Eric issues excommunications, executions, and the razing of churches

Eric assumes his role as Commander, putting to the test the powers he is said to now possess. Amen.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post X:
Assuming that Eric was told the Truth that he has the power to excommunicate and execute and raze churches to the ground, as he was told he has, vetoable only by his primary wife, the Virgin Mary, then every wicked prelate, cardinal, and Pope Francis himself, are now completely excommunicated from the Church. Furthermore, the Churches where dwell these wicked prelates, where their wickedness is accepted, are also to be burned and razed to the ground, including the Vatican City in Rome.

Eric will not stop Russian bear’s rampage until he reaches the Rhine. For a wounded bear does not attack unless provoked. The Russian bear did not need to be provoked. He could have been left in peace. The rampage originally seen in the Russian bear was from rage. Now he is calculating how to defeat his enemies. Do not think the Russian bear will take less when he can take more. For the only bear who can stop him is the Californian Grizzly, and he has lain his line at Rhine. That means that the Russian bear can do his wrath upon the Europeans until he reaches France. Amen.

Why the River Rhine, you say? Eric is mandated to protect France, as he is proclaimed the Great Monarch, who was to come. Amen. And Eric has seen the wickedness of Europe. That the Europeans refused to heed Mary at Fatima, that the impious Pope Francis himself was jumping up and down, provoking the war with Russia, paying no heed to Mary’s message at Fatima, Eric has abandoned Europe east of the Rhine to Russia and to the rampage of the Russian bear, which is their due for their insolence and disobedience to God. Amen.

Why is Israel called the Jewish state? It is because only one tribe really remained there, the tribe of Judah. The other ten tribes that could hold land were swept away. They did not cease to exist. But they ceased to have life. For they are muslims now, existing in a kind of permanent death in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where their ancient names and settlements and clan names continue to exist as a kind of memory of what they once were called to be. The place names of the ten tribes and their clan names remain, but not the priestly tribe of Levi, as they serve no purpose in Islam, and were completely eliminated. Amen.

Lord, what is the future for the state of Israel?


Jesus, what is the future for the state of Israel, the people who put you to death for proclaiming you are the Messiah?

I have a gift for you, O’ Californian Grizzly Bear. I AM giving you a virgin bear of Israel, a Syrian Brown Bear, as your wife. For you are a bear who needs a wife. Take the virgin daughter of Israel that is given to you this day. For she is the virgin who shall be yours on earth. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, have spoken. Amen.

And what religion is this descendant of Israel, O’ Lord?

She is to become Zenith Catholic. She, by becoming your first high priestess, will make the Zenith Catholic Church a reality. Amen. This concludes this post, Lord Azurite. Go now and get groceries, for your family is in short supply.

As you command, I obey, O’ Lord. What of my declining money supply, Lord?

The job you need is coming today. This is your job. You shall be made protector of a very important person. Amen. Now go, My Son. You are the King’s Son. I have complete confidence in Your ability to perform as you are required. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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