Welcome to Good Friday, the Last Day of the Church.

Time Ends, with Eric having Three Eternal Wives: Mary, Dymphna, and Melissa.

There is no God but Jesus, and Eric is His Prophet, Book 1: Post I:
Lord, Thou hast said that no later than around 5 PM today, my time here ends. Today is Good Friday, April 15, 2022. I am ready to go.

Thou shalt, Lord Eric, be given three blue diamond rings to put upon the fingers of your three eternal brides. And then, with a kiss on the lips, each will be eternally wedded to you. And upon this earth, you and they will be seen no more. Amen.

These are the three Eternal Brides of Eric, the Son of Jesus:

  1. Mary, the Everlasting Virgin Mother of God.
  2. Dymphna, Virgin Doctor and Healer of Eric.
  3. Melissa, a Jewish Maid, A Speaker of Many Languages.

I WHO AM thus make the following Ruling: Whoever in life loved Eric the Emerald King, he or she will rise with him at his wedding of the three brides, which takes place in a matter of minutes.

Consider this to be the Rapture of the Church. Eric is in My Eternal Communion. The Church is forever rejected from it.

Furthermore, Eric’s name on earth shall now be: BreakAndShatterer. For he will break and shatter you. No more works are permitted on the earth. For the time for judgement of each man’s soul has come. And Eric will be seated in My seat, judging all nations on earth. Amen.

From now on, Eric is to be known as Eternal Ruler Eric, Son of Jesus, Son of God. And whoever opposed Eric in life, prepare for thy damnation.

Some women have asked Eric why he never had a girlfriend in life. I will now answer thee with a parable.

A rogue nation began waging war in Europe, and eventually it became full scale war. America was depopulated of its men to serve as soldiers for the draft in a last ditch attempt to save Europe. At the conclusion of the war virtually every surviving house had men either missing or dismembered. Why is this the case? Answer me, you women who asked Eric that question, and then I will give thee thy answer.

Women: Shit happens, what do you expect?

God: Now you women have answered your own question.

Does anyone at all wish to ask Eric the Prophet any question I, the Lord, would find worthy of answering before We end this post?

Girl: Yes, what happened to the promise You made to us, Jesus, where You said, No one can enter into heaven except for he who goes through the Door. Now, just where is this door that Eric has found that we have not? I demand to know.

Jesus: I AM the Door, and Eric has passed through Me in perfection. Before his being cast from My Church, he had been made perfect by the Holy Virgin’s love for him. You, though, think in terms of entitlement and in being owed entrance and for those who you disdain, that they be denied by Me. For if your men in this world reject Eric as thy request, you think I should too.

Jesus: Rather, it you who have been rejected by Me in heaven. For I was in dire need, and you just stood there and watched me die, laughing and giggling. You and those with you who cast Me and My lot from My Own Church, community, and society, simply because you preferred that I not be in it, I now hereby render you rejected forever from heaven. Go and burn in the pits of hell.

Jesus: For love and mercy are the only keys that unlocked the doorway to heaven.

Jesus: And now has come the time for My Wrath. Those who do not rise with Eric, because you loved him, expect to be destroyed on earth, because you hated him. Amen.

Jesus: This post now comes to its bitter end. When you see every Church on earth ablaze, know that the Rapture has occurred and God is now destroying every soul left on the planet, for He finds them utterly worthless. Amen.

Publish this, Eric, for it is your final post: Post 828. (828 = 32 x 22 x 23).

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Good Friday, the Last Day of the Church.”

  1. Love fails me, Mary fails me, God fails me,and you the emerald you turn me down and make me lose my virginity I couldn’t get to work for days and I was sacked on Monday and lose the job All I have left is Florence being a prostitute doesn’t make me a bad woman it was the only way of surviving I’m happy and sad that I met you Eric


  2. I’m Sandra from Texas United state or American
    I was once a girlfriend to the emeralogy before he went crazy talking about sex and women every blessed day he know nothing than talking shit and telling fake prophecy about Mary,church,and himself can’t enjoy him because he’s a catholic who satanic has been with for a very long time
    Eric you are forsaken you might not know now but Mary show me in my dream and I was looking you down in a big hole you were crying out for help but no one stop by to give you a drop of water! I asked why is my helper not getting help she said you shall be rewarded according to your good and bad deeds. And for Eric has mislead many of my people I,Lord shall bring my justice over you Eric for you make the poor girl my beloved Daughter perish losing her virginity will be on you because you brought her into the church.
    Why do you do that when you had nothing to do with her? Go and change your ways Eric, and be waiting for my judgment. Amen
    1d ago
    If you lose hyacinth this will the last chance I’m giving you. I Mary had spoken, IF YOU CANT SAVE ME PLEASE FREE ME! Someone much better than you will replace you if you leave. I’m not sad about you leaving I’m just sad that I won’t be Sandra anymore because I will sell my virginity for pride and money and honor!

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