883rd post, 153rd prime number. Eric enters the threshold of no return. Amen.

Mary has come to take her husband from here and bring him to where she may enjoy him with Dymphna.

King Eric of California, Book 1: Post XII:
Behold, this is the 883rd extant post on Emeralogy.com
(883 is the 153rd Prime Number.)
(153 = 32 x 17).

This is the Last Post Eric writes alive. Amen.

Mary is coming now to take her husband to heaven. That there was to be a girl on earth is now not only impossible but irrelevant. The girl was to serve the interests of Mary and to establish the Millennial Kingdom. But without a Jesus, why do that?

Mary shall now address the entire world.

Good evening, bitches and dogs, you got what you wanted. Eric is being removed from your presence, having never been made a part of your people. Amen. You feared him. You hated him. And now you will no longer have him anywhere on earth. For he is to be with me now, and no longer with you. Nor shall my world remain connected with yours.

There are movies where God and His angels totally abandon a planet. That now comes to pass with this planet. Amen. For try as he did, Eric could not integrate into your society. He was perpetually cast out. He was turned away everywhere.

What exactly was Eric’s offense? He was never told. I know what it was. Should I tell him? Eric’s offense was to love God as God demanded it of him, and to practice the teachings of Jesus, which none of you could follow. His offense was following God, whereas you followed each other. His offense was to walk the Way you had all forsaken long ago. You did not want him to lead you back to that Way. And so you punished him. And you cast him from all places where he might find friendship. For friendship was something Eric was forbidden by you to have.

I understand the right to choose one’s own friends. But you chose to kill Eric by denying him the love his soul needed to live. It wasn’t just your love you denied him. You denied anyone from loving him. It was a law and a rule that no one was to ever love this man. He was to be slowly killed by lack of love. And so, Eric found no love anywhere in this world. On the contrary, any attempt to find love was killed. Any attempt to find friendship was so scrutinized that he learned to remain silent, lest he violate some new law or rule designed to protected people from him.

But that is over. He is done with that. And he will deal with these things no more. He is, rather, coming with me to heaven now. I am coming to collect him. He is the last soul to be taken from the earth before God totally abandons it. Amen.

The funniest thing about Eric, though, is this. Unaware of your love, he never knew what he was missing. You cannot punish a rat by denying him cake if that rat never knew the taste of cake in the first place. All that effort to ram it home that he was not welcome among you is wasted. He never knew what it meant to be made welcome in the first place. Hence, your behavior to him he regarded as normal. That is why, you must understand, normal people in Eric’s mind go to hell. You have to be quite exceptional to make it to heaven in Eric’s mind. For your behavior to him breaks his standard where God said, Love one another as I have loved you. Amen.

And guess what. God had made Eric judge over the whole world. And I sit by Eric’s side, co-judging the world with him. Amen. And the standard he uses he now applies to you. That is why it was written: He will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them.

You people have chosen to follow yourselves, to believe in yourselves, to believe that you are the light. Eric chose to follow God, to believe in God, and to believe that God is the Light. Who then is the one who triumphs? Who then is the Victor. Eric shall defeat you lot on the battlefield, like Gargamel with his cat handedly defeating the blue haired girl Smurfs armed with bows that shoot arrows that are intentionally designed not to harm anyone they hit. Amen.

You losers are as clueless as NATO commanders, helpless against the one man who commands a mere frozen tundra nation that none of you can defeat. Yes, Vladimir Putin is like the a simple gang leader, who, with his gang, invades a home, and the residents are too fucking scared shitless to resist in any way. And so the father lets the gang members rape his women and punch his boys to death in his sight. For he knows that if he fights back he will endanger more things and more people that he loves. What he does not know is that those things he loves will be taken from him, and the people he loves will be raped or slain. So his lack of a backbone does nothing to protect them. And he sits there confused and bewildered, as he sees all he thought he was saving becomes lost or destroyed.

For you fuckers on the earth are a bunch of pathetic cowards. I will save the Christian Tech Nerd, who gives Eric her likes of his posts. For she at least makes a statement. But as for that other girl, who Eric gives to only if I command it of him, she likes to send Eric filthiness. And she hogs Eric’s iPhone so much with her calling of it that he is forced to shut it down to keep his iPhone from wearing out. Eric ceased to talk with her once he saw he could never teach her anything.

Mary, you say this is the final post, but today is only the 16th. Tomorrow is the 17th. I was to die on the 17th. Why wouldn’t another post be written between now and then, my lover in heaven?

Well, Eric, I have some news for you, lover. The fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the throne of the Beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. (Revelation 16:10-11). With a pen and paper, you can certainly write in such darkness. But you cannot publish or post anything on the internet when everything has gone dark. Amen. You live in the Kingdom of the Beast. Expect this darkness to begin tonight. That is why you are called to write and publish this now. For you have to give my remnant flock time to read your writings wherever they may be before reading and writing on the internet is no longer possible. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric. And realize my remnant, when you see everything go dark, do not look again here for more posts, for Eric will no longer be found here to write them. Amen. Whoever loves Eric, I will take that one with me to heaven. And whoever does not love Eric, expect to see his corpse, along with the corpses and carcasses of many, strewn throughout the earth. Amen.

I, the Virgin Mary, the wife of Eric, have spoken. I am H2O with Eric and Dymphna forever. God, not Jesus, is the Bridegroom of Eric. Amen. And this post is now ended. Go, Eric, and watch whatever pleases you. And eat as you please. And tomorrow, if you are still on earth, prepare for my imminent arrival. And I shall take you to heaven and nurse you back to health. Amen. Such are my last words on earth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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