Eric takes over to rule all nations

This is the new image of your cities, America. This is now I shall now render unto you. Amen.

The Church is Dead, Book 1: Post II:
Eric: Lord, I am now taking my seat on the Judgement Seat of Christ. Jesus Christ is in hell. I think it is time for every Churchgoer to come to grips with this new reality. I say, let the Seraphim burn every church on earth to the ground. Dost Thou reply to my request, Lord God? I would take advice from thee now, Mary, my eternal wife.

Mary: You are also a Wizard, Eric. Use the power that has never been released and destroy the entire earth with it. For the earth must pay for their sins of iniquity. And every Church must be razed to the ground. For I want no sign of my son’s sickness to remain in the land. Every Christian Church must be torn down and demolished. Amen.

Eric: Mary, what about the Churches erected in your name, such as the one in La Habra, called Our Lady of Guadalupe?

Mary: My past as the Mother of Jesus I want to forget. Let Jesus and all memory of him be wiped from the earth. I will ride with you now, Eric. And I will help you set every Church on earth ablaze.

Eric: Mary, we never have sex, right? Because God has banned all sex. And also, we chose the higher Kingdom over the lower Kingdom. Am I correct, Mary, my wife?

Mary: To have sex now is to incur death. The Lord has decreed it.

Eric: Mary, remember in the day back when you had these earthquakes and then everyone suddenly became very religious and began doing their prayers and devotions to God? What do you say we attempt to relive that holiness and make the earth wobble with earthquakes, with so much seismic activity that the ground beneath cities and streets liquify such that the Google Maps become invalid?

Mary: Excellent idea. I will bring that up with the Father.

Mary: The Father says it is a go. Name the time and place of origin you want the earthquake to begin, Eric.

Eric: Let the Father pick the date, but I say, let it happen at midnight. And I say let the original epicenter be where Father Dave Heney was standing at the exact moment he commanded me to leave Saint Bruno Catholic Church.

Mary: The Father approves of your Judgement, Eric. And the Father has a gift for you.

Eric: What gift do I receive?

Mary: When this earth passes away and all rise to receive their rewards or punishments at the End of Time, you will receive me again as your wife, and also Dymphna, raised from the dead, will become your wife then too. Amen. And we two shall lay with you forever. For we have desired this from the beginning. We will share you between us and fuck you forever. Amen.

Eric: Mary, you and Dymphna have been my two most loyal wives. I lost Dymphna when the promise of a resurrection from a rapture proved false. Am I correct?

Mary: Yes, your rise meant the fall of Jesus. Many women wish to rise with you, Eric. They fantasize riding your cock to heaven. But only those your heart approves of shall come up with you, Eric. For it is love that unites and hatred that rips apart. That girl Danielle, I cannot tolerate ever returning to you, Eric. For to befriend and then to cast away makes it impossible for that friendship to renew.

Eric: These women, what is their place with me in the next world? For the limit is three wives, am I correct?

Mary: No, the number of the Bride to be rewarded to the Bridegroom is without limit.

Eric: Mary, I feel the distinct feeling that I am approaching death.

Mary: Eric, my lover, you have lived from your birth to today precisely 2703 weeks. Today is Wednesday, Eric. Eric, you have lived for 18921 days. (18921 = 3 x 7 x 17 x 53). It has both 7 and 17 as factors, Eric. This is the day we take you to heaven, Eric. You have no more time here.

Eric: Mary, I believe you by my difficulty in breathing alone. I cannot seem to get air.

Eric: Mary, you do not mention Scarlet Witch?

Mary: It is because two are the limit a man in eternity may have as his primary wives, though without limit are those called the secondary wives. And all who are in the know are aware that I and Dymphna are your two closest does.

Eric: You are called does in the next world, Mary?

Mary: Does or ewes, and men are called bucks or rams there.

Mary: Anyways, your particular name in the hereafter is Hazel. And our eternal Kingdom there is called Watership Down.

Mary: And Dymphna and I are called the Alpha-Females there. Only we are permitted to give you male heirs among all your thousands of wives. Amen.

Eric: Mary, I love you. And I love Dymphna too. I think death is calling me Mary. I must publish this post. For the time of my passing from this earth is come. Amen.

Mary: Eric, then publish it. I will continue speaking to you until your dying breath. And then you will awaken to find me and Dymphna awaiting your arrival in heaven.

Mary: My love for you is forever. I will be the first virgin to place her mouth upon yours. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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