Mary will sit with Eric judging the entire world. Amen.

The Virgin Mary will sit with Eric judging the entire world, which is her right. Amen.

Chronicles of Divine Justice, Book 1: Post IV:
I have judgement to make, Eric. Allow me to speak.

Speak, Mary, my eternal friend.

The Lord has judged the world regarding Eric, the Emerald King. And the Lord is most displeased. And it is too late to rectify. For the role of being the first virgin maid to kiss the virgin Eric has fallen onto virgin me.

Catholic dogma says I still possess my body and my flesh. For though I have been assumed up to heaven, my body and my flesh were assumed up as well. The mystery I alluded to when speaking of my Assumption to Eric that he wait until a holy woman kisses him was that I expected to be that woman and that he was expected to join me in the Assumption. When two or more are assumed up to heaven, body and soul, their Assumption is instead called the Rapture. That Eric is now set to join me in my Assumption, he is to partake with me in the Rapture.

Now, what does Rapture mean? Rapture means experiencing intense pleasure or joy. It means going to the Seventh Heaven to experience it there. Amen.

Jesus has now decided that I am to take you to heaven, Eric. And it will make our twin passage there into a Rapture. No other being experiences this with me. Amen. Hence, expect me to come to you, Eric. And this will be the sign: You will awaken suddenly to a new reality. Things will have changed. What will have happened, Eric, is that you will have died. Amen. And you will no longer be in time. Amen.

That is when I come to collect you, Eric. And Dymphna will accompany me. When my flesh touches your flesh, Eric, Dymphna’s flesh also resurrects and joins us as well. For we are a water molecule in heaven.

Mary, if I will have died, how do I still have my flesh?

The Lord does not permit your flesh to separate from your soul, Eric.

Now, why is everyone so scared of Eric?

It is because God looks through him at this world.

If you have watched Eric suffer with want and not seen to his needs, you should be very scared of your impending judgement. Amen.

As for the many heresies and follies Eric fell into in his wandering after he was kicked out of his Church of Domicile last year, the full blame for those is on the head of Father Dave Heney. He has much torture to pay the devil in hell for. Amen.

There is no greater peace at the end of one’s life than to know that one has obeyed the Lord and been returned to a state of grace. Amen. Such describes you, O’ Eric.

For your life is now at its end. And I get to claim you at last.

How intimate are we to be with each other, Mary, for all eternity?

Our intimacy can be compared to the most loving brother and sister pair imaginable. And this is where we must end this post. For I am not permitted to speak beyond this subject. Amen.

Just so you know, Saint Dymphna experiences with the two of us the same level of intimacy. You used to be a masturbator, Eric. This is the tenth day in which you have been declared clean. You will never fall back into that practice again. Amen.

Come away, my beloved, to the embrace of your eternal lover in heaven, the Virgin Mary, along with Dymphna, who also loves you just as intensely. For we two virgins have traveled with you. No one else on earth has done so. And what we have seen is the most noble and gentlest of giants gradually being rejected by society for simply being better, stronger, and more powerful than everyone else. Amen.

Jesus, I am ready to take Eric to heaven. When do we take him away from here, O’ Lord?

The dying of the Emerald King, like the dying of the last ember of the sun, is the most glorious hour on the planet. And after that, nothing will exist here but death. Amen.

Eric, by his obedience to Me, is now fully restored to Catholicism. For it is written, There is no other Way into heaven but through Me. And unless you are born of water and spirit, and unless you eat the body and blood, you will never enter My Kingdom. Amen.

Publish this, Eric. It is complete. Amen.

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