Third Age of Emerald

I AM back. And I AM taking back the Earth from the Infidels. Amen.

The Whale that Destroys Ships has Arisen. His name is Rex Waters. Book1: Post I:
Behold, I WHO AM declare Eric as an Immortal Being. You can neither kill him nor destroy him. And he is a superhero type. Not a superhero for admiration of the masses. Rather, he is a superhero type that hunts and kills infidels and evildoers.

Eric, speak your Words of wisdom. And then I WHO AM shall conclude this post. Amen.

I, Eric, am a man who uses the whole vocabulary of a language. I do not limit my vocabulary so as not to offend the hyper sensitive among you.

For example, African American is a term used currently to refer to those who were once referred to in the past by such words as: Black person, Negro, Nigger, Jungle Bunny, Coon, Boy, Slave, Tar Baby, Fruit, Darkies, Orcs, Half-Orcs, Mulattos, Quadroons, Bushmen, Monkeys, Apes, Gorillas, Silverbacks, Baboons, Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Primates, Primitive Man, Suspects, Defendants, Servants, Butlers, Shoe Shine Boys, Boys in the Hood, Boys wearing Hoodies, High School Dropouts, Inner City Youth, Stags and Does, Bucks and Does, Thieves, Muggers, Rapists, Criminals, Automatic Suspects, Druggies, Scum of Society, Murderers, Killers, Cop Killers, Vermin, the Shit Skinned, Black Sheep, Buffoons, Over-Sexed Men, and Liquorice Jellybeans.

Whatever word fits best I use. I am unapologetic on my usage of words. Now, it is said that the homosexual is a protected class of people. But I am not restrained from referring to those people by other terms, whether familiar or offensive. These include: gay, queer, fag, faggot, Abomination, Obama boys, Obama’s sires, cock suckers, but fuckers, anal penetrators, the sexually deviant, the sexually disordered, the perverse, the utterly perverted, the deranged, and the morbidly sick in the head.

Now, Elijah, the elder Vampire of a group of sons and daughters of one very sick and twisted pair of parents, who concocted a spell to make them vampires, making them the Originals, from a movie series by that name, The Originals, emphasized family and stressed the importance of family as the thing that unites and keeps a people together.

I disagree.

It is not family, but faith in Christ, Obedience to Him, and all the necessary love and mercy we are called to show and render to our fellow men, regardless of payback or consequence, that unites and keeps a people strongly united.

I lost interest in remaining united to the United States of America, when I saw the sins they did to the people outside that group. A family that sticks together but kills and destroys those innocent outside it, or the innocent within it, is guilty of transgression, and God will ultimately destroy them.

The vampire Original, Elijah, was a man who made family his god. For the rulers of New Orleans, who were apparently the children of this family, according to this story, were godless. A godless people do not know the Way. And eventually, they meet their doom. And Elijah was eventually killed. He is survived by one daughter.

Now fast forward to me. I put God first, and loving my fellow man as I love myself as second. Do I get destroyed? Never! Do I die childless? Mary, what is the answer to this question, for I desire your wisdom here.

Eric, you and I can never be parted. But as for children, these are the progeny of those who enter the sex act and who come to know the forbidden fruit. We are better than they. And we will ascend together to a higher heaven than can any of them. All the girls you thought I wanted for you, from Anna to Roquenelle, all of these are nothing compared to the treasure that awaits you because you loved God so much that you wanted to give to him a body that was never touched by sexual immorality.

For sex is the way to hell and destruction. It is the first test to see whether a person is worthy of eternal life with God. You can go to heaven as a person who has had sex, but your place there is lower than that of the virgins, and those who forsake sex for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sex is nothing more than a statement to God that you prefer the lower pleasures over the higher ones He wanted to give to you. And if you commit sin to have these lower pleasures, you are basically rejected at that point. There are those who come back, but at what price, and to what heights? The disobedient are the first people rejected by God. And He does not open a door for them to return to Him. Amen.

I, the Virgin Mary, have struggled long and hard to reach this point with you, Eric. Now we are man and wife. And we are no longer to be separated by any power. But do we have sex? By no means can this be. Do we have pleasures together? The love between us is a greater source of pleasure than all the sexual joys and spasms of pleasures that have been had by all those couples who have had sex combined.

For there is no comparison between the spiritual and the carnal. The carnal is made of dust and has nothing to it. The spiritual is ever nourishing and refreshing. Jesus, Whom you have learned to love and to obey, taught it simply like this: Work for bread that, once eaten, makes you never hunger again. Do not eat bread that makes you hungry again. And likewise, for water, He said, Drink of the living waters that only I can provide and you will never thirst again. Do not seek waters that, once you have drunk of them, you will thirst for them again.

Now I, Jesus, must now conclude this post, Eric. Because you resort to Mary, who is constantly with you and by your side, for she is your eternal wife, your words are full of wisdom whose only source is the heavenly mind of the Holy Queen, I rule and judge that of all women, it shall be Mary, and none other, who shall rule with you and decide all things with you in common.

Hence, your eternal position as He who rules with an iron scepter, and Who smashes them like pottery, you will eternally co-share with Mary, your Immaculate Queen and Spouse. This is an eternal decision. It shall never be retracted. Amen. And under me, all shall regard the two of you as the eternal judges of the land. Amen. This now concludes this post. Go and publish it. And then attend the Golden Church. After that, pay your AAA auto insurance bill. And soon after that, let Me take over the world. For the US Dollar is dying soon. Their sanctions against Russia, a direct affront against Our Lady of Fatima, will be paid for by the blood of the Americans on European soil.

Blessed are the women and young girls, for you will never fight there. And blessed is Eric who is unjustly labeled mentally ill, for by that label, he can never be drafted into war. But as for men, prepare to fight and to die. For you men of America, you will be called to fight over there. And it won’t be over until it is over everywhere.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

5 thoughts on “Third Age of Emerald”

  1. That makes you happy. I begged you to assist me with $$25 I tried everything I can I wanted to sell my cell phone no one wants to buy it. How I wish you can think about it again and have some pity. $25 can get back my home for me


  2. To anyone reading this I will like to beg you guys to talk to Eric on my behalf I don’t know the fuck have done our relationship is going to four years i wanted to go to Florence but was stopped by Mary and she promise she will have his son to help me I’ll be glad if you rethink and be of help or I might lose my life it was so bad for you to just forget about me don’t you even remember anything about me I’m telling you will live to regret all what you’ve done to me. You can see you’re broke sometimes when Mary command you to help me and you fail try helping me again and see miracle


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