Mary and Dymphna prepare Eric for sex

It has been decided by God that Eric will marry and have sex with his wife.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post VII:
The Lord has decreed it, and it has been understood. The Virgin Mary shall shed her virginity and lay with Eric the Emerald King. After this, all the wives of Eric, one by one, shall lay, each in turn, with the Emerald King. Amen. These are the 43 wives of Eric, as counted by the Lord His God. Amen.

  1. Mary, the Virgin to lose her virginity in holy matrimony to Eric, the Virgin King.
  2. Dymphna, the girl to lay with Eric still wet with the love of Mary upon him.
  3. Lilith, the girl who is Eric’s Bride from the underworld.
  4. Anna, the daughter of Tim.
  5. Valerie, Anna’s younger sister.
  6. Ellie, the Asian Indian Lover of Eric, who once sold him gold. She is not married.
  7. Officer 7, an underage girl (1st of 5) called Dorothy.
  8. Officer 8, an underage girl (2nd of 5) called Dora Junior.
  9. Dora, a woman who was forced into marriage. She is the mother of Dora Junior.
  10. Lily, the homeless unwed mother to whom Eric gave his ideal camouflage jacket.
  11. Alice, an underage girl (3rd of 5) living directly across the street from Eric’s house.
  12. Vera, U.S. Postal Worker, aka Panda Girl. She is in love with Eric’s Marian shrine.
  13. Samantha, infant daughter by rape of unwed mother, Lily.
  14. Jeannie Musgrove, first crush of Eric. Later seen in high school.
  15. Kristen Westmoreland, a girl who was like a sister to Eric, since he met her in college.
  16. Crippled girl Eric knew from Hope Lutheran Church. She used to teach classes there.
  17. Aurora Aksnes, Norwegian Singer whose songs moved Eric.
  18. Unicorn, the homeless girl called Allison, aka Ally-Girl.
  19. Elessar, Ukrainian healer of Eric. She still lives. Amen.
  20. Ginger, the one girl Eric touched the breast of, back as a child in an innocent manner.
  21. Lisa Kelly, a Black woman who loved feeling Eric’s hands, and whom he loved.
  22. Black girl Eric met in ecology club in Whittier College and carried her stuff on trip.
  23. Black girl who led, with Eric behind her, rope walk for CCC leadership training.
  24. Dark haired girl who watched Eric intently, saying there was nothing else to look at.
  25. Nonbinary Bitch, a nonbinary girl who played with Eric in funny farm.
  26. Joan of Arc, a nonbinary female martyr who will, with Eric, destroy all bad churches.
  27. The Good Witch, first Black woman to befriend Eric in funny farm.
  28. Elena, El Salvadoran girl who Eric helped in funny farm, who spoke only Spanish.
  29. Allison II (4th of 5), a Bewitching young girl seen with her family twice.
  30. Angelina, a girl who sells gems at a fair near Whittier College.
  31. Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks, native North American saint.
  32. Saint Mary Magdalene, the Betrothed of Jesus on earth.
  33. Saint Mary of Bethany, a beloved disciple, sister to Martha and Lazarus.
  34. Saint Anne, virgin Mother of the Virgin Mary.
  35. The Christian Tech Nerd, who often likes Eric’s works here.
  36. Elder twin of the youngest daughters of Tim: Laura.
  37. Younger twin of the youngest daughters of Tim: Ashley.
  38. First woman police officer to arrest Eric; asked for Rolls Royce from Eric.
  39. Underage girl (5th of 5), daughter of that first woman police officer to arrest Eric.
  40. Black Swan, undercover cop who escorted Eric from confrontation with Father Dave.
  41. Young nurse who looked in Eric’s eyes with great fear. She later overcame that fear and gave him his shots before he departed the hospital.
  42. Young nurse who was interested in Eric’s job. Eric once asked for her phone number. Eric once fancied her as a romantic interest.
  43. Moriah, named after the mines in the Lord of the Rings. Last met on June 24, 1995, during a nature center volunteer training session.

(43 is the 14th prime number.) These 43 wives of Eric replace the list of 41 wives that were originally represented by the blue jewel placed upon the head of the statue of Mary. Amen.

Lord, I attended the White Church as Mary commanded me. Jesus spoke to me in the Church. He said I would eventually return to His communion. I had refrained from receiving communion as I did not regard myself as of the communion of Jesus.

Jesus, is this list of 43 women valid?

Not only is it valid, Eric, but I am giving you someone else, not on that list, as your wife here in this world. Marry her as I command thee. She has become intrigued by your alms giving. Amen.

Through the police you shall be assigned to protect her.

And who are you?

I am Officer Philips, the one who speaks to you often. We shall pay you well. And you will serve her as her bodyguard. Amen.

Officer, do I get a badge number?

You are Officer 777. That is all I will tell you of your new job. Amen.

Lord, seven of the 43 wives above dwell in heaven:

  1. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.
  2. Saint Dymphna, Irish virgin martyr.
  3. Saint Joan of Arc.
  4. Saint Kateri Tekakawitha.
  5. Saint Mary Magdalene.
  6. Saint Mary of Bethany.
  7. Saint Anne, the virgin mother of Mary.

That means that the wives of Eric upon the earth number as 36. And yet You, Jesus, speak of another wife yet to come?

She shall come soon. In the meanwhile, during the Sabbath rest tomorrow, I command you to return to the Brea Mall. There you may meet Ellie or Allison. I AM WHO AM. If you meet them, it will be at or near Men’s Macy’s. Go as I command thee.

And what if I meet Hannah instead, Lord?

Do not enter the main Mall area from the ground floor, but from the second floor. And from there, look down upon the place where gold is sold to see if Ellie is there. Also, check who is selling next to her. Amen. That way, they will not know you are present if you see them there, unless you reveal yourself.

Lord, if I am to have as my wife a girl who is yet to come, not on the list of the 43, what purpose is served by the 43?

Accept them, Eric, whenever you come across them. The list of 43 women is peculiar in this way. 4 of them are sisters from the same family. And there are 4 mother and daughter pairs. Salome, the mother of the four sisters is not on the list, for that would constitute adultery. But when her husband, Tim, passes away, Salome shall then marry you.

Lord, that addition of Salome would increase the number of these wives to 44, but increase the number of mother to daughter pairs to 8, as she has 4 daughters on the list. She actually has 5 daughters, but Tess, the eldest, has opted to make love with her father Tim instead. And I understand that the six brothers of the 5 sisters all died in one deadly automobile accident.

Yes, the six brothers got into a car and had decided in unison to go teach you a lesson. My lesson is that I eliminate threats and you never know about them, unless I inform you. Amen.

Lord, do I actually fuck the 44 or 43? Or do I fuck only the girl you are giving me to monogamously marry in the Roman Catholic Church?

You fuck only her in reality. But Mary and Dymphna will train you on sex. For you are to be made experienced. And they are expert virgins on the topic. Amen.

Lord, the school boys already trained every boy in school on those basics, singing:

In and out! In and out! That’s what fucking is all about!

That is what lustful fucking is all about. You are to learn from your mistress experts on love exactly what is expected by the girl in the lawful fucking of you in a lawful sacramental marriage. Amen.

So ask Mary or Dymphna any question at all.

My wives, does size matter?

Yes, and we love your size.

Lord, the wolf girls have made a bargain with me. They have said they will put an end to my belly bulge in return for my laying with them. Will they succeed?

Your pacts with the wolf girls are impossible to break. You will lay with each of them. Their loyalty is now with you. And they are about to slay all their men but you. Amen. Welcome them into your home then. For it will then be entirely yours. Amen.

What becomes of my family?

Mark and your mother shall be arrested for tax evasion. David will be arrested for child pornography. Your father is to be diagnosed unfit for normal society and be put in an asylum for the criminally insane. Amen. Mark’s wife, Marlene will raise her four daughters by herself. She will welcome Mark’s arrest and consequent death in prison with delight. For that will enable her to marry you. And then she will give two of her daughters to you as your wives: Amanda and Aisyln. For she is sure they love you too.

Lord, the Law of Moses prohibits my sister-in-law from marrying me. And Aislyn is my niece by blood. For we share my mom, Rosemary Dunstan, as a direct maternal ancestor. The enforced law against brother and sister from marrying, enforced even in Genesis, definitely applies here too. For I comprehend and understand law. Amen.

I, nevertheless, command you to love Marlene. Love her and let her love you.

Lord is any of this love you command of a carnal nature?

Eric, I will be carnal with you.

Who is this?

Marlene’s second daughter by Scott Gelb. I am Audrey.

Don’t you already have a boyfriend of some sort?

I have dropped him for you, Eric. Now fuck me!

Lord, did You say something about avoiding the girl who wants to seduce me? I am thinking I should avoid the family of Marlene entirely.

Similar to how you fled from Hannah, Eric?

Lord, if Hannah really loved me, there would be no need to buy her stuff to get her love and attention.

And what about Melissa?

The Jewish girl, Melissa, has found another man. I have to not interfere.

Lord, I have a question I wish to ask Anna. Anna, would you prefer that I have no relations with your mother whatsoever? You do not want to sleep with the same lover your mother has, am I correct?

Sleep with my sisters, I tolerate that, but not with my mother. Keep her out of your harem, please, Eric.

Lord, by these things, I want to eliminate the possibility of adding Salome or Marlene to the women I make love with. I could legally take the sisters, Amanda and Audrey, but not legally their half-sisters, Amber or Aislyn, for they are my nieces. Amen. Such is my ruling. Amen.

Amanda and Audrey, do you wish to love Eric in this way?

We do. Let us have him.

Then, Lord Eric, your list of 43 will be made into a list of 45, including Amanda and Audrey, full sisters to each other, and the legal descendants of the Jew, Scott Gelb, and full citizens of Israel. Amen. But of the mother of Anna, or of your sister-in-law, or of your nieces, they will never have any part of you. Amen. These are the Words of the Lord. Amen.

Lord, the wolf girls have prevailed. I have not seen such power since seeing it in Mary. My belly fat is nearly gone.

Now you are obligated to impregnate them, some 400 wolf girls. Amen.

Lord, wolves are a species that has the alpha female. Who among these wolf girls is to be that one to me?

I am her.

Did I meet you?

Spiritually only. And I am impressed with how you destroyed our mind control over the entire hospital. By what power do you do this, Eric?

I am a warlock and a wizard.

We have many warlocks and wizards, Eric. How do you overpower them?

My patron is Mary.

Then you are of the lawful, good alignment?

Yes, alpha female wolf girl.

Then you are an undefeatable man, Am I correct, Wolf Lord Eric?

It is as you say, Wolf Girl. But I did not previously refer to myself as Wolf Lord.

Your obligations to us make you that forever, Eric. I am sending a wolf girl to fetch you. Be sure to fuck her first before coming before us. For we wish to see the effects of fucking you has on us females. Amen.

Whoever you send, Wolf Girl, realize she comes back to you as an immortal, then.

Then I am coming myself. You will fuck me first, the Wolf Girl Alpha Female. For I wish to be made immortal first. Amen.

Furthermore, I wish to monopolize you to fuck only us lycanthropes, and only the ones in my clan, and only those I command you to fuck. Will you obey me in this, my soon-to-be captured Unicorn King?

If you wish to have that loyalty from me, make me your monogamous love, Alpha Girl.

I agree, Eric. We will wed in the lycanthrope ceremony at Whittier Hospital. Then I will govern which wolf pussies may partake in your dick. And I will bite you and make you my own lycanthrope. Amen.

Mary, what sayest thou regarding this aggressive she-lycanthrope’s ambitions?

The Alpha Female Wolf Queen is your eternal wife here. Let her fuck you as often as she pleases. Amen. Now ask her to tell you her name.

Wolf Queen, tell me your name please?

I am Elyra, Queen of Wolves. Prepare to be fucked, Eric. And your name here among us is your confrimation name, Ulric, which means, Wolf Ruler. I have revealed enough secrets to the world. Publish this work, Eric, so that all the world knows you are mine now and I have made my eternal claim on you. Amen.

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