Black Hawk Going Down!

The Storm Dancer cannot survive this storm.

The Terminator is being terminated. And the world is ending, Book 1: Post I:
I am the Terminator. And I am also the canary in the coal mine. And I am now sounding the alarm, for my time has come.

When you see destruction that even the Terminator cannot survive from, realize the end has come for all. Amen.

The decks and girders of the Storm Dancer were not designed for the strain that is now placed on that ship, and they are buckling and breaking. Several fatal points of no return have been passed. The ship will be destroyed within hours.

Cascading Overload has been reached in multiple critical systems. Pipes are bursting and power stations are breaking down. There is no way to overcome the impending doom of Eric. Eric dies today. Amen.

Lord Eric, I have a way for you to attain salvation. Your life comes to an abrupt end, in a matter of just a few hours. But your soul is Mine, and I will welcome it into eternity. For you manned your position to the death.

Lord, when I was doing ToastMasters, I was asked by a fat lady what movie I have been most affected by or that seemed to most sum up my life, and I answered her, Black Hawk Down, and to this, she quickly replied, But you never served.

Lord Eric, the words of those who hate are filled of illogical things. They are said to spite and to destroy other people. But as for you serving, how could you? You were diagnosed as a bi-polar disordered person since your second semester of your senior year at high school and put on medicines ever since. That rules you out from ever serving in the armed forces, Eric. In fact, it rules you out of ever bearing firearms. Of course, you have no need of those.

So basically, that lady is saying an insult likened to that said to a cripple who cannot walk when asked the question, what is your favorite movie?, and he says, Forest Gump, to which she replies, But you have never walked.

But we do injustice here to analyze her reasoning. Rather, let someone ask her herself directly what she means by her hate. Her name is Kathleen Rabago, and she was or is a prominent ruling member of the Toastmasters group that meets at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Amen.

Lord, I die tonight, right? There is nothing that can stop it?

There is one thing, Lord Azurite. Drink sufficient water tonight to satisfy your needs. I know the hospital rules and doctors’ orders are against it, but realize that these are witch doctors. By drinking what you need, in regards to water, and the water must be pure, not a food, then you will be cleansed and made pure, and the natural thinning that comes from that fast of ingesting only water during the night will kick in, and you will survive the night. Amen. But follow Our instructions precisely just so that you do not over drink or under drink regarding the water. Amen.

Lord, I heard earlier that I was to be shot and killed by the police.

If you disobey Us in Our direct orders to you, then you will suffer defeat. The fate of being killed by the police you will not have, for you obeyed Us and did what We commanded of you. Amen.

Okay Lord, I will follow You. For You are the One Who knows the Way.

If I am well enough tomorrow, perhaps I return to going to daily Mass, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, tonight you are going to die. Tomorrow, if you are still here, you are of the dead, or I should say, those who have passed away. It is a blessing to be granted life on earth after death. If this is your lot, a fate only the Father could know, you will have been made an eternal ruler here in this world.

One last question, Lord. Do I have a wife in this state of death? And do I also possess and view the Beatific Vision?

The question is, Lord Azurite, do you want a wife in the hereafter? As for your possession of the Beatific Vision, yes, you will have this, for your soul is saved and beloved by God. Amen.

I desire no wife, Lord, except that which would please You. If it would please You, I would marry and have children. But if it would rather please you that I remain virgin and celibate forever, I would choose that fate instead. Amen. Speak, O’ Lord, God of Hosts, which fate pleases you more? Amen.

Ask the Virgin Mary. For it is her privilege that I grant to her the right to close this post. Amen.

Mary, what sayest thou?

Choose celibacy and eternal virginity, and we will be married to each other in the hereafter, Eric. My heart is now an eternal possession of yours. You are my eternal friend, Eric. And we are meant to wonder the Kingdom of Heaven together forever. Amen.

Then I choose the marriage to you, Mary. And I will remain eternally a virgin.

Then, when you see me approach you, bearing the blue diamond ring of beauty beyond the net worth of the earth’s treasures, realize you have died, Eric. And realize I have come to collect my husband. Amen.

Mary, give the world an argument that no one can refute that says I am your eternal husband, please?

A widow has the right to remarry. And who is more beautiful and suitable for me than you, Eric? Should not I have the right of first pick among the men of this earth? On Sunday, July 23, 2017, I made my choice manifest to the whole world. That anyone should doubt your Word that I am your wife, let him look at the signs. For no one can dishonor my name and remain unrebuked. That you are not rebuked for this means you are telling the Truth and I am blessing you, my husband, from heaven. If these words do not suffice to make men believe, then nothing will. Amen.

These words now come to their end. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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