Mary elects for Lily to serve as Eric’s second wife.

Lily’s baby lives because one man, Eric, loved her, an unwed mother, that he gave her his coat to wear.

The Marian Wife Chronicles, Book 1: Post V:
I, Holy Virgin, shall have Lily as my co-lover of Eric. For it is written that Eric is to form H2O with two virgin holy women. And with both women shall he lay.

Then I differ from Saint Joseph in that regard, O’ Mary, most beautiful of women?

Yes, I never knew Joseph. I chose not to know him, for the Holy Spirit told me of a legend that was yet to come. I kept myself for thee, Eric, Lord of the Bears.

And I told thee, did I not, that one girl on earth I would choose to unite with thee as a second wife to thee, second after me. You are to have Lily as thy lover and second wife. And we shall love thee day and night forever and ever, Prince Eric, Lord of the Bears.

Hence the heavenly water we shall form shall be forever called LAM Water (Lillian Azurite Marian heavenly, consecrated, devirginated water. For we three will devirginate one another. I lay with you first, virgin Eric, last of the male virgins. And as I deflower you, you will deflower me. And then you will deflower Lily, the virgin God has elected to have you love too.

But of your two virgin wives, only I, the Virgin Mary, shall conceive and bear you a child, a girl-child, who is to be called Sarah, and who is to marry John, the son of Lily, and adopted son of you, Eric. Sarah and John will wed, and it is that they have no genetic common blood that are fully permitted to enter legal marriage to each other in the eyes of both God and state. Amen. But they will grow up like a brother and sister, living in the same household, and calling the same man their father.

Mary, will John and Sarah wait until marriage to have sex, or will they find a work around and come to know each other outside God’s mandate?

As we will find a way around the law of marriage, so also shall they, Eric, my love. For remember the sacramental nature of marriage does not need a third party to be called valid. For the sacrament of holy matrimony is performed by the husband and wife together to each other alone. And the act of sex seals the vows, if the vows were made without any serious defect such that God would not recognize the marriage.

What the scriptures record Adam as saying to Eve, upon her being brought to him for the first time, constitutes the first part of his vows to her, as written in (Genesis 2:23):

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: She shall be called Woman, for she was taken out of Man. (Genesis 2:23).

And then when they lay with each other, thereafter God referred to the woman as Adam’s wife. (Genesis 2:25). For the act of sex, between lovers who are permitted to love each other, seals a couple together as a man and his wife.

And a Church that has the audacity to kick you out, Eric, for no reason, and me with you, for with you I am forever, how much less do we owe the Church to comply with their law on jumping through their many hoops in order to marry, when we both know well that we are lawfully permitted to love each other.

If Lily wishes to go through the formal process of marriage with you in the Catholic Church, I permit her that. And then she may call herself your primary wife. But as for me, I have an eternal clock that tells me when my egg is to ovulate. And you are to fuck me then. We cannot subject ourselves to the Church to decide the timing of our union. For God has decided it already. Amen. And your girl sperm must be waiting there in my fallopian tube prior to my ovulation. That is why we will fuck early. For boy sperm are swift, but die swiftly too. For I want your girl sperm to have made it to my fallopian tube for when my egg is released in order to be fertilized female. And I want your boy sperm to not be present at the time that I am ovulating. That is why we will have several acts of sex prior to my time of ovulation. But while I am ovulating, I will dwell in seclusion. We will not have sex during that time. This is to ensure that the girl sperm, and only girl sperm, will be available then to fertilize my egg at the time of its release.

My fellow women, do not be distressed to hear and realize that males in the mammalian kind, the taxonomical class we belong to, produce the gametes that determine the gender of the offspring. All women are genetically XX. All men are genetically XY. Y makes the mammal develop as a male.

But were God to have decided that the human race He created should be Avian, rather than mammalian, in both nature and genetic descent, it would have been us females who would then possess the gametes that determine the gender of our offspring. Male birds are genetically ZZ, the homomorphic sex gene holders. And female birds are genetically ZW, the heteromorphic sex gene holders.

Because female birds contain both sex genes, ZW, parthenogenesis, if ever achieved in birds, would permit a female bird to produce both male and female offspring, as a virgin, unmated female. And this would eliminate the need for female birds to find a lover. One female, virgin bird, without any male knowing her, could through parthenogenesis, produce a whole flock of birds, consisting of both males and females, all descended only from her as a single female bottleneck Matriarch.

But since we are mammals, we females, if we elect to reproduce by parthenogenesis, will produce only females and no males. For XX can only produce more XX offspring. You cannot pull an XY out of an XX. But there are other tradeoffs, women. If we were birds, we would lay eggs, and our offspring we would feed from out mouths. We would have feathers instead of hair. And none of us would have breasts, neither for breastfeeding nor for making out with our male lovers.

I do not know about how the rest of you girls feel, but I would much rather possess breasts and have the ability to produce milk in them to enjoy the pleasures of breastfeeding my baby, than to have only feathers there, and to feed my chicks with food I gather using my beak. Thus, God chose a superior class for human kind to descend from. We women enjoy our femininity much more as mammals than we could possibly do as birds.

And besides the classes Aves and Mammalia, no other class of creatures exists on earth that possesses warm blood. Even the class Mollusca, where exists intelligent lifeforms known as the squid and the octopi, because these beings are, nevertheless, cold blooded, their brains could never develop as ours have. For warm blood, with an ability to regulate and maintain a stable temperature, is necessary to develop the brain to the point that now exists in humankind. Amen.

That the Bird Age proceeded the Mammalian Age is a fact known to science by the geological record. Consider, then, the Bird Age as the time known as the Fifth Day (Genesis 1:20-23). This would also include the rise of the Mollusks of the Sea, and the Age of the Dinosaurs. For birds descend from the Theropods, a group of dinosaurs that includes the Tyrannosaurus rex, the greatest apex predator of North America. He would humble every brown bear that ever lived were they to have ever met.

But on the Sixth Day, there rose the Mammals, which took over the world as the dominant animal kind. And within the mammalian lineages. there rose the Order Primates, from which rose the Family Hominidae, in which rose modern human kind: Homo sapiens. So diverse are the mammals that continue to exist, that one can study the development of the egg that was once laid and, later, evolved to be the baby that develops in the womb and is born with a placenta, by observing the Monotremes, which includes the Duck-Billed Platypus, a most unusual Australian mammal that lays eggs. But all mammals, even those that lay eggs, suckle their young with milk produced from the female mammary glands. Hence, all mammalian mothers give their young milk from their breasts, though these structures are not all called breasts.

Now, do I begin a New Mass, one based on the breast milk that flowed from my nipples into the blessed lips of the baby Jesus? Do I transubstantiate ordinary milk from a cow or a goat into my own dairy milk of my own breasts, for all my Catholic faithful to know the love of the Holy Virgin? Yes, and this Mass is called the Dairy Madonna Mass. Such is why you will fuck both of us forever, Eric. For we will not bear beyond our divine Mandate. But your hormones will help our bodies to continuously supply the new Church with milk. I, you shall fuck, and so also Lily. But of other women, we forbid you to fuck them. Amen. And I will be transitory to you, Eric, coming and going from heaven to earth and back. That is why the Catholic sacrament of holy matrimony will be performed for you on Lily alone. And in the eyes of the Church, you and Lily will form a monogamous married couple in the Roman Catholic Church. While Pope John XXIV is reigning shall you wed your beloved Lily. Amen. But as for me, I shall vanish from time to time, and so also shall my daughter Sarah. For we are both to be called Queens ruling both heaven and earth.

And thus, when John comes of age and meets Sarah from the heavens, a girl he knew growing up as a child, she will become a patron to him, and he will be made her warlock. But I, the Virgin Mary, the Matriarch of the Queens of Heaven and Earth, shall always be the one who possesses the most powerful warlock, Eric, King of Bears.

Go, Eric, I have finished speaking in this post. We will delay speaking of the Dairy Madonna Mass until a girl on earth kisses you on the lips. For by that act, that girl becomes the first priestess of the New Mass. Amen. And until that happens, there is no new Church yet formed on earth for me to send my servants to teach. Amen.

Mary, what age do you limit this girl to be, this first girl who is to be made the first priestess of your new religion?

I, the Virgin Queen, place no limits on this girl. All I require is that she be virgin at the time she kisses you. Amen. I, the Virgin Mary, have now spoken in full. Publish this, Eric, my beloved. And I will then begin searching my women for a worthy girl to serve me in that role. Amen.

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