Lord, I have sinned against You and Your Church.

Lord, I have been an Apostate and a Sinner against Your Church.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post XVI:
Lord, I am sorry for my sins. I have committed apostasy and heresy. Forgive me, My Lord, for I am a sinner. Amen.

GO TO THE 10 AM Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lord Eric. There you will be told what you are to do. Do not be afraid to attend My Mass. For only in the Mass can any soul obtain salvation. Amen.

Lord, I hereby disavow that I ever had any wives in heaven.

Well done, Lord Azurite. You are on the Way back to full participation in My Church. Do not think confession is necessary for the sins you committed and fell to since your last confession at Our Lady of the Assumption, for the guilt of those past transgressions are on Father Dave Heney’s head, not yours.

For the pastor who unjustly casts out the innocent from his Church, and lies about it, he, not they, pays the price for their sins. Do not think you are better than the ones you are assigned to rule over. Rather, you shall answer for their failings. And should you cast them from the Church, you shall pay for any lost souls you caused.

Lord, do I pay the tithe?

No, you are exempt. For royalty is bestowed upon you. Disobedience in this matter is sin. Do not pay the tithe anymore.

How am I made royal, Lord?

You are Bride to the Lamb. Amen. And whoever says you are not has a big F to his name, indicating his total failure to listen to Me. Amen.

Does that Hyacinth girl ever come to America? And do the 16 virgins she leads have anything to do with me in the hereafter?

No, they are perpetually in Nigeria, serving Me there. Amen.

Her former friend, Florence, blames her prostitution on me not helping her in her time of need when I was helping Hyacinth.

You were helping Hyacinth because there was a mandate that you do so. We made no mandate regarding Florence. Amen. Do not think you are required to give if you have not received.

I believe I have covered all necessary bases. You are called to retain your virginity, Eric. Therefore, whoever says to you that you are to marry has lied. Amen.

This post is now ended. Publish it, my son. And never worry about what you need. For I will see that your needs are met. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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