Rapture is today.

Eric, Son of Jesus, leaves the earth today, according to the divinely decided decrees of predestination. Amen.

Chronicles of the Last Hour, Book 1: Post I:
That Mary and Jesus are divided is false. I was being tested.

We are at the Last Hour. Eric is raptured to heaven today. And all who love him go with him. By love, we mean agape love, not eros, or erotic love. For the way into heaven is by love of God and of neighbor, not of sex or its pleasures.

Eric enters heaven still a virgin. He has never been kissed by a girl. But he did kiss a girl many years in the past. That one was Victoria Abigail Martinez, a virgin Hispanic who fell away from the Church.

There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. I am going to the earliest Mass at Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church. It is located in Whittier. Jesus told me to go to it from now on. He did not mention at the time that this Sunday would be my last Sunday on earth. Amen.

Some may ask, did I miss out in that I never fucked a girl? I say, it might seem like that, but not to me. Greater glory awaits those who sacrificed on earth so that they would not fall into immorality and go to hell.

The crown of virginity is a real crown, and highly coveted. And few merit to wear it. I will wear that crown. Also, Jesus has instructed me that my marriage to the Virgin Mary is real, though not yet consummated in the flesh.

I must go now, or I will be late. This is the 840th extant post on Emeralogy.com. (840 = 4 X 5 x 6 x 7). I must go now, or I will be late. And I will be dressed in green. Amen. Dymphna has also remained with me, the Queen of Eire, who helps me remain of good mental balance. Now I am off. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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