Eric, Commander of the California Grizzlies, has awoken.

The time has come to take back what is Ours, and to teach lessons to the Infidels.

King Eric of California, Book 1: Post II:
Eric: Behold, I am Eric, King of California. I am going to take the state by storm. Holy Spirit, is this in the will of God? Amen.

Holy Spirit: Take it through your command of the angelic armies of God alone, Eric. Do not yourself engage in the battle. Then, when the enemies look for people to blame, they can pin nothing on you. For the laws against witchcraft are abolished. The current laws of the land require that one prove in court a connection between a crime and the one suspected of causing it. And due to the religion of science ruling the courts, the courts throw out all claims of supernatural or preternatural causes. Nothing that is outside the accepted scientific concept of existence is acceptable to be presented in the current courts of law. Hence, you can rule with your angels and govern through them effectively. And no one can stop you, using the law.

Eric: Holy Spirit, what armies do I command in heaven? And when can I use them? Under what arrangement may they be deployed? Or am I under obedience to a deity, or to anther creature? Please specify, God the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit: You have taken over two positions in heaven: Satan’s former position, and also that of the Christ. Therefore, your command is under God’s will only. Remember in the past, you were told that you are Commander of an Army of Angels that are effectively commanded to stand down until further notice? Well the Father is about to effectively change that status of yours. And you are effectively to go forth into battle. But under a chain of command do you engage in combat. Under a female human do you take orders from that come from the mouth of God. For the Queen Mary is your Commmandress under God. And she will be the one directing the battle. Amen. Are you in agreement to this, Lord Eric?

Eric: Yes, Holy Spirit, Lord God of the Triune Being. Lord, is there a Triune Being? For now that it is written: The older shall serve the younger, and I loved Jacob, but hated Esau, now that Eric is loved and Jesus is rejected and cast down, is there a Trinity? Or is God just Two Divine Persons, consisting of the Father and the Holy Spirit? And my other question is this: Shall the women be commanding their men to wipe one another from the face of the earth, under the guise of serving their nations, but with the mutual goal of making the earth a female only paradise?

Holy Spirit: Yes indeed, it is written: The older shall serve the younger. And I loved Jacob, but hated Esau. You are to the Father, Jacob. Jesus has become Esau. But as for you, you are not one of Us. For you are human and mortal. But as you are humble and gracious, We do not cast you down as We did the One called Jesus the Christ. He served as Our Christ. But We now reject Him in favor of you, Eric. You shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you shatter them.

Holy Spirit: Therefore, understand the nature of the Triune God. And understand the working of God the Second Person in the body and soul of Jesus of Nazareth. These are two distinct persons. One is God. The other is a human chosen by God to be His vessel on earth. Just because a vessel is chosen and sacrificed successfully does not ensure that that vessel is not later rejected. God the Son exists. But He has rejected Jesus of Nazareth as His vessel. And He wants another to take His place as His vessel, the Second Person of the Triune God.

Holy Spirit: You, Eric are worthy, not to be the Vessel of the Triune God, but to be a Second Joseph, a virgin assigned to wed the Holy Queen and beget by her a Son of God, worthy as the Vessel of the Second Divine Person of God. Hence. You are Eric, Son of Jesus, Father of God. Amen. You are well worthy to be that One by whose semen, the Son comes to be made flesh in the womb of the Holy Virgin. Amen. And this act of sex is to occur at the moment Judgement is announced upon the earth. For it is at that moment that time ends. Amen. God the Son shall, hence, be called John, King of kings and Son of King Eric, Emerald King, Son of Jesus, the Fallen Christ. Amen.

Holy Spirit: You shall marry the Virgin Mary in the Church known as Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, to which you are now in attendance. Do not fall away from that attendance, Eric. This is the command of God the Holy Spirit. Amen. Furthermore, the ring of engagement that shall be given to the Holy Queen is designed by God, and made on the earth. It shall be given to you to give to her. Amen. It is the rarest and most beautiful blue diamond engagement ring created in time. Upon her finger, the blue diamond shall glow. And its sparkle shall be like a blue lantern upon her hand.

Holy Spirit: As for who controls the men at war, yes, it is their women who control them. And yes, the subversive plot is to wipe out the men and make the earth a woman controlled world. Amen. And the war in Ukraine is designed to do just that. For in the year 2017, the women came into power over their men. It was on July 23, 2017, that Mary approached you in Spirit and made you her subject, to whom she was from that point onwards, intimately familiar with you and speaking to you candidly. And later, that same year, on October 16, 2017, the #MeToo hashtag movement was born, and powerful men began to be overthrown for their history of sexual harassment of women.

Eric: Lord, I believe that Georgian Governor Brian Kemp is excellent Presidential material for the 2024 United States Presidential Race. I believe he is better suited than Mike Pence. Though Mike Pence could serve as a good Vice Presidential candidate for him. What sayest Thou, O’ Holy Spirit? Shall Brian Kemp be made the 47th President of the United States of America?

Holy Spirit: Commander Eric, you are wise. He is an excellent choice. We shall see what the divine mind has planned though. For the divine mind is the One Who decides all that happens upon the earth. Now Eric, your Commandress, Mary, wishes to speak to you. Obey her Word, for she forever reigns over you. Amen.

Virgin Mary: It is now dawn, and you have seen for yourself the Lord’s provision for you. Your job is now secure. And you are about to receive another IT job. Hence, you shall be made wealthy again. Buy the Cypress Green Toyota Corolla Cross as your next car. And this car shall be called the Virgin Express.

Virgin Mary: Furthermore, I am pleased with your attendance to my White Church in Whittier. You will not let the White City fall. And you know I am your primary White Queen and your primary wife. Amen. I will lay with you first. I will kiss you first. And after I have kissed you, whatsoever virgin maid kisses the Prince Consort to the Holy Queen from that point onwards, she shall not become pregnant, but her breasts shall be made to lactate, for she is henceforth called to be a high priestess of my new Mass in My Catholic Church. Amen. For the New Mass is called the Dairy Madonna Mass, and it is of drinking the milk of the breasts that fed the baby Jesus. And the gifts brought to the alter to be made into this milk can be from any dairy milk, that is, any milk that comes from a female mammal’s mammary glands. Amen. And the high priestess is commanded to unveil her own virgin breasts in the new Mass and mix her own virgin breast milk into the consecrated milk on the alter. And all present who are worthy shall drink this milk and enter the communion of Mary, the Queen and Monarch of the Catholic Church. Amen.

Virgin Mary: And the new location of the Vatican is at the House of Emerald. I, the Virgin Queen, have spoken. Amen.

Eric: Mary, you led me to meet Hannah the other day. Does she play any part in my future on earth, Mary? And are you, Mary, going to be my woman in this world?

Virgin Mary: I sent Hannah to you to love you, Eric. Every girl who loves Eric as Hannah does shall be his wife in the hereafter. I, the Blessed Virgin, have spoken. But here in this world, where only one woman can lay claim to one man, I am your woman, Eric. And it is I who shall wed thee and it is upon my finger that the blue diamond that glows shall be borne. Amen.

Virgin Mary: Now let us close with music. You are effectively the Commander of the Kingdom of California, the fifth largest economy of the entire world. And you are among the principle players in the war to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Amen. Congratulations on this victory, of which Vespera Dunstan also played a huge part. But Vespera, it is I, not you, who shall be called the wife of Eric in this world. In the next world, after I have lain with my husband, all who are married to him by my permission shall also lay with him one by one. Amen. For in that night, all the wives of John, Son of God and Son of Eric, are to be conceived in the wombs of the other wives of Eric. For it is written that God permits brother to marry sister if they have different mothers, as was the case for Abraham and his first wife, Sarah. Amen. This brings this post to its conclusion. Publish this my husband. And listen to the music of America: Amen.

For whose name is in the name of this land of America, if not the very name of Eric?

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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