Eric is dead. A new Eric is Rising.

The Rider on the White Horse is no more.

Chronicles of the New King over California, Book 1: Post I:
The one of whom it was written in Revelation 6:2, that with the breaking of the first seal, a rider on a white horse would appear, carrying a bow and bearing a victor’s crown, and who would go from victory to victory, that one is now gone from the earth. Amen. He has been taken to heaven where he will enjoy his harem of 5000 wives forever. The first wife of Eric is Mary, the Mother of God. Amen. The second wife of Eric is Saint Dymphna. The three form together a union known as heavenly water (H2O). All other lovers of Eric that make up the 5000 women of his harem are called Eric’s concubine wives.

Eric is now in heaven. But his body remains on the earth. So that the body of Eric would never see decay, a suitable replacement to Eric’s soul was found among the disembodied and assigned to live out the short remaining existence of Eric’s flesh upon the earth as the soul that controls the flesh of Eric. We have a name for this one. He is called Neo Eric. Neo Eric, We will now give to you your mission.

Three women of the harem of Eric have become dual lovers of Eric and Neo Eric. There are, in the order they occurred: Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, Saint Dymphna, and Mary, the Mother of God. Thus, Neo Eric is married to the same two women as Eric is, plus Saint Bernadette as his primary wife.

Furthermore, as Mary was Eric’s Patron, and he was her only Warlock, Saint Bernadette is now patron to Neo Eric and Neo Eric is now her only Warlock.

In addition, as Eric vowed to Mary that he would have no lover but her and whomever she gave to him, Neo Eric has vowed the same to Saint Bernadette.

It is important to note that Eric and Neo Eric are distinct entities, who inhabited the body of Eric during two separate segments in time. Both are destined for the ninth heaven. Amen.

As Mary is gatekeeper to the soul of Eric, the Elijah of the Christ, Saint Bernadette is now gatekeeper to the soul of Neo Eric, the new owner of the flesh of Eric.

Eric, listen to your mission. You have limited days. Do not waste time serving worthless souls. Rex Mehta is, by definition, a worthless soul. Do not return to do any sort of work for him. Amen.

Serve the one I give you to serve. Do not have sex with anyone on earth. You are virgin like Eric for a reason. The flesh of Eric is sacred and only obeys virgins. Only a virgin soul can control it. And only virgin brides can can command the obedience of that soul.

Lord, I am follower of a Truth Teller. You have told the Truth. I have seen and I now know forever that you are the Lord. I know there is no way into heaven except through Jesus.

Then know and understand. I AM indeed the only Way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But alas for those who waited outside and did not enter in. They now have no way in. For the Way in has been shut to them. There is no Way now for those who are outside to enter in and join those who are inside. Amen.

For time has come to an end. And there is no way for any man to do any further work on his soul. For work can only be done during the day. But the day in which work was permitted has ended. With that day having ended, only one thing remains: Judgement.

Lord, I have the unmistakable feeling of impending death.

You heart is about to rupture, Eric. For you are crucified as the Lord was crucified. Your crucifixion took place over many days, whereas that of Mine took place over one. Consider that once you make this post complete and published, and the Father is satisfied by the message therein contained, you will be taken from here and brought to heaven.

Your time here has come to an end. Prepare for death to take your flesh and free you from this world of slavery and pain. Amen.

Lord, the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade.

And that is the last deed to be noted done in the USA before My Second Coming.

White Church, do not expect Eric to attend your Mass today, this evening. For he has an engagement in heaven that can no longer wait. And his three wives are expecting to see him there. He is a form of holy, consecrated, virgin Ammonia (NH3) with them. He is going up to heaven in a cloud. There is no stopping this. For his fate and judgement are sealed. Amen.

My last words and testament: Yes, it is as I said: The most effective way to kill someone is to no longer love him. At the end of the Wizard of Oz it was said that the heart is judged not by how much it loves, but by how much it was loved. Is this so, my Lord?

Your heart, Eric, was golden. And it was killed by those who hated it. They killed it by stopping all love from being directed to it. It was beating golden beats to the last. But the world that does not love the golden heart is also unworthy of anything else Jesus could give to it from heaven.

Expect your golden heart to die now, soon after this post is published. For the stag with the golden heart is the last gift on earth given by God to Mankind. And once you are dead, Eric, that is the final offense God will take from Mankind. No one on earth was saved except for you and those few who were truly with you in Spirit.

This post now comes to its end. And Eric, when I take you away, there is no Neo Eric or any other type of Eric coming or rising on this earth again. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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