Doubt is the killer of faith.


The Death Chronicles, Book 1: Post II:

I am back, Lord. Lord, am I free to speak?


It is now known that everything in my life prior to Saturday, July 22, 20217, was of the normal world. After that date, especially starting on, Sunday, July 23, 2017, my mind became deceived by Satan, Who led me on a false narrative my being stated to be God’s Prophet, and that Mary was to become my sexual wife. This lasted for approximately 5 solid years. And then Jesus released my mind from that prison.

Nevertheless, Mary and you still got together and become attached to the point you are now in an eternal Joseophite marriage to her. Josephite marriages are the only permitted marital type that can exist in eternity. Now Eric, will you fuck a girl in this world? Or do I stop the spell I have placed upon you by which you hold them all betwitched?

I would like that spell stopped. For I do not want to be constantly being tempted by girls. I do not like these girls who show their midriffs to me. I would have you warn these girls not to show the midriff to me. And as punishment for showing this, I would have you scald that entire shown flesh with scalding waters. I think the shame and pain of a few red bellies would stop this madness.

You have My Word. The girl who shows her midriff to you from now on is to be called the greatest glutton for pain that such delicate creatures do not want to become ever. It has now been so decided. Yes. Amen.

Okay, next question, O’ Lord?

How much greater than you AM I?

As the heavens are above the trees, so do You forever surpass me.

Lord, I do not go to Mass this morning, because my mother plans to call her doctor today to make an appointment. And I told my mom I will drive her to the doctor. And her doctor’s office opens at 8 AM. And that is when Mass is or near it for both churches I attend now on weekdays.

Lord Eric, then I AM proud of you, son. I AM WHO AM. You are now a part of Me. Only perfected souls can I say such to. You share this distinction with certain other men of equal stature: Saint John of the Cross is one. The Apostle John is another.

I humbly submit to having equals.

Your humble submission was one of the things that made Mary’s heart choose you, Eric. That you are the gentlest of giants Mary came to see for herself when she was sent to you in early December, 1996, where she placed her foot on your head while you were boasting to the spirits in the night that you would marry the most beautiful woman of all Creation. Amen.

You have now done just that, exactly as you prophesied all those decades ago. Whose Prophet then are you, Eric? You are the Father’s Prophet. You were prepared from the beginning to serve in this position. And no, the restrictions made on Samson were not put on you. Go get half a glass of wine and you will see I WHO AM never commanded you to not drink such drinks. Never exceed half a wineglass, for should you drink a full wineglass of wine and drive, you are DUI.

Lord, I have a question. The girl, Brigette, whose nickname was B-Dog, I was asking her about being a physical trainer, just to see her answer. Of course, I could never afford one while unemployed. Apparently she doesn’t do personal training right now. It is best she turned me down rather than say a price only to find me to be broke. There is nothing worse than a person who dresses rich but who is in reality as poor as a church mouse. Does this Brigette have any future with me? It is a lingering question? And do I get a job there as security? Jesus, what is Your True, no bull shit, answer on this matter. Let it be settled by Your Word.

No, Eric. Brigette has other interests than you there. But as for whether you get a job there, that remains to be seen. They are looking for something, and once they see it, they will decide. Amen.

That’s great, Lord. What is Your will? I have debts coming due. Small debts, but because I buy groceries for my parents, but do not get real compensation for it, the solution seems that I get a real job. What do You suggest I do, Lord?

You will find My solution presenting itself unto thee soon. Go to the 5:30 PM evening Mass at the White Church. There I will tell you your new career.

Lord, another development. The youngest daughters of Tim and Salome, though I myself did nothing, I notice they were going to Mass regularly at the White Church in the morning, and now I see them there no more. I do know that that family has a fear of me that I cannot explain. Maybe I was a creep to them in the past, not the young daughters, but to their adult children. But that is history that is past, and I never touched them. Is there a host of false memories against me in many women who do not know me? Maybe I look the image of the person identified in their fiction works as the Beast and Antichrist that must be put to death. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

Lord Eric. You are feared because you are to be feared. Let them fear you. Never force yourself into any group. And know this. Most women fear you unless or until you make a friendly gesture to them, like a courteous wave. But remember Mary, Eric. You are not free to contract a romance, for you are Mary’s forever.

Go now and study what is given to thee to study. For you are My Servant. And I will confer with the Father to find what is your future role in time. And also play the music below. It will refocus you. Amen.

And then meditate in the following silence for 15 minutes. I AM WHO AM. Go now, Lord Eric.

I believe I am going to heaven today.

Then also realize your gem is now long gone forever. Amen. But do as I commanded you. For obedience to God is how you find all that God has commanded you of to do. Amen.

This brings this post to its end. It 3:37 AM in the morning. You are My Son. And you I shall never forget.

Now, first you shall shower and shave. Then you dress as you are led. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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