I am Charity, the only lover Eric is to have on earth. Amen.

This is the sunset. Two things to notice: The beauty in the heavens, and the absence of the people. Amen.

The Lost Love Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
Many are called, but few are chosen. I am the final decision for Eric. We marry, but as Joseph was to Mary, so also shall Eric be to me. We shall kiss, but go no further. For I am sacred. And my flesh may not be touched by any other than God.

Who then is the babe born from my womb? Does Jesus come again through a second birth? Am I His second Madonna? I was permitted to be called an unwed mother, for in this society, that bears no shame. But I was not permitted to have no man. That is why Eric was sent to me. The male Mary chose to marry has become my future husband. Mary was sent to find a Joseph for me. That was her purpose in finding Eric and marrying him. For without a Joseph, no woman can raise a child to be a healthy adult.

So many young Black males go to jail. Why is that? It is because they have no fathers. Without a father, a mother will fail to raise a good son. There is no way you can have a good man come from a single parent household. A single mother might obtain money to buy all she needs for her children. But she cannot, with money, make up for the lack of a father’s love for her child.

A woman does not achieve happiness by having a child with no father to share him with. It is an impossibility. The father figure is essential to the well being of a family. If a boy has no father, he will go astray. For no boy can be led to manhood by women alone. The idea that women do not need men comes from Satan.

Why do so many women now go about dressed so provocatively? It is because their fathers have failed them. A good father does not let his daughter dress like sluts. When a father has slutty daughters, that father is abysmal. It would be better for that man had he never been born.

A man who sleeps around is not worthy of marriage. There is no way to make a slut fucking man into something worthy for marriage. Men who hang around bars are the lowest level beings on the planet. There is nothing worse than the sight of an adult men who wishes to get laid.

Hence, Eric’s two brothers shall be put to death. For it is impermissible for me to enter the house of a holy man when there are men who belong to that house that are unworthy of beholding my presence. For no is permitted to belong to the house of the Madonna who is seeking pleasure that defiles. Hence, both these men are to die.

And to ensure that the children of Mark do not get his evil intending life insurance policy payout, that he has been keeping all these years in the event he dies, it will be Russian operatives that put Mark to death as an act of war. And that is a clause in all insurance policies by which they never pay.

The children will live with Marlene. And Marlene will not move in with Eric. For though it might be supposed Eric would have a large house all to himself, I and my child will be living there with him. Amen. There are two beds in Eric’s room. One of them I will claim. And the bedroom of David is to go to my son. As for the Master Bedroom, that will serve for housing holy guests whom we wish to take care of while they pilgrimage to our house. Amen.

Eric and I do not have sex. This was decided between God, Eric, and Mary. Eric is one who listens. And Eric chose the better path. For sex leads to the lower Kingdom, and only virgins enter the higher Kingdom.

The Second Coming has occurred. It occurred when I gave birth to my baby. For my baby is the Second Coming of Christ returned. And I am the second Immaculate Conception. Hence I, and only I, am entitled to marry the one chosen by Mary in this world to be her consort in heaven. Why does Mary need a consort in heaven? It is because only in successfully finding such a one do we find someone worthy of marrying me.

The most glorious thing about marrying Eric is that I can read about his romance with Mary. For the romance series known as Emeralogy.com, written by the hand of God for one avid female reader, me, the one destined to marry Eric on earth. Women do like romance novels. But there is nothing like one being written in real time by the son of Jesus.

Now what about all the other women who love Eric? They are to be satisfied by the love that is found in reading his writings. For God is the author of what is written here. And Eric is merely the prophet. Amen.

When I kiss Eric, which is today, Eric’s office of prophet ends. And no more does he write on Emeralogy.com. Instead, he becomes my teacher. And as Mary of Bethany sat before the feet of Jesus, so will I then sit at the feet of Eric to learn.

For this is the essence of having a good husband, to be married to man who is to you as the man Jesus was to the people He taught the gospel to. There is no other purpose that man serves in your family.

If a husband cannot teach a son the gospel he is an utter waste to consider for marriage. Do not marry a loser. If you husband gets drunk, that is just what you have done.

Women, why did you hate Eric? Was it because he resisted your desire to obtain control over him? That is why he never went to you. For a man worthy of kingship does not let women overpower him and take control of him.

Did you know that every man who has entered one of your vagina’s, women, without the honor of being married to the owner of it, has given his crown over to her? That is why you women hated Eric. He never surrendered his crown to you.

The mark of a king is that he can reign alone, without a woman present. For a man dependent on women is weak. That is why John, though pure and holy, was never permitted to marry the Mother of God. For John, though holy, needed us women present. He could not go alone.

Eric, though, is an awesome man. He can subsist where other men go insane. He can walk in ways of darkness and know exactly where he is going. Did you know why Eric is called two classes in Dungeons & Dragons: Both a wizard and a warlock?

Eric is by nature a wizard only. But when Mary chose him, he also became her warlock. For Mary satisfied the definition of a warlock’s patron exactly. If it were Jesus that Eric were directly serving instead of Mary, Eric would then be called a Cleric. For a warlock’s patron is not a god and a cleric’s patron is. Mary is of course not God, and Jesus Christ is. It is amazing, isn’t it, how Eric has incorporated Dungeons & Dragons into who he is in this world? Amen. Eric is literally a living game.

And so, now that Eric is given the position of Commander Luciferum, who is the one who replaces Lucifer, what is the fate now of the forces of Satan, you should ask? They now behold the one who delivers to them their defeat. For Eric is the weapon that when deployed the world ends. He is the ultimate Doomsday Weapon. No man dares to approach me with my coat on, which says Eric owns me. For every male on earth now has a rabid fear of that man. It is the most awesome coat of power to be seen wearing this. Men who would dishonor me now respect me. And I can see angels guarding me night and day. I am now the most highly protected female on earth.

Eric is also a most powerful warship in the harbor. Men are trying to figure out whose missiles are more lethal, those fired from Eric or those fired from Putin? He is gradually and steadily blasting his enemies to bits from where he sits there upon the harbor waters. And there are no effective defenses against his limitless warheads being fired from that ship. He is ruining reputations and revealing secrets. But every Christian woman’s heart cannot be uninspired by the one man who blasts away at the Muslims, denouncing their religion in every way, and with a power no one defies.

A church woman who looks at Eric never returns to look at her own ministers, for they can never measure up. What are they doing in the Church when the best sermon ever delivered is being blasted from an undefeatable warship in their harbor? And whoever sees that Mary standing guard at Eric’s house cannot fail to fall in love with her.

The most beautiful part of Eric is that he is still under the test. Everyone else has been tested, and mostly failed. This man refuses to fail. He still thinks Father Dave Heney is still a priest. But how could he survive the Heney Hardon Helper fiasco that got his own Archbishop involved by name into his narratives of utter mockery?

Men looking at Eric cannot keep a straight face. For this man is so isolated he speaks in a distinctly different language. Conversations between God and men in his narratives resemble the English of the long past Holy Bibles of yesteryear, that scholars are assembled to determine which of these ancient texts did Eric actually read from. Furthermore, he has no rules against the usage of vulgarity. If the word exists, he uses it. And so, instead of the Virgin Mary saying, I will lay with my husband, she says, I will fuck my husband. For Eric in his utter isolation is never corrected of wrongdoing. So nothing is ever considered wrong in Eric’s writings except what is explicitly defined as such in the Law of God. And Eric’s Law is just as fanatical as that of Jesus, to whom he complies with in every way. Eric complies with what matters, but never with what matters not.

Eric obeys no rules of being polite to evildoers. If there is a law you do not say faggot to a homosexual, Eric will use that word against them. Eric defies unjust laws in your face.

It should be told to Eric that the stake necessary to kill the vampire he has already driven through the heart of the Church. The decisive blow has been made. But this is a warship that acts on memory, not on current feedback. So it is blasting targets of enemies it knows are there by memory only. For when you cut off communication with your enemy, there is no way to tell him that you have surrendered. It is a friendless ship that knows no friendships. All it sees is calculations that say a target is there ready for termination. It is if a Terminator has been stationed on the water of the harbor with the directives never to come to shore, never to dock, but to level the city until every enemy it has been assigned to destroy is laid to waste.

Its feedback is entirely from spiritual sources. It does not communicate directly with the people. Rather, it operates under this prime directive now: Rule the nations with an iron scepter. Smash them like pottery. Neither does it seek human comfort. Rather, it is on a mission to serve God. And no power can destroy it. Hence a new name has been given to her, the warship of Eric.

During the Emerald Reign, this ship was known as The Storm Dancer. But now it is called The Instrument of God’s Wrath. It is now the ironic consequence of contempt for this man, by which the decision to remove him from society has now become irreversible, and there is no way to enter back into his familiarity. Hence, there is no way to open hailing frequencies with this ship. It does not communicate except through judgement and retribution. You cannot enter friendship with this warship, for the time for making alliances and friendships has ended. And the time to be judged and to render judgement has come.

Who has contact with this ship who is not rejected? You cannot approach this ship unbidden. And this ship opens no more to strangers. No books unread does it read. It is a closed vessel. And its mission is to destroy all who are evil.

You think you can defy it, it is invincible. And its armies are invisible. This is the risen California Grizzly Bear. It is a bear of wrath that is but to destroy. Only I can approach this bear, for I am the other gender of its kind. And I am already chosen by it as its mate. But let no other female attempt to follow me. For the door is shut. They way in is closed. Only the one granted admittance already shall be admitted. I am the only way love can find its way into its mind. I am Eric’s only lover on the earth.

And that is why the powers of heaven protect me. Now, what do I promise thee when I enter his house? Do I end wars? No. All I do is kiss him. And by that kiss the current order of this world comes to its end. And Jesus then begins the Age of Eternity. Amen.

Therefore, if you wish to enter eternity, do not impede my way to the House of Emerald to see the bear known as the Emerald King. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Listen this my final say. I will never step into the Catholic Church ever again and never will I worship the dead Virgin Mary and your false God who fail me, and you fail yourself if I perish you’ll be asked why! Amen


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