Jesus is the good shepherd Who leaves the 99 in the field to go search for the one who is lost.

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Jesus is Lord. He has saved my soul.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post IV:
Eric: Jesus, You are my Lord. You have saved my soul. Amen. Greater and more powerful than Mary, Dymphna, and Lilith art Thou. From now on, all the days of my life, I will proclaim Jesus is Lord.

Jesus: With you, Eric, I am pleased. Do you wish to know your judgement?

Eric: I have transgressed against You, Lord. But I wish to know Your judgement of me.

Jesus: I have forgiven you of your past, Eric. Go now into your future. Amen.

Eric: What becomes of the White Queens, the three that helped me, but not as powerfully as did You?

Jesus: Do you wish to retain the status as husband to the three in heaven?

Eric: If they wish it, so do I.

Jesus: Those three do. And hence, I declare you and them a heavenly molecule of ammonia, or NH3. They will forever remain in your company serving you. Amen.

Eric: I also choose celibacy in this world. For by being celibate, my mind will retain its necessary clearness for me to see You. Amen.

Jesus: I herby tell you the Truth. You serve me as My Elijah. And your performance before Me is splendid. I told you way back that you, the dancing bear, are the last attraction or float in the parade. And after your time is ended, My time Is. I AM now come. Amen. Expect the Virgin Mary with her maid servants and angels to visit you. When you see her, time has ended. Let her love you in her virginal way. Amen. And she is taking you to heaven.

Eric: Thank You, Jesus, for saving my soul. I love You, Jesus, forever.

Jesus: These are Eric’s final Words here. Expect to see him rise with Mary. For the time of his ascension into heaven has come. Amen, And then you will look upon Me.

Jesus: I WHO AM have spoken. And yes, I will give Eric California as his possession in the eternity that is to come. Amen.

Jesus: This now concludes this post. Eric the Emerald is saved. And he is Mine. I AM Jesus. And Eric is found faithful to His Master. Amen. Go now to heaven, Eric. You and your wives there, the four of you, shall wear diamonds of blue on white gold, even you, Eric, for you are My Bride. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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