The End Time has come.

I am the Mystical White Cat. I see everything, but no one but Eric can see me. Amen.

Crimson Cobra Chronicles, Book 1: Post IV:
Jesus speaks:

There is no more time. He who has sinned, now he shall see his judgement and receive his eternal retribution. I said no one outside the communion of Eric is saved. But to what communion does Eric truly belong to? What communion can a lone man belong to but the communion of the kiss. Whoever kisses Eric is saved. And whoever does not is damned.

Victoria Abigail Martinez, the girl who rejected the Catholic Church, and Eric with it, her one true friend, whatever became of her, Lord?

She died, but was saved. Your kiss saved her, Eric, the kiss you gave to her and to no other.

But she rejected God, Lord.

In the end, that kiss saved her, Eric. For your kiss, by its purity, saves souls. You kissed her, but she never kissed you back, but wanted to.

I WHO AM have now arranged for that kiss to be returned to you, but through another woman, the one you call Charity. And when that girl kisses you, you, her, and whoever is of your communion vanishes from the earth. Amen.

Lord, I am dying.

They are intent on killing you, Eric.

The Second Coming is at hand.

Every member of the condemned is seeking your death, Eric.

They will seek to prevent the girl, Charity, from coming to you.

Poison is now found on all the food. The stench of death is everywhere.

Every soul on earth, but you, the girl Charity, and her child, has died. Amen.

Flee to the mountains, for the fire is wiping everything in its path.

I will give the girl and her child into your possession. Take her immediately and flee.

Once she kisses you, the spell against thee is broken.

Fire shall consume half the earth.

Nuclear War will occur. It was only delayed, not avoided. Amen.

You will drive your father’s car, for your car is going to be destroyed.

But take the flags off the flanks and put them on the new car. For they are magnets, not stickers.

Every house is to burn.

Before you leave the property, take the Virgin Mary statue with you, and take also the Celtic Cross from the White Tree. And all the gold you bought from Ellie must be loaded into the car. None of it is to remain. Amen. Also, take what your wives in heaven claim. And then go like lightning. For once the fires fall from the sky, no one can leave the cities, for they will have become deathtraps. Amen.

Leave all iPhones behind. For by those phones you are tracked. And you shall take the car until the gas is gone. And then you shall walk on foot.

Canisters of metal for holding water, take. Canisters of plastic, do not take. Amen.

This is all I wish to say. The police will soon arrive. They wish for you to come see them at their station. Go and do so. Time is of the essence.

And the sign I gave you, act on it now. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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