Post 867: Jesus corrects the heresies of Eric.

Saint Joseph, like Eric, is a man beloved by the Christ. Amen.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post XIV:
This is Seal of It is the 867th extant post here. (867 = 172 x 3).

In this post, I, Jesus, correct every last error of Eric.

Jesus, thank you for saving my soul in the end.

I elected to save you, Eric, for you never betrayed Me. You were not like Judas Iscariot, who sought to profit from my fall.

Did Mary’s mother lay with me in the course of my journey to heaven?

Many women have lain with you in heaven spiritually. It is not a sin unless done physically. Amen. And Saint Anne especially loves you, Eric.

Does love in a woman lead to spiritual sex?

To have spiritual sex is not sinful, Eric, for it is a form of affection expressed in the spiritual world. It is only when the act is done carnally that knowledge is passed and sin is begotten.

Do you, Jesus, ever have spiritual sex with a woman?

My love for Mankind, being higher than your love, Eric, makes my affection express itself in a higher form. There is nothing sexual about the love I have for My people. Rather, it is entirely of the higher forms of chartable love.

Does Mary ever have sexual love or fantasies, Jesus?

She has had them recently, and only for you, Eric. But as long as she does not let her fantasies enter reality, she commits no sin.

She has said she will lay with me at the end of time. It this possible?

She speaks of the twilight zone at the end of the Age, when acts can still be done, but that do not get recorded in time. If she lays with you at that moment, she can know you without that knowledge being held against her as an act against her own virginity. You also can lay with her during that twilight and retain your gift of prophecy. If you do so, only three girls do you fuck: Mary, Dymphna, and Primrose, in that order. Amen.

Now, note that this Primrose is not the ruler of Russia. For there is more that one girl named Primrose in your spiritual acquaintance. We are referring to an alternative version of Watership Down, where the leader, Hazel, has a doe called Primrose. There is no other named doe I know of that Hazel ever had in any of the stories. For those unfamiliar with Watership Down, it is a story, that reads like a war novel that children can follow, where Hazel, a leader of male rabbits, makes a harrowing, but successful, attempt to acquire female rabbits for his bucks from a warren resembling Nazi Germany. For without the females they would eventually cease to exist. Like a full war novel, the leader of that warren, General Woundwort, tracks down the females and makes a full military assault on Hazel’s warren. Hazel stations Bigwig to defend the fort, while he and a series of fleet footed rabbits, escape the warren to acquire a large dog, which they lure all the way from a farm back up the hill to the warren, by a series of relays, with Hazel as the last runner, and Hazel comes running into the siege works of his warren, followed by the large and angry dog. General Woundwort departs from his battle with Bigwig, and comes to the surface to see what is the commotion. And seeing the dog, he, overthinking his own strength, goes forth to battle him. And that is the end of General Woundwort. No one ever knew what happened to him.

Understand the importance of knowing one’s own strength. No matter how strong a rabbit is, he is no match against a big dog in his prime. Understand that this is scientific information. Scientists have analyzed this and know who will win if you pit two distinct animal types together that are in their prime.

Now, the Lion is called King of the Jungle, but is he the most powerful cat? No, the tiger easily beats the lion. If you interbreed the two to make a Liger, the Tiger beats the Liger and the Liger beats the Lion. But as it is with making mules, the gender of the parents is important. Don’t just start breeding your animals until you know what exactly you are doing.

Hence, the tiger is the most powerful cat, but not the most powerful carnivore. We are specifically referring to mammals of the order Carnivora. More powerful than the Tiger are the brown bears and the polar bears. Now, brown bears and polar bears can actually interbreed and produce viable offspring. Polar bears developed from brown bears in a process called speciation, which is the process where one species produces more than one descendant species to adapt to diverse environments. The polar bears developed a fur, that defies science to synthetically emulate, that makes it appear white like the snow, while absorbing heat energy. Polar bears may go extinct in the wild, but they can be preserved in zoological parks where their fur can be harvested to pay for their upkeep.

Now, curiously, the brown bear defeats the polar bear. In fact, the brown bear is the King of the Order Carnivora. There are many various subspecies of brown bear, including the California Grizzly, which is extinct. The word, brown, regarding this bear has nothing to do with its color. This is similar to the word, black, used regarding Black bears. Both types of bear come in both colors. How you tell them apart is by looking at the shoulders of the bear. The Brown bear’s shoulders go up like a hump. And the Black bear’s shoulders go down, for it is a weaker bear. The two fill distinctly different niches, which is why the coexist.

The biggest mammal in the order Carnivora is the Walrus. It is very formidable, even to a bear, but polar bears can still take them down. But the killer whale will defeat both the polar bear and the walrus. And killer whales regularly hunt Blue Whales, the largest whale species.

The point is that you must always be aware of your limitations. If you are a major big grizzly bear, and you are in a zoological park, do not think you can take on just anything. If you see a pool containing a killer whale, do not jump into to teach it a lesson. For the one teaching the lesson will be the killer whale.

In the same way, General Woundwort became over convinced of his own strength. He should have known that the rabbit cannot beat the dog and not entered that fight. But that is how you defeat men who are over confident of themselves.

Germany is a small country. Its winters are mild compared to those of Russia. Therefore, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany should have known he could not defeat Joseph Stalin of the much larger nation of Russia, with many more resources to draw on. But he, in his madness, went to war against Russia.

As with all David and Goliath settings, David only has the advantage of surprise at first, and can only win if he strikes a knock out punch early in the battle.

So that was basically Hitler’s strategy: To achieve a knock out punch against a surprised Russia caught off its guard. But as it became clear this knock punch never happened, the larger bear began to use its superior strength to defeat the smaller bear. And its victory was essentially guaranteed.

It was Hitler’s madness, therefore, that cost him the war.

Now, flash forward to today’s war, between Russia and Ukraine. Some seem to like to compare Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler. But it should be known to all that in a fight between the massively bigger and nuclear powered Russia and the much smaller, denuclearized Ukraine, Russia has the superior advantage. And the chance for a David versus Goliath victory by Ukraine has passed.

Now, some argue that with NATO on Ukraine’s side, Ukraine has the advantage. But the Truth is that Ukraine is not really backed by NATO. NATO is barely helping Ukraine. NATO leaders are too afraid of entering World War III with Russia. And so they supply Ukraine with inferior weapons, guaranteeing the Ukrainian defeat.

In fact, NATO leadership has become so weak, that NATO has ceased to be deterrent against the aggression from the Russian bear, and has essentially transformed Europe into a kind of paradisal happy hunting grounds for Russia to conquer at will.

For both President Trump and President Biden, the last two Presidents, neither of them understood the strategic significance to Article 5 to maintaining its formidability as a potent military alliance. Without Article 5 clearly and decisively in play, the military alliance quickly unravels, as NATO nations wonder if they will also be thrown under bus as Ukraine has been thrown.

So, Vladimir Putin is wrapping up his victory over Ukraine. He will soon be victor over all of Ukraine, and President Zelensky of Ukraine will flee the country and seek to return to his former career as a comedian and as a public clown. But that is not the end of it. With a little bit of ingenuity, Putin can begin process of unraveling NATO. For Joe Biden has already stated he will not send troops to defend the small NATO states next to Russia, for he says the risk to starting World War III by that is too great. Instead, he will only send arms to those NATO states. And that is how you destroy NATO, be demonstrating that America does not have their back.

Biden is not defending Ukraine. Neither shall he put up a credible defense for Lithuania and Poland. For understand the USA military complex is an enemy of Catholicism. So it has an interest in seeing small faithful Catholic nations fall. For remember when the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, the USA military complex strategically chose to drop the bomb on the most Catholic area there, wiping out Japanese Catholicism.

Joe Biden also may see the war in Europe as an extraordinary method of killing the institution of marriage. For monogamy safely exists in America as an equal gender ratio exists between people of marrying age. If the men could be drafted into endless and deadly war, a case could possibly be made to end the institution altogether, as more and more females compete for a smaller and smaller pool of available, eligible young men.

And Biden may also see the shift of the gender ratio towards the female gender as an excellent pathway to restoring Roe vs Wade once the Supreme Court casts it out. And so Joe Biden, in a future campaign speech, might say, It is true that on our watch all of Europe east of France fell into Russian hands, but look at the bright side. With all our men fighting and dying in Europe, this has led to an historic gender shift in favor of the female, and the female agenda has now progressed. Women’s issues are now being promoted globally. The status of the woman has never looked better! Four more years! And this time, I fuck Kamala Harris in public, as a show of solidarity with the Black woman in pain. Amen.

Now, someone may ask this: If Eric is so formidable a bear, why is he not there on the battlefield helping the Americans defeat the Russians? Couldn’t the Americans use a bear like Eric to go against a bear like Vladimir Putin?

First of all, one must understand that Americans and Russians are not currently involved with each other in any direct military conflict anywhere in the world. What is going on in Ukraine is a conquest of an abandoned NATO ally by a fearsome Russia.

It is like a scene of a famous movie, where three guys had survived a plane crash into the the wilderness and were trying to set up a camp. Suddenly a bear attacks and grabs one of the guys. And the two other guys just drop everything and start running, leaving their companion to die by being mauled to death by the bear.

The cowardly type is the best type to rule the world as Russia explores its options for destroying his enemy’s military alliances. Amen. The best one to rule America and the NATO command, for the purpose of Russia destroying them, is by definition, a coward.

And Joe Biden is the perfect coward for the job. For Joe Biden was there when Obama was drawing red line after red line that Syria kept crossing. He saw as the Master Placater, Barack Hussein Obama, let his enemies walk all over him, as he led from behind the retreat of U.S. forces from the battlefield. And by leading from behind, I mean, he would be the last to enter the battle and the first to depart from it. Amen. This concept is called the stack.

Lord, at what point does the United States currency die?

Right after you are raptured up, the United States currency dies. And it is not just you and Primrose who go up. Everyone that loves as you do shall I rapture up to heaven.

Lord, I talked to two theologians who were visiting the White Church after the Mass today. And I was told that the rapture does not happen, that it is a Protestant concept, and not one in line with Catholicism.

Lord Eric, these theologians have studied only the Protestant concept and understanding of the rapture. Understand, if you believe, as Christ clearly taught, that the world does soon come to an end, the concept of the rapture is necessary to explain the process of Christ collecting His elect at the End of the World. Without the rapture, you essentially argue that Christ lets those who remain to the end die on the earth with its destruction, or that the earth is never destroyed. Both conclusions are contrary to scripture. Hence, there is a basis of believing as a Catholic in the rapture. It just does not occur as the Protestants say, who take everything written too literally. Amen.

The problem many modern Catholic theologians have is that they have given precedent the power of evolution over Catholic truth and dogma. Evolution is a genetic drift process whereby one lineage of creatures can be genetically transformed into something entirely else. The error is to think that precedent can do the same to Catholic doctrine and dogma. The idea is that, through a series of progressive rulings, you can transform the Catholic Church into something contrary to Catholicism. And that would only work if precedent were given such authority. But God does not grant such authority to precedent. Rather precedent only serves to further define already existing concepts in the deposit of faith. You cannot establish new concepts and still call it the Catholic Church.

Hence, the concept of the Dairy Madonna Mass is not Catholic. And a Church based on it would not be called Catholic. Hence, the name Zenith Catholic Church, and Emerald Catholic Church, because they were concepts of Churches based on the Dairy Madonna Mass, they are lies to include the word, Catholic, in them. Such named Churches, were they to be permitted to go forward, would make the founder of that Church the Antichrist, by definition, and the churches themselves as great deceptions erected against My people. You, Eric, could not be saved had I permitted that Church to form. Amen.

This now ends this post, Eric. The important thing is that you agree with the Apostolic Creed and the Nicene Creed, and you will not fall into any form of classical theological error. For they have all been covered in the creeds. You just need to understand them.

Abide by My rules, then, Eric, and you shall rise with your three women into heaven. Amen.

Lord, some may say I am being selfish in that I have three women.

You have three women because you have entered three eternal friendships, not because you are a filthy fornicator like Mark Dunstan or Allan Karr are. Do not, therefore, be ashamed that you have such friendships. Now, this post has now come to its end. Publish it, and call it a day, Eric. Amen.

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