I, the Holy Virgin, am in love with Eric, the Emerald King.

Eric’s love for me is more precious than all other love I have witnessed take place between a holy couple.

The Marian Wife Chronicles, Book 1: Post III:
Mary: Eric what are you to me? Speak!

Eric: I am your prophet and you wish for me to teach you the knowledge I was sent to earth to teach.

Mary: And have you started to teach me anything?

Eric: My teachings cannot be taught through spiritual means, but only to those I have physical contact with. Amen.

Mary: Your two wives will have that with you tonight. Amen.

Eric: Two wives, like two hydrogens that bond with one oxygen to form heavenly virgin consecrated water, Mary?

Mary: Yes, it is an eternal status now with you, for eternal judgement on all of humanity has been made. Amen.

Eric: Mary, I now stand by, awaiting your orders, O Mistress of the Prophetic Word. Amen.

Mary: Remain that way, Lord Azurite. And tell the world the three things you must remember to keep to keep me.


  1. I must avoid all strong drink and all alcholic beverages. That includes the Heineken Zero.
  2. My hair must never be cut again.
  3. I must keep to these two provisions you have made religiously, Mary.

Have I left any part out, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Amen.

Mary: No, Now, can you keep to this, Eric?

Eric: Mary, I can.

Mary: Realize that the House of Emerald shall now be called the House of Mary.

Mary: I shall dwell in it with you for the entire duration of forty years, the exact reign in years given to the Great Monarch.

Eric: And this reign begins tonight?

Mary: Correct, O’ French King. Your second wife ensures the necessary linkage you need to have with France.

Eric: Mary Magdalene, somehow linked to France, is the basis of the claim I have to the French throne, O Mary, Mother of God?

Mary: Mary did die in France, Eric, just as Peter and Paul died in Rome. Where you lay down your life, as called so by God, that place you lay it down in is sacred. Amen.

Eric: That I spoke to you, O’ Mary, in Whittier Hospital, convinced Alpha Bitch in charge of security that she had proof of my psychosis. The entire rediagnosis of my mental diagnosis made in UCLA back in 1989 from bi-polar disorder to shizophrenia, made by a witch doctor from Ghana who never showed his credentials to me, in Saint Francis Hospital, and event that took place in 2021, I believe, was based solely on my status as Prophet of God, which means I speak directly to both God and Mary. Amen.

Mary: We will deal with the bad churches soon enough. All of them shall burn.

Eric: Okay, Mary, my love. When do we begin?

Mary: When this sun sets, Eric. Then you will know my love and the love of Mary Magdalene. And at dawn you will find that the heat of the sun no longer strikes you. Amen.

Stephanie: What about my claim to him, Mary?

Mary: These are the numbers that were saved:

  1. One Alpha Male, who is Eric, eternally perfect in every way.
  2. Two virgin females without sin, The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, who are declared by God as the eternal wives of Eric in the form of heavenly water: H2O. These are Eric’s two Primary Wives.
  3. Eric’s Secondary Wives: Whoever dwells here is saved despite sin. The uncounted rough estimate of Eric Secondary Wives is that they number around 50,000 women. Amen. 10,000 were found among the saints in heaven. 40,000 were found among the women of this earth. Amen.

This post is now ended. Publish it, My Supreme Lover. And always pay heed to the folly of King Saul, who fell, not realizing he would lose everything by a single act of disobedience. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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