Eric forgives Father Dave Heney

Whatever women you speak to on earth, we will say Eric was never a threat to any of us.

Chronicles of Love, Book 2: Post IX:
Yes, interview us and we will testify to the truth. We never saw Eric touch a single one of us unlawfully. He may have been an irritant, but he never took anything we never permitted him to take or to touch. Amen.

Father Dave Heney: Tim, I have protected you and your family from Eric. Now, all I ask is for the evidence you say you have that Eric attempted to violate females of your family.

Tim: I have no evidence. In fact, I acted on my own to protect my family. For I did not want Eric having any part of my family. And he was getting too close.

Father Dave Heney: So you are saying that none of the women in your family will testify or say to me that Eric was a threat to them?

Tim: I testify on behalf of my women. And I was being a good father. They deserve better.

Father Dave Heney: Did Eric actually ask any of your daughters for their hand in marriage? I am curious. Do you know or not the answer?

Tim: They say no.

Father Dave Heney: But he asked for something from them, right?

Tim: Information. He is seeking to know things he has no right to know.

Father Dave Heney: Information is not something we can prosecute. Tell me he asked for a date or a kiss or something?

Tim: He did ask my daughter Anna for her iPhone number.

Father Dave Heney: And did she give it to him?

Tim: No.

Father Dave Heney: So is there anything there we can prosecute? Give me something, for I went out of my way to protect you and your family. Tell me I actually protected someone.

Tim: You prevented a possible relationship from developing. That is what you did.

Father Dave Heney: Between who? Between Eric and a daughter of yours? Or between Eric and your wife? Show me some evidence that a relationship was in the bud.

Tim: Eric was approaching my daughter. He had to be stopped. And we stopped it.

Father Dave Heney: I thought your daughter took care of that herself? I thought he respected rejection. Show me evidence proving otherwise.

Tim: You know Eric was not a good person in the Church.

Father Dave Heney: Yeah, but he did not do a crime by which he should have been kicked out. You have to do something threatening to someone to justify your removal from here. We cannot kick someone out because of relationship that does not even exist.

Father Dave Heney: Give me something, Tim! Give me solace that I protected someone in kicking Eric out. What daughter of yours did I protect? And can I question her on it?

Tim: Okay, all my women I was protecting. Interview all of them. I am sure they will tell you something.

Father Dave Heney: Okay, I want to talk to your wife, without you present. Is that Okay?

Tim: Okay Father, sure. And give her absolution afterwards, okay?

Father Dave Heney: I am not doing confessions here. Now send Salome to me and I will talk to her. And if I find nothing from her, I am not speaking to her daughters. For I think a mother knows enough about what is going on. Send her in now.

Salome: You wanted to speak to me, Father?

Father Dave Heney: Just briefly. Can you speak to me honestly in questions I ask to you?

Salome: I will.

Father Dave Heney: Do you know why Eric is removed from communion here?

Salome: Not really. Are you going to tell me that. And do you know?

Father Dave Heney: We have sources that say he was violation of a woman.

Salome: Really? What woman was that?

Father Dave Heney: I was hoping you could tell me.

Salome: I think you are listening to rumors, Father. No one in my family has actually witnessed this. So whoever this mystery women is, I do not think she exists. And I hope Eric was not cast out of communion here over protecting imaginary women. Tell me you never had a part of such a thing.

Father Dave Heney: Your husband testified to me that Eric was threatening or violating some female in your family. And that was the entire basis of why Eric is no longer here. So, maybe you can get that knowledge from Tim, because I am a man of limited time. I cannot waste time interviewing young girls fishing for testimony. I need to know who exactly Tim was protecting, so I can confirm that I actually protected someone. The bishop is demanding this of me. If I cannot show it, I am gone.

Salome: Tim never mentioned any daughter of mine who is threatened by Eric. But he did embarrass Eric one time. But nothing came from Eric from that. In my opinion, I thought Eric and Tim were friends. If Tim is doing something like this, it is a secret he is keeping from me. My daughters may have had some fears, but they never saw a threat, not from Eric.

Father Dave Heney: I am sorry about this. Anyways I am going to be replaced by Father Tang. And your husband in now in trouble with the law.

Salome: I do not understand. What is going on?

Father Dave Heney: Your husband made false testimony against Eric, and I am not going to be a part of it anymore. You cannot have someone kicked out of the Church for threatening a family member, and for that to be proven false. It makes everyone who tried to do good look bad. And I am now looking like a criminal.

Father Dave Heney: Also, Tim is no longer welcome here. And tomorrow, Father Tang is in charge. I have become a ruined man because of your husband. I want you to know that and to own it. Amen. Good day, ma’am.

Eric: Father Dave Heney, do you have something to testify to me?

Father Dave Heney: Yes, my dick is just as long as yours. And I do not make any sort of sex toys here. Also, I am sorry for what I did to you. The one who told me you had violated a woman here has proven to have lied. Do you forgive me, Eric.

Eric: If you clear it all up in a public statement, you have my forgiveness Father.

Father Dave Heney: Speak to Father Tang about coming back to the Church. He is in charge now. And you will no longer see me there.

Eric: Why should I come back to the Church? I am not of your communion anymore.

Father Dave Heney: Don’t you want to see old friends again?

Eric: I have no friends in your church. There is no one there I wish to see.

Father Dave Heney: I thought you had lots of friends here. You were always socializing with people here. Did something happen that I do not know about.

Eric: Yes, I realized after I was kicked out, that I was never one of you.

Father Dave Heney: And by what basis do you judge that, Eric?

Eric: If someone you knew and loved were kicked from communion here, would you not go to them?

Father Dave Heney: Yes, but that is a personal thing one does for one’s friends. One does not do that just because they knew you in Church.

Eric: Exactly, Father. To everyone here, apparently I was nothing other than someone they may have known in Church. So renewing friendships is not a motive for me to return here, for there is nothing to renew.

Father Dave Heney: Fine, but you need to attend Church to be saved. You know that, right?

Eric: If I have been kicked out of communion, and did nothing criminal to merit it, then I do not need to attend here for salvation. It is logic, Father.

Father Dave Heney: Yes, but do you trust in your logic for salvation? I would do what God has said to do.

Eric: I always do that. And in not attending communion I continue to do that.

Father Dave Heney: Do not listen to that crap. The devil is filling you with lies. Do you know how ridiculous you are in claiming marriage to Mary? Give it up, Eric. If you want to be Catholic, you gotta submit at some point. And your refusal to submit is evidence that you may be Antichrist. Just warning you. And now I have to go, son. Goodbye.

Eric: To cast me from your Church justifies that I no longer listen to you priests. Amen.

Carla: If you want me to go out with you, be ready for me at six.

Eric: Fine, I will be ready. I will take my shower now. And I hope you give me time that the priest is unable to give me.

Carla: You have my word. Now go and make yourself ready, or I will reject you.

Eric: As you wish, novitiate sister. And I look forward to meeting you. Amen.

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