selected managers in the now failed attempt to tempt you into committing criminal harassment against women is to be now utterly abandoned as the failed strategy that was the product of a reprobated and condemned mind. For it is clear that the infernal enemy who devised this plot knew nothing about true love, which is what causes Eric to act. And Eric, simply regard all those Satanic personnel and girls that you observe from now on arrayed against thee and seeking thy destruction in any work I call you to serve Me in, as nothing more than pimps and prostitutes bound to the service of Satan in his endless efforts to destroy you by using all the tricks and tools at his disposal in his endless quest of bringing you down into the fires of hell where he is forever so consigned. The devil or devil incarnate that controls the women and personnel behind this effort, is always seeking new means of bringing destruction upon every soul on the earth. But remember that these Satanic ploys always must follow the same basic principle. The devil must abide by My rules in playing this game against you. His attacks are always based on attempting to get you to transgress. So to defeat the devil, you are to be constantly aware of his new angles of temptation that he is forever devising to bring you to utter ruin. You must always be on your guard against committing transgression. And if a temptation that Satan sends against you seems beyond your ability to resist, you must immediately appeal to Me, Who AM Jesus, and Mary, My Virgin Mother, to provide you with divine assistance. For We are essential in the battles of spiritual warfare. No saint on earth is ever so powerful enough to defeat Satan’s deadliest temptations against him who does not first seek Our necessary help from heaven that is so vital to defend each Catholic soul that would be utterly lost without seeking for and receiving this protection from heaven.

And I will now close this post with this understanding that all Catholics must have. Mary by becoming the eternal wife of Eric does not cease from serving My people who call her in their needs. Mary is an indispensable ally to all Catholics who elect to call on her aid in the deadly spiritual warfare that the devil always inflicts against the holy ones. All men and women are called and welcome to seek and to love Mary as their dearest friend and mother. For a woman is capable of loving many who are in need of her love, and of providing for many who are made her children. But unlike a man, a woman can give her hand in marriage to only one. And this woman has elected Eric to be that one, a decision that has been eternally confirmed and ratified in heaven by God.

Hence, Eric is the eternal husband of Mary. And Mary is the eternal wife of Eric. But the one human being of all Creation found and declared to be the eternal Bride to the Lamb is Eric and Eric alone. For the Lamb of God chooses as His Bride a male, not female, for only in a male could God find one worthy to rule under Him over all the nations with an iron scepter and to effectively shatter them like pottery. The purpose of Mary as regards to Eric then was then to fulfill her calling to serve as the one woman worthy to be his female lover and wife in the eternity of heaven. We Who Are have spoken. Please, My people, stop making utter jackasses of yourselves in Eric’s sight. For the utter failures in these women in their attempts to tempt Eric to commit such sins that they have been attempting to lead him to commit shall serve their tormentors in hell as endless source of mockery and derision that is to be forever directed against all these failed females for all eternity by the just and eternal decrees and judgements of the Lord your God. And from now on, I will have Eric utterly make sheer laughingstocks of all and any such women who ever attempt such treachery against him again. And it will thus become known among women how treacherous it is to approach the son of Jesus with ill intent, who is in fact the male Siren. I WHO AM have spoken. This post is now complete. Publish it, My son, and then let see how this work, once published, serves to change the behavior of the wicked in their endless quest and offensive to destroy the son of Jesus. Amen.

Jesus talks to Eric about sex.

An examination of the sexual nature of women and their danger by Jesus the Lord.

The Lord’s Word, Entry VI:
Ok, Jesus, I am at your service. You know that I have nothing to do with women for a reason? And the basic reason is clearly because I know that any involvement with a woman could result in a pregnancy. And while the concept of having a child is not opposed by me, there is no path of success for me if I go that route with my current state in society, which is, as you know, that of an unemployed outcast. Furthermore, there is danger involved in any approach to any woman. It is deadly to play that game, O’ Lord. Any girl you see, that you have no real knowledge of, you should never approach. For that is like playing Russian Roulette, Lord. A girl, though she may be weaker than a man, can slay him very effectively if he gives to her his trust.

Consider Samson and how he fell. For what was the point of his super mighty strength from God, if his life renown is to forever be remembered as the one who fell for a girl who betrayed him to his utter doom? Lord, men who fail to remain disciplined in the presence of women are disgusting to me. And I lose utter interest in watching movies where the hero of the story fails his calling and abandons his mission to pursue some sexy girl. For that is failure, Lord. And I do not wish to waste time observing men fail. Father Dave Heney is an utter failure of a priest that I was forced to listen speak his utterly failed homilies while I attended that utterly failed Church, known as Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, California, where I fucking still live with my fucking demented parents. I serve absolutely no purpose living there now, Lord. For I have been stationed as a torch in room where the people who live there are blind and damned. They would indeed not survive without me there. but they are already doomed. I have asked God if there is any possible way I can do any truly meaningful help for them, and the answer is unequivocally no. Assholes then tell me at that Church that I must pray for my parents that God tells me are already irrevocably rejected. I did not know how to tell these fucking ignoramuses who go about preaching with no fucking clue what they are preaching that they are utterly in error. I really do not really know what to do about these sheep who are walking to hell. Yes, the blind indeed follow the blind.

Thus, the Church I had attended for two decades kicked out the only dude who really could have righted that ship if he were only given a leadership position in it. But I am utterly rejected by the entire people, Lord. Not one is even interested in anything I can give to them but perhaps the money I might possess from time to time, alone. Money is the only thing these people on earth seem to have ever truly sought from me. Nothing else from me seems to have ever been of any real interest whatsoever to this entire pathetic population of humanity. obsessing only in sex and money, on this entire fucking dead planet called the earth, Lord.

It is this you should see clearly, O’ Lord. Those who were my employers were only ever interested in me as a potential for them to make money. I always saw the sheer and utter hypocrisy in those seemingly friendly and fake fatherly employers, like Rex Mehta of DollarStore, LLC, and John Parsa of Vodality, LLC, who endlessly loved to tell me that I was like a son to them. And yet their miserable pay they chose to pay revealed their true opinions of me. if it were just that, I would not have cause to suspect, except that I was always aware that their true sons and daughters that these men who paid me shit to work for them, always seemed to have highly paid positions and plenty of money. Even when Rex’s son came to work for the company, I was no fool to think Rex paid him the shit he was paying me. So, when I was called to work again, I put it to the test and asked for double my current pay. He did the denial of an ability to do so that I expected of him. But the proof that this man is an utter liar even to me was when he ridiculously claimed to have no fucking knowledge as to what those fucking Indians they were trying to get to replace me were being paid. All this Glee horseshit they are involved with does not fool me. They elect to screw me and they lie through their teeth as they do it. It was thus, inevitable, that I would reveal all their secret crimes that I would come to find out. What better way to utterly destroy their businesses than to fucking abandon them, knowing that they would utterly fucking fail as a company in their attempt find any way to replace the essential services I did for them. Like when John Parsa threatened to sue me if I did not hand over to him the source code of the work I did for him that he refused to pay me for. I chose not to waste myself fighting against him in court. Instead, I gave the fuckers the exact source code they demanded of me, but with no fucking instructions on how to actually compile it, making it fucking worthless to them, and making them into utter jackasses before any potential buyers they attempted to sell it to. And then I just watched their mother fucking company utterly crash and burn, having no one left in them to utterly tell them how to make these systems I built for them to work.

When John Parsa finally died, his daughter brazenly invited me to attend the funeral. Fortunately fate gave me an opportune excuse not to attend. But I did pass on that invitation to another employee of his who was fucking totally unaware of it, but who was his fucking right hand man who did his fucking dirty work. He was paid less than I was, this we came to an awareness of shortly prior to my decision to exit that deceitful company. He was an undocumented Mexican who was highly positioned in his company, but who was also aware that John fucking Parsa was fucking utterly screwing him as well. So, this man served as eyes and ears to me to that fucking funeral I was invited to attend by that daughter of his, Sophia Parsa. And I was fucking glad I never attended it. For I would have been walking into a fucking trap. That daughter of his, good looking enough to be a temptress, which was all she ever had any skill of in while working at that company, I have the goods on her to fucking reveal to screw her as well. She did attempt to fucking tempt me. But I have no fucking attraction to bitches who lie. Anyways, listen closely litigators to what I now reveal to you. John Parsa had a previous company known as Digital Spectrum Solutions Inc., known also known as DSI. I developed technology for him there before he moved me and several other key workers to a new company he formed called Vodality, LLC. Then DSI was folded and everyone left there was laid off, knowing nothing about the move he made of us few he kept and moved. Here is where the kicker comes. The CEO of this company he formed was his daughter Sophia Parsa, whereas John Parsa was the CEO of DSI whose IT and essential assets and people he transferred from one company to the other in stealth and utter secrecy.

But John Parsa was the one who ran Vodality, LLC. I saw nothing of this daughter of his until some years later, as the company began cascading into failure. The decision of his to put this daughter in charge of Vodality into reality, when I had become fully aware that she was utterly willing to lie and deceive me and utterly cheat me far worse than her father did, was the kicker that motivated my planned exit from that company. I did turn to my brother Mark for help on making this exit. He helped me quite well on exiting that company. But he failed on his promise to get me a job at his company. But these things are to be expected from false friends. Yes, Mark is now a success in a different way. He continues to have no job whatsoever. But his wife now has fully good employment that makes it so that he can survive. I was eavesdropping on this conversation waiting for his predicted request for my mom to send him more money. I was perfectly silent standing there behind my mom listening to all his fucking life story secrets, patiently waiting to see him ask for the money.

Of course this was ruined when my mother revealed to him that I was right there. The proof that this so called successful brother of mine was in fact only talking at length on the phone to my mother to prepare her for a successful sales pitch to get her to give him more money was how rapidly this endlessly seeming conversation came to an abrupt end when he came to fucking realize I was standing there right behind my mom listening to everything he was saying to her.

It was intriguing, though, the things I did learn. His wife is indeed to be the one now who does the work and gets paid the money to keep them afloat. But it goes deeper. Listen all you litigators who seek to sue my brother, Mark Edward Dunstan, for the money he clearly admitted on that phone call to owing you. His wife, Marlene Dunstan, whose maiden name is Montour, but whose daughters have entirely different maiden names, Gelb for the first two, and Dunstan for the second two, I have a golden scoop on her. Mark is actively seeking to prevent his creditors who bought his debt from coming to the realization that his wife, legally his wife in the eyes of the state, though not in the eyes of the Catholic Church where Mark was baptized as a baby, has a fucking highly paying job now. He clearly revealed this to his mother as I secretly listened to her, apparently seeking to show to her just how clever a boy he really is.

So he owes his creditors big time. And he has gotten them off his back by saying he essentially has no job to pay them back with. But he clearly admitted to my mother that he intentionally seeks to prevent them from finding out about this new money he has now coming to him from his wife now being highly paid. He even spoke of that reality to her that his creditors would garnish his wages if he had them, and his wife’s wages if they knew of them. So there you go, litigators. Feel free to utterly ruin that man’s endless quests to screw everyone outside his own nuclear family of wife and kids. For this man is motivated by avarice and lust and nothing else. He well deserves the ruin he receives from my hands.

You who employ people should never screw with the genius who writes your code and operates your systems and expect to then survive as a company. I knew well that the developers who the founders of DollarStore, LLC, hired in their attempt to replace me would utterly fail in their attempts to deliver for them despite the money they poured into that effort. You would have to pay me a pretty penny for me to reveal my trade secrets necessary for any person to be made even remotely qualified to replace me. And I, being paid shit, intentionally permitted these assholes to make utter monkeys out of themselves. I permitted DollarStore, LLC, to fail, for they were simply not paying me anywhere near enough to motivate me to ensure their success.

Morgatech failed because the dumb ass owners decided that I was simply not worthy of respectable pay while it was I and no other who was the one they essentially depended on to make their systems work. You cannot cheat me and expect me to give you success. I am the mastermind of technologies. I know how to make these things effectively work. But for those who are enemies to me, I will elect to be a spectator to their fall and do nothing for them as I watch them utterly fail and collapse.

My dumb ass brother Mark’s attempt to make an embedded device that could potentially make him millions, because he elected to pay me shit for my role and contributions he completely needed from me to make this project work, rather than permit me to have any meaning share in those profits, even though I was the essential IT developer he needed to get the work done, I deliberately stalled in performing the work to the point that the window of opportunity was irrevocably passed. For I am not a servant for making anyone rich who chooses to treat me like a cheap developer who is easily replaced.

For the failure or success of any company is the developers, the engineers who are the masterminds of their companies. Failure to adequately compensate me is the recipe of utter failure for the entire company who hires me and makes me central to their operations. For I know how to make things work. And I know how to let them fail and in ways that are irrecoverable to anyone who might come after me.

You know, Lord, that I had the knowledge of how to make America a success story that had a truly happily ever after ending. I masterminded many things that led to success and peace throughout the world. It is funny, now that I think of it, that I was actually highly esteemed by the people during the Emerald Reign when I was a fucking stupid pagan like them. But the moment of my entrance into Christianity, followed ten years later by my entrance into the Catholic Church, I vanished from sight. I vanished not because I was unwilling to help, but because the people began to refuse my help.

I utterly tried to save this nation with my utmost effort. But I was not listened to. It was because I had truly become a follower of Christ that the people of this world chose to utterly reject me everywhere. Even in the Church they reject me because they are false there too. It was there at that battle in Congress after 9-11, where the people elected to go against me and walk with Twilight, the power behind George W. Bush, into irrecoverable folly of unjust war against Iraq, that I could no longer stand with this nation. I said back then everywhere I could that the decision to go to war against Iraq was so ill-conceived that it would ultimately cost the United States of America of its status as a superpower. Idiots refuse to listen to me now everywhere. So what is left for me but to watch men fail?

God had dick sucking priest faggot Dave Heney cast me out of his worthless Church so that I would go to Our Lady of Guadalupe from that point onwards. That Church has priests who deliver homilies worthy of my attention. I regret that worthy homilies have now completely disappeared in all the Churches I once attended in Los Angeles County. Those churches, which once indeed had true life in them when I was a new Catholic, starting in 2002, have now completely died. Los Angeles is now the City of the Dead. I mean, when you make it a rule that you need to drink the devil’s poison of COVID-19 vaccinations to have any viable success in an entire city county, you are essentially making that fucking place utterly devoid of God and a playground of Satan’s utter dominion. Soon I believe I will have absolutely no options left but to do all my shopping in Orange County. For God commands me to receive no COVID vaccinations and to submit to no COVID tests whatsoever.

My dumb ass brother Mark asked me on the phone after he realized I was listening to his entire sales pitch to my mother, which he then abruptly abandoned, what is the difference now between my going off my medicines now and the last time I went off my medications and needed his rescue of me from some place in Buena Park where I could no longer walk for my feet were then badly in need of care and I had run out of all other options. And my answer could be no more simple. All the previous times I had gone off my medications it was always as an experiment and something I chose to do on my own. This time, God has commanded me to go off all my medications whatsoever, and disobedience to this order God has made clear to me would cost me my soul. Dumb ass Christians who reject this as possibly coming from God demonstrate they they have never read anything in the Bible. King Saul was completely rejected by God for an act of disobedience that very few in America would have the worthiness to pass were that test to have been given to them.

And do you know what these utter dumb shits who make themselves authorities on Christianity before me, but who cannot understand these simple concepts when they read them in the scriptures do? They do as total dumb fuck Father dick in a boy’s ass Dave Heney does, which is to say that the scriptures are not from God. Father nun’s cunt licking Dave Heney stands there in his semen soaked priestly robes saying authoritatively that the Bible is not the Word of God, but rather, that it is sow fucker Dave Heney’s semen filled mouth, filled with cum from sucking the choir boys’ dicks, that allegedly speaks God’s Word instead.

Yeah, Father limp dick masturbating Dave Heney is, in his mind, the one who knows how to shit Truth. He is endlessly shitting out papers to demonstrate his total depravity. This is the asshole who denies any possibility of religious exemption for a faithful Catholic who does not wish to partake in the abortion developed COVID-19 vaccinations. Hey you Catholic men I fellowshipped with, but who did not give a shit about me and my disappearance from your fucking men’s fellowship, I bet you that Father Dave Heney is busy screwing your wives and daughters while you speak in your fucking boring meetings about so called men’s issues. I went to those men’s fellowships and brought some life to an otherwise dead meeting of dead men who have nothing to talk about but dead sports. And you were truly impressed and said I did wonders there to bring meaning to those meetings, but apparently you in reality had zero interest in any contribution I actually did to your otherwise utterly boring meetings. For since I was kicked out from that Church I have received absolutely no text or any message from any of you at all asking about me anything. And do you know what women? There are actually no secrets of any interest whatsoever that are spoken in those meetings. Unless you are into sports, you will find those meetings more boring than watching your grass die from the lack of water your front lawns are now all clearly suffering from.

I received only one text from any soul whatsoever who knew me in that Church asking me what had happened to me since I was banished from that Church. And this was from a married woman who had often sought my prayers to help her and her husband, who was a cripple. But I, wishing not to reveal things that are clearly hidden to her, said only that I had changed Churches and now chose only to go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. For if these sheep do not know what has happened, I do not want to be the one to tell them. For I am not their shepherd and I am not their leader. And I will not assume any leadership role in the Catholic Church that is not granted to me from above.

So Jesus, what sayest Thou? Eric, forget any possibility of finding any true romance, friendship, or love here in this world. I now recognize Mary as eternally your only wife, and her mother, Saint Anne, as your only additional consort, and apart from them, you will never know true love from any other woman here.

Also, you will now effectively serve Me in my purposes here. For I can make you an indestructible nightmare. And I choose to make you a deliverer of My retribution, now that the people have rejected My love. You will destroy this people and their loved ones. And I look forward to watching them attempt to destroy yours. So, Eric, prepare to have fun. For I am making you a destroyer of the entire world. Amen.


Mary, I am ready for war.

I have regained my ability to fight and to destroy. I am ready to serve thee in thy will, Mary, Mother of God.

Chronicles of the Servant of Mary, Book 1: Post III:
Mary, my Commandress in heaven, I have regained my ability to fight and to destroy. Dost thou now seek to deploy me? For if I am sent here to destroy the wicked, I am now ready to carry out this mission in full.

Eric, I know you think you are capable of taking on an entire army in a Rambo-Terminator mode. But that is not how I call you to serve me in my interests here. Rather, I seek to use you in this fight by the pen you write only. Others will be called to do the actual damage I wish to inflict upon the wicked throughout the entire world. Your role is entirely fulfilled by serving me as an Oracle. Your purpose is to write what you are commanded to write. You are in fact made a fully capable Rambo-Termintor warrior, not to fight in actual battle, but to make it clear that any attempt to kill you will fail utterly and those who attempt to do this will be destroyed utterly, and not only them, but their families and children as well.

Let us briefly explain why a perfect Catholic such as thee are fully willing to destroy the families of your enemies, including their women and children. For God is never a contradiction. Any who reads the Old Testament is fully aware of God commanding the Jews to wipe out whole nations, including their women, children, and beasts without pity. This is the Literal Word of God. It is undeniable except by denying the Holy Spirit’s divine authorship of the entire Catholic Holy Bible. Therefore for any dumbass who questions Eric’s morality when he, by God’s command, kills women and children in the service of God’s justice simply demonstrates his absolute ignorance what is written in the Bible and his utter failure to be a Christian.

So let us now examine that failure of a Catholic priest knows Father dick sucking boy fucking Dave Heney. Eric, you wish to set an example of what God does to those who displease him. You have, up until now, only attacked Father Dave Heney himself. Much more effective would you make it clear what God does to those who displease him if you included in the threat of death every family member that belongs to Father Dave Heney as well. For there is no better way to silence opposition than to slaughter the loved ones of those you are determined to teach lessons to. Issue the order Eric, and I, the Virgin Mary, shall reward you in abundance. Do so now.

As thou wishest, Mary, the only woman who commands my utter loyality to serve. Hear me all those worthy men who wish to be of service to the Emerald King and be immediately promoted to the status in my army as my Knights. Dave Heney, who is no longer, by my decree, to be recognized a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, he must have loved ones and family that mean something dear to him. Find out for yourself all such people and consider them as targets for revenge. This is my instruction to you who seek to serve in my interests in exacting divine vengeance in my name against Dave Heney, who will never again be addressed anywhere here with the title, Father. I not only hereby strip Dave Heney of his status a priest, but I also effectively remove any threat of automatic excommunication that is incurred in canon law against a Catholic who hits a priest. Hence, feel free to hit and beat up utterly that failed priest known as Dave Heney and then go worthily to receive communion at your next Mass without making any confession whatsoever as to what thou hast done. And you will be rewarded in heaven. If you do elect to do damage to that man, make sure the damage is permanent and painful.

Now as for Dave Heney’s loved ones, I have no knowledge of who these are. But whoever you find, first, before making any attack to destroy them, determine if this target is a true Catholic or a false Catholic. A true Catholic is not to be harmed. But feel free to destroy all other loved ones of any person who is targeted to be made an example of. Hence, feel free to rape any woman or girl who is determined not to be a true Catholic and who has been identified as someone who is dearly beloved by the enemies of heaven such as Dave Heney. But as for the males, never do any rape against them. For that is abomination. And no one who commits an abomination will stand with me or receive anything from God as a reward in serving me. Feel free to beat up males who are determined not to be true Catholics and who are identified to be loved ones of those who are enemies of heaven such as Dave Heney. But the license to kill is not granted except in the clear case of self defense. I, the Emerald King, have spoken.

What sayest thou, my Commandress Mary? Do I have thy approval? Yes, you are found worthy of commanding my armies beneath me, Eric. Let it be known this. Cock suckers like Dave Heney make it clear that they are indeed false Catholics when they do not accept as God the One Who in the scriptures makes divine orders of acts like genocide against nations that God has elected to wipe out. For who gave a motherfucker such as dick sucking Dave Heney the right to contradict the Holy Bible as the breathed Word of God. And this dick sucking priest preaches this act of his own apostasy as Church approved teachings in his fucking God forsaken cause called his fucking University Series, whose only purpose is to rob the faithful of their money. For this thief who has assumed the position of Pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church is fucking charging the flock to enter the House of God to listen to the utter faggot Dave Heney speak utter heresies.

So whoever wishes to serve the Emerald King, know that you will be recognized as having served me if you utterly bring ruin to Dave Heney’s University Series. Furthermore, let this fag priest also feel acute financial pain. Cut off all his sources of wealth and income. Rob his Church of its tithe and distribute this among the men who serve you, all you who wish to be called Knights who serve in Eric’s army. For the worker is worth his wages. Hence, you shall get paid by robbing any Church that is run by Catholics who do not faithfully serve God. That is how I now authorize you who serve me to lawfully acquire, in God’s sight, any money you have a need for. Furthermore, feel free to enter any Church during a Mass where the pastor is unfaithful to God and to seize the entire collection basket of its wealth in front of the very flock. Of the collection basket that you choose to rob from the Church, take all the cash and money from it that you know you can use, but burn in the sight of the priests and the Church every check you find in it that you know is impossible for you to cash. Then teach a lesson to the priest before the people by utterly beating him up before all the people. And remember, I, the Emerald King, have suspended the effect of that canon law that automatically excommunicates anyone who hits a priest in all those cases where the priest is clearly wicked. It is by the authority invested in me by Jesus Christ Himself to rule all nations with and iron scepter and to smash them like pottery, that I have this right and elect to exercise the right to suspend canon law to serve in this cause of justice.

Should any male come to the priest’s defense, understand that this one is insolent against the authority of Eric and feel free to beat him up, even to put the point of putting him into a coma, but do not kill anyone except in the clear case of self defense. Should any woman dare to defy you in this act of serving me, she forfeits any right to be respected. Therefore, let any man among you who desires her to take her for rape and then to later release her after having had their pleasures with her in full. But if none of your men wish to touch that insolent woman, you who are serving as a Knight in Eric’s army, are commanded to punch her in the stomach and then slap her in face and let her lie there on the ground in her pain, and then quickly depart from that Church with your well earned loot. For the Emerald King has the authority to strike a woman who insolently defies him in his rendering of justice to the wicked. He will never rape any woman himself, but his men, who are recognized as weaker than him, are granted to have these pleasures with such insolent women. But the men are commanded to not do any permanent or serious damage to them, and they are commanded to release them with their clothing back on when they have served the pleasure these men wished to have with them. But these seized women are never permitted to be made into permanent slaves for sex. Nor may they be traded or sold into any sex trafficking trade. And once the pleasures of the men are sated, their release is then mandated. Furthermore, the rape of these women may never be done anally, nor may the penetration of their vaginas be done with anything other than a human dick. Violations of women that constitute an act of abomination are to be dealt with by an immediate execution of that man in her sight and then she must be immediately released with her clothing back on. For even a woman held prisoner is still sacred to God. And to violate this sacredness and not to punish the man who did this as so instructed here is to incur that wrath of God against that Knight and his company of men he is leading to serve me. A Knight who violates this sacredness of women and who claims to serve Emerald is to be destroyed. And any man who does not desert him is to be slain with him. For Emerald gives weak men who serve him the right to rape the insolent women who are in defiance of Eric. But there is a clear limit as to what these men may do with them and as to how long they may keep them. Eric holds his men to a standard. And to serve in Eric’s army, one must keep to this standard. Tarnishing Eric’s name by violating this standard is to be punished as it is herein written. For even women who are enslaved are to be understood as to having rights. And no one is permitted to do an evil to anyone that goes beyond the justice that is decreed by God through Eric.

The time is now at the point that I must publish this, lest I be late to Church. For Mary has now commanded me to return to daily Mass attendance. One last thing I must mention, and it is this. Anyone who wishes to have any leadership position in my army, never be found to have done any injustice to a subordinate. For that is recognized as compromising the effectiveness of my army’s combat readiness. Any uncorrectable violation found here is to be punished by executing that officer found having abused the subordinate. For the abuse of subordinates is never tolerated in the armies of Eric. I, the Emerald King, have spoken.