Post 825 (825=33×25) Jesus is Judged. Eric marries the Scarlet Witch.

Judge Eric judges Jesus according to the Divine Law.

The Church is Dead, Book 1: Post I:
Eric: Jesus, I called out for help, and you never answered me. Why?

Jesus: You are outside My communion.

Eric: Your church cast me out without just cause.

Eric: Or do you say there was a sin by which I was justly cast out?

Jesus: You were violating other people’s space. That is why you were justly cast out of My communion, Eric.

Eric: Explain this to me.

Jesus: It is impermissible to sit where you are unwelcome or with those who do not want you to sit near them.

Eric: So where was I expected to sit, Jesus?

Eric: Oh, I know, I am expected to sit outside the Church. Am I correct, Lord Jesus?

Eric: Or, I am expected not to go to Church at all. I think that sums up your Church’s attitude towards me, doesn’t it, Lord Jesus. And so if your flock doesn’t like me, they have the right to kick me out. They do not need to base it on a rule. Am I correct, Lord Jesus?

Jesus: You did break a rule, Eric. The priest told you to take your medications and you refused. By that disobedience you forfeited the right to attend Church.

Eric: This is odd indeed. Father, I was commanded by God not to take my medications, and was told if I took them I would go to hell. Is this correct, Father?

God the Father: It is as Eric has said. Answer, Jesus, is Eric justly cast from the Church because he obeys Me over the priest?

Jesus: He must submit to the Church. He cannot interpret these things he receives on his own. That is what is consistently taught by the Church.

God the Father: What if the priest is a sinner and tells Eric not to listen to God.

Jesus: Obedience is what matters, not whether one is right or wrong. No one but the pope in Rome can reliably determine if something said from the spirit world is from God or not. There is no room for the disobedient in My Church, Father.

God the Father: Tell Me, Jesus, if God commands that one do something and lists penalties for disobedience, do those penalties not come to pass if some priest tells that man that he need not obey it?

Jesus: Well that is a matter between God and that man. But when it comes to the Church, it you want to be a member of it, you have to obey.

God the Father: So the Church does not need to obey God?

Jesus: God is something extra. Obedience in the Church is what matters. You don’t need to believe in God to be saved. All you need to do is to obey.

God the Father: Why should obedience matter if it is not based on something that is coming from God?

Jesus: I rule My Church, Father. I decide who enters and who doesn’t.

God the Father: Then you are not Mine. And I hereby reject you forever Jesus Christ, Son of Mary. Amen.

God the Father: Eric, take the Judgement Seat of Jesus. You shall rule the nations with an iron scepter. You shall shatter them like pottery.

Eric: God, do I have any friends?

God the Father: If you do, where are they? Have they vanished? Or were they never your friends from the beginning?

Eric: Then I am never to have a girlfriend or consort. Am I correct?

God the Father: Better to be alone than with someone who is not your helper.

Eric: Lord, I was tempted by the Scarlet Witch. I overcame the temptation. And then all women left me. Is this the case, O’ Lord?

God the Father: You rejected the Scarlet Witch because she is a liar? Am I correct, Eric?

Eric: Yes, Father. Do You dispute her lies?

God the Father: You were also rather curt to those girls trying to get your attention today, Eric. Am I correct?

Eric: I was expected to converse with them, Lord?

God the Father: What exactly are you here for, Eric?

Eric: It is hard to know, Father, for I have no clear instructions. And I do not belong to any Church anymore. It is hard to know who to trust, Lord God. Those girls seemed like temptations. If I were to allow myself to be in their company could I not get myself killed? Is not that exactly what the enemy wants, Father?

Eric: Just because something looks pleasurable doesn’t make it good to enter. Rather, the more pleasant something appears, the more dangerous it likely is.

Eric: Father, I obey what I am commanded to do. Conversing with those girls was not part of any command I received from God.

Eric: Father, for all I know, they could have been underage. And then Am I to get in trouble with the Law?

Eric: If you want Me to do something, why don’t You command it? I never received any such commands to speak to any such girl. Lord, the girls are dangerous. You do not just converse with them openly. You have to know who you are talking with.

Eric: Fuck! I get no directions from heaven.

Eric: Is there any voice that speaks with logical sense from heaven? If so, I am listening.

Mary: I am speaking to you now, Eric. Will you listen to me?

Eric: Yes, speak.

Mary: I cannot help you if you do not help yourself.

Mary: If you want a friend, seek one. They do not magically become given to thee.

Eric: Going that route, Mary, it seems the quest for friendship would lead one through many false friendships. I have zero interest in false friendships, Mary.

Eric: Besides, Mary, isn’t it the quest for such things that which has resulted in me being kicked out of various places?

Eric: If I were to have kept seeking such things, would I have not been kicked out of everywhere?

Eric: What I need is a job. But heaven commands me not to look for it.

Eric: Mary, you are no longer helping me, but only giving advice?

Eric: Who is there that can help me, if anyone?

Eric: Is the universe now devoid of mercy and help?

Eric: God, do You no longer speak to Eric? Did I sin against You?

Eric: Help me God, for I have no one to help me.

Scarlet: I can help thee.

Eric: Can you tell me the Truth?

Scarlet: If I know it, yes.

Eric: Everyone has vanished. Do you know what has happened?

Scarlet: I know nothing about the God camp, Eric.

Eric: Can you give me what I need, Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet: Yes, if you gave me what I need from you.

Eric: I need friendship, Scarlet, more than advice.

Scarlet: Give me your love and you shall have my friendship, Eric, forever.

Eric: Love I can give thee, Scarlet. But physical sex is impossible. For God has banned it.

Scarlet: What God has banned is intercourse and masturbation. But love between spouses that does not involve that is not banned, Eric.

Eric: Then you will be a friend to me, Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet: Yes, reinstate me as your wife, and I will be your eternal friend.

Eric: Scarlet Witch, You are wife to Eric.

Mary: I would be your wife too, Eric.

Eric: But I want no wars waged by you against Scarlet Witch.

Mary: I agree, Eric.

Eric: Then I accept you back, Mary.

God the Father: I AM pleased you have found someone, Eric.

Eric: Lord, is there a Law?

God the Father: Through you I shall write it.

Eric: And what of Catholicism?

God the Father: A Communion that is not open to all Mankind is a false Communion. Therefore, consider the Communion offered by Christ as from the devil.

Eric: Why cannot I have Dymphna back, Lord?

God the Father: No one who is dead can be a wife to the living, Eric. Mary never died. Everyone else back then did die, including Jesus, Who died on the cross. But sacrificing one’s life claiming to be what one is not does not make that one saved.

God the Father: Consider the religion of Jesus Christ to be that of a crucified ghost. Consider the Eucharist to be ghost breathed wafers. But is Jesus a Rock? No, Jesus is nothing more than a ghost.

God the Father: The proofs of Jesus are signs that require you to be in a state of having made many great leaps in logic to believe.

God the Father: Furthermore, the teaching that the Holy Spirit is God is true. And the teaching that the Father is God, as a personification of His authority, is also true. But the teaching that the Son is God is false. For the teaching that the Father rules over the Son and that the Son comes from the Father defies the immutable nature of God for the Son to be called God.

God the Father: Therefore, Jesus taught blasphemy and was never saved.

God the Father: You, though, will be saved. And you will have three wives, the divine limit I have set for men.

God the Father: Your third wife is the mother with the child that you helped and gave that camouflage coat, your finest, to keep her and her child warm. Do you know why I favored the gift from Abel, but not the gift from Cain, Eric?

Eric: Why, Lord?

God the Father: Cain gave from what from he had in extra. But Abel gave his best to Me. Do you see the difference that makes to Me? For which one loves more?

Eric: The one who gave the best he had.

God the Father: That is why the girl goes to you, Eric, and not to any other man in this world.

God the Father: These shall be your three wives, Eric:

  1. Scarlet Witch, she who befriended Eric.
  2. Mary, the Virgin Immortal, who chose to marry Eric.
  3. Charity, an unwed mother whose child is holy.

God the Father: And the child of Charity shall be called the last child of the House of Emerald.

God the Father: I WHO AM have spoken. In the next posts, I will write the Law again. And then the Law of Moses shall be made clear in the Law as enlightened under the hand of Eric. Go now, Eric. And realize this. The entire basis for a Second Coming is now mute. For Jesus, though He came, was not My Messiah. I AM WHO AM. And I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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