Jesus, forgive me, for I have fallen away but have now returned to Thee.

I forgive thee, for thou hast returned in life, and didst not wait unto death to repent, my son.

King Eric of California, Book 1: Post XIII:
Lord Eric, it is human to sin, but divine to confess and to repent. Because thou hast now repented thy sins, I forgive thee entirely. It is up to thee if thou wish to confess this to a priest. But I do require Church attendance. For since I commanded thee to return to worship Me in the White Church, thou hast not failed Me. Therefore thou needst not confess again, except for serious sin. Hadst thou neglected attendance to the Golden Church last Sunday, having missed the White Church attendance last Saturday, I would ask thee to confess to a priest. But thy attendance is without defect. And so I leave confession unto thee as optional, not mandatory, for this Mass that I expect to see you attend today, at the White Church, this evening.

I want you to appear early, so that you may speak to me in front of my various icons. For it is important that I communicate to you, in the Church, what you have failed to keep to, having been so long outside the Church. You have kept faithfully the Sunday obligation I hold on all My Catholic faithful, but you have not attended the weekday masses, and I have full understanding as to why. It is because thy flesh has failed thee. You have been sick, trying to overcome the effects of a disease that only I can cure. Now I have made you recover. You are not yet out of the woods. But you may drive safely again and you may attend Mass without making a scene.

To those concerned, the disease Eric is afflicted with concerns his heart and is not communicable, so do not be afraid of contracting it from him. No harm can come to Eric precisely because he obeys Me.

Now, let’s clear it up once and for all. Who is the Virgin Mary to Eric? What is thy answer, Eric?

As Thou so say, so it is, my Lord.

Then thou art wise. You are friend to Mary, but not her mate. Understand the difference, Lord Eric. Animals of this world mate. And married couples mate. But neither animals nor marriages are admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven. So neither does anyone mate there with anyone else.

But thou art nevertheless called Mary’s consort, in the view that thou art her lover in choice. She loves thee, but there can be no romantic union there as occurs on earth. In heaven, everything is spiritual and oriented toward God. What thy status of being her consort means is that the two of you travel the highway of heaven together.

And that is why thou heard correctly that thou are called consort to Mary, back in the year 2021, and why immediately after hearing that, when thou took a check to write out thy tithe, the Holy Spirit commanded that thou do no such thing. For no one who is royalty is to be tithed.

Now, thou hast asked before, wilt thou marry. And the answer must be, No. For thou hast elected to walk the high way, rather than the low way. The one who has resolved in his mind to walk the high way, may not change his mind to walk the low way. Many priests and religious leave the Church and abandon their calling because they want to have marriage. It is not that they misheard their calling. It is that they were found unworthy to keep to it. There is no pathway to God if the path you are walking is downhill. God is always above thee, so thou must always be ascending if thou wish to find Him. To put thy hand upon the plough and then to look back is to descend. The priest who abandons the priesthood because he desires to have a child is like the man who prefers his own son over Me.

Lord, I am well beyond the age where they accept men into the seminary. Even in orders such as that which governs the White Church, my age is beyond the accepted range. And I cannot object. For I myself am like a very weak bear, barely recovered.

Yes, thou art not qualified to be called to serve in the priesthood, my son. But I still seek for a place for you among My religious. Thus I ask that thou begin this search by asking a priest you meet today at the White Church about their process of becoming a monk and let them lead you in a process they wish for you to partake in. For you are now officially called to serve Me in a religious manner. And how this is to take place is for you to find as I explore this with you. Amen.

Lord, am I even qualified to serve in this manner that Thou now call me to?

Lord Eric, I never call qualified people. Rather I qualify those I elect and choose. Now I wish for thou to put here music that means something to you, and then I command that you then publish this and go. Amen.

There, Lord, I chose these songs. They have meanings that sing to my soul.

Publish this, Eric. For this is complete. And know that you are My virgin prophet forever. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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