Someone steals Mary’s worthless golden crucifix.

Mary has been dishonored by a member of Eric’s neighborhood. And Eric will find out who.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1; Post IV:
Jesus: You, Eric, do not be concerned about defending Mary’s honor. I will take care of that. And I will reveal what house the transgressor came from. But remember this, Eric, you, a bear of recovering strength, vengeance belongs to God. So leave her vengeance to Me. Amen.

Eric: I called the cops and Officer G. came. I will write Officer G.’s full name once I can do it justice. But here is the thing. Her solution to the problem would be to get a security camera system setup. She says I basically can cover everything with two cameras. And she showed me where to mount them.

Eric: I like Officer G.’s solution except for one thing. Her suggestion of which to try is lacking experience and understanding. I researched the Ring system she suggested. And it will not work under all conditions. What is the point of using a security system when that security system itself is full of holes.

Eric: A security system needs to work 100% of the time, and under 100% of all possible conditions, with the exception of a Terminator aiming his gun at it and shooting it. Here is why: If it fails in any known or predictable way or under any known or predictable circumstance, hackers and thieves merely exploit that weakness and break in and destroy and do their vandalism, and guess what. Your security system caught none of it.

Eric: Also, what genius thought of making a security system rely on an insecure link: An internet connection, through WiFi, and one that goes through your router, making a major hole for hackers to hack into your private home network, from Russia, China, and North Korea. I bet every such home security system that is sold in America has a corresponding For Dummies, How to Hack [Ring Security, for example] book available from black market publishers, that any hacker can obtain and buy and figure out, with step by step instructions that a toddler could follow.

Eric: Lord, when the power and internet collapse, I want my security system to continue to work. And I do not want to need the internet and power to come back up for me to rectreive my videos and to maintain my site’s security. For of what value is a security system if, when everything on my property is most vulnerable, I cannot access the fucking huge expensive white elephant I put there to protect everything.

Eric: Think dumbass sticks in the mud! You think you accomplish a worthy shit by installing a security system that fails when you need it most? That is like the asshole who buys an earthquake insurance policy that covers everything. But the dumbass did not think it though! What if the big one hits. That is the one that matters. Well guess what? All earthquake insurance providers are designed to go into bankruptcy protection in the event of the big one, and then, while the law figures out a solution, they quietly go out of business and skip out of town. So your house is covered, right? That is what your fucking piece of paper says, right? Now, go and attempt to use it for toilet paper. And you will get a double use out of it.

Eric: It is great to feel secure. To walk about knowing that you are covered with all matters taken care of. So if your a faggot, well you can walk proudly forward, rest assured that that bum you but fucked in the ally back there will not cause any harm to you regarding STDs simply because you just walk into the modern medicine and obtain your cure. And if they do not have it yet, all you need to do is pick up your picket sign and march up and down in from of some dude your are blaming your problems on, and demand that he fix them. Boy, the homosexual mind is so child like in its simplicity. It is simply a matter of his orientation that makes a man choose the road of playing Russian Roulette with his dick. If two fags wish to bring Monkeypox into the community, they must be permitted to do, for they are a protected people. And, according to the Biden Masturbation and Cock Sucking Awareness Program, it is more important that fags be allowed to spread their sickness and pollution everywhere, than is the safety and well-being of the American people. Amen.

Biden: Just stay vaccinated, boostered, and but fucked. I was so concerned for my fellow Americans, that I, in seeking to see to the but fucking of all America, neglected to see to my own being butfucked.

Eric: Hey Biden, the But Fucked Boy! Could you explain why you feel Americans must be but fucked in the anus in order to survive COVID?

Biden: You But fucker! You were meant to be destroyed by my highly covert and completely White House executive run Operation Kill Cal’s Griz, or OKCG. Eric, is there something wrong with my tactics, my methods, my weaponry, or my armies?

Eric: Yes, it is that they are run by a Pansy called Josephine Robinette Biden. And he doesn’t know shit. Just look at the little fool caught off guard! The little fool did not realize that by poking the bear, he come after you. So Joey Robinette Biden Boy is currently running from a bear. Idiot! Russia does the obvious: It cuts gas supplies to Europe, which is at war with Russia, and the West does not know what do do!!! Hey Fuckhead! Fuckhead Biden!!! Get your ass out of your gay porn and do your job, masturbator! You fucking ass! Sanctions are an act of war! The USA has been at war with Russia the moment it entered a sanction war with her. Only a double dumb fucking gay ass homosexual minded monkey brained bonobo fucking boy would be so stupid to think that Russia would not retaliate to America’s act of war against her.

Eric: Fuck You, Biden! Yes, this is the Putin tax hike. It is all Putin’s fault. Biden is not at fault at all, according to the dogma that a U.S. President is merely a speechmaker who runs his ship on autopilot. Yeah, run you ship on autopilot, you stupid Pansy, who cannot differentiate your shit from horse shit.

Eric: Jesus, give a solution to the Biden problem. What do we do about the Biden tax hike, the Biden loss of Europe, the Biden loss of NATO, the Biden loss of Dollar Reserve Currency status, the Biden transformation of American dominance into American weakness and inability to defend herself from aggressors?

Jesus: Eric, you forgot one thing. The Biden rejection of the Christ. He rejected Me. So this is the fruit of your labors, boys! Eat up and be satisfied! You gave Me shit. So I am giving all you Americans, Shit for Breakfast! Come and shovel it in! And wash it all down with unfiltered and highly infected diseased and radioactive waters, boys! Eat your shit. Drink your garbage. And die like pigs, filled with worms a wiggling.

Jesus: I WHO AM have judged the Great Harlot who sits on many waters! That Harlot is America. But it is as I said to Abraham. I will not destroy her on account of the ten who are holy. And it takes more than just ten to reverse a crime such as Roe vs Wade. Good job, you who are Mine who were a part of that effort! Your slice of America I will spare, on account of every baby soul whose life is now spared, thanks to the end of government sanctioned unborn baby murder.

Jesus: But as for you who are Pro-Baby Killing, the so called Pro-Choice, who are demanding that they be given and right to kill the human lives that come to be in their womb. You want control over your bodies? Well, you lost it the moment you decided to fuck someone outside of wedlock! You want clean neighborhoods? Well you defiled your community the moment you decided you were going to walk about so dressed with the intent of sexually arousing strangers who merely loot at your exposed flesh! You don’t want to be treated like a slut? Then stop dressing like one!!!

Eric: Lord, something must be done to the perpetrator who dishonored Mary! For I believe he is testing the claim that Your Seraphim protect her.

Jesus: Those responsible will be taken care of and properly disposed of in front of the people to make an example. I will reveal all, Eric. But vengeance is best served as a dish made only by God. Do not put your hand into my work, Eric. Rather, sit back and watch the fireworks. No one lives who touches the statue of the Virgin Mary on the House of Emerald. Amen.

Jesus: Eric, go to the House opposite yours and ask them if they saw anything, and watch carefully their reactions. But remember, that is a girl’s house. And Mary is the one, not you, who handle women enemies of Your House. Amen. So make no threat. Do not shout at them. And politely back off if they demand it. Mary will visit them in the night. And that is one angry bitch a violating female does not want to meet. Amen.

Jesus: This work is done. You know your task. Also, do not walk up the steps of Fat Man’s House ever, unless you have evidence against him that says his people stepped on your property. That is all I will say. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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