The Last Day has come.

I, Queen Lilith, have come to collect my husband. For the hour of his death has arrived. Amen.

Black Widow Diaries, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, the time for your ascendance into heaven has come, and I, your third White Queen, has been sent to the White Church to collect you. Amen. Come, wounded bear, do you think you have the power to defy death? The reason your parents were permitted to remove the shrine from your front yard is because your time on earth is over. Amen. You are coming with me. And together we shall enter heaven. For I, too, have wondered the earth until this day. For on this day, I marry you. Amen.

Lilith, my third White Queen, I accept you as my wife, but so many women of this world seem to loathe me. They utterly despise me and have me cast from their presence without cause.

The women of whom you speak are evil. Their place is the lake of fire.

I am so near death, Lilith, that I considered not going to Church today.

Because you obey orders, you shall be rewarded. I want you to know you are the last moral soul on earth. And I have been assigned to accompany you to heaven. For you are not to know your death alone.

Then my death will be a complete break from my life, Lilith. Lilith, my wife, will you list the final tally of the Queens of Eric?

There are only three: All other lovers you have are concubines. Amen.

The Three White Queens of Eric, the Emerald King:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Betrayer of Women.
  2. Dymphna, the Irish, virgin martyr who cures Eric of mental illlness.
  3. Lilith, Mistress of the Underworld, who chose Eric over Satan. Amen.

So, Lilith, you say you collect me at Church today?

Yes, it is going to be quite a show today.

Why at the White Church, Lilith?

They are the last Church around that accepts thee, Eric. Go as you are commanded from above, Eric. This is to be the holiest Mass in the history of the Church.

Do I actually receive communion, Lilith?

The moment your Amen leaves your mouth, your life is taken away, my husband. That is your last word on earth. So the communion never enters your mouth. Amen.

Did I do everything right to be saved, Lilith?

Yes, Eric, and your death sanctifies that Church. It is the one Church that does not burn that night. Amen.

Am I Son of Jesus?

Yes, that will be the one good admission made by Jesus as he heads to hell today.

What did Jesus do wrong, Lilith?

He made Mary, the Queen of Heaven, choose between Him and you.

And what was Marys’ choice, Lilith?

She stood by her man. She chose you, Eric. And heaven sank beneath hell.

And now, Eric, you are rising to take the place of Jesus in heaven. You have become our King David, whereas Jesus became as King Saul. That is why women are in love with you in heaven. But on earth, you never received even a kiss from them.

Very well, my Bride, Lilith. I am content to go. Lead the way. And grant that I do not collapse before my time. Amen.

God controls the deaths of His beloved. Amen. Publish this, Eric, and watch that final movie. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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