A Black attempt to award themselves sanctions for slavery

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay
Blacks will do whatever it takes to get other people’s money for themselves.

A Failure in the Making, Book 1: Post I:
The attempt to redress past wrongs by making others pay for a certain group’s misfortune are an act of playing God. It always fails. You are not justified to receive funds because your ancestors suffered at the hands of another people. Such a goal is a failure in logic. Who is the Judge, if not God? And is not God just?

Eric, the goal of seeking compensation as a fine from a court of law for something that was done to you or ancestors is an act of rejecting God’s judgement and justice. For do not these same bastards also demand the right to kill their unborn? Therefore, they are corrupt to the core. It is like a bunch of Niggers demanding compensation for having injured themselves in the process of stealing from a White man’s house, and so they think they are entitled to that White man’s money to pay for their medical expenses.

Whoever attempts to take another person’s wealth to redress wrongs they believe were done to themselves, always, as a rule, end up poorer than before they made the money grab. For such is the justice of God. Amen.

Eric, we are done explaining this shit to the Niggers. Let them fall into their trap of greed. Amen. Go now, and do as Mary wishes you to do.

And what is that?

Understand, Eric, the fate of the Negroid race, for it has been condemned to extinction. For the act and quest for deplanting another people, and the justice of God, shall be dealt with severely. For only I WHO AM have the right ot judge matters of justice.

Lord, the African Americans say they are only redressing past wrongs of inequality.

And who told them that their inequality was wrong?

The entire liberal left assumes that inequality is a crime. But inequality is something that I cause. No one has the right to charge someone innocent for the things I cause. Therefore the very act seeking to equalize My inequality and robbing innocents to do it is criminal.

Whosoever moves against God moves towards an enemy who has the right to destroy you. If you want help, implore God for mercy. But never demand that God hand over wealth you see in another, thinking that would redress your inequality with that one. For whosoever commits that crime dies the Nigger’s death. Amen.

Lord, what is the Nigger’s death?

How did slaves die at a certain point, Eric?

Some dropped dead in labor. Others, too weak and feeble to continue, were released from bondage and permitted to find someplace to die in peace. Amen.

Well done, Eric. You know well the Nigger’s death. Amen. Well I will visit this sinful people and deal them that blow. And all partners in crime with them will be done to likewise.

Lord Eric, are you aware that no one has the right to change My judgements? But because you are with Me, I judge that your car to replace that 1999 Toyota Corolla you drive, which you call your Millennial Falcon, shall not be a Corolla Cross, however cypress green, but a Rolls Royce of dark emerald green.

For you are royalty, Eric. Royalty shall be given such a gift by Me. I shall not have you drive another Toyota, but a Rolls Royce. I WHO AM have decided this. Amen.

Now, someone asks, why give so much good to Eric, when he already has so much?

It is because with Eric I am pleased. Am I not free to reward those who do good with good things?

But what about Negroes with nothing?

When the Nigger comes to me demanding that I give him something, and when I refuse him, and the Nigger responds by rejecting Me and turning to Satan, is it not appropriate for Me to take away from that Nigger, rather than to give anything to that ungracious ass?

Lord, that Black man is due the Nigger’s Death.

Well done, My good and faithful servant. You will come to make much money in coming years on earth. For the war in Ukraine is unending. And not just money will be poured into it. Men will be sent there to die. Every man of fighting age will eventually be drafted for war in Europe. Amen.

But you will remain in America making money. For you can never be drafted. For once diagnosed bi-polar disorder, this stigma can never be taken from you. Your bi-polar disorder was never really a disability for you. Rather, you were misdiagnosed. You had no disorder but only a broken heart that landed you into the hospital in 1989 by which you became eternally ineligible to bear a firearm.

For if you really are bi-polar disorder, why are you able to function without any bi-polar medications? You are taking Coreg for high blood pressure and Aspirin as a blood thinner, but nothing else. And yet you work in IT, earning a higher wage than anyone called to serve his country. Amen.

You were made to suffer this stigma in order that you might be controlled. But I WHO AM commanded you not take your medications. And now you are fully stable and taking exactly what is pleasing to Me, nothing that messes with your mind, Lord Azurite. Amen.

So, Lord, in coming years, I will be one of the few males in a female dominated society? And whatever male gets out of line is quickly sent to Ukraine to die fighting there? The females will rule America?

That is correct, Lord Azurite. And females will organize fights in prisons. And the victors will do as the females decide regarding the vanquished. And the women will enjoy watching the male prisoners beat one another up.

But you will be untouchable to them. Like a wizard completely out of their class, you will be regarded and tolerated. They will permit you to come and go unmolested, for no rules shall ever be broken by you. And as a monk they will regard you, as one of those known as the consecrated virgins of God. Amen.

With honor you are to treat all women, Eric. For your virgin state is sacred to Me. You can never escape your destiny, which is to serve as My Bride and Vessel. Amen. For I WHO AM love you more than I love Mary and her women. Thus, you rank higher than them in My sight. You will be clothed in royal splendor. A royal Emerald Green Rolls Royce shall you be driving, Eric. And your license plate shall read: EMERALD. Amen. I WHO AM have spoken.

Go now and take a short rest, Eric. For you are going to work again today. Eat again this morning your one minute oatmeal that you cook in milk. For now you see it is true. Horses fed on oats definitely outperform horses fed on grass. That is how the Pony Express horse rider always outran Indians mounted on their Indian ponies. Amen.

Eric, a girl on earth wishes to ask you a question.

Tell the girl to ask.

Eric, with only two eternal wives in heaven, Mary and Dymphna, are you open to marrying one of us on the earth to be your third wife? Amen.

Girl, I am virgin forever. I am prohibited from having sex. You, obviously seek sexual relations, making out with your lover, and having a normal relationship with a boy. Am I correct?

You cannot have any of that with us, Eric?

That is correct, for I am not one of you. Amen.

Then what can you have with us?

I was sent to find love. Once I have found her, everything on earth comes to its end. Amen.

How can I be the one you love, Eric?

By loving me, whoever you are, and with a love free of carnal desire. Amen.

And if I am that one, how will you know it, Eric?

You will not depart from me. Amen.

I am that one, Eric. Will you not love me?

If that is so, Girl, when I have need of you, you will be there to help me. Amen. And if I find this to be the case, I will love you. If your love for me remains, God will then end this world. Amen.

Then permit me to accompany you, Eric, wherever you go.

Only my disciple may do that, girl. If you are my disciple or apprentice, I will permit that. Amen.

I want to be your priestess. I wish to kiss you on the lips.

I am curious, girl, do you have any infirmity at the present time?

I have yeast infections and a sore cunt. But you, being celibate should not mind those at all.

Then kiss me. Make the kiss last 5 seconds. And then tell me what has become of all your infirmities?

[The girl kisses the Emerald King on the lips, becoming the first Priestess.]

I can tell by your kiss that you are a virgin. Is your cunt okay?

The yeast infection and pain have left me, my Lord.

Then the legend is true. Whatever girl kisses the Emerald King with a pure heart, she will find herself cured of all things. Amen.

I must tell my sisters about you, Eric.

No, you must serve the Virgin Queen.

I will serve her, just to please you, my lover. Amen.

Mary, Ever Virgin Queen. Is the Church of Emerald to exist? Or am I to be Roman Catholic? Amen?

Take the girl and teach her the Way I have led you to find. That is all I will tell you. If she is worthy to be made a priestess in my religion, I, myself, shall visit her. Amen. This concludes this post. I, the Virgin Queen, shall decide all virgin appointments in My Church. Amen. Go now and rest. And then shower, shave, dress as I instruct you, and go to work. Amen. You will have no shortage of money from now on. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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