The Holy Virgin’s love for Eric, the Emerald King

Like the union of polar opposites, the Holy Virgin’s love for her eternal husband is legendary.

The Marian Wife Chronicles, Book 1: Post VII:
I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am the eternal wife of Eric, the Virgin Prince of the Second Coming. Eric is the Elijah who was to come, the Great Monarch, the one who broke the Iron Curtain and ended the Cold War between the East and the West. He was followed by many imitators, but none could duplicate him or his supreme command. All who tried have been put to utter shame. Two females followed Eric. One was Vesper, the ruler who took over Eric’s Emerald Reign, making it her Vespertine Reign, and who destroyed what Eric had built. Her primary Pawn, the 42nd President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton, is the one of Revelation 13:18 whose name adds up to 666 in both the gematria of Greek and the gematria of Hebrew. God’s hand, by that sign, is pointing directly at that one.

The other female who followed Eric was Firefly, whose name is now Vespera. She entered a marriage contract with Eric by which she has his last name: Vespera Dunstan. She was launched into this game called Earth, not by Eric, but by Twilight, the man who most wanted to replace Eric in glory and power. Twilight’s primary Pawn, the 43rd President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, or George Bush II, was an abject failure of a President, but one who Eric, nevertheless, successfully converted at the end of his Presidency. Amen.

Twilight brought Firefly into the game as his potential ally in the race for President for 2008. His primary Pawn in that race, Presidential candidate Senator John McCain had as his running mate Sarah Palin, who was the first sign of Vespera’s strength. But her strong personality destroyed the campaign of John McCain and cost him the election. The ensuing blame of the GOP on Sarah Palin caused a rift between Firefly and Twilight such that she entered an alliance with Emerald, the more ancient Player belonging to the same political party.

Vespera’s alliance to Emerald proved productive in that it led to the unexpected victory of Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016. And in Trump’s single term, Vespera, allied to Emerald, put enough Supreme Court justices onto the Supreme Court to enable the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. An unlikely pair, the alliance between these two have proven useful to God in His war against the wicked of America. And by this alliance, America is still standing.

Vesper, whose Pawns, the Clintons, were pure evil, also had a change of heart, and entered an alliance with Eric the Emerald under the new name, Millennial Girl. Millennial Girl is a spiritual ally to Eric and has been assigned to be his ambassador to Russia. For understand that Eric is the True Monarch of California. And as ruler of that land, he is the ruler of the world’s fifth largest economy. And his chosen capital of his land is the House of Emerald, where he lives. The House of Emerald is located in the Sunshine Estates of Whittier, a city whose second name is the White City. Within the White City is a Roman Catholic Church called the White Church. It is controlled by a religious order known as the Redemptorists. Its official name is Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, but is called the White Church due to the color of the Church above the red bricks that form its base. It is said that should Eric, the Prince of the End Times, should he ever marry, it would be in that Church that the wedding would take place.

Eric has a Church of his Domicile, which cannot be changed, Saint Bruno Catholic Church, the one Catholic Church within viable walking distance from Eric’s house. God does not permit that Church to cease to be Eric’s Church of Domicile. The current pastor of that Church was once a good friend to Eric, but he turned his heal against him and betrayed the Son of Jesus and had him cast out of the Church of his Domicile for reasons that make no sense. The allegations by the priest that Eric was threatening anyone are false. No police record exists to collaborate such a claim. The demand that Eric undergo medical treatment and take certain unknown medications to be permitted to return to that Church are an illegal act by the priest who has no license to practice medicine to make himself out to have such medical authority. The priest lacked any justification to ban Eric from the Church. The act of Eric at the time of his being banned was his conducting a private rosary before a statue of Mary with the goal of achieving miracles from her for the sake of two men serving a wedding who asked Eric for such miracles. Their requests were written by Eric on a paper plate. Eric, upon being ordered to depart from the Church by Father Dave Heney, gave the plate to the priest as he departed. Eric proclaimed his innocence as he departed the Church to the people gathered for the wedding. Dave Heney, in his eye witness of this act, testified falsely against Eric that he heard Eric threatening women. Such were simply one of many flat out lies the pastor was to testify against Eric, the husband to Mary, and the Son of Jesus, who was told to leave the Church for doing no wrong whatsoever. Amen.

The sudden decision by the pastor to cast Eric from the Church is directly linked to the end of Eric giving a tithe to the Church. Eric’s practice of tithing was extraordinarily devout. But he was suddenly commanded not to pay the tithe by God when he reached for a check to make out his usual double tithe. For Eric double tithed the Lord to ensure that he never underpaid Him. This command came, as Eric clearly recalled, but a day or two after he heard proclaimed in heaven our marriage was official. That Eric had become my husband preceded Eric being commanded to tithe no more. And Eric, a man who researches scientific and historical knowledge prior to seeking the answer from God, found that the tithe, in ancient Catholic practice, was established to be the burden of the poor. The ancient laws, which were never revoked, say that royalty and those of the high classes are never to be subjected to the tithe, but are to give, instead, on a voluntary basis, lands and personal wealth to the Church as gifts. These laws, which God enforced on Eric, say Eric, by his marriage to me, is no longer to be subjected to the tithe. For my status as Queen Mother makes whoever is my husband a Prince Consort. Eric is my only husband. Joseph ceased to have that status upon his death and return to dust. Note that I am immortal like Eric. I never died and I can never die. Only if we were were to have sex would this status of our immortality be taken from us. But the Father has assured me that Eric’s love and loyalty for me has made him chose me over sex. There is no other man in Creation I could have found that would be a better match to me. He was shown to me by my eternal spouse, the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit, by my choice of Eric, has come to dwell in Eric as intensely as He dwells in me. That is why no one ever touches this one. He is under that Divine Person’s direct control.

Eric can never even walk into a child walking in front of him unseen. For the Holy Spirit, who delights in Eric, stops him whenever that happens. Eric’s car can never crash, no matter how tired and fatigued Eric ever is. For the Holy Spirit dwells even in his car. Eric’s House of Emerald is the most protected slice of real estate on the planet. No one can step on that property without incurring a curse, unless he or she comes as a true friend. Protecting that property is now Saint Michael and his army of Seraphim. For when the statue of Saint Michael was taken away by Eric’s father, the archangel is now avowed to defend the property himself. He is there now, even though his statue is gone. God Himself commanded Eric to restore the statues that now reappear there on the front yard. The Jewelry that once beautified the girl in green has been taken by Eric’s father. But no one has dared to take the jewelry that bedecks the statue of Mary, except for a little girl, who stole the golden crucifix. Mary commanded that Eric replace the crucifix with a silver Ankh. And such is what now is there on the belly of the Immaculate Queen.

On the sacred tree are now two crosses. The lower is clearly Celtic. The higher one, in gold, is a Crucifix. This is a sacred tree. A dryad shall be called to come and protect it. Once the dryad is firmly established, whatever female attempts to rob anything on Eric’s property will answer to her. For the Seraphim put under Eric were intended to fight only males, not females. Amen.

The name of the sacred tree is The White Tree. Its species is kind of Chinese Tallow. In the winter, it appears identical to the White Tree on top of the White City in the Lord of the Rings. It is the Tree of Kings.

Eric, my lover, do you have anything to ask me now?

Am I to be H2O with you and another girl?

The police officer who arrested you, giving you your second arrest in your entire life, she is now deeply in love with you. And I have chosen her to be the second wife you are to have, second only to me. She has one daughter. She once asked about our daughter. I should now mention the truth about Hyacinth, the adopted daughter of Mary and Eric. I gave her to Eric so help him. But she is no longer of use for him. For she cannot retain his instructions. She cannot serve as his disciple.

Instead, Officer Gerardo, who is secretly in love with Eric, will serve as Eric’s disciple. And he will teach her, and whoever else in her household wishes to be taught, including her daughter. For you are as the last of the Jedi. And you will teach this woman to be the Jedi Master to succeed you, Eric. Amen. But as you are to never die, Eric, you are to reign over the House of Emerald forever.

What about Lily, the homeless girl who was to be the mother of the second Christ child?

That was a lovely fiction, Eric. And though homeless girls may indeed love thee, thou are the possession of this officer now. And in the White Church, thou shalt wed her, if she chooses to enter the celibate path with you, Eric.

For I, the Holy Virgin, remember this girl looking upon me in my tiara, and I saw that she was falling in love with you, Eric. She was particularly fascinated by the blue ring on my forehead. For the gemstone is clearly seen. And its beauty perfects me.

It was then that it was realized that her heart would go to you, Eric. I have seen love throughout my life. And her love is true. Accept her love for thee, Eric. I have no more to say on this matter, except what I will say to thee in thy heart.

Mary, why is it that I am often unable to recognize people I see briefly? But if I see the scene in a movie once, I can name what movie it came from, if I ever saw that movie?

Your gifts are what the Father has blessed you with, Eric. He who is given abundantly, abundance will be expected from him. And to he who is given only a little, a little is still expected from him. But everyone is assigned a place by the Father. And woe to the one who rejects producing his share of what is expected of him. Your father, Robert Frank Dunstan, is just such a person. And your judgement of him, I seconded, for we are now co-judges of the whole world. I cried at my condemnation of your father, Eric. But my judgement must be sound like yours. And now that we have judged him, expect his removal soon from here. For no one stays once we both have condemned him. Amen.

Father, what is the significance of our first co-ruled judgement together?

The fact that the Witch King shares power with his Queen is the sign that love has now triumphed forever in My Kingdom of Heaven. It is a right that can never be taken from you Mary. I, Jesus, have given you to Eric as his eternal gift. That Eric has followed Me perfectly shows that He is Mine in perfection. For I gave Eric extraordinary beauty, not merely to attract the Queen of Heaven to him, but to put this man to the test. For the man desired by women who sacrifices the married life to serve Me and My higher calling of him is worthy of great praise. He shall be exalted forever in My Kingdom. And I have put a mark on his soul. Death is never to touch him. His immortality is perfect. And whoever is a lover to him will inherit that gift as well. Hence, the wife he is given to be celibate with him shall live forever as he shall.

Jesus, you speak of the woman as though she is not yet chosen.

She has been chosen, but the mind of God does not reveal His hand until it is perfect. Let Officer Gerardo be her in your mind. For I love her too. She will either triumph or fail. The test that she undergoes, we cannot predetermine nor predestine the outcome. For free will is real and everyone has it. Be kind to her, and she will love you in the end. That is all I will say for now. I WHO AM have spoken. And I will be your friend and brother unto the End of Time. Amen.

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