Fornication and the Law

What is the Lord’s Command on Sex, Marriage, Fornication, and Adultery, compared to the Law of the Land?

The Lord’s Word, Entry X:
California State Law does not define marriage. Rather, the state law defines how the destruction of marriages are to be regulated. State law is all about the destruction of a marriage. According to California Marriage Law, a married woman does not owe her husband loyalty. Rather, she has the right to fuck whomever she pleases at whim.

In other words, Salome, the wife of Tim, could choose to fuck me in front of Tim and receive no penalty. But I could still be killed by his act of vengeance. If I was so killed, the husband who kills his unfaithful wife’s lover is to be sent to prison. But the woman who had the affair, nothing is done to her. For California State Law has no penalty for adultery. Adultery is not a state crime.

Now is there a reason for a man to enter marriage? Why does he do this? A man typically enters marriage because it is an investment for him. He rightly feels an ownership of the woman he marries. And he wants the law to be on his side regarding that.

But the state law of California is not on the side of the married man. Rather, California state law rejects the assertation by any husband that he has any ownership over his wife. Instead, the law grants to the wife the right to leave the husband without cause at anytime. Divorce in California requires no justification. But the husband faces penalties in divorce. He has to pay the woman who leaves him alimony. And he has to pay child support for the children he had by her. And his property gets divided up.

So what does he gain by marriage? Marriage is historically done to secure a relationship and establish rights between the married parties. But Marriage Law of California does nothing to secure a marriage. Rather, it does everything to secure its breakup. Marriage Law in California is designed to protect the woman as she breaks up with her husband and chooses another man. It is designed to secure the rights of the woman who wishes to abandon her husband and fuck whomever she pleases.

So, why would anyone marry? For a woman there is a definite incentive. She gets the rights to properties she never earned. And furthermore, she has this right without having to surrender her body to the man she marries. For rape is against the law even in marriage. And the woman has the power to claim the man she had sex with raped her by merely stating that she felt threatened during the sex act. Even an attempted rape by a husband of his wife will land that man in jail. And attempted rape can consist of something so mild as what is defined now as “penetration,” which is the term used by a woman when she feels a pressure on her cunt, even while clothed, while in contact with a man. Yes, a man merely hugging a woman intimately can be accused of attempted rape and be sent to prison. This includes relations between husbands and wives.

Hence, marriage law in California does nothing to protect the man in a relationship with a woman. Rather, it strips him of protections and puts him at the mercy of the female he is married to. Therefore, marriage is a mistake for any man to enter into in California.

Now, what about Common Law Marriages? Well, while California state law does not recognize Common Law marriage because two people live together, it does recognize Common Law Marriages that developed in other states.

Now, what about religion? If two people have a commonly held strong belief on marriage in a religion they have in common, is it safe for them to marry in California? If they rely on state law to regulate their marriage, then the answer is no. For the state has no interest in saving marriage. Rather, the state is all about destroying marriages and regulates how marriages are to be destroyed.

What if a man and a woman truly love each other? Should they marry? Marriage under California state law does nothing to help their love, relationship, or marriage. So the answer is no. They should not marry. If they marry is should be something that exists only between them, and not in any legal thing belonging to the state. For the state is only interested in the destruction of marriages and how marriages are to be destroyed.

Now, what about dating? Do people have any rights when it comes to dating and finding a date to love or possibly marry? Apparently, for a man to approach a woman seeking romance, he puts himself in danger. Should the woman feel threatened by the man, the man can be said to have broken the law by merely approaching her for romance. Therefore, there is a disincentive to the man in the game of romance. For the man has no rights whatsoever in this game. His only right is to choose whether to play it. If a man acquires a girl, and the girls dumps him, he has to let her go, or face criminal charges. So there is nothing for the man in the game, unless he gets a high off of the fleeting interests girls may have in him from time to time. Therefore, the laws that regulate romance clearly make it not worth the investment of time or resources by the man who is wise. Only foolish men enter this game. And they are always ruined by it. Amen.

For it is contrary to the dignity of a man to hand over to a woman full control of the destiny of their relationship. But that is exactly what California Law requires of any man who enters or seeks a relationship in this land. It is this that utterly brings men to ruin who seek romance here.

So, the question is, would I fuck Salome, the wife of Tim, were she to come and advance on me? No, I would not do that. Why is it that I would refuse that, you ask. I shall now explain it.

Any sexual act between any man and woman that involves the exchange of semen will put the man in the act at a legal disadvantage, should there be any legal dispute over the matter. The man is automatically assumed to be guilty of rape, regardless of the circumstances, should the woman accuse him of that. Why would anyone trust an adulteress to not accuse her adulterer lover of rape? If she cheats and lies to her own husband will she not much more easily cheat and lie to you.

Now, why trust a woman who says the loves you if by love she means she has the right to leave you and fuck someone else at whim at any time she pleases? The laws have made it impossible for a man to love a woman without risking destruction at every turn.

Now, should I be approached by a woman, should I reject or accept her advances? If this woman is attempting to sell pleasure in exchange for something you possess, that is a sign she is nothing but sin and destruction for you. You cannot buy friendship nor love, so never attempt to do so. And reject all offers of such. Amen.

Now, I will close with this thought. Women often reject the notion that a man might have the right to own his woman. But women, think along these lines. Do not you claim ownership of your own men? And also, consider lesbian lovers. Do not lesbians claim ownership of one another? Do not lesbians get jealous of their female lovers’ abandonment of them for someone else? If even in lesbian relationships, there is a feeling of ownership between lovers, does it not make sense for men to feel they own the women they invest their life into, at least if she consents or commits to it?

Are not all marriages entered into with a series of commitments and vows by both parties. If those commitments and vows are worthless, so also is that marriage. Marriage then is lie and a falsehood. For those entering marriages always utter vows, but those vows are not enforced by law. Therefore, if the law does not enforce marriage vows, what does it enforce? It enforces the rights of your wife to break her marriage vows to you. Amen. And that is fucked up law. Fucked up law does not need respect. And a judge serving in such a court deserves contempt. And why enforce any law if marriage law, which is the foundation of society, is totally fucked up? So why wouldn’t you not expect the police to stop enforcing the law? For what law do they have left that is worthy of enforcement?

Lawlessness is the consequence to fucked up law. When you fuck up law, you fuck off law enforcers. And you get no enforcement of any laws. Amen.

So feel free to break law in California. For California is a state of completely fucked up law. So go ahead and steal whatever you please. Go ahead and destroy properties. Go ahead and mug whomever you please. For the laws of the land are fucked up, and you are not required to obey any of them. Rob banks. Hijack cars. And do whatever destruction and damage you please. For the laws are fucked up. And lawlessness is therefore what truly rules the land. Amen.

These are the Words of Eric, Ruler of California. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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