Jesus brings Eric back into His communion at the White Church

Eric is, once again, fully Roman Catholic. Amen.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post XIII:
The Pastor at the White Church, Father Patrick Keyes, heard Eric’s confession. Jesus, only hours earlier, had told Eric to go to Church and talk to the priest to restore himself to the Catholic Church. This was while Eric prayed, kneeling before Jesus and the seven candles on his front yard, right after installing the large U.S. flag on the front of his house. Amen.

Eric told the pastor that he had been kicked out of his Church of Domicile, and that Jesus had told him to come to this Church. Asked for one example transgression he did during his unchurched days, Eric said be had believed Mary was his wife. Eric was given absolution and told to do a good deed to someone sometime within that week for penance.

Eric had met the pastor while praying before the crucifix at the head of the Church when the priest came down to hear confessions before Mass that evening. And Eric was permitted to go confess first.

This was at the White Church, in the White City, near Uptown Whittier. Eric went to Mass that 5:00 PM, Saturday Vigil. Today is Sunday, but the vigil Mass counts as his Sunday obligation.

Lord, I need guidance. I need to know what is true and what is false. Please illuminate me and do not let me prophesy again under a dark light. Amen.

Eric, I love you. You are My Bride and My only Bride. Such is why you are not permitted the tithe. For it was not by being Mary’s consort, but Mine, by which you are royalty, and to tithe you is now forbidden.

Someone asks, Would not the Virgin Mary make a much more suitable Bride to Me than Eric could possibly be?

Through Eric is Mary made Mine also, along with Saint Dymphna, her maidservant. For though just friends, their friendship is so true that the three of them have bonded together like water: (H2O).

Eric, you are ordered to attend Mass at the White Church from now on. I AM Jesus, and I have forgiven you. For to him who is forgiven much, he loves much. Amen. I will see to your request that someone be sent to you to guide you to all Truth. Amen.

Eric, I am Mary, ever Virgin and Immaculate Queen. I am the one sent to you to guide you to all Truth. I love you, Eric, for your virginity. Remain a virgin for life, and you and I will share the throne under which all the world is ruled over and judged. Amen.

For where it was written: He will rule the nations with an iron scepter; like pottery shall he smash them, you have irrevocably shared this position of power with me, the Virgin Queen.

Hence, I will co-rule with you the entire world. Amen. So ask me anything, my virgin friend.

The shrine on my front yard is very beautiful. Is its purpose, O’ Mary, to lead America back to God?

To both follow God and to listen to God speaking through you, Eric. It generates love in all who gaze upon it, for it is of amazing beauty, and no one will lay a hand on it. Amen.

For you, Eric, are the most protected soul in existence. Amen. Look, Eric, no one marries in the next world, but they do form bonds, some more powerful than those of marriage. I am bonded to you, Eric, in the purest and strongest bonds of friendship ever seen. And I chose Dymphna to accompany us in our journey together. For I saw the bonds forming between you and Dymphna as you read her story in a bookstore at another Church.

This Church is named after my Assumption. Do you understand what the Assumption means, Eric?

Explain it to me, Mary, Queen of Heaven.

When you are kissed for the first time, by a woman of holiness, the understanding of this concept shall be yours. For no one understands anything without love. Amen.

I am now ordered to return to heaven to attend other things. Remember three Key things: Your faith, your virginity, and your celibacy, and you will triumph in me and in Dymphna, who have put all our eggs into one basket, you. Amen.

Now I, Dymphna, am granted to speak to you, my lover, Eric. Let all women who are fleeing an abusive lover come to flee to the House of Emerald, for there the angels that protect that property will extend their protection to you. For no abusive man may lay his hands on a woman while standing on that property. Such is the standard of the angels who guard Eric’s lands and city night and day. Amen.

This post you are now ordered to publish, Eric. See to it that you reread it again after publishing it, for it is the single most important post you have made in your lifetime. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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