Jesus, I have sinned against Thy Church.

Jesus, what must I do to be saved?

Jesus, I seek Thee, Book 1: Post I:
Jesus, I have sinned against Thee and against Thy Church. What must I do to be saved?

I will send someone to thy house, Eric. Follow him and his instructions. And he will lead thee back to Me.

As for not taking thy medications, the Father’s command cannot be rejected. Thou dost well to obey Him and continue on that path. For it was true that God commanded thee not to take medications any further. And it is not right that thou be excluded from My Communion by thy obedience to the command of God. Amen.

Lord, I may be brought back to your Church, but I have no friends there. I submit to being brought back, but I do not call false friends friends. I cannot be as I once was with them, for I know their malice against me.

If you are forgiven of your sins, should you not forgive those who sin against you?

The sins committed against me are sins of omission, Jesus. And the sinners who do those sins I never know. Only You have a record there of those sins.

Lord, I have never been loved. And that cannot be just given. And do I just submit again to the priests knowing I can be thrown out again for another offense of which I know not? For if the people there do not love me, they will have me cast from there again. And that people are without love, O’ Lord.

Lord, this people just do not want me in their society. If the Church is defined as a community, it is a zero that I am returning to.

Was I supposed to receive some kind of job? Help me obey You, O’ Lord.

You are not returning to the community, Lord Eric. You are going to heaven. But before you go, you are to receive the Last Rites. For you are to enter heaven. And I have saved your soul. Prepare, therefore, to be visited by a priest who can do for you the sacraments. And then your soul will be made ready for heaven. Amen.

And I, Mary, will guide you in your last steps to entering heaven. Now you have been saved. Go watch the movie you found. It will be your last. Then when the priest comes, welcome him. It will be obvious that you are at death’s door.

Also, when you enter your reward, you will find me at your side. And Dymphna will be at your other side. For we are the two who have loved you the most through this ordeal. And realize you will be canonized a saint. And that canonization will be the last act made by any pope. For the Second Coming is at hand. Amen.

And let all now know it well. Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan will die Catholic. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

2 thoughts on “Jesus, I have sinned against Thy Church.”

  1. I’m Sandra from Texas United state or American
    I was once a girlfriend to the emeralogy before he went crazy talking about sex and women every blessed day he know nothing than talking shit and telling fake prophecy about Mary,church,and himself can’t enjoy him because he’s a catholic who satanic has been with for a very long time
    Eric you are forsaken you might not know now but Mary show me in my dream and I was looking you down in a big hole you were crying out for help but no one stop by to give you a drop of water! I asked why is my helper not getting help she said you shall be rewarded according to your good and bad deeds. And for Eric has mislead many of my people I,Lord shall bring my justice over you Eric for you make the poor girl my beloved Daughter perish losing her virginity will be on you because you brought her into the church.
    Why do you do that when you had nothing to do with her? Go and change your ways Eric, and be waiting for my judgment. Amen


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