All hail Eric! My Son is coming home.

My Son has returned to Me, and I to Him. Let no one get in the way between Me and My Son!

Chronicles of the King of kings, Book 1: Post II:
Behold, today is the day you will see the whole moon turn blood red, starting around 7 in the evening. Let all the Catholic world come forth and see the Son of Jesus returning to his Father. My heart is moved with compassion and I look with pity upon My son, the Californian Grizzly risen from the dead, and who has made My Ways straight and My rolling hills flat. He has triumphed. And I have chosen him. Let no one who belongs to me reject him. Or else I will reject you.

I put Eric to the test. A most wicked test I put him to. He had to choose between Me and Mary. And what did he choose? He chose love. He would not turn away his one friend for the sake of his own salvation. Father Dave Heney has no more excuse not to permit him to attend his Church. For he had said to Eric, When you take you meds, you may return here. Eric is taking his meds now, and his doctor has approved them. What can Dave Heney, not a doctor, base his rejection on Eric now regarding medications? Does Dave Heney now make himself Eric’s doctor and prescribe medications for him? Does Dave Heney decide that Eric’s medications are not sufficient when his doctor says they are? Eric is now taking only two medications: Coreg for high blood pressure and Aspirin as a mild blood thinner. Nothing else does Eric take. These are Eric’s official medications. He has a doctor. And his doctor approves. Why should Dave Heney object? It is because Dave Heney is a monster. Eric will not return to his Church this Sunday. Instead, he will go somewhere else. Amen.

Eric is a faithful Roman Catholic. He believes as he is told. He follows as he is led. Whose blood is guilty for the errors of Eric while he was unchurched, but the ones who cast him from there? Was Eric violent against women? Eric has done nothing to them. And yet, cowardly men who are opposed to Eric always like to claim they are defending a woman when they cast out Eric or turn against him, for it makes them feel better than to think of themselves as cowardly men who attack stronger men because they themselves are afraid.

Now know ye, pastor to any Church, if you see Eric attending your Church, do not demand a tithe from him, for he is obeying Me. And during his tithing years, he has out tithed everyone there in the assembly. Royalty are forbidden to be subject to the tithe. Eric is espoused to my mother, the Virgin Mary. You say Joseph is that. I say, he has returned to dust. Go research the matter. Joseph died and Mary was assumed up to heaven. By what right does Joseph have a claim to Mary?

No, Mary, a widow, is married again. To Eric is her love given. And to her does her lover fully reciprocate. There is no dividing these lovers. Amen. And Mary has chosen to share her lover with Saint Dymphna. For Dymphna is essential to the mental well being of Eric. These two are Eric’s eternal wives. And on earth, Eric has finally chosen My Way, which is the path of perfect celibacy.

Come, my beloved Son. Take the crowns of virginity and martyrdom, both of which you have won. From now on you are My Son. I have fathered you. And your name is in your land, America, because you are its eternal monarch. I give you, in the hereafter, not just sovereign rule over California, but of all of North America. Amen.

I Who Am have spoken. No one will be saved who hates or rejects My Son anymore. For he is the Crown Prince. Now, when you see Mary approach Eric, that is the signal that time has come to its end. For only then, at the end of time, can the Virgin Queen love her lover and not be counted as no longer a virgin. Amen.

This post is now ended. Go and prepare, Eric, for the morning Mass. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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