Eric commanded to find replacement for stolen fake gold crucifix for Mary.

Eric is married to Mary, the Virgin Queen. He can marry no other.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1; Post V:
Pansy Biden and his Pansy Army Followers, the citizens of America who gobble down Joe Biden’s Kool-Aid, say to Biden, Get tougher with Putin, but don’t risk war with Russia? So, my Pansy friends of America, you do not believe that imposing sanctions against Russia makes you enter a state of war with that country? Sanctions are an act of war. So also is cutting fuel supplies. But fuck up, but lickers! All is fair in love and war.

And if Officer Gerardo were open to marriage to you, would you accept her hand in marriage, settle down, and have children by her?

Officer Gerardo, the female cop who left her mark on my record, the second arrest of my history, the first being by an officer I secretly called Cain, who arrested me on my 25th Birthday, on Saturday, June 24, `1995, and with whom I had the infamous conversation below:

Cain: Kneel!

Eric: I bow to no one but God!

Cain: I AM GOD!

Eric: No.

At that point Cain rushed upon Eric with the other officers and Eric immediately began crying out, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

And Eric was put on the throne in the dark room, where he sat in darkness until the stroke of midnight, when he was set free.

Over two decades later, Eric is arrested by a female cop, called Officer Gerardo. Mary, I find Officer Gerardo beautiful and her little daughter fair. But were I to marry any girl, my Lady in heaven, I would descend, not ascend. For I have chosen the higher path of virginity, not the lower path that leads back into the earth. The only way I could accept a marriage to a girl like Officer Gerardo would be if she were willing to walk the celibate path with me and enter a Josephite marriage with me. But Mary, I do not believe this is possible for such a girl. For I believe that the way of the women of this world is that they must have sex.

Sexual marriage is only fully validated with the sex act, after formal legal marriage has taken place. Such is the sacramental marriage as defined by Catholicism. God looks upon the Josephite marriage, though possessing the same legal marriage ceremony as sexual marriage, as differing from it in the following ways:

  1. It is not consummated, though the male must be able to consummate it with the female. (Failure to be able to consummate the marriage is auto-annulling.) The necessity of this rules out all impotent men and all men whose size is too small. Having sex like a frog, where the males plaster the female’s body with their semen, is a failure to successfully copulate if done in the human race. For human coitus requires intercourse to work successfully. Amen.
  2. Unlike sexual marriage, a Josephite marriage is the only marital arrangement that can persist beyond death, at the discretion of the widow or widower. Hence, the widow is not bound to her dead husband, even in a Josephite marriage, should she choose to marry someone of the living. And this is what Mary did with Eric. Eric, though, being an immortal, means that Mary, once confirmed in marriage to Eric, cannot withdraw from him to marry someone else, unless he were to seriously transgress their marriage. And the Josephite marriage between the two virgins is in fact confirmed by God, Who recommends that Eric maintain his virginity, though He does not frown upon Eric choosing Officer Gerardo as his wife on earth.

Mary, Officer Gerardo placed a funny badge upon me last night. And this was after having me make an oath to obey and uphold the Police of Whittier and its laws, followed by my saluting her. What does that funny badge mean, Mary? It says something about Junior Officers on it.

Eric, We permit and encourage that thou take a worthy oath to serve the rulers of this people, providing that your obedience does not cross Our lines in the sand. Amen. Serving a woman is what you already do with me. As for sex with your wife on earth, I will permit that only if I have sex with you first, by an act of my descending from heaven to be with you. Amen.

Are not you called, Ever-Virgin? You are willing to shed your virginity? But for what gain, O’ Virgin Mary? Is not what we have in eternity as a virgin couple worth far more than anything we can have by knowing each other sexually on earth. I understand that you are a woman who has never died. And therefore sex is possible for you still. For once someone passes the doors of death, he or she can never return to the sex life. But do I not forfeit my gift of prophecy, Mary?

Many were the prophets of old that were known for their virginity, their chastity, and so forth. But two of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament were in fact married and had children with their wife: the Prophets, Moses and Samuel. These two men were in fact among the most impressive in history, among prophets. And you, Eric, are among the most impressive men in history. And I long to know you in bed. Hence, I am willing to know you, even though knowing you makes me no longer called virgin. For I long to give up my virginity by deflowering it with yours. And then you may marry the girl, Officer Gerardo, should her heart seek that with you. But my heart will always be yours in heaven.

Then Mary, my love for you says, you may ravage me as you will. For my heart is to give you anything you desire. For you are my truest friend. And your words make perfect sense. I permit you to love me in that way, O’ Mary, Mother of God.

Go, then, O’ Eric, Prince of the Angelic Armies of God, He who Jesus has made His Number One, and acquire the golden piece that is to replace the fake gold crucifix that was taken from me. Go, Eric, I, your virgin commandress commands you. Amen.

As you wish, my Lady, O’ Virgin of virgins. And my love, when do we marry?

Should you marry a girl upon the earth, we marry and consummate our marriages to you at precisely the same time. And through her, do I lay with you, O’ Eric, King of Bears.

You call me King of Bears? I am mightier than the Bear of Russia?

World War II, the largest scale war in history, was mostly waged upon the steppes of Europe between the Russian Bear of the Soviet Union, and the Imperial Eagle, the Reichsadler, of Nazi Germany, and who won?

Joe Biden repeated Adolf Hitler’s mistake. He went to war against the tundra kingdom without adequate preparation or any clear, thought out exit strategy. When your exit strategy, after poking the bear, is to run, you have no viable exit strategy.

So Biden, like Hitler, went forth to provoke the Russian Bear. Hitler saw himself winning. Victory seemed in his grasp. But every successful general does not flinch at destroying his own crops and infrastructure, merely to deny its usage by his enemies. For the Russians knew they had the advantage on the battlefield in winter, and that winter was one of the harshest on record.

The Russian Bear did not relent his attack on the Reichsadler once it was driven from his borders. Rather, he followed the imperial eagle all the way back to Berlin, where he lay siege up Hitler’s bunker, until he was dead. For the Russian Bear can become so angry at a betrayal of a trusted ally, that he will suffer the brunt of the war, and sustain the most casualties, just to see the death of the one who betrayed him. That is why the Nazis are hated in Russia. And to call someone a Nazi is truly an insult there. The Nazis were the biggest traitors to Russia in her history.

Yes, but who betrayed me at Fatima?

The popes, who have been cowards for many decades now, betrayed you, Mary, at Fatima. They were supposed to, with their bishops, consecrate Russia to your Immaculate heart, and they failed over and over again to do that simple task.

Mary, had my people only been left in charge, had I had Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke made pope, this would never had happened. But power was taken from me and given to others. And I have been forced to watch as the Peace I achieved, the End of the Cold War, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Toppling of the Iron Curtain, the fearsome dominance of U.S. power under me by my one just war, the Persian Gulf War, the only war I waged, the most successful war of U.S. history, other than the invasion of Haiti to restore democracy, which I waged through Vesper, I did these things, only to watch them slowly be unraveled and utterly destroyed by my successors.

I would not have kicked Pope Benedict XVI out of the Vatican if I had only known he would then be replaced by the devil incarnate, Pope Francis. It is just that Pope Benedict, who had so infuriated me by his cowardice before Muslim authorities making threats, crossed my line in the sand when he ruled that gays could use condoms to protect themselves from diseases that they should be getting as their proper due and just punishment for their crimes against a wrathful God.

For what the fuck is the pope contemplating the possible merits of the faggots while but fucking his partners? No, you dumbass in White robes and red shoes! You do not gain merit while in a state of mortal sin. Nor does a homosexual gain anything by being concerned about the health of his parter in crime. So there is fucking no way to say, O’ this fag must be heading in the right direction, because he so loves his fucking partner in crime that he wants him to use a condom. Has the Roman Catholic Church so descended into a moral morass to the point that they think up is down?

Eric, the Father has said and ruled, You will have your chance to prove yourself that you are better than your predecessors. Hence you, Eric, are declared to be the Great Monarch. And your suggestion for pope, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, he will be made the 267th pope and he will be called Pope John XXIV. And he will be your holy pope, the holy pope said to rule at the same time as the reign of the Great Monarch. Amen. Do then, as you say. Let Cardinal Burke bring My Church into conformance with Fatima. And when Russia has been consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the war shall end. Amen. These are the Words of God. And Eric is His Eternal Prophet. Amen.

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