The worthy men who are saved with Eric.

Women were not the only ones saved through the perfect man, Eric. Some worthy men were saved too.

Reign of the Great Monarch, Book 1: Post I:
Some may get the mistaken idea that no men were saved but Eric. The fact is that only Eric, among all Mankind, proved worthy of salvation. But that means that many could be saved through him, both among men and among women, by merely respecting him and treating him as human.

5000 men have been saved with Eric. Added to the 50,000 women saved by marrying him, this brings the total tally of the elect to 55,000.

Mary, I thought that saints such as Saint John of the Cross were definitely saved, for they seemed to attain perfection before death.

He was not saved, except though you, Eric. Perfection is truly hard to achieve. You had my help, whereas he did not. Amen.

Of those 5000 men, you chose 4 to rule over four sectors of the Kingdom and to appoint all males beneath them to their positions. Be assured, the Holy Spirit tells each of them where each man is to go. Amen.

These are the Four Top Men beneath Eric, the Great Monarch:

  1. Officer Christopher Alvarez: Supreme Commander of Eric’s angelic Armies and over all human men at arms. He is the first police officer Eric came to know. Eric found he completely trusts in him. Amen.
  2. Mr. Hulk (whose real name was never known). He reinstated Eric to Sprouts, where he was a manager. A woman had cast him out for asking questions concerning the words on the labels. It turned out that Hulk could answer every question Eric had professionally. The woman knew nothing. He is appointed to serve Eric as the Steward of the White City, which is Whittier. The White City is made capital of the Kingdom of the Great Monarch. It becomes the new Vatican City. Amen.
  3. Mr. Tim: Manager at bank where Eric banks at, in Chase. He is always helpful and kind to Eric and to Eric’s family. He is appointed to serve as Royal Treasurer and as the King’s financial adviser.
  4. Tim (name is actually forgotten, but is known to be an unusual 3 letter name). He is hygiene expert. He kept Eric in tip top physical cleanliness during his time as Eric’s nurse. He is made in charge of the Kingdom’s Hygiene and Cleanliness. Amen.

No one fucks anyone in this age. For it is an age beyond the subjection of the heat of the sun. It is called the Age of the Great Monarch. But unbeknownst to all who watched this prophecy, the Great Monarch does not reign alone. Instead, he reigns with his two wives. And the three of us have equal say in all decisions. Unless at least two of us are in agreement to something, the ruling is not made. Eric gave up his absolute power for love. And therefore, even in the Age of the Great Monarch, women continue to rule the world. For the two wives of Eric are indeed women.

This concludes this post. Publish it. For I was made aware that some thought, from the previous post, that no men are saved. And that is false. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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