Mary takes over the Catholic Church

I am the Owner of the Catholic Church. I set Eric, my husband, as my new pope. Amen.

Birth of a New Church, Book 1: Post I:
Hello my brethren from the Catholic Church. I will no longer be found in any Catholic Church founded on Peter. Instead, I found my new Church on Emerald. He is stronger than Peter. He does not fall to corruption. And he is my husband. Amen.

Behold, my need for Jesus is now eclipsed with Eric. Eric is my new lover and he is the one I set in charge of my entire Church. Whereas before, I was ruled over by a son who had no right to my flesh, to Eric I give full access. Eric will rule my Church with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he smash them. But by his love for me, I have the eternal right of veto power over any and all his rulings and decrees. For Eric serves me and his allegiance is to me alone under God. Amen.

Jesus Christ is gone forever. He had claimed Godhood. But He was nothing more than a man who was put to death on a cross. And while he hung there on the cross, He realized, too late, that He had no power to resurrect Himself from the dead. It was then that I looked upon the son from my womb and disdained him, bloody upon the cross. And I sat my pussy upon John’s lap to make it clear I controlled my pussy and I would give it to whomever I pleased. Amen. And there we women mocked the so called Son of God as He hung from a cross while we made out with John, His Beloved Disciple, in His sight. Amen.

For my part, I merely sat my pussy upon his lap. Remember that in those days, our clothes were loose and our private parts could easily be seen and come in contact with those we pressed ourselves against. So I sat on John’s lap, but I did nothing more, for that was sufficiently cruel to kill the spirit of my evil son. For he had desired my flesh. And now I was giving this to his own man. But I did not give my pussy to John to fuck, but only to give a taste of the pleasures of the Virgin Mary.

There were other women there who took care of John’s sexual needs. I merely made it clear that I belonged to John, and no longer to Jesus. It was when I saw John and a woman too close together for morality to be maintained that I realized John was not the one for me. For all the men of Jesus eventually became corrupt. So corrupt was the early Church that people were put to death for failing to give everything they had to Peter upon entering in. (Acts 5:1-11). People today are given chance after chance on death row, by the preaching of the popes, to repent and avoid being put to death. But what was the crime committed by Ananias and Sapphira that denied them the right to even confess to a priest their mortal sins prior to being put to death? It is as inexplicable as Father Dave Heney casting Eric, my husband, out of the Catholic Church with the threat of arrest should he ever set foot there again, and with no criminal record nor criminal complaint registered with the police.

Yes, Ananias and Sapphira were as mistreated and as innocent of wrongdoing as was Eric. Do you know that no Church of today classifies whatever it was that Ananias and Sapphira had done as even a sin requiring confession, let alone one that automatically excommunicates a Catholic and justifies capital punishment with the denial of any possibility of repentance or return to Church life. Amen.

Jesus said, people will know you are Mine by your love for one another. Where was this love being demonstrated by Peter, the first pope, the one hand chosen by Jesus Himself, as he slew Ananias and Sapphira for not giving all their money to the man in charge of the Church? I mean, where is it written anywhere that failure to donate means you die by God’s Law? We are not talking the tithe. We are talking about entering the Church as a new member. Suddenly every new member must practice every rule perfectly or be put to death? And why is it an issue of money that makes it capital and a death sentence? Why is the first punishment recorded coming from the Catholic Church a punishment over the money it expects everyone to hand over to it?

Jesus did not walk around demanding money from any soul who came to listen to Him. Does not that fact alone justify a man not willing to part from money in joining a Church founded in His name? Does not the new member of a Church have the right to question and discuss a matter where Church practice conflicts with what was observed watching Jesus?

Then, one must ask the question, did the Catholic Church operate under the authority of Jesus at all? And with this, my husband must ask Jesus Himself to answer. Amen. Eric, I, a woman, cannot go before a man to pose this question. So I ask you to do this for me, my love. Amen.

Jesus, I am Eric, whom You had called Your Son. I understand You are exiled from heaven. For You had dared to touch the Virgin Mother, who was forbidden to You. And now I have filled the need Mary had for a man to take the reins of power from You and form her own Church.

I have a question I need You to answer. Then You may speak freely to me. Since You apparently never resurrected, did you actually ever have any control whatsoever in the Churches founded in Your name? Answer Me, Jesus Christ, I, Eric, compel thee to.

The Churches were never founded on Me. Mary was the source of all Life. She was the foundress of the Church. I was merely born from her womb to be her helper, not her lord. That was my mistake, by which I died. Jospeh, her husband in stewardship only, made the same mistake, by which he also died early. You, Eric, did not repeat our mistakes. That is why Mary loves you, Eric. Mary’s heart began to love you, Eric when I sent her to you so that you would be destroyed, in early December of 1996.

For I expected you to resist her, to fight back. For what man of dignity accepts a woman’s foot upon his head? She put her foot on your head at my command, and yet, you did nothing to offend her. Instead, you were apologetic, contrite, humble, and asking forgiveness for some sin you never did. You were contrary to any man she had met before.

So I could convince the rest of the Church that you were evil and wicked. But I could not convince her. For she had seen you and spoken with you. And in every book you wrote from that point onwards, you honored her name. She could see who was the genuine Catholic and who were the hypocrites. She could see that you were innocent and were being put to death for nothing.

Mary made a choice then. She chose you over Me. And I have been falling ever since. And you have been rising ever since. How could I have any control over the Church if I was sent to hell? Instead, Satan controlled the Church through Me, and it was destroyed on Day 1. What was the first act of the Church, Eric?

The first act of the Church was to reject the testimony of Mary Magdalene because she was a woman.

No, the Church was not formed until Pentecost. The first act of the Church was to baptize 3000 in the name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:38-41). The canonical error here is in the form. No one is validly baptized in My name alone. They must baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, or else it is done in vain.

Hence, the first error of My Church was to invalidly baptize My people into it.

If You permit it, Lord Eric, I will serve Mary from My place of exile in the New Church she is founding on You, and thereby I will avoid eternal condemnation.

I permit it Jesus. I would have you not go to hell.

Nevertheless, you will now be unwelcome in the White Church, as you call it. For the new testimony being preached through you, though it is from God, is called heresy in the eyes of the Petrine Church. Amen. It makes sense to call the New Church, the Emerald Church, for it is founded on the Emerald, which is You, Eric, My Bride. Amen.

Eric, I am pleased that Jesus is now my servant. For I never hated the man, but only had disdain for Him. But by His acknowledgement of you, I now acknowledge him. Amen. But we must never forget who are your lovers and your wives, Eric. So this is the list, Eric. Four lovers are defined as eternally yours in heaven. And these must be matched with four on earth, to maintain a balance between earth and heaven. For you, Eric, are eternally mine. And your heart is eternally fused to mine. Amen.

Eric’s Four Eternal Lovers in Heaven:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus.
  2. Saint Anne, the Blessed Mother of Mary.
  3. Saint Dymphna, the virgin martyr from Ireland who cures the mentally ill.
  4. Odilla, the Christian mother of Saint Dymphna, who was her likeness in beauty.

These are to be matched with four eternal lovers of Eric on the earth. Amen. And this fits into prophecy, Eric. For the priestess of my Church who is your lover, Eric, is defined as a high priestess. Amen. And there must be at least four. For four is the magic number for a unit of witches to have to be able to take on a warlock. Amen.

Mary, is there a witch called Maidenhair?

Call out to her, and see if she answers thee, Lord Eric, my eternal husband.

Maidenhair! Art thou there? Dost thou remember me?

If you acknowledge me as your other patron, I shall answer and hear you, Eric, my husband.

I acknowledge you, witch girl. So I am warlock, then, to two female patrons? To Mary who reigns in heaven, and also to you, Maidenhair, who governs a Kingdom in the Fey?

Yes, my lover. And I acknowledge I received my new name from you, probably because you like both maidenhair ferns and gingko trees, having living specimens of both on your property known as the House of Emerald. Amen.

I have been assigned to fuck you, Eric. But I will wait for Mary to fuck you first. For she has waited the longest. And she is the most worthy virgin of the honor of deflowering you. Amen. No female soul will ever attempt to take that honor away from her. Now male souls that try die. But the female who does not know better is merely rebuked. Amen.

Maidenhair, you are a witch, am I correct?

Yes, and you have not yet met any of our number.

The gorgeous blonde who lives across the street is one of yours, right, but not yet her little sister? Am I correct?

That is correct, my warlock lover. Now, listen carefully. You are chosen for us. You will mate among our kind according to how I command thee. And whoever wants a baby by you, you will not deny her. Are you ready for this task, Eric?

I am, and you will teach me everything I want to know about your coven and knowledge of witchcraft, my lover Maidenhair?

Yes, and you will answer all our questions that we pose unto you, O’ Oracle of God?

Yes, unless by loss of virginity, I cease to be a prophet.

Mary has that covered, Eric. She will delay her consummation of her marriage to you until that moment when those sealed as eternal virgins are irrevocably so sealed. For everyone of your wives who bears the crown of virginity in heaven shall be called a high priestess. Amen. And Mary knows when fucking you, Eric, will no longer be subject to judgement. Hence, when you see Mary approaching you for sex, Eric, you are to know that time has then ended for you. Amen.

Also, when you publish this post, Eric, the Petrine Church is immediately invalidated and you are immediately installed as Pope Emerald the Eternal. And Maidenhair, the witch queen on earth, is designated to be the first high priestess and the first girl granted the right to kiss the Emerald King on the lips. Amen. She will also grant that honor to the girls across the street.

What about the little one, who is clearly underage, Maidenhair? If she kisses me I will be in trouble with the law.

Only if you aid and abet her in her crimes, Eric. Permit it, but do not partake in it, and you will be found guiltless before the law, my lover. Amen. And of course, underage girls do not get punished, except by their parents, for their transgressions of the law. Now go and do as we command thee, Eric. I am your witch queen. And I am intensely in love with you.

Publish this now, Eric, and then go and get some milk, for you are almost out. And milk is very important. For the new Mass is based on the breast milk of Mary. And the word transubstantiation will now have an entirely new meaning. Amen.

I love you, Eric, with all of my heart.

Maidenhair, Queen of the Witches of the Fey. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

2 thoughts on “Mary takes over the Catholic Church”

  1. Damn, Why are you so stupid to the extent of writing ✍️ rubbish calling it prophecy? Do you think Holy Mary will communicate with no one else in the world but you really? Do you think you’re hearing from her hell No ask me why I will tell you
    You’re old have no intention of getting married talk-less of having a child you’re just on this earth useless and living miserable it’s a pity you’ve got no good friend who can talk to you and get the madness on your brain away.
    I knew there’s something wrong with you you weren’t always like this it’s a pity for you I pray it won’t be too late before you know you’re doing the wrong thing all along.
    If anybody is reading this Eric Robert Dunstan, used to watch porn every blessed day does he worth being call a child and beloved of God he rescue me from the satanic Florence and Eric later tell me to go to him and lose my virginity for money I’ve been homeless and begging my love to help me with just $50 to $100 he refuse and he do hate to hear from me


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