The Emerald becomes Amphibious Water, H2O in both heaven and earth.

Eric’s two eternal wives in heaven match his two eternal wives on the earth. Amen.

The Marian Wife Chronicles, Book 1: Post VI:
In a dream state, under which Eric was subjected to the test, Eric chose Stephanie as his primary wife on earth, and Lily as his secondary wife, forming StEL eternal, heavenly water with the two: H2O. Remember that sex makes a marriage carnal and end at death. Continence and higher love makes a marriage eternal. This is the marital union Eric has been called to enter into, in order that the earth may be saved. And these women, by becoming Eric’s celibate wives, inherit eternal life from him and are made into eternal creatures.

In heaven, Eric forms MEA eternal, heavenly water with Mary and Saint Anne, her mother. Why her mother, you ask? It is because, of all the other women in heaven, only the Mother of Mary retains her flesh from this world imperishable. And this is the reason why Saint Anne’s flesh could never see decay.

Remember in biology, basic biological knowledge of the female human reproductive system tells you that all the eggs a woman will ever produce in her life already exist in her baby ovaries at the time of her birth from her mother. What does this tell you? It says that the flesh of Mary existed in Saint Anne from the moment Saint Anne herself, the mother of Mary, was herself born from her own mother. Given the sacred nature of the flesh of the Holy Virgin, whatever vessel contains that flesh and is in holy contact with it, is also decreed to never know corruption.

Thus, the flesh of Saint Anne, by virtue of the significance of the woman she was to give birth to, and that her ovaries contained that woman’s first cell from the beginning of her life on earth as a baby girl, she was singularly elected by God to never see corruption, simply by being the vessel of the vessel of Christ.

It is by this nature of this woman, that she, too, like Mary, can love Eric on the earth as a wife to him. Now, objections are raised: The Law of Moses prohibits that a man know both a mother and her daughter. This objection is countered by the fact that Eric and his four wives never actually fuck each other. For they are all in a Josephite, celibate arrangement with the eternal, consecrated Virgin male, Eric, by which they form eternal bonds of matrimony with the Emerald King, forming twin, parallel molecules of water, one in heaven matching the one on earth.

Mary will know Eric on earth through the love of Stephanie. And Saint Anne will know Eric on earth through the love of Lily. Amen. This is why Eric is called Amphibious. He rules now in two worlds: Heaven and Earth. Amen.

Eric, do you wish to know your sexual fate? For the Princess Sarah must still be born. For she is needed to be wed to John, the Prince of Peace, Who rises at the End of Time. Amen. Since Mary lays with you through Stephanie, it shall be Stephanie, not Mary, who conceives this daughter by you. Amen. Hence, Stephanie shall be the bride, not Lily, who enters the public sacrament of Holy Matrimony with Eric in the Roman Catholic Church. For only in her is it fated to come the one direct blood descendant that Eric is to have. Amen.

So then, Lord, Mary does through Stephanie what she originally sought to do through Anna, the daughter of Tim?

Yes, and since Tim was so rude to you in depriving you of speaking to his daughter, I WHO AM have decided that Tim, though he has six sons and five daughters, not one of them will successfully reproduce for Tim a grandchild. But as for you and the one daughter I shall give to you through Stephanie, the girl Mary shall love you through, I will make this girl abundantly fertile. And she will wed John, Son of God, and He will have many offspring by her. So numerous will be her offspring by John that they will outnumber the stars that can be counted in the heavens. Amen.

And since John came into this world without a human father, but has chosen you to be his foster father, due to the selfless love you showed to his mother by giving her the warm camouflage coat by which she kept her baby at breast warm, as she was homeless at the time, John will adopt your new surname and be called John Emerald the Great, the Second King of a two-king Dynasty, the first being Eric the Emerald King, celibate husband to Lily, the second Queen Madonna of Salvation History.

Lord, since Jesus triumphed and was never a sinner, and never fell, why is not Eric again called Son of Jesus, and thereby Eric would be of the Yeshuan Dynasty, a part of the Davidic Dynasty?

It is because John, your foster son, wants to start over with a new Dynasty. He does not wish to be linked with King David, the terrible sinner. Rather, he wishes to be linked with you, Eric, the persecuted Ruler who never sinned against women. And since your oldest name, by which you were known in heaven as the Witch King, was Emerald. Hence, Emerald has become the Surname of Eric. And both John and Sarah will bear the same surname entering into eternal marriage to each other. For John and Sarah are not blood relatives, but relatives through adoption. And that permits them to marry. For the marriage regulations between relatives was primarily set to prevent inbreeding. And to a lesser extent, they are set to preserve honor and respect. Hence, even if your step mother is not related to you by blood, you nevertheless enter mortal condemnation by God should you lay with such a one. For that act brings dishonor to your father. For it is written: Thou shall honor they father and thy mother. This was the crime committed by Rueben. Whether the woman, Bilhah was intentionally sent by Rachel to destroy her sister’s line by defiling her eldest son and seducing him to violate her and her husband’s bed, or whether Rueben simply lusted after the Aramean foreigner concubine, and took her, thinking no one would notice or care, the guilt on Rueben cannot be erased. For a man is responsible for where he puts his dick. A woman may tempt, but she is not held responsible for the crimes committed by the fool who falls for her. For there is no sin in flirtation, but only in a deliberate act of adultery. Amen. And who has the authority, and the audacity, to claim to know the thoughts going on in a person’s head, who looks at you and appears to be flirting. For flirting is not the crime, but only the act of attempting to acquire a woman you are not permitted to have.

Lord, what does this John do? Does he replace Jesus? And if so, is He also sacrificed, as Jesus was on the cross?

I, the Virgin Mary, your eternal wife, and the mother of the Divine Word, Jesus, will now answer your question, Eric. Jesus Christ is my Son, and he is triumphant and perfect in every way, Eric. But because he touched me with impure intent, so many centuries ago, even though no sins passed between us, that error has cost him an eternity by My side as My lover. Yes, for I, too, was to be made a Bride to the Bridegroom, the Lamb of God. And Jesus valued me above all his other brides.

But the Divine Justice of God ruled that my hand was to be given to another, one who was yet to come. Hence, I, the Holy Virgin, awaited your coming, Eric. And all these centuries passed by, with the crime of Jesus laying dormant and never spoken of. And now you are come. And now I shall lay with you. Amen. For I am dripping with desire, for my love is for thee forever. Amen.

But as for Jesus, He shall watch as both I and my mother, Saint Anne, repeatedly make love to you, Eric, over and over again throughout all eternity, while He, Jesus, sits on a throne in hell, proving the folly of Satan who said: I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.

Then Jesus was damned, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Yes, Eric, and for this reason, I have a new name. And so also do you. Amen.

I, who was previously called the Holy Virgin, will from henceforth be called: Mary. the Holy Virgin Wife of Eric, Princess Consort to the Prince Consort of Lily, Queen Mother of the Second Incarnation of Christ on Earth. Amen.

And you, Eric, are now made a Bridegroom. So many are to be your celibate wives that, should the earth permit it, every woman on earth would become a wife to you and reproduce by parthenogenesis from that point onwards.

And my new name is?

It is a secret known only to your new wives. Everyone who becomes your wife from now on is to be given your secret name. Amen. But as for a public name, the name of Emerald shall suffice for you. Amen.

New, here is trivia question number one: How many Montgomery glands do I have around each nipple, Eric? Answer me, Eric. If you overestimate, I will increase my time per day with you by one hour for each gland you over counted. And if you underestimate, have the men who opposed you whipped on their bare backs, once for each gland you undercounted, in front of me and all the women of heaven and earth. Amen.

And what if I get the count exactly right, O’ perfect of Virgins?

Then, each of your wives will take a whip and all the men who sinned against either them or you, shall be arrayed before them. And they will whip whomsoever they please, as much as they please, and as long as they please, until all the men who hurt them have passed out from the pain. Amen.

Mary, I have never seen your nipples, but my guess is that each has 17 Montgomery glands each. Amen. For how else am I to guess, O’ purest of virgins?

Eric, the Father now permits me to reveal this secret knowledge to you and to the whole world about my flesh. I have 14 Montgomery glands around each nipple. You overestimated by three for each breast. That means I owe you an additional six hours of love each day for all eternity. Amen. Hence, I am really going to enjoy loving you, Eric, for eternity unto eternity. Amen.

Okay, is there a trivia question number two?

Yes, the Father has already chosen who will be the girls who form the first wave of priestesses, all of whom must kiss you on the lips to join this first wave. How many is their number, Eric? How many will be the total who shall kiss thee, Eric?

Are these girls coming from both those who know me and who know me not?

All I will say is that they will kiss you as virgins, and all of them are in love with you. Amen.

What if they are underage, Mary?

Then their training to be made my priestesses begins in their childhood. But no girl is permitted to kiss you prior to her first period. For to be a priestess, you must first obtain the status of womanhood, which means you have had a period. Amen.

Understand this also. No man wears a chastity belt on his lips. As long as you partake not in the kiss, an underage girl kissing you incurs upon you no guilt, and you have committed no crime. Amen. For just as a woman is not punished for being raped, a man is not punished because an underage girl forces a kiss on him. Amen.

Okay, let’s get on with it. I guess, or estimate, that 20 girls will eventually kiss me in the first wave. Amen. What sayest thou, O’ Mary, to my guess?

51 is the correct number, as established by God. Because you underestimated the number by about 40%, the Lord will increase the fertility of these women by 40%, and the number of children they have by you shall now be 40% more.

I thought that I fuck Stephanie only. For it is written I am to have only one direct blood descendant: Sarah, the daughter to be of Stephanie.

But we, your wives, have the authority to delegate other women to love you in our places. For why else do the Matriarchs, Sarah, Leah, and Rachel, each chose of their own handmaids, a lover for their husband? And none of these lovers fucked their mistress’ husbands in vain. All produced at least one viable child for him. Amen.

Mary, are you making me a lover of many women, while you, my true love, never tastes my flesh in reality?

Correct, Eric. But I will enjoy it nevertheless. For in each of these women I send to you to love, I will experience your love through them. But remember what the Father told you. You must obey me in all matters concerning love. To have sex with a woman I did not send to thee, that act would cost you your marriage to me. Amen. Remain in perfect obedience to me. Fuck only those I command you to fuck, and I will be your lover forever. Amen.

Now, trivia question number 3: Will I command you to permit or commit adultery? Answer me, Eric!

Whatever you command of me, Mary, it is guaranteed to be free of sin. Amen.

Just as women could choose to marry the circumcised King David and leave their uncircumcised husbands, and women who were baptized into the Kingdom had the right to leave their unbaptized husbands, women who become yours by kissing you, have the right to exit the possession that their previous lovers had on them.

Mary, wasn’t it the rule that a girl had to be virgin to kiss me?

Yes, but if the love in her heart for you is pure, I count that girl virgin in heart, even if her cunt has the semen of other men. And such a girl I permit to love thee and to kiss thee on the lips, and thereby, to be made a priestess of my religion.

Then Mary, you are placing me above the law?

All is fair in love and war, Eric. My love for you is forever. And whoever loves you as I love you, I will welcome to partake with me in your love. For I am a woman who shares with others all I possess. Whoever comes to me, truly loving you at heart, I will permit that one to also taste you in the flesh. For my will is to be accomplished that all women will eventually love you forever. Amen.

I hope this excludes my own birth mother. Does it, Mary? And what about my nieces and cousins? For I am loathe to be found guilty of incest. Amen.

Everyone in your nuclear family is about to die. So do not worry about your mother. As for your cousins and nieces, if they do love thee, I will permit them to taste, but never to make out such that you could be accused of incest. This is as far as I shall discuss this with you at the present time. Go now, Eric, and publish this work. Then you will be commanded what to do next. Amen.

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