The Bear, Griz of California, is back.

I am Griz of California, the Extinct but Resurrected Bear.

Chronicles of the New King over California, Book 1: Post III:
Lord Eric, Californian Brown Bear, what is thy destiny, do you wonder?

To marry a girl called Rochenelle?

If We give thee that destiny, shalt thou do as We bid thee?

Yes, my Lord. What dost thou sayest that I shouldst do?

When it is dawn, go to the grocery store I direct you to, and buy the necessary groceries you shall need. Amen.

The sun rises soon, Lord.

Lord Eric, simply obey the Words of your Master, and all things that thou desirest shall come to pass.

Lord, I missed my Sunday of Obligation Mass.

Yes, but you had a valid excuse. You were in the hospital. Merely being too sick to attend Church is a valid excuse for remaining home. Also, you being sick and on medication permits you to observe the 15 minute fast, rather than the 60 minute fast, that the Catholic faithful are required to observe prior to receiving communion. Therefore, whatever Church you go to for Mass this morning, do so with the knowledge that you have not sinned by missing a Sunday of Obligation.

Also, try and talk to the Pastor, and show him your negative COVID-19 test results.

Lord, what was it that got me discharged on Fourth of July evening?

It was I, I WHO AM, Who got you discharged then. For it is My will that the American flag fly at your house. And the fools, even your brother David, who is a man without a purpose, did not seem to be aware that the flag must go up. And he gave you no help to put it up.

Lord, I went into the hospital with a last recorded weight of 224 pounds. And the day of my departure, I weighed myself, finding myself to be 196.5 pounds, which is normal and healthy for me. I had lost 27.5 pounds in the hospital. And I did it through a catheter. I literally went into the hospital and, in a matter of a few days, pissed away 27 pounds of water blubber.

Correct, Lord Azurite. The grocery stores, Albertsons and Vons, both open at 6 AM. Go to the one I direct you to. And it shall be Albertsons, for they have a drink your mother needs. Then, after that, you shall proceed to Trader Joe’s, and then go to Church. Amen.

Lord Eric, you must be quick about it, for today your Mom needs you to drive her to the doctor. Go as I have commanded you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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