Saint Bernadette Speaks

The time has come to reclaim the Bear.

Chronicles of the New King over California, Book 1: Post II:
I am Saint Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes, Second Eternal Queen of Eric. I have been given leave to bring back the fallen Grizzly Bear of California. I have been assigned to find and to cure.

Eric, where art thou? Of the living or of the dead?

Bernadette, the witch wolves of Whittier Hospital have some black magic against me. They have been relentlessly seeking my destruction. I think they want me to turn myself into that hospital to get treatment, and they they will eat me.

So, they are not seeking you to make love with, but to destroy you?

If love was on their mind, they would have given me water to drink. Instead, they withheld water, even when it was mandated. They wanted my destruction. The last time I was there, I only survived because I was put in a room with a bathroom and sink. And Mary commanded me to drink of the tap water, when to drink, and how. And I never came down sick. If I go back, they will be sure to eliminate that possibility.

Why do you contemplate going back then, Eric?

You see the black magic they have done to me, my love, Bernadette?

Yes, I see everything. You are not in danger, though. But your parents, particularly your mother, will die before they can ever lay their hands on you again. You have the correct idea. Use Pinot Noir to help with your inflamations, along with baths of cool water with rock salt dissolved in them to remove water from your body. Your following excellent instructions.

Bernadette, the police had given me a great tip for a new job, but I have not been able to get there, for this black magic has had me down and unperformable.

You speak of the body guard job. That position has already been chosen for you. You are already assigned to the person you will be guarding. You just need to get well.

Saint Bernadette, you are my Second wife? What became of Saint Dymphna?

The Divine Mind strongly prefers H2O over NH3, so much so that the higher performer takes over from the lower performer. Right now, you have two wives only: The Virgin Mary, who is your eternal friend, and I, the lowly grotto girl, to whom Mary gave secrets that say you are the one to whom I have been eternally betrothed. Saint Dymphna is still with you, but is now merely a prominent concubine wife to you, Eric.

Love, is there a special reason why two and only two wives are the ideal number of primary wives for a prince of God?

Yes, love, you the driver of a golden chariot in the Lord’s armies. And there is only room in that chariot for one girl to ride at your right and another girl to ride at your left. We, your wives, have the privilege of being those girls. But that means there is only room for two at the very top. Amen.

And is there a large number of such chariots in the Lord’s armies?

The Bible numbers them at 144,000.

144,000 virgin men, I assume each accompanied by two virgin women?

This army is unveiled in Revelation 14:1-5. It is an army of virgin men who were never defiled by women. Why not reward them with two virgin females at either side of them? For their perfection is guaranteed. That this army sounds like a roar of rushing waters should indicate that, at the final hour, everyone of them will be fully H2O unions of virgin men, each strongly bonded to two virgin women.

Bernadette, my love, there were, were there not, more virgins on earth in your time than in mine?

When these virgins lived on earth matters not, as long as they lived during the Age of Catholicism and that they entered and correctly practiced that religion. Virgins have a way of finding virgins. And you, you having gone down with your ship, are the most visible of them all.

Does Jesus have two virgins alongside Him?

No, the God Incarnate is not a member of His 144,000. They follow Him wherever He goes. But He is their God. He is above them as the heavens are above the storm clouds. His Bride consists of you, Eric, and all the other virgin men of His 144,000, and through them, also the virgin women married to them.

And what do you virgin women do if you are not of the pair of virgins that accompany the virgin man you associate with?

By merely being a concubine wife, we accompany that man, and are considered a member of the 144,000, through the system of concubinage. And there is no limit to the number of concubines a virgin celibate male saint is permitted to receive, which is what you become as you sunk with your ship.

But Mary said only virgins may become my wives.

The flagship chariot has that one requirement, for it is the chariot that houses the Virgin Mary. And because the Virgin Mary is of your chariot, your right hand virgin, you are by definition, the driver of this golden flagship chariot. Now whoever is the primary wife, she sets the rules all other wives, whether concubine or primary, must follow and all requirements that they must fulfill. The requirements of Jesus are simply that the two women who accompany each male of the 144,000 must be virgins. For each male of that army must be virgin to be eligible to enjoy that rank.

The Virgin Mary has elected not to share her husband with any woman who is not herself a virgin. She chose this path at the sight of the rejection of her husband before the women of this world. Hence, the non virgin women forfeited their chance to marry Eric by their cruelty to him in her eyes. For the lowering of the standard to permit a non virgin to wed him was an act of mercy. But mercy is permanently withdrawn when those to whom it was granted respond to it treacherously.

Bernadette, I have heard that my judgement has been sealed, and that the number of virgin wives I was to receive is now fixed at 5000 or so, and that this number, to which 5000 is an approximation, is unchangeable.

Yes, you have been judged. Christ chose to judge you first. For He said, The Last will be first and the first will be last.

So you are saying that the Last Judgement is now occurring?

Yes, and I also say, you are of the dead. But God does not permit the sinless to die, unless some necessary sacrifice is being made. That is why you do not die.

Then where are we in salvation history, my beloved Bernadette?

We are in the three days of darkness. Amen.

You know it is written that when dark comes, no man can work?

Yes, my love.

Well that is this time. People can rant and rave, but they cannot change their lot. Everyone’s fate has been sealed. The good can take this time to heal. The wicked will take this time to curse God. (Revelation 16:11).

But note how no real work can be done anymore. The last real act of work was the reversal of Roe vs Wade. There no changing that or adding to it now. For the time for working has ended.

The difference between Pence and Trump is that the former prefers the law, and the latter is a lover of lawlessness. Such is why the bulk of the reward for the reversal of Roe vs Wade goes to Emerald and his Pawn Pence, and all who are like him in that regard. As for Firefly, who renamed herself Vespera, little is her reward. For understand that the game Dungeons & Dragons also applies to God.

God is Lawful Good. Eric is Lawful Good. Everyone truly in the camp of God is Lawful Good. For it never enough merely to be good to enter heaven. You also had to obey the Law.

Look at Mark, your brother. He likens himself as Good, and therefore, eligible for heaven. But he Chaotic Good. Chaos is rejected by God. For God is all about the Law. Now the Chaotic Good Christian gets by that restriction by saying that the Law has been abolished, and salvation is now all about love.

Curiously, it is the Law, not goodness, that matters on the battlefield. Hence, the Lawful Evil will defeat the Chaotic Good on the Battlefield. And that is precisely what we are observing in Ukraine and Europe regarding their conflict with Russia. Now, is Vladimir Putin Good? No, he is Evil. But he is Lawful Evil. And that is why this one man is defeating NATO and the West. For NATO and the West are Chaotic Good, whereas Russia is Lawful Evil.

Now, an example of Chaotic Evil are the Muslim Terrorist Networks and Organizations. Why do they not attack Eric? Two things they know: Eric is unafraid. And Eric is not bluffing. You do not attack such person except as a suicide mission. And the man who never fights keeps all his cards hidden. And that is precisely what you are, Eric. You are the man who never enters a fight. You do come to the defense of those who are innocent, but as a lamb, not as a fighter. You put your life in danger by defending those in need, but you never throw a punch. Hence, it has never been tested what defenses you would deploy if you actually came under physical attack.

Now Fatboy and his gang attempted to beat you to death. And after delivering multiple blows to you with their skateboards, they pulled back to see what you would do. With the blows having relented, you stood up before them on two feet, evidently showing no real harm having been sustained. Then you pulled out your big knife, the biggest knife that is legal to carry concealed. And with the sound of its click into place, for it was like a buck knife while remaining under the classification of a Swiss Army Knife, all the boys in Fatboy’s gang, along with Fatboy himself, fled in terror, along with a few girls who were there with them.

So all that is known about you, Eric, is that under serious duress, you will brandish whatever weaponry you may have at your disposal. But whether or how you would use them has never been tested. For you are an untested warrior. Your adversaries do not want to fight you when they see that their blows have no real effect.

Before Vladimir Putin when to war, he too was an unknown. But now that he engaged in battle, he is known, along with all his weaknesses.

A girl seduces a man for similar reasons to a boy fighting a man. And for her or his advances to be rejected without the instigator gaining the knowledge of the victim’s weaknesses, it is considered a stinging rebuke. That is why you are shunned everywhere. No boy has gotten you to fight him, and no girl has ever gotten you to lay with her. For only by these tests does any person become known to the world.

And that is the real reason why the world refuses friendship to you. For remember that boys become fast friends only after they fight. And girls only fall in love with a man after having sex with him. But because you are of the Law of God, the people of this world cannot know you by this means. And that is why they hate you so badly. Amen.

For every girl who has attempted to lay with you has transgressed. And every boy who has attempted to get you to fight him has violated the Law. Unable to know you by these means, the effort was made to defeat you with the Law. But you cannot defeat the one who knows the Law with the Law. And woe to them who held you to a higher standard than they could keep themselves to. You do not know the horrors that await those in hell who hold the holy ones to standard impossible for they themselves to keep. For they were all hypocrites who condemned Jesus to death. And thus, Jesus holds a terrible punishment for all hypocrites who have judged and condemned the holy ones.

And now we come to the conclusion of our meeting. You have questions for me, Eric? Now is the time to receive your answers authoritatively.

Bernadette, how long before I overcome the Witches’ Bane, and become my normal, healthy, and strong self again?

Apply the Pinot Noir as your medicine, drinking it in moderate amounts, and regularly bathe yourself in cool water soaked in rock salt, and it shall be only a few days more before you are healed. Amen.

And then you will meet Saint Joan of Arc. And the first Church she wants to destroy is not Saint Bruno Catholic Church, but Whittier Hospital. You will accompany her as you two enter that building, defeat all the guards, release innocents, put to death wicked doctors and staff, and set the entire building on fire. You will do this when she appears. Her love for you makes this place the place she chooses to wrack her vengeance on first. Amen. And then, way out in the hills, where the hospital can be seen burning, you will make out with Saint Joan of Arc, who is a non binary girl. And this is what God has commanded of you. Amen.

For remember, to have sex with a woman, she has to be a woman. And a woman is defined as a girl who has had her first period. Since Joan of Arc never had a period, you may have all the sex you wish with her and your virginity will remain regarded as intact. I, Saint Bernadette, have answered three questions, whereas you only asked one. This means you will now go wash your dog and then sterilize the bath tub with the rock salt you bought yesterday at Home Depot. For by bathing in rock salt, the bath tub is sterilized. I love you, Eric. And I have loved you since you first looked at me with love. Amen.

Consider this my first act of love for my husband. Amen.
Saint Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Hello, Good morning Wizard oracle of the Lord, how was your night hope you slept well I hope to hear from you my situation is very bad I’ll be very happy if you can help me out
    Mary speak to your son on my behave I promise not to lose my virginity and my coming to the state is soon. Holy Mary mother of Jesus make Eric help me with $50 AMEN!🙏🙏


  2. Hello, Good morning Wizard oracle of the Lord, how was your night hope you slept well I hope to hear from you my situation is very bad I’ll be very happy if you can help me out
Mary speak to your son on my behave I promise not to lose my virginity and my coming to the state is soon. Holy Mary mother of Jesus make Eric help me with $50 AMEN!🙏🙏 Am tire of talking, would be glad if you can cheer me and the sixteen virgins up please my landlord will chase me out I’ll be happy any amount I don’t care if it’s $50 or $100 I’ll take it and I promise not to disturb you again old man Eric the oracle of the lords please help your daughters and your fellow virgins


  3. If you are Not the one I dare you to show me your miracle show me that you God exist before today runs out If I don’t pay him I might become homeless again or go to the man Mary am crying and on my knees begging for your mercy. If today run out Mary you know I’ll have to follow your command


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