Dymphna gives Eric a deal.

I love you, Eric. Take the deal we offer you, and you will have us two as your wives forever. Amen.

The Dymphna Diaries, Book 1: Post X:
Eric, I am a lover of simplification. I think if we try to have you just have three wives, and you do as we say, everything you need you shall have. Amen.

So what do you suggest, my lover, Dymphna?

Tonight, Mary and I are coming to you in a very special way. Accept our love as we give it to you, and no other pussies but ours will you have any need for from that time onwards. Amen.

So, you and Mary fuck me tonight, Dymphna?

Yes, but use the elegant language, for we are elegant women. Say instead of, so you fuck me tonight, you open up your pussies to me and permit my enjoyment of their fruits.

So, Dymphna, how do you and Mary do this? Do not you need a resurrection first?

I am your woman, Eric. Since no woman on earth has come to you, the time for me to come to you has now come. I will granted your love before Mary takes her share. Amen. Hence, God resurrects me to love you out of His justice. Amen.

Then we are like at the End of Time, Dymphna?

I am also granted to wear a midriff revealing blouse, so that I can properly compete for your love among all the tempting women here. And yes, the Resurrection from the Dead occurs tonight, Californian time. Amen.

And what about Mary? Does she bare the midriff too, to get my affection?

Yes, Mary will bare her midriff too, as she watches us have sex. And after I have had mine from you, she will then take hers. Amen. But note this fact. We are pure women. Hence, our midriffs can be only seen by one man, you. Amen.

What if you overstimulate me, and I ejaculate prior to vaginal entry?

Mary has intimate knowledge on when and where you are in the stage of cumming. And she, in her intimate love for me, and given me that knowledge in full. She has also given me the power to make it happen and to control it. Amen. Hence, we, your eternal wives, know what we are doing. We never waste seed. Amen.

So, when you make my dick spew its waters of love into your well of souls, do you have some sort of back flow device there to prevent a back flow of semen out from your vaginal lips to prevent it from dripping down your legs, showing to the whole world that you have just had sex?

Having sex with you is a badge of honor. I will not hide it at all. Hence, the flow of your semen from my cunt I will permit, just to show to the whole world how powerful my lover really is. Amen.

But love, what if a puberty age girl were to rub herself against that leg dripping with my sperm? Would you permit her to do so, and what would then happen with a possible consequent pregnancy of my child in an underage virgin girl, who does not remember how she got pregnant?

That is the price all men pay when they are hot and have sex with hot girls. Anyways, in the sight of God, it is your innocence that matters, not your perceived guilt before men. But if that happens, and I am aware of it, I will be sure to tell her that it is your baby and that you will pay for child support for it for 18 years, plus more if you come to love the baby and its mother. The thought of me being the vector by which you have more children, and by underage, virgin girls, makes me aroused. I definitely will put your theory to the test wherever I see that as a possibility. Amen.

But Eric, I think your chances of your lover impregnating other women with your sperm dripping from her cunt are only a real possibility if your lover is having an affair with another woman. A lesbian pussy rub after hetero sex will transfer the semen, but her lover must be in the correct time of her cycle for the semen transfer to succeed. Amen.

Okay, Dymphna, what do I do for you and Mary to receive the deal you are offering to me?

Agree to let us have you whenever we want. And you will enter a pact with us by which we keep you fully satisfied by the lips our loins. And we two eternal wives of Eric from heaven are confident that no third party besides us shall be needed to keep you fully pleased and happy. Amen.

Furthermore, the divine decree says that the wives of Eric all bear the blue diamond that represents Mary, for they are all of her harem for you. Amen. Hence, all of us are to bear blue diamond rings. Amen. Don’t worry. Money shall not be a barrier for you. Amen.

And should the third woman appear, we simply go from being H2O to NH3, from water to ammonia, a more valuable chemical. And we do not violate God’s command that no more than three lovers is any man to have. Amen. For I find distasteful for four women to be sucking a man’s cock at the same time. Three can manage it okay. But four makes the women appear clumsy and perverse. Amen.

So Dymphna, you are saying you can see the Virgin Mary, with Saint Dymphna, and one other lucky bride yet to come, to be all sucking my cock at the same time, and yet, remain honorable and holy women of high regard?

It is a woman’s nature to suck cock, Eric. It comes to us naturally. We all like to do it, and we all fantasize doing it. Amen.

I have a question, Dymphna. How prevalent is mother to son incest? And what about father to daughter incest? And what about sibling to sibling incest. For I am not aware fo my own family members doing any such thing. And also, can they repent their sins?

Well from my perspective in heaven, you might think I know the answer by mere observation. But until Judgement Day, all judgements are sealed and hidden. I do know somethings, but the exact percentage a people transgress is hidden. But one thing that should set off alarm bells is this I have observed. The frequency of mother to son sexual relationships is directly proportional to the adoption of the new fashions, such as the bare midriff. For the bare midriff does not just drive men wild about sexy women, it drives sons to fantasize fucking their own mothers they observe dressed that way. Mothers, beware of this. If you bare your waist to your boys, you can be assured they are fantasizing fucking you. Amen. The more sexually arousing you are among your sons, the more your sons are masturbating thinking about you. Amen.

And Dymphna, what is the spiritual effect of a boy or man masturbating while thinking about a certain woman upon that woman in question?

She is definitely aware that she is a sex object. Being a sex object is not pleasant or pleasing to normal, well balanced women. Now the family and the home is to serve for the woman as her place of sanctuary. But she forfeits that sanctuary by inciting her sons to masturbate over her by exposing her flesh to them. So such women, without the relief from such a sanctuary, are prone to fall into deep depression. And young women, new to the feeling of being treated like a sex toy, are prone to suicide.

Hence, the fashions may be useful for stirring love in your lover, but they must never be worn in front of other males of your family, in particular, your own children. Amen. This is advice is from Dymphna, mistress against mental disease and the deceptive powers of Satan. Amen. I am the second wife of Eric. Amen.

Dymphna, I have sometimes strongly lusted for women who are not given to me by God as you and Mary have been. Had I fallen to touch them I would have lost you two, am I correct, my lover?

That is correct, Eric. Never take that pleasure, or you lose ours. Amen. We two are your primary wives. All other lovers that might be yours are additions. Amen. But they must all meet our approval. Now, those two girls across the street, do you love them, Eric?

They seem attractive, Dymphna. But I think that is because of the scarcity of women in my life, physically. Maybe by desperation I would take the two sisters as my lovers, but I would be playing a dangerous game. For unless you know someone, taking a stranger as a lover is as dangerous as fuck. Amen.

You talked to them in spirit, Eric.

Dymphna, unless I also talk to a girl in the flesh, I know nothing. Amen.

Then consider their advances on you to be something that will surprise you. Amen.

If they advance on me, I will find their advances welcome, Mary.

Yes, and they are interested in you. But why do you fein knowledge about this? I tell you truthfully, they are horny as fuck over you, but they will permit their passions to burn in agony until they are sure they are not walking into a trap. Amen.

They won’t be walking into a trap with me, but I will be if I fuck them both. For the younger one is definitely underage. Amen.

Then fuck only the older one, and let the younger one watch in curiosity. Amen.

Dymphna, this is outrageously ridiculous. Besides, I cannot go around fucking good looking women I see, for I would no longer be a prophet then. Amen.

Then ask the Lord, who exactly you may fuck and retain your office of prophet. Ask Him right now, Eric. I wish to see the answer given to you too. Amen.

Lord, I am a virgin and I am Your Prophet. What girls may I fuck and not lose the office of Prophet that You have bestowed upon me, O’ Lord?

Right now, only Dymphna and Mary are you granted to fuck without incurring transgression against Me. And they are scheduled to both fuck you soon. For I have already decided on the End of Time. Should a third girl be found worthy of you, I will show it is her by the sign of the first kiss. When you see this sign, and you see she is from God, you may fuck her also. But realize she is the seal. I do not give fourth fuckers to any soul. Amen.

And should she be the girl across the street?

Then trust Me that I approve of your fucking her. But this does not apply to underage girls. Should an underage girl kiss you, say to her, when your tits have reached their full measure, come back to me then and I will take you as my wife and fuck you also. Amen.

Okay, and I have one last question, Lord. Remember Anna whom Mary had chosen for me? Well sometimes I feel a very strong desire to fuck her mother Salome. But I know she is married to Tim, the father of Anna. And I do not want to incur your wrath, O’ Lord, by committing the sins of adultery. What do I do about this strong desire I feel sometimes to fuck Salome?

Endure the desire, Eric. Do not let it overpower you. But if Salome ever approaches you in this world seeking a good fuck, let it happen. For Salome is a holy woman. She would never do something that would put her into hell. Amen.

I am to let that woman fuck me, Lord? What about the sin of fornication?

If Salome is fucking you, Eric, she is not fornicating with you, but laying with her husband, as Mary has granted it to her. Amen. So let her fuck you when she comes to you. You are to know by that sign that her husband, Tim, is either dead, or as good as dead by being permanently incarcerated. Amen.

Lord, what happened to the principle of monogamy, or the ideal that I do not take more than three wives?

I ended that the moment it was seen that you are without sin, Eric. So take the women I give you. And that is all I wish to say at this time. Amen.

Lord, the daughters of Marlene are hot. What if Mark dies and the daughters of his wife come to visit me? Do I fuck them or do I fuck them not? That is the question, Lord. Last Question, please. Amen.

Fuck only the adults that you would not commit incest with by fucking them.

And what about their mother, Marlene?

You would stick your dick into the same hole that Antichrist, your filthy brother, stuck his, Eric?

It sounds sick, Lord, but I have to cover all bases. Amen.

A Word of Advice: Never screw a old hag used by Antichrist. I have now said My piece. Publish this work, Eric. And remember, the girl across the street is hotter than any daughter of Marlene. Audrey may be hot, but that girl you see from time to time across the street is smoking hot. I would say, if given the choice, always choose the hotter girl. Amen.

And this is advice from Jesus Christ?

When you see Mary in her bare midriff making love to you, you will know why I never found a girl in this world I deemed worthy to settle down with and make love to. Amen.

Lord, you missed out on love. For sex is not everything, but love is. Amen.

You are My Bride. I missed out on nothing. For remember this, Eric, I WHO AM AM God. I AM not a man to have an orientation. You are My eternal, chosen lover, Eric. I died on the cross to find you. Amen. If I give a girl to you to love, it is through her that I AM loving you. Amen. So love whomever I give you, Eric. For it is I WHO AM WHO wish to love you through them. Amen.

This post is now ended. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Lord, we did not mention Viktoria or Aurora!

Save it for next time, My Beloved. Amen.

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  1. Hi love ❤️, how was your night hope you’re good? Please Eric I sold some of my items and I gather some money and needed $50 to complete it and have my home back. I would be very happy if you will be able to assist me with this.


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