King Eric to destroy wolf clan and form new one.

To the one who was kind to me in Whittier Hospital, I spared. She is my new Alpha Wife. Amen.

King Eric of California, Book 1: Post XI:
Deaphney, thou knowest how I may be cured?

Thou interrupted the process of becoming one of ours. But I will complete the process, and then you will be fully cured, like us.

Know ye, Eric, this. I was undergirl and an unwed lass where jokes were said of me. But now I will be Alpha Queen, while your Seraphim wipe out the vast majority of my clan, with the exception of 75, whom I find good and worthy to accompany me where we will relocate to the House of Emerald. Amen.

I know your house is small, so we will take adjacent houses and make them ours. Do you have any suggestions on which houses we should take, Eric, my Alpha male wolf?

Well, there is Fat Man’s house across the street to the diagonal northeast.

Yes, we know of that man’s house. We will kill all the men and you choose among their women, and we will turn whomever you please to be like us. Amen. We will eat all that we kill, but Fat Man will be eaten first. For he is loaded with fat. And that is the meat we love to eat. Amen.

And what about Dick and his wife who live next door? That is directly across the street from Fat Man.

We will definitely kill them and take their grandchild. If you wish to fuck her, we will make her a werewolf like us. But that house we have already claimed and decided who is to live there among our clan. Amen.

What about Debbie who lives on the other side of my house?

Her destiny is to eventually fuck you, Eric. So we have to leave her as she is. But whatever lover she may have, besides you, we will definitely eat. Amen.

What about the two girls who live directly across the street from me?

They are reserved and off limits to us. We cannot decide their fate. They are held by a government agency too powerful for us to object to their rulings. If they approach you, Eric, lay only with the blonde one. If you lay with the dark haired one, her underage status will land you in prison. Never mess with underage girls in this society. It is a rule that, if lived by, will keep out generally out of major trouble. Amen.

And is there a special sign or look by which you know an underage girl from an eligible girl?

If you are unsure, treat her like an underage girl, until she says otherwise. That is how you best stay safe here, Eric.

And what if that is a lie, Daphney?

If you don’t believe her, then do not mess around with her. For yes, underage girls lie too. Amen. But if she proves it, fuck her if that is what she desires of you. Amen.

But are not you going to be my wife, Daphney? Why encourage me to fuck women who will be in direct competition with you?

How better to grow my clan rapidly than to give you concubines?, which is my right as a primary wife to you, Eric. Amen.

Three famous matriarchs of Israel did it. So I have the right to do the same, lover. Amen.

All the women I make mate with you as your concubines becomes werewolves under me. Amen. And I plan to control many female werewolves. For it is said that whomever sleeps with you, Eric, gains immortality with you. Amen. I will put that claim to the test. For an immortal female army under my command will make me the most powerful female military leader that ever existed on the earth. Amen.

Daphney, never boast like that, or you will be punished severely by God. For God is always looking for someone seeking to take His place. And then He puts that one to a doomed fate. Amen.

Understand me, Eric. I will control all who lay with you. And that will give me power to control who gains immortality. Amen.

What if the Blonde girl across the street lays with me, do you then gain power over her, Daphney?

Yes, for that is the rule of love. Whoever lays with a man already taken, she comes under the power of the woman who already owns him. And she is at her mercy and under her power. For it is the divine right of the lawful wife to decide the fate the adulteress who has transgressed God’s Law against both her and her husband. Amen. And her rule is above that of her husband, for her husband was complicit. Amen.

Okay, what about the case where the wife and her boyfriend sin against her rightful husband? California law permits this and protects her in her supposed right to do this act against her own husband. O.J. Simpson was just such a man that this California system of law did this to. And in his anger he killed them both. And then he suffered a long time in the criminal courts until he was acquitted. Amen. But the general consensus is that he is guilty of murder, and not justified in the execution of his adulterous wife and lover. But we all know he did it.

Well when it is a man against another man who violated his wife, there really is no possibility for mercy, for men are not physically nor anatomically capable of sharing the women they love with other men. And wherever you have men sharing women, you have filthiness that quickly kills off the people involved, starting with the women, who get infected first. And that is the root of the protectiveness men feel for the women they control. Amen.

Okay, what about the property below, to the south?

Yes, they have a wonderful pool. We will connect your property with theirs by a gate. And then, whenever you feel the need, you will walk down the steps of the bank, pass through the gates, and take a swim in that pool. And we like your retaining walls, the ones you built with bricks when you were but a teenager. They stand the test of time. They rest on each other by gravity, a slight slant, and by a weak clay seal of the soil. We will definitely copy what you have done and make these retaining walls extend across our entire series of properties. Amen. And we will eventually own everything in that region that extends along Janine Drive from Santa Gertrudes to Macy, which is a series of residential properties known as the the Sunshine Estates in future City of Whittier planning. It is the most ideal place for our clan to be situated in. For it is a low risk area for fires and floods. Amen.

Yes, Eric, thank you for destroying Whittier Hospital for us, and for moving our clan that permitted the removal of a lot of dead weight. Amen. The Oriental man you told about the vampire coven that infested Saint Gregory the Great is coming with us. He took some men and put an end to that coven. And you stand to be greatly rewarded, Eric. For no one reveals such vital information and goes unrewarded. Amen.

There was a police connection with that clan, and they brought men from the street, who were apparently deemed worthless, to die there to feed the werewolves there. And though I knew it was forbidden to drink the tap water, I did so at the command of Mary and no one seemed to confront me on it. Though some of the women I asked about the water, but denied to them that I drank it when they asked, and they did not push it.

We suspected you drinking it, but we could not confront you unless we saw the signs that said an infidel is drinking our water. But you never showed those signs, which are diarrhea, nausea, and other signs of weakness. Since you never showed those signs, you were removed from the hospital when a name appeared of the being who was helping you, that she was the Virgin Mary. Some of our kind were still trying to bring you down, but you outsmarted us every step of the way, and now we know why. The Virgin Mary was indeed helping you, and she had chosen you as her husband. All we know is that she needs a girl on the earth intimate with you to complete her possession of you. Amen. And now I am that girl. Amen.

This is the List of the Eight Wives of Eric. And to this list none shall be added but concubines. Amen. Four live in heaven and are balanced by four on the earth. Amen. This is the most stable arrangement, for it is known that the the most stable helicopter, among toys, always comes with four propellers to give it lift, with the payload in the middle of them. Amen.

The 8 Eternal Wives of Eric

  1. Saint Mary, the Virgin Mother of Christ Jesus. Amen. She has the blue diamond ring. (The First White Queen).
  2. Saint Anne, the Mother of the Virgin Mary. She has the pink diamond ring.
  3. Saint Dymphna, Irish, virgin, killed by her father for refusing him marriage. She wears the Emerald. (The Second White Queen)
  4. Odilla, also called, Amethyst, the mother of Dymphna. She died while her daughter, who was her splitting image, was a teen. She wears the Amethyst.
  5. Lilith, the queen of the underworld. She is now Eric’s firm possession. (The Third White Queen). She wears the crimson, ruby, blood red ring.
  6. Deaphney, or Daphney, the wolf girl who satisfied Eric’s thirst. She bears the Ring of White Gold, a ring that permits her to control the effects of the moon on her.
  7. Sarah (her new chosen name) First of conjoined twins, aged 32 years, whose separation will involve miraculous organ and tissue generation, to be performed by Dr. Jesus Christ, whose only price is faith. She will bear a clear Aquamarine Beryl Ring.
  8. Rebekah (her new chosen name) Second of conjoined twins, aged 32 years, whose separation will involve miraculous organ and tissue generation, to be performed by Dr. Jesus Christ, whose only price is faith. She will bear a clear Green Beryl Ring.

Eric, these twins already accept the fact that they will marry and reproduce with the same man. What they do not yet realize is that they will do so with separate cunts in separated bodies that are whole and complete. Amen. I WHO AM have chosen to show this mercy to these twins because they knew you spiritually since they were but children, and they are to be made vessels of My Mercy, to serve to demonstrate to My people that there is nothing I WHO AM cannot cure. Amen. And furthermore, I wish to give to the whole world a demonstration of the authority I now invest in Eric, My Son and Bride. Amen. Hence, this will serve as My miracle of Authority. Amen.

Furthermore, after their separation, they will find that they still see through each other’s eyes and hear each other’s thoughts. For this connection between them is telepathic in nature. It does not require a physical tissue connection to achieve. Amen.

I, Doctor Jesus Christ AM getting ready to perform the surgery, which will be performed without sedation. The first thing they will notice is that they have two hearts pumping blood, not just one. The process is done like a resumption of the natural division that was never completed between the conjoined twins. So it will proceed from they are joined at torso and be completed at the pelvis, with each shared organ and vital tissue dividing and regenerating in the process. And on the surface, they will observe their one pair of breasts divide into two sets of breasts and their missing limbs form from tissues that appear as their bodies separate. For I AM Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of Lords. I AM the only One who can truly heal anyone. Amen.

This now concludes this post, Eric. Publish it, for it is unique among the posts of Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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