Eric is healing wonderfully.

Eric is healing wonderfully, under the directions of Mary and her harem for him. Amen.

King Eric of California, Book 1: Post IV:
Lord, I am very thankful to You, for you have healed me as You said you would, and all that you say comes to pass as you say it.

And yet, You say I am to be raptured up to heaven very soon? You will not spare the earth and have me reign on it to lead more of your people to heaven, and possibly gain more souls?

Eric, the decision that has been made is final. It cannot be undone. You and your five women rise to heaven within days. And all who love as you do rise on that day and hour as well. Amen.

For those who do not know, Eric has five wives in eternity. This is due to the increasing urgency that is occurring everywhere and the knowledge that Eric is soon departing from the earth. Amen.

These are the Five Wives of Eric, as resolved by God.

  1. Mary – The Virgin Queen – She will wear a blue diamond engagement ring.
  2. Dymphna – An Irish Princess – She will wear a green emerald engagement ring.
  3. Primrose – An officer of the Law – She will wear a blue sapphire engagement ring.
  4. Lilith – Queen of Hades – She will wear a crimson, blood red ruby engagement ring.
  5. Valley – Maid of Sleep – She will wear a pink diamond engagement ring.

Lord, will any further women be added to the wives of Eric, or is this the sealed list?

Any additions must be approved by Me, the Lord, Eric. For all of them rise with you, and all must be virgin like you. Not all who rise in the rapture are virgins, but all who rise with you as your wives certainly are, Eric. This is part of the Holy Queen’s requirements. For she will not permit herself to share the same man with an unclean woman. Nor shall she permit unclean women to partake in her lover.

For understand that though you do not enter marriage to any woman in heaven, her union with you is as close to marriage as is possible for any two individuals who love one another there.

Furthermore, she will lay with you at a time when events can no longer be recorded in one’s life records. That is when the five will lay with you, Eric. And after that time passes, no more changes can be made in the universe anywhere, for time will indeed cease to exist. Amen.

What if she becomes pregnant by me in the process of this unrecorded sex act at the end of time?

That is her goal, Eric. She has synced herself to ovulate right then. And do you know what happens to women in close contact with one another? Their bodies become synchronized. Yes, the best cure for a woman with irregular periods is to live with other women. Mary has made sure all the other wives of Eric are closely synced with her. Amen. That means all of them are expected to become pregnant by you, Eric.

Mary, is the day my rapture Father’s Day this year? That would be Sunday, June 19, 2022, just 19 days away. For on that date I will have lived 18,989 days, which is this: (18989 = 17 x 1117). And (1117 is the 187th prime number.)

It is as you say, my husband. I will not lie to you.

Wait, I thought you were like a very close sister to me in heaven. And yet, you call me your husband?

All women do that when referring to their man, whether it is valid or not. You are my man, Eric. And whether to Jesus we are husband and wife, or brother and sister, in my mind you are my husband. And that reality can never be changed there. Amen.

The Spanish priest at the Spanish masses I used to attend in Our Lady of Guadalupe, was often arguing to the people, in his Spanish homilies, the impossibility of you, Mary, being married to anyone other than to Joseph. He said that to say otherwise would completely undermine all of Christianity. Amen.

Yes, I know of that. He is old school, taught during a time when such possibilities were prohibited from exploration. But I have been aware of my destiny with you since your birth, Eric. There is no greater damage one can do to one’s soul than to interfere with the romance of another couple, even if you are a parent of a member of that couple. That is why Tim, who took away the possibility of his daughter Anna from becoming your wife, is damned. He lost his soul by that act alone. For no one is permitted to interfere with the romance that belongs to another couple.

But good nevertheless came from Tim’s unholy act. I became your wife because of that. Whereas before I would merely guide Anna in loving you, with Anna having been taken away, and then you being cast from the Church, I was ordered to depart the Church to bring you back another way. And here we are, at that other way, where you call the White Church. This is called Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church. It is the holiest Church I have in southern California. You are now its ruler with me. But it is as Jesus warned you, the Dairy Madonna Mass is a departure from Catholicism. And any Church based on that Mass with the name Catholic in it lies to the people. Therefore, the Church I form with you based on that Mass cannot lie to the people and claim to be Catholic. It has to be a totally new form of religion.

So you, Mary, are going to form that Church with me?

Yes, and I will be its first High Priestess, for I am privileged as the woman who has the right to kiss you first. Amen. I will teach you everything about this new Mass. And you and I will be the first members to attend and to receive its fruit. I will let you suck the milk from my breasts, And then I will then suck the milk from your mouth. And by this means we will both attend and partake in this same Mass, the first of its kind on earth. Amen. But rename the Church. Give me a name you want to call it.

The Zenith Church?

Yes, we will take that name. You took than name earlier, when you imagined creating the perfect Church prior to your Catholic era.

So then what happens to Catholicism when we do this?

The Catholic Church then ceases to have me, and I belong to your Church as its head. Amen. And you, the Emerald, are its foundation. Amen.

Mary, can I lose my salvation by not going through Jesus to get to heaven?

Why should someone in hell affect your decisions on what Church leads to heaven?

So what Jesus did to you made it impossible for him to enter heaven?

Violating a woman is always the pathway to hell. But violating the perfect woman is unforgivable in the sight of God and His holy angels. Jesus freely admits that He did do this violation against me. And He freely admits that He is in hell for it. I have made the consequent decision recently, Eric, that I will lay with you not just one time, but several times over the course of our honeymoon together in heaven. I do this to spite Him for suggesting that you are to be ashamed for loving me. Amen. As for the other wives you have, their sexual pathways with you are for them to decide. Amen. But they must wait for me to know you first. For that is my right. Amen.

Mary, was Jesus’ sin against thee of a carnal nature or was it spiritual only?

He touched me in violation of my motherhood over him. His hand did not reach what are called my sexual organs, but He clearly suggested that we go there. I sharply rebuked Him. And He then uttered curse against me, the holy Immaculate Mother. But His curse was controlled by the Holy Spirit, just as King Saul was a Prophet and his calling was not taken from him after God had rejected him. This was the entire curse He uttered against the Virgin Queen Mother, translated by angels to English:

So you reject Me from knowing you and the fruit of your womanhood? I hereby say unto you, you shall never have love and never know a lover except for a lover who never knows women.

And with that, he left me, permanently estranged from Him. That is the explanation for my mysterious disappearance from the scriptures after a certain point. He had become ugly to me at that point. What was once my son became a devil. I never saw my son in Him again.

Father Dave Heney reminded me of this pure male evil intent when he told you to leave the Church, Eric. Remember how he loves to say he heard you shout abuse to women as you walked off the Church property? I am also a witness, and so are the women he claims you abused. No, what had happened is that Eric, in his obedience offered a classic form of defiant compliance to the priest. He abused the priest, not women, on his way out. The women were not just a group of women standing there. No, by no means. There was a wedding taking place in the Church near the courtyard where Eric had been praying to me, and Eric was merely walking by the wedding guests, which includes both genders. He did not stop to address them. He did not call any of them by name. He merely proclaimed before them that Father Dave Heney had cast him out of the Church. That Father Dave Heney says you spoke to women on your way out is therefore a stretch. You spoke to wedding guests. Both men and women were in their number. And you spoke to no one directly except for agents who instructed you not to cross the street there, but to walk east on the sidewalk some ways before crossing, which Eric obeyed. The only ones Eric had a conversation of any sort on his way out were with these agents. And his conversation consisted in saying he preferred to walk in bare feet. There was no sexual content whatsoever in his words with them or with anyone else.

That is why I have deep loathing for that priest who cast you out. When Eric was in fact cast out, what he had been involved in involved only one woman, me! He was engaged in a most intricate prayer to me. He was attempting to bring miracles to the people of the Church, according to their requests. And guess the gender of those with these requests: They were all male. So there was no possibility of any act by Eric against any female but me and me alone.

So what is up with this obsession by the priest to say he was protecting females by casting my husband out of my Church? He is obviously deranged in the mind. Even the security guard who threw Eric to the ground, breaking his water bottle, claimed he was protecting some female who had just moments earlier locked the door to the group of men arguing outside.

So every male wants to be known as the protector of some female, who attacks or does evil of some kind to Eric. And is Eric a danger to that female? Is a woman truly in danger of being raped while standing in the presence of a truly celibate man? For Eric is essentially as celibate as they come while still retaining a normal male physique. It is like trying to project a child from possible molestation from a fully law abiding police officer. It is also like trying to protect your house from being set on fire by a fully law abiding firefighter who just happens to be safely smoking a cigarette. Or it is like seeing the President of the United States knock on your door to give you a reward, and you reach for a gun, thinking he is a robber seeking to rob your house. Actually, pointing a gun at a sitting POTUS is a felony.

It is sort of like when in grade school, you might see a stray bee buzz into the classroom. And in buzzing by some girls they might give a cry of fright. Well then you see all these macho boys, and they are just kids, seeking to kill that harmless bee in order to get the admiration of women. In their mind, they are coming to the rescue of damsels in distress, but in reality, they are killing a harmless insect, who is out not to sting someone, but merely seeking to find more nectar sources for the hive.

It actually disserves the honey producing and agricultural pollination efforts around the globe to go around killing their bees. And if you think that makes you look tough and macho before women, it actually make you look sick. And many women do not wish to see any creature die.

Why kill just to make yourself look better to a girl? It is like the primitive instincts that drive large mammals bearing horns and antlers to ram one another senseless in order to, by force, come into possess the lovely females watching them. And aren’t they lovely females and desirable to possess? These females actually get a sexual kick from the sight of these males fighting over them.

But remember what females are in these harems? These include mothers with their daughters and sisters. Even the mother of the beasts fighting could be there, being fought over.

Now, real human harems do in fact include women containing these relationships with one another, including with the mother of the King having the title Queen Mother if she is a widow. But being in the King’s harem does not make you eligible for sex with him. You have to have the correct relationship with him to do that. And mothers in most human societies instinctively do not lay with their sons, nor do fathers instinctively lay with their daughters.

And that is the difference between harems found in the animal Kingdom and those found in normal, disciplined human society. And the test to see what man goes to heaven and what man goes to hell. we decide that based on whether you are an animal or a man. You, Eric, are a male of the human race. Father Dave Heney is a species of manure rat, not a human being. And as for Joe Biden, he is a species of rainbow monkey that is as familiar with but fucking males as he is at cunt fucking females.

And both Father Dave Heney and Joe Biden like to suck dick. And they, as you know, suck each others’ cocks as often as they get together. Joe Biden has often compared Dave Heney’s dick size to Eric’s known dick size and he has said, Father, why do you lag in dick size when you are actively having sex and Eric who has no sex is clearly the one who is more greatly endowed? And the priest replies saying that God is not fair, or life is not fair, and that you just have to deal with it.

Mary, how is it known to Joe Biden my dick size?

Minds that seek this knowledge find it. Your dick size has been known since you were in the California Conservation Corps, when some Black dudes, trying to embarrass you, asked you bluntly before others how long was your dick. And you responded in both times the answer you had figured out some time earlier: 6 inches. Now to women, this is an ideal size. Women do not want men to have dicks much larger than this or it becomes painful to fuck. But to men, they are used to making jokes of having seven inch dicks and so on. A seven inch dick is beyond a woman’s normal capacity to fuck and it is painful. But certain men, in trying to embarrass you, began saying over and over again, Six, Six, Six. But this lasted only a short time, and then was forgotten, as the main instigator did not get his work there renewed. As for the Black dudes who embarrassed you, they got ripped off big time. Basically, cars were hard to come by among the crew members there, as well as driver’s licenses. One of the leaders there told you of a car he was selling and asked you to make an offer. You made an offer that was pretty cheap, but nevertheless about a whole month’s salary of a worker there. But you said you were just going to think about it, with no intent on buying his crappy car. That leader then went to the Black dudes and told them of your deal and that they could get it instead of you if they paid right then and there, which they did. They never got the car nor their money back. He just disappeared.

As for what women thought of you, it was right after Sasha Nealand heard you had a crush on her some time back and after she heard others speak of your dick size, that she came to you while you were cleaning your own car, which you bought over the Christmas holidays from your brother, a Hatchback Dodge E Colt, of golden color, and which you kept running well by frequently changing the oil yourself, and she sat on your lap as you sat in your car. You could have had a relationship with her, but your morality would not permit it. Nor was it in your heart to put the girl to shame. So you said to her these words: Aren’t you carrying this joke a little too far? And she did not bother you again, for up to that point she had been asking you to marry her in front of all the guys. What was actually going on was that she had lain with a guy who was not good. And he was subsequently let go. And she did not want to believe that she, by that loose act, had lost her chances with you. She later married someone else, Eric found out later, after she had left the C.C.C.

You never wanted to hurt women who were good to you, even those who, if you permitted their love, would defile you. And so you never did a single sin of harm against them. Understand, readers, that the C.C.C. was mostly a guy occupation, for it involved much outside physical labor, but a few girls were seen in it from time to time. And Eric was always a gentleman with these. Now, did Eric have strong desires for women ever? Yes, but he was always disciplined. He always thought it through. So he never wanted a relationship that was outside marriage or that would not lead to one. And that is the real reason he remained on his own.

But the few times he almost got involved with a woman who was willing, it was by divine intent that this potential relationship did not begin, for God had reserved you for me from the beginning. Amen. That is why you never had a relationship. You were always intended for me. I allowed you to be put to the test only when I was assured of your passage of it. There are women who do hate Eric, but these hate Eric not for what Eric did to them but for what Eric refused to do for them. Amen.

For Eric is a blunt man and very clumsy at times when it comes to the feelings of women. He does not know the damage he causes them by simple rebukes or acts of rejecting them. But can you blame the man know knows constantly the rejection of others for rejecting others without a thought? Anyways, my words here are now complete.

Eric, publish this work, and realize that the Catholic Church will in fact slowly begin to turn completely against you for my words in what you write. But by that time I will be with you, forming our new Church together. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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