I am the Virgin White Knight

I am but one Knight in Your Army, Lord Jesus. Will Your Seraphim follow me into battle?

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post III:
The Seraphim have heard your call, undying saint who has married My mother. They are following you, every one of them.

Lord, I am commanded to bring rain upon California. How do I do this? Tell it to your Seraphim armies. They know how to carry it out.

Seraphim, highest choir of angels, who have come to serve in the armies that follow me, I need rain to fall all over California. And I need the high mountains to be packed with snow, so that the drought shall end. I ask you to do this, O’ noble Seraphim. And you remember the vow I made decades ago that I would never give a negative judgement on an angel of God.

Dance, lord Azurite. Dance and by dancing I will make it happen. Play Frogger crossing streets. Dance wherever you go. Note that your feet are cured. Amen.

Where should I go to dance? For remember how I was kicked out of Saint Bruno Catholic Church for dancing before the Virgin Mary?

Yes, I see. We the Seraphim will now light that entire Church with fire of a wounded heart of Mary. No water shall put out that fire. And it will burn and set everything aglow. The stain glass windows will melt at the heat. Every rose shall wilt. Every green leaf shall go brown and every green blade of grass will go yellow. And then they will burn.

Mary, where do you command me to dance before you? You truly have no clue, do you? Lord, DollarStore, Inc. has become silent again. I am wondering if they are really as they seem to wish to project. Eric, you change subjects like flipping a switch. Lord, I am multi-tasking. I have more than one CPU.

And why don’t you explain why DollarStore, Inc. should try to contact you. Well the business has a lot of customers, each of whom have a website that must be maintained. I am currently the only one who knows how to manage them and to make new ones, and I know how the entire technology works on the DollarStore.com side.

But who do you think is owner of DollarStore, Inc., at this time, Eric? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were arrested and slapped with lawsuits that would make the Madoff lawsuits seem tame.

And why do you say that? I say that because I read the software license agreements that they knowingly violated. And yet you still did the work? They assumed the responsibility of license violations. They specifically absolved me of responsibility for software license violations, and it makes sense. For I was not part of their company. All I was was an independent contractor building software they wanted built. In such arrangements it is typical for the hiring company to pay for licensing.

Eric, have you figured out where you shall dance before me? At my house? I will give you one more chance to answer correctly. And if you fail at third time, I will kiss you in your sleep.

I must dance in my heart, for it is in my heart that I will find you.

Lord Azurite, you will be required to move from your place. For Los Angeles County will require you to either be vaccinated or to receive the COVID tests. And you are required by God not to do that. Hence, you will need to move someways to the east.

This post now comes to its end. Amen.

I, Eric, have come to give blessings

Do not mourn the dead until you are one of them. Instead, do the will of God.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post II:
I am man of forgiveness and mercy. Hence, all you who have done Eric wrong, consider it forgiven. Go and confess it to God or to a priest. And then direct the repayment of that wrong done to someone who needs it more than I do.

For just as vengeance happens in chains, so also do good deeds and works in mercy. And if you are long lost friend, or someone in Eric’s past, and you hesitate to make Eric’s acquaintance, do not be afraid to approach Eric and speak with him.

But come to speak and meet Eric for the right reasons. Romantic love is not one of them. Eric cannot be a romantic lover to you. Nor will he go out on dates with you.

Hence, to approach Eric with sexual or romantic intentions is a mistake, but not sinful when done the first time, because there was no way you could have known.

Now, as for gay men, they are to stop immediately when Eric indicates he is not one of them. For the homosexual man who approaches Eric, having been told one way or another that Eric is not one of them, he shall die. For I, the Lord, tolerate gays only when their partners are fags like themselves.

Note My choice of words. I tolerate gay couples who do not approach heterosexuals. I do not condone them. For homosexuality in My sight is sickness and a cross that those who are Mine must seek to overcome in their pathway to My Kingdom. You see, everyone of every sickness and evil is invited. And every person on My path is constantly failing and trying again.

Hence, homosexuals and obese people both enter My Kingdom as long as they are both seeking to be made right. The homosexual follows Me by seeking to end his craving for sex with other men. And the obese person follows Me by seeking to end his craving for too much food and food of the unhealthy kind. And they may fall continuously. But as long as they do not give up, they remain Mine.

Lord, what about those on the sex offender registry? How do they find you if they are so penalized in society?

So, you have noticed the dungeons in My Kingdom. Yes, every Kingdom does have its dungeons. And those on the sex offender registry are those thrown into my dungeons.

Eric, I have a question for you. Ask. Would we receive more information from you or less information from you were we to plant an agent in your company, so as to gain your trust and to become like a person with whom you confide in? And this question now. Do not think about it.

The agent would not work. For Eric is already scoping for this person to come. And he is already conditioned to examine who sent to him, God or Satan. Hence, it would be a mistake of the fourth order to send an agent to Eric. Furthermore, adding any person to Eric’s life who knows about these writings would doom the writing of them. For Eric is, in his mind, writing in secret. This belief must not be changed.

Eric, explain to me the orders of mistakes. And what is a fourth order mistake.

  1. First Level Mistake: You do an error that is easily corrected.
  2. Second Level Mistake: You reveal knowledge to a subject that was not for him to know.
  3. Third Level Mistake: Subject is an escape artist. He gains trust on both sides. And he bides his time.
  4. Fourth Level Mistake: You inject agent into game. but subject already aware of this.
  5. Fifth Level Mistake: You entrust everything to the subject, and mistreat him.

Lord, you say something occurs today. What is it, O’ Lord?

Your death occurs.

Lord, according to what is commanded of me, I remain virgin forever and in a perfect state of cleanliness. This is from God, am I correct, O’ Lord?

It is the Truth, lord Azurite.

And thus, at the collisions of the two earths, I leave this earth and enter the paradise earth to be with Mary. Am I correct. O’ Lord?

It is the Truth. But one more deed you must do, and you shall be found worthy.

What is that, O’ Lord?

You must marry the girl I give you.

Am I to have two wives?

Eric, Mary cannot know you from heaven except by you marrying a girl We give you on the earth.

Okay, I accept this arrangement.

Good, marry her. She will be Hispanic in race, and Roman Catholic in religion.

And what is her name, O’ Mary, Mother of the Divine Being Incarnate?

Her name is Avellana, which means Hazelnut.

Hey Mark, I found another girl’s name that begins with an ‘A’, that you can use as a new daughter’s name. For I know that you and Marlene must name all your daughters with a name that begins with A: Hence:

  1. Amanda
  2. Audrey
  3. Amber
  4. Autumn [died as an infant]
  5. Aislyn

But wait, now it is too late. Not such much because Marlene’s biological clock has run out, but because Mark had a vasectomy done on himself.

Yes, that is how God eliminates the wicked from the gene pool. He gets them to have vasectomies done on themselves. Amen. Well done, Mark. Well done.

Yes, that is a most effective way of removing undesirable people from gene pool. And did you notice that every person who is an enemy to you also supports the Roe vs Wade approval of genocide.

For yes, Niggers are doing genocide to Niggers by supporting abortion. Because who are the most likely demographic seen at an abortion mill? It is a Negress. And what race are most prevalent among the tiny unborn that are slaughtered at these abortion mills. Negro, Black, African American, Colored, or whatever you wish to be called at this politically correct generation where you are killing tens of millions of your kind every year. And you call that not genocide?

Now, what is the most effective way of wiping out a man’s seed? Biblically, they do this by hunting down every last descendant on the male line and killing him. But O’ Lord and God, what do You say is the Way that is most effective in wiping out a male’s line?

Lord Azurite, first We shall deal with your line. Can your line be defeated? Your line cannot be defeated except that you have sex with a devil. Any act of sex outside of wedlock is sex with a devil. You are resistant to this. And the devil is seeking an alternative means. His options are to send you Officers allegedly there to protect you, but really they are there to destroy you. Only if this officer is Toni McBride are you to accept her into your house. For though she is a sex object, what she does is known. And she is not known to betray her oath of office. Hence, that one can be trusted.

You, Eric, have eternal longevity. Hence, you can endure forever, unless you have sex. And then if you have sex, you will age like the oldest of trees. I advise you not to have sex. It is better to live on earth forever than to go to the next world because you wanted to taste pussy with your dick.

And O’ Lord, what if they send a male to protect me? If a male is sent, I will take him on a tour of my property, and show him all the ways in and out. For there is really nothing secret between me and the police.

And I will tell the police that I do not want it to become a shootout where I live. Eric, We are not sending you a male police officer. They are too valuable and must be deployed on the streets fighting real crime. Instead, a female police officer shall be sent to you. And one move of advance on her will land you in jail.

Roger that. But a quick look in my past and you see that I never do that. And here is my deal with this female police officer. If she wishes for quiet, there will be quiet. And she wishes for conversation or movies playing, I will converse or play movies.

For I am an interior man. And I have a spiritual interior.

Eric, this is how you destroy a man and his entire male lineage. You completely corrupt all the males of that line. And then that line becomes accursed.

And that is what I have been doing, Eric. But there is one line I have failed to destroy. And that is the Line of Dunstan. Two souls exist in that line that have not yet been destroyed by vaccination. And that is Eric Robert Dunstan, and his niece, co-heir to the Dunstan estate, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan. Everyone else in that family and related families are destroyed. Amen.

Lord Azurite, what if no one is sent to you? What if the police simply watch from a distance? They can do that. But they will not. I AM the Lord.

And they will send an agent, O’ Lord, when they will know I will be watching for one?

Lord, I am on high alert. But should these people show up, believe me that they will be tested.

This brings this post to a close, lord Azurite.

Lord Eric, you have died. You are no longer in the land of the living. You will go to sleep soon. And when you awaken, only those who were born again like you shall be found anywhere on the earth. This is the third earth.

  1. first earth, Fungal Earth
  2. second earth, Heavenly Earth
  3. third earth, Verdant Earth

Lord, explain to be what is meant by “those who were born again like [me],”?

Born like you simply means those who were baptized like you and who kept your baptismal promises. And it includes those who were too young to choose, but who had a baptism of desire.

We now end this post, for it is complete. Amen.

Accept Newsome election results, Trump.

The only true loser is a sore loser.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post I:
I have been getting very tired of psuedo leaders who support Trump saying that an election was fraudulent because it did not go their way.

Shape up or ship out! Either respect how democracy works in America, or go run in some political campaign in Russia. I am sure Putin will see to your needs just as he has seen to Alexei Navalny’s needs.


That is my assignment. I Am the Storm Dancer. And I was so named because I danced through storms. Now I will dance to summon them. And I will summon them to fall upon all of California.

Eric, your deeds have been heard. And you have made the correct decision.

Lord, am I in or outside the Roman Catholic Church?

You ask this because your marriage to me takes place in heaven rather than on the earth?

Mary, is there a pope in the heavenly earth we go to? And depending on how you answer I will answer you in this last point in this discourse.

There are no popes in the heavenly earth. Nor are there any churches there. But in the fungal earth, there shall remain popes, and struggles against matters of dogma.

Then I belong to you, Mary. And I belong to no Church but yours. Or what do you say, wife?

As long as you remain faithful to me by which you are husband to me, you are Roman Catholic. Amen. We will meet tomorrow, Eric, which is a Wednesday.

Lord and Mary, by what means do I determine that this one is from God and not from Satan?

They will bear a box that only you can open and that plays a song only you can hear. Obey the song. Amen.

Publish this work now, Eric. Tomorrow, I, your future wife, shall be with you. Amen.

Now with global warming, we can all have our local Venice’s

Welcome to the Cities of Today. Here you can shop with either a waterproof car or a Gondola.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXX:
Hello peoples of this world. Allow me to make an announcement. Mary, please speak through me to address all the questions the people may have, including me, your warlock. Amen.

I am honored to speak here by my Warlock. He looks harmless. But he has it where it counts. Do not go up against him. He is the most powerful magic user there is. Doubt me? Then let us look at the various magic users in Dungeons & Dragons:

  1. Bard
  2. Cleric
  3. Druid
  4. Paladin
  5. Sorcerer
  6. Warlock
  7. Wizard

Before Eric became my Warlock, he was a Wizard. Hence, he has mastery of both. Now according to Dungeons & Dragons lore, good and lawful warlocks are quite rare due to the “fact” that the patrons these warlocks require tend to be evil in some sort or manner, due to all being creatures known as Eldritch Beings.

Now, looking at the definition of the Eldritch Being, I the Holy Virgin Mary, do indeed qualify. And if it requires an embodied human being then I am that also, for I alone among heavenly human kind have been assumed up to heaven. But if embodiment is not required to serve as an Eldritch Being patron for a warlock, then many may be eligible to be this.

But I have the correct knowledge from the Father. For these works will never speculate without showing the answer from God.

Eric, I AM WHO AM. And I will now answer your question. All Warlocks but you have been destroyed. For only the warlock that had Mary as his patron is worthy of life. Note also what you are: You are two classes in one: Wizard and Warlock.

Furthermore, you have agreed with Mary that she is your only wife. Only Mary, and perhaps her servants, as she elects, shall ever lay with you.

Recall the other two promises and We shall give to you your blessing, lord Eric.

Lord, I cannot remember. They do not come to mind.

Eric, these are what you have agreed to: You have agreed that all our money we have in common in marriage. And you have greed to strip naked with me whenever and wherever I wish to have sex with you.

Yes, I agree to do this for you, O’ Blessed Virgin Mary, because you are the Blessed Virgin and I have come to trust in everything you say.

Good, this is my blessing to you. Remember this, for to forget this blessing, you shall die.

I bless you Eric with unnaturally long life. You will age like wine. And you shall remain the virgin White Knight forever.

Our marriage takes place in heaven. For that is where I live. And that is where I will bring you to every time I wish to be intimate with you. Every child that I have by you shall be examined. If she is a girl, she will enter the Kingdom as I am, an embodied human being. And if he is a male, he shall be given to you, Eric, after he has been weaned. Amen. These men will all have unnaturally long life. And they will reboot when knocked out. And they will resurrect when put to death. I AM the Lord. Amen. In other words, they cannot be destroyed.

Eventually, the descendants of Eric will wipe out all other male lineages. This is how Eric takes over the earth. Amen.

And, O’ Lord, what becomes of the fungi controlled earth? The fungi come to control everything. And the alien intelligence then becomes apparent.

Remember that the two earths do not separate in space so much as by the dissolution of the two planes of existence between them: the physical plane and the astral plane. Amen. This post is now complete. Publish it, lord Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

Biden makes everyone unsafe

Bells were ringing in the Dale, Men looked up with faces pale.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXIX:
Behold what Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan has cost America:

  1. No one trusts America anymore. She will receive help from no one, For America is now known as the royal bitch that will stab you in the back before you can say, “I am sorry, let me make it up to you.”
  2. America came to be known, under Obama, as the Bomb First, Verify Hit Later assholes. who routinely killed innocent men, their wives, and their children, all in the effort to remove any association of the word, “good,” with the USA.
  3. America came to be known as the mindless rhinoceros let loose in a china shop, with a beehive stuck to its behind, and the bees angry.

Yes, America has done a lot of damage lately.

Lord, I do not love America, seeing the shit that they do and have been doing.

Do You still have me save America?

Eric, not all, but only the remnant I send to you.

Now, when Blue Agave comes to you and you are ordered to kill her, what shall you do?

Good, I see your mind. Yes, you understand now. The Fungal Kingdom is an alien race, sent to enslave the Animal Kingdom. And Blue Agave is the fake girl this alien race has devised to take you down.

One last point I will write, and then you shall publish this. I do not need to seduce you, Eric, to get from you what I want. You have already provided to me all that I need.

Your place here is permanent. And the earth you are leaving in is eternal. And no fungi go with you. But as for me, I am the eternal Queen here. And I am filled with and controlled by fungi.

Mary, the ever virgin, then takes her man, who has never been touched by me. But I also take a man, one who is of a comparable worth as you once were. And who is this man, you ask? I will now tell you who.

When Eric was in Charter Oak Hospital, where he stayed for ten days, before being released, having no conditions except that he take his prescribed medicines for bi-polar disorder, in that hospital, there were two staff members who made an impact on Eric’s life there. One of these made a direct threat to Eric, and he said something of the effect that you [Eric], do not want to see him angry. [Realize that Eric has forgiven you.] Anyways, you will know whether it was you are him or not by contemplating whether you truly threatened Eric. and both of these male staff were Black. Now the other individual, the one who did Eric good, his name was Jeremiah, and this one Eric made a Commander. And Commander Jeremiah is a good man. His deeds for Eric are remembered.

Well, that male staff member, the one Eric made a commander, the honorable man called Commander Jeremiah, this is the one chosen to be the one who mates with me, fungal queen. And by that intercourse, he will become a fungal man. And every animal and plant in that fungal earth gets infected with fungi.

Lord, is it not an act of betrayal to let Commander Jeremiah go and become a prisoner in the fungal earth?

Yes it is an act of betrayal. We in heaven are in fact betraying everyone who worships Jesus outside of the Catholic Church. Our betrayal consists of our not telling them of their folly, but letting them go to their doom. But tell me yourself, lord Azurite. Is Jeremiah, the Black man, likely to be a Christian, but unlikely to be a Catholic? Yes, to both questions. Then you should expect such a betrayal to take place.

But the paradise earth will have animals and plants without any fungi.

Eric, here is the list of people you shall meet in this new earth to come:

  1. Me, the Holy Virgin, who will remain virgin forever.
  2. Hyacinth, she who we saved together.
  3. All the Virgin’s children who were saved by with another.
  4. Saint Joseph, who was saved by antecedent grace.
  5. Saint John of Patmos, who, like you, was commissioned to write
  6. Saint John the Apostle, who wears a crown of virginity, as you also shall.
  7. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, whom you honor because I chose her.

And I can go on but I am sure the list is now quite substantial for you to realize the flaws in your previous theological beliefs.

Now, I am willing to remain your wife forever on these three conditions. Before I give them to you, you must agree to them prior to me saying them.

Mary, I am your wife by obedience to God. Name the three conditions and I will follow all three as though I am following God. For it is God Who commanded me to marry you. Amen.

Good. Condition 1:

I am your only wife. If I do as Sarah did with Hagar, it remains as written. Hagar was always only a slave and a servant, never a wife. And her children were always descendants of slaves not legitimately of Abraham. This is first Condition. Do you agree?


Condition 2: All your wealth becomes mine and all that is mine becomes yours. Do you agree?


Condition 3: You will undress yourself and have sex with me as often as I wish it. Do you agree?


Mary, I agree to everything you have said. Now, tell me what shall happen everywhere?

Eric, there is just one thing left for you to do. And that is the marriage ceremony and conjugal act. When do You propose We do this?

What about Wednesday, December 8, 2021? That is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception this year.

We, the elect in heaven, will grant you this is you give us this.

What dost thou require of me?

Bring rain back to California. I WHO AM have spoken.

Eric is on your coat of arms, Russia

The Rider on the White Horse is the First Rider of the Apocalypse

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXVIII:
Behold, the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America, is demonstrating utter weakness. See it retreating unconditionally against nomad terrorists of a stateless state, Afghanistan. Lord what nations will take advantage of this power vacuum?

Lord Azurite, one of the first things to be done will be the destruction of the United States dollar. And the phrase where it is stated: In God we trust, shall be replaced with: To Muhammed we bow, For the Muslims will take over and overpower America.

But O’ Lord, what about the teaching in Islam that the “People of the Book,” are not to be forced into the Muslim religion? That will be replaced to say, “The people in the Book,” will not be forced to change their religion.

Lord, will the Muslims still pace around that big black rock in Mecca in the Arabian Desert as part of their pilgrimage, as one of the 5 pillars of Islamic faith.

Before I answer Eric’s question, let it be clear that his deep knowledge of any one religion does not mean belief in any part of it. For the record, Eric is Roman Catholic, and he has taken the first step to change where he is domiciled, currently in Saint Bruno, which is rejected, to the better Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is in Orange, with his house between the two churches.

No, lord Azurite. There is going to be a New Age Islamic Movement. And they will write their own Koran. Yes, in this Age to come, no one but Catholics will refer to anything written before their time. Hence, in this Age, everything gets rewritten. And everyone’s recorded words get updated and changed.

For this is the Age of the Falsifier. And he makes false everything you thought you ever heard or read. Also, all records are to be purged. Everything that has been recorded down gets recorded digitally. And then the originals are erased, destroyed, or incinerated, and the copies are changed.

For it is very easy to change a digital recording. Even one backed by a password, even those can be changed. This is the Falsifier’s Age. Here he will falsify everything.

Lord, with the Falsifier in charge, will lawful marriage still be possible.

Marriage that requires a document will not be possible.

Soldiers of America, if they are forcing you to receive the COVID vaccination, then realize that they do not have your back. They are already betraying you. Just refuse the vaccine and let them dishonorably discharge you. Amen. You don’t need to serve those who betray your ass.

I WHO AM have spoken.

The holy Virgin is married to Eric, son of Jesus

I am the world’s last hope. They rejected Eric. If they do the same with me, Eric alone shall be saved.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXXVII:
Eric, you are effectively relieved of your duties. This is an honorable discharge. For you did everything I commanded you to do. You are free to do your will.

Mary, my father is getting angry. He lost his wallet. And in it contained many things, his identification, his drive’s license, his insurance card, his credit card/cards, and a large sum of money he had recently withdrawn. He was intending on paying me back for the many times I used my credit card to buy things while his credit card was missing or not there.

Eric, do not be concerned with the concerns of the dying and the dead. I can tell you plainly now, now that it is assured. We marry on that date. And we kiss at the moment of rapture.

Does anyone officiate at our wedding, O’ Mary, most wondrous of virgins?

Yes, all the priests I saved who knew you and who you knew will partake in that officiation of your wedding, Eric. These are, in no particular order:

  1. Father Don Woznicki
  2. Father Michael Reardon
  3. Father Mbeki

All the rest I either did not know or they never did anything that made them saved in my sight.

Good, Eric. Now go and eat something and then come back. I ate a tomato, the last one we had. And I ate a few vegetables.

Mary, I notice that my father is unloved. And it is written:

The surest way to kill a man is to never love him.

Lord Azurite, you are the keystone of love here. When you are removed, everything collapses. For all those things you hold together exist without them loving you back.

Mary has already condemned your house, and the curse does not go into effect until you are removed from it within the scant time remaining.

Now we are at the closing part of this meeting. Who do you wish to teach?

We, the elect in heaven shall give you Toni McBride to teach. She is the prime candidate, her invisible camera will always be on [and as an aside note, we know that that camera and voice recorder are not connected to the officer by anything detectable to the human eye,] She will be merely trained in Eric’s new understanding of criminal take downs.

For Hollywood gets it wrong. G.I.Joe is all about subdoing and nuetralizing enemies to the point that they cannot counter attack. Doing that is a mistake.

Why that is a mistake will be explained. Basically, the more punishment you do to your enemies, the greater that natural karma gets built up against you.

Instead, each person does his job and must stop at the point it becomes someone else’s job.

Law enforcers apprehend suspects and turn them over to the law. They do not punish suspects. Keep within your job duty and everything else moves harmoniously.

If Officer Toni McBride wishes to practice taking down suspects using Eric as a potential suspect, she may. But I warn her, Eric cannot be taken down.

Done, it is finalized. Eric, go and watch that movie you wish to watch. Amen.

Time for War

The Fleet is here. Sunset has come.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXVI:
Behold, the time is nigh. All you Republicans set to choose the new Californian Governor in the recall election, I say, vote for Kevin Faulconer. He will return sanity to an insane world. For now is the time to think sanely and to make decisions according to soundly decided thought. And make sure that Gaven Newsome is sent a message that his kind are not welcome here anymore. Amen.

Were Meghan Markle and Prince Harry justified in leaving the Royal family? Let me ask the Lord, for you know I am an Oracle of the Lord. God says that they, Meghan and Harry, are to know that the are justified. And furthermore, they must become Catholic if they wish to be saved.

And, O’ Lord, what must the homosexual do to be saved? A homosexual is suffering, either willingly or unwillingly, to attraction to the same gender. In order to be saved, he must be on the path of seeking to be correctly oriented, which is the straight alignment, also called heterosexuality. It does not matter the failures and falls he has on his path to God. All that matters is that he stay on that path.

Therefore, homosexual marriages are illegal. For the homosexual who enters a gay marriage says by that act that he is unwilling to be made straight.

All public bathrooms are now to come in three kinds:

  1. For those born male and still male
  2. For those born female and still female
  3. For everyone else

And all Olympics, and kids sporting events, and all activities are to be structured similarly.

Furthermore, there now needs to be defined in government law two distinct definitions of marriage:

  1. Traditional Marriage: This can only be between a true male and a true female, and the two must be permitted to marry according to all other applicable law.
  2. Nontraditional Marriage: Unions of virtually anyone to anyone. And these marriages are typically not inviable. Children born to these unions typically occur by heterosexual relations between one of the members of the union and someone outside the union, making the offspring illegitimate, or in street language: bastards.

Now, what do You rule regarding the vaccinations on COVID-19? I WHO AM AM now speaking. Everyone who receives such a vaccination will die. I WHO AM have spoken.

Will there be sex and reproduction of the human race in the age that is to come?

Lord Eric, sex will not be yours, For you are called to the priesthood. And your calling is now resoundingly clear, for you went to the Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And you went to the Misa, the Spanish spelling for Mass, for you find that the Spanish Mass is more beautiful.

I Am making your two brothers unsuccessful. They will find themselves defeated at every turn. The Virgin Mary will lay with you, Eric, but not by sex, but by Spirit. This is something she received from the Holy Spirit, and that she is granted to teach it to the one who is chosen to be her husband.

Many will rebuke Eric for these writings. All who do so are damned. For it is written that he who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never receive forgiveness, neither in this world nor in the world to come. Hence, all those who came to Eric in the adult or parent role to correct Eric are damned.

I, the Virgin Mary, will lay with you first. And then you will lay with the multitudes, all who belong to Mary and who pass Eric’s tests.

Eric, what are the tests that you had to pass?

  1. Test of Obedience. Everyone is in a chain of command. Jesus is at top, at rank of Creator. Mary is next in chain of command, as highest possible Creature. Failure to obey those two is a fundamental failure to obey
  2. Text of sexual cleanliness. You may have come from a past of passive impurity or of committing daily abominable or adulterous sins. All that must be washed away. And you must learn to defeat all past impurities via these two sacraments: confession and communion. Both are necessary. Confession is like water that cleans the open wound. And communion is the food you need to eat in order to correctly heal. All are called to cleanliness, no matter how low you think you have sunk.
  3. Attendance to your call to ministry. If you are called to married life, attend to that calling faithfully. Be a good husband to your wife and a good father to your children. If you are not called to marriage, know that there are other ministries to which you can be called to serve in and to make a difference in people’s lives. Remember that only you can know your real calling. No one can make this decision for you.
  4. Resist temptation that constantly calls you to leave your station. Married people are constantly being called to dabble in adultery. They must resist this at the door. People who are unmarried, though they may be attracted to one another, who seems suitable to them, they must resist and hold firm that there shall be no sex before marriage. And marriage is life long.
  5. You must not go from girl to girl defiling them. I permit the defiling of one girl, providing that you remain with her. But for those who go from girl to girl, defiling them, these are to be cast alive into the lake of fire.

Lord, what is your ruling on sex with minors? A woman who has had her first period is eligible for sex. But her readiness for motherhood may require many more years of formation. It is, therefore, a matter for the woman to decide when she is ready to marry, and not her male relatives.

What are your rules on incest, O’ Lord? When genes are of a perfect state, where it is impossible to produce freaks, it shall be permitted for incest, but only according to these rules.

  1. You may never reproduce with your own offspring.
  2. You may never hide your offspring from society or deny them necessary medical care.
  3. You may never photograph anyone’s nudity without their permission.
  4. You may never blackmail someone by threatening to reveal their nudity.

Now, it is a fact that a woman has the right to her own body. But when God puts another human being into your womb because you had sex with your lover, does God say even then that you have the right to kill what He put there?

No, indeed that is false. That human being God has put into your womb has just as much a right to your body as you do. And you had better bear that child to term.

When you give birth, is the milk that comes from your breasts your milk, or does it belong to the baby who you gave birth to? If it belongs to the baby you gave birth to, how much more did your body belong to your baby when she was inside it depending on you?

Let these things dwell in the minds of women. And let women finally agree that the unborn baby has just as much a right to her mother’s body as her mother does. Amen.

Mary, do I conclude the post here? When we conclude this post, the father of those two girls, Anna and Tess, the one called Tim, will realize he has no way to find you.

Mary, as far as Tim is concerned, I know Tim and I acknowledge him as a brother. But as for his daughters, I never knew them.

Eric, go to where you need to go. Get the part you need. And then come back. Amen. And this concludes this post. Amen.

Your fate decided

Right, Calamity this great is your death. When you see this, prepare to die. Do not fight it.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXV:
Behold, Eric’s time here is just about complete. Amen.

Lord, We have judgement on the case of Toni McBride. This is the new Order that all who are to enter my militia must obey. We must stop short of making the kill. Toni McBride’s mistake was completing the kill. She did not violate her position, but rather, she performed it too lethally.

I have imagined all things to completion. It is never a mistake to stop firing on the suspect when the suspect is rendered unable to fire back. Lethal killing is overdoing your position as law enforcer. Rather, lethality should be left to the decisions of the courts.

Also, Pope Francis, like the stopped clock that is right twice a day, may be correct to say capital punishment must no longer be done. He may be right on this due to the changed nature of the hereafter.

We also must never be like the patriotic fools who vow to shoot or to kill terrorists who destroyed this or that monument of humanity. It is an embarrassment to be a member of the same human race to hear human beings vowing to exact revenge on various groups who do things to make people angry. Really, if such terrorists can pull your strings, the real ones you should be angry at are the puppet makers.

Hence, to be an officer in my militia, which include the six star and the seven star commanders, these must act together and in agreement. They cannot advance in battle until they have agreed to an objective. And they are not allowed to go beyond what they agreed to together before the fight. This way, they remain effective and efficient.

Furthermore, if they agree to kill, it must be an agreement that contains conditions. And the killing must only take place if all the conditions are fulfilled. Furthermore, they may not violate law. Hence, if they are not, in reality, law enforcers, then their agreement to kill must include the condition of self-defense. For self-defense is the necessary condition to kill for a civilian.

Furthermore, no target for termination may be terminated if the target is surrendering. Nor may lethal force be used against a target that is prone. Nor may a target be forced to remain prone if there is evidence that his life support if failing. For it is unacceptable to acquire a living suspect and he die while in your custody.

In other words, if you acquire a suspect alive, he must be brought to the station still alive and still in the condition in which he was apprehended. Cop cars designed to punish law breakers is not what law enforcement should be driving. Rather, law enforcers enforce law. They do not make themselves feared by making themselves violators of the laws they enforce.

Now, Eric once sought to be a law enforcer. Eric has since changed his mind. That is why he did not appeal the judgement against him that he cannot bear arms, due to his bi-polar disorder. For Eric has considered this thought. I can indeed protect banks and uphold laws, but for whom am I doing these things for? Who is it that I am serving? And Eric was unable to come up with an answer.

Furthermore, my militia may never be used as a movement for getting revenge. We are not the Avengers. Rather, we forgive and we forget.

And so, would I ever go, with my commander, to Saint Bruno Catholic Church to speak to Father Dave Heney. Let me ask the Lord.

No, Eric. You may never return to that Church. For it has been condemned. The statues of Mary upon it shall be defaced. The trees shall be burned down. The Church itself shall be vandalized. And the stain glass windows will be shot out. It is an accursed Church. They will ask for police protection and they will be told that the police do not do that, and that they need to hire a guard for that, which is very expensive. Then they will complain that it is Eric who is doing that, and the police will assure Father Dave that Eric is indeed being tracked, and one place he is definitely not going to is that Church.

So, no, Eric. You may never return to that Church. Amen.

Lord, I thought of Toni McBride and I think I thought of her adulterously, for I believe she is married. Eric, girls do not mind such. What they mind is that you do not reach out and take her in the flesh. Anyways, you are right, she is married. And McBride is her married name. Hence, Toni will not be the one assigned to protect your home.

But your home really does not need protection from police. It already has the Seraphim Army I have given you. But police officers will come from time to time to check in on you. Will these be plain clothes police officers or those wearing uniforms. That is a good point. I have decided to make you a deal.

Tell me the deal, O’ Lord.

I will put a kinki haired African American who is expert on Slavery in the United States of America as your 777 commander, ready to go when you are, to serve as a plains clothes undercover cop, who comes and goes at will and keeps you up-to-date on all things in that room you call Fuzzy’s Lair, in return for this.

What’s that?

You remain celibate and continent from now on, in a perfect state of virginity and holiness.

I fully agree to my part of the deal, O’ Lord.

Then these five figures will soon all depart immediately from your life:

  1. your mother
  2. your brother Mark
  3. your brother David
  4. your father
  5. Hyacinth

Do you agree to this.

I do.

Expect their departure from your life in eight hours time.

Okay, Eric. The first order of business is to retake Weathertop. I will get all My Black brethren and We shall descend upon that store and We shall demand answers as to why you are not allowed to be there. And if they resist they go down as stores that hate Black people. It is a stigma that no store can survive.

What if the two policewomen appear again? We get their names and their badges and we ruin their careers. It is as simple as that.

Remember, Eric, there is really nothing a White person can do to avoid destruction if a Black group assembles against him.

What if they wish to know who has organized this movement. We will tell them the names of the organizers according to codenames. Remember how you are Warlock. And the dude across the street is Nomad. And I will now tell you my name in advance. I AM called Werewolf.

This is interesting, Werewolf. But I have a suggestion. Let us not get into formation at my house. Me and you can form together there. But let all the members accumulated in a group at Weathertop at a particular time. That way the police cannot intercept the group and prevent it from reaching that goal.

And let there be two signals to be shouted out at the conclusion of the union. One for success and the other for failure. Let this code, once heard, be the code that causes all those gathered to disperse. And let Me and Werewolf never actually enter the shop so that we are not in violation of anything.

Lord, I feel that I have done wrong. It is because of your impurity, Eric. But, this impurity you had was without the full knowledge you have now. Do not repeat it, go to communion tomorrow, and seek to be clean from this point further.

Lord, am I really fit for the priesthood? Am I really to be called? You respect the opinions of Father Edward Becker? Yes, O’ Lord. Then respect him when he calls you to serve. Amen.

As for your house, Werewolf will see to its protection. And a new resident will reside in the Master Bedroom when everyone who had a COVID-19 vaccination is dead. And that will be your niece, Aislyn Brianna Dunstan, an equal heir to you of the Dunstan estate. The lock on her door will be replaced with keys known only to her and a security, and the private bathroom and shower to that room will be fixed. There shall be no dishonor done by Eric to his only surviving kin. I, Eric, have spoken.

Lord, I am ready for this event to take place. Lord, I have odd memories. They are not just memories. They actually happened.

Did I actually dance to tunes at Knott’s Berry Farm? Did I actually play Frogger in real life and get a better score than I ever did in the video game? Was I actually there? Anyways, for the record, The Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Eric, you have entered the Ludicrous Zone. The next zone you shall enter shall be the the Popcorn Zone. For in that zone, it will be like your in a world where the song, Popcorn, gets played over and over again, a song made by Hot Butter. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

There’s a disturbance in the Force

Lightning seen from one end of the heavens to the other.

Chronicles of Eternity, Book 3: Post XXIV:
I WHO AM AM. Through Eric AM I speaking. In Eric’s Knowledge of English AM I expressing Myself. By Eric’s knowledge of a great many things do I appear as knowing full well what I AM speaking of to you.

I have sent Eric to prepare Earth for My soon arrival. And what has the earth done? How have the world received My Harbinger? How has Eric been welcomed anywhere? I will now tell you, now that there is no more chance to change anything.

Eric has been rejected. Only while among the homeless has Eric found people who practice the gospel. Ask a homeless person where the bathrooms are, he will tell him. Ask a homeless person where the water is, he will tell him. You can have expensive shit and the homeless won’t rob you.

But just go up one rung, say to a homeless shelter, there you will find no love, only hatred. And the higher you go, the less likely you will get help.

Lord, I know this is off subject, but since my arrest, if you call it that, my dick has been limp. A few times I thought I was commanded to masturbate, but it was no use. What is going on, O’ Virgin Queen?

Those attempts were to demonstrate to you, lord Azurite, that you will never again achieve ejaculation except as I will it. And I will never will it until I have lain with you flesh to flesh. For I Am your primary wife. All other wives you are to have are wives chosen by my leave.

Remember how the wife can permit unmarried servants of hers to enter marital relations with her husband. I have many servants. And at least seven thousand fulfill the requirements you have made to accept as your wife.

Then, O’ Virgin Mary, is the 8th heaven the location of the Queen’s Gardens?

Yes, and the only ones permitted entry are Mary, Eric, Hyacinth, the Seven Thousand Wives of Eric, and the Angels of God. Amen.

The lower realms and the higher realms break about by the dissolution of the physical and astral planes of existence. Understand the twelve realms as such:

9: God Plane, Throne of Jesus.
8: Queen and her Gardens
7: Higher Super Plane
6: Super Plane
5: Spiritual Interior Plane
4: Higher Mental Plane
3: Mental Plane
2: Astral Plane
1: Physical Plane
-1: Wondering Demon Plane
-2: Tortured Demons Plane
-3: Accelerated Torturing of Demons Plane

Next form of reality after the collision of the two earths that are ghosts to each other:

9: God Plane, Throne of Jesus.
8: Queen and her Gardens
7: Higher Super Plane
6: Super Plane
5: Spiritual Interior Plane
4: Higher Mental Plane
3: Mental Plane
2: (void)
1: (void)
-1: Wondering Demon Plane
-2: Tortured Demons Plane
-3: Accelerated Torturing of Demons Plane

Note that with those two planes of existence eliminated, so also eliminates all chance to travel from the above to the below and from the below to the above.

This brings this post to its completion.

Lord, I have one quick question.


Will I be tested again? Will I be sent police to arrest me again?

There is a police officer, that one called Toni McBride. She will come to you and ask if you wish for her to bodyguard you. And you must say Yes. But do not let her sleep with you. And do not let anything sexual occur, for doing so is the downfall of all men.

Good, I will be looking forward to this. And let her know that her marital status is hers to know. I do not need to know it. For I am doing nothing to violate it. She may even have zoom calls with whomever she wishes to on the computer I have setup for my parents to use. She can sit there and watch TV at the same. For body guarding me is safe, unless someone is actually trying to kill me.

But I know every way in and out of property. If someone is actually trying to kill me, instead of trying to merely defend me, I will propose a way to find out who it is.

Of course, if it is a dude who is to bodyguard me, I can work with that too. Bottom line is that if an attempt is made on Eric’s life, it must be credibly be determined if the threat is domestic or foreign. And also, let us not forget that there may be more than one worm in the can.

But bottom line is that we cannot just sit on our laurels and wait for someone to make an attempt.

And as for forcing people to take the vaccination, that is a no no, Joe Biden. Remember the childhood rhyme:

Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden;
Barrack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden.

All four are linked. Now I must go and get my car. It is repaired. Amen.