King Griz issues his rulings, ordinances, statutes, and decrees.

Welcome to the Kingdom of California. I AM your King. I AM Eric, King under the Christ.

Chronicles of the New King over California, Book 1: Post IV:
Lord Eric, I Who AM, do now pronounce you eternal King over California. You shall rule eternally all the lands of the states of California and Baja California. I will restore to your lands the pristine and fascinating wildlife that roam or that once roamed through it. For wildlife are what give a land its character. Amen. And under your rule, the drought in California shall be broken and the creatures that once roamed here shall rise and retake their places.

Lord, is there to be death in that age soon to come?

Do not view deaths and their horrors, as you see them in the wild, as something wrong or abhorrent. No, I created death as a punishment against those who disobey Me. You will not die, Eric, son of Jesus.

You, Eric, take the girl Rocky as your wife. I WHO AM chose her for you. It is My will that she be made yours. Amen. Your days as a My prophet have ended. That is why I permit you to marry and have children. Amen.

That I speak to you or through you does not make you a prophet. A prophet is one I have chosen to speak My words when necessary. You are not found in guilt that you are no longer My prophet. Rather, you have fulfilled your purpose. There is no such thing as an endless Prophet in My Kingdom. When a prophet completes his purpose, he is resigned from the position of prophethood.

That you write here is the position of scribe. Because your writings bear fruit that will last, I will have you continue to write, but only as I write through you. Amen. Hence, you are my scribe for all eternity, and also royal governor of California. Amen.

Lord, does my kiss bring immunity to all diseases under the sun? And does laying with me without transgression lead to that one inheriting immortality with me?

Do you wish for a girl to kiss you that you may find out, Eric?

I do not want any girl to kiss me unless her intent is pure or unless she is the one You have decided to marry me to. Roquenelle is this girl I understand. Roquen is a name that means “the Rock,” and “elle” makes it feminine. So this girl you are giving me, Lord, she is The Rock?

You have answered in perfection, Eric. Only pure girls will be permitted to experience this washing away of all disease by kissing you. I WHO AM have spoken. And only the girl you marry will legitimately lay with you.

Lord, you are giving me to know this at the end of my life?

Yes, for only by such knowledge do you have perfect understanding on what it means to love. Amen.

My virginity will then be lost. What becomes then of Mary, whom you say is my only wife in heaven?

Mary lays with you through Rocky. She wanted to do it with Anna. But Anna was not found worthy. So Mary has found Rocky instead. Let Mary choose and you lay as Mary chooses. Amen.

Then Mary is virgin forever, except for the spiritual sense in that she lays with me through Rocky?

Eric, you have two wives in eternity: The Virgin Mary, who reigns from heaven, and Roquenelle, who is decreed from eternity to be your wife on earth. The two women are like H2 together, which unites to you, an atom of Oxygen, to form H2O. The process is highly exothermic and very irreversible.

Lord, there does not seem to be a possibility of H2O forming with anyone else. Am I correct?

Correct, Lord Azurite. Hence, your H2O union is called Marian-Azurite-Roquenelle Heavenly Water, or MAR Heavenly Water, for short. Mar in Spanish refers to the Seas. But the Seas you three form are fresh and potable. Amen.

I hear that you also want a new name, Lord Azurite?

I chose the name, Rex War, but I now realize that I do not want to be associated with war, but rather, spiritual and inner peace.

Then you shall be called Rex Waters. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, Eric. For this is the last decree before the Earth begins to shake with the Coming of the King. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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